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An Encounter with a Madman.
When I first came out to Brazil I got
a situation as clerk in the countinghouse
of Diaz, " Brown & Co., the extensive
merchants at Rio - Janeiro. The only
.ocher white clerk in their place of busi
ness was one Lopez de Pereira, a Portu
guese by descent and birth, but edu
clued in England. Ofeourse we became
companions, and although he was eccen
tric to absurdity, I found him a very
agreeable fellow on the whble, his whints
bang often irresistiblAritliculous, while
he was not at all annoyed at any laugh
ter, but would laugh himself with his
whole heart, while he still persisted in
the proceedings that caused it. These
were often, while very odd, both hurt
ful to himself and painful to his friends— ,
as, for instance :
The inhabitants of Madcria have a
singular head dress ; it consists of a blue
little skull cap, lined with red, not suffi
cient to cover the head of an infant, and
having a small stiff pig-tail about four
inches in length projecting in the air,
from the middle of"it. This curious at',
fair they perch on a bushy head of hair;
and certainly acquire therelimn aspect
sufficiently remarkable to a stranger.
Now this - cap Pereira had seen at that
island on his voyage out from England,
and once he took his head to wear.
one, made under his construction, at Rio;
nor, did . he leave off his noticeable head
piece till an attack of brain fev:..r made
hint adopt a more shady - coven ,He
was, of course, a Roman Catholic, and
devoutly believed in the agency of the
devil, upon whom, when his whims had
left him, he invariably laid the blame.
One day when we had been about a
-year together, the day being a holyday,
we resolved upon an expedition to the
top of the Corcovado. • Accordingly,
hiring : rses.- we rode up till horses
could go no further. As we rode I be-'
gan to laugh and question him about his
singular. weakness. My thoughts w
directed. to this subject by seeing him
turn round on the horse's back and ride
with his face to the tail; and this though
the animal was very spirited, and the path
so narrow that one horse only room
to go upon it, With the stone to the
aqueduct on one side, and a accession
of wooded preCipices on then. On
my enquiring the cause of this remar...r>
hie inanceuvre, he replied, laughing loud
ly himself, that he thought it was a good
idea, as he could talk to me better face
to face, for I was riding in the rear.
But I remarked that we could conve..f.
quite well without seeing each other,
and reminded him ofthe misers who con
versed in the dark to save candles. Upon
this he stated that as all the view lay be
hind us-, and nothing in front but -woods,
this was the niost rational way of ridi
for an admirer of the picturesque.
bantered him out of this argument also,
when he plainly confessed that he rode
in that way from an internal impulse, 1.
more to be resisted or controlled by him
than the decrees of fate, that there was a
devil within him who prompted him to
make himself ridiculous, and that he
could no more gainsay This mastering
spirit than he could fly in the air. Fur
the rest of the ride he continued to prac
tice this uncavalier-likte style of horse
manship, to the vast entertainment of
sundry blackies we encountered work
ing at small repairs on the aqueduct, or
bringing down loads of sticks from the
woods. Nevertheless he continued to
- talk with infinite good humor of his own
curious turn of mind. He told me that
this devil of his ceased its malicious
proniptings at all times when heavy busi
ness occupied him—that co'd bathing
went far against it, and that once, when
fOr a considerable time under antr-inflam
matory treatment for some complaint, it
entirely disappeared.
At length we arrived at the last col
lection of houses on the ascent, and here
we left our horses, mounting the last
steps on foot.
As soon ai‘;, we stood upon the rocky
ball, and looked around us, overwhelm
ed by the grandeur and danger of the
scene, I was full of — exclamations.
From the brim of the rock, we-s'ood on,
the sight leaped down direct to fields
aniflagoons, two or-three . thousand feet be
neath'iis : and the precipices, from what J
could see them, of - made my blood cold.
