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Made by the Inter-State Commerce
Commission in Regard to
Books and Papers of Common Carriers Hay
be Secured When
Good G rounds Most be Shown to Get tbe Documents
of frivate Parties.
A ruling has been issued by the Inter
State Commission concerning the steps
which must be taken to place certain evi
dence before that body. The books or com
mon carriers are to be reasonably easy of
access, but those of other parties will be
protected from any unnecessary demands.
St. Louis, Sept. 20. Judge Schoon
maker, Judge Bragg and Mr. Veazey.of the
Inter-State Commerce Commission, have
been in St. Louis the past lew days, and
will leave here for Kansas City to-morrow,
where they hare several cases to hear. From
there they go to Chicago, and thence back
to Washipgton.
In an opinion rendered by Commissioner
Bragg, on application for subpoenas for the
nroduction of books, contracts, vouchers.
accounts and papers in the suit of George
Eice versus various "Western railroads, oil
companies, etc, that gentleman lays 'down
the following rules to be observed in such
First In laying down rules upon tho subjec
ol what an application shall contain for the
compulsory production of books, papers,
tariffs, contracts, agreements and documents,
relating to any matter under investigation the
commission is governed by the provisions of
the act to regulate commerce, and the
of this statute, but in connection wilh these,
will also consider the practice in the courts of
the United States, as well as the rules provided
by Federal statutes,ln proceedings which seem
to be most nearly analogous to proceedings in
which such applications to the commission are
made. . ..
fc!-.-Tr. nrrwpedinrs between parties.
when such an apolication is made to the com
mission, to compel parties who are not engaced
as carriers in iuter-State commerce, or others
who are strangers to the procceding.to produce
hooks, papers and documents, the appli
cation should be In writing, addressed
to the commission, and should specify
as nearly as may be, the books, papers
or documents for the production of
which process is desired, and thej be accom
panied by an affidavit that the books, papers or
documents desired are in the possession of the
witness, or under his Control, and should set
forth facts which make a prima facie case that
these contain evidence that is material and
necessary to the party seeking their production
In the pending proceedings, and to such a case
the prima facie showing that what is required
to be produced will be legal evidence for the
party demanding it, ought to be very clear and
Third Where the application is made to
compel one who is a party to the proceeding,
and who is a carrier encaged in the interstate
commerce, to produce its books for the pur
poses of evidence in a pending proceeding, it is
sufficient for the application to indicate, in
writing in a general way. what books of the
carrijr should be produced, and that there is
reason to believe, and that tbe applicant does
believe, that in the course of the bearing they
will become of service on account of the
upon the questions in controversy in the pro
ceedings, and as an evidence of good faith, in
making the application, the applicant should
make an affidavit, as part of the application,
that such application is made in good faith,
and not for the purpose of vexing or harassing
the defendant: and upon such a Bhowinc. as a
general rule, the process should issue, unless
the number of books called for should be so
large, or from other exceptional circumstances,
the commission should order the testimony to
be taken at such pla;e as would avoid oppres
sion in producing the books at a far distant
hearing, and expedite the progress of the in
vestigation. Fourth The difference that exists in what
should be a prima facie showing for compul
sory process for the production of books,
papers and documents as between parties not
engaged as carriers In inter-State commerce,
or strangers to the proceedings on tho one
band, and, on the other hand, carriers who are
engaged in inter-State commerce, is one that is
very inanifeat. Tin books of carriers engaged
in intsr-State commerce, whether made up
from (hipping tickets, way bills, expense bills
or otherwise, are supposed to give the exact
particulars of the consignment, showing the
weight, rate and tbe amount of charges to be
paid the company's agent, and are put in this
enduring form at the time of the consignment
as part of the transaction upon rates that the
law requires to be
and thus they give a history of the details of
the transaction, and are in the nature of a
semi-public records. Shippers, consignees, and
even the public, may well have an interest,
under certain circumstances, in the evidence
these records afford as to rates, charges, facil
ities furnished and the general movements of
freight. The Dooks of strangers to the pro
ceeding, and of parties not engaged as carriers
in inter-State commerce, do not necessarily
occupy any such relation to these transactions,
though there may possibly be such a showing
as would make them material and competent
evidence in the proceedings in which these
transactions come into controversy.
