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T y e ofSee ofAnditor isoncof
. great importance
ro the sappayers of Ilic•county, • Mr. ,Mus t assA p , the
deowan n e eamiidati., was selected for:ihist :pill
lamme bgity.: integrity, and' discrithibMion: i His
business qualification's ethinently fit filth for tht
c h a rge of its duties irithrimbor to himself and with
credit to 114 county. Let not this itibjeet hi iiVer
looked; Some, way think because it is apinortifece'
i t is officio conseq ience,whetier they vote ihticpart
of the ticket or aoc :Lit :no one enteriM*A slush
thought. EvicabOde.titiat calla aPcmpeaMerats
to rote the entire, ticket: Let no one forget
sn ib e n one of our. candidates to be defeated
supineness orneglect.:! We wish every dembcrat
to unite in the shout 'at Me closing of
t hat as haie ttiomphantlY elected our whoTitak-
(For the Bradfet4 Rep:otter...l
A council of the pastors and delegates from neittbcirhaigap,
to Carats! win ,CMlTene._ the Baptist t kittase t on
w e d,,,, t ay,the 14th of October, to Consider the prcopriey, of
the recognition of a .Baptist Church in this Borough, Serrices
,ozp Ear ncc at 'half past
,10.o'cloci, A. M.; consistingd•titi
,ronination of their Articles bf Faith and Chrirekeerenanz,
r paratory to the reeognitiorC ;
At 9 o'clock, P. 51., a union will be: piiaattel ypith refer..
raretbe occasion. This contmzusityseitirank,see iavitedto
Towanda, October 5. IPSO. • - • •
id - biome and Specific Dntiete
TOE AD VALOREM Dart.—The ternrad,i
lorem' is a Latin term, which means prppor
tion to the value. Thus, .when a commodity
charged with a duty of 30 per cent.. ad
lorem, the importer has to pay at the custom
house e3O for every hundred of its value. If
the duty is 20 per cent., he pays $2O for 'every
$100; and if 40 per cent., 940 for every 3100
in value of the article imported. Thus it is
crident'that this description of duty is a
and an honest one. , If the articles are of a
c heap description. they are of less value. and
of course, par less ditty. If they are valuable
and costly, they pay a higher duty, in propor.
non. Each person 'whtypurchases the articles
imported. whether cheap.,er. dear. pays a! duty
only in proportion to its value. To illustrate
more clearly : Suppose that silks *ere charg
ed with a duty of 30 per cent., ad valorem, and
Oat two pieces were importedone valued at
50 cents per yd. the other at 81. Under this
description of duty, the person who purchased
a yard of the cheap silk would have to ply on
ly 15 cents duty; while the person who bought
the dear silk would have to pay 30 cents--just
double the amount—because the value is double;
bat both articles paying only a dew of 30 per
cent., ad valorem. Thus an adva/orern duty.
whatever may be the rate, falls equally and im
partially upon all consumers—the high and
the low, the rich and the poor. It is the only
kind of duty which an, honest, republican pea.
pie should ever submit to or tolerate.
2. ME Murvirtrat Dcrry.—This. in the lad
rage of the framers of the tariff of 1842, is al
.scalled an ad valorem duty ; but while pre
tendinc to that character, it is a mere mendac
i rte, and cheating legislative de
rice to collect a duty, in some instances four or
~ iretimesMore t/uus it professes to collect. It
..alan a Latin word, which means the smallest
possible. In the present tariff it ap
t only tacotton fabrics and yarns. There
<re three minimums which apply to fabrics, all
or a part of which are cotton, viz : the 20-
rents, 3O -cent, and 33-cents minimums; and
No which apply to cotton yarns, viz : the 60-
cents and 75 cents minimums.
ICE SPECLEIC Darrw.—A specific duty is a
, enain, precise, and invariable sum' imposed
cpon all articles of the same kind. per pound.
!ird bushel or 4on, without reereitee to their
cuatity,cost or value, lie meaning will be best
rderitnoil.from its application.
Fur instance.: brown sugar pays a specific
4iy af two and a half cents per pound.; that
tett is imposed nn all kinds of brown sugar.
liCalerer may be- heir east in foreign markets
crobatever their -quality. The best brOwn
Havant sugar pays no more than the poorest
Porto Rico.
Loaf sugar pays a specific duty of six cents
mplund, whatever may be its cost in a (st
ir country, or whatever may be its quality
Silk fabrics, used for dresses, pay a specific
, sity of $l. 50 per pound, whether they are
came or fine, cheap or costly, A silk dress
neighing one pound, and costing not more
1 41,10, pays jest as mneh duty to the Co.
+camels as a pound of rich silk lace, which
tOill $5O. -
It would seem Oat a specific duty which
'mid he equal to 20 per cent. ad valorem.
*odd be enough, in all conscience, to satisfy
the manufacturers, iron-masters, sugar-plan
;Att, and salt-boilers, or to raise a revenue for
th e goverameat. But, instead of that, reasona
ble amount, on some of the articlei above men
toted the duty ranges from 30 to over 300 per
TEE PAINED AND - TUE ''Nails.—The New
Eon Register says, the late news from Eur ope,
mtherring to the Amerfuu fanner. does.Bol
*el/ ttl gratify the Whig editors .— The pros
pet of s good market for them is distressingto
fzi class of people, whose whole 'efforts are
Pests swell the profits of the mammoth "lords
the loom." They think. hat /3,000,000 far
ee. coed to he satisfied with the market which
kw don 1,000,000 niartufactirrenraffotd - -
1-)l at the acme time, take their gnods in ez
62"ge at a Price which is enhanced by a high
lard, beyond the profits of iheir agricultural
Moen! which is making the many ' . tributary
few.—The same Whig legislation which
' 423 4 foreign commerce for the benefit of a
hinge manufacturers . ; also shunt off -the ex-
Maio!) of fuming products 'to the injury-of
k'f r iettitorist-aso that the farmer is doubly
4 1 1 /tvd, while the manufacturer, is doubly- bene
'4o- But yet, the Whis say that. sch a
c , 4 1)61 for the cou n try ! There u
is no
; 41 Yllig this.. Facts prove it. During the last
. L ear : a gricultural products have been remarka
thus reducing the profiteof the. farmer
:'bile the highly protected manufacturing in
i...stahare paid from 20 to 75 per cent, pro fi t 1:
, 4 (mute ell, egiig to understand' these
vitt and intend to have s.
