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Towanda, Wednesdar, ,Sept. 17, 1845.
F l 'R CANAL comanssinNEß,
The Election.
We most hea;tily congratulate our democratic friends
upon the favorable aspect presented in our political af
fairs Ihis fall. At no period within our recollection, hiss
the party in Bradford been more happily and harmimi
ously united. Never was a ticket selected which gave
more general and entire sati,fartion. We base not
heard the first note of discord. We hose )et to listen to
the first democrat, who deco not yield cheerful and
cordial assent to the nominations made by the Coun
ty Convention. This is as it should be, and affords the
highest possible guarantee of our triumphant success.
The ticket is eminently a good one, in all its parts.
There is no man upon•it, whose political fidelity has not
been attested, by active_and'zealous etlorts in support of
Republican principles, in seasons and under circumstan
ces, that tried the steadfastness of mew faith. With
each men as our candidates, no one need hesitate in their
support. through fear of sustaining on enemy under 'the
disguise of a friend. The campaigns of IS:38-40-II,
were as the crucible of fire, to separate the dross from
the pure metal. Every man upon our ticker, within the
circle of his influence, and the sphere of his action, exci
ted all his energies to sustain our principles, in these la
ter and most trying struggles oldie party.
Well may we place our confidence in such men.
Those who clung to the Republican banner in the dark
hour of defeat, and gallantly aided in raising it front the
Lot, to the high elevation of triumphant and glorious
success, are not of the clay of which traitors ,are made.
We again pronotince the ticket unqualifiedly a good
one; -combining a high order of talent and business capa
city with political integrity above suspicion or reproach.
All that is required to insure success is a reasonable de
gree of activity, on the part of our friends. No demo
crat should be absent from the polls, flattering himself
that his friends are strong enough without his aid. Such
security. open !did. Such strength is ter di-At:At
2Ve appeal then earnestly to every democrat to be as
vigilant as he is turn, in the support of the principles of
his party, and of the men who will sustain them. Let
no whining bet4gingsyeophant for votes, from the ranks
of ycur enemies, seduce you from the support of a ticket
formed under the usages of yogi party, and pledged to
the maintainance of its principles.
Ron tlEllS.—We understand that Miller Fox, of this
place fell a victim to the cunning schemes of the light
fingered gentry in New York one day last week. It
seems that Mr. Fox arrived in the city at a late hour
and went directly on his arrival to Dunning's,Hotel.
On retiring to his bed he locked his door and placed his
pocket hook, counting his money, $575, under his pillow.
Being much fatigued and feeling secure he slept soundly
while some'adroit rascal unlocked the dour, although the
key on the inside of the door was inithe lock, and alo•
!graded the entire contents of the pocket book, without
notice to its owner, and so Carefully that he had not the
slightest intimation of any intrusion until die discovered
his less in the morning.
The door key Lore marks of the iri.trument which had
been iuserkd in the luck, fur the purpose of turning it,
and would seem to imply that lucks are no security
ugainit the visits of the rogue, even with the key within.
Mr. Fox's watch was lett, fortunately, the' it had been
laid on the floor, by the unwelcome viAtur, who bad
wound the chain around
_l c he stem of the watch, and
nndoubtedly, had left through fear of detection ; the
watch being a very valuable one; and • easily" and cer
tainly described.
teelebrated Lecturer on Phrenology and Animal Magi-K
-UM:11, has been lecturing in our borough fur the two last
evening's. Ilia experiments the first evening, was par
tially irscessisfal, and last night his sucems was a full demon
stration of the truth of this new and interesting science.
Ile magnetised a young gentleman of our borough, and
while in this state, perforated several experiments which
satisfied the doubts of the Most skeptical. Those who
doubt the truth of th's science because lately developed,
should attend the Pruittssor's lad I.:!cture, which will be
given to alg,lit.
Dtirti or Jr 116 1; STOII 3 . --A friend yesterday hand
ed PS the New York kaprtes of Friday last, which an
pounces the death of Juth:e Story, the oldest of the
Judges of the Supreme Coust of the United States.
lie died of strangulation of the into:tines, the mine
disease which eaded the life of ..Mr. Legare, in 1843.
Judge Stoiy was sixty-five years of age. He was
upon the supreme bench thirty-kYr years, having re
ceived his appointment from Mr. Mikfison in 1811.
He expired at his residence in Canal:ridge, Massachu
setts, on Tuesday evening the 9th inst., At a quarter be
fore nine o'clock.