Firth There are several modes of procedure
by which the inconvenience to the defendant
carriers of producing books, and the delay and
labor of going over their entries, might be
avoided by petitioner. For example, if one or
more witnesses could bo subpoenaed from the
different companies proceeded against, and a
notice should be served with the subpoena
requiring tbe witnesses to furnish the
published rates and tariffs of such
company for a specified period,
and also requiring them to furnish statements
of tbe actual charges made, and car facilities
furnished during such period to the Standard
Oil Trust, and the others named in the applica
tion, if different from the published tariffs,and
Oil Trust, and the others named in the applica
tion, if different from the published taritfs.and
schedules. It would nrobaulv be sufficient for
all the purposes of these proceedings, or if the
parties would take depositions by consent in
advance of the bearing it would answer tbe
game purpose.
Sixth In proceedings take enough to show the
rate is actually charged, if there are or have 1
been any such to certain shippers, or consignees
different from the published tariff rates, or tbe
preferential facilities. If any such are fur
nished by the defendants to some shippers, or
consignees and not to others, or the compara
tive rates on the different commodities named
in tbe complaints, and from and to designated
points. Innumerable shipments with all their
minuteness of detail over the various lines that
were made for many years before tbe act to
rcgulato commerce took effect, as well as since
that date, and tbe names of the consignors or
consignocs and many different points through
these lung periods of time, seem to be
immaterial. It appears to be sufficient
for all the purposes of these cases to
show tbe rates, published, the rates actu
ally charged, and the facilities furnished
from and to designated points since the act to
regulate commerce went into effect, and for
whatever light there may be thrown upon the
question of tbe reasonableness and justice of
the rates, if any, and tbe fairness of the facili
ties afforded by way of comparison, what these
were for a reasonable time, for example, for a
period of 12 months before the act to regulate
commerce went into effect.
Seventh The books of tbe defendant carriers
as to the rates charged, facilities furnished
andgeneral movements of freight, being in the
nature of semi-public records, to any extent
that they can fairly and justly save expense,
ought to give such statements and ought to do
bo as promptly as may be found
Much unnecessary controversy, inconveni
ence and delay might well be avoided, in the
first instance, as well as in tbe subsequent
stages of proceedings if carriers would exhibit
without technical objection, what their books
sbow'in reference to a transaction in question,
to anyone who calls for tbe Information in good
faith, believing, perhaps, erroneously, that It
is, or may De, important to his interests, and
when tbe application Is seasonably and properly
made, with a due regard for the convenience
of tbe carriers, agents or officers; and tbe in
stances are numerous in which it wonld put an
end to tbe controversy, and in many others
that the parties would not then trouble the car
rier for the production of the books.
Eighth As the application in these cases does
not conform to the rules herein stated in ref
erence to making a prima facio showing for
the compulsory production of tbe books,
Sapers and documents, either as against the
etendant carrier, or those who are strangers
tA tM nrfMPAf1inrrS thA rollpf it ttAana jin
not now be granted, and f"r the prpvnt must I
be deniod, bnt th ' s ivii vr-i' r tln-iwii. '
ioner from renewinc his application, provided " LATE UEWS IN BRIEF. NEW ADVKRTISEaiBCTa. KBW ADTBRTISEMENTg.jJ S, , '. WfAayMtTiagaiWBrg. tlggrW iM
tin doing so he conforms to the rules indicated. I , " " ' - ' mgn,i . t,S v - - ..r . jfiHffl
One of the Dfoat Prominent members of the
Order In the We.t HaDlnppenred A
Vlgorons Search Instituted A
Clew nt the Metropolis.
BINew Yobk, September 20. Masonio
circles throughou.1 the country are greatly
excited over the mystcrions disappearance
of one of the foremost members of the order
in the West, and to-day an' alarm was sent
out irom police headquarters for the missing
man. The wanderer is John A. Greenlee,
of Kearney, Neb., whose rank in Masonry
is one of the highest in the country, and
who is, perhaps, the best known member of
the order in the section of the country in
which he lived. He is 21 years old, a mem
ber of Kichland Lodge 38, of Kearney
chapter 23, of Mount Hebron Commandery
a., anu is aiso xtoDie oi xiesosier.oi xiincoin,
On llav 6 last the missing man left Belle
Plains, la., for Des Moines, in the same
Slate, intending to go to his horde in Kear
ney. Since he left Des Moines he has dis
appeared and all traces are lost. All the
lodges in this city were notified. Photo
graphs were also forwarded. Circulars were
sent out signed by It. F. French, Secretary
of Bobeit Morris Lodge No. 46, of Kear
ney, Neb. L. H. Thome, of 333 Bowery,
saw one of tbe circulars and the photo
graphs. He recognized the man as one who
called on him SeptemberlG in ragged clothes
and asked for 5 cents to pay for his lodging.