ea lclinstice" in the matter - hereafter.
r ,
L !ocusTic lama araurrim.r 7 Gen.H ooston,
3 extensively engaged in iron' works' iu
t fre county Pa., has authorized the contradi
-1;2( a statement put afloat' by 'the •6 panic
rt ri , ". that he had reduced, or was about to
De,ailetthe wages of his hands. The centre
sa ys
t v are authorized to contradict the state
arv,N,l4lblank. Gen. H. will not - reduce-the
i n p the laborers in his employ. Should
tie ca be necestaty, it will' be taken
th,, li u t° 4 Profits, not from the hard earnings
ar,,,,, lre wer. and we may add, 'that Avere_truin
avorl.genrallY to pursue • a similar course,
~ I n t , l ll 4le L / 48_ ,av a d, not only benefit, the -Tann
wact ea,
eibNiat.7-,',!'Xkr-g 4444
1 1 T
rele i tion o '
thee bVi S tat 4o ihteiiihriflP°4-
Post argelmaoeitylmajtozelection'
of his competitercMr..-P'owesvk t f this county. .
who bero'ngi tothe , Thiddeithi iSievidie school
• utpolitietada;-,vroeld 'be ' one Br otlietrestest
m isfortuneithiticiuld'heral the eoidmonwealth.
Uudii khi : iiitidageihenistilk.4‘siii'iiid his
demo er at iettiljetitieithe T riublidn,irorks. have
kaali so , Oaiiiitt)P.'lVOra* #fikoiti.f.‘h#:,*!?",
come aot aotirOap6 lirgixiqveOus.wiloOmite
—under OM:control and menagemint, (Cinch
men at tits ::Whig nominee;. they Would, he:
,comethespoil'of thelustilicidunderir.2
Foiref'was 'one;of those' democrats, 'br.•thisy
which the keiti-Sighted Steietiii.' jilisle -
'at lb; him! .6t this Canal .board....nuirketk'inii
wade:his own. ;Efforts his change in politics.
we knew no man who could curse the bank
heartily - or - rail PO loudly'' at the 'whiga. 'tHe
had two or three contraption.the public:works
,the election for:. Governor.approicheil—'Rit
ner, was Ooventor and Thad ;Stevens was Ca
nal Commtssionev—more contracts were to tie
allottmk-hir; Pewsr hecamisatisfied that. Rit
per mide an able eFecutive, that' Stairens was
s'vety honest ni6j, and that the Babk ot'ihe
United tate, *is, the only institution the
country really worth preserving ! Such was
hts, introduction into the ranks of whiggery.and
ever since he' has flourished: Although' , other.
contractors were , ruineti f he became Wealtht4:-,
and'When the. Erie canal
°iteration he became and has 'condone& to be
one of the directors of this concern--and we
here venture the prediction that some future
day will unfold a story about its managenient
that will astonish'the people of ibis common
wealth. ,
Between Mr. Foster, who has proved him
self honest and eapbbla in his managetnertt of
the public works, and Mr. 'Power. who his
ehowit hitbself to• be a thin of *. principle 'in
:proportion to interest." .the people .ardl 'pot
fail to elioose aright.--iffereer, Press. .. •
• Effedsof,tholarilt of '49.•
I shall now liroceed 'show that the ke:treal
tariff disertiminites'infavor of the mciriVcr . e••
Surer, against the producer qfthe rad , material;
who is the agriculturist.
In. the first place,•-•it admits, duly free;• - or
with very light dOties. a large class of ankles
used in manufactures ; , while it imposes . ' vefy
heavy duties on all ariteles consumed by lite
aviculturist, which come in competition with
the articles produced by the manufacturer.
I might adduce a long array of instances in
which the p;esent tariff discriminates in favor
of the manufacturer; - against the producer of
the raw material and the consumer. But .If
must pass on to the last proposition which I
shall attempt to . establish in this • wool , nica
tion, viz : That the present tariff discriminates
in favor of the rich consumer—in other words.
it imposes the lightest duty on the article con
sumed by the rich, and the heaviest duty upon
those consumed by the poor; thus • exempting
capital and taxing labor.
A few examples must suffice. It taxes the
rich man but 31 to 34 per cent., on his fine
Wilton carpet, while it makes the man in mid
dle life pay from 46 to 99 per Cent., on his
common ingrain carpet. •
It taxes the rich •weinan but 30 per cerit. on
her fine French muslin dress, while it taxes - the
poor' woman as high as 160 per cent., fer her
cheap calico., •
It taxes the rich man only 14 cents per yard
on his fine flannel, which costs in England 31
cents, which isequal to a duty of 40 per cent.
ad valorem ; while it taxes the poor mail 14
cents per yard on his coarse flannel, which
cost in Eng and only 14 sews; being equal to
an ad valorem duty of 100 per cent.
It taxes the rich silk dress worn by the lady
of fashion but 22 per cent ; while it taxes the
pour woman for her silk sircss,', made of the
poorest and cheapest material,A2 per cent.
11 taxes the sad-iron of the poor washerwo
man from 80 to 150 per cent., the hatter's and
tailor's irons from 80 t 0.150 per cent ; the
blacksmith, for his anvil and hammer. from
36 to 65 per cent; and the farmer, for his axes,
hoes, shovels, spades and chains., frorriOlo
175 per cent ;—while it taxes the gold. 'watch
of the dandy but 71 per cent; diamonds, gems,
and cameos, 74 per cent ; and jewelry, gener
ally, but 20 per cent.
On foolscap writing paper, used by all class
es of people, it imposes a duty equal . to 97 per
cent ; but gilt piper pays only 25 per cent.,
billet-doux paper 30 per cent.. and French en
velope, "plain, ornamented and colored." 30
per cent.
It compels the planter and farmer to. pay
from 30 to 150 per cent., on the iron and iron
impliments which they use ; from 65t0 190
per cent on the sugar they consume ;.35 to
170 on the molasses. and 106 to 170 : ons the
salt they have to purchase.
In Binh Fe.
BALTIWORE. Sept. 28-8 PAP)
The Western mail brings us St. Leila
pers to the 21st. The Republican learna front
a gentleman Just from Intlependenee, that , :'a
traveller arrived at that place, who statea that
at the crossing of.the Kansas. river. he. tell • in
with an express from Gen. Kearney. passing
across to Fort Leavenworth, who reported that
Gen. K. was iir Santa Fe ; that he ;bid taken.
possession of the without . reaistinen. r .
