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Fiif Brick Booms and Manufacturers
1 Hare Sold Up to Spring.
Demand for Poultry and Soft Weather
Against Lite Stock.
Office ofPittsbubo Dispatch, l
THtraSDAr.Dkcember 19. ISSSl J
The great activity and advanced prices of
iron and steel begin to count in the improved
demand for firebrick. 'While prices for the
latter have not materially advanced, mar
kets are very firm, and dealers report that it
is next to impossible to meet demands. An
advance in prices is only a question of a short
time from the present outlook. The situation
is no longer jn the layer's favor, as it has been
for a year or two past
A leading manufacturer of firebrick said to
day: 'The market for onr goods has not been
so bare for many years as it is now. Idonbt
If a half million firebrick !could be found in
stock. the whole length of the Ohio river.
An Enormous Production.
"The concerns I represent produce "5,000,000
firebrick annually, and not only is onr ontpnt
all sold, from now till Spring, but I could have
easily sold three times as much as onr produc
tion. The leading firebrick manufacturers of
.New Cumberland. W. Va., have a capacity of
3,000,000 a year, and their product is all sold
ahead. In addition to the demand from fur
naces and iron works, there has been developed
of late a Tery strong demand for firebrick to
be used in paving. Large quantities are shipped
to Eastern cities for panne purposes. Phila
delphia is looking to Pittsburg for its supplies
in this line, and a larrge trade has been devel
oped with Pennsylvania's metropolis of late
Sewer Pipe Trait Terminated.
jThe Sewer Pipe Trnst has been knocked Into
smithereens dnring the past week. It seems
thatithe attempted combination of sewer pipe
manufacturers was SDOiled by a dozen or more
falling to join the syndicate. The result has
been that the trnst could not lilt prices. Goods
have bees selling all the season below the cost
ifhl manufacture. One of our prominent dealers
iln sewer pipe said to-day: "The trnst Is a thing
aof the cast. It is now 'every man for himself.
Vand the devil for ns all,' as the present prices
'of sewer pipe will not cover the cost of produc
tion." L Liberty Live Stock.
T Tit will be seen by the accompanying report
that receipts of cattle, both through and local,
show a heavy decline from last week. The
Quality of those offered for sale to the local
trade, however, was -an improvement over last
week. There were more good cattle offered
than for some weeks past The best price real
ized was $4 40 for carload lots. This was 10c
better than the highest pnee realized a week
ago, for the reason that the quality was fully
that much better. Low grades were dull at a
shade lower prices than last week, and the
dregs were only cleaned up at buyers' terms.
Soft weather and the demand for poultry at
this season have had a depressing influence on
everything In live stock lines. No revival is
looked for until after the holidays. Smooth
tidy butcher cattle, weighing 1,200 to 1.300
pounds, hold np well to the prices of a week
ago a fact due to the scarcity of this grade.
The report below shows that receipts of hogs
this week were more than 10,000 head less than
last week. Notwithstanding this decline mar
kets are no stronger. The mild weather is
against hogs and all hoe products.
What a Pork Packer Says.
One of the leading pork packers said to-day:
"Onr expenses for curing meats are very much
Increased by the condition of weather. People
buy much less fresh pork this kind of weather
than they do in cold weather, such as we look
for at this time of the year.
'Onr margins of profit are at best very small,
and with the Increased expenses entailed by
mild weather, and light demand for fresh
meat all hog products find hard roads to travel
this season."
Sheen and lambs have joined In the down
ward movement and are reported slow at lower
prices than a week ago.
It is evident that the old reliable meats are
forced to take a back seat in holiday times.
This is the uniform experience, however, prior
- to Christmas. This year tbe quietness if live
Mflfstocauliaa been io (entitled by atmospheric ln
'flcences. "
". rTbe WeeV TransactlonsT". '
Following is a report of tbe week's transac
tions at tbe East Liberty Stockyards:
Thro'. Local.
Thursday 900 30 2,400 440
Fridav. 360 40 1,7a 23U
baturday ....... 750 330 975 8SI
ibtmday.... 460 1,(C0 MOO S.H0
Monday S2D 440 5,800 990
'Tuesday..,. .1 240 4,1:5 8,740
Wednesday 180 SO 5,400 990
Total 3.570 2,150 25,875 13,200
"Laetweek. 6,4o0 2,560 Sfi,250 15,730
iJPreTloui week.... 5,070 2,370 S6.CS 12.000
Thursday 15 2,526 461
.Friday 4 2,(15 441
.Saturday. 1 892 226
Monday. .... 1,551 6,451 3,630
Tuesday. 489 1,247 1,899
"ttednesdar 86 3,764 1,317
j '.-- 1
ATotal 2,146 16,922 8,027
JLMtwcek 2,517 23,1:3 8,220
' jPrevlonaweek..- .... 2.369 16.2a) 6,208
-jiThe Condition of Rnslncanat theEostLloert?
mock lards.
Office of PrrrsBrmo DrsPATdfc, I
Thcesdat. December 19, 1889.
CATTLE Receipts, 1,140 head; shipments.
1,040 bead; market steady.at unchanged prices.
No cattle shipped to New York to-day.
'.Boas Receipts. 4,600 head: shipments. 8.400
head; market dull; Philadelphia!, 3 753 80;
lew extra, $3 85; Yorkers, SI 653 7U, .Nine
cars or hogs shipped to New York to-day.
SHEEP Receipts. 1.SO0 bead; shipments, L000
head; market slow at unchanged prices.
Br Telegraph.
NEW Yobk Beeves Receipts, 20 carloads;
no market for beeves; dull for dressed beef at
BJiSTKc, with very little selling above 7c; ex-ports.to-dav,
890 beeves, 75 sheep and 1,520 quar
ters of beef. Today's London and Liverpool
cable advices quote American refrigerated dull
at scant 8c per pound. Calves Receipts, S00
head; market dull for veals at 57c per
pound; weak and lower for Western calves at
2 15 per 100 pounds. Sheep Receipts, 3,200
bead, and 2,500 head were carried over yester
daj; slow trade and no show for a clearance;
common to extra sheep sold at $40650 per 100
Smnds-common to prime lambs at' $6 0U7 7a
ogs Receipts, 4,600 head, all for slaughterers
direct: no trading in live hog; market nouun
ally.steady at S3 804 10 perlOO pounds.
Minneapolis Receipts for the past 24
hours were 2JU cars and 23 cars shipped, against
JKO cars received and 60 cars shipped yester
day: the early demand for cash wheat was a
little slow, but it later became quite active,
with the local millers the chief buyers: prices
averaged rather better than yesterday for all
the good wheat sold. Closing quotations: No. 1
" kantiDecember and January, 79c; May, 83c:
on i track, 80c: No. 1 Northern, December. 84c;
January, 76c; Way, SlUc: on track. 78c; No. 2
Northern, December. 72c; January, 72Uc: May.
77Jc;Ton track. 7276a
CHICAGO Cattle Receipts. 11,000 bead:
shipments. 4,400 head; market steady; beeves,
J2175S5 20; stoccers and feeders. S2 253 U0;
cowl,-J&ulls and mixed, Jl 202 90: Texas
cattle. 12 2003 35. Hozs Reeeinti lilll...
shipments. (1,000 head; market active and
strong to much higher; mixed. S3 503 75;
heavy, S3 503 77JJ: light S3 60Q3 75; skips,
S3 005 35. Sheep Receipts, 8,600 head: ship
ments. 2,500 head; market slow, closing 1020c
lower: natives, S3 0006 00r Texans, S3 004C4 00;
'KAlfSA Citt Cattle Receipts, 3,078 head:
Shipments. 2,458 bead; market stronger: choice
cattle weak; natives. S3 0004 40: cows, SI 60
2 30; stockers and feeders. S2 003 oa Hogs
Receipts. 7,833 bead; shipments, S6 bead- mar
ket 2Jc higher everything. $4 ao 60; bulk,
S4'554 67. Sheep Receipts, 1.222 head;
shipments, 8S head; market steady for,good,
poorer grades lower; good to choice muttons,
S3 805 00: stockers and feeders, S3 254 6a
BOTTAIX Cattle steady and unchanged: re
ceipts, 114 loads through, 12 sale. Sheep and
lambs firm and unchanged; receipts, 28 loads
through. 12 sale. Hogs dull and heavy; receipts,
20 loads through. 80 sale; mediums and heavy,
iSS7D; Yorkers, S3 703 75; pigs. S3 75.
jjNrw Yobk; December 19. Tbe market was
.'unchanged and firm, particularly as regards
.cotton goods, though the weather is complained
Yof as an unfavorable factor In the prospects of
.gdtbe.woolen trade. The outlook is felt to be the
'best known for the jobbing trade.
