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    decision the honor; the rights and tho interests
o f our country.
Anticipating the possibility of a crisis like
t b a t which . h as arrived, instructions were given li
in-August tut, as a precautionary measure
against invasion or threatened invasion, au
thorising Gen. Taylor, if the emergency re
quired, to accept volunteers not from Texas
°alp but from the States of Louisiana. Alaba
ma. Mississippi, Tennessee and Itenmeky..—:
And corresponding letters were addressed to
the respective Governors of those States.—
These instructions were repeated, and in Janua
r, l a st, soon after the incorporation of Texas
into our Union of 'States, Gen. Taylor was
further authorised by the President to make a
requiaition upon the Executive of that State
for such of its militia fake as may be needed
to repel invasion. or to secure the country
a gainst apprehended invasion.
On the second day of March he was again
reminded in the event of the approach of any
considerable Mexican force. promptly and effi
cientlym use the authority with which he was
clothed , to call to him such auxiliary force as
he might need. War actually existing, and
our territory having been invaded, Gen. Tay
lor. pursuant to authority invested in him. by
my directions. 'h called on the Governor of
Texas for 4 regiments of State troops, two to
mounted and two to serve on foot; and on the
Governor of, Louisiana for 4 regiments of
i n f an try, to be sent to him as soon as practica
In further vindication of our rights, and the
defence of our territory, 1 invoke the prompt
action of Congress, to recognize the existence
of the war, and to place at the disposition of
she Executive the means of prosecuting the
war with vigor, and thus hasten the restoration
of peace. To this end I recommend that au
-dimity should be given to call into the public
service a large body of volunteers, to serve for
not less than six or twelve months, urless soon
er discharged.
A volunteer force. is, beyond question, more
efficient than any other description of citizen
lu idiers.; and it is not to be doubted, that a
'number - far beyond that required. would readi
ly rustrtu the field upon the call of their Conn
tr. 4 further recommend, that a liberal pro
vision he mode for sustaining our entire
..ry force and 'furnishing it with supplies and
lost energetic and prompt measures, and
the immediate appearance in arms of a large
and overpowering forces are recommended to
Congress as the most certain and efficient
means of bringnag.the existing collision with
Mexico to a speedy and successful termination.
In making these •recommendations, I deem
it proper to,dochrre that it is my anxious de;
sire, not only to terminate hostilities speedily.
butte bring all matters in dispute between this
grarnnient and Mexicolo an early and rtin
adjustment ; and with this view S shall be
prepared to renewmegatiations whenever Mexi
co Shall he result- •to receive propositions or to
make propositions of 'her own.
.1 transmit herewith a cor of the correspon
ilenve between our Envoy io Mexico and the
llesiean 'Mntisterfor Foreign Affairs, and so
much of , the correspondence between that En-
Noy andohe Set-Fetal , sf State. and between
the Secretary of War and the General in com
mand °tithe Del Norte. Rs are necessary to a
tfulkunderstanding of the schjeet.
WASIM6TON, May it. 1846.
[Frac the Wallington limos, May Ma
The House of Representative has responded
!nobly to the Piesident's message. A hill has
'trespassed. during this day's session, which
: appropriates ten millions dA dollars, and author
nes , the president to raise fifty thonsand volun
teers q 0 hfing the war with Mexico to a speedy
andwuccessfal termination. That republic has
made 'sampan us, and this bill provides for
conducting that war with energy and power.
We are rejoiced to learn. by this evening's
mail, that Captain Seth B. Thornton, and Lieu
tenant Mason, with twodragoons, had arrived
safe in Gen. Taylor's camp.
Captain Thornton. discovering the ambus
cade too late to' retreat, hail plunged gallantly
through the enemy's ranks, and cut his way
with his own sword, with a boldness and intre
pidity that is almost incredible.
B 4 the Preeidmet of the WWI Malts ot America.
Whereas the Congress of the United States.
by virtue of the constitutional authority vested
in them, have declared by their act, bearing date
this day, that, by the act of the republic of
Mexico, a state of war exists between that go
vernment and the United States :"
Now, therefore, I, JAMES K. POLK. Presi
dent of the Unitd States of AmeriCa, do hereby
proclaim the same to all whom it may concern
and I do specially enjoin on all persons holding
dices, civil or military, under the authority of
the United States, that they be vigilant and zeal
ous in discharging the duties respectively inci
dent thereto ; and lido moreover exhort all the
good people of the United States, asathey love
their country, as they feel the wrongs which
have forced on them the last resort of injured
mike, and as they consult the best means un
der the blessing of Divine Providence, of abridg
ing its calamities, that they exert themselves in
Preserving rder. in promoting concord. in main
taining the authority and the efficacy of the laws,
and in supporting and invigorating all the meas
ures which may be adopted by ale constituted
authorities for obtaining a speedy, a just, and
au honorable peace.
In testimony whereoLl have hereunto set
-my hand, and caused the seal of the United
States to be affixed to these presents. Done at
the city of Washington the thirteenth day of
May, one thousand eight hundred and forty-six,
and of the independence of the United States
the seventieth. JAMES K. POLK
By the President :
JAMES BUCHANAN. Secretary of State
_--Just before your corn comes up take a com
mon fox trap and set it in your corn ground
Where it is most exposed to the crows ; and
when you set it, he c a reful to leave the ground
over the trap in the chap of a corn hill, and then
scatter some corn over the trap and strew some
along some three or four rods from the trap, in
three or four directions. This will draw the
crows into the trap; and if you can nab one,
which you most propably will, you will not.
for this season at least, be troubled with their
emn pany again. for he will call all within hear
ing, which will extend to no small distance I
sslnve you, and let his colored' brethern know
that there is danger in trespassing on that terri
IThe crow should be left in the trap until he
ts celled his friends to witness the predicament
he to to i and when you take him not, set them
liberty that he and his friends may know
laat Udall dangers lie buried there.
