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    gETSME9,§ 10
. •
i g virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni 'Exports's,
issued from thocoort of common pleas of Brad
ford loonty, to inc directed, I shall expose to public
ri;deit the house of Will. BRIGGS, in the borough of
Thianda, on Wednesday, the 22d day of October 1845,
tattwo o'clock P. , the equal and undivided half of
t o following described piece or parcel of Lind' situate in
Nell,: township, Bradford county, bounded on the north
by lands of Ales. Roy and George H.Shepard, east by
A be public highway and Andrew Austin, south by John
D a vey and James Kelley and west by land in posses
ilea of Ort Smith. Containing 108 acres, with about
46 acres improved, together with a saw-mill, two fra
med dwelling houses, one framed barn and one log
barn thereon.
ALSO—One fourth of the following described lot or
piece. ot land.situate in said township of Wells, county
aforesaid. bounded on the north by land of John Strong
and Whitington Sayre, east by land of Silas Jones,
Stowell A--Grinnell, south by land of Alex. Seely and
James A. Wilson and Daniel Strong, and west by land
o f John Brownell and Wm. H. French, Containing
oboist 280 acres.
ALSO—One half of the following described piece of
land containing 1433 acres, bounded on the north by
land of .B. Strong, - east by land known a , the John
,,on tract. south by lands of Stowell & Grinnell and west
Is land of Alex. Seely, Stowell & Grinnell, and Geo.
R. Shepard.
Seized end taken in execution at the suit Tof Evans
Wilcox to the use of f.Lane vs: Elijah Stowell.
AI :SO—The following piece or parcel of land situate
inClster township and hounded on the east by the,
- road leading from Towanda to Athens and lands of G,
Tracy, north by land in the possession of T. Havens,
west by land of H.S. 'Welles. and south by lands of
raid Welles. Containing about seven acres more or
less partly improved, with a saw mill thereon erected,
with a turning lathe in said mill.
... 4 tized and taken in execution at the suit of Guy
Tracy as. Asa Forest.
J. N. WESTON, Sheriff,
Sheriff's tidier, Towanda, September 25. 1845.
T"E 2 ;,,,v, Ntrnds ',re:Toned until Monday the
Go! d,y of December next, at thesame place and
time of day.
J. N. WESTON, ShCriff,
Shentrs office, Towanda, October 27, )815,
• • i'N;;74 . 1.t.) .TrO r flT s- 4,0
NOTII:E is hereby given that by virtue of nn order
of the Orphans' Court of Bradford County, held
at Ton arida, on ttle 12th day of September, Al). 1545;
iii„tne directed. there will be exposed to public sale at
the hone of A. Cooly, at MyeisVurg, on Thursday'
the :1;1;1 day of November next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., the
tuttoane.; &scribed property, to wit. 66 acres of boa
~care in Wysoc township with Cl) acres improved,
with a framed Lam and tenant house thereon erected,
k.e in ded un the north by lauds lydoriging to the estate
of Elliot Whitney, on the east by lauds belonging to
Wait:ivy's and Asa Bennett, on the south by hods be
longing to J.M. Leed, on the west by lands belonging
to Fran!: ti^hormakir, Myer and Whitney.
:duo—A Lut of Land containing abont 75 acres,
with about 25 acres unproved, hounded on the north by
bails belongirs2. to to Asa Bennet, on the west by lands
belongiu; to E. R. Myer and Robert Spalding. on the
,euth by lands of „Robert Spalding anti Win. Patrick,
ou the west by ti 4 amitel Chamberlin's lands.
A L oo.—:;0 acres of land bounded on the north by land
belonging to E. on the ieaat by lands telongine
to `arced iieynolle.. on the south by lands li - lotigiog to
A n gesine Bull. on the west by lands belonging to A.
M. Allen at d I?.,rert Inman.
c,o—About I—ti pt a lot of land containing 17 ones,
ail unprold. nan a dwelling house thereon erected,
wundrd on the east and south by lands belonging to
Coolhioglt. on the west by Joseph Conklin, on
do north by lands of J. M. Reed or tte, hothe farm.—
Terms reasonable, and fully made known on day of sale.
E. REED MYER, Admistrator.
llyersburg, Ort. 27, 1845.
'l3r t'ELXIr4S,IIkEZ 31£C 13_319Er'is
IN the Susquehanna, on or about the 12th of Oct.
I a quantity of ciltitte pine boards suppostid to be
from the examination bad; they consist of one platform
13 deep,'l2 by 16. The miler is requested to call
aid prove property, pay cinrgO, including the coat of
thiiatirerfgemut and take them into his own core.
Duren. net. "_lath, 16.13. WM. J. COLE.
DY virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias 'issued
cut of the court of Common Pleas of
Bradford county, to me directed. I shag expose
to public sale at the house of Wm Briggs in
the borough of Towanda, on Saturday the 29th
niNovember nett at I o'clock. P. M., the fol
lowing piece nt parcel of land situate in Athens
and bounded on the east by lands of E. H.
Perkins, on the south by lands of H. Williston
Esq., on the West by lands of Mrs. De Witt,
and on the' north by lands of H. W. Patrick,
containing 120 acres same more or less with
about to acres unproved, a framed house and
barn a small orchard thereon.
