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12, 1889.-'
KDamp Their Low-Grade Cattle Upon
Local Markets, Simply
Low Prices a Terr Natural Consequence of
Sack Tactics.
Office ofPittsbtjko Dispatch.
"H'ednesdat. December 1L ISS8. J
The run of cattle at E.ist Liberty Taried
very little from that of last week. Keceipts
on Monday were 125 carloads, and the total
for the week has been abont 130 loads.
There are no signs of improvement in
quality of receipts. There were no strictly
prime cattle in this week's offerings, and as
for light, tidy butcher stock, such as onr
markets demand, there were not enough to go
round. A leading: stockman said that he could
bare sold much more of the latter grade than
be ii as able to furnish.
The bulk of receipts this week was low grade,
half fatted stock, for which markets haTe been
very slow for some time past.
To Save Winter's Feeding.
It seems that stock raisers are Inclined to
dump their low grade stock on to markets and
save winter's feeding. This disposition is wide
spread enough to bring an excess of low grade,
thin stock to our markets. There Is no longer
any5 demand for stocLers worth mentioning,
and low grade stackers can hardly be given
away. The season is too far advanced for any
demand in this line. There were no buyers of
export cattle on hand at Liberty this week. For
want of buyers about a dozen loads were
shipped East in first hands.
Hisb-Price Bnmon Wrong-.
The highest nrice reached, so far as could be
traced, was S 1 30. There were rumorstof sales
at H 35 and St 40. but no stockman could be
found who sold at a higher rate than SI 3a All
lower grades which comprised the bulk of this
week's receipts were loner than last week, and
were very slow at the decline.
The better grades of cattle offered this week
were mostly from Ohio. The common and
mixed stuff came from the far West, and for
the latter class markets were as poor as they
have been anv time this season. At noon to
day stock was about cleaned up. but low grades
were no doubt shoved off at liberal concessions
on the part of sellers.
Sheep and Lambs.
Receipts were much larger than last week,
but for choice stock markets were firm at the
old rates. Common grades which were in the
majority were very slow, and prices were a
shade lower than last week. Anything choice
held up well to last week's prices, and for a few
bunches of the best better prices were obtained
than could be obtained a week ago. Choice
lambs were not In supply equal to the demand.
Large bnpply of Hogs.
bupply was large, footing up 60 loads on Mon
day, with numerous additions since. Markets
w ere slow at lower prices than last week. -Soft
weather has a depressing influence on the de
mand for bogs and hog products.
Prices at East Liberty arc little above those
at Chicago for some da js past. The outside for
Philadelphia this morning at Liberty was
S3 TO. One of our leading packers reports that
bis advices Irom Chicago to-day were that tips
could be bonght there considerably under $3 00
DlcCnll ot Co.'n Weekly Hevfevr.
The supply of cattle has been liberal and the
quality the worst ever offered on this market.
"Very few good cattle on sale, which sold readi
ly at last week's prices, while the common to
medium grades were very dull at lower prices.
We give the following as ruling prices: Prime,
1.300 to 1,600 pounds, H :!54 SO: good, 1,200 to
L400 pounds, S3 7o4 10: good Dutcher grades,
1.000 to 1,200 pounds. S3 103 50; rough fat. 1,100
to 1,300 pounds. S3 00S 25; good feeders, 1.100
to 1,300 pounds, 3 403 63; good feeders,
900 to 1,100 pounds, 12 653 10: common
stackers and feeders. 12 002 40; bulls and
fat cons. $1 S02SOi fresh cows and spring
erf. 5 00650 VO per head.
TUe receipts of bogs on Mondav were heaVy
and the market ruled dull and slow. Yester
day and to-day the snpply was nnlT fair, and
prices were bout the same. We quote: Fair
to best selected, $3 653 75; best "S orkers, S3 60
3 65; common light Yorkers. S3 5; roughs,
U 5063 25.
The receipts of sheep Monday and Tuesday
were fair and the market active at an advance
of 1015c per 100 pounds over last week's quo
tations. To-day the receipt are light, out
the market is slow at the following quotations:
Prime Ohio and Indiana wethers, weighing
here 110 to 120 pounds, E5 005 35; good, 90 to
100 pounds, H 604 90; fair to good mixed, 75
to 80 pnunos S3 704 25: good yearlings, 75
to 0 pounds, $4 50o 25, fair to good, 50 to 60
pounds, S3 604 15: good lambs, $5 258 25;
veal calves, 110 to 120 pounds, So 256 25: heavy
calves."2 003 25.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves Keceipts. 74 carloads
for the market, 60 carloads for city slaughterers
direct, and 31 carloads for exportation to En
gland alive; common to prime steers sold at
S3 254 65 per 1U0 pounds, with six fancy do at
S3 00, and bnlls and drv cows at from SI 25
2 60. Exports to-day. 680 beeves and 6,100 quar
ters of beef. Calves Receipts. 700; dull and
lower at S4 757 50 per 100 pounds lor veals
and SI 75i53 Wslorgrassers and Western calves,
feheep Receipts. d.700. and 2,000 were earned
over yesterday; dull and lower; sheep sold at
S3 755 00 per 100 pounds; lambs at $5 007 25.
Hogs Receipts, 7,300; not much trading in live
boss; a carload of good Ohio hogs, 175 pounds
average, sold at S3 90 per 100 pounds, and the
nominal range is put at S3 703 95.
Chicago Cattle Receipts. 14.000 bead:
shipments, 3,000 bead; market slow: best firm;
common dull; choice to extra beeves, S5 253
6 10; steers. S2 754 80: stocters and feeders,
S23; Texas cattle. 11 503 00. Hoes Re
ceipts, 25,000 bead; shipments. 4,000 head;
market slow and 6c lower: mixed, S3 453 70;
heavy, S3 403 77K; light, S3 4003 70. Sheep
Receipts. 6.O00 head: shipments. 1,000 bead;
'market firm for best, others weak: natives,
S3 006 35; Western cornf ed, 4 005 16; Tex
ans.S3 004ia
ST. Louis Cattle Receipts. 2,700 head; ship
ments. 1,600 bead;market steady; good to fancy
native steers, 54 2o5 10: fair to good do,J3 30
4 35; stockcrs and feeders. SI 903 20. range
steers. S2 003 10. Hogs Receipts. 900 head;
shipments. 1,300 bead; market firm; fair to
choice heavy, S3 5033 60; packing grades, S3 45
S 65: light. Tair to best, S3 403 55. Bheep
Receipts, 11,600 bead; shipments, none; market
firm; fair to choice. S3 404 90; lambs, S4 40
.6 5a
Kahsas Cttt Cattle Receipts. 4,400 head:
shipments. 2.WXI head; natives. S3 004 40. cons.
SI 404M 35; Blockers and feeders. S2 203 00;
Texans, SI 602 75. Hogs Receipts, 11,000
bead; shipments, none; 5c higher: good to
choice light and heavy mixed, S3 503 60,
Sheep Receipts. S16 head: shinments.100 bead:
market steady: good to choice muttons, S3 SO
5 00: stackers and feeders, S3 254 60.
BrrrAW) Cattle steady and unchanged;
receipts. 60 carloads through, 4 sale. Sheep and
latribs fairly active and unchanged; receipt!,
4 carloads through. 13 sale. Hogs slow; re
ceipts, 6 loads through, 100 sale; medium and
heavy. S3 70; mixed, S3 65; Yorkers, S3 60.
JfETrTToRK, December U. The most promt-
nent feature of the drygoods market continues
to' bo Its strong position with upward tendency
on cotton goods. There were no upward
changes to-day. but some are imminent. Wide
sheetings display a movement in that direction.
4 . lis Nnm Chanced to That of the Christian
, Crnsadrrs.
Bochestek, N. Y., December 1L Gen
. erslMoore, of the Salvation Army, arrived
here'last night. To-day there were parades,
prayer and jubilee meetings, a business
session, and a "hallelujah marriage" under
his supervision. The result of the business
meeting was to change the name of the or
ganization. It will berealter be called "The
Christian Crusaders."
,The,-"hallelujah wedding" ceremony was
performed by General Moore. The con-
t?. ctiig parties were Captain Allnult. in
charge ot the station here, and Captain
Georgie Fitxgerald, a blonde young woman
of Auburn, If. T. Each was arrayed in full
uniform, with a half dozen big tin badges
.and a brilliant red sash.