' BRANDRETH'S PlLLS—Acrimonious Hu- ,
mars Ike cause and only cause of all Pain and Dislrsss
the Body.—Pain is the warning given by the nerves
that there are acrimonious humors in the body. No
man ever led an erection of the lungs but it arose from
Acrimonious Humors hoeing settled there. No man
ever had pain in the head or an *action of the heart,
but it was produced by the presence upon those parts of
,Acjimothous Humors. So with Rheumatism—it is the
Acrimonious Humors which have settled open the mem
brane of the muscles. So with dysentery—the Acrimo
lions Humor" have settled upon the mucus membrane
of she bow)" aggravated in most cues by the retention
of Hard Fecal matter in those important organs. Th re
never was a pain or distress in any part of the body
(unless it was produced by an accident) that was not
occasioned by the presence of Acrid Humors. It is
these humor" which have to !)4, expelled, and by so do.
ing the Pain or distress is rare to be removed. To do
this with certainty the Brandreth Pills must be used.—
They are as innocent as bread, yet all-powerful as the
remover of the cause of sickness may be taken at any
time of day or night without 'Aeration in diet or fear of
We know Dr. Quigley personally, sod there is no
man in the country whose opinion is entitled to more
respect. He is on all subjects honest and sincere, end
his high character as a ?Lipkin can be attested by the
first meeical men in the city.—Philadelphia Sun.
Satentan's Tows, Va., Oct. 10,1843.
DIAN Stu —You inquire of me whether I have used
your Hair Tonic, and with what effect.
Several years ago my hair began to fall rapidly from
the scalp, and I had the prospect of premature baldness.
At length's friend recommended your Hair Tonic. I
used three or four bottles, according to the printed direc
tions, and at the end of six months, my hair was thick
set, and since, its tendency to turn grey was arrested.
I have never before given a certificate, recommending
patent medicines, which indiscriminately used, as they
often are, do much injury; but in a case like the present,
where I know the article to be beneficial, and that it can
do no harm, I have no scruples in stating facts within
my own knowledge. Your's, &c.,
Dr. D. JazTr, Philadelphia.
Sold by .1 D. & E. D. Moyrsarre, Towanda ; G.
A. Panaixs, Athena, only authorized Agents for Brad
ord County.
In this Borough, on Tuesday evening, 19th inst.,;, by
Rev. Julius Foster, WlLLism SCOTT, Esq., to Miss
As]• SHALDING, all of this Borough.
Mr WIFE ALMIRA having left my bed and board
without any just cause or provocation, I hereby
caution all persona from trusting or entertaining her on
my account, as I will not he responsible for any debts
contracted by her. JACOB HEVERLY.
Albany township, May 20, 1848.
Pk - 11HE subscriber takes pleasure in. announcing to his
friends and ! the pnblic generally, that he is now
receisiug and opening an entire new stock of GOODS,
(at his stare in the borough of Towanda, situated on
the east side of Mom street, three mime south of Mon
tanye's & Co., and nearly opposite B. Kirigbery's) em
bracing everything in the line of
Dry Goods, Groceries. (the ardent excepted.)
Hardware. Glass 4 Queen's If are, Boots
and Shoes, Paints. Oils and Var.
ni3h, Iron and Nails, 4-c., 4'c.,
which he will sell as cheap as the cheape.t. not except
ing the Ilenocatar, or any of the champions of small
prvits and quick sales. He would respectfully invite
those who wish to buy cheap to call and examine his
goods and prices for themselves, before purchasing at
any other placo. • N. N . BETVb.
Towanda. May 16, 1944.
SUMMER GOODS—Worsted, Linen and Cotton.—
• great variety for men and boys, at very low pro
rev, at 'my2o BETTS'.
pRINTS, LAWNS dcMUSLINS, a large assort
ment on hand and for sale cheap at BETTS'.
ju will be found at my2o BETTS'.
SUMMER SHAWLS, Handltercheifs and Ribbons,
beautiful and cheap, at my2o BETTS'.
New York in Miniature !
THE subscriber has taken great paint to make his
assortment so complete in
Dry Goods. Books 4. Stationery, Crockery.
Hardware, Paints 4. Oils, Groceries.
Naih, Boots lir Shoes, Iron 4- steel,
Glass. 4.c.,
as to present to Ilia friends and the public nearly or quite
all the advantage of dealing in stores which confine
themselves exclusively to any one of the above Luang'.
es. He invites attention to his assortment.
Towanda, May 20,18416. 0. D. BARTLETT.
EIHAVING made arrangements to exchange Cloth
and other goods for WOOL, the subscriber de
sires to gain the confidence and approbation of the wool
growers be giving them the very beat exchanges which
the nature of the market will permit. bat and see.
Towanda, May 20. Oa D. BARTLETT.
4rIASII FOR WOOl.--Thesubo.riber has no
L/ objection to pay part or even all CASH for Wool,
at as high rates as the market will permit:
Towanda. May 20. • 0. D. B A RTLETT.