Gov. Armijn. Who, was still there, hailing ritaife
no opposition, or evinced the least .henitation
in giving up the town. This, rumoribough it
is, was.generally credited et Independence:
.The Mormons Were - fait leaving -Naming,
and many o(tlielii hatiAlreatly arrived at St.
Louis; almont'in a. Ida of .starvatiou. The
terms of she capitulation - ijad. been. complied
with by Ilifi'inti-Morruone, :
Pr., Marvin Hoyt. of. Melt tires
found dead in liis bed this Ibis city.
.with three. bullets in his head and breast.., 'Hs
is vuppoied to have been :murdered by Ir-teen
with whose wife he had held improper infer.
Nsw Ftinweca.—The 'Allentown Le
high' Bulletin of 'the 9th inst say's: This
Work the property of Beim &..Huirti , ilreYti
Philadelphia. is said to be one of the. most per
feet-things of the kind in the state., They have
spaie4 noexpense or trouble in inz'.,ing it,per
feet in every department.. Having ir,frodueetl
all, the latest improvements discovered as ; well
as lame Of their owe design. 7 -li will be'in lull
blast in the course of -a , month. - ,All- we can
say is that we wish there' itere..halla dozen
more in the neightnirtMod; for we hafts already
felt the benefit-of having some hundred -thou
sand`dicillitri sCatitiid'iterono4.."oll: There is
plenty of ore,- enough- irelk 6 9it ;, 5 97
ply half the vrotht, :Therwhole-counity.
erally covered with it. ,:* . • .. , •
:QOF , COrMVOIIIt.4S 4144 e . !
l ) t Fkr°4 li
lkT kAs,,4loo4l4niq
LA*LT— t 1
n 3 g `
'cummunitnition,.whieh , lnitalls:striratiff,falhacy,
No 2" .Wolitint ilfbohnspieunublft: beesull4:1111;
•thiChksa l yitittiihleSublecfli) *Oti s w-ittedilon. l
and S Ir,jsKifitr . ;'bWil :
k1 , ..44, 6-s aßtergrilksi:': l .. l 3, 4 .1
k0 '3 9 4 )i1.48k,3 11,1rit;11140111b5:
of all the tariff orators and tariff presseep Until
theiniaw se ifinitiliailo` , lttekiim
that they , believe Ahqtilifeiddlittetile4ll4nte.
ii '.*f n it;;• ' ! 4 c.ll l ,o . 6 O r g iiih Mlflifir*,All;
ai4Y-Pleer.bic" 8 'woe ili t akti.ol44AAt*ipp.
on protection. bible Itahettld• of ton'
rthestietuting us f
-At' by *. a home:marketimis mesh(' thin' 644
of the products,of the:o11 re pi!" the spot
wheit_ttie,i)uxtiiitied. the, iensl4
We:meaning, their:ii4'l, 411;861'n:tit Or,
own and , almost' 'other stations.: Bat if
- their,spplicallott as the tariff, they artidesign.4
ed' io did anyl'iiiniimable;
increased prorfollitin the Iftifthing products are
consumed insonsequence,of the: estaphehment
of cotton . and.wolleth.or.other , ,manufectories. '
is a fallstoyewesstly' facts. • that 'itbe
eomitridiculiws in then month of's 'mart
lays' 'crab,' bi'anoinice Of comnion
The iiiimhW of itersdni . emphiyed'in t ,ll,*
.0 1 Allf4P 1 9011 11 Ffill4 **Aced
eslnuchlour ailone county in lour State pro.:
;duces. , Threintpleleison is, that thererso few
of there. ttorennoglyto make merethatt deeeei
'Pied village,' get' the protectionistsWetthrmalte
us 'heliefe thit' me nufactereri iteep. Op' the, 'piles
of agticulturat products.
The truth of these remarks may be illustrat
ed by taking-the return of the State of Massa
chusetts, as an example, fur the Teat; 1845 ;
There were ihen emyloyed in the canon menu =
fictures - - 20,710
And in the vollen factories, including •
women tooth' . • - 8.218
Add these „the calico printers add'
carpet Wcalferg••., - • ,•!••••
Also the persons employed in making
miehlitery`-U ..: •. . .
We 'then'ffavi tit i total'of itetsthis " 34,52
The estimate in this country of the consumpt
ion of flour is one barrel to each individual.—
The county„of,lllnnroe, in this State, raise cne
million two hondßti. and fifty, Ihousand bushels
of wheat annually--eqwil to two hundred and
fifty thousand bapeiiiOl,lJour. and half as muck
as the highest pretender in 91assachusdisalleges.
is Wien by That, State for ccinsumption, - fiotn;all`
other parts pf the Uni . nn. , -
The same ritliculm4 pretensions are made in
'reference to Pennsylvania. Yet the county of
'Lancaster alone raises more whealthan can be
consumed by all'the iron and coal . miriera and
manufacturers in the'State. In order , to get ,
over these difficulties. we are told -sometimes
that we must Include the families who are de
pendant on these operatives. This - would not
help the , matter essentially. ea if we allow five
persona 'for each laborer, the comity named
would furnish 'the whole quantity. required. In
cottons and woolens, however, the muss of the
operatives have no families. being generally tin- .
marriedpersnns. , The number ofpersons
ployed coalmines the ,ruanufactory of
iron in all: its brandies in. Pennsylvania in 1840.
was 14,350; 'allckiing 'five persond to 'each of
these end there would be dependent . 611 - 71hent.
inculairt; 71:750_persons.a 41tive-sopposS the
number to havedoabled sinew that time. so that
there would ' now lie 143,500 personss - they
.nnliconsu nie 7)7,500 bushele of/whea.t
The county of. Lancaster raised in . that year
1.129.277 , bushels, more than .fifty percent. be
yond what these operatives *Mild consume.—
The ineresseof the ernlyinvlichigan, annually,
is more thin ill tliat in committed by the manu
facturers in ,thet-,llnited,Statee: all :t hey con
'nine& wire burned every year. it would
not make' ti halfcent difference,. in the price of
-wheat ottif bushel. ,t,
.Thuii fat , freirtirade'Vblit let .us. au bjoia a tear .
other. facts : '
The crop of IMlian Corn. for 1840, will be
more than•five ,hnndred millions of bushels;
The crop of wheat will exceed one hundred
and forty millions of bitshelscwhich would pro
duce equal td tweitty.:eight millions barrels of
, Within Ole last fouriveekethe price'of Indian
corn in, this market has. rifle% in consequence
of largeshipments to Europe, from fifty cents
per bushel to eighty cent's per bushel, Which is
An adyiteea,ixtv percent . on its ialue.
