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    Sore Throat, Coughs. Consumption,
Pain in the various parts of
to the a body,
' and other. unpleasant
the usual effects of catching' cold. •
- Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are
a delightful Medicine for carrying - off a
cold ; .because they pur romge f the sys
tem all morbid and corrupt humors, in
so easy and natural a manner, that the
body, is reiiered of . every kind of suf
fering as if by 'Magic.. From three to
six of said Indian Vegetable Pill 4, ta
ken every night on going to bed, will
a n a short tithe make a. perfect cure of
the most obstinate cold—at the same
time the blood and other fluids will be
4" thoroughly purified,,and the constitu
tion so completely invigorated, that the
A body will be i• restored. to even better
health than before.‘
For *ale' at the stare of J. D. & E.
D. Montanye, in Towanda, and by
vents published in :moi l er column of
% this paper.
" ution.—As Acounterfeiters
are abroad-, avoid all stores of doubtful
c haracter, — and he particular in all ens.
y g , z. to ask for Trright's Indian re,re
;' /able Pills.
110 !_FOR. THE TINES !
rf irviE suscribers now have on hand all kind
of Merchandize for the season, and altbo'
the)': do not pledge themselves to sell lower by
;0 or 20 per cent._ than their neighbors, yet
du pledge themselers to Sell as low for cash
cah,be bought at-any house in town, Elmira,
Owego or Binghamton.
May 20, 1345. H.MIX 4. SONS'.
fDIJTTER and ; all kinds of produce wanted
'10...) in exchanke for Goods by
• May -2 . 1). Al LT & SONS'.
ROURIES, a full assortment of which
qJI( may be found low at MIX 4- SONS'.'
MO WARE of everydescription for sale
hiw at MIX & SONS'.
& CAPS 4- BONNETS, all the
bite 'styles for sate at MIX & SONS'.
1) 11.Y
s G sCa f c3 e a
v t
er n y e i t i t e s s * Vo l ° r
snte' sloths,
° at:l
linens for the gentlemen ; Silks, Satins, Eat
. 4 urines, French 4 English Lawns, Delaines and
every variety of goods and patterns for the La
. dies, at k SONS'.
Y virtue of a writ of Vend. Expo., issued
It from the court of common pfCas of Brad
ford county, and to me directed, I shall expose
to public sale at the house of E. Itaynsford in
Troy, on Thursday the,'26th day of June, at
o'clock P.M., the following described lot
or land situate in South Creek township,boun
bd on the north by Ebenezer Himninz and .1.
dare, on the east by Wm. Huut, on the
~ ,uth by John B. Townsend and John Allen
ti,c'd, and west by lands of the Binghames
tate. Citataining about 200 acres of land ;be
the same 'more or less, with 'about fifty acres
kin - proved; with a small orchard, a log house
and alramed barn thereon erected.
seized and tak-en in execution at the suit o
0. I'. Ballard vs. Philo Fassett jr.
.1. N. WESTON, SheritT.
Sheriff's Office,
!Ttrvands, May 23. 1845, S
W- . .. 4 18T OF JURORS 'drawn for Special
Court June 23, 1895. .
Franklin—Samuel Annable,
lataberp- 7 John Burt, Gco. Baldwin, Daniel
ToWanda tp.—Joscph Brown,
Orwell—Cyrus Coot, Asa M'Kee, J. Chub-
Spririgrield—lsaac Cooley, Frederick Leonard
George Sargeant, '
Dar K. Emery,
Granville—A. M. Fitch. Hiram Keeny,
Pike=Raph Gregory, Nelson Rose, J. Hodge
Isaac Seymour, ;
Motiroe—S—S. Hinman,
Wells—A. Ingalls, John Rowlee, W. Shepard
Herrick—WM. C. Knapp,
Springhill—Samuel Lake.
Towanda boro.—T. B. Overton.
Colombia—Ebenezer Pierce, John Wolf..
Athens tp.—J. L. N. Spalding.
S'unthfield—Seth Salisbury.
Leroy—S. Vanfleet.
Wyalusing—M. H. Welles.
Warren—Joseph Wheaton.
Burlington—James Wilcox.
Canton—C. C. Wright.
WiIAS just received a fresh supply of Spring
sl.l.and Summer Goods which he pledgeri
lamsflf to sell as low for cash, as can bebought
in this village or-elsewhere in this longitude—
:lad every Article warranted to be as good as it
rrcorn mended .
