Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, November 13, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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-fHides and Harness Leather Active,
and Prices Steady.
Competition and Close Margins Stimulate
Shoddy Goods.
Office of Pittsbtjbo Dispatch,
Tuesday. November 12. 18S9. t
The hide market holds up well, consider
ing the fact that this is the dull season and
that the receipts of cattle are unusually
large of late at lire stock centers. Heavy
steer hides are firm at quotations, nd only
extremely light hides are weak. Dealers
report very large offerings, but with the ex
ception of lightweights and calfskins mar
kets hold up well.
It will be seen by reference to quotations
below that green calfskins are 3c lower per
pound than heavy steer hides. There has
been a steady downward drift of calfskins
the past few years. Three years ago green
hides were at least 3c per pound lower than
preen calfskins. Now they are 3c per pound
higher. The change has been brought about
by the immense growth of the split cowhi de
trade. The hide is made to do double duty by
splitting, and something equivalent to a num
ber of ; calfskins is evolved from one hide.
How Shoes Were Cheapened.
The ordinary footwear has been immensely
cheapened by the new processes, bat the cheap
ening bas been at the expense of quality. The
new fancied leather may present all'Jie outside
appearance of first-class calf, or kip, bnt lacks
the wearing qualities and comfort of the genu
ine article. Competition and. clcse margins
have introduced an era of shoddy goods, and
there is little doubt that in the line of footwear
wo are paying more m the long T.un than when
higher prices were paid.
It is one of the signs of Vhe times that calf
skins are so much below jter hides in price.
Butchers no longer count t'de calfskin as an
item of interest in their prc.flr, -whereas a few
years age it was an impotent factor. Follow
ing are prices of hides tao calfskins:
o. 1 green salted 6tecrrA to pounds and
over... .
"No. 1 green salted cow j, all weights
.No. 1 green salted uiiVs,, 40 to 6J pounds..
IN o. 1 green salted hi i'.-s, 15 to 40 pounds .
.No. 1 green salted b ,i
: o.l green salted sJfrKlns
.o. 1 green salted real kips
.o. 1 green saltec" runner kips.
"No. 1 green steer t, 60 pounds and oier....
lo. 1 green cow j, all-weights
."so. 1 green bul ,s
o. I green Mi es, 40 to 60 pounds
o. 1 green hides, 3 to 40 pounds
"No. 1 green Cilf.fclns
o. 1 green veal kips
Io. 1 green Winner kirn
Sheepskins HanduD
'fallow, prime.. 4J4
Reduction f jr .o. 5 stock, lc per lb. on steers
and light hio js, " on bulls and 2c on callsklns.
Harness Leather.
Harness leather is moving out freely, and,
though tix capacity ot the Allegheny tanners
has been increased f nlly 25 per cent in the past
two yea s, it now looks as though there wonld
e no a xcmulation of stock this fall.
-rf presentative of the Allegheny firm which
Hes the heaviest business in this line said to-dy.-
"We are better sold up than we were at
tbl t time last year, and we have little doubt
r being able to place all our output, notwith-s-
jmdirgour greatly increased capacity to turn
' ioi goods. A few weeks ago stock accu
mulated for a short time. ow it is going out
abeutasfast as we manufacture, and, from
rprcsent appearances, we will have little on
!xu.nd when the year closes.
Following are prices of harness leather as
llurnisbed by James Callery fc Co.:
I"N'o. 1 extra trace selection, weights 20 to 27
ho, li extra trace selection, weights SO to 27
poanu. 30
"No.lnicdlnmselectlon. weights 17to22pounds 30
o. 11 medium selection, weights it to 2
pounds 3
"So. Sail weights 28
l!lacK line leather, made from stags, heads
and bellies, snlit to an even substance.. vr
jf'lnebarncss backs . 55
lne finished rein leather, russet and stained,
per dozen fS4 00
Fine finished bridle leather, russet and
stained, per pound 45
Leather Belting.
There is within the corporate limits of Pitts
burg but one tannery namely, that of the
Hartleys, at East Liberty which is devoted to
Ibe one interest of leather belting. A half
century aco there were a number of tanneries
an this city, but as land became precions in the
old city the tanning industry graduallv shifted
10 the Jiorthside. The one survivor on this
side is that close to the East Liberty station.
There some 50 men are employed turning out
leather belting, and from 2U0 to 300 heavy steer
.hides are worked up each week. A rerresent-
aure 01 ims una repuru, an active aemand lor
rtheir goods. Said he: "We have no seasons
of activity and quietness in our line, but a
uniform trade, which is far better. Of course
trade improves when our iron industries are
.active, and new plants are springing up. The
ordinary wear and tear in the iron mills ot this
section furnishes a fair demand for our goods;
and while we cannot report a boom, our in
dustry is in a very healthy condition, and there
is a good demand for all the stuff we are able,
with our present capacity, to turn out."
TberCondltlon of Business at the East Liberty
Slock Yards.
OrncE orPiTTSBtTEo Dispatch, l
Tuesdat. November 12. 1888.
Cattle Receipts, 340 head; shipments,
340 bead; market steady: prime, 84 104 35;
good, S3 203 65; fair, S2 803 20; bulls, Btags
and fat cons, SI 502 50; no cattle shipped to
2ew York to-day.
Hoos Receipts. 1,600 bead: shipments. 1.200
lead; Market, all grades, H OOS5J4 10; one car of
3iog shipped to Kew York to-day.
Sheep Receipts, 2,b00 head; shipments, L200
head; market firm and 1520c better than last
By Tcleerapu.
Nkw Yobk Beeves Receipt. 18 carloads
all for exportation In dressed quarters; no
Trading in beef cattle; dressed beef had a fair
demand: native sides sold at 5K(7VTc rer
-sound: Texas and Colorado do at
jports to day, 600 beeves and 2,600 quarters of
.beef; to-day's Liverpool cable quotes American
:steers dull and weak at 10Kllc per pound
Jor the dressed weight, taking the offal, and
.American refrigerated weak at 7$c per pound.
Calves Receipts. 450 head; reported steady at
58c per pound for veals. Sheep Receipts.
700 head; market firm and all sold, inclndinc
.sheep at 3K5Vc per ponnn, and lambs at Sit
6c Hogs Receipts 4,400 head: the few
sales alive were at 84 005 40 per 100 pounds,
and the market closed easier.
CHICAGO The Droierf Journal report
Cattle Receipts. 8.000 head; shipments, 3,000
head; market slow, closing 10 cents lower:
choice to extra, S4 5035 00; steers, 2 80Q4 40:
stockers and feeder. $1 S03 00: bulls and
rnlxed, SI 152 60: Texas cattle. ?150g2 70;
Western, ranges Z2 00S3 35. Hoss Receipt"
40,000 head: Bhipmentsj6.500 head; market&a
10c lower; mixed, S375100: heaw. 53 &4 00
light, 13 754 05; skips, t3 003SO. Sheep-
Receipts, 6.000 head: shipments. L000 head
market steady; natives. J2 75fi!5 00: western
13 S0ffi4 25; Texans, S3 404 10; lambs, $4 50
Kaxsa Crrr Cattle Receipts, 9,000 head
shipments. 4.100 bead: market strong to 10c
higher; native beeves, $3 204 80: cows. $1 5o
I 55: stockers and feeders. S2 453 35: Texans.
SI 602 95l Hogs Receipts, 12,000 bead; no
shipments; marKet heavy, and mixed 6c lower:
mixed to choice light. S3 6503 So; heaw
and mixed. S3 703 So. Sheep Receipts, 1 300
bead; shipments, 200 head; market steady
jrood to choice muttons. S3 704 95; stockers
and feeders, $2 553 6a
St. Loins Cattle Receipts, 2,400 head; no
shipments; market strong; choice heavy na
tive steers, S4 2004 90: lair to good, 0.0, $3 25
4 30: stockers and feeders, S2 103 15: range
steers, S2 003 00. Hogs-Receints, 6.400 head:
310 shipments; market slow; fair to choice
heavy, S3 6503 SO; packine. S3 603 SO; light.
iair to best S3 6oeB su aneep Receipts, 600
bead; no shipments: market firm; fair to
choice. S3 204 70.
BDTFAiX) Cattle stcadv and unchanged; re
ceipts 37 loads through; 27 ale. Hogs steady
at yesterday's prices; receipts, 9 loads through;
70 sale.