A Stranger FecHna; In the Wheat Fit, With
a Bullish Local Sentiment Corn '
Weaker Pork Unsettled
and Dull.
Chicago Wheat Atstronger feeling was de
veloped to-day and prices again" averaged
slightly higher than yesterday, Aood specu
lative business was transacted- with shorts dis
posed to cover and the speculative offerings not
heavy, excepting In one or two instances, and
the market responded with a slight decline, bat
recovered again.
The opening was KKc higher and advanced
with slight fluctuations c more, then declined
Kc, ruled firmer and'closed H9a higher than
yesterday. The local sentiment was rather
bullish and outside news in tbe way of small re
ceipts and large export clearances rather
favored the baying side. Cable advices were
generally of a steady and firm tone.
Corn There was only a moderate business
transacted in this marker, the bulk of tbe trad
ing occurring early In the session, after which
the pit became rather dull. The feeling,on the
whole, was easier, the undertone showing less
strength, and trading was at slightly lower
prices. There were no special features pre
sented outside of the trade in December,
operators giving this month considerable at
tention at times, and the feeling was a little
unsettled. First trades were at 54c, with a sale
or two at Slc after which tbe price declined
lCthen rallied a and ruled quiet The
speculative market opened at about the clos
ing prices of yesterday, was easy and sold off
K61J4C, rallied a little andclosedIc lower
than yesterday.
Oats The position of the market has under
gone no change. Outside orders were scarce
and business was confined to local traders, with
little change in prices.
Mess Pork Trading was light and tbe fluctu
ations in prices were confined within a narrow
.range. Early tbe feeling was stronger ana
prices ruiea z5tsoe nigner. .Later tne mantel
was easier and prices receded 67c and closed
A little more business was transacted in lard,
still trading was light Prices were a shade
higher, the market closing comparatively
A fair trade was reported in short ribs.
Prices averaged about 2c higher, though not
fully supported.
The leading lutureB ranged as follows:
WHEAT No. 2. December. T7)4S7n77K
TTKc; January. 7SX&R-?$I$)ic May, fi
Cobn No. 2, December, S434K323
33Kc; January, 31K31ic; May, 83633633
Oats No. 2. December. 2Uc: January. 20Ji
20Kc; May.S22f22K22Jic.
Mess Poke, per bbl January. S9 SO9 SO
9 22X69 22K; March, S3 4569 4?K9 45g9 45;
May. 59 706 67Jf
Lard, per 100 lbs. January. 5 90: February,
15 905 92X65 905 92X: May, SS 0566 0
Shoet Ribs, per loo Rs. January. S4 75;
March, $4 S5l 85; May. 4 974 97X64 956
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour dull
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat 77Vc;
No. 3 spring wheat 67668Xc; No. 2 red, 77Hc;
No. 2 corn. 33c; No. 2 oats, 20Vc: No. 2 rye.
45kc Na2 barley,58660c. No.lnaxseed.Sl Sb
1 30X- Prime timothy seed. SI 22. Mess pork,
per bbk SS 759 2a. Lard, per 100 lbs. S587X:
bhort ribs sides (loose), S4 704 85. Dry salted
shoulders r boxed), J4 12X64 25. Short clear
sides (boxed). S5 005 1& Sugars Cut loaf, un
changed. Receipts Flour, 29,000 barrels:
wheat 66.000 bushels: com. 309,000 bushels;
oats, 117,000 bushels; rye. 17,000 bushels: barley,
40.000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 20,000 bar
rels; wheat 30,000 bushels: corn. 292,000 bush
els; oats. 124,000 bushels; rye, 13,000 bushels;
barley, 21.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchance to-day the batter
market was unchanged. Eggs, 2021c
New York Flour moderately active, free
sellers and unchanged.Whe.it Spot moderately
active, chiefly export and Xc higher and firm;
options moderately active, $6c up, and firm.
Rye weak. Barley weak. Barley malt quiet
Corn Spot weaker and quiet; options fairly
active, VSMfi lower and steady. Oats Spot
urm, wuuapooa aemano; options nrm ana
quiet Hay steady and quiet Hops fair
demand, firm. Coffee Options opened steadv
ar510 points up: closed barely steady 5 15
Soints down; sales, 49,750 bags, including
lecember, 15.8515.95c; January. 15.75
15.95c: February. 15.85 16.00c;
March. 15.9016.10c: April. 15.95c: Mav, 16.00
18.20c; September. 16.1016.25c; October, ltlOc:
November, 16.05i6.20c; snot Rio quiet and
easy; fair cargoes, 19Xc; No. 7. lXc Snrar
Raw dull and nominal; refine quiet Molasses
Foreign nominal: New Orleans steady. Rice
steady and in fair demand. Cottonseedoil
steady and quiet Tallow firm. Rosin steadv.
dull and easy. Eggs about steady: Western.
22X23c; receipts, 2809 packages. Pork quiet;
me-s. inspected, S10 6010 76; do, inspected,
S10 2510 60: extra prime, S3 509 TS Cut
meats quiet; middles inactive. Lard strong
unuij meter; saiep, 10 tierces; western steam,
S6 22X: options, sales. 3.250 tierces; January,
S6 186 21. closing at S6 21 bid: February, SO 26
&e 28. closing at SO 28 bid: March, SS 34 bid:
.April; Sti 40 bid; May. S6 40S 43, closing at
S.. wlu fcwruuu vui treaK: JLlgin, i2c;
AVesternv dairy. 918C: do creamery, 1427c;
do held. 1018c; do Jaclorv. 7619c. Cheese
quiet and easy; Western. 810c,
PmnABELPniA Flour steady. Wheat Arm,
with a fair demand; options firm and nominally
unchanged; fair to good milling wheat 7885c;
choice and fancy longberry. 8792c Corn qniet:
No. 2 mixed, in Twentieth street elevator, 34c;
No. 4 high mixed in grain depot 35c: No. i yel
low, track, 35c, No. 2, in Twentieth street ele
vator. 35c, and quoted at 86X37c on track;
No. 2 yellow. In grain depot SXc; old mixed,
in grain depot 42c: old No. 2 high mixed, in
Twentieth street elevator, 41c: No. 2 mixed De
cember. 38?639e: January, 8S83SXc; February,
38c; March. 3939J$c. Oats Car lots steady,
with a fair demand; No. 3 White, 3030Xc:
No. 2 white, 3131Xc: futures qufet; No. 2
white, December, 80J31c; January, 30
30Vc; February. 30c; March. S0Ji31c. Ears
dull and irregular: Pennsylvania firsts, 2324c.
bT. Loms Flour qniet and steady. Wheat
higher; there was a sharp demand at the open
ing on contlnned small receipts and the close
was firm and He above yesterday; No. 2 red,
cash; 78c; March. S0smc. closed at Smcbid:
Mav. 8M83-ZC closed at KZ.r. Com wl . K
2 mixed, cash. 227Kc; December closed
at 27c; January. 27X27Kc; February. 27Xc
asked-3Iarcb.28c: May, 29Xc asked. Oats bet
ter; No.2cash,Wobid:May,22X622Jrc. Rve
in demand at 42c. Barley Minnesota, 66c
Flaxseed.JJl 3a Provisions dull and neglected;
some trading in pork futures; sales of January
at J9 70: February, S9 8a
Milwaukee Flour dull ana steady. Wheat
firm; No. 2 spring on track, cash. 73075c;
May, 77Xc; No. 1 Northern, 82c Corn firm;
No. 5. on track, 29X630c Oate steady; No.
2 white, on track. 23c Rye easier; No.
L in store. 46c Barley easier; No. 2, in store,
46Ja Provisions easy. Pork. S9 25. Lard.
S5 9a Cheese steady; Cheddars. 99Xc
Baltimore Provisions quiet Butter firm
for fine grades; Western packed, 1420c; best
roll, 1820c: creamery, 2326c cgs easier
at 2324c Coffee firm; Rio fair at 1920c
Toledo CI overseed active and steady; cash
December and January, S3 50.
Metal MnrKct.
New York Pig iron quiet Copper dull
and firm: lake, December, S13 9a Lead quiet
and steady; domestic, S3 9a Tin easier; straits,
$21 15.
"The Granger Who Has No Oil Ha
Operator by the Short Hair.