Towanda, May 15, 1845.
FIAT goods were never so cheap in the
world bcforb as they are this spring,—if
ally doubt, who wish to buy 'goods for cash,
lot them call and sec at H ,
'lay 22. O.D.BAIITLETT'S.
- 1 , -kgroncE . is hereby given to the - enrolled
Melilla within the btiunils attic 2d Bri
^tde 9th dkvision P. M., that they Will meat in
Battalions and Regiments for irispection as fol-
I e«'s:l the ls't Dat. 3d Reg. (formerly 123 th)
will meet on Monday the 23d day of June next.
2111 at. same"; Reg., on Tuesday the 24th.
lq Bat. 4th Reg. (formerly 156,) on Wednes
dsy the 25th. 2d Reg. Vormerly 21st,) on
Friday the 27th. Ist Rcg. (formerly 15th) on
; Saturday the 28th. 2d Bat. 5111 Reg. on
Monday the . 30th. tat Bat. same , Reg. on
tiemay • the Grst day of July, at such places as
the Several commanding officers may direct.---
AdjUtants and Captains of companies are also
notified and required to have their roll copies
re2y)for delivery, and also their list of absen
-1 tees properly authenticated as the law directs.
, f W. E. BARTON, Inspector,
Inspector's Office,2d Brig. 9th
E. Smithfield, ?_
May 17, 1845. Div., P.M.
constantly,. on hand and (or safe cheap at
• .
BAIRD'S No. 3, Brick Rom.
4,10 LE & UPPER LEA'rliElt by ;the ton
:1 4 Vj or less quantity at
BAIRD'S N 0.3, Brick'Row
: T WO ton assorted lion just received at
Rarß rv,t,
AFIRST RATE assortment of Leghorn,
Straw and other BONNETS of
. the la
test sfyte just received - and for sale" lower for
carh than you ever bought, by
Ma • 26. O. D. B A RTI.ETT..
Not to be Undersold by any Live Man
jit,ATHER than to have one cash cusio
mer suffer. The subscribers have made
extensive arrangements whereby all kinds of
goods can be purchased at their real value.—
Economists arc requested to call at the Savings
Bank awl examine our stock of Groceries which
we are selling at unprecedented loti prices.
May .26. G.E.YLYNT iSr, CO.
Keep it before the People,
rvHAT G. E. FLYNT & CO. are receiv
ing the largest and best assortment of
Dry Goods and roceries, and are selling very
Keep it before the People.
That credit and lumber prices are high, and
that eg-sh prices ate exceedingly low.
'Keep it before the People,
That Cash will do wonders id - the way of buy
ing goods cheap.
° Keep it before the People,
That 0. E. Flynt •& Cd. are actually selling
goods for cash, at prices from 15. to 20 per
cent. cheaper,,,thati they were ever known be
fore,—call and see.
Keep it before the People,
That Goods of all descriptions can be purcha
sed as cheap as at Elmira, Owego, or even
Binghamton. Be sure and call at
- G. E . FLYNT & CO'S.
11111 APER HANGINGS, a first-rate assort
jir merit at G.E.FISNT & CO'S.
vARPETINGS, Ingrain and. Cotton Car
pcting, some beautiful patterns at
May 20. G.E.FLYNT & CO'S.
113 ELM LEAF HATS of all qualities and
„K --- descriptions at the new titorc of
May 2D. G. E. FLYNT & CO.
' •
- ,-"
`V3y~ußmuummm:ro - +a
01 TEPHEN HATHAWAY informs the
public generally that he is still prepared
to manufacture, of the best material, and in the
most substantial and elegant manner, all o
scriptions of Boots and Shoes.
Morocco, Calf and Coarse Boots and Shoes
Ladies' shoes and gaiters ; youth'
All work made by me will be warranted to
beiwell made. Call and try.
Country Produce taken in payment for work
Towanda, May 21, 1845.
trs HEREBY GIVEN that there will be ex
posed to public sale at the Exchange Hotel
in Monreeten, on the 7th day of JUNE next, at
1 o'clock, P. M., $l6O TOWANDA BANK
money, to the highest bidder for cash.
By order of the board of School Directors,
J.H.PHINNEY, Treasurer.