Children Cry for It.
r If a child win talre a medicine with Dleamre.
fitjou may know that it is not in tiny way nffens-
ursuiDeotte, unuaren uks xLaroDurgxigs,
and It is no longer necessary to disgust them
6"u castor 011. -ja cents, .Aose, oneric. -tiacx
Paralysis In the Wheat Pit, bat Prices
Thought to be Scraping Bottom
Pork Weak nnd Entirely
Chicago Wheat Tee market was dull and
fluctuations were confined within an unusually
small range. A prominent local trader sold
moderate quantities. The Northwest was
credited with doing some buying, and a moder
ate quantity was bonght for May delivery on
foreign account. Orders were for more at the
inside prices reached to-day. There was noth
ing specially encouraging in the outside news,
excepting that the receipts in the Northwest
are steadily falling off and cables a little
Local operators were divided in their views on
the market, Dut there was a feeling that possibly
prices bad touched bottom for the present. The
receipts at primary markets continue to de
crease, and this is giving some encouragement
to the bull Interest.
Corn was exceedingly dull, very little interest
jing manifested and fluctuations limited to a
. actional range. The market opened at about
the closing prices of yesterday., December sold
off Jc, ruled steady and closed Xc lower than
Oats quiet, steady, and without new features
to cause especial comment.
Mess pork Trading n as light and the feeling
rather weak. Prices declined 57c on the
whole range, ana closed very quiet.
Lard Only a fair trade was reported. The
feeling was easy during a greater portion of
tne aay, tnougn mere was no marKea coange i
note in prices, deferred deliveries showing a
slisht reduction.
Short rib sides Trading was only fairly act
ire and the feeling was easier. Prices averaged
about 2f c lower.
The leading futures ranzea as follows-
Wheat No. 2. December 7SK78KK
7S5c; Januarv. 7979H"SK6"c; May, 83i9
Corn No. 2. December, 32K323$32
32c: January, Sl31&3li31lc: May,
Oats No. 2. December. 20Ji20c; January,
212ie2020c; May. 222c.
MESS Pork, per bbl January. $8 409 40
9 32K9 35; March. $9509539 S0t 52X:
May. Stf 759 759 709 72J.
Lard, per 100 Sis. January. $5 925 S2U
5 90,35 SO; March. 15 975 9 May, K 12
6 12X66 07X26 10.
short kles, per liw ms. -January, w uwei
4 77)4611 754 7o: March, S4 S54
4 so, juav. 54 maw '5.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour steady
and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat, 7S78c;
imo. .
No. 2 rve.45c No. 2 barlev.
seed, SI 35. Prime timothy seed.Sl 1S1 20 Mess
pork, per bbl. S9 009 4a Lard, per 100 lbs,
S5 9a Short nbs sides (loose), S4 755 00. Dry
salted shoulders (boxed), S4 12f4 25. Short
clear sides (boxed). S5 10& 15, Sucars Cut loaf,
unchanged. Receipts Flour, 11,000 barrels:
wheat, S4.000 bushels: corn. 240.000 bushels;
oats, 165,000 bushels; rye, 15.000 bushels: barley,
72.000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 19,000 barrels;
wheat, 41,000 bushels: corn, 245.000 bushels;
oats. 127,000 bushels; rye, 10,000 bushels; barley,
45.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was weaker, but not quotably lower.
Eggs, 21622c.
New York Flour fairly active and weak. I
Vyornmeai sieauy. wneat opot quiet ana
stronger; options dull, Xc up and steady.
Rye strong; western, 6u62c. Barley easy.
Barley malt dull. Corn Spot quiet and weak
er; options quiet and easier. Oats Spot firm
abd quiet; options firmer and quiet. Hay quiet
and steady Hops firm and in fair demand.
Coffee Options opened steady, unchanged to
10 points down and closed firm at 1020 points
up: sales, 72,250 bags, including December,
15.85O16.10e: January. 1585ai8.10c: February.
15.95lb.10c, March. 16.0016.25c: April. 16.05
16.25c: Mav. lS.0516.30c: June, 16.10ML25c;
July, 16.D516.25c; September, 15.95i6.15c; Oc
tober, 15.90l&00c; spot Rio firm and active;
fair cargoes, 19Jc: No. 7, 17Kc; sales, 12,000
bags Brazils at 17Je for No. 7. Sugar Raw
easy and quiet; fair refining, 5&c; centrifugals,
96 test. 6c; sales 2,000 bags centrifugals, to ar
rive, 96 test, 6c; 950 bags molasses sugar, to ar
rive, ST9 test, iJic refined firm and quiet
Molasses Foreign nominal; New Orleans fairly
active. Rice in fair demand and steady.
Cottonseed oil steadier; crude, 28c: yellow, 34c.
Tallow quiet; city (S2 for packages). 4c
Rosin scarce and firm. Turpentine quiet and
steady at 45K46c Eggs quiet and weak;
Western, 2526c: Canadian. 21023c: held, 21
22c: limed. 17QlSe; icehouse, 1720c; receipts,
3,155 packages. Pork less active and firm;
sales, S0O barrels; mess, inspected, S1111 75;
do, uninspected. S10 6010 75; extra prime,
S9 7510 00. Cut meats In good demand;
middles firm. Lard quiet and easier: sales of
Western steam at SO 30: December, S6 21, clos
ng at S6 20; January, $8 268 27. closlne at S6 2S;
Febiuary. SO 32 bid; March, $8 37 bid; Mav,
SO 486 49. closing at S6 49 Did. Butter quiet
and weak for all butifancy; Elgin, 2929Kc;
Western dairy. 919c; do creamery, lijiac
do held, 1019c: do factory, 720c. Cueese
quiet; Western. 710c.
Minneapolis There was a better demand
for samples, and prices ranged something
above yesterday's. Millers were buying for
local consumption, and Northern was picked
by local carriers and put into store against
future sales. In addition there was a little
buying by outside millers for their current use.
With the smaller receipts and larger demand,
receivers found it easier to move their milling
wheat. Buyers of low grades were looking
overstocks and picking up some at the low
range recently submitted to. Arrivals lor the
24 .hours were 209 cars, and 79 shipped. Closing
quotations- No. 1 hard. December. 77Kc;
January. 78c: Mar, S3c: on track, 78cr No.
1 Northern, December. 75e: January, 76c;
May.Slc;on track, 76X77c; No. 2 Northern,
December, 72c; January, 72c; May, 77Kc: on
track, 72Q73c.
Philadelphia Flour verv quiet. Wheat
firm and aniet: rejected. 60S)70e: fair to r-onri
milling, 80S5c; choice and fancy longberry, 87
92c; ungraded, in Twentieth street elevator.
Mc; dn. on track, 85c; No. 2 red, 80c: January,
8OiS05c: February. 815i82c, March. 83K
84c Com firm; car lots firm, with a fair de
mand: new ungraded mixedTin grain depot.
43c: old do. do, 44c; new No. 3 quoted at 40
4lc: new steamer, 4142e: newNo. 2 mixed, on
track, 42c; old .No. 2 mixed, in Twentieth
street elevator, 45c; old No. 2 hieh mixed and
yellow quoted at 44K45c; No. 2 mixed, De
cember. 39Jg39JiP: January, 395c; February.
39Jc; March. 39J540c Oats Car lots firm;
No. 3 white. 30c: No. 2 white. Sic; do. 33c;
f nturesm fair request and Mc higher: No. 2
white, S0K31c: January, 3u3&yc; February.
30c; March. 3031c Eggs weak and de
mand light: Pennsylvania firsts. 26c.
St. Louis Flour dull and uncbaneed. Wheat
market dull and nninteresting; there was a
firmer feelinc late and the close was Kc above
yesterda); No. 2 red. casli. 77Jc; December
closed at TSc asked: Maj,82c. Corn lower;
No, 2 mixed, cash, 27c; December closed at
27c bid; January, 27j2c bid: May. 29c bid.
Oats No trading: No. 2. cash. 20c; January 20c
bid,- May, 2222Kc. Rye-42Xc bid. Barley
quiet; Wisconsin. 52c: Iowa, 2SC. Provisions
dull and depressed; pork, S10 0010 25.
Milwaukee Flour steady: Wheat firm:No.
2 spring, on track, cash 7374c; May, 77Jc;
No. 1 Northern, 80c Corn auiet; No. 8, on
track, 29Kc- Oats quiet; No. 2 white, on track,
22)423c. Rye qniet; No. 1. in store, 46fca Bar
ley quiet; No. 2, in store, 46ic Provisions
quiet. Pork, $9 00. lard, S5 90. Cheese steady:
Cheddars, 99c-
Toledo Cloversecd active and easier; cash,
December and January, S3 60; February, S3 65:
March, S3 70. '
TnE annual meeting of the DiamondNatlonal
Bank will be held January 14.
