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Bears Now Have the Innings in the
Line of Dog Products.
Chicago Dressed Beef and Canned Heats
Moving Freely.
Office or Pittsbubo, Dispatch, 1
Tuesday; August 20, 1SS9.
A l'ittsburger interested largely in the
provision trade returned yesterday from a
trip to Chicago. He reports trade there in
this line at its lowest ebb. On 'Change in
Chicago there is scarcely any trading in hog
products the past week. The range of hog
prices is 52 per cwt. lower than this day one
yenr ago. The range on the 19th of August,
1888, was fC 006 55. The range to yester
day u S3 904 70.
Toe general average of smoked meats is 2
cent? per pound below what it was at this time
last year, green nams being about the only ar
ticle in the provision line that holds up to last
j ear's prices. Short ribbed sides are quoted
Ion er this morning in Chicago than for a num.
ber of years past. The situation and outlook
for hog products presents few features favora
ble to hulls, baiit a member of one of our lead
ing packing firms to-da) : "I believe that bogs
will be lower the coming fall than they have
been for 10 or 12 years. From the best informa
tion I can get the corn crop will be up to last
j car taking the country over, unless nipped by
early frosts. While it did not start out as well
as last year, it has been doing good work mak
ing up for lost time the past month. The grain
and hay yield this year will break all former
records in volume produced, and the quality is
fully up to anything in the past."
Canned Illeats.
In the line of canned meats July Is ordinarily
the best month for trade. August, so far, has
been the best month here this season, and in
volume of sales sold here is fully 50 per cent
larger than last August. There are not less
than 1,500 cases of canned meats 6oId weekly by
the Pittsburg representatives of Western
firms or a total of 36,000 pounds. The trade
has been growing steadily vcar bj year, with an
increase ot not less than 25 per cent annually
the nast five ears. The months of July and
August for IbSa have made a record that shows
no decline on this advancing movement. The
representative of Armour & Co. was seen to
day and reported rales r.f 1,000 cases of canned
meats weekly for July and August Chip beef
in nne pound boxes is having a great run this
season Home-made beef extract is dom fairly
in the field agaiust the Liebig extract, having
been introduced within the past jear. and is
already having sufficient run to prove that it is
here to stay. Ihe representatives of the dressed
beef industry report trade as satisfactory and
an improvement on any former season.
Edgar Thomson Parnncca.
The F furnace of the Edgar Thomson Steel
Works, Brandock, has within a few days closed
its first blast, with a yield of 225,000 tons of
inctal from the first lighting of the fires. This J
yield breaks all former records. The F fur
nace has reiched an output of 419 tons in 24
hours. In England, which is generally sup
posed to have the lead in iron aud steel manu
facturing, 0 tons is considered a good yield in
24 hours for the largest furnaces. Improved
machinery has placed the Braddock steel
works on the top. When the blast of the F
furnace was closed a few days aco, the work
men placed on the top a new broom, which,
under the circumstances, was more significant
than the American flag, as it gave notice to all
observers that all previous efforts in the line of
steel manufacture had been swept away clean
out of sight. The daily product of the Edgar
'ihomson Works is more than 1,000 tons of steel
mils, and with this immense output the con
ccrn is months behind orders. To new fur
naces are under headway, and one is expected
to be finished the coming fall. The new fur
naces mil, no doubt, surpass in ability to turn
out metal anything that has gone before.
T"i Condition of ftnslness at the East Liberty
Stock Yard.
office or Pittsburg Dispatch, I
TUESDAY. August 20, 1&89.
.TTC.I Receipts, 240 head; shipments,
bead: market dull and a shade loner than
erdar'a prices; no cattle shipped to New
1 .V to-day.
lloos Receipts. 1,000 heads shipment 900
ead: market very dull: light Yorkers.
16504 65; mixed. S4 404 60; heavy tops, J4 30
,fl 40; no hoes shipped to New York toiav.
&HEEP Receipt. 1,800 head; shipments, "1,600
head; market firm and prospects lower.
By Telegraph.
New Yoke Beeves Receipts, 800 head,
all for exportation and for slaughterers direct;
no trading in beef cattle; dull ana lower for
dressed beef at 54J7c per pound for natives,
and at 4JI5c for Texas and Colorado do;
exports, 910 beeves and 7ti0 quarters of beef;
to-day's Liverpool cable quotes American re
frigerator beef steady at 8c per jinund.
Calves Receipts, 200 head; stea 'y at 561c
per B for veals, 2K3ic for buttermilk calves,
and 3 carloads of mixed western calves went
at44J.Jc Sheep Receipts, 2.500 head, and
as many more ere in the selling pens from
previous arrivals; very little trading, but
sellers were not accepting low er prices to force
sales on unwilling buyers: the sales included
sheep at $4 K!?3 45 ner 100 lbs. and lambs at
S3 20Q7 00. Hogs Receipts. 6.100; no sales to
report on the live -weight; rated steady at U 50
6a 00.
Chicago The Droverf Journal reports
Cattle Receipts, 10,000 head: shipments. 2.400;
market slow bnt steady; beeves, $4 604 65:
steers, $3 004 bO; stackers and feeders. bO
ft 3 10: cows, bulls and mixed. !1 1003 25:Texas
cattle, SI 753 15: natives and half-breeds 2 25
3b5. Hogs Receipts, 9.000 head: gujpmentg
4,000; market 5c higher for good hogs; mixed.
SI 954 40: heavy. $2 754 20; light, S4 304 Co:
Skips. S3 6004 60. Sheep-Receipts. 9,000 head;
shipments, 3,500: market steady: natives. J3 50
4 80; western?. S3 40S4 20; Texans, S3 504 10;
lambs, $4 60g6 00.
The Vrmers' Journal special from London
quotes heavy supplies of cattle, but a brisk de
niand; prices c higher; medium to choice
steers, HK12c per pound, estimated dead
Kaksas Crrr Cattle Receipts, 66,829 head;
shipments, 3.0S2 head; prime native beef steers
steady to strong: unnne grass steers slow and
weak: good to choice corn-red steers. S4 00
4 25; common to medium. S3 00U3 80; tockers
and feeding steers, SI 6003 00; enws. 51 502 75
grass range steers, SI C02 75. Hogs Receipts,
5,083 head; shipments. 205 head; opened stron"
on light and stead v to 5c loner on heavy: clo
lug sluggish and 1015c lower; good to choice
light, 54 2034 30, heavy and mixed, S3 704 la
Sheep Receipts, 1,094 beadshipments,V75 head;
steady; good to choice mnttons, S3 754 00:
common to medium. $2 503 50.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 2.W0 head:
shipments. MX) head; market steady; choice
heavv native steers, S4 Oo4 30: fair to good
53 804 10; stockers and feeders, $2 2033 10:
range steers, S230S3 3a Hoes Receipts. L800
head: shipments, 100 head: market strong
fair to choice heavy, 54 104 30: packing grades.
54 05.&4 25; light grade, fair to best, S4304 50.
bheen Receipts. 2.000 head; shipments, 900
head; market strong; fair to choice, S3 404 50.
Buffalo Cattle Recelnts. 5 loads through
60 loads for sale left over; dull, and prices
Irregular. Sheep and lambs Receipts, 2 loads
through; 13 for sale, of which 40 were left over
dull and lower. Hogs Receipts, 4 loads
through; 35 loads for sale: slow at yesterday's
Cincinnati Hogs, steady; common and
liebt, 4 354 CO; packing and butchers, 4 15
4 8a Receipts, 900 head. Shipments, 930
The Drysoads Market.
New York, August 2a Trade in drygoods
was without new feature. Activity was prin
cipally in the jobbing section of the market
but business with agents was fair. Trans
actions on the spot were moderate. Themarket
maintained a steady tone and goods seemed to
continue well sold up. Clothing woolens were
again more active with more buyers In the
market The demand is principally for me
dium and low priced goods, though satinets do
not sell freely.