ALSO—One other ,piece situate in Athens
and bounded on the east by limds of Horace
Williston, Esq.. on the south by the Caton
line and lands owned by Horace Williston, Jr.,
on the west by lands of Jamb Jones, and on the
north by land.; of H. W. Patrick, &
N. T. tV ynkoop,contaittitio three hundred acres
with about thirty acres improved and a log Igiuse
Seized and taken in elocution at the shit of
IL W. PiAriek vs. Asa Forest, Administrator of
T. D. liciatian deceased.
_;9° N. W ESTON, Sheriff,
Sheritrs Office, TAanda. Oct. 29, 18-15.
_ R Dl.l S.l LE.
oncE: io hereby given, that by virtue of an order
of the Orphaii's Court of Bradford County to me
!nerted, will be exposeirto public sale, on the premi
,,, on :Saturday the 39 day et .November neat, at I o'
clock in the afternoon, the following lot of land situ
ate in Toivanda tuanvhip , bounded on the nortlibv D.
on the east by Benj. Wilcoir,"on the youth by
IhMiictioil, and on the west Ls W. Patton. Con-
Uutuzz twenty-five rc,,s, with aloghouse thereon erect
ar.l thre e or four acres improved. Terms made
izagn on the day of sale.
Oct. 16331 P. FISHER..
Guardian of the minor cliildren of Martin Miller
(To hr and f whirr,! reserve.)
Plaid Woolen new style, •
nob ROti do.. G-1 1a—•1.
,111 S rleL en,brord :11. D.. Lane.
Plain Bni. do.
We say thee are very cheap. those who are skeptical
4n be convinced by calling, and purchasine: ot
'Oct. G. E. FLY.N.I;& ,
.1130 2. -- 1 2L - 11re - 152_, — .11S•es
IDIERSONS indebted. to the subscriber for Drugs &,
Medicines or otherwise, will save costs by settling
teen accounts before the first. November next.
0ct.7.1n45. , ARON .
Portrait Painting, by . W. 11, Perhub,
Nowni SIDI: of the square, in the won, over J.
C. Adams' Law .01 - Bee—Col. Mix's block.
Likeesses warranted. Trantparent Blinds, of any
sne or liattern desired. June IS, 11445.
R JAMES M. GOODRICH has located himself
JUIV at MONROE, for the practice of his prollfsaion,
and will ho Incased to wait On thdse requiring hie
lfe may he found at .1. L. Johnson's tavern.
Roetence may be male to Dr.s. llrszus & Mastin,
of Towanda. April 23, 1843.
11 AVING enlarged the Reporter, the' Press which
we have heretofore used, is offered for sale, very
CHEAP Fort CASH. It Is a 'Washington patent,
i mPtnial size, and an easier and is tier working press
Lever was put up. It will he delivered at Owego. Ef;
Lairs or. Ralston: Addicas E. S. GooDuicu: soN.
Towanda, Pa.
Y virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni Ex
. lls ponas, issued out of the court of Common
Pleas of Bradford county. to me7directed, I shall
expose to public, sale at the house of W.- Brig.'s
in the botough of Towanda, on Monday the Ist s
day of December next at one o'clock, P. M., the
following desciihed piece or parcel of land situ
ate in the township of Ulster, bounded . on the
north by land of Wm. Plowman, on the east by
the public highway, and south and west by land
of William Gibson. Containing one acre or
thereabouts, with one framed house and one
framed blacksmith shop thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
William Gibson vs. John Fuller.
- SO—The following described piece of
land situate in Wyalusing ton nship 31111) boun
ded on the north by Mr. Sunmer, on the east by
James Yawn and John Chamberlin, on the south
by Oliver Blown and Michael Weldrielt, on the
west by Isaac jetining and Charles Hornet.—
Containing 88 acres more or 1e55,.:30 0r . 40 im
proved, frame house and log barn thereon erect-
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
S. Mills to the use of Miller Bowman & co.
now assigned to J. Palmer vs. Isaac Place.
.3LSO—The following piece of land situate
Athens township and hounded on the north by
the Chemung river, on the east by Gardiner &
White, on the west by Neal igeDuffie. Con.
tainiug about twenty six acres with about eight
aereamproved with four framed dwelling houses
two framed barns and one.saw thereon
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
Josiah Stowell vs. Daniel l3erchard and Samuel
S. Clad:.
ALSO—The following piece or parcel of
land situate in the township of Wells, bounded
on the North by lands of Alexander- Roy and
George H. Shepherd, East by land of Andrew
Austin and the public highway, south by • land
of James Kelly and John Davey and on the
west by land of Orr Smith. Containing about
one hundred and six acres, about forty thereof
improved with two frame houses, one frame
barn and log haru and one saw mill thereon.
.ILSO—The following piece ofland situated
in said township of %Veils and bounded on the
north by land of John Strong, east by lands
known as the.JohnsonW Mullin lands, south by
lands in possession of Win. Ilubler and west
by land of Stowell and Grinnell and George 11.
Shepherd and Alexander Seeley. Containing
one hundred and forty seven acres or there
31,80—Stowell & rinnell's equal undivi
ded half of the following piece or parcel of land
situate in said 'township, bounded on the north
by lands of Henry Johnson, east by land of
Slowed & Grinnell and Silas Jones, south by
hinds of Daniel Strong, Alexander Seely and J.