The $150,000 of bonds of the reorganized
Ninth Street -Bridge Company will soon be
The firm of F. D. Morris A Co., brokers, has
been dissolved, F. D. Morris continuing the
Bad weather has compelled a cessation of
work on tbe California boulevard, and very
little more will be done on it until spring.
The sale of pig iron, muck bar, finished iron,
ore, scrap, etc, of Long & Co., will take place
at Chartiers, Thursday, December 12, at 10
A. M.
Air unusually large amount of money is being
invested in tocal bonds of different kinds.
They seem to be rapidly growing In favor for
The bears made very little out of their raid
on Electric yesterday. They might succeed
better with something else La Noria, for in
stance. If tbey can find it.
The fire loss of the United States and Can
ada for the month of November, 1889, as esti
mated by the Commercial Bulletin, amounts to
the large total of 130,081,000.
Among tbe mortgages just recorded was one
for 875,000 by the St. Clair Incline Plane Com
pany, and one for 550,000 by the Sqnlrrel Hill
Railway, both to the Fidelity Title and Trust
Since August 3, 1887, the Treasury has pur
chased $103,289,750 of 4 per cent bonds,
and 1127,177,250 of 4 per cents, a total of
230,467,000, at a total cost of 2269,449,706. These
bonds would have cost at maturity $394,002,535.
and a faring has thereby been effected of
The McKeefport School Board is preparing
to refund its bonded debt It has now out
S43.000 in bonds drawing 6 and 6 per cent inter
est. A new Issue of S93,000 U beteg prepared,
which will be 4 per cents. Those out will be
called in, and the surplus, m.6M, will produce
funds for the building of two new school
houses. i
Beechax's Pills cure aide
The Eeal Estate Interest Promises to
be LiTely flext Year.
A Businessman Keviews the Fire Depart
ment, Tells What is Seeded and
The condition of the real estate market is
as encouraging as at any previous time in
the history of the city, and the outlook for
next year is particularly rosy. December
usually affords an index to the winter busi
ness. If this holds good there will be
lively times between now and next March,
as dealings so far this month have been
exceptionally large. From now on until
spring, as a general thing, the inquiry is
largely for down-town business property.
After that, more attention is paid to the
suburbs. As to values, if owners do not
become extravagant in their demands, and
there is no particular reason for thinking
they will, they are likely to remain abont
as they are. This will insure ready sale for
nearly all the property that will be on the
market next year.
In regard to the East EndL Mr. F. O. Van
Gorder sends the following to The Dispatch:
Heretofore Hilandavenue has been recognized
as tbe dividing line between the business and
residence portions of Penn avenue on the west
side of East Liberty, but the scarcity of tusi
ness sites east of Hiland avenue has turned tbe
attention of business men and investors to that
portion of Penn avenue lying between Hiland
and Negley avenues, which, without doubt,
will be the center of the town In the near
future. A considerable amount of property in
this vicinity has already changed hands, nota
bly the Negley property, corner of Penn and
Negley avenues, to James C. Dick, and the
character of the buildings now being erected
clearly indicates the place which this thorough
fare will occupy as a business center.
To the Financial Editor of The Dispatch:
The mild criticism of the Pittsburg Fire De
partment by "A Prominent Underwriter," an
interview with whom appeared in The Dis
patch this morning was timely and for the
most part to the point. There is nothing of
more commanding importance than the suc
cessful treatment ot fires. It involves all our
earthly possessions. A weak and temporizing
policy by municipalities, corporations or indi
viduals, with such great interests at stake,
should not be permited. Fires, like war and
pestilence, demand heroic treatment. Mild
measures wonld be like applying a bread and
milk poultice to thebitaof aviporor rattle
snake. s
Pittsburg has a splendid fire department. It
Is brilliant. I have never seen one that made a
finer show on parade. And it does good work,
when on duty. It is admirably managed. I
doubt if there is afire department in the United
States that is conducted with more signal
ability. Its defects are not those of manage
ment. Its shortcomings cannot be laid on the
shoulders of the officers or men. They get out
of it all that it is capable of doing. They
work it to .its full capacity. The ap
paratus is too light. To set one or several
of our little engines against a great fire is like
trying to stop a hurricane with a handkerchief.
They are good enough in small fires, where
rapidity of action counts for everything; but
they are totally inadequate to the demands of
a conflagration. This was shown in the last
great fire in Allegheny City, when several hun
dred houses were destroyed, and in subse
quent fires, the last one being that at tbe Mo
nongahela House. Wo need something more
powerful something that will be as effective
with the tallest building as with tbe lowest.
There are such engines. They are on the mar
ket, for sale. They are as accessible to ns as
they are to others. Tbey costmore money than
the toys we so frequently see .rushing gayly
through our streets; but what is money to so
wealthy a city as Pittsburg T Safety should be
the only consideration a matter of such vital
importance. We had better pay for protection
than fire losses. It is cheaper.
But there is one thing which the "Prominent
Underwriter" overlooked to which I desire to
call attention. He seems very anxious for pro
tection against fires. I wonld remind him and
all others engaged in the insurance business
that they have a more important duty to per
form in this matter than formulating com
plaints of remissness againstTothers. No class
of citizens derive greater benefits from pro
tection than tbey. It is a question of money
with them, and tbey shonld embrace every op
portunity to co-operate with the authorities in
Improving the fire service. Heretofore, 11 1 am
not at fault, they bave chiefly distinguished
themselves in this direction by reap
ing the benefits of protection and
allowing others to pay the cost. Tbey
collect large premiums while tbe rest of the
community pay the taxes double taxes, in
fact, one to keep up the fire department and
one to sustain the insurance companies. This
Is hardly fair. There Is ground for reform
here. Insurance people are bound by every
consideration of equity to bear their share of
the burden which a fire department devolves
upon the community, and until they do so they
bave no right to complain. To look on while
the people do the work and foot the bills is un
just as well as ungenerous. They shonld will
ingly co-operate in everything to improve the
fire servic, and until they do this the full
measure of reform needed ana demanded can
not be secured. Business.
Pittsburg, December 1L
Man men miss great fortunes because their
minds are always full o big schemes. The
man with his head above the clouds is gener
ally a failure. A man must know how to utilize
the common things of life if be would prosper
in a material way. This is strikingly illustrated
in the lives of inventors. When an Inventor
goes in for a bis thine, like perpetual mo
tion, for instance, he goes to the poor house,
but when he puts a rubber tip on the end of a
lead pencil he makes a cool $100,000. The man
who knows how to handle the little opportuni
ties of life never fails to make his knowledge
pay. The inventor of metal plates for soles
and heels made about $6,000,000. If be bad
scorned such small matters, and turned his at
tention to steel armor for vessels, he wonld
bave -wasted his time and labor. Tbe roller
skate netted its inventor 1.000,000. The invent
ors of various littlo toys, puzzles and other
trifles enjoy incomes ranging as high as 75,000
a year.
Against all these successful men are arrayed
a host of bright but unsuccessful inventors
who spend their lives trying to accomplish
something great It is so in every line of
human endeavor. When a man wants tbe
earth be gets nothing. When be expects to rake
In a fortune in big scoops he dies in poverty.
Tbe successtul men of the world fix their at
tention on tbe commonest things the every
day matters and opportunities aronnd them.
But It Weathers (be Storm and Shaw Im
provement nt the Close,
The feature of the stock market yesterday
was a drive at Westlnghonse Electric, but it
weathered the gale in fine style. It opened at
4 broke on heavy selling to 46, rallied to
4 and closed steady at 47 bid and 4 asked,
with none on tbe market.
In explanation of the raid, a broker said:
"News of tbe big indebtedness of tbe company
something like $5,000,000, 1 think seems to
have just reached the street How it got there
I do sot know, for the company has made no
statement Perhaps somebody talked too much.
This, coupled with the general suspicion with
whioh all tbe Westinghouse properties are re
garded, naturally caused some realizing. 1 am
surprised that the break was not greater. The
prompt rally which followed shows that there
is no panic In tbe stock. Nor shonld there be,
for the company is crowded with business, and
its earnings are large enough to justify a S or 7
tier cent dividend right along. If Kir. West
inghouse 'would only make a statement of the
condition of his properties there wonld be no
trouble. It would strengthen confidence and
encourage holders of .his stocks. We believo
his properties are in good shape, bat would
like to know it officially."
Both pleasant Valley and Pittsburg, Alle
eheev aftid Manchester Railways made hand-
sosae advances. Air Brake was stronger, .and
lost ground, but Pittsburg was firmer. Citi
zens' was neglected. Philadelphia Gas was
firm at 30J asked and SO bid. The rest of the
list was without material change.
wnvwrwra IVI'K UXOOX.