Than In Catherine the Frrsfa. Water Pearls
Fonnd In tVUconalo.
Chicago, August 20. That the fresh
water pearls which have been sent from
Wisconsin to the Chicago jewelers for
valuation are not worth a "hooter" all the
trade is agreed, but whether or not it is
possible to find a really valuable fresh
water pearl is a question which has two
sides. Some dealers say they are rarely
found, while others say there is no such
thing as a fine pearl from fresh water, and
all agree that better wages can be made at
hoeing corn than in hunting for nearls in
fresh-water clams.
Indications ot an Enrly Up-Turn In like
Wheat Fit Succeeded by a Silent
Break Russia Said to prom-
I10 an Avernce Crop.
Chicago There was a continuation of yes
terday's dullness in wheat to-day. and the mar
ket was again narrow and featureless. The
opening was strong and slightly higher on the
bullish tone reflected in the early cable, which
called spot grain Hi higher at Liverpool with
weather In England less favorable: a decrease
for the week in the quantity of wheat and flour
on ocean passage was another strengthening
factor. Before the session was half over the
early indications of on upturn In the market
gave way to the bearish Influences which there
after and until the close, dominated the pit
A dispatch from New Yorkthat Russia would
certainly have an average crop (authority not
given) was the first bit of gossip calculated to
weaken values. What was of far greater im
portance was the known fact that cash wheat
In nearly aU domesti: markets was lower to
daythe effect of Increasing receipts of the
new crop, present and prospective. Minneap
olis has declined 5c on No. 1 hard wheat since
last Saturday. The cash trade here was slug
gllsh. In the Northwest heavy rains were reported
with prospects of lower temperature. From
TSKc at the start December rose to 7878&c,
and then gradually weakened to 78Jc At this
price a prominent room trader appeared as a
good buyer and the market quickly reacted to
78c A few minutes before the close there was
another spell of weakness, but taking the ses
sion through it was a steady market Decem
ber finally closed at 77J4C or Jlc under yester
day's closing bids. ....
Corn ruled quiet the greater part of the
session. Trading limited to room operators
and fluctuations confined within ytM" range.
The market opened a shado better than the
closing prices ot yesterday, was firm for a time,
but the demand was soon satisfied and the
market closed about the same as yesterday.
In oats there was a fair business, but the feel
ing w as quiet and prices steady.
A moderate trade was reported in mess pork.
The feeling was strong early and prices ruled
10Q12kc higher, later receding 12JiS15c Near
the close prices rallied 7KQ10C and closed
Rather alight business was done in the lard
market Ho change.
Trading was moderately active in the market
for ribs and the feeling somewhat unsettled.
Early prices declined 7K12c. Later prices
rallied 25c and closed rather qniet
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2, September, 77V77K7G5i
(K&ic: December. 78Ji7SK77J.i77ic; year
Cohk-No. 2, September. 35Uffi35435K
35Kc; October. 353K35JSc; Decem
ber, 346343434Jic
Oats-No. 2. September, 20Ke20Vi2t4
20Jc: October. 20?20i20K20&c; Decem
ber. 2020a20Js20c.
Mess Pork, per bbL September. S9 509
9 5769 459 62K: October. S9 559 55619 450
9 50: January, S9 5offl9 559 45g9 5a
Lakd, per 100 tts. September. J612K66 15
B 12!5 15; October. SO 0o6 05; January.
So S7fc5 S7XQ5 8535 85.
Short Ribs, per 100 tts. September, S5 00
5 U2K4 904 95: October. $5 0JK65 054 95
64 97K: January, S4 77K1 7764 7o04 77X-
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat 77c; No. 3
spring wheat 6871c; No. 2 red, 77c No.
2 corn. 3535Uc No. 2 oats 20H. No. 2
rye. 43c No. 2 barley. 6365c No. 1 flax
seed. SI 23; prime timothy seed, SI 441 45.
Mess pork, per barrel, $9 50) 55. Lard, per
100 pounds. $6 12W6 15. Short rib sides
(loote), $50o50i. Dry salted shoulders
(boxed), S4 e;j4 75. ShortT clear sides
(boxed), VS 25&5 37K- Sugars Cut loaf, 9
9Uc; granulated, fcc: standard A, SJc
Receipts Flour. 17,000 barrels; wheat,
83.000 bushels; corn. 550,000 bushels; oats,
334.000 bushels; rye, 9.000 bushels; barley,
2,000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 5,000 bar
rels: wheat 184.000 bushels: com. 278,000 bush
els: oats. 189,000 bushels; rye, 9,000 bushels;
barley. 1,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was unchanged. Eggs in good de
mand at 14 15c.
New Yoke Flour quiet and weak. Wheat
Spot dull, weak and lc lower; options
null, Jitsic lower and weaic wye western
firm at51Ji52Kc Barley malt quiet Corn
Spot quiet and steady; options dull and
steady. Oats tpot less active and steady;
options steady and quiet Hay active and
firm. Hops easy and quiet Coffee Options
opened barelv steady at 2025 points down,
and closed 3045 points down; sties, 42,250 bags,
including August, 14.65fil5.00c: September,
14.90015.00c: October, 15.Oulo.05c: November.
14.90S15.05c; December. 14.95I5.10e; January,
14.95lM0c: Februarv. ia0015.10; March.
15.0015.10c: May. 15.0515.10c; June, 15.10c;
spot Rio easier; fair cargoes, ISJic Sugar
Raw active at lie decline: fair refining.
6e: centrifugals, 96 test C?ic: sales
equal to 18,000 hogsheads Muscovado at 6c.
for 87 test; 6c for 89 test; refined fairly active
and firm. Molasses Foreign nominal; New
Orleans quiet Rice steady and In fair de
mand. Cottonseed oil steady. Tallow strong;
city ($2 for packages), 47-lCc Rosin easy and
quiet Turpentine higher and quiet at 43
44c Eggs in moderate demand and firm;
western, 1718c: receipts. 3.368 packages. Pork
lower; mess, inspected, Sll 25il 75; mess, un
inspected, Sll; extra prime, S10 2510 75.
Cutmeats steady; sales pickled bellies, 12
pounds, 7c; 11 pounds, 7c: pickled hams, 10Ji
12c; pickled shoulders. 55c; middles steadier:
short clear. SS 15. Lard firmer and quiet; sales
western steam. 86 52K6 60, closing at $8 65;
September, S6 60, closing at $6 52; October,
Sfi 426 41. closing at $6 45: November, S8 26;
December. S6 25; January. 6 256 27, closing
at $6 27. Butter easy for all but fancy; western
dairy, 9gl2c: do creamery, ll18c; dp fac
tory, 10llc Cheese stronger and moderately
active; western, 67c
St. Louis Flour firm, but quiet and un
changed. Wheat On bad weather abroad, a
decrease of 856,000 bushels in tbe amount on
ocean passage, and stronger markets at other
points, there was a sharp enough demand to
advance prices Jic after the opening, but
tbe market soon began to weaken off, later
cables coming in weak and some bearish news
turning up, and subsequently the feeling was
unsettled. Later, however, it turned weak
again, and the close was about I-16c below yes
cember, 6Ji77J$c dosed at 76K78c
asued; year,74c cloingat 74Ke asked; Mav,
81K815gc,closfngat81cbid. Corn stronger
early in the session, but influenced by wheat
easpd off: No. 2 mixed, cash. 32Jic: September,
32H32c, closing at 32J32c bid; October,
32Ji32)3c closing at 32$c; December, 31J
31Kc closing at 31Kc; year, 31J31Kc. closing
at 31c; May. 33Ji33Vc, closing at 3333?fc
asked. Oats firmer; No. 2 cash. 18c: Auenst
lbc bid: September. 18fe bid: October ibv'o
bid: May. 23X23Kc closing at 23Kc bid. Rye
uignci uu iu uciuiiiiuj iig. oototfc flax
seed unchanged, 10c Provisions lower and
Philadelphia Flour qniet and weak.