Kirar VnnKL November 12. There ni nn
change In the stato of trade in drygoods.
Spring orders continued of good proportions,
while staple goods were more or less quiet,
with some improvement for export and for
converting. The market for cotton goods
ruled firm without change, bat stocks contiuue
light with reryfew exceptions, woolen goods
were quiet, except dress goods for spring,
which were in fair order request. There was
an auction sale of about (100,000 worth of
woolen clothing offered by N aumberg. Kraus,
Lauer & Co., to clean up stocks, which attract
ed considerable attention. It was a very good
access, and imparted strength to both, the
WIMUU1g mj wosicu -suras.
Speculation In Wheat of a Local Nature
Prlces a Trifle Stronger on
Reports of a Short
ace in Rnssln.
Chicago Wheat There was a fair
volume of speculative trading to-day,
chiefly, however, on local account. The feel
ing developed was a trifle stronger, bnt other
wise there was no Important change to note.
The report byBeerbobm that the preliminary
official crop report of Russia indicated a short
age of L00Q,X bushels of wheat and 95,000,000
bushels of rye as compared with last year's
crop, was the only feature of interest and had a
strengthening effect upon, the market.
European market advices quoted a quiet and
steady feeling. India shipmentsarofalling off.
The market held steady most of the day. ad
vancing 5Xc over yesterday's closing, land
closed ic higher for December and He higher
for May.
In com a firm feeling prevailed, and trading
was at somewhat higher prices early, but later
an easier tone was manifested. The chief
strengthening factors were the small receipts,
light stocks and good shipping demand. The
speculative market opened at about the closing
prices of yesterday, was firm and advanced
3sC, cased off Jfc, ruled a little quiet and closed
Hc higher than yesterday for November
and a shade lower for other futures. Toward
the close the market reacted, touching the in
side pnees of the day on free selling of May by
several prominent operators.
Oatswere active and higher early, particu
larly for the near deliveries, November and
December, which were offered sparingly and
wanted urgently by shorts, who in their anxiety
to cover Did prices npc. There was good
general trading in May, bnt offerings were
moderate and prices advanced Ja Later
weakness developed, dne to larger offerings,
and about all the advance was lost at the
In mess pork a moderate trade was reported,
and the feeling was stronger. Prices were
somewhat irregularand averaged 53 10c higner,
but were not fully supported.'
In lard a fair trade was reported, and a
steady feeling prevailed. Prices were well
In short rib sides only a moderate business
was transacted, and the market was compara
tively steady. Prices exhibited very little
we leading futures ranged as follows:
.Mt ff4SA;vflW;r4w,ivw januarv, cv
esufeSUHc: May. V3y&&l8S4$ic.
Corn -Sal December. 326S2W3232c;
Januarv."3131J31K3lfc; May. 33&S3
Oats No. 2. December, 1V20K19"4
19c; January. 20202020e; May. 222
ESS PORK, ner bbL Year. 89 2509 3583
9 259 30: Jannarv. $9 S79 459 829 425$;
Ma. $9 659 809 659 75.
Lard, per 100 lbs. Year, $5 S55 S7V5 85
65 85; January, $5 S7K5 b7X5 85go Sl:
aiay. w U7H0 1U8 U7J$eS U
0110KT runs, per iou as.-
Year. MSU 87V
H XAitiH fS: Jamiarv
82g4 8offi4 80S
4 S2M: ilav. to Oftffin 055 OKah 0.5.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour steady
and unchanged. N 0.2 spring wheat. 79?79c:
No. 3 spring wheat,62665c; No.2 red,779c:
No, 2 corn. 33c .No. 2 oats. 9&c;No.2
rye. K15c.No.2 barley, 68c No. 1 flaxseed,
SI 33K1 3 Prime timothy seed, II 15. Mess
pork, per bbk S9 o09 60. Lard, per 100 lbs,
S6 006 02K. Short ribs sides (loose). $5 35Q
5 CO. Dry salted shoulders (boxedj, $4 37K
iSO. Short clear tides (boxed), $5fi05 KK
Sugar, unchanged. Receipts Flour, 21,000 bar
rels; wheat, 129.000 bushels: com, 157.000 bushels;
oats, 145,000 bushels; rye, 14.000 bushels: barley.
60.000 ibushels. Shipments-Flonr. 29,000 bar
rels; wheat, 63,000 bushels: corn. 262,000 bushels;
oats, 270,000 bushels; rye, 130,000 bushelsjbarley,
57.000 bnshels.
On the produce exchange to-day the bntter
market was firm and unchanged. Eggs, 19620c
New York Flour moderately active and
steady. Cornmeal steady. Wheat Spot firm
and moderately active; options quiet, irregular,
l4Qc higher and weak. Rye more active and
firm; sales 29,000; bushelsNo.2 Western at 63c
c and f. Barley quiet: Canada. 5070c; West
ern. 5065c Baney malt quiet; Canada. TTKc.
Corn Spot firm and quiet; options qui it, fie
lower and weak. Oats Spot active and strong;
options firmer ana quiet. Hay quiet and easy.
Coffee Options unchanged to lo points down,
closed steady at 15Q20 points down; sale?, 36.500
bags. including November, l4.75U90c;
uecomuer, n.oomo,uoc. reoruary. u.4Vc;
March, lL8515.05c; April. 15.05c; Mav. 14.95
15.05c; July. 14.80c: August, 14.55ffil4.75c: Sep
tember. 14.40ai4.50c: October. 14.40c; spot Rio
firm: fair cargoes, 19fc. Sugar Raw held
firmly checking business: refined firmer
active; granulated. 6 15-lOc. Molasses New Or.
leans fairly active. Rice quiet and steady.
Petroleum steady. United closed SI 0S-c for
December. Cottonseed oil weak. Tallow
weak: city (2 for packages) 4 7-16e!4c. Rn.in
qnletand steady. Turpentine dull and lower
47c. Eggs quietrabout steady: western
2324c: ice bouse 1518c: receipts, i,3S6 pack
ages. Pork steady; mess inspected Sll 0011
25: do, uninspected, $10 75: extra prime, S9 50
9 75. Cntmeats firm: middles firm; short clear,
S3 60. Lard spot firmer and quiet. Options
dull; easier: sales, western steam $6 45g6 47K
closing at S6 47; November, S6 35 Lid: Decem
ber. S6 28: January. So 286 31, closing, $8 29 bid;
February $6 326 35, closing, SB 34 bid: March
closed, $6 39 asked. Butter quiet; choice
fresh and firm: Elgin, 26264c; western dairy
917c: do, creamery, 1325c: do, held, 1218c
do. factory. 712)ic. Cheese firm; western, TJtf
PHrLADELPinA Flour Choice Minnesota
patents firm and under a fair demand; other
descriptions quiet but steady. Wheat Options
largely nominal: spot lots steady: rejected in
grain depot, 65GSc; ungraded on track. 85c:
ro. 2 red. November. 60S0)fc: December. 8114
BSlVc; January. 82K82c; February, 83
3c. Corn fepot firm with a good demand:
options quiet and nominal; No. 2 low mixed
in Twentieth street elevator, 41c; No. 2 mixed,
inTnentieth street elevator and grain depot
41Kc: No. 2 high mixed and yellow, do. 42c;
No. 2 mixed, November, 40f41c; December.
40Kc: Jannarv. 39KQ40C Oats Snot Arm, K.
3 white, 28c; No 2 white. 29c: do choice. 29Vc".
do on track, 28fc; choice clipped oats. 33
lutures m fair demand and a Bliade firmer- No
2 white, November. 2829c: December. 28?i
29c; January, 2929c; February, 29K29Kc.
Butter steady and in fair demand; Pennsyl
vania creamery, extra, 25c; do prints, extra
29Q30C Eggs quiet; Pennsylvania firsts, 260
St. Louis Flonr quiet and unchanged.
