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Leadin? Features of the Week's Mar
kets at Berr's Island.
Sheep and Lambs in Moderate Supply and
Bates Advanced.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch,
Monday, September 16, 1SS9.
The run of cattle and boss was large, and
quality was scarcely up to average. Mar
kets were slow at a shade lower prices on
all stock but sheep and lambs, which were
not in large supply.
Some dealers report an advance on last
Monday's prices of 10 to 15c per cwt. on
good butcber stock. Percontra, a Diamond
market butcher reports that he bought
lower this week than last, and that prices
were lower at Chicago. According to his
report, the best price realized for prime
beeves was $4 75. Others report as follows:
Prime heavy estern beces, weighing 1.500 to
1,000 pounds. SliJJtoSo 10; medium weights.
1.300 to 1,4 JO pounds, S4 TO to 51 S3; 1,200 to L30U
pounders, S4 30 toSl 00; prime light weights, 900
to 1,100 pounds, Jl CO to SI 25. Stock
From Nriskliorinc Counties
was in good supply, and brought the outside
rates. Fresh cows sold at a range of $30 to HI
per head: calves at 50c per pound. Bulls,
stags and dry cows "ranged from 3 to 4c per
Receipts From Chicago. Winter & Dellcn
bach, 5? bead: L Zeigler. 152; L. Gkrson. IS; E.
Wolf. 19; S. Lowenstein.56:L. Rothschild fc Co.,
13S; A. Frouim, Si From Pennsylvania, M.
Arnold, 20 head; J. Langdon. 20; various owners,
21. Total, 059; last week. 551; previous week,
Sheep and Inmbs.
Supply was light and markets were active at
higner prices than last week. Best heavy
western wethers sold at a range of 51 V55 00;
medium to good, 54 2521 60; common to fair,
S3 7o4 00: ewes, S3 7oi 2i Lambs were in
better supplv than sheep, hut moved actively
at range of 464c per pound.
Receipt From Chicago. I. Zeigler, 110 head.
From Pennsylvania. Bingham & Co., 18S head:
1). O. Pior, 5-i; J. Wright. i9;3. Allen. 91: J.
Ackerman. 2il: E. D. Sergeant, S3; Keesy &
Hunger. Me; I. Zeigler, 74. Total. 1,042; last
week, SSI: previous ueek. 1.152.
Hogs in Good Supply.
The supply was an average one for the
season of the year, but quality was scarcely up
to standard, as grassers abound ar this time.
The best hogs that come to our markets at
this time are those which come from the farth
est west, where corn abounds. Those raised in
this section do not usually receive a sufficient
quantity of giain. and this fact shows itself in
the great shrinkage and lower grade of pork.
Toe demand lor good corn fed hogs was good,
aud markets were active, at a range of $1 25
4 50 for Pennsylvania's, and 51 604 75 forOhio
and Chicago hogs.
Keceipts From Chicago, I. Zeigler. 74 head.
From Ohio.Needv & Smith, 109. From Pennsyl
vania, llincham Co., 10: D. O. Pisor, 20:"J.
Alleu. 6: William Gan in. 15; L Talor, lb; P.
JlcGee. 24; E. D. Sergcanr, 11; Willam Mc
Creary. US. Total, 333; last week, 49S: previous
week, 207.
A Tumble in the Wheat Pit. Wblcli Nnr
rowly Escaped Being a Bad Break
Corn Lower and Oats Easier
II or Product Slroneor.
ClllCAGa The wheat market was rather
dnll to-day, and for a greater portion of
the session the feeling was weak. Bear sen
timent seemed to predominate toward the
cloje. in fact, and as a result of the das's oper
ations a net loss in futures of H&i was estab
lished. In the trading pit the cro d felt pretty
friendly to wheat at the opening, and in the
early dealings prices moved up KKC- Tho
feeling of strength soon gave way to one of
decided weakness, and for the remainder of
the session the bears w ere on top.
That there was not a pretty sharp break in
values was probably due to the uarrowness of
the market and to the very good buying by a
prominent local operator when the market was
dragging around the bottom. This same
operator was the largest seller to-day of year
wheat, it was said, on the floor. The North
west sold considerable May here, and news
from that part of the country was less bullish.
New York gossip was bearish, but operators
there were said to be conservatively inclined,
owing to the poor grading of the receipts.
A good trade was witnessed in corn, and the
feeling prevailing was but a continuation of
that developed the latter part of last weeK,
transactions being at still lower pnCes. The
speculative market opened heavy at Satur
day's closing prices, and under fiee offerings
declined y,&c the now crop futures showing
the greatest weakness ino mancei men
ruled quiet and irregular, closing w ith the near
futures c and the distant deliveries
yjz lower than Saturday.
The near futures in oats were quiet and
easier. Slay was active, weaker and prices de
clined Jc. "Longs were free sellers. Consider
able short selling was also indulged in, and the
leeling most or the session was heavy.
Rather more strength was developed in pork
and prices ruled higher, especially for the near
deliveries. Shorts bought a few lots, and as
tneolfeiings were small they were compelled
to adance their views 2Sg35c Dorerred de
liveries were sti oncer and nrices were slightly
advanced, but not tully Supported.
Only a small trade was reported in the lard
market, aud the feeling was stronger. Prices
ruled about 2c higncr, but not fully supported
to the close.
A little more interest was manifested in the
market for short ribs, and tradimr was a little
more active. Prices ruled 25c higher, and
the market closed comparatively steady.
me leading lutures rangea as roliows
Scrambling for Lots in a New Plan
Opposite' Boulevard Place.
Dangerous Counterfeits Floating Around
and How to Detect Them. '
at 37, 50 Electric at 5 and 60 Central Traction
at 3L Andrew Caster sold 20 sbaresSwitchand
Signal at 23. Henry M. Long bought 40
shares Electric at 52. Bea Bros. &CO. sold 51,000
Maryland Central general mortgage 5 per cent
bonds at 95 fiat.
The total sales ot stocks at New York yester
day were 183,213 shares. Including Atchison,
fi.060; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
7,417; Erie, 8,450: Lake Shore, 3,925: Louisville
and Nashville, 11.760; Missouri Pacific, 4.175;
Northwestern, 3,685: Northern Pacinc. 3.916;
Northern Pacific, preferred, 21,915; Beading,
13.SS0; St. Paul, 14,163; Union Pacific. 4.180.
COKN-No. 2, October, Sl'ASl;i&3A&-Mc;
November. 32;J8g32J31K32c; May, 3114
oats So. 2, October, 193s19!4c: December,
V)?iWtym9&c; May, 2e22J622K
Mess Pork, per bbl. October. 510 90
11 2510 9011 20: November. 59 159 4o9 15
9 37M: Januarv.S9 17S9 25(S9 17M9 25.
liakd, tier luu Bs. October, eo k:so w;
r .i T.-iuv.i
55 77K5 77K-
755 80; January,
SiioKT Ribs, per 100 Bs. October. 51 S7J
4 901 S51 87K; November, 54 654 bl;
The Condition of Bnxtncs at the East Liberty
Mock Yards.
Office oFPrrrsBritG Dispatch.!
Monday, September 16, lbS9. f
CATTLE Receipts, 3.580 head; shipments,
2.000 head; market very dull; heavy catlle loc
to 20c off; common 10c lower: 25 cars of "cattle
shipped to New York to-day.
Hogs Receipts. 4,500 nead: shipments. 3,300
head: market active: light Yorkers. 51 '5'qH So;
medium and liiht Pbiladelpbias. 54 651j4 75:
heavy hoes, 54 40S4 50: 9 cars of hogs shipped
to New York to-day.
SnnEP Receipt-. 4,200 head; shipments
2.400 head; market steady and prices un
changed. By Trlcsrnph.
JtrFFALo-Cattle-Receipts, 187 carloads
through, 2(10 carloads for sale: market active
rhrjice to extra export steers, $4 104 60; good
1- 754 -": clloice heavv butchers, S3 50
4 00; good mediums S3 403 75; light handy
butchers, mixed. S3 20ffl3 50: poor to common
an 1 cows and springers, 52 402 75; Michigan
siockers and feeders, cood to extra, 52 OCgSW
export bulls. 52 003 25: milch cows and sunne'
crs. common to extra, S2557. Sheep and Iambs
Receipts 14 carloads through. 74 carloads for
sale; maiket active bnt not quotably higher
?? l?cst fhecP- S c,oe4 T5 fair to good.'
54 -jjr4 fiO; common. 53 75g4 25: good to best
lambs. 56 tflgc 25: fair to good. 55 75S6 00,-com-ruon,
Sa 50,55 75. Hos Receipts. 30 carloads
lurpugii. . carlo-ids for sale; market strong
January, 54 65Q4 65.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour steady
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat, 76c: No.
3 spnnc wheat, 6265c; No. 2 red, 764c No. 2
corn.32'fc. No. 2 oats, 19c No. 2 rye. 42c
No. 2 barley nominal. No. 1 flaxseed, 51 28.
Prime timothy seed, $1 30. Mess pork,
per bbk Sll 101120. Lard, per 100 pounds,
56 006 02 Short rib sides (loose). 55 055 10;
dry salted shoulders (boxed), 4 374 50;
short clear sides (boxed), 55 25S5 37.
Suears unchanged Receipts Flour. 18,000 bar
rels; wheat, 123.000 bushels: corn, 310,000 bushels;
oats, 1S7,000 bushels; rye, 16.000 bushels; barley,
45.000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 28,000 barrels:
wheat.155.000 bushels: corn. 313,000 bushels: oats,
3S5.O00 bushels; rje, 30,000 bushels; barley, 16,000
On the Produce Exchange to-day the bnttcr
market was lairly active: lancy creairerv, 20
JIc; fine, 1516c: finest dairies, 1018c: fair
to good, 910c. Eggs, 16c.
New York Flour moderately active, heavy
and 510j lower. Wheat Spot dull and
weaker: options dull, closing weak at c
under Saturday. Rj c dull: western. 4SaOc
Barley quiet; Canada, 75c asked. Barley malt
dnll; Canada, E595c Corn Spot fairly active,
K?ic lower and weak; options dnll and weak.
0ais Spot quiet and easier; options dull and
weaker. Hav weak and quiet. Coffee Op
tions opened steady at202'i points up and
closed barely steadv at fa20 points up;
sales, 31,500 bags, including September, 16.05
16.10c; October, 16.0516.10o; November, 16.1048
16.15c; December, 16.1010.15c; May, 1&15
1G.20C: Fpot Rio stromr: fair carcocs. 19?ic.
Sugar Kaw very strong; sparingly offered: fair
rehning, ojic; ceutrifugals, 9U test, 6c: refined
firm and 111 good demand. Molasses Foreign
nominal: New Orleans dull. Rice In fair de
mand and steady. Cottonseed oil quiet. Tallow
dull. Rosin quiet and stead. Turpentine
quiet andfsteady at 4747c Eggs quiet and
firm for best fresh: western "tresh, 18419c: re
ceipts, 6,126 packages. Pork steady and quiet;
mess, inspected, 512 2512 75: do uninspected,
512 2o; extra prime, 510 2512 50. Cutmeats
steady: picsled bellies, GJJc: pickled shoulders,
4Jc: pickld hams, lOJ.'&llc; middles steadv.
Lard steady; better export: dull: speculation,
sales western steam, 56 376 40. closing at
56 37K: September, 56 30; October, 56 2SS6 30;
November. 56 16E6 IS; December, 56 14615;
January, 56 15, closing at 56 151 16; February,
56 19 asked. Butter Fine in demand and
firmer; western dairy. 9ai2$c: docreamcrv, 11
021c; do factory. 712c Cheese higherand
quiet: western, 6Jisc.
Philadelphia rlour fairiv steady but
dull; western winter clear, 54 001 25; western
winter straight, 54 :54 50; firm at 54 5C5 00;
...iiiiiiesuut uicii, ouv-i w;.uinnesotastraigiit,
54 254 85; Minnesota patent, 55 005 35.
Wheat weak and lower; steamer No. 3 red. in
expoit elevator. C8c: No. 2 red, September. 79
79c; October, 7JS0c; November. SlSSlKc:
Dctember. 82KS24C. Corn Options lower;
car lots fairly steady: No. 2 mixed, in train
depot, 41c; No. 2 yellow, in grain depot, 42c;
No. 2 mixed, on track, 42c: No. 2 mixed, Sep
tember, 40K'ic; October. 40miic; No
vember. 40kllc: December. 4nUiffi.il izn n.iio
Demand. lor car lots moderate, but prices
well maintained; No. 2 mixed, 23c; No. 3
wuiie, on iracK, z-izc:
options quiet nut stead
, :S.?,. " " , -:3-;av, j
)4iaiaJ4c; jjecemoer. jhq.-c Provisions
Jonumgquictivat nrmer rates. Lard West
ern steam, S6 62G"70. Butter firm for high
grades, which are scarce and wanted; Pennsjl
vania creamery, extra, 21c; Fennsj lvania prints,
extra, 2427c Eggs firm and in good demand
for fresh stock; Pennsylvania firsts, 21c. Cheese
lairiy acuve at iuu nrices: pan Blums, o7o.
Receipts Flour, 1,650 barrels; wheat. 25,200
bushels; corn, 23.200 bushels: oats, 16,500 bush
els. Shinments Wheat, 16.600 bushels; corn
29,800 bushels; oats, 8,200 bushels. '
St. Louis Flour quiet, hut steady and un
changed. Wheat opened firm and advanced
J-Jc on small offerings and sharp demand,
weakened off later and closed He below Satnr
div; 2 red, cash, 77Jc bid; September, 77
77Jic closed at TTJic: December, 777SJc,
closed at isykc; juay. tsxgszxc, closed at
Corn lower; No. 2 mixed, cash. 25Kc:
29529?c closed at 29&c: December:
2SJi294c, closed at &c; year, 2829Kc,
rlnonrt at ?S7n aRlrpd Jnninrv 9Q rlnco.i ., -
(iH m-. light, fair to bt. 51 10ffl4 Si Kh, 29c asked: Mav,3131?ic closed at 31c asked
Receipts. bOO bead; suipments. 1..VX) bead: mar- ! Oats lower: No. 2 cash. lSe; September. 16c-
and active; mediums and heavy. 54 00(5)4 75-
Sri j.j 00: corn lorker. So 00: nir-s
u Hia2t$&z?& u m-- r'hS:
Kansas CiTY-Cattle-Reccipts. 5,059 head:
shipments, 3.S31 head:good native beef steers
strong; common and grass ran?c weak and a
shade lower: cows stcirtv to stron" tockers
a.nd fefdt'?tlJ: sood to choice cornfed
steers, 54 004 2o; common to medium 5' 90
3 bO: stockers and feeding steers. 51 60K3 10
cows 51 oo2 oO; grass range steers. 51 60
?iwi "TSs-Receipts 2,475 head; shipments.
LllShead: strong to or higlier, closine dnll and
frnm V- T-r r .-u "k ""t " . ""Cilus
" ,, i: mi 1 i . KOOU mut'ns sold
at 53 3j3 50; maiket steady: good to choice
""'SS"','5' -2563 60; stockcrs and feed-
making 12,lo0 1 f or the week; the market was
about steadv for all descriptions, and the pens
vreje well cleared: native steers sold at S3"253!
i'JT 100poundsiw'th a few tops at 54 80
?rlHXfecrS,-$3,205350-and Ri carload
? "j? halfbieds from Nebraska at 54 00
420 Calves-Receipts, 1,600 head, making 5,100
for the week: firm for veals at 5500800per
100 pounds: dnll and weak for graslersard
800, makinc 41 SIX) for the week: steadv for
fheep at flSj)ffi3 25 per 100 pounds; easier for
lamb at S4 50ff 7 00- not mi u ' ti' ill
ccipts. 9,000 head, making 29.200 for the week-I
JT--Peak,n,f. "TeredalHe; nominal value,' I
542o4o per 100 pounds. '
St. Lons Cattle Receipts, 2,000 head- shin,
ments. 100 head: market stVcigVchoiceLew
native steers. S3 iK)4 40; fair to jrood do 53 60
Dl r
v , ..w u .ucuc c 1W1J W. r.inp-n o-8-
stecrs. t 3U3 10. Hogs-Receiuts. 1.4rin T. ' October.
snlpmcnts, 1 100 head: markot stead- fair to '
choice heavy. S3 90Ji4 15r n.iri-iT,o. m-J : -r
kct steady; fair to choice. S3 3004 ai
Chicago The Drovrrr Journal renorte
Cattle Receipts. 11,000 head; shipments " 500
head: market steadj; beeves, 54 404 63- s'tere
S3004 30; stockers and leedcr. 51903 00-
?,0V,Aa wIed- ?I f2 Tefs cat
tle, 51 MHi2 80; etcrn raiicers. F 4(1)1 m
Hogs - Receipts, 15,000 headshtpmentsf'.WO
head; market closed strong.
1KDI A Ai-OLis cattle - Reeeipts litrhf
Iailv n-.nni..
I) caries anu raemum. m weal 2o: niirpd .1 qri
I 50: lights 54 35S4 50. .Shefp-Keceslht-
304 Si" "E ' 25S5T5; Sh"P-
Cikcinitatt Hots scarce and higher- com
mon and light S3 25Q4 43; packing and butcb.
crs. S4 00130; receipts L100 "head; sWpl
ments, 60 bead.
The Ylitiblc Supply of Grain.
ClTTCAGO. September ia-The visible sup
ply of grain according to the Board
of Trade is as follows: Wheit
15,093.000 bushels; increase, 14simn
bushels. Corn, 12,892,000 bushels; IncrwM
725,000 bushels. Oats, 5,915,(XX) bushels- de
crease, 9S.000 bushels. Rye, 1,704.000 bushels-increase,
36,000 bushels. Barley, 423.000 bnsheU-
se, I7,uuu busbels. '
Brazilian Co flee.
first, 6,200 reis per 10 kilob: good second.
5,S00 reis. Receipts during the week 4L.0G0
bags; purchases for United .States, 51,000; clear
ances for do. 4,000; stock, 365,000 bags.
Santos, September lG.-Coffee-Good aver
age, 5,8-50 reis per 10 kilos; receipts during the
week, 52.000J)ags; purchases for the United
States, 12,000; clearances for do, none; stock,
175,000 bags.
The Dryeoods Marlict.
New YonK. September lC-Tliere was
no new feature in dry goods to-day except that
men's wear woolens ere in better request, .1
few buyers having come again in the market.
Woolens for jobbers were in steady demand
and well sold up. Cotton goods maintained a
strong tone and the market as a it hole is in a
healthy condition.
Weak stomach,BeechamsPills act likemagc.
Peaks' Soap secures a beautiful complexion
October, ISc bid: May, 22522Kc live ouiet
and unchanged. Barley, nothing doing; buyers
holding off. Flaxseed unchanged. Provisions
Baltimore 'Wheat Western easy and
low er; No. 2 winter red. spot and September
7SJc; December, S2gS2c Corn Western
active and lower; mixed, spot and September
30-2J 10c: October. SOglOc; year, 39S9J4c; Jan
uary, SOSc Oats steady; Western white, 26
827c. Rye quiet; good to prime. 6055c
Hay steadv and unchanged. Provisions un
chaneed. Butter firm for choice; Western
pa:ked. 1014c: creamery, 18j9c Eggs steady
atlS18c. Coffee quiet; Rio cargoes, fair,
19Kc Kecepts Flour. 13.000 barrels; wheat
33.000 bushels: corn. 22,000 bushels: oats, 5,000
bushels; rje, 1,000 bushels. Shipments Wheat,
120,000 bushils. Sales Wheat, 140.000 bushels.
Milwaukee Flour unchanged. Wheat
steady: cash, 72Jc; October, 72c Corn dull;
No. 3. 33c- Rye dull: No. L 42Kc Barley
quiet; September 57c. Oats dull; No. 2 white,
22a Provisions firm. Pork Cash. SU 10; Oc
tober, Sll 10. Lard Casb, S5 95; October, 55 95.
Cheese steady: Cheddars. 8iSjic.
. Cincinnati Pork firm at $11 37K. Lard
stronger at 55 805 90. Bulkmeatsfirm; short
ribs, $512j15. Bacon firm; shoit clear
M25. '
Toledo Cloverseed active and steady: Sep
tember and October, $4 12; November
54 15: December, 54 20. '
Louisville Grain and provisions un
changed, t Louisville Cotton quiet; middling, He
Metal Market.
New YonK Pig Iron steady; American
515 5018 00. Copper nominal. Lead dull and
stcadj; domestic, U 00. Tin quiet and steadv
Straits, 521 40. '
That remedy is cheapest that proves
most effective, irrespective of price. Judged
by this standard as a worm remedy and
child's tonic Dr. D. Jayne's Tonjc Vermi
fuge is unequalled. It rids the child of
worms, aud by its tonic powers restores
strength and vigor to the young and old;
the latter a quality not usually possessed bj
worm remedies. Sold by all druggists.
There is considerable inquiry for lots in
the plan just opened opposite Boulevard
place, fronting on Fifth avenue extension.
The location is admirable both for residence
and business, being convenient to street and
steam cars. Three gentlemen began nego
tiations yesterday for a block of seven lots
in this plan, which will probably result in
a deal to-day.
Another feature of the real estate busi
ness, developed yesterday, is a renewal of
the inquiry for residence and business
property outWylie avenue, the opinion
that the cable line will depress values on
that thoroughfare finding but little favor with
investors, ft may injure a certain class of
traders at first, but the novelty will soon wear
off and buyers will patronize local merchants
as before.
The only effect the road will have on realty,
according to-good judges, will be to enhance its
value by making it easier of access, and there
fore more desirable.
A largo amount of counterfeit money is in
circulation, principally in the West, but occa-
sionally it turns up in Pittsburg. Thesilver cer
tificate 55, series of 1886, and the 510, series of
1875, seem to be most abundant. Attention was
directed to the latter in this department a few
days ago. The fact which makes this latest
flood of counterfeit money so exceedingly
bothersome is that, according to bank officials,
it is almost an impossibility for any one other
than an expert to detect it. For once the mat
ter of giving some particular point which may
be referred to instantly or even with the most
careful study, and be depended upon as infalli
ble in distinguishing the good from the bad, is
impossible, so remarkable is this latest job of
The nearest to a rule given by experts is that
on all genuine bills, of any and all denomina
tions, the scroll will always and never failingly
be found absolutely true. Rivet the eye on
any une scroll line, and slowly follow it out. It
there is the slightest flaw as it winds about,
then there are 93 chances to 1 that the bill is a
counterfeit, add especially if the flaw in its
graceful sweep is particularly noticeable. This
test has been pronounced the only absolutely
infallible one by the Treasury Department.
Tho progress of electric street railways in
the United States is remarkable, there being
at present a greater number than in Europe,
although the system is older there than here.
Three years ago only one or two roads were in
regular operation in America, though a num
ber of experimental lines bad been running for
brief periods at country fairs and the like, A
year ago there were 32 completed roads, aggre
gating in length 13S miles, with 233 motor cars.
At that date 49 roads were in process of con
struction, and a number of others had been in
corporated. Probably tho most extensive of
these is that at Richmond, Ya., using the
Sprague system. This company has constructed
roads in Wilmington, Hartford, Salem, Wilkes
barre, Harrisburg and other cities.
The Thomson-Houston Company's system is
used in and near Boston, in Scranton, Pa., and
on several other roads scattered over the coun
try. Tho Daft Company's system is used in
Baltimore, Ninth avenue, New York; Pitts
burg, Asbury Park, Meriden, Los Angeles and
Brussels, Belgium. The list of roads given
above does not include by any means all tho
lines and companies now using the electric
motor, nor those commenced within the year,
several of which are in Pittsburg.
A representative of the drygoods trade who
had jnst returned from New York remarked
yesterday: -'Large stocks of print cloths have
caused some weakness in prices. There is an
active demand for dress goods, but woolens are
pretty well under control, the fall demand hav
ing been to a great extent supplied. I attended
the auction sales of flannels and blankets last
week. There was a good demand at conces
sions in prices, rangiug from 6 to 8 per cent be
low quotations in a regular way. The trade
here is very active."
In a table showing net railway earnings for
July, the Pittsburg and Western (whole sys
tem) is credited with a gain ot 577,562 over the
corresponding month of 1888. Other gains
were: Bnrlington and Quincy, 5550,148 on the
lines directly operated, and 572,553 for the lines
controlled. The new Big Four combination in
creased its net from 5220.053 in 1883 to 311,597 in
18S9, the Louisville and Nashville from 5479,5y9
to 5559,346, the Northern Pacific from 5666,182
to $782,929, the Rome, Watertown aud OgdenV
burg from $128,901 to 5156,738. the Rio Grande
Western from 519,802 to 568,554. and the Ohio
River from 516,872 to 528,483. These are roads
in widely separated districts, and yet they all
tell the same story.
Vice President McCullough, of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company, said in New York on
Saturday: "The railroads are making fabu
lous earnings: in fact, the statements submitted
do not show exactly how extensive a business
they are doing. There is absolutely no reason
why they should not all make plenty of money,
and they doubtless will do so this fall und win
ter. A few months ago, when business was
particularly bad forsome of the roads, they,
managed to keep up a cheerful appearance,
and their statements did not absolutely reflect
the losses which tbey were making, any more
than the statements now coming to hand
clearly demonstrate how excellently well the
majority of the lines are panning out. Every
thing looks prosperous, and for the next few
months at least we may look for even improved
results over those which have recently come to
Bnt Locnl Finance Floating Serenely on
the lUsluc Tide.
The local money market opened up yesterday
without a flourishing of trumpets or any other
peculiar demonstration to denote that it was
floating flood high. But while there were, no
special features not previously noted no un
usual inflow or outflow, nor newly-fledged ap
prehensions of stringency, which may or may
not be experienced, according to the direction
and volume which .speculation may assume
there was a large amount of business in all the
regular lines, checking being a strong and dis
counting a weak spot. A cashier remarked:
jNotwitnstandinga large amount of money
has been invested in coke and street railway
bonds within a short time, there is plenty of it
left, which holders would like to find employ
ment for, and which they hope to put on the
active list withm the, next month or six
w eeks."-
The extremes for commercial paper are 6 and
7 per cent. It is doubtful if any of the bank
are doing anything below 6, but outsiders still
take 5 and thereabouts on realty. The liberal
use or silver dollars serves to minimize the cur
rency famine, which owes Its origin to heavy
shipments to the South. The Clearing House
report was well up, showing a heavy movement
of staples, the speculative interest, except in
realty, being an insignificant factor. The ex
changes were 52,214,495 50 and the balances or
real business S2SS.424 23.
Money on call atNew York yesterday was easy
at Zi per cent, last loan 4, closed offered
at 4. Prime mercantile paper, 57. Sterling
exchange quiet but syjady at 11 84K for 60-day
bills and 54 8S for demand.
Closing Irbnd Quotations.
U. S. 4s,reg 127
U. S. 4s, coup 12S
U. S.4Hs, reg mv
V. S. 4s. coup.... 1055J
Pacific 6s of '95 113
Loulslanastampedts W4
M. K. &T. Gen.Ss . 57
Mutual Union 6s. ...K11M
N. J.C.Int. Cert...ll3K
Northern Pac lsts..U5
Northern l"ac. Ms.. 114
Norihw't'n consols. 147
100& Northw'n denim's. .116
106 Oreeon & Trans. Os. 105
.Nll'iiSt. Jj. &I.M. Oen. 5s 81
n St. 1..&, b. '. Gen.il.119
si. 1 aul consols ....!-
St. PI, Chl&Pc.lsls.lls
Tx., PcL. G.Tr Ks.91
Tx.,PcK.G.Tr.Kcts 33
Onion Fac. lsts 119
West Shore 10s
Missouri 6s
Tenn. new set. 6s
Tenn. new set. 5s
Tenn. new set. 3s
Canada So. 2ds 97
Cen. Pacific. Ists 116
ucn. s, k. u., lsts... 123
Den. & R. G. 4s 79M
D.AR.G. West, lsts. HO
Erle,2rt8 1045
M. K. &T. Gen. Cs.. 63
The bond offeriugs vesterday aggregated
5437,850, as follows: Registered 4s $16,650 at 128,
ex-interest; 512,000 at 128. Registered iks,
5420,000 at 105.
The Wall Street News of yesterday says:
"The money brokers were hustling around the
street on Saturday trying to loan money for 90
days and six months at from 5K6per cent,
ana offered to take as collateral any of the
cheap priced stocks, not even discriminating
against Lead Trust, which was intimated might
be put in loans of fair amounts at a few points
from its market price. Judging from appear
ances, there will be no tight money, and what
ever flurries take place will simply bo tem
porary. Members of the firm of Drexel, Mor
gan & Co. say there is no occasion to be appre
bensive, and that within the next three
months, unless business throughout the coun
try should assume unwonted activity, thus giv
ing active and healthy employment to millions
of dollars, demand and call loans alike will be
abundantly supplied at lower rates."
New York Bank clearings, 571,741,142; bal
ances, 54.433,835.
Boston Bank cloarings, 514,513.936; balances,
51.671,805. Money 2K3 per cent.
Philadelphia iank clearings, 59,778,071;
balances, 51,693.867.
Baltimore Bank clearings. 52.238,833; bal
ances. 5274.3S2.
London The amount of bullion gone into
the Bans of England on balance to-day is
Paris Three per cent rentes, 85f 52c ex-interest
for the account.
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, 512287,000.
St. Louis-Bank clearings, $3,362,717; bal.
ances, 5449,057.
In the Northwest Canse a Tumble in Knll
rd Shares-. Other Disturbing In
fluences Favor the BearsLower
Prices Scared nil Over the List.
New Yoek, September 16. The stock mar
ket to-day was weak and declining from open
ing to close, and tc-nlght everything is lower,
though the important concessions .are not
specially numerous. The action of the other
St. Paul lines in meeting promptly the cut by
the Chicago, Burlington ai-d Northern,' to
gether with the assertions from Chicago that
the cuts would go farther, created a decidedly
bearish feeling among the professional ele;
ment, and in the absence of buying for long
account, vigorous efforts were made to get the
list down. The selling apparently began in
London, as the figures from the center" wero
materially lower this morning, though there
was no selling of importance for foreign ac
count in this market. First prices here were
from l4 topper cent lower than Saturday's
closing figures, and the pressure upon the
"rangers was pretty severe in the early trading.
Ane Imnresslnn nnilA nnnn thATirii-ASnf tboSO
shares, however, was in no cases measured by
more than a fraction. There was considerable
strength in Louisville and Nashville and New
England, the prospects of an early completion
of the connection with the Norfolk and West
ern helping the former. Tho impression made
upon the general list was fractional only In the
forenoon, but later the closing of the Northern
Pacific books this evening led to selling of that
stock and a material decline followed, while
sales for cash at a small advance on the regu
lar way. A rumor was circulated that Sugar
Trust had a bonded Indebtedness of 516,000,000
ahead of the stock and this led to a sharp drop
of 3 per cent in that, though most of the loss
was afterward recovered. Oregon Transconti
nental, while not active, was weak in sympathy
with Northern Pacific, and is one of the few
stocks showing a material decline this evening.
The later decline was sympathized in by the
general list to a greater extent than the earlier
one and the weakness became more pro
nounced as the day wore along. Norfolk and
Western was a marked exception to the rule,
being helped by the same Influence which ad
vanced Louisville and Nashville. New En
gland was advanced on rumors that the meet
ing of the New Haven to-day would result in
some scheme by which New England would be
a gainer.
There was further manipulation of Phoenix
mining and.it rose from 65 to 77 and fell back
to the opening price. The closo was quiet and
weaK generally at the lowest prices of the day.
The entire list is lower, but the losses are gen
erally f ractional.wbile Oregon Transcontinental
lost Vg, Canada Southern and Northern
Pacific preferred Vyi each, and Sugar Trust
Railroad bonds wero duller than they have
been for many days, the sale of all issues ag
gregating only 5645,000, while the trading was
devoid of special feature of any kind. No de
cided tone marked tho dealings and the final
changes in most cases are insignificant.
Toe rollowlng table snows tne prices oracttve
stocks on the Sew York Stock Exchange yester
day. Corrected dallv for The Dispatch by
Whitney & Stephenson, oldest Pittsburg mem
bers of .New York Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Bine Monday in Produce Lines But
ter Active and Firm.
Flour Seeking a Lower level Other Cereals
Yery Quiet.
Meanders Abovo n Dollar and Stays
There for Once.
Oil opened at 51 00 yesterday, and on a buy
ing spurt advanced to SI 01, from which, un
der attempts to realize, it tumbled to the
opening figure. Oil City then tnrned buyer, un
der the influence of which there was a rally of
of a cent, at which the market closed. The
early strength seemed to come from tho Eastj
it being surmised that the longs were increas
ing their holdings.
There was more noise here than business.
When the spurt came most of the traders wero
watching the ticker board, but they quickly
scampered off to the pit and "made Rome
howl"' for a few minutes, but as they were
nearly all of one mind wanting to sell vervlit
tlo was done. Saturday's clearings were 196,000
barrels. There was some bearish news from
iintler county, but very little attention was
paid to it. Conditions have nothing to do with
the market, as at present constituted.
Monday's Oil Range.
Corrected daily by John M. Oakley & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 100 I Lowest
Highest lOl&lt'iosed
SO, 144
Average runs ,
Average shipments
Average charters ,.
Keflncd, New York. 7.20c
liennen, Xionaon, aa.
Kenned, Antwerp, irjfr.
Keflned, Liverpool, 6$il.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts. 995c;
calls, 51 011 01K.
In?. Am. Cotton Oil 51M
Atcti.1, lop. & B. F.. 39&
Canadian Pacific 69'4
Canada southern 64i
Centril or .New Jersey.118
Central Pacific 38
Chesapeake & Ohio.... 24
C. Bar. & Ouliiev.,...1075
C, WU. & St. Paul.... 73H
c m.& st. p.. pr.
C Kockl. &V 102
C. St. L. & Pitts
c, st. l. & ruts. pr.
C. St.P.,M. &U 3514
c, st. p.. m. &o.. nr.icoM
C. & Northwestern.. .,113)4
C i Northwestern, pr. ....
C, C C. & 1 74ft
C, C..C.4L, pf
Col. Coal s. Iron 3J
Col. & Hocking Val .. 18
Del.. l.ttW 147
Del. & Hudson 1S3
Denver Klo Q ISii
Denver A Rio O.. pr
E.TV'a. 4Ua 105$
E.TVa. & (la. 1st pf. ....
K.X.. Va.&Ga. 2dpr. 24
Illinois Central
Lake Grin A Western.. 19)g
Lake Erie West. pr.. 64 S,
LakcShore & M. S lOSX
Louisville & Nashville. 76
illch tan central SV.i
MobUfi Ohio 14
Mo., Kan. & Texas.... 12H
Jllssonrl Pacific 'iii
Netr fork Central lCSh
y. X.. L. E. W --S9K
iI.r.,L,.E. AW.pref
a. .. C tSt. L,
IN. "., C & St. L. pr.
N.I.. C. Ht.L.2dof . ..
N. iA.V. E 51
H. Y.. O. W 38
orfolka Western.... 19
Norfolk & Western, pf. 55
Northern Pacific 33
Nortnern Pacific nref. 75M
OhloA Mississippi 24
Oregon Improvement. .. .
Oregon Transcon 34J4
Paciac Mall
Peo. Dec. & Evans
Phtlidel. A Heading..
Pullnan Palace Car.. .182
Richmond A W. P. T.. 23iJ
Richmond A W.P.T.pt ..
St. P, Minn. & Man..l0S3S
St.Ij.ASan Fran Z!'4
St. li. A San irran pr.. 61
st.UA San P. 1st pt
Texas Pacific 21
Union Pacific 61
Wabasn 17
Wabash preferred IS
Western Union 86(f
Wheeling A L. E. 72
Sugar Trust 103
National bead Trust.. 24
Chlcao Oas Trust.... 59X
est. m
est. HW
102K 102
100 a
24 .
108" '
ing Did.
. 32
Office of Pittsbueo Dispatch, J
.Monday. September id, 1883. J
Country Produce Jobbing Price.
A rainy Monday is apt to be blue in lines of
country produce, and this was no exception to
the rule. Quinces and cranberries made their
first appearance in our market column. Peaches
are scarce, and the opportunity for laying up
In store against the coming winter grows
smaller every day. There is a growing firmness
in butter, and we fully expect to raise our quo
tations once again before the week is out.
Eggs and cheese are active and steady, and a
choice article of either finds ready sale at quo
tations. Irish potatoes are firm: sweets quiet:
apples a drug, and likely to contrflue so until
other fruit is worked off.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2324c; Ohio do,
2122e: fresh dairy packed, l&320c; country
rolls, 17I9c
Beans Naw hand-picked beans, $2 402 BO;
medium, $2 80$2 4a
Bekswax-2830c 8 a for choice; lowgrade,
1820c. 1
Cider Sand refined, $6 507 50; common.
J3 504 00; crab cider. S8 008 50 ft barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c ft per gallon.
Cheese Ohio, 8i&9c; New York, lOfllCKcj
Limburger. 89c; domestic Sweitzer,9U!Kc;
imported Sweitzer, 22c.
r-uus i(sajc V uozen lorsinciiy iresu. .
FBUITS Apples, $1 502 00 ?) barrel: pine
apples. $1 001 25 fl dozen; whortleberries, 75
80efl pail; watermelons. 820 0025 00 p hun
dred; peaches. $1 502 60 4ft bushel box; grapes,
57c ft pound; Bartlett pears, S3 00 barrel;
quinces, $3 004 00 f) barrel, cranberries, Jer
sevs, S3 003 25J3 bushel box.
Featheks Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1,
do, 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c ft.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 4045c
pair: old, 6570fl pair.
Seeds Clover, choice. 62 fts to ushel, $5 60
fl bushel; clover, large English, 62 lbs, $6 00;
clover, Alsike, S3 50; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 E. 1 65; bine grass, extra
clean. 14 fis, 90c: blue grass, fancy, 14 lbs, 1 00;
orchard grass, 14 fts. $1 65: red top. 14 fts, 31 25;
millet, 50 fts, $1 00: German millet, 60 fts,
SI 50; Hungarian grass, 60 fis, SI 00; lawn
gras, mixture of fine grasses, S2 50 9 bushel of
14 fts.
Tallow Country, 4Jc; city rendered), i
Tropical Fruits Lemons, corhmon, $6 00
6 50; fancy, 57 007 50; oranges, $5 006 00;
bananas, SI 75 firsts, SI 25 good seconds, f)
bunch; coeoanuts, S4 004 50 fl hundred; figs.
J4 6004 75; clear winter. S4 2S4 50s straight
XXXX bakers', S3 754 00. Bye flour, S3 B0
4 75.
JlrLLFEEDMIddlings, fine white, S15 50
16 00 9 ton; brown middlings, S13,0013 60: win
ter wheat bran, Sll 0OQ11 25; chop feed, 115 50
18 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice, 114 2514 50;
No. 1 do. SIS 5014 CO; No. 2 do, S13 0013 50;
loose from wagon, 111 O013 CO. according to
quality; No. 1 upland prairie. SS 509 .00; No. 2,
S7 007 60; packing do, S7 007 25.
STBAW-Oats. S6 507 00; wheat and ,rye
straw, SB 006 25.
Provisions. t
Sugar-cured hams, large, UJic: sugar-cured
hams, medium, llc; sugar-cured bams, small,
lZc: sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c;sugar
uured shoulders, 6c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 7J$c; sngar-cured California bams,
7ic;sngar-cured dried beef flats, 10c: sugar
cured dried beef sets, Uc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, 13c; bacon shoulders, 6c; bacon
clear sides. 7Kc; bacon clear bellies, T&c; dry
salt shoulders, 5c; dry salt clear sides, 7a
Mess pork, heavy, Jll 60; mess pork, family,
S12 00. Lard Reflned. In tierces, 6e; half
barrels, 6c; 60-ft tubs. 6c; 20-ft palls. 7c; 60-ft
tin cans, 6&c; 3-fttin palls. 7c;- 5-ft tin palls.
7c; 10-ft tin nails. 6c;5-ft tin pails, 7c; 10-ft tin
palls, 7c Smoked sausage, long, 5c; large, 5c
Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams, lOcX
Pigs feet, half barrel, fi 00; quarter barrel,
S215. t
Dressed Ment.
Armour & Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beet carcasses 450 to 550 fts,
5c; 650 to 650 lbs, 6c; 650 to 750 ftj, 6j7a
Sheep, 8c ?l ft. Iambs; 9c V ft. Hogs, BJc.
Fresh park loins, 8c
8MS9c id ft: dates. bUmHa 38 1
Vegetables Potatoes, SI 501 60 ty barrel:
tomatoes, home-grown, SI 251 60 fl bushel:
wax beans. 81 ty bushel; green beans, 6075c f
bushel; cucumbers, home-raised. $1 60 $1
bushel; radishes. 2540c fl dozen; home-grown
cabbages, 60c ?jl bushel; celery, 40c f? dozen;
Southern sweet potatoes, $2 75, Jerseys, S3 25.
The Market Thoneh Dull, Shows a DIs
' ponliion to Expnnd.
Only three stocks were dealt in on call yester
day, the sales of which were 115 shares. While
business was dull, the interest taken by brokers
was significant of their belief in a reaction.
Electric showed signs of returning activity, the
bullish feature being plenty of business and ex
pectation of a favorable decision from Wash
ington, which is about due. There was more
inquiry for Philadelphia Gas. bnt as this is
common on the approach of the dividend
period, it occasioned verylittle remark. It was
not pressed for sale. Yankee Girl received con
siderable attention, 4 being bid without re
sponse. LaNoria showed no material change
and there was no anxiety in regard to it either
People's Pipeage and Switch and Signal were
the strongest properties, both scoring advance
which widened the gap between buers and
sellers. As tho business upon which these
stocks are based Is in a flourishing condition
concessions are likelv to be refused. A bid of
3 failed to secure 500 shares of Central Trac
tion. It sold in two lots amounting to 60 shares
at 31. The other tractions were neglected, re-
"". MlfcUVU UIU4 -j - UU3IUCS3 UJ Ug.
Oilier Oil Markets.
Oil Citt, September 16. National transit
certificates opened at SI 00; highest, $1 01K;
lowest, 99Kc; closed, $1 00.
Bradford, September 16. National transit
certificates opened at 81 00; closed at $1 00;
highestSl 01; lowest, 9ac.
TrrusviLiE, September 16. National transit
certificates opened at SI 00; highest, $1 OIK;
lowest, 99c; closed at El 00.
Cabinet photos, 51 per doz. Lies' Pop
ular winery, xu ana u fiatu st, usa . The sales were 6 shares ot Philadelphia Gas
tail is appended:
Pitts. Pet. S. AM. E-t..
Commercial Na. Bank.
Filth Avennc tsanK...
Freehold Hank
Keystone llank. Pitts.
Masonic llanK
Jler. &Man.'at. B'k.
Aloiiongahcla Nat. Ilk.
boutbside Gas Co.. 111..
Ohio Vallev Gas
People's Mat. Gas
People's ". U. & P. Co
Pcnnsvlvania Oas
Philadelphia Co
Pine Kun Gas
Wheellnr Oas Uo
Tuna Oil Co
Central Traction.
Citizens' Traction.'
Pittsburg Traction....
Pleasant Valley
Pitts.. Alle. & Man....
Union Bridge
La Noria Mining Co...
Luster Mluiti? Co
Sllvcrton Mining Co..
Yankee Girl Mln. Co..
Westinihonse Klectric
Granite KooSng Co....
Mon'cahcla Water Co.
O. 8. Slfc. Co.
U. S. A Big. Co. pref.
Hid. Aeked.
Bid. Asked.
21 "4
?A 36JJ V
W .... ftl
p .... &
5M 48
is ::::
J.H ,5
"m 51 "62
4a -
M 24X 24
A Number of Good Deals Brought to a
Black it Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
Henry Knoedler, of Marshall, Kennedy & Co.'s
Allegheny mill, No. 100 Fayette street, Alleghe
ny City, lot 20x124 feet, with a two-story dwell
ing, for $2,825 cash.
.Alles & Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, sold for
Joseph Taylor a frame house of five rooms, etc.,
on Benton street. Thirteenth ward, to Mrs.
Feeney: consideration private. The auction
sale on Harrison street, between Forty-ninth
and Fiftieth streets, was postponed indefi
nitely. .
Samuel W. Black & Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold lots Nos. 62, 63 and 66, located on Paul ave
nue, S. S. Boggs' plan, Allentowr. station, for
250 each. These lots are selling rapidlr at
prices to suit all. About 40 have been sold
within a short time.
James W. Diape & Co. solda piece of ground
on Mulford avenue. Brushton station, embrac
ing purparties 2 and 3 of the estate of James
West, deceased, containing about 1 acres, for
$6,450 cash. They also sold a lot at Mansfield
for about S300.
lteed B. Coyle (fe Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
to Mrs. Anne Lavelle lot No. 95 in Marion Place
plan of lots, for S500.
W. A. Herron fc Sons sold lot No. 3S2 in the
Aspinwall Land Company's plan, at Aspinwall
station.on the West Pcnn Railroad, 25x100 feet,
for 5300, o.ie-fourth cash, balance on tune.
Ewmg & Beis, No. 93 Federal street, sold
at auction xo James McGaw two frame houses,
one of six rooms and hall and one of lour rooms
and mushed attic, with lot 20x120 to Pine alley,
being No. 38 Nixon street. Sixth ward. Alle
gheny, for $3,800. The above firm offered the
propei ty No. 148 Locust street at auction, but
withdrew it uutil farther notice at an offer of
Business Notes.
Nobtiiern Pacific's earnings from Janu
ary 1 to Septemberl show an increase of J2.500,
000 over tho same period in 18S8.
The Manufacturers' Bank of the Soutbside
will make its clearances through the Mer
chants and Manufacturers' National.
Plans for the new M. E. Churcb building at
Wilkinsbnrg have been accented. It will bo'of
brick, stone trimmings, cost t27,000,and contain
a $4,000 organ.
The Bank of McKeesport has contracted for
a vault ot the Hough & Harper pattern the
same as that of the Fidelity Title and Trust
Company, but smaller.
The Pennsylvania Railroad reports that the
quantity of coal and coke originating on and
carried over its lines cast ot Pittsburg and
Erie for the week ending September 7 was 295,
488 tons, of which 213,677 tons were coal and
8,182 tons coke.
Geo. H. Bennett & Beo 135 First
avenue, second .door below Wood street, for
pure rye whiskies.
Boston Stocks.
Atch.&Top.B. B... MJj
nusioa & juaine ::ui
C. U. AW 108
Eastern K. K. 6s....U7
Flint JtPereM. ofd. 92
Mexican Cen. com.. 16
. . AJtewEng... 513i
um lolony 178$
Wis. Central, com... 23
Allotoz McCo H
Calmaet & Uecla.,.,212
FranKUn ,
Usceola ,
Bell Telepnono..
Boston Land
Water rower
San Diego
. 84
.. X
.. 10
. 2
.. 49
. bm
. 644
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations 0f Fhlladelpbla stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stqck Ex
change. MM. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad MJf ra's
Heading 23 S-U Zi'A
Uuflalo. Mttsburg and Western 9V 10H
Lehigh Valley S3S4 53
Lehigh Navigation - .... 543
Northern Pacific KK 32K
Northern Pacific prelerred 'ilfi 13A
A Famous Confidence Man on His Death
Bed nt Denver.
Denver, September 16. Frank Fine,
who is known all over Europe and the
United States as one of the smoothest con
fidence men in the business, is at the
Windsor Hotel in this city at the point of
death. He has been reduced to a mere
skeleton by an enlargement of the spleen,
which hinders the action of the heart, and
will cause death in a short time. Frank
Pine is a Frenchman, and is noted for his
gentlemanly appearance and manners. One
of.his most notorious transactions was the
sale, about five years ago, of a mine in the
Leadville district, which was worth practi
cally nothing, to London speculators, lor
fcto.uuu or 540,000.
Losers sent over to prosecute Pine for the
swindle, but it was found that extradition
papers could not be obtained on the only
charge that could be brought, "obtaining
money under false pretenses. Pine has
lately made Philadelphia his headqnaiters,
and before he was taken sick was to be seen
daily about the Girard House. He is now
reasonably wealthy.
Belcnsed on His Own Itecognlznnco With
Bonds Fixed at S5.000.
San Francisco, September 16. Judge
Sawyer, in the United States Circuit Court
this morning, rendered a decision in the
habeas corpus case of Deputy Marshal
David Nagle, and discharged Nagle from
A bill of exceptions, filed by counsel for
the State, was allowed by the court, and
pending an appeal to the United States
Supreme Court, Nagle was ordered released
on his own recognizance, with bonds fixed
at $5,000.
Capital and surplus. $125,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Sugars are very firm. The expected rise in
package coffee has failed as yet to materialize,
but cannot be far away from present outlook.
Following is an item from a reliable source on
the grocery situation In New York City:
"The grocery trade is in an infinitely better
condition this year than it was last, and collec
tions were never better. There is a good
healthy demand for money, but the purchasing
power for our staples and fine articles through-.
f- out the country was never as great as it is now.
And the promises of a rich harvest are abun
dant. The movement in our line of business
gives a fair insight as to what other trades
must be doing, and I am satisfied that taking
groceries as a criterion, the staple industries of
the country must be in a most flourishing con
dition." Green Coffee Fancy Bio. 22J23Kc:
choice Rio, 2021Uc; prime Bio, 20c; low grade
Bio, 1819Kc;old Government Java. 27c: Mar
acaibo. 23i24c: Mocba. 2S29c: Santn. 20
23Kc; Caracas, 2I23c; peaberry, Kio, 2325c;
Roasted (m papers) Standard brands,
23Kc: high grades. 2oK26Kc; old Government
Java, bulk, 31K32&c; Maracaibo, 2627c;
Santos. 2123c; peaberry, 26c; choice Bio, 24c:
prime Rio, 22c; good Bio, 2lKc; ordinary, 21c.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2f25c: allspice, 8c;
cassia. 8c; pepper, 18c; nutmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
10c; globe, l2c; elaine. 15c; carnadine, llc;
royaline, 14c.
Syrups Corn syrups. 2629c; choice sugar
syrups, 333Sc: prime sugar syrup. 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c; new maple syrup, 90e.
N. O. Molasses Fancy. 48c: choice, 46c;
medium. 43c: mixed. 4042c.
Soda Bi-carb in kens. 3kG24c: bi-carb in lis.
'5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal-
sooa in Kegs, ic; uo granuiatea, 2c.
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearlne,
set, 8Kc; parafflne,.ll12c.
RICE Hpad, Carolina, 77e; choice, 6Ji
7c; prime, 56c: Louisiana, 66Kc
STARcn Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, o6c; gloss
starch, 57c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins. $2 Co: Lon
don layers, $3 10: California 'London layers,
$2 50; Muscatels. $2 25; California Muscatels,
$1 85; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia, 910c;
sultana, 8ic; currants, 45c: Turkey prunes,
45c; French prunes, 813c; Salonica
prunes. In 2-ft packages, 8c: coeoanuts, 100,
S6 00: almonds. Lan.. W ft. 20c: do Ivica. 19c:
do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.. 1215c; Sicily
filberts, ISc: Smyrna figs, 1216c; new date's,
5K6c, Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans, 11015c; citron
per ft, 2122c; lemon peel, f! 5, 13llo; orange
peel, 12Kc '
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per B 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6J?6c: apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated. 12KI5c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 22Z3c; peaches. California evaporated,
unpared, 1012Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c:
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2424Kc; blackberries, 78c; huckle
berries, 1012c
Sugars Cubes, 8c; powdered, 8c; granu
lated. SJgC; conlectioners' A, 8Jic: standard
A, 8c; soft whites. HfiftHc: yellow, choice.
7c;5yellow, good, 77ic, yellow, fair, 7c;
v'ellow, dark, 7c
PlCKLES-Medlum. bbls (1,200), $4 50; medi
um, half bbls (600). $2 75.
Salt No. 1. fl bbl. 95c: No. 1 ex. ft bbl. tl 05:
dairy, 9 bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal: fi bbl, $1 20;
Higgtns' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 2 80; Higgins'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $2 00
2 25; 2ds $1 oftSl 65: extra peaches, $2 402 60;
pie peaches. 9oc: finest corn, ilml 50: Hid. Co.
corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90c$l: Lima beans,
$1 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75085c; mar
row fat peas, $1 10(gl 15; soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, $1 401 50; Bahama do, $2 75; dam
son plums, 95c: greengages, $1 25; egg plums,
$2; California pears. $2 50; do greengages, $2; do,
egg plums, ?2: extra white cherries, $2 90; red
cherries, 2 Its. 90c; raspberries, $1 40S1 50;
strawberries, fl 10: gooseberries. $1 301 40:
tomatoes, 8292c; salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10;
blackberries, 80c; succotash, 2-ft caus, soaked,
99c; do green. 2 fts. $1 251 50; corn beef. 2-ft
cans, $2 05; 11-ft cans, $14 00; I aked beans, $1 4-5
1 6U; lobster, 1-ft. $1 751 SO; mackerel, 1-ft
cans, broiled, SI 60; sardines, domestic. W".
$4 504 60; sardines, domestic. K'- $8 25S oO;
sardines, imported, s. $11 5012 50; sardines,
imported, fis. $18; sardines, mustard, $4 50; sar
dines, spicell, $4 60.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 f)
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, $40: extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36: No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c ft ft; do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c; boneless hake. In strips, 6c; do
Ueorge'S cod in blocks, bSsSC. riernng
Round shore, $5 00f) bbl; split, $7jDfl; lake,
$2 00 fl lOO-ft half bbl. White fish, $7 00 fl 100
ft half bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 fJ hall bbl.
Finnan haddock, 10c 3 ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
fl ft. Pickerel, K barrel, $2 00; K barrel, $1 10;
Potomac herring, $5 00 fl barrel, $2 50 fl
Oatmeal $6 306 60 fl bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5557c
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
The village of Stoughton, Wis., had a $40,
000 fire Sunday.
The total loss by the Louisville fire Is esti
mated at $1,263,000. of which Bamberger, Bloom
tx iu. tost nearly i,uuu,uju.
Cyrus Filed Is a passenger on the Gulon
Line steamer Alaska,- which sailed from
Qneenstown for New York Sunday.
Most of the London strikers resumed work
yesterday morning. 'It is expected that work
on all the docks will be in full swing to-day.
During a moose hunt at Ship Harbor, N.
S., on Friday, two young men named .Mitchell
and Webber were fatally shot by their com
panions, who mistook one of them for the
moose. .,
A grand prlx and a gold medal have been
awarded at the Paris Exposition to Prof.
Rowland, of the Johns Hopkins University, for
his photographic map ot the solar spectrum
and his concave gratings.
The Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City
Railroad yesterday met the cut In rates mads
by the Burlington and Northern on business
from Chicago to St. Paul and Minneapolis. The
cut amounts to abont 33 per cent.
A meeting of Hebrew residents to honor
the memory of the late Hon. S. S. Cox was held
as the Washington Synagogue Sunday night.
Addresses were made by Simon Wolf and A. a
Solomons, and Lewis Abrahams recited "AbdU
Ben Adhem" as his tribute.
One hundred, and fifty freight handlers em
ployed in the New York Central freight houso
at Buffalo are on a strike because the company
will not pay extra for work on Sunday. The
men have been getting 1 40 per day and de
mand a day and a halt for Sunday work.
Colonel F. Baine, lately Consul General at
Berlin, has returned to Baltimore, where he
will resume the management of his paper, the
German Correspondent. The Colonel says:
The conservatives of France and Germany do
not desire war, bnt Russian ambition and Pan
Slavlstic agitation may lead to it at any
The weekly shinments of ore from thn fa
Superior region exceed those of the corres
ponding weeks of last year, although they are
not as large as a month ago. Ore is now going
xumaiu atme rate oi zzo,uuu ions a week, ana
there remain two months of the shipping sea
son, with a trifle over 6,000,000 tons Bent by
water since the opening of navigation last year.
Sunday night several men entered the bouse
of Margaret Bobinson, at Lanark, Ont.and at
tempted to assault an imbecile girL Thomas
Cameron and his son,alarmed by the girl's cries,
went into the honse and ordered the men away,
flrjng some shots with the intention of frighten
ing them. Yesterday the body of William
Waon, one of the party, was found, pierced by
a bullet.
Congressmen Springer, of Illinois: Baker,
of New York: Allen, of Mississippi; Peters and
Perkins, of Kansas, and Warner, of Missouri,
with John O'Day, of the Frisco road, arrived
at Guthrie Sunday night in O'Dav's special
car. The gentlemen are on a tour of investiga
tion of affairs in the Indian Territory, the
object beine to discover bv actual observation
what the needs of the settlers are, and also to
ascertain what legislation they desire at the
hands of Congress.
The opening of the handsome new armory
of the Woodstock Guards, at Birmingham,
Ala.. Saturday night a social etent con
cluded in a most disastrous manner. A de
licious supner was served during the evening '
of which all the guests partook freely. About
midnight all of them, between 60 and 100 in
number, were seized with violent pains in the
stomach. The Ice cream had been poisoned. A
stomach pump and antidotes of various kinds
were used, but for a while it looked serious. As
yet none of them are dead, but a number are
still qnite ill.
A dispatch from Portland, Ore., says: A
whale chase by Indians of the Neah Bay reser
vation occurred recently off Cape Flattery, in
which one canoe was lost and seven Indians
were drowned. The whale was discovered
spouting off the coast, and following the cus
toms of the Indians, a report of the fact was
made 'to the medicine man, who called a lfur
ried council and allotted a number of picked
men to the different canoes. In the night a
storm came no, and on the following morning
only two of the canoes remained afloat The
whale was killed, and the surviving savages as
sembled and held a dance.
An accident, by which one man was killed
outright and half a dozen others made a mirac
ulous escape irom death, occurred at? the
Western avenue crossing of the Chicago, Bur
lington and Qnincv Railroad at Eighteenth
street, Chicago, Sunday night At that hour a
milk wagon, driven by a young man named
Halmstrom, was struck by an engine at the
crossing mentioned. There were five persons
in the wagon, one of whom. Vt illiam Benzel,
was thrown out upon the track when the wagon
was overturned. The engine passed over "him.
killing him instantly. The other four got off
with slight bruises.
A pure dry Soap In powdered form. The great
labor saver and quick cleanser, without injury to
hands or tabic. Economical, pure d good.
Beats the wtrld for cleaning glasses, windows,
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Keeps moths out of carpets, bureaus, &c Sea
that you get BELL'S SOAPONA-Red Packages.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,''
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myats-lrrsa - i
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ited number ot 30-year first mortgage bonds of
the H. C. Frlck Coke Company, tho capital
stock of which Is $5,000,000, fully paid la. '
, These bonds are redeemable by a staking
fund at the rate of 100,000 per annum, at Jl 05,
commencing Julv 1, 1894, Interest being payabl
semi-annually. January and July 1, at the
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poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak" y
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, an-,
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Grnin, Flour'nnd Feed.
Receipts bulletined at the Grain Exchange,
33 cars. By Pittsburg.Fort Wayne and Chicago,
1 car of straw, 4 of oats. 1 of barley, 5 of flonr,,
6 of bay, 2 of corn. By Pittsbure, Cincinnati
and St. Louis, 3 cars ot oats, 1 of barley, 1 ot
hay, 1 of flour. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car
of flour, 1 of bay, 1 of corn, 1 of wheat. By
Pittsburg and Western, 2 cars of hay, 1 ot corn.
By Pittsbuigand Lake Erie, 1 car of flour.
There wero no sales on call, and the situation
varies little from that of Saturday. Flour is
tending toward a lower level, and already there
is cutting on the part of jobbers. A f nrther re
duction during this week is probable, unless
the present drift shonldbe arrested. The ex
port demand for wheat is active. Prices below
are for carload lots.
WUEAT-New No. 2 red, 81S2c; No. 3, 77
CORN No. 2 yellow, ear, 4445c; high mixed
ear, 4042c; No. 2 yellow, shelled. 4041c;
hicb mixed, shelled, 4040c; mixed, Bbelled,
Oats-No. 2 white, 2)27c; extra No. 3,
2l25c; mixed, 2122c.
Bye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 6051c;
No. 1 Western, 4819c; new rye, No. 2 Ohio,
Flour Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, f5 255 75; winter- straight,
Eczemn,v Itchy, Scaly, Skin Tortures.
Tn timple application of "Bwath'i Oihtmitt' without
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Bbeun. Btncworm, PUn, Ilch. Sorw. Pimplei, KrrilpjtaU
bo maim how ib.t!ca or long taodlnic. Solab.drofclsts,
or lent OT raIl for 60 CM. 3 BoiM, IU2S. AddrcMjOm.
6wtkx ft So, PMUdeljilili, P- XMt lour drasgin tor v
II "I M i ' ! IP
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