Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, October 07, 1846, Image 1

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Democratic County Mass !
We publish in this week's paper, to the exeltislci .
of mach other matter, the proceedings of the Detisee
t rait Mass Meeting, held at Siiiithfield, ori the 30th
tat. It was an outpouring Of the Democracy- Of the
'County—the day was 'beautifully fine, tied 'every
thing contributed to give interest and impression to
the great objects for which the • Republic:UM' of the
County bad met together. :
That veteran, well -tried and faithful Democrat,.
AfilltAH PLERCE,.Esq.; presided, assisted by Div
Tones, CHAUNCEY GI:MIMI; I.4oiraan Pince, - Dr.
J. E. Wiseman, Josne.t Klan,* Dr. WILMA - It Wile;
nn, as Vice Presidents. Daniel Vendemooki
p thre e, W. E. Barton, and H. C. Baird, aetin'g 415 -
The meeting was one of the most interesting eVer
convened by the Democracy of Dradford'Courity i ,
and notwithstanding the hurry of bnaineisi'to the
farming population, they were out in their strength
—they conveyed to each other from every election
district, the cheering and inspiring titliniethat "at
well,"--that the whole penple'were fullY and iho
roughly awakened to the "vital 'impOrtance of the
civat principles involved in the strtigglenoW going.
on. 'There is no longer any doubt. The
Fence, patriotism, and the Democracy of the Conn
:y will achieve a most signal and glorious triumph
over the combined operations of the entire opposi-.
urn to Republicanism, open and covert—foreign and
tiziestic—sustained and cheered on, as they are,hy
the mural influence of. the country,.
The great amide for the .mitintenance of eqial
rights and privileges,ls to the fought on Tuesday
text The eyes of the State and Nation are upon
this Congressional 'district. Our standard.bearer,
the HON..DAVID 'WILMOT, is Moving forward id
the strength oPthesame great printipitm, whiCh he
sustained with 'so much eloquence end ability in
the Congiess (if 'the United 'States. And now the
tme, the day, 'the hour, has'eome for'the people—
the massesthe " toiling millions "c—to stand forth
in the majesty ortruth, and encireleilttir Candidate
cs w Ida a wall of fire, and in'the language of the re
.olunons, "turn back the,coborts of Federalisrti,a , ,d
the money power;" 'and the people will be found
-pal to the contest. They will emerge from 'the
qr . /1,74;1e, as they did in 1844, with the glorious and
nsptrtirg motto Inscribed upon • their hatiners, " We
hare metthe enemy, and they ire ours?'
The meeting was ably and eloquently addressed
by NeSSI*3. WISMCIT, an PIOLLST, of Brad
iola, and Mr.Cnow, ufSusquehanna.. '
The resolutions were otTered to th. meeting, by
'Col. S. Salisbury. 'They embody the true principles
•Demacmcy, und•express Their sentiments in
c.ear, concise and unanswerable manner. '.'
We publish also, es opaetOf the :proceedings; :let
un from Vice President Dallas; and•other errtinent
r•ntletnen id'our own:state; Senatdt tickinson and
lion. Stephen Strong, of the slate of New York, in
amrTr•to its - it - Atkins 'tn be present . at the. Meeting,
wilier:treat - et the cardinal - principles DemoctacY.
and c ill•be'read with correspoeding interest.
Whereas, The Constitution of the United
Silk.% tslountled on the broad ba,is' of the *ill
nithe people. and derives all its Mithority frOsn
'Weir ratiti , aPon: ".• The powers notdelegarerl
tithe U. S. by the vonerination„ nor -probilrii
-1.41 by it *to The Shen, are teamed to the sta tei
re.rpertively or to the people. "- ''? . ,
The powe of ortginitiag bills for dialing
rerenue is on or high pollardl import. having
ui foundation irectly in the supremacy of the
People; and tbeir. liberties-7.3re secure so long
41 they retain the high' prerogative of taxing
Armee/yes in their' own hands. That' the
ability to lay and collect duties is ail exalted
4unhure of popular sovereignty, and to be ex.
i-rci,ed only for higb national purposes. Cons
)1111.190n e l averment like this. so solemn and
imposing, involving in its relations to govern.
lamal action absolute physical:necensity,-so
icons that the functions of g9vernment cannot
be carried on without it,. is not to be construed
Im o en original grant—..,or aig4t to . impose high
sutraupon importi, forthe.prcitection of naapti.
lactates; or in other"*Ords. the people Can
on be taxed to create a ifrofiiii;le business ; for
repeal, -
Re-Weed, Therrfirec the'DenioCia'ei of
Bradford. in tounty.neeting issedibled, that 'a
law which taxes the people - for the purpose of
proteetion and not for revenue, is: condemned ,
by in tendency to destroy the main clime.
termite of the Constitution, and condemned
by the doctrine set forth in the i Declaration of
Iladepeodence ; 7 =and we rejoice to know . that
n has received its ,tnal condemnation. by the
4 emocrary of the whole Union in;srepeat,ol
the unequal and unjust e• tariff law of 1842."