THE subscriber eontiones to act u agent for the DE
Philadelphia, a stock company of good standing and re
pute & does business on atfav,rable terms as any other.
He is also agent for the LYCOMING CO. MU
TUAL INSURANCE CO-, a company which has al
ways been punctual in the payment of 'osses and pre
sents advantages seldom found.
Towanda, May 20. 0. D. BARTLETT.
CALICOES—the largest assortment anti prettiest
patterns, and elliapeit CALICOES, to say no
thing of Gingham., Lawns, &e., ever seen in this re
gion. for sale by my2o 0. D. BARTLETT.
THE members of the let Volunteer battalion of Brad
ford county', will meet at the house of Thomas
Smewl, in Springfield, Saturday. the 13th day of
June next, at 9 o'clock, A.M., uniformed and equipped
as the law directs, for military inspection and review. '
The field, commissioned, non-commissioned officers,
and musicians, will meet at the bduse of B. B.Tuttle,
in Smithfield. on Satuiday, the 6th day of June, at 10
o'clock, 'A.M. for military drill in full uniform.
T. WILDER, Colonel.
Colonel's Office. Springfield, May 15. 1946.
BY virtueof sundry writs of Vend. Expo. issued
from the court of Common Pleas of Bradford co.
to me directed, I shall expose to public sale at the house
of I. H. STEPHENS, in the borough of Towanda, en
Saturday, the 20th day of- June next, at 1 o'clock, P.
M.—A certain lot of land in Wells township, bounded
west by land of Jesse Shepard,north by lands of Edith
Lukis and John Strong, cast by lands of Leslie Law
rence, south by lands of L. F. Adams. Containing one
hundred and fifty acres, with about fifty awes improved,
with a log house and framed barn thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jas. Lu
kis, assigned to 0. P. Ballard, vs. Aaron Cook.
ALSO—A piece of land situate in Standing Stone tp.
bounded north by land of Benjamin, east by Levi
Walker, south by lands of Voaburg and Lindell, and
west by Vougbt. Containing 160 acres, about 40
acres improved, with two log houses and one logharo
Seized and .oken in execution at the suit of H. N.
Spalding & CO., to the use of E. R. Myer, vs. Stephen
Clarkin, Daniel W. Clason and Reuben Clason, terra
tenants. JOHN Y. -MEANS, Shea.
Sheriff's Office, Towanda, May 20, 1818.
31T.ST REM) the Largest, Best, and Cheaputt
:ot of Goods ever tjtought ink the country
Printed muslins, lace muslios, lawn ginghams, organdi,
print marquise, Canary lawn, cashmeres muslin ging
ham a new article, floronce satin stripe d, balzarine, a
few pat. black halzarine, checked print reps and crape
deliine; white dress goads, a large lot of prints rich and
beautiful patterns, corded anti, grass skirts, ombre de%
laine shawls, plain and shaded do.. Wk. 4 cord stradella
shawls, tinrrige and net shawls, actin striped barrige and
net long shawls, ladies polka, fig'd and striped eravats
and lies. beautiful gimps and frringes, silk demised&
Cheaper than the cheapest—Gipsey pearl braid, °cede
net lace, florence, gipsey demo straw edged and plain,
Misses gipaey pedal, birds eye braid and devon straw;
spendid Bonnet Rebbons,, some very desirable styles ;
20 doz. Parasols and Sun Shades, lady and gents black
and col'd Kid Gloves, Lin. Cambric Hdkfa. Hosiery he
Twilled French, English and American; doe skin Cu
simere. light and dark striped ebecked do. a greet sane.
ty ; golden tweeds, merino cawdmere, Kentucky Jeans,
blue drills. A superior assortment of VESTINGS
mantilla, valentine. caesium% plain and striped satin.
10 bales Sheeting, Batting, Wadding and Wicking.
Such u Iron, nails, steel, log chains, halter sod true
do., mill and x cut saws, augurs and files. A large as
sortment of Shelf Hardware, door trimmings, cutlery,
shoe thread, wool and hone cards, coffee mills, &e.
Blood's, Harris' and Wadsakirth's Warranted Grain
and Grass Septhes,snaths and sickles, a first sate article.
Ladies' kid Markin, and slippers, morocco and calf skin
hoots, black and fancy gaiters and half gaiters, children's
gaiters and .alf boots. A beautiful article gent's gai
ters; coarse and fine Boots, in abundance,
A large stock of Sugar and Moluses Lump, Loaf and
Pulverised Sugar; Fresh Teas ; Coffee, Rice. Raisins,
nutmegs, indigo, tobacco, fine cut and cavendbih, shad
mackerel and codfish.
A general assortment, in setts, or otherwise. to snit cus
400 Men's and Boy'a Leghorn tints ; 600 F. L. do.
0~ Butter, Flaxseed, Beeswax, Eggs and Grain,
wanted in exchange for goods, at cash prices.
Towanda, May 20, 1846.
at No. 3, Brick Row. roy2o BAIRD'S.
Those who wish to Purchase Cheap Goods,
find p " r t h o u th in eir in lse te ve re h st e re L cs m " w at e ß are deter- iRpB
mined to sell at all hazards. NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
P B ATENT 6 PAI t L : doz. Wash tubs;
12 oz rooms ;
Woolen measures;
cheap at No. 2, Brick Row. HAIRDO.
lbs. at my2o N 0.3, BRICK ROW.
for sale cheap at No. 3, Brick Row.
