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"50 ft?
Leading Features of Markets at the
East Liberty Yards.
Stock Stronger, Low Grades
Steady, Primes Lower.
Office of Pittsburg DisrATCiT.
Wedxesdav. October 16. issa. J
The receipts of cattle for local trade were
lighter this week than for several months
past Last week and the week before the
run was about 200 loads. This week there
were not above 100 loads received. Hot
withstanding the light rnn, markets were
weaker and a shade lower for primes. There
were no buyers of export cattle on hand,
and, as a consequence, prime stock was
Blow and could only be sold at concessions
on last week's prices. From the vicinity of
TJpper Sandusky, O., there came ten loads
of choice cattle, weighing 1,400 to 1,500
pounds, which would have brought 5 to 10c
better prices last week than they were able
to command this week.
The nichcst Prico
realized was $4 55, and1 cattle not as good
brought, 1 CO a week ago. Several heads
of prinre cattle were shipped East. The
absence of buyers for export purposes explains
the slowness of markets for prime cattle.
Hedlnm weights of nice quality suitable for
butchering purposes and weighing from 1,100
to 1.300 Its. were stronger than ther-were a
week ago. Low grades, having been in an ex
cessive supply for a number of weeks past, had
already touched hard pan, and for this grade
prices were fairly steady this week owing to
light receipts. Cattle buyers had stocked up
well on the heavy run of the last few weeks,
and were therefore prepared for the short sup
ply this week. Holders were disposed to be
firm in their views because of light receipts,
but their success in bringing buyers over to
their views was not large.
In general the market wa unfavorable for
all heavv-weight cattle, and steady for low
grades, w"ith a slight advance In nice, tidy
butcher stock.
Sheep nnd Lambs.
The supply varied very little from last week,
and quality shows little improvement. For the
few choice grades that appeared markets were
10 to 20c per cwt better than last week. Low
grades, which predominate at this season of the
year, failed to bring any better prices than a
week ago. Tender, juicy mntton Is not easy to
be had at this time, as the animals that could
furnish this quality are reserved for the wool.
Besides, the consumption of pork is steadily
growing at the expense of mntton, and the lat
ter is withheld by farmers on this account.
Ho:a in Good Demand.
Demand has been up to supply all the week
and markets have been firm for corn fed stock,
Receipts have been about the same as last
week. The range of prices for Philadelphia
and Yorkers is 4.50 to H.75. The demand is
strongest for the former grade. The outside
prices at Chicago to-day was 1.50.
Lard has been firmer for the past few days
and, as a result, the demand for heavy hogs
has improved.
Foracnmberof months past the light hog
has been most in demand in this market, and
brought the best prices. Now the tide has
turned towards heavy weights.
OlcCall & Co.' Weekly Review.
"With a light supply of cattle the market
ruled slow with a shade better prices on com
mon to medinm. whllo good cattle were very
dnll and a shade lower. The market closed very
bad at last week's closing prices. We quota
the following as ruling prices: Prime, 1,300 to
1,600 pounds. U 2004 50: good, 1,200 to 1.400
jjuunus, co && w; pnm umuuur j.'iwus. i.wu
to 1.200 pounds. $3 li?3 00; rough, fat, 1,100 to
A.WV iuuuus, v wtfv au. wuu wku.io. .w v
1.209 pounds. S3 103 30; common stockers.
C2 252 50; heifers and mixed lots, 2 252 75;
bulls and fat cows. 1 502 50; fresh cows and
springers. 25 0045 00 per head.
The receipts of bogs since Monday have
been light and the market active at the follow
ing quotations: Good heaw anA medium
weights, 4 6g4 75; cornfed Yorkers, 4 700
4 75; common to fair Yorkers, 4 50E4 05:
roughs, 3 504 25.
Ihe receipts of sheep this week were light,
and the market slow at a decline of log 15c per
cwt. from last week's prices. Prime Ohio and
Indiana wethers, weighing here 110 to 120
pounds, 4 40g4 75; good. 90 to 100 pounds. 4 15
4 35; fair to good mixed, 75 to SO pounds. 3 SO
3 90: good yearlings, 75 to SO pounds, 4 250
4 50; common to fair, 50 to 60 pounds, 3 SXZJ
4 00: lambs. 5 OMJ6 00; veal calves, 110 to 120
pounds, 5 25g6 00. Heavy calves not wanted.
By Teleeraph.
New Yoek Beeves Receipts. ISO carloads
for exportation dead and alive; S3 carloads for
city slaughterers direct,-and 79 carloads for the
market. Trading was extremely dnll, and 30
carloads remain nnsold; native steers sold at
3 004 GO per 100 pounds, with one carload at
4 70; Texas and Colorado do, 2 603 20; bulls
and dry cows. Jl 652 50. Exports, to-day, 900
beeves and 8,420 quarters of beef. Calves
Receipts. 1,300 lieadianarket dull ard weak at
4 755 40 per 100 pounds for veals and at 2 00
4 00 for grasers and western mixed lots.
Sheep Receipt", 1200 head, and 2.500 head
were carried over yesterday; firm, but inactive,
at 5 00700 per 100 pounds for lac-un, and 3 75
5 35 for sheep. Hogs Receipts, 9,700 head;
market a fraction higher ana firm, with sales
alive at 1 755 25.
Chicago The Droiers1 Journal reports:
Cattle Receipts. 15.000 bead: shipments, 4,000
head; market steady for fancv, others weaker;
choice to extra beeves, 4 'i05 10; steers,
SI 02 50: Blockers and feeders. 1 902 So;
cows, bulls and mixed, 1 003 00; Texas
cattle, 1 402 S5; Western rangers. 1 75
3.0. Hogs Receipts, 22,600 head: shipments,
9,000 head: market opened steady and heavy,
closed 510c lower; mixed. 4 004 40: heaw,
h S3 904 35; light, 4 004 60; skips, 3 004 10.
Sheep Receipts, 10.000 head; shipments. 4,000
head; market steady; natives. 2 7505 00;
"Western. 3 50Q1 15; Texans, 3 4064 20; Iambs.
Kansas Crnr Cattle Receipts. 5,267 head;
shipments, 6,050 bead: market steady to strong;
common to choice cornfed, 3 154 50:
stockers and feeder?. 2 O03 00: Texas, 1 25
2 30l Hogs Receipts, 13 OUOhead; shipments,
1,700 head: market 15c lower; good to choice
light, 4 004 25; heaw and mixed. 3 93
4 (Ml Sheep Receipts, 1,100 head; shipments,
1,000 bead; market steady; goodW) choice mut
tons, 3 5061 90; stockers and feeders
52 003 75.
8t. Louis Cattle Receipts, 4,900 head; ship
ments, 3,100 head: maiket slow; choice heavy
steers, S4 30S4 70; fair to .good, do. 3 20
4 SO: stockers and feeders7l 752 50; range
steers, 2 O02 75. Hogs Receipts, 4,200 head:
liipments, 1,200 bead; market strong; fair to
choice heavy, 3 90B4 25; packing grades, 3 SO
m 15; light, fair to best, 4 004 85. Sheep-
.neceipus, -,-uu ucau; smpmenig, ZUO head;
market strong; fair to choice, 3 25J4 50.
BrjrFAlC Cattle dull and irregular: receipts.
67 loads tnrougn: 4 sale. Hogs active and
higher lor lignt owing to scarcity; others steady:
rece.pts 31 loads throngli: 10 sale: corn York
ers. 4 805 00; Micbigans, 4 805 00; pigs, 1 40
Sletnl Slnrkct.
NewYokk Pig iron firm: American, 15 50
IS 00. Copper dull; lake, 10 95. Lead quiet
and heavy; domestic, 3 85. Tin firm and more
active; Straits. 20 90.
The Boy Who Wns Dropped 40 Feet From n
Bridge Not Badly Hurt.
John Deeley, the man who dropped his
child over the Thirty-third street bridge on
Tuesday evening, had a hearing before
Magistrate Brush at the Seventeenth ward
station house yesterday. He was discharged
tipon his own recognizances. Deeley ad-
, milled that he held his boy over the bridge.
"3Je said he did it merely to frighten him.
He also said that he was a little the worse
for drink at the time, and while holding
him over the railings his son slipped out of
his hands, and he dropped 40 leet below.
Deeley was deeply grieved at his act, and-
he wept bitterly during the hearing.
Dr. Clark sent a certificate to Magistrate
Brush stating that the child is not badly
hurt, and he will recover in a few days.