Resolved, That •••harmony and liberal in
tercourse with all nations are recommended by
Polley, humanity and interest g" and that un
equal and restrictive duties should be repelled
by every consideration of duty and patriotisizi
••Our commercial policy should hold aqeityd.
and impartial hand ; neither seeking nor grant
ant exclusive tavors preferences consulting
diet:mural course of things; diffusing ,and die
acetifying by gentle means; the sieeams of crime
teens, but forcing nothing." fielding theta
?mines—it is .he sense. of this sleeting Aal
"" especially paned for the
. Indiectieir,of
ma nufactures, are repugnant to the spirit 01114
t°n ` t iltition. incompatible 'with the essential
' l .zhis of the whole people, and at', war widi
the home industry or the country=ao inR l 9" ,
' l , , ° "effon to advance, by unequal ',le profits of capital at the expense of the la.:
401ofthe masses—at the expense. of he pro- ,
'wain;; classes: a the.wristPer4.l
'_Y .of associated wealth this country- toen-,
neti,, tile few by the - toil and 'weird the toithy.
iterlred That democracy in ills' : United
Zee. a cknowledges no distitteliool but ' suc h
rfounded in the virtue and . ptersonsiMent
s citizen : we are opposed; thirefeie.- to;
Cod lrl ,' l ,?eracy founded on concentrated Telltale'
Quz 7neen that the existence and integrity: . of
"ee Institutions depend upon adniinisterikr
I , tl
!C ,
rtis ;i l: ittr!,:;.44l,l4.7; 5:,2 10 I
f.f,; sn ... , 0 , 111?qet- '
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i.i ~1:11 - .3•-•.31 . A.;•..- , l 1 •••+11 lirrOlVErn
- t
1 '' ':l* ' l ' '' / 'i l ' 1• : , " 1 - • - - - Enitr-VEDRESITAY' ITIIMINBA, BRADF(OIOIIIsiTY PA BY - At . :o,' & it, p. oroopmew
rifle idierninitrartiihilViltftiiiifier'iresiribeil:
litnitiOf alid`Klettifti::ilie`
'states an& the' people thericiii.iisiiton of
all Voiver bin - abtolutely 'tteetlenry - "la the'ix
istence of the federal governinent.""l e c the
exelamitiori;Tent anAtuiriein eititen;iitsure
littertYind ittioality ter er
the iproteeting bander of the etatuttitUttott:LmPhe
enetniei repoblieatiismot equal rlg tai to
Arrieriet. harts , ever:looked' ter; and 'nesittabor
for villa eatablishment, oVstiOngteentraliztag
measnres...hence their uncessingotertions' to
create &National Bank--ito theNpaper-:
money ayatem of the day.Nith l the government
of Ole,cpunßy also,,trt eatablish, ~splend ida ystern ofjoternal intprovpments by, the goat.'
government...,nde..ed,. they havo.cotuitantlyt
laboied,tejnlttee ntintaTekical ;spirit jut° the
measures nfgoyerninent in, rirder, by. especial
legiildiroil; to lectiiiplieh indirectly, whaithev
could DQleffectin the,coqventiciti that framer)
the, constitution, gjit:ently. :7 :the, ere .100:fg Pri;-
'vileged orders Of. *en in:die:U. these
ce n tralizink trips 'of.'ficleraltein:, de tnoi*cy
enters hi.r earnest -
protest,; 'and, all
shows . 6l4 ' "libereis ete rnal
viglltirce:" . and never rtiorifin thatilit 0164p:ie.'
'sent - moment; when there a eiraicOted ihoVe
liner •:our inetnies . to - break' down
ganiration , of the dentoeratielparty' ' :tt• to
bet Atie . great•Democrafie - party of•Peithifl--
vania. -then; look% to , it...let repu ;main-
Lain theiriparty. !onranizationc]ttas the*neTfor
of their hopes * . sure and.steadfaat os•do I
this, and *thigh expectations ofthe w.hig party
in the "•Kiy'stone State will-grain !be hum
bled in the dust,and tlic republican forcesetnerge,
triumphantly victorious , from ! the, eonflica 2 on
,second Toesday., Of October.. a ,glorious
achievement ' to the hanner.of.freetlinu..,
Resolved. That we approve the Administra
lion of President Pollt.• both as it effects our '
foreign and domestic relations. file two great
home measures, the " Independent "
and the " tariff of -1846." are pre-eminently
national measures. And while these measures
area proud monument 'to the Statesmanship
and patriotism of Martin Van Buren--;-also
reflect great and enduring credit to die integri
ty Of Prettent Polk; and.the measure's of his
'republican Administration ;—an administration
that has- elevated our national character abroad
and strengthened the •bond of union at home.