Monroeton, May 21, 1645.
41r Yvirtue of a writ of Venditioni Exponas
4111 t issued, from the court of common pleas
of Bradford county, to me directed, I shall ex•
pose to public sale at the house of Wm. Briggs
in the Borough of Towanda, on Thursday the
19th day of June next at one o'clock P.
M., the following described lot of land satiate
in Asylum township, bounded on the north by
lands of Matthias Lanning, on the cast by
lands of Samuel Bedard, on the south by lands
of David Thurston, on the west by lands of
Edrick Preston. Containing 50 acres more or
less, about 20 acres improved, with two log
houses and one log barn thereon erected.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit o
Icgharn 4- Horton vs. Daniel Vargason.
N. WESTON, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office,
Towanda, May 15, 1845. S
North Branch Canal.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Books of
COMPANY will be opened on TUESDAY
the seventeenth day of:lune next, at two o'•
clock in„the afternoon at the Phoenix Motel in
Wilkesbarre, Pa., where the undersigned, Com
missioners under the law for that purpose en
acted, will attend to receive subscriptions for
stock for said company.
G. M.. Holrenback,Chester Butler,
Sam'l Holland, Geo..P. Steele,
E. W. Sturdevant,Garrick Mallery,
Rob't A. Parrish, C. L. Ward,
V. E. Piollet, N. Oferlield,
S. Phelps, Henry Stark,
William Colt, S. F. Headley,
Wm. ArKelvy,. George Magi:,
Joseph Priestly, Thos. P. Cope,
Henry King: Elihu C hauneey
Henry Drinker.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., May 14, 1845
ARE now opening at their store a beautiful
and cheap lot of SUMMER GOODS,
direct from the City, which will be sold, for
Cash, as low as can be bought at "The Sa
vings Bank," or at any store in town—call and
Towanda. 19th May; '45.
Rl.l~l~~i~ ~"~7'PZ~-o
ELK.1:11,171 S.VITH 4 SOA",
RESPECTFULLY inform thdt they still
continue the manufacture df Saddles,
Bridles, Harness, arc., in Col. Mies building,
next door to I. C. Adams' Law 01lice, where
they will keep constantly on band, and manu
facture to order, • • -1
Elastic Ireb, CO7)111204 (112 d Quilted O
Carpet Bags,
Valises, 4-e. fc.
and. Military Work
Carriage Trin&ming
done to order.
Mattrasses, Pew mid Choir. Cushions made
on short.notico and reasonabie Wins.
The seb3eriberg hope by doing their work
well, and by a strict attention to business, to
merit a share of public patronage.
21, 1935.
Coiner eflitilablie Square 4; Main Street.
sE_larest and cheapest lot of gooda ever
offereifin Bradford County,is now open
ing at the above store, Thc.most fastifonable.
Goods of the season, such'as Balzarines, Lawns,
&c., with every variety of Print manufactured
in the United States. All the new styles of
Summer Goods for Gentlemen boys and youth.
BOOTS 4 SHOES 'of - any quantity and
any price.
20 doz. HATS at the lowest possible price„
,GROCERIES of all kinds and lIARD
WARE in abundance.
Returning sincere thanks for the very.liberal
patronage - they have heretofore received, they
pledge themselves to' sell as cheap . as goods of
the same quality can be purchased in this or
any of the neighboring villages.. We would
therefore advise our Maids to_ call before pur
chasing elsewhere._ - _
Miti,l2, 1845.
L.' 7 o ICZ.L M. 4 21..r0g1 ?MOW 8
FENHE 'subscriber has just returned (tom N.
York with a splendid assortment of
Spring and Summer goods, which he offers
for salest least fifteen' par cent. cheaper than
goods have even been, or ever will be sold in
this borough. - His stock consists of foreign
and domestic Dry' Goods, such as French, En
glish and American Cloths, Cassimeres, Satti
netts, Kentucky Jeans, Summer stuffs. A
splendid assortment of Prints of all pricep, also
a full supply of Brown and Bleached goods,
also, Fancy Goods, such as Linen Handker
chiefs, Black, Blue Black, Plaid and striped
Silks, Thread and Muslin Edgings, Ladies and
Gentlemens Cravats, Bonnet Ribbons, Damask
and Mouselin de Lain Shawls,' Parasols and a
thousand articles too numerous to mention.