A Denial From Kenrns.
John Kearns, of Oliver Bros.& Phillips
mill, writes to The Dispatch denying
the statements made by the Coroner's jury
in the case of the death of his son. He says
the iron which fell on his boy was not on
the platform, but stood against a partition.
St sayi the wjr ,iM act work under the Iron.
-Tarfbfil Tj liilf.MiHfcV initiWiir irlftMtlfV---i(rf-l4aMiMr(i't-r"lri--l
Very Little 'Spirit in tbo Wheat Pit Ocean
Freights nnd Dry, Weather Aro tbo
BiOl and the Bear Cards.
Chicago There was but little animation on
the wheat market to-day. Trading was of a
rather restricted character, and the onlyno
ticcablefeature was the selling of December
by a prominent trader at S2c and the buying
by the same party at 62c. There was some sell
ing crcaitcd to New York, but trading was con
fined principally to floor traders. The opening
was at about yesterday's closing,andsteadily ad
vanced K5$c, then cased off Js'ffiHc, but about
three-quarters xf an hour belore the close be
gan to show strength and advanced c, and
closed firm and about c higher than yes
terday. The influences brought to bear on the market
were variable. Ocean freights were again
quoted strong and tending higher, acting as a
barrier to the export movement, and no new
business was reported. Tho strength was at
tributed to very dry weather in Missouri.
A Very fair trade was transacted in corn, the
butk of the business occurring early in the ses
tion, after which the pit became less activa.
The feeling prevailing as easier. The market
opened at a shade under yesterday's closing
prices, was easy, and sold off Jic, advanced
J-sC, ruled quiet and closed a shade lower than
Oats were quiet and a shade easier. There
was an absence of buying orders, but liberal
offers to sell May by a prominent operator. A
moderate business transpired in May, but in
other deliveries transactions were light.
Trading in mess pork was more active, but
the feeling was somewhat unsettled, the prices
ruling irregular. Early the feeling was
stronger, and prices advanced WQ12c Later
the market was easier, and prices settled back
57ic but rallied 10S12c and closed steady.
In lard prices were a little more favorable to
sellers, though outside figures were not fully
supplied. Trading was only moderativeiy act-
A little more activity was manifested andthe
feeling was firmer in short ribs. Prices ruled a
trifle higher, and outside figures were fully sus
tained. fcTIio leading futures ranged as follows:
WnpAT-Ka 2. December. S2SIK6S1K
6S2c: year. S0S05SOSOic; May, S5
Corn-No. 2. November, 31K631l31
31Kc; December, 3131c; May, Siyt33iiSiJi
Oats No. 2. November, 19c; December,
l⁣ Mav. 22K J42222c.
Mess Pokk, per bbk November, 9 35
9 37; year. 9 159 27i lo9 27K; Jan
uary, 9 359 &!J9 359 52.
Lasd, per 100 fts. November, 5 90
5 92K; year, 5 6505 S7U: January, 5 b7k
5 92KS5 S7H&5 S7M.
Short Ribs, per 100 lbs. November. 4 77M
64 CTK4 77Hi 87; January, 4 72f4 77
4 7244 77JJ.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
steady and unchanged. No, 2 spring wheat,
S0KS0Kc: No. 3 spring wheat, &67c: No. 2
red, 0Kl0?o. No. 2 corn. SOKc Ml 2 oats,
18c No. 2 rye. 41J41Jic No. 2 barley, 63c
No. 1 flaxseed. 1 27. Prime timothy seed, 1 15.
Mess pork, per bbk. 10 75U 00. Lard, per 100
pounds, 6 20. Short ribs sides (loose), 5 05
520. Dry salted shoulders (boxed). 4254 50:
short clear sides (boxed). 5 505 62 Suirars
Cut loaf unchanged. Receipts Flour, 22,000
barrel'; wheat 158.000 bushels: corn, 2b5,000
bushels: oats,' 823,000 bushls; rye, 18,000 bush
els; barley, 135,000 bushels. Shipments Flour,
19.000 barrels; wheat. 15.000 bushels: corn. 251,
000 bu'hels; oats, 347.000 bushels; rye, 10,000
bushels; barley, 74,000 bushels.
On tbo Produce Exchange to-day the but
ter market was dnll and weak; fancy creamery,
2S24o: fine, 1719c; finest dairies, 2021c; fine,
1519c -Eggs, lfeQISKc
New York Flour moderately a"tive, clos
ing easy- Cornmeal dull. Wheat Spot irreg
ular, closing firm with fair milling demand; op
tions moderately active irregular and KJlc
higher, closing firm. Rye dull: western, 48
62Kc Barley quiet; Canada. 63CSc: western,
5566jc Barley malt dull: Canada, 7590c Corn
bpot fairly active and easier: options dull
and easier. Oats Snot dull and weaker; op
tions neglected. Hay in fair demand and firm.
Hops quiet and steady. Coffee Options opened
steady at!015 points up: closed steady at
2030 points np: sales, 53,000 bags, including
October, 15.10l".15c: November, 15.0o15.15c,
December, 15.0015.20c; January, 16.0515.10c;
Fcbrnan, 15.10c: Xlarch.l5.10g15 20c; May.15.10
(15.25; June, 15.15c; July, 15.0015.05c; August.
15.00c: spot Rio firm; fair cargoes, 19c
Sugar Raw nominal: refined, dull and weak.
Jiolasses New Orleans dull. Rice in fair de
mand and firm. Cottonseed oil quiet and
steady. Tallow firm. Rosin firm and quiet.
Turpentine quiet and steady at 4NiJlSic. Eegs
quiet and about steady; Western, 2020c;
I receipts, ,iaaj iiAi-jiaKe. rurik una; iness,
I inspected, S12 IjSJ12 50; do. uninspected, 12:
receipts, ,iav pacKaes. x-orK nrm: mess.
extra prime. 9 o&10 25. Cntmcats firm:
fiickled bellies, 12 pounds, 7Jc; 10 pounds, 7Jc:
4 pounds, 7c: pickled shoulders, 4tc; pickled
hams, 910Xc: middles steady; short clear,
5 75. Lard sironger and quiet; sales Western
steam, 6 65S6 70, closing at 6 70; October,
6 60, closing at 6 70 bid; November, G 41 bid;
December, 6 30; January, 8 27. closing at
6 80 askedi February, 6 S2 bid; March, 6 S7, clos
ing at 6 38 bid. Butter weak and quiet: Elgin,
25c; western dairy, 9gl5c; do creamery, 12glc;
do held, 1219c; do factory, 7K13c Cheese
quiet and steady.
Philadelphia Flour steady. Wheat
steady: speculation quiet; rejected in grain
depot. 73c; steamer Longherry afloat, S3c: un-
paucu, oou a. u. u.i nw. a reu, uctooer, bots
S&4C November. 83S3c; December. 84
SlJic; January. SSgSoWc. Corn Options barelv
steady; car lots firmly held but quiet; ungraded
yellow, 41c; No. 2 high mixed, on track, 41
41Kc; do in grain depot, 42c: No. 2 mixed, Oc
tober. 39fi!40c; November. 3940c; Decern-
oer, o37fciw?&c;
Car lots stea
29c: futures
tober. 2S2SVic: Aovember. 2b2Sc: Decem-
ner, 4Sc; januarv, v$iWJX.c Butter
Qniet and weak; Pennsylvania prints, extra,
2s31c Egg Fresh stock scarce and market
firm: Pennsylvania firsts, 23c Receipts Flour,
1,600 barrels' wheat, i.300 bushels; com. 44,600
bushels; ot:ts;2,900 bushels. Shipments Wheat,
6,400 bushels; corn, 38,300 bushels: oats, 11,500
St. Loots Flour dull but steady. Wheat
The market as dull and apatbetic,prices swing
ing within a small range most of the session.
Late there was a stronger feeling, and
the close was ic above yesterdav. No. 2 red.
cash 77Kc bid; December 79JbOc, closed
atS0c aked; vear. TTJJc, closed at 78cnominal:
May, S4XSSc, closed at 846S4c bid.
Corn weaker; No. 2 mixed, casn, 2bJi29c
October, 2Sj2SJJc, doed at 2S&C; Novem
ber, 29c closed at 252Sc bid; Mav, 29
30c Oats lower: No. 2 mixed, cash, 18?c
asked, 18c bid; May, 22c bid: October, ISlJe
asked; January, 19Jic bid. Rye firm: No 2.