Floni within the same period, his 'risen froin
$4 to $5 pesbariel, whiCh is sin advanCe
Rye has experienced mach 'greater advance
than wheat. - , 5 '
' All.inlier article!, of agricultural , produce. :as
well as provision . s; , hfive• advanced considerably
in price in cciniiquenee, of a foreign demand._
Th. . „
e enormous amount of Wealth: „
which' this
advance adds to Or capital of_the. country,,. and
which goes chiefifinto.the':pnikete Of this far
mers, can easily be estimated by referring - to
tabulattnatislicr.v. , )We.shall riot-pretend in
ifleateitie.precir amount ; it , will .seen _at a
`glance Mat it uniikbeprtliligione ; we will even
venture to say. *tVgreatly exceeds.all ;the
wealth thatill.the:_Ottori and *dolled Manufac
tures of the.natinneddlif make feritin ten years.
Yet the reimers; who are so deeply interested in
the spread of tint,,,pririeiples of free. trade,. ate
most andacibustY'esked to sacrifice their stupen-,
dcias interests, ; that' 'upstart Manufacturers,
May,bit,ratlowiti money . Jeritheinselves.
They are real: sated to forego the, vast advantages
of an. unlimited trade. abroad. fora problematical
home , market; -which. , after an experience of
halta centtyy,. ire .authoriied to say; will
never riPen.. is quit'ineredthle . hoW the sgri
ctilturiate istmuld have • allowed theinseivea to' be
duped.iu this respectae much as they liave
Dthe.nian a over tlq.'ll.)Pte 149 4
,ne; 134a:Iie
beits ..r reinaritsicietfr'-their:,-;•'• ft , toeing
. Ettirt”'
when rbought. Mr:Senator Webster by
their .eubseriptiotr, of: 8100.000. '-raised for
Omfatter° bier. Mr : Webster. it). the • eriiing
of "184 i, tieid#:;heri oaf of riffled, melte 'a po
(Weal eerit Bartiotert;,littlittijOii adria
eetett•A ,aoj 4 ptipelit of tariff, 'du tit* : by reeip-
JroCal commercial, treatieu: Since the 511011,4:100
operation, he -bailene '••flat, footed"- against
any alieration' cif the" tariff' of 1130.
..., T!
Bosasess.-,Shozdy after the pas
sage of the nisi Tariff bill: a large •fouiidre in
- West - Philadelphialtir the manufacture a( cad
irprl, ; :vria;cloitedlik, the
.. iirOPriefOrsi, and ;the
itroilinieii ail itietilirgeit i iy.Foriskuesi F itOtan
impression that the change.wotildoperste very
irjurionsty.7 In consequence of a heavy order
received, the foundry heir' hgain Wean lopehed
.sad the:workmeaxbale.resnmetio"theit •tspers
ALLARGE ASSORTMEN T' f ClothaOf all, shades
and colors, and Oralitiel,littill price!. casinieres.
Fancy and Pain:' SiMinetts and's toad assortment of
Vemings may he found at GEO:E. FLYN l'& CO.
erACHOICE selection of dress goods can be. found
at the Siring' Bank, consisting of Carmen*, 11.;
nes, Ciuhmere Dresses, Plain kind . Changeable
Alpacas, vemendmins, Bombazines, and a good , variety,
of Dress Bilks. 'Price low at FLYN'p
I I •
InT,OF LETTERS; remaining' td the PO4 Of
lice at Towanda, quarter ending 5ept:40,1846.
• Ave•
y RUfits .•' • • 2 Howland tP.-• .- • '
Bosh Wm • . 2 - -., Horton E-11 , -- • '
Bishop Eliza 4 Herkimer• Henry '
Bingham• Mere Mary E - • Herrick• Margaret•
Bancroft L 0 • ••* • Holcomb i ',!•'.• i
Brown Henry Johnson Nicholas'
Brommil.ncy• • - • -. 'Johnson CAI-
Burbank•ll , o- - - ' .'• ' :'Jones•Robertjl .. .f
Benjamin Lueins• , .'. .'
Jones Thom.,::;
Bennett Chester' . • F . ' d• Ketcham John i ,
Metier Marvin ' ', : • . Lilley - Mm C••••
-Bramhalf Mlss'P A' '.. • Late Saitioef.H.
Bowman David . MullanrThininis . ! !.',
Baittei John .: -' , , I • Moore Robert' , %", .. ••`1
Break Win . , :- -- ! : McAndrew Martin - •' ••.' 1 !,.
Corning., Akar% •-• 't • •• ' Morgsn•S'H ,i ' r '!'"
'Campbell Wm E- • '. ', Monaghan John , • :, ~. '
'Crowley lno -.. , ' •M'Card4oliii•' . •-• '
Cornell Thomaii
Castle & Hamilton •MeAfeeM. , •.l :. • • .
Cranes :1-D' • f-' •' : , "rforthmpMiss Mary S 2
Coemeer M—Z - • -.. '... l :Pcneiii.:l.l ••
Drake James C :• • •". Phinney' fr S
Drumm), D ! i • -Palmer Mstriet
Doherty A •• '.' Pfiiiiiiey Gould
Davenpori JI -.. 7 ; ' , Auk id . N ,
Etheridge isaad E • ' , 'Porter James
Ennis Miss M i • ' ` ifiuneh . Eilinond
Fox John M '... . ••;•-•!THairgige!T•'-'
Foster WB jr Hon 2 13iekterG- :-
Forest Benj ' Sickler Mica A -- -
*Fiiithaiii.John P. ••••-.. : - :Sullivan Mrs' Hannah
Firieler Rivera :-. •! • lihapiiiii 8 E '..",.
Gore Capt A - Taylor Jacob S '
OilbeitJohli , .• • , - • ! .Tame Jare`nh 7.1•' ••. . . •
flotmeolohn : -' - • '. Taylor Matilda-':.• - '
Thompson Joltn%LtA. S.,.CHAMBERI.IN. , P. M.
,L.IST, OF JURORS ArFarji:.,4 l o s Peci — ) 11 c ei , !4 . ed
Oetoker 26;1846.
