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    RD. Gann: removed from the Command of the
'Western Divison.
General Gaines, in his zeal to serve his
country, has laid his conduct open to censure.
The Senate has had a discussion upon the
m atter, and the Generalhas been suthmoned to
Washington- city.
The Washington Union
stns that General Gaines's course, in
0112.000 volunteers, has been altogether un•
authorized and illegal. ' Gen. Taylor was au
thorized to call for State troops. if necessary,
and t;en. Gaines was informed that Gen. Tay
lor's command was entirely independent of
h u m and that the Government did not conceive
that there could he thereafter any occasion to
send into Texas State troops, unless on Gen.
Taylor's. notification. The ortlers of Gen.
Gaines }lave all been countermanded, and the
Government has been compelled to decline the
services of the troops called Out by Geo. G.'s
requisition. Many of these persons left their
homes and business at great sacrifices ; expenses
have been incurred by themselves, or on their
nrreont, and it Is sincerely hoped _that Con
gress will make provision for these 'expenses.
tViiimut such a provision they cannot be paid.
In c onseq-uence of this irregular action, Gen.
Gaines has been removed from the command of
t h e Western Division. In announcing this
tact. the Union pays the following compliment
to the furtner services at Gen. G.
.• Gen. Gaines is old soldier who has done,
, n former years, good service ; it is very de
sirable he should repose in qiiietness upon his
Iloweirer . ongtiarded his conduct, few,
,err !Mr. are disposed to question his inten
,.l,l4, or to deny him the merit of patriotic
motives. Government here has been and still
vtron2lvrielined to give the most favourable
r ierpretation to hia conduct that the eireum
~.a n res will permit ; hut in view of the diffieul
•,es of restr.iining his irregular action by orders
great a distance. the embarrassments his
has already produced. and, if continued.
.1 his present position. will he likely to produce
' heen runstramed, front Inch considers
; and duty and a sacred regard to the public
!rr —t. to 1,1,,,,e hut from the command of
rr t. eater Division. and to order him to
• forthwith to %V a.litticton. Considertnu
• • evrioriliwirc course, and the intschiel it
:On-Ay produced • ills hest friend:, we
11 , t. wi:l he r.‘nr;nreci that no7md,ler enurbe
~tl.l !lure been rinrstied towards bin)."
l‘lk.):1.1 . itreANTATlos.—The Journal of
wenrr•e, of Friday, rontains a lengthy and
e'•r r tie upon the causes of the war between
I,•vro and the United States. From this
rcrthr- f. , nowing manly declaration
Itaume of sentimeut :
1 id here we deem it proper to say, that
timrou L ol ex:min:mon of facts and
orulnents. leads us to doubt the correctness
''IP opinion which we expressed the other
'n,tii it the war was occasionedhy the advance
.Irntv to the Rio Grande. From what
• , veli sod above, and stilt more from 111, ,
it appears probable that the war had
&aqui i-ed on by the Ni exit-an Col ern
!,.l4,re !lie Armv left Corpus
• - ind it ,s expressly declared he Parades
War Ma.tifesto, that Corpus Christi is
m the limos (4 11exico. By the war.
was twenty days ahead of Polk in
I:rlarr a state of war to exist between the
titins.—the NI an e,to of the former
hat , April 231. and the Proclamation
11:iv 13th
H e. emtvuwed that our government was
cini, re in it. , evdeayors to avoid a war with
.Nhexico. No one can read the ins.ructrons to
Taylor which were issued from time
to lime. and come to any other conclusion."
FaTu. •Aacinevri—in Rolieson township.
11 , irks comity, near the GibrAlter Forges, on
Wefne.olav last, the rrable end of a new stone
tell down, crushinir to death instantly
,ne of the workmen employed in its erection,
rained Georize Quintet% and seriously fractur
mei the arm - of another. It is supposed that
ihe wall Was not put up securely. and that the
continued rainy weather for some time previous
ciatisril it lo . give way.
First CCIDE muter, nained John
Itivt.t, a native id South Wales. wa.t kilted in
2:1 trim tire mine about two irides from Dan
on :Saturday afternoon last. It appears
t',lt is endeavprtng to displace the propping
't , tthers, some of the sn , •ka fell upon him.
u'at.tit toffetli t i; with the weight of the falling
itlte and earth. crushed him to death.
,YO or Intermitting Bilious Complaints, shuuld-read the
I. ami F,. acitly,l thereby:
, E or Psi s.—fain is the consequence of the ex-
•m of the organ or part Where it is pre.ent to throw
Asthsior cortupkitemoni, for no pain can exist but
"at the presence of thnse matters which are of an un
t,:ahhy character. When we have pain in the head, in
ie li.esek, or 14' any ether part of the hale, it only
the pre-enoc of clatter, which the'himul is trying
remove., and it is this struggle which is the occasion
r•vm. To he bled, only relieves the anguish in pro-
na the amount of life is reduced, and the same
rd, b e said oral Who:, or soothing remedies. Not so
'oh fl•andretli's Pills ; they at once go to the assistance
,of the ti,d in aiding it to discharge had humors, to
calque: the Death Principle. To relieve pain in this
way does riot leave any bad effect. The Life Princi
ry Is not reduced, nor are the teeth ilestroyed ; but all .
v7stior ore cleansed and their health insured.
`.4.1 by .1 I) & E. D. NtoN-rAvT.E. Towentla ;
A. I.IIIKINIF, Athens,' only autlnmzed Agents fur Bra •
1, ..a County. •
This is one of the most efficient, pleasant and safe
composition s ever offered to the public, for the cure of
for vinous demo:meats of the stomach and bowels,
and th e (nay article worthy of the leastcon6dence for
curing Cholera Infsntuin, or Suinnicr Complaint—and
in '4 above and following diseases, it really acts like a
chan t , siz:
Dysentery, Diarrhoea, or Looseness—Cholera Mar
btu, Summer Complaint, Cholie. Gripping Pains, Sour
Sick and Nervous Headache. Heartburn, Ws
terbra.h, Pain or Sickness of the Stomach, Vomiting.