Wheat demand light and market weak, closing
J4Kc lower; steamer No. 2 red. In elevator,
SlgSIKc: No. 2 red, Augnst 8283c; Septem
ber. n2j83c: October. 8384c: November,
8484c Corn Carlots unsettled and lower;
options wholly nominal: No. 2 high mixed, in
grain depot 45c; No. 2 high mixed and yellow
in Twentieth street elevator, 44c; No. 2 mixed,
In grain depot 43c; No. 2 mixed, August 42W
43c; beptember. 4243c; October, 4344c;
November, 43JJ44Jic Oats Carlots unset
tled and Klc lower; old No. 2 mixed, 27c: new
do, 626$c: old No. 3 white, 2SKc; new do.
S6K27c: old No. 2 white, 81: new do, 30c: fu
tures dull and weak; No. 2 white, August 30
30j4c; September. 2930c: October, 3030Kc;
November, 3331c hgps scarce and firm;
Pennsylvania firsts, 1819c
Cincinnati Flour easy. Wheat dull and
loner; No. 2rcd.74Kc; receipts. 20,000 bushels:
shipments, 15.000 bushels. Corn irregular and
loner; No. 2 mixed. 37B38c Oats No. 2
mixed. 2021c Rye dull: No. 2,4141Wc. Pork
steady at S10 62& Lard quiet at to 97 Bulk
meats quiet and unchanged. Butter steady.
Sugar strong. Eggs firm at 1415c Cheese
Milwaukee Flour unchanged. Wheat
easy: cash, 75Jc: September, 75Jc Corn firm;
No. 3. 36c Oats dull: No. 2 white, 2424kc.
Rye quiet; No. L 42Kc Barley quiet; Septem
ber, 59c Provisions firmer. Pork, S9 5a Lard.
6 15.
Baltimore Provisions dull. Butter firmer
for fine grades; western packed. l!13c; cream
ery, 1718c Eggs In fair demand it 16c Coffee
Toledo Cloverseed steady; cash, 4 50; Oc
tober, 4 4a
Wool Markets.
New York Wool steady and qniet; demes
ne fleece, 8339c; pulled. 2341c;Texas, 1428c
8t. Louis Receipts, 4.SS0 pounds. Market
quiet and unchanged.
Boston There haa been a very quiet market
for wool, but some dealers report manufac
turers as showing a greater Inclination to buy:
prices unchanged; market steady. There have
been sales of Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces at
3233c for X: 3135o for XX and XX and
above, and 38c for No. L Michigan X wool Is
selling at 30031c, with some lots held as high
as 32c Combing and delaine fleece are quiet
but scarce and firm. In Territory wools there
has been a fair trade; prices steadv. with
sales of One on a scoured basis of 62665c- fine
medium, 60c: Texas ar.d California wools dulk
Oregon wool sells fairly well at IMMScfor
Eastern; pulled wools steady at 2529c for ex
tra, and 3039c for super. Foreign wools firm
and quiut
Metal Market.
Nirw Yobk Copper quiet; Lake. August.
S12 5Q. Lead dull: domestic, ss on Tin .,Z,,. I
LBtraits, ai ia. -:
Real Estate Owners in Early Days
Befriended by the Banks,
Southern Lumber Dealers 'Worrying (her
Westinghouse's Bit: Contract.
The real estate business is as old as Pitts
burg, at least Ihe truth of which will not
be gainsaid but tbe method of conducting
it in early times differed somewhat from the
system now in vogue. General 'William
Robinson was the largest real estate owner
in Allegheny City 75 years ago. About
1820 he became involved. The United
States Bank held a claim against him for a
large amount in those days. He would
have been glad to surrender all of his prop
ertywhich is worth millions to-day to be
freed from the obligation, and he made such
a proposition to the bank, but it was refused,
the bank preferring rather to carry the debt
than shoulder the property. It nursed him
until he once more got on his feet recovered
his financial standing, kept his property, and
died rich a few years ago.
Alexander Watson. Esq., from whom the
above facts were obtained, added that it was,
the custom of bankers in those good old days,
to exercise the utmost leniency toward real
estate owners in times of financial distress,
and a number of them are known to have been
saved from financial ruin by the favor thus
shown them. This good old custom seems to
be more honored In the breach than tbe ob
servance in these latter days; still, there may
be, and no doubt are, cases in which it is exer
cised that do not show upon the surface.
Southern lumber producers are casting about
for a reason why they did not secure tbe big
order lately placed at Cardillac Mich., by Mr.
George Westinghouse. One of them thinks it
was because of the great disadvantage the
yellow plus has in competition with white pine,
and recites three main reasons why it is so:
First, prejudice in favor of white pine; second,
the greater weight of yellow pine; and third,
higher rates per ton per mile from the yellow
pine belt to Eastern points than from tbe white
pine region to same points. Following this up,
the Bout hern Lumberman, which had scored
the Southerners for neglecting their interests,
"We were fully aware of the disadvantages
and obstacles when we wrote the article. When
we charged that the yellow pine men bad ne
glected their interests we meant to convey the
Idea that they have been remiss in that they
have not overcome them. Of course they can
not lessen tbe weight of yellow pine, nor in
crease that of white pine, but they can, by
actual tests, prove that 20 or SO per cent less of
yellow pine is required to obtain the same
strength that white pine possesses. This helps
to equalise shipping weights.
"By united and judicious action on the part
of all the yellow pine shippers of the cis
Mississippi States it would seem possible to
secure equitable freight rates. If any united
effort has been made in this direction we failed
to hear of it The Yellow Pine Association did
make an effort but more than half the mill
men held aloof and gave the association no aid
or comfort
"We do not believe there is any prejudice
among Northern consumers of lumber except
that which arises from a lack of knowledge of
Its merits. They know from experience exactly
what white pine is, and as yet yellow pine is
only an experiment with them. Dealers of long
standing in white pine will not let that trade go
till they find they can do as well or better with
something else. It Is a fine opening for mis
sionary work. When tbe missionaries can con
vince tbe consumer that he can get the same
amount of lumber, of greater strength and
durability, equally as well adapted to his wants
for less money by buying yellow pine his preju
dice will disappear."
On Wallace street, Wllkinsburg, there is a
row of fine shade trees, the removal or de
struction of which has been rendered necessary
by the improvement of the street Various
plans to save tbem have been suggested, but
none of them meet tbe approval of the borough
authorities. The trees are maple, about 25
years old, and give a cool, refreshing appear
ance to the street, which Is highly appreciated
by the citizens. To destroy them, except as an
act of dire necessity, would be vandalism.
A citizen of the borough, who lived in Port
land, Me., at the time of the great fire there,
gave me some information yesterday, which
may help to solve tbe difficulty, and possibly
result in saving these beautiful trees. He said
that during the great fire in Portland one of
the back streets was partially swept It was a
residence street and was lined for some dis
tance on both sides with shade trees. There
were about 100 of them. Forty were destroyed
by the fire. Some of the others were injured,
but not seriously.
The citizens were greatly depressed over the
loss of their trees, but knew of no way to re
pair the mischief. Finally, a contractor came
to their relief. He made a proposition to re
move the dead trees and replace them with
others of the same kind and size for SSOO
apiece. His terms were agreed to, and he
went to work. Going Into the woods he se
lected tbe 40 trees. Around each of tbem be
built a strong box, something like a caisson,
about 12 feet high. As the earth was removed
from around and under this box, the box sank.