3SJc Barley dull, nothing doing, 42g43c
Provisions steady and firm.
' Milwaukee Wheat firm; Nc 1 Northern,
tSM. corn ami: xto. a. aiiaaiJic oats quiet;
No 2 white, 21Jc Rye quiet: No. L l&ic
Barley steady: No. 2, and October, 54512c
Provisions firm. Pork, 11 00. Lard, 6 la
Cheese lower; Cheddars. SSOXc
Baltimore Provisions dull. Butter firm
creamery, 2325c Eggs quiet; western, 21c
Coffee- nominal; Rio cargoes, fair, 19c
Toledo Cloverseed active and steady; cash.
3 70: October, 3 65; November, 3 72&; Janu
ary, 3 77; February, 3 SO. n' u
The King of Portval, reported dying a
day or two ago is Improving, the feter having
"Mother" Stewart opened the sixteenth
annual convention of the Ohio W. C. T. U. at
Fmdlay yesterday.
It is now reported that the African traveler,
F. Monks, has been killed by his men on the
Zanzibar river. He started on bis last explor
ing expedition about two years ago.
The American Gas Light Assbciation, com
posed of 200 delegates from the Northern and
Eastern cities, met in Baltimore yesterday and
discussed topics of interest to the association.
Albert Holt, of Moberly.'Mo., knows more
about three card monte to-day than he did yes
terday. It cost liim 200 to learn it on a Wabash
tram on his road to Seattle The montc men
escaped. .
The strike of the Newark, N. J., bakers
has become general and open violence is now
expected at anytime The depots are patrolled
by workmen to prevent the importation of New
lork bakers.
The semi-annual Conclave of the Grand
Lodge of Pennsylvania, Knights of Malta, met
at Vilkesbarre yesterday. An address was de
livered on the objects of the order by Eminent
Commander George Henry Pierce
Curtlss and Kimmill, the pugilists who
fought in the Casino Theater, Ashland, Wis.,
on Tuesday night, have been arrested with
their seconds, the proprietors of the theater.
A number of other arrests are ordered, includ
ing that of the Chief of Police, who guaran
teed no interference to the fight
The Directors of the Baltimore andOh!o
Railroad Company met at Baltimore yesterday
and declared a dividend of 5 per cent on the
stock of the Washington branch for the six
months ending September 30. For the 12
months ended September SO, 18S9. the net earn
ings were 6,481.118, against 6,152,931 for the
previous year showing a net increase of 328,
487. It was declared to be inexpedient to pay a
dividend on the common stock of the main
line of the company.
Mother or child suflering from weak
ness and indigestion will find a pleasant,
safe and reliable corrective in Dr. D. Jayne's
Tonic Vermifuge. "With children, where
worms are present, it is the best of remedies
pleasant to the taste, easily administered
and withal not expensive. Sold by all dreg
gists. V '
Involved in the. Proposition to Change
the Annual Moving Day.
British Scientists Think the Petroleum Sup
ply is Inexhaustible.
The proposition to change "moving day"
from April 1 to May 1 is meeting with
almost universal approbation, and that it
will be carried into effect there is scarcely a
doubt. Eeal estate agents and landlords
are equally in favor of the change. The
custom is a legacy from the early settlers of
"Western Pennsylvenia, who, for some rea
son, found it convenient to niakefarm leases
begin and end April 1. But that is no reason
why it shouldjbe indefinitely continued, like
a law of the lledes and Persians, to the
great discomfort of a large class of people,
and to the benefit of none except the doctors
and grave-diggers.
The need of a change is so generally recog
nized that it does not require a prophet to pre
dict that it will be made.
At tho meeting of the British Association for
the Advancement of Science, a few days ago.
Prof. Hull referred at some length to the great
expansion of the mineral industry of the United
States. He agrees with the late Prof. Jevons
that future British manufacturers must not
expect to derive any help from the United
States when coal shall have become dear or
scarce at home In the discussion which fol
lowed the papers numerous speakers expressed
their agreement with Prof. Hull's anticipation
of a heavy increase in the future cost 9! coal.
Mr. G. W. Hastings, M. P., stated that in the
Staffordshire and East Worcestershire; coal
field the owners found that the recent increase
in wages had considerably diminished their
output. If these prognostications are true,
English industry has an evil time before it.
Fortunately we have an escape from such diffi
culties in tho shape of petroleum.
"The employment of petroleum in the arts is
still extending rapidly," said Mr. Wm. Ander
son in the presidental address baf ore the Me
chanical Section of the Association. "Used
originally for Illuminating purposes, it is now
employed as fuel for heating furnaces and
steam boilers, and as a working agent in heat
engines. As a lubricant It stands unrivalled.
As an illuminant, it is, even In this country, to
a large extent superseding every other in pri
vate houses, and even in public lamps." Mr.
Anderson is sanguine upon the subject of pe
troleum. He regards it as a universally ap
plicable fuel, and he seems to believe that its
deposits are practically inexhaustible.
The remarkable permanence of oil wells, and
the apparently inexhaustible evolution ot
hydro-carbon gases in certain regions almost
force one to believe according to Mr. Ander
son, that the hydro-carbon products must be
forming as fast as they are consumed, that
there is little danger of the demand ever ex
ceeding the supply, and that there is every
prospect of oil being found in almost every por
tion of tho surface of the earth, especially in
the vicinity of great geological disturbances.
Mr. Anderson is full of confidence in the ca
pacity of petroleum to fulfill all claims upon it
to put it in a hackneyed phrase "with
promptitude and dispatch." Improved methods
of boring wells, be tells us, will enable greater
depths to be reached; "and it should be remem
bered that, apart from tho extra cost of sink
ing a deep well, there is no extra expense in
working at great depths, because the oil gen
erally rises to the surface or near it." Mr.
Anderson speaks with the authority of an able
and intelligent expert, and his assurances may
help English manufacturers to console them
selves against the prophecies of the approach
ing extinction of the coal measures.
Tho results of experiments made with sam
ples of gas coal recently sent to New York,
taken from veins tributary to the Clinch Val
ley division of the Norfolk and Western Rail
road, in Southwest Virginia, establish the fact,
in the opinion of the Roanoke Herald, that it
will command a share of the patronage now en
joyed by thr Pennsylvania, Westmoreland and
Youghiogheny coals in all the Eastern markets.
It is equal in valne to the best coals from the
districts named, and is thought by experts to
be superior to the gas coals mined on the
Chesapeake and Ohio and Baltimore and Ohio
roads. The veins aro five to six feet thick and
very easily mined. Tho owners of these prop
erties are prepared to make leases for coal
operations on reasonable royalty. Tbo greater
portion of the gas coal field is controlled by tho
Tazewell Coal and Iron Company, with head
quarters at Tazewell Court House, Va., and T.
P. Trigg and associates, Abingdon, Va. Tho
demand for this class of coal is increasing
yearly, and it is expected that the shipments to
Eastern cities from the line of the Clinch Val
ley division during the year will be very large.
The Philadelphia Real Ettalt Record takes
occasion to, remark: "It is a noticeable fact
that .the man who naturally takes to real
estate either as an investment or as a safe way
to husband his earnings, is generally counted
among the winners. Ho may not be able to
count his gains with the same frequency as
does the man who speculates in stocks, neither
is he compelled to estimate his losses as often,
nor is be so frequently worried with financial
embarrassment. The characteristics of the
two men are entirely different. There is an
air of solid comfort and equanimity about the
man who owns land and houses, while the stock
speculator's face and manner are indicative of
his extra hazardous calling."
Philadelphia Gas and Electric Weak Spots
of the Stock Olarket.
Considerable animation was displayed by
brokers at the Stock Exchange yesterday, as if
they were possessed of a premonition that
something would happen. Bidding was lively
at times, and if holders had looked through
buyers' eyes business would have been heavy.
Sales were better than the general average,
however, aggregating 405 shares.
Philadelphia Gas was panicky on fresh re
ports of shortage in the supply. The constant
repetition of this story, with variations, has
discouraged holders so much that they appear
to have about "reached the conclusion that the
best thing for them to do is to realize. The
stock sold at 33 in the forenoon, and closed
freely offered at 82. The Trust sold down to 30.
These are tho lowest quotations ever made on
these properties. All the other natural gas
stocks were weak in sympathy.