Spitti ng up of food after eating, and Ms, where it passes
through the body unchanged, want of 'appetite, restless
eern, and inability to sleep: wind in the stomach and
-"e6, hysterics, cramp, nervous tremors and twitching..,, fainting% Melancholy, and lowness of
heullig and crying of infants, and for all bowel
affection s and nervous diseases.
P nTered only by Dr. D. JAYNE, No. R South Third
Str eet, Philadelphia. Sold by A. D. Wontanye To
wanda, Pa.
_ -
B 4 Bettatto will preach in Factoryville, at the
ptiit Meeting House, on the third Sunday in June.
la 2 o'clock, P.M.; and at Athens, in the Baptist meet-
house, house. at 5 o'clock, P. Si., same day.
from retpleA, at the latter place, !.llnrk iii. 29•
American and Foreign Newspaper,. Advertising 'a
Subscription Agency Offices.
GEORGE PRATT, 164 Nassau -street, New-York
V. B. PALMER, No. 30 Ann st.,, New York: Real
Estate & Coal OfEee, No. 53 Pine-at., Philadelphia:
Receive subscriptions and a,vertisements for most Fo-
reign and American Newspapers, and are duly consti
tuted Agents for the " Bradford Reporter."
OSE who have purchased goods at Montanye's
4. Co.'s store on a years credit, at as cheap notes
as they could have been enabled to do at other places
for Cash will do well to pay up, if they wish to keep
the pot bciiling. June 17, 1846.
WANTED -500,000 iShingle • ;
300,000 feet BoardA
1000 lbs. Good Butier
June 14. J. D. 4- C.D. MONTANYE d r CO
WHITE LIME---a few barrels of the above arti
de to fie had at jel7 ItIONTANYE'S.
111 BONNETS just received at the Savings Bank,
which we are offering to-day as cheap as yesterday.—
Call and examine. jel7 G. E. FLYNT &
FRESH TEAS, warranted good or'no sale, at the
Suvingi Bank. jel7 G. E. FLYNT & CO.
GRAIN CRADLES, 2 dcrzen. superior to any ever
made in this county, now selling at N 0.2, Brick
Row. jet 7 RE E D'S.
also Rifles, Quinebaug Whetstones, may he had
low for cash, at jell REEDS',
- LILY NETS, another lot just received and tar rule
JI2 _cheap a jell REEDS'.
Patterns for Working, shaded purse twist, worst
ed needles, &c., may be found ut jel7 REEDS'.
3ft. BUSHELS CORN, in store, and for sale
CIIP low, by jel7 .0. D. BARTLETT.
rate boy. IG or 17 years of age, to learn the
Blacksmilking Business. Apply immediately. je I 0
all - V.41 - SIV
Edited by John B. Newman. IN. D
Circumstances in rho the man, and very often. as in
the present case, the book. For years there has been a
steadily increasing interest felt for the vegetable king
dom. Latterly, this taste has been partially gratified
by the literary magazines. which owe• their popularity,
in a great in. asure, to the beautiful flower prints that
adorn them. Dire speeimen a month, however, is not
enough, nor i+tt required in such connection. A work
rela•nig exclusively to the suhieet, is wanted try the
iodate, and tine want, the prlseid enterprise is intend
ed to b, ppty.
W e w all mention in the outset that no universal
panic.•a will be found in rig priges. We have never
u. sril n secret worth knowing trom, nor been cured of
a deadly disease, by an hilt in, or a seventh son of a
seventh god, ur any of the genus; the medical preten.
stone of all which. we utterly loathe and despise,
Preceded by a short introduction o Physiology, and
a stew of the Natural and Linneran Systems, the work
will tie devoted to a separate consideration of each plant.
Together with our own information, we shall draw on
the standard work. on Chennsiry. unit Medicine, com
bining every u.iful item of knowledge, and without
lessening its value, prestrit it in a coneise and pleasing
form. 01r.aining our supplies from the same sources
as the bee, we hope to secrete ft. elegant a sweet for
tile as it does for the !roily. The properties of
each, more especially the medicinal, will lie confirmed,
in a great number of instances, by personal experience.
To this will be added its history; its meaning in the
language of flowers ; and poetry. ither original or se
lected. from the gems of the children of kung.
The whole illustrated by splendid Colored Engrav
ings, taken from nature, full size, and finished in the
highest style of modern art.
This work is designed to be eminently popular in he
application. and th re is enough of that which is stran
ger than fiction about it, to render it, ;n no ordinary
degree, interesting and instructive.
This work will he published monthly, with
FOri: or SIX: FLOWERS. band.mely painted, in
each' number. Price THREE DOLLARS a veaqor
two copies sent to one address for FIVE DOLLARS.
(LT A ocry liberal discount allowed to,Agenti.
PV111.1.111:11 AND PROPRIETOR,
N. 119 Nassau Street, New York.
.7.73- Furnished to Se minaries, Colleges, and Socie
in Clubs. 10 Copies for f. 20 per year.
Imitate No. 3, Brick Row.
grl GENTLEMEN MERCHANTS will please call
Ulf and take their I. by the firat day of July, as I
am going to Harrisburg at that time. Every exertion
will be made to pay two thirds of l 84( Taxes, and save
to the county five per cent. I would likewise request
those having Tavern 'Licences, to call and take them.