There Is considerable qniet consternation
among oil and gas land lessees over a ruling of
tbe Court Jome time ago that they cannot
throw up, or abandon leases, without tbe con
sent of the lessors. Some of these men have
large tracts of land leased. At the time of
leasing they never intended to bore, but to
hold at a small rental so as to protect their
lines. Tbe unsophisticated grangers were led
to believe when they signed the leases that the
lessees were some time or other within a given
number of years obligated to drill. .They Tound
that for the consideration' of a
rental of a dollar or two an
acre, they had put a shadow on their farms,
apparently harder to remove than a mortgage
would be and one that a purchaser might re
gard as fatal to a deal. At tbe same time the
lessees abandoned the territory when
ever it suited them. Now the far
mer has the consolation of knowing
that If fortune has missed him he can at least
force the lessee to pay the rental for the entire
time mentioned In the lease 'As that rental is
freanentlvS5 an acre it is sufficient tnmv
taxes, insurance and furnish a fund sufficient
to keep fences In repair, etc
It Is expected the matter will be carried to
the Supreme Court One farmer In this coun
ty who has had a large tract tied up tor five
years has been chafing because be Could not
force the company to operate. Should tbe ter
ritory prove unproductive that farmer has a
prospect of being able to force the company to
paybimS200ayear rent for 15 years more. If
tbe territory be dry the lease will no longer be
an incumbrance
For tbe Mechanics Parade.
Marshal P. K. Soffel, of the Southside divis
ion, of tbe Mechanics' parade- for February 22,
has announced the following appointments:
Adjutant General, L. L. DaTis, of Troe Ameri
can Council, Homestead; Chief of Staff, Heber
McDowell, ofCoraopolls Council; Color Bearer.
Thomas Wallace, of Smoky City Council.
Smoker Benrt.
Dr. Flint's remedy wards off death from
those wbo Lave 'developed a "smoker's
heart" through the use of tobacco, rendering
that organ liable to rapture at any time. Dei
scriptlve treAtls with each hotttes or address
Hack Drag Co, N.Y. - jrwr
Objectiois to Trading ATery Court
Properly, bat Ecasons for .
Eosr Indications of an Immense Building
Boom the Coming Xear.
The offeror a block of U houses and $5,000
cash additional for the Avery court prop
erty on Virgin alley is opposed by a promi
nent member of tbe Wyiie Avenue A. M.
E. congregation, who -was interviewed on
the subject yesterday. He favors selling
the property outright for 50,000, the price
set by the Board of Trustees, and with that
amount of money for investment of going
into the open market and buying as cheaply
as possible. He thinks this would be very
much better for the congregation than to ac
cept the offer to trade.
This property is very valuable, as It lies im
mediately In thi rear of Miller fc McBride, tbe
Leader office and other properties on Fifth
avenue, for which an offer has been made of
(2,200 a front foot It is still insisted that the
Pennsylvania Railroad is hungry for this prop
erty, as well as for others on Cherry alley.
A larger number than ever before of the up
per country oil operators are coming to Pitts
burg and opening offices. They are all bright,
energetic men. thoroughly versed in all the in
tricacies of their business, and are a valuable
acquisition to the community, as well from a
social as a business standpoint
Their coming shows that Pittsburg is resum
ing her old position as tbe leading distributing
center of the Oil trade in the West
everything points to gteat activity In the
building trade next year. Work on 40 first
class dwellings in the Wilklns plan, Wilkins
burg, will begin as early next spring as pos
sible. They will be built and occupied by the
owners not for speculation. At least 200 will
be erected on the hills back of Allegheny City.
There is talk of that many, bnt the nnmber
will probably be increased before the season is
over. Tbe Southside will come up with its
share, as will, also, tbe district down the Fort
Wayne Railroad. As to the Bast Bud, it is
impossible to give figures, but If all tbe plans
now talked of are carried out the number of
new buildings that will go up out there the
coming year will break all previous records
and astonish the natives.
From all that can be learned at this early
date, and should everything be propitious, 6,000
is not too large a number of new houses to ex
pect as the result of next year's building oper
ations. The iron trade continues very active, and al
though prices are strong there has heen no
actual advance in anything since last week.
Furnacemen are asking an advance on metal
for January delivery. Bessemer pig may be
qnotcd at S24, with the ontpnt contracted for
up to the first of the year. Tho forced sale'of
Long A Co.'s stock, raw and manufactured,
realized full value, showing that material of
this description is in demand at what it brought
and is proof of the stability of the market Bus
iness in steel rails is holding up. They are
quoted at S35S36.
The market for all descriptions of iron Is in
good condition, with all the mills fully em
ployed. The only thing to guard against is too
sharp an advance in raw material after New
Year's, which would necessitate a higher level
for finished products, an Increase In wages, all
of which would come on the consumer, and an
invitation to foreign competition, lessening by
so much the home demand. Still, there is no
probability of a material decline in business so
long as the foreign markets maintain their
present activity. '
The outlook tor next year grows brighter
and brighter, and unless the unexpected should
happen, trade in 1890prenises to be even better
than it has been during tbe year that Is draw
ing to its close.
Money at 67 percent and scarce at that for
speculative purposes, is a strong Inducement to
realize on margined stocks, even though at a
small loss, and an assurance that,there will be
no special activity while the pressure remains.
But there is nothing strange in this to dis
courage speculators. 8tocks are always dull
at the end of the year. The few exceptions
establish the rule. Business men of all grades
are more anxious to close up their accounts
and ascertain their financial standing thCn to
engage in new deals. After the yearlysettle
ments they will feel free to begin 'anew.
Money will also be easier, good securities, such
as those dealt in on the Pittsburg .Exchange,
will be in demand, and business will freshen up
all along tbe line.
The present lull in local stock trading has,
therefore, no more significance than that in
vestors have temporarily drawn ont to figure
up profits and losses of the year's business, so
as to know what to do when they begin again.'
That stocks hold up as well as thry do with
only nominal support Is proof of their intrinsic
value. Like all good merchandise they will
find a market That they should remain de
pressed longer than required to complete the
evening up process, Is not to be seriously enter
tained. rf
The following letter seems to show that Mr.
Gowen was contemplating his end when, on the
9th inst, be wrote it There is something very
suggestive in this inquiry regarding his insur
ance policies:
PiittADELFinA, Decembers, 1839.
L L. Register, Esq., Financial A (rent Equitable
Life Insurance Company, Drexel Building:
Dear BIB Will you please Inform me what
amount of pald-np policies in yosr company I
would be entitled to receive in exchange for the
fM,u or policies I now hold, in case I prefer to
make the exchange and discontinue the payment
of luture annual payments? Very truly, '
Franklin B. Gowxx.
A Brisk MoTement In Philadelphia Gas sad
Westlngbouse Electric
Unexpected and somewhat surprising ac
tivity in the stock market yesterday was at the
expense of values. Tne sales'were 370 shares.
Philadelphia Gas and Electric monopolized at
tention, and they both went at concessions.
1be former opened at 80 and closed at 29J on
sales of 270 shares. A 100 share rot of Electric
brongbt 45. Jt closed at 46 bid and 47 asked.
The only reason given for the decline was the
dullness of tbe market and tbe necessity of
holders realizing to get money for other pur
poses. Conditions were unchanged.
Luster MlningCOmpany was bid up to 22
with 30 asked. This was said to be the result
of a pool of stockholders to bull tbe property.
Bnt outside of this it was stated that the pros
pects of tbe company were steadily imprpvlng.
Whether tbe mine will be sold or worked has
not been quite settled. From a good source it
was learned tbe coropany is considering the
offer of $5,000,000 for the plant
Pittsbnrg Traction dropped to 47 bid. Central
was barelr steady and Citizen's neglected.
Pleasant Valley Railway continued its upward
movement closing at 4 uiu ana upi asEea.
Hid. Asked. Hid. AsKed.
Pitts. P. 8. A M. Ex... 425 460
Commercial Ma. Bank. 86 8S
Third Nat JJank 16S .
Cons'dt'dUasCo., lit Z8
Pitts. Gas Co., 111...... 68
Allegheny Heating Co. .... 100 .... 100
Brldrewater Uas 29
Chartlers Valley Q.Co. so
Ohio Valley sz
People's iCO. &P.O0 .... KH .... ujf
jrenniTivania ua i. .... ...
Philadelphia Co 29 Sft
Tuna Oil Co 69
'Washington UllCo.... 73 ....
Central Traction S1H B
Pitts. Traction
rleasant Yalley 24 24
Pitts.. A. & Han 238 SOD
Allegheny Vallev It R
P. AConn'llTllle K. K. .... ...
N.Y. i COM Coal Co 17
Union Bridge
La iforla Mining Co.- .'... H
Luster Minlnir OO 23 23
Yankee Ulri Mlnlnsr SH
Westlnahoate Electric 46 47
Monongabela N.Co.... 73 ....