The stranger said:
"I wonld tell you more, but I don't know
that you are a Mason."
While speaking the stranger continually
pressed his hand to his forehead. He said
he had come from a foreign country, and
that his money tk;re was worth onlv 30
cents on the dollar. After Mr. Thome helped
the stranger the latter left.
A Chicago Woman lias n Stronjr Case
Against Her Husband's Employers.
Chicago, September 20. Henry A.
Aliotb, a member of the New York
jewelry fir.31 of TJhry & Alioth, was
sued for $10,000 damages to-day bv
Mns. Annie L. Helfeustein, the wife
of Charles Helfenstein, one of TJhrv &
Alioth's traveling men, Helfenstein had
$5,000 worth of samples belonging to the
New York firm, and bsing unavoidably de
layed in returning to Chicago, Alioth be
came alarmed for the safety of his jewelry
and came to Chicago to investigate.
While Helfenstein was waiting at the
Palmer House to see him and explain,
Alioth, it is said by Shuman & Defrees,
attorneys for Mrs. Helfenstein, went to the
latter's house with a search warrant and
Pinkerton men, and tore up the house from
cellar to garret.
The New York man, it is alleged, struck
Mrs. Helfenstein and also flourished a pis
tol in her face and, going away, returned
with two women who stripped Mrs. Helfen
stein and searched her for rings and
diamonds. None were found, either on her
or in the house, for the reason that Helfen
stein was at that very time at the Palmer
House with the jewelry. The samples have
been returned and Helfenstein has resigned
and expressed his opinion of Alioth in vig
orous terms. Before the New York nier- 1
chant could get away he was served with
the papers in Mrs. Helfenstein's $10,000 suit.
A Mnirnlflcent Timepiece to Guldo Move
ments of Allrehcnlnns.
The electric clock in the shapely tower of
the Carnegie Free Library building com
menced its task of time measurement yes
terday chiming the hour of noon upon a
huge belL The clock mechanism was manu
factured in Boston by the Howard Clock
Company, and is unusually elaborate for a
tower clock.
The hour, half hour and quarter hour will
be sounded upon three bells from the Mc
ShaneBell Foundry. The largest weighs
2,000 pounds and sounds "C;" the second
in size weighs 1,500 pounds and sounds
"G," a fifth above the first, and the' third
bell weighs half a ton and sounds the octave
above the largest bell. The two smallest
bells will sound the quarter hour in alter
nate notes. The time will be regulated bv
the Western University Observatory with
direct electrical attachments. The hand
some duplicate dials for day and night have
already been described in The Dispatch.
Tho Cacnl Company Is Preparing to Push
Dinners in Proper Shape.
New Yoek, September 20. By the
steamer Hondo, which leaves this port to
morrow morning, additional reinforcements
of men and material will be sent to San
Juan del Norte (Greytown) by the Nicar
agua Canal Construction Company. In ad
dition to a party of engineers, the company
ships a large portable barracks or employes
headquarters, 140 feet long by 40 wide,
three stories high (the first storj; forming a
large store house;, and considered the
largest portable building ever transported
by sea. This building, containing quarters
for about 100 employes, was made in
Chicago and was brought from that city
loaded on ten freight cars.
Two additional miles of water pipe for
the canal company's aqueduct and some 40
tons of provisions, etc., are also on board
the Hondo.
A British Cruiser -Strikes n Rock nnd Goes
to tbe Bottom.
St. Johns, N. F., September 20. The
British war ship Lily struck a rock off
Point Armor, and sank. Seven of her crew
were lost. The vessel n a total wreck. Con
siderable money and valuables went down
with her. Nothing whatever was saved.
The Lily was a composite gun vessel of
720 tons burthen and 830-horse power, and
carried three guns. She belonged to the
North American and West Indies station.
The Frnlt Crop From Many Causes
to Como Up to tbo Standard.
The fruit of this season is said not to come
up to the standard, and a tour of the com
mission houses confirms this view. Grapes
alone are plentiful and luscious. The daily
average receipts of grapes this week has
been 2,500 baskets. The rainv weather has
resulted in making the peaches soft, and
they decay very easily.
The high hopes entertained of the fruit
generally at tbe beginning of tbe season
have been blasted.