Collectors will please pay all collections by the first
dav of J uly. J. REEL, Treasurer.
Titcyst - si.rt's Oreirt.
Towanda. June 9. 1846. S _
A D. SIONTANYE is replenishing ilia store with
-.71.• an unusually large assortment of Dry Goods.
Groceries. Hardware, Crockery,‘Pairits and Oils. Dye
stuffs Drugs, Medicine.. e.. &e. Further panirtilays
given nest week; meanwhile call and examine them
Towanda. June 10. 1916.
Iritttato Scott,
w l l L n pr i om pt v lT
e a . ru i l ii pu 4 net . u;al . l e y ,. r7d oi e fr r
c . t ht ( s n l , trofes- and
other matters in his profession, entrusted to his core.
°thee - removed to the room over N.N. Bett't store.
I '4 :e
1 / 4 ,1.11 ...Vt.:v..;
ATCHE!.ER & CORE!. beg leave to inform the
inhabitants of Tot4anda and vicinity, that they
hate just commenced the Tailoring Business, up stairs,
No. 4. Brick Row, where they are prepared to execute
all work entrusted hi them with care neatness and des
patch, and in the most fashionable manner. Having
just receited the New York and Philadelphia fashions,
anti with their long experience in the business, they flat
ter themselves that their work will he made in a manner
and style equal to any other estahli-hnient in the place.
retain made to correspond with the times.
curriNG done on the shortest notice.
r All kinik of country produce recciyed in payment
for work al market prices. June 10, 1846.
Th uo !by Paxton and W oo . Doraitota, Truett," of the
Bank tf AOllll Americo re. Dt.r,y Ronny
retrolor of Batley, dertotta. IVo. '29 Feb. T..
1546, and John B.bitr rs. jt.8.1.0 Waodroff. No. 174,
Nay T. 1545.
The undersigned having horn appointed an Auditor
to distribute moneys rai.e on est-Colons to the above
-.llltti, hereby gnaw Defiee that he will attend to the du.
ties of big appointment at his office in Towanda 80.
rough, on Tuesday the 14th day of July nett at two
o 'clock, P. M., whet) ull persons interested are required
to prese it their claims, or he debarred from coming in
upon said itintia. HENRY BOOTH, Auditor
'ALLpersons inde(,ted to the estate of James L.
Ennis, late of Standing Stone township, der:d., are
hereby requested to make payment without delay, and
those has ing claims against said estate, wilt please pre
sent them duly attested to ASA STEVENS,
standing Stone. June 4. I 546. Executeir.
Administrator's Notice.
A". persons indebted to the estate of Isaac S.
Warn. de,e•ased, late of Monroe tp. Bradford Co.
are requested to make immediate payment, and all
those hoeing demands against the same ore requested
to present them, legally attested for settlement.
JOSEPH uomET, Administrator.
Monroe. June t 0. 1846.
A LL persons indebted to the estate of Joel Tuttle,
11. latent' Standing Stone township, dee'd., are reques
ted to make immediate payment, and those haring
claims against said estate, will please present them du
y at Imied to ALBA TUTTLE, Bxr,cutor.
Standing Stone, June 4, 1516.
11271" 8002 DOT
Elliott & ltercur.
ARE now receiving. n' stock of spRING ANT)
JUMMEI UOOU9 rot almost o.ory r biug
ever bought or sold, which I.4ey ' offer to the Pub in tot
cash or approved credit, SF low AS can be purchased at
Pet3il any where in the United Staten--(Texas and
California included.)
r Towanda. May 2.2, IP4G.
EOM( GOODS, .GICOCEitIE, bl.l.ltirwAliE.
Crockery. Paints, Oda, &e., 4-c, bought for mill
and sold at a very small profit by
IRON & STEEL—A large assortment of all kinds,
g just received by ELLIOTT & MERCUIL
.Another Great and Inthasiastic
A T A MEETING of "all No. 3—Brick Row," held
1. on the 23d day of May, inst., OLD BAIRD, was
called to the Chair, and Btu. Bsinu appointed a com
mittee of the whole to drat[ resolutions. After several
pathetic speeches by Ekazer and George, the follow
ing Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously
adopted :
Whereas, There appears to be a great desire 'on the .
part of some Merchants in the Borough, to come up
along with No. 3 ; and Whereas we are willing to
assist them in doin: so as far ea consistent Therefore
Resolved, That 613;11-merchants have our consent to
unite their several Meet:a together, as the only means
by which they can equal No. 3 .
Resolved, That the •• .S.‘avings Bank" take the
right wing ; "small profila 0 ,..41 quick vales" the left,
and '• New York in Miniature" We rear:a pike team
Resolved, That we never before th ought New York
was such a looking place a.; • us minirlureeshibits.
Resolved, That No. 3 always has, aIWO4I CAN, and
always WILL, sell goods cheaper, better goods and
more of them than any store in town.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meet i ng he
published in the Village papers, and that one copy' he
handed to each of our rompeutont, and half a copy to
" New York in miniature.'
Slav 29. MG. BILL BAIRD & CO.
FIGURE!... 7- WON” I' LIE.
IT has been ascertained. ant' finally spoken out. thht
it the largest stock of Cloths, Casimeres ¢ vestings in
Bradford, are to he found at the •• Savings Bank ;" and
what is more satisfactory to purchasers of the above
goods, they are at least 25 per cent. cheaper than at ally
other establish ffiCfli. G. E. FLYNT & CO.
3 , 41 EM HERS of the LycOminq County Nfutual
;.eurarce COMptilly, are hereby notified that the
holm of Directors have ordered an assessment of one
per cent. on all premium mom clue to the company on
the 150 day of November, 1645, to he paid prcviouato
the t2d day of RID, next, to the Treamirer or to Recetv.