AtttensAi—ip.r O. Smart* Picke
'Bililicigton Win. Knapfo: ;
Columbir! - 4am4,Piesh, N. :rl4lalmul
C:autpa--Ssat, K. ?octet.; •
9pinville . —:Janies L Itoas ;
Litchfield—Daniel gallery ;
Mottio64Penick, Dunfeedamce .Reck4eil •
Pike--Iseac, IL (ieas, Platt, Wax);
Rome—L.43inith; P.Potrinion, D. !railer ;i .
Ridgbetry—John Kline, - , ' ---
Sheahequin - -LA
p H orton;
Smithfield-L.7i M. Tieliti; • Litinii'd ;' -
Standing' Mr•Ti nl4fr.
rowaildifWilz. 7 E 2 A. Goiarieb
't/H t LW. W. Goodiieb, .0. Guodpriui
Trogr,-.4., Gcuuttidit J ilamlettruln; Al. r; ?neat ;
.Ulsitri...EdwurdiM 1164. i
WytaxDril.lDscriu, L. Trumbull.
- lit'it TOl*ltilla'i
Wht"PrOV2ll-!stwo to rtliflitlr by
v ...
ael.whig -...7.4.10,.:004.i.0tAtiAew
Tattittime - 1 - :TimuvrodktArroo***loo by
A L__
the* ' - ",,,t, I*Sittirietrird, ,,, ,: . l t ,' ,. _ :Rem
lo Ila o4idle,vrpl,l a thelatie ' ,
.'ti Al
do -' ' ' itenikterrellthdthe 4 Tsytheir
ti t
op ' rollAufTreess tit 11 , ,,aeeirWid;', has
bee l at4te*: ..,,".`4l4riit 444, :PAuni-4 D is_liers.
,dristriptttiiiiistild'W riiii'meeks logo
pro ' ' radial, itni - iiieiViiiiiiiiiiiileg a
'wee: o l o ,4l/
AlcOsltir lllet Ceigli*n in, nuillo4ll concluded
AO gaitgi thoittsult mai, theists:mitten-days if
. .teriqbeis employed mere - ghat-to 'get dew .to
go , * treitkiigain at togeS,v , No not
fill'onibillisd'Mair nos t 1141 ,t,7 b "`+'' ' be 4 ill - ° , l '
ii" ,was ilui4oled , he had , beelf Weintritiiirip:
" lld " ' l.' ' li ''' •
Inente ,ttr,t acing lus.fe.lots-wor Welt lodetst,
these' oppreadve and uncalled : for, reductions.;
A. manufacturer in the satne•ireighborhoOd i re-!
deiced theMigea otitis , girls inliie facto& sizi
61bnifie;tigo'; we atikitme itur . fednitioti ht"tbe',
•ritiff.',l4ol chi cause of Able, 04*W:Pi*
tri.eldtv somethingii(tbe nature, of,tkeire i ro the -fad:- :The 7 girls, :{it ap-'
peers; received 15 rots *cur o ( 40 yard.; the
'reduction Was to `l3 ru ts
the `raw` ore-'
pi;l;iiir 10, cents, . Stied redtied tips as, tliese,i'e
must say, look beCwhip dide,frfkjhoiif who
.have.antassed large , fortunes; by -the labor. of
Altair opernures, : :,,,., ~ --:- ! .4,1:1 , - -,, 1,-,.;....
. , - Wm hate ether eases ln,thettowityfit•Phili
'oeiPbUti'Mirerii attempts ICl'edteerma'gealisi
itik.been resided. old prireee Ideilehein_cerntiuti
ed ; "this is aci - rloubt the cause_ of the , change'
ordne in the Whig . . press, and the man
ufacturers.--'--Pennsylvaniatn, ,', ' -. • -
The Night Cop'Steep Spoiled.
From the'New York Sao, September 25
• . • • •
DALLAS'.NIGHT CAP. " -1-10der this cap
•tion' yollAltlOte from a 'Pottsville paper -Fettle
remarks Intimating that the , Schuylkill Valley
furnace Wes recently stopped;'o 'account of
'the; ew Tariff; 'and.that., in token, of this., a
barrel is placed On.the tOp,Ofibeistack, .any la
belled, Dallas's-Night •Cap.! •
The-writer istne of the principle owners of
'the fernace referred to: The'workS vvernitop
:ped Ping before th#,lteriv Teiit bill piisi;Otill
Nun 'Cheap that . snii furriaCes—:' 'failltor"
Tariff" Tne lessee writes,- that, at:present
prices of iron, the furnace; which is-in sexed
lent order; cart do . a handsome basinest4:6l
which fie can convince ) any' person , =ltavingii
fciv thousan d dollars . to nnite in carrying it 'On.
ni t .. Night CiP!!ia..ifietinn- I VJAP4;4I - ly
desire to defend the new: Tariff, fair play indu
ces melo correct themisstatement. :• '
ColniTyrATIOX of VIZ Cdbaseness,
headset'. giddiness, pain in the aide and names
and sickness, satiable appetite, yellow or swarthy coca.
plexion,..dae., ate the lutist aymptams of Liver Coin.
plaint. . , ,
. .
-Wright's Indian 1. - e,getable) Pills are always eirtain
to remove the , above complaints because they purge
from the body (hoer-morbid humors which are the cause,
not only of all disorders of the liven but of every,mala•
dy incident to man ; . A single 25 ces t box, will in all
cases give relief, and. perseverance will most assuredly
(bias every particle of disease from the body.
.Wrght's Indian. Vegetable Pills also , completely
cleanse the stomach and bowel° of all bilions and putrid
humors, and therefore are a certain cure fur colic. , dye
entery,cholera nuebtis,:totil other disonlere of the in.
testing.. , . :
- Coution.r-Tlti should Le remember( d that Mr. Edward
Bole, of Philadelphia ; Mr.. John , Dison, of Eamon,
• Pa. and Metsui4 Browning* 'Brothenrof Philadelphia,
are not agents of ours, and as they purchase no Vliright's
Indian Vegetable Pills st our office, nrconneigurtran.
ty as genuine any medicine they may ilastfor sae,.