The vastness of the horizon, with the
distance and diversity of the, parts filling
it up—the silence, the solitude, the appa
rent eternal nature of the mighty rocks
even the forests—all these ideas,
bined with the precarious nature cf
our position on this airyand often cloud
covered pinnacle, and thedcertain dread
ful fate that awaited'one who should top
ple from such a stupenduous height (for
on three sides were precipices of from
one to two thonsand feet,) raised my
mind to a very high- state of excitement.
But when I looked at Pereira, expecting
to see him in an equal enjoyment, I ob
served his dark PortugueSe features pale
with that tawny color which constitutes
the pallor of southern Europeans; his
bloodless lips quivered, and there wag
a soil of convulsive starting of diffinent
muscles of his body.
" What," said I," yolia,re certainly
not afraid of falling !--cOme nearer to the
centre, and your head will not swim so
" Afraid !"he replied, vaguely and in-
T ,- coherently? " No !—Yes—afraid—fcr
God's sake save yourself !"
"No ! we shall r,ever go down that
TION, and he will not but be obeyed !-
0 Mother of Deity Queen of Heaven !
look on me in mercy !"
Gracious Heaven !" said I ; you
cannot mean what you say ?" As I
stood horror stricken, he clasped his
hands, and wringing them slowly but
with his whole strength, raised them
above his head, looking upward, , at the
same time, with eyes syarkling from un
nattr fire, and grinding his teeth, as if
with- anguish, a moment—and with a
wild howl of despair that rung like the
cry of the vulture, he sprung upon me!
A mercy it was that he gave me that
warning 1. I was prepared so far that his
onset drove= back but one step : anoth
er step, would have been death to me !
He grasped me with his whole strength,
and with convulsive grip of mortal fear,
I closed. upon him—iand thus, to dread
embrace, we stoop straining with the
whole power of every sinew. It could
not be called struggling, it wa's the slow
and steady application of every alt of
two athletic men, striving, the one in the
frenzy of madness, the other in, the dread
.of immediate dissolution. Now he
bend me a little now I him !—Oh, what
agony that minute was to me !
.At length, in about two minutes, I
knew that his strength was giving way,
e were equally matched in strength,
but I had the full chest and long wind,
produced by hard exercise through all
my youth in afar northern climate ;!.he
was narrow chested, and seon began to
pant. Perceiving this, I sompressed his
ribs with my whole strength and, bend
ing in his back, gradually brought him
down on the rock. Bat the moment he
was down he commenced struggling vio
lently, and rolled us both over towards
the awful brink. I thought I was gone,
and clutched the rough rock with my
fingers till my nails were torn from them.
Providentially my hand came against
one of the rusted iron supports that had
of old, 'Upheld the chain, and I grasped
it with that clutch commonly called the
death-gripe. Holding on by this, and
getting my legs about it so as to have a
good purchase, while he struggled cease
lessly with , bands and teeth to dislodge
me, I caught hold of the hair of his.tem
ples and dashed his head violently against
the rock. The blow affected his brains,
the eyes which had just been glaring
upon me in a maniacal fury now .roll
ed obliquely in their sockets and his mo
tions were no longer against me. With
both hands I repeated the blow and he
remained motionless; still 1 was not
sure of him, for I had 'read and heard the
insane were very cunning, and adopted
,uany schemes to accomplish their ends ;
so, putting one: hand tcshis heart, and
being able to perceive only a very faint
and scarcely discernible beating, I got up
and drew him to the middle of the rock.
Then resting for a moment to breathe
and thank Heaven that I had been sa
ved alive. from % the fearful encounter, I
began to descend the rock and dragging
him after me until I got on a secure
path when I shouldered him and carri
ed him to where we had left our hor
ses. Here I got some blacks to carry
him down to the house of our mutual
employer, Mr. Brown.
