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Fire Brick Booming Manufactarers
Cannot Fill Orders.
An Alleghenian Furnishes Facia of Interest
en Cereals
a:d lite stock in the old woeld
Tuesday. August 27. loS9.
Tbe supply of fire brick of higher grades
has not been up to demand. The new fur
naces in process ot erection at the Edgar
Thomson Steel "Works Trill require upward
of 3,000,000 fire brick and orders are already
ont for this amount. The Pittsburg firm
with whom these orders were placed has
within a tew days Riven notice ot their inability
to meet orders. This firm has now on its books
orders for 9.000.000 brick to be delivered in eight
months and their capacity is only 1,000,000 pr
month. It not a single order comes in tor a
year to come this fire brick firm will hare about
all it can do to meet orders already booked.
Tbe wants of tbe Braddnck steel works will
call for aboat all the fire bricks which our
largest concern will be able to furnish fur the
balance of this year.
A representative of another firm said to-day:
"We hare never had a more lively trade than
we are having now. The demand lor fire brick
is first class. Competition is sharp and margins
ot profit are extremely closs. bat goods are
moving out freely. We do a great deal ot bus
iness lor a very little money, but such is tbe
drift of trade in all lines these days."
It appears tn be with tradesmen in all lines
that only the fittest are to survive in this era
of low prices and narrow margins. Woe unto
the merchant or manufacturer these days who
bas not a comfortable bank account to enable
him to take advantage of the low prices which
prevail in all departments ot industry.
Cerenls and Live block In Europe.
Mr. Latimer, an Allegheny merchant, who re
turned yesterday from a tour through Great
Britain, France and Germany, and gave special
attention to Erin, from which he sprang, reports
as follows concerning the cereal and live stock
situation in the Old World: "Crops all through
Ireland are unusually good this season. The
yield of flax, hay and potatoes has been seldom
better in quantity and quality. Tbe crop of
oats, wnicn in ireiana is caiiea corn, is large
and of the very best quality, better than any
thine produced in this country. The oats of
Scotland and Erin furnish material for bone,
muscle ana brain building, which the Ameri
can article, in its best forms, fails to reach.
The cereal crops of Scotland show up unusually
well this season, owing to seasonable rains.
As yon go southward and eastward, in
European lands, nature does not seem to
have been as favorable to the agriculturist as
in the North aud West. The earth's increase
lessens as you travel eastward in Europe.
Along tbe Western coast, and for a couple of
hundred miles toward the rising sun, nature
appears to have been verj bountiful this sea
son, and cereal crops are above the average in
tbat belt. Eastern Germany and Russia will
tall far below the average in yield this season.
In Ireland cattle dealers are having a harvest
this year. England and France receive large
supplies of beeves from Parnell's country.
There has been no drop cf prices in the old
country such as there bas been on this side.
Stock raisers on the Western coast of Ireland
have found their trade unusually profitable
this season. I found, however, that the quality
of sheep was mnch better in the midland coun
ties of England than in Scotland or Ireland.
The Soutbdowns in central and Southern Eng
land excelled anything in this line I have ever
seen. The Scotch and Irish sheep may have
been all right for wool but England leads both
countries in tbe quality ot its mutton."
The interview with Mr. Latimer developed
this fact concerning live stock operations in the
mother country, that sales there a-e made by
lump an (jfnot by weight. The buyerof a bunch of
Irish cattle views the "prospect o'er" and then
makes an offer of so much per head. It seems
strange to an American that potatoes, peaches
and apples should be sold by weight, and steers,
sheep and calves by tbe head, but such is tbe
custom In tbe Fatherland. Tbe cattle trade in
England has experienced no such depression
the past year as has been encountered on this
side of tbe pond. Prime beeves are fully 2c
per pound loner at Chicago than a year ago.
In Liverpool tbe decline has been slight, and
the result has been that cattle raisers in Ire
land and exporters on this side have been reap-
u uui uart cbi lur a jear past.
fcfc Business Notes.
OsSot the Braddock banks bas about t00,
ttLn deposit. Business is brisk there. -Mb.
C. JSemngek returned home yesterday
"ifrom a trip to the northern summer resorts.
Vf EW platforms are being put down by the
Pennsylvania Railroad at Torrens and Wilk
insburg. Checks were sent out yesterday for the
Westlnghouse Electric quarterly dividend of
1)4 per cent.
It was reported yesterday that the Braddock
Wire Mill Company would reorganize and re
sume business.
A riECE of fine business property out Fifth
avenue is about to change bands. Trade is
moving tht way.
The fact tbat there are more buyers than
sellers of coal stocks is a good indication of a
more active marker.
Philadelphia Gas braced up yesterday.
"It will be higher to-morrow," remarked a
broker soon after Captain Barbour had dis
solved the meeting
Wilmerdiko is growing so fast that people
leaving it in tbe morning and returning in the
evening hardly recognize tho place. Jeannette
is also blossoming like tbe rose.
The Condition of nuslsess at tbe East Liberty
Block Yards.
Office ot-PrrrsBtnto Dispatch. i
Tuesday. August 27, IS89. J
Cattle Receipts, 2iu head; shipments,
810 head: market dull and a shade lower; no
cattle shipped to New York to-day.
Hoos Receipts. 1,000 bead: shipments, 1,000
head: market fair; light Yorkers. U 5001 60:
crasser, H Si&i 40; medium and llcbt Phila
delphias, U 50i GO; heavy slow, H 304 40;
four cars of hoes shipped to New York to-dav.
farjEEP Receipts. 2,400 head; shipments, 2,200
bead; market and prices unchanged.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts. 600 head,
all for exportation: no market for cattle: mar
ket steady for dressed beef at 67Jic per
pound for common to prime native sides, and
at .W.'.Jc for Texas and Colorado do; exports
of 1,600 quarters of beef; to-day's Liverpool
cable advices quote American cattle about
steady at ll13c per pound for the estimated
dressed weight, and American refrigerator
beef at 8fc per pound. Calves Receipt, 350
bead; mrket quiet at DgjJc per pound for
veals, and 2lJ(c for grassere, buttermilks
and mixed lots. Sbeep Receipts. 2.800 head,
and 2,500 bead were carried over yesterday: a
limited business was recorded at about vestrr.
day's prices. Sbeep sold at ?4 005 00 per 100
pounds; lambs at J4 37ie6 30. Hog Receipts,
3,300 bead: market reported steady atS4 40
4 5 per 100 pounds for live hogs.
Kansas Crnr The Ztre Stock IruHator re
ports: Cattle Receipts. 4.5W head; shipments,
3,681 ncad: best native beef steers firm and 10c
higher; common slow and weak: green unripe
beef steers hard to sell; good to choice corn ted
steers, 13 9j4 25; common to medium. $3 00
113 85; stockrrs and feeding steers. Jl 603 15;
cows. SI 5002 60; grass range. II 6002 70. Hogs
Receipts. 3,657 bead; shipments. 309 head;
strong and about 5c bigber; good to choice
"U;K1 27;-heavy and mixed. S3 75
64 l.Jf. bbeep Receipts, 406 bead: shipments,
none; market steady: good to choice muttons,
3 ,504 00; common to medium, f260Q3 5a
Chicago Cattle Receipts. 8.600 headtahlp,
J2e2K:. 1;500 head! beeves, SI 4001 75; steers!
13 U0g4 60: stockers and feeders. Jl 9003 0U;
cows, bulls and mixed, SI 2o3 00; Texas
cattle, tl 2503 20; natives and half breeds,
ii 0003 CO. Hogs Receipts, 10,600 head:
shipments, 4,500: market weak; mixed. $3 80
04 35: heavy. S3 6004 15; light, $4 uOffil 65:
skips. $3 5004 JO. Sheen Receintu 7im h.iri.
shipments, Z000 head: market stcadv: natives."
S3 5004 60; western feeders, S3 4003 80; mut-
ionAJ5-801 10; TexaB- J3 S04 I'! ambs,
84 o05 7a.
St. Louis-Cattle Receipts. 5,500 head
shipments. 300 head: market active; choice
heavvnatlve steers, S4 1004 60; fair to good do
S3 8004 15; stackers and feeders, $2 1003 00:
range steers, $2 3003 10. Hoes Receipts, L700
head: shipment, 200 head: market shade
higher: fair to choice beavy,S4 0004 20; packlnc.
SJ OOgl 20; light fair to best, S4 20I CS. febeep
Receipts, 2.40U head; shipments, 300 head
market firm; fair to choice, S3 23t3 3a
Buffalo Cattle dull and prices irregular;
receipts, 27 loads through: for export no sales;
15 loads held over. Sheep and lambs dull and
lower to tell; receipts, 10 loads through; nosale;
8 loads held over. Hogs scarce and in good de
jnand: receipts, 1 load through; 8 sale.
Cincinnati Hogs in good demand and
stronger; common and llcbt. $3 5004 60; pack
ing and butchers. U 1001 35; receipts, 1,400
bead; shipments, 00 head.
markets by wibe.
Continuation ef tbo Bnll Movement In tbe
Wheat Pit A Buoynnt Feeling and
Higher Price all Along tbe
Line Corn and Oats
Move Up.
Chicago There was a continuation of yes
terday's bull movement In wheat to-day, the
highest price being attained during the last half
of the session. For an hour or more after the
opening the trend of market was downward.
During that time tbe leading futures sold off
QXc as compared with yesterday's closing
and nearly 1 from curb price. Tho weakness
was attributed to the indifferent earlv cables,
fine weather both In this country and England,
and the report of an increase in the quantity of
wheat on ocean passage. The bulls were not
aggressive, but wheat bad more friends than
for some time past, and everybody was waiting
for news from Vienna In addition to what was
received yesterday.
About noon, reports of liberal purchases of
cash wheat by exporters at New York caused
renewed buying and prices advanced sharply.
September went to 78c and December to79J4c
before there was any reaction to speak of.
During tbe last hour of the session trading was
heavy aud the market showed great buoyancy.
There was increased speculative trading in
May wheat and it was relatively the tsrongest
future in the list closing nearly 1c higher. In
September there was a net gain of Xcand
December Jic No. 2 cash and seller the
month scored a gain of KSKc
A good business was transacted in corn, and
tbe feeling developed was easy earlier, but
later the market was steadier. The volume of
bnsiness transacted was quite heavy, but to
ward the close business was maimy local, x ne
easy feeling was due to continued fine weather
and heavy receipts. The market opened lc
below yesterday's, was easy for a time, declini
IngJwkc, reacted, advancing Jic, ruled
steady, closing at i-idMc higher than yester
day. Oats were fairly active, especially for May
delivery, in whicb the bulk of the speculative
trading centered. The near futures wcro
rather quiet, but a steadier feeling prevailed,
due to receipts being less than expected. Tbe
feeling was unsettled, and prices fluctuated
freely within a range of &&. Tbe market
closed steady at almost outside prices, and at
He advance over yesterday.
Trading was fairly act)ve in pork, and the
feeling was unsettled. Prices declined lO012c
but rallied again 710c, and closed steady at
outside figures.
A light trade was reported In lard, and prices
ruled 701Oc higher. Early sales avere made
at medium prices, but a reduction of 205c
was submitted to. Toward the close ruled
stronger, and prices advanced to outside fig
ures, closing firm.
An active business was done in short ribs, but
prices were Irregular. Prices ruled easy and
declined 710c per 100 pounds, but rallied and
closed steady at outside figures.
ine leaning rutures ranged as follows'
wheat no. z. September.
77J$c:December, 78079
Corn No. 2, Beptember. 8$3433K
33c; October, 33K34Ji33M34Jc; Decem
ber. 33J4033Hc
Oats No. 2. September. 19J20K195i20c;
October, 202(2020c: May. 22s.3e
Mess Pore, per bbl. September. S3 750
9 72W: October.SS 8009 8009 67Jf 9 80; January,
S9 109 2009 10 30.
Lard, per 100 Iks. September. 85 82M06 02K
5 92K6 02X; October, S5 97i6 0005 92K
6 00: January. $5 82X-
Short Ribs, per 100 Bs. September, S4 85
4 85; October, 87X4 87X04 b04 85;Ian.
uary, tl 62X04 65.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
firm and unchanged. No. 3 spring wheat. 78Xc:
No. 3 spring wheat 6907OXc; No. 2
red, 78Xc No. 2 com. 335c. No. 2, oats. 20c.
No. 2 rye. 4iXc No. 2 barley. 65c No. 1
flaxseed. SI 26. Prime timothy seed, SI 3001 32.
Mess pork, per bbk S9 75. Lard, per 100 pounds
S6 02X66 05. Short rib sides (loose), $4 85.
Receipts Flour, 16.000 barrels; wheat, 170000
bushels; corn. 594,000 bushels; oats, 379,000
bushels; rye, 23.000 bushes; barley. 7,000 bushels.
Shipments Flour, 18.000 barrels: wheat. 16L.
000 bushels: corn. 406,000 bushels: oats, 194,000
bushels; rye. 5.000bnshels; barley, 3.000.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the buttter
market was fairly active: fancy creamerv,
1801SXc: fine. 15016c; fine dairies. 1314c; fair
to good. 910c. Egss in good demand at 14c
New Yore Flour steady and in fair de
mand. Cornmeal more active and steady;
yellow Western, 2 4502 75. Wheat Spot firm
and lXc bigber; limited export demand, good
local demand, chiefly for storing; options
opened 50Xc lower on longs realizing, reacted
on foreign shorts covering llXc, closing firm.
Barley malt dull. Corn Spot moderately
active, with light offerings andstronger; options
less active, XGc higher and steady. Oats
Spot less active and X5ib lower: options
quiet. Hay firm and in good demand. Coffee
Options steady and unchanged to 5 points up.
closed firm at 16020 points nn: gaiW 46.000
bags. Including August. 14.95015c; Septem
ber, 1185015c: October. 14.9501a.15c; Novem
ber, 15 lC15.15c; December. 15.05015.15c; Jan
uary, 15.1oc; February,15.05; March. 15.05015.15c;
spot Rio quiet: fair cargoes, lSXc Sugar Raw
nominal: refined firm and in fair demand. Mo
lassesForeign nominal; New Orleans quiet.
Rice in fair demand and steady. Cottonseed oil
dull. Tallow stronger; city, 4fi413-16c Rosin
steady and quiet. Turpentine quiet at440
44Xc Eggs firm and in good demand: western,
sw?-,-c-ci'"s- ,-o packages, .roris steady.
Cutmeats dull. Lard Early months stronger,
covering of contracts; new crop quiet and
steady; sales, 1.600 tierces western steam, chiefly
export, at S3 3606 42X. closing at S6 42X; Sep
tember, $6 40; October. S6 38; November, $6 37;
December. S6 19: January, 6 19; February.
S6 25. Butter dull and easier; western dairv.90
12c; creamery, IlQlSXc: do factory, SQLIc
Cheese quiet; western, 607c
Philadelphia Flour Demand slow and
prices ruled in buyers' favor. Wheat advanced
Xc under light offerings and higher western
advices, but local speculation was quiet and
export demand continued lieht; No. 2 red,
August. 8383!c: September. 82X82Xc: Oc
tober. S2Ji83Xc; November. 83X084C Corn
Options dull and late months lAc lower: carlots
quiet aud steady; sales No. 3 low mixed in
Twentieth street elevator, 43c; No. 2 mixed.
In Twentieth street elevator, 43Xc; No. 2 yel
low, in grain depot, 44c; No. 2 mixed, Au
Fa" .i'Sc; September, 41X042; Octo
ber, 42y042Xc; November, 42Ji43iic Oats
steadier: No. 3 white, 25X026c; old No. 2 white,
29Xc; new No. 2 white, 2Xi futures dull and
lower: No. 2 white, August, 2790285ic; Sep
tember. 27ie2Sc: October. 2X0;9c; No
vember, 29029XC Provisions steady; demand
moderate, llanif, smoked. UX013X- Butter
weak and lower;rPennsylvania creamery extra,
1717Xc; do prints extra, 2025c Eggs scarce
ana firm; Pennsylvania firsts, 19c
St. Louis Flour firm
and nnr.hAnt.Art
Wheat Opened easy and declined slightly, but
whpn ttiA rpnnrt nf tha Vl,nn ,'.mw-a.. ........
r - v.HVHuitwwuiD,
prices shot up and closed lc above yesterday.
No. 2 red cash. 75c; September, 7576Vc,
closed at 76Jc; December, 767i78Jic closed at
.78c; May. 82Q82Kc Corn weak, but toned
later, and closed Jilo above yesterday: No.
2. cash. SVyic; September, 31$3IJic closed at
31Jic; October, 3131c; December, 3030c
closed at 3uKc: May. 32e81Kc32c Oats
firm; No. 2 cash. 18c bid; tjeptember, 1818Kc;
May, 22c. Rje Quiet at 89$Sc. Barley No
market. Flaxseed steady at tl 22. Bagging
firm; ranging at 9Q10c Provisions firmer.
Cincinnati Flour earler. Wheat stronger:
No. 2red, 75c; receipts, 14.000 bushels;shipments.
6000 busnelr. Corn dull: No. 2 mixed, 35c
Oats easy; No. 2 mixed, 20Hc Rye dull; No.
2, 41c. Pork easier at SIO (S2. Lard quiet at
&S7K. Bulk meats steady; short ribs, $5 10
5 15. Bacon' in moderate demand; short
clear, J6 25. Butter steady. Sugar Arm.
Eggs in lair demand at llc. Cheese firm
ana unchanged.
llBALTiMOitE Provisions weak; mess pork,
512 50: bulkmeats, loose shoulders, 6c; long
clear rib sides and sugar pickled sboulders,6c;
sugar cured smoked shoulders, TJic; bams, l&l
13c. Lard Kenned, 7iic Butter firm;
western packea. 1013c: creamery, 1718c
Eggs firm ut 17Jiel8c. Coffee brm; Kio fair.
"Tolkdo Cloverseed dull;
vember, S4 35.
October and No-
Wool Mnrket.
Philadelphia Wool dull and nominaL
St. Louis Wool dull and unchanged.
New Yobk Wool is in fair demand and
firm: domestic fleece, 3239c; pulledj 2341c:
Texas, 14gS8c '
Boston There bas been no increase in tbe
demand for wool and sales are confined prin
cipally to small lots. Prices remain the same
and are steady, but large lines can only be
placed at concessions. Ohio and Pennsylvania
fleeces were offered at 3233c for X, 3435c
for XX and above. Michigan fleeces
are moving slowly at 31c lor X
buyers offering 30c No. L wools will
command 3738c for Michigan and Ohio. No
1 combing wools are dull at 3810c Small
sales are noticed of Ohio fine delaine at 35c
and Michigan at 34c Unwashed combine
wools remain dull at 2730c In Territory wool
there have been sales on a scoured basis of
otAdooc joruneana nne meaium. Texas, Cali
fornia and Oregon wools are dull and un
changed in price Pulled wools are offered at
quite low prices and are meeting with some de
mand. Foreign wools are quiet and firm.
When baby was sick, we gave ber Caatorla,
When sbe was a Child, she cried for Cutoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla,
When she bad Chlldren,ihe gave them Castorla
Tbe Black Property in Allegheny
City Purchased by Two Ladies.
Fancy Price Paid for Land bj One of Pitts
bnrg's Merchant Princes.
It was learned incidentir yesterday that
tbe purchasers of the Black property, on
"Western avenue, Allegheny City, sold a
few days ago by Henry A. Weaver & Co.,
for 90,000, were Airs. Dr. Hostetter and
Mrs. ru Puy, their object being two-fold
as an investment, and to keep it from fall
ing into the hands of persons who would
subdivide it for several buildings. All
the houses in the vicinity are surrounded
by extensive grounds, and It is desired to main
tain the character of the locality in this respect.
Real estate, while quiet on the surface, is
considerably agitated below which means
there is more going on than meets the eye of
the pnblic For instance. Black & Baird have
made 12 sales since tbe 21st, and are closing up
62 more. The largest of the completed trans
actions was for $3,000. The largest of those
pending Involves $100,000. Mr. Glomnger, of
the above firm, said: "Bnsiness is splendid for
August. There is a good inquiry for every
thing except business property, which has
quieted down. Tbe prospect for brisk times,
beginninc about the middle of next month, is
the best I have ever known."
There is no good reason why there should be
a constant cry of bard times. It is conceded on
every hand that there will be considerably more
than an average crop of nearly all kinds of agri
cultural products throughout the country. The
wheat'and corn crops of tbe West are thought
to be so far advanced as to secure their safety,
while the cotton crop in the South, promises a
large yield. Under these conditions, says the
Age of Steel, there is no reason to doubt tbat
the fall trade will be entirely satisfactory.
Some"complalnt, however, is made ot low'
prices, but it must be remembered that the pur
chasing power ot tl at the present time is much
greater than it was a few years ago, and If the
agriculturist is obliged to sell his products at a
less figure than formerly, bis supplies may be
purchased for enough less in most cases to
make up tbe difference. These things must and
will regulate themselves according to the laws
of snpply and demand, and in time must equal
ize all things.
The highest price ever realized for Pittsburg
suburban real estate, so far as known, was a
short time ago paid by Mr. T. C. Jenkins for a
lot on Ellsworth avenue, Sbadyslde. Tbe size
of tbe lot is abont 1 acres, and the considera
tion was $55,000. The old Aiken mansion,
which dates back some 75 years, stands on the
ground, but it will be torn down to give place
to a fine modern residence, whicb Mr. Jenkin e
proposes to erect. Immediately to tbe east of
this property are the elegant residences of H.
C. Frlck and Robert Pitcaim. On the other
side of the avenue, a little east, is the Shady
side Academy.
An electric motor has been invented by Da
vid O. Weens, of Baltimore, Md., which ob
tained the rate of two miles per minute on a
curved track. This is equal to three miles per
minute on a straight track. It is a three-ton
motor made by the Electro-Automatic Transit
Company, of Baltimore, and the experiment
was conducted at the company's grounds, at
Laurel. Aid. This is called the automatic sys
tem, and is intended only for light 'express
packages, mail matter and newspapers. A five
mile circular track will be constructed imme
diately to demonstrate the practicability of the
system for passenger service,
During the year 1845 there were only 502 pat
ents issued from the United States Patent Of
fice, and the total issue from the establishment
of the Patent Office up to the end ot tbat year
numbered only 4,847. Up to this year there
have been granted 406,413, showing that since
1815 there have been Issued from the United
States Patent Office 402,166 patents, and about
one-third more applications have been made
than have been granted, demonstrating tbe
ingenuity of our people t be phenomenal, and
mnch greater thar. even the enormous number
of patents issued indicates. '
Some Htrons and No Particularly Weak
Spots Philadelphia Gaa Moves Up.
There was a good feeling displayed at the
Stock Exchange yesterday, and, although the
sales were moderate 225 shares some of the
favorites scored fractional advances, and near
ly all the rest were firm to steady. Philadel
phia Gas entered upon what may be a little
boom, selling at 37 and 3 the latter in the
afternoon. It closed firm at tbe top price.
Pittsburg Traction was weaker, the others
being steady. There, was also a concession In
People's Natural Gas. La Nora, Electric and
Switch and Signal showed no particular change
either way, all of them being firmly held, with
no disposition to press them on the market.
There were more buyers than sellers. Bids, of
fers and sales were:
Bid. Asked. Hid. Asked.
450 SCO
18 ..M
.... '.'.'.'. "'.'.
"I-. MX
50 .... 49
I?:::: :::: ::::
H II g !i
. im '
69H 70 69,i TO
.... t 49 .... X
1! 12
MX 2o ::
15 16 ;
51 SiX SlS 52
7 :::: :::: a
Pitts, feus, ft 31. Kx..
fourth National Bank
Keystone Bank, fltts.
f eople'slt. Bank
Safe Deposit Co.
Chanters Val. Uas Co.
Kat. Oas Co. or W. Va.
Ohio Valley Gas
People's JMat Oas
People's N. O. ft P. Co
Pennsylvania Oas
fhlladelphia Co
Wheellnr UasCo
forest Oil Co
Tuna Oil Co
Central Traction. .
Citizens' Traction
ritttbnre Traction....
Pleasant Valley f. Ey.
fltts. June H. K. Co..
Pitts, ft Western ft. It
f . ft V. K. K. Co. prof
rolnt i)rld-e
Union Brldfre
La .Norla Minlnc Co...
Westins-honse Klectric
IT X-Vlw r.
fltts. Cyclorama'coi!!
At the forenoon call 90 shares of Central
Traction sold at 81. In the afternoon tbe
sales were 100 shares of Chartiers Gas at 50k. 25
Philadelphia Gas at 37 and 10 af37V4.
John T. Patterson sold 7 shares Western In
surance at 52. Robinson Bros, report the sale
of 15,000 Equitable Mortgage Companvdebent
ure bonds at par and interest. W. F. Maxon
sold 5 shares Central Traction at SliC
The total sales of stocks at New York yester
day were 215,787 shares, including: Atchison,
27.815: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
16,314; Lake Shore, 3,057; Louisville and Nasn
vUIe, 4,500; Missouri Pacific 6.890; Nohwest
ern. 6,646; Northern Paciflc, 15,030: Northern
Pacific preferred, 21,253; Reading, 13.500: St.
Paul, 24,110; Union Pacltlc, 6.257.
Whatever Happens to the Money Market
t Will be for the Better.
There was no rush in local banking circles
yesterday, bnt a good average business was
transacted. Checking showed a falling off, but
depositing was fair. Money was plenty and
rates unchanged. There was a great scarcity
of to and S10 notes, notwithstanding the fact
tbat a large amount of them was received from
tbe East a short time ago.
A cashier being asked where they went, said
he did not know, but supposed they bad found
their way back to New York. "We use more
ot these denominations than any others." he
added. "In making np pay rolls there is nearly
always a large number of $5's, 110's and $20' s,
and when they are scarce considerable Incon
venience is felt. We have more tl's and J2's
than we need."
The Clearing House report, as made up by
Manager Chaplin, was a little less favorable
than usual, showing a slight falling off in the
volume of business. "This should cause no
alarm," remarked the financier. "What we
are doing Is strictly legitimate, tbe speculative
interest being an insignificant factor. We
have crossed tbe Rubicon without disaster,
aud have nothing to fear the remainder of tbe
year. Whatever happens will be for the bet
ter." The clearings were 11,875,779 P9 and tbe
balances 1467.968 0
Money on call at New York yesterday was easy
at 3SSK Per cent, last loans 1 closed offered at
& Prime mercantile paper, OK07K. Starling
exchange Irregular at f4 88f f or 60-day bills and
Si 86 for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U.S. 4s,reg 123
11. S. 4m. fiiun 123
M.K. AT. Gen.6 . K7K
Hutaal Union s..,.10Bt
U.S.4Xs,rejr 105H
O. S. 4H conn.... lj.T
N.J. fl. Int. Oert,
Northern I'll- lstS..118
riciaccaofM us
fjoalftlanastamncd4s SO
Northern Pac.2ds..IlH
Northw't'n consols. H9
Missouri 0s 10041
Northw'n deben..I15JS
Oregon A Trans. M.10SK
St. L. ALM. Oen. Ss 88 "
St. UiS.r. Uen.Al.116
Su Paul consols ....12s .
'lenn. new set. es....u
Tcnn. new set. M....10Z
Tenn. newset.34.... TlTi
Canada So. 2ds 99
Oen. 1'aeiae.lsts 114)4
Den. AK.O., lsU102
Den. IK, U. 4s 79
D.ftR.O.West,lsts. 109
Krle.2d 1WK
M.K.AT. Qen.6s.. 83)4
St.ll, Chi & rc.lsts.117H
Tx., PcL. U.Tr Ks. S0
Tx.U'clCQ.aT.Kcts S7j
union rac. uu "'
West Shore -U
The bond offerings yesterday aggregated $1,
465,000. as follows: Pour per cents, registered.
$100,000, $200,000, $200,000, $65,000 and $600,000 at
128. t
New York Clearings, $108,102,767; balances,
Boston a earlngs, $10,921,450; balances,
$1,646,095. Money at 2KS3 per cent.
Philadelphia Clearings, 110,491,168: bal
ances. $1,463,526. -
Ualtihobe Clearings. 11,576,863: balances,
Lohdok Tbe amount of bullion gone
into the Banc of England on balance to-day is
10,000. Bar silver, 42 7-16d per onnce.
Pabis Three per cent rentes, 85f 72c for the
Behlw The statement of tbe Imperial
Bank of Germany shows a decrease in specie
oi ts,2UU.DUU mares.
CHi&aoo Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, $10,913,000.
Oil Wells In tbe Jefferson Ceuter Territory
Losing Their Grip..
News tbat the production of the Butler
county wells was rapidly falling off caused a
firm feeling at the opening of tbo oil market
yesterday and ran the price np from SS to 98.
After this little spurt the market fell back into
the rut, and closed rather weak at 97K-a cent
below the highest point. "What caused the
slump?" a broker was asked. "Oh, nothing,
except lack of business," was the reply.
A broker on the bull side said: "The situation
is becoming bullish every day, and I look for a
decided improvement by the end of this month
or beginning of next." Trading was about up
to tbe average of tbe past few weeks. Monday's
clearings were 724,000 barrels.
, Features of the Market.
Corrected daily by John M. OaKiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of tbe Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange
Opened S3 (Lowest 97
. seKlClosed.,
Average runs 49,217
Average shipments 77,715
Average charters. 41,160
Bedned, New Yorx, 7.S0c
lflne. London, 5d.
Kenned, Antwerp, 17HT.
Kenned, Uverpool, sXd.
A. B. McQrew & Co. quote: Pnts, 96Jo;
calls, 93Jc
Other Oil Markets.
Trrrsvnxx, August 27. National transit
certificates opened at 98c; highest, 8Sc;
lowest, 7Jc; closed, 87c
Bradford, August 27. National transit
certificates opened at 98c; closed at 97c:
highest, 98Kc; lowest, 97c
On. CITT. August 27. National transit certifi
cates opened at 98c: highest, 0Sc: lowest,
97ic; cloed. 97c; clearances, 638,000 barrels;
charters, 96,627 barrels.
New Yobk. August 27. Petroleum opened
strong at 98Jic but after gaining Je the mar
ket became weak and declined to 97c Tbe
trading then became light and the market
closed steady at 97c; sales, 625,000 barrels.
Interest In Real Eatate Kept Up A Num
ber of Important Deals.
Alles & Bailey sold at auction a brick dwell
log of fire rooms and attic, frontage of 48 feet
on Grove street by 94K feet to an alley, Thir
teenth ward, sold for $2,125.
Reed B. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for Mr. John Schuster to Dr. G. W. Hlett
bonse and lot on Tannehill street, city, for
2,100. They also sold to Patrick McCaugbey
lots Nos. 180 and 181 in Marlon place plan, at
Marion station, Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad.
Spencer & Glosser sold lots Nos. 43 and 44, on
Paul street, in 8. L. Boggs city plan of lots, to
R. J. Buchanan, for 400 each; also sold five
acres, with buildings, on 8. L. Boggs' farm. In
West Liberty borough, to Samuel Nevergold
for 2,G0Q; also sold house with lot 50x100 feet
to Mrs. Livingston, at Crafton station, for 83,600
cash; also sold for David Borland's heirs lot
No. 292, corneiuAnn and Thirteenth streets,'
Homestead borough, to Matthew Cook for
Black 4 Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold to W.
A. Wbltaker, for the estate of Henry Lloyd
and John JJaldridge. Jr the tract of Und in
Braddock township, fronting on the Pennsyl
vania Railroad containing about 35 acres, and
known as tbe old Cory & Company property, for
W. A. Herron & bons sold lot No. 96 in the
Blssell plan. 20x100. for S300: also lot No. 12 in
the Aim. G. Adams plan, 20x100, for S200; also
two lots on Mt Washington, Second ward, for
John F. Baxter, 512 Smlthfleld street, snjd to
Charles J. Spears two lots In tbe Villa Park
plan. Brash ton Station, Nos. 490 aud 4B1, front
age ot 80 feet on Blackadore avenue by 150 to
a 20-foot alley, for 1500.
The Pittsburg Company, limited, sold lot No.
4 in the E. Jones plan of lots, at Etna Station,
Pittsburg and Western Railway, fronting 20
feet on Township road and running back 10O
feet to a 15 foot alley, to A. McElwee, of
Sbarpsburg. for 210 in monthly instalments.
Samnel W. Black & Co.. 99 Fourth aveuue,
sold for the Blair estate, Glenwood, Twenty
third ward, city; lot 24x100 feet to a 20 foot
alley, for 100.
Cause a Rally In Stocks A Few Weak
Spots Revealed during tbo Dnv, but
the Active List Closes Higher
Bonds Brace Up.
New York, AuguBt 27. The stock market
was more active to-day and a generally strong
tone prevailed which caused a small and
healthy appreciation in values and in some of
me specialties material gains. There was a
general expectation that the rise of yesterday
was to be continued to-day, and the opening
was made at prices generally from to per
cent better than last evening's figures, but the
advances of the past two days were sufficient to
cause some realizing by the trading element
and the western operators were sellers to a
limited extent which checked the upward
movement and even bronght about a slightly
lower range of values. There was no news or a
character to have any positive effect upon the
market and after tne selling movement was
over the usual extreme dullnesi ensued. The
Northern Pacifies and especially the preferred
were well held, however, on the prospects un
der tbe new mortgage and the good statement
of earnings for July, and Atchison was bought
for Boston account being more active and
stronger than for some time back.
About noon it was announced that over a
million more bonds nad been offered at the
Bccret price which stimulated the bnyin" again
and monev which had ruled Arm 6 to oX per
cent eased off. The market responded imme
diately, and the noon prices were generally the
lo est of the day. and 8t. Paul, Northern Pa-
"V"1 """"'"i q nreierrea. Rock Island
and Tennessee Coal, all became prominent for
activity and strength. Rock Island approached
to within He of par on the receipt of the large
traffic enioi ed by that road. The bulls showed
no disposition to force matters much, which
were allowed to take their nmr ,i i n,
general list there was a slew and gradual ap
preciation in values, lasting until tbe last hour,
when again a disposition was shown to realize
upon'tbe early gains, when the announcement
was made tbat the Secretary or the Treasury
bad accepted the large amount of $1390.020
bonds and this stopped tLe selling, and the
market again became active and strong. Tbe
close was generally at about the best prices ot
the day. There wero a few final losses, but
they were for insignificant fractions only aud
almost tbe entire active list is higher this even
ing, though the advances over last night's fig
ures are for tho most part confined to small
fractions. Chesapeake and Ohio 2 preferred
rose 1; Cotton Oil. 1J4. and Rock Lsjand, 1.
The bond market was also somewhat active
the sales of all issues being 901,000; of which
tbe Rock Island 5s furnished Si two Th .,..
of tbe dealings was firm to stroug throughout
the entire day, and most of the final chances
are in the direction of higher figures, though
the number of issues traded in was small and
the trading was devoid of feature of special
interest. Houston and Texas lsts lost 25 at
The following table snows the prices oractlve
stocks on the .New York Stock Kxchanre yester
day. Corrected dally for Tub Dispatcu by
Wfl.Tumr ft STBPnirssON. oldest Pitubure mem
bers of .New York Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
, CIos-
HlKh- Low- inr.
;u cat. Bid.
g 1H KX
;i iS 6i2
115X J1& . U5jJ
545( HX 21H
71? 7lS
11 lU 1 ion
Am. Cotton on. 61K
Atca.. lop. ft o.V..., 261?
Canadian PaclUe !
Canada southern U
Central at Haw Jeraey.Uf
Central facmc.
Chesapeake ft Ohio uu
C Bar. ft OuUr..,..l(HS
C Mil. ft St. Paul.... 71K
C, JUl.ft Bt. f .. pr..113
C, EockLP. iSH Wi 9X
C..St.L.&Fltt .. ."
C St. KNtt-ltts. pf.
C St. F..M. AO S3H
c. at. rM. o pr. 9sh
C. .Northwestern. ...ill
U.4 .Northwestern, pf. ....
6,0, c. &i 7sj;
o., c. a 4L, pr ioi
Col. Coal Iron 17
Col. ft Uocklog Vai
Dei., L. Jt W 146
Del- & Hudson U1U
E.T., Va. Ua ...
;.T.,Va. AOa.lst pr. ....
ti T.. Vs. A On. 2rt T,r 9.
33 J,
71 H
Illinois central.
fake Grin A Western.. 9f
fake trie Jt West. pr.. u
fateSnore&M. s 103
Louisville ft Nashville. TO
Ailcnijran central...... t9k
MdblleA Ohio .
Alo., Kan. ft Texas.,.. 12H
Missouri Fsclflc 72
New York Central
. t.. L. E.A W a
J.Y.I L.E. ft W.prer.. 67
. .. C. ft St. li.
-N.J., C 8LL. or.
2j.i..'a st...2dpf ....
N. YN. Xi
If.. O. A W 17X
Jjorrols, Western
Aorrolkft Western, pf. 53X
Northern Tactile 30
Jfortnern faclflc nref. 04
Ohio ft Mississippi..... 22
Oregon improvement
Orwon Transcon 84
gacmcilaU StfJ
feo. Dec A Kvans
Fhlladel. ft Keadlnc. UK
ltlcnmona ft V. V. .. 22M
ttichmond ft W.P.T.pf so
St. p., Minn, ft Man.. 1025
12 S
3uh .
uhu,gsa j-rau. .... ....
St. L. a San jrran pr.. 69! S9)i W
bt.L.. A Hun -. ii Sr.
Texas Faclflc fflf aJ
Unlonfaclnc KH a
Wabasn MH VX
Wabash preferred tii 32
western Union 84(i 84
JVhrtlinjr ft L. . 7SK TIM
Surarffrust 10S54 HO
National Lead Trust.. MS IXi
Chicago Gas Trust S91t WA
Boatnn Stocks.
Atch. ftTonr.lst7s. 110).'
A.ftT. LanclUr't7s.lOS
Atch. ft lop. K. K... 37j
Rntland, com
Kutland preferred,
Wis. Central, com.,
Wis. Central pf..,
. 4
. 69
wwn & .3iame.....2UU
C., B. A tt. 101X
Clnn. San. A Cleve. 22K
Eastern R. K 95
Eastern K. B. OS ....128
Flints fere 51 23
runt A fere M. nfd.91
K.CSt. J.ft C.B. 7S.122H
Mexican Cen. com:. IS
Mex.C.lstmtg.bds. 67M
A. r. Aew.nar... son
014 Colour I7
Calumet ft Heda....225
Franklin 9M
Usceola. 11
fewable tnew) 2
llell Telepnone tSZii
Boston Land s
ramarack J03!
San Diego 27
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members Hew York stock Ex
change. BM. Asked.
PennsvlvanlaSallroad .- 6JX 53K
Keadrnar i 22 9-13 22H
Lehlxh Valley MX uu
Northern faclflc 31 31(
northern faclflc preferred WX Wh
Minlnc Stocks.
Nrw York. Aueozt 27. Caledonia B. H.,
300; Colorado Central. 100; Commonwealth. 200;
Deadwood Ter., 140; Eureka Consolidated, 175;
El Crlato, 100; Homestake. 900; Horn Silver, 115;
Iron Silver, 200; Mutual, 140; Ontario. 3400;
Ophir. 480; Occidental, 180; Plvmouth, 250: Sav
age, 205; Sierra Nevada, 260: Standard. 100;
Small Hopes. 110: Ward Consolidated, 155.
A Brakeman'a Heroism Saves the Life of a
4-Yenr-Old Bay.
Beidoeton, N. J., August 27. Leslie
Ireland, a 4-year-old son of John Ireland,
of Bridgeton, while playing upon the cars
near the New Jeney Southern depot, got
under a gravel train standing on a siding
aqd climbed upon the axle of the wheels.
The train soon backed oat and the little
fellow held on for a while and was seen by
the yard hands, who frantically gesticnlated
to the engineer, who reversed tbe engine,
but could not stop his train before the child
let go his hold and fell to the ground. He
was rolled along under the cars.
A brakeman ran along the train, and at
the peril of his life reached under and
dragged the boy ont, but the little fellow
was terribly cnt and brnised and it was
found that his right leg had been run over.
It was amputated as soon as he was taken
home. The brave little fellow suffered in
tensely, but did not complain. The brake
man and rough trainmen cried like children
at tbe boy's pitiable condition and heroism.
It is thought he cannot survive.
The President vesterdav appointed thn fnl.
lowing postmasters: Joseph H. Hirst, at
Angola, Ind.. vice Harmon Freygang removed,
and John R Bonnell. at Crawfordsville, Ind.,
vice J. B. Booe removed.
The Czar and Czarina have started for
Copenhagen. It is reported that the Czare
vitch will make an official visit to Paris if the
interview which is to take place between the
Czar and the Kaiser is not harmonious.
General Boulanger. In a manifesto, calls
upon the electors of the Department of the
Seine to remain united and preserve discipline
in order to insure respect for their sovereign
will. Accompanying the manifesto is a list of
41 candidates who will contest in "his interest
for seats in the Chamber of Deputies from the
Department of the Seine
Quong Lung Hong; bead of the importing
firm of the same name, is the head of the syn
dicate ot four "who have leased tbe Oriental
Theater, of New York, at a rental of 10,000 a
year, xney nave aiso signed a contract for a
year with the Swentlan Lok Company of
Chinese actors, and get control of the 200
Chinese plays which they represent.
W. HMathewson, of Cambridge, Mass., a
driver of an electric street car for tbe West
End Railway Company, is one of tbe eight rela
tives in line of heirship of tbe late Hiram
Pearsons, son of tbe 'late Colonel Hiram
Pearsons, of Chicago. Young Hiram was 29
Sears old, end was drowned in Mackinaw
traits. Lake Michigan, last July. Mathew
son's share of the estate, it is said, will be about
The annual meeting of tbe National Bar
Association will open at Chicago to-day. It is
expected that more than l.fXX) delegates will at
tend this year's session. The proceedings will
becin at 9 o'clock, when Judire Trumbull, on
behalf of the Chicago and Illinois Bar Associa
tion, will introduce the National Association
as a body to its Illinois representatives, and
will deliver an address of welcome to tbe visit
ing lawyers.
Paenger Agent Williams, of the Memphis
and Charleston road bas contracted for 400
white families to be brought from the Caro
lina to Woodruff county. Ark., where they
win go to work October 1. as day laborers.
Next season they will be renters or croppers on
shares, as they may choose The same agent
bas also made arrangements to bring 8,000
negroes from the Carollnas and Georgia to
various points in the Yazoo delta. They will
reacu ineir uesunauon in time to assist in
gathering the cotton crop. Williams has already
brought out over 3,0u0 negroes.
Gnstav Flelschbein, of Belleville. Mich.,
who was shot twice by a highwayman yester
day afternoon near Lake Gogebic is not ex
pected to lire. The wounds ot tbe two others
who were shot are very slight There Is no
trace of the robber. Tbe description of tbe
biehwayman Is the same as tbat of tbe train
robber who held up the Milwaukee and North
ern train at Ellis junction on May 28 and the
Wisconsin Central train on August 7. The
name of the man is Relmund Holzhay, resi
dence at Shawnee, Shawnee county. Wis. He
is wanted by the Government, two railroad
companies and others for murder and highway
robbery. Th rewards offered for his -capture
aggregate 2.500L '
Just three weeks ago tbe Rio Grande West
ern train was "held up" near Thompson's
Springs, Utah, and tbe passengers relieved of
many valuables. Tbe outlaws, after robblne
tbe train, started for tbe Blue Mountains in a
southern direction. Two of them one of the
supposed robbers and a noted horse thief-
went tn Bluff, in Ban Juan county. When
about 60 miles southwest of Bluff, on the
Navajo Reservation, tho fugitives were cap
tured. The prisoners were put in irons and
started tor Salt, Lake City. One mile below
Moid tho thieves got away by lamping from
the wagon into the brush. It was dark and the
brash was thick, and it was bard to get on their
track. Twenty men hunted that night, and tbe
next day their tracks were fonnd heading for
the Blue Mountains. Deputy Bush and some
Indians are still in pursuit.
There has been made public a recent letter
from General Low Wallace to President Diaz
of Mexico, suggesting that General Hermann
Sturm, of Indiana, be recompensed by Mexico
for certain expenses incurred about 1864. Tbe
expenses were in connection with a loan raised
by Mexico in thi3 'country by the aid of the
Lincoln. General Wallace and others. General
Sturm being tbe confidential agent between
tbearties. General Wallace savs that when
General Grant saw tbat. the Confederacy was
doomed, he feared large numbers of the Con
federate soldiers would, after the war closed,
go to Mexico and join Maximilian's army. He
persuaded President Lincoln to secretly ask
the Juarez government to expel Maximilian.
Wallace was sent to Mexico to open the nego
tiations, and was instructed not to let Secre
tary Seward krtow his action, as- the latter was
opposed to such paction. The result of the
movement was the -strengthening of the Mar
ine overtnrow ox Maximilian.
EJgia Creamery Easier, East and
West Peaches Abundant.
General Cereal Drift PownwardfefouT
Jobbers Cutting.
Office or tiie PnrsBTjKO Dispatch, )
Tuesday, August 27, 18S9L J
Country Produce Jobbing: Prices.
Peaches are over-abundant, and prices are
drooping. Watermelons are scarce and firm.
Sweet potatoes are in large supply and quiet.
Tbe price of Elgin creamery at headquarters is
19C and a few sales were made yesterday at
18Kc The tone of butter markets in .New
York is easier, with range of prices unchanged.
Eggs are steady at old rates. Produce com
mission merchants report quietness all along
tbe line. Monday was bine, and Tuesday falls
to come up to expectations. The abundance of
all garden and farm products is seen In the ex
cess of stuff and slowness of trade.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 22c; Ohio do,
2021c; fresh dairy packed, 1617c; country
rolls, 1416c
Beans Navy hand-picked beans, (3 102 60;
medium, E2 3002 40.
Beeswax 2830c fl a for choice; low grade,
ClDKlt Sand refined. 6 50457 0; common,
3 504 00: crab cider, tS 008 SO barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c Jt gallon.
Cheese Ohio, 8Q8Kc; New York, 10cj Lim
burger, 8&0c: domestic Sweitzer, 9;12c;
imported Sweitzer, 22c
California Fruits Bartlett pears, S3 00
3 50 fl box; plums. 1 752 00 a 4-baaket case
E(3GS 1617c fTdozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples. $1 502 00 t barrel; pine
apples. SI 001 25 fl dozen: whortleber
ries, 75cl 00 $4 pall; watermelons, 20 002500
fl bundred: peaches, SI 5b2 25 f) bushel box.
Feathers Extra lire geese. 5060c; No. 1,
do, 4045c: mixed lots, 3035c fl lb.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 4045cft
pair; old, 657Qc fl pair.
Seeds Clover, choice 62 &s to bushel, to 60
fl bushel; clover, large English, 62 Jks, $3 00;
clover, Alslke, S3 50; clover, white, 9 00; timo
thy, choice 45 B9, 1 65; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 s, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 Ks, 1 00;
orchard grass, 14 &s, tl 65; red top, 14 lbs, Jl 25;
millet. 50 fts. 1 00: German millet. 60 E9.
SI 50; Hungarian grass, 60 Its, 1 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, 2 50 fl bushel of
14 lbs.
Taixow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4Ji
TropicaIi Fruits Lemons, fancy, 4 50
5 00; rodl oranges, 5 005 50; bananas, 2 00
firsts. $1 25 good seconds, fl buncb cocoanuts,
SI 004 60 fl hundred; figs, 89c fl 2; dates,
Vegetables Potatoes, 1 25Q1 40 ft barrel;
tomatoes, home-crown, 1 251 50 ft bushel;
wax beans, 1 fl bushel; green beans, 6075c fl
bushel; cucumbers, home-raised, 1 60 fl bushel;
radishes, 2540d ft dozen; home-grown, cab
bages, 60c fl bushel; new celery, bome-erown,
40c fl dozen: Southern sweet potatoes, 2 75
3 00, Jersey;. 4 OOtffil 6a
Greek Coffee Fancy Rio, HX22Mc;
choice Rio. 1920c; prime Rio, 19c: fair Rio,
ISKQlSJic; old Government Java, 26c: Mara
caibo, 2223c; Mocha. 272Sc; Santos, 1922Xc;
Caracas. 2022c; peaberry, Rio, 2221c; La
Guayra, 2122c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,
22c; high grades, 2426c; old Government
Java, bulk, 3131c; Maracalbo, 2627c;
Santos, 2022c: peaberry. 25c: peaberry,
choice Rio, 23Kc: prime Rio, 21c; good Rio,
21c; ordinary, 2uXc
Spices (whole) Cloves, 21025c: allspice, 8c;
cassia, 8c: pepper, 18c; nutmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers prices) 110 test. 7c:
Ohio. 120. 8Kc; headlight, 150, 8c; water
white. 10c; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadlne,
llc;royaIine, 14c
bYRUPS Corn syrups, 2629c: choice snear
syrups, 336380; prime sugar syrup, 30S3c;
strictly prime. 3335c; new maple syrup. 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c: choice, 46c; me
dium. 43c; mixed, 4042c
SODA Bi-carb in ketra. 3U04c: bi-carb in V
5JJc; bi-carb. assorted packages, SJJg&c; sal
Boda in kegs, lc;do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, fl
set, 8Ke; parafflne, ll12c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Xc: choice, 6M0
7c; prime, 63iS6Jic: Louisiana, 66Kc.
Starch PearL3cj cornstarch, 66c; gloss
starch, &7c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, S3 65: Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers,
2 50: Muscatels, S2 25: California Muscatels,
1 85: Valencia, 7)4c; Ondara Valencia,9Ji10c;
sultana. 8Kc: currants, 4Jf5c: Turkey prunes,
4J5c; French prunes, 8K13c: Salonlca
prunes, in 2-B packages, 8c; cocoanuts, fl 100,
6 00; almonds, Lan., per ft. 20c: do Ivica, 19c;
do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap., 12$015c; Sicily
filberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 124216c: new dates,
6K6c: Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans, ll15c; citron,
per ft. 2122c; lemon peel, fl ft, 13$Hc: orange
peel, 12Kc
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft 6c
apples, evaporated, 6Viig6Xc: apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 12X15c; peaches,;evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California evaporated,
unpared, lu12Jc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpittcd, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424Wc; blackberries, 7KSc; huckle
berries, l(j12c
bUOARS Cubes, Be; powdered. 9c: granu
lated, 8Jc; confectioners' A, 8c; standard
A. 8c; soft whites. 88Jic: yellow, choice,
TKc; yellow, good, 76Sc; yellow, fair, 7Hc:
yellow, dark. 7c
Pickles Medium, bbls (L2C0), 4 60; medi
um, half bbls (600). 2 75.
SALT No: 1. bbL 95c: No. 1 ex. 3D hhl. t ta
dairy, ft bbl. 1 20; coarse crystal, fl bbl, 1 20;
Higgins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 2 60, Higgins'
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00L
Canned Goods Standard peaches SI 50a
1 90: 2dsl 301 35; extra peaches. SI 90Q2 00;
pie peaches. 90c; finest corn, 11 50: Hid. Co.
corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90cIl; Lima beans,
1 10: soaked do, 85c; string do do, 7585c; mar
rowfat peas, 1 1001 15: soaked peas. 7075c;
pineapples, 1 40S1 60; Bahama do, 2 75, dam
son plums, 95c; greengages, 1 25; egg plums,
2; California pears, (260; do gruengages, f2: do,
egg plums, 82; extra white cherries, 2 90; red
cherries, 2 fts. 90c; raspberries, SI 401 50:
strawberries. SI 10; gooseberries, SI SOgl 40;
tomatoes, 82:92c; salmon, 1-B, 752 10;
blackberries, oOc: succotash, 2-ft cans, soaked,
99c; do ereen, 2 fts, 1 2ol 60; corn beef, 2-ft
cans, 12 05; 14-ft cans, S14 00; baked beans. (1 45
1 50; lobster. 1-ft. (1 75gl 80; mackerel, 1-ft
cans, broiled. SI 60: sardines, domestic M
(4 &04 60; sardines, domestic K. :8 258 60;
sardines, imported. Jis, 11 5012 50, sardines.
Imported, K. S18; sardines, mustard, 4 60; sar
dines, spiced. $1 60.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, S36 fl
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, 40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore. 32: extra No. I rin mpnpil
(36: No. 2 shore mackerel, 24. Codfish Whole
pollock. 4Kc fl ft; do medium, George's cod.
32 00 f 100-fi half bbl. "White fish. $7 00 ft 100-
ju utui. uul uaK. brum, flu cm f nan Dm.
Finnan haddock, 10c fl ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
93 to- Pickerel. H barrel, S2 00; i barrel, II 10;
Potomac herring, $3 00 barrel, J2 60 W ii
OATMEALS6 3008 60 31 bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 6557c
P gallon. Lard oil. 75c.'
Grain, Floor and Feed.
Receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 40 cars. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St. Louis, 13 cars of oats, 6 of bay, 1 of feed.
6 of corn, 2 of wheat, 1 of flour. By Pittsburg,
Fort Wayne and Chicago, 4 cars of oats, 5 of
rye. By Pittsburg ana Lake Eric 1 car of corn.
By Pittsburg and Western, 1 car of rye, I of
flour. There was but one sale on call, viz.: a
car of extra 3 white oats, 25c, 5 days. P. R. R.
All cereals incline downward, and our quota
tions on corn and oats are rednced in accord
ance with stubborn facts. Old wheat is practi
cally a tl.inc of tbe past, and is, therefore,
omitted from our list. Flour jobbers report an
active movement, with prices nncbanged. The
cash buyer will find some jobbers ready to
shade prices, if reports are correct. Markets
are easy enough to find a lower level at an early
day. Millfecd and hay are scarce and firm.
but an else in cereal lines drags, and sales are
only made at concession?. Prices below are for
carload lots.
Wheat Ko. 2 red, 82c: No. 8. 7779c
Coen No. 2 yellow, ear, 45K18c; high mixed
ear. 43c; No2 yellow, suelled, 40V41c;
high mixed, shelled, 4u40Kc: mixed, shelled,
Oats No. 2 white, 27K2Sc; extra No. 8,
25c; mixed. 2122c
Rtk No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 5051c;
No. 1 Western, 4950c; new rye No. 2 Ohio,
FiOtm Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, to Soots 00 winter straight,
M755 00; clear winter. S4 6u75; straight
XXXX bakers. H OOffl SS; Rye nuur,f3oO0
MtLLTEEO Middlings, fine white, $13 609
IS 00 ton; brown middlings, $11 60 12 00; win
ter wheat bran, $11 0OQ11 25; chop feed, $lo 60S
HAT-Baled timothy, choice. $14 6014 75;
No. ldo, $125001300; No. 2 do, til Q0 1200;
loose from warori" J15 00017 00: new hav crop.
$10 OOgH 00, according to 'quality; No. 1 np-j
land prairie. SO 009 60rNo. 2, V 608 00; pack,
lngilo, 6 757 00.
Straw Oats, t6 60; wheat and rye straw
5 506 CO.
Pro visions.
Sugar-cured bams, large, Uc; sugar-cured
hams, medium. 12c sugar-cured hams, small,
12c; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, lOJc; sugar
cured shoulders, 6c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders. 9c; sugar-cured California hams.
8c: sugar-cured dried beef flats, 10c; sugar
cured dried beef sets. He; susar-cured dried
beef rounds, 13c; bacon shoulders, 6c; bacon
clear sides, 7c; bacon clear bellies, i?ic; dry
salt shoulders. 6c: dry salt clear sides, 7c
Mess pork, heavy. S12 60; mess pork, family,
$13 00. Lard Refined in tierces, 6Kc; half
barrels. &5c; 60-Sk tubs, Gc: 20-B palls, 7c: 50-B
tin cans, bjc: 3-S tin pails: 7c; 5-ft tin pails.
7c; 10-ft tin palls, 6c; 5-B tin pails. 7c; 10-ft
tin pails, 7c Smoked sausage, long. 5c; large,
5c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless bams, 10c
Pigs feet, half barrel, S3 SO; quarter barrel,
Dressed Menr.
Armour & Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650
Bs,5Kc;650to650 &s,Gc: 650 to 750 Us, GA
7c Sheep, 8c ft ft. Lambs, 9c fl ft. Hogs, 6c.
Fresh pork loins. &c
The Drycoods Market.
New York, August 27. There was no change
In tbe drygoods market at first hands. Busi
ness and prices were steady as regards goods
adapted to the jobbing trade. Clothing
woolens were more quiet on tbe spot, the
light weichrdemand having been largely satis
fied. The jobbing trade continued the center
of Interest, and business in tbat section of tbe
market showed increased activity. Cotton and
woolen dress goods, prints, domestics, flannels,
blankets, hosiery and underwear alike re
ceived liberal attention from buyers.
The King- of Slam's Generosity.
Washington-, Angust 27. The Depart
ment of State has been informed of the gen
erous gift by His Majesty, the King of
Siam, for the use of the American Presby
terian Mission, of one of the royal palaces,
together with extensive grounds and build
ings. Metal Market.
New York Pig iron is in better demand.
Copper, unchanged; Lake, 12 00. Lead,
quiet; domestic 3 85. Tin, stronger; straits.
An Army of Renters Seeking Homes
and Business Houses at
Wilmerding. l
The East Pittsburg Improvement Company
has Invested large sums of money in laying out
the town of
And in furnishing it with the most complete
and extensive system of publio improvements
in Allegheny county, outside the citiesInclud
ing sidewalks, sewers, water, natural gas and
electric lights, and it now takes pleasure in
calling the attention of wide-awake builders
and investors to the opportunity afforded them
by the great and growing demand for resi
dences and business houses at Wilmerding.
This demand comes especially from young and
enterprising men and firms who hare not suffi
cient capital to both build and stock, large
stores, but who are able and willing to pay a
handsome rent for adequate facilities, or pur
chase buildings outright on long time. Many
houses are now In course of construction, but
not enough to fill 10 per cent of the require
ments. Information as to tbe kind and size of houses
in greatest demand cheerfully furnished by
the company, and special prices given on lots
sold for immediate improvement.
For further particulars call on or address
East Pittsburg Improvement Co.
Westinghouse Building,
au21-wsu PITTSBURG. PA.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekia
x aud OfcLhiViOTa
For largest assortment and lowest pnees call
and see us. f
Why do you pay Jl 00 per bottle
for Sarsaoarilla and Beef. Wine and
Iron when you can buy either pre
paration from us at 75c per bottle.
six bottles ti 00. and quality guar
anteed to be tbe best in tbe mar
ket. We have numerous testimo
nials from Physicians and others
indorsing our Liver Fills as a mild and effective
cathartic They are unsurpassed. After giv
ing them a trial you will use V10 others. Price
25c For sprain., bruises and all rheumatic
pains, use the Anchor Liniment. It bas no
eauak Come and see ns if you are In any way
afflicted. mrr
Koyalasd United States Mall Steamers.
Germanic, Aug. 37am Germanic. Bept.2S,2pm
Britannic, bept. 4. 1 p m Uritannlc Jct- 2. 11 a m
Adriatic. Sept. 1 1. 7 a m 'Adriatic, Oct.9, 6:30 p m
"Teutonic -Sept.18, noon TeQtoulc,Oc.l(t,10:30it m
From White Star dock, foot or West Teeth st.
Second cabin on these steamers. Saloon rates,
30 and upward. Second cabin. f35 and upward,
accordlnjeto steamerand location of berth. Ex
cursion tickets on favorable terms. Steerage. ta.
White Star dratta parable on demand in all the
principal banks throughout Great Britain. Ap
ply to JOUM J. MCCUKMICK, -Ml Smlthfleld St.,
Plttsburfr. or J.BKliCEtSHAx, General Acent,
41 Broadway, Mew Yort. atl-42-D
itUNAKl UNK. '
Bothnia, Aug. 28,6:30 A M
Umbrla, Aug.31.Si30 am
Servla, Sept. 7, 3 r M
Gallia, Sept. 11, 6:30 A M
Etrurla, Sept. U 9 AM
ioiunia,ccp(.so-Aj a Jl
Umbrla. 8ept.28.7d0 a m
Cabin nassaee. 160. S9 and 1100: intermediate.
35. ySteerafte tickets to and from all parts oi
Europe at very low rates.
VEKitON H. llKOW .N & CO., General Agents,
4 Bowline; Green, Mew York.
J. J. MCCOUMIC'K- Agent.
fourth are, and Smlthfleld st, Pittsburg.
auTS-D .
State Line
To Glasgow, Belfast Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passage 3S to $50. according; to location
of stateroom. Excursion t&5 to 190.
Steerage to and from Europe at Lowest Ritev
AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO.. General Agents,
U Broadway, New York.
J. J. McCORMICK. Agent, Pittsburg. Pa.
Atlsnlie Express Service;
Steamship CITY OX KOilE," from New York,
WEDNESDAY. Sept. 18, Oct IS.
Saloon passage. tSO and upward: second-class, (30.
Steamers every Saturday from New York to
Cabin passage to Glasgow, Londonderry, Liver
pool, (60 and SS0. Second-class, t0.
Steerage passage, either service, fSO.
Saloon excursion tickets at reduced rates.
TraTrfers' circular letters of credit and drafts
for any amount Issued at lowest current rates.
If or books of tours, tickets or Information,
3. JT. MCCOKMICK. Fourth and Smlthfleld: A-J).
SUOREK A SON, 41S BmlthCeld St.. Pittsburg; W.
BE11PLE, Jr., USjrtdenlat., Allegheny.
Great Exterminator
Blood Poison.
I AM of the opinion S. 8. S. should stand at
the bead of the list of blood remedies. I ar
rived at this conclusion from tbe testimony of
scores of persons who have told me of the
good results from its use. I have been selling
S. S.U. for years, and it has won a large sale.
C. A. GRimTH, Mayflower, Ark.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
Ga. anlS-co-srwr
This is now conceded to be the best In tbe
market, witnessed bv the fact that we have
lint secured the DIPLOMA FOR EXCEL
LENCE at the Pure Food Expqsition, now be
ing held in Philadelphia.
And with tho bright appetizing flavor of fresh
ly roasted beef.
Transact a General BanMi JBnsiness,
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer
cial Credits,
Available in all paits of the world. Also Issue)
For use in this country, Canada, Mexico, West
Indies, South aud Central America.
tbe leading lines, secure berths and pass
ports, issue drafts, letters of credit and money
orders, and sell foreign coin at N. Y. rates.
MAX SCHAMBERG fc CO., 627 Smlthfleld st,
Pittsburg: au21-41-wan
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
Morgan & Co., New York. Passports procured.
52 Broadwav. New York.
Member of the Consolidated Exchange.
Stocks bought for cash or on moderate mar.
gin. Options. 10 shares upwards, 30 to 60 days.
These cost only $3 to 3100 and often give large
profits. List of options sent free. Correspond
ence invited. au25S3-D
Private wire to New York Stock
Exchange, New York Petroleum
Exchange, New York Coffee Ex
change, Chicago Board of Trade.
The entire issue being 300,000 on the prop,
erty and franchises nf the company, Including
all Its consolidated lines, $75,000 being retained
by the Fidelity Tile and Trust Company, of
Pittsburg, trustee, with which to pay S7C0OO of
a prior issue at maturity. Bonds are for 11,000
each, payable in 30 years, free of all taxes.
Interest at 5 per cent, payable semi-annually,
beginning July 1, 18S9, Proposals for all or any
part of these bonds will be received by the
Treasurer of tbe company up to and including;
the ,31st day of August, and allotments made
thereunder accrued interest must be added to
the price of bonds. At from $113 63 to f 105
these bonds will yield from 4 to 4 6-10 per cent.
The company reserves the right to reject any'
and all bids.
For further information address tho Treas
urer. R. F. RAMSEY.
95 Fifth Ave, Pittsburg, Pa.
As old residents know ana back files of Pitts
burg papers prove, is tbe oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MCDni IO and mental diseases, phvslcal
IM L. n V U U O decay.nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self distrust,basbfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers,organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for bnsiness.soclety and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, month.throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons tnorougmy erauicatea irom tne system.
1 1 DIM A RV kidney and bladder aerange
Unilinn I raents, weak back, gravel. ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Br. Whitticrfs life-long, extensive experi
ence. Insures scientific anil reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as if here Office hours 9 A. St. to 8 p. sr. Sun
day, 10 A. St. to 1 P. M. only. DR. WHITTIER,
SMPenn avenue Pittsburg, Pa.
roll particulars In pamphlet
sent free. The genuine Gray's
Specific sold by druggists onlj la
yeilcw wrapper. Price, ft per
package or six for S3, or bv mall
rwv'' ' on receipt of price bv address-
Sold In Pittsburg by S. 3. UOLLAN I), corner
Smlthfleld and Liberty sts. apl2-Ss
-SPECIALISTS in all cases ra-
S airing scientific and confides
al treatment! Dr. S. K. Lake
M. R. C. P. 8... is the oldest and
most experienced specialist la
the city. Consultation free and
strictly confidentiaL Offica . -
Hours w to 4 ana 7 to r.x.; Bunaais. a to 4 p.
st. Consult them personally, or write Doctobs "
Lake, 906 Penn aye, Pittsburg, Pa.
jelS-15-DWk i;
oil's Ootrtoxx 33oot -
posed of Cotton Boot. Tasar aad '
Pennvroval a recent discovery brr an
'old physician. It tueeemtvOu uir
fRontAlyoare jsnecroai. rooe -p. oy ream, .
sealed. Ladies, ask vour drurzist tor Cask's
Cotton Root Compound and take bo rabstMote, ' v
or inoiose a stamp lur oeaitxi parsteoian.
pnvii r.VT.ir r!r.MTA'N-v r. wi
Hock. 131 Woodward aye, Detroit, Meitf
I u