Union a. & Signal Co ! 16
WestlnghonseA.B.Uo. .... 117
Pitts. Plate Glass Co.. IS 190
" 190
At the morning call 160 shares of Philadelphia
Gas brought 30, 20 shares 2 and 100 shares
29, At the afternoon caJUOO shares of electric
went at 45.
Andrew Caster sold 60 shares of Philadelphia
Gas at 8BK, and 80 shares, of electric at L C
L. McCutcheon sold 100 shares of Electric at
day were 261,797 shares, iBCl4ir: Delaware,
Lackawana and Western, 88,886: Denver, Texas
-and Ft Worth, 6.484 Erie, 8,100; Kansas an
Texas, 9. 853; Missouri Pacific, 44,701; Reading
50,800; St Paul, 4,333; Union Pciflc,9.40.
No Borrower With Good Collateral Turned
Away Doctored Figures, Perhaps.
Money was in moderate supply and good de
mand yesterday at the customary rates. The
volume of checking and depositing showed
great activity in general trade. Currency was
scarce and commanded a small premium over
exchange. Holiday sales will soon remove tbe
pressure in this particular. Tbe exchanges
were S2.360.857 97 and the balances $257,071 20.
A cashier remarked: "I see that Baltimore
led us in exchanges yesterday by about S600.000.
They may be doctoring tbe figures there for ef
fect This is an old trick. If 1 am not mistaken
Louisville and New Orleans have resorted to it
on more than one occasion."
Money on call at New Tors: yesterday wss
easy, ranging from 3 to 7 percent; last loan, 3:
closed offered at 4. Prime mercantile paper.
67K. Sterling exchange quiet and steady at
S4 80 for 60-day bills and 54 84 for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
0 8. 4s, re 1M M. K.4T. Oen
U. S.4I.COUP 1X7
V.a.i,ng I04K
Mutual Union S9....100K
N.J. C. Int. Oert...H
U. B. 4K3. COHp.... HUH
PaelncSsof SS. IIS
Loulslanastamped4s 93(
Missouri Ss 103
Tenn. new set 6s... no
Tenn. new set U....101H
Northern rac uts..ii
Northern i'ac. Odi..m
Northw't'n eoniali.MSV
Morthw'n deben's..llo)s
(infffln Jk Trunk. fi.10
St L. &I.M. uen. 6s S1H
at. tuiH.r. Cren.JJ.112S
Si. Paul consols ....ItSM
st.f t Obi A fcuu. i:s
rx., Pcu a.it K. sum
qd. new.tei. as...
Canada So. 2ds....
Oen. raclnclits...
Den. A R. O., lst.
Den.&K.0. 4s
union rae. ins....."
West Shore UM
jrie, 20s iuuh
M.K.4X. Oen. St.. liH
Government and State "bonds continue firm
and dull.
New York Clearings, $117,395,003; balances,
Boston Clearings, $14,801,920; balances,
$1517,305. Money, 4 per cent"
Phtladelpuia Clearings, $12,617,432; bal
ances, SL870.631.
Balttmoke Clearings, $1,976,902; balances.
London Tbe bulllbn in the Bank of England
decreased 60,000 during tbe past week. Tbe
proportion of the Bank of England's reserve
to liability is now 37.90 per cent Bar silver,
43 15-16d per ounce.
P-abis Three per cent rentes. 87f 60e for
the account The weekly statement of the
Bank of France shows an increase of 1,875,000
francs gold and 1,700,000 francs silver. '
CHICAGO Bank clearings were 11,893.000.
New York exchange was 40c discount Rates
for monev were unchanged at 6 per cent for
call and 7Q3 per cent for time loans.
Petroleum Weak, bnt Make a Good Show
of Activity.
The oil market was weak yesterday, but en
couragingly active. It opened at $1 05, the
highest point of the day. followed by quite a
spurt of business, in which Harry Smith and
E. Fink were conspicuous, bnt almost Immedi
ately it fell off andrecovered bat a fraction of
the loss.
New York started in to sell. Oil City followed
and the local crowd chipped in. As everybody
wanted to sell there was nobody to buy, and,
being without support from inside or outside, a
collapse was inevitable. Some shorts were
covered, but general trading was light
The range was: Opening and highest $1 05,
lowest $1 03, closing $1 0 Eeflned was
lower. Field news was rather bearish. At St
Mary's, W. Va., the Ned Hammett well No. 1,
300 yards -east of the Big John gusher, struck
the sand Wednesday night and oil spouted
above the top of the derrick. The' well has
been flowing about 10 barrels an hour since.
There are now about 20 producing wells in that
Features of the Market.
Corrected dally by John M. Oaxiey & Co., 45
Sixth street members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 10S ILowest...
Blithest, .105 (Closed...
, I0JH
Average rnns. ... ..
Average shipments.. ...
Averare charters
Kenned, Mew York; 7.80c
itenneo, iionaon. ma.
Eecned, Antwerp, VHt.
Refined, Liverpool. 6 1-Ud.
Iteflned. Bremen. 7.13m.
A. B. McOrew quotes: Puts, U 02X; calls
Jl 04J1 04Ji.
Other Oil Markets.
Ortcrrr. December 19. Petroleum opened
B.s I'S&.J11116"' 10 lowest 510
closed, SI 03K-
BBAsroBD. December 19. Opened at SI OSJl;
closed at Jl 03; ulgheJtTSl VS& lowest 1 03&
Trrtrsvn.LE, December 19. Petroleum
opened at SI 0 highest Jl 05Vi; lowest
Jl 03M: closed, SI 03Jf. '
HiwYoek. December 19. Petroleum opened
steady at SI 04, but after tbe first sales be
came weak, and declined to SI 03. The market
then became quiet, and tbe close was steady at
Jl 03K- Stock Exchanger Opening, Jl otli:
highest SI 04 lowest Jl 03; closing, Jl (ml
Consolidated Exchange: Opening, Jl 05; hlgh
esh nS?:j2w,est' I1 O3'' closing, h 08& Total
sales, 721,000 barrels.
Bayers Still PIcklnjr Up Lnndi and Houses
Latest Deala.,
L. O. Frazier, corner Forty-flfth and'Butler
streets, sold for David Boblnson, lots Nos. 61,
72, 73, 74 and 75 in Boblnson Brothers' plan ot
lots, together having a frontage of 100 feet on
the southside 'of Adelaide street Thirteenth
ward, by 100 feet to a 20-foot alley, to Henry E.
Bteflier for 13,250. ,
Samuel "W. Black & Co.. 99 Fourth avenue,
sold lot No. 43 S. L. Boggs plan, AUentown
station, Pittsbnrg and Castle Shannon Ball
road, West Liberty borough, for J200. These
choice lots are meeting with ready sale and are
a good investment
J. E. Glass, 188 Fifth avenue, placed a mort
gage on property In Oakland, for 12,500, for five
years at 6 per cent
Beed BX'oyle & Co.,131 Fourth avenne,placed
a mortgage of J100 on a Southside property, for
three years, at 6 per cent
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
William G. Gray, lot No. i in the JL G.Arthur
plan, situate on Frazler street Oakland, for
J. H. Stevenson's Ageney reports closing a
mortgage on Mt Washington property for
Baltensperger 4 Williams, 154 Fourth avenue,
placed a mortgage f or JL600 at 6 per cent tor
three years, on property in Second ward,
Ballroad Shares Blore Active and Stronger
Under the Leadership of Sllssoari
Pacific The Coalers Re
sist a Raid. ,
New Yobk, December 19. Stock market was
more active and decidedly strong to-day,making
a marked con trastwith the trading of yesterday,
and material advances were made all along tbe
line under tbe lead of Missouri Pacific and
specialties. Missouri Pacific was by long odds
tbe great feature of the day, and the buying in
it was for both sides of the account,
several prominent operators being conspicuous
as buyers of large blocks of tbe stock.
Tbe declaration ot the dividend coming soon
after the attempt to depress the stock by
means of a report six months old and which
failed to get credence upon tbe street ires a
powerful element in the 'buying movement
while the handsome surplus shown of nearly
31,000,000 was another. Besides there were re
iterations of tbe rumors which come in a more
credible shape that there has been, or win be.
some arraugements between the Missouri Pa
cific and tbe Kansas and Texas which will be
advantageous to both sides, and incidentally to
tbe stock market (
Tbe attention of tbe bears was given almost
exclusively to tbe coal stocks, bnt after tbe
first hour's trading the course of these prop
erties was upward? with the remainder of the
list Their transactions were large, but with
tbe exception ot Lackawanna, fluctuations
were small and unimportant The rumor of
the deal between Missouri Pacific and tbe Kan
sas and Texas also stimulated buying of tho
latter stock, and it scored 1 per cent advance,
though all ot it was Hot held at tbe close.