Sss slassasMssssBsssssssssssisssssLssaissa
The Delicious Summer Medicine.
Snow whitened the hills at Gulf Summit,
Broome county, K. Y.. yesterdajr morning.
The bodies of three more victims of the
yacht disaster on Lake Erie have been recov
ered. Including that of thp engineer.
Nothing of any moment transpired at the
Ives trial yesterday, and tho hearing was ad
journed until Monday, when one more witness
will be examined. Tho case will then be given
to the jury.
The State Department has cabled Minister
Lincoln, at London, requesting to him tore
turn thanks to the British Government for the
ready action of the commander of the British
navai vessel which went to Navassa to quell the
reported riot, at the request of United Btates
Consul Alien at Kingston.
The Statehood Convention of Wyoming
Territory yesterday adopted as part of the
Constitution a suffrage cnapter. Female citi
zens are to vote. The severest qualifications
are requirements that electors shall be able to
read English, shall be f ull-flodged citizens and
have had six months' residence in Wyoming.
Each stipulation was opposed vigorously by a
couple of corporation attorneys.
Tho Sovereign Grand Lodge of Odd Fel.
lows oecided to hold the next session in To
peka, Kan., on the second Monday In Septem
ber, lSSa All restriction placed on those mem
hr iho refnsed to withdraw from the old
patriarchal circle was removed and they can
now return to tho order. The Johnstown Re
lief Committee reported that 582,314 K had been
contributed and disbursed by the Odd Fellows
among tbe flood sufferers.
Wednesday morning while Mr. David H.
pioctoi- vim rtrivinit a. loaded wagon with a
na-t,r flvunvnr H&ivfir dam ford, near Pur-
cellville, Va the stream being swollen, the
wagon was swept down, and the horses becom
ing unmanageable Miss Susie Cator, of George
town, D. a, and Miss Ella Atwell. of Alex
andria, Va., became frightenod and .Jumped
into the stream, both of them being drowned.
The other occupantsbf the wagon reached the
bank of the stream in safety.
The residence of Wm. Pulse, at Cedar
Falls, la., was found to bo on fire. The fire was
soon extinguished, and upon entering the
bouse the dead body of Mr. Pulse was found on
the floor, and by his side was a double-barreled
shotgun with one barrel discharged. The charge
had taken effect in his abdomen, and probably
killed him instantly. It is believed that he see
the house on fire and then committed suicide.
He was CO years old, and has had trouble with
his family, which culminated recently in their
ail leaving uiw,
The Secretary of State has received a ais
n.hh fmm tlin TTnited States Minister at The
Hague giving information in regard to a prop-
osition of the Netherlands Government to levy
duties on imported breadstuffs. A bill to that
end is now pending, with some prospects of be
coming a law. It Is distinctly asserted in a
memorial accompanying the bill that the ex
ceedingly favorable conditions which prevail
in the United States is one of the main causes
of the decline of the agricultural, interests in
Holland, necessitating protective legislation.
It is also argued by the advocates of the
measure that unless Holland follows the ex
ample of France, Austria, Hungary, Sweden
and Norway in protecting themselves against
American breadstuffs her agricultural Indus
tries will soon fall into a decline.
Mks. McGowan, representing Best &
Co., of New York, will be at the Anderson
for the next four days, September 21, 22, 23,
24, with a choice line of boys, girls and in
fants' wear, including all the latest novel
ties. Thp ladies of Pittsburg and Alle
gheny are respectfully invited to call.
Public Notice.
Before selecting your wall paper examine
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Wood street tts
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Use elevator. Cabinets $1 per dozen, proof
Its superior excellence proven in millions of
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It is used by the United States Government.
Indorsed by tbe heads of the great universities
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macl flHN UbK fLAUt flTf ' UM y Mormls-l
Grateful Acknowledgment of Cures by the M g H J -O 3B
Cuticura Remedies. . . ., W Jja n - i ,!
A minister and his llttls boy cured of obtilnste
skin diseases by the Cutfcura Remedies.
Praises ihem everywhere in the pulpit,
home and In the street
For about 13 year? I have besn trou
bled with eczemaor some other cutaneous dis
ease which all remedies tailed to cure. Hear
ing of the CtrncrBA Remedies I resolved to
give them a trial, and purchased one bottle of
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In addition to my own case, mv baby boy,
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what I supposed to be the same disease as mine
to such an extent that his head was coated over
with a solid scab, from which there was a con
stant flow of pus which was sickening to look
upon, besides two large tumor-like kernels
on the back of Bis head. Thanks to you and
your wonderful Cuticuba Remedies, his
scalp is perfectly well, and tbe kernels have
been scattered so that there is only one little
flace by his left ear, and that is healing nicely,
nstead of a coating of scabs he has a fine coat
of hair, much better than that which was de
stroyed by the disease. I would that the whole
world of sufferers from skin and blood diseases
knew the value of your Cuticuba Remedies
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The Cuticuba Soap and Cuticuba Resol
vent are each worth ten times the price at
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Box 28, Acworth, Ga.
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and Yonngstown, 7:03 a. m., 12:20, 3:45 p. m.;
Youngstown and n lies, dl2:3 p. m.; MeadTUle,
trie and Aihtabnla, 7:05 a. Di., 1220 p. m.; Miles
and Jamestown, 3:vi p. m.; Mamillon. 4:10p. m.;
Wheeling and liellalre. 6:10a. m., 12:45, I:p. m.:
Heaver Falls. 4:00. 6:05 p. m Hock Point,- 88:20
a. in.: Leetidale. 5:30 a. m.
ALLEGHENY ltoc.hester. t:S0 . m.; Beaver
Kails, 8:15, 11:00 a. m. : Enon, 3:00 p. m.: LeeU-
dale, 10:00, 11:45 s. m.. 2.-C0, 4:30,4:15, 5:;
1:30, 4:45, tiSO, 7-00, 8:00
JTalr OakaTs U:40 a.
p.m.; uoniray, iu:ajp.m.
id. : x.eexsaaic, obimv, m.
TRAINS AKK1VE Union station from Chicago,
except Monday 1:50, d8:00. d6:J5 a.m., d 6:50 P.
roieao. except juonaay luu, ata. m., ouu
m. , Crestline, z:lv p. m. ; Yonngstown ana
Newcastle, 9:10a.m., 1:23, 6:50, 10:15 p. m.; Nile
ana x onnesiown. aouup. in. ; mereiana, asuua.
m 2:25, 7:C0 p. m. : Wheeling and Belialre, 9:00
a. m 2:25, 7:00 p. m.; Erie and Ashtabula, lrS.
10:15 p. m.: MaisUIon, 10:00 a. ni.; Kiles ana
Jamestown. 9:10 a. m.; Beaver Falls. 7:30 a. m.,
1:10 D. m.. Hock Point, S Up. m.; Leetidale,
10:4ffp. m.
AKKrVlC ALLEGREKT-From Enon, S:00 a.
m.: Conway, 6:50; Rochester, 9:40 a. ra. ; lieavef
Falls, 7:10a. m 5:45 p. m.: Leetadale, 6:50, 6:15,
7:45 a. m.. 12:00, 1:45, 4:00, 6:30, 9:00 p. m.; Fair
Oaks. 88:55a. m. : Leetsdale, B 6:05 p, ra.: Kocfc
Point. S 3:13 p.m.
S, Sunday only; d, dally; other trains, except
Sunday. ieS
Snmmer Time Table. On and after May,
1889, until further notice, trains will run as follows
on every day, except Sunday. Eastern standard
time: Leaving Pittsburg 6:20 a. m., 7:10 a. m.,
S.-OO a.m.. 9:30 a. in., 11:30 a. m., 1:40 p. m.. 3:40 p.
m.j 5:10 p. m.. 5:50 p. m., 6:30 p. m.. 9:30 p. ra..
11:30 p, in. Arlington 5:40 a. m., 6:20 a. m., 7:10
a. in., 8:00 a, m., 10:20 a. m., 1:00 p. m.. 2:40 p. m.,
4:20 p.m., 5:10 p. m., 5:50 p. m., 7:10 p. m 10:31
12:50 r
m. ouauar trains, ieavingx'uisuurg iua.m.
n. m.. z:sd. in.. 5:10 p. m.. 7:10c m.. si.10
p. m Arlington 9:u a. m., 12 m., 1:50 p.m., OH
p. m. 6:30 p. m., 8:00 p. m.
Oar assortment is now complete, every shape
and shade in hats, Bonnets, Velvets and Bibbons
to match. Everything pertaining to Bonnet
Fixings. "We start the season with an immense
bargain, viz:
Children's Felt Sailor Hats
Trimmed in all colors, sold everywhere at ?1,
bat oflered by us at only fiOc.
Full lines of Trimmed Hats and Bonnets
now in stock. Orders at shortest notice.
Our Fine French Sprays for Corsage nnd
Dress Trimmings, at ISc, worth 25c.
MAGPIE "WINGS, all colors, only 5c.
This is only a small sample of the many bargains
in this department.
to save you money. Perfect fit guaran-
Kid' Gloves!
;sel7 .jjt.
are now the order of the day?aBJv?v j
JjJj5s e care mai will meet the sad- tjjak
fXPL en canSes the temperature X?
lt ii wb with a -$ ' ' f
Again, the very moderate prices at
this store places them within the reach of the j5io-a-week-calico sales
man as easily as the millionaire railroad magnate.
Of course we have Fall Overcoats for less than $j, but we caanotguar
antee them. These 7 garments, however, we can conscientiously -recommend
to all who want good, stylish and substantial Fall Overcoats.
They cannot be matched elsewhere below JSio. " '4fejL
and they're beauties every one1 of
or short box style. The materials
Corkscrews, Worsteds and Cassimeres, Meltons, Cheviots, Crepes,vy,eBe
tians, Covert Cloths, etc You can have them with or without silkjf ac-
ing, and as regards make and fit they will compare favorably withaay
garments for which .other stores ask $ 15. . '
AT $12, $13 50, $14 and
Don't leave your measure for a
Mine chances out of ten you 11 prefer these ready-made garment3vto
those for which your tailor would charge you double their prices. BeJ
sides we give you a much larger assortment to select from over 200
styles being here.
RANGE FROM $18 to $25. fff
They're made from the costliest and most exquisite imported mate-" ,-, v'i
rials and are equal in make, fit and finish to the most expensive-custom -'"'
wort turned out in jfittsbUrg. borne
witn lingiisn serge, ana, talcen in all,
ments ever produced. , .
E , " .. . f, - .
iooks iiKe a nuge reception room,
. r
They admire our new styles, try them
wondering how such fine goods can
lead the Cloak trade of Pittsburg this
shouldn t wei" We nave tne right goods and the right prices,
OUT-OF-TOWN resdents should write, for our Illustrated CataV
logue. It is the finest- and largest book of thef
kind ever published in Pittsburg and will be mailed gratis on ap
plication. ' ,
- -
Fifth Av6nue and
after August 26, ISS3. trains leave Union
Btntlon, rut-burg; as folio, utern Standard
New York and Chicago Limited or Pullman Yes
Utrale dallyat7:U m.
Atlantic --pre. dally for tba JCast, S0 s.m,
Mau train, dally, except Sunday, 6:3Ua, m. Ban
day, malL 8:0 a. m.
-yep--9dallyatS:0Oa. m.
11-11 express dally at 1:00 p. m.
Philadelphia exprets dally at 4il9 p. m.
Xastera expreu dally at 7:15 p.m.
Fast Line dally at 8:10 p. m.
Express for Ked.ord 1:U p. m,. week days.
-press for Crc.son and Hbensburg 2:55 p. m.,
Saturdays only.
GreensDnrgexprtaiS-lOp. in. weekdays,
llerrj express II :C0 a. m. week days.
AlltnronKh trains connect at Jertey CltrwltH
boats of "Brooklyn Annex" for Brooklyn, K. Y-
Trains arrive at Union Station as folio wit
Mall Train, dally 8:1-p. to.
Western Express, dally 7:a. m.
l'tclfl. Express, dally.,
Chicago Limited Express, dally .8:30 p.m.
last Line, aauy uwj.
. in.
For Unlontown, 5:30 ana 8:33 a. m. and 4:2s p.
m., without chanire of cars: 12.50 p. ra., connect
lng at Greensbur;. Trains arrive from Union,
town at 9:45 a. m., 13:20. 5:M and 8:10 p. m.
From FEDEKAL St. STATION. Allegheny City,
Mall train, connecting lecmairaTiiie,.. s:u i
ia, m.
Express, for lUalrivllle, connecting for
llutler Acctm
2:23 and 5:45 p. m.
8prlrigdaleAcconi9:0Q1lliiOa.m.3:wand S:20p.m.
lfaeport Accom 4'! .?nd "P m-
uasnnday , JSKP- nl-
Horth ApoUo Accom.. ...11:03 a.m. and SiOO p.
Allegheny Junction Accommodation
connecting rorBntier.. : a. m.
