Bradford reporter. (Towanda, Pa.) 1844-1884, September 18, 1844, Image 3

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„ rtuntAegtnd,State,
• • „ , -hno: and other l ittteets,
, we or the: Width Wonl44lllow.
.; 6eing killed in ti street. The
n3easu red, when extended,
:row •
o f s ix miles. - The various de.
: 'll4 , came DI, were tbus
"' le i lurched to theluhlic square,
Orged' •
, th e .tneeting Irak called
3 , 4 d the following officers ap.
Vice Presidenti . „..
joN'g oTEVENII, of Bradford,
WILBSR, 6 „ •
• _ „
A ' BAST 04ASO*,
0 14 Wairs,
1., Ala PRATT,
is, Roast,
: olio LADD,
B LLTRRO?, of Susquebarioa
aTANDER Baty'rrsa, Tioga
AS SpAriovi!sEnosn, of Wayne,
loos MORLEY,' - Or Wyoming,
lisean.v • of Columbia ,
larDsox..of thetpung NY,
on Join; G. PiliDowytt -
W joiluLta. {.
fItATT. To ga county, N
Iwo 66
LO'lleara Goodrich, of Bradford
J. Di.
j o b]. alien, of -Wayne County.
Ifiti.• Turret!, of Scusquelianna,
M. Plait, of W.yining,
ightt C. Knox, of 7loga County,
Ifin..C.:Rhodes. of Chemuug co N Y.
;d to the stand ina neat and ap-
ate speech by Wm. Elwell Esti.,
itroduced to the mighty assem
which crowded around the stand
the .epealters,.., and greeted
three hearty cheers. lie proceed
address the meeting for one hour
-half; Alpen the great national to.
the day, and was frequently in
t' by spontaneous and enthusi
c ering and expressions of grail-
inj V. Forney followed. and his
gilding and impassioned style of
mce hightened the force and vigor
remarks. Mr. Forney stands de.
ily high as a popular speaker in
HathaWay of Elmira, and S. F.
!y of. Columbia, alto addressed the
in able and eloquent speeches,
, drew_froin their auditory repeat.
[Ws of gratificatitin. *,
id calls being made for David
tot, thatgentleman took the stand,
a few briefrernarks animadverted
the diiigiiceful conduct of the
to during the day.
to meeting was then adjourned (it
about 5 o'clock,) until evening
uee cheers being given the , crowd
must not omit to notice that abon
Adred ladies were seated upon.
land, and theit smiles enliven
fl cheered .. nitich the general feel
They Were present not to swell
mbar of tbe pioceision, but to see
ten she prido of Perinsylva-
wring the, day, an attempt was made
to despendent Coons, to organize
leting below town; and a proces
)n formed. - ,which lesnited , in about
n hundred end fifty marching out. of
noittotviag most conclusively their
retvil, • -
lathtevening, two thousand persons
tiro 10ere4 i , nronnd , and upon, the
rboliitnerf ith rapt attention
*hes from Forney, John J. Tay
..o.l:otrego, F. Lusk of, Susquehan
/Ma C. Knox, of Tinge county,
Piollet and Geo. Sanderson ,of
Ifotd. The Inmost enthusiasm
led, and It war With difficulty that
teting could be permitted to. ad
-11 o'clock at night, so anxious
ley to fietep to the remarks made.
Meeting on the 10th he mint indi-
I, We should say, judging from the
of people and the confidence'
nthusiasm manifested, that Brad- .
coun,ty is Wel Pennsylvania is
e following resolvjons, reported
:lens Menem, ESQ., were aaop
the Committee appointed to re - -
solutions : •
dyed. By the demooracy of Iliad
in County Miss - -meeting assem-
That the great doctrines and
ales 'of Democratic truth. are
set forth in that immortal Chart
7il Liberty and Human Freedom,
!claration of American Indepen-
The principles of the Dana
►rty are the same now; that they
1776 and we are called upon
very, consideration of duly and
im, to - transmit' unimpaired to
'those rich blessings which
in secured to by "the ma ,
1, toil, and the blood of -a . Gma
and also by the soperinten
of that protecting rovidence.
has been •to 'the feople of the
"taws, in all their Struggles for
Liberty, a cloud by day, and a pillar of
firibs , *Ott. ,
Reattivettl`thitt thiCieneiideniern:
Pent y one, onicitited. and delegated
po went, and . hes, no 414 , to, exercise
any authority. not grapted,bY the Cort.;‘
, stitution. 4ny attentpre:therefore: by
the 'General • °Over:anent-
.to; Interfere
with" the of.dth'itites or
the 'people. is an infrantiini
stitution,and at war With 14e-filniiiirclen
tal 'principles of thiroociatoompact.