This was continued until the box was below
the roots of the trees.
He then rigged up a derrick, and pulled the
trees up box, earth and roots, very few of the
latter being cut or injured, and with a large
quantity of earth adhering to them. The trees
were then taken to the city and planted. All
but four of them lived, the removal affecting
them very little. The four that died were re
placed with others, and they, too, survived the
change. In a year or two the transplanted
trees were as thrifty and handsome as the ones
that had been destroyed by fire. This was a big
undertaking, compared with which the re
moval of tbe Wilklnsburg trees wonld be a
Citizens of other communities may be con
fronted with the same difficulty that Is puz
zling the Wllkinsburg people, and the above
hint may be of value to them in solving the
problem of how to save their shade trees.
Local Stocks Continue Dnll bnt Dlnnnse to
Hold Their Own.
The sales of stocks at, both calls yesterday
aggregated 110 shares, of which Central Trac
tion contributed 100 and Pittsburg la There
was no material change in anything. Steadi
ness was tbe rule all round. There were orders
for Electric, Switch and Signal and a few other
properties at tbe market, but they were held
There was, perhaps, a firmer undertone to
the Pittsburg and. Manchester and Pleasant
Valley Street Railway shares, on reports that
tbe consolidation scheme was making good
progress. Bids, offers aud sales follow:
Hid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
KTstoue Bink. ritti.
Mer. Man. Nat B'k. RIH
Manufacturers Oas Co. 2G
Nat Gas Co. or V. Va 7
People's Nat Gas
1. N. G. ft P. Co 17X
Philadelphia Co....... Z?
V heeling On Uu 30
Columbia Oil Co 2
a oy ei ....
ForestOllCo 100
Washington Oil Co
central Traction.
Citizens' Traction
Pleasant Valley 200
Pltti., A. ft Alan
Pitts, ft Western K. &. 12X
Northslde Bridge Co., ....
Union Bridge ....
La Norla Mining Co... H
Westinghouse Electric IVA
U. ti. ASlg. Co 21)4
At the morning call GO shares of Central
Traction sold at31K. and 10 Pittsburg Traction
at 48. In the afternoon 50 shares Central
Traction sold at31K-
" The total sales'of stocks at N ew York yester
day were 114.695 shares, Including: Atchison.
7.470: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
10,020: Northern Pacific, preferred, 7,620;
Oregon Transcontinental, 7,171; Reading, ftfeOO:
St Paul. 7,060; Union Pacific, S.025; Western
Union, 8,20a
Cllnlnc Blocks.
Hfxvr TOBK. August 2a Galednnl& n TT
cuouar, 170; crown point, 8j Colorado
Central. 100; Consolidated California and Vir
ginia, 737X; Commonwealth, 240; Deadwpod
Ten. 130; Eureka Consolidated, 145; Gould fc
Currv. 190: Hale & Norcross, 285: Homesteak,
900; Horn Silver. 115; Iron Silver. SOO; Mexican.
310; Mutual, 140; Ontario, 84.0; Ophlr. 460;
Occidental, 170: Plymouth, 400; Savage, 185;
Sierra Nevada, 235; Union Consolidated. 290;
Ward Consolidated, 150; Yellow Jacket, 720.
New York Bankers Havs No Fears of a
There was nothing new In local banking
circles yesterday. Discounting was light
Routine business was about an average. There
was no change in conditions or prospects,
which continue favorable. The Clearing House
report indicated a good seasonable movement
of tho staple commodities. The clearings were
SL71S.S01 08, and the balances 8345,943 97.
The Wall Street Newt says: "In order to see
if the street bad undergone any financial
change within a day or two, and If the rumors
of a stringency in money bad any foundation, a
representative of this paper called upon the
officers of the Fourth National Bank, the Gal
latin National Bank, Chase National Bank,
Equitable Life Assurance Company and tbe
representatives of the New York life Insur
ance Company, but In no instance were we
able to discover that any stringency in money
rates Is liable to occur which would adversely
affect tbe business of tbe country. It Is stated
that manipulation may cause monetary spasms,
but that for all legitimate purposes funds In
ample supply both on call and on time are
Money on call at New York yesterday was easy
at S5 per cent, last loan 4, closed offered
at3K- Prime mercantile paper, 4?i7. Ster
ling exchange dull but steady at J4 &i for 60
day bills and S4 8 for demand.
Closing; Bond Quotations.
U. 8. 4s,reg 128
U. h. 4s. coup 128
U. 8. 4H. re. I0SK
U. 8. 4,4s, coup.... It)
Faclncssof'95. US
Louisiana stamped Is 00
Missouri 6s 1COH
lenn. new set 6s..H106
Tenn. new set M....103
Tenn. new set. Ss... .'73)4
Caflsds So. Ids 9
Cen. rcinclit 1I4K
Den. & K. O., lts.12
Den. 1R.O. 4s 78 X
U.&B-O.Wet,Ut. 103
M. K.4T.Gen.W .58
Mutual Union 6s.. ..101f
.V. J. C. Int Cert.. .112
Northern Pac lsts..ll7
Northern Pac. 2ds..ll6J
Northw't'n consols. M9
Northw'n deben's. 114k
Oregon & Trans. Ss.lOSK
St J.-&I.M.Uen.6aM
St. Paul consols ....127
stPL Ohl & Pc.lts.ll7H
Tx., FcUO-Tr K.l
Tx.,Pc.K.G.Tr.Kets WW
Union iac. lit.....IH
West chore 106X
ji.ne, zas 101
u. .&.. s. x. uen,
68.. 63
Government and State bonds were firm and
New Yobk Clearings, $116,432,568; balances,
Bos-row Clearings, S12,718,644; balances,
1,302,39a Money 3 ner cent
Baltimore Clearings. 91,973,379; balances,
8229.076. ...-
PHILADELPHIA Clearings, Jll.472,733; bal
ances. SL80L595.
London The amount of bullion withdrawn
from tbe Bank of England on balance to-day is
Pabis Three per cent rentes, 85f 70c for the
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, 10,866,00a
A Steady Market Utterly Devoid of Newer
Sensational Elements.
Yesterday's oil market was dull, and in the
main steady. Among the bearish elements
were reports of a well at Jefferson Center, but
they had very little effect The market at no
time reached the dollar line, but hung around
it very closely. The highest figure was 99, at
which LOCO barrels were dumped. Scarcely
anything was done in cash oil. Spreads were
offered at 98 and 100K, a few each way.
The close was steady and uneventful. Mon
day's clearings were 412.000 barrels. Those of
yesterday were probably less. Complaints
continue of the Indifference of the outside In
terest Fenturea of tbe Market.
Corrected dally by John M. OaKiey & Co., 45
Sixth street members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum .oacnange.
Opened MlLowest S8K
Highest WftlOlosed SS
Aversgemns 47,714
Average shipments :6,03a
Average charters - 43,813
Refined, Stew York. 7.20c .
Krflnec, London, id.
Refined, Antwerp. ISr.
Keflned. Liverpool, 6id.
DScVcaUs.tl6 C- qUOte; PutS-ge
Other OH market.
TrrnsVXI.M, August 2a National
certificates opened at 99c; highest
lowest, 9S?c: closed, 98c
Bradford, August 2a National transit
certificates opened at 99c; closed at 9c:
highest 99Jc; lowest, 98Jic; clearances, 656,000
On, Crrr.August 2a National transit certifi
cates opened at 99$c highest E9J lowest
98Jc: cloed. 9S7c Sales, 533,000 barrels;
clearances, 944,000 barrels; charters, 60,476 bar
rels; shlpments,tl09,969 barrels; runs, 66,705 bar
rels. Nzw Yoek Petroleum opened weak at
99Jc and declined to 93Kc This loss was
quickly recovered, and the market then be
came dul) and remained so until tbe eln.
which was dull at 09V. Total sales, 650,000
Lands and Houses Continue to Change
Owners Latest Deals.