A young planter it the upper part of
the State lately married to a beautiful
and highly intellectual lady, and after
the honey-moon had passed, was pain
ed to observe that his young bride 'often
looked thoughtful at dunes, and seemed
to sutler much front ennui. Thinking
this might be caused by the absence of
female companions he induced several
young ladies, relatives, to make his
house their home in hopes thereby to
make her completely happy. This ar
rangement had not its desired effect.—
His beloved, though apparently joyous
and cheerful while conversing with
him, as soon as the conversationAagg
cd, relapsed into her former mood.--
Surprised at this, he fell to pondering
the cause, and after a lengthy reflection
he came to the 'conclusion of sending
to New York for a piano, 'to be
forwarded by the first ship bound to
Natchez, Vicksburg, or Grand Gulf.—
Well, the musical instrument at length
arrived—and a splendid one it was—
of beautiful mahogany, ornamented and
polished, to the value of a five hundred
dollar bill. And then it discoursed
such ravishing melody, as the snowy
fingers of the wife passed over it, that
. the young planter was in raptures, and
congratulated himself on having pro:
cured the thing needful to his angel's
complete felicity. Poor man, he paid
a poor compliment to his amiable part
ner's intellect, if he thought she could
con entedly pass her leisure hours in
strumming over a piano forte !
He was mistaken. Though "music
had charms," like love; is not the only
desideratum in the world—for while it
pleases the heart,. it ministers not to
the mind ! The lady seldom courted
Apollo, and her hifsband had the mor-
tification to know to know that he had
not yet made his domicilu, paradise to
her he adored." At last, to solve
the riddle of her discontent. he asked
her if she pot at times regret having en
tered the marriage state ? Oh, no,
indeed," she replied with great earnest
ness—"never fora moment have I been
other than your happy wife,
.but I--
Sometimes—" •
Well sometimes what, dearest ?"
'lll must tell you, then—soMetimes
I regret that you do not the newspa
pers ! Papa takes half a dozen !"
At No. 1, Brick Row.
EQ 0.2 NM= a ciao
receiving and opening a splendid assort
ment of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils 4- Dye
Stuffs, & in addition a full and complete assort
ment of FAMILY GROCERIES. The stock
consisting in part of the following I
Alum Macassar Oil
Alcohol Mace
Aloes Magnesia
Annette do calcined
Antimony Manna
Arrow Root Mustard seed
Arsenic do grOund
Aqua Fortis Nursing Bottles
do Ammon. Nntgalls
Bottles, assorted Nutmegs
Bear's (111 . Oil, Fall, Winter and
British Oil Summer strained
Blue Vitriol Sp..rrn, bleached,
Borax wht. and atural
Bark Peruv.pulv. do Linseed -
Bath Brick do Camphine
Balsam Copaiva do Sweet
Burgundy- Pitch Oil Vitrol
Camphor do Wintergreen
I Calomel do Peppermint
Caraway Seeds do Aniseed
Cantharides do Lavender
Carb. Ammon. Opodeldoc
Cayenne ,Pepper Paragoric
Chamomile Flowers Pearl Bailey
Cinnamon Pepper Sauce
Cloves Perfumery
court Plaster Pill Boxes
copperas Pink Root
confectionary Prussiate Potash
Corks, of all kinds Quicksilver
Cream Tartar Rhubarb, rt. & powdr.
Curcuma Roll Brimstone
Cubebs Red Chalk
Emery, ass'd from No. Red Precipitate
1 to 6 Saffron, American and
Epsom Salts Spanish
Essence Bergamot Sand Paper
do Lemon Sal. .Ammoniac
do Peppermint do Glauber
do and Oil Spruce Saltpetre
Flor.Sulphur Sarsaparilla
do Benzoni do Syrup
Glue, of all kinds Scaling Wax
Gold Leaf Senna
Gum Opium Shaker's Herbs
do Arabic Sponge, coarse & fine
do Copal Starch
do Assafcetida Snuff, Maccaly
do Myrrh do Scotc
do Tragacanth do Cephalic
Harlwm Oil Soap, Castile
Hiera Picra do Shaving
Indigo, Spanish, float do Windsor
do Bengal Spermaceti
Ink Powders Spts. Hartshorn
Ink, in bottles do Nit. Bute.