Bl&lrsvllle Accommodation ,a1.... 10:40 p, m,
Express, connecting from Batler 10:35 a.m.
Mail Train ViV'vJ'S p m
Butler Accom :Wa. m 4:40and7:Mp, m.
HlalrsTlllo Accommodation.......... i.-SUZp. m.
1'reeport Aceom.7:40a.m.. IzSS. 7i2andllil0p. m.
On Sunday 10:10 a. m. and 7:00 p. m.
ifortUApollo Accom. ! m. nd:40p.
Tnftnt leave UnlonitaUon. Flwinurg, as follows:
Tor Moaongahela City, Wen Brownsville and
uSl"ntSwo740 a.m. J for Monongaheu City and
W.est BrownsvlUe, 73 and 10:40 a.m.and 4:40 p.m.
On Sunday, 1:01 p7 m. Ifor Monongahela City, 5:40
p. ra., week days. ,. '
Dravosbnrg Ac, week days. 8:20 p. m.
West Elixabetli Accommodation. 8:20a. m., HOT,
StfoandlliMp. m. Bandar. 9:40 p. m.
Ticket offices Corner fourth avenus and Try
street and Union station. .trit.ut
Uineral 1 Uwt. Gen'1 1'a.s'r Agent.
station. Central Standard Tins. J"8."?
ClnclnnaU and St. Louis, d 7:30 a.m., d 8jM and
d 11:13 p. m. Dennlson, J:4i p. m. Chicago,
12:05, dC15 p. m. Whesllag, 70 a. m,, J,
eaop.m. Bteuhenvle. 55a. m. wuhlnrtw.
J,18a. m.,l, 3:30.4:45 P. m. Btfft&BiJa
a.m. Bnrgetown.i3Sa.m-SP. ? Mans
fleld, 7:15, 9:30, UiOOa. m 1.-05, ao, d 835: 10
p.m; MeOonaM,d4:187d:4Sp. m.
rrom tbe West dlilO. d.-00 a. to,. 3.?. d3
n.m. Uennuou.:a)a.in. steunenviue, ""i. . j
Wheeling, 1 10, i:48a.m.) S.-os, tMv. '
Dennlson, :.10.in. Steubenvllle, t:op. in,
8i40, 10:s a. i, i:, os p, m. ","
S:3o; 11140 a. mT-ffiiS 1.:00 and 8 $&.
Bulger, 1:40p.m. .McDonald-, ddt a. , d tt
''d daUys 8 Bar e-ly; other ttalns,ej
1 nere, is no garment that is wore
nsef ul, necessary and dressy thaa'
one of these light .or medians
weight Top Coats. They agbrd
rtTrfifj TrnfHiin 9 tymnet inlsoa
(and their more serious, often fatall
consequences') and at the. same
time lend an air of finish, eleganc
and refinement to a gentleaaaa'
dress that is most .pleasing ari
effective. , J
And now, gentlemefc, if you. want
to tafce your choice from an, assort
ment of over 6,000 Fall Overcoats
an assortment that embraces
every.'' new style, every popalac
color, every reliable material'
then GO TO
which these garments are sold for
them. They are cut long, medial!
are wide and narrow Wales, taacyg
$15 WE SHOW FMsBfc
--, wis
Top Coat until you have seen theses
come with rich silk linings, 'others?
tney're thfr finest ready-made ,
, i k ja
' " r
. i
so many ladies coming ana going,
on, buy them and leave the store"1
be sold for so little money. We will!
season from the word "ga." Why
Smithfleld Street.
seld-D .
COMPANY Sehednla In tlHttJinn- uw
inirai ume.
a. ra., 1:3
capo and
for Buffalo.
manes, s:09a. m,
and .New Castle, 5
: p, m. for
in.fc . .,.
.u a. w... lidJW .:
Chartlera. B:Cft. YSiao &. m.. it. a.i . t.ix
SJOK 8:30, SS5. 10:tf a. . ii3j(L S
J :40. 3:30. 14:30. 4:50 3:0K. 5: IS. Ittfia M,1
ABBlvx from Cleveland. t:X aTm., .
J?1 p. m. rrom Cincinnati. Chicago
and St,
louis, iz:jo. 7:5$. d. m. From Buffalo.
1 '12:8,0, 9:40 p. m. Jroa Salaaua-
ca. l":3o.
-tioo p m. jrro
Wiffl VmtnMfnm .m.