Wpctric waB somewhat weaker at 4SVT. Th!
sagging is not particularly slinificant, being
nothing more than a natural reaction from the
sharp advance of last week. Holders manifest
no uneasiness in regard to the future. The
Tractions were dull and practically unchanged.
Tbey are held above the views of buyers, who
demand concessions to correspond to the earn
ings and remoteness of dividends. The rest of
the list moved along in the old way, heme as
barren of features asa monkey's physiognomy.
Bids, offers and sales are appended:
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.'
lf. T R Kf. EX:
Masonic Ban..... 6$
Allemannla Ins. Co... 47)4 SO
CitUens' Insurance
Teutonlalns. Co....... .... ....
Allegheny Gas Co.. Ill 33
Southside Gas Co. IH
Nat. Gas Co. or W. Va. ....
Philadelphia Co S3
Wheeling Gas Co
Haielwood Oil Co 50
Washington Oil Co
Central Traction Sift
ritubure Traction
i'leasant Valley 19
I'ltts., A. A Ma?
Pitts. June K- It 27
P. C. Abt. L.K. B..... 18J
Pitts. Western K. K. ....
P. & W. K. K. Co. pref ....
Mononcahela Bridge
Point Bridge S,"f
IIMnlffn MlnlnffCO ....
SIX 32
La Norla Mining Co... K H H
Luster Mining Co
Yankee Girl Mining 3 ...
Westingbouse Electric 4SX .... , 4S)
Slon'ganeia waier iv.
n. H-ASIe. Co
Westlnghouse A. B.
Sales In the forenoon were 75 shares of Phila
delphia Gas at 33K. 25 Philadelphia Gas Trnst
at 30, 25 Electric at 4SK.S200 La Norla at, and
SO Central Traction at 81. At the afternoon
session 50 shares ot Philadelphia Gas went at
32. (
Andrew Caster sold 40 shares of Central Tract
won at 8 ana bought 40 shares of Electric ai
i&. Henry M.Long sold 50 shares of Elec
trio at 49.
The total sales of stocks at N ew Tcork yester
day were 162,075 shares. Including Atchison,
31,340; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
7,919; Louisville and Nashville, 8.S00; Missouri
Pacific, 14,050; Reading, 15,400; St. Pank 20,310;
Union Pacific, 3,365; Western Union, 3,857.
The Bank Surplus Lamely Reduced SInco
Ibo Fall Season Opened.
Local bankers who were seen yesterday re
ported a fair demand for discounts at regular
rates. This is the backbone of commerce In
money, and although its expansion has been
slow it has been steady and uninterrupted since
the beginning of the fall season. There is con
siderable Idle money, but It should be remem
bered the supply was very large probably
$20,000,000-at the beginning. A. cashier said
yesterdav he thoucht this amount had been re-
r dnced at least one-half.
This leaves the banks a good working margin,
and puts them in a position to take advantage
ot any unexpected expansion of business or
flurry in tho money market. A bank out of
funds might as well bo out of business. Check
ing and depositing were good. Currency was
rather scarce, as has been the case for somo
time, and some of the bank balances were set
tled with gold. Tho exchanges were 2,435,
004 93 anathe balances 319,302 S3.
Money on call at New lork yesterday was
tight, ranging from 612, last Joan 10, closed
at 10 per cent bid. Prime mercantile paper,
6M7. Sterling exchange quiet and weak at
4 82 for 60-day bills, and 4 18 for demand.
Tho report of Manager William A. Camp, of
the New York Bank Clearing House, suomitted
at the annual meeting, shows a membership of
63 banks and the sub-treasury. The total trans
actions of these for the year ending September
80 were 36,554,103,002, of which 34,796,4Go 528
were exchanges and 1,757,637,473 balances. The
average daily transactions were 120.610, B. Tho
largest transactions in any day were 206,321,346.
Since the establishment ot the Clearing House,
06 J ears ago, the total transactions have amount
ed to 917,689,376,212. George S. Coe, President
of the American Exchange Bank, was elected
Chairman fof the ensuing year, and Mr. Camp
was re-elected Manager.
Astatement prepared at theTrcasury Depart
ment shows that the total amount of standard
silver dollars in the United States Treasury
against which certificates may be issued is 5.
076.17L Of the total coinage of 341,199,650 silver
dollars there U1 in the Treasury 282,829,333,
against which there is in circulation $277,753,162
of certificates. The amount of standard dollars
in circulation Is 5S,370,317tand tho amount or
silver certificates in the Treasury is 2,582,205.
The gradual decrease of the silver balance is
being urged upon the administration as an
argument in favor of an increase in the coinage
of silver dollars to the maximum limit of 4,000,
000 a month. Under the present system the
minimum limit of gwo,uuu only is cornea.
Closing-Bond Quotations.
TJ. S. ,reg....
U. B. 4s. coup.,
U. 8. 4Xs, re?.,
U. S. 4$s, cout
SI. K. &T. Gen.Ss . 57
Mutual Union 63....iw;j
N. J. C. Int. Cert.. .113
Northern Vac. lsta. .11414
Northern Jfac. 2ls..lll
Northw't'n consols. H5"
Northw'n deben's..H5
10) t
.... M5i
racinc 63 01 m
Louisiana stamped 4a 89U
Missouri 6s 10A
lenn. new set. 63... nr
lean, new set. 53....IO1H
Tenn. new set. 3s,... 74k
Canada bo. 2d 3 $6K
(Jen. Pacificists 113M
Den. AK.O., lsts...I21)i
Pen. It. O. 4s 79
I).AK.G.West,au. 110
Krle.J.18 W'.
11. K. &T. Gen. 6s.. 64
Oregon & Trans. 6s.im;
St. L. Ul.il. (ien. Is &
at. I-.& S. V. Ocn.il.120
at. Panl consols ...A26H
St. PI, ChlPc.Uts.U9
Tx.. PcL. C4.Tr Kg. BOW
Tx.,Pc.K.Ci.Tr.Kctf 17
union jfac. lata 113
West Shore 106
Government bonds dull and steady,
bonds dull and featureless.
New Yohk Clearings, 133.450,860; balances,
Boston Clearings, 19,354,490 ; balances,
1,841,295. Money, 5 per cent.
Philadelphia Clearings, 813,668,304; bal
ances, 1,780,847.
Baltimore Clearings, 2,312.903; balances,
London The amount of bullion gone into
the BanE of England on balance to-day is 126.
000. Pabts Three per cent rentes, 87f 37Kc for the
CHICAGO Clearings, 12,521,000. Money in
active demand, and bankers maintain that tbey
are loaning on call below 6 per cent. Outside
money is going at anywhere from 5 to 6. Regu
lar time loans are made at 67 per cent.
St. Louis Clearings, 3,784,006: balances,
Tho Strike at Cbnriiers Takes tho Snap
Oat of Oil.
There was considerable backbone to the oil
market at the opening'yesterday, and it lasted
for some time, but the big strike at Chartlers
proved too heavy a weight tor the bulls to
carry, and they finally turned tall. The open
ing quotation was 1 01, the highest SI 0 the
lowest 1 00, and tho closing 1 00. Pittsburg
and Oil City were buyers, while New York sold.
There Is said to be a fight eoing on between
New York and Oil City for the honor of mak
ing" the market, the former bearing and the
latter bulling. The unpleasantness might de
velop something interesting, and perhaps get
things out of the rut, if there was only enough
stuff to allow tbem full swing.
The market closed weak as a result of the
Chartiers gusher. Trading was of fair propor
tion, but not heavy. Tuesday's clearings were
882,000 barrels.
AParkersbug, W. Va., special says: The
Eureka oil fieM, just above here in the adjoin
ing county of Pleasants and upper edge of this
county, is just now attraetlng a great deal of
attention and reports from there are that the
excitement is high and land is selling and leas
ing at very high figures. The farmers and
storekeepers here caught the excitement and
are investing their all in oil ventures.
Fcatnres of tho Market.
Corrected dally by John M. Oauiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 100 I Lowest
.101MI Closed.,
Avers pre runs
Averase Ehlpments
Average charters ., ,
Refined, New York. 7c
Kenned, London. iH d.
Refined, Antwerp, lHf.
Kefincd, Liverpool, 6 1-lSd.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts, SI 00J-a:
calls, 51 01.
Other Oil Markets.
Oil City, October 16. National transit
certificates opened at $1 01; highest, SI 01;
lowest, 1 00Jc; closed, $1 00c
Bradford, October 18. National transit
certificates opened at $1 01; rlosed at SI 00;
highest, SI 01K; lowest, 11 00.
Titusville, October 16. National transit
certificates opened at SI 01; highest, SI 0lxA
lowest, $1 OOJi: closed at SI 0U.
New York. October 16. Petroleum opened
steady at SI 00, and moved up to SI 01K- Re
alizing sales then caused a decline to 1 WA,
which was followed by a reaction on which the
market closed steady at SI 00. Stock Ex
chance; Opening, $1 00; highesttl 01: lowest;
$1 W-Ax closing,Sl 00. Consolidated Exchange:
Opening. SI 01; faichest, SI OIKc: lowest, SI 00;
closing, SI 00. Total sales, 715,000 barrels.
A Big Dicker on Fourth Avenue Other
Important Transactions.
O. H. Love, 93 Fourth avenue, sold the
property, Ho. 162 Fourth aveune, lot 22 by
about 88, with three-story brick building, for
C. F. Klopfcr. J. Murray Clark was the pur
chaser, Tho price paid was $19,380. I
Jamison & Dickie sold for William J. Rltz, a
fivo-roomed frame house on Hastings street,
lot 50x120 feet, toW. H. McMordi for $2,350,
and for J. 11. Huffman, lot on Rural avenue.
East End, 80x187 feet, to J. W. Moore for Jl.SOO
Black & Baird. 95 Fourth avenue, sold for W.
A. Scott, Jr., to F. W. Mueller a new two-story
and mansard brick dwelling, situate on the west
side of Meyran avenue, Fourteenth ward, city,
with lot 22x145 feet to an alley, for 56,250.
W. A. Herron t Sons sold another house on
Sycamore street, Thirtv-fifth ward, No. 1322.
for 32,200; S25 cash and S25 per month until paid
for, at 5 per cent.
Thqmas McCaffrey, S509 Bntler street, sold
for Mrs. Eliia Kenworthy to J. Killian, lot 25x
100 leet. being No. 109 in Mellon's plan of lots,
situated In the Twenty-first ward, citv; he 'also
sold for Major G. W. Hammer to A. Whitfield,
property on Elllar street. Seventeenth ward,
lot 29x154x156 feet, with a good frame house
erected thereon, containing three rooms, for
Keed B. Coyle Co., 131 Fourth avenue,
sold to J. N. Cooke and H. D. Totten seven lots
in the Marion Place plan for a price approxi
mating $2,000.
L. O. Frailer, corner Forty-third and Butler
streets, sold tor Charles Hall, No. 5223 Keystone
street, Eighteenth ward, a two story frame
dwelling of four rooms, lot 20x105 feet to a 20
foot alley, to Thomas Mayburyfor Sl,250cash.
Ewlng & Byers, No. 93 Federal street, sold for
Messrs. Mercer $ Mcllwain, attorneys, to Nor
man King, anowtwo-Btory frame house of six
rooms, ball and attic, with lot 50x101, corner
Hubbard and Sipes streets, in Sutton 4 Rich
ters plan. Eleventh ward, Allegheny, for $2,500.
James W. Drape & Co. placed a mortgage of
810,000 on city property at 6 per cent.
Samnel W. Black & Co., 99 Fonrth avenne,
sold for B, Stevenson, between eight and nine
acres of land in Haielwood, Twenty-third ward,
for a price approximating $4,500. In view of
the numerous electrio street car lines chartered
for that section ot the city the price 1 consid
ered very cheap,
Used by the Benrs to Rattle the Shoro
market No Really Weak Spots Un
covered and No Important
Chances Effected.
New Yobk, October ML The stock market
drifted into dullness to-day, and had it not
been for Atchison, Missouri Pacific, St. Paul
and the two Trusts utter stagnation In business
would have occurred. The bears resumed.
their pressure upon those shares with the open
ing 01 business, but it was without the vim of
the late operations, and the impression made
upon prices was small in comparison with the
wide fluctuations of the past week. The pres
sure in Missouri Pacific was a means of creat
ing distrust of the Atchison plan of reorgani
zation, which seems to have been a failure, and
to-day, after the first raid was over, covering of
shorts was in order.
New tactics were used, however, to break
prices, and money was manipulated up to 12
per cent, the influence of which was only to
create a waiting market, and was partly offset
by the decline in fpreign exchange rates. The
trusts, after a decline of about 1 per cent, bo
came positively strong, and in Sugar a rise of 3
per cent from its lowest figure was scored,
though most of the improvement was after
wardlost. Atchison was quite weak in the
forenoon, bur recovered later in the day, and
finally closed with a small fractional advance.
The rights were sold moro freely to-day, and
the clemand was such as to raise the price from
A to , settling back to at the close.
There were no really weak spots in the mar
ket to-day, but some of the specialties dis
played marked strength, notably Manhattan
and Consolidated Gas, and among the low
priced shares the Chesapeake and Ohio wero
most conspicuous. The market at the opening
was heavy under the pressure brought to bear
by the bears and first prices were generally
Blight fractions lower than last evening's fig
ures, and although the early demand for stocks
gave the list an advancing tendency at first, tbo
entire list reacted and declines extending to 1
per cent from the best figures were established.
The efforts for a decline met with too much re
sistance, however, and Sugar developed most
positive strength, jumping, up 3 per cent, and
the whole list folloned, though the movements
were generally made within the narrowest
Dullness and stagnation became the ruling
features after noon, though Atchison and Cot
ton Oil were Btrong. The market finally closed
dull and steady, with most stocks but slightly
changed from last night's prices, though ad
vances wero in a majority, and important
changes were few in number. Jersey Central
lost li per cent, and Consolidated Gas rose 1J
aDd Manhattan i.
Railroad bonds were asrlin extremely dnll
and entirely devoid of feature of any kind. Tho
sales were 732.000.
The following table snows tne prices of active
stocks on the Hew York Stock iqxcnange yester
day, corrected daily for The Dispatch by
W hitnet & STEPHENSON, oldest Pittsburg- mem
bers of Mew York Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth ave
nue: Clos
ing lilrt.
61 H
lnr. Am. Cotton OU 40K
Atcn.. lop. A b.F 3u s
Canada tioutbern MJ4
Central of New Jersey. 12S
Central PaclfiL
Chesapeake & Ohio.... 2RH
v.. iiur. & Qaliicr..,..I07M
C., Mil. St. laul.... 70X
C, Ull.&St. f pf....H4
C, KocKl. F ma
0., U L. &. Pitts, pf.. 37
C. St. P..M. cSO 33JJ
C. 4 Northwestern 112
C.4 Northwestern, pf. ....
C, C, O. A 1 76K
C, C, C. &L, pf
Col. Coal s. Iron i
Col. & HocklnK Val
Dei.. I.. A W 143)4
Del. A Hudson 1S1
K. T.. Va. AUa - ....
E.T..V&, AUa. 1st pf. ....
C T.. Va. AOa. 2dpr. ....
Illinois Central.
Late En Western
Lake Krle A West. pr.. Ui
Lake Shore AM. 8 106
Louisville A Nashville. WH
Michigan uentral S3
Mobiles Ohio
Mo.. Kan. A Texas
Missouri faclflc 69 HJ
New rork Central 106S
N. If.. UE.& W 29M
n. .. a a st. Li
n. x a a st. l. pr.
N.r.. C. ASt.L. 2d nf ....
est. 41K
112 '
est. 89H
m via
23 -a
107 tj
N.Y&N. JS 45W
N. If.. O. A W 183?
Norfolk a Western
Norfolk Western.pt. 56
Northern Pacific 32
Nortnern Pacific pref. 74
Oregon Improvement. 52
Oregon Transcon 31 K
Pacific Mall
l'eo. Deo. s. Kvans 20
Phlladel. A Reading.. 45
Pullman Palace Car...lSS
Richmond A W. P. T.. 22
Klohmond A W.P.T.pf ....
St. P., Minn. A Man..ll7X
St.li.ASan Fran
St. L. a San lfran pf.. 51
St.L. A San K. 1st pr.
Texas Paclfie 20
Union faolflc et
Wabash preferred 11
Western Union. MX
Wheeling A L. 2, Tt
SUfrar Trust 75H'
National Lead Trnst.. 23i
Chicago Uas Trust.... UH
20 "
85 Wi
JI 71
77 liSi
izH ny,
57M K
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whltney Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue, lumbers New York Stock Ex
change. JIM. Asked.
Pennsylvania Itallroad MH Ml,
Keadine 2211-18 221,
Bufialo. nttsbur and Western t 9K
LehlKh Valley M S3H
LehlKh Navigation 83 65H
Northern Faclac 32M KJi
Northern facltlc preferred 74 75
Boatnn Stocks.
Atch. AToclstTs. I0SM
A.iT. Land Gr't7s. 101
A ten. ft Top. K. B... 31K
Boston & Albany. ..215
Boston & Maine.. ...215
c, a. id , v-
Clnn..Uan. A Cleve. H
Eastern K. It Ill
Flint JtPereM, nfd. 95H
Mexican Cen. com.. UU
Mex.U.Istmtg.bds. 6SX
N. Y. & New Ens;... 45J
N.Y. & N. E. 7S....107
Did Colony. 175
Wis. Central, com,
Calumet ft Heda.,
Copper Falls
Bell Telennone..-.
Boston Land S!4
Water Power S
Tamarack 1O6J4
San Diego...,..,,,,.. 23
Business Notes.
The Coal Trade Journal says the anthracite
output will be 3,000,000 tons less than last year.
The largest mortgage recorded yesterday
was for $12,210. Twenty-six others ranged from
$10,000 to $225.
It was the opinion of several prominent
brokers yesterday that Philadelphia Gas hadn't
quite reached bed-rock.
It is unfortunate that when petroleum is
ready to boom a big well should be brought in
and upset all calculations.
Booth & Fltnn are pushing things on Wood
street. If the Central Traction be not in opera
tion at the time promised, it won't be their
Black & Baird closed a transaction yester
day involving three adjoining pieces of down
town property. The consideration approxi
mates $80,000.
A distbibution dividend of about 80 per
cent will be declared by the directors of the
Pennsylvania Insurance Company within the
next fortnight.
More than one-half of the grading for the
Oakland and Squirrel Hill Electric Railway has
been completed, and the remainder is being
vigorously pushed. The completion of this
road will open up a fine residence district.
Philadelphia advices say the Northern
Pacific meeting' to-day will be harmonious.
Wright and Wiflard control the situation. They
will name the board and vote three-fourths of
the preferred stock in favor 01 tne mortgage
Govehnoe Seat, of Alabama-, has sold to
parties in New York $951,000 worth of Alabama
bonds bearing 4 per cent interest, to replace the
same amount ot 6 per cent bonds which are due
January 1, 1890. Tb price paid for tho 4 per
cent bonds was 101 1-10.
A peominent capitalist was looking for well
located tenement property in the East End yes
terday, with a view to purchasing as an invest
ment, instead of, as heretofore, putting his
money in mortgages. He figured that it would
afford him a larger Income than to loan on
mortgage at market rates.
Peesident G. B. CLAB&of thThoroasIron
Company, says: "Steel rails are now $32 a ton,
and you can't get any from us at a less price.
Everything that goes into tbje making of rails
is booming. The proposed purchase ot the
Thomas Iron Company is still in abeyance. The
English people are considering onr latest offer
to sell at an advance of $1,000,000."
The Baltimore Will Get a New Trial.
Washington, October 16. Secretary
Tracy has notified .Messrs. Cramp, con
tractors for building the Baltimore, that the
vessel may have another trial. The condi
tions have not been made public, bnt it is
said they do not wholly agree with those
proposed by Mr. William Cramp in bis con
lerences with the Secretary.
Fob throat and lung troubles take
Ball's congh syrnp. 25 cents a bottle.
F. & V.'s Pittsburg beer pleases better
every time. Can't be excelled.
The Sugar Trust Losing 'Its Grip aud
,? Prices Declining.
Choice Oats Continue Firm, and Loose Bay
in Good Supply.
Office op PrrTSBUBO Dispatch,
WEDNESDAY. OctObejr 16, 18S9L i
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Elgin creamery is oft 1 to lc by tho decree
of the Better Board on Monday. After two or
three wffks of an upward movement, a reac
tion has come. Our Quotations are reduced on
Elgin and Ohio creamery, in accordance with
stubborn facts. Eggs are firm at quotations.
Cheese is active and steady, but unchanged.
There is general complaint of qualities of pota
toes coming to market. Carload lots are selling
under 40c on track, but they are probably dear
at this low price. The general price is 40 to 45c
on track, and markets drag at these figures.
Tropical fruits are in improved demand, a fact
attributed to cooler weather and the wane of
Home-grown fruit. Produce trade is in general
quiet. Stuff is in supply above demand and
quality is too low to tempt buyers.
Buttee Creamery, Elgin, 2728c; Ohio do,
2526c; fresh dairy packed, 2221c; country
rolls. 2021c.
Beana Navy hand-picked beans, 2 252 40;
medium. $2 S02 4a
Beeswax i330o a & for choice; low grade,
Cidee Sand refined, S6 607 50: common,
S3 504 00; crab cider. S3 OOS 50 V barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c $1 trallon.
Chestnuts SI 0004 50 per bushel.
Cheese Ohio. lllljic; New York, lljc:
Llmburger, 9K10c; domestic Sweitzer,lu
13c: Imported Sweitzer, 23c
Eqgs 22c 3R dozen for strictly fresh.
Fbuits Apples. S2 002 75 i? barrel; grapes.
Concords, 45c j pound, Catawbas, 68c,
Delaware!!, 79c; Bartlett pears, So 1)0 fl barrel;
quinces, 7 00S 00 $ barrel; cranberries. Jer
seys, 3 0003 5 9 bushel box; Malaga grapes,
large Darrel, 8.
Leathers Extra live eeese. 6060c; No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c ft.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 4045c S
pair: old. 65S70c pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 lis to bushel, $5 00
5 25 1$ bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts, $5 50;
clover, Alaike. $8 00; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, 81 60; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 fts. 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, SI 00;
orchard grass. 14 fts, SI 65; red top. 14 fts, SI 2a;
millet, 50 fts, tl 00; German millet. 50 fts, t'l 50;
Hungarian grass, 0 fts, SI 00: lawn grass,
mixture of fine grasses, $2 50 bushel of 14
TALLOW Country, 4c; city rendered, i
Tbopical Fhctts Lemons, common, 81 50
5 00; fancy. S5 50S 00; oranges, $4 505 00:
bananas, S3 00 firsts, SI 50 good seconds,
bunch; cocoanuts, S4 004 50 H hundred: figs,
8J9c f ft; dates, 5K6j $ ft;newlayerflgs,
14k16Kc; new dates, 7$3 fl ft. '
Vegetables Potatoes. SI 5001 75 bar
rel: tomatoes b575o ?J bushel; wax beans, 75c
fl bushel; green beans, 405Qa 1 bushel; cu
cumbers, S2 252 50 $ bushel; cabbages. 84 00
65 00 a hundred; celery, 40c ft dozen; Southern
sweet potatoes, 82 002 25; Jerseys, 82 75.
Tho weakness of sugar for a few days past
has culminated in another drop and our quota
tions are reduced c all along the line, in ac
cordance with facts. The grip or the Sugar
Trust, is evidently loosening, and the general
unit is steadily downward, cosees are un
changed, and no mortal can tell what a day
may bring forth.
Geeen Coffee Fancy Rio, 22K23Jc;
choice Rio, 2021c; prima Rio. 20c; low grade
Rio, 1819Xc; old Government Java, 27o; Mar
acaibo, 2324c; Mocha, 2S29c; Santos, 20
23Kc; Caracas. 2123c; peaberry. Kio, 2325c;
La Guayra, 2223c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,
23Jc; high grades, 2526kc: old Govern
ment Java, bulk, 31Ks2ie: Maracalbo, 26
27c; Santos, 2123c; peaberry. 26c; choice Rio,
21c; prime Rio, 22c; good Rio, 21Kc; ordl.
SPICKS (whole) Cloves, 2125c; allspice, 8cj
cassia, 8c; pepper, 18c; nutmeg, 7080.
Petboleum (jobbers prices) 110 test, 7c:
Ohio, 12Q, 8Kc; headlight 150, 8Ke; water
white, 9c; globe, 1414Kc; elalne, 14Jcj carna
dine, UKc; royaline, 14c; globe red oil, UQ
Sybuts Corn sirups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrups, 3338c: prima sugar syrup, 30s3c;
Bbiivi.iy prime, ottigotjc; new mapie syrup, wc.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c;
medium, 43c; mixed, 4042c.
SoDA-Bi-carb in kegs. 3K4c; hi-carb in Ks,
5c; hi-carb, assorted packages, 6g6c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c.
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, S?
set.8Kc;parafllne,ll12c ' """"'
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Wc: choice. 6K
7c; prime. 66Vc: Louisiana. 66Jlc
Starch Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 5S6c; gloss
starch, 57c.
Fobeion Feutts Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 50; Muscatels. $2 25;.California Muscatels.
$1 85; Valencia, 8Hc; OiSdara Valencia, 910c;
J6 00; almonds, Lan.. ft, 20c: do. Ivica, 19c;
do, shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.. 1215c; Sicily
filberts, 12c; Smyrna ngs,1216c; new dates,
5K6c; Brazil -nuts, 10c; pecans, ll15c; citron.
1 ft, 2122c; lemon peel, p ft, 1314c; orange
peel, 12c
Dried Feutts Apples, sliced, per ft. Be.
apples, - evaporated, 8c; apricots, Callfor- ft
nia, evaporated, lzjaioc; peaches, evaporated
pared, 2223r; peaches. Calif ornia, evaporated,
unpared, 1012fc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, C6c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 21212rc; blackberries, 7k8c; huckle
berries, ioal2c.
Sugars Cubes, 8c; powdered, 8c; granu
lated, 7c; confectioners' A,7c; standard A.
8c; soft whites, 7Q7Jc; yellow, choice, 6
6c: yellow, good, 66ic; yellow, fair, 6c;
yellow, dark, 5c
Pickles Medium bbls (L200), $5 75; medi
um, half bbls (600), $3 25.
SALT No. L ft bbl, 95c: No. 1 ex. bbl, $1 05;
dairy, ?l bbl, $1 20, coarse crystal, fl bbl, $1 20;
Higgins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, $2 80: Higglns'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches. $2 00
2 25; 2ds, $1 501 65: extra peaches, $2 402 00,
pie peaches, 95c: finest corn, $1 OOgl 60; Hid. Co:
corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90c31: Lima beans.
$1 10; soaked do. 85c; string do, 7585c; mar
rowfat peas, $1 101 15; soaked peas. 7075c
pineapples. $1 401 50; Bahama do, $2 75; dam;
ovu yiuuis, ouvi iceiii;aUB, ex u; egg plums,
$2; California pears, $2 50; do greengage, $2; do,
egg plums, $2; extra white cherries, $2 90; red
cherries, 2 fts, 90c: raspberries, SI 401 50:
strawberries. SI 10; gooseberries, Sl-Sagjl 40;
tomatoes, 90cl 00; salmon, 1-ft $1 752 10;
blackberries, 80c: succotash, 2-ft cans, soaked;
99c; do green, 2 fts, $1 25t oO; corn beef. 2-ft
cans, $2 05; 14-ft cans, $14 00: baked beans, $1 45
1 50; lobster, 1-ft. $1 751 80; mackerel 1-fi
cans, broiled, $1 50; sardines, domestic, Jis,
$4 24 50; sardines, domestic. Us. $7 25j)7 50;
sardines, imported, i&, $11 6012 50; sardines,
imported, s, $18; sardines, mustard, $3 50;
sardines, spiced, S3 50.
Fisn Extra No.l bloater mackerel, $38 p
bbl.: extra No. Ido, mess, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $21 Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c fl ft; do medium, George's cod,
6c: do larce. 7c: boneless bake, in strips. 6c: do
George's cod in blocks, 6K7Kc. Herring
-Round shore. $5 00 $? bbl; split, S7 00; lake,
$2 00 V 100-ft half bbl. White fish, $7 00 W 100-
ft half bbl. Lake trout, $5 60 ? half bbl. Fin
nan haddock, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c it
ft. Pickerel, K bbl, $2 00; Kbbl.$l 10; Poto
mac herring, (a 00 bbl. 82 50 J bbl.
OATMEAL-JO 306 60 Ifl bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5557c
1 gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 40 cars. By Pittsburg. Ft. Wayne and
Chicago, 3 cars of corn, 4 of hay, 1 of feed, 1 ef
flour, 2 of malt. By Baltimore and Ohio, 4 cars
of hay, 1 of oats, 3 of wheat, 1 of bran. By
Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis, 1 car of
wheat, 2 of hay, 1 of bran, 2 of oats, 2 of corn.
By Pittsburg andWestern, 1 car of corn, 2 of
hay. Sales on call, 1 car of No. 2 white oats
at 27c, track; 1 car No. 1 timothy hay, $12 50,
5 days,B. feO.; I car extra No. 3 white oats,
26c. P. 4 L. E., track; 2 cars extra No. 3 white
oats, 26c, 5 das, B. & O. The cereal situation
presents no new features. Choice oats continue
very firm. Wheat and flour are fairly steady.
Loose hay Is In good supply and fair demand.
Prices below are for carload lots.
Wheat New No. 2 red, 8586c; No. 3. 81
82 c
Corn No. 2 yellow, ear, 4344c; high mixed,
ear, 4213c: No. 2 yellow, shelled. 40c; high
mixed, shelled, 39i0c; mixed, shelled, S8K
Oats No. 2 white. 2728c; extra, No. 3,
26KQ27c; mixed, 2425c.
RYE No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 5051c;
No. 1. Western, 4S19c; new rye. No. 2 Ohio,
Kloub Jobbing prices-Faney winter and
spring patents, $5 005 50; winter straight,
$4 25f4 60; clear winter, $4 004 25: straight
XXXX bakers', $3 503 75. Rye flour, S3 608
4 75.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, Sl-6 009
10 50 9 ton; brown middling. $13 OBgR 60; win
ter wheat bran, til 59311 75; chop feed, $15 59
18 00.
HAT-Baled tlmotbv. No. L 12 06812 50;
No. 2 do. 11 00 U 50; loose from wagon, 11 00
613 00, according to quality: No. 1 upland
prairie. S3 50Q9 00; No. 87 007 60; packing
do, 7 6007 75.
Straw Oats, 8 607 00; wheat and rye
Straw, to ooa 25.
Sugar-enred hams, large, lOJfc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, llJic; sugar-cured hams, small,
Uc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 6c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 7c; sugar-cured California hams, 7c:
sugar-cured dried beef fiats, Bc; sugar-cured
dried feeef sets, 10c; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12Kc: baco shoulders. &c: bacon
clear sides, 7Xc; bacon clear bellies, 7c; dry
salt shoulders, 6c; dry salt clear sides, 7c,
Mess pork, heavy, Sll oO; mess pork, family;
812 oa Lard Refined, in tierces, 63c: half
barrels, 6Jc; 60-ft tubs. 6Jc; 20-tt pails, 7c; 60
ft tin cans. 6Kc; 3-ft tin pails. ic; S-& tin
pails, 7c; 10-ft tin pails, 6c: 5-ft tin pails, 7c; 10
ft tin pails, 7c Smoked- sausage, long, 5c;
large, 6c. Fresh pork links, 9c. Boneless
bams, lOKc Pigs feet, half barrel, 81 00; quar
ter barrel, 82 15.
Dressed Meat.
Armour 4 Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses 450 to 550 fts,
5c; 650 to 650 fts. 6e; 650 to 760 fta, 67c
Sheep, 8c $ ft. Lambs, 9c f? ft. Hogs, CJic.
Fresh pork loins, 8c
Sealers In hard woods are unable to keep np
with orders owing to delays of transportation.
The run of perishable stuff is so crowding rail
roads that lumber and iron are forced to wait.
One dealer in bard woods reports that he has
had a dozen or moro cars just outside the city
iimits waiting their chances for several days.
a the meantime bis customers are clamoring
for stuff. Walnut lumber is fully 20 per cent
lower than it was this time a year ago. The
popular hard wood is oak. Poplar, ash and
cherry are all In the lead of walnut at this lata
for inside finish, in barroms, parlors and
churches, and also for furniture.
prai trsTLAsin tabu quotations.
Clear boards, per II S2 0095S 00
Select common boards, per M. 30 00
Common boards perM 20 00
Sheathing is 00
Pine frame lumber per M 2 00027 00
Shingles, No. L 18 In. perM 5 00
bhlngles, No. 2, ism. per M 275
Lath 300
f 00 00
.30 CO!; 00
. 2800
35 00
, 30 00
23 00
aj oo
Surface boards ,
Clear, K-lnch beaded celling
Partition boards, peril
Flooring-, No.l f.