GROCERIES—Brown, Loaf and Crushed
Sugars, St. Croix, Portirico and New Orleans
Molasses, Cognise and American Brandy, Hol
land Gin, Teas, &c., also
Crockery, Glass, Nails, Hardware iSic.Stc.
All persons desirous of purchasing goods
low, will do well to give htm a call before pur
chasing elsewhere.
Butter, Eggs, Cheese and Grain taken in
payment for Goods. CHARLES REED.
No. 2 Brick Rcrto.
Towanda, May 12, 1845.
APOLITAN, Dover' braids, and Lace
IN Lawn Bonnets, for sale low by
May 1 `2: . C. REED.
RALZARINES, Lawn Ginghams, and
French Lawns for Ladies' dresses for
salo by C. REED.
G. E. Pler.irr_ is- co.,
WOULD respectfully announce to the
inhabitants of Towanda and vicinity,
that we are receiving- en entire new stuck of
Goods, at
No. 5, Tracy's New Block,
Two doors below Tracy & Moore, Main street,
consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery,
Iron, Sled, Nails, Boots dr Shoes ; and for the
Ladies we have a good assortment of MILLI-
N EllY GOODS. Besides, Ten Thousand
IV;_dions, dot to he enutiNfated, all of which
were purchased under the aticion hammer, ex
pressly fur thii market, and will be sold without
reserve, and Positively Much Cheaper than at
any other establishment in Towanda. Alt who
favor us with a call, may be assured that their
interestwill be to call again.
Be sure you arc right—No. 5, Tracy's
New . Block. GEO. E. FLYNT & CO.
Towanda, May 12, 1645.
Competition in the Shade !
RUST RECEIVED, a full assortment of
superfine French, English and American
CLOTHS.. Together with a full assortment
of medium, and low price black, bluo_black and
fancy colors; fancy Cassimeres;lkialtiocis of
various etyles and colors, making an assort
ment of Cloths complete. Also, Trimmings,
of the best quality, constantly on hand. Pur
chasers of Cloths and Cassimeres will promote
their own interest by calling at the New Storfe,
where all kinds of Goods are selling unusually
low. G. E . LY NT & CO.
1 HEETINGS.—BroVvn and Idea. SHEET:
ING, an endless quantity, just received hy
May 12. G.E.FLYNT dr, CO.
AFEW CORDS of French, English and
American ITl.NTS—rich patterns, at
May.l2, G.E.FLYNT & CO..
TEAPOLITAN, Florence & Straw BON
IN - .NETS, of alt qualitie's and prices. Cha
meleon Ribbons, Artifkials. Ruches, &c. at the
UMMF.R STUFFS—in all their varicti,
0 , selling cheap at
May 12. G. E.FLYNT & CO.'S
WILCOX & SAGE hare associated
themselves in the Boot and Shoe Mak
ing business, in the borough of Towanda, and
may be fount Lat the old stand of S.Hathaway,
lately occupied by Elkarfah Smith, near I. 11.
Stephens' Exchange Hotel, where they solicit
a share of public patronage. They intend, by
a c.4reftl selection of Stock, and by attention to
the:lnterests of their cnstomcrs,to makeas neat
and, durable work ns can be manufacturedthis portion of the country. '
. .
They keep constantly on band, and- ma
nufacture to order, morocco, calf and coarse
boots . and shoes ;: . Ladies i Gaiters, shoes and
slip's; children's do. • gent's gaiters and pumps,
&c., &c. jOHN W. WILCOX,
tatvanda, May 14, 1845.
zpa• tiauttiz? moutacelauch :
PSOM SALTS,' Pint.. sulphur, Roll
Briimitorie, Sup. Carb: `audit,. Tart.-iric
Acid, Castor Oil, Preston's putt extract de Le
mon, extract of Sarsaparilla, vials de. for sale
cheap at
May Id. R rick.4-&u-
A_ Ipared...l44g No;3 Brick Row!
laiNT-m. H. BAIRD•St , Cd., AS. 1,51.1 AL,
V! V are in the first boats, with a large and
well-sJected assortment of indrcharitlize in ge
neral. -In the!line
we cannot enumerate but a small number of
articles, but beg leave - tdsay foi.the benefit_of,
the - Ladies, that we h&c a splentlaniaortment
of Pandornaauslins. gingham "ixfusiitis,argan
des, balzarines, muslin de laines, (no* styles)
painted rnuslins, Scotch and French ginghams,
striped tapered jaccinet, (a beitutiful'irticle for
white dresses) 200 pieces French, English and
American Prints, comprising some of the most
choice and fashionable styles; summer shawls
and cravats, Victoria skirts, bonnet lawns, oiled
silk, black gro de Rhine" silk, bobinett, Grecian
tarleton and silk' lace - , black - silk veil lace, mus
lin edging and insetting, Lisfe thread arid linen
edging, light and dark-kid Glovii, picnic and
cotton dO., linen pocket handkerchiefs, fans,
Bonnet Ribbons, a great variety ; 20 bores Ar
ifficials, white and black bugle beads ; cotton,
gingham and silk Parasols and Sun shades, the
best assortment ever exhibited in Towanda.
Black and light-colored kid slips, buskins and
ties, do. do., gaiters and half gaiters, misses
slips, shoes, &c. Combs, toilette brushes, &c.
Diamond lawn, shirrd lawn, fluted lawn, wil
low, modena, plain straw, and Rutland straw.
Ladies' and misses' Bonnets. Also, 100 Leg
horn Bonnets, comprising plain Plorencebraid,
shell and almond braid, diamond and peddle
braid, shell and imperial du:, bird's eye, ditto.
Ladies' and misses' Neapolitan lace, misses'
Leghorn flats, straw cords and tassels, &c.&c.
we are just opening 20 pieces, different styles,
plain and striped double and single milled Cas
simeres. Broadcloths and Sa butts, all colors
and qualities; Summer Cloths, for men and,
boy's wear, by the piece or lees quantity ;--
Lleached and brown sheetings and s - hirtings ;
suspenders, elastic vest backs, &c.
100 doz. Palm leaf hats, 20 doz. Leghorn
do., 5 cases Fur do., white, drab and black.
A very heavy stock of Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery, 4-e., 4c.
We are prepared to sell at wholesale or re
tail, and will do so as low, (if not a little low
er,) than the same qualities can he bought at
any store within 100 miles of this place, for
ready pay. And by way of encouraging the
honest and-industrious " tillers of the soil," we
will exchange any of our goods for Good But
ter, or Produce of almost any kind. Those,
therefore, who have wisely come to the . conclu
sion that it is not good policy to get in debt to
the merchants, will be enabled to exchange the
products of their labor for all articles necessary
to their comfort and convenience.
Yours, itt• haste,
Towanda, May 5, 1895.
oil BALES Portsmouth SHRETING, the
;a0 heaviest and best in market, for sale cheap
at BAIRD'S, No 3, B. R.
Also, white and colored Car
pet warp, cotton wick, &c., for sale by
May 5. BAIRD'S, N 0.3, B.R.
CD; TONS NAILS, just arrived, and for sala
ji k e cheap as the cheapest, at
May 5. BAIRD'S. No. 3, B. R.
& OlLS.—Pure Linseed Oil,
spirits turpentine, dry white lead, ditto
ground in oil, spanish brown, do. white, gum
copal, glue, &c., can be bad cheap at
May 5. BAIRD'S, .N 0.3, B. R.
WINDOW GLASS, all sizes; also Co
pal Varnish, lampblack, putty, &c.,
by BAIRD & IV . o. 3. B. R.
200 BBLS. SALT, just arrived, and
for sale CHEAP ut
BAIRD'S, Xe. 3, B. R.
RAVELING Baskets acd Reticules, a
El: great variety at BAIRD'S:
1311ATENT PAILS. Brooms, wire selves,
jr — tea servers, looking glasees,•etc., at
May 5. . BAIRD'S, No. 3, E. R.
497 BUSHELS WHEAT, and any
quantity of Corn, Rye '
wheat, Flax seed, Dried Apples and Maple
sugar, for sale cheap, by
May 5. BAIRD & CO. 110. 3, B.R.
A Death Blow to nil IllonopOliesl
ir H. & H. S. PHINNEY, out of the
ey.• • combination, and are just receiving ige
neral assortment of FANCY AND STAPLE
GOODS, adapted to the season, which they
will sell for cash as cheap as any other estab
lishment this side of New York, or exchange.
them for Lumber or Country Produce. We
particularly advise the public to call and ex
amine our stork before purchasing elsewhere.
Wanted, 1000,000 Shingles, 500,000 feet of
Boards, and Grain without limit.
Monroeton, April 30,11845;
'NOTICE is given, that the co-partnership
IN heretofore existing between John Hanson
and James H. Phinney, Jr. of the firm of Han
son & Phinney, is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. The accounts and notes of the late
firm will remain in the handset J. H. Phinney
Jr., for settlement; -the business hereafterxvill
continue in the name of J. H. & H.S.Phinney.
Monroeton, April 29, 1845.
pERSONS knowing. themselves indebted
to the subscriber, are hereby notified that
they must "fork over." Moreover this re
quest knows no distinction of persons, but calls
on each and every one in debt to him to pay
up, that ho may serve his creditors with the
same sauce. 3, M. GILLSON.
Towanda, April 22, 184 A. _
. Nay be laid at the Old Stand of
Mc) @o & 3o OQ ang.MOTM9
WHO are now receiving a new, assortment
of GOODS, which are offered for low
er prices for cash, than goods have ever been
sold in Bradford County.
Towanda, May 1, 1845.
M1100Z.: , -...tarLIMWS
imAcH and every per Son knowing them
tra selves ;to be indebted to the late firth of
oNTAN Tx BETTk, arc respeetfulfy reqUest-.
ed_ 10 attend to this last call, to settle and pay
up by the first of June twit, or their accoun t
or note will hi' left with a proper officer fur col
lcction, without further. delay.
March 6,1815. I.b..iiloliTAl\Yr
grant's WColen' T F;e6ry,
I LA PILL have an Agent 'at the following
• places to eichtinge ClOth of 'di( kinds
for Wool' on, as good terms if not liettei, than
other , Factery in the State. and. trust
that every man' will call and e - s amine for them
selves before lidding.
Will be at D. Johnson's Leßaysvillc Months;
'and Tuesday June 2d and 3d.
H. Passmore's Rome Wednesday June 4th.
yali. Stephens Tdwanda Thursday .and
day JiinOstt and 6th: ! - - -
Nathaniel Moody Sheshequin . Saturday and
Monday Juno 7th and 9th. •
John Watkins Athena Tuesday June 10th.
Brigham's Taaern_. ractoryyille Wednesday
June 11th.
_The assortment zdllcorisist of dßil ' - •
Celebrated Sheep's Grey Cloth,
Also, a, general assortment of Black, Blue
black Adelaide, Invisible Green, Brown and
Steel Mixed .t .
Formers can realize from 20 to 25 per cent,
more than by disposing of it any other way.—
We hope you will call and fixamine the weight,
body, and quantity of stock in each yard of the
abo"vo mentioned Cloths, before purchasing
elsewhere. •
The highest price paid for Wool, and Cloth
at the wholesale Factory Trice.
All thole who had cloths last year, to pay in
wool this year will bring it in without fail:
. .CDA'S A. CRANDALL, Agent.
Ithaca', May I, 1895.
APER IT ANGINGS.LA first rate assort
' inent of Wall and Curtain Paper at the
cueap store of W. H. BAIRD & CO.
A FIRST RATE ARK, and lots of ARK
fA.. ROPE for sale by
. . , W. H. BAIRD & - CO.
• May 14. No. 3 Brick Row
FRUlT—Raisins by the box, half box and
quarter box. Also, Oranges and Lemons.
May , 6. BAIRD'S, N 0.3, B.R.
3EiL.46/00 1 '33r9
AlfihN the 26th April, on Mein street. between.g,
_lf Mr. Conklin's and the Watering Trough,
Black Silk Lace VEIL. Tho finder is re
quested to return it to this office or
Towanda, May 5, 1845.
LETTERS Testamentary having been
Granted to the subscribers, on the estate
of Deborah Ennis, late of Standing Stone,
Dec'd. Those indebted to said estate are here
by requested to Make payment, and those hav
ing claims, will please present them duly attes
ted for settlement to
Standing. Stone, April 30. Executors
leE MC_ OEM NIT ar
A FRESH supply, making a complete as
sortment of IRON jmt received and for
sale low by 0. D. BARTLETT
George Sanderson,
LUrff- tOraMM' 522 ML,Wo
-HAS REMOVED his office to the North
side of the public square. nosiness en
trusted to his care, by letter or otherwise, will
receive prompt attention.