May 20.1846. BAIRD'S.
DRUGS & MEDICINES, paints, oils and dye
stuffs, white lead, ground and dry, varnish, paw,
madder, copperaa, spta. turpentine, gum copal, alum,
Venitian red, log-wood, red-wood, cam-wood, all for sale
cheap, at ma 20. NO. 3, BRICK ROW.
A voice° from the Capitol of the Keystone state,
saying, Arise find the Phitosopher's stone, which will
enable the richest state in the Union to inscribe on her
banners, Pay as you go. In spite of the sneers of the
Europeans. now is . the time to let them know that
Pennsylvania is able to pay her debts, and raiso twen
ty millions to defend her just rights.
To the Commissioners and Treasurer.of the
Gesizzasy :—Although the subject was pressed up
on the attention of the Legislature yet it omitted to pro
vide any additional revenue for the current year. We
must therefore rely on the previous enactments.
The loss to the commonwealth occasioned by the in
jut, done to the public works, approximate 8300,000,
and thus falls exclusively on that part of the semi-annual
interest due in August next. We must endeavor to
make qp this unexpected deficiency by the most prompt
.and vigorous use of the means that are left us. The
increased tonnage during the entire year, it is believed,
will be nearly commensurate with the loss I have sta
ted, and thus the nett tolls, will be about the same as
last year. By the promptness and activity of the Ca
nal Commissioners and their officers, the entire line of
our public work; including all the -branches, are now
in full end successful operation.
I stated in my circular of the 24th of May, 1845,
that " we paid the interest due in February last, and
we can do so in August and Febnpiry nest, if active
and prompt measures are adopted in theseveral counties
of the Commonwealth." Your efforts have fulfilled
these expectations, and our Commonwealth stands re
deemed, froto the dishonor, which for a time rested up.
on her. Let us not falter now. Let as determine to
use all the means in our power. to maintain our ele
vated Porition, and avert the impending calamities which
would fall upon our Commonwealth and our citizens,
should our plighted faith be again broken.
There is -reason for great anxiety, but not despon
dency, as the following brief statement will exhibit--
Our resources may be stated thus:
Assessments for ltf46, estimated nett amt $1,188,100
Do of previous year, do. • 275.000
Nett tolls from public works, 500,000
The interest falling clue in August and February next,
may be stated to be $1,860,000. The ordiusty and
other revenues not smted, it is believed, will be sufficient
to meet the ordinary expensca of government. It will
be thus seen that the prompt and punctual payment of
the ezi , :ting revenues, will place the Treasury in a
condition to meet the accruing interests on the public
As a means of producing this result, 1 call your at
tention to the proposition made in my circular of the
24th of May last. I renew the offer. An abatement
of Gm per cent. will be allowed for the payment pre
vious to the tat of A %qua, of the tumor this year. If
the sum paid approaches near the quota of your county,
this abatement will be made. You have it thus in
your power to benefit. our county and save the Com
monwealth from dishonor. NO flight!: motives of ac
tion can be presented than these, that of interest and
In the event of the inability of your county to avail
itselfof the abatement, it is expected that you will press
the collection of your duplicates as rapidly as possible,
and pay the amount without delay, into the Treasury.
The dublicates having gone forth much earlier this year
than the last, will greatly facilitate your collections.—
:There are arrearagea of former years due from several
counties; these ought to be collected. and paid imme
diately: Foethearrearages of 1845, interest is charged,
and will accumulate until paid. If your county is in
this position, you should not suffer the 100 which this
delay occasions.
We will surmount our present difficulties if our de
termined action be commensurate with the evil which
is impending, and the good we may accomplish. If
we are successful in paying the August interest:l firm
ly believe that the future payments can be made
out a struggle. One the other hand, if we .fail, the
dead weight of $900,000 of unpaid interest, dot to
speak of State dishonor, will lay upon us like an incu
bus, and its paralyzing influence will be felt for rank
I know you duly estimate the importance ofimmedi
ate and prompt action, and rely with entire confidence
that your best efforts will be put forth at this important
be pleased to hear from you in relation to this
subject. " Very respectfully,
Your ob't 'errant.
'AMU R. asownze, Slate Treasurer.
• WAR will be declared within thirty days, against
all who do not come up to the help of old Pennsylva
nia, and they will bo dealt with according to law.
J. REEL, Trauma.
Treevsl7 Office, Towanda, May 15. 1848.
54° 40' AND PEACE!
eounly of Bradford
Aggregate, ~.
MO the citizens of Bradford County in gerwrsl, and
fir Borough of Towanda, ist particular :• All
the judgments, notes and accounts of the subscribers.
will be collected according to law, without diatindion
of persona, unless satisfactorily settled within thirty
days of Ibis date. Those who think we am not in
earnest. will find out their mistake to their own cost.—
Mari that. W. H. BAIRD &CO.
Towanda, May 15. UM&
N. B. We would furthermore say upon this subject,
that we base just received a large stock of Nem Goods,
which will be sold very cheap indeed, for ready pay.
genuine, the best lot ever seen in this Mire—nil
snd see—for sale by 0. D. BARTLETT.
RICH CARPETING—a few pieces at No. 3, B
H. liy2O BAIRD'S.
_ _
LN l l;iTir SOW MOM
MIRE Sawnher takes plenum in OODIMIDIitI' to
• bis friends sod the poblic generally, that be is
Dow receiring • very large and carefully selected ad
dition to bia stock of GOODS, bought for Cash, and
selected with the espreas view of UNDERSELLING
reminds, May IS, 1846.