Resolved, That in George M. Dallas. we
recognize an old and tried friend. a pure mind
ed citizen, with talents of the highest . order--
a patriot and statesman of which , any age and
country might be justly proud. The dis
tinguished ability and decision of character that
has marked, his course.. is evidence of moral
courage and veracity of, purpose equal to any
' Resolved , That our representative in COn
geese: (Mr. Wilmot.) is eminently worthy the
'distinguished trust for which he has been unaiii
ritotrily re-notninated by the democracy of this
Congressional* district. His first session in
ennrrest hair been characterized by the most
lofty -inn grity of purpose, manly independence
and• rrnfaltenng deYetion to the declared Will of
Ids immediate constituents. He has redeemed
Iris solemn pledges to, the people of-hui district,
wrth fire ability of a statesman, the exalted in
tegrity of tried patriot; and the stern fidelity of
an 'honest man. His entire course, challenges
mil- =qualified approval. „
Shielded in the omnipotent panoply of truth,
the missiles of federalism have fallen harmless at
his feet. ' An highcareer of representative duty
awaits him. The denlocrany of Bradford are
united like one man in a determined support of
a tried and patriotic representative. In the great
struggle now going on in this district .• for hu
manity and its rtghts"—the democracy will
gallantly turn back the cohorts of federalism and
the money Pluiver; and . we assure the republi
cans of the state and union that our candidate
for Congress will return from the conflict bear
ing the banner of equal rights triumphantly in
the breeze. and proudly victorious.
Resolved. That the interest of Pennsylvania
—the honesty and integrity of the administra
tion of her public works, imperiously demand
the re-election of that pure man, and 'able and
efficient . °Kerr. William B. Foster 'lr. The
republicans of Bradford County. know and ap.
preciate his worth, and the important -services
be has rendered the state. and pledge ourselves
to sustain him at the ballot boxes with firmness
and constancy ; and assure, our friends abroad:
,that his majerity will most decided 'and tri
umphant in this County.
Resolved. That our candidate for State Sena
tor; Col. Mason, is worthy of, and shell receive
our cordial and united support; his-acknowl
ed,geit business qualifications, sound democracy,
and integrity of character. entitles him to what
he so fully enjoys. the confidence and respect
of the republicans of Bradforcheountr. '
Resolved, That Messrs Vebb anti' Piolett
performed their:high , representative 'duties in
the Ligislature of Penusylvania with signal abi
lity and acknowledged -integrity of, purpose.—
They have - been tried and not found wanting—
the eorrnptappliances of the monerpoweecould
not seduce diem from the Jiath of 'duty and rec
titude. We will now evirriNi to, the world our
confidence in their integrity and regard for their
services by returning them to the Legislature by
an increasEd majority.
'Resolved. Thal Nuithein',pernir‘ lvania and
Southern New Y . ork., have, ; $ 01 " 1 -houNPF. to phdulder in the most,tryiug titpee, ut
the great doctrines of democratic truth. ,Wecor
dishy congratulate our -friends .of the Empire
State upon the final triudiph of, republicanrit!
eiples, in the establishment of tie imiependept
Treasury, law udder a democratic administration
—ao important with - mai measure. originated by:
-an eminent statesman of their own great state: ,
• .
*Resolved . , Thatour eeneration theiiatt-,
ed character and eminent, servicea , Of Martin'
Van Buren antl.Rieliard M. Johnson ere,undi
tninished—their great examples and illustrious
services mirk' of conetinition6i
ge 'down*? jiirsterity l yitlmpaireti Hie
fresh and green m the rentembrance aSattion
of freemen. %This democracy of Bredfordconn-
IY,Pai; nevec(tea*, to. remembe.A.
Course:of theskgreat andgraiiiimen with -IZor
respotiding sentiment a gratitude.
ttb(111 51 , 1 i
r f`t 1( , /I'D
. • 3,• 046 .
-""gikiThiniCiei`•A honor to. re;•
ceit i e - YOuiletter'oritte 'lstif instant, in
Is'efiairvitaitf init`tieletary;oti'behttif 'or. the.
nem beriey; of artilthrit ceu nty;' - 'yOn 'OW
enough to invite :tact to"attoinit the. genera l'itiass•
meming*tobeiteld at 'East •Smithrield'on thin
day meek: L, My engage:tient:4 her Trecloder
the,posaibility of my coming tmyrin ; and:while_
I have to thank you most conlially.for.thet,soo
4 2 4 13 00 g terms -in twine!, you r past pO.
liucal.incidents of toy life;, and.. warmly recip., ,
vticatelear cleavrq to cement mere . ,,closely .the
public t tier,which cgnnect,met w4l4he.licarty,
and true 'reptihriOnitACyoitr_„4!ridrtco:otatit,
'eonfine . reyselr,te overflowing'
mantrestaticht"Of iitrenith . lo rimnlsaiS and hat-1
- sneak hi' %V ilinut,""Yiliii.pOn
greietnnaT ' Vito 'airy-1
tells you that you have,yeasunio
the artulytoge charlit y e . r., 7 marked by ,
simplkity and' constancy of pur
pose, without gode.or iqtrigue of anytior,4 and
his.eloquance,tn.debate,,ga,ve me.,4B,aTeon- ,
Recces; _gratification,i,spd,
trust that one so . , Repivetl • bv , the„natio,nal i
ridehisted Van atioi I in ~the,',legi sl a t ve
ito`(' dkoj; 60,105 t.
"andicelieveine":" 1 ' 17 " "
7.;VtourifrietlitriniV" •
Fellow-citizen. •
.•• .A)
CoL.'B..l3AusatratiChairanto of Committee.'
• ; - ' ..11.41. 4A .
