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•••••••••• -
Townd4. Wednesday, March , 1
The Zfrlbery Same at
Ntkiriast aintek. immr; without comment,` 1 portmn - nr
the teatime-ma taireadirfore the liirestiaating Committer.,
‘4016,-.4ERlKalkjita•-.croaili !
timilars. The committee tiav-e7diteCe-olfeliaiirtliii-lii
bond trade their 1 report, in conformity with which
Mr. l'it'Cook. was banded over to the civil authuritica..
and *ld to bail in the sum of $2,000.
We only regret, tharthe investigation could not hase
gone. further, so as to base developed a band of myth.-
cipleil aid CoeruptAtievu toniref abnarresida in
burg, and others, who come from a di.tance, and ioirst
the seat of Government, timing the sitting of the—
lature, with their pestilential presence, for the pup.... 0*
making ;money, by selling theirs services to induenve
the action, of the Legislature. They are called. in eon,.
mon parkasee. " Legislative Beres, " and many of them
are knouts to be so, professionally. Thee men. ore
generally Eimapased of the most naprior:i/frd in' ea
community, capable of practising any di-ltottestv their
ingenuity can. suggest, to accomplish their turseet.ory
purposes. 1.
. They are a common nuisance to the tnetubers, and
have he touch to bring our Legislature under sus
picion, and to detruct from it, that high rcpu.atian and
confidence, which once ants, umlaut:lu to be reposed in
it by the people. They are. in fact. sapling the very
lboodation of our institutions, and ale-untying the fr.r
fabric bequeathed to as by the patriots of Vie; Itevolu%on.
CoL has therefore, done good service to Lis
country, in making the present er.position and furnish
ing coach:wise evidence to the of what they
hale had reason to suspect fur a long time. but the evi
dence of which hat been artfully concealed from the
maw of the people, by the cunning of the cuiltv actors.
The people should know in what danger their rights
of person of property, and of their liberties, are placed.
by t system el corrupt influence*, which hav`6 lawn
permitted to east with impuuny, until the actors there
in hose grown bold and insolent. If dime is any wt.(
am, of any party, who are so lag to tho feelings of
common honesty. decency and patriotism, as to try to
screen the guilty,' by casting unjust imputations upon
those. who have courage enough to detect and ext..
the infamous practices to which we refer, let these CU
it. We are ready join issue. The mass of the people
are honest, and have discernment enough to deteet trioh
from falsehood. Truth is mighty and will Fel:ad. - -
We fear not the recoil
... ..
Col. Plollet and the Bradford _trpt.s
It is seklent that are cotelefeent3 to tu4ka the ill•nn.
tared and snarling paragraphs which from time to time
appear in the columns of the Bradford Arvin. We, the
ether heel• uttered our surprise that the Arens should
speak even good•uaturedly of a Demoerii, of the occa
sion of its doing justice to our County Commis-ioners,
and then indulged the hope that it' was the dawning cf
a more generous coarse,— at which - the Argus bridled up
with a show of hottest (!) indigataion! Dot whatever
hopes we may have had, they are dissipated Iv the ri
• tricalous and malicimavattacks of that pnueituted and de
leased sheet, of lag Saturday, upon one of the members
fnim this County. We have Deere seen its eqaai for
gross weeniest, unjustruss, illiberality, and low.lmean
and uncalled for insinuations. It eoPies NAV an ankle
of a similar nature and character from a kindred, print,
the late organ of the Anunrasonic party and the leaehng
°rpm of modern vehtery, published at Harnshurg. edi
t,' by a mart whose name is the antidote - to the bane of
all he mar publit.h.
We bad male up our minds, that while this whole mat
, tee was untleizaing legal investation, to say nothing ut
relation to tt ; - and to wait oiattl we should haie the re
port of the committee, and the action of the House of
Representatives, when we would be able to by the whole
subject bet - ore our readers, in a redisti:e and intelligible
form, and enable , them to form a comet judgment for
themselves, upon the whole ca_.v. There is an evident
ilispavition manifested in the article &Lutes! tn, to r mpa
thise with the guilty. and to impugn the motives of those
who develaped the corrupt ineuenct. be which the ac
tion of the legislatute was to be coutrolia This, hos
ever, is pettedly nits:4 and withing mo , e than was to
LE expected Crain the now= from which it emanated.
it is the wont feature of p.dnics, and an evil which
rands miseirominently uo the way of progricsaion and
refirrix that there will hang on the skins of lefty, hue
hnxii and understrappers. incapable of appreciating the
letir and noble feelitilzs which animate the Wyss.. and
emtrol the actions of the generous and hberat, who are
ever ready to asperse the character and impugn the ex.-
tires of an opponent. whatever mar be the ,xv-ssion, re
gardless of truth and honor. These have opened their
tires upon Col. Ptaixxcr. An sac the in-se.! jesperable
of which is the Argos —in its neural awry of its ievoin.
Lim around the Harriasurg Telegraph, its sun and
It is hardly micessary, for us-to print out, the iZlCCel
agencies which abound in the article we anode to. MN
show the futile attempts to male light of. and ridicule
the coma the Col has taken in the UMW. 'We had
supposed that all would he glad to we such an attempt
exposed ; and we it (Fite certain that if the Whig
pima bled mule a general expemeima of sotisfacion, the
towns would not base muds half the noise it has; and
party would turn been merged in a moD hearty congrat
ubrion that ctime it'd thus been exposed.