ELOCrTION•IIi LECTURES.-WO listened wilt great
pleasure to the recitations and imitations of o,ll' great
orators by Prof. WEIITNEY, on Friday and SaLur,iay
esenings. The Rpeethes of Clay, Webster, and hieilu.=
fie and the shrill, fife-like voice of fiandulph, were tree 1 OttrooN MAIL.—The St. Joseph's Gazette,
to Nature, and worthy of the reputation Mr. W. has at- of a late date, notices the receipt at that place,
mined as the first elocutionist of the day. Patrick Hen- I L y individuals returned from the Rocky Moun
ry's speech carried us back to the " times that tried men's I Ofs e veralhundred r w -.e,
erni, ' , ante to Oregon to their friends in various
souls," there was so much of true elmitence and patri
' parts ci . the Voion. The letters were medal
otic devotion in D.
at s r . a 'r-seph's, fur their respective destine
NtAr:tr Eta:c.r.,,,,.—Tt,e to tes fur Governor in 43 lions . 119 is a new feature in the history of
towns air .Ir,,!er:ua, (tlexl.) 7Cf; ; l'ilor,e, (rtii;.) 1 the West,
There is a great filling off of 1 _ •
26731 ; Feat erin g, 1022
votes since la t Zt , rptember. Antler/on Li probably elect. Tin; AR)II".LYTEadLs.—The Un ion publishes
cd b y t h e rep:,, ithet,henill by the Le6 , ista .ntacial information from our troops in Texas.
tare. The only thing -we notice as new is that the
AckrlTTLl. — Thli trial of ‘Vy11111:111r etal.ezzleuient.
Lux las uctiulu4l. witt, wucli cifixtral ut
:do ax-ea 1.14: ;dal.
Incsnistsnilat ai Oio'cooffy' the Oweio dozette;
We learn that seteral attempts have been wade to horn
that town, as is supposed by an accomplice of Shaffer.
A reward of $3OO is offercd . for the detection of the ras.
cult The Gazette thus speaks of it : '
Last Sunday evening:about ten o'clock it fire broke out
in en old Wooden building unoccupied, situated on Main
street in this village, a
,few. rods tart of Wm. Pt. Ares
Esq. The building we uuderstatal lehined to Mr.
Cluaens l'umer.u.r and was used by him fur the pur
pose of stowing lumber, of which there was a considera
ble quantity in the house, all of which was burned. This
fare was undoubtedly the wink of an incendiary or incen•
diaries, who infect this section of our conntry. The 120.
ll , rioun Schell; r, of whom we made mention in out last
neck's raper, and vitae was convicted and sentenced of
the last term of the circuit court held here, to right year's
itnprisonment in the Auburn States' prison, we under
stand threatened ihaarurtion to this place by fare. That
Schall'e - r had accomplices there - can be no doubt, anal that
the lire on Sunday evening was the work of some of
them, we think is equally clear. The same night of the
tire, t Aro other attempts were made to lire the town,-oar
in a building ()oiled by Mr. 11. Vi. Case. on ,Front
street and recently occupied by the Gazette (Wire. The
upper part of this building hard been occupied by h fami
ly until .'atones, previous to the tire on Main stm t.
The door of the house was not locked ran Saturday
night alter the family mused out, owing to 80111 C detect
in the lock, and was permitted to remain rarer Sun
day net fastened. The incendiary reit-red the house
and kindled a tire in a closet in one of the manias, taut
l c it is supposed that he closed the dour, as it was found
shut on Monday morning, for the pupose of concealing
the fare until it should fairly communicate with the in
side of the_donet ; but fortunately fur Owego, the cloning
of the door undoubtedly saved the village from a most
destructive e.l.llsgration, as it prevented the atmosphere
from communicating With the fire within, and conse
quently the diabolical design to fire the tow n was, we
believe frustrated. 'On the same night an cut-building
belonging to C. P. Avettr, Esq., was attempted to be
tired. These outrages upon the Property and , fives of
our cal? , :IS:111.1: aroused the whole populatien to a
sense of their danger; and we are happy to Wow that
the cow n au , lionties have offered a reward of three hun
dred dollars for the detection 01 the incendiaries. This ste p
will, in our opinion do more to render the lives and pro
perly of the citizens in this place secure from the.dcpra
dation+ of those who seek to destroy them, than a do-
zen untchtnen pairelln.g, -our streets every ; but
both may b neco.sary
VrnimaT EIACTION.—We have the votes for Gov
emor in SI town♦, and the members of the Leciala
sure elected in 164 towns.
The result in the State is honorable to the democrats
of Vermont and full of encouragement to their brethren
iu Massathusetts. In the towns heard from Slade's Ma
jority over Kellogg, is but 1016. In the same towns,
last year Clay's majority over Polk was 2956.• Dem—
erotic gain 1910 ! In these 81 towns, in November,
Clay had a majority over all of 921 votes ; now blade
is less than a majority of 2241. Whig net loss, 3162.
Representatives elected—Whigs over democrats „in
164 towns, 29. In the Fame towns, last year, 60.
Democratic gain, 31. Whigs over all in 16 I towns, 19.
In the Fame towns last year, 59. Whig net loss, 40.
Pt—rrs.—Every housekeeper who owns a well .hould
have a pump in it, as it is by far the easiest method of
drawing the water, and to every person desirous of pro
curing a first rate article, we recommend thesefurnished
by Mr. Urockaw•ay, of Elmira. They are certainly su
perior to anything of the kind we have ever before seen.
one of the greatest, and we might bay principle objec
tions to the use of the pump is the disagreeable llavor
imparted to the water by the wooden pipes generally
used. This is entirely obviated in the kind of which we
are speaking, as the pipe is of lead from the water upwards
to within about four feet of the surface. If any body
wants a pomp in their well let them try Mr.lllrockartay.
We know their value, as we have had one in use sever
al months.
NEW 1:1)11K & DUE RA ILUOAD. T here seems now
to be.anain prinipeet of the speedy completion of the New
link and Erie Railroad. The stock is nearly subscribed
and the hooklait:fillitii; up, as we learn 'by an extract
of a letter from New York, dated Tuesday 9th inst., in
the Ledger.
"The recent change in the Presidency . and Direction of
the New York and ErieLiailroad, has given quite an im
pulse to the subscription for $3,000,000, required by the
law of the last Legislature, granting the use of the credit
of the State for that amount as soon as a corresponding
sum is subscribed for. Yesterday the stibscription had
run up to one half of the required sum, and today tho
officers and friends of the Road are busily engaged in
getting accessions to the list. The effect ofthese bright
ening prospects of the Road was felt at the stock boards
this morning."
MAIL Roan Ell T.—Tbe mail made up for New York
city, at Geneva, containing the. Bath, Cluura, Sc. pack
age, Was stolen from the Carrier at the I:ailimit' depot in
Geneva, on Tuesday evening, 26th uIL
Halt Sroan.—A terrible hail storm visited Bingham
ton, N. Y. one day week before last. Itemised the de
struction of moat of the window panel, having a western
n Est ATION FLTE.—The friends of Darr had a grand
liberation dinner at Swan Point, in Rhode Island, on
Saturday 6th inst. The assemblage was immense.
TIIINGS BOSTON.—On Sunday evening.
near the residence of John Quincy Adams,
Quincy. as Alr. Eleaz-r Fredericks was walk
ing with his wife. he was attacked by Edward
Flynn and two other men, who demanded his
money. One of them seized him round the
body, but lie got clear of him by cutting him
severely in the arm. He then knocked down
another, and the third fled. His wife raised
an alarm, while he secured the man whom he
had wounded. The fellow was much terrified
by the flowing of, his own blood. and disclosed
the names of his companions to those who
came to Mr. F.'s assistance, and they were
soon after arrested.
On Monday morning, the office of thg Bos
ton and Maine . Railroad depot was entered by
means of false keys, and robbed of 6.05 in
bills mid speci.
Militia from New Orleans is to be discharged
from service forthwith. Near the middle of
- August there wire only 500 Mexicali troops
at Muumuu'.
Bradford County Court.
• ' •MoNnAv, Sept.,lat
inmion of Wm. Elw. 11, Esq.. %YOU=
U. tietnt was ditty admitted to practiee as an
Alloiney of the several Courts of Bradford
county. •
Commonwealth vs.. Chivies Elsworth and
Oliver Elsworth, Jr.—The defendants were
indicted (or entinnitiing an-assault and battery
on Hyatt Ransom on the first day of Novem
ber lat.t, being the day of die Presidential
In pursuance of an invitation from some of
the democratic citizens of Windham township
111 this county, se%eral of theirpolitical friends
from the Statit of New York, composing a
Glee Club," came to the place of holding
the election in Windham do the first of No
vember last, for the purpose of singing political
songs'daring'the day. - There - Was chnsidera
'hie emulation in singing between the whigs
and democrats during the day. but no distur
lianee oceurred, until the pi front the Stale
of New York had got nun, heir wagon to start
'for !tome. There being sonic obstruction in
the road, they were compelled to stop :trier
they had rroceeded but a few rods at roust;
and the hor,es becoming reative, vile rig Ran
som set: ding on a seat in the hind loin of the
wagon. fell or jumped od, and at the same
time the assault and battery was commuted.
Some testimony was introduced on the part
of the defendants, going to show that the New
York party-threw out some harsh and impro•
per epithets, calculated to provoke and irritate
their opponents, and thus lead to a breach of
the public peace. They also undertook to
show, that the affray took place between the
prosecutor and Austin Ellsworth., and that
These defendants were not engaged in it.
'lire Court charged the jury, that, although
it was very improper fur these men to attend
at the polls of a neighboring State on the day
of holding election, yet. that the fact of their
being there, would not justify the committing
cf an assault and battery on them.
The Jury, on the third day of September,
found Charles Ellsworth guilty, and the Court
sentenced him to pay a tine of ten dollars to
the. Commonwealth anti the costs of prosecu-
TUESDAY, Sept. 2d.
Commonwealth vs. Russell Smith and Wm.
11. 801411.-111 e s -a defendants were tried at.
the saute time time on two indictments ; the
first for an assault and battery on Elisha Gif
ford, and the second, for an assault on Mary
Gifford. The culprits were two boys, one
twelve and the other fourteen years of age ;
and their main. offence consisted iu throwing
stones at old Mr. Gitrurd, who was a cooper,
while he was engaged at work in his shop.—
They also threw stones at Mary Gifford ; but
it seems they did not hit her.
The jury on the third, found the defendants
guilty of an assault and battery •on Elisha
Gifford, and guilty of an assault on Mary
The Court sentenced them to pay a fine of
illy cents each in each case, and the costs of
Commonwealth vs. James Lyon, Andrew
Monroe, Daniel Randall, Lysander Shepard,
and \Vw. R. Lyon—Libel.—Robert Mason,
Esq., of Armenia, prosecutor.
The defendants were indicted for writing
and singing certain libellous and seurrillous
songs, designed to injure the reputation of
Robert Mason, expose him to ridicule, and
bring lion into reproach among the citizens of
the community genenAv•
His name was rmvoirectly mentioned in the
eungs, but alleged to be meant by the words,
.• IVhiskey Bob," which occurred in them.
The songs were sung some time in Februa
ry last, about the time of holding the township
elections in this county.
In defence, it was insisted t h at there was
another man in Armenia, to whom the term
Bob" would apply, and that the songs might
be construed to mean him, as well as Robert
It was contended on the part of the defen
dants, that, as it was the practice during the
last Presidential Campaign to compose and
sing stings about various individuals, Mr. Ma
son ought not to complain if a share were di
rected at him.
The Court instructed the jury, that if they
believed the songs were written and sung b)
the defendants, and that they meant the prose
cutor, they would be liable.
MDNESDAY. .S.t . l)t. 3 d
Commonwealth vs. Altioll S. FrPDC 4-Sure
ty ut tIM Peace. This was a complaint made
he Morgan Covell against the defendant for
using threatening language to hire, and was of
no frivolous a character, that the Court said
there were no grounds ler the prosecution;
and that they were only surpritied l that a Jus
tice of the Peace could he found to send up
such proceedings. The complaint was conse
quently dismissed.
THURSDAY. Sept. 401
The jury, in the case of the Com. vs. James
Lyon and others, found the defendants guilty.
The Court sentenced the defendants to pay a
fine of five dollars each to the Commonwealth,
and the costs of prosecution.
Commonwealth vs. Samuel A. Tenant--
Larceny. Aaron Newell, Prosecutor. In
dictment for stealing a saddle and bridle.—The
defendant was acquitted.
William A. Wetmore vit. Catharine M. Wet
more.—Libel for divorce on the grtiund of
Adultery. Sept. 6th, the jury found for the
TUESDAY, Sept. 9th.
John C. Campbell vs. John L. Webb.—
This was an issue directed by the,Court to try
the right to the sum of eight hundred dollars
raised from the sale of real estate upon a judg•
ment against John Campbell and Stephen
On the Bth day of May. 1844. John Camp
bell, being largely indebtcil. executed and de
livered to John C. Campbell, his son,- a deed
of the land from the sale of which, th e Money
in dispute was ailed. \ Before the execution
of this deed. Asa Gillet obtained a l judgment
against John Campbell, which was subsequent
ly assigned to John C. Campbell; and in this
issue, John C. Campbell in the first place,
claimed a sufficient amount to satisfy the Gillet
judgment; and in the second place, all the
nioucy except what is sufficient to pay the
liens up to the woo of the execution And de
livery of the deed from John Campbell to
John L. Webb alleged that the Gillet judg
ment had been satisfied ; that he li'3s the own
er of judgmenti against John Campbell and
Stephen Stiles, which were lietis before the
date of said deed, and also judgments entered
since the date of said deed ; and that the deed
from John Campbell to John C. Campbell is
fraudulent and void mt to creditors.
It was alleged that Stephen: Stiles became
the owner of ao undividek.half of the land 111
question on the fourth of September 1841:. and
that this interest continued until therlime 01
the Sheritrs sale in 1845.
'The testimony on the part of the defendant
was, that this deed was executed for the pur
pose of keeping off creditors, and that in truth
there was no consideration for it. The plain
tiff introduced some testimony, however, that
there was money paid as a consideration, &c.
WEDNESDAY. Sept. 10th.
Tim jury in the case of Campbell vs. I.Vebb
ound that Stephen Stiles had an interest of
he undivided halt part of the Land from-the
mirth day of September, A. D. 1841, to the,
line of the Sheriff's te,le, and that the deed
rum John Campbell to John C. Campbell is
randulent and void as to creditors.
The prehwiinasy principles having, been set
tled by the'decion of the jury, the appropria
tion of the money to die .varions judgments
which were liens upon the property, is a mat
ter io be settled hereafter by reference to *an
auditor, or by agreement between the parties.
Alexatitler Ilehard vs. William Gibson.—
This cause was tried and submitted to the ju
ry ; but as they did not agree. no statement of
the facts in the ease u ill be given.
Besley, Morley and Ily de vs. Job P. Kirby.
This was an action to recover for tnerchandize
sold to the defendant by the plailitiffs. The
account was admitted, and the only dispuie
was, in reference to some state scrip sent by
Mr. Kirby to the plaintiffs, with instmentros
to his agent not to pay it over unless taken at
tar. The plaintiffs, however, were importu
nate to have the scrip, which was accordingly
paid over to them, and they disposed of it in
market for less than par ; and in the present
suit, claimed to be allowed the discount they
paid. The Court charged the jury, that they
ought to allow the whole arnolint of the scrip,
and judgment was taken by consent, for the
plaintiff, the amount to be ascertained by the
James Martin vs. Christopher L. Ward and
Byron Kingsbury. In this case the plaintiff
claimed that CM the sale and delivery of filly
three thousand one hundred and eighty-six feel
of lumber, he paid the defendants one thou
sand dollars. and that in consideration of this
payment, the defendants agreed to deliver to
the plaintiff by the first reasonable rafting
freshet after the first day of April, 1E342, a fair
lot of culling, boards at the rate of ten dollars
per thousand.
This action was brought to recover damages
for the nun-performance of this contract.
The defendants contended that they did de
liver more than enough to satisfy the terms of
the contract.
The jury found for the defendants.
Daniel Kieffe vs. James Nestor. This was
an action of account-render, brought by the
plaintiff to recover of the defendant his share
of the profits of an alleged partnership between
the plaintiff and defendant.
The defendant proved that the plaintiff was
•merely employed by hint as foreman in over
seeing work on the canal, and that in a suit
between Fuller and him for blacksmith work,
Kiere was offered as a witness,. and that ob-'
jection being made on the ground of his betng
a partner with Nestor, he swore that he was
not ; and that, consequently, he had no tater
est in the event of that suit. The Court
charged the jury, that Kieffe fiat lug formerly
sworn that he was not a partner. woLid now be
precluded from coming into court and/recover
ing by setting up a partnership, and directed
them to find for the defendant ; which was ac
cordingly done.
FRIDAY, Sept. 12th.
On motion of 11. W. Patrick, Esq.. John
E. Canfield was duly admitted as an Attorney
of the several courts of Bradtordcounu.
James H. Clark vs. Thomas Wolcott. This
was an action of trespass for seizing and selling
a horse and harness as the property of Oliver
Sherman, which the plaintiff alleged belonged
to him.
The plaintiff called witnesses, who swore
that Oliver Sherman, being desirous to remove
to Indiana, agreed to sell this property to him
on condition of his taking him thittler. The
contract was entered into on the sixth day of
June 1843, and a few days alter, when Sher
man had started for the West, the property was
seized' on an attachment and subsequently
The defence set up was, that Sherman being
indebted beyond nut ability to pay, was desi
rou,s of leaving this county with as much of
his property as possible ; and that with this
intention, the pretended sale of this property
took place. That the property remained in
the possession of Sherman, and was used by
him as his own from the sixth day of June,
the time of the alleged transfer, till the tenth
of June, the day when was seized upon by
virtue of an attachment irtfavor of Dr. Wilder.
The jury in the case of Clark vs. Wolcott,
returned a Y rdict for the defendant.
The Gran jury during the present term,
returned seven een indictments, true bills, and
two ignoramus.
At the close of their labors, the ., Grand Jury
unanimously expressed their opinion that the
great multiplicity of suits with which our Court
Of Quarter Sessions is crowded, is a great pub
lic grievance, leading to increased taxation for
the purpose of paying the costs.
FRIDAY, Sept. Mil
They therefore recommended the passage
of a law, authorizing the' trial of assaults and
batteries, keeping tippling houses, petit larce
nies and other crimes of like grades, before one
orlmore Justices of the Peace and a vicinage,
\ t,
the costs in all cases to he aid by the prose
cutor in case 'of failure to co vict; and by the
defendants in cases of coniict n.
WRITING ON NEwsPamms.—A circularfrom
the General Post-office states that any memo
ra#dum upon newspapers or newspaper wrap
pers. subjects the same to letter postage. As
the charge is to be governed by the weight.
coirespondence in this way will be found to
berather more expensive than in the usual
ne'y, of the first regiment 9( dragoons, returned
to St: Louis on the 30th Ult., accompanied by
some of:at:ere of his stair and several citizens
who were with him during his late expedition
to the Rocky 'Mountains.
Cently ascertained in England that the inmates
of some of their worithhasses, employed in
crushing the bones of horses and other animals,
have been iii the habit of eating the gristle
found upon them to satisfy their hunger,'
SATyRDAY, Sept. 13th
Late and Important from illexica.
[CotTentettlynco of the N. 0. Tropic.) -"
,Vonplfs CHRISTI. Aug. 26; 1845. A
GENTLnaI :—Our New Orleans' friends
will doubtless be glad to bear about;.nrafters
and things at this noted place.whiCh is now
aic: theatre of Military. operations between two
great opposing republics—both immensely
greet. so far as territory is concerned., but big
and little in all other respects. Col. II: L-.
Kinney, the proprietor of the Rancho, arrived
here on the 22. d instant. from the convention at
Anson, having obtained leave of absence from
that body. On his route hither, he passed
through San Antonio de Bexar ; and while
there, lam informed. had an interview with
three .of the most thstingnised chiefs of the
Cumanche and Lipari tribes of Indians—Buffa
lo fluor, Yellow Well, and Same Anna. The
latter; as you niav live heard, is the famous
chief who. during the last year or two, has
been ianeing shout the country west of this,
and (taming such b ivoc. 111 isle nod property-.
On the Rio Grande and elsewhere; and who,
from his own account, as Well as from tutor
elation otherwise received, headed the parties
attacked this plaCe several times during
that period. It appears that he was determin
ed, if possible. to break up the Ranche, but
all his efforte to thotend proved fruitless. The -
;', - essunal appearance of this, noted w
w h eit ilressed . aud mounted for a\fight. snide - those whO have seen him too often
scribed it,s:
about here, as being 'very imposing; while,
at t h e sane time, nothing I can say would give
you ,et Idea of his brivery and energy in ac
tion. It appears, however. that in Col. Kin
ney, who headed the party which gwie him
battle at this place more than once last sum
mer. he (wind his match; and was willing to
retreat. having. in his last engagement, receiv
ed a ball from the colonel's pistol while in the
act of spearing one 0f his men. The meeting
of these two men at Dexar must have been very
exciting—finding themselves on friendly terms
so soon after having been opposed to each
other in deadly conflict, and so narrowly escap
ing with their lives.
Col. K. reports that about 400 Cumanches
had recently started from the interior, on a
campaign to Mexico, all of whom profess to
be on friendly terms with Texas. It is to be
inferred, therefore, that, should it be necessa
ry to increase the force of Uncle Sam and
Texas combined, to whip our bhotketted neigh
bors. (than Which, however ; nothing is more
absurd.) the aid of the brave Comanche could
be secured.
On the 20th instant. General Mehta arrived
at Matamoras, from the interior, with 1,500
men. That place has recently been doubly
fortified. Gen. Arista, with his forces, (the
number of which is not correctly known,) is
still at Monterey.
'Gen. Taylor, of the United States forces
here, returned to die Ranche yesterday, from
an excnsion up the Nueees, whither he went
for the porn,.e_sif seeing the country and meet
ing the dragoons. now hourly - expected at this
place. He is much pleased with Corpus
Christi, and the country he has seen adjacent
to it. The stoup is located immediately above
town, on the Lank of the bay, in a very plea
sant, airy place, where a good supply of Water
is to be had by digging only soma five or six
feet deep. The steamer Dayton, from Galves
ton, is plying daily between this place and St.
Joseph's island. together with some twelve or
fifteen small sad of vessels.
The trade of our town continues to he live
ly. and it is to be hoped that the eonimandiro
officer here will continue to be, as lie now fib,
disposed to sustain the people of the place in
keeping it up.
Mrxico.- - The New Orleans Bee of the 3d
;natant has received the Diario del Gobierno,
.:Government paper.) of the II th ult. It con
tains the official announcement of the election
of General Herrera as President of the Repub
lic of Mexico. There are twenty-five depart
ments in Mexico, of which the successful can
didates must receive the votes of thirteen—be
ing an absolute majority of the whole. It ap
pears that, although lull returns had not been
received. it was ascertained that Herrera had
already obtained the suffrages of thirteen de
partments, and was consequently duly elected
President. lice wdt take the oath of office
and be inaugurated on the 2tith day uf Sep
In reference to the movements and disposi
tion of the troops uila , r Geo. "Naylor, the Liu
ion of Wrdnesd,o; 5-
•• We are happy, therefore. to understand
that the reintorcements are still advancing.--
Every day is increasing the regular force of
General Taylor. He is preparing to throw his
advance lines, with the dragoons in front, first
towards, and then upon the Rio Grande ; and
though he will not interrupt any Mexican post
which is now to the east of the river, yet he
will prevent any reinforcements which the
Mexicans may attempt to throw on this side of
the river. He should, however, employ the
utmost circumspection, and watch the impudent
and insidious Mexican,. Whilst our govern
ment will continue to arm themselves, and will
retaliate any hostile measures which the brag
gart Mexicans may attempt to carry into exe
cution, they will not •• keep the door of con
ciliation " closed; yet they will accept no
overture for negotiation which cannot be ac
cepted, nor is likely to be carried out, but
upon the moat honorable and most effective
GREEN, the murderer, has made a full con
fession of his crime, and the motives which
prompted him to its commission,
in Franklin, on Monday 15th Mat., by the Rev. Julius
Foster, Mr. JA3tEa L. RoeKwara.. of Monroe,lo Miss
COM/WA LTON, of the former place.
On the 12th of August last, in Athens co., state of Ohio,
In• Caovvv, Esq., of Leroy township, in this court.
The deconncd left Bradford county, in the month-of
November latst, accompanied by his wife for the Purpose
of transacting business in Indiana and Illinois, his wi
having returned home to Bradford some time in tl
month of Apt it last, leaving, her husband, who had
stay for the purpose of settling up his business affairs
the West ; and on his return borne he was taken sic
and died on the 12th of August, having left a wife al
three eli:ldre . r., to mourn hi.ilosq.
ENERA T. ASSORTMENT, something for Inc
IT and evcry disca , s that flesh is heir to, (taking
~ ~ ‘,„ , 1 I their word for it) all of which !, au will find at the
lit:Alain till da 1 . sap u. 1 IEN TRA I. DRIIthSTORE.
-7- ",;9IRADFOKI) COUNTY CAVALRY will meet I - --- -- -
(1.70e111:8 4" rt'alchts ic?..
/ I = 9 at the /°u" of Win: L' '"'' in tl-I ' . 1 '" u, ' ! ' ' l. l VE hare a sure cure for thoookinds* aniunls—:
Towanda, on .it.,turday, the 4th day of Octob,r rwl t,,,t TA , i z-,
RV a cure, no pay—call at the
10. A. M., armed and. equipped as the law directs for . -
compnny drill. _
cep. Ir. CENTRAL 11111.7. - 6 STORE . _
Thus wid ho a 'suitable MEW fur the comp lay to elect rvash lour Chdhe,y Clea,.4!
a Captain. 1 booby withdraw. IT.ti CIi:DER to do thia with ease, call 'And purcliaw
11. A. CAREY, ll.:414. elect. a a few plauuds at bal. Soda at the
Towanda, September Ti, 1815. JJJ scp. 11. : CENTRAL DRUG STORE.
‘Ve think Et man who who will make and palm ap p -
en inistilipetang person, " Sugar Coated Pill," neat ' ,
ing on the hoe, Dr. G. Benj'n . 4 zatith's signature, wow,
not be.itate to eell poison, regardless of all eonsequenot
No " Scaid CUATED Pitts " can bu relied upon, unks .
Dr. :Srniitep signature is on the box, and LAY all a"
are either imitation or counterfeit, and dam:a l daa
oda to use.
Dealers furnished at the New York College of He l ga,.
79 Greenwich street; New York. And sold by, k,„
M‘st,N, A. S. Cir.t rv,Tuwanda ; IlLaayGl en:
Orwell; JOHN Passm E, Rome ;J. E. DeLtacg, kik;
UTION.—As a miserable imitation has Le r
made by the name of “Sugar Coated Pills," it is ne e ,
nary to be sure that Da. G. BEI:J. SMITH'S signatur e y
on every box. Price Sts cents.
Ikrenisu Runt otiai.—The must popular,ramediesef
the present .1,,y are those which cleonee and purify t i,,
am l which are 1:1109‘11 to Ire innocent in thelrleal..
tire. rcratdm, a= Antimutiy,,Mereury, Zinc, em!
ret , t.r-e illee l iing in thheasc, are now, it is la.
ped. going utl of I.a.liten, end Vegetable remedies atilt..
soon the popalar medicine. Then IT 3 randrefleareg,a,.
table lin,ccr;ll he nerd and appreciate!.
They hre known to act beneficially un every part of the
body; token up by the chyle- = they pass into it,
blood, whicif they purify, and it shOuld be reineriderel
that they only remove these parts from the blood which
were the cauro of inflammation er disease of any kind—.
Noticing is equal to ridding the vitiated humors with a
vegetable medicine of this kind, which eightyleur pan
hove proved never to du injury, but always good.
Sold by J. D. &E. D. MONTAN YE, Towanda ; G. A,
PELLRINS, Athens, only authorized Agents fur Bradford
: (I:ZQ
WV'rrTHE ItE.IS, by an act of Avoombly of the Coro.
monweaith, entitled, " An act relating to the
election in this 'commonwealth," it is enjoined upon me
to give public notice of such election to be held, and al
so the enure, ration in such notice what officers are lobe
elected, I, JOHN N. WESTON. High Sheriff of the
county of Bradford, do-hereby make known and give no
tom to the electors of said county, that a GENERAL
ELECTION will bo, held in said county, on 'TUES
DAY, the 11th day of October in the several distracts
raid county, to wit
In Affirms, at the school house in the north district
near the house of W. Wilcox.
lu ..vwluai, at Jacob Frutchey's.
In Athens, at E. S. M e tth e wse n ' s .
In Armenia, at Wrighttnen Pierce's.
In Burlington. at Ad'n M'Kcan's
In Canton. at lienj. Caolbaugh's
lu Cutuntbia, at James Mergao's
In Dtrefl, at F. S. Bradley's.
In Franklin, at Wm. Deemer's.
hi Granville, at the school house, No. I, at Granvilta
Iq llerrirk, at Wm. Durand'e
In Litchi Id, at IL Park's,
In Leroy, at the school house in Leroy
In Monroe. nt J. I': Smith's.
In Omen, at the house of formerly occupied ET L H
nkr. nt E. Dewolre
In IZldgeberry, at Stephen Harman's.
In Horne., at L. S. Maynard's.
In Shr.hequin, at D. Brink's.
In Sunthfi,dd, at .A. J. Gerould's.
In Springfield, at D. 1). Black's . .
In St.m.linty, Stone. at S. Stevens
In N nut Creek, at the Fthool house near Asa Gillett's,
in 'ret k.
In Towanda Bum' at the Claremont Home
to Towanda tp., at the school house near Andrew C
In I'rnv, at the school house in the village of Troy.
In Spnngh:ll, (formerly Tuscarora,) at the school
house near J. J. Lewis'.
In l'ister, at S. B. liolcomb'e.
In W . W.11. at R. Coopers.
la Wtll,. at E. E. Ayres.
In WinJham, at E. RUStil'S dec'd
In IVrallisnr, at John Taylor's.
In N\ at the academy. At uhich time and
plzre the ricctia, aforesaid %ill elect by ballot—
iii•r.sin fir Canal Commissioner of this State.
T,., ',song to represent the county of Bradford in
tie H ,0 , 0 of Iloprescntativet of this Commonwealth.
the psrson for High Sheritiof Bradford County.
thuls•rgon for Pr - tthunotary, Clerk Quarter Sessions
and Oyer and Terminer.
One person for Register of Wills, Recorder of Deals
and Clerk of the Orphans' Court. --
One person for Treasurer of Bradford Co.
One person for-Commissioner of Bradford Co.
One person for Coroner of Bradfiod Co.
One person for Auditor of Bradford County.
And in and by said act, I am further directed to give
notice that every person excepting justices of the peace
who shall hold any itlice of profit and trust under the
government of the United States, or of this state, or of
any ciiy or incorporated district, whether a commission
ed officer or agent, who is, or shall be,, employed under
the legislative, executive or judiciary department of this
state, or of the I;tiited States, or of any incorporated dis
tr.. I, ,1.1,! a., that every member of Congress, and of tho
st.c. L Ana of the select and common council
i j f aos r,. or eonalii—ismers d any incorporated district
I e, in.-al.:I:el, of Isildifij.t or exereisii , ,;, at the same
teneAlle office or appointment of judge, inspector or clerk
of any election of this commonwealth, 'and. that no in
or, judge or other officer of any, such election,
,had Lie then eligible to any otiloe to be voted for.
lly the 4th section of an Oct passed the 16th day of
Aprd, 1910, it is provided that the 13th section of an
art passed July 2d, 18:39, entitled An act relating to
the electors of this Commonwealth," shall not be so eon-
strueil, as to prevent any militia otlicer from serving as
judge, inspector or clerk, at any general or special elec
tion orthis commonwealth. •
In the Clot section of the act first mentioned, is enac
ted that :every general and special election shall be open
between eight and ten in the forenoon, and shall contin
ue without interruption or qdjouniment until 7 o'clock in
the evening, when the polls shall be closed.
It is further directed that the meeting of the Judges at
the Court House in Towanda, to make out the general
return, shall be on the third day after the election, which
will be the 17th day of October.
Sheriff's Office, September 17, 1845.
A M. persons indebted to estate of Darius Shumway,
` . l deed, late of Springhill tp., are request ed
, to make
[am ediate payment, and all those having demnudeagainst
the same are requested to present them. legally attested,
for settlement. CYRUS SHUM WAY,
Springhill, Sept. 17, 1545. Administrator.
tre HEREBY GIVEN, that sealed preprint!' will be
ja . received at the Commisgtoner's Office, in Towan
da, until 2 o'clock of Tuesday, 7th day of October neat
for the building of a BRIDGE across the Wappeseniag .
creek, near the house of Nathan Doane, in Warren tp.
A plan and specification may be seen at the Commis
sioner's Office, at any time previous to the letting.
By order of the Commissioners,
J. M. WATTLES, Clerk.
Core're Office, September 17, 1845.
f is
the i
to ed
in drill
HE 4th Volunteer Battalion of Bradford minty,
is hereby notified to assemble at the house of
harks Bennett, in Standing Stone, on Wednesday..
ae Ist day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A.M., san
d the equipped as the law directs. for inspection sail
Athens. Sept. 15, 1545. Lieut. Col.
Attention Volunteers !.