FortzsT r .jim.s4lhilstr : a.,§ep, 22,1846.,
, PeasTt.exes :7-4,,5F1300e14q, -API:1 1 1411Y,
ynur hied :insititiott
present at`a detnderatie
field, the 30th instant.
,1 •
. It "world be much nuke neeeable .
to me to .
be an attendant on that, meeting than a candidat
he r e: but en it has been settled, and it isnot in'
my power to be With you. , •
Ishall•much.rejoice in Mr. Wilmot's re=elec
tion. •, ,His opinions on one'cif the cardinal points
of politics at present, though seentirtglyare not
essentially different from those'iiiinany'lf not
mostof our colleagues of the Pennsyl ;ima t -
gation in Congress. ;If the State banks had not
adulterated American currency, there never
would have been occasion .for. high duties, on
imports. Until the eurtency is counted by coin
we shall never be able to cope; with 'Europe
but 'whenever money here; and there ' are the
same, we can turn the coma:Tree - peal! the world
in our favor by means of our Sujierier. natural
possessions; :. I have 'no idea 'of 'a prooerous
nation that dims not supply its own
How beat to. effect that.Alis,vvistist ,statesmen
differ. though - - Mr._ .Vilmot's method and
'mine might not precisely coinctde.yet Malaita's,
pi inciplea and promise ol publictisefulnew, have
few well wishers more.aincere than your.
' Humble servant,
. .
Cot.. S. SaidEnuar..ChairmaildPommittee.
II A Rinilt Rb. '' te Of, 1846
GENTLE EN :-1,2111 hollored,Wigi ' your . cor
dial null eaieedied . in vita lino tekhepiesent
with the democracli'orßradforil County, at their
Mass Meeting, to be field •at East Smithfield, on
the 30th iosilaut. • '
Few 'events •Ocmld afford Me more pleasiire meet the stetwand inflexible democracy
of-Iradford county. on such=an oecasion.bence
,my•sincere regret thin; tuy!duties will not allow
, be absent at the time of your , meeting.
It is always., gratifying, to cv,ery individual
who feels an interest in the success of dentocra
tic principles.
,to see the
,people assemble for
their discussion,' .as the better,- ihey are under
"stood; the better they will be appreciated. They
are the only principles of government which
:altos pail' to • the digiiity of a iational being,
and secures to him the proper exercise of his in
alienable rights. .The federal tlang with which
our ears are so constantly saluted. of the demo,
erotic policy being opposed to -the interests of
the working people. is-absurd. and shows the
contempt in which that party.holdt the intelli-
gence of the people.
„The demociatio,
composed of working people,,unikto tell them
that they ate i l .ppospd_tu.thejr oweptereats, is
iti tell that they ar e hie) j ;tyrant to-under
stanit `t;fiat their ieterettis are. I hpye heard
this iaine'slaiig from the same party, as long as
I : can reColletel: "rhe ddinectatic party is op
posed to-n 'restaratibif 'the ex-pluck& pulley of
a corrupt National Bank. Against' an inflated
and worthless paper currency. and all incorpo
rated it 'hi favOi:Of 'the publid
money being : kept lit aconstitutionaltreasury. an
that government, .can command ; the, use., ofote
own funds when they-,are wanted, „ fa
vor of siseli a tariffjsvill.raisesuffit,nent love
meet the teauts goieritrient.'"and with
such just and i4sonahlediscriminatiOns in favor
of 'our humus manufacthria arid . prbiluctiiiiis. as
Will effectually . Prefect and AO justice' to'all Mir
'great Nationatinteriiiii. -'lt
some. that the tariff or:lB46.mariri Mole- of a
depression. of prices; not affordatifficient.protec,
tine to the.lron and .Coal ,business of
vania. eci.-; we must exert ourselves to secure,
.Ittatwilicli will be:sufficient., by, .a proper,mo4,
ioeo.l o lll l l l ille.l)Tesep; af
in, any tithe!, matter, , which a ~jttst regard to . ptir
.naliplcif „it) lerP ll . l2l
t(!i4n l octatil favor, of
'‘v,ilreecule lahor the high•
to the
Tall eiticiyinent oT the iiiiieeedi
ithuut' with+ tici'vettpli earl he 14(1Si - tennis
I 'fn - those sentiments; 1' know every sound de.
atomic fullylcnneumiz !! A •
•-• In the full confidence thstlihwhighlyaalented,
-„and,intelligeot geotlemertylor have selected, as
lour Ite.44llllPhan.ll vcejeCted.
I', ell FRASPAPFCti alldilf PAL
l'"'• .Y
t ' ti` i4l. prr l 4 pt l4l
.•t a rgi; . !:foi t i 4 ,6
' ,11 f, •%;
GENTLLiEN.-1 receivelOp day your favor
of the 16th inst., inviting Me to unite wilt th e
. .
. .