New Castle, tsx. 8 a. m., '12:30. Sias, la
9:p. m. Krom Bearer falls, tas. 6.-3B, 7i39, t:20
C. . Y. trains from Manineld. 8:30 af m., iJBL
4150 p. m. Tot Essen and Beechmont, 8:T
ra., 3i30 p. m. V.. C. Y. trains from Mass.
field, Essen and Beeohmont, 7rtH s. m., ll9a. m.
Ki ScK i R- - -lj.BT-For New Haven.
s;?) m' ?:3,P " " West Newton, 5:3B,
10:05 a. ta 3:30, JilS p. m. ASam-rroBi Sew
'50 p. 19. from West New.
. '3:09 p. m. for Mo
;mV3;?, 'j1?.''- riom Monongaheu
City, Elizabeth and.McKeeiport. 1X0 a.m., 1-K.
o:oop. m.
itn5nJ.Silnd.,1B.','?nlT' WU1 runonehonr
Lfn Bun,?.1Ti I will run two hours late on
Sunday. City ticket office, 401 SmithHeld street.
ANIl Mini
I bcneanle in effect Mav 12.
Kueuuic in cseci may lz
for Washing-
Baltimore, Philadelphia and New.,
York, S:00 a. m.. and "9:30
:20 n
for Cum-
Deriaud, "8:00 a,
a.. ti.-so,
p. m.
ror con--i4j
neusviiie, am
and9ajp.m. For Unlontown, tS:40, 8.-00a.m- f
Jl J ud J4.-00 p. m. for Mount fleassnt, Wi40 and " ,
ana -s:w
m.. mnd. loo- r.rf im r.. m. vor t
ifooiuiiKwa, ri,, j:l 29:40 & . 3:Xi auB ij
ifi&Jl-- When,S&; jMPa.al;
2:5 i?1-,1.; For' Cincinnati and St. outt( -'
Si45a.a., -l:30p.rfl. ForColumbus. 8:4andi4 t
J; ra"J8i?) " "- lror Newark. S 19:40 a. m, "
m& fC'S- 'o'Chicaao, S J9:40a. m.,
vw 2k ,J? ft m' Trains arrive from New
York, 1'hiladelpfila, Baltimore and Washington,
-f ?iV " -flSL 750 P- n, from Colnmbns, Cln
w.Ju?i?4i.CWeiF0k "7'M and-JOp. ra.
01l!! eeLln?' 'f . a-. .-OA 9rfX) p.
E'-1.0VJ ""Ploff caxs to Baltimore, Wash
lngton and ClnelnnatT.
Wheeling accommodation, 8:30 a. m., Snnday
.iT:ii .n,'u"ui accommodation at J s. m.
SJ-'Ifc. lDaUy.exM!Jt Bunday. JSnnday onlr.
.? h 1"i;bKorK Transfer Company wlU call for
-; a ii : K01" noieis ana reswencc.
npou orders len at B. O. Ticket Office, cornet
FiWl .T?nne. 4 Wood street. uUAd. O.
a,ui.u, wen, rasi. Agt. J.T.ODELL. Oen.Mgr.
Allegheny; .valley kailkuau- .
Trains leavs Union citation (Eastern Standard,
Umo): Klttannlng Ac.. C a. m.: NlagaxaEx..
dally. 8:45 a. m Unlton Ac. 10:10 a,m.; Valley
'AS?' a-"J!,-ia, OU CKyand iwboI Ex
press.2j00 p. a. s Bulun Ac, 3rf p.m. : Klttannlog;
Ac, K Pm. BraebnmExT,5a5op.m.j Eltan--.
lng A.t 5.30 p. m. i Braebnra AeJioo p. m. i HaJ, .
ton Ac, 7 is) p. m., Bnffalo Ex., dally.
tOO B. m.f TTnltnn a. a.xx m, . hraI)liniA&. :
LliaOn. Chun traUuBraebum, nj4?0".
ana s m. iMiiasan Parlor Ji,"
Sleeping CJars betwses Pittsburg and Buffalo.
QABoa Ga. Sum. .
irainsim-i Bun'dtlaie)
Er AkronJToledo. Kane
(:40 a m,
7:37 p m
9:00 a a,
Chicago Express (dally)
12:40 p ml
11:80 a,m
9-w uams AcoomBoaanon.
s:ju p cat
itrana roiBStrit,
JO p ra
I SiWsOss.!
TV 140 so. sc
SS. t9UW
vti (sro io.
- T n?
HFoXr' '
Ffssi' -