Among tbe specialties Chicago, St Lonis, Cin
cinnati and Pittsburg continued its late rise,
ana reached still higher figures, followed by
Chicago Gas and Denver, Texas and Fort
St Lonis was again very prominent in the
dealings, and after opening bo. 1 per cent it
rose by the scarcity of the stock for delivery,
and belief tbat it bas gone into bands which
are able to hold it against any attacks to
which it may be subjected In the future. Tbe
advance brought it up to 69, and most of tbe
improvement was retained. Consolidated Gas
alto continued its rise of tbe past few days, and
on smalt transactions scored a material gain.
The remainder of the list was dull and listless
throughout the day, and calls for no comment
The trading In unlisted stocks reached 25,945
shares. ,
Railroad bonds were quiet and while a Arm
tone prevailed throughout the day tbe deaU&ga
were marked by bo feature of Importance he-
yond the activity ad strength in the Kaa
od Texas 8s and the Atlantic and PaetSe 4s.
The former contributed (288,060 and tbe latter
131,000 to tbe day's total of S1.478.O0O. Peona.
Decatur and Evansvllle lsts rose 2W at 108, and
Heading second incomes 2 at 65.
The .Port says: So far as the local stocks are
concerned each day develops something addi
tionally unfavorable for tbelr nrosnects. The
,1 Tenort now comes from Philadelphia that the
uuiKbwuuu .iron uumpany nas uouaea
its workmen that the Schuylkill colleries will
will paly be operated on three-quarter time
after Monday. This is made necessary by tho
accumulating stock -of coai for which the de
mand Is Insufficient to take tbe production.
The officers of the Oregon Improvement Com
pany say the report of then? proposatto nego
tiate a loan of $15,000,000 Is only partially cor
rect, as tbe amount which Is required and
Mich they desire to negotiate now is only 110,
000,000. With the proceeds of this they propose to
take no or purchase as soon as practicable the
34,588,000 of 6 per cent first mortgage bonds,
and $2,000,000 of 7 per cent preferred stock in
terest ot tbe latter, it being considered a part
of the fixed charges.
The roiiowinK tame snows tne prices o( active
stocks on tbe Hew York Stock Exenance yester
dr. Corrected dally ror TH Dispatch by
WHITmrt ARnnnvinw Alit..t WH.hn. mm.
ben of Mew Yorx BtocK Xxcnange, 17 kourth ave-
lnit Bid.
70 ,
Am. Cotton Oil Trust..
Am. Cotton OU S3K
Attn., Top.&B.r ssJ
Canadian Pacific 72
Canada (Southern 5o!4
Central of New Jersey .120J
Central Paelflt
CheuncakeA Ohio.... .294
C Bur. ft Ocli,eT.....i06K
C., Mu. a St fanl.... 69X
C.. Mil. A St. ,r- pr....m
C.. KocKI. r. S73
C., tit L. ft Pitts 16W
c., at l. & puts. pf.. 40M
U. St. P..M.AU 85V
C.. 3t.PM. &0.. or. 93)4
C. A .North western HI
c.Jt northwestern, pf. .. .
C-, C C. &l 7IM
C.. O., C. 41., pf 978
OoU Coal A Iron KH
Col. ft Hooking vai .. 20
Ht. L. ft Vf. WX
Del. ft Untlson. 143
DeaverftJUo a
UenverftKioG.. nt
E.T., Va.ftGa 9H
E.T..Va. fttta.lst pf. ....
K. 1.. Va. AGa. 24 pr. ....
Illinois Central, lis
Lake Erin ft Western
Lake Krleft West nr.. 63!
Lake shore AM. S 101 H
LonUvUle&MMbvlUe. MX
Mlculjran central usk
Mobiles Ohio
o Kan. ftTexas.... ll
Missouri faeiflc 69M
New York Central 107?
V L. .E. ft W 2714
. Y..L.B. ft W.prer.. 6S
a. x.. a ft st l i7H
. 1c., G ft St L. Pf.. 7ti
n.y.. c. AUt.L. td nr zsi
M.YftN. Hi 44H
$. Y.. O. ft W 20
or folk Western
Morrolkft Western, pf. 60
Northern Pacific
ijortnern facine pret KX
OMo ft Mississippi...-. 22X
Oregon Improvement. .. .
(irecon rranscon Uh
PacifleMaU.... Hi
Peo. Decftkvans
PhlladeU ft iteadtne. 33
Pullman Palace Car
RIehmona ft W, P. ?.. 21K
KlehmondftW.P.T.pf 80
St P.. Minn, ft Man..U2X
Hlrti- Low
eat est
31 H SO
24 ass
W4 333J
72 72
120) IMS
ii an,
1MW 10C
10'A C3
93H 97W
42H 40K
33S X31
111 in
7I 70)4
UH tax
20 21
14ZX 143
em 63)4
107 107K
86U t6H
98j 93
ii iix
7l 69M
103 107
27H 2IH
1734 17
71 70)4
tH 43)J
20H 20
60 60 60
Wi 76H 7S34
J 3
. UH UH Uh
S5M S5 15
&X 33)4 "K
J 137
22 2lk 2134
80 80 80
113 11234 112
uhu. sain inn ...
St L. ft San Jrran nf..
St.L. ft San JT. 1st pf.. 92V
em raeine
Union Paclnc. ........
Wabash preferred....
western Union
WhseUng ft L. jt
onrar lTUit
National Lemd Trnst
Chicago Gas Trust.... 4234
Phlladolphln. Stocks,
aoslng quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. I Members New York Stock .Ex
change. Pennsylvania Ballroad, ..-.. ..
Heading ..
Buffalo, Pittsburg ft Western.. ..... ..
Lehigh Vallev I
Lenlch Navigation
Philadelphia and rle
L. Co.'s New Jersey
orthera Pacific
Northern Pacific preierred
Sllnins Stocks.
New Yore. December 19 Asnen. 20: Best
and Belcher. 230; Chollar, 225; Consolidated
California and Virginia. 450; Deadwood T, 140;
Eureka Consolidated, S00; El Cristo, 150; Home
stake. 900; Horn Silver. 200: Iron Silver, J50;
Mexican, 225; North Belle Isle, 100; Ontario,
8450; Plymouth, 295.
The biggest thing in real estate yesterday
was reported by J. H. Stevenson, who received
fan offer tor 70 lots in the vicinity of Beltz
hooverr '
Mb. VAitSEBORiTTwill begin tbe work of
destruction on bis recent Fourth avenne pur
chase as soon aS possible so as to ie ready to be
gin bis new building in the spring.
The nnmber ot mortgages placed on record
yesterday was 84. The largest was for 328,876
Thomas George to tbe Manchester Loan Asso
ciationpurchase money. The next largest was
for $10,400.
Out of 83 railways that bave reported their
earnings for the flrsl week of December only
seven show a decrease from tbe figures of last
year. Their aggregate earnings are 13,366,000,
an increase of 3440,000 or 13 per cent
Railroad building this year bas been more
noteworthy at tbe South than In any other part
of the country. More mileage has been com
pleted or undertaken in tbat region than at tbe
West even. The coming year bids fair to tell a
similar story.
The old charter of the Bank of Pittsburg
expires in May, 1892, but It bas been extended
for 25 years by tbe State. The bank also has
authority to become a National bank, but it is
saia it win not avail itseu 01 tne privilege, out
continue as a State bank.
Brokers are beginning to realize that Christ
mas comes but once a year, but so far as tbelr
commissions go Christmas is a matter of a fort
night instead of a day, and they are pretty well
satisfied tbat they are not likelv to make living
expenses until after the New Year.
The Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St Louis Bail
way gave notice tbat tbe 7 per cent mortgage
bonds ot the Stenbenvflle ana Indiana Bail
road, known as the Columbus ana Newark di
vision bonds, dated September L 1864, and ma
turing January 1, 1890, will be paid, principal
and Interest at maturity, at the office of the
Pennsylvania Ballroad.
The financial statment of the Westinghouse
Airbrake Company, Limited (the London
Company), shows tbe net earnings for the year
to be 47,000; dividends to tbe amonnt of 30,000
were declared, leaving ii.wu to De added to
tbe surplus fund of 199,000, making the reserve
fund 216,000. The par value Is 10 or 350, and
it is offered here at 62. The majority of tbe
capital of 500,000 Is held here
la Rather Dampened br the Reason
Which It la Held.
The fair of Post 155, G. A. R, opened was
with a large attendance. The losses by
death of tbe post dnring the last few years
bave been large, an its commander, Com
rade Nelson, is now lying on a bed which he
may only exchange for the last resting place.