. aft Jliontanyea di Co.'a Store.
c9NE ARK LOAD just received, and daily expect
ing more. The prettiest and cheapest goods ever
rd in this market. are now opening, and they hope
their friends will not forget to give them a call.
Wholesale purchasers and merchants wishing to
replenish their stock will be accommodated on liberal
terms. J. D. & E. D. MONTANYE & CO.
Towanda, May 13. 1846. '
MST? EZIMITZer (150C102 , 0
THE FIRST ARRIVAL of " New Cords" in
Towanda, •was received at the "RAVINGS
BANK, Saturday evening—consisting of Bilks, shawls,
pints, ribbon., muslin., lawns, &c.—ws shall look for
more daily. Ruffles it to say, that we shall continue
the " war" against High prices, until a complete reno
vation in prices shall be effected, and goods sold as
cheap throughout this borough—as at the Savings
Bank, if it Ut)tes nine years More anon.
Towanda, May 13. G. E. FLYNT At CO.
H. S. 4• M. C. MERCUR,
ER atom to accommodate their increasing business,
have the pleasure of announcing to their friends and
customers that they are now opening good assort
ment of SPRING 4 SUMMER GOODS, embracing
almost everything in the line of
Dry Goods, Glass 4- Queenswarr,
Groceries, Boots 4- Slums.
Hardware, - Paints, Dye stuffs,
Saddlery. Drugs, Medicines,
Harness and*CarriagelVails„ Glass.
Trimn.ungs. Leather, Salt, 4-c..
which will ho sold as heretofore, at prices that will sa
tisfy the public. Towenda, May 12, 1846.
Of New and• Cheap Spring and Summer Goode,
Direct from the City.
BURTON KINGSBERY most respectfully in
forms his old customers, and the public in gene
ral. that he is now receiving at his old stand, a large
assortment of all kinds of goods, which he intends to
sell a link cheaper than any other store in Towanda.
It is impossible to put in a newspaper all the different
kinds of goods that may be found at my store. I have
a full assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery.
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye stuffs. - Boots and
Shoes. Nails, Iron, Hats 4 Caps. &c. Clan and price,
before you buy elsewhere. May 14. 1846.
PKINTED LAWNS, Muslin de Leine§ and Sum.
MU Shawls, a very large assortment, which will
he sold lower than be bought 'bony other store. Call
and see. myl4 B.KINCISBERY.
101110.NNETTS—Any quantity, from two shillings,
$ to $6, with beautiful trimming; also flowers, in
side sprigs and wreaths, all French, which will be found
atmy 14 B. EINGSBERY.
and silk Hats, latest styles, and very cheap, at
may IS. B. KI?iUBBERY'B.
A PPLEBY'S FINE UUT chewing and smoking
TOBACCO, • prime ankle for sale at
may 13. B. KINGBBERY'B.
0. 1, CODFISH & MACKEREL, for ads at
may 13. B. KINGSBERY.
OLLOW-WARE, such as pot, kettles, spiders,
dce., at myl3 R. RINGBBERY.
WASH TUBS, patent palls, Shaker brooms, Al.
cent mat., traveling baskets, carpet sacks,
looking gleam, &c., all eery cheap at
may 13. B. KINGIBBERY.
extra cocoa. superior to old Java mdse. and •
vet, healthy beverage, which may be fogad at the old
Cheap store of myl3 B. KINGSBERY.
Regimenia/ Orders.
rj? IHE ENROLLED MILITIA within the bounds
of the 14 Regiment, 2d Brigade, 9th Division,
P. M., will meet duly armed and equipped for drill and
Inspection, on Monday, the 15th day of June next, at
the house of Stephee rlamfield, In Standing Stone.—
The several companies comprising Ist regiment, via:
Ist com--Towands ho. 7th com.-Herrick
2d —.Standing Stone fith " --Springhill
3d " —Monroe 9th " —Asylum
4th " —Wyaox & Rome 10th " —Duren
sth " —Albany 11th " —Franklin
6th " —lNya:using 12th " —Towanda tp.
will meet for drill on Monday the let day of June nezt,
at such places within the bounds of the several compa
nies, u the commanding officers may direct. And should
there be no officers in any of the above mined compa
nies, to call out citizens subject to militia duty, in order
to avoid the increase of One when levied by the asses
or, the undersigned would refer them to the 20th sec
tion of the " act to reduce the militia system." passed
the 25th April. 1844. P. C. WARD, Colonel.
Colonel's Office. Greenwood, May 11, 1846.
Regimental Orders.
WEEHE MILITIA of the 6th regiment, 2nd brigade,
9th divivion, P. M., are hereby commanded to
meet at the house of Mn. Demmarest, in Litchfield, on
the 17th day of June neat. at 9 o'clock, A. M. armed
and equipped as the law directs for regimental inspec
tion and review. J. HARPER, Colonel.
Colonel's Office, Athena, May 11, 1846:
of Bradford County. will moot at the house of
Stephen Canfield, in Stimiling Stone, on Monday. the
15th day of J one neat, at 9, A. M. armed and equipped
as the law directs, for drill and inspection. A full at
tendance is requested. C. F. WELLES, JR.
Athens. May 12, 1846, 'Amt. Col.