The .4.rgqes mom unjust and illiberal in supposing
dated P. of his friends, had wished to broom con
*parsons by this come. On the contrail they attach to
de act no extra =mud of prabe, for it is no more than
there:pee-ad; bct they do fond fault with those who
we ready deanct from the merit of the act, mid even
series the r ail y bemuse. Cot. P. is a demoMut.
Tbar be bis 3 ice the part ota er.n.Tirdor is wor.hy
to he amend by those who any think the I.een'aurne
on Se tweet op by coney, or by thine whose FL-det
ain' iad podiee brand them as deetraany arsd slander
esta, bat we ask where is the end(' trice of a eon: Tinley
bartiez been wisocoessful with tbose who were not
nenaben of the Home ax carsequently weld not bieg
G being their notice, his oat propainen is a &rest et.
fate Etti. Pioliet, and tharsishant any
Emma Lim Ileneefirmard thee, the enraged eon piece;,
and Int bad oat the aims of otirb Mr. MIN)* is
=ii:*! been mom if oat lezany corriamanaard. before
Col. P. to the counsel rod adaiee of birods. Who.
ever the Ca. P. may ham dooe theorem, was but to
secure in a urea, and nrabir‘errsir the er, i'.4roser than
the root upt sienna bad been made. Oro the bread . mom
141 a Law laaribing span which ice set, and in io do.
in. be &ammo Ida- cants of viers booed man Cie hao.
in; so Lithfoly and ositragenony' perix=ed his duly.
tle BradSxl Reuter.]
!Lassen Emmaus ,--ffiting bona a=nez the rncy
guniSed iineenant a tbetr..e. exitisi of tbe Atndecry.
1-wiet to say akw are oeuisnting dr: insui=itin.-
1 rest l sat infria your !rakes at the eincess of its FM'
eat telebess in fathering papas dace; ram the reacie
dirk isai n leo& haat. sees as !fie toe
!air naziber tantk.- in atanaltaia Use taw a
&oh inalance or throng tower of zeal in human an.
dentakitit an4letmaider it a mat decided recommit.
!aiii - 1 5i0rp..213011-4,t tpordum. it 4 11.4 V,, 4 4 1 ,..%
c.iite ; pieir wg i ao .441. 1 44.. 4 im. , 99P ~i
4 ii_i,t7 A hii,„l, !...4-is. e _ tv ine ~..* CN:li4
tile Ilattre..4.i r lei gotgirk tile . t o ike- , ,oni .
.pletiOscy at
... army 414 int. Ftea 'ta g n.aninytl
'areetiv zecoiio - ' , ant4mi r tMtirely h too. andiii
fru alnuo4 Woollen' e m ployment ; SO that we hare no.
iti g y kj et ? ).e„ t ai gr iankilthe m alty ep av i,...,a a it shoal
- peartia 2,-0 iiiie.tilfthAilitilietit l'Zalti r ;M' . --
ry maa.ser, and rill at; muds in the Teat& as t hey aunt
Liam. e. ha Ile moile of executin g their sock.
!la O no.peett this late rthibition, ail pr..sent mod
hoe- !reit. s.o.S.ftea, din iln a nb t a l it !T he:.. nap:at-m g .
tleridt k t io tieelatnatioit imilif el.rn!p,:it.i it: to; 'tie ph.'
100 - Oktrar rummon - brancbrarliz—ttualy—
; wstakt remark also, that iniprug.dneut iu tvmposliaux
is a aarh higher step than in an t parrris'ar braich
ktioutriler. Those nho once t...rt.ire the halit writ
irmg Cinh X Moderate !leZ,nae , liederectnets, a i aregy
fuil of applying thcawolvev iNleacarqui.ittun
They mu-t feel the sva , t natal adores foam that de . .
family of ~ruing do - .n aft. De4l.r.• they areie.
woumand. eoercive dries pemang task". w Aorta-
We of our noel of 'min win ten, road hr.., Tr, a mat
lob rest in esery stiatr IlkaL ;7/.11 . 1_3, to WJpisly ifie
deficiency. In this va t :: tbe rcr:tml tatv be amakened,
arid itaing , tated to a .maispat.i. - ..; extent. Lard Bann.
has maid, tsar a full tuna ; ron.erS4non
reldy man; and Ittitial, :XI exact plan:* But more
, than this is haw rat writing, i. f. amine down our own
thoughts ut ellovuition—d lo the dUre.t itleAtOt of utak
hut a full man, one foil of real and aysiLible knowledge.
Ideas that none at reading may be host: but ilama
taitted.iu then correctly pin upon paper,
are ntrely inked imam no. even by the lapse ot . Cant.
I have Ewa!, this bale obaressian. liceause 1 think it
much totee:mitt of the Academy tbctt in this area If.
ficuil part a - education. ttiere au, xlcialcd an ate,icar.
ance 01 SlaCe‘ , 3, aul this in eitemamstmirces n o t the moat
faeoral.Lr. rourie whore therducati.oi of the youi.g
co Vg • Y. it 6 , in country playa, there
1110.11. piaaliar ditTheultirs iu sccuntig, ail the remilta al
e s uhfa,,b e d a u tumns, Where pupils pursue regular and
timoroagh course, wider a fixed cystesu of dimciplinc front
I ..ur II year.