This has made tne fair less of a joyous occa
sion than a necessity for tbe general public to
help the old soldiers in sustaining one another.
The fun of tbe fair is immense, but underlying
the dancing floor and the booths is a feeling
that the veteran is dying out and needs public
care and attention.
The Pencoyd Company Will Commence to
Remodel tbe Structure.
The Pencoyd.Bridge and Construction Com
pany, of Philadelphia, which is doing tho work
of remodeling the Smitbfleld street bridge, has
published notice to river operators that the
south span will be closed on Friday,
It will be filled up with scaffolding to sup
port tbe new iron work to be erected in addi
tion to the bridge. Tbe piers bave been recon
structed and the iron for tbe new work is on
the ground. Bivermen find no objection to the
The Ohio Valley Workers Are Looking to
tbe Day of Deliverance.
Editor John Ehman, who has returned from
a trip along the Ohio Valley, says that the feel
ing of all the workers along there Is strongly
in favor of an eight-hour day; that the feeling
is particularly strong in the building trade,
and that everywhere tbe various trades were
compactly and thoroughly organized in readi
ness for a tussle, should a tussle come.
When baby was tick, we gave hstCastorla,
When she was sTChild, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Coil dren.sbe gave them Castoria
33 23 37H 3734
9234 82U KH 93!4
ISM ZO!4 19X 20
eiji eati eaii
ii" ai)i ii" 3034
UK 86!4 U34 SS
.. 63! 63S 6S)4 67K
Kit E)W iSU C3
19 lflU 1ST. 19
3H 42J4 J4
Prfces Maintained, bat Trait k Slow
in Produce Lines.
Jngara on the DeclinePackage Coffee Still
Tery Strong;
Ornca of PrrTSBuso Dispatch, 1
Thubsday. December 19, 1SW. J
Coantrr Prodace Jobbing Prices.
All along produce lines markets are quiet
but old prices are maintained, as stuff has been
for some time down to hard pan. Retailers were
well stoeked up some time ago, in anticipation
nt the orditmry cold weather for this time of
the year. As the weather has not panned out
according to anticipations, commission men
and trade dull. A few frosty mornings wonld
stimulate trade. Until the weather comes up
in its natural winter style, there can be little
activity to trade. One ot our leading jobbers
of dairy products said to-day: "We are now In
the midst of our dullest season. While prices
are maintained, the movement of stuff is slow,
as compared with a, few weeks ago. We expect
a quiet trade at this season, but weather has
made it quieter than usual."
Bttttes Creamery, Elgin. S032c; Ohio
do, 2829c;' fresh dairy packed, 2527c; coun
try rolls. 2425c
Beaks Navy hand-picked beans, S225&230;
medium, S2 102 20.
beeswax 2SQ30C fl & for choice; low grade,
Uideb 8afld refined, J6 G07 60; common,
S3 504 00; crab cider. S3 008 CO V barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c gallon.
Chestnuts J5 O0Q5 SO 91 bushel; walnuts,
6070c ft bushel.
Cheese Ohio, llllc: New York, llKcj
Llmbnrger, 9V011c; domestic Sweitzer, 11
13Kc; imported Sweitzer, 23Kc
Eocs 2627o 1 dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Auples. fancy, J2 5083 00 guarrel;
California pears, $3 S04 00 a box; cranberries,
Jll 0012 00 W barrel; Malaga grapes, large bar
rel, J8 00.
Game Squirrels, 7ocSl f dozen: quail, Jl
Tf! dozen; prairie chickens. Jl S05 00 V
dozen; pheasants. Si S05 00 ) dozen: rabbits,
25c a pair; venison saddle, 1012o fl pound;
venison carcass, 79c fl pound.
' Featueks Extra live geese, 50G0c; No. 1,
do, 4045c; mixed lots. 3035c V B.
Poultry Live chickens, 6o65c a pair;
dressed, 89c a pound; ducks, 6o75c ft pair;
geese, Jl 2ol 30 fl pair: live turkeys, 10011c ft
ft: dressed turkeys, 1315c ft 16.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62fts to bushel, J4 20
4 4 (ft bushel: clover.large English,62&s. J4 35
i 60; clover, Aisike, J8 00; clover, white, SO; timo
thy, choice. 45 lis, Jl 50; Dlue grass, extra clean.
14 fts, Jl 251 30; Dlue grass, fancy, 14 , Jl 30;
orchard grass, 14 Bs, Jl 40; red top. 14 fts. II 25;
millet 60 fts, $1 00; millet 6070c ft bnsbel;
Hungarian grass. 50 fts, 60c; lawn grass,
mixtuVe of fine grasses, S3 00 ft bushel of 11
Tallow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4
Tropical Fruits Lemons, common. J2 50
2 25: fancy, $4 00J5 00: Florida oranges. J200
2 50; Jamaica oranges. J3 004 00 fr barrel;
bananas. Jl 50 firsts, Jl 0G good secoqds.
fl bunch; cocoanuts, J4 0004 50 ft hundred;
gs," 8K9cJl ft; dates, S6Kc ft ft; new layer
figs, L315c; new dates. 7c ft ft.
Vegetables Potatoes, from store. 5560c:
on track. 4550c; cabbages, J7 008 00 a bun
dred;celery, 40oft dozen; Jerseys, $4 004 2o;
turnips, Jl 001 oO a barrel; onions, Jl 75 a bar
rel. Buckwheat Floub Z)2$i: fl pound.
Sugars have had a talk as our quotations will
disclose. There is no let-up to the firmness of
package coffee, and by all ordinary rules of
trade there should be a rise. Options are stead
ily advancing.
Green Cojtee Fancy Bio, 2324c; choice
Bio, 2122c; prime Bio, 2QWc; low grade Bio,
lS6Hc; old Government Java. 2728c; Mar.
acaibo. 2324c; Mocha, 2S29c; Santos,
2024c: Caracas, 2224c; neaberry, Blo,23
21c; La Guayra, 23K24c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades, 2529c; old government Java,
bulk. 31K33c; Maracalbo, 2723c; Santos,
2428ic; peaberry, 28Xc; choice Bio. 25c;
piime Bio. 23Kc; good Bio, 22Kl ordinary, 21c
Spices (whole) Cloves; 19204; allspice, 10c;
cassia, 8c; pepper, 17c; nutmeg, TtigSOc
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test7Kc;
Ohio; 120, 8c: headlight 150, Xc; water
white, 16Hc: globe Il14Xc: elatne, 14)c;car
nadlne, llc; royaline, 14c; globe red oil, 11
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained. 4647o
ft gallon; summer. 4043c Lard oil, 70c
Syrups Corn syrup, 2830c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c; prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, S3iJ5c: new maple syrup. 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, new crop, 4850c;
choice, 47c: medium, 3843c; mixed, 40Ua
Soda Bifcarb iu kegs, 33c; bi-carb in s,
&c; bi-carb atsorted packages. 66c; sal-
Candles star, full weight, 9c; stearine, ft
set 8Xcj parafnne, 114212c
'Bice Head, Carolina, 67c; choice, 62
6c: prime, 56c: Louisiana, &6Kc
starch Pearl, 2Jic; cornstarch, 56c; gloss
FOREIQN-FRUTTS Laver raisins, J2 65; Lon
don layers; 32 90; California London layers,
82 75; Muscatels. J2 40; California Mnscatels,
J2 25; Valencia,7c; Ondara Valencia, SJigSJc;
sultana,9Kc: currants,5K6c: Turkey prunes.
45c: French prnnes. 649fc; Balonlca
prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8Kc; cocoanuts, ft 100,
$3 00; almonds, Xun., ft ft, 20c; do. Ivica, 19c;
do, shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.. 1415c; Sicily
flloerts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12(j;13c; new dates,
6Q0Xc; Brizil nuts, 10c: pecans, ll15c; cit
ron, ft ft, 1920c; lemon peel, 18c f) ft: orange
peek 17c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft 6c, ap
ples, evaporated, 9c: apricots, California, evap
orated. 1416c; peaches, evaporated, pared,
2628c: peaches, California, evaporated, nn
pared, 1921c; cherries, pitted,13K14Kc; cher
ries nnpitted,56c; raspberries, evaporated,
25k26Kc: blackberries, 7K8c: huckleberries,
10(2 12c
SUGARS Cubes, 7c; powdered, 7c; granu
lated, 74c; confectioners' A, 6c; standard A,
634c; soft white, 6K6Kc; yellow, choice 6
6y,e: yellow, good. 6c:. yellow, fair, 6&
&p; yellow, dark. &c
Pickles Medium, bbls (1,200), 35 50; medi
um, half bbls (000), 33 25.