WM. A. PETRIKIN. Secretary.
Thly'.ceiver for Bradford County is O.ILBARTs
LET. , the Treasurer. C. \Valli., Esq.
Office Ly. Co. Mut. Ins. Co.,
Muney, Atirtl 17, 1846. 5
THE undersigned havin t been appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Bradford county, an Auditor to
adjust the accounts of the administrators of the estate
of Thomas Bennet, dec'd.. nill attend to the duties of
his appointment at his fillies: in the Borough of Towan
da, on Thursday the 9th day of July next, at I o'clock,
P. M., of which all persons interested will please take
notice. H. C. KELLY, Auditor.
HE subsenher takes pleasure in announcing to his
friends and the piddle generally, that he is now
receiving and bpening an entire new stork of GOODS,
(at his' store is the borough of Towanda, situated on
the east side of Mom street, three noors south of Mon•
tanye's & Co., and nearly opposite B. Kingbery's) em•
liracing everything in the line of
Dry Goods, Groceries. (the ardent excepted.)
Hardware. Glass Queen's ft are. Boots
and Shoes, Paints. Oils and Var.
ni://z. Iron and Nails. 4.c., 4•c..
which hr will sell as cheap as the cheape-t, net except
ing the Pereovator, or any of the champions of antall
profits and quick sales. He would respectfully invee
those who wish to buy cheap to call and examine his
goods and prices for themselves, before at.
any other place. N.N.BETTb.
'Towanda, May 16,1844.
lIIRINTS, LAWNS & M L I.IS 6, a 'arca a a.a.Z
ment on hand and for Kale cheap at BETTS'.
I 4 El4lol{N & PALM LEAF HATs bonnets
, will lie found at zny 20 BETTS'.
New York in Miniature !
THE suMcriber has taken great pains to make his
asso tment so complete in
Dry Goods. Books 4- Stationery, Crockery,
Hardware, Paints 4 Oils, Groceries.
Nails, BON: 4- Shoes. Iron 4- steel.
Glass. 4-c..
as to present to his friends and the public nearly or quite
all the advantage of dealing. in stores which confine
themselves exclusively to any one of the above branch
es. He invites attention to bin assortment.
Tow:mita, Msy 20, IB4h. 0. D. BARTLETT.
Ha VING made arrangements to exchange Cloth
and other goods fur WOOL, the subscriber de
sires to gain the confidence and approbation of the wool
growers giiing them the very best exchanges which
the nature of the market will permit. Call and see.
Towanda, May 20. O. D. BARTLETT.
r HE subscriber continues to net as agent for the DE
Philadelphia, a stock company of good standing and re
pute & does business on mita. , Table terms as any other.
He is also agent for the LYCO%IING CO. MU
TUAL. INSURANCE CO., a company which .has al
ways been pundon/ in the payment of looses and pre
sents advantages seldom found.
Towanda. May '2O. 0. 11 BARTLETT.
AriALICOES—the laroest lie , .ortnient and prettiest
R_„/ patterns, and cheapo( CALICOES. to say no
thing of Gincharns, Lawns, &e., ever seen in thin re
ghat. for oak by inyt:o 0. D. BARTLETT.
KINGSBERY JR. has jhst received his new
as-ortment of Gonda which will be sold on the
111.1 i reasonable term. Him friends and the public ar e
re.pertfully inrced to c3l. CVIITIItIe and pinehase.
Too ands, Mat 16. 1546.
puiNTS, Lawits. ju-t
recetv-'d. .I.ICINGSB t: R I( .IR.
GREAT variety of FL:sinner Continq from one
„A t shillin g to $3.75, just received. Also Cossitneres
io nearly all nhndrs and kinds. 'Phone wishing to pur
chase, are invited to call and examine before purchasing
elsewhere, J.KINGSBERY JR.
HARDWARE, Grockery, Groceries, Nails, Fish.
&r. &c. for sale by J.KIINGSBERY JR.
13001'S A N I) SIIOES.
AGENERAL assortment of Boots & Shoes, good
and cheap just received at the store of
C. -6 )lr.g : 7 1.J z2201:7:011M",
SPRING SDPPLY embraces ton great a vs.
riety for the to
. attetovt to glee a r.itiltnrue, in a
newspaper. Solllce it to say. that almost every thing in
the tine ran he had on terms that will give sati , faction.
May 27. 19416. J. KINOSBERV. JR.
.01. t received at the Saving,. Bank :
100 sup. Parasol.
50 Parasoflettes;
100 Umbrella.:
For the " splinters," we will put them down low.
Mac 27. G. E. FLYNT & CO
W O Journeyman Tailors wanted immediately,—
a . Also, a lad to learn the Tatloring business, to
come well recommended, furl apply snor.
Towanda, June 10, 191
If. S. .3 • M. C. MERCUR. -
store to accommodate their innovating business.
Lave the pleasure of announcing to their Limit's and
customers ihst they are sow Opening' d good assort
ment of SPITING 4 SUMMER GOODS, embracing
•Inmet everything in the line of
Dry Goode, . Glass 4. Queensware,
Groceries. Boots 4. Shoes.
Hardware. Paints. Dye stip,
Saddlery Drugs, Medicines,
Harness and Carriage*Nitile, Glass.
Trimmings. Leather. Sall, 4w..
which will be sold as heretofore, at prices that sail I sa
tisfy the public. Towanda. May 12, 1846.
urrtßAAxrtb.=-All those havir;.aitlis
MP BUTTER to sell, will find it to their advantage
to call at jel 7 M ERC
LEESWAX—Cab paid 101 BEES WAX, by
-LP jet° MERIL:CR'B.