Wheat There was enough demand to advance
prices, etc, bnt not maintained, thouch the
c!oe was Wc above yesterday: No. 2 recL cash
78c: December TSJfc, closing at 75Jic bid: Mav'
S3KS3c, closing at KSSHc asked. Com
higher; No. 2 mixed, cash, 313ftic; November
30K30?ic closed at 30c asked; December'
2&J4C closed at 2SK29Ke; Sfay. 30V
3(r5ic closed at 30Jc bid: Jul v. 'Sc Oats flra
No. 2 cash. 19Ucl)id; May. 22c asked. Rve-
No. 2, 39c bid. Barley Nothinc done. Vw-r.
seed firm.
with light offerngs. '"
Milwauxee Flour dull. Wheat qniet: cash
and December, 7Sc: No. 1 Northern, SIKc
X ruviMOUS unn nut nnihi.Mri
uru iea.uv; ,0.0 01a, ac uats Arm- No 2
white, 22S22KC. Rye firm; No. L 44Kc Barley
firm: No. 2, 52Kc Provisions firm. Pork.
S9 67K. Lard. $590. Cheese steady; Cheddars"
Baltimore Provisions unchanged. Butter
firm; creamery. 24c Eggs firmer; western.
25c Coffee qniet; Rio cargoes fair and nominal
Toledo Cloverseed steady and firm- cash.
S3 55: November, S3 60; December, S3 65.
Wool lIlRrket.
ST. Lorns Receipts 156,493 pounds. Market
steady and unchanged.
N EW Yoek Wool in moderate demand and
steady. Domestic fleece, 323yc; pulled. 23a
41c: Texas, 142Sc
Boston The wool market is steady. The
small lots that are selling command abont pre
vious prices, and large lines can be moved only
at some concession. In Ohio and Pennsylvania
fleeces thero have been sales of X at 3ie32e
XXat33K34cand;No.lat373Sc Michigan
X fleeces are not moving freely at 30c In Sne
delaine selections there have beeu sales of
Ohio at 31c and of Michigan at 3233c Comb
ing wools remain dull. Territory wools have
been quoted at 60c. scoured; for fine at o.'i57c
Texas and California wools are quiet. In
Eulled wools there has been fair trade, but
nyers are offering low prices, which fact in
terferes with trade. Foreign wools are firm.
but are not selling very well.
Metal Marker.
-New Yobk Pig iron firm; American,
f 16 O018 60. Copper strong and more active
lake. November, J12 40. Lead qniet and'
easy; domestic. $3 87J& Tin unsettled and
easier; straits, S21 95. a
The Curry Dramatic Clnb Will Indnlge in
Clnaalc Drama.
The dramatic club of the Curry School
of Elocution and Dramatic Culture will give
a rendering of "Damon and Pythias" in the
"University Hall, on'Sixth street, next Fri
day evening. The tickets are limited to
00. The part of Damon' will be played
by George S. Gallupe, Jr., son of Colonel
Gallupe, of the Germania Fire Insurance
Company, and 'Pythlai' by A. K. Wilson.
The performance it promised to be a faith
ful and careful one.
Salvation On, is a speedy and perma
nent cure for all pain. It extirpatea the
came. .Price, 25 cents. '.
Which May Extinguish the Western
.and Atlantic Pipe Line.
Owners of Bealty Showing a Disposition to
Stick to Fair Prices.
As throwing some light on the mystery
surrounding the reported absorption ot the
Western aud Atlantic Pipe Line and re
fineries by the Standard Oil Company, it
can be stated authoratively that Mr. Joseph
Craig has disposed of his interest, a little
less than one-fourth, in the properties in
question to his former partners, Messrs.
"Weidner, Eeighard & Co. This much
cqmes from Mr. Craig direct He will here
after giTe his whole attention to the devel
opment of his prodncing interests.
Jnst what lies hack of this transaction is
still a matter of speculation. A gentleman
who claims to know something about it re
marked yesterday evening: "I think it is
the first of a series of moves to place the
property in a few hands, with the ultimate
purpose of selling out to the Standard.
This would be in line with the vol icy of the
monopoly, and no doubt profitable to the
Western and Atlantic people, whose busi
ness, I think, is on the decline. If it were as
large and remunerative as formerly, I do not
think Mr. Craig would willingly part with his
interest He is not that kind ot a man. I
think the full story will come ont in a short
The fear of a boom in values of real estate
seems to be on the wane. A gentleman who
has studied the subject pretty thoroughly said
yesterday: "Early in the season the danger of
inflation was Imminent. Quite a number of
owners, both in the city and suburbs, who bad
offered to sell at definite prices, canceled the
orders they bad given to their agents and with
drew their properties from the market, their
object being to hold them for an advance. This
was succeeded by a lull in business, showing
that buyers could not be coerced. It was the
same as saying: 'If we can't buy property at a
fair valuation we won't buy at all.' In the face
of this determination owners could do nothing
but back down, or rather abandon the idea of
ballooning. This they did, with a few ex
ceptions, and business at once revived.
"Buyers are more liberal than they get credit
for. They recognize the fact as completely as
owners that the city is growing: that land suit
able for building purposes is becoming scarcer
every day, and that as a legitimate result,
values must advance, but they object, and with
reason, too, to being required to pay extrav
agantly for contemplated improvements, such
as parks and electric and cable roads. They
want a share of the benefits of these comforts
and conveniences. This is reasonable, ana it is
right To sell land this year at the price it
will bring four or five years hence would give
the buyer no chance at all to make anything
out of his investment. Owners seem to be
coming to an appreciation of this injustice,
and are more and more confining their de;
minds to reasonable limits. In my opinion all
danger of undue inflation has gone by. Values,
of course, will continue to enhance, but not
out of proportion to the growth of tbe city and
expansion of business."
The influence of the proposed Scbenley Park
on adjoining property is already being felt, as
shown by an offer made a few days ago to
Messrs. Black & Baird for the entire balance of
the Lloyd plan, situated on Dithridge street.
It was wanted for speculation. The offer was
refused, the owners declining to sell to any
but persons who wonld improve.
Since the offer for the entire tract was made
fonr of tbe lots have been sold, and four fine
stone residences will be erected upon them
next spring. This property is especially desir
able from the fact of its close proximity to the
main entrance to the park.
High prices at borne in consequence of a
short supply and a large yield abroad have com
bined to rednce tbe exports of apples to Europe.
The shipments so far this season, indeed,
amount to hardly more than one-third as much
as last year. All authorities report the crop
exceedingly light and of a decidedly poor
quality, except in Maine and a few of tbe
Western States. The yield in New England,
except Maine, and New York is not more than
enongh for tbe home demand. In the West,
Missouri, Illinois and Michigan have very large
crops of good qnality apples, and they "have
been forwarding them East at a rapid rate, ex
pecting to realize on the short crops there.
Western apples are of fine quality for home
consumption, but as they are inclined to be soft
they are hardly adapted to undergo foreign
shipping, and very few are exported. Freight
rates to Liverpool are abont one-third higher
than a year ago.
Activity in cotton manufacturing continues
to be one of the most noteworthy features of
the industrial movement ot the year. While
there is little to encourage the owners of
woolen mills, the cotton factories are making
liberal profits and extending their operations.
Their record is even more gratifying than that
of the iron works of the Middle States and the
West, inasmuch as they have shown no signs
of depression at any time since January. Ad
ditional construction is the order of the day.
It is said, indeed, that 17 corporations are
either building new factories or enlarging old
This remarkable growth in the business is not
confined to the Sonth, where perhaps tbe prog
ress of recent years has been tbe most pro
nounced, nor to New England, where the in
dustry is most highly concentrated, but both
New England and the South share in the gain,
which also extends somewhat to the West.
The Eastern manufacturers acknowledge the
strength of Southern competition, but do not
consider it disastrous, or admit the possibility
of its becoming so.
A Spnrt In Central Traction, Currylnj; It to
High Water Mark.
Central Traction was the drawing card of the
stock market yesterday. It opened at 33J and
sold up to 34. closing a little off, at 83 bid
and 31 asked. The advance was due to the
near completion of the road, and to tbe belief
that it will pay from the start Philadelphia
Oas was pounded, and yielded a trifle. Electric
was about steady.
Pleasant Valley Railway was fractionally
higher, and People's Pipeage a trifle lower.
There were no other changes of importance.
The sales were 3ffi) shares. Bids, offers and
sales were:
Bid. Asked.
Hid. Asked.
Citizens' Kat. Bank.
City havlnfrs Banc
City Deposit Bank
Diamond Mat. Uanf
Preebola Bant 55
Lawrence Bank.. ....