A. Wilson, and on the west by lands of John
Brownell and \V. H. French. Containing two
hundredlind:eighty acres or thereabouts.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
'miry. Johnson vs. Elijah Stowell and Lorenzo
Grinnell. -
.1./..SO—Lly virtue of sundry writs of Levari
Facias, a certain messuage lying within
the lines of a tract of land located under the war
' rani no. 1487 in the name of Charles Carroll of
Carrollton, beginning at a stake and stories at
the north east corner of lot no. 3, and the north
west corner of lot no. 4. running and binding
on the said - Carroll's north line on the south'
line of lands owned by heirs of the late Wm.
Bingham 106 perches to the corner of lot no. 5
conveyed to Ebenezer Email ; thence south
binding on sail] E. French's west line on the
east line of lot no. 4 to the south west cor
ner of said Ebenezer Frenph's lot and the south
east earner of lot no. 4 ; thence west 106 pin
ches to the south east corner of lot no. 3 convey
ed to Richard M. Kelly and the south west cor
ner of lot no. 4 ; thence; north 164 perches,
binding on said R. M. Kelly's cast line and the
*est line of lot no. 4, to the place of beginning,
being lot no. 4. COmaining one hundred anti
two acres and eighty perches. with about 30 or
35 improved, with one small framed house one
old barn and one small log shingle shanty and a
few fruit trees.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
Emily M. Farish executrix of Charles Carroll
of Carrollton, deceased vs. John \V. Camp. E.
S. Tracy, }l. 11. Seely and Abiram Pierce terre
.3LSO—A certain lot or piece of land situate
in Wysox township, Bradford County, begin
ning at a post on the north east side of the post,
road leading thrOugh Standing Stone ; thence
along bytthe same, sonth fifty degrees east sev
enteen and thirty two hundred) perches to a
stone corner by the northwest side of a lane run;
wing northzasterly from said road ; thence by
said lane north 44° east 12 and 2-10 perches to
a post; thence by land of the party of the sec
end part north 50' west 16 and 62-100 perches
to post ; thence by land of the same south 46°
west 12 and 4-10 perches to the place of begin
nutg. Containing one acre and 49 perches and
nine tenths of a perch, with a barn
,and store
house thereon erected.
Seized an' taken in execution at the suit of
Simon Stevens vs. P. C. Ward.
: 4 1/..S'O—it certain messuage, piece or parcel
of land.situate in Franklin and Leroy township,
hounded as follows : beginning at the N.E. cor
ner of of a lot deeded by Bank of N. &Inerica to
John 11. Packard. a post on the N. Bank of
Toteanda creek ; thence south 215 p. to a post
south ea.t corner of said Packard'e lot; thence
north 67' cast' 1 and 6-10 perches to a beach,
thence' north 73' east 17 and 4-10 perches to a
post ; thence north 200 p. to a hemlock on the
South batik of -Towanda Creek ; thence up said
creek according to the several courses thereof to
The heelnnirel. Containing 42 acres 26 and 3-
10-perches bribe same more or less, with about
12 acres improved and a dwelling house and
barr, thereof.
Seized anti taken in esecution at the suit of
Bank of ?North America vs. John Robert.,
J, N. WESTON, Sheriff,
Sh4"s,o(ce. Towanda Oct. 27. 1845.
01JP. FRENCH CLOTHS, (twilled body,)
JO Wool dyes, • do. •
Medium and 'Ow price, full atria',
. Gold -Nlimt clothi for Overcoats, -
Superfine French Cossitnere;
Together with an endless quantity of Fancy Caaaitneres,
Satinett, Tailors Trinanting,s warranted good. A glance
at our stock of Cloths, will convince purchasers that
front 2.9 to 25 per cent. can be saved by pnrchasing o f
Still Later,lslorc Rich Goods
usT received an invoice of the latest styles of Silks,
I t o among tvbich may be found Plain black and blue
black, Glare Striped Pon de Sot's Carnelian Reps with
Satin Stripes, Genuine Polka Silks, Plaid Florcnecs,
Plain do., Plain silks fir Bennetts, a rare opportunity
for those to purchase who intend doing, sous they are
sold uoiy 11, shade above auction pricPa at
oct E. rLyNT-te. CO'S.
The Last and lad Important Arrival Yet at the
No, '2, Tfick Row: -
BEAT BARGAINS *ire new , offered the people*
13.11 of Bradfoid county,b l the subscriber, who is now
receiving and opening one of, the largest and beat select
ed assortment of goods ever
brought into the village of
Towanda: His stock of. goods has been selected with
ems,' care.expressly for this market, and as prices of the
old credit system are necessarily, high, he offers great in
ducements to all who may'have cash or produce to ex
change for goods. *His stock consists in an assortment of
DRY GOODS, such as broadcloths. .cassicaercs, and
vestings, satinetts, sheep's gray, hard times, hose) , wool
sey.4, a splendid assortment of 'Winter Shawls, ladies
cravats, gloves, hosiery, suspenders, end ten thousand ar
ticles, too numerous to mestion.