SETTLERS upon the land of JOHN C. T H WING
in the townships of Wysox end Rome will he re
quited to make payments this spring, or my directions
are to collect =puling to law.
Attorney for J..C.Tbwing.
May 13
HATING been appointed by the Orphan's Court
of Bradford County. Auditors to audit the ac-
counts of E. White. one of the Executors of the last
will and testament of Patrick Cummings, deceased, the
undersigned will attend to the duties of their appoint
ment st the Court House, in Towanda in said county,
at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the 11th day of JUNE
nest, of which all concerned. will take notice.
May 11, 1846
EMBERS of the Lyeoming County Mutual In.
sumacs Company. ant hereby notified that the
card of Directors have ordered an assessment of one
per cent. on all premium notes. doe to the cimpany on
the 15th day of Novemher.lB4s. to bepsid previousto
the 241 day of Juno neat. to the Trevurer or to Receiv
er?. WM. A. PETRIKIN. Secretary.
The Reeeiver for Bradford County is O.D.IIART
LETT ; the Treasurer, C. 8. Wallis, Esq.
Office of Ly. Co. Mot. Ins. Co., /
Mooch April 17, 1848. S
D. BULLOCK, Auditors.
R"r z_ , ~_, ~ , ~. ~ ~
New Blaeksmithing Establishment,
le Torwandp,
Prices 25 per cent. cheaper, than hare ever
been known in "Northern Penn'se. -
jE subscriber, having commenred the above hit
em. takes this method to inform the inhabi
tants of Towanda and vicinity. that he is prepared to
do all kind. of work entrusted to his cars in the m at
neat and workmanlike manner: such as ironing coach
es, carrier" sleighs, of all kinds; of all
kinds, dune a little nicer than at ant other shop in tho
county, Some attention paid to EDGE TOOLS, to
611 up crevices. and finally all kinds of work in the
above line (honoshoeing excepted) and will warrant
all my work to stand the fest. Try me and if you do
not find thippjust right, then put me down. From my
long experience in the business, I flatter myself that I
can please ell kinds of people. Too can find me it
all times at my shop. a few rods south of Bridge street,
known es Means' old stand.
AR kinds of Predate taken in ;etyma' or work, and
a little of the ready Jo-Davis win not he refused.
Tawanda, Mayll, 1840.—y
RESPECTFULLY informs tbopublic that he will
he in Towanda, about the firstof June neat, and
may be found .11. 11.8tephens, where he will behap
py toffee those requiring hie service..
Monroeton. May 12th, 1848.
4 LL PERSONS indebted to J.. 1. & t'. WAR
IA. FORD, moat make payment in fall or part this
spring, and those neglecting to settle up their book ac
eoent. will be sued.
THE co-partnership heretofore existing between
Danford Chaffee and Geo. W. Eastman is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. All persons having
unsettled accounts with the late firm are requested to
call and genie as soon as convenient, at the old stand,
as both parties expect to occupy the same shop the pre
sent season, and are very desirous of bringing their for
mer holiness to a close. We would tender our ack
nowledgements for past favors, sod further solicit our
share of public patronage.
Rome. May 1, 1846. GEO. W EASTMAN.
Towanda Bridge.—Tolls h r edneed !
Miff a resolution of the Board, hereafter them will
RI be charged for every wagon, aulkey, cart, sleigh,
or sled, drawn by one hone, twelve and ahaff cents.—
For evety man and home, sis'and a quarter cents.—
For every foot passenger. one cent.
N. B. Two Horse Teams coming to Towanda, with
produee, ere required to pay Toll but one way.
Towanda, May 4, 1846.
eial=gl &MD .ViritatZlEing
THE subscriber not being in full communion with
the firm of M—, be is not prepared to beutof
the largest assortment ofJEWELRY out of Jail : and
haying never learned the Cabinet making business,—
tie is not prepared to do any work in that line; but
having served a regular . appeentieesh , p (. 1 ) in the
watch repairing burinesa. and the experience of 16 years,
has no limitation in saying that all work entrusted to
him shall be done in a workmanlike manner, pmmptly,
and second best to none west of that city from whence
came that mighty rusb of Gold Jeuxley
Now my friends, in all your gettings don't forget
to get your watches fixed at old No. 100 opposite the
Public Square and two doors north of Briggs tavern.
Towanda. April 29, 1946.
(I:j'' N. B.—(pledge myself to do my work right. An
work warranted one year and the money refunded if it
does not perform according to agreement. Stick a P.O.
there !
LIBT OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office
at Troy, for quarter ending March 31, 1846.
Adams James Lane Geo W .
Ackerly Rev Saml 2 Merry James 2
Muni 8 E More Solomon
Austin Augustus McDowell miss Louisa
Austin Win Murray G W
Avery Win Mclntosh Wm 2
Barret Caleb Mclntosh miss Charlotte
Boles Wm Mason miss Sophmaia
Brown A 0 Morgan J C
Baker John MeFeline Wm
Bus a Smith McNaught John
Colony Chu ' Noble Orrin P
Davis Wm Orvis E '
Dona J C Provin Wm 2
Dodge Calvin Parke miss P E & Esther
Eaton Wm - Parker C 8
Fleming A B Randall Daniel
Randall Stephen
Remolds Wm
Feats L M
Fitch L II
Ford kase Minder miss Olive L
Green* Amara Rich &dna
Guthrie miss 0 r Remington Seneca
Guthrie miss F 0 Riddle Win
Guile Jesse Snell Grant
Halleck Caleb Sherwood
Hoton 011 Simpson Henry
Hikok H R Scott John H
Jennings Mimeo? Smith Wm M
Johnson Liberia' 2 TOM mm Emily C
Keyse miss Hannah rears Win 2
!Conway A R Williams P C
Kelley George - Willeson Richard
Young inn Crlinda
King Charles
Linderman Jacob
MBE enrolled militia and Volunteers withix the
bounds of the 2d Brigade, 9th Division, P. M.,
will meet for militaty discipline and inspection; as tol- .