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
puts. p. s. &a. ex...
Commercial Na. Bank.
Marine Nat. Bank....
I'eopie's Aat. Hank...
Mannfaturer's Gas Co,
People's N. o. A i'.Cd
Pennsylvania Gas Co..
Philadelphia Co -..
Pine Bun Has
WheeUne Gas Co......
Columbia Oil Co
Central Traction
Pitts. Traction
sojj "ai x
"is '.'.'.'. -
.! St 4
50 ..
23X ZyS 23)4
28 25
Hh .. "j"
Mtf .... W
.... 35 ....
... "m "ii
47 "ii "47
119 114 119
Pleasant Valley. 23
Pitts., A. & Man 2U
P. C St. L...,
Pt.. Va. A CK.lt. Co
Pitts. & Western It. it. ..
Pitts. W.K K. pref. ....
N.Y. i-C.GasCoalCo
Ij. .Norm limine co...
Luster Mining Co
YankeeGIrl MintngCo
Westlntchonse Electric
union a. A signal Co
Union 8. ft 8. Dref.
WestlnKbouseA.tt.Co. 114K
Pitts. Cvclorama Co, .. tu
At the morning call 162 shares of Electric
brousht4& and 60 46. At tbe afternoon
call 60 shares of La Noria went at , 300 at ,
7 Pittsburg Traction at 4 15 Philadelphia
Gas at 30, and 10 Electric at 47
Andrew Caster sold SI. 000 St. Clair Incline as
at 105 and interest, and 15,000 Union Passenger
F.ailway 5s at par and interest. Mason sold 21
shares Central Traction at 33.
The total sales of stocks at New York yester
day were 256,206 shares, including: Atchison,
10,830: Canada Southern, 4,050; Delaware, Lack
awanna and Western. 23,329; Denver, Texas
and Fort Worth. 6,260: Lake Shore. 9,050; Louis
ville and Nashville. 4,150; Missouri Pacific 6.940;
Northern Pacific preferred, 8,438: Beading,
35,800; St. Paul, 14.121; Union Pacific, 4,710;
Western Union, 9,387.
Rainy Weather lUnkes an Impression on
nho Financial Markets.
Money was easy yesterday, with a good de
mand for it from nearly all classes of business
men. Bates were reported steady at 67per
cent, call and time. Owing to the weather
routine lines were bardlyup to the average;
still, it was a fairly busy day. Tbe exchanges
were $2,176,533 13 and the, balances $399,366 24.
Holiday trade is a little late starting, but prom
ises to be large when in full swing.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
tight, ranging from 1 to 8 per cent: last loaD,
4: closed offered at 4. Prime mercantile paper,
67. Sterling exchange quiet and firm at
S4 S0K for CO-day bills and S4 84 for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U. 8. 45-resr 126
M. K. AT. Gen. 59 .63)4
Mutual Union 63.. ..100
N. 1. C. Int. Cert.,.113
Northern Pae. UU..1H
Northern Pac.2ds..lll)j
Northw't'n consols. H2
U. S. 4. coup U7X
U. 8. 4Xs, reg 1W.
C 8. 4)is, coup.... 104),
Paclflcesof'95. 11a
Loulslanastamped4s 93)4
Missouri es 102X
Northw'n deben'..109
Oregon ft Trans. 8s. 106
St-U&I M.Uen. 5S7
St. I ft S. V. Gen. M. 117
renn. new set. ... ivsh
lenn. new set. Ss 102
Tenn. uewset 3s.... 7i
Canada bo. zas in
Oen. Pacificists Hi
Den. ftK.G.lsts...Ut
Si. Paul consols ....I28J4
St. PL CM ft Pclsts. 118
Tx., Pc.U G.Tr Bs. S!J(
11. Pc.It,G.lT.KcU 17
Den. ft K. G. 4s 76'4
D.ftB.G.West,lsts. 99M
union jrao. is...iis
West Shore IBM
tne, m. mi
M.S.. ftX.Gen.Cs.. 73
New York Clearings, 5219,956,370; balances,
Boston Clearings, 518,145,421; balances,
S1.978.4S2. Money, 6 per cent.
Philadelphia Clearings, 112,415,908; bal
ances, $2,009 881.
Baltimore Clearings, 2,754.604; balances,
Pabis Three per cent rentes, SSf 22c for
tbe account.
Chicago Bank clearings were 812,033,00a
New York exchange was par to 25c discount.
The demand for money continues good, and
rates were firm at 6S8 per cent for time loans.
Terr Little Doing and Nothing Brewing to
Cause Excitement.
The oil market was weak at the opening yes
terday and steady at tbe close, with a fair scalp
ing business, but no pronounced movement or
expression. The opening price was 1 03
highest $1 04 lowest SI 03 closing SI 04.
What little strength the market bad was due
to moderate buying in Bradford and Oil City,
where some shorts were covered. Pittsburg
and New York were moderate sellers. New
York wanted cash oil, but could get none.
Washington field news was to tbe following
effect: Reports ot the drilling of a most im
portant well have reached this nlace. Gordon
No. 8, one of the old wells in this field, has been J
armed into tne mtn ran a ana is reported to De
doing SO barrels per hour. If this well holds
out and continues according to reports it will
be drilled deeper, and the production of these
fields doubled at a small expense.
A. B. lIcGrew & Co. quote: Puts, SI 03
Bi udjfc; cans, si oo.
-Other Oil markets.
Titusvili.e, December 1L Opened at
II 03ih highest SI 04: lowest. SI 03K: closed.
SI 0
Bradford. December 11. Opened at SI 03;
closed at SI 04; highest, SI 04; lowest SI 03&
Clearances 430,000 barrels.
On, cttt. December 1L Opened at SI 03K;
highest SI 04J; lowest SI 03fc closed. SI OIJi
Sales, 262,000 barrels: clearances, 210,000 bar
rels; shipments, 70,957 barrels; charters, 25,000
barrels; runs, 40,464 barrels.
NbwYokk. December 11. Petroleum opened
steady at SI 03 and declined to SI 02Ji in 'the
early trading, when tbe market turned sharply
andradvanced to SI 04 -closing firm at SI 01
Stock Exchange: Opening, SI 03; highest,
SI 01 lowest Si tt&f; closing $1 04 Con
solidated Exchange: Opening, Jl V3; highest
SI 04K; lowest. SI 03H; closing, SI 61 Total
sales, 612,000 barrels.
A Number of Important Deals In the City
nnd !nbarbs.
Alles & Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, sold for a
prominent business man a residence property
on Federal stree, Pittsburg, consisting ot nine
rooms, catb, etc., with all modern improve
ments, lot 25x110 feet to an alley, to Mrs. Mary
Mallory for $9,000 cash.
L. O. Frazier, corner Forty-fifth and Butler
streets, sold for David Hams and Samuel B.
Baldwin a large frame dwelling and lot 100x100
feet to an alley, situated, on the north side of
Howley avenne, between Thirty-eighth and
Thlrty-ninth streets. Sixteenth ward, to Will
lam Velte for $3,000 cash.
Reed B. Coyte & Co., 131 Fourth avenue,
S laced a mortgage for 2,000 on a piece of
larion station property for two years at 6 per
Ira M. Bnrchfield. 168 Fourth avenne, sold for
Rev, A. J. Ashe, of West Newton, a two-story
frame dwelling of seven rooms and lot 32x110
feet, situate on Third avenue, Homestead bor
ough, for S2.800.
Black & Baird, 25 Fourth avenue, sold to
William Bill a vacant lot in the M. G.Arthur
plan, sltnato on Frazier street Fourteenth
ward, being 25x100 feet for S550.
James W. Drape & Co., closed two mortgages
of $3,300 on properties in McKeesport and in
Bellevue at 6 per cent free from State tax.
Samuel W. Black 4 Co., sold a mortgage for
$3,300 lor four yearsat6p6r cent on property
on Howe street, near Bellefonte street, Pitts
No Important Changes In Railroad Shares.
but Nearly Everything Lets Go
The Trusts Active Sugar
Boycotted by
Labor. ,
New York, December U. The situation in
Wall street was a little better to-day, and the
news was generally of a favorable character,
while London was once more a fair buyer,
coming with "higher prices this morning and
buying orders during the day. The effect of
the manipulation of money rates in the last
few minutes of, business yesterday was still
felt, however, and the( traders were cautious,
and the bears looking only for weak spots, with
the result of dullness in the railroad list. The
Coal stocks. New England and fit. Panl warn
the only railroad stocks which showed. real ani
mation during the day, but the Trusts were
again active nnder tbe operations of the bears,
who used the known developments In regard to
them, in addition to a reported boycott by the
labor organizations against Sugar.