Such as sugar, tea, coffee, molasses, spices, lamp and lin
seed oil, a full supply of Liquors, such as Champagne,
Cognise and American Brandy, Holland Gin, Old Mo.
nongehala whiskey, Port, Maderia, and Malaga \Vine.
ALso—Crockery, Hardware. Nails, Glass, Iron, Leath
er, Boots & Shoes, Bettalo Robes, fiats &Caps, Drugs
& Dye Stuffs, &e.
Ail persons wishing to purchase goods are respectfully
invited to'give the subscriber a call, and examine his
mode and prices before purchasing elsewhere.
No. 2. Brick Row
Oct. 1, 1815
A _ ,
BACCO, for sale by B. KINGBBERY.
A (VANITY OF LUMBER will be sold for cash
AL by private sale nt the,residenee of the late Patrick
Cummings. Also, a very valuabletwo-horse farm WA
GON. but a short time in use—it cost about $BO, and
will he sold tar $45, on approved security at 6 months
credit. A set of double HARNESS, with chains and
whippletrecs, for sl2—an excellent BOA'F, for ss—
be disposed of on a credit.
There are several tons of superior HAY, and a (pion
tity of Oats, which will also be sold for cash, where the
value is offered.
Apply to Franklin Blackman, Esq., or to the eubscri
Towanda, October I. 1845.
N. B. A FARM, now or lately occupied by Stephen
Cummings, will be let—with the saw-mill. It is situat
ed about 7 miles from Towanda—a number of logs on
the place will be disposed'of at a fair value.
FEW a those NEW GOODS so long and
anxiously looked for, have arrived. We shall
eeep the readers of the Reporter advised from time to
rime of goods received from day to day until our entire
stock of New, Rich and desirable Fall Gods all arrive,
which in all probability will be the largest stock of goods
ever exhibited in 13radford county. Our stock of goods
having been purchased
.from first hands and from the
first auction houses in the city, will as a consequence
come below all cornvititiom Call as usual at the Sa
vings Basic the only orginal cheap cash store.
0ct.15. 1545. GEO. E. FLYNT & CO.
THE Copartnership heretofore existing between the
subscribers under the firm of H. Klugsbery ¢ Co.
is this clay dissolved by mutual consent. All persons
indebted to said firm are requested to settle their ac
coounts with H. S. Comstock, who will continue the
business at the eld stand.
Athens Pa., Oct. 1, 1515.
Administrator's Notice.
LL persons indebted to the estate of Notßah
Cranmer, late of Monroe tp. deceased are re
que.ted to make immediate payment. and all those hav
ing demands against the same are requested to present
them, legally attested for settlement to the subscribers.
Monroe, 0(1.14, 1845. Administrators.
Di)PIECES of plain fig'd bilk Warp Alpaca
from three shillings, to one dollat , per yard
kr sale by
Great Bargains, at the
11 - • H. S. PIHNNEY tender their thanks
,„ to the public for the past summer's patronage,end
would solicit a continuance of the same. We woutdsay
to the put.lic, we are just receiving one of the largest and
best selected stock of GOODS ever offered in this place.
The stock consists in 'part of
Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Dry Gantt, Paints,
Oils, Glassware, Fish, Leather, Salt, kc.,
in fact, everything usually kept in a country store, all of
which they sill exchange for Lumber, cash or most kind
of country produce, on as reasonable terms as goods can
be bought in Bradford county, for the same kind of pay,
Towanda not excepted.
Wanted, 856,000 - SHINGLES ; 500,000 white pine
Boards ; 40,000 Cherry and white stuff. Cash paid for
poet and first rate Shingles. Cash paid for Fura.
ltionroeton, October 1, 1845, ,
F. ,.. :N tul a rni k ;d ot (i Dru er g i s e , , N h t a e v gi e kirs iu ca t , Pa n ints, e o ived i D ro y m e
.New York, and will be sold very low—call at No. 1
Br:ek Nom Team cash. A. S. CHMHBERIAN.
Oct. 1, 1845.
Latest arrival of New Goods!
ELLES & SATTERLEE have' been reeds.
ing the last three weeks from New York, a
large and splendid stock of FALL and WINTER
GOODS, selected from the latestimportations with un
usual care as to style, quality and especially as to pri
ces. They do not pretend to have the largest stock;in
the country, or sell lower than any other house but they
ask all who wish to buy choice and good goods, to call
and examine the quality and prices of their goods, and
then judge who sells goods at low prices; ail are invi
ted to call and examine their stock which comprises
every thing.usumly kept in country stores.
~Atitens Pa.. September 30.1845.
A ADIE6 will find nearly as large a stock of Dress
Goods, such us Cashmere, De E'Cosre, M. Dc
Lame, Alpaca's, Gingharns, Prints, &c., at our store as
in the county and at low• prices. They will please
call and examine the stock for themselves.
GENTLE:vt will find a large and splendid mua
• of Cloths, Cassiineres, Vesunga, Cravats, Gloves,
Sia,tie braces, Rubber Over Shoes, and every thing
else they may want at very low prices for the quality at
4j RAWLS in great variety & beautiful patterns may
be found at WELLES At SATTERLEE'S.
