Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, August 10, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 10, Image 10

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Absence of Good Customers Proves a
Quietus to Trade.
Poultry, Butter and Choice Eggs Tend to a
Higher Level.
Office op PrrrsBuno dispatch, I
. FltlDAY. August 9, lbS9. J
Dealers in fruits and vegetables report a
slow week's trade, and charge it up to the
absence of many of their best customers at
rie seaside and'mountains Of new fruits
tliat have showed up for the first time this
vek. Concord grapes and green gage
plnms from the Sonth are worthy of note.
The berry season is close to its goal. Monon
g; ihela blackberries anil whortleberries in palls
ar e still on "band, but another week is expected
to wind them up.
leas and beans are scarce and higher. Their
sea.ton will soon be at an end. At the fish
stall's the report was that supply of late has
beenJiardly up to demand. The supply of lake
salmsn is particularly short. A leading dealer
said: "We could readily sell double the
amount of lake salmon wo are able to secure."
fcoft crals are in short supply owing to heavy
deiurad from seaside hotels. General trade is
fair for the season. At this tiroo of the year
fish trade is at its nadir.
Florists report quietness all along the line.
Orders from Chautauqua and Cressou occa
sionally relieve the monotony of the trade, but
in gener al little is doing.
bociet.r makes little demand on the beautiful
things of the garden at this season of the year.
Tbo National Convention of Florists, which
will atsecible at Buffalo on the 20th of August,
will have a. number ot representatives from
our city. .t the meeting last August in New
York over -WO delegates were preseut from all
sections of the country.
In the linn of butter, csgs and poultry, prices
are stiff emn g. Poultry Is reported v ery scarce
throughout Pittsburg's bailiwick. Butter is
no longer tli drug it was a week or two ago.
Choice esgs i.uc Lot easv to be had at this time
of the year. As to staple meats, trade Is dull
and prices are 'unchanged.
In all lines o market basket materials, deal
ers report quii'itness, and attribute it to the ab
sence of a niul litudc of good customers who
are seeking r est and recreation at watering
The prices call cd for at the Diamond Markets
remain unchanged. The best cuts of tender
loin steak range -from 20 to 25c, with last figure
for cry fancy, wtaci are verj often no better
than the 20c article; sirloin, best cuts, from 18
to 'JUc; standing rib roast, from 15 to 20c; chuck
toast. 10 to 12c; best round steaks, Joe: boiling
Iwof, 5totc; sweet oreads. 3) to 50c per pair;
beef kidncM. lOe ap it-ce; beef liver. 5c a pound;
calf livers. "25c apiec ; corned beef from 5 to 10c
per pound Veal for stewinc commands 10c:
roast. Uii to 15c; cut.'-ts 20c per pound; sprine
lamns, fore quarter, . J5 to 20;; hind quarters, "S
to 25c. A leg of i autton, hind quarter, of
prime qualitv, brines 12c; fore quarter, 8c;
loin of mutton, 15c; gi blets. 5c per pound.
Vegetable nnd Trull.
Potatoes. 15 to 20c Jer half peck; egg
plants, 10 to 25c; hotboibo grapes. SI CO per
pound; tomatoes, bom c-gTown, 25c per quar
ter peck; new cabbage, 5 to 15c; bananas. 20 to
Sic a dozen: carrots, 09 a buuch: lemons, 25
to 30c per dozen; orangi is. 50c; lettuce, 5c per
buiu.li, 6 for 25c: raunlics, 5c per buuch;
c ncumbers,2 for 5c; beets. . I for 10c; cauliflowers,
15 to 25c a head; string Im ems, 20. a. half peck;
goldeu wax beans, 25c a hi Jf peck: ne South
ern ouions, 25c a halt peck: x'ui&hes, 5 to Soc;
runruiejous, la to
Uelierries, loc a
: pound, 2 lor 25c;
plums, lac a quart
Better. Ecsfi nnd Poultry.
Choice creamery butter, 2 c. Good country
butter. 25c Fancy pound ro Is, 35c
The ruling retail price for e tigs is 20c
The range for dressed ctucLens is 90c to
Jl 25 per pair. Turkcj s. 15e pi r pound. Spring
chickens, 50 to 75c per pair.
Fistiin Season
Following aro the articles In this line on
the stalls, with prices: Lake saltixxo, 12Jc; Cali
fornia salmon. 40c pound; white t h, 12c; her
ring. 4 pounds for 25c; Spanish mackerel. 30c
to 35c a pound: sea salmon, 10c a pound;
blue fish, 25 to 30c; perch. 10c: halibut, Soc;
rock bass, 30c: black bass, 20c: lak trout, lZ$c;
lobsters, 25c: green sea turtle, 2" mackerel,
20c small, 40c large. Oysters: N. Y. counts,
Jl 75 per gallon: clams. $1 25 per ctillon; scol
lops. 50c a quart: f rops. 81 00 to $2 0 0 -per dozen;
soft bcll crabs, 75c per dozen; devil-crabs, Hoc
per dozen.
La France roses, SI OOffl 50 per doiTeii; Bride
roes, $1 00 per dozen; Perlcs, SI 00 t-er dozen;
Nipbetos SI 00 per dozen: Bennettii, $1 00
per dozen: American Beauty, 25c apic as; Mer
mets, it 00 per dozen; carnations, 3.: si dozen;
Maiden Hair fern, 50c perdoz. fronds. B ermuda
Easter lilies S3 00 per dozen: Jacqc'w'miaot
roses. 75c to SI 50 a dozen; peonies, SI 00a .dozen;
moss roses, SI 00 a dozen; June roses, f 1 00 a
dozen, f orgetmenots. 25c a dozen; wateitJUies,
50c a dozen.
Tho Condition or Business at the East Ut.'wrty
Stock Yards.
Office of Prrrsmnto Ditatcb.,1
FRIDAY, August 9, 1889. yi
CATTLE Receipts, COO head; shipments, 510
bead: market steady at Monday's prices; no
cattle shipped to New York to-day.
Hogs Receipts. L800 nead: shipments. Lf W0
head; market firm: best Yorkers, $1 8004 HO;
fair, S4 65j?f 75; crassers, "M 50ffil 60; medium
and licht Phlladelphias; $4 651 70; heavy bog t.
Si 40i 50; six cars of hogs shipped to Ne--v
York to-dav.
Sheep Receipts. 1.S00 head; shipments, 1,603
bead; market strong at yesterday's prices.
By Telesrnah.
New Yonit Beeves Receipts, 39 carloads
for the market. S3 carloads for exportation.
and 74 carloads for city slaughterers direct:
market firm; ordinary to prime native steers
sold at S3 904 M per 100 fis.;a bunch of poor
stockers at S3 25, and a bunch of choice distillery-fed
steers at S3 00; bulls. S2 00 to S3 50.
and 2 carloads ot Colorado steers at S3 fcOQ
415 respectively. Cahes Receipts, 500 head;
easier feeling, but all sold, including veals at
SI 506 25 per 100 tts: and buttermilk calves
at 2 253 00. Sheep Receipts, 3,300 head;
not so farm for sheep as reported j esterday,
and Iambs were a fraction lower; steep rauzed
from SI 0005 25 per 100 :z lambs, from S6 00
8 00, while a bunch of California calls sold at
$4 5a Hogs Receipts, 2.700 head; market
firmer and a trifle higher, with sales of live at
S4 65o 15 per 100 as.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts. 5.183 head;
shipments, 3,212 bead; quality of native and
dressed beef and shipping steers better than
for some time; values steady to strong on both
native and Texas cows: stockers and feeding
steers firm and in good demand; good to choice
corn-fed steers, M 001 30; common to medium,
S3 O0U3 75; stockers and feeding steers, SI 60
tti 00; cows. SI 502 70: grass range steer,Sl 75
(2 70. Hogs Receipts, 5,454 head; shipments,
V76 head; light strong; heavy weak and a shade
lower; good to choice liffhr. $1 254 37J3;
common to medium. S3 00t 22. Sheep Re
ceipts, 936 bead; shipments, none: market
steady; good to choice muttons, S3 75g4 00:
common to medium, S2 5UG3 50.
CnlCAGO Cattle Receipts. 9,300 head; ship
ments, 4,000 head; market steady; good
grades stronger; choice to extra beeves, S4 50
4 70: steers, S3 504 40; stockers and feeders.
Si 2563 80; cows, bulls and mixed, SI 5003 00:
Texas cattle. SI 7503 30; natives and half
breeds, S3 003 SO. Hogs Receipts, 14.000
bead; shipments. 6.000 bead; market strong
on light, heavy dull: mixed, SI 2504 55:
heavy, H 0504 35; licht, S4 3004 75; slips. S3 50
4 CO. Sheep Receipts. 6.000 head: shipments.
2.000 head; market weaker; natives, S3 5004 SO:
"Western. $3 8001 09: Texans, S3 504 15; lambs,
0004 75.
St. Loois Cattle Receipts. 800 head: ship
ments. 900 head: market active ana strong;
choice heavy -native steers, S4 3004 50: fair to
good do. S4 0004 25; stockers and feeders, S2 25
et.2 50; rangers, corn fed, S3 003 50; grass fed,
$2 2002 9a Hoes Receipts, 2,500 beadt ship
ments, 1.000 head: market active and strong;
fair to choice heavy, S4 4004 50; packinc SI 20
4 35; licht grades, fair to best, 34 1004 60.
Kheep Receipts, 1.000 head: shipments, 4,000
head: market strong and active; fair to choice,
S3 504 50: lambs, U 0005 5a
BU7FAI.0 Cattle Receipts 90 carloads
through; 4 carloads for sale. Sheep and lambs
Receipts. 18 carloads through: 4 carloads for
sale; sheep unchanged; lambs higher: good to
best, S6 0006 75; fair to good. SO 2506 60; com
mon, J6 0006 25. Hogs steady and unchanged;
receipts. 30 carloads through; 22 for sale.
CmcrsrifATI Hogs firm; common and light,
S3 7504 C5; packing and butchers SI 404 55.
Receipts, 910 head: shipments, 310 bod.
on. the frontien of civilization, by JtanUin
JU. wilt btpubUthed complete m lo-metrmr
All the CercnU Lifeless and DIost or Them
liower Balls on Wheat Uinblo ta
Slnke Headwav Aealnit Favor-
able Crop Reports Hoe
Prodacts Steady.
Chicago-There was a continuation of the
late dullness and weakness in wheat, to-day's
market being just as narrow and featureless as
noted on any ot the preceding days of the
week. Opening figures were about the same as
yesterday's closing, and temporary firmness
was derived from the early cables, prices work
ing up yic or so. The weakness developed was
attributed to the anticipation of a favorable
report by the Washington Agricultural Bureau
to-morrow, and was intensified by some selling
orders from Ned York. It was claimed, too,
that thresher returns in Indiana were showing
up big, and there was talk about St. Louis ship
ments by the 20th proximo which would quickly
tell on elevator stocks there.
The market rallied feebly from tbe midday
break. From bottom prices a fractional gain
was made, but general liquidation by tired
local longs, and the buying limited, in the main'
to one leading operator, gave to tho market a
heavy tone up to the very close, and the latest
bids were close around the lowest of the day.
Based on yesterday's closings, there was a net
loss of kic
Corn ruled quiet with the feeling rather
easier. Trading was light and confined prin
cipally to tbe local crowd, and fluctuations
were limited to yj&i range. The easier feel
ing was attributed to the fine weather, largo
receipts weaker cables and a decline of 54c in
the cash market. The market opened a shade
below yesterday's closing figures, v. as easy and
declined 0ic. became inactive and closed
KffiKc lower than yesterdav.
Oats were weaker and YeSifi lower. Trading
was moderate and chiefly in May. The near
futures were the quietest aud weakest owing
to good offerings and a lack of demand,
especially in August, In which tbe "shorts"
have covered freely, leaving the market with
out support.
Rather more business transacted in mess
pork. Opening sales were at 5c decline, which
was followed by a further reduction of 5c
Later the feeling was stronger and prices
rallied 1012c and closed steady.
A fair trade was reported in the lard market.
Later the demand improved slightly and prices
rallied 7J01Oc, closing steady.
Trading was moderate in short ribs. Fluctu
ations were confined within a narrow range
Early prices ruled 2K05c lower, but rallied
again later in the day and closed steady.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2, September. 7607C076
BTOJJc: December. 7Si07b77CffbC5 year,
7b676H75J4'eT5c ... .
Coks No. 2. September. SoJie3oJc; Octo
ber, 35635635ie:Sc; December. S5K
Oats No. 2. September. 2O520J20-
20c; October. 20Jf 20c:May. 24j024ic
Miss Pork, per bbL September. $10 CO
010 67H01O 55010 65: October. S10 35010 47K
010 S501O 47K: JanuarT. S9 87K09 87J.
Lard, per 100 tts. September, S6 4006 450
6 376 45; October, S6 S7Ji S6 3500 45;
January,'S6 05:6 07W.
Shoet Ribs, per 100 Is. September. 55 42JJ
05 1705 425 47K: October, $5 425 45;
Januarv. S4 97J404 97.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour quiet
and steady. No. 2 spring wheat, 76Ji077c; No.
3Epring wheat. new.7274e:No.2red,76Kc No.
2cora.355c M 0.2 oats. 20JJc No. 2 rye,
42K043C No. 2 barley. 63Glc No. 1 flaxseed,
SI i. Prime timothy seed. $1 4i Mess pork,
per barrel. 10 GO01O 65. Lard, per 100 pounds,
?U 40&6 $. Short rib sides (loos,eJ, $5 4505 5a
Dry salted shoulders (boxed), $4 8705 Oa
Short clear sides (boxed), S5 87K66 00. Sugars
Cut loaf. 9ji9Xc: granulated, fcjc: standard
A. 8Jic Receipts Flour. 1(1,000 barrels; wh eat,
.1(3.000 bnsbelb; corn. 361,000 bushels; oats, 336,000
bushels; rje, 17.000 bushels; barley, none.
Shipments Flour, 7,000 barrels: wheat, 120,000
bushels: corn. 2N3.C00 bushels: oats, 13&.000
bushels; rye L000 bushels: barley. 2,000 bushels.
On tho Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was fairly active; fancy creamery,
IGGIGc; tine, 13014c; finest dairies, 11012c;
fair to good. OglOc
New York Flour dull and heavy. Wheat
Spot dull. KKc lower, and weak; options
dull, itc lower, and weak. Rye easy and
quiet. Barley malt dull. Corn Spot dull and
easier; options dull and weak. Oats fcpot
fairly active for export and unsettled; options
active and weaker. Hay firm: fair demand.
Hops easy and quiet. Coffee Options opened
steady at 1O02O points up; closed firm at 5015
points up: sales, 40,250 bags. Including Sep
tember, 1510015.20c: October. 15.1015.15; No
vember. 15.15; December, 15.G5015.2Oc: January,
15.10015.20; February, 15.15; March, 15.10la.20c;
Mav, 1510015.20c; spot ftio steady and more
active; fair cargoes, lic. Sugar Raw en
tirely nominal; refined quiet andc lower.
C. 6;'069ic; extra C, 77Kc; jjilte extra C. 7
75ic; yellow. 6Jf 6c; off TL, 7 lS-16c; mold
A. tXc: standard A, fcc; confectioners' A.
Mc; cut loaf, bjc; crushed. 8Jc( powdered,
Slj,c; granulated, fc&c: cubes, SJic Molasses
Foreign dull: New Orleans quiet. Rice steady
and quiet. Cottonseed oil steady. Tallow
easy. Rosin quiet aud steady. Turpentine firm
and irregular at 4142Kc. EggB Choice
sc free and firm; western, 1516Vc; receipts.
2.4C6 packages. Pork quiet. Cutmeats dull
and weak: picKlcd belllc,708c;piekled hams,
10JiHic; pickled shoulders oc: middles
quiet. Lard Options a shade higher and
quiet; western steam quoted at SS 77K6 SO;
options sales of 2,500 tierces, including Sep
tember, at S6 75otober.S5 7586 7j November.
SB 53; January, S6 4i Butter Extra firm;
others dull and weak : western dairy. lO012Xc;
do creamery, ll17c; do factorv. 812c
Cheese dull and weaker; western, 0G7c
riin.ADEi,riiiA Flour dull for all grades
except choice old winters which were scarce
and firm, with a good demand. Wheat quiet,
and futures declined Kc: car lots ruled steady;
No. 3 red in export elevator, 78c; steamer No.
2 red in do, 81&c: No. 2 red on track, 85c;
No.2 red In export elevator.lclo. 2 red, Au
gust, 83K084c; September. 83KS3Hc: Octo
ber. 84Mc; November, Si$S5c. Corn
very quiet; prices for car lots ruled firm, while
quotations for options were largely nominal in
the absence of speculative or export demand:
No. 2 mixed, on track and in Twentieth street
elevator. 45Kc; do, in grain depot, 46c: No. 2
mixed August. 4341c; September. 4344c;
October, 444ic;Noverabcr, 4iy44Kc Oats
Car lots dull, but prices steadily held; No. 2
mixed, 29Jic No. 3 white, regular. 32Kc; No. 2
white do. 31031lc: futures dull and barely
steady: No. 2 white, August. 304315$c;
beptember, SO30Kc; October. J0J31c; No
vember. sifcj.uic. xggs nrm; i-ennsyivama
St Louis Flour Trading light. Wheat
The market was again very dull; fluctuations
confined within a narrow range; No. 2 rcd.casb,
7SVf August. 73K0752c closed at"735c: Bep-
KUIUCI, V43 '-fl-, -".. MW IWgK AHVU, V-
l.- 7CT'rJl'j olnwl ,1 74TM -La1. Tk
cember,76Jj;0 cclosed at 77c asked; May,61c,
closod at bike asked. Corn dul.: No. 2 mixed.
' cash. 2&ii", August, 33c, closed at 33Jc bid;
UctoDer, 33c, ciosea at mc niu. uats weaK; n o.
2 cash, 20c; September. 1920c; May, 23
tic: August offered at 19Kc and no bids Rye
lull and dragging at 3SK39c Barley Com
1 ion, 40c Flaxseed again lower; cash, Jl 22; Au-
ost, SI 20.
CmciMrATi Flour firm. Vheat in fair de-n-ad:
No. 2 red. 747Gc; receipts 29.000 bush
el I; shipments 10,001) uusbels Corn firm; No.
2taixed. 3SXc Oats steady: No. 2 mixed, old,
23)14S21Kc; new. 21c Rye quiet; No. 2.41c
Fo7 It firm at SH 37& Lard active at S6 15.
Uoj Lmeat and bacon quiet and unchanged.
But iter steady. Sugar firm. Eggs firm at 11 J Jc
Che, ese firm.
jUjlitTAUKEE Flour steady. Wheat steady:
cash., 75c: Sepumber,75fc Corn quiet: No.3,
26Kfel27c. Oats dull: No. 2 white, 250254c
Rye tlull; No. 1, 42Jc Barley quiet; Hip.
tembi V, 5sc bid. Provisions firm. Pork, cash,
S10 62,: beptember, S10 05. Lard, cash, SO 40;
heptei uber, $6 45. Cheese steady; Cheddars,
BAV'nMORE Provisions dull. Butter stoady;
creamc'iry. 15017c Eggs firm at 14014c; ice
bouse, 112013c Coffee nominal.
Tole'do Clovcrsced dull; easier; October,
S4 42J; Jfovcnbcr. J4 45.
Wool Ulnrketi.
Pim.AlxEl.PniA Wool Is quiet and un
changed. St. Loins Receipts, 47,357 ponnds; market
quiet and Weady.
NEW YotK Wool steady and in fair de
mand; dome stic fleece, 320S9c; pulled, 23041c;
Texas 14lSc
Boston.--The movement In wool during the
past week'lu.s been, confined principally to
small lots anJ the total transactions of all
kinds foot 11 p L934.300 pounds 400.000 pounds of
Australian at 4042Kc and 25,000 pounds of
foreign carr.!t wool being included in the sales
and swelling: tlie total. Failures in the wool
and manufacturing interests have hart a de
pressing effec t on trade during the past three
days and scar cejy anything was done, but it is
thought thai this will soon blow
over and tbs.t the market will doubt
less rule st cady. Fine washed fleeces
move slowly and at about previous prices.
Ohio X sells at Sic; XX at 31035c. and No. 1 at
3Sc Michigan X is ottered at 32c, but buyers
will not pay over 31c Combing and delaine
fleeces arc selling in small lots; No. 1 at 40c,
Ohio fine delaln e at 36c, and Michigan fine de
laine at 34035c Unwashed combing wools are
dull at 28c zor o.ae-quarter blood and 30c for
three-eighths blood. Territory. Texas and Cal
ifornia wools are quiet but steady. Eastern
Oregon wool has been selling at lS25c, as to
quality. Jn pulle 3 wool there have been sales
ot super at 3339!. and extra at 25029c For
eign wool of all k inds is strong and in demand.
Weak stomacb.l teecham'sPills act like magic
1'kabs' Soap secures abeautlful complexion.
TT IMPD J. in Uymorrouft DISPATCH, tcett
flfllrlljUifli daicribet themamurt and cm.
J (ami prevailing aHIjong Branch.
Good Building Lots Offered as Low as
Five Dollars a Foot.
How to Compel Delinquent Debtors to Walk
Up to the Captain's Office.
Those who maintain that all the cheap
land around Pittsburg has been bought tip
are not well posted. At Aspinwall Place
lots are selling as low as $150, or $5 a foot.
The dearest are only 320 a foot. Good lots
are offered in many parts of the East End as
low as $300. The same is true of the "West End
and the Soutbside. The fact is there is an
abundance of good and cheap property in the
market, but as there is an active demand for it,
values will necessarily move up. Therefore
delay may be costly to those desiring to
Some of tbe natural gas companies of Pitts
burg will soon have to face extensive and welt
organized competition, which may seriously af
fect their earnings. The gas line owned by
Park Bros t Co. will furnish several other
Pittsburg firms with fuel tor the next three
years. The Equitable Gas Company, composed
of a number of Pituburg iron and steel firms,
has part of Its line in operation and is making
contracts with a number of firms not in the
company. Oliver Bros & Co. are pushing the
construction of their big line to the Bellevernon
field, and will have it completed by October 1,
when they will have an independent supply of
Secretary McGinley, of the Philadelphia
Company, states according to the American
Manufacturer, that they are renewing many
contracts at a material advance on tbe old
rates, securing new dwelling house consumers
and are rapidly introducing the meter system,
which will effect a saving of gas and at the
same time increase tbe revenues The drop
ping of a few big concerns that have contracted
with sew lines will leave all the more for the
smaller consumers and assure a good supply
during the winter months The advisability of
building a lmetothe Bellevernon field has been
discussed by the Philadelphia Company, but in
all probability it will not be pushed this year.
Hello, George, where are yon golngT Are
you running for a waeerf
Not exactly, but something better. Yon see
Jim and I were looldngAt a lot at Oakland
yesterday. I accidentally heard that be made
an arrangement to meet the agent this evening
and make an offer for it. I have concluded to
buy it, and want to forestall Jim by getting
there first. The agent is out there now. Jim
and I are good friends but won't allow him to
get away with me in a bargain if I can help it.
Here comes the car. Good-by.
This man will die rich if be lives long enough.
L He fully realizes that delays are dangerous.
and that the true policy is to strike when the
iron is hot.
Tho Cambria Iron Company has just made
public a plan, which it has had In contempla
tion for some time, in regard to the erection of
cheap bomes for its employes on suitable sites.
This company owns a large farming tract of
land on Yoder Hill, just west of Johnstown.
The top of this hill Is 1,751 feet above the level
of tho sea, while the Pennsylvania Railroad
station is only 1.1S4 above tbe sea level. It
will thus be seen that one danger, that of
Hoods can never trouble this place. It is pro
posed to build an Incline plane from near the
center of the town which will reach the lots in
a little more than half a mile. Here probably
500 acres can be laid out in pleasant building
lots, from which access to the mills will be
The deeds will contain stringent provisions
prohibiting tho sale ot liquors, and arrange
ments will be made for locations for religious
and educational buildings The scheme is
looked upon with much favor, and will help to
solve the problem of the future of Johnstown.
Street improvement in Wilkinsburgls almost
at a standstill for want of money. The coun
cil neglected to levy taxes for the work last
spring, and an empty treasury Is tbe result.
None of the flrepluirs have been put in, al
though water will be turned on in about two
weeks These are works ot necessity, and
should be completed forthwith. Conservatism
is a good thing in its way. but it should not be
practiced at the expense of the public
One of the most important departments in
conducting business Is that of collections The
following remarks on the subject, coming from
a practical man, are worthy of attention:
"Those who don't pay promptly always take
advantage of any uncertainty in the ring of
your demands and have plenty of excuses
ready to put you off with. Very few but will
begin to hustle if yon come out with a strong 'I
must have it.' You may have asked them be
fore, 'wishing they would pay It,' or 'when can
you pay it,' but when yon get to a place wbero
you know you must('root, bog, or die,' then
there is if at any time at all, a desire to accom
modate you. They 'will borrow it for you,' or
hurry some one up "who owes them,' or In some
way get the money if yon must have it, whereas
before it wasn't possible to do anything for you
"Make the demand in a straightforward,
pleasant way as if you expected to get it. Make
your business known the first thing after the
usual greetings You make nothing by talking
of other things first; it won't be as easy to get to
the point as at first. Get a definite promise as
to time and amount if you can't get all and
then be sure to be 'promptly on hand at the
time mentioned and demand the amount
The annouccemeut'is made that the Vander
bllts have at last bought tbe Beech Creek Rail
road stock not hitherto held by them, and that
they now own the road in fee simple. The price
paid is said to have been (40 and (20 per share.
The total capital is Sl.300,000 preferred stock
and 3,700,000 common. The Vacderbilts pre
viously owned about 55 per cent of each class
The Cottonseed Oil Trust Is waning in
strength. Reports recently published chow that
tho number of mills outside of the trust exceeds
the number Included in the organization. The
other trusts will soon come tumbling after.
Sugar and lead are decidedly shaky.
With Few Exceptions Local Stocks fihow
No Particular Chance.
There was a slim attendance of brokers at tbe
Stock Exchange yesterday, and there was not
much vim In the proceedings, only one small
deal being made, ten shares of Switch and Sig
nal eoingat21K,yet with few exceptions the mar
ket held its ownandclotcd firm, showing that
it would require very little effort to make busi
ness The fact that stocks are so well sustained
with scarely any buying demand is conclusive
that they possess a large amount of inherent
strength. There was no particular change in
the gassers Electric was wanted at B23.
Switch and Signal moved up a peg, closing at
21K bid. Manufacturers' Gas was a trifle
stronger. Wi being asked. There are about
300 shares of i'oint Bridge floating around, and
3 was bid for some of it. It is held at about 5.
The weakest thing on the list was Pituburg
Traction, for which the best bid was 4S. The
other transactions were abont steady at previ
ous figures Bids, offers and sales were:
Kpinwo. ATTXBKOOir.
. Pld. Allied. Bid. Asked.
P.V., B. &M.EX W 0 fit Hi
First Mat. Bank. Pitts. 74
Keystone Bank of P'g" 0tX gi
Tradesmen's Mat. B'k 805 ....
UermsnMat.Bk.AlI'y ISO ....
It. E. Ij. &T.Oo.,All'y so ....
Third Mat. Bsnfc. Ay.. IM .... jjj ....
Ben Franklin Ins. Co. tlTi
City Insurance S3
Pennsylvania Ins It
Teutonta Insurance.... -50
Unlonlnsuranee....... 43
Chartiers VaL Gas Co. .... SO ....
Manufacturers Gas Co
Mat. Gas Co. or W. Va. 71 .... 70)4
People's Nat Gas CO ....
P. S. G. AP. Co IS ....
Philadelphia Co EJ r F
Wheeling- Gas Vo 31 33 so
Forest Oil Co 100 .... 100
Central Traction. - li KM 31 SU
Ultlzens'Tractlon...... 71 73 .
PittsbnrffTractlon..... 43 .... 43 tlU
Pleasant Valley MS
Pitts, A. ft Man a
Pitts.. Y. 4 Ash. B.B. K S
P.. tl.ASt.lu E. B. a
Point Bridge a ....
TJnlon Bridge 13 .. u H
LaKorlaMlnlnr Co... IV ik u 9
Westinghouse jOectne K& M jaS
U.S. &81(t. Co. - 2I 21 51?, 11)4
U. 8. ft Big. Co. nref. .... S3 .... 33
WestlnitbouseA.B.Co. .... 65
Pitts. Cycioran: Co i ....
Pitts. Plate G. Co.pref 210 .... 210 ....
The total sales of stocks at New York yester
day were 218.490 shares including: Atchison,
16.763: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
6.700: Lake Shore. 6.515; Missouri Pacific, 15.210;
Northwestern. 8,328; Northern Pacific 4,010;
Northern Pacific preferred, 20,387; Oregon
Transcontinental, 9.6S5: Readins, 18,900; St.
Pan!, 12,730; Texas Pacific, 4,335: Union Pacific,
Every Evidence of a Healthy Condition of
the Money Market.
Business at the local banks yesterday was of
the usual description. Discounting showed no
improvement, and, clerical work was about a
good average, except checking, which was a
little off. Money was in good supply and rates
unchanged. Tho clearings were 51.713, 1C2 E2
and the balances $425,362 71 A New York
authority says:
"There is no longer any special concern felt
in banking circles respecting the financial
future. During the week careful inquiry shows
that there is no cause for anxiety, despite the
recent Jarge exports of gold and the expected
heavy call for money to aid in moving the
crops President H. W. Cannon, of the Chase
National Bank, formerly Controller of the
Currency, Is reported as saying -that there is
every indication of a healthy condition of the
money market, although rates for call and
time money may advance somewhat in the early
"In case of any stringency he had no doubt
that blocks of United States bonds wonld be
offered to tho Govemnment, and very likely
the Secretary of the Treasury may increase the
price be pavs for 1 per cents to a point that will
net the Government, say, 2 per cent per annum.
Moreover, money is easily obtained from Europe
on account of our more intimate relations The
balance of exchange does not now appear un
favorable to New York, and from present Indi
cations shipments of gold to Europe have ceased
for this season."
President Oltott. of the Central Trust Com
panv, Russell Sage, President Jordan, of tbe
Western National, President Tappan, of the
Gallatin, and others coincided with these views
Money on call at New York yesterday was easy
at 36 per cent; last loan, 8; closed offered
at 2. Prime mercantile paper, 44C. Ster
ling exchange quiet and weaker at H 84 for
60-day bills and H 87 for demand.
Closing; Bond Quotations.
U. S. 4sreK 123
II. S.4i. conn 123
M. K. ft T. Gen. is . 59
Mutual Union Ss. ...101
N. J. C. Int. Cert...ll3
Northern Pac lsU..118J
Northern Pac. 2ds..lis
Northw't'n consols. 14s
Morthw'n debea,a..Ji4
Oregon ft Trans. Ss.MSU
St. J ft I. at. Gen. is Mil
St. I..& b. V. Gen.ai.iisW
Su Paul consols ....115),
St.PL ChtftPe.lst.-ii7
U. S.4s, rejf 103H
D. S. 4Ks coop.... VtoH
Pacific da of '93. 118
Loulslanastampedts 8SM
aussoari as..... jw
Tenn. new set. 6s... jih
Tenn. new set. is
Tenn. new set. 3s
Canada So. 2ds..
Oen. Pacificists.
Ien. ft K. a., Ists
Tx., PcL. G.Tr Rs. S0K
TX PC K. G.TT.Ecti 37
Den. ft K. G. 4s 79
l.ftK.G.West,Isu. 101
Erie. Ms J03
union rac. iu...H4j
West Shore itfau
U. K. ftT. Gen. 6s.. 64,'il
Yesterdays bond offerings aggregated $100,
850, as follows: Registered is, t90,b50 at 123?i;
coupon 4s 810,000 at 106.
Nkw York Clearings, 893,521,275; bal
ances 3,617,572.
Boston Clearings, f 11,569,924; balances
f L223.780. Money, 3 per cent.
PnrLxTJELPiiiA Clearings 19,615,004; bal
ances 1.694.078.
Balttmoke Clearings. SL474,714; balances
London The amount of bullion gone into
tbe Bank of England on balance to-day is 50.
000. Paris Throe per cent rentes 84f 95c for the
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, 9,074,0110.
The West Knocks Out a Scheme to Broak
the OH Market.
At the opening yesterday the oil market re
flected the prevailing apathy in speculative
trading. About 1 o'clock there was a little
hurst of excitement caused by New York turn
ing bear and trying to smash things, but Pitts
burg, Oil City aud Bradford discovered the
maneuver and turned buyers thus frustrating
the scheme. The trading was entirely pro
fessional and of small proportions Very little
cash oil was handled. It brought about X cent
less than September. The market closed
strong on a rally ot 1 cent from the lowest
point of tho day. The fluctuations were:
Opening,'100aiJ: highest, 100; lowest, 99K;
closing. 100. Thursday's clearings were 740,
000 barrels
During July 65 Washington county wells
were completed, as follows: Twenty-two in tbe
Washington pool, 4 in the Gordon, S2 at Tay
lorstown, 3 at Canonsburg, and 4 wildcats At
tho end of the month there were 205 uncom
pleted wells; in the Washington field, 47: Gor
don, 18; Taylorstown, 119: Canonsburg.ll; wild
cats, 10. The new production is as follows:
Washington, 2,535 barrels: Taylorstown. 1,665
barrels; Gordon, 240 barrels; Canonsburg, 22
barrels; total, 4,437 barrels
The following is tbe statement of operations
In the Macksburg field for July: Wells com
pleted in July, 9: producing. 5; daily produc
tion, barrels 43; average dally production per
well, barrels, 8.6; dry, if drilling. July 31,12;
rigs up, July 31, 4; rigs building, July 31,0;
abandoned In July, 2.
The scarcity of both petroleum and barrels
at Philadelphia has checked the chartering of
vessels and notices have been posted at many
of the refineries that no contracts for oil de
livery will be made until after August 23. The
scarcity of oil Is due to a large extent to tbe
arrival of a fleet ot tank steamships which
have heretofore been running to Batoum, Rus
sia. Owing to tbe Increase of tonnage tunning
to that port, and tbe decline of tbe Russian oil
fields these vessels have been forced to Phila
delphia. . Yesterday's Oil Ranee.
Corrected dally by John M. Oaney t Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened I0W Lowest 99 K
Ulxhest lOOftlClosed loon
t Barrels.
Average runs.. ....... ...... .... ....... 4S,S34
Average shipments 76,633
Averaite charters , 81, H7
Refined, Mew Tors:, 7.40c
Iteflnet1, London, 3ad.
Refined, Antwerp, ISHr.
Refined. Liverpool, Wd.
A. a McQrew fc Co. quote: Puts 993c;
calls, II 01.
Other Oil Markets.
On, Crrr. August 9. National transit certifi
cates opened at Si 00; highest. Si 00; lowest,
99JJc; closed, 109. Sales 314.000 barrels;
clearances 1,344,000 barrels; charters, 14,643
barrels; shipments, 88,633 barrels; runs 60,023
Pittsbdbo, August 9. Petroleum dull and
heavy: National transit certificates -opened at
Jl 00: closed at Jl 00; highest, tl OUi; low
ost,Kc Bradford, August 9. National transit cer
tificates opened at tl CUM; closed at SI COX;
highest, tl 00; lowest, 99&c; clearances 094
000 barrels
Trrusvnxx, Aueust a National transit cer
tificates opened at tl 00; highest, tl 00; low
est, 99c; closed, tl 0OJ&
New York, August 9. Petroleum opened
steady at 99c. and after a slight decline in
the early traaing moved up slowly and closed
firm at tl 00. Total sales, 433.000 barrels
Realty Continues to Find Pnrchmer Latest
Sales In City nod Country.
Lb O. Frailer, corner Forty-fifth and Butler
streets sold for Andrew Grenlich, No. 175
Thirty-eighth street, Fifteenth ward, a frame
dwelling ot six rooms, lot 79x107 feet to Fos
ter's alley, to E. Z. Wainwright for S6.000 cash.
The Pittsburg Company, Limited, placed a
mortgage for $7,000 on four dwellings on Man
hattan street, Allegheny, five yean, at 4 per
cent, free 01 tax.
Charles E. Cornelius sold lots from bis place
at Mornlngslde as follows: To William T.
Meeks two lots 20x100, IC00; to John Neill, two
lots 20x100,1100; to Mary Hopkins two lots,
20x100, 8400; to -Diffonbacher, two lots
Black ABaird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold
forW. L. Mellon a new frame dwelling of six
rooms finished attic with all conveniences to
Charles F. Hood for t4,200.
James W. Drape & Co., sold two acres of
ground oa Mulford avenue, near Brushton
street. East End, for S6.400. They also placed
a mortgage on a suburban residence property
on Frankstown avenue. East End. of SaOGO at 5
per cent; also sold a bouse and lot near Craf
ton. Panhandle Railroad, for S4.250: also a
mortgage of 11.200 and one of 12,500 at 6 per
cent on house and lots In McEeesport: also a
mortgage ot 5,600 on residence property in
Bellevue at 6 per cent.
John F. Baxter, 612 Bmlthneld street, sold to
David Maloney lot No. 615 Villa Park plan,
Brushton station, frontage of 40 feet on Blaet
adore avenue by 150 feet to a 20-foot alley, for
$350. r
Ewing AByers No. 107 Federal street, sold
at auction for Mrs Fannie Broomll toe. W.
Lamphefe the property No. 21 North Diamond
street. