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    Laity from Mexico.
The British frigate Eurydice, arrived off the
g a lice, at New Orleans on the Ist inst.; bring
.ing information from Vera. Cruz of a date -as
late as the 22ii nh. It appears that the Mexi
can. Government finds itself in a dilemma re.
vei li n g the treaty between Texas and Mexico,
w hi c h precipitate action might render danger
ous. They have raised a war spirit which
t hey discover they cannot quell, and which
e ven to conciliate appears to be hazardous.—
Notwithsianding the large,majority which the
treaty or the authority to treat, obtained in the
Mexican Congress, having passed the chamber
by a vote of 43. to 13, and. the Senate by 39 to
6, the measure is exceedingly unpopular with
the people. The adherents of Santa Anna,
and malcontents of every hue and kind. en
courage all forms of opposition to the existing
government. 'Knowing the inability of Mexi
co to engage with the Unite States in a war,
and confident that she cann t rely upon En
gland for assistance, they remsent to the ig
norant multitudes the invasion of this country
is a task of easy accomplishme ti and that the
British government only w ' e word to join
them against us. The people are therefore
madly in faior of war, and the adoption Of any
course by the existing government having a
'peaceful tendency, will more than probably
result in its overthrow. The friends of Santa
Anna and the opposition generally stimulate
this warlike spirit to the utmost, and one or
two things is rendered almost certain, either
that the existing government will declare war
against the United States, or that a new revo
lution will speedily break out and sweep it from
. -
No attemps are made in Mexico to disguise
the deep and active interest which Great Bri
tain takes jn every thing calculated to prevent
the effectuation of the annexation measure. It
is said that to accomplish her ends she offers
to pay the debts of Texas, and to assume for
Mexico ten millions of her English bonds.
guaranteeing 'independence to the one, and
security from the inroads of the United States
to the other.
The Texan or English commissioners,
whose name is never heard," was to' leaie
Vera Cruz on. the 23d inst. for Galveston, in
the French brig-of-war Penur.
Gov: Shannon arrived a few days previous
to the sailing of the Eurydice at Vera Cruz,
and would leave in a short time for the United
Business in Vera Cruz ievery dull. This
is attributed almost wholly to the prohibitory
taritTregulations now in force. It is confident
ly asserted that Congress will adopt a new
tariff before it adjourns.
MELANCHOLY Suicinz.—Yesterday morit
ing about 8 o'clock. Mrs. Sarah Maria P. Al
•len, wife of Mr. John Allen, formerly a Uni
versalist minister, and more recently editor of
the Social Reformer, committed suicide by
cutting her throat with a razor at the Graham
Hare, No. 23 Brattle street. The unfortu
nate woman'had been for several months la
boiing under totermissive fits of insanity in
duced by over excitement of parental senti
ment in consequence of the illness of her little
boy, and during Saturday night she made se
veral attempts to throw herself from the cham
ber window upon the pavement. In the morn
ing she told her husband' that she should feel
better if she had something to do, and accor
dingly went about arranging the room. Hav
ing made up the bed she requested him to turn
it up—it was a turn-up bedstead—and while
he was so engaged she went to a drawer. took
a razor, stepped into a side room, and before he
could reach her inflicted a fatal wound upon
her throat; her husband cut his hand severely
in getting the instrument of death from her
grasp.—Boston Bea,
A-MERICAN COIN.—The Secretary of the
Treasury, with a View, of preparing for the re
quirements of the new law for the collection of
postages,.has directed silver, to the amount of
$250,000, to be sent to the mint to be coined
into dimes and half dimes. This sum will
yield sixty-two thousand five hundred df the
former, and three hundred and seventy-five
thousand of the latter. This, the U. S. Jour
nal, says, is but the commencement of the new
LAMENTABLE ACCIDENT !—A little boy, only
son of - Mr. JOSEPEI SIMON, of Carlisle: was
wounded on Tuesday last, by a shot from a
gun in the hands of another, named Spicer.—
The gun was loaded, and the children, uncon
scious of any danger, were playing with it,
When it wept off and the contents lodged just
above the eye of the younger of the two, a
child about 4 or 5 years of age.
of Butler, add Gen MARKS. of Pittsburg. have
tieen mentioned by the Whig papers as candi
dates for Canal Commissioner.
In Canton, on the 3d roar. tins. SOOOLL Pottratt, aged
32 gem.
We feel that we have a mournful duty to perform in
recording the death of this most excellent woman. She
Was mil of the noblest and purest spirits of earth, and
long will her memory be cherished by the many relatives
and friends who she has left behind to mourn her loss.
Her departure thrm this bourne of sorrow, has left a blank
in society that cannot be filled. She had endeared all
hearts to her by her kindness, and affection, and well
May we pause and drop a tear to her memory. She
had been a professor of the Christian Religion for about
fifteen years, and it was her solace under the cares and
. afflictions of life, and it was the crown of her joy in the
hour of death. The last words else sent to her youn
gest two brothers were "Tell them to adorn the profes
sion they have made, and not bring a wound upcM the
cause of Christ" Upon being asked by het father the
.moment Wore her death if she was going to see her Sa
vior, she replied with great animation, "Fes ! I'm going
.to glory--on the wings of lose 18y !"—and seemed
bre her actions to think that she saw angels hovering
around her bed, poised upon their golden wings of love.
But she has left us, and het pure %irk , has taken its
flight to the celestial mansions of eternal rest, where it
crin.drink of the waters of the river of life, in which
there is no sorrow commingled. It is now seated under
Idle ever verdant boughs of the tree of life, in the full fmi
'bon of all the joy of the celestial world. Let us not
w eePlicy less, knowing that her sanctified spirit is new
bending from its celestial throne wondering that a tear
should be dropped because she has entered into the full
inheritance of bar joy. J. M. S.
vritl meet at Monroeton, Bradford county, Pa., the last
Wednesday and Thursday of June, 25th and 26th inst.
Th e public are respectfully invited to attend.
DLoNo. of Binghamton, will preach nt the
Conn Howie, on Thursday yowling, ;Gat. inst.
At the Head of, the
gKINGSBERY * CO, at their old stand'one
door south of the Athens Note haie'joes
received in Xdriction to their former stock, large'and
splendid assortment of Fancy and .staplr ply Goode,
Groceries, Hardware, Queen's ware, Boum Shoes , arc;
which they offer at the very lowest prices for calk lurn
ber,or produce of most kinds. We ask our friends to
Call and examine our Goods and•prices. led we flatter
ourselves that none shall go away dissatisfied-
Athens, June 25, 1845.
S& 81101E8.— The lawn assortment
13 ever before offered in this market, rPrising to
pert as follows :
Ladies' walking buskins;
" kid and seal ties:
" kid and seal slips;
" seal and calf pegged slips;
seal and calf pegged a n d a rmed bootees ;
" rubber over shoes ; .
Mens' and boys pegged boots:
" pegged bragons ;
" fine shoes;
Childs' calf and - Seal bootees ;
Childrens' shoes of all kinds—
all of which will be sold cheap by
Athens, June, 1845. H KINGSHERY & CO.
assortment at H. KINGSBERY at CO.
Athena, June 1845.
CitYTHES—S. "A. &,E. J. Hillard' best warrant
ed Grass A; Grain scythes &Forks, also Quinne
baugh scythe stones, Rakes, Bnatbs, Cradles. &e, at
Athens, June T 845. H. KINGSBCRY & CCEB.
Butter ! Butter !
ANY quantity of goottirresh butter wanted, for which
the eery highest market price will be paid.
Athens, June, 1845:, H. KINGSBERY 4. CO.
IIVIOR THE LAMES.—Balsarines, Halzanine
jr Lawn, Printed Lawn. Lace Lawn, Chnsana &c,
for sale cheap, at H. KENGSBERY & CO'lf;
Athens, June,
Ir PS. PRINTS of every variety ind pattern
Rump from .5 to 25 cents, at
Athens. June, 1845.11. KINGSBERY & tOl3.
34 P ti t t tRO at A in D w C p L n O ce T . H fo S r ,..e le as b e y imees, & Sat.
Athens, Jane. 1845. H. KINGSBERYA Co,
SUMMER GOODS, an endless variety for sale at
Athens. June. H. KINGSBERY & DO'S.
alk TON superior Oxford GRINDSTONES, just
Wig received and for sale by
Athens, June, 1845. B. KINGSEERT & CO.
To all people to whom these presents shall come.
4. u
.-VANp n I
ERCLOK, wishes to ` Maker
t. _
t the k public, tat d he
a still co r i: i i
iii t i; iFj . assortment oFCabind Fovn g iture.
- 'His establishment is shelled on the
11) 1111 corner of Main &State streets. sec
' ond door north of the Bank and
directly opposite W. Watkins law office. Persons
wishing to furnish themselves with furniture, will find
it an object to call and examine, purchase and pay, as
the subscriber is determined (for cash) to sell all kinds
of furniture at a less price than ever before known.
June 23, 1845. D. VANDERCOOK.
WRIO the usual assortment in country shops. the sob
-IAI scriber keeps on band and manufactures to order.
the Sofa Rocking chair, beautifully upholstered, also
the half French Mahogany chair, together scat sofas
of the latest coil most approved patterns, all rf which
will be disposed of for all kinds of country pneluee at
the usual low prices, and for cash at very meth redu
ced prices, at the Cabinet shop of
June 23,1845. to: V ANDERCOOE.
COFFINS made to order on the sbortes: notice
very low for ready pay. A hearse will ts in at
tendancl when desired.
June 23, 1845. D. VAN DERCOOE. J. P.
WANTED by the subscriber, any quntity of
white pine, cherry, and whitewgotl Imbef, in
exchange for furniture.
June 23, 1845. D. V ANDERCOOK.
jRIJIT—Just received a supply of Lemon; Prunes,
Figs, Raisins, &c. at CHAMBERLIN'S.
June. 1'8,45. No.l Brici Row.
®[Ls—Linseed, Sweet, Castor and Lrnp Oils,
11U, good and cheap at CHAMBERLIN'S.
Juhe, 1845. No. 1 Brick Row.
FANCY ARTICLE.—A great varietyllr sale
low, at CHAMBER LIN'S.
June 1845. . No. I Brick Row.
NipRUSHES.—A genetsl assortment or finr, Paink
Flesn, and shoe braphes at
CHAMBERLIN'S, No. I Brick Row.
Dr. J. N. Sumner, Surgeon Dentist,
ESPECTFULLY informs his friends that haw.
JUIL, ing recovered limn his illness, he will make his
nest professional visit t* Towanda, on or before the
I/lrst day of October next.
Not the Towanda Shavin'e Bank, nor No. 3
Brick Row, nor the 01d Arcade,
But No, 2, Brick Row,
- 1 -3 NOW ACKNOWLEDGED to be the ideritical
spot where goods are sold cheaper for cash or ready
pay, than any other establishment west of the cities of
New York or Philadelphia. Persons wishing to prove
this fact, can easily do it by calling in to see. No time
will be spent in skinniTriiipla, or filling out bills of a
worthless Institution. But the whole time anti atten
tion of the subscriber anti hie clerk, will be exclusively
devoted to selling goods cheap. A nimble ea pence,
better than a slow 'shilling. C. REED.
June 23,18.15., No. 2 Britt Row.
JE - 1111—sfiZalL_7ILlt.a
litiST received and for sale at B. Kingsberls Store.
elp a few barrels superfine FLOUR. from Overton 4
Saitmarstix mill. Warranted an extra article.
June 23. 1845.
A FEW THOUSAND YARI I of dose cheap
SHEETINGS, as also summer stuffs, Pints,
Hos:ery, Gloves, &c. &c.; now opening at
June 23, 1845. REED'S.
inINE DOZEN Morgait's celebrated GRAIN CAA
DLES, with Harris' Scythes, for sale by
Juno 23, 1845, REED.
25 GUNS !
GUNS for the • North Branch Cilia'," and
ja thirteen for G. E. FLYNT & CO'S cheap
cash .tore. Just received at the Savings Bank, more
New Goods: ; —We are offering Mena at private sale
one notch" lowerthau at any other establishment in
the-borough. G. E. FLYNT & -CO,
wnys on hand at G: E. FLYNT & CO'S.
W.ALT.—A large quantity of FRESH-SALT, at
0 June 23. G. E. FLYNT 4- CO,
Portrait Painting, by Perkins,
NORTH SIDE of ilia square, in the room over J.
C. Adams' Law Office--Col. Miz's block.
Likenesses warranted. Transparent Blinds, of any
size or pattern desired. lane 18, 1945.
• - RESPECTFULLY informs his
mends and the public that he hu
4 R EMOVED to the Brick Row,
. No. I, where he still continues to
"'' /C, carry on his old business of
IQ. S c Watch end Clock Repairing,
which will be done on short notice,
and warranted to be well done. From a long experi
ence in the business, he believes that be will bi able to
render perfect satisfaction to all who may favor him
with their patronage.
N. B. Watches warranted to rim well one year, or
the money refunded and a written agreement given
to that etrAz. to alt that desire one.
CLOCKS.--A large assortment just received and
for sale very tow for cash.
If you want to. boy Jewetry•cbeep call at Cham
berlin's Watch Shop, No. I, Brick. Row.
ccr MAPLE SUGAR, Wood, and all kiciasof Cow.
try Produce received in payment. •
- Towanda, June 18,4846. • - ' %
Another knit of .New Goo e
MX 8. AC M. C. MERGUR, sze'recieleing new saw
ri. 4 , plies of Goons train New- York:- limos* every
week, welch they are prepared to pall a. they have been
selling all - lhe semis, a. tub - cheisper,',dai - any. mire
establishment - tit Towanda ; and achesit, is the 'some
quality of Goode can be' Pritchaled it MUD in town
in the United States, They neither . - skin Flints" nor
shave their customers, but attend solely to the business
of buying goads cheap, and 'selling them accordingly.
They have just received a new pokily of Sleeetinge.
Prints, Hosiery, Gibresar&
A LBQ—Aaadditional assortment of HARDWARE.
—Another stock will be received neat week.
June 12, 1845. H. 8. 4. M. C. MERCUR.
" Be sure tbs. cashier is right u;11 then go ahead."
PERSONS bedding (or not holdini ) bills on the St
singe Bank ate requested not to be uneasy, as to
the ultimate gowns of our institution u it is sound to
the " core," being assured that the " depoaites" are not
only firm, but are increasing daily with a "license" to
extend the business to any *mount, and shall soon be
able to declare a dividend on-the capital stock. With
Our facilities for purchasing goods cheap, and the New
York market at our command, we are prepared to set
all competition aside, not however without cautioning
the public to
As there are many unauthorized and well executed
counterfeits and well calculated to deceive those who
are not judges, but upon close inspection it will be
seen, that the "fie" mark is higher than ow the
genuine, and notice, that mine are" Simon pure" unless
signed at the bottom of each bill, in our own' hand writ
ing G. E. Flynt & Co. All lovers of seasonable Rear
Goods, and cheep, are requested to call and examine, as
" seeing is believing." Receiving New Goods almost
every day.
June 18. G. E. FLYNT & CO.
Let it be known to all Nations,
mat I, Jas. Xt.
SAVE on hand, and constantly receiving, and em
now opening a large and splefididossortmentof
goods in my line of business, notin Brick Row Ne.:l, 2,
3,4,0 r 5, but No. 100 Old Arcade, between the old
Post Office and Hay Scales, where can be had at all
times splendid gold and Silver of every des
cription. from a chronometer movement to a common
Silver Watch. Gold and Silver ware of different de
scriptions, from Gold diamond rings and breast pins,
down to three centers. Clocks. Violins, end other in
struments of music too numerous to embody men ad
vertisement. Call and see.
And 1.1. M. G. am determined not to b e out done
by any person or persons, or combinations or set of men
in trade whatsoever, not by flints skinned 'or unskinned,
:or by Beards long or short, blue black or' gra'', • or .any
kind of Beards or Tints whatsoever, for be it lillown end
let all nations know the facts, that my goods were se
lected with great care and purchased with th e ready,
and will be disposed of for the same, and at toser pri
cesdoin were ever before offered in this place, other
people's prices to the contrary notwithstanding. ' I in
viteyou all to come, come all at once if you can, and
you shall all be attended to. 2611't fa it to call one
door south of the Cheap Cash Store of r lliott and Merr.
N. B. Pedlars supplied with combs , buttons, nee
dles, pins, and Yankee Trapikat New 1 ':ortc prices, and
all kinds of watchmakers materials atm holesale.
June 18th, 1844. _ JAMES M . GILLSON.
ROADCLOTHS and Cassituen s of all shades
•and qualities at very la price& may be found at
June 9, 1845. WELLS.& SKI 'TEELEE'S
ASPLENDID stock of linen and . cotton Goods for
gentleman's wear. Also. Kid, t awn and cotton
gloves—neck and pocket handkerchief 'a and Italian cra
vats dell grades, may be found at •
June 9, 1949. WELLS + SAI VERLEE'S.
)11W1$ (300 D El &au •oullaaaao
I.E inscribers now have mahand all kinds of Mer
handise for tho 'season, and ski o' they do not
pledge themselves to sell lower by 10 cs • 20 per cent.
than their neighbors, yet th.y &t pkdg e themselves to
sell QS low for cash as can be bought 4 t any house in
town, Elmira. Owego or Binghamton. • •
May 20.1345. 11„ MIX 4 SONS'.
"Goods for the Millions."
JUST received at the Saziaga Bank, a nut Ober of tons
of those cheap Groceries, which makes our assort
ment complete. Those who patronise our cash mash.
lishment, will derive a decidel advantage over those who
purchase et other stores who do busineus on the credit
system, as they are not over :barged equivalent to the
delinquerice of those who never No 5. Brick 'Row.
a E. FLYNT & CO.
Administrator's Sale.
WILL be exposed to sale on 8 aturday the sth
day of July nest, at one o' clock P. M., on
the premises, all that certs in piece or pa reel of land lying
and being in the toWnshi p of Pike, cot inty of Bradford,
and state of Pa.. and bout tded as folio ws, viz : Begin
ning at the month east cort,er of a lot rt in out to Russel
Wilson, a hemlock tree, thence south. or as the line of
the osiginsl warrant rune one hundred and two perches
to a beech, for a corner thet ice west nj nety-six perches
to a post, thence east ninety-six perches to the place of
beginning, Containing fifty-st ',ea acres one hundred and
twenty four perches& 8-10 o.r a perch, v ,ith allowance of
six percent for roads, being j tan of war rant lot survey
ed in the name of James B arron.
JOHN PH ILLIPS, _Administrator.
Pike, June 7th 1845,
Regimental Orders.
MBE enrolled Militia of the 2d Ba ttalion sth Reg.
9th Division, P. M.. ire commsuided to mein at
the 'Stone Tavern, in Windham townshjp, on Monday
the 30th day of June, at 9 o'clock A . M., armed and
equipped according to law, 1 it inspectiton and review.
The Ist Bat., of same Reg.. will meet at the house of
E. S. Mathewson, in Athens Borough, oh Tuesday, tho
first day of July next, at 9 o'clock A.• M., armed and
equipped according to law, for inspectio ii and review.
Athena Borough, June Bth,. 1845.
~. THE subscribe) i still continuo
t °to Mt ti , /facture slut keep on hand
~,,,,.. at old stand. atl kinds of
al Cane rind Wood seat Chairs ;
,--;‘, , 174..1:—.77 1 ,___, . - also S Wee: of various kinds
t 4
\ r: 4. BE OSTE.B.9B, of every
description, which -we, will
1 \ \
\ , sell tow for cash or produce.
. TE 8 NINO done to order.
Towanda, April 23, 1841). '
ARE now openings% their stores l4autifcl and cheap
lot of SUMMER 6.0 ODS, direitTron the' City.
which will be sold for Cash., as low as, can be bought
at The Savings Bank," or at any store in Satan—call
Tovirandi. 19th Mar, '45. _ . '
sail see.
URTON KlNGSBERrlnforniit
L. rally that he has just received direct !poor Nevi
York City, his spring stock of GOODS.- It comprises
a very general assortment of Dry .9004..Groierie4
Hardware &c. His goods base been aelectea . with much
care, and will be sold as chet.p as can bobonght in To.
wands, Call in and see it it is not so ! . „
Towanda, April 30, 1845.
CROCKERY.A good gra ortment: Jane received at
Jane 4. G. E. FLYNT & CO.
al&.=Zs2 ammeasswo.
EPSOM SALTS, Flor. Sulphur. Roll Brimstone,
Sup. Carb. Sodn, Tartaric Acid. Castor Oil, Preis
ton'a pure extract de Lemon, extract of Sarsapanlla,
vials 4.e. for sale cheap at ; BAIRD'S,
Ma • 14, N 0.3 Brick Roro.
jEAPOLITAN, Florence & Stnii;?* 'BONNETS;
of all qualities and prices. dhameteori
Artificial!, Ruches, &c. at the NEW SOICE: .
- Juni 18. , G. Wpm? 7..* CO:
ATS & CAPS 4 BONNETS, all theilataitylei
for at SONS'. '
- - AnticrneitmartKM* •
Atthe Elmirai Cheap Cash Store,
• 'Arch 1, Brick Row. •
_ .
A ;pimple the 'bubo heeparchued of 'l. 8, wao.f .&
Attr ! ttiefr 004 of , goads, sad tour jiiet received ie aew
!apply:_ ifyyth,reoderii hi t irsortment of Dritgs; Ma.
Chia, Paved, ' Vitt, pyosttiffa atuf Farady Groceries
complite.;Oiliiistack coasiorts in pin of the following
Flour sulphur
do Benzohi
Ginn camphor
Myrrh • -
Annie root .
Antimony •
Aquaforils ,
hEt •
qui - amnionie
her • ‘.
Blue [Vitriol
Bayberry .bark.
do • tallow, • \
Balsam lobe
Barbed Oil
toehold moss•
lodine - .
Juniper Berries
Lunar Caustic
Liquorice ball and root
Nux Yonne* ' _
Oxalic acid
Essential oils, all kinds
Oil iosp
do Copaive
Baibadoes tar' '
Balsam' honey
Blood root
Blue. pills
Balsam Fir .
Black .drop
Barley Pearled
Bateman'i drape
Bugondy Pitch ,
Cayenne pepper
African do
Chamonile Bor.
Corrosive militia:lite
Cubebs • ,
Coc. inudiens
Carbonate iron
do Magnesia
do Soda;
Chloride lime
Pboiptuite iron
- Quinine
Bed Precipitate
Boger Lead
. :
Cream tartar j Syringes
Dragon's bloat Valerian root
Dover's Postdate Saffron ~
Digitalis Live Ursa
Emery; assorted Vol. Liniment
Epsom salts Yen. turpentine, &e.dec.
A complete variety of GROCERIES, such as Tea,
agar, Coffee, Starch, Raisins, Cinnamon, Soda Crack
.re, Ginger, Pepper, Eng. Currants, Nutmegs, Tobacco
.d Swift Candles, &c.
A complete etwortment of Paints, Dyo-stutfe, Win
doer Glue, Patent Medicine.% lee.
Towanda, June 16, /845.
I Regimental Orders !
HE enrolled militia comprised within the sounds
of the let regiment, are hereby notified to appear
t the houie of Charles Bennett. in Standing Stote,on
4tatorday the 28th day of JUNE inst. simed sod equip.
as the law directs, for military inspection and dill
Said Regiment under the new arrangement made by
the proper officers, includes the following townships,
end the borough of Towanda.—Rome. Wyses,Starsi.
ing Stone. Wyalusing, Renick, Springhill, Asylum,
Albany, Monroe, Towanda and Durell—each township
forming separate companies.
The commissioned officers of the Volunteer battalion
commanded by Col. WaLcss, are respectfully touted
to appear on parade with the let Regiment.
P. C. WARD,' Colonel.
Colonel's Office, Greenwood. June 12, 1845.
Blf virtue of a writ of 41s. Vend. Expo. hinted
from the court of common pleas of Bradford
county, to me directed I shall expose to public sale
at the house of Wel. Briggs in the Borough of To-
wands, on Thursday the 3d day of July. 1846,. at
one o'clock P.M., the following deceribed piece or par
cel of land situate in Litchfield, and bounded as follows,
to wit: On the north by land'of Peter Myers, on the
east by Benj. Stackhouse and Vanduzen Tidd, on the
south by Z. Tidd, and On the west by Cyrus Bloodgood.
Containing 100 acres '
more or less, with about 60 acres
improved, one framed house and-one framed barn, and
one log barn, and other out houses thereon erected, with
an orchard of grafted fruit.
Beized and taken in execution at the suit of Wm.
Norton to the use of Nehemiah Platt vs. John 8. Rog
J. N. WESTON, Sheriff.
Sheriff:a Office,
Towanda, June 14, 1845.5
WELLS & NATTERLEE see receiving from
New York, their second stack of Spring and
Summer Goods, consisting of a choice and gene re I stock
of all articles kept in country stores and will be sold es
cheap as at any store in the country for cash, produce
or approved abort credit. Please call and examine our
stock' and prices. WELLES &SATTERLEE.
Athens, June 9, 1845.
THE Ladies will find printed lawns, mdlaines,
zarines, and prints for summer; and bombazines,
alpaecas and merino goods for winter dresses. Linen,
cotton dr worsted mitts, gloves and hose ; black, blue
black, striped and, plain silks in pattern, for sale very
low at
GLASS, OILS & PAIN I'S-25 Kegs Duncan
non Nails- from 3d to 40d. 3.8, 8.16, 1 -2, 5.8,
3.8, 7.8, 84, 10.8 Duncannon round and Square Iron ;
band and hoop Iron of all sizes. Also; 5 tons Lycom
ing and Centre county Iron of all kinds and shapes ev
er called for—including 400 lbs. nail rods, Also. cast
and E. 13. & American Steel, all of arhicji will be found
cheap at
-GRAIN and grass scythes. scythe snaths, grain cra
dles' and scythes, stones and rifles; hoes, axes,
rakes, hay and manure forks ; Ames' shovels spades
scoops, hammers, hatchvis and a general stock of hard
ware may be found at the store of
FATHER—Saltmarsh. Overton & Co's best solo
and upper leather—calf and kip skins always on
ban in exchange for cash and hides, very low at
ARMER.S.--20.000 LBS. O 1 BUTTER, eithor
in rolls or firkins wanted at the highest market
pries for goods by
00EHLS. LAKE SALT, at ten shillings per
barrel, cash, for sale at
'it is already before the People,
/111 HAT No. 3 can beat the world selling GUODS
It Is already bepre the people.
That the best goods and cheapest goods in Towanda
can be found at No. 3 Brick Row.
It is already before Me people.
That No. 3 can akin any Flint in Towanda, without
injury to one " jack knife."
It is already af ore the people.
That No. 3 can't be an mold 1 per cent., much
less 15 or 20.
It . ,is'alreedy b fore the people.
That one of our firm started for N. York; on the 7th inst.
• ''
It soon will be before the people.
That No, 3 has received a large addition to their extern
al,. stock of goods.
Now Ladies and Gentlemen don't all come at once,
'we will wait upon you as fast as we can : we expect
another ; clerk in a few days and will then try not to
said our customers away for want of time to wail upon
theni.. - ' ' ' W. H. BAIRD & CO.
June 10th 1845. • No. 9 Brick Row.
• • • .11einceopathic Physician.
iIikOCTOR L. PRATT, would respeetfolly inform
11 . 111/• the citizens of Towanda and its vicinity,' that he
will be happy to be of essential ware. to those who
need -medical aid. From hisczporiencefn the system
which Ito adopts, ho Rafters himself that the community
be wall pleased with its eiTeets upon the serious
diseases which "flesh is heir to." His office can be
found at the residinets of L; E; De Wolf Esqr.
'Towanda, June 7th 1845.
.riItST.RATE 4R,b:, and jots of ARK ROPE.
fat *Ali' by " , W. ILMAIRD 4r.• CO.
•'111Y,14. '- 3 Brick Rau/.
Comer of Ike fablic Square k Maio Strut.
' ITIIHE•Isrgest and cheapen lot of gasils evrr care/
1.1 in Bradford County-is' now opening at the above
store; The mast fashionable Goods of the season, serif,
asßaltarines,Lawns, Ike., with every variety of Print
manufactured in the United Suites. All the new ,Myles
Of Sommer Goodie Fos Gentlemen hoys and youth-
BOOTS 4- snow of any quantity Mid any price,
20 . doz. HATS ut the lowest possible price.
GROCERIES of all kinds and HARDWARE in
• Returning sincere thanks for the veryliberal patronage
they have heretofore received, they pledge theniselver to
sell as cheap as goods of the same quality can lic-pur
'chased in this or any of the neighboring villages. We.
would therefore advise our friends to call - before pur
chasing elsewhere. .1. D. &E. D. 1110,NTANYE; .
Towanda; May 12, 1845.
Competition in thr Shark!
NM RECEIVED, a full assortment of superfine
French, English and American CLOTIIS. To
gether with a full assortment of medium ; and low price
black, blue black and fancy colors; fancy Cassirneres
Sattineta of various styles and colorls, tnakiiiir an as.
soclttient of Cloths complete. Also. Trimmings, of the
best quality, constantly on hand. Purchasers of Cloihs
and Citasimerecwill promote their own interestliy calf
mg at the New Store, where all kinds of Goods are sell
iiig miusuaay low. G.E.PI, & CO. •
11011ASJwist received a fresh supply of Spring and
Sumner GOODS wlticli he pledges himself to
genes low foicaah, as can be bought in this village or
elsewhere in thie tongitade—and every article warrant
ed to be as good tur it is recommended.
Towanda. May 1.4, r 1t34;5.. •
: IC. 1r
ELK.4.lrall SMITH x . ROA;
RESPECTFULLY inform fErat they still continue
the manufacture of Saddles; Bridles. Muncie',
dm, in Col. Mix's building, next door re I. C. Adatpe'
Law Office, where they will keep conargotly on band,
and manufacture to order,
Elastic Web, Common and Quilled saddles,
Barneas, s Carpet Bags;
Bridles, Trunks,
Collars. s•c.
Carriage Trimming and Military Work done td
Mattrasses, Pew and Chair Cushions made on short
notice and reasonable terms..
The subscribers hope by doing their work well, and
by a strict attention to business ' to merit a share of
public patronage. EJ.KANAH SMITE & SON.
Towanda, May 21,1845.
DR. M. GOODRICH has located himself
at MONROE, for the practice of his profession,
and will be pleased to wait on those requiring his
vices. He may be found at J. L. Johnson's tavern.
Reference may be made to Drs. HUSTON. & tifaaaN;
of Towanda. April 23, 1845.
Fashionable Tailoring !
GEORGE H. BUNTING would respectfolly in
form the public that he still continues at his old
stand on the west aide of Main street, between Kings
bery's and Bartlett's stores, up stairs where be may
be found in readiness to all work in his line in a style
not to be surpassed in Bradford county. Prices to snit
the times. Thankful for past favors, be respectfully
solicits a continuance and hopes by strict attention to bu
siness and accommodating terms to merit patronage.
The Spring and Summer FASHIONS have jug been
received, sad he is prepared to make garments in the
most fashionable manner.
Particular attention paid to CUTTING, and warrant
ed to fit if properly made up.
He has the latest Spring and Summer Fashions - for
sale. Towanda, May 14. 1845.
zznowczass xrciuzal.c.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Reuben Conk
lin, Iste of Towanda borough, deceased, are re
quested to make immediate payment, and all those hav
ing demands against the same are requested to present
thorn, legally attested fOr'settlement.
W. W. GOODRICH, Executor.
Towanda, May 15, 18415.
15113111110- MILIMIT. =WE '
THE subscriber has just returned from Now York
with a splendid assortment of Spring and Sum
mmer goods, which he offers for sale at least fifteen
par cent. cheaper than goods have ever been, or ever
will be sold in this borough. His stock consists of fo
reign and domestic DrylGoods, such as Frinich, English
and American Cloths, Ctusimeres, Sattinetts, Kentucky
Jeans, Summer stuffs. A splendid assortment of hints
of all prices, also a-full supply of Brown and 'Bleached
goods, also, Fancy Goods, such as Linen Handkerchiefs,
Black, Blue Black, Plaid and striped Silks, Thread and
Muslin Edgings, Ladies and Gentlemens Cravats, Bon
net Ribbons, Damask and Mouselin de I,aine Shawls,
Parasols and a thousand articlestoo numerous to mention.
GROCERIES--Brown , Loaf and Crushed Sugars,
St. Croix, Portirico and New Orleans Molasses. Cogni
se and American Brandy. Holland Gin, Teas; dec., alsd
Crockery. Glass, Nails, Hardware &c.&c.
All persons desirous of purchasing goods low, will
do well to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere.
Atter, Eggs, Cheese and Grain taken in payment
Towanda, May 12, 1845. iVu, 2 Brick Ran.
11001 r ATS of superior qualities,` and most approved
KZ. style?, from $I up to— Call and see. .
Not to be Undersold by any Live idan!
A'FRCR than to have one coal' customer suffer
Kt the subscribers have rnadeettensive arrangements
whereby all kinds of goods can he purchased at their
real value. Economists are requested to call at the Sav
ings Bank and exanaineour stock of Groceries which we
are selling at unprecedented low prices.
May 28. G. E. FL YNT & CO.
Keep it before the People, .
rooAT G. E. FLYNT & CO. are receiving the
ji. ; largest and best assortment of Dry Goods and'
Groceries, and are selling very cheap.
Keep it' before the People,
That credit and 'lumber prices are high, and that cash
prices are exceedingly low. . .
Keep it before the People,
That Cash will do wonders in the way of buying goods
Keep it before the People. .
That G. E. Flynt & Co. are actually selling minds for prices from 15 to 20 per cent cheaper than
they were ever known befote,call and see.
' I Keep it before the People.
That goods of all descriptions can be purchased as cheap
as at Elmira, Owego, or even Binghamton. Be sure
and fall al • G,E.FLYNT & CO'Fi.
11BETINGR,—Brown and FtIea:SHEETING, an
1 1
ree (P..E ed . I 7LYNT & CO
I, :i y ul l l 2 ea . s quantity,
worrice is hereby given to thoenrolled Militia with
-. 1 fin the bounds of the 2d Brigittle oth divisien P.
Itl., that they will meet in Battalions and Regiments for
inapedtinn as folloole : the Ist Bat. 3,1 Reg. (formerly
1.29t9 will meet on Moritlity - then 23.1 day of ipoo nest.
2d Bat. same Reg.. on Tuesday the 21th.-z-Ist Bat.
4th tr. (formerly 156„) on Wednesday the 25th. • 2,1
• Reg. (formerly 21:51.1 - on Friday the :nth. lot Reg.
(formerly Ifith) on Kato - IMay the 2t•lth. 2d13 it. :Xi
Reg. on Monday the Oath. Ist Vat. same Reg. on
Tuesday the first day of July, at such places sit tilt. seve
ral, commanding tamers may direct. Adjutants and
Captains of companies ore also notified and required to
tinsel their roll. copies reedy
,for delivery, and also their
fist absenteesiiropertyauthenticated se the law directs.
• NV., E. BARTON, Inspectitri
Immeetnes Of fee,' - • • 1 ,, 211. Biig. 9th-Div.
E Smithfield, May 'IV, 18.13: P.M.
Si-i .• P:
, . .
11V33 1 11t€14 '
A- perfect Jam ai Noy 3 "Brick Row !
VSITA, c ,;riia.
vvy firk tioeisi With -a4eittititliiell:e.liete;l
men' of nietehusidize in: n enerate •• In the lifie of • '"
we cannot enumerate:hot • a small• mandrel% of articles . ,
but beg leave to-tray far the. besiefta el the Lairs, that
we have a splendid 'assortment of Panders mu.lins,•ging
annlins, ergandes, lialzariries, muslin de
(near styles) painted 'inii4liiut;'BCoteh `end Franck ging
hams, strived tapered jaionet, •(a 'beautiful article for
-white. dresses) 200 pieces French, English aild .
• can Prints. com prising some of Outmost choice and' rash
lanai& stylest - suminee shawls and cravale,; -Vittoria
skirts, bonnet lawns, oiled silk, black gro de Rhineailke
bobitiett, Gri•cian tarleton and silk lace, black silk, veil
lace, muslin edging and insetting, Lisle thread and finals
edging:light and dark kid 'Glares; pie nic and . anii'le
do., lirren.pocket handkerchiefs, fans, Bonnet Ilehhenis,
a great variety ;20 boxes Artificial", white and black
bugle beads ; cotton, gingham and • silk Parma/sand Stin
shades, the best assortment ever exhibited in Towanda.
Black and light-colored kid slip', liuskins and - fie% d'o..
do., gaiters and half gaiters, misses slip; shoes, dt.u.
Combs, toifeno brushes, &e. ' • • •
-Diamond lawn, shirrd • lawn, fluted lawn, willow; *node
na l plain straw, and Rutland straw, Ladies and misses
Bonnets. Also, 100 Legkor.n Bonnets, comprising plaits
Florence braid, shell and almond braid, diamond .tmd
peddle braid, shell and imperial do:, bird's ej , e,. ditto:
'Ladies' and misses . ' - Neapolitim late, Misses Leghorn
Oats; straw cords and tassels, &c. &c.
we are jaw opening 20 pieces, different styles,plaitt asitt
-striped double and single milled Carrion:ref. t Broad
cloth., and -Sat i 'jells, all colors:, said, qualtricsv Summer Cloths, for men and boy'i Wear, by, 1,13.3, pieces ; ;or, less
quantity ; bleached and broirti sliectii4stind shirting ;
suspenders, elastic vest backs, sc.
100 (10z. Pam leaf hats, 211 tied: • Ltgharti do., 5
caws Far do., white, drab andblack. • .. -
A very heavy stoak of Groceries, ifardtcare,!Grodie-•
We are prepared to sell ato esa o or re and
h • • ia•
will do so as low, (if not a little loiver,) thin the earno,
qualities can be bought 'at any store
of this place, for ready pay. And by way of eneoUr.
aging the honest and industrious .Itillers.of the kit" wo •
will exchange any of our goods far Good, Butter, or Fro
crow of almost any kind.. Those, therefore, wholiavo
wisely come to the conclusion that it is , not good policy
to g'et in debt to the merchants, will be' enabled to ex-
change the products of their labor for ail
wry to aceir comfort and convenience: '
• Yours, in haste.. -
WM, ;11. BAIRD & CO.
Towanda, May,s, 1845. „ ,
Executor's. Notice. •
ALLpersons inileMell to the estate Of Saml Creamer,
deceased, late of Monroe V., are requested to make
immediate payment, and all those basing demands against
the same are requested to present them. legally lute/ludo
for settlement. A. 1.. ,CRANMER,
Monroe, June 4, 1R45
/SHAT goods were never so cheap in the world he
• j fore as they are this spring,--if any doubt; who
wish to boy goods for mush, let them call and see at
May 22. • O. BARTLE trti:
Keep it Before the People, -
WHAT the Old Drug Store, wed side of the Pub
lic Square, is now receiving the largest assort
ment oi Drugs and Medicines ever offered in this mar
ket, among which are the following, viz •
.„„,i !
Sulph. Morphia, Blue Mass,
do. Quinine, ' it. Silver,
Eng. Calomel, Quick do. .
Potassa, Peperine,
Red Precipitate, Ipecac,
White do. Tart. Antimony,
Strychnia, lodine,
Elateruim, Valerian Root
Kreasot, Seneca do.
Pulv. Jalap, Serpentaria do.
Est. do., • Gentian do. -
Colycinth, Colombo do.
de. Celina'', .. Pink. do..
do. Ciente,. Sequa.
do. Hyosciarons, Adhesive Mao.,
do. Taraxecum, Cantharides, l
Spring and Thumb Lancets. Lancet cases &e.,
The attention of PHYSICIANS is particularly in
cited to the above articles, they being just received fro.
one of the most respectable houses in New Yort an
will therefore be warranted pure and free from minket.
anon in all eases, and disposed of at very lenliricee.
Wintergreen,: Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rosemary , .
Wormseed, Hemlock, Sassafrass, Lemon Lscander. Her/
gamot, Aniseed, Closes, J uniper, Amber, Csjput, Cara/
way, Monard, Almond. Orig,arium, Cedar, Am i .
ber, &c., &c.
The most popular of the day, such as Dr. Jayne'
Expectorant, Wister's Balsam Wild Cherry, Sandi
Sarsaparilla, Dr. .acne's Carrnanitive, Balsam Howl:.
hound, Turtington' - s Pink Expectorant Byrn,. Bat L
1 .
man's Drops, Andem I.
do.. Lemon's Coogh d 0.,, L
quid Opodeldoc, Balsam .Huney, Preston Salta, lilr'
Gardners Balsam Liverwort and Hoarhound,Dr.Bpoon ''
Digestive Elixor,Dr. Moons Dix. of OpiuM, Dr: Ben
jamin Godfrey's Cordial, Dr. Weaver's Worm - Toil,
Cheesman's Arabian Balsam, 'Balm of Colombia. Bdt
ter's Magnesian Aparient, Henry's do., Dr. Thompson a
Eye Water, British 011, Harlaern do, Maceasear do I,
Bear's do., Grave's Hair do., Croton do., together wi
many others to 'numerous to mention.
Compound Cathartic, Gregory's Hooper's "Fe* e
German, Lees Windham Billions, Miles' TOmii4
Brandretles, Wright's Indian Vegetable. Dr. Phlirddy'si
Webstet's, NI fasts and Bitiers, Alebaste. Bishops,''
: White ; Red and Black Leatt, Chrome Green ,Chren
Yellow. Yellow Oahu., Prussian Blue Roan Pink,th,4 •
Lead, Lithar , e, Blue. Smalls, Venetian Red,. lierrnilli.4l
Tarmerie, 'lndigo, Copperas, Allum, CruO:
Tartar, Cochineal, Bolution of Tin, Verdigria,.l3:
Vitro!, Glass . 1 by O. S by 10, and 10 by 12. Pali
Linseed Oil, Sce., 4e. I
• .
A. D. MONTANYE,-.DnoostsT.l
Towanda, May 2,1, , 154 5. .
• -
G. E. FL F.l CO.,
I r y o o t r L i p o, r ,n t ra c ,,d viciny,
at w
liti-puyanriT4ntchetotelio arc
an entire new stock - 4 Coods,Ol
No. 5, Trucy's Block,'.
Two doom below Tracy & Moore, Main' strict. en
ing of Dry . Goods; Groceries. Crockery, frog,
IVails. Roots 4 Shoes and for the Ladies we havoa
alutrounent of MILLiNERY GOODS. Besitica,
Thousand,Nolionsy,not ,to he enumerated, all of w.
were pun:ll'l.4rd ttuder.the nue ion liamtor,r,exprreali
thi4 niarket.:ind will be sold without reserve, and I
tier& .11:tch Chinpt4 then at any other entabliAhmei
Towanda. All who favor lIP with 12 call. may be a/.
that their liiti•ti,t will lit• to call again. • •
Cr Be aura you ere Ti2111.-I‘o. 5. Tracy's
Mork. GEO. E. FLINT & C
'rovrtnALE, May 12, 1835.
FEW Fi)lMs 1.1", French. Englitti 0111.1
ilk Oil PRlNTS—rich patterw, gt
Alec 12. ' .E.PINNT C
LiiilES.! 1.41111 1 ,6 1
A FIRST It ATE. n,atortwent of I.e l therri
44her UON EFS of the, latest style ,pet : n
ed and 1 , 0 2040 lower fto:cabltttr. , 1 yon ever Lone
, I l. 11.13 A lITLE'r
AgniN the `2iith of April. at sln re
in stet;beitive
‘,Peonklites arid the Wal, riot! lief'' •
Lar . e'-11C/b.:••l'hil finder 11:
thit'oaire:f•e , t.
Ttn.vettuloi ',q4\, 5, ,1b45.,