Agents for the sale. of :Wright's, Indian Vegetable
Pills. in Towanda, Montane'. & Co': for other agen•
cies,see advertisement in, another column. • t•
IW.OT IPE iihereby - giviii to lheie Allchenbs
111 who wished, to . cornpiomise;tuid thereby, rsiiie..thei
price of Goode in Towanda; that „we
.cennot enter . .inta.
any arrangements ofthe kind: 'Weir. beunil to. sell
goods ch'espee thin any other eigablislicrient; let iheAr.
cue:agat:el be what - they, 'Peisetie "detilr'ott of
purchasing Goods at the lowest
,Call at
the Sayings - Bank" as tistml. where . tbe mast' goods
are giving for the caoney.
Sept.. '46., GEO. : E. PLitN'T kW.
- ,
• •- •
' NEW FALL 4100DS , 'FOR 1846,
r ! lb al'u
agairakot.wilyidopp .cm,liPativiow
AK d . ;jai 44,1klynt EA riff
Goods: - entbnichtE, e n t Yl l * l ig wan " I I
Re g ii ikV.o74 F an n e r/ A lif li* teCil l. i % V4, 4 7 41 f,grir7
A830.11.11".103*.P1140,1134 4Pllesitilacs4l°ll4o'
40,9 k , . t h # itighbl+
KeTafj,4!444lPg c 1 0 4 " t c i F4 4 ti r
1 1 41 F IR NlYs taeu N o ) , ;WC 14 ,9 1 tSfil l o Ivo
duontsasiumi,m, ll'(jti .14 A , li/t 11 . 0. 4
roirander*PL,3o• 4 46 * • •; a
e'Blittlett% . ACM. Yelgralip
• fke., araaperaxassortmeasalaverrktag mimed
for Men's irr. Day's cloaks, over costs, cosia, PAM IWO
vests,, for ale at eitictoo4 , l* at
DRESS difftiita: 7:
LARGE'liiicattieisi Cutitiliatei; Chard "id
M. Der ' Paiwroaltit's. Botilbesio;btott i.
alimes; Gale & Cidirorede fields. plaid vidd Iviaided
Ginahami&e., it 7 ' MENCURI3.,
-- .
'all li A WLB,lho largest, end'. etil4pest
. assorrqient . cif
0 Pair& Winiei'Sflawbiever ; attired foi, date' In TO•
iraniii iii '' '' '''''' '. ' : ' -', ' StIgIIQURII:
Y! sin me. ef rit oirgnditioniexponasiaaned out
..of the court OrcexotoottPlefe of Bradford Court
tto.rne alisectedd ; expooe to 4411We...5a1e at the
*IA f2f. V ..X.X.ottg . .io:Tr9Y.Pß.Wea t gi ZIP
14,of,Noyentheretee4, lOrecioeltiA-41.041,e_folloering
!MI 6 sijult• hafeY,'•lirad county ; , 4 ogutieti on the
east by, the Sum enlek.anti ispda of flatocirl Allen;
tho•Aeory. !hoed, ,and path& mouth byluad,o(Aldriek
Wand, on the yell by, lend
. of paid Naid and Gardner
Seaman, on the north' by the iodd creek road , and jand
irelcinetng• trfthe' heirs ofMyron Alleni and the'Tmy
end Toirandi toed ecintelning about 'fbny,litrimlivOre
or tea, with- al:rimed - bouie,. framed end's le4
house, end some entail iiiiplittrera thereon ellialpnzeed.
Seized and taken in•exetatioir nt the suit of J. Morrie
Wettlei vs. Adolphus Allen. " - ..
. • '-• - JOHN P. MEANS; Nberiff:
, Bheriff 'a Offiee,-Tourenda. Sept. Su,-1846, , • r•
R . elAcxErr, whose ryau m and :manner of
the art of WRITING, havit,.been the vubjett'of
pubito iriprobaticiti 'of late, Will be' in place, hest
week, for the pupae of teaching iv dams in 'the 'above
very umful'accomplishment'' , 7 • '"
MI desirous of attaining the art' aid!, areittieetlitl.
19 invited to4deue thentaeletwundet'!hia iitatwtctiol.—
Setisfeckgy improvement will Ae guatantiedto the e itep ,
live student.
•Tettni, itereTve dam iii hddrs'eaeli,'
dual nit intend to' frighted the `.'people
Banda with a display of 'mute and' binds, as hialrittea
akin' is that ore teacher of writing; to which he applies
his whole • • i.
ttie . Human censiitniine, arid «lei! 40 cone
idevetl eurebledieettie,'will be Coned in' ,
trright'a IzNin„ reg etpOeyl
-•• /firth imericko,Collego,of health. •
These extmordlnary 'Pills are .compmed of :01014
which grow spontaneously on our - own soil, and are;
therefore bettecadapted to oar constitutions, than Medi•
eines concreted from foreign drugs, howeser . well,thiry
'they be compounded ; end as WRIGHT'B INDIAN
VEGETABLE PILLS era founded upon the principle
that the human body is in truth ' • • •-
namely, corrupt. humors, : and that said 'medicine Cults
by cleansing and purifying the'body.h:trill, he Mani.
fest that if the cortaitraion. be not 'entirely; exhausted, a
perserenince in their use. according to direction, , bat&
soltdely certain to drive disease of every name from the
!lek• 01 6 ttere'.: a Waltrip . * • anomie* to
fertility, we drain ii of the superabundant water. In
like manner ; if we. wish to restore the.kid,jlO healurlare
must cleinie akar impanly. -„ -; • r : ?„
will be found one of the bew,"if nut the' limy Wit, medi.
eine in the,warkl-fornstrying,ouLthic. -
!weenie they expel hind that bedy itnahid and cornapt
hunter, the Cause of the darease, iii in;easy, and Naha.
re:Manner., 'and while theietti,day gave EASE.:&
Pleasure, diembei of eaery'mithe as raptilly driven :front
The fallowing higbly reirpectaide fitOre.ikainiliaae
'been dilly appointed Agents. foitheaafe of:Wright'a tn•
am, Vegetable Pills in Bradford County:::
MontanYe's &G t o. , Towanda ;
A. H. Gaylord:Canton:a •
John H.,,Porman, Columbia F/atts ; ,
' T. dr S.W . Pomeroy, Troy; -
& Gee. Durlingten ; , f i „ 7 .
f ; Wm. Gibson:U.l3am , •
Lyman DprfeeoSmithfield 1. .