Masonic Bank
Mechanics Sat. Bank. 107
Third Mat. Bank'..... 160
City Insurance 25
Citizens' insurance.
alan.AMer. Ins
Allegheny Heating Co.
Brldjrewater Gas
unio vaiiey uas
People's S. li. A P.Co ....
Penna. Uas Co.
Philadelphia Gas Co... SIX
Wheeling bas Co
Hazelwood OU Co SOX
Central Traction SI
Citizen ' Traction 69j
Pitts. Traction 47ii
it 64
Pleasant Valley 11
Pitts., A. A Man 225
Pittsburg A Connells'e 20
Pitts. June. B. B
P. U.AM. 1,
Pitts. A Western It. K. ....
P.A W.K.B.CO. pret "
Point Bride Hi
j-oini nnan pia to
xjS a oria aiming uo.
Yankee Girl lllninc...
Westinrhouse Electric
Bales at the first call -were 100 Citizens'
Traction at 70, 40 Pleasant Valley Railway at
2 20 Central Traction at 8 60 at 84,10 at
8 25 at S and 25 at 8
At the last call 6 Electrlo brought MM. 17
Switch anfi Sienal 10, 45 Central Traction 84, i
Philadelphia Gas 32 and SO 32.
J, H. Patterson sold 60 ahares .Citizens
National Bank at 65. Henry M. Long bought
aou xaccbfiu fc au
day were 269,235 shares, Including: Atchison,
13,265; Union Pacific 6.60b: Delaware. Lacka
wanna and Western, 5,300; Denver, Texas &
Ft. Worth, 3,200; Erie, 4,210; Hocking Valley,
4,020: Louisville and Nashville. 12,475; Mis
souri ,Paciflc 7,267: Norfolk fc Western, pre
ferred, 6,377: Northern Pacific, preferred,
12,665; Reading, 18,400; Richmond aud West
Point, 22,901; St. Paul, 17,02a
Enongh Money, In Pittsbnrff to Insure a
T.onc Period of Ease
There was a good demand for money yester
day, which was met at the usual rates. Tbe
amount of cash available for business purposes
was stated to be large enough to insure con
tinued ease throughout the winter. Checking
and depositing were liberal. Eastern exchange
commanded a premium. Tbe exchanges were,
$2,120,277 65 and the balances $342,978 89.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy, ranging from 5 to 6, last loan 5. closed
offered at 5 per cent. Prime mercantile paper
o7. Sterling exchange quiet but steady
at S4 80i for 60-day bills and $4 liji for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
D. S. 4s,reg 127
U. S5.4s.eoun 127
M.K.4T. Gen.M , 60M
Mutual Union ss.. ..100
N. J. C. Int. Oert...m ,
Northern Pac UU..1I3X
Northern Pae.2ds..ll0
Northw't'n consols. H2
U.S. 4Xs, re Wi
O. S. 4Ms. coup.... V&H
Pacific As or '96. U7H
Loulslanastampedls 89H
Missouri 03 1U1J4
Tenn. new set. Ss... 106
Northw'n deben's..H0
Oregon & Trans. 6s. 101
St. U AI.M. Uen. Si 85
8t. L.ftS.K.Gen.M.120
si. 1'aul consols ....123
St.i-L uw Feists. 20
Tenn. new set. &S....101H
renn. newsei.as.... u
Canada Bo. 2ds 97
Oan. Pacificists 117
Den. Alt. Q., UU...I1SM
Den. &K. Q. 4s 78
D.B.G.Wet,lits. 99H
Erie, Ms 1W
Tx., Po.L.G.TrRs.W
Tx.,Pe.K.O.Tr.Kctt 17
union rac. in,,.."'
West Shore 1IH
11. K. AT. Gen. 6f.. 67K
Yesterdav's bond offerings were as follows:
Registered'4s. (137,000 at 127: registered 4X'i
$53,900 at 105; coupon 4& $6,550 at 105.
New Tobk Clearings, 1174,015,785; balances,
Boston Clearings, $17,405,062; balances,
521244,761. Money at 45 per cent.
Baltimore Clearings, 2,349,526; balances,
Philadelphia Clearings, $13,305,256; bal
ances, $1,830,874.
Chicago Bank clearings were $11,687,000.
New York exchange was par. There was no
change in rates for loans.
Pyklng Between Exchanges All That Can
be Snld of Oil. '
Although there was considerable animation
in the oil market yesterday, with a fair amount
of trading, there was nothing to attract special
attention. The business was of the pyking
sort between the exchanges. New York and
Pittsburg did most of the buying and Oil City
tbe bulk of the selling.
Tbe market opened at 10SK highest 109,
lowest 1USX closing 108. Monday's clear
ances were 1,053,000 barrels.
Fenlures of Ibe Market.
Corrected daily by John M. Oasuey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 1MWI Lowest...
Highest lraXlC'losed...,
Average runs ,
Average shipments ,
Average charters
IS, 059
nennea, mew lore, r.uc
Kefinerf, London, ft'l.
Refined, Antwerp, lT&t".
Keflned. Liverpool. 8 1-lSd.
Refined, Bremen, 7.20c.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts, 11 07V
1 07K; calls, $1 09.
Other Oil markets.
On. Citt. November 12. Opened at SI 08;
highest. $1 09; lowest, $1 0S! closed, $1 08.
Bradford. November 12. Opened atSl 08;
closed at 81 084; highest, $109; lowest,
$1 08.
TrrusyiLLE. November 12. Opened at$l 0
highest, $1 09; lowest, $1 08; closed at
NKwYORK,November 12. Petroleum opened
weak at 107 after a slight decline in the
early trading some slight buying carried the
price up to 109. An attempt to realize then
caused a reaction, and the close was weak
at 108. Btock Exchange Opening, $1 07:
highest, $1 09; lowest, $1 07: closing,
SI 08. Consolidated Exchange Opening.
$1 07; highest, $1 09; lowest, $1 07; clos
ing, SI 08; Sales, 6U,0U0 barrels.
Continued Activity Ih Benl Estate Transac
tions la City and Saburb. ,
J. C. Heilly, 77 Diamond street sold for Chas.
Manning to John Scbwamb a three-story brick
dwellinp:, No. ICTTIckroy street lot 25x95, for
S3.950; also, two lots for James W. Breen and
John O'Neil, 20x100 each, on Wylie avenue,
near Wandless street, to John JlcCallum for
S1.400; also, lot 40x120 on Belonda street, Mt
Washington, for Jos. 16 to Wm. Porter for
$350 cash.
B.P. Benbow, of Carson and Twenty-first
streets, Southside, closed the sale of one of
those excellent eight-roomed brick and stone
houses lately erected by Bakewell Phillips on
Sidney street, above Twenty-third stieet
Southside. The purchaser was Mr. David
Lewis, a well-known ironworker. The price
paid was $4,875 07. This is the third house sold
for Mr. Phillips within a month ont of the six
hardly yet completed.
Jamison & Dickie sold for Henrv J, Banner
a six-roomed bouse on Knclid avenne, East
J6nd, to Maria E. Seelig for $2,800, and for Caro
line Macfarren four lots, 50x120 feet on Lang
avenne, Twenty-second ward, to Mrs. W. S.
Taylor for $3,200.
Black 4 Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold for J.
R. McClintock et al. a vacant lot having a
1 rontaee of 200 feet on Linden avenne and ex
tending back along Kdgerton avenne a dis
tance ef 174 feet for $6,000.
Reed B. Coyle 4 Co., 131 Fourth avenne, sold
for Jos. Loughrey two lots on Ward street
Oakland, size 24x100 each, for 52,000 cash.
Trading In Rntlroad Shares Locks Vlm-n
Threatened Enforcement of the
Mlssoarl Law Causes a
Flurry Lead Trust.
New Yobk, November 12. The stock mar
ket was more qniet to-day, except at intervals
and in spots, and tbe dealings, as a rule, were
made within narrow limits and presented little
feature of interest There were several items
of news which would have had a bearing upon
values, but they seemed to fall flat in almost
every case, and while the market for tbe
greater portion of the day had an upward ten
dency, the movements lacked vim. and outside
of a few specialties tbe final changes are gen
erally confined to small fractions.