It is to be hoped that a great impnotement may in this
resireei take pLice in pursuance of the sae suersnow in
Proceedings of lie Penne a. Ledslature.
(Cone=pumkurc of the Bradford IZep.rter.)
liAnnssnt - gu, Frbruarv-27, 1816
(ikr , I7LEMEN :—ln my last I gave you the
proceedings to the case of die attempt to bribe
Col. Piollet, one of your members in the House
of Representatives. .ux•e that time you have
re.,clved through die medium of Newspapers
and public documents. a lull report id the testi
mony. tog-titer with the report of the commit
tee of Investigation and the action of the house.
It is is no doubt grsLlt tog to the proole tit
Bradlurd to find that the couase pursued by
their representative in the matter has been fui
iy approved by the Committee and by the body
of which he is a member. It is to be hoped
that the exposure thus mole will prevent any
future attempts to corrupt the portly of legisla
tton. .Mr. Burrell of Westmoreland, hiss lid
lowed tip the matter be moving a resolution
in the !louse, wlitch oas agreed to, instruct
ing the, Committee on the Judiciary to report
a Mil to define and more elirrtuiUy potash the
crime of bribery, or attemptins to bribe mem
bers of site Legislature. or any other officers
of the government of this Commonwealth.
lx Tau ilovsn.—The general appropriation
bill is under consideration. Several of the up
propriations to the usual objects have been
agreed aproopciatiou of $30.000 to
pav the coaraidee of loan of the Danville and
Pottsville Hail Road Company was sinclien
out. • The section which has gowen rise to the
most discussion. and upon which 3 vote has
not yet been taken. is teat relative to the sala
ries of the Judoes of the Su, eal,. Court.
Ser2l.ll, as a - rpm-trilby the Committee
of 11 ass anti Means. is the foilnu•itt _ e words :
•• For the payment of the expenses of the
Judo tan, to wit; ter the salary of the chief
juslwe of the supreme court. two thous:llM six
Winifred and twenty-sax dollars and sr.siv-, , us
cents ; for the salaries of two assortate jos:lees
of the same court. whose commissions bear
date prior to the nineteenth day of July. ei7h
teen hundred and thirty-nine, four thonsand
dollars. that is to .ray. two thou - sand doltars.
to each of said associates; for the salary of
our associate justice of the same court, whose
etIMIMISIMI bears date subsequent to the nine
teenth day of July. eo , hteen and. thirty-nine.
,prior to the fourteenth day of January.
etchteen hundred and forty-three. one thousand
four hundred dollars; for the salary ofame as
sociate justice of the same court, whose com
mission bears date since the serenteeth day. of
April:eighteen hundred and forty-three. sixteen
hundred dollars."
To this Mr. Knox moved a substitute that
the Judges of the courts should he paid at-cord
ing to the amount heretofore fixed by law. and
in obedience to the decision of the Supreme
Court to the case of Judge Hepburn.
This subject has given rise to a very anima
ted debate. in which the power of Legislature
to reduce the salaries of the judges to what it
was at the time of their appointment has been
at:tenuously insisted upon by some.. and as
strenuously denied by others. Among others.
Messrs. Puillet and Webb. have spoken in ap
portion to the amendment of Mr. Knox. and
in favor of the proposition of the Committee.
A resolution was adopted to adjourn sine die
on the 4th of March. [There is no expects
min that the senate will eoncur,or that the Leg
islature wi:l bare progressed co far in its bu
stress, as to enabled to adjourn at that time.s.
A very large number of private bells has;
been passed during the week.
IN Tut Stets.—The two great rail road
bills have occupied the must of the time
of the Senate for the past week. On Monday
lasi, the bill to incorporate a company to con
struct a continuous rail roar! from Harrisburg
to Pittsburg was passed without much opposi
The rote rejecting. the first P eetion of the
bill granting the of way throo.h Penn-
Ayleanta to Pt:lshtar', to the Baltimore and
Ohio. Rail Road: Comoanc having been rerun.
stlered the bill was again taken up. Various
unsuccessful efforts were made to amend the
bill so as_ to restrict the privileges granted and
to make it cull and cold in ease that any com
pany to be incorporated to make a rail road
from Harrisburg to Pittsburg should. by a ape
cifiet! time, ichs.cribe and pay in a certain
amount of capital.' and place end contract a
certain portion of the road. The ball was read
a third time and passed to my by the follow.
j ag me:
- Yras—Mesh. Anderson. Carson. Dam
Dirsic, Varactick. Dunlap. Ebaugh„ Gibbons.
Gillis. lUill, IlooFer, Morrison lb Buss,
SAileraon; Snlliviu and Sherwiiod-17.