• I..S.Ellearoitb:Athehi
Guy Tracy, Milan';
. •L U. Moody &Co Frenchlown;,
John Holton, Jr., Terrytown ;•
,B..NOnntut, Springfield ;• • -
• Storm & Joues,..Sheshaquin; ,
, Daniel Brink, Horninnok;,,
N. D. &C. Watford, Mohroeton. o
Officei devoted exchorively to the sale, of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills, of the , North American College
of Bealtb,,, 423 Greenwich ,atneei, New : York ;, No
198 Tremont ate Cerium and Principal Office, No ,189
Race street.,
.„ •, 19y,
• • - • 'MONEY- LOST:
the'rindersiarsed on the •99 Mew sr the To!I
~JED Heine, ormear../dathemain'a, 'tavern; tn.. Athena,
• Wallet • containing $l7• In Hank Nedak • and ithaat
42 in change.... Alsb 1 Note signed by Samuel Nile. &
-me signed by, A. C..-Secitti'amounting in all-to about
$9O and•imate othet papant; if (the persop _fueling be
hatingthemtarill Morn them to therunderaigned, shall
be entitled to $5; or any -information threanwherehy
,4bitibore may be recovered, shoal be amp ly by
'lltNJ4l 4 /N P.-VCOTTU •
•, Smithfiel d , Sept, , • , :
~:,'• i •;
OF. LETTERS, temainhtenf Ihe 'Poet . or..
Athens, quarte'r'encTirig 841.1361;1546.
16 1867
DrOtiis' 4sery' E Jenksji;'
Me - Ayres '• -' •, . J'C & C Jenkins
C Bnnlc." /adroit '
Joseph Bar hatr Lehman
J H Burch • y G Litzenberg
• Daniel Doyen • „,
rfarottel.Onno , f. ~.Rev F Lane. ,
Corneman :, • , ,J,G Marvin
A Halsey Thomas Mounsey
E Dunhatm : • Nana Myers
C A Di-cull Harriet A . Morris
E Dingee - T Maxwell
D Dacia = ' C AV'Northoti .
"hfr:Bnidie . f .D Playkm •
'P DyYher,' 'Pomeroy •
R S Finch"' • 't'l Nancy Park -
Samuel Finch Park '(fookeeper):.!
J T Cilbertje , Directors of- the PoorA
Thomas Gardner 3 • .. -..Athens and Litchdad •
Mary S Griswold , townships:
Phebe Gray .C.S I'aik
Levi .A.GardWer.,• , It
fr.A Healseiff 6 Symonds !!
Jo es 0 ,Ifinc,hreitet F. Poydet
Mary Berne ur Kcnie If ffrisr,lainll:,
J Berprottit
1, Horton 11 : Wilcox
Wit Hunt -C 1 1tiliDet4ar't
ft jenki-' • • ' C. 11: HERRICK, P:'l4:
, -
IMONTANYEeet. CO.; are now tech:mingepry
togertaten'i tic:41414'6041ml !lilting , I
a - grfarifiernainn in the market. eotepriiiink'Frenehl*
;Enklieh BllOAD:ttf;OTHBjesesimeree am) Sintiiefe,
end; the choke tgtteiue of Printitinit Whiseed GC•pde...
Gratefof roi pale frogis tkei•;evecittaliifeolietfizette.,
roue public to ealtiOd'etrtinilnit "tke . it ittiefeittialftintv
eanitotd. not'4uledent indatimenti.tdetistiritheli Aire
or public Patc4ll l ;. :t )111 •
FOno:wis ..-,,1011” IV:
, 4Wy 7..7.: : L ::, ,! f. - % . '7e.'.: ,:-...:: MERCUR'B....;: i
PP C *I II /01r94
leri HERE AB,44)litiliaellly of the Com.
Irlip.Tionsese4malliodOtAmodeMildog TWO
olomioits iil thiseammoulnithiniimonjoimmippooNlis
Oaks. fiotico of much eleetionsikr ifsekl.rood
also Ilmteboumnitioitio mikionotic' soda& iiiettasukta,
well:eta!, k - JOHN .F4, - ) 1114.1 0 P.Bistgiiingidi,oltba
comaymf 43n441.dit tiokt* , mlMaikamemlomidatt
oottoitoltmeleitorsoftimayithatraalaN / 841.
Ei d gcrws ,bo hold?Ma osigiitquity4maigisa.
DAVI: .thofiatb..osyMfisitikaposo4.4l4lioll.6A
raid ;wit .le-,;;;i. 4.1H:14 Avit,-t;
. Vin Atbauy i l sittm;sehool trooorimilmokOlitdillikt
>rasthd:hateeu6W.;WikesY':l AY: d'ai . 2'.->. 3 .rfat.var
..:12 , AirsiumagJeco4frututtey!sii.
In 4i ktimut 61 : 10,1 : 1 Er IL Mafber•Othleirr dtbef.3 ,, (fr
In Alb:up:We 44415,W
40Nrigtallt , Pjelaeso7tsj P. ,6%1,;;
In Burlington et Addison litt'Kainitao lard al..la3tNIA
Io Canton at Ilaniattaittlitt's.
. 14 . 4 ; 01111 04a",..kt" 1 . •••.;a iv! all
. I tata at °wry - afil p .
StE,VI9 I ,If.PA,SW+IO ,
A. lolo o 4lll :o l e.l49s4. o "ls4Rll l 6*YrN,Pge
corner { ..., !,, 4 1, Frs Voroi
in k te rg i . 4 . llolU "il;NFlE9 l- 4. "to
• LA UW14004 4,,PW1 4 .1.,.f. ;t0t...5 , 1,11x/
. Irt , Laia hmiglqn l<. e. orgo,no,
In Mortioti 141 ifrq
Orwell : at 4he
ROMIF r • I a.
In 'Van; at E. De;;olf's. r
In Ritlgher7 at int:pbryAanna.tie t - -
In tto;ei;tl:, 7 l =Kg i t i;eit.7lll e g T
In Apeabeitiiir at. Pf 14,89
bidola"p'A: . L
udei t i;
In. titanding artornait ,
In'ttgo'cith Creek aithe'sr*eijtaniat"
,In . '
In'roivarntii tgire4oniOnsta .7 ". ''
• In !tin rieho3) l ll4ein:liiii#74 l o4nrl•
'Gl' Trod bcirotigh at tbieictsont hearse." • 1 :1"-''.•?;
In Trop nmattehfp, , in the horise.ofrffilm;A4Gastln.
near the ria,itlenee of 'Plan Ortealsrant,, saja
• In Millen /AO , l l 44coa#!, . 4 .-f
.Lu Warren. 'at R-voonana. S . '', 1
In Wells. At E4.e4.Yr,
in,Wintilisp), et.E,tto*.4'e t Vcearli',: %.ti;
In Wyeox, AL ;be ACOCARI. ', let e- ll'. t.:l • ', , Cr.:
In Wypliving, at the school house_ort.44t Ind
at or near John Biles', at rFlichiltipip4l44,,phie. the
d e
electors aforesaid will_elest.b - ballot---------,-
ono . poraop 14i0aRal 0 ftstOdelortiittANW:
Oina .persou ill: . repreiseni.i ittitikitteetirlYrOW
sailliehann i . inil Tiogi,l ill tha Congldirat thd UV.