Flooring. No. 2... ,
Yellow pine flooring
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 1.,
Weather-boardlntr, moulded, No. 2.,
Weather-boarding, X-lach
Ash, 1 to 4 in , S40 00I3K0O
Black walnut, green, log run SOWMOCO
Bl ek walnut, dry, log run 60 00(375 00
Cherry 4000(380 00
Green white oak plank. 2 to 4 in 20 00(323 00
IJry white oak plank, 2to 41n 22 00S2S 00
Dry white oat: boards, lln 20 09323 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch.-. JOOtvasoo
WestVa. yellow pine, 1J$ inch 2SOO5ooo
WestVa. yellow pine, 1J$ inch 2S00ac
West Va. yellow poplar, Xtolln 18 00(3250
Hickory, fofo 3 &......'. '... 13 CO$a 0
Hemlock building lumber, peril 14 0
Bankrolls urn
Boat studdlnir moo
Coal earplank is 00
S30 0035 00
walnut logrun,grei
uainnr inwwnn .. a. nn-.
White oak plank, green 18 0o22 00
Whe oak Plank, dry (.. MOCfSoO
White oak boards, dry is maa CO
West Va. yellow pine, 1 in 20 tags 00
West Va. Yellow nlnn. lit in -n mats; m
Yellow poplar.... 20 oSaii CO
Hickory, iito I In. M 00036 00
Hemlock. , 11 coi2 co
Bunk rails..... 14 00
Boat studding. 1400
Coal earplank ,,...- IS 00
New York. October 16. The demand for
drygoods holds up remarkably well, though
there is no special activity in fall fabrics. Cut
ters, converters and exporters are operating
more freely, and the jobbing request continues
fair, with considerable activity in new goods
for spring, many of which are sold np for two
and three months' delivery. The market to
day is good and improving, though print cloths
and kindred goods are temporarily weak. A
few wholesale buyers from the West were in
the market to-aay. The fall season is already
voted one of the best, while the outlook for
spring is unprecedented.
Wool Markets,
J? T-Loms-Wool Receipts for the week,
207,848 pounds, against 8L875 pounds tho pr?
vious week. Market firm, hut prices are un
changed. pj TO $100 JTJDICIOTJ
1 n stock options in Wall st. leads to wealth.
STEVENSON & CO., Brokers,
ocl7-Urrsn 60Newsr.,NewYork.
"Why toll and alave forever P Ufa
w&3 meant for living-, not eternal
slaving. Ceass this -weary drudgery-
SOAPONA does your vrork
itself, and neither injures hand nor
faDiio. Then why do it youP 'Tia
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake I Your health, and
life axe at stake. Use SOAPONA
everywhere. It cleans like magic
R.W. BELL MFG. CO., Buffalo, N.Y,
nrl InttiiM fteJiln
and ctlnnct most 1
nlckt; woria by
I lowed to eoatlane
ITCHING PILES.ire5,,iS;lhi&
becoming tt ore. 8AVAYE8 IT.
1IE.NT top the ltehlnff ad blerdlBcw ht&U
nleeratlan. and In moat eases renoTCS the t
mors. 8wAYn'ODmixirrUioilbjdrafglu,ormAUelia
war sddreti oa raoeipt of pric 60 eu. t box; S boxss, UX
Ailrew letten. DR. SWATK2 A SOY. nilsdelphU. F-
Capital and surplus. $125,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Sold oy all stove dealers. Manufactured by
'lol Purifier.
A nurolT Vegetable
IComnonnd that expels
all bad bnmors from tbe
f system. Removes blotch-
'e and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
von want to know what vou ought to
know, send for Apeoiat circulnr relative
a prompt and perm&neat cure for Nervosa
Debllltv. Weakness ctcfrieetiper box. WIN
CHB6TBR & COn Cbeatots, 1 WHtaw St.,
N. Y. asygl-3sVzMWk
't ' y
T , , ,.
l mortgage for ... .... ,,.....
1 mortgage for.. ...f ., ..,..,...
2 mortgages for.,
2 mortgages for.
3 mortgages for. ,
at low rates on wen-improveo cityprnsertr.
oclS-45 92 Fourth ave.
Merchants visiting the city will find it to
their interest to tospeet oar COMPLBTH ,
line of
Ladies', Misses' and ChiWreq':
XMttstrursr, 3PaiVl
JflSFPH HilRHF i m
ww ' V.. ""."
tor. Wood and Liberty b&,
- Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekia
For largest assortment and lowest gripes
and see uj. "'
fe22-r8S-D 'J
issue Travelers' credits tnrougn uum 1
Morgan fe Co., New York. Passports mo
Btocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum. ,
Private wire to New York aad CfclBSf.;
45 SIXTH ST., PiMBtrerg.
As old residents know and back m
burg papers prove, is tho oMeati
and most prominent nhvsielanlat
voting special attention toIl otrai
WCDn PM4 mental
decay, nervous d
ambition and hope, impal
disordered stent, self distrust.
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimpfea,t
poverlshed blood, failing powers,!
ness, ayspepsia, constipation,
luuhjt ins person ior Dususess.
rlage, permanently, safely and privately
Ul fill 1 Ain L(-iaianeses
ULuvl ftl'l L orxll 1 ssasFea. e
blotches, falling hair, bones, paiM, j
Bweuings, uiceraBons 01 ioQgu,BBOw
ulcers, old sores, are cured lor life. 1
poisons thoroughly eradicated from A 1
IIRIMADV Mdneyaml Nar
Ullllinil I jments, weak bttex, 1
tarrhal discharces. inflamraatiom 1
painfnl symptoms receive searefeiBg I
prompt reuei ana real cures.
Dr. Whittiet's life-long, extesw
ence, insures screnunc ana reaaaM 1
on common-sense principles, usm
Patients at a distance as carefnHv
here. Office hours 9 A. K. to Jr.:
10A.H.tolp.M. only. DR. WJ
renn avenue, i-ittSDurg, fi.
Health is Weal
Dk. K. C west's Nsstz and
Treatment, a guaranteed specifle for 1
dizziness, convulsions, nta. nervous Be
headache, nervous prostration cassed kf i
use of alcohol or tobacco, wakaf alBess. saea
depression, softening of the brain, resoMtag Hi
insanity ana leaajne to jniseiy, ojcsit
death, premature lold afre. barreaaass, fssa k
power in either sex. Involuntary lassos aatt
spermatorrhoea caused by over-ezarMaB eftbaj
brain, self-abuse or over-ladalgemM. Wnj
box contains one month's treatBe&tV M a feMtj
or six boxes for la, seat by mail prnyajW aa w
ceipt oi price. rjt
Tocuraanycase,With each order rotojvedi
for six boxes, accompanied with JS , w
sena tne pnrcnaiser onr writtea
refund the money if the treatmei
feet a cure. Guarantees issued m
Stuckv. Dmszist. Sola Asent. 17ft as4i
aval and car. Wvlie ave. and Forte aL.
bnre;Fa. ' sesg-Me luMttl
quiring scientific va&
tial treatment! Dr. 8.
M. K. C. F. B- is tfee oH
most expetiesced sp
the city. Consultattos
strictly- conadeatfasL
hours 9 to 4 and 7 to 8P. H.:
K.Consnlt them personally, or write.
LAKE. i renn ave., utsourg; x-a.
flh sad stvtTi reHWt 1
irunitflii bt jftamama 4
lt& red, metaMo boxes, ss)eii
I Dioa nwo.. x ikEe ne mm
pills iapsitebasrd boxes i
Dsri srs danjegoM esm
ji inunmi rar umniciuaH.
ul "KrHrffcr L.dtM.'b.
t.m HtftH. Mimt j iiji
,'S OottOD.
mmeA of Cottoa Boot.
Ppnnyrnval a recent dfaee
'old phTsiciaa. U inttmrnmi
nontnltf-6afe. efectaaL Friee p, lr
sealed. ladies, ask your dragsjttt
Cotton Boot CompouBd and take no
or inoiose a stamps ior Boaaw
Block, 131 Woodward ave Detroit, 1
3-3old in Pittsburg, Pa., by Jesayh
lug & son, inamona ana jaarset see.
A POisTrTv"-
for LUSJT i
less, hum
S3. W
Body Mind, Lack of Streajrtli, vl
velopment, caosea Dv-r.rrors, i
(sealed) free. Address XBU Ml
Baaalo, N. X.
For meat Cbeeka tbe
gn MslW rT
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1 w
r k..