The most prominent feature of the day was
the selling of Lead Trust by St Louis, which
became alarmed at the threatened enforce
ment of the law which was passed last winter
against Trusts, and tbe stock was forced down
about 2 per cent though a partial recovery
took place. Tbe bears, of course, helped the
decline, and the recovery was in all probability
the result of the taking of profits on the short
side. With the exception of London, which
bought freely at times of all of its favorites,
St. Louis was tbe only outside center which
traded to any extent in this market to-day.
Next to Lead Trust Richmond and West
Point attracted most attention, and both kinds
of stock changed hands, some at advances.
The Grangers were all stronger, though Bur
lington seemed nedected, and failed to move
with the others. The long-expected dividend
on Northern Pacific preferred was declared to
day, bnt the announcement failed to have any
cnect on the stock, wmch was steady throngh
out, with a slight upward tendencv. The spe
cialties were in many cases conspicuous for
8tseiigth, and Canadian Pacific, Ontario and
Western and Louisville and Nashville all made
material gains.
The market reacted from the depression of
yesterday afternoon, and opened from Jf to K
per cent higher this morning. Though tbe bears
soon made a drive at New England and forced
it off over 1 per cent; though after tbe pressure
was removed there was a full recovery. The
demonstration bad the effect of checking tbe
upward movement in the general list how
ever, and some stocks went back slichtlv for
uo uuio uc.ufc. . uw,Eooiuu was ot snort
duration, and, led by Richmond and West
Point the entire list moved up slowly, not-
nuiifiMuuiU); tuo nca.uua buuwu in 1j6AU.
Stagnation was tbe feature of tho list in the
afternoon, but Ontario and Western, Hocking
Valley and other low-pricea specialties re
lieved the monotony by sharp upward move
ments, and late In thn day tbe advance became
general, except that Chicago Gas dropped 2U
per cent on the grant to another company of
the privilege of bringing gas into Chicago.
The greater portion of this loss was afterward
made up, however.
The close was fairly active and strong, gener
ally at the best prices of the day. 1 he final
chances are almost all advances of fractions,
but Ontario and Western rose Hi, Rlohmond
and West Point preferred 1U. the common lit,
St Paul and Canada Pacine li. Jersey Centra
Louisville and Nashville and Missouri Pacific
1 per cent each, while Lead Trust is off li and
Chicago Gas 1 per cent
Railroad bonds were more quiet to-day, the
sales of all issues reaching only Jl,22L0e0. and
the onlv rall v antlTA lamn w -Er.u.fe....-tr.l-
leyto, which contributed. HWoeo to tie total.
The tone of the market was rather heavy, if
anything; but final changes are abont equally
divided between gains and lose which are
in bnt few cases for more than fractional
.The PoiPt financial article says: The selling
of Erie and some other stocks yesterday was
presumed to be for London account, and this,
together with the fact that in tbe last week the
Bank of England has lost 45,000 on balance,
nas led some people to expect that the Bank of
VSSd me discount would be raised on
next Thursday, and thus give the whole stock
speculation a setback. There is, however,
nothing in the London money market as yet
i?".,"11'11118 expectation. Money is easy at
et, though there are still some apprehensions
of the necessity of further shipments of gold to
the Argentine Republic But this forenoon
were was considerable Erie bought for London
account, aud the early prices in the market for
a'American stocks were higher than
closing prices here last night
it is the apathy of the American public in re
gard to railroad stocks that makes the dull mar
xet, and leaves all the active stocks lower to
day than a week ago. The decline in Lead
irnst was dne to heavy selling of St Louis
nolders, who were alarmed by the notice of the
secretory of tne State of -Missouri to all cor
porations or that State that they must comply
witn the law, passed last winter, prohibiting
any corporations from putting their stocks into
'fnst The penalty for non-compliance Is loss
or their charters. Some of the most profitable
concerns in the Lead Trust are in St Lonis, and
it looks as if they would be compelled to with
draw from the trust Nevertheless, thodecline
intrust certificates was only 1 per cent
..i "5 flowing tame snows tne prices oractlve
stocks on the Mew York Stock xenanre yester-lfrA-CorTec,e(1
daUv for T Dispatch tar
X?IT??,T8TEPHKN8Ow. oldest Plttshurg men
hers ofKew York Stock Exchange. Jrourlh ave-
Low- lnc
est. Bid.
331f 34
35 S5K
7W 71
an an
118 118H
25K 25K
USm Ids
7 sk
111 112H
39 184"
.... m
112 112X
.... 112
75 7SS
93K 93
32 31K
140 140
.... 147
10! 10!
70 71
22 2iH
116 111
18H 18ii
64 63
107 lifift
S7 V!H
9H m
68 3h
.... 106!
23 28i
.... 35
4314 44
m 20
33 33
75 76
22H KH
46 46
32H KH
40K HU
ax a4
79 tin
120 . 120
.... 24
.... loe
VK V)4
S7!4 67M
31 3IH
84! 84H
74 ItH
19 S0H
S2H 64
Open- High
. .. In- t
f5-KCoon OU MX !4
Canadian Paclno 7ijJ 72
Canada Southern 55H 85Jf
Central or flew Jerny.118 18
OiettpeakeaOhio.... 2SX 25JJ
.. Bur. a Oulnev. ....105X 10S
c.. Atii. a at. faui.... tsx s
.. Jill.A 8t P., pr.. ..liiM 112
-. goes l a r nth r,
U..StL.Antts ..
C., at, U A Pitts, pf.. 89 39
C St.P..M. At)
c. at.p..u. ao.. pr.
0. A Northwestern m 112)$
O.A Northwestern, PL
ft. p.. C. A I 7S 75K
ft. U., O. A L, pr 98K DSJf
Col. Coal A Iron. 32 82
Col. A Boozing Vat .. 19 WH
Ke!:ALkdTou:r:.:::-... ".
f::vvi-H.a:iiVpF. Ig,
K.T.. Vs. A Oa. 2d pr. 221, 23
Illinois UentraU lie 11
Lake Erie A Western.. 1834 183?
Like krie a West nr 64
fare Snore AM. a 107 1075j
LoulsvllleAKashvllle. MU 84
Michigan central S7 ilk
Jio., Uan. A Texas.... 9K 9K
Missouri r'aclfle 83 69S
New Kora- CentraL
J.. UB.AW 28X 28M
J. X.. C. ASt b ?
-N... C. A8t.li.2dnf
J-US. X UH 44H
r.. O. A W 15J4 20)4
Norfolk a Western
JorrolkA Western.pf. 58J 881t
Northern Pacific 33jJ S3!
Nortnern Pacific nref. 78 78X
Ohlol Mississippi..... 22SJ" 22J4
Oregon Improvement. 48 48
Oregon Transcon...... 34 Jl
PaclfleMall 32 32
Peo. Dec. A Kvans
Pullman Palace Car
Klchmona A W. P. t.. 23X 24)4
Klchmond A W.P.T.pf 7f 81H
St P., Minn. A Man. .120 laiji
StL. ASan Fran
St JL. A flan irran pf.
&t.jj. A San if. 1st pf.
Texas Paelflo 203 )
Union Paolno 67? 67J
Wabash preferred II Jl
Western Union S4H UH
W heeling A L. . 69H es&
Sugar Trust 74 KH
National i,ead Trait.. 2iX 21M
Chicago tias Trust.... 65 M
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue,
xtsmoers .new xorx bioccbx-
Pennsylvania Kallroad -. J2M
20 9-19
Buffalo. Pittsburg and Western,
LehUh Valley
Lehhrn Navigation
fcortnern Pacific ,
Nortnern Pacifio preferred
. S
. S2
. 63
Boston titocks.
Ateb. A Too.. 1st 7s. 117
A. AT. Landr't7s.ll2
Atca. ATop. B. R. .. J5
UoitonA Albany.. .215
Boston A Maine. ....110
CC.1Q 103
Clnn. flan. A Cleve. 22
Eastern K. ft 118K
Flint PereM 20K
Mexican Cen. com.. 15S
Mex.C.lstmtr. bds. C6
. V. ctevKiit,.. 44
it. Y. A A. E. 7s. ...127
Old Colony. 173
Wls.Oentral.com... 23
AllouexHcOo H
Calumet A Hecla....23S
rranuin. UK
Huron 2)j
Osceola. 13J
Pewablc "5
Qulney 61
Hell Telepnone 200
Boston Land 6
Water Power 6
Tamarack lis
Sao Dleco 22
Santa fe copper.... 70
Business Notes.