lowa, to wit :
In companies, on Monday. the Ist day of June nape.,
at such places as may be directed by the commanding
officers, and in battalions and regiments, as follows;
9d Regiment, commanded by Cid A. K. Bossed ; Ist
battalion on Monday, the Bth day of June, 1846 ; 2d
battalion on Tuesday, the 9th day of Jane : 4th Reg.
commanded by Col. N. A. Elliott; let bat. on Wednes
day, the 10th; 241 bat. same reg. on Thursday, the 11th
day of June. Ist volunteer battalion of Tinge county,
commanded by bent. cal. Joseph Iranian, on Thursday
June 11. 2d reg. commanded by Col. H. H. Seely, on
Friday, the 12th of June.
The 3d Volunteer Battalion of Bradford County, com
manded by Lieut. Col. L. J. Brmlfonl, on Friday, the
12th day of June. The Ist Volunteer Battalion com
manded by Lieut. Col. Theodore Wilder, on Saturday,
the lath day of June.
lest regiment, commanded by CoL P. C. Ward, on
Monday, the 15th day of June. The 4th Vol. Batter's
commended by Lieut. Col. Charles F. Welles, Jr., on
Monday, the 16th day of June.
The 2d Volunteer Battalinn of Bradford County com
manded by Limit. Col. E. Daniels, on ,Tuesday the 16th
day of June; and sth regiment, commanded by Colonel
Jacob Harder, on Wednesday. the 17th day of Juno.
The attention of militia officers and, others interested,
is called to the act of 25th of April, 1844, to reduce the
expenses of the "militia system," and the returns of en
rollments and lists of absentees meet he made in strict
conformity with said act.
The penalty for not furnishing roll copy to Inspector,
ten dollars; list of absentees, fifty dollars.
Officers must appear in full uniforin. and be punctnal
in making returns of all public property in their posses.
sion. Militia companies, having no officers to call them
out, will comply with the provisions it the 20th section
of the act of the 25th= April. 1844, "to reduce the ex.
Knees of the militia system," &c.; sabetituting the first
Monday of June, instead of the first Monday of May, as
it readain said section. W. E. BARTON,
firepector 2d Brig. 9th Dir. I'. U.
Lumber's Office, E. Smithfield. April 27, 1&t&
Administrator's Notice,
ALLpersons indebted to the estate of Chauncey
Storrs, deceased, late of Troy tad, Brea find Co.
requested to make immediate payment, and , all
those having demands against the same we redivided
to present them, legally attested for settlement,
maw CASE. 44
A. D.13PALD1,610..5 " allas
Trey, April 3, 1646.
r the Blacksmith's shop of the subscribers, at the
lower part of the t-wn, we hare for sale TWO
E W BUGGIES. They are, well made. end will be
sold very &sap. H. & A. 11:8OWINE.
Tommie, April 7, 184.0. • •
Clocks, Watches, Jewelry . k Silverware,
AT NO. 1. BRICK . ..OOIc.
WA. CHAMBEHIJN his just returner) from
the city of New York with the largest 'saw.-
menkof FASHIONABLE JEWELRY, ever brought
to this place, such as Fingrr-rings, Breast-pins, of every
description; Lockets, bracelets, phi and silver r paten*:
gold key., thin.blis. vilver spouts, sugar tongs. 1911CM
des, fur all are; pen sad pocket knives. (Repro raw
nufactue.) and many other ankle* which he will soil
extremely low for CASH.
An kinds of WATCHES; consisting of.yatent re
ver&L'Epine. English and Swiss surd as, warranter to ,
keep good time.
It is as clear and unquestionable an au tight tothw
whole of Oregon. that Win. A. thri.srunum has got
the Itrgest and best selected auortment,of rimy Goode
ever brought into the borough of Towanda, and that two
will sell his goods cheaper than teas ever ioU by any
human living being I—etieli a pin there I I
N.B. Watches warranted to run well cow yeas, or
the money refunded; and a written agreement gives
to that ay.:* to all that desire one.
43 MAPLE SUGAR, Wood, and dl kinds°. Celia
try Produce received in payment.
W. A. GHAMBERLIN, ageot.
Towarule, April 22, 1846.
WAKEN UP, afloat in the Susquehanna riser, es
Jj the 27th of March lost, a pile of about 3000 Sat
of 12 feet BOARDS. The boards are at the landing
of Thomas Ingham, in Asylum, Bradford co.
Asylum. April 22, 1E46.
Caution t
T" public are motioned against pirchising a cer
tain note given in Troy, the last °Muth, 1346,
payable to Ades Caitlin, or bearer, six months after
t ate. 1 shall not pay said note unless compelled by
Law, as I have received no value.