KUBANS DELAIN, for CiCilting,
plaid Cloaking, Gala 'plaids and plaid Lining
c.ry- cheap at WELLES & §ATTERLEE'B._
ATS, CAPS & MUFFS_ any quantity from 12&
11:44- Aliat. and elegant assortment of Laces, Ribbons,
Glares and trimmings of all kinds at
500 eT.7tiltEngi`j'Aidgess.'2,7.?,,TL'il
Warp Alpacca, Arcadian Lustre*, Catnelion 'Lustre;
C'rleans etoths, Rotnellas, Imperial Stripe and figured
Lustrea, Semendriatur new style, very rich Crtabmetesi`
Mauldin Do Lanes, Tbibet Merinos, some magnificent
Paris printed Cashmere d'Ecosse. Weir Ombra, Stripe
Alpacca, and many other styles of dress goods for the
Ladieo, it makes it 20 per cent cheaper for thi ladies as
they are found only at G. E. FLYNT & CO'S.
ways on hand at G. E. PLYN'r& CO'S.
a ---- SP - LENDiD 7 A - S — SOfitATENTVbeHt7Velvat,
g-A Stilted, Silk, and fig'd Velvet, Winter bonnetn,
for sale by
6000 c i Ved . and for sate chrapeit
town nt BAIRD'S', N 0.3 REick new. '
Large Arrivid- of Goodw and
J. D." 4" E. D.,ogrontanye, , •
AVING taken into their firm, WM; A. ROCK
-11T, WELL,isco.partner. with tenctved energy Bud
with hopes of-rendering satisfaction to their nentorous
customers, haft: been receiving; (toting the past week,
alarm Tons rf Goads, and will receive seven tons more
its few days. Their stock consists of a' reater variety
than they havolever before been enabled to offer, and at
prices which will 'be sure to please.
In their stock of Dry Goods may bo found :
12 pieces Alpacca
12 du Cashmere de Bcosse ;
100 do New style Prints;
do French Broadcloth ;
4 do .English do.
2 do. -Pilot and Beaver ;
4 do Cashmere;
2 .do Beautiful article for Ladies' cloaks.
Other Staple and Fancy Goods in proportion, too nu
merous to mention.
Men's, boys', youths', and children's and ladies' fine
kid and walkingl as also superior articlo of over shoes.
50 DOZEN, comprising every quality onilOyle in the
Powdered. crashed, loaf. Santa Cruz, Porto Rico, and,
N. 0. Som. Tea, coffee, pepper, spice, &c. s4cc. and
some fresh Soda Biscuit.
lion, steal, nails, ark rope, butts and screws, door han
dle., and the various kinds of Hardware suited to the
wants of the eountry.
Sperm, Elephant, linseed, end a good article for tan
ners. The above stock is offered at wholesale orretail.
For Cash, approved credit of Hs months, or Boards&
Shingles, Beef Hides and most kinds of country pru
duce.' MONTANYES & CO.
Towanda, September 9, 1845.
H. S. & M. C. MEntin,
„,ouLD respectfully announce to the good citi-
VW zens of Bradford and adjoi,,ing counties, the
arrival at the TOWANDA CASH STORE, of the
largest and most general assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries. Hardware. Crockertj,
Boots and Shore, I,2ye-IGoods,
Pail:2ls. Oils. 4-c. ,kr.
Ever opened in Towanda, and which will be cold for
CAI-1 at wholesale or retail at lower prices than the
came quality of goods are selling by any of our blurring
neighbors, as our goods are purchased with great case
—principally for cash—of the importers and manufactu
rers. Towanda, Sept. 10, 1845.
BRUSHES- - Harr, Paint, Shaving and -Nall—
complete assortment, at the
TA I3 racooDi
'7. KINGSBERY. is now receiving at his
g 4 old stand, which has been going off for eighteen
years, where goods of all kinds has been sold and WILL
he sold, lower than at any other store in this Coun
ty. A very large stock of all kinds of goods' which has
been selected with great care and attention, and bought
at such prices of the importers and manufacturers, that
it would be a ruinous business for any firm in the Brick
Row, or any where else, to undertake to sell goods as
cheap as I can, and will. If my friends and the public
generally, will call before they make their purchases
elsewhere, they will find that this notice isnot put in the
paper for a BLUFF, like some by the side of it ; but, it
means what it says.
I have a general assortment of every kind and descrip
tion of .
Dry Ginals, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery,
Boots Shoes, Nails, Iron. Leather, 4-c.
jrors celebrated INDIA RUBBER '
Shoes and
Suspenders—a new article, for sale at
SOLE & UPPER LEATHER, for -pie by
CODFISH, Mackerel and Shad, for sale by
‘..„1 sep. 27. B. KL'GSBERY.
OTTON YARN, Knitting Yarn, Wicking
XI Wadding—any quantity for sale very low, by
sep. 27. 13. KINGSBERY.
U. Rt. Ell
al TON Fall river Nails, for sale cheap. by
cep. - 27. B. KINGSBERY.
DYEWOODS, PAINTS & OILS, or every des-
cription, for sale, one notch below the market.
rep. 24. B. KINGSBERY.
HATS & CAPS, witbauCaneober, for sale sower
then was ever before beard of. by
sep. 24
RCSPLENDID lot of Brust7,Sillt, Fur and Sporting
OA Hats, also Oil silk . , velvet and for caps, together
with Muth, and Buffalo robes, fur sale cheap at
Oct. 8
(NASH paid for WHEAT, Ilt
. .
ria.?.SH paid for REEF HIDES. by
%.V,/ Oct. S. - ELLIOTT & MERCER.