Resolved "kat the creation of atUni
ted State; Ranki-ie the great leading
measure of the Fedbral party at the'Vre
sent day. To die creation if Inch 'tin
Incorporation; by whatever name it may
tie Balled, we, asßepublicans and Free
men, enter our _eolemn , protest. To
prove' that ictia• *Constitutional, we
have OnlitloVer, to the ' Constitution
itself. That, endangere ; Jhe public
safety, we appeationAperience and the
history of put..
• Reeolved, That the distribution of
the proceeds of the public Janda, and
the assumption , state debts by the
general government, are Federal mea
sures, destructive of tho integrity and
independence of the states, and unau
thorized by any compact , made with, or
grant made to, the General, Govern
ment. ,
Resolved, That we are in favor of. a
Tariff, based upon revenue principles.
with such incidental protection, as sound
diricrirnination . with reference to all the
great branches of National iidustii , ,
will warrant. • ,
Resolvedi. That we are opposed to a
general and unrestricted system ohn
tenni improvementby the General Gl*
vernment ; because it recognises apow
er not the constitutiOn.
Resolved, That the measures of the
Federal party tend directly to the crea
tion of a national d ebt, , high taxes, • a
strong central , goveinment, and an -op
pressed people. Democrady, declares
in favor of government economically
administeredisks that the people be
lightly taxed, and is conseqUently op
posed to those centralizibg schemes
whi6b would destroy, the sovereignty
of the r states, and 'the liberties of the
people. -
Resolved. That we deeply sympa
thize with Thomas W. Derr an his con
finement: and that every attempt which
may be made to controvert that cardinal
principle of Democracy, that a majori
ty of the 'people may remodel their go
vernment whenever they deem another
form more conducive to their welfare,
should receive the united condemnation
of a free people.)
Resolved, That our distinguished
guest,,the RCM'. James Bueltantuf,ts
moat cordially welcomed by the en
tire Demtkracy Bradford,,and by the_
thousands this -day assembled. Gal.:
lanily has he stood by the rights of the
people, and vindicated the character and
integrity of our common country in
good, and in evil repori. For his char
acter and ability as a statesman, we
triumphantly point to the archives of
the nation, and the history of the past.
His recent speech Made in the U. S.
Senate, upon the re-annexation of Tex
as, adds additional lustre to a fame and
a reputation which belongs to the
American people, and to posterity. And
his views , upon this question, a* well
as upon the occupation of Oregon,
meet with the hearty' concurrence of
this meeting. •
Resolved. That the election of James
Br Polk and George M. Dallas, in the
estimation of this meeting, will be a
triumph of Republican principles, as
understood and practiced from, the Re
volution to .the present Aims. Their
character, personal and political, are
fully comniensurate with the high and
solemn duties for'whichthey have,been
designated by
,the American people.:
Resolved,: That Francis R. &hunk is
a'patriot 'without guile; an able states.
man of the republican school—lan sc
coMplished . scholar, and last btit 'not
leapt," an *est man. We bail his
unanimous noininatibit the Deere
cretin freereen : of Pennsylifrytia; in place .
Of the lamented ,Mublenliurg; as a sere
harbinger of a splendid-- and decisive
'victory to the great doctrines'of. equal
rights and democratic principles. ' 'ln
the triumphant election of . Mr., Shank,
Pennsylvania will stand,-before, the ,
world upon her. ancient platform of
Truth, Liberty, and Independence.,
And we hereby pledgeourselves to our
'brethren throughtnit the state, to - give
,bim an increased. Darnocratic mSjority,
in Bradford.
Resolved, That •David Wilmot Esq.
is justly regarded as IV gentleman whose_
integrity of character, talent, and dound
denOcratic principles, entitle hint in an
,eminent dogrel, to the .'ennfidence, end
united support of the DemOcracy of
this Congressional district',
Art Ineweir.—On Tersday, while
the Democratic Mass Meetireg was be.