I:"; Z 1 ' , 1=.` 1 *...c 5 t:6 - ...1:: 4- • 1 .;:le; ... , ..,: i•otri; 1i,,i1,7f.v, ivi
...s . ,:li tge.t . ..) , ,vr:. -.,4;
debit eeaey of Brsidrord COuntit'. l lo ktnerid
iMisi'M t eettni to tie helfie Ealit Stiiififiehl on
the in:lth Ink" lt'would '
gire me 1 gieli pleamirti
to Comply with thie. invitation: but My pithhe'
eugsgemenurieill• tiorrpermit. it. f'hope on
some future occasion. to be Kahle togratify' the
desire! have long entertained .of meeting the.
sterling democracy of your county,; :tilt. then,
•I[...;,•must : i ,postpows : the :and 1.. friendly,
dxelpawe;, which y0u..Pr.944 beg You,
.gtiodenten, and those you repregent, to accept
Any, thanks for this mark of you confylcpcc, and.
,regard, i
d,aookespeCiatiy for the,, i:otaptimentary
Manner tiathich,you speak of mk hitmhle ef
forts in the republican' causg. 'Permit me here,
•to sak that. that 'cause commended'itself to my
'fselingaiand; mk'hehit in tilk.'early boyhood:
liiiel'that Ilia judgment of . munhood'and-tha ex:
patience of life.'hsve ennfircised and strength-•
yened , the earlk, choice. • '
- . You, gentlemen:and those you represent:
-constitute;a part of that grand republican army,
:which has hrought-our) happy country to the,
eminent position she now occupies and web-.
hatted the ,principle of freedom and, equality
notv.enjoy.., Tp.accumplish this we
haie encountered, and to perpetuate, it, .we
inust expect to eneounter, the opposition. of
those who look lightly, upon the intelligence of
the massmend tetahlits.fitVurdiheT few at the
expense - of the many-- Hence our conflict witli
iliettuitts'elatio•n 'la ad est - ended - tight 'tif suf.
'large—a banleof the United Stitteethd ti n 'eor;
rupi - bankingisvitenia—adistribution among the
,states of re.venuct.ofttho general government;
IT, T ra construction •olconstitutional- power.-with ,
view - to
,pardal_.legisletion--.To the Itianger
and,4 corporation privileges aod,'special , grants.
.toirreeponsible companies and, many, other
questions involving , the dtn:trins.of eqoal.rights
to all Men, a
special grants of faeor to none..
Deinueraey seek'' to advance all the great
interest of society, and•the "equal rights °fetich
common platform, and it will not
sanclitiii'llthy legislation which favors' one per;
tion of the torrimunity at the•expense aimill•
tr. 'ln one word, it announces that the weight
of governiment•should bear as lightly as Possi
ble upon each 'citizen. • These.:doctrine- have'
stood ihe,test :of time and experience: By the
blessings of Providenee.they have brought mi l
to one present tune of security., prosperity- and
happine4„tnd if maintained inviolate lila con
tiuutt,to us those, blessings m all time to come.
"Our own Cernmensiealth; is recovring from
the eirecti of the misrule of our Opponents. (lu
ring the period that they had the administra
tion of her affiurt. , antl!the:clouils which hang
heavy around us, and-threatened our State with
dishonor and banltruptey tiehoiv "heppily
Oneof the meant , Lin 'producing this
result may be found itithe , wise and • prudent
management of our public -works -; previous to
1844 they.were a dead-weight upon the 'Press
;ay:since that period-Ahoy :have 'yielded as a
yearly•revenue of aboutlive. hundred and fitly
thousand ,dollars., This, anil.other smsatures,
but epecitlly,the. promptness, in.the payment
of taxes within the tires two-years has brought
us, safely through,.:Your Otionty
in thii important work It timsthefirst coun
ty that pilicOts.,gizolafor 1846 . s u stained
the interests and hand 'Of. he poMmonwetilth
then, and 'I feel it will sustain the
same' principles, on the seccnd Tuesday
October - , - by giving'' insjoiity for
all her repablicth eindidates." ••• • -
I am.4entlensen;s , enr tibligetlTrietid,
• :and obedient' servant, - • •'• '
• • '• ••-• JANIES , IIOBB SNOWDEN'.' '
B.aztenuar.Chairnian ul Committee.
. ,Basousrrox, Sept. 2,14,1845. -
. Mx DEAR '
IR:--- , 1411a, favored, i with yours
Of theifith inst.. in, the name end belialfof the
democracy of Bradord county.- inviting me to
join-thein'in mass meeting to be held at East
Smithfield on;the 35th, epee subjects of poli
tical interest. '' , . ' _
The dentocrici, of BOutliern,New , Yorit feel
a lively interest in-all that concerns their bre
thren.of Northern Pennsylvauia..and it. would
afford me unbounded . pleasure.eould 1 indulge
~ comply with au invitajton
conveyed in terms 6 o kind
. and : complimentary.
Bitt,arprotramed searion,leayea me.pitfession
al engagements 'W bleb' cannot be'ileferied, tiod
lam compelled to 'decline it.'' ' ., '
' ' 4heDeititicracy of Bradford'eertainly hold
ii "'position: most interesting , and peculiar.l;
Their representative, ciabiless , believing that
his constituents , amid mit 'he taxed into pros- ;
perity by.' exorbitant import!daties. ' voted for
the reduction of an unjustand oppreasive tariff.