Salt No 1. ft bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, ft bbl, 3106;
dairy, ft bbl, 31 20; coarse crystal, ft bbl, 31 20:
Higgins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 32 60; Hlgglns'
Eureka. 16-14 ft sockets. 33 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, J2 00
2 25; 2ds, 31 51 80; extra peaches, 32 402 60;
pie peaches. Doc; finest corn. 31 001 50; Hid Co.
corn, 7590c; red cherries, 90c31; Lima beans,
tx 2u; soaiceu on, 00c: string qo, ou$oac: mar
rowfat peas, 31 101 15; soaked peas, 708Gc:
pineapples. Jl 101 60; Bahama do, 32 75;
damson plums, 95c; greengages, Jl 25:
egg plums, J2 00; California pears. 32 60: do
greengages. Jl 85: do egg plums, Jl 85; extra
white cherries, J2 40; raspberries, 95cSl 10;
strawberries, 31 10; gooseberries, Jl 3091 40:
tomatoes, 8590c; salmon, 1-ft, Jl 651 90;
blackberries, 65c; succotash, 2-fi cans, soaked,
90c; do green. 2-ft, 81 251 60; corn beer, 2-ft
cans, $2 05; 14-ft cans, J14; baked beans, Jl 45
21 5o: lobster, 1-ft, 31 751 80; mackerel, 1ft
cans, broiled, Jl 60; sardines, domestic, Vs,
J4 z&4 50; sardines, domestic Xs.Jo757 00;
sardines, imported, Js, $11 5012 60, sardines,
imported, s, 318; sardines, mustard, 33 30;
sardines, spiced. $3 60.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 836 ft
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, 340; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, 332; extra No. 1 do, mess,
336: No. 2shore mackerel, 524. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c ft ft; do medium. George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c: boneless hake, in strips, 6c: do
George's cod in blocks. 6Ji7Kc Herring,
Round shore, 34 50 ft bbl; split 36 50; lake,
32 75 ft 100-ft half bbl. Wbite fish, JO 00 ft 100
ft halt bbl. Lake trout 35 50 ft half bbl. Fin
nan haddock, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c ft
ft. Pickerel, Kbol.32 00: K bbl.JHO; Poto
mac herring, 35 00 ft bbl, 82 S ft i bbl.
OATXEAL-S6 00a 25 ft bbt x '
Grain, Floor and Feed.
Sales on call at the Gnain Exchange. 1 car
sample ear corn. 37c spot; 1 car 2 y- e. com, 37c,
5 days; 1 car 2 white oats. 29c spot Receipts
as bulletined at tbe Grain Exchange. 30 cars.
By Pittsburg, Ft Wayne and Chicago, 3'cars
of hay, 1 of middlings, 3 of flour. By Pitts
burg. Cincinnati and St Louis, 2 cars of hay. 5
of corn. 1 of bran, 1 of wbeat, 1 of oats. By
Pittsburg and Western, 2 cars of bay, lot oats.
Tbe cereal situation is unchanged. Receipts
are light and markets are firm. New corn is
weak. Oats and choice hay are steady. Flour
is quiet and likely to be until after tbe turn of
tbe year. Jobbers are well stocked up and no
advance can come till this Is worked off.
Prices below are for carload lots on track.
Wheat New No. 2 redV 84985c: No. 3, 80S
CORN No. 2 yellow, ear, 42g43c; new? 3G037c;
high mixed, ear, 0Q41c; No. 2 yellow, shelled,
4242Kc: new, 3530c; high mixed, shelled,
4141He; mlxecL snelled, 4141Kc
' uATS No. 2 white, imile; extra. No. S,
29g 30c: mixed. 27K28Kc
Btz-No. 1 Pennsylvania and -Oafo, S854c;
Ha 1 Western, 5152c '
Bablet Western, 45g6&e; Canad4 barley.
707oc ,
FLOHEJobblce prices Fancy winter and
spring patents. Jfi 0095 SO; winter straight
M 2504 90; clear winter. 34 0094-26; straight
ixfXbrs', KSOWli. Mja r,nm
Hi, ,
MHXwd-MI(14Hbb, 8m white. S5 099
10 ft ton: btowb middlings, J12 0024 0U:
winter wheat bran. HI 2511 60r chop feed,
HAT-8tvled timothy, No. L Jll 25U 50;
Na 2 do, 38 J0S10 90; loose from wagon. Jll 00
012 681 according to quality; No. 2 prairie bay,
ft G8e 06; packing do. SI 2oT 60.
Stkaw OatsTjB 757 00; wheat and rye
straw. 38 00S 25.
Saear-cnred hams, large, 94c; sugar-cured
bams, medium, 10c: sugar-cured bams, small,
llc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 8)ic;sdgar
casfd shoulders, 5c: 'sugar-cured boneless
shoalders.7c: sugar-cured California hams, 6c:
ingar-cured dned beef Vats, 9c; sugar-cured
dried beef setslQp; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12c: bacon shoulders. 5c: bacon
clear sides, 7Kc; bacon clear bellies, 7Kc: dry
salt shoulders, 6cr dry salt clear sides, 7c
Mess pork, heavy. Jll SO; mess pork, family.
312 00. Lard refined. In tierces. 6c: half
barrels. 6Hc; 60-ft tubs. 6Ve; 20-ft pails, 6Hcj 50
ft tin cans, 6c; 3-ft tin palls, 6:: 6-ft tin palls,
fc; 10-ft tin pails. 6c; C-ft tin palls.
ic Smoked sausage, long, 6c: large, 5c
resb pork links, 9c Boneless hams.l0c
Pip feet half barrel, J4 00; quarter barrel.
' Dressed Meats.
The following prices are famished by Armour
S:Co. on dressedmeaf: Beef carcasses.450to550
fts. 6c; 550 to 650 fts. 6c; 650 to 750 fts, 6&Jic
Sheep, 8c ft ft. Lambs; 9c ft ft. Hogs, 5Xc
Fresh pork loins. 7c
The Grand Jnry Presents a Batch of Vic
tims for Trial,
Tbe grand jury yesterday returned the fol
lowing true bills: Fred Brubach, W. H.
Schwartz, John Thompson, larceny: Hattie
Clark, alias Miller, Blanche Holmes, alias An
nie Swlnfp, larceny from the person; W. C
Stackhouse, false pretenses: James Burns, as
sault with intefit to rob: Vic Smith, Andrew
Biege, assault and batterv: James Burns, felo
nious assault: Peter Masser. felonious assault
and battery: Patrick Flannery, aggravated as
sault ana oattery; z- aresser. attempted es
cape; E. Strough, John H. James, ma
licious mischief; Richard Foley, A.
D. McDonald, misdemeanor; David Acor,
perjury; John Bavne, Charles Beck
Bridget Coyne, Fred Doepke. Patrick Laffy,
Henry Meyer, M. O'Neil, William Saeger,
Thomas and MaryTownsend, selling liquor
without license: John Bayne, Charles Beck.sell
lng liquor on Sunday; John Bayne, lurnishing
liquor to minors.
The Ignored bills were Fred Weyl, Edward
Magann, assault and battery; H. Grayson, lar
ceny by bailee; Angelo Barfey, larceny from
the person; Frame Collins, J. C. Farmerie,
Charles Schlatter, Joseph Schneider, selling
liquor without license; Joseph Schneider, Paul
Bauer, furnishing liquor to minors; Charles
Schlatter, selling liquor on Sunday.
To -Day's Trial" Lists.
Common Pleas No. 1 Thompson vs Schmitt
Brewing Company; Bynd vs Schmitt Brewing
Company: Gordon & Co. vs Goeddell et al;
Levis et al vs Birmingham Insurance Company,
Boatman's Insurance Companv, Germania In
surance Company, German Insurance Com
pany (4 cases); Bescott vs Carson; Dietz vs
Sweeney et ux.
Common Pleas No. 2 Argument list
Criminal Court Commonwealth vs Lorenzi
Lausaqua (2). J. C. Blackstock (2), August
Weber. Christian Smith, Gustar Eogel, Louis
Keunn, J. H. Johnston, J. M. Price, Giovanni
Caputo (2), John J. Kennedy (2), Pat Diskin,
Ellen Jones, Annie Wallace et al, Sermia Car
monia, George McColgan.
To-Daj's Andlt Lists.
EiUte of Accountant.
S. J. Amnion .Wm. Hamilton.
Patrick Quirk Fidelity Title and Trait
Daniel Hleber Ludwig Zoerb.
O. H. A. Sleeker A. H. Moeser.
Elizabeth Koss John A. Hsraer.