VASH paid for FLAX SEED. by
'tee& Oct. S. • ELLIOTT & MERCER.
(SASH paid for
- _ ...
11 BI3L'S of Butter and Soda CRACKERS, fur
Bale by ' C. REED.
.111EIECALlifiC C1ED.EZ,•331. - 1"
And all kinds of G wanted at Mi., toilet on ace!.
22.ad2,z3 •
ATCHELER k CORE!, beg leave to inform the
jug inhabitants of Towanda and vicinity, that they
have just commenced the Tailoring Business, upstairs,
No. 4. Brick Row, where they are prepared to execute
all work entrusted to them with care neatness and des
patch, and in the most fashionable manner. }laving
just received the New York and Philadelphia fashions,
and with their long experience in the business, they flat
ter themselves that their work will be made in a manner
and style equal to any other establishment in the place.
Terms made to correspond with the times.
'CIITPING dune nn the shorteltsnotice.
CJ All kinds of country produce received in payment
for work nt market prices. October 1, 1835.
z.a.aul'all .
Over Muntanye's store, next door to Mercur's law office,
at clic old stand of Powell & Seaman. loci
J. E. Canfield, Attorney.atlaw,
WILL attend to all kinds of business intrusted to
hilt care, with promptness and despatch. Of
'Gee tithe Tin and hove Store building—up stairs. tot.
1 '
• Administrators Notice,
ALL . persons indebted to the estate oi. ACHATUS
VOUGHT, late. of Rome township, deceased,
are sequeateeto mako immediate payment, a nd a ll
those having dementia against the same aro requested
to preient them, legally attested tar settlement. .
T. VOUGHIC. Administrator '
Rome, Oct, I s 1845. ' • With will alniesed.
fleabag Oiatment.
pow supply of ibis popular medicipe,aLoo quantity .
of the sot.ou.:rovrcor., itoo received by r •
Oct.. I. • .„ 'H. S. &M. MERCUR.
BUSHELS of Timothy and Flas SEED,
irauted:in exchange for goods, in
Oct. 8. REED'S
- 3 Tons of trim;
II„,„/ one and two boron wagons, horseshoe, and hand
iron, round iron, I. and 1. inch nail rods, spring steel,
Anterior% English blister, cut and German steal, hoop
nnastako iron, horse sboes ready mad; - It
won tie useltaw trkerfumerato all the : different kinds of
gdoldifust may be found stray store. , Those who wish
lobby goat cheap. bad better call before making their
purchases elsewhere. B. MD4IE:BY. -
IL MIX -:ANlif
TAKE exceeding great pleasure in announcing to the public that their extensive . assonment of FALL 4-
WINTER GOODS. consisting of
* Boot's, Shoes, Iron, .rails. Salt, irwl, ln?, lir., AT; •
twin market, /opened and ready for their numerous customers, and will be sold cheaper for Cash, Than ran be
boughtot any other establishment in lowa ! We do not say this for the purpose of decoying customers into
our store. (as is the practice with some of our neighbors,) but merely that the citizens of llmutord County may
know best where to buy goods to their interest.
It is gratifying for us to know that we have enjoyed more of the.' smiles and favors" of a generous public. fix
a number of years, and we will by no 1213 , 1111$ make assertions that we canna sod do not intend to fuifill, Mast
we might, like some of our neighbors, receive their frowns, But we we wish every man, woman and child to
know the fact, that we will sell our entire stock of New and Fashionable Goods, at the extreme taw rate of 121
per cent, above cost and transportation !
Towanda, October 27..1645. . .
THE TOVUlgt ill'lo 111-1 k!
ii're 'again in the Feld withfifteen thousand dollars worth of the cheapest and most desirable
stock of floods ever brouzht into Bradford Cormty !
THP Cashier & Co. of the TOWANDA SA l'iNOI; BANK, tender their sincere thanks for the very li-
Iteral patronage heretofore secured, and trust by strictattention to business, and selling goods cheaper than
any-other establishment, to merit a continuance of their smiles and favors. Our stock of goods consists of every
known variety and style of Any Goods, from the first auction houses in the city of New York, and select
ed with great care expressly for this meridian. Also, a large selection of .
Family Groceries, Shelf Hardware, Crockery, Boots & Shoes,
Hollow Ware, Iron, hails, Meet,
and an unusual quantity of HABESDASHEIIL to make our stock of useful and ornamental complete. - Our
stock of goods were purchased for cash, and for cash will be sold as cheap as at fitnghamlon, Elmira or Owego,
and decidedly cheaper than any, establishment in Towanda. Time and space will not-allow us to enumerate_the
many new, licit and desirable goods, but will be shown to all who favot us'with a call, with pleasure.
REMEMBER and call one door below Tracy & Moore, where the " PaY-down" system is in full force. end
es a consequence, are not overcharged with delinquencies in the Credit system, or additions made to support the
Lumber trade. " One price, and no deviation is the true system."
Il=l' A call is solicited, before purchasing elsewhere, at No. 5, south end, Brick Bow.
• Towanda, October 21, 1815. GEORGE E. FLINT & CO.