.sod now manfully appeals from the clamor of
fthe interestedand prejudices oiftheuninfortnetl
10 the elevated judgment ol the masses for, his
justification. „!f there are ,tharewlin believe
`diet the consumers , of our country can profi.ta
hit; Pay tinily . millions .olchillars annually' in
Imposts, and that industry Would latiguisli arid
labor pine in want iflt , were dispensed with,
an appeal to them must he vain and idle. But
trilliote4ho'''ieillsrbekiiniireddri'ifitil ` i lei' is'
'cincrotor.' thOugh iteherithigattirea'bre erineeid
-ed by-the' veil ,of pro/re/fair; Mut siigared over
, with the eaphonicnis - twine; of lore; the 'itrstie fetirleinsly-lpresented.- - r 1 It';is‘ the lame,
great struggle between the , feat and-the. Many,
which has tearkeilt the._footsicpalofrnanlfront ;
0;1 , 0ft:echo; petiodeof bis.bilitory 7 4 ,, !bmie4 deep,'
trt tigeure itLartful, dieguiseth awl ,vsiled„in ilw.
Inning ilrapery. . The, recent:attempt.b'Y Coo- ,
gresa to • adjust ,more equally thehnideus real
leg_ ttemt,the, peOple t fias especially . . moused;
the'energiei of politicans whose stock in tra, l e
is panic, and its actiniattii'herii denounced in
the sacred name of - tabor: and over golf cif
Capital.'alkitned at the JirOgre4s . ' ,ir erinality.
bailie' fiiiiisher banquet rif tlividerid and essaVs
to - rennierfeif the' cry" Of bleadlcia''-iiidnaity .
Whichiehaelberrewed; Withouiltive TM; the
ocessionv:,i ,_--,: ~: :, 1 , 7:.': .: ''..; , '.' ~,, 11.:!'
The sy &tea of proteetindi , tviiichin England
hes sollongkstrsoks the lefeAlood of.hei•
MiSiunhaind fettenedi4er pensioned educe:fib
tici: foxlbilnAng::Prietqlwods under lawn ,at
,W.ll o 4 l ,lt4d.•,feCDsi9ult fir:the.deqsll3.of Herod:
Prfaigned thh ej j udgment seat
and .. amnia has i peeri. permitted to
NI Stint w()'.1•1.4,"
`Mil: we O thin - indulge the hicpe this 'stint
. ysteur of palaces'and hoieltrif iiplendOr and
mieeryoind of amity aiid
may net•be•indulped by oorpeople: or fostered'
by legislation, but •that all may Unite the
support of a system which shalt leave to'espi
•tal its legitimate functions amt- is profits—.in
labor •its employment and reward, and to all
freedom from •the operation •of restrictive and
unequal laws.. • , ' , •,
.$e .pleased to,accept ,my acknowledgments
.fr o )r your allusions to-,Me . humble , pan hare
borne in the councils of the nation, and believe
me io be' with high coneiileration anirOgard,
your friend and fellow citizen';" ' •
•• Crit:'S:SiLEAnunit.Clinirinan"of COMMiitee.
0 wcoo.-Sept: 20. 1840
• GENTLEMEN found,aWaitingniy arrival,
a - crimniunication from you enclosing ecall fur
a democratic county. mass, meeting to be held
at East Smithfield on the .30th instant, and in
, wiling me to be present and unite with you on
that occasion._ Thellatterig. terms, in which
this inviunion *made, .could not fail to excite
in my mind the moskgratefui emotions. mingled'
with the consciousness!, that they, were ; dictated
more by the, partiality personal frsendship.
th . an by a fast appreciation of any services lousy
pisiver to insider. • 'II ilLtrue,"thai'My'
-iiriciation 'and iCquaintance with Abe people of
fstradford county,' has' made - ' me know their
worth. and how to appreciate their friendehip.
I cimless myself sunbitioits to merit their respect
Imo good - Theseciinsiderations alone
would •make •me accept your invitation, if if .
_would „not occasion rne• more• inconvenience
than my friends would ask me to encounter...
trust, therefore, our friends. excuse my'
"attendance at their meeting. with theassurance•
that my being compelled to decline their invite.
tionoi a subject of more regret to we, tisan it
can be to them.
Having said much,for myself, lem de
sirous of saying a word or two in regard to the
objects of your meeting. 'lt is, as I understand,
to call the public attention to.'and concentrate
public action upon, the re-electicin of your pre
-sent worthy reprefentaiire - in Congress, the
Hon. David Wilmot. Atli have had thelion.
or , of a sear in that body during its late impor
tant session, and have ',witnessed with interest
and gratification, in common with the adminis
tration at. Washington, and the democratic par
ty in Congrese,,the course pursued by. Mr.