do Indelliblc Sugar Lead
Irish Moss Sup. Carb.Scala
Isinglass Sulph. Quinine
Itch Ointment Syringes, assorted
Ivory Black Tart. Acid
Jalap Tenter Hooks
Laudanum Vials, assorted
Liquorice Root Valerian Root
do Ball. Wafers
Lunar Caustic White and Red Tartar
Black Lead Potty
Cassia Paris White
Chalk Spanish Brown
Chrome Yellow French Green
do Green Spt. Turpentine
Copal Varnish Rosin
Coach do Venetian Red
Lead, White, dry and Verdigris
Lead, Red [in Oil Vermillion
Lamp Black Whiting
Litharage Yellow Ochre
Ext. Logwood
Grain Tin
Lac Dye
Red Wood
Madder •
Muriate Tin
Oxalic Acid
Prussian Blue
Red Saunders
Rotten Stone
Thi great English re-Pills, Oriental
medy, Buchan's Hun- do Dr. Post's
garian Balsam of Life do Hooper's
Sands' - Sarsaparilla do Moffat's
Bristol's Eat, do do Persian
Wistar's Balsom Wild do Brandreth's
Cherry do Phinney
Pectoral Honey of Li- do Lee's
verwort Godfrey's cordial
Cheeseman's Arabian Thompson's Eyewater
Tea St'm ref. Family Soap
Coffee Sperm Candles
Sugar Chemical Wax do
Spice and Pepper Tobacco and Snuff
starch ,Sal iEratus
Raisins Pipes
Soda Crackers Brooms
Cinnamon Pails
English Currants Ropes
Nutmegs Refined Loaf Sugar
Ginger Cassia
Window Glas,e,7 by 9, 8 by 10,10 by 12, 10
by 14, 11 by 15, 12 by 16, 12 by 18
Mired Paints - VAIL times an band, ready for
'Towanda, December 16, 1844.
AD. MONTANYE has annexed to his
• former stock of DRUGS AND MEDI
CINES, a fresh supply of
such as' Tess, Sugar, Coffee, Pepper, Spice,
Saleratus, Starch, Raisins, Cavendish, Smoking
and fine cut Tobacco, Mambo' , Snuff, Span
ish and Common Cigars, by the box or other
wise. Together with many other articles too
numerous to mention. Be sure and call at
Montunye's Drug Grocery Store.
Towanda, Dec. 4, 1844.
&ar C_ • *Ark Ili 011
ULYSSES MERCUR has removed his
Law Office to the room one door east of
the office formerly oceupied by Adams & Met
eor. Entrance as before at the west side of
Montanye & Betts' building.
December 20, 1844.
HA TS for sale, and also the bast assortment
of CAPS in town at B AIRDS.
September 30. • No.. 3. Brick Row. •
Wriglit'a Vegetable Indian Tills.
IF, during during the continuance of Storms
and Floods; the channels of
become so obstructed as to afford an insufficient
outlet for the superabundant waters, we can ex-,
pact nothing less than that the surrounding
country will bo •
In a like manner with the human body—if the
skin, Kidneys, and Bowels, (the natural out
lets for
becom so obstructed as to fail in affording a
full diricharge of those impurities which are in
all cases
we sorely can expect no other results than that
the whole frame will sooner or later be
As in the first place, if we would prevent an
inundation we must remove all obstructions, to
the free discharge of the superabundant waters.
So, in the second place, if we would prevent
and cure disease, we must open and keep open,
all the Natural Drains of the body.
Of the North American College of Health,
will be found one of the best if not the very
for carrying out this beautiful and simple theo
ry ; because they completely dense the Stomach
and Bowels from all Billiaus Humors and oth
er impurity, and at the same time promote a
healthy discharge from the Lungs, Skin, and
Kidneys; consequently, as all the Nature
Drains are opened,
Disease of every name is literally driver from
the Body
Caution—As the great popularity and
_great demand fur Wright's Indian
vegetable Pills has raised up a host of cuontor
feiters, country agents and storekeepers will be
on their guard against the many imposters who
are travelling about the country selling to the
unsuspecting a spurious article for the genuine.
It shotild be remembered that all authorized
agents are provided a Certificate of Agency,
signed by WILLIAM WRIGHT, Vice. President
of the N. A. College of Health. Consequent
ly, those who offer Indian Vegetable Pills and
cannot show a Certificate, as above described,
will be known as imposters.
The following highly respectable Store
keepers have been appointed Agents for the sale
and of whom it is confidently believed the ge
nuine medicine can with certainty be obtained
J.D.& E. D. Montanye, Towanda.
D.Brink, P.M., Hornbrook.
S. W & D. F . Pomeroy, Troy.
Lyman Durfey, Smithfield. _
J. J. & C. Warlord, Monroeton.
Win. Gibson, Ulster.
Ulysses Moody, Asylum.
John Horton Jr.. Terrytown.
Coryell & Gee, Burlington corners.
Benjamin Coolbaugh, Canton.
L. 8. Ellsworth & Co., Athens.
Allen & Storrs, Sheshe9uin.
Guy Tracy, Milan.
A. H.Soper, Columbia Flatts.
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of the
medicine wholesale and retail, 228 Greenwich
street, New York, No. 198 Tremont street,
Boston, and 169 Race street, Philadelphia.
are respectfully informed that medicine purport
ing to be Indian Pills, made by one V. 0.
Fakk, are not the genuine Wright's Indian
Vagetable Pills.
The only security against imposition is to
purchase from the regular advertised agents,
and in all cases he particular to ask fur Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills. [nol.6rn
IT is a prevailing opinion among the enlight
cd Physicians of our country, that Cancer
is a mass of living animalcule, which have ta
ken up their abode in the human system. No
matter how small, or bow low in the scale of
animated nature, the individual composing
Cancer may be, they were so tenacious of ex
istence, that the knife or the most powerful
caustic, are the only means by which they can
be removed.
When permitted to remain, they never fail
to multiply and spread to neighboring parts,
committing the most frightful depredations, un
til death comes to the relief of their victim.
Worms in children, may be considered some
what analagous. If they arc less fatal, they
are infinitely more common ; and if suffered to
remain, produce consequences scarcely less
alarming. If the testimony of medical writers
is to be relied upon, they often produce mania,
apoplexy, epilepsy, palsy,convulsions and many
other diseases equally dangerous, and often fa
tal. But here the parallel stops, Cancer neing
pne of the most obdurate diseases, with which
hysicians have to contend, while worms are
easily dislodged by proper remedies.
has Fovea one of the most valuable medicines
ever offered to the public for destroying worms
in children. Hundreds of cases might be enu
merated, where it has produced the happiest re
sults. It is a syrup, and therefore easily admi
nistered to children. Price 25 cents per bottle.
Is the present ago, when " Patent Medi
cines" are so numerous, and their properties so
unblushingly eulogized by their respective pro
prietors, it becomes necessary for the public (to
guard against imposition) to require some au
thentic evidence of their sanative properties.
The Pocahontas Pill is not offered as an an
tidote for all the diseases to which flesh is heir.
Wo merely purpose to show, by the successive
publication of certificates, voluntarily offered,
that theit present popularity is well founded ;
and, that as a purgative medicine, they have
proved pre-eminently beneficial. These Pills
are compounded according to the rules of medi
cal science, are entirely vegetible, and may be
safely given to cleanse the stomach, purify the
blood, remove inflammation, and correct the
morbid Secretions, without regard to age, sex or
Certificate of Mr. Wm. Follmer, of Turbot,
Northumberland county, Pa., says--" For some
years past, I have been suffering from a severe
and alarming disease of the Hier. several phy
sicians had prescribed for me. and I had taken
many articles highlyrecommended in the papers,
without any benefit. About twelve months
ago, I began using the Pocahontas Pills; and am
happy to say, that in a few weeks I found my
disease entirely removed; since which I have
been free from cough and pain in the side, and
consider my malady radically cured."
Price'2s cents per box. Agents fur the sale
of the above medicine in Bradford County :
A. D. Montanye, Towanda; ••
J. J.& C. Warford,' Monroeton ;
- A .Dewing, Werrenbrun ;'
Guy Tracey. Milan ;
• • George A. Perkins, Athens;
Wm. Gibso n , Ulster.
Keep it before the People, .
tin)HAT the' Old Drug Store, west side•of
-the Public Square, is now receiving the
largest assortment of Drugs and Medicines ever
offered in this, market, among which are the
following, viz •
Iph. Morphia,
do. Qbinine,
Eng. Calomel,
lodid. Potassa,
Red Precipitate,
White do.
Pulv. Jalap,
Ext. do.,
Eat. Colycintb,
do. Gentian,
do. Cicuta.
do. Hyosciarnue, A dbesive Plaster,
do. Taraxecum,
Spring and Thumb Lancets, Lancet cases Ike.,
The attention of PHYSICIANS is particu
larly invited to the above articles, they being
just received from one of the most respectable
houses in New York and will therefore be war
rented pure and free from adulteration in all
cases, and disposed of at very low prices.
Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rose
mary, Wormsced, emlock,Sassafrass, Lemon,
Lavander. Bergamot, Aniseed, Clo - tea,luniper,
Amber, Cajput, Caraway, Monad, Fennel, Al
mond , Origanum, Cedar, Amber, &g:, &c.
The most popular of the day, such as Dr.
Jayne's Expectorant, Wistar's Balsam Wild
Cherry, Sands Sarsaparilla, Dr. Jayt.e's Car
manitive, Balsam Hoarhound, Turtington's
Pink Expectorant Syrup, Bateman's Drops,
Andersons do., Lamott's Cough do., Liquid
Opodeldoc, Balsam Honey, Preston Salts, Mrs.
Gardners Balsam Liverwort and Hoarhound,
Dr. Spoons' Digestive Elixor,Dr. Munns
of Opium, Dr. Benjamin Godfrey's Cordial,
Dr. Weaver's Worm Tea, Cheesman's Arabi
an Balsam, Balm of Columbia. Butler's Mag
nesian A parient, Henry's do., Dr. Thompson's
Eye Water, British Oil, Harlem do., Maceassar
do., Bear's do., Grave's Hair do., Croton do.,
together with many others to numerous to men
Compound Cathartic, Gregory's. Hoopets
Female, German, Lees Windham Billions,
Miles' Tomatto, Brandreth's, Wright's Indian
Vegetable, Dr. Phinney's, Webstet's, Moirats
and Bitiers, Alebasis, Bishops, &c., &c.,
White, Red and Black Lead, Chrome Green,
Chro me Yellow, YelloW Ochre, Prussian Blue,
Rose Pink, Sugar Lead, Lithaige, Blue Smelts,
Venetian Red, Vermillion, Turmeric, Annatto,
Indigo, Copperas, A Ilum, Crude, Tartar, Cochi•
neat, Solution of Tin, Verdigris, Blue Vitrol,
Glass 7 by 9, 8 by 10, and 10 by 12, Putty,
Linseed Oil. &c., &c.
A. D. MONTANYE, Dnrcotsr.
Towanda, Oct .25, 1844 .
COLOGNE WATER by the ounce, pint
ki quart, or gallon in fancy bottles or other
wise to suit the Ladies. at
FrIHOMPSONIA NS you will find Cayenne
Pepper, Guru Murrh. Barbary Bark and
other ingrediant.4 such as are used in your prac
Oct. 25, 1844.
- -
PAINT, Hair, Shaving, Tooth and Nail
Brushes at
RLLE Writing Fluid by the ounce, pint,
quart, Gallon or Barrel!, Black do., In
&Bible and India, first quality at
October 25, 1844.
CANDIES, Raisins, Liquorice, &c., for the
boys and girls, at
Oct. 25, 1844.
Ind Cheape Prices
BURTON KINGSBERY, haijust receiv
ed and is now opening a splendid assort
consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery, Paints, Chl, Dye ,
Stuffs, ic., 4-c.
which he will sell very cheap for Cash
Towanda, Sept. 7, 1849.
Watch and Clock-Repairing.
pr a. en.4.7IIIERL.L.r,
.. ...i.,
t. ,
- .1 1, 4 -
4 - forms his friends and the
, ~, public that he still contin
f , ‘l ' 0 '14 . 1 . 1 1 ues to carry on the above
1., • 3 ))4 business at his old stand,
w ..;
,o) ,„ —,, one door south of Elliott
' 4 9 ! :4" ' 7l' '' & Mercur's store, and
.... „
_- ... -. . 7
neatly opposite the Hay
Watch and Clock. &pairing, I
Will be done on short notice, and warranted to
be well done. From a long experience in the
business, he believes that be will be able to ren
der perfect satisfaction to all who may favor
him with their patronage.
N.B. Watches warranted to run well one
year, or the money refunded; and a written
agreement given to that effect to all that desire
CLOCKS.—A large assortment just receiv
ed and for sale very low for cash. '
If you want to buy Jewelry cheap call at
Chamberlin's Watch Shop.
_ _ _
ALT. persons indebted to the estate of Scn'l
Lewis, late of Warren township, dec'cl.,
are requested to make immediate payment, and
all those having demands against the saute re
quested topresent them, legally attested for set
tlements. J.E. BULLOCK,
Warren, Dec. 5, 1844. Administrators.
W ADIES LOOK HERE I Cashmeres, Al-
JILAI paces's', Muslin do Lane's of the most
beautiful patterns just received and for sale low,
very low, for cash by O. D. BARTLETT.
Nov. 11, 1844.
10,000 MAJORITY !
THE subscriber' has just 'received a large
and spfendid variety of NE W COORS
suited-to the wagon, which he will sell nt Unu
sually low for cash. 0. D: BARTLETT.
• Towanda, Plov.-rl, 1844. .
• • AND ' •
'Blue Man,
-.Nit. Silver,
Quick do.
Tart. Antimony,
Valerian Root,
Seneca do.
Serpentaria do
Gentian do.
Colombo do.
Pink do
On my own books stoic
public generally that he is still r , t ,
to manufacture, of the best material, and,)t
most substantial and elegant manneroli
scriptions of Boots and Shoes.
Morocco, Calf and Coarse Boots and c.
Ladies' oboes and 'gaiters ; yotah's do.
All work made by me will be warrenit
be well made. Call and try.
Country Produce taken in payment fir
Towanda, February 27th, 1E44.
sow amr&z.,202z4;...
& SAGE, h a " a „ (n.
• ir - V the Boot ardS:,c,+.
ing business, in the borough of Tewardi
door west of the Claremont llonFe. Bad
a share of public patronage. They inter,.
a card; I selection of stock, and by effort : ,
the interests of their customers, to maken,
and durable work as can be manufactL:i'
this portion of the country.
They_ keep conslantly on hand, and e. 41!
nufacture to order, tnorocco, rah a n d
boots and shoes; Ladies' Gait(,,
slips; children's - do.; gent's vug ,
JOHN W. wynl.,(l4l:;'
Towanda, May 6,1844.
is_auza. er.]
ELK. 1.11.111 S.UNTII .S• 0.;
HAVE • commenced the martm.ter;.r,
Saddles, Bridies, ilarm•cs, 6c.t
the borough of Tocrand3, in tt,l.ndiln. 2
raerly occupied 1 - Ettlaway • h".
west of I. H. Stepla•a; r,l. re 7
ker.p constantly on 1 , -.1n.1, yr.. , :nif•t-vr,
Elastic Tlcb. c:10
Harness, • Carr'
'Bridles, Tr it
Collars, UaliBeN,
Carriage Trimming and Mdilory 11
done to order.
Mattrasses, Pew and Chair Cushion. a ,
on short notice and reasonable term=
The subscribers hope by drone r ,
well, and by a strict attention
merit a share of public pntrona
ELKANAH 8A411 , 11
Towanda, May 19, 1844.
M.Wit 7 3 I N •CiVi.t44 412
BE SUBSCRIBER re-.eeth int 7
his old friends and theid.•• c m--
that he is howcamine on ir). hu:p
in all its various branclics, in the n, 'th pr
the building occupied by B." 1 ti , •nrs as
shop, on Main street, nearly opi 0-tt• 111,7,
stole, where he will he ham
old and new customers.
'WHIPS . ('
of the latest fashion and ,I)e:•4 mat, ials r 1;.
made to order on moderate terms for rear=r r
Most kinds of country proeuce trill I.r !al,
in exchange for work.
April 17, 1844
Against the lorld hr Wm!'
THE subscriber has just rect:FP, •
est variety of Stovesp er
county of Bradford such as Crosses I •
Drum Overt Cook Stove; Crosses he:
cooking stove; Cross' iNi) 3 Parlur os
stove with the elevated oven ; dining to
cooking stove; parlors of thfll•rent star_ ea
shapes; Climax cook ing.No. 3 Az . 4 with 3 to
4 boilers ; No. 2, 3 & 4 cooking, a ith 3 and
boilers; No. 3 & 4 six plate and church sal
which.the subscriber n ill sell at the most re,i•
ced prices for cash, shingles. ei beet or oats
also intends to keep constantly on bond or e:
sortment of Russia and coMmon iron store
and elbows, sheet zinc, stove crocks of all size.
coal scuttles &c.,; with a good assortment
tinware svholsale and retail. Sheet Iron Dem
Stove boilers, Tea kettles. Dripping pas, coo
ductOTs, Eavo troughs, with even . kind of
work in his line - made and fitted up to order a ,
short notice. Also, stove trimmings at who
sale retail may be obtained at his mantas(
tory on the most reasonable terms.
• Towanda, Oct. 10, 1844.
CYA RN and Carpet Warp. Crla
and White this day received at NO
Brick Row.
L _
Isl. OF LETTERS reinaiuing la th
Post Office at Athens, Pa., quarter al
ing i loc. 31, 1844.
Brooks T I Montgosnery Prs ills
Berman Eli F Marvin Edwin C.
Casterline Lewis Nobles Levi
Campbell Albert Northway L.
Curry Ezekel 2 Overton W H
Chandler Martha. Playfoot James
Chatman Artemus Paine David
Devaloe John Preston A bel
Drown Mary Miss Rote John
Elston Richard Renshay Mikel
Finch R S Sparkes H §
French Mary Ann Miss Stone Luther
Gordon John Sawyer Samuel II
Gillett Benjamin Smith Ellsie Miss
Gillett. Nathan Stephens Lather
Huston Thos Drr, Tozer Julius Jr. 2
boa Nicholas Warman John
Hudson Alvin S Wells W C
Jinits Elisha Williams A D
LaMbertson 0 D 2 Wright Isaac
Lape Thos Rev Williams Samue l.
M'Dowell John Wead Dennis
Middaugh Daniel Williston H Jr
MI cker Peter W Horace
IWKinney Samuel Willson Win fl AL
C. S. PARK- P• •
Athens. Jan. 1 1895.
for sole ttt BAIR
September 7. No. 3 Brick R '
,1I .
' '