Benner. Ela ,re ac
orn n, Crabh, . Cr ,!era F
w iFitqlk • U: kman, Jorda
e 141.-
I r. m the Com ee In
JeatTialeene44, reported 2 1 , 042 , hh
the eorf•truetion of an inlet lock at Beach Grove
on the North Bratirlt Capal.
ment C e, reporiethhe supplement to
the net ineorporatrY ther 4 Suremr7 and
:and . Pittpinirs and Sustitieltalitut Bait Road
Com pity
I (lit srintion ittfi fllontnp ,Coreartitteer,..
titt'ofir. Joith.:rtry' were Instructed to emit - IM
. otothreaptstlwritty-mf-oppJttng..ii,.).iiliAo..try.„.„
PPrsolls charted with ; the smeller, of
crime by
. Iwwe:l or jtvoices courts where the
person charged shall ao fleet.
The hill to serum In Jul in.; S. Holden a
new trial in a Certain snit in Bradford County:
and the hill to establish a , public ferry.' en the
North Erntich nf the Stniquehanna et the tin.
ofTutiklia.inuek, hare paS:ied the Seta •
ate• - - ;
irrisal of the Cumbria.
The Stennisliip Carntiris, Capt
iced it W.,: lit on' the -191 h Mi. 'llse news by
this orrical isitt n high itegree interrstirig ad
confirmatory of Vint hrouifht .hy- the :Hibernia
respertinw•the of the Corn Lain,
&S„ !ainbria brines advises , linnt
Lieerpool h, the 4th km., London &Wend --
M.. •'' '
The ffirofilli of Parliament and the- Queen's •
.perch; and the rentarLa of i*:.r Robert Peel .and •
Lont John iin.o;ett in relation to the El/Mien af
fair* of ( . /r...4t II pinteularty -with the Unit.'
ed Siates. me a very , favorable • ronipiesion• to
cite Ore.ion quesan it. Sir !filbert mid Lon
corefento tile course pursued by. Mr. Pakeithion
mi 'he thelon nuesitson. panteniarly Ms refusal
01 the id/ern( Mr. Buchanan. withoutsubmiuini
it to the consideration ofilis government. The
giteeies speech is entirely paeifie.• ,
Lunt-John Rossell ti opposed to the intreave
of the army anti navy sit Great Britain, and says
that the only need ot any increase is the increase
in the pthweSgion of that euveninent. The re
duction of dimes t.n American produce proposed
by er Robert Peel, meets with much favor, and
is expected to increase the business- of the
uistrietta very much., The ac
counts of the various market are • of the moat
favorable character.
ATIE.IirT TO .14,CAPE..-1 uittifilogeniotts but
unsuccessful attempt was made by a colored man
named Gums, to escape frum the ilarrieborg
prison .1111 lie mglit of the 17th instant. ne,
had succeeded by means of themachinery attach
ed to the loom in his cell, and the webbing or
the material lupin which he was working, to
escape through the wall of his , rr'l, and ascend
to the li is of the corridor. W !tile endeavor,-
lug to tweak the glass of the 1.1;0r -fights. the
w e bbing broke, ;a0(1 fell to the floor oldie
prtsi in. a e l.i 28 feet:u here lie was finnid
its a disabled eoudit ion by the keeper, 111 r. Wat,
Ile is under -a sentence of nine years impnson
meat—fos burlllary. 31easures have been taken
'v t h e nvrrncer• to prvvent a 14:petition ot t i a i
”Ifence by eztabli,liina a night %%unit over die
Btzrrtio •VE.t:I.S OF Wan FOR OREGOV.!
The London Slanting, Chronicle of the 261ti'
January trtes: ••• it is that her
PfTV'S ship Xi:writ-a. 50, Cortimodore the Flom
Join Conlon. with a steamship" and a brit; had
been despatch'. d Rear-Ai:mirai Sir George
Seymour. to the Coin mbia river: on the Gre.von e
int/ in pus. 300.1 ex peeled to be bent thititt
er when her magazine is altered."
THE „M•damsics.—The Warsaw (III.) Siettal.
of the 11th, says that the, Nhirrinsms •• have beeti
crssnr2 the river in a perfeetarmy." About.7oo
had eticaMpeti-tni IS:l2ar Crerk. 10w.% It is sup:
posed that one or twt thousand hare Are:tilt
started. Major Warren has issued au addresS
to the people of II atierck. enjomittE upon them a
strict unserrAnce of the compromise. and ere-
co:Ingot : : the 31ormous to vrolt-CL themselves,
if nerd be, by powder and
DI. , .OFTRoF9 R:,1".".L1 OF TOE STOR3I.--rhi ,
severe North vast siiiint "(Saturday night and
StlioLit . the 1 ilfit and 1301 inst.. was attended
soh most di,-,s•rous consequences to life and
Prul'e , lY• There is at present reason for sup
posing ward of silty lives hare beentust.
A New Yolk paper says.: Eight sessels are
ashore at Squain !leach. and the crews and pa -
seneers:inust have peri.Shed within sight of the
—No our is al foolish as to sonsne . for a moment. that
we can live without ratinz. any more Oren a tree could
dense nutriment from the air atones ...thong
All therfore know that u is what we Fatima the sinus=
aril which causes us to lice. INe make eget our hod;
Ws from the stomach, in (nun there to time yeti we,
make over out bodies enrirely.—Than, whit is of
us today. is;itisolurely not a pet of us tomorrow The
secretions, such as perspiration and othe
tinually make our bodies waste, and it is from the stom
ach that we supply this waste. All we have to do to
mate our bodies ultimately heahhy is to present un
healthy panicles Corm mu' in; with the l•lood. Purg
ation does this fur us, provided the purzative we employ
contain in it nothing whi-th intl. weaken ordo dsinitsry.