Chicago Gas was more at a feature than yes
terday, and was sold up and down apparently
by the same parties, "though its final figure was
materially lower than 'that ot last evening.
Western Union and tbe other Gould stocks
showed none of their recent animation and the
fluctuations were on tbe same limited scale as
those in the regular stocks. Only the Coalers
showed any increment, and rumors of a dis
agreementbetweenthe Lackawanna and Bead
ing, accompanied an attack upon those proper
ties, which was rewarded with substantial
effects in the case of the former, though tbe
impression upon Beading was .only email
New England also while quite active changed
its quotation but slightly, and the slightest rise
seemed to bring in selling orders, while the de
clines were met by support and the stock was
kept within the limits ol Vw ot through
out the day. Southern P&elio ms the weak
one among ins specialties, ws-iea wemqmce
neglected as a rule, tkosea CotsrMo devte4ed
'otsrMo ekte4
marked weakness tit tee
list showedno feature of interest throughout
the day. Tbe close was quiet and steady at tbe
figures quoted. The final changes are gener
ally in the direction of lower prices, but for
flight fractions only except in the cases of
Chicago Gas and Denver, Texas and Ft. Worth,
which declined 1J per cent each, Lackawanna
and Sugar lJi each and Southern Pacific 1 per
The same moderate demand for railroad
bonds still continues and tbe sales of all issues
tp-day reached 0,631,000. Gulf, Colorado and
Santa Fe contributed S199.00Q. The market was
steady to firm throughout the day end the final
changes are almost invariably m tbe direction
of higherfigures.thonghtbeimportant'cbanges
are few in number.
The .Port says: Stocks opened moderately
strong, but without much recoveiy from the
downward reaction caused in tbe last 20 min
utes of business yesterday by the bidding no of
money to 15 per cent per annum. Of course it
was known that this bigh rate was exceptional,
and that It was made only for a small amount
wanted by some belated brokers, who had
failed to borrow it earlier in the day, when It
could have been borrowed at from 57 per
cent, was to be had again this afternoon at
Nevertheless it is realized that the banks are
pretty low in loanable funds, and as the end of
the year approaches they will be calling in
loans in order to be ready for the interests and
dividend disbursements in January, and wbile
there is no reason to expect any such pinch lor
money as was experienced two months or so
ago, the market will woik close and belated
borrowers will run the risk of having to pay
rates on some days.
Tbe rouowinir tame snows tne prices or active
stocks on the New York Stock Excnangc yester
day. Corrected daily for Tins Dispatch by
WHTrirrT 4 Stephenson, oldest Pittsburg mem
bers of Hew Y ore stock Exchange. (7 i'ourth ave-
ing Bid.
Open- Hlfrtv I.OW-
est. est
ZOi 31
S4 34)4
7Zii 7J),
53 SS
123 12
33K W
77 27
10SK V&H
69 69X
'88 ' 88
15V UH
37ft 37
iUH liiji
141 141
,73W 73
'vaH son
39i 39)i
139 3S!
147 l 143
63H 3
lOTSt 107
MX 85
UK 133f
9 tu,
BS 87H
57 27
67 67
Am. Cotton Oil Trust.. J15J
Atcn., Top.iB.r..... Uii
Canadian Pacific 73H
Canada Southern S3
Central of New Jersey. 123
Central Pacini. 33Sf
Chesapeake ft Ohio.... 27
C Bur. a Quitter. ....10SX
C.. BU, St. Paul.... 69J4
C Mll.ftSt.P.. pr.
C, KocKL ftr ss
C., St. L. ft Pitts 15M
C, StTX.. ft Pitts, pf.. 37
C. St. P., M. ft (J
c.. st.pM. fto.. nr. ....
C ft Northwestern Ill
CftNortbwestern, pf.Ml.S
C. C. O. ft 1 73$
c.. c, c ft i nr kh.
Col. Coal s iron S9
Col. ft Hocking Vat .. UH
"ei Li. a V 13VM
Del. ft Hudson... 147
J.T.. Va.Ga ....
K.T..VS, ftGa.lst pr. ....
K. a., va. Alia. 2a pr. ....
Illinois central.
Lake Erie A Western
Lake Krie ft West nr.. 63X
Lake Shore M. a 107K
Loulsvllle&Nubvllle. MM
Michigan Central 87k
Mobile ft Ohio l'SM
Mo.. Kan. ft Texas.... )i
Missouri Pacific 63
. V.. A,, a. ft VV 27X
N.r..I,.E. ft W.pref.. 67
a. X.. C ftSt Ij v
n. ., & ft st l. pr. :.
N.I.. C. ftStti.2dpf
N. IAN. IS 44V 45 44X
ft. I. U. A W 19)5 19 19X
Norfolk ft Western -
Norfolk Western. pf. 60 S3 60
Northern Pacific WK Sl XLH
-Vortnern pacific pret 1H 77 78
Ohio ft Mississippi....
Oregon Improvement
Oregon Transcon 344 UH H
Pacific Mall 35X 35J XH
Peo. Dee. s Evans.
PhUsdel. A iteadinx.. 40J4. 40 K 39K
Pnliman Palace Car
Rlcbmona ft W. P. T.. I2H 7SH St
Kichmondft W.P.T.nf
St P.. Minn, ft Man.. Ill
St. I., ft San Fran 15
St. L. ft San rran pf.. 39
bt.ti. ft San r. 1st pf.. 91
Texas Paclfle
Union Pacific 6$h
Wabash preferred J0K
Western anion S5H
Wheeling; A L. . 68
Bujcar Trust m
National L.ead Trust.. Wi
Chicago Gas Trust.... CX
IllK llOlf
I5"i 15),
39H 39
94 94
68 68
30 30
86 85H
68 68M
62X 69
Boston Stocks.
Ateh. Ton.. 1st 7s. U5
A.T. LandUr't7s.lli
Atch. Top. B. K... 33
Boston ft Albany. ..215
.Boston & Mams. ....200
C. B. ftQ. 105
Rutland preferred.. 47
Wis.centrai.com... 33
Wis. Central pf.... 62
MloueiMgCo 95
Calumet Hecla....245
tmnxiin. 17
Huron 2M
Osceola, , 17
Pewablo 5
Qnlncy 67
Bell Telepnone 199
Boston Land s
Water Power... ... 6
Clnn. San. & Clave. 23J
Flints FereM 22
Flint Pen M. pro. 92
Mexican Cen. com.. 17
Mex.Clstmtfr.bds. 69
. r. AIiewKng... 44
it. Y. & .E.Js....l27
Ocrd.&L. Cham. com. 5
UldCotonv 176
Tamarack. .....145
SanDlefto 20
Santa Fe copper....!, 02
Philadelphia Htocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers. No. 47
Fourth avenue, ilembers New xork Stock fix
change. BM. Asked.
Pennsylvania Ballroad..., 53 C3M
Keaaing 19 15-15 20
Buffalo, Fittshurg Western........ T,i 8
Lehleh Valley Vtti SIH
LenUh .Navigation 53 535
ortnern Pacific 32! ZL
HonnernPacincDreterred 78X 76
VWhile pastor of the Canton Church,
New Jersey, some years ago, I temporarily
lost my voice, and was in consequence un
able to preach for nearly a year. Last spring
I began to have all the symptoms of losing
it again, I labored with great difficulty,
fearing each time I preached wonld be the
last In July X commenced using Dr.
Jayne's Expectorant, at the same time rub
bing my throat aq0 chest freely with the
liniment. I gargled my throat daily ac
cording to the directions given in Dr. Jayne's
Almanac, at the same time taking the ex
pectorant regularly. Feeling very much
better, I discontinued the use of the gargle
and the liniment, bnt still kept on with the
expectorant. This winter I have been more
exposed, and preach oftener than for many
years past, and yet my voice seems to be
growing stronger, and were it not for the re
quirements of my (felling, I firmly believe
permanent cure would be effected by the ex
pectorant. At all events the good it has
done, and is doing me, makes me anxious to
recommend it to all who are suffering from
throat or lung complaints. Rev. W. Pike,
Lakeville, Washinaton county, 2T. T.
Nnturnl Gna-Cal Glass.