West Burlington, April 22, 1846.
atssizea amiwowilvo
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends that he has
leased the above House, situated on the south
side of toe public square, lately occupied by A.M. Use,
and having made entirely new arrangements, is now
prepared for the reception of visitors. Presenting his
compliments to his friends and the public gentrally,and
souring them no pains or expense will be spared to
please his guests, he respectfully solicits public patron
age. pledging himself that while the establislonent is
under his control, it shall not be excelled by any in the
The rooms of the • CLAREMONT HOUSE; are
spacious and airy, and furnished in the beat style.
The Table will be furnished with every substantial
the country can produce.
The Bar will be stocked with the best liquors in a
pure and unadulterated state.
First rate Stabling attached, with ready and faithful
Ostlers always in attendance.
In short, nothing will be omitted, which will add to
the comfort and convenience of customers, and with his
facilities, he believes setbtfaction will be rendered to all.
Towanda. April 8, 1846.
AFARM, situated on the star road in the part of
Pike township, 77 acres and allow,
&ace, about 40 acme cleared, with a good dwelling house,
barn, two sheds, one workshop, a woodshed, and an
orchard in fall bearing, with some good stone wall, and
an excellent fining of water near the house. For
terms apply to the subscriber on the premises.
Pike, April 10th 1846. NOAH MAKINBON.
NOTICE is given that all persons indebted to. the
estate of D. Loomis, of Troy tp., dee'd., are re-
quested to make immediate payment, and all those hav
ing demands against the same are reqpiked to present
them legally attested fur settlement.
Tmy, April 9. 1846
i la rs sr Ltartl2B-remaining in the Post Office
LA at Towanda, quarter ending March 91, 1846.
Arnold C W Jones Thomas .
Agri'' , miss Mary Kinsman James
Brown Orland' Kirk Michael
Brown me. Lucy Kellogg maj I.
Blackford Pbebe Keeler mrs Bally R
Brawn Jos or J Cann Keeler Win 2
Ladd C K -
Lewis Nancy A
McDonald Win A
Myer miss Bunn A
McCleod miss Boman 2
McMahon John Grocer
Molony Maurice
Mace Emerson
Madan Edmond .
McClcanrlt Wm Dr
Mardoilt raise Charlotte $
Marshall Joseph,,
Mace H H
McAndrus Martin
Mesithew miss Carolina
Macs A A jr
Minim Harriet ♦ miss
NeWell Albert
Newell Stephen
Naglew Henry M ,
Burk Martin
Brown Miles C
Blauvelt miss Mary 2
Case L 8
Cogswell Charles
Coareney Win
Campbell Sidney
Crowley David
Curren Mary
Catharine Cummings
Dunlap 0 F 2
Doherty John
Dickson Charles
Dolan mrs Bridget
Davidson Douglas
Drinker Henry
Dean Pane D
Dodge Eliza WS
Eeeline Ambrose
Ennis miss Maria
o . Blsin Patrick
Osbum Elijah
Proudfoot Robbed I
Ford John B
Ferguson A F
Fuller E L
Page Alfred It
Powell John
Paine Ransom
Router, George
Fuller A
Frederick Fisher
Farr miss Louisa S
Green James F
Reeks Samuel
Samau .1 B Elder
Shear Dennis.
Gardner C M
Gemld Chas
Gorr Hamptuy
Grow A C Stratton Samuel 2
Glanny Dennis Smith Harry
Granger Delia Shiner Stephen
Hemmenway Wakeman 2 Swartwood Chutes R
Howland miss Melinda A &chief Emily Miss
Hen!. N R Tupper George IC
Harris mrs Claris a Thumps We.
Harris James 2 Tallads Soloman
Hakes Mitiord Terry Gera!dim A
Horton Wm 211 Vend The William
Hays Charles Woodard R
Hire miss Bridget Wainer Views M
Hurlburt Wm H Weaver LI S & T
Helmes Morrie Wessman hands
[rem mice 'Margaret Welch Mrs sugar creek,
Johnson Rev L Young Mr
D103'21111 Ck I:aeEtg
1111E - 4VING formed a co•purtnership for the purpose
JIM of carrying on th • above business at Monnseton
are prepared to esecute all orders punctually, such u
Raking, Repairing and Painting,
on the shortest notice and at the lowest prices that they
can be had in this vicinity for ready pay.
All kinds of Produce and Lumber taken in payment
at the market prices.
COFFINS made an the shortest notice, and at re-
dared prices. P. DUNFEE.
Montoeton. March 17, 1845. J. C. SMITH.
THEr.wrinership heretofore existing tinder the !inn
of Attu"' Mix 4. :ion. is tbisKlay dissolved by
mutual agreement. Ali eemands due said .firm are to
be paid to Hiram Mix. HIUAM MIX.
Towanda, March 3d. 1946.1 H. MIX Jr.
at 2 1"21% . It Ci) 34'
Attorney at Linn,
iniFFIcE in the north corner of the Brick Row.lrt-
IL" redly ever the PO4 Office. Main street. a3,Ea
tnince of the north end of the hnildinn. a.
coNsTAi3LeS - GUIDE.
V n EVERAL copies of' the above work just received
1,71 and rot nt the reduced print of 76 twit s
Muth tO. 1046. J.NINGSBRRY, JR.
JURY of twelve ladies hen &villa. that the place
to purchase Fresh lets. (no appeal of camas) is
EAI)BUSH. CLOVER SEED. ji rrerlved
and for sale by B. KIN r-zBBRY.
TON ASSORTED IRON; just received, and rot
sale a 7 dc24 REED'S, IV*, D.R.