John F. Baxter, 512 Smlthfield street, sold to
P. K. Wilcox lot No. 206 VUla Park plan,
Brushton station, fronting 40 feet on Grazier
street, at the corner of Harriet by 206 feet to
Mnlford avenue, for S860.
. W. A. Herron &. Sons sold a lot on Forbes
street, nearBoquet.Oakland, 34x127, to an alley,
for S3.400. This is $100 per foot front
Alles & Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, adjourned
the sale of the property of F. CHelmlch, de
ceased, on a bid of 2,250, to Tuesday, August
27. The property is situated on Grove street
Thirteenth ward.
Black & Balrd, 95 Fourth avenue, sold for A.
B. Stevenson a double two-story brick dwelling
of six rooms each, being Nos. 1014 and 1016
Bingham street Sonthaide, to John Jenkins, for
Reed B. Coyle & Co.. 134 Fourth avenue,
placed a mortgage of SLOOO for three years at 6
per cent, on property In the Third ward, Alle
gheny. Bnslnesa Motes.
The better prices for Sugar Trust are said to
be due to the Increased activity in refined
Ten years ago nearly all the real estate busi
ness in Pittsburg was transacted in a little
back room jointly occupied by two firms.
. The earnings of the Pittsburg and Western
Railroad for the second week in August were
840,872, a decrease of S3.177 compared with the
same week last year.
The Central Traffic Association has decided
that millmg-ln-transit rajes must go, and that
Iron tariff between New York and Chicago
must be 25c in car lots and 30n on smaller ship
ments. Rea Brothers 4 Co. report the sale of $55,
000 general mortgage bonds of the Maryland
Central Railroad at 95 flat making the third
block of these bonds sold by them within the
past few days.
Cashier J. S. Khun, of the First National
Bank of McKeesport, and als Treasurer of the
American Water Works and Guarantee Com
pany, is making a tour of the lakes with Presi
dent Hitchcock, of tbe water works company.
Colonel Elkins has placed a contract in
New York for a number of omnibuses, which
are to be used for a line on North HUand ave
nue between the reservoir and the East Liberty
station of the Pittsburg Traction. They will
be run as a feeder to the latter.
A New York dispatch says: Money, though
scarce at the banks, seems fairly easy at the
Stock Exchange, and tbe general Impression is
that tho money market is being manipulated
for tbe purpose of creating an artificial strin
gency for effect on the stock market
The grove near Wllkinsburg, In which tbe
colored people are holding a campmeetlng, will
disappear before next summer. The meeting
will close next Sunday, after which the laud
will be laid off In lots and put on the market
Several gentlemen have the cash to plank down
for first choice, and It is probable that they
will build this season.
Stocks Still In the Sump Id Reaard to
Transactions, bnt a Firmer Tone Es
tablishedThe Trusts Show
Some Slgms of Return
ing Animation.
New York, August 20. There was the same
kind of a market to-day as yesterday, dullness
still being tbe feature, but the tone of tbe
dealings was somewhat better, and In a few
cases material advances were scored, though
tbe fluctuations as a rule were confined to the
same narrow range. The market, to a large
extent was a waiting one, tbe action of the
Secretary of tbe Treasury on the bond nuestion
being anxiously looked for, and the present un
settled stale of the Western railroad situation
also preventing considerable business.
trusts again supplied what little life there was
In the market, especially during the forenoon,
when there came more feature into the rail
road stocks from the strength In the Cleveland,
Columbus, Cincinnati and St Louis and Lack,
a wanna.
The only weak point was Richmond and
West Point, in which tbe trading was decidedly
of the hand-to-mouth order. Sugar was the
great feature at the opening, which was made
at an advance of 2 per cent over last night's
closing price, the effect of the refusal to grant
an injunction against the declaration ot pay
ment of dividends recently applied for by the
receiver of the North River Refinery, The
tendency to further advance, however, was
checked by the renewed weakness In cotton
oil, whieh reached still lower figures, but the
decline was checked by a report that tbe com
pany had succeeded in making arrangements
with the Southern company In regard to the
price of oil. Most of the loss was afterward
The opening was generally at small advances
over last evening's prices, but there was no life
in tho list and the weakness in the trusts
caused little decline in the regular list The
declining tendency, however, was of short
duration and Lackawanna developed consider
able strength and was followed later by Cleve
land, Columbus, Cincinnati and St Louis, and
before noon the regular list were generally
slightly above first figures aided by the rally in
cotton oil. The slow appreciation continued
until toward tbe close, when the usual realiza
tions sat the list back a shade, but tbe market
finally closed dnll and entirely steady at close
to the best prices of the day. The final changes
are in a majority of cases in the direction of
higher prices. Lackawanna rose 1 and
Cleveland. Columbus, Cincinnati and St Louis
IK. the only decline being a loss of 1 in Rich
mond and West Point, all the trusts showing
only small fractional changes.
Railroad bonds were dnll. The total sales
were $756,000. Tbe market was not so strong as .
yesterday, and tbe general tone was rather
heavy, though the movements were almost for
Insignificant fractions. Amonc the final
changes of importance. Northwestern consols
rose 2, to 149. and Denver and South Park SK,
to 94, and St Joe and Grand Island lsts lost 2,
at 104.
The following table snows tbe prices of active
stocks on tbe New York Stock Exchange yester
dy. Corrected dally for Tui Dispatch by
Whitney A STXPHENSON. oldest Pittsburg mem
bers of New York Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth ave
nue: Clos
ing Bids.
3i 61)4
ing. Am. Cotton Oil 49X
Ateh.. lop. ft S.F.... SS
Canadian Pacinc 61H
Canada Southern. S3
Central or Hew Jersey.112
CentraiPaelni. JiW
Chesapeake ft Ohio.... Z4H
C. Bur. ft Onli.CT....103
C, mil, ft St Paul.... 71 H
V.. KocKL, ftp S83i
ti. St. P.. M. ft o
C. St. P..M. ftO., pr. ....
U. 4 Northwestern.. ..UOH
Cft Northwestern, pr. .. .
O., C, C. ftf 7M
u, c, c. ft I., pr ....ice
Col. Coal a Iron 27
Col. ft Booking Vat .. H
eL H
est 49H
HOtf 110X
Uei.. L. 4 Y 143M
Del. ft Hudson 148K
E.T.. Va.ftUa
E.T.,Va. ftOa. 1st pf. ....
E. T.. Va. AG a. dpf. ....
Illinois Central.
Lake Erie 4 Western.. IS
Lake fcrleft West pr.. !
Lake Shore AM. S 103 If
Louisville ft Nashville. WH
Michigan central 89ii
Mobile Ohio
Mo., Kan. ft Texas.... 12
Missouri Pacific 71ft
New York Central 106V
N. V.. L. E. A W ZSX
S.i., L, Z. ft W., pref ....
N. Y C. ft St t,
N. x U. ft St L. pf.
N.Y.. CtSt.Li.2d of ...
It. YftN. E S0
N. r.. O. ft W 17?J
Norfolk Western
Norfolk Western. pf. SZH
Northern Pacific 29
28 )
Nortnern Pacific orer. 66
irrccon xranscon ....
Pacific Mall
I'eo. Dec. AKvans...
Phtladel. ft Beading
Iallman palace Car.
. 34S
' Hii
Klchmond A W. P. T.. 23
Klchmond ft W.P.T.pf ..,
St. P., Minn, ft Man . ...
StL.A8an Fran
St JL. A San Jrran pf.
St.L.. A ban P. lit pf.
Union Pacific .,
Wabasn ,
Wabash preferred....
Western Union.
Wbrtlmg A L. .....
Sugar Trait
National Lead Trust.,
Chicago Gas Trust....,
Ex. -dividend.
6044 X
Some Interesting Statistics Gleaned From
Poor's Manual of Railroads.
Chronicle-Telegraph Summary.!
Central Passenger Rail way Company Capital
(1,000.000: total debt 5139,974: gross; earnings,
(52,054: operating expenses, S4S.460; net income,
S3.604; passengers carried, 1.062,235.
Citizens Traction Company Capital. 12,600,
000; total debt,$3, 651,000; gross earnlngs,S357,823;
operating expenses, $291,041; net income, 166,784;
passengers carried, 6.952.13L
Federal Street and Pleasant Valley Passen
ger Railway Company Capital stock, 100,000
(as reorganized, $1,300,000); total debt, (175,000
(really (400,000); gross earnings, (96,402; operat
ing expenses, 971,814: net income, $24,588; pas
sengers carried, 2,112,164.
Observatory Hill Electric Capital. (125,000;
total debt, (266,012; gross earnings, (18.544; op
erating expenses, (14,854; net Income, (3,690:
passengers carried. 811,436.
People's Park Capital stock, (100,000; total
debt, (259.012: earnings, (37.716; operating ex
penses, $44,684: deficit $6,863; passengers car
ried. 838,130.
Pittsburg, Allegheny and Manchester
Capital stock, $350,000: total debt $550,000;
gross earnings, (231,763: operating expenses,
(169,603. net Income, $62,160; passengers car
ried, 4,339.994.
Pittsburg and Birmingham Capital. $200,
000; total debt, (275.000: gross earnings, (160.282;
operating expenses. (107,332. net Income, $52,
950; passengers carried. 3,191,323.
Pittsburg Traction Capital. (1,500,000; total
debt, $2,015,000; gross earnings, (178.547; oper
ating expenses, $93,635: net Income, (85,172; pas
sengers carried, 2,800,889.
Union Passenger Railway $82,755; total debt
(185.255; gross earnings, (66,205; operating ex
penses, $61,722: net Income, (4,483: passengers
carried, 1,299,092.
Pittsburg ind West End Capital. $86,000;
total debt, $152,391; gross earnings, (75.865; oper
ating expenses, (56,313; net Income, (19,552; pas
sengers carried, 1.452.18L
Second Avenue Capital. $300,000; total debt,
$75,294; gross earnings. $5,100; operating ex
penses, $6,125; deficit (735; passengers carried,
Southtlde Capital, (34.000; total debt, (57,400;
gross earnings, $21,883: operating exnenses.
(27.603: deficit (5,720; passengers carried, 435.674.
The above figures will give some valuable
pointers to those who have been speculating
in street railroad shares. The comparison be
tween the Citizens and Pittsburg Traction
figures are especially interesting, and so are
those of the! Manchester and Pleasant Valley
group of roads.
Boatan Stocks.
Atch.LandOrant 'site
Attn. 4 Tod. B. B... 36
Butland, com
Kutland preferred..
Wis. central, com...
Wis. Central pr....
, a
Boston ft Albany.. .217)4
C. B. AQ 10414
unn. san. a taeve. za
Kaatern It K 93
Eastern It. It 6s ....US
Flint ft PereM 2S
Calumet A fleets.,
Huron ,
::. 9l
.. u)
,. 3
,. 6)4
Mexican Oen. com.. 15K
Osceola. ,
aiex.u.istmtg. nos. es
fewame tnewi,...
Bell Telepnone...
Boston Land
i. 1'. A KewJLnr... 60V
nanta e copper.... vu
Old Colony MS
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers. No. S7
Fourth avenue. Members Hew York stock Ex
change. SM.
Pennsylvania Railroad tlH
Beading 22!4
huflalo. fltuburg and Western 9
Lehlch Valley 33
'Lehigh Navigation S3
Northern Pacinc 29)4
Northern Pacific preferred 67
The Mew Gnnbnal Petrel Will Fulfill All the
Washington, Augnst 20. Unofficial
reports received" at the Navy Department
from Baltimore are to the effect that the
gunboat Petrel, on trial yesterday, has
probably jnst succeeded in meeting the con
tract requirements. The. trial under forced
draft lasted four hoars. Daring the first
two hoars the horse power developed ran
over 1,300 and nearly up to 1,400, while the
contract required bat 1,100. Bat after that
time owing, as it is thought, to the firing,
tbe horse power developed ran down so
rapidly that the average which will form
the basis of action was reduced to a point
close to 1,100. It is possible that the builders
will seek to have another trial, and naval
experts are confident that the vessel, if
properly handled, would net the contractor
a handsome bonus in the matter of power
developed. 'The reports are that the ma
chinery worked well.
WUaky Market,
Finished goods are in good dtmand tad steady
21, 1889;
Cheese, Butler and Eggs Active, Firm
Products of Garden
liberal Beceipts of Cereals Market Glut
ted With Oats.
Office op the Pittsbubo Dispatch, J
TuiSDAT, August 20, 1S89. J
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Cheese was advanced Jc in New York yes.
terday, and Is firm and active here. Creamery
butter of choice grades continues firm with an
upward drift. Eggs are active at quotations.
Watermelons are scarce and firmer. Apples,
peaches and swe et potatoes are in good supply.
Produce trade in general is quiet. Stuff Is
coming to markets in larger volume than the
wants of trade require, and the general drift Is
very naturally toward a lower level of prices.
Butter, eggs and cheese are tbe only staples
which are not In supply beyond demand.
Buttbk Creamery, Elgin, 2223c; Ohio do,
2021c; fresh dairy packed, 16017c; country
rolls. 1416c.
Beans Navy hand-picked beans. t2 02 60;
medium. $2 302 40.
bees wax sas30c V lb f or choice; low grade.
IIDKK Band refined, t6 50S7 0; common,
(3 604 00: crab cider, 18 00s 50 ?3 barrel;
cider vinegar, lC12c W eallon.
Cheese Ohio, 8c; New York, 10c; Lira
burger, 89c: domestic Sweitzer, 9j12kc;
imported Sweitzer, 22K&
California Fruits Bartlett pears, $3 00
3 50 V box: plums, tl 752 00 a 4-basket case.
Eggs 16c f? dozen for stnctlv fresh.
Fruits Apples, tl 02 00 V barrel; pine
apples. Si 001 25 fl dozen; whortleber
ries, 75c$l 00 ) pail; watermelons, (15 0020 00
fl hundred; Delaware peaches, !l 001 25 1
half-bushel basket.
Feathers Extra live geese. E060c; No. L
do, 4045c: mixed lots, S035c $ &.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 4045c?l
pair; old, 6570c ?t pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 lis to bushel, $5 60
V bushel: clover. large English, 62 tts, M 00;
clover, Alslke, $8 50; clover, white, $0 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 lis, $1 Ho; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 lbs, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 Iks, tl 00;
orchard grass, 14 B tl 65; red top, 14 lbs, tl 25;
millet, 50 lbs, tl 00; German millet, 50 lbs,
SI 50; Hungarian grass, 60 lbs, tl 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, $2 50 1? bushel of
14 lbs.
Taixow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4Jf
Tbopicai. Fruits Lemons, fancy, 50
5 00; rodl oranges, to 0005 50; bananas, $2 00
firsts, 31 25 good seconds, 1 bunch; cocoanuts,
tl 004 50 t! hundred; figs, S9c V ft; dates,
Vegetables Potatoes, tl 2501 40 fl barrel;
tomatoes, bome-grown, tl 251 50 bushel;
wax beans, tl v bushel; green beans, 6075c V
bnshel; cucumbers, home-raised, tl 50)4 bushel;
radishes. 25fi40c TR dozen: home-srrown. cab.
J bages, 60c )t bushel; new celery, home-grown.
we y aozen; eoutnern sweet potatoes, 53 lots
i 00, Jerseys, to 005 25.
Sugars advanced c in the East, and is more
firmly held both there and here. Coffee is
steady but quiet. Jobbers here are of the opin
ion that coffee markets are now baving the
lull which precedes an active spurt and higher
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 21X22Je;
choice Bio. 1920c; prime Rio, 19c: fair Rio,
1&19c: old Government Java, 26c: Mara
caibo, 2223c; Mocha. 27Q2Sc; Santos, l22c;
Caracas. 20022c; peaberry, Rio, 2224c; La
Guayra, 2122c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,
22Xc; high grades, 24Kc; old Government
Java, bulk, Sl31?c; Maracaibo, 2627c;
Santos, 20K22Xc: peaberry, 25Xc; peaberry,
choice Rio, 23Kc; prime Rio, 21c; good Rio,
21c; ordinary; 2uKc
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 8c;
cassia. Sc: pepper, 18c; nutmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (Jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c:
Ohio. 120. 8Xc; headlight, 150 8Xc; water
white. 10c; globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; carnadlne,
llKc;rovaline, 14c
bYRUPS Corn syrups, 2629c: choice sugar
syrups, 33ffi38c: prime sugar syrup, S0i33c:
strictly prime SS35c; new maple syrup. 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c: choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c; mixed, 4042c
SODA Bicarb in kegs, 3K4c; bl-carb In Vs.
5c; bl-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc;do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine,
Set, Sc; paraffine, ll12c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77Kcj choice, M
7c; prime, 5dc: Louisiana, 663c
Starch Pearl, Sc; cornstarch, 56c; gloss
suircn, oyiic
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65: Lon
don layers, t3 10; California London layers,
$2 50; Muscatels. 2 25: California Muscatels,
tl 85: Valencia, 7Kc; Ondara Valencla,8Ji10c;
sultana, 8Kc; currants, 4X5o; Turkey prunes,
4J5c; French prunes. 8X13c; Salonlca
prunes. In 2-& packages, 8c; cocoanuts, fl 100,
f6 CO; almonds, Lan., per ft. 20c: do Ivica, 19c;
do shelled. 40c: walnuts, nap , 12XQ15c Sicily
filberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12016c: new dates,
56c; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans, ll15c; citron,
per ft. 2122c; lemon peel, $) ft, 1314c: orange
peel, lliic
Dried Fruits Apples, slicea, per ft 6c
apples, evaporated, 6&6c: apricots, Ca 111 or
nla, evaporated, 12Kl5c; peacues.jevaporated,
pared, 22323c; peaches, California evaporated,
unpared, 1012Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries. unpUteu. 56c: raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424Kc; blackberries, 7HSc; huckle
berries, lU12c
sugars Cubes, 9c; powdered, 9c: granu
lated, 8c; confectioners' A, 8c; standard
A, 8Jic; soft whites. 88c; yellow, choice.
7c; yellow, good, 7K8c; yellow, fair, 7c;
yellow, dark. 7c
Pickles Medium, bbls (1,200), tl 50; medi
um, half bbls (600), ti 75.
Salt-No. L bbL 95c: No. 1 ex, bbl, tl 05,
dairy. $ bbl, tl 20; coarse crystal, W bbl, tl 20;
HIgglns Eureka, 4-bu sacks, t2 80, Higgins'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches tl SO
1 90; 2ds tl 301 35; extra peaches, tl 902 00;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, tll 50; Hid. Co.
corn, 7090c: red cherries, 9Uctl; Lima beans,
tl 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do. 75S5c; mar
rowfat peas, tl 10Q1 15: soaked peas. 70075c;
pineapples, tl 40tl 50; Bahama do, $2 75, dam
sonplums, 95c; greengages, tl 25; egg plums,
$2; California pears, $2 50; do gruengages, S2; do,
egg plums. 52: extra white cherries. S2 90: red
cherries. 2. lbs. 90c; raspberries, tl 401 50:
strawberries, tl 10; gooseberries, tl SOffll 40;
tomatoes, 82)92c; salmon. 1-&, t 752 10;
blackberries. 80c: succotash. 2-ft cans, saikpri
99c; do green, 2 lbs, tl 251 50; corn beef. Z-ft
cans. 52 05; 14-& cans, t!4 00; baked beans, tl 45
150; lobster. 1-ft, tl 751 80; mackerel, 1-&
cans, broiled, tl 50: sardines, domestic XA
&0&4 60; sardines, domestic Xs, :tS 253 0;
sardines, imported, !s, til 5012 50, sardines,
imported, s. 518; sardines, mustard, ti 50; sar
dines, spiced, 50.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 136 p
bbL; extra No. 1 do. mess, till, extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, .t32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
t36: No. 2 shore mackerel, (24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4Xc IP ft: do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c; boneless bake, in strips. 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67c Herring
Round shore, 55 00 bbl; split, 57 00; lake.
f2 00 f 100-ft half bbl. White fish. 57 00 W 100
& half bbl. Lake trout. 55 50 half bbL
Finnan haddock, 10c V ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
J3 ft. Pickerel, X barrel, 52 00; J barrel, tl 10;
Potomac herring, 55 00 fl barrel, 52 60 X
Oatmeal J6 306 60 bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter i
strained, 6557c
ttgauon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 41 cars. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St. Louis, 15 cars of oats. 2 of bay. 1 of screen
ings, 1 of bran. By Pittsburg. Fort Wayne
and Chicago, 1 car of wheat, 6 of oats, 2 of flour,
2 of bay. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car of rye,
1 of oats. By Pittsburg and Western, 1 car of
malt. Sales on call, 1 car of bran, til 50, 5 days,
P. R. R.; 1 car timothy, old. No. 2 hay. S12, 5
days, P. R. R.; 1 car old, sample, oats, 26Xc 6
days; 1 car extra 3 oats, 25Xc, 10 days; 1 car
mixeu oats. a,c u, aays: i car oats, zic, iu
days, P. R, R.; 2 cars oats. 22c, 10 days, P. R.
R.'The Increase in visible supply of wheat
since last week is 823,000 bushels: oats since
Iatweek is 994,000 bushels: corn since last
week is 108,200 bushels. There are no changes
to note in cereal markets here. Oats are the
weak factor. Corn is steady. Flour is quiet.
Wheat Jobbing prices New No. 2 red,
8132c: No. 2 red. old, 88S9c
CORN No. 2 yellow, ear, 4546c; high mixed
ear, 4444Xc; No. 2 yellow, shelled, 4243c;
high mixed, shelled, 4142c; mixed, shelled,
404lc '
Oats No. 2 white. 27X2Sc; extra Nc 3,
2727Xc; mixed, 2321c
Rte No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 60051c;
No. 1 Western, 4950c; new rye No. 2 Ohio,
Flour Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, to 606 00: winter straight,
. 7505 00; clear winter, .H 60475; straight
XXXX bakers', 51 0001 25; Rye flour, 13 60
Millveed Middlings; fine white, 513 50
15 00 fl ton; brown middlings, Sll 5012 00; win
ter wheat bran, til 001125; chop feed, 51560
W 00.
Hat Baled timothy, choice, 514 50014 75;
No. Ida, 51250S1300; No. 2 do, til 00312 00;
loose ironi wagon, iio WOK uur new nay crop,
510 006114 00, according to quality: No-1 up
land prairie. 59 00O0 60: No. 1 17 60&8MO: nack.
toBdO,875e7 0a,
Straw (Jats, ?6 50; wheat and rye straw
15 606 00. !
Bugar-cnred bams, large, llKcrugarured
hams, medium, 12c, sugar-cured hams, small,
12Kc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10cjsbgar
cured shoulders, 6'4c; sugar-cured Uboeless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California bams,
8c: sugar-cured dried beef flats, 10c; sugar
cured dried beef sets,, lie; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, 13c; bacon shoulders. 6Kc; bacon
clear sides, 7Jc; bacon clear bellies, 7?c; dry
salt shoulders, 5c: dry salt clear sides, 7c
Mess pork, heavy. tl2 60; mess pork, -family,
$13 00. Lard Refined In tierces, 6kc; half
barrels, 6?c; 60-ft tubs, 6JJc: 20-tt pails, 7c: 50-tt
tin cans, 6J4c; 3-ft tin palls: Tiie; 5-ft tin palls,
7c; 10-tt tin palls, 6c; 6-tt tin palls. 7c; 10-tt
tin pails. 7c Smoked sansaire. lone. 5c: large.
5c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams. 10c
Pigs feet, half barrel, S3 50; quarter barrel.
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnished tbe following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650
lbs, 5kc; 650 to 650 Bs.6Jc; 650 to 750 Bs,6)iQ
Tc Sheep, So Kt ft. Lambs, 9c H ft. Hogs, 6c
Fresh pork loins, 8c
A handsomely dressed woman called on
Warden Osborn at the Tombs, New York, this
morning and requested permission to witness
the execution of tbe fire murderers on Friday.
The fair visitor was escorted to the street by an
under sheriff.
Oilman H. Kimball, of Midaleton, Mass
who was attacked with hydrophobia on Satur
day, died very quietly Monday night, having
been kept under the Influence of hypodermic
Injections. Mr. Kimball was accidentally
scratched on his lip by the teeth of his dog
some three weeks ago. The dog was shot In a
fit of hydrophobia some time after. Mr. Kim
ball was 60 years old and a member ot the firm
of J. B. Thomas & Ca, box makers.
Alfred Porter, of Dover, N. H.. a student
at Dartmouth College was shot and Instantly
killed on Kennlston's Island. Porter had been
camping on the Island a few days with two
young friends, Herbert E. Towle and Herbert
a. itcaneid. both of Dover. Towle was clean
ing a revolver which he supposed was not
loaded when it was discharged and the ball
passed through the tent and entered Porter's
body just below the flrst.rib. It then took an
upward course and probably entered the heart.
Porter died Instantly.
A heavy rain, general throughout the Terri
tory, fell all Sunday night In Montana, and the
forest fires which have been raging for the last
week are checked in most places and put out In
others. The fires originated from two causes,
lightning and camp fires, and millions of feet
i me most vaiuame lumber in tbe Territory
have been destroyed, as well as valuable ranges
burnt orer. Owing to the drought this has
E roved an incalculable loss to stockmen, who
ave had in some instances taken their cattle
Into British possessions, where they are charged
a good round price for grazing privileges.
A dispatch from the City of Mexico says a
very large tmsiness is now being done in the
way of importing American cattle and hogs to
this city, and the trade Is rapidly increasing.
Fully 500 bead of Texas cattle are bronghc
there every month for city consumption alone,
and for some time past A. C. Swift, the prom
inent packer of Chicago and Kansas City, in
connection with Dr. Carothers, of San Antonio,
Tex., are now bringing several hundred hogs
monthly. They are now erecting near the
yards of the Mexican Central Railroad refrig
erating works of large dimension in which the
curing ot pickles and smoking of hams and
bacon will be done. The enterprise is tbe first
of Its kind ever in the Republic, and for its
success several hundred thousand dollars will
be Invested.
E. O. Hill, widely known among florists
and tbe President of the National Floral Asso
ciation, has just returnea to Richmond, Ind..
his home, from a trip to .Europe, and reports
that while en route from Beliort t Basle in
company with Robert George of Palnes
ville, O , the train was stopped at tbe neutral
line between France and Alsace-Lorraine, and
he and bis companions arrested as spies. They
and their baggage were searched, their piss
ports disregarded and they were not allowed to
cross the line. Mr. Hill says the German offi
cers were obstinate and orutal In their treat
ment of him. They were denied the privilege
of continuing their journey, although there
was nothing whatever to support tbe suspicion
against them, and they were compelled to hire
a French peasant to take tbem back to Bel fort.
Their treatment will be reported to the State
A Great Parade to be Held at Gettysburg on
Pennsylvania Day.
Getttsbubo, August 20. Colonel 8.
Bonnaffon, chief of staffof General D. McK.
Gregg, has been here looking over the field
and making arrangements for the great
parade on Pennsylvania days, Septem
ber 11 and 12. It is, his idea to form
the procession on Beynolds avenne on the
first day's field, and march through some of
tbe principal streets of the town and then to
the National Cemetery, where the formal
exercises will take place.
The Colonel thinks there will be a large
attendance of veterans, numbering, per
haps, 6,000.
An Indiana Farmer Spoils the Plan of a
Gang or Train Wreckers.
Fort Wayne, Ind, August 20. An
attempt was made last night near Rome
City, 48 miles north of this place, to wreck
the passenger train on the Grand Eapids
and Indiana Road. A farmer discovered
two piles of stones and fence rails placed
across the track and stopped the train in
time to prevent a catastrophe.
If the attempt had been successful the
loss of life would have been great, as the
train was crowded with excursionists.
When baby was sick, we gave her Castorta,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla,
When she had Chlldren.she gave them Castorla
Why do you pay tl 00 per bottle
for Sarsaparllla and Beef, Wine and
.Iron when you can bnv either nre-
'oaratlon from us at 75c ner bottle.
six bottles 54 00, and quality guar
anteed to be.the best in the mar
ket. We have numerous testimo
nials from nhvsicians and other
indorsing our Liver Pills as a mild and effective
cathartic They are unsurpassed. After giv
ing them a trial yon will use no others. Price
25c For sprains, bruises and all rheumatic
pains, use the Anchor Liniment. It has no
eauaL Come and see us If you are in any way
afflicted. irwT
Is a Chines physician; owing to American laws
he cannot practice medicine, so be has pre
pared a line of Chinese vegetable and herb
remedies, now to America, but old In China,
which effect cures that are considered miracu
lous. He charges nothing for examination, con
sultation or advice. A friendly talk with Gun
Wa eosts nothing, and be charges but a small
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Gun Wa has hundreds of testimonisls from
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All Interviews or correspondence strictly confi
dential. Send for Urge history of his life or his
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Blood Diseases or bis book (for men only) on
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swered unless inclosing 4o stamps. Call on or
address ,
040 Fenn Avenue, Flttaburar.
Office boon 9A.JCtoUx.:lto 5 and 7 to 9
itWwi j
The old worn out Potash, Mercury and Sar
saparilla mixtures all left far behind.
a a a never fails to cure blood
I have seen Swift's Specific used, and know
of many cases of the worst form of blood dis
eases which bare been cured by It. I know the
proprietors to be gentlemen ot the highest type
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great blood remedy, nneqnaled by anything!
know of. M. B. WHARTON,
Pastor First Baptist Church, Montgomery. Ala.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
free. Stvrrr Specific Compant. Drawers,
Atlanta, Ga. ania-55-Knry
This Is now conceded to be the best in the
market, as witnessed bv tbe fact that we have
lust secured the DIPLOMA FOR EXCEL.
LENCE at the Pure Food Exposition, now be
lug held in Philadelphia.
And with the bright appetizing flavor of fresb
ly roasted beef.
Transact a General Banting Business,
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer
cial Credits,
Available In all paits of the world. Also issue
Credits i
For use in this country, Canada. Mexico, West.
Indies, South and Central America.
Hervcras ILLS
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Importers and Jobbers of
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Dr. Whlttier's llfe-lorg. extensive experi
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1 :
ols's OoUoa BOOS
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