Wi. llonabue A. Donahue.
W. J. Jinrtt David Calhoun.
Margaret Uavey tridellty Title and Trust
Mary D. Thompson B. Henderson.
MaryBeagan Ed Kennedy.
Joseph Knss John A. Hafner.
Ann Tralnor A. P. Bnrgwln.
tiuiDein ivessier r.awara Aeser.
Henry Schultz D. Harrison.
Wants 810.000 Damnirs.
Attorneys Wbltesell & Sons yesterday filed a
salt In behalf of Basimus Mortenson against
tbe Second Avenue Electric Railway Company,
the Second Avenue Railway Company and
James A-Townsend, contractor, for 310.000
damages. Mortenson was thrown from his
buggy by colliding with, a lot of rails, and he
claims negligence.
Court Notes,
J. B. McCreehy. Esq.. yesterday was ap
pointed commissioner In tbe divorce cas of Mrs.
Lizzie Hahn against John M. Halm.
Messrs. Shottp Anshtjtz yesterday re
ceived a verdict for JL831 62 In theirsnit against
Emil Winter to recover for building an ice
Lx the suit of W. C. Stewart against Samuel
Hamilton to recover a commission for selling
property, a verdict was rendered yesterday for
the defendant
John and Maria Duran were convicted of
keeping a disorderly Bouse He was sentenced
ten months to tbe workhouse and she six
Michael Koehk pleaded guilty to three
charges of illegal liquor selling at McKee's
Bocks. He was fined 3000 and sent seven
months to the workhouse.
Lorenzi Latsaqtte ison trial on the charge
of felonious assault and battery and carrying
concealed weapons. His wife is the prose
cutrix, ana Claims mat ne tnea 10 suoot ner-
Wesley Chapuax pleaded guilty to selling
liquor without license and on Sunday: He
was fined 3500 and sent three months to the
workhouse A. Wisbart was the prosecutor.
The County Treasurer yesterday received
from tbe Auditor General tbe State warrants
for the different Aldermen and Justices of the
Peace for .their commissions for collecting the
delinquent mercantile tax,
A bill inequity was filed yesterday by Al
bert C Smith and wife and Richard Beatty and
wife against tbe heirs of George W. Park.
The suit is for a decree to authorize the chang
ing of numbers of lots in Wilklnsbarg. on the
deeds, the lots having been purchased from
Park and tbe wrong numbers given in the
Ahong tbe returns made to theCounty Com
missioners yesterday of personal property tax
able for State purposes was one made ont by a
Justice of tbe peace of Forward township. Un
der the heading of personal, property held as
trustee, guardian. etc.Jthe worthy justice in
serted "one male dog." This form ot return is
rather new.
Consumptives, your lives can be made
easier with Dr. Bull's Cough Syrnp. 25 cts.
Special attractions now open in useful
goods special y suited for the
Holiday Trade.
Dealers are invited to inspect the stock,
which is complete, and at prices which can
not fail to impress the buyer. -
This is now conceded to be the best In the
market as witnessed, by tbe fact tbat we
at the Pure Food Exposition, held In Philadel.
And with the bright appetizing flavor of fresh
ly roasted beef.
The GOLD MEDAL bas been awarded to
ARMOUR & CO., Chicago,
For their exhibit of
Buffering from the effect of youthful errors, early
decay. waMtaff weakness: lost manhood, ttc,l will
send a valuable treatise (sealed) containing full
Damcmais for nome cure. face, ox cnazxe. a
The old worn out Fotosh, Mercury and fiaww
taparitta mixtures all left far behind.
I have seen Swift's Specific used, and know
of many cases of the worst form of blood dis
eases which have been cured by it I know the)
proprietors to be gentlemen of tbo highest typo .
and utmost reliability. I recommend It as a.
great blood remedy, unequaled by anything I
know of. M. B. WHABTON,
Pastor First Baptist Church. Montgomery, Ala.
Treatise on mooa ana oun Diseases mauea f
bee. Swot: Spicmo Compasy. Drawer 3, '''f
Atlanta. Ga. aul2-55-Xwy
i n . TTJ- " r
" II I Ml 14
Transact aGeneral Wfisg Mness.
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letter '
of Credit tor use of travelers, and Commer.
dal Credits,
Available In all paits of the world. Alsolsiua
For use in this country, Canada, Mexico, West
Indies, Sonth and Central America.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
Morgan & Co., New York; Passports procured.
Incorporated January 24, 1867. Charter per
petual. Capital 3500.000. Burglar-proof vaults
for securities and valuables. Acts as Execu
tor, Administrator, Guardian, Trustee and all
other fiduciary capacities.
A. Garrison, Edward Gregg,
Wm. Bea. Thos. Wlgbtman,
A. E.W. Painter, Chas. J. Clarke,
A. P. Morrison. Felix It Brunot
John H. Bickctson.
A. Garrison, President; Edward Gregg, First
Vice President: Wm. Bea, Second Vice PresK
dent: Wm. T. Howe. Sec'y and Treas.; Bobt C
Moore,Asst Sec'y and Treas.; Henry A. Miller,
Counsel, No. 153 Fourth avenne de4-irwT
s r
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum.
Private wire to New York and Chicago.
45 SIXTH ST, Pittsburg.
As old residents know and back files of Pitts
burg papers prove is tbe oldest established
and most prominent physician In tbe city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MCDni IO and mental diseases. physical
I M t si V U U Odecay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope. Impaired memory,
disordered sight self distrust basbfnlness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions. Im
poverished blood, tailing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tbe person for business, socioty and mar
riage, permanently, safely and primely cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones, pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, month, throat
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicatedfrom the system,
1 1 p I M A D V kidney and bladder derange-'
U ill lini! 1 1 ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discbarges. Inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whlttier's life-long, extensive expert,
ence. Insures scientific and reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as it
here. Office boars 9a.il to 8 p. jr. Sunday.
10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only. DR. WHITTLES, 814)
Penn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
How Losi!
How Regained,
rns-i s.1
SCJXJilAI J JaJ ,027
A Scientific and Standard Popular Medical Treatise oa
ineitrrorsoi ioum,xrrematureiecune,i4ervous
and Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood,
Resulting from Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Ex
cesses or Overtaxation, Enervating and unfit
ting tbe victim for Work, Business, the Mar-
riage or Social Relations.
Avoid unskillful pretenders. Possess this
great work- It contains 300 pages, royal 8vo. ,
eautitul binding, embossed, fall gilt Price.,
only Jl by maO. postpaid, concealed in plain
wrapper. Illustrative Prospectus Free, If yott
apply now. The distinguished antbor. Wm. H,
Parker. M. D.. received the GOLD AND JEW.,
ELED MEDAL from the National Medical As.'
sociation, for this PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS,
and PHYStCAt DEBILITY. Dr. Parker and a, -corps
of Assistant Physicians may bo era- "
suited, confidentially, by mall or In person, at
STITUTE, No, 4 Bulflnch St, Boston, Mass., to
whom all orders for books or letters for advice .
should be directed as above.: aul8-G7-Tu rsawlr.
Full particulars In pamphlet-
sent free. The genuine Urays,
tipedncsold bv drnxzlsts onlvla
yellow wrapper. Price, fl pec. C4J
paekaze. or six fore or or mall "j
on recplnt at nriett. bv ftddresA-i
ng THE OKAY MEDICINE CO, Buffalo, M. r
soia lnrntsoarg oys. 8. uvul,A-XU, corner
EmlthOeld-and Liberty tu. apl2-53
SPECIALISTS lrall cases re. '
quiring scientific and confides- -a
nai treatment: ur. a. Jv. ua,T
Al. k. v. tr. a. is tne oldest ana
most experienced specialist la
the city. Consultation free and
sf.-lctlv confidential. umca
nrrars S to and 7 to 8P. It: Sandays. 2tolr.
u.Consult them personally, or write. Docraaa)
ijlxe, tua irenn are., jruisourg, x-a,
:a Oottojx E00
unAfiul f
wumi'unw a;
iccaed of Cotton Boot TaasT as
Pennvroral a recent discovery br .
old nhvslcian. Is succesafuBt'utsif I
monuuu safe. Sectual. imco zi. dt -
sealed. Ladles, ask your drmrglst for Cook'aj;
Cocoa Boot Compound and take no substltat.y
or inelose 2 stamp for sealed particulars. AoVa
dress POND IOLY COMPANY, No. 3 Fskr
juocc, hi wcodwara ave uetroit aucsv
Jotd in Pittsbnrg, Pa by Joseph Fleitl
m g pob, uimm oaa ana suumt wm.
if 3. 7