Elliott Iv Mercer,
ARE NOW RECEIVING, a very large and very
general assortment of Fall and Winter Goods.
which they offer to the public on liberal terms, for cash,
grain, or approved credit.
Their stock consists of almost everything that any
one wishes to buy. And for the benefit of those who
wish to purchase merchandize of any kind, and want
to know where to find it, they will enumerate a few of
the many articles this) , have for sale:
Ladies' silk shawls and black tea-pots;
Gents' satin cravats and ten-penny nails:
Colored satin, for ladies' bonnets, and
Glazed hats for meu ;
Knitting pins and crow-barn;
Carpet tacks and vest patterns
Broad Axes and alpaccas ;
M. detainee and wagon boxes;
Printed blue teas and young hyson tea ;
Umbrellas and German pipes;
Pocket knives and loaf sugar ;
Molasses and coarse boots;
Ladies' cot, hose and steel corn hoes;
Ladies night caps, for six cents, and
Men's bestow caps for 121 cents;
Ladies' linen hdkf's for one shilling, and
Plenty of English and Swedes iron, all sizes;
India rubber cloth for carriage covers and'
Beautiful figured alpaccas for ladies' cloaks;
Ladies' boas and muffs, and lampblack;
Leghorn bonnets and atone jugs;
Black and blue ink and spirits turpentine;
Lanni -oil and Colonge water ;
Sweet oil and sarsaparilla syrup;
Blue vitriol end beat Java and Rio coffee;
Wafers and buck shot;
Indellible ink and pure dry and ground white lead ;
Looking glasses and cut tumblers;
Tea kettles and black silk stockings ;
Candle wicking and-bed cords;
Cost Buttons and writing paper ;
Shellside combs and corded skirts;
Bonnet ribbons and cover-Ash tobacco;
Plough points and cap ribbons;
Ladies dress h'd'fa and stove tubes;
Assorted Needles, and best Nutria bats;
Steer pens and shovel plough patterns;
Plated hub bands Mad silk scarfs for ladies;
Cottou Yarn and wire wires;
Awl blades and pins, assorted sires;
Ladies' kid slippers and nail hammers;
Willow baskets and gimp cords;
Men and boys' cloth caps and plane irons;
Knives arid forks and ark rope;
Cast steel and steel thimbles ;
Brass kettles and brass thimbles;
Beaver cloth and cotton bailing;
Pepper bales and shoe knives;
Bonnet boards and slate pencils;
Carpet binding and inkstands;
Coach lace and handsaws;
Raisins and saw-mill saws ;
Nsidlits powders and trying squares ;
Rubber overshoes and 41 inch spikes;
- Sleigh tells and steelyards;
Cassimeres and ivory combs ;
Gridirons and welting cord ;
Whale bone and patent saw setts;
Suspenders and patent door butts;
Firtuer's chisels and laces for ladies caps;
Pongee handkerchiefs and hair brushes;
Mi sses a n d WOMM'S 11. cot.glvves & hair brushes;
Cocoanut dippers and teeth brushes ;
Colored cambric and door handles ;
Augur bias and children shoes:
Woolen shawls and gum caps; •
Black tea and patent wheelheads; •
Morrocco belts and lea servers;
Saddler's silk and mouse traps ;
Bonnet wire and stone churns;
Plaid linseys and sash pulleys;
Patent blind fastenings and butts, (a new article) ;
Spoke shaves and door mats;
81a,..k snuff and madder;
Brittannia lamps and shoe strings;
Wht, and bl. silk gloves and gun (lints;
Saltines of all kinds and gunpowder ; •
Horse cards and satin vesting;
Cur r y combs and fur caps;
Hair combs and sash fastenings;
Glass dishes and wool cards;
Corset lacers and trace chants;
Brass back combs and calicoes of all qualities; • .
Sash cords-and corn whisps;
Coat canvass & fiadding and hyde whips;
Furniture prints and razor strops:
Table covers and Olneys geography's;
Coarse shoes and polished augurs;
Linen cambric and sole leather ; .1
Boon iron and linen edging & insertion ;
Florence silks and brown shectings ;
Cap wire and copal varnish ,
Lin. Oil and Russia diaper ;
Blk. French crape and Ainenesn door locks;
Mineral knob locks and whim Base crape;
Chrome yellow and green, and ant binding ;
Indigo and ribbon wire; , •
Cream Tarter and silk cords and tassels;
Horse blankets end blase nails • •
Tea setts and awl teas;
Spirit levels and spool cotton •
Towanda. Septrmber-la, 1845.
W HAVE 00.00 S TOR TUE LADIES, ;miring
which aro Cashmeres, Mousse DeLaine, pl4id fi'd
and silk work Alpiena..6-4 plaid Cloaking, Girdles and
Trimming" to eturespobd, &c. 4m • •
sep. f. 4. 13. KINGSBERY.
/DOAN . & SHOKS.--A very largo atoek of every
RP kind sad site, at tower prices than ever, will be
faunal at MERCUR'ta. •
& OILS, Dye woods and Dye Mai, 'a
j very large acal,juat received at . DAIRIES
- Kltat , No. 3 BRICK ROW.
ArkNE TON of IPP iSc CALF 7BRINS - 14 sale
VP' cheaper than euy place in town at. BAIRD'S.