SUMMER GOODS, for Men's & Boy's clothing—a
splendid assortment both in quantity and style
now opening at
May 14, '46.
111 . 04)N NETS—A large assortment of every style and
fill fashion, from which the must fastidious cart be
suited. just received at MEECUR'S.
BOOTS & SHOES—lncluding • large moment
1.) of children' and mirues shoes at M ERCIJR'S.
rdEGHORN & PALM HATS a grrat yarirty. at
May t 4. MERCUR'S.
lgrk. TONS !HUN, American, English & etwedes
11UP —a full n'aortment of round, square, hand,
horse shoe and tire irnn, forsale at MERCURS'.
HAnowAßE_an assortment fully equal to
any kept by Hardware stores in our neighboring
towns, now opening and for saleat I'd ERG URS%
IQAWNS dr, GIAGHAMS, all rtylro and qualinoe,
for sale at my 27 MERCISI2B%
IinDRINTS—The largest_ assortment of Spring and
Summer Prints, ever opened in Bradford for sale
at my 27 MERCUIIS'.
&I TIE EL—American, Eng. blister, German Cast anti
179 Hpring Steel, a' my 27 ME RC
of New and Cheap Spring and Summer Goods,
Direct from the City.
BUNTON' KINGSBERY most respectfully in
.form, hie cid customers, and the public in gene
tel. that he 14 now 'eceiving et his obl eland, a large
assortment of all kinds or goods, which he intends to
tell a little cheaper than any other store in Towanda.
It is impossible to • pt.t in a newspaper all the different
kinds of goods that way he fo. , nd at my store. I have
a full assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery.
Dross, Bled:eines. Points. Oils. O°C atuffs. Boats and
Shoes. Iron, lb ls 4 Caps, Ca and pike.
Is r;ue von lmy ebesv here. May 11, IS4 '.
NEDRINTE I) LA WAS, Muslin de Loners afml Solo
mer Shawls, a very large aseortment, win will
be sold lower than be bought at any other store. all
and see. myl4 B. KIN GSBER 116
UNNE l'Ts—Any quantity, from two shillin4s,
to $6, with beautiful trimmingsollso flowers, in
side sprigs and wreaths, all French, Po hirh will he found
at my 14 .B.KINGSBER.Y.
a 4 and silk Hata. latest styles, end eery cheap, at
may 13. H. KINGsBERTS.
APPLEBI l' chewing and awaking
TOBACCO, a prima article ler sale at
/nay 13. B. KINGMIERV'S'.
U. t. CODFISH & MACKEREL. for sole at
may . 13. B. KINGSBERY.
iiOLLOW-WARE. such as pat•. kettles. spiders.
arc., at my 1 3 13. KINGSBERY.
AgH TUBS, patent pads, Shaker brooms, Al
cent mom, traveling baskets, carpet sacks,
looking glasses, &c., all very cheap at
may 13. B. KINGSBERY.
extra COCO,. superior to old Java coffee, and a
very healthy beverage, which may be found at the old
Cheap etore of myl3 B. KINGsBERY.
ll'Allisters All lifeline Oiutmfut.
Anew supply of this popular inedicitie.also a quantity .
of the SOLAR TINCTURE, just received by
Oct. I. H. S. & M. C. MERCUR.
vuxrivr aocowat
THE subscriber takes pleasure in announcing to
Ins Iriends and the public generally, that he is
now receiving a very large and carefully selected ad
dition to his stock of GOODS, bought for Cash. and
selected with the express view of UNDERSELLING
Towanda, May 13, 1846.
.11ontanyes i 5; Co.'s Store.
ONE ARK LOAD just teceived, and daily expect
ing more. The prettiest and cheapest goods ever
uttered in this market. are now opening, and they hope
their friends will not forget to give them a call.
‘Vholesale purchasers and merchants wishing to
replenish their stock will Is, accommodated on liberal
terms. J. D. & E. D. MONTANYE & CO.
Towanda, May 13. 1846.
ASII FOR WOOL.—The subsuriber has no
objection to pay part or even all CASH (or Wool,
at us high rates as the market will permit.
Towanda. May 20. 0. D. BA RTLETT.
AD virtue of sundry writs of Vend. Expo- issued
AD from the court of Co anon Pleas of Bradford co.
to we ditected, I shall expo to public :talent the home
of I. H. STEPHENS, in th borough of Towanda. en
Ssturday, the 20th day of Ju e next, at I o'clock, P.
31.—A certain lot of land in Wells township, bounded
west by land of Jesse Shepard, north by lands of Edell
Lukis and John Strong, east by lands of Leslie Law
rence, south by land,: of L. F. Adams. Containing one
hundred and tifty acres, with about fifty eerie: improvw.l,
with a log house and framed hunt thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jas. Lu
kis, asstantsl to O.P. Ballard. vs. Aaron
A LSO—A piece of land situate in Standung Stone tp.
hnunded north by Ind of Benjamin, east by Levi
Walker, aouth by lands of Vosburg and Lindell, and
%test by Vouglit. Containing 160 acres, about 40
acres improved, with two log houses arid one log barn
Seized and :Oren in execution at the suit of H. N.
Spalding & Co., to the use of E. R. Myer, as. Stephen
Clasun, Daniel W. Clavnicand Reuben flagon, terra
tenants. - JOHN F r MEANS, Sherd.
Sherilrs Office, Towanda, M. v 20 1846.
a - aUXL3 a 34:123',11,
HAVINC luruu•d a co-partneratilit tor tho purpose
of carrying on th attocc hu.•iness at ltionrocton
nee prepared to execute all order+ punctually, such as
Making. Repairing and Painting,
on the shortest notice and at the lowest prim., that they
can he had in this Vicinity for ready pay.