Another new and beautiful lot iu
Punch Bowls,
Berrv Dishes,
Ice Tubs,
Olive Dishes,
Onlv the newest and latest cuttings at
Hakdt & Hates',
Jewelers, Silversmiths and Art Dealers,
529 Smithfield Street, New Building.
'-Carter's Little Liver Pills.
SICK HBADACHECarter,g Little Liver Pills.
SICK HEADACHECarter,, Lmle jj.,. HUj
SICK HEADACHECarter,, jjtUe Liver Pills.'
To Glasgow. Belfast, Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passaKe J35 to S50, according to location
of stateroom. Excursion 65 to 90.
bteerago to and from Europe at Lowest Bates,
AUS11N BALDWIN 4 CO.. General Agents,
63 Broadway, Mew York.
J. J. Mccormick. Agent.
639 snd 401 Smithfield St., Pittsburg, Pa.
Boyal and United States Mall Steamers.
Teutonic, Decll,7:30ara
Germanic, Dec. 18,2 pm
Britannic, Dec.25, 7.30am
Adriatic Jan. L.
Celtic Jan. 8.
Germanic, Jan. 15.
Britannic, Jan. 22.
A.an&uc an. 231.
rom White Btar dock.
root of Went Tenth st.
"Second cabin on thiw ute&mers. Saloon rates.
S50 and upward. Second cabin, sa? and upward,
according to steamer and location of berth. Ex
cursion tickets on favorable terms. Steerage. KOL
White Star drafts payable on demand in all the
principal banks thronKhont Great Britain. Ap
Sly to JCHN J. McCOltMICK, 639 snd 401 Smlth
eld St.. Pittsburg, or J. BUDGE 1311AX, Gen
tsI Agent, a Broadway, Mew Xorc no28-p
Balling every Wednesday from Philadelphia
and Liverpool. Passenger accommodations tor
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark, etc.
GaBsnl ageats. 387 Walnut st PMhwtetoW.
Fall taferssaioB oas be hd of J. J. XcCOB
KICKL ud "-'"--
wl wmiMLmamimtM st.Cri
Drift of All Dairy Products is Toward
a Higher Leyel.
Corn Lower Oats Tery Firm
Cereah and Hay Steady.
Wednesday. December 11, 18S9. i
Conntrr Produce Jobbing; Prices.
Elgin butter has been advanced, as our quota
tions will disclose. All choice dairy products
are moving upward. The finer grades of cheese
are very firm at quotations, and we expect to
record higher prices at an early day. iSggs join
in the upward movement Fresh-laid country
eggs are not easy to be bad at any price, and
those to be bad readily bring 20c per dozen in a
jobbing way. In the line of general produce,
markets are qniet Commission men attrioute
the quietness of trade to soft weather. A day
or two of ensp winter weather would stimulate
markets. Game and poultry are quiet by reason
of the soft weather.
Butteb Creamery, Elgin, 3032c; Ohio
do, 2829c; fresh dairy packed, 2527c; coun
try rolls, 2423c.
Beans Navy band-picked beans, S2 252 30;
medium, 12 102 20.
Beeswax 2830e fl ft for choice; low grade,
Cider Sand refined, tfl S07 GO; common,
S3 odai CO; crab cider, S3 008 60 V barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c 9) gallon.
Chestnuts SS 005 GO $1 bushel; walnuts,
6070c $) bushel.
Cheese Ohio, llllc: New York, llc;
Limburger, DXllc; domestic SweitzeT, 11
ioc; imporieu oweiuer, ou.
EGGS 2627c p dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, fancy, $2 60S3 50 barrel;
California pears, S3 G04 00 a box; cranberries,
S3 509 GO fl barrel; Malaga grapes, large bar
rel, S8 00.
Game Squirrels, 75cn V dozen; qdail, SI
dozen; prairie chickens, H 50 00 $)
dozen; pheasants, S4 505 00 fl dozen; rabbits,
SI 501 75 f) dozen; venison saddle, 1517cp
pound; venison carcass. 1213c pound.
FeatHEES Extra live geese, G060c; No. 1,
do, 4045c; mixed lots. 3035c f) ft.
Poultry Live chickens, 6u65c a pair;
dressed, 89c a pound; ducks, 6575c $ pair;
geese, SI 251 30 $ pair: live turkeys, 10011c $
ft: dressed turkeys, 12014c $? ft.
Seeds Clover, choice. 62fts to bushel, ti 20
4 i If) Dusnel; clovcr.large JSnglish.tKfts. S4 35
4 60; clover, Alsike, J8 00; clover, white, JO; timo
thy, choice. 45 lbs, SI GO; Dine grass, extra clean,
11 As, SI 251 30; nlue grass, fancy, 14 B, SI SO;
orchard grass. 14 &s, SI 40; red top. 14 lbs. Si 25;
millet 60 fts. SI 00; millet, 6070c 7 bushel;
Hungarian grass, SO Bs, 6oc; lawn grass,
mixture of fine grasses, S3 00 fl bushel of 14
Taixow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4J
Tropical Fruits Lemons, commop. S2 50
3 00; fancy, S4 005 00: Florida oranges. $260
3 00; Jamaica oranges. So 60B 60 fl barrel;
bananas, S2 00 firsts, SI 60 good seconds.
fl bunch; cocoanuts, S4 004 60 V hundred:
gs, S9c W ft; dates, 56c V ft; new layer
figs. 12l&Kc; new dates. 7c $ ft.
Vegetables Potatoes, from store. 6560c:
on track, 4550c: cabbages, S4 00S 00 a hnn-
dred;celery. 40o ft dozen; Jerseys, S4 004 25;
turnips, SI 001 oO a barrel; onions, S2 a barrel.
Buckwheat Floub-j-22c 1 pound.
Coffee options advanced 15 to 20 points in
New York yesterday, and the tone of markets
for packages is strong. Prices, however, are
unchanged. Time only will tell whether ornot
the upward movement is purely speculative or
not Jobbers here anticipate bigher prices.
The outcome of the Brazilian Republic will
have much to do in settling this question.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2324c; choice
Rio, 2122c; prime Rio, 20c; low grade Rio,
lS19c; old Government lava, 2728c:Mar-
acaiDo, aaWJATW. luocna, zozuc; eantos.
H)K24c: Caracas, 2224c: peaberry. Bio, 23K
21c; La Guayra, 23K24c.
Boasted (in nanersl Standard brands, lir-
high grades. 2529Kc; old Government Java,
bulk, 31K33c; Maracaibo, 272Sc; Santos,
24K2gKc; peaberry, 28Kc; choice Bio. 25c;
piirae Bio. 23Kc; good Rio, 21; ordinary, 21c
Spices (whole) Cloves. 1920c; allspice, 10c;
cassia, oc; pepper, uc; nutmec; vikouc.
Petbolzuji (Jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio. 120, 8Uc; headlight, 150, 8Kc; water
white, 10Kc; globe, UQUX.C: elaine, 14Kc; car
nadine, like; royaline. He: globe red oil. 110
Miners' On No. 1 winter strained, 4647c
yl gallon; summer. 400130. Lard oil, 70c.
Syhups Corn syrnp, 2830c; choice sugar
syrup, 8338c; prime sugar syrnp, 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c; new manle syrnp, 90c.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c: choice, 46c:
medium, 43c; mixed, 4042c; choice new crop.
Soda Bl-carb fn kegs, 33c; bi-carb in s,
Ec; bi-carb acsorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
CAKDtE3 Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, ?
set. 8c; parafflne, ll12c.
Bice Head, Carolina, 6Ji7c; choice, 6
uiu; prune, ouu; xjuuisiaun, awwy.c
taTAECH Pearl, 2Jc;' cornstarch, 66c; gloss
starch, 47c
Foreign Fbutis Layer raisins, $2 63; Lon
don layers, 2 90; California London layers,
$2 75; Muscatels, 2 25; California Muscatels,
$2 10; Valencia,7jc; Ondara Valencia, $8Xc;
snltana,9Kc: currants,6J5Jc: Turkey prunes,
4)5c: French prunes. 69c; Salon ica
prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8c; cocoanuts, 100,
t6 00; almonds, Lan., $1 ft, 20c: do. Ivica, 19c;
do, shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap., 1215c; Sicily
filuerts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12ijl3c; new dates,
64?GKc; Bnzil nuts, 10c: pecans. ll15c; cit
ron, V 1, 1920c; lemon peel, $ m, 16c: orange
peel, loc
Dried Fbuits Apples, sliced, per' ft 6c, ap
ples, evaporated, 9c; apricots, California, erap
orated. 14X16c; peaches, evaporated, pared,
2628c: peaches, California, evaporated, un
pared, 1921c; cherries, pitted,13K14c; cher
ries nnpitted, 56c; raspberries, evaporated,
25K20Kc: blackberries, 7K8c; huckleberries,
Suoabs Cubes, 7c; powdered, 7e; granu
lated, 7Jc; confectioners' A 7Hc; standard A
7c; soft white, 6K62c;yellow,choice,6V65c;
yellow, good, CQe&c: yellow, fair, 6Jic; yellow,
dark. 5c
Pickles Medium, bbls (1,200), $5 60; medi
um, half obis (GOO), J3 25.
Salt N oL? bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, n bbl, Jl OS
dairy. bbl, Jl 20; coarse crystal. bbl, Jl 20;
Siggins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, J2 B0: Hlggius'
Eureka, 16-14 ft sockets, J3 00.
Cammed Goods Standard neaches. J2 cas
2 25; 2ds, Jl 651 80; extra peaches, 2 402 60;
pie peaches, 95c; finest corn. Jl 001 50; Hid Co.
corn, 7590c; red cherries, 90c Jl: Lima beans,
SI 20; soaked do, 85c: string do, 6065c: mar
rowfat peas, Jl 10fi?l 15; soaked peas. 7080c:
pineapples. $1 401 50; Bahama do, J2 75;
damson plums, 95c; greengages, $1 25;
egg plums, 12 00; California pears. S3 50: do
greengages. SI 85: do egg plums, SI 85; extra
white cherries, J2 40; raspberries, 95cSl 10;
strawberries, Jl 10; gooseberries, Jl S01 40:
tomatoes, 8590c; salmon, 1-ft, SI 651 90;
blackberries, 65c: succotash, 2-ft cans, soaked,
90c; do green. 2-ft, Jl 251 50; com beer, 2-ft
cans, J2 5; 14-ft cans, JI4; baked beans, Jl 45
1 50: lobster, 1-ft, SI 751 80; mackerel, 1ft
cans, broiled. SI 50; sardines, domestic. Ws,
S4 Z54 50; sardines, domestic, s, ZB 75 (00;
sardines, imported, js, 511 50012 50, sardines,
imported, K9, S18; sardines, mustard. $3 30;
sardines, spiced. S3 60.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, J38 f)
bbl.; extra No. 1 do, mess, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, f32; extra No. 1 do, mess,
S36: No. 2shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock, iie W A; do medium. George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c: boneless bake, in strips, 6c: do
George's cod in blocks. 6X7c Herring
Round shore. S4 60 V bbl; split, J6 60; lake,
82 75 W 100-fi half bbL White flsb, SS 00 100
ft half bbl. Lake trout, $5 60 ft half bbL Fin
nan haddock, 10c IS ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
ft. Pickerel, Hbhi.jaOO; JibbUSllO; Poto
mac herring, $5 00 H bbl, S2 50 V X bbL
OATMEAL S8 006 25 V bbL
Grain, Floor and Feed.
Sales on call at the Grain Exchange, I car of
No. 2 y. e. corn, new, 37c, 6 days, P. B. B,: 1
car extra 3 oats, 23Kc, 10 days, P. R. R. Total
receipts bulletined, 21 cars, as follows: By Pitts
burg. Ft, Wayne and Chicago, 1 car of corn, 5
of bay, 1 of barley, 1 of feed, i of flour. Br
Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis. 4 cars of
corn. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car of oats, 1
of bran. By Pittsburg and Western, 1 car of
bay, 1 of corn. By Pittsburg and Lake Erie. 1
car of oats. Corn is drifting to a lower level,
and onr quotations are a shade lower. Oats are
scarce and firm. Choice hay and millfeed are
steady. Flour Is quiet. Jobbers are carrying
markets are likely to be easy. Tbe lay-down
price for the best spring patents In wood is $5
per barrel In carload lots.
Prices below are for carload lota on track.
Wheat New No. 2 red,'8485c; No. 3, SO
Cobs No. 2 yellow, ear, 4243c; new, 37088c;
high mixed, ear. 4041cr No. 2 yellow, shelled,
4242Uc;new. 3S&37c: high mixed, sheUed,
4141Jic; mixed, shelled. 4141Kc.
uATS No. 2 white, 2S30c; extra. No. 8,
2828cK: mUed. 22fiKc
Rye-No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohte, SBtHlcj
No. 1 Western, 6iaSc .
BARLEY Western. lOaflbc: Canada kwlar.
Tfi&ent-ietibice rtees FanerwMer mA
75. Bye flour, JB 50
MtLLFEiD Middlings, fins white. $15 09
15 50 ton; brown middlings, $11 0013 00:
winter wheat bran. $11 25li 50; chop feed.
J15 5016 00.
HAY-Baled timothy. No. J, Sll 2511 60;
Nov 2 do, S3 0010 00; loose from wagon, Sll 00
012 00. according to quality; No. 2 prairie hay,
7 008 00; packing do. $7 2597 GO.
Straw Oats. $a 75Q7 00; wheat and rye
straw. SS 00e 25.
Sngar-cured bams, large, S&c; sugar-cured
hams, medium, lOc; sugar-cured hams, small,
llc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 8c; sugar
cured shoulders. 5Tc: suirar-cnred boneless
1 8boulders.7::sugar-cured California hams, 6c;
BUar-cureu unea Deex nais, vc; sugar-curea
dried beef sets, 10c; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12c: bacon shoulders. 5c: bacon
clear sides, 7Kc; bacon clear bellies, 7c; dry
salt shoulders, 6Jc: dry salt clear sides, 7c
Mess pork, heavy. $11 60; mess pork, family,
$12 00. Lard refined. In tierces. 6c; half
barrels, 6c; 60-ft tubs. 6c: 20-ft pails, 6c; 60
ft tin cans, 6c; 3-ft tin pails, 6c: 5-ft tin palls,
6c; 10-S tm pails, 6c; 5-ft tin pails.
6c. Smoked sausage, long, 6c; large, 6c
Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless bams. 10c
.Pip feet half barrel, SI 00; quarter barrel,
Dressed Heats.
The following prices are furnished by Arm our
& Co. on dressed meat: Beef carcasses,450toS50
Bs. 6c; 650 to 650 fts, 6c; 650 to 750 fts, 6KGfc
Sheep, 8c ft B. Lambs; 9c fl ft. Hogs, 5c
Fresh pork loins. 7c
Clear boards, per M
Select common boards, per M....
Common boards peril
Pine frame lumber per M. .........
Shingles, Mo. 1, IS In. perM
Shingles, So. 2, 13 in. per M....
,.t32 0Q35 00
30 03
IS 00
. 2300327 00
6 00
Clear boards. nerSL s mm
Surface boards 30CO300
Clear. 9-lnch beaded celling
35 00
30 00
25 00
..30 00040 00
30 03
25 00
Partition boards, peril
Flooring No.l
Flooring, No. 2
Yellow pine flooring .
Weather-boarding, moulded. Mo. 1.,
Weather-boarding, moulded, Ho. 2..
Weather-boarding, -lnch
Asn, ito4m s4o ona. 00
Black walnut, green, logrun 5 00sooo
Bl ekiralnut, drv, logrun 60 00(375 00
Cherry 0OQ8O 00
Green white oak plank, 2to4in , Z0 0025 00
Otj white oak plank, 2 to 41n 22 00325 00
Dry white oak boards, tin 20 00325 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1 inch 20 00325 00
WestVa. yellow pine, IX inch 25 00330 00
West Va. yellow poplar, Xtolln 13 00325 00
Hickory, feto3fn IS D0Q25 00
Hemlock building lumber, peril MOO
Bank rails...., H 00
Boat studding MOO
Coal car plank 18 00
h 3o eaa oo
Walnut log run, green 25 00345 oo
Walnut log run. diy 35 0O350 00
White oak plank, green 17 00319 00
'White oak plank, dry 1S0O32S0O
white oak boards, dry 1S003 00
West Va. yellow pine. 1 in 21 00321 oo
WestVa. yellow pine, IX In 20 0O325 00
Yellow poplar t is 00323 00
Hickory, 04 to 3 in 20 00325 00
Hemlock toolOOO
Bunk rails moo
Boat studding. u oo
Coal car plank MCO
.Great Improvement.
It is not many years ago people travelled on
horseback or by stages; now fifty miles an hour
is not fast enough for them. Formerly people
wrote letters that were weeks in reaching their
destination; now the telegraph flashes thought
around the world. Formerly doctors bled their
patients for nearly every complaint: now they
nse advanced science of tbe highest order.
Prof. Austin Flint, of Bellevue College, says:
"The judicious use of alcoholic stimulants is
one of the striking characteristics of progress
in tbe practice of medicine during the last half
century." Prot Henry Mott, Ph. D F. C. S..
says- "By a most careful analysis I have fonnd
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey free from adulter
ations or foreign substances, and it deserves to
meet with great success." The weir-known
Dr. B. W. Hutchinson, of New York, says: "I
highly recommend Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
and prescribe it extensively in mvnraptfrp "
Bev.B. Mills, of Princeton, Iowa, says: "I have
I used Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey with great
ueueut io my wue, wno is a connrmea invalid.
I know from experience it is a pure and most
valuable medicine. I am. also using it in the
case of my son. who is threatened with con
sumption. I am a Presbyterian clergyman and
a doctor of divinity, but I am not afraid to
recommend Duffy's Malt Whiskey as the
purest and most efficient tonic that I know of,
and my experience is a large one." dell-w
AT $10,000,000.
LYNN FIRE LOSS estimated
AT $5,000,000.
What and where will the next great less be?
Insurance effected in the largest and strong
est companies doing business, and at the lowest
rates consistent with safety. Apply at once to
7 cpeenrt 20-YEAR GOLD BONDS.
We Offer at Par and Interest $500,000
Bear Lake and River Water
Works and Irrigation Co.
Bonds, Due in 1909, Interest Payable April I
and October I.
These bonds are a portion of a total of
$2,000,000, and are issued to complete the
construction of 120 miles of canals diverting the
water of Beir Lake and Bear river into tbe
Great Salt Lake Valley, Utah, for irrigating
250,000 acres of land, and to supply the city of
Ogden and other towns with water for domestic
and manufacturing rjnrnosea.
Tbey are secured by a first mortgage on all
the property, canals, franchises and water rights
belonging to the Irrigation Company, inclnding
many thonsand acres of fertile land In Salt Lake
Valley. The right is reserved to advance the
price without notice. For full information,
address or inquire at tbe offices of the
No. 239 Broadway, New York; No. 518 Walnut
street, Philadelphia; No. 66 State street, Boston,
Mass.. and No. 27 Custom House street, Provi
dence, R. I., or
140 Fifth avenue. no2S-7(TTS
Why toil and slave forever P Life
was meant for living', not eternal
slaving;. Cease this weary drudg
ery. SOAPONA does your work
itself, and neither Injures hand nor
fabric ThenwhydoityouP Tia
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake 1 Tour health and
life are at stake. Use SOAPOKA
everywhere. It cleans Hke magic
JAS. D. CALLER President
lEGsMal SAd sui'saua, 9uioee.
?Wl "V .V J. .
XXXX bakers', S3
Burn h'q
- Jt
Special attractions now open in nsefaL i
Holiday Trade.
Dealers are invited to inspect the stocky, j
T.r-1. : i. A -t : t.S-1. Aj
Wllicu is vuuipjcfcc, auu ai. pciucs ywuivu cois
not fail to impress the buyer.
nre; latenaa Itftklac
and atUclasl mt 1
( WF sT
lowed mmiXxmrn
B tumors form mi
I ITr.HINR PI FS pr.tiTtde.whJeliofte.
becomlnr Terr tor. SWAYAlS OIST.
2IKNT stop the Itehlns mnd bleedlaff. html
nleerstlAB. and Ijk most esea resio-re ih tmss
nlrrtlsii. and 1b nott MsMrraaTM iV
monw Swim OimnjrTiM$oi&lijdnggiifJQTmllt4n
reuonroceipioi pnc9,3vra..iiMz doxh.ux
i letlOT, DB. SWATNB t SOS. FhHublpUi. Pi.
A. purely Vesretabla
i Compound that expels
all bad humors from tna
I system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
Blood Porifler.
Issue travelers' credits thronch Messrs. DrTJ. -'
Morgan & Cct, New York. Passports procured. '
in stock options or margins in Wall st leads ter .
STEVENSON 4 CO., Brokers,
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum.
Private wire to New York and Chicago,
45 SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
As old residents know and back flies of Pittsv.
burg papers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician In tbe city.de-
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
SS35S.N0 feeuntilcured
MCDWnilOand mental diseases physical
IN L. n V U U Odecay, nervous debility. lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired memory,
disordered sight, self distrust, bashfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
porerished blood, railing powers, organic Weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, on
fitting the person for business, society and mar.
nage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones, pains, glandular
swelling ulcerations of toneue. month, throat.
ulcers, old sores, are cured- for life, and blood --:!
noisdbs ihoroofrhlveradicatedfrom the gratam. -m
1 1 R I M A R V kidney and bladder derange.
U n I Ii nil If ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whlttier's life-long, extensive experi
ence, insures scientific and reliable treatment
on common sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as it
here. Office hours 9 A. K. to 8 P. 3r. Sunday;
10 A. St. to 1 P. 31. only. DR. WHITTIER, 8U
Penn avenne, Pittsburg, Pa.
deS-15 DSuwk
db. iu. a West's Neete astd skaet
Tbeatmkst, a guaranteed speciflcforhvsteria,
dizziness, convulsions, fits, nervous neuralgia,
headache, nervous prostration caused by tba
use of alcohol or tobacco, wakefulness, mental
depression, softenin-r of tbe brain resulting In
r Insanity and leading to misery, decay and
ueato, pcomaiura oia age. Barrenness, lors 01
power in 'either sex, involuntary losses and
spermatorrhoea caused by over-exertion of the
brain, self-abuse or over-indulgence. Each
box contains one month's treatment. $1 a box,
or six boxes for 35, sent by mail prepaid on re
ceipt of price.
To cure any case.Witn each order received by ui
for six boxes, accompanied with JS 00, we wilt
send tbe purchaser our written guarantee to
refund the money if the treatment does not ef
fect a cure. Guarantees issued only bv Einil G.
8tncky. Druggist, Sole Agent, 1701 and 2401 Penn
ave. and cor. Wylie ave. and Fulton St. Pitts
burg, Pa. seZT-lGO-TTSSa
SPECIALISTS in all cases re
quiring scientific and confiden
tial treatment! Dr. S. K. Lake,
M. R. C. P. S is the oldest and
most experienced specialist in
the city. Consultation freeaml
f hours V to 4 and 7 to 8p.ii.; Sundays. 2to4p.
jLConsnit tnem personally, ox write, uoctobs
Lake. 328 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
Safe ui ftlwajg reTibte. Ijtdle.
ftst Druggist for Diamond Brundf
fa red, meumo boxu, waled with
'blue ribbon. Taka ao otherw All
ptBa la puteboud boiei wtta pink vrmp
mrs u dann'rwiu AAUBteneltsb Ssd
4e. (it&mpi) tor partleKlssra, tesUmonUts
sua -Jteuer ror LMiet." uart oy
rvtnrn BtsiL &0M4 Pavwf.
o3es Cotto-O. jE2ootr
inosed of Cotton Boot. Tansr aad "1
pennyroyal a recent discovery By an
montM Safe. Effectual. Price $L by raaJLf
sealed. Ladies, ask your druiglst for CooTa S j
uoKon tuxiz tjompouna ana taie no suosutnia.
or inclose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad
mocx, no. woodward ave Detroit. Mica.
.a-3oId in Pittsburg; Pa., by Joseph Float
ing ac sou, .uiamona ana JiarKei sxs. teay
Szxzsr razz. a victim ,'i
amine FrematiiT Decnr, Nerroos Pebuttr. Lot
dy, ass diacoTeied a rimpla means ot self-cnre,-wliloa V
as win sena cseueui rRE to nls leuowuiierers.
Address, J. H. EEE7IS, P.O. Box 3230, Hew York dsy.
For LOST or fulUnsg
nsti WMrrtMi rtW
BodT A Mind. lik nr Rtonrth. Vlror nrf IWv-1
TlATimnt MR&I.1?. V-m -oasa . UnM.h.
Mod or BsxiwrRZAnrjarr? and Proofs mslleiT
BuHalo, N. Y. de3-57-TTSJtwk
tnAnhood . eta I witT term & t&
mlTerliup from m
fects ox Toutiifal er-y
n. uir aecaT. lose
rain&bla treatise watod
eontalnlnff ran parncaUr lor notne rare, ire c
PROF. F. C. FOWLIft, Moodua, Cor.n.
For meal R1iArlc thd -trnrst casimi In tkml
nays. ad com fn five dys. Price l 08. t s
? a
.-!.. J.rhHtWrVfUWiTOflLl
) i
l42S,vj"s "m t, ,t 1
i FXAM' to4HkB,t)WMfeet?MIktt