A. J. Stephenson has applied for member
ship in the Pittsburg Exchange.
Thiett-sevejt mortgages were recorded yes
terday, the largest being for 810,000 purchase
The old Board of Directors of the Western
Insurance Company was re-electedata meeting
held yesterday.
Fob the month of October the gross earnings
ot 104 railroads were $30,481,993, an increase of
$3,858,276 over October, 1838.
It is stated that the Monongahela connecting
road is to be extended along the river bank to
Glenwood. This would open up a fine manu
facturing district
A MKETINO of stockholders of the Pittsburg
and Allegheny Bridge (Ninth street) Company
bas been called for December 2, to vote for or
against an increase of the indebtedness of the
Renters are already on the move. Quite a
number of applications for houses were made
yesterday. It is the general opinion that small
and medium-sized dwellings will be very scarce
next spring.
The belief is so general that the Central
Traction Railway will do a good business from
the start that there was quite a boom in tbe
stock yesterday. The road will be in running
order by the middle of next month, or sooner.
Investments in local bonds are large. An
officer of the Fidelity Title and Trust Company
remarked yesterday: "Some time ago there was
very little money invested in local bonds, bnt
within the past two Wfceks this has changed,
and there is a most satisfactory condition of
affairs in this line just now."
Can Be Imposed Upon Men Who Brought
These Glassworkcrs.
Washington, November 12. If the
argument made by the Treasury law officers
concerning the imported glassworkers at
Jeannette, Pa., is accepted by the Attorney
General and Secretary "Windom, and it is
decided that the glassblowers willfully
transgressed the law in contracting to take
service at Jeannette, tbe Government has
made ont a case against the men
who indnced the workmen to leave
England. If contracts were made,
the employers and agents who arranged the
contracts have rendered themselves liable
to prosecution, and, if found guilty, to tbe
imposition of the fine imposed by the con
tract labor law.
The snggestiqn made to Secretary Win
dom on Saturday may be at once approved
by Attorney General Miller, and the action
against the contractors and workihgmea
begun immediately.
Lnvrrencevllle People Flensed Over an Un
expected Flow of Water.
The citizens of Lawrenceville are In
hieh glee now on account of the at
tention of the city authorities in cleaning,
or making at least a pretense, of cleaning
Butler street. Early Monday evening a
corps of hosemen got "numerous hose in op
eration and cleaned Butler street irora end
to end for the first time, it is said, since the
Citizens' Traction line was laid. The sight
was so novel that residents stood in their
doorways and watched the proceedings with
manifestations of delight, feeling that at
last some step had been taken to remedy
the bad condition of Lawrenceville'a prin
cipal thoroughfare.
For Hard Drinkers.
pr. Flint's remedy is the only safeguard
which hard drinkers have against tbe blunting
or loss of sensation, the derangement of the
sense of taste, hearing and sight, and tbe stimu
lation of the emotions whioh hard drinking
brings. Descriptive treatise with each bottle:
or address Mack Drug Co., N. Y. MWT
Game and Western Ponltry Easier
Owing to Soft Weather.
Sugar and Coffee Are Drifting Toward a
Higher Level.
Office oF-PrrrsBOBG Bis atcjt,
TUESDAY. November 12, 18S9. J
Country Produce Jobbing; Prices.
Game and ponltry are coming in freely from
the West, and uwing to soft mild weather, are
easier. Nearty poultry Is scarce. Turkeys are
particularly scarce in this vicinity. There is a
slight improvement in the demand for apples.
Sweet potatoes are firm at quotations. Irish
potatoes quiet Florida oranges are in good
supply and fair demand at quotations. Grapes
are slow and their end is near. Tbe sales of
creamery bntter at Elgin yesterday reached
33.300 pounds, at prices rangingfrom 25 to 25ic
This brings the lay-down price of the bestl
gln creamery close to 27c in Pittsburg. Mild
weather is all that keeps eggs from another ad
vance. The first sharp weather will, no doubt,
send them up. Fresh country eggs are hard to
secure at any price.
Btjtteb Creamery, Elgin, 2S2SKr; Ohio
do, 2526c;lresb dairy packed, 2224c; country
rolls, 21622c
Beans Navy band-picked beans, $2 252 30;
medinm, 2 102 20.
Beeswax 2830c f) & for choice; low grade,
Uidek Sand refined, 16 507 GO; common,
3 G04 00; crab cider. 8 008 50 fl barrel:
cider vinegar, 1012c gallon.
Chestnuts $5 0065 60 $) bushel; walnuts,
6070c $ bushel.
Cheese Ohio, 11011J4c; New York, UKc;
Limburger, 9KlIc; domestic Sweitzer, 11
13Vc; imported Sweitzer, 23c
EQGS 2324c dozen for rictly fresh.
Fbuits Anples, fancy, Ti 002 50 fl barrel
crapes. Concords. 40cabasket; Harriett pears
$5 $ barrel; quinces, 45 ft barrel; cranber
ries. Jerseys. $2 GO per bushel box; Cape Cods
box, S2 7503 00; Malaga grapes, laize barrel,
Gaste Squirrels. 81 75 ? dozen: quail, S3 50
i 50 dozen: nralrie chickens. 23 o04 50
dozeu; pheasants, S3 504 60 fl dozen: rabbits,
30035c a pair; venison saddle, 2022 fl pound;
venison carcass 1012c $ pound.
FEATHEES-Extra live geese, 6060c; No. L
do. 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c V &-
rowiTBT unica-ens, old hens, Go70c;cmck
ens, large, yonng, G055c; chickens, small, 35
40c; ducks, 5560c pair; geese, f 1 00Q1 10 $)
pair: live turkeys, 10llc V t.
Seeds Clover, choice, K!fts to bushel, 85 00
5 2 IH bushel; clover, large English. 62fts, $5 60:
clover. Alsike, 88 00; clover, white, 89 00; timo
thy, choice. 45 Ss, 81 50; blue grass, extra
clean. 14 Iks. 90c; nine grass, fancy, M B, 81 00;
orchard cras, 14 lbs. 81 65; red top, 14 As, Jl 25;
millet 50 fts, 81 00; German millet, 50 As, 81 50;
Hungarian grass, 60 lis. 81 00: lawn grass,
mixture of fine grasses, 82 50 f) bushel of 14
Taiaow Country, iyic; city rendered, 4
TBOPiCALFRTnTS-Lemons, common, 83 60
fl 00: fancy, 84 0065 00: oranges, 84 G05 00;
lotida oranges. 83 7&4 60; bananas, 82 25 firsts.
81 50 good seconds. bnncb; eocoanuts, 84 (X)
i 50 V hundred: rigs, SX9c p &; dates, S
6Ke $ ft: new layer figs, U$iiec; new dates.
vegetables-Potatoes, from store. 5055c:
on track, 4045c; tomatoes, 811 25 fl bushel;
wax beans. 75c 5? bushel: green beans, 4050e
9 bushel; cabbages, 84 005 00 a hundred;
celerv. 40c fl dozen; Southern sweet .potatoes,
82 252 GO; Jerseys, 83 603 75; turnips, 81 00
1 50 a barrel; onions, 82 a barrel.
Buckwheat Flous22c $ pound.
Coffee options are drifting upward, and pack
ages promise to-rise at an early day. An ad
vance in roasted coffees was generally looked
for by dealers to-day, but expectations lalled
to materialize. Sugars are up c since Satur
day and markets are firm at the advance. The
movement of general groceries is unusually
active, but prices remain unchanged. New
Orleans molasses, new crop, is now coming in
freely and crlces tend toward a lower level.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 22K23Vc;
choice Rio, 2021c; prime Rio, 20c; low grade
Rio, l19c; old Government Java. 27c; Mar
acaibo, 2324c; Mocha, 2S29c; Santos, 20
23c: Caracas, 21023c; peaberry, Bto,2323c;
La Gnayra, 2223c.