ing held here, some of the ioo.ns alleged
that a considerable portion of the m9l
- were whigs—and to shelr their
coefidence in the assertion, tfaey gOt
out hand bills calling on all good and
true .whigs to
,rally, 'and: Aar.t i ii the'
Court house that craning to bear soine_
coon sPeecheseand coon longs: •
Although the Democrats, bad been
standing out doors the 'entire' day, and
had listened to speeches from several'
able speakers-4 was announced from
the stand, thstthei, would be addressed
again in the evening (rota the same
place.. At arititirly hour the court house
Well rang fats:the' , toinist , lNhilli the
rid axM ttte : lion a ee of Da u m cr a te wore
1 )_
• i Tlßlme,Yeg!" ) l l o l ° mee! 24l Pg
to-the - agiareitaront Abe:Demo:ratio
artaUd'Voliatetil iipeeilita
40 ttt*.. llol oCP;them o mere
thclusend - spetsonti in-anendanee until:l
late • hour at 'night-Lfull Of. inimadon,
" How
**rent the - oone,' in
tge'eoprt- honsell—Ajky-ttgot,alt tad
revermid coon, One who has grown
grey in' the service of the. Pedenl cause,
was "called upcin to eddies! thim. He
rose with aailnisaOu his , brew, and
commenced in dolorous .strains, an at
tempt to encourage the poor frightened
covey; i'tira*ing his' "speech
along, he said . he.knew an , anecdote, a
good anecdote, well, tell it, said st coon ;
no, said thespeaker,l 'Myer -tell good
anecdotes to emptylirinaea. '{; ;;
MAJ 2( Easurtorr.—We have news
from Matte sefficient to - show that her
Democitteyhasie been gloriouslytriucoph
ant at her recent, election.
. i yer
lions are(says the Evening Yost4that An
ihe Democratic ',Candidate for
dovernor, is elected by seven' or eight
thousand over his 'federal opponent and
by three or four thousand over all others.
The coons are thoroughly beaten nor can
they charge this defeat to General apa
thy. The Boston .11thies(whig)saya
"the campaign has'heen earned on 'with
vigor and spirit on the part of the whip,
and they have done all that was possible
ftirthern to do:
To my fellow.citizens of Bridford.
Desirous of , having tested the views of the
people on the subject of the tariff of 1842 I Ire
mem where I formerly 'announced myself in the
hands of the people. Mr. Wdmotwho ,stands
at the bead of the Towanda junto hal been
nominated in my opinion/cm:lieu ands hos
tilityto the tariff, of 1842, although he h*s re-
Pes4edli in ,publie looe*P denounced irirf
jnineipie mra in &air. ~On this; question I'
_now t sks Jame with him before the people. ,
My 'vievni-upcelthat and nther , questions now;
agitating the 'public mind are'already imietui be
fore you. On your decision upon so important
a question depends in my bumble , estimation vi
tal interests, to every tax-payer iniPennsylvanis,
..orthe greatest magnitude. Tho . old Kei-Stone
State bee the elements of gieat prosperity, not
withstanding her $40,000,000 debt, if her 'poll
cy of self protection be rigidly :adhered
' Whether my views of public policy wouldrlead
to her ultimate prosperityA leave for an intelli
,gent people to decide.
I amrespectfully,
September 14,1844.
Tim meson should be
remembered at this season of year,
that. otzitodies are more liable to be
come diseised than at any other period,
because the suddenchanges of the wea
ther, by acting as they do upon the con
stitution and quality of the blood, pro
duce af s til slate of the blood, and other
fluids id) generate corruption, and,
not onfrequendy death.;, It is an estab
lished truth, that 'no pain or sickness
can be experienced except from the
presence of depraved humors, which,
if not positively corrupt soon become
so,, if not , speedily removed from the
body.. Oa the first , feeling of - pain or
sieknese the body meat have a vegeta
ble cleansing, in,order to prevent fetal
results.' Wright's r lntlian . Vegetable
Pills are all that, is 'required—they
cleanse the hliod' froin all , impurities,
remove all cause of pain or Weekness,
and preserve constitution in , such
State of health and vigor as casual change
cannot affect.
Caution.—As counterfeiters
are abroad, avoid all stores of doubtful
character, and be particular, in all ass
es. to ask , far ff'right's ltidian Peke
tableTilb. ' •
For Bile at the store of J. D. & E.
D. Montanye, in Towanda t and by
agents published itt anothcr, - colutun
this paper.
' `Democratic Mau Meetings.
;St Rome. -
`' •etatirtr 6iiietwee lift*
irillibe held itiBlittibaluin:
W;isid Nadnesday; and Mowing Ihnniday;
(25&36)8ept: blatant:: . . The . :sr* 107:
spectfally **ea to aste4. r .,
Septemb . a.4B,lB44.. . , .2'
bytity of Susqueluntatis to meet at
Towanda, on . the third Tuesday of.Septentber,
at half past seven o'clock P. M instead of the
last Wednesday in Aug, as heretofore.