One frisson to represent the ctluintritt.Beidfoql Ad
Tiii 4 a in tlp - I.Bernita . l4-Wir - Ca furiAn - Arpttlf; ,- - - ..'
Two pent:mita refees'ent etetiebinia 4 j4faradford in
the kotne.of:llekeisentititei of ihiii.) ClMPlnirart•
. ~.. ~
One Geteinicioatc : o , :ljr . siiiid County
One persen.for. Audible :Of Bradford imcari;:f
Aud in and amid act, I soy flintier diackt4 rive
notitx the , -every person except iug- jufficesof I,4eptaire
a ny offic e of profit sud:Vlttkirstodosia2c
government of the United Andes, arpf
notch." or incorporated district, .wheeteladtdfultASP9P•
ed officer or agent, who is, or shall: k J einpfeyßl a gotider
the legislative, executive or judiciary deportOOnt 04 1
state, erof Vie or (4.1 0 1. cbga.k`ofiqd
district, and also -.dd every meolber:of*.Couver,, is., and
of the state Legisletute„ - and scoolectsuidn.en
council-018a city,circommissionerwat%any-ituaugiorat
ed district is lass itroallable of holding .116. 4 4 ffgi
et the same time. 'the office or. appointment •at judge,
inspector or clerk of any election. of We comotolieradth
awl that no inspector, or judge or other offices ofistny,
such efeetion , shall Tie Wen efigibTeliFaliyAl#ll.,tie
, By the 4th ‘ seatiortrif an act passe
April, 1890, it tr, prodded " that the 13th section ocp
set passed' July 2d, 18814 entitled
the eleetorsofthis - COMMoiweiddr;fl baireau
aimed; al to' Preient - ens militia
_otrtcei:(raTit'tttrattig 2 , al
:judge:respecter:or aka, at inky Deafer. iiiPinflefeci
don of - this commotitirealtb.;• e-r r 4
• In the 8181 sectiortof the eel Brst.oteelicate4isensc-
La dst: every. - genital tuxd iperial election:v*4W b e
open between eight foredetin,lirid shall
continue withoot - litterrnpuiearidjourenteqs. Audi 7
o'eleek:in theeveq' ofld
_e ati '
.."1 0141 1 4 lawful tot ilie'lloriecteis i aild]uake r at any
genaraf - oi slimier election - . achich !hall heyeaftor
held in thiArtnenia election,iliatrieti in . dii"cclinty of
Bradford, to ty*on at 5 o'clock
in. the atterticeii6.7,
It i 7 father directeiritito6iiiAilig . Aro.ruggi at
Iro*erilla„,to team out fialoperel
.vii4rri,'ebill be amtlei .
*lll be tile 1.4 4iy 54,:tietobe!.' "if •
ry e C.1)13041i11 . Of itIP;.)11 - 4ililt
Ai 'the tdint 1 - TO‘4 io t tie Nroigti
aiii•intli a y alter tlit.'election,*bieh'iiikWeialie
tbe poieekees of thi„swa.,lo , dhirteiam , zaaet
et Jo~yti 0, Purniai6 Colataia - flatei; gay.
enttiday ,aftff the ,ioctiON iv4iaik . wilf6eitims tint day
. • , JOIE* C AM:kW V314 , 121'
'Shades ofhei.,i4ptetnbrio,'lB4k:-T ) ' 4 " •
_ —..
.•• - " , •-•ilsorm ••••.,. ..,
- .
--- I:.' , • ••re
• ••";:.:;'-': :''atdiiiiiilitlitat,tl,lSaiee: v...
6 o -
IN . puma:nue of , ittorUer cif,she OsphiteArGtott..of
Iliad ford Cobuty, will he sold, atiloblin Yktaltte.At
the house of George Cueyellv in Motifoctoni.Bl;Vdotit
pan in theafternoonOn•Thundayi th e.-15th.dapoll . r
.nett; the followhirdeseribedvoperty. late Atli
Cnintuer, 'died. to"iiirt . , Tha ldndisideitaniweig part
of a tract of land situate in Mains% inwitthiPshnihided
north by lands of A. 1.. - ..ctangier, els!: hy G. F., Mason,
Sarah calm and Frsnialti IT4ott on the south bx.thsqo
- e.rerli itid'isi the'l;testtil lanai - W ' rt itfaion,
:Containing One hundred Siel'tint!) shad ifseit
. tansi
hi/pi:dyed: with i friuntik '4'43 ind:Wiiril'ahaiii it'pple
Utehaid thereon. ' • - —....• ", - 1 , 1 4 47-1:. 5:1 ,
. Alf4riEl(! - goßih - half of clot or itha ki!iiiti fie 4an.
166 townitiio .pootiiili4 one huidititriittrii,liniiiided
at the north by limas of Joel. Summsra. east by James
IL .. Irvine & 3V, W.liiit‘shtfity iv: w:vvine &
pop mi marei; thd n he ws py lymili f illit e %
lictitcy`'ind Siftelliut Fo*ler. •'-I,!e shin ye
ing all unimpit.4.l.:Toirlits nisdo kiwi& on day of sale.
• • ...., • CII,ARRISSA CRANPOSH;sidusiti
- • . - .lft'lt. 1 - 11ViNEi kdatistishrianrs!
" • - "''snE'RrOFt . aste .-- .:'r.L.::
114 Time of.mwett:olvenditiolakei4ol.l49 a-
IED aried'out of , tho mit ot:Commoußleas
of Bradford county; in'ontAirepied.s4
the, l6tb , day,of October, thefolluiviug sac fibed
.piece or parcel ~.of WYelueirig
township. , bounded norily lands of: Justus
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