All kinds of Produce and Lumber taken in pat merit
at the market prices.
COFFINS made on the shorteet notice. and at re
duced prices. P. IWNFEE.
Montomon. March 17. 1845. J. C. SNIITH.
THE partncn.hip lieretnfore eakting urplet the firm
of II nam Mtx SON. lo 11lit , day chunked lay
mutual agreement. Ali cemapda Jue said firm are to
be imol to Hiram ,Mic. HIRAM MIX,
Towanda, Morel), 34. 194 R.' H. MIX Jr.
.llttorney at Law,
OFFICE in the north corner of the Brick Rurv.di
rertly over the Po-t Ofhr:e. Main :trees. n3En
trance at the north roll of the building. cl 3.
QEVERAL.copir% of the above Work jolt received
OPand Gn aale at the reduced price of 75 cent...
March 30, N.46._ J.KI 'GSBERY IR.
KA beautiful Ribbons, Arbficials, 4c. Aselling at as
tonishingly low prices. Look for them at the celebra
ted cheap duce. ut.y2.7 tC. If. CO.
War against High Priers and the Credit Spam!
.4t the .Vrto CArep Store,
NO. 2. Brick Bow. one door south:of:he P.O.
THE Subscribers Itvirv.; stitered into n co-planer
.l chip for the express purpose of furnishing the good
people of Bradford County with goods, wares and
chandise. at least one notch lower than they have ever
been sold in this market. They aro now ...curing one
of the largest and best selected stocks otspring end sum
mer goods, ever landed in Northern Peonsylvani.t.
Their stock comprises almost every article ever ofrenvl
in a country store. Among which, we can only men
tion that there is a general assortment of
Dry Gaods, Groceries, II iedware, Crockery, Glass,
IVoils, Irun. Bonnets, Boots and Shoes. Sob. Tug
ware, Stunt.tvare, Liquors. 4e., 1-a, hr.
Their goods have been perdition mostly for cash at
auction, and they pledge themselves that they will not
he undersold by any other establishment in this section
of the country. people have only to call nt the New
York Cheap Store, (No. 2 Back Row.) to satisfy thrill-
Towanda, May 25. IRd 6
ripiit)sE LA viNs, uRGANIALLS, LAW
hams, Rept DeLains, Lainma cloths for summer
dresses, so long looked Mr by the Ladies, have arrived
and may now he wen at RE E
F. US—A great saving IC the •• Heads of the
Nation." The Lathe* will find it n erentsnvino to
their heads to call and purchase one or those beautiful
Straw, Devon, Gimp, Florence, or Lace, Lawn., Gipsy
Bonnets, selling so cheap at REED'S.
either Silk, Hingham, or Cotton, may he found
cheap at
Go DM M ER Shawls, Muslin DeLaine.Orubri DeLnine,
Pluinaud Embroidered Strodillu and klarege Shawls
suitable for summer, now opening ut REED'S.
LEGHORN and Palm Leaf Hats of all qualities Just
received and for sale cheap ut REE D'S
111:ST RECD the Latheet . , Beet, end Cheapest
110 of Goods rcer brougla ado lie country ! !
Printed muslin% lace muslin% lawn gingham*. nrgandi,
Jinni marquise, Canary lawn, cash Theres, muslin ging
ham* a new article, gunnies satin striped. balzarine, a
few pat. black balzanne, checked print rep. mud Craine
Helaine, white dress goods, a large lot of prints rich and
beautiful patterns. carded and grass skirts, °mine de%
latne shawls, plain and shaded do., Wk. e t cad stradell.i
shawls, barrige and net shawls, satin striped barrige and
net Jung show 1,1, ladies polka. fig'il and swiped cravats
and lies, ['ennui ul gimps and firingcs, silk deniweils.
green barrige, dc.
Cheaper than the eheapest--tesey pearl Lraid, porde
net lace. flounce. gipsey devon atraw edged and plain.
Misses gipsey pedal. birds eye braid and devon straw;
spendid Bonnet Riblione, some very desirable styles ;
26 doz. Parasols and Son Shades, lady and gents black
and sni'd Kid Cloves, b ric fitlkfs. Hosiery - 4-c
Twilled French, English and A mirican ; doe skin Cas
siatere, right and dark striped checked dn. a great varie
ty ; golden tweeds, merino cassitnere. Kentucky Jeans,
blue drilla. A superior assortment of TE.S T/AGS
marsalls, valentine. casviinere. plain and striped satin.
10 bales Sheeting, Batting, Wadding and IVicking.
Such as Iron. nails. steel, log chain.. halter and trace
do,, mill and x cut 511W14. augurs and files. A large es.
sortment of Shelf Hardware. dour trimmings. cutlery,
shoe thread, wool and horse cards, coffee milli., Utc.
Blood's, Harris and ‘Vadsworth'a Warranted Gram
and Gra3dScythcs.sreathe and sickles, a first sate article.
Ladies' kid bm-kins and simpers. morocco and calf skin
h oo ts, black and fancy gaiters and half gaiters. children's
gaiters and tall boots. A beautiful article gent's gai
ters; coarse and tine Boots, in abundance.
A large stock of Sugar and Molasses; Lump, Loaf and
Pulverised Sugar: Fresh Teas ; Cofi•e, Rice, Raisins.
nutmegs, indigo, tobacco, fine cut and cavendish, shad
mackerel and codfish.
A reneraf assortment, in setts, or otherwise, to suit cos
400 Men's and Boy's Leghorn Hats ; 600 P. L. do. t
0 :r Butter, Flaxseed, Beeswax. Eggs and Graiu,"i
wanted in exchange for goods, at cash prices.
Towanda, May 20, 1846.
t i NICE ARTICLE BLACK TEA can he found
AIL at No. 3, Brick Row. iny2o BAIRD'S.