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands. 23c;
high grades. 242&cr old Government Java,
bulk, 31032c; Maracaibo, 26Z7c: Santos, 22UQ
27c: peaberry, 28c; choice Rio. 24c; pilme
Rio, 22c; good Rio, 21; ordinary, 20c.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 1920c; allspice, 10c;
cassia, 8c; pepper, 17c: nutmeg, 70080c
Petboleum (Jobbers' prices) 110 test 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight 150, BXe; water
white, 10Kc: globe. 1414Kc: elaine, 14Kc; car
nadlne, lljc; royallne, 14c; globe red oil, 11
Miners' Orx No. 1 winter strained, 47g48c
fl gallon. Lard oil, 70c
Struts Corn syrup, 28030c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c: prime sugar syrup, S033c;
strictly prime, S335c; new manle syrup, 90c.
N. O. MOLASSES Fancy. 48c: choice. 4Bc:
medium, 43c; mixed, 4042c; choice new crop,
Soda Bl-carb in kegs, 8K4c; bi-carb in s.
5Jic: bl-carb, assorted packages, 66c; sal'
pacKages o.
annlated, 2c
soaa in Kegs, 154c; ao grsnuiaiea, zc.
uandles Biar, inn weight, vc; steanne, w
set. 8Uc: parafflne. 11CS12C.
Rice Head, Carolina, &7c; choice, 5fi)
6c: prime, 56c: Louisiana, 56Vc
Starch Pearl, 2c; cornstarch, o6c; gloss
starch. IKerJc -
Foreign Fbuits Laver raisins, 12 65; Lon-
S2 75; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
SI 85; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia, SJSSHc;
sultana, 9Kc; currants, 55kfc: Tnrkey prunes,
4X5c; French prunes. 6)o,c; Salon ica
prunes, in 2-ft packages. 8c; eocoanuts, fl 100,
$8 00; almonds, Lan., $ tt, 20c: do. Ivica, 19c;
do, shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.. 1215c; Sicily
fllnerU. 12c; Smyrna figs, 13Kelc; new'dates,
66Kc; Brazil nuts, 10c: pecan-, llI5c; cit
ron. v S, 1920c; lemon peel, )) , 15c; orange
peel. 4c
'Dried Fbuits Apples, sliced, pec ft 6c, ap
pies, evaporated, 9c; apricots, California, evap
orated. 14JI8c; peaches, evaporated, pared
2628c: peaches, California, evaporated, un
pared, 1921c; cherries, pitted,13J14Kc; cher
ries, nnpitted, S6c; raspberries, evaporated
25K26Kc; blackberries, 1)i8c; huckleberries
8TJ0ARS Cubes, 7Jc; powdered, 7Jic: granu
lated, 7Vc; confectioners' A, 7c; standard A.
7c; soft white, 6K&3.c;yellow,choice,6G6c;
yellow, good, 66c; yellow, fair, 5c; yellow,
Ficxiiis-Medinm, bbls (1,200). to 60; medi
nm. half bbls 16001. S3 25.
Salt-N o t V bbl, B5c; No. 1 ex, f bbl, SI 05;
dairy, fl bbl, 31 20; coarse crystal. bbl. II 20;
Eiggins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, S3 60;,Hlggins'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00. '
Cakitis Goods Standard peaches, 82 ts
2 CO; 2ds, Jl eo&l 80; extra peaches, (2 402 60;
pie peaches, 95c; finest corn. II 001 50; Hid Co.
corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90ctl; Lima beans,
tl 20; soaked do. 65c: string do, 6065c: mar
rowfat peas. $1 101 15: soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples. II 401 50; Bahama do, 12 75; dam
son plutns, 95c; greengages, II 25: egg plnms, 12;
California pears, 12 60; do greengage. II 85: do
egg plums. II 5; extra white coernes, 1240: red
, i4u:reu
iieetl 10:
cnernes, ius. ouc, rasiiuenica,
Strawberries. II 10: gooseberries. 1 3001 40:
tomatoes, 8590c; salmon, 1-&, II 651 90;
blackberrie. 65c; snecotasb, 2-ft cans, soaked.
90c; do green. 2-ft, $1 251 50: corn beef, 2-&
cans, 12 05; 14-ft cans. 114: baked beans, II 45
1 60: lobster, 1-ft, II 751 80; mackerel, 1ft
cans, broiled, $1 SO; sardines, domestic, lis,
$4 254 60; sardines, domestic, ijs, IT 2587 60;
sardines, Imported, &. Ill 5012 50, sardines,
imported, K. 18: sardines, mustard, f3 30;
sardines, spiced. 13 SO.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 R
bbL: extra No. 1 do. mess,l40; extra No. I
mackerel, shore, 832; extra No. 1 do, mess,
136: No. 2shore mackerel, 124. Codfish Whole
6c; do large, 7c: boneless hake. In strips, 6c: do
George's cod in blocks, 6JiQ7Kc Herring
Round shore, 14 50 fl bbl; spilr, S66O; lake,
$2 75 41 100-ft half bbL White fish, 16 00 100
ft half bbL, Lake trout, S5 60 ft half bbl. Fln-
IB hall DOL XAae trout, 90 ou ft
nan haddock, 10c W ft. Icelam
3b. Pickerel, JibW. B00: K'
mac herring, 15 00 a bbL 12 fill
iceiana nauDnt, 13c
Xh H bblSHO; Poto-
lurnnc-:!5 00 bbL 12 60 W i bbL
OATKEA1 6 006 25 fl bbL
Grain, Flour nnd Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at tbe Grain Ex
change, 48 cars. By Pittsburg. Ft. Wayne and
Chicago, 3 cars of flour, 2 of com, 1 of oats, 3
barley, 4 of hay. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St. Louis, 1 car of flour and feed, 5 of oats, 6 ot
corn, 4 of hay, 1 of oats, seed and rye. 1 of bar
ley. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 o.ar of corn.
By Pittsburg and Lake Erie. 2 can of barley, 2
of corn. 2 of bay. 1 of screenings, 6 ot rye, 2 ot
malt. By Pittsburg and Western, 1 car of
flour, 1 of oats, 1 of hay.- Sales on call, 1 car
sample corn, 41c, 5 days, Pennsylvania Rail
road; 1 car mixed oats, 28c, 10 days, Pennsyl
vania Railroad. The cereal situation is un
changed. Markets are sluggish and will, no
doubt; continue so until there If a falUag oS In
receipts. Supplies are too large for wants of
trade, and as a result markets are in favor of
Prices below are for carload lets on track.
Whxat New No. 2 red, OOOOlc; He. 8, 790
ear. 4041c; No. 2 yellow, shelled, 3940c:high
mixed, shelled, 3939c: mixed, shelled, 3&)i
Oats No. 2 white. 27Q27Kc; extra, No. 3,
25K26c: mixed. 23K2f e.
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 5051c:
No. 1 Western, 4819c; new rye. No. 2 Ohio, 45
Floub Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, 85 005 &0r winter straight
84 2534 50; clear winter. 84 004 25; straight
XX$X bakers', S3 6003 75. Bye floor, 83 603
4 75?
MHiTEED Middlings, fine white, SIS 00
18 50 fl ton; brown middling. 8I3 0O13GO:
winter wheat bran, 811 5011 75; chop feed,
815 go18 oa
HAY-Baled timothy. No. L 811 00011 60;
No. 2 do, 88 0010 00; loose from wagon, 811 00
013 00. according to quality; No. 2 prairie hay,
87 0008 00; packing do. 87 257 SO.
Stkaw Oats. SO 7507 00; wheat and rye
straw, 88 006 25.
Bugar-cared hams, large, 10c; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 10c: sugar-cured hams, small,
HJic; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 9c; sugar
cured shoulders, 6c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 7c: sugar-cured California hams. 7c;
sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9c; sugar-cured
dried beef sets, lOKc; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12Kc; bacon shoulders, 5c: bacon
clear sides, 7c; bacon clear bellies, 7Ke; dry
sail snouiaers, 054c: ary salt clear sides, vc
Mess pork, heavy. 811 60: mess pork, family.
812 00. Lard refined, in tierces, 6e; half
barrels. 6c; 60-ft tubs. 6c; 20-B palls, 6c; 50
X tin cans. 6c; 3-& tin palN, 6c: 6-ft tin pails,
6r, 10-ft tin palls, 6c; 5-S tin pails,
6c. Bmoked sausage, long, 6c: large, 6c.
Fresh pork links, 9c. Boneless hams, 10c.