Wilmot in regard to- the great questions agitated
there, A . can speak Prow personal knowledge.—
'lf ever there was a representative whe deserves
r eemMeridation•ind praise at the hands of 'his
- COnstituents, that man is David tle
'exhibited in Congrees intents; Which 6i:4Eln:tend
ed the same respect there 'is' ii:holme ; 'he
devoted all his energies to support what he be
lievetWand could not doubt.'•Were for the in
terest and of his constituents and °four
common .country. 7 He supported 'the princi
ples has-aderays advocated: at home before
nts,election. on all, occasions, public anti pi
vete 4. and .with 7 a perfect knowledge of shish.
he,was elected to Congress by sn urtpreceden
jet!. majority, He had no, private ends in. view
—no ambitions objects to obtain; save
,Irty. a
faithful 'and fearless; discharge of his duty. Jo
Continue to merit the approbation and support
of those lUr Whorn i he labored and Whose . best
interests he wad, most anxious pro Mote.-
He had no'capital r idveateif in iron,' or other
large manufacturing eitablishments.tO warp his
judgment—pervert his principles, or make him
turn traitor to the interests'of his j enhistimetits
ortheebuntry ; end it is because 'lie did' not
violate hie principles and betray his trust, that
he is to be denounced end slandered.
_ The \ tariff of 1846 secures-a principle. - (the
ad valorem) more important. in my judgment.
to the, agricultural. interest. and to , the interests
of mechanics of all kinds .who. have _not large
.captials.,thau any single, act of legislation ever
passed in this country ; whilst the better equal.
igintrlif the duties imposed 'ender the new ,
rittlenefitS'the farmer in tke'sitigle article of
r•*ool,'nitti otitis principal' - Maples, more than
- any tariff heretuforepassed: Ahlidsi all "the
- clatnaraised igairilt the' new tariff who is it
thatouniplaitur i • Is' it the fernier ? No: to
it the poof.'or the laboring man f Who
'then - Look and see; -Isla 'the man an d t h e
men' whir thousands in their fists, end million*
already at their.command. it is• money. al.+
.ready. poweiful, that asks and *monde legiala
„live protection and„aid, over poverty and labor
,already weak and depressed. . . not, the
people investicate. learn and understand this f
Or will, itiey blindly. abut their eyee,-echo Atte
view' and opiniiina of thi interested- and, the
desigiting—of finise who 'ar'e employed td de.
'eeive iheml; and - therebY prinie the truth of
one of the favorite maxims of the opponents' of
the democracy, that the people are not capable
of knoviiiif appreciating riglits.--
We democrats believe 110 euch.thing, end hold
to no such doctrine„,. 'We ,appeal. to..them to
search, M'imkestigme,.to learn and ,to under..,
'stand:', their' loe - interest's believing they'
Will•do'so icemaingly, The time is.
not dirdant, in . Whilmblet 'indolent, when 'a
Ortileditie tirifUniant scari-eltr'ber
- The Y W
ertr- , ord''.• temectiiin ” icti
I -trie th e
justice- - of the • principle. one
.moreelian another Um rtne eltisvol men more/
Lehan.anotheil clan?. Pennsylvania .cannot.
,vhemould, make but woman proportion other,
people manufacturers of iwinfor sec thing else.
:81w, like her, sister statelhie. end Meet be egri
cultural., 'COmmerce andenanuteetures are in-,
cidental And; subordinate.„ Why protect. the'
terser and neglect the gr,eater interests of. the
ekiti . ntry ? 'Mr.. Wilmot has been , uniform and
&mike* in his principles , ; steady and en-,i
comprotnising in their ell pplii.'and has Oared,
to stand by the prop's. gnawed' by,the threat,,
rndoneorrupted by thy - temptations of an tin;
liien4e 'and' monstrous stistovicyi
~ t ahich- S an- c nly be 'ben entlfelt in all its odious
Trim% bi the wear oithe' national.' Rove t o me n I;
1 Obit Ilemoeracv 'of Bradford.Srnd of Mr:
AyihnoOrdistsipt wilt suitain..att honest- men
and able representative, who bartiondered him.
sell' obnoxious to the monied aristocritey of
the state. by advocating in high plum the
rielits of the people; when, if foersonal afiltran
dizetiaittil find heeh' his'idireil, he had only tit
desert those interests of those
who sent to Corigieoi. tn - hiveiacured any
thing in the poser-
o f - thalarial99ltey to con
k in' iAfrriinitlsitaten, that
he etiOld neither c,oerreq, nor fianered. nor betrayibeenulmand. the •interesta
of the people
vr` .. r! sincerely.:
§4Lisuirer.e hainnan of Comminee.
Fet i .— All housekeepers,
ter's supply of Anthracite coal. (of any
kind.) will ,have to pay,from ; one to
."'" One emits quaiter Mai the On; iban
they did this day last r year.
ridded' of
-- the'enal miners 'at - Pottsville:MP siebOnt of
••• • reduction's • in"•thri••Teri& ; 1 " 'ltothiicir be
ing 'said :about - seducing' wages • lattxresr.
when coat Wai a dollar thelliffliiurerthan
FAtr.-i—Large & mcretwing.exporta of. dottles
tic .mattufarturea to_ foreigu.inarkSia.; euc
. cessfully competing with ,British,,nteufac
. tures, to ; whout,Jhe same puetliets..ffit open
on equalterms,!., , ;
lIRMIIuo.--Attemips:io excit. ilui:feare pl . our
trianuficthrera that the:Bril46fan ... ;Cimoieto
•-• with us in our oWif ,
subject . a duty - of thirti'peicent4 aritrel
:'s pence of iraniptiltationdie.'liO theth l•-•"
taretattld Lif t :7
•• . 7„.