PILLS, fez this puriese, will be found all that is re
quired ; bectow they purge 'friteo the stozosh and bow
els the supwabrudance of humors that may has* welt- .
mutated in the syttern„ befee they base time to pr 3m
putrefartion; and is natural consequence—death.
501..1 by J. D. & E. D. Nfosessrs., Towanda ; G.
A. Pill& INA, Athena, only authorized Agmts ke Brad
ford County.
A FACT WORTH KNOWING.—A gendessas of
a satdolows habit tempoga....rmand with Eilerratawas. of
thelhroat awl Now, and a disaratatie and turatdosasse
istase of the skim. Indeed his whole system byre the
marls of being saturated with &sew- Ous. bales!' and
Wrist were soursett &costa that her had!ow the use of
The hand. corer pe bti covered me b
am o&Wry Elcess, and his tozdaul a t‘t weir Si hol
low and protons as a twaseTtoush. was midis "tee of
his complatat„ wham death aictarul toceita t s4efossa,a
loathsome (*rase: that he commarsaid 1.6. use uria l tra7s,
As-smarms, and basin Sea
. Ikstera haulm
exarscrat curd. —Pcarac Lamm'.
This A LTERATIrE opens= thumb the dards
-don and ycrif. , es :be bind and erdErases adds Stain
.sdirch, dewier lamed: arid the nnmernes and 41
&dares ,ad the Fcia, Cidss: Stab, deism, Lisa
C. Pis . Diepeßs 4 , and ii Mud& aids* is
may asianzania t -
Prepaid only by Dr.D,,,J.Mit. Ns.B Snub ' Third
ai L bilaktiPhig- Sad by . 4 9e /1. idwarys
.---•- • ••1•••" : •:-• - = . 2:::"•• ', 2."•!:' : .:•-!- - . , - - Ti•,',...:,:.".2.., ,,, :: -:„...... ...., . .....,..1..,.. `..,: =',.•.- ..:.*,'-:- . • ..,..._.:- '........; -- -.4. - ..:. :........ ...,.. ~
... CIRCULAR . fhe Wyoming coal valley is about sixty miles lens a d ,
wide. covering an area of at-least three hundreds al s uar: - "
• r.,OF_T ON IA , C0:11. 'PEI 'FIN' . * -AT one ta aifiii sltor — o ''. - -•nd acres. Th e edal,
WE 'AIN% lUTI ,11 ! ix t , ll.ii 0 ii A. IA 13- eal aur o ff flitinc rid Arts , who explored th e '
0 A ".1 4Ct . A
says'tl4lt en etn .. rco ad'been discovered. a m:
+l, r" . '
.i. - ~ - - . i', . ..
. . .....
............ ,
1‘ i i -,.., ,: . ... , ~ , her„ ale re n iteen, h ays, 6* except as a m atter ,
' ' .i o N PE m. A..\FE ' , Art S' 84
i „,.
theri ti n er ityg deep g. for the quantity of
it , ' l '4.
f--4T a Canal Mr ing hit To oda, e Mier- the. i" thiL,Yl4 - iS_ og. sr 10110austible." (Vol. 18, „, ''
1 - he several veins discovered and proved. amou nt ', 4 ` l
h cur pose of considcring the soli err of the North Branch. Canal ; its aa:
connection with the canals'of the state of New York • the exchange to about seventy feet, which according to th e usual estima"
"'"iiiite`lirie — girefMt iiirFebT 7 Prrirsiytre'ri e tMetisiiirtir!''' lol-4911; "" 1 ""ggretateet .4 '
, New York, and the advantages to be derived by the . citizens there. teV.OOO of tons in the valley. -If only half of thisi m ,„ er i •
coti' worked, and no other veins should: bi if le '
1 " . id,"aild Wia'at'aieei 'afiges - aid. the suht-cribers were appointed a Cur- lßottre
modal be sufficient coal to sustain an animal expo rt o f-,,,'
responding Committee to further theratialutuent ofthuse_elgects. .
~l ioias Or rain. fiaa: ifean , ;Md rear.. iViihaut bring le, i,,,,',. " :
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1 - inexhaustible quatilittes of gametal- coal-and iromoyei. the impe• increase uf. g s pope' in non and iirinriu ol laiprot m ew ; -
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Xlis- proper authorities of these flaytf.hailipe;e:a.ity:yoma midlied ' ;
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an elNehalit.e . of .0e surplus minerals of one itate 'nit tliore of pile
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incl.:op_ tile North Branch of the blusqueitiainaAii,9 , e..o:9e line. - -/
tilap . '4;aatl , l;.:- , i, and umber b., , :di bec o me mor e 'warm ..'' b.
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ed the progress* a r. the Nor th Branch Canal, which tattKitniay be 'f.sll : -4. as s<ton_ a. this elrc-n. , --1 is opened. The vett ',.,'
necessary to 7 mfuieie more particularly. kr:, is the bemire! stab, ~,,i i.xi.iin that region, (ICJ.;
Au empty treasury. and I the embarrassed attoattrol of the f s inanees
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of the'PeaMle orthimitsvltattii'inis'iook thi• true 2-it, •'.:.. , T,•-'it e, ....,.,,,,, -IT hated, Tho deum.d ,h , t< x , s , s 1, 4 that. s pe cies of furl ~,..
10. Ly ‘,.. , ,,i... , ...• , ~•• lenoi , ( l ll i f i r . A ...l , hi. State atilt .e•peciaily at the a.-
tvhett they dive.rgrcl riled Peon tite - v411,0-of t the' ett f -lifteltaftita6vey_ „ .. c i , .' i ,. , . . : ,- I ,• ~- °I; F-'
notittaga is . a re a 4 . !, ern .01,11.4-ralp e and a; is iintil.:: ,;•
the Innuntaitis:'with' her 'eattal. amid 'ehristenell that the . •vii. , E;i—t - Ai..... ,-
!..-im. , ..- with the...tit:ogres. of "Air p oin a aLum . '
- Saul tuis'aMitherit 'tOute. 'the brirarb: ' Kit, in CtiL l itifit4ileti - Jr:sitai . l
legislation. wiiukt cotivlatle.thiat the r,ireal. e . S.iierit'sqlwesiern 'ei . .. • The rapid incre<o , •.f the coal trade on Wiwi' ranals sh, r
ties of PennitYleania. wer.'aftekinrieitintereial;cfyi.titaes. rattier i -6e " "1"1" two t! ' '''' ' I r. '''` ''. i ' f i . "' l ' "me ne•e , .. •
thait'a4equiteriatint in toils ,for the - itiyesuuoms out Mat line, in • " l 'i"" - • .I.:"'" t - OH. 1:!::. re'lli, :-11.0 al thrar,`r, i,... •
- ' ; {eat , torn, ge.ter,it ti,..- to our r tic.. where thi-re nas an tier
emnpartsoji until" time North Ihratieft. . -
Ex perienee k. - ne4 'far to iiro'c'e - that time stneli'6r eatials. in this " 4-. ne4.6. " veh2 "" w l . t i ''" :' " ' r': ' •.:' - • ' " I '9' I". I'' ' -'.79-.44- .
w hi e tc t h ey were i. ~. ...••.;" ~tfe.l. lint ik. trolov i. rco .
enuttiry atilt inr.tirove.'ia noire produclive in :: teu-(ohl "tirgri-e,
when use.d . (Dr the . tratttp'bri‘ott at iiiineral priefu' se ts, au" krrait:d ht. 1 , - where Undeisaind—pi kl. t'..- i:..:-id r ove. - afhi 1 ,,,, c „ nn .
euat and Miners! irgiotts. T 5 ilinitraic !lots "I'art, ti-`e i t i;.iz;• mime Mr. vie-t, the w:int oh it 1 , lc; ‘.l t:.e p,op:e Instead of iorr,.
lowioi extract;, froiti a report of much resedrli; ra,...fe fib Col.' It..` , 7 I"' I'Y'"• - by the Y. l "'N pr 'z , ' " "I remormaTreitult , Tit by a •
B. Wfight. ia. 1.310: ' , •••• .e • tri a lo i .ti l e der.-.rill tv0....1 he ;.rs...r.i. _. v. „eft's it contrib....?
The ralne of time S:oek of the Schoilliill tan:a crii., - „,, g , if i ("•••' a""•• it''' - hr'''r• 3 i... ' - ""•••• • 4'""`-" , - 41 • ii 4 - us, 6-
rbiladelphi, mul le . ratinating at l'ori n CarbOar; aii,r 0 tinltili,,, 1.4 i iinhavvit.'Sr raruse, 1• 1 ,1...., 1: ~::ran 0 weg.,). Cortland., t ,
a °iron" ililislcali.;ri - of the Any*. l'ai-ithis Caital is. I 98 7. ' t n6s in" .1 In•learie , ec-e--" 4E O - ‘1" , •-•/ ,;: ' , O.' , 1 .,, r a ist.r!....ts fur the v.,,-
len ,, tlt, and cost :i little allot-. Of 3 :000.:000 of .offart.. - 'hie - atir'eal ' 4 e° 3l- heltee 111 " Ph ,, : ''' ;Phi , b"'a• a fr. .r‘L,for ti,,: ! ' .. ' l, ..
:ft : r
. .
were Orieinath $5O eaeli, and their aruml value at thi. lime' is P l " e' daw n 'he t '"""' I" •""eitr'""n• '.But the Pr^*"-"1
- .eoal trade on ate . s:-.--7.,i., ii..iii r..,..,;, .1. iit he a safe gtifie :a t.
short! $O9. or two hundred per cent shore i) - ii. It .. .penetrate:lke
S,:1114 I kil I suinior ffatriet. amid eooneets with the se:Unit-J.l. b•:t . I i i t i': la ° P iny " a" • `'''" it '",, Le . 1 II 4 lie i' , :tit Bram-h.
some of the Briii , h canal , thew conetugivele the intitartattee of a• f' 'Jere falovvv a f ::<:e. flintit Mg , the guaatity of coal teats
connection wktli mining th..inet,—wheit 'roiiipared trill CaMils de- 1 . upon the Schur Iktii ,41..1i. e,cf. ,:,r, lr in the openirg, of t,...,
pending no 2'v:6c...floral and commercial tonnage for the val ti 4 'of t in 2825 to 1530—tit Ow !..“. - r . ; ear Ilbeze.: taas ehti , pea4ti:„..4*.:- 1
their sioelt. A. few instancri- are given-Ist canals relvitig 013 - The remit then P'•'" . ':-'—
agrirultural tonnair Cur 1.415'. • •• : lt-tvilh be pereen•.•.! 'hat ii.fere !las no:l,een art f.r.717.--,.L li
The Wry Arun Canals connects a rich agricialtural distriCi with I ' than in the fitiarni•y p ,--1 .)n ilt!,6 W.:tit - 4:ton dur..4 ... 1.;,, ,
the c 4 of London. years, and unit the ..,-er • ,•• ;;•.; miay pi-r zttI,LIT% ft:. L,,!::
I ilitieir 435 763 too , . To::: - 7:, .v, iii , rer , r.... be :.•...,:.: •
q•tatatt.y tweded on the present myth:diem. and chat as...
t - vros-tit tt-tll depend T p. , n 0. , t ochry of obtafoing at a r- •
l wood. ; o w increase et p •:,.,: .:. n. 1 hare 1- :two rcis.U.a 'tor .
Olaf this ma the irero....t t .1 ..:aty that tv::1 it......‘" ‘l,l :i..: ',
Bradt: if n'i , nr , a..! to - :,.--:: in ilie ef:al , -Cicil t.+4 ti.e e.,...,. ,
be*.oftp!ted. from \' !. ,
-, 11;4 iota. irons . i •i--t ~:- i
antti..4.llt. 'Thus c ,, ,1 1.,
Portsuinuth antlAmndel canal runs Awn' the Wey and Arun
Canal. thruugh a rich airiculturat uistrict
Regent Canal extends from f'aildington tritlt
principal canals of the Kingdom. co tue cily of Loudon.
Croydon canal. leads /rum a rich agricultural dirrimsoullt
Thames :u London. .
Thamei and Aleacray.emmt. connects a inch agricultural cou;fry
upon the river Medway. with the Thames. helots: -the ';"1 of
Shares cost 3914:3 .
: esti for 11
2.1. Canals nth:in_ on coal- and iron transportation (or tonna•re
The Gra:of/unction Canal. ...Lenchag trugu the ecrat cuiaca
Coventry. to London—rcro 8. 3.656 en!tart, _
Shama cu-c A. !Oa
Non• rei: for
The Leedi and Liverpool eaten:. one loi.nlred arid
low". connects Leeds ti cdt the. cosawer,asi coy ul I„treqe,,d—and .
rune through a coal region.
Shares cost
• :Now self (or £41'..)
'he Coventry Canal item trholiv to a coal rvgion.—and eitenls
to the great atanufactursof roy.of IStraungharn.
Shares to .t
. vc.ti fur c:ti'JJ
• •
The Forth and Clyde Canal. tonneni. ,-;viA or
Edinburg and thissiiir. runs iii:ough a mall coal field, ati.l
plies these cotes cob noaL
• NOW sell for
Oxford canal—extends (ruin neer Cocenlry. in the Birmingham
roal richt. to Oxford—where n connects wit the Than.4.,-*--about
50 miles nonhwest of London:
Shares cost r !.00
Now sell (or 1.59.5
The Stafford and Worcester cartal„-riuming thron,h t he C oa l re
gion, and near the great manufacturing tows of 'IA olrerhacupwa.
Shares cost 4:1-10
Now sell few £6lO
The Somerset Coal Canal—lies mholii- in u.e Coal re , -ion. and
has no other tonnage except coal for the Cu. , : of BristoO
Shares rcwt
No a• sett tur .42170
The Mersey -and {resell canal runs nevly, parallel with tte
Doke of Bridgewatees canal—one or two maks only to the north
—Coal for the eity'of Liverpool forms a eon.t.ttlerable poraoa of its
Shams rest • £lOO
fur 1.571)
The Trent-ar i d Mersey Canal, runs through a coal bp%
cowered with boas Inzdi.d with coal and iron, running Imticeen
Binninghant and Liverpool.
- Shires rust oats- LtiO •
Now sell for' 4.610_
The eelebtateit Duke or tbid.vewnter's tanalt WhiCh Cost the
whole of hts tmrnen-e fortune--!350.(100 pounds stetlatg.. or a mil
lion antra ball of dollars, inten , h- t rto orn armnmu tcaii«it
his ertemia , ma! thinrsund the ri:c of Minch...stet. crowd'
ineriittr of - which at this time; is eve/ to the whale eortcfCzc
BOcis the location - of the 'Korth Ersiteh Canal'stich, it 'mar he
asked. as-oiettsote theidli-ant7...0 or ostensive coal god mi,er omse
ra) iormitre'
In entre' boratinn of our opinitin of the nEirTaate of thiS'inqUiry,
we make the followine es - trace (twit 2 report can Zll if sutler!,
trade in ISIO„ by Ca:: Janie! P. 8011. late appraiser on the poyte
of vas entered upon the jonraals, sad
. .
Primed by ander Of the' .`lenate :
From the head of the tin:shed line. at the Month of
to the tfate lire. to 'a distance of t-incy-test . meet.. *even
teen miles itifitfe'enisticli line thr-cv , h the ens!
refilm of the Wsomine e n 'that win the _lr4 . r4e is von:Pl
ed there trill be in ilitirTd nontSeis one hnn:!rPti nie'es or ram.] from
the coal region north intn . the 'State of NeW york. ,on which the
State The great staples ghid. ails eonstitote
ttie b`Olk .. Cif trtetrade on this moat is the coal anifiroil of Pa.. arid
salt and plaster of Neer Vtirk: The fattei will tind,t4 , vac alnig
adl this linettofzhe Pennsylvania canal on the'S . tta, as far
foutb COombis. thus increasing the: wilts upon. Vaimaia trunk,
below Northumberland.
Shares rfft
flow Feta for
. L 100
Sharre. rlk , 4
. I S ,, w sell fur
..f.: WO
Now sell (or
Shares cost
Note sett (of
mile n► fie rt!resi
:iereg. Several TI-1,,‘ wnr!.;t 7•• •erm ,
11 1111 1 to Or,IV 4;ne-t!,
C field tt.,ent , n-ell wit . ro,[. Z::4‘ll.lUe , tine rcs: to ;or
~,r , s m s, 1.731./lie 1 - 01
are c.-.rerr htin:fre-d and toil , . -€4.1 ca/..i,nis ul tuns pi
in the :left!. sofii , ient for a:i peri,ose.s.
1 , 4 order it) straw ti,,t 1-tr ,, ' , ..:(1u.t1. of :fv.!.rar
I itimierariep trolhe:s,ie
1 - I.v.tfiv •
e(v,l4 h7wro.
A f‘-r err =I. !Prir
lan eOl,-t.!e ^ . - ed •
S(T IJC , I.ln. r34cl,
2ha1..70 W "'Dm,:
.I%hP rt-Illt!I
lit :4)14 Zvi
viitt!P to
<v.,.n!et•S with a. ill.
retnntioss hAvf , , r
11'h It porum n! I
e,,urtso ire tilt. vroi
We pro...l..nuiP. s 11. at %-••-• , -‘ 1,,r 1 I%e e
we 2...31. MP Ilia; e*: t! i= r 1:117
arc and 2* 1112. ,, t r ;+
( 4, 4 , 11 4 .1 . 714 4 'S 2/1 4 1V:714 4 1 .7 Dr. , 4 1p-r. ^t ,4 4, ' ' 4 '
detioet one-tsl. - of Crs. 0•• •t.
Ixeshel of ot7,4:er per n,r- n . , s - en .
to a tort wilt o,we 51 of it ps,..sirl; the
irashvitna por.ton s:Atra.t:ta canal
~tnm iI, K data we tt,
North 111rPnrh tine. ! t, _
above. *akin , ' care .....r t-f•o0.1., al.: a.;
itic to the nre.ent Tales of to a:1 ryerl Ehe ('e
400.001) tors an!hr2t-fv. coal, 10. J rt,ites 5 tr. , tlls
50.000 .•
4 11 090
20.000 p.m
bbls. set
F. - rrlnher inforn;•inr.
P nrt o frl of 1 ( . 1 , 1"“!! ( 7, rnserl!ior.. .1 or.` 7
St! . fr , ;rli :b. I,oz-r"..
tna. Bralt 4rl anti S r,
'• ii•7,!5
Val!ey. tire un;slr:F.ileied szlte. 221
2"d ir 4 , 4:7:) , 1;::: ,) in
titer flrrictk C . 4.32 ti nz,;:z•-•151e
s' , l:l of 4.1-1.1.1m0 !on. S.
to !••
lett:f:r—:.?tere t:I 00 quic.t. co: caaa: upoa
at a In.f a•celit tna per
the •lta
' 2 , 1 it, etl.e. ri" ;11tV tipe zi lr*: .1s::e. co -1_ z!...‘
of 5 :•er
COL:11'01: wa) ;Nufi.t)
our ecothaduce
Ic!! bard: pry 11 .
'sfrociait. um! -
he ; : ' 4°4
no cu. ea e Nes Y 43:1.•
-co6ion tti
" - te c , fthe r.
nr Ner.- 11 2 2.3,;` , ..-2:. '2 ! 7 1.5
i-nrn2F - 2.5 urns fr,o ;:Fr;
4535: ±55:4F.. Ti:e :;‘,;,: 0315 '4l tas't'ier_ rnrc be 25.Crrr±
cr tr!rt7: 1.51:3.0047 b;co ,. .nir... int:Sl=Fr .
' Ti,: :72t , of cl.nsl.lay:ir".7. 1/3ivltri I
,rm. ,
rail:inz art.! 2 hifrot =
`'le toe; :irP C6C.12.4.*Ay 23 Iretti
crr.l;a::% tkiv—,al..T;3a. • •
NS 111.
I. aia
tr l 7 ..
CF•":l;ti ,- ,.: I
IC 1• rn2%
;rrt f-•
or e a n''
T. i'cle r. - 7.r, pr
irrt W(. •/
r , !e if •^1
r7 , :11
U. •1. : . t
r. :.r•! Fr.."
inlle4 S 4
at Z.f.rerta
!Ta r p
pro:;eesi W rZiali: 2 tj s ."- "
1 a .r sr :races
rul2l araccnt
L!•:!, f:57.r• - • s •