Pigs feet half barrel, 84 00; quarter barrel,
Dressed Meats.
Armour & Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meat: Bef carcasses, 450 to 550 ft s
6c; 650 to 650 fts, 6c; 650 to 750 fis, 67d. Sheep,
Vfi ft ft. Lambs; 9c fl ft. Hogs, 6c. Fresh
pork loins, 8c
When baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children,she gave them Castoria
d uteri
Choicest, Purest, Best
MMtaieoTLr-iiti Boiling Water or Milt
V. 8- Dxpot, 3S Mercer St, Kiw Yoax.
At retail by all leading grocers and druggists.
Established 1S3X
Broom Manufacturers Supplies
Telephone 163. u231-sn?r
Transact a General Baiiifi Mm,
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer
cial Credits,
Available lnallpaits of the world. Also Issue
For use in this country, Canada, Mexico, West
Indies, Sonth and Central America.
This is now conceded to be the best in the
market, iS witnessed by tbe fact that we have
jnst secured the DIPLOMA FOR EXCEL
LENCE at the Pure Food Exposition, now be
ing held In Philadelphia.
And with the bright appetizing flavor of fresh
ly roasted beef.
Sufferers are not generally aware that
these diseases are contagions, or that they
are dne to the presence of living para
sites in we umng momorane 01 tne nose
sod eustachian tubes. Kicroscopio re
search, however, haa proved this to be a
fact, and the result of this discovery Is
that a simple remedy haa been discovered
which cermanectlveurea the mart aaznu
vated cases of these distressing diseases by
martlbTthettientathoma. Anamnb-
let explaining this now treatment is sent
fret by A. H. Dixon & Son, 387 and 980
w ess xung coeet, Toronto, Canada.
Eoyal and United States Hall Steamer.
"Teutonic Nov. 13. 9 a m
Teutonic, Dee.u,7:ai am
ucnmmc. nor. u.
uertnanic, uec l&ip m
Bri tannic, Dec 17U am
Adriatic Dec Hi m PAdrlatlc Jan. L
From White Star dock, foot or West Tenth St.
Second cabin on these steamers. Saloon rates,
ISO and upward. Second cabin. S35 and upward.
According to steameran-d location of ben
enrtlon tickets on favorable terms. Steerage,
White star draft navable on demand In all the
principal banks throaihout Great Britain. Ap-
Ir to JCHN J. MCCOKMICK. 639 and 401 Smith
eld st.. Plttsburr. or J. BKUCEiSMAl. Gen
eral Agent, 41 Broadway, new York.
To Glasgow. Belfast, Dublin
and LiverpMl.
Cabin passace 3S to SSO. according to locatlom
ol stateroom. Excursion 565 to See.
Steer jo to and from .Europe at Lowest Eateai
AUSTIN BALDWIN & CO.. General Agents,
S3 Broadway, Kew York,
j. j. Mccormick. Aatai.
639 snd 401 Smithfteld 84.. Pittro. Pa.
. United Sisies Mail Steamers.
Sail everv SATURDAY from
Calling at MOVLLLE, ( Londonderry.)
Cabin passaae to Glasgow, Liverpool or London
derry, Sandt65. Bound trip, see and KSO.
Second-class, fse. Meeruc M. '
Beat route to Horrocco and Algiers..
L (AzorMl.
sst u iii itrr 1 ' rvtm vol i s v -uw
Cabin MMtse to
Aseres, MS to MO:
1: MaeleK to H: Veslee. MK.
Draft on Great Britain, Irelasd or Italy.
andlettera of credit at favonMo rate.
T Iff ftOMNO M
The old tcorn out Potash, Meteury and Svr
taparilla mixture all left far behind.
a a a never fails to cube blood
I have seen Swift's Specific used, and know
of many cases of the worst form of blood - dls- -eases
which have been cured by it Iknow-ths
proprietors to be gentlemen of tbe highest type
and utmost reliability. I recommend It as a
great blood remedy, unequaled by anything I.
know of. M. B. WHABTON,
Pastor First Baptist Church. Montgomery. Ala,
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed t
free. Swtft Specific Compart. Drawer 3j
Atlanta, Ua. zulZSS-Xwr,
Lor. Wood and Liberty bts,,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekia
aLIU'DClTT IL LID .iSj'i' fy.
XU.WWU, jjj
For largest assortment and lowest prisjsjreistj
and sea us. r I
wum pqai e cvm neivruv f
fe22-riB-D $
i.i ruunmavMUIS,
aasue travelers- credits tnrougn iie3Srs.irreL.
Morgan 4 Co New York. Passport procured.
aiM&M t
D1BECT0RS-A Garrison. Wm. Eea. 1
uTIchrmftn a T MiWnn -E. n.--7S
Cbas. J. Clarke. Ar E. W. Fainter, FelixSS!
BrnnotLJohnH.KIcketton. '-r-lii
A Garrison, Prest Wm.T.Howe, Sea ATr.fl
CaIl ureit isi vice t-. noire, u. Monn am'-'
i,r -n'-njir. -r. ------,-,
no. ova, mi vice.tr. oecxnaxreas.
Henry A Miller. CounseL
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum) . . J
Private wire to New York and CMoagaj
45 SIXTH SX, Pittsburg.
- u
we are prepared to buy and sell P'g IfoalMslI
cash or on margin. Quoatlons received dssjvj
45 Sixth itreeVf
As old residents know and back flies of Pttss-t-
burg papers prove. Is the oldest estahlMMCi
and most prominent physician In the city, eW A
voting special attention to au curonic niniassj. j
alCDlnilOand mental diseases nhnieaO
1 1 L. II V U U Odecay, nervous debility, lack oCj
energy, smoiuonana nope, impaired ragrj,
uiat'ruereu ugoi, aeu distrust. oaantuiBeiu
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, emptiOB, is-?
poverunea niooa, lauing powers, orgaaicwo .
noss, dyspepsia, constipation. consusaptioaasH
fitting the person for business, society aadsMsr-
xugc permanenuy, aaxeiy ana privately cwfStft
blotches, falling hair, bones, pains, gtobsMssr
swellinz. ulcerations of tonene. mouth, tare I
ulcers, old sores, are cured for llfa.adHssV
poisons tnorougniyeraoicateairoBi tse sj
1 1 P I M A D V kidney and bladder dm
U II I linn I imente. weak back. irravsL
tarrbal discharges, inflammation and ottssf.
painiui symptoms receive searcmnt; tri
Dr. Whittler's life-long, extensive uspeitf
ence, insures scientinc ana reuania troaiaieas,
on common-sense nrlnclplea. Consnlattonfre.''
PatienU at a distance as carefully tresttad ast i
here. Office hours 9A.Jtto 8 r.KMin
10A.Sf.tolP.il. onlv. DR. WHTXTISSTasi
jreun avenue, rniauur ..
-iJlQ.nan. V
full nartlenlars in naniMsai
sent free.. The genuine Uray'aj
Speeiae sold by c
yellow wranper.
rnee, a-
paekage, orstcrorss, or by
on rcelnt of nritttir mddMkfl
n . "" oyo. o. nuiiuuiu,
' esssjswj
Dmiuiaciq anaxaoexty su.
quiring scientific and coaMJssI J
tui treatment! ur. s. n. Laws
M. R. C. P. S Uthe oldest assll
most experienced speciaUet ' J
the city. Consultation free ssaml
sdctlv confldentlaL OMjaal
hoars 9 to 4 and 7 to 8P. M.;Sandas. 2tw4 sv
M. Consult them personally, or write. DowjsjsjI
LAXx.co renn ave ritisQnrg. ra.
" 1.
B Cotrtcnx 3
imnosed of Cotton. Root. Tasssr. sa
Pennvroval a recent disoovsa-rssrs
,, - -t.i t- L.tT'try -
01a nnvsician. A3 ntcccBwiieBri
montAtu-Safe. Effectual., Price . fc-i
sealed. Ladles, ask yossr druatrlK
Ootion Root Compound and take a
or inelose 8 stamps for sealed parttsssJesw..
aoest, ki wooawara aretjewoK, astsWits
"jsTTJotd inPitteburgvPlOVJesjej'
lag A Hon, Diamond and Starke ate.-
mTHalnlny parslcaISM brjhor
HpIWV ft 9t FWMWJTlr