Masai lady in ia - bee waging
• Dara;dsfrohant it
• The die was bright sad ttatalght
The stacking - was old, ittidihshrtl Was wsrv.
But lids was well famished with aeadhiandruis.
Acid well she *new homilies heel•te Sant, ft••:tvi
. • • Dun, dasq. '
She sat in her chair from morn till itight;:" 7 " -- ' 1
Darn; 4ipa,
And tall her'eyir
For well she wu used, her'iic r edle
And every hole in
And to mend it faithfully`shei sionldiry; g
Darn darn . darti!' " '".
Young ladies if ever you Impe to be
- Dun. darti,..darn ri i, ~
For many a ealLyou wilJ have itt,ygp 4 , 4E14
Woutd You keep yant chair/II tteair.eruildelln 17;
%iota, you rim your Wes:Sunt.lroll - biitf. ;UAW t
Then newer believe that,darniugs an 111110r..'
But darn, darn, ,dartkl
, IT No? So.---The, Tariff of Aapkgras t os
markable for one thing.. and jhat,eras,the great
competition sillat .. it encaurageditecietod ransp
ufactureis. Thiele mannfacererlirlsow„Ote
idain that the pew Tariff will deinnay domestic
industry; by admitting fnieign 'risdOcia and
manufactures. • And yet,' while.‘ p to idmit 'tine
of thoket! argintients , of the
retest, at borne-cortipatitidif istinfuctidatir'•nriiiis
kr the 'atianulseturettliiiiiiii, and it) :•fivorribly
'effects the ronsumer- - -i4lites it notiat
time, olten result in theJuserwhehningdestrui
tion of! the manufacturers ..themselves.:?-: 'Bid
snot.the l'arittof .1842. threaten ,w do so. for our,
iron , Ind miler, interests Lind are noise's* som e
of, thesinjuriutis elreets ..produced shy, flats ats
ceitsive _home-competillne• ,charged upon. the
,new-lawovtalett. if St shave any , ...! ff ecllS., l 4-0 1 ..0t
can sharas:nnnat qf
.111pqationill!lechpraofr_ O
ne-the ConsUnier.) Milk preveiit,_ that inor
dinate competition by which so 'elicit' Ciapifsl
i• 'swamped, „tench
. eraterprise paraly
zed ? It is not so ! the manufacturers
themselves: •then. is not; the new • law • bitter
than the old . •s. • ••, ~•
Cp,,Noot ntpx 'A 1111110 Sovact...-,.The Whigs
in, thew. rerlyions the 1%41t5, Meet
ing, heir philsdcl p hia
Mtweinit. oft
IVedtieetlary eietiiiig. in peaking of ifie .: elate
of the country. untlerthe effect of Henry 94i'e
favorite Tariff ititl,•itse the followirig deafand
'imph'atielangotige: • -
1941:ilie" . diatrese thiotigholifthei U.'S.
was universal. The people wire TWithtitiiVinv
ploymegt--4roperty was depressed, the , --vklue
of labor reduced, enterprise annihilated; oanil
-one general pmstration enervated, ilia zatilfole
country. The treasury, wasin., debt: and,des
,titute of credit. Two distingatiabeitrinanoicca
of Pennsylvania.. wem.sent.„by the ,giaxcvn
merit of. the United Statcst g sbrpad.,and.. ttfttir
supplicating the capitalists
,ol.Prfat gritiait
and the continent , they„rcturno without
"able io borrow ntie dollar 004
; !II faith of the
resources of this great and grotking
Such were the 9ffecta of Fats
-We liaveiso often said the'saceithint itt‘our
argunieuta,that James K. Pohl; ait -Itttad.;
.tariff wan as henry rOlayti ,, that , we 'Arec i gled
to find tne ;dutiable° .cutni,licinztui high a
1 . 0 ! ) 3 F. - : 0-• - - •
• • •• ,-
Tike Dorr
' ihe :tariff of
,1942 pas oboist : V . .l4 pasietl; 'the aentoeriits
tried to ttialie'islt a:free article; hill the Whigs
,of 66' 6r
cent po it f .' 'The . denticrati re& cedit
dciirn tote: tier: cent.;:in.'il • fate fatiff.'--ttid
thereupor, the Whigs' ery7out.:..spelivhati.fte
oiler thr:ee demorratsererpeoVrt.glkift
may I l ia people beettsult sospieioustal I panto,
whose press and whiner %dahators atunnytt , to
palm) nff such ineutstistenciett,: upon..thetn...—
T. he eascatande thus. the. eringe.tasett-set.
Iron. sugar. high. the, deauterata
t ; have
now taxed them foto, *hitt the Ave, and
which the false Meads:34llo poor IP
A NEVr 'llfAxorkci:orrl=—Nli !Puri ifiet a
hew Conon-Fs.'levy'' , le bring-built it- Ellitoit's
Mills. by - the-Granite Allannfsetoring Compas
oy.;' which will soon be is operation sad - - Wilt
employ about 400 heads. -The
in connectio g w ith this extensiveesiahlishineni.
will give work
~to 140 • (igloos— • 'fhi, don't
look like " ruin." .
': , ,J
Faels Terns Ileming.%!