Those who wish to Purchase Cheap Goods,
WILL find it to their interest to call at BAIRD'S,
before purchasing elsewhere, as we are deter
mined to sell at all hazard. NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
DOZ. PATENT PAILS; 2 d i a. Wash tubs;
12 B room s; 6 setts Wooden measures;
cheap at No. 3, Brick Row
orroN YARN & CARPET WARP-1,000
IL/ lbs. at sny2o N 0.3. BRICK ROW.
for sale cheap at No. 3, Brick Row.
Mae '2O. 1846. BAIRD'S.
DRUGS & MEDICINCS, paints, oils and dye
htl/t/S, white lead, ground and dry, varnish, pills,
madder, copperaa, spin. turpentine, gum copal, alum,
Venitian red, log-wood, red-wood, cam-wood. all for sale
cheap, at ma 20. NO. 3, BRICK. ROW.
.. .. _
TO the citizens of Bradford County in gen.•ral, and
Me &rough of Miranda, in particular: All
the judgments, notes and accounts of the subscribers,.
will he collected according to law, without distinction
ti persons, unless satisfactorily settled within thirty
days of this date. Those who think we are not in
earnest. will find out their mistake-to their own cost.—
Mark Md. W . li. BAIItD & CO.
Towanda, May 15, ISIS.
N. B. We would furthermore say upon this stil.krt.
that we have jut received a large stock of New Goods.
which will sold yen , cheep indeed, for rendg paq.
NuvA !SCOTIA RAN DST OM>. wag rantvd
Genuine. the best lot ever seen in this re:too—call
and see—fur sale by 0. D. BA w r
RPETI.O--. few pieces at No. 3. B.
R. my 20 BAIRD'S.
53a333 maaa's,
RESPECT FULLY informs his fiends that lie has
teased the above House, situated on the south
side of Inc public square. lately occupied by A.NI. Coe,
and having made entirely new arrangements, is now
prepared for the reception of visitors. Presenting his
compliments to lids friends and the public genarslly, and
assuring them no pains or expen.c will he spared E.
please his truests, he respectfully solicits public patrth
age, pledging himself that while the t.tittilishur.tit
under hie control, it shall not be excelled by ary in the
country.. •
The moms of the • CLAHENMNT unrs,„E„. „,„
spacious and airy. and furnished in the la' A s• e .
The Table will he famished with x•Yery
the country con produce.
The 1.1.;r will le stocked with, the Lo.t liquor. its a
pure and unadulterated state.
First rate tilling ullach4 ready and faithful
Ostlers always in 11tte,.41nnv
In short, nothing will t e eluted. which will a dd Av
the comfort and convert , •nee of customers, unit with I.:.
facilities, Ire helieves'satis'alcu o n will be rendered to all.
Towanda, April e. W 46.
AFARM, sitim,ed on the Slap! road in the port of
Pike low..tship, 77 arras and
:tore. about 40 fl'jT*-vt cleared, with a good dwelling house,
horn, two, one worLehop, a woodshed, and en
orchard in lull brining, with some good stone o all, lend
on exeellsrl. spring of water near the house.. For
terms apply to the sule.eriber on th 4 premises.
Pike, April 10th 1816. NOAH 111AKINSON,
Sl.TMlitEßGOtiDS—Worated,l,inen end Cotton=
a great varlety for man and begs, dt very VA.? Pr.'
ors, a; erry2o
C. dr. E. REED
The above Periodical:4 err reprinted in New Yolk;
itnutediutely on their arrival by the itrialh steamers. in
a beautitul clear type. on tine white paper, and are
faithful copier of the originals--BLAirawnob'a
zisc being an exact
. 1 ac-situile ca . the Edinburg chi
The nide-ppread tine of these splendid Periodicals
renders n needles., to pay much in their praise,
litrmiy 1 . 14 no 4, they rind tar in advance of soy work,
of a similar pomp now published, while the political
complexion of mach in marked by a dignity, r andor and
toria,ratire not often found in works of a party - char.
at ter.
Tiny embrace the view* Al the rkrep great partit4 in
1:;m:, la n d hig, Tory, and Radical.—." Blackwood "
and the •• London Quarterly" are Tory, ; the" Edin
burg Review." Whig: and the" Westroinister," Radi
cal., l'he "Foreign Quarterly "is purely literary, be
ing devoted prinCipally to criticisuas on foreign C'onli
neotal Works.
The prices of the RE-PII INTR are less then one-third
of tho.e of tho foreign copies, and while they are equal
ly cell got up, they afrord all that ad•artage to elks
American over the Englixli reader
For any one of the four Reviews, $3.00 pet annual
For any twe, do 5,00
For any three, do 7,00 ••
For all four of the Reviews, 8,00 ••
For Blackwood's Magazine
For Black wood and the 4 Reviews, 10,00
Four copies of any or all of the above works will he
sent to one address on payment of the regular subscrip.
non for three—the fourth copy being gratis.
c ... 7 Remittances and communications must be made
in all caves without expense to the pubishers,—The
former may always be done throtgh a Post-master by
handing him the amount to be remitted, taking los re
ceipt slid torn - aiding the receipt by mail. Post-paid; or
the money may he enclosed in a letter, Post-paid,'di.
'Tried to ilm:pulititihers.
IC. B.—The Postage on all these Periodicals is re
duced by the late rovt-Ollke law, to about one•third
tie farmer rates, making a very Important caving iu the
es ',emir to the mail subscribers.
• • In all the prtncipol chier and Town., through
out the United Ntoks to which there is a direr( Rad-
R”ad or 14"ater communication from the city of New .
there per,Udhals will be (tethered FREE OF
LEONARD SCOTT & CO. Publishers.
I year . 112 Fulton St., New York
But not with the (Armies of our Country !
"Here we stand with brush in hand,
To do our work in order."
w - 3 - T. and JAS. M. HVRIM; 11T,
.1111 • having entered Into co-partnerstup mu the paint
ing business, arc now prepared to say to the public
generally, that if they want painting done, such ss
House. Carriage, or Urnainentel of any kind—and well
done—just give us a call. We. wont refuse to hang
your wall paper it you should wish us so to Jo t
Tue arida, June 17, 1e3.16.
ims: • ..;,;. 4 3 I.IIV at ago MT. .111 2 %,
Established .Ilay 15.15.
.Vuo Store, Neu' Goods and NM Prices !
C. E. FLINT &710, thc only Original Cash Store
V. v E MONTHS' ex perience has induced the
ca,hkr sr. Co. awe 1 °wands Savings Bank"
to enlarge the spbcre of their operations, being well as
sured from the past. that the syatein of " Pay to-day
and tract to-worretv," is vrel/ adapted to Bradford
c.ourity. Our stock of Goods surpass in quantity and
quality any precious stock. %Inch will enable us to of
fer greater inducements than ever. The following am
a few among the many sitiOles that comprise our stock
of Dry Goods:
French, English and American Cloths, French Car
simare, Vesting.. Sattinet, Summer Stuff., Carpetings,
French M uslins, Lawn's, Barages, Balzarines, Gingham
Muslins, Ginghains, Cashmere., De Laines, Shawls
of all description., such as Brecht% Plain de Lame,
Rarage, Super milli, Rob Roy, and Menne, Parasols,
Shecting.,Ticking., Drilling, Bagging, Wicking. Oil
Cloths, ekc. 20,000 yards printed calicoes. together
with our usual stock of Milincry Goods. Our stock.
embraces almost every article usually called for. We
have just received a large invoice of Fetidly Cramer—
which we are offering at reduced.prices—time and apace
will not allow us to eaumeratc. Also, a large stock of
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf Hardware, Nails. Steel,
Iron. Hats and Yaps, Boots and Shoes, &c., &c.
We take this opportunity of returning our thanks to
the people of Bradford and adjoining counties. and in
vite all who wish to BUY GOODS CHEAP, to give
use call, as we are pledged to go for The Cash Par
ty." We assure our friends that no compromise has
been e.g.:tied with the CREDIT OR LtilljEß pri
ce•. but we shall continue to tiny law and sell cheap, as
long as there is a rash en: lamer in Bradford county.
Our motto for the year to come, is—• WE HAVE,
c - ,Y• Look fur the Suring. , Bank, No. 5, South End.
Brick Row. GEO. E. FLINT & CO.
Townn.lx, May O. MI6.
" More Troth than Poetry !"
&J O eelebrated has the "Savings Bank" gecome fur
selling goods cheap, that saute rhymester has per
petrated the hallo aing stanzas:
At n 0.5 cheap goods ore sold,
The people laugh to he:mit told;
Ito, ha. ha, they sell so low.
The cash all goes to Flynt & Co.
In eighteen hundred and forty five
The Savings Bank" began to thrive--
'l' he merchants sell their goods quite low,
But still they buy of Flynt & Cu.
Then all who wish to buy goods cheap,
Al 110.5 just Like a peep ;
Just price their goods, you'll MI I knoW:,
The cheapm.r corals of Flynt & CO.
RD C Ell I. Li
in 25 cents. Timsc; Ptints luta Miner
s.sil themselves of this °lmo:tunny—they nrc,trllintr
rupidlc. FI,YNT & CO.
•zdt:IFF:, -711 y th, Pick-
O. ”t n P.. FLVNT ic CO.
some heautitul
Fatterr, ^4. G. E. FLYNT & CO.
r . .ne Dire ' rtor. , of the Towanda Savinor. Bank: .
11,J$ held at "Towanda, May Ist, 1846. the following
et , .amide and re,olutiontt were adnined :
IZeFolved. That the LIT,FS' ,tai•; of GOODS shall
be placed in No. :,, ..outh end lidett How.
Resolved. That GEt t. E. ri.vyr ecl7o.shail eon
ntme Gull , ya u' , tml—rhertper than any other
estahli,lnneut iu Tnn•anda.
'That the .. Sa , int:‘ Thank retzuhie• the
Mert ;lanai, and Ea, hinge wild our next an
uu 11,1 0111:!.
11.411vpLI. 'PIA the uar Lumber—Credit and
lUgh Prtre%, ...hrth hp pnithmuPd. •‘'
1 . 1,31 the tz,.adv ray beFt
ntlopt.l to thi. •no....phrte. and .orre•ollot
op , r4fioo. c 00.14 linVe, r,o mid ,hall Ire 3,11 d elteap4a•
in the nr•tt Owe,
Tt.t more aln 4 , 1 , i -hall he 'mkt
lit No. '. (V.& Vol fir lite rnironq Iw r ite month%
than an , whet 1.0.14 , -howvO.
12,015e,t, Th .• Co. pro. •••• 'io.t• or 'hi, rm.lifinz
pul , h-.lted in the lit Miord It'Porh , " en'l DVOR'rti
Iwo rio•olit , 4l thrnoghno
'hr (-moot-. . Fix NT &
1,N1)l H •\ W It t u.tile whetts and tittut.nte,
heatt.iful untl cheap, at tzty'at BET reel
nitp ESPECTFULLY inintins the public that he wilt
Ertl he in Tuntotnas, about the first of June twit...ant)
msy he found at 1. 11. fitephens% whrre will be had
py to see thot.t. tettttAttnahtu a LOCUS.