. • - L.posTER; Stated Clerk.
«t sTßArairang DPP .!
As been at the intact*" ehme, the 10
ma. init. which the owner can belie bi ea.
tablishipg his ooragehip and paying *it this
itdertleetuett. ' ' •
Towing!' September 1044.
111/2479 "VPrA9 • • '
• (Foramtily - terk bs ParacroY.)
' • .1: C. 6c C. 19.''IteXigApl.
Tray, Septembet 2,;1844.„
M o d •
- •
On *PIO: in Troy - of Pati Oinintopt
• len4 l llttui.•Liiiia tet : Vralin, fatiOt of Etaa.
which ; she' and in the z dut ofa numerous,
114: 1 1.1f.Rf ztfPllekN/04.fst,P°4 , or
. 4.cpnregatioAgf:P444l44.llC4*ololl- 2
olago.On; N4..Y. , 41100. two !leg"; leri o 44 to
• r , , Hori exit. mai %one' 01'1 , 4 hunt , triumphant
- iiver'arienetsand;"aahleit' is the .natitte 'olivine;
annotation en ha suniaint
Liiiit pay tier inane.* •
theinentin die
, .
(14m to the,.encloiuni:af the stibscbberop
IL/ t!ai filet day of,Sopt. hist, a trro yeiir old
ha* *WA, ied ata
nod titifleild matt , ' The rierher
,rtiquisied' to,
rare property, pay eharg, 'rind takoheriaray,
OLD DAN T.UeliiEtt.
Get oat of the way . " for still we coun t ;
Ia Spite the drone of /fan :and, Joln .
.111 - ANGE r ai it may'inifeia, the drat mi
val of Falland Whiter l)oed.ln this utar•
ket are now opening at no. 3 Brick Row.
One asamment consists of the greatest who
ever offered in this village. To enumerate cone
tenth port"the articles would Occupy
,too Much
spade, we will thankfre content °uterine lit
saying We have Cloths, Cassimeres, and Saw
netts 'dray description, Foreign and. Domes.;
tic Prints of various styles and pattern.; plain
striped and, igured, black brom , Alpselne,
Muslin de, Leiner, ,Merinps different coleus,
Flannels all colors and ,qualitin, Canton Plan;
nel, Plaid
-Cloak and Overcoat lining; Linifey's
different tinalities, Bleached Shirting, Linen
Table Diaper, WinteiVestings a greit-varisty,
Blatt Satin, Silk Velvet, a splendid assortment
of Bonnet Silks, Mons, Art tial., Silk aid
-Worsted Serge, Grecian Babinec and Ashbur
ton Lace, Lace Edging, , Inserting and Footing,
Iftudin- Inserting, Foundation, Ribbon Wire,
Bennet Wire, Black and Colored tildieFringe
rid 'Gimp great variety Black Bugle
(fitshiensble)*c. dce:
The attentiolt of the Ladies Is caliedin par
&On to the greatest variety of Shawls, fancy,
Colored de I,aines. dateable Gro de Mural
and Velvet peinti,' Dress Handkerchiefs; Hokin;
i and 'Gloves 'every derription, 0 do=
mitts, crimisit g ell emu', siriand kinds, Cho,
atitittiry ixillars, enifir and tabbs, bad hair pins
and wrietiettn, neck, cep and boneet arne.dte..
ever offered at, anyone store-in rite couPtY•
elit'aelinaaaan • - •
large assortment which • will be 'sold ' cheap,
For further particular* lon
" . H.BAIRD & CO.
' 1(o.3 Brick Row..
Towanda; ;" ben 7, 1844.
mesa Cottons:
YD S q , i 600' . 114. ; ot. " 'Y e ans t3h ;
Cot Carpet ' rap, whits and colored Batts,
Wadding , and Wiekkng . a large Jowly, all
bought fag CASH and Will be sold mkehesp aA
the tame, qualities c a n be bought in Elmira,'
Ithaca, Owego, Or any Ohm place this ride of
'New York. We dont ask our 'friendsto iake
our word for the Alborg) but till arid' satisfy.
yourselves at , BAIRD'S,
September 7. N0,,,313riek Row.
ATHER, 2,000 lbs. Sole Leather, also
J 1.41 Co*, Kipp and Calf Skina-cif thibest
quality just arrived atl 13AIRD'S
September 7. ' -No. 3 Brick Row.
IEID3D, Cod Fish and Mickerel '
W. H. BAMD &
'Jr" . " IF 114 RD If jr, co..
111 , E!P°'") P"WHittnitotze.i.b?
• Berttemtier 7th. * No. 3 Brick Rom. ;
1 11 C: ROPE and
_ .;
• B ettembei-7:"' •' " '11T0.,137k.k
y for age.ol , • BAIRD'S,
' 3eiteTber 7. -
- Ne. 3 Bitiekleow..
. .
i,il l3B e lS ii . ch B4l4 .l3o as iu tile ar chZ i peit au .l ° :
BA;RW,S, Nc..3 ,Bric
„ , ,
, 4is"a . a iFiiiva fist
EPKINGSBERY, has just 'l ,
EP ed and is now opening alpiendid -
meat of , FALL ~A.P,WII4 I TEA, : GO ODS,
moo* 4 •: .:+' ' .•:, --,11: •' t l' •
•, MY , G o o44:!4rogrie 9 9 :;liti4illare,
,:•604tryt-Pfd,nta. 943 . :DNe... , 1 •
• - ~,, .•,,,-Swifit 4rc..viSlC-, , :.,
_-: • . ,
whiche Viltie4vcrY I .oe o Piq; 69 fii
:, TO It, Ind% 80 14.': 7 a , * 14 7 . . •. - , :
• - Sept. 23..
t ; ORIL, Plow, iron, Nails ow and Gl, con
, ”,',olaultrOullarld.aPle4ucif P.TieekbY .
pt. 7. B. KINGBIIBg.
, THEE, =pear qiudity for sale.
giept, 7, 1844. 8. .
21. sale b± ';' 1111CINGEIBERY...
MBE , subscriber Ale for sale his valuable,
BA YV MILL . situate in. the township of
Colulabii, *born: - tree' miles from Columbia`
natio; The Mat ii nearly tieW.,
W ell finished
and in: 'good eider:- It !knits In She midst
ofan extensive and wiluable tesetof white pine,
timber. all convenient to the reill—mothas en
alnueAil water at all; eeawui o[ the
year., Will be sold rids fiumene to 140,res
of land: shirts amity acres of the lsnd is un-
Proied. 'Good IWe/will' be 'filiefi gt ` 'in
mace* if a pentiiniii Paid •' - sr.
IRA PlITTlllOln.i
• Crolurribia,Reptembft I,ot 1 4.. s •
i , •, , , :
4ilginallZKl 9041142 0422;10
tparibanetil iii!Ordirl of lite MOE&
laittontor Bisa*SAtiakth Our bo - ea
,10004 Pa*? 554.4.9. P the Ta e la y ,
W at i i rteti! co l , Tiii4.7; that at
' , thelittlowing 'Wtifteeste,
trect aleittleitiiihrm'Gritivillartp;
-baititinhiklo9 sews thertabobtir, bated
ism* timbale lobed_ on
joe Ilawkr; spVittort i fol l 4.lTaiethi,Peatti,
and west bn land of fraiiheii-ifibman, and oth;
ere; with about.filtsakieres improved, and . .
frame housiandioebarifituition erected.
Ambutlartetigi*gitaitat ,the Alpe and
- 44 00,4 4(4,1 04 0, lbs , s, ‘,. f - -
All hams\ deritaiidi Oio wk.
to!! are Twisted to attend. ' "
,i; , _ 1 3)0018 RCM.'
, • „, ....IPTIALI,4'IS,EAN. •
"6 4;340 8 44 0',13 ei
Suinneri: Simon Dentist,
rimy= bit'ioirandif fditifeat daiw
IFIV LAM*/ be 1 : 901 4 1 4 ,MT , Orold,:where
he 'Wilibe!hiPPy to craitp who may. peal
his professional services . " " ' •
Tepands.Septernher 3,-1844h:
LI" peripSsindetco 1 464 11 eatatejettlole: .
;ffli. !Dom :Ohm ileceeeel,hoyeErnapitil‘
in! re fi nes inake i llo 3o l4 l 9 , Prrien4 ind
theie beviiiiderestilit. whist the eameare
eitn i varaittalt*it theta;ileialik . itteeted,; fad
" , itthei' .
; DAVID ALLEN, Administrator:
Granville. Stlinistarrlil , l l B 44 % ' r
- • -
D4l4ioßnetutifs tiould reopirctriittf
annortime to ihicitizeii of bfimroo ands
its vicinity, that he has' recently located himself
in the village of lidanroeton• for .the practice of
his profession, having for "overarms' been en-
gaged in an ettembre prance and from , the
=7,mm:enmities fr:ibis bid of observing
disease in all its 6=4 be ho*:7 pi:lEl464ly
and strict attentian to bush= •te giee'intire
tatisfittlein to those who may Vice themselves
under his crur Office ea .L.:P. *Smith's Hotel
where he may all, times heloand, en, rept when
Profel*nallY engaged. 1, • „
Motireqetia &Perna 10; ,i0"14.
4 ,i.
' .1.4 Perms imbilded to the to Of Pat:
r Brady dammed, late of Ulster tp.
quested, to, make immedem ['oilfired;
'an those having &Mends await &fame
are neittested to present them, .iy attested,
Lai settletient.
• isnMoni• '
"'VT. *PoO l b4r 10, 18'41f, 1 , . ..,
. .
. •
um.. .. am; z„,; , .
MORRIS WATT . I.EB,•Aitomey , and
*JP • ;Counsellor atLaar t T 45, Bradford ,
Coo .
411tOtlEa — ,Lll4l=ll,El
• " '," PROCLANIAT I TN. ,
VITTIER.EittI yq in air ' i Attieinbly ' of
' V V ' 'the Covrealth, entitled. 4 Aid act
:elating to theVelection in WeCrentnonwasith." 1
lt is *joined open me tit give pobliknotice of
l'ii!u!k.!4/o° l ',' 4° be ",, sOtal" the-gOomoi. ,
lawn in ouch twice . *hit 015,,er: ,ate to be
`elected; tiONN N. livEsTmi , i; BO Sheriff
'oftheantini , ofßradfoididolteiebyntate known
and givenotite , tnttur -elector* of la I
id county.
that a GENERAL ELECTION will beheld!
in said county, on TUESDAY, the Bth ditY 4 1
October In the several ifistricia in enid aunty,
ta'srit: In the district a, ' 1
• -'' -- 'ALBANY; ' ''',
*vibe sehool bootie in the north district near the
house of W . Wile*. In the district of "
• : - ", •ABYLUNI- . ~,,
at lamb Fintchey's: Iln thdistrict of. ~ '
... 6h
at Judson & Kendall's. "In e district of ::
.: .' ', ARMEN( ',
at ItYrighinunt Piente'e.. In the district of
et Ate, bon* OfAirtiM'Kein. In the . districtol l
it Benjamin Coolbangh sa =j In the' district of
• '. ' " '-; ' COLUMB)A;
at thitiouiti of
q iiiiiiii Notgan. In th 4 districtof
•'.- i ' I I DUREL •, , ••! , •
d m
-*the lame of S. S.Bt ..,: In theltlistrict d
r , • ~ , PAINK
!at the house of Wto. er. In the district of'
at the school hoose,No.l. kGranyiPacortlem
,/°• ,12 0 , d , ' ' , !..
it,:thelie l itref - N.E.Wetdroia. Intliedistrict cif
• LITcHVIELD: , '.
, -• ': ;
"liettiel' &mi . ° ,st" it Piiiii' In the district of
' '• ' ' LEROTY,. , I - - *
at theiChool house in' Leo, •In the diked of
sit ttorlouse•forroerly occupied by ;L: .rowler.-
In the district of 1 4 , •,.. ...: 1
... , - , ~ . ~it
OR - 111 - qLb, . '
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ache ;tootle fomedolocrpied 4M ,, IL nom
In tho diotictlaf• —' I •:, - . , . -.
,PIICE, • ".'., . ,
at the home Of B. Detroit — litilte'distriCt 'of
at, the hoiuge.'ot 14' Pierfoi:' . In the district of
1 ' 't' • '''" ' RollEi' ' '
•attholuitiseof L.S.Maynardl , In the trisirkt of
\;" :SHESHEQUJN: -"' 0 ' -., of Datil Brink.. ‘ fa the district 'of
l' ?'. t; 1 i'' 18111.1.1 1 2 lELD, ii - 4,, '!
,at the kaolin* . .t. 1.4. uld. ',- Tlnthe dietrict of
• (OSPAIN WO - fp., ,• , f,,••
~ the,heureof T.liir cr.. ,In the , dietrici of,
~ . pzuvions :Vqrtit: ~
a t.4: 3 hinididilt.,ljfe' - 11, :lit the district of
.' 1 i ' ' SOUTH CREEK'.
it'the - scluicil house a ' Ake Gillett's ht Send;
Creek. In the dish' Of '• ' '' ' ' ' •
TO wkNpA„ BOBO', ;
lit the ClstratoonellOsee.. -In' thedietrict4if
; • . . i , I'OWA DA, , TP.;. , ~ ~
at the school &nue :At:thew:C. Gregg's. •
In the diatilat'af •,•,.. :; , ',, , ',, , .
et the sahaikborste ii4oi.iipsie:,ortioy. p 4
the district of'. ' I ,
SPRI GRILL. •'' ' '
(formerly•Toseatora, at the, school house near
.1.1.14147: - laud aistriet of ' • . -,
at the liatitie ciftl.l3i liag oleatnti.t l :l#tha' i liiirics of
at thelotteirotii: Cooper:li In the' diktrict oft
. ill - 1 £7' , - 1 - .J.....t:1 ,. a . 1aELL5 - .21;' • c , '• ..,';'
at the hattartillE. , l'lree..ll.' , ,ln' the diettict of:
t.CI:i c ' '3 l rtiVl WTPUAMIW" !) , JOlct , -ri
at the hone Cate of E. Russell, deceased.
CV ,
at ilia hetlaboMVaitaltrir.i :Who thane' et
• ' wvadx;
at Frank Brown's.= At which time and. placer
the electors aftneimi4 erill4liel by ballot--
'One Munk* GOTefilol of this Comnwith..
One o this
, . 01 • c o)
(Vile person tatipresnitthe counties' at' Riad
forkiihusinehaarso aad Tiognitethe Moss. of
,Lwutiljt'ins of the Unite? Net,tleez; n r,
tNe Pete o 4 lo finibc! • g °l2-
district bj,thndistfip "et the
Rod. • "`' •
Viie . perseibribb rekiniumtiliettentyof read
' Rad kettle Mawr- of , Represiottititasi.4f. this
Commoteveahh. ; ,!--- : - .if
;PP% Pi** for Coeig444 o ne,i l if 1 1 .4 comity,l
One, peps : ought,. Auditor! of , bis pool.
the same nine and IdatinAgiecabli to the
provisions of the act of AsarnehlY, mai be toted
'ftit the elector. of Mgt comity; festi'itr'sgairist the:
acia ofi, 'the Maio Line: 'Vise brdloardeptsited
to be muloreedl.l` Meitt:Trine; with the :.words
u for the fate,ef the Irteiß-W :Open them, or
i:•141111*** sale 4:10% their
c•Pirtioninay be " ' ' *
arid liisahl set, lam ,R — teeted
..twkiie notice q tien'eviny pa:sods:eel/fink jos.
• tices of therpeaceowho Wall; hold artyprifice or
tippointmentnf-prefit and ctrno.. tinder goy
,eniment of United 18tates;or of this state, or
of any :city or incorporetedfaitice; alk. cwhether a
,6rainissioned officer' or agent t is, or' shall
be einplayed limier the learbillitise4weentlie
judiciary deportnientrof,thls; et of United
'States, ornf say incOrporated diftrict, .snd also
lhalekeerY Memheriet Peflreee.Mid of the stew
,egistature, and of th.,l seleft ornomittop coun
cat any city, or Commiassorient of 'any, hmp ,
penned•dinnet. is, by law; incapable of.holding
etercisin at the same time; thentfiebof np.
pointment• or judge, inspector Or clerk of any
election of this commonwealth, and that no in-
Vetter, judge or other officer pf any such elec.
non, shall be then eligible to any . office to. be
ioted fir. • •
By the 4th' section of aritietpaised"tire'l6th
day of APril,llB4o, it is ptevided." , that the lath
socrustof the act passed - July 241, 188 g, entitled
en.act,, relating to the illectore •this cot?.
monwealth,", shall not be - 80,C01311110, se f ur
prevent any'militia ofcerfrot rierving as judge,
inspector or clerk, at any - general or qecial elec
tion of thit commonwealth . :
:In the 814 aeexion of the eel first mentioned
it is enacted, that "every general . and *nectar
election shall be Open , between eight and ten in
forenoon and shall continue without , interrup-
Oen or',idiournment• - until ieven o'cleck: in the
eitting, when the polls shill - he
•'- It is further directed. that ;the rittetinglif the
Judges at the Court ifease,in the borotigh of
Towanda, to make out the general retutnishall
be on the third day after the .electioN ;which
Will be on the . Itch 'dey of Geteher. _
* The conferees "of this CotigiessiOnd dAtriet
Will ioliet slate Conriffotilet in the brinough of
Towanda. on the seventh day•afterlltreleetion,
which will .he - on the 'lsth day of October:L.
• Given under my hand at the.*lough of To:.
wands, the 2d day of the year of
oar Lord one ihousarill eight hundred - And 'forty
four, and of the independenee of the United.
Stiitti the Yixty-ninth.' • • ' ll •
' ,.. 011N N. WESTOW Sheriff.
EDF virtue of a wril of; Fieri Faces issued
MP finalize court of common pleas a Brad ;
font county, to me ;directed, 1' abalt expose co
public sale at the house of E. Raynaford In the
Borough of Towanda, on Monday, the 7th
day of October next, at one o'clock, P. M
The following described piece or ; parcel of
linnl situate in Litchfield township, a nd b?un.
'did as figtowis : beginning at it piitelntii - and
Stant:44nd. a rock, oak witness N.:- 07°'W.
links; thence N. 34° W. 100 to' a lithe
oak sapling.for a corner thence E. 120 pot° a
ebestiout, Sapling for a corner; thence, north
twenty four perches to thnsoutit west corner of
a reserved lot for Solomon Mehl)) `post;
'thence - B. 131 2.10 p. to') a poit Caner for
'Clinimeey Parke';' thenie 8. 184 p. to a post
so'the N.ime of David McKinney'a lot ;•./ thence
W 4 . 1221; 2-10 .p. to a post-a white oak,-,N.
. pliaeil att.n Witnesafi, titcnca; 4l . , 6 :poo a
post . , S.B.corper of lot, bought,bY, the parties
of the first part - front &keit Stead - Mg; tkence
W". 15411 p; or to a Ott on 'the town line be
tween Athats arid Litchfield townxbilutV thence
- north on eakttown line 60 p. to 14 post; thinee
.E. 55 p. or to : a corner, 5..6 8-40, p,of a lot
.formetly deeded , to Daniel P,arks;.• thence N.
'saidthence. 6 8-10 p. to ;Par'k'seerner;, tonc,e 12
- pi or to *Mother of Piik'tileta Or plater of begin.;
Mug. Thine hundred 'end twehtfitevett acres
and twenty eight ?etches snore or- less:
:ALSO—Ontrother lot begun' ling at tt erook:
' chestnutthea;W.corner of : a lot,instveyed
et), Daniel Done ; thence 1.1 am) 7, to alendock
4epling; thence E.BO to a post; thence S too
p. to ik poet ; theriett,W. SO p. to the beginning,
Containing filly acres 'more or. less t' and. both
pieces inclusive- containing three hundred , and
invent, seven urea and ;twenty eightlatinhes
,with obout,ninety acres imyroved and a Purled
,house, one ,framed, end' one log bent,
,rid two
apple' otchriids thereon ; anif f orie hplf saw mill.
Seized end' taken in' maiden et the' tulle of
Benjamin Lambert to the use of L; M. Sher
man vs. Charles. Chandler. - ' '
, •N WE "
fiberiti's Otice: 8
I . 7°4cSheriir.
- nriiind #l. yep. 'IC 1844, j
Apermn inde*dtct the estate of David
Pratt demised, Rate of Carlton, taraohip
are miesteil to, make immeOiate.paieleab, mad
those,lmitag' deifiands • adaifiee erfY
to Preset for
getuement, • frt.
. ;13 RILLUS PRATT; A r,
: •CAPTER PRATT. 7-7, 1 a, / !,t.ltt!Ff
QIVATED itiO 3 soh
tretibOr, in oi 4 ciell , Winship; ini'the night
ot,the 24th of Aug., Ai : DARK 'BAT HORSE
ft years old, the off hindfoomliite, pith nivel!
windgall on ple.6liitio GI. th9 , fight WA*.
On the
,heid; Ka - 04 Ced• the
mane is cut 'oft The aline kestratthiifitis'paid
'at* nion'stny: 61 the hontiOnidhiiile&ii7 to
Inc": . ' IifATHEWt3,
°Ewell, Sept:4 ' '
- :,'.'",' 1. ...'"N0T10R - 1 - : - . •- -
--,.. LL pcso9, g e r l ii r, V 6 4 , fgOnse
TureboinCa-,cln4it ni,.) 111 4,ti me
to ti loiC, , ,ifottiphlitoraiiiiiityd4.o dollars
K*ol'l4'lo Aftirifri'litiii It39, 3 lii'4liatall
net pay:tbe%imo; , ooldarsitiollielled bift:Ocess
at hmei.buing lied , : ed no vidttettbozoon.i ';_.
:—%.*;Atig*: l Aibi: .8, , ', :, i 7 - ,n V - , • •
IlittE;Ptl . dekto tith i eitgetinit %a hem Ira
:der hirket; ' veld* wilt ha KIP vie*,
cc tiniflFßl L 8,4,4.• r WAIL SAIRIVAsk,co.
: arpq
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