TS LAY IZECEIITSG, at the Central Point,
a few doors south of Montanyers Cash Slate. di
reet from New York ! ,a fresh supply of DRUGS ANL)
MEDICINES, which still' positively be sold at city ,•
cost and charges. Physicians of this and other coon-'
ties, will do well to call and examine the qualities and
prices before purchasing elsewhere, as we see determin
ed to make it your interest to purchase of us (consult;
ing the interests of your patients, notwithstanding).
Our assortment consists in part of the following :
Ellie mass Syringes, assorted
Nit silver Sugar lead
quicksilver Quassia
Ipecas Phosphate iron '
Tart. Antimony Carbonate du .
lodine Paregoric
lodid. potrieea Laudanum
Red precipitate Lunar caustic
White do Nue comics
Strychuia ' Al usk
Kreosote . Macy
Polo. Jalap - Juniper berries
Eat. do Aqua ammonia
do Colocynth Carb. do
do G e ntia n
do Cicota
do Hyosciannus
do Tarazicurn
Nit, Ether
Blue vitriol
White do
Marsh rosemary Bayberry bark
Squills Essential oils, of all Linda
Chammonile flowers Com. and.white glue
Borax, refined. tialtpetre
Digitalis Copperas
Rhubarb poly Indigo
do root
Solution of Tin
'Allow root Annie iocd
Hellebore nig Shellac gum
Suiph. morphine Venice turpentine
do quinine Balsam Fir
Eng. C.:darnel do Honey
Valerian root ' do Copaiva
Seneca do do Tabu
:Serpentstria do ' Earbadoes Tar
Gentian do Oil do _
Colombo do Biagundy Pitch
"ink do Eateman's drops
Liquorice do ' Lemon's do
Extract do Chloride of limo .
Senna leaves Cubeha
Gum Myrrh, No. 1 Coo. Wiens
do Guaiaci Tartaric Acid
do Aloes Citric do
do Gamboge Oxidic do
do Foetida Prints. do
do Camphor Nitric do
do Opium ' . Sitlph° do
Prepared chalk MuCrane do
Rochelle salt& Car. magnesia ,
Erma do do soda
Glauber do Calcined magnesia
Flour sulphur Cautharides
do bentoin
Hirra picra
lies Urd
Printers begin to grumble already, or oe would still
continue to enumerate; but all we oav is, rnme mid ar
for youswelves.' ?tinny thanks to a r kenerou:, public fur
past favors. hoping for a continuance of the Same.
A.D. MONTANYY, Thworitsr.
Towanda, September ID, 1845.
/ET SA/014'7.17G
IFT IS A FACT, acknowledged by all, that the beet
CIGARS in town. ore to he bad at the
WuTne County Ploughs.
DOZ Wayne county ploughs, fur sale at the Sy.
vings Bank. Plungh merchunts supplied at wane
&rimers prices, and Farmer:: on the most reasonable
U. E. FLYIVP 4- Co.
No. 5 Brick Bow.
IV E nu ha e le r, d , a n ti u re v 7 r e , % Il d i t es t v ii ti n ds of znitnals--
,1). 17. - CENTRAL 11111:G STOIZE.
ALARGE and general assortment of du; above ar
tides, compirsing almost e‘erytliing used by flat
ness and Carriage Makers, which vtill to Doh) /weer
than the N 111111; quality of goods have ever Ueen offered at
Otsego or Elmira, just received I , c
orp. 24. H. S. & It, C. AtERC UR.
bank POUNDS NAILS, a,-,:orteLt sizc<, of
walk rity aep. 24. 'MERCER'S.
6,dlirlf• LOS. SOLE LEA Er;
111 UP for Leathir and Calf Skins, at ' •
HARDWARE.—Tito latest an .o rt ni n t a n d
greettvt, vieriety ever offered in Brellforacnuvy,
14,4 erceived at muncun's.
. _
IMPS, COtalb, fringed, fancy- 'elect; and Rib.
Winn nX.
fliti-L,rancy and pltin Cassimeren,Ealinette.
tweetl.o,,K'entud t y jeans. plaid clank lining's, axe,
a great satiet y, and eery cheap, caa be fauna at
sep. 2.4. „
"IkASHl'ittitE, Reps and iiehaines. a' great wade.
IL) {y, anddleatniTul pauetna,ac, MERI:UR s.
.:_t" , ;*-- COAL COMPANV' owning *. large Wily
p LANDS, on and contiguome to the em.
'tees orthn branehee, of Towanda Creek; in
tinunord Utunty, kermayleania, are prepared 4.3 di4um
of the same tqeUtless. , Application may be inachi to
saMU t .C."NAGLEE.; '
tst Gtortiwood . , l nom' 31iinroeton, Brtid. tit.
"Any tropowito on tbeim Lando wilt la. progyeaurd
amorditig to law, , Iniontiatiori of Liao ...amp : given to,
SA3II. I EI. C. NACLEE, will ho retv:irecd.
By ookt of thn NlainAgen,
Seri. 3. Iit:NRY NAUL!:II'.. Agr.r.t.
Corrosive sublimate
timing & Thumb lancet , '
Lancet eases, &c., &c.
Clocks 11 Watches