Towanda, April 3. 1845.
ARRANGEMENTS hare been •made by
the subscriber, by which he can facilitate
the transaction of business at the Pension Of-
fico. Having had considerable experience in
procuring Pensions, he flatters himself that he
can give the necessary information to thoe who
may call on him in this branch of business.
Office North side of Public Spare.
Towanda, April 5, 1845.
Second and Last Call !
MITE subscribers have a large amount of
unsettled accounts and notes, which have
been standing from ()Ns to six years, and
which they have determined smut us JILT
TLED. They have waited patiently through
the recent exciting .political canvass, without
asking for their dues. NOW, „,circumstances
render it necessary that they should be paid;
and they would say for once and for all, that
every persontindebted to them must come for
ward immediately, and pay their accounts, or
suffer the consequences. Will those indebted
heed the warning, or will they pay cost
Ntonrocton, March 15, 1945. '
Watch and Clock Repairing.
forms his friends and the
public that he still contin
ues to carry on the above
business at his old stand,
one door south of Elliott
& Mercur's store,- and,
nearly opposite the Hay
t 1
$1_111 0 4,:
' :s '
1/4 )
• .'10 ' !11 3 ,
I , 44 U. C
r , '0 e , v -,t
....._— .- 2 -
Watch and Clack Repairing,
Will be done on short notice, and warranted to
be well done. From a long cAtpciience in the
business, ho believes that be will be able to ren
derperfect satisfactiOn to all who may favor
him with their patronage.
N.B. Watches warranted to run well one
year, or the money refunded; and a written
agreement given to that etl~at- to all that desire
CL 0 C.A!'S.—A large assortment just receiv
ed and for solo very low for cash.
If you Want 10 buy Jewelry cheap call it
Chambalin's Watch Shop.
al' MAPLE SUGAR; Wood; 'and all kiitds
of Country. Produce icceived in pay inent.
Towanda; Marsh Zi, 1845,
Ohio Cri:ikistoires.
LC".' Onto GRINiIsToSEs, a goon
AL: article for farmers for sale low IA --
' • 0. D. BARTI.Frf,
Tovvanda;TO. ai), 11.344,
N pursuatice of" an;orderrof, the Orph•an l e'
Courf of Bradford County; there , wilt bo .-
exposed to pliblic sale on the premises, on-Wed
ncsday the 15tliday of ianuary,.•lB'4s, at one'
c'elack - P.M., a certain lot of land, situate in'
the borough of Towanda, bot.nded and descri
bed-es follows': oh. the.-north by land at -Win.
Mix ; • on the cast by River street; on - die:west
by bind of John N. ; Weston, and on the• south
by a Certain lane leading' from Maui street to*
the ; afe reen i t t river: street; said lot -measuring
75 fret on River street and 112 feet on the
aforesaid ,lane, with a Iwo story frame dwellin'g
house thereon. .".
Credit will be given fora portion_of the fur
charm money. .411endance Will be . given by
the sahscriber at the time and prace,aferesaidi
terms (Aside niore" fully made known*.
• 6. D. BARTLETT: -
• Toisanas e -Decerfiber 16; 1844.
Tlio-aboie sale is adjorirricill to Saturilii, the
21st day or Jutre next `at the; hotise of Wm:.
Briggs, o'e.lock P. M. " •
• O. A, BA RTI,BT.T.
ted himself at. MONROE, for the prat=
ties of` his profession, and , • will be pleased to
wait on those requiring.his services:.. He may
be found at J. L. Johnson's tavern. _
Reference may be made to Dre..Husrox &
Miaow, of Towanda. . IMS.
URTON KINGSBERY inforMs the pub-
II lie generally that he has just received di=
rect from New York City, his spring stock of
Goods. It comprises a very general assort
ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware Ste.
Hi 4 goods have been serectcu with much care.
and will be sold as cheap as can be bought in
Tovvanda. Call in and see if it is not so.
Towanda, April 30, 1845. ,
GEORGE H. BUNTING would respect
fully inform the public that he still con
tinues nt hie old stand an the west side of Main
street, betw . ech Kingsbcry's and Bartleteit
stores, up stairs, where he may be found in
readiness to all work in his line in a style not
to be surpassed in Bradford county. Prices to
suit the times: Thankful for past favors, he
respectfully solicits a continurinenand hopes by
strict attention to business and accommodating
• -
terms to merit patronage.
The Spring and Summer FASHIONS have
juatheen received, and he is prepared to make
garments in the - most fashionable:manner.
Farticularrattention paid to CUTTING, and .
warranted to fit if properly made up. -
Ho has the latest Spring and Summer Fash
ions for sale.
Towanda, May 14, 1845;
ALL persons indebted to the estate of Pat
rick Cummings,deceascd, late of Sheshe
quin tp., are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and all those- having demands against
the same are requested to-present them, legally
attested, for settlement.
Sheshequin, May 15, 1845. Executors. -
M;1 - 2 - ;2,0v00m9g wOUECoL.G,
ALLperions indebted to the estate of Reu
ben Conklin, late of Towanda borough
deceased, are requested to make immediate pay
ment, andall those having demand's against the
same aro requested to presebi them, legally at
tested for settlement.
W. W. GOODRICH, Executor
Towanda, May 15, 1845.
Keep it Before'the People,
THAT the Old Drug Store, west side of
the Public Square, is now receiving the
largest assortment of Drugs and Medicines ever
offered in this market, among - which are thti
following, viz •
Sulph. Morphia, Blue Mass,
do. Quinine, .Nit. Silver,
Eng. Calomel, Quick doj
lodid. Potassa, Peperine,
Red Precipitate { Ipecac,
White do. Tart. Antimony,
Strychnia i ' iodine, '
Slateruiin i Valerian Rpot,
Kreasot, ' Seneca lio.
Pitiv. Jalap ; Serpentaria do:
Fat. d 0...
Ext. Colycinth,
do. Gentian,
do. Cicuta,
do. H 2 Oseiamus, Adhesive Plaster,
do. Taraxecum, Cantharides,
Spring and Thumb Lancets, Lancet cases &C.;
The attention of PHYSICIANS is particu
larly invited to the above articles, they being
just received from ono of the most respectable
house's in New York and will therefore belWar
rented pure and free twin adulteration in all
cases, and disposed of at very: low prices.
- - -
Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rote
miry, Wormseed, Hemlticit,Sassafrass, Lemon,
Lavander. Bergamot, Aniseed, Cloves,tduniper,
Amber, Cajput, Caraway, Monard, Fennel, A I
mond , Origanum, Cedar, Amber, &c.,
The most popular of the day, such as Dr.
. Expectorant, I"Viatar's• Balsam Wild
Cherry, Sands Sarsaparilla, Dr. Jayne's Car
rnanitive, 'Balsam Hoarhound; Turtington's
Pink Expectorant Syrup,, Bateman's Drops,
Andersone, do. , Lamott's Cough do., Liquid
Opodelaoe, Balsam Honey, Preston Salts, Mrs.
Gar;iners' Balsam Liverwort and Hoarhouud,
Ir. Spoons' Digestive Elixor,Dr. Munns
of Opium, Dr, Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial,
Dr. Weaver's Worm Tea, Cheesman's Arabi
an Balsam, Balm of Columbia. Butler's Mag
nesian Aparient, Henry's do., Dr. Thompson's
Eye Water, Britiih Oil, Harlem do., Maccassar
do., Bear's do . , Grave's Hair do., Croton do.,
together with many others to numerous tcnon4
tion .
Cl:impound Cathartic, Gregory's BOopeta
FEMItiC, German. Leel 'Windham BiMoos,
Miles _ Tomatto, Brandreth's, Wright's Ins Han
Vegetahl6, Dr. Phinney's, Webster's, Mbfrots
dod Bitiers, Alcbasis, Bishops, &e., &e.r;
White, Red and Black Load, chrome Green,
'Chro me Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue,
. Robe - Pink,' Sugar Lelia, Litbarge, Blue Smelt*,
Venetian-Bed, Turmeric, Annette,
'indigo, Copperas. Allow, CrUde,Vartar, Cori&
-neal, solution 'of Tin, Verdigris, Blue vith'ii ;
Glass 7 by 9. 13 by 10, and: 10,.
Linseed Oil. &e., • -• •
• A. I); MONTASYr. Durocr*T.
4 Towanda, May 2h, / 843 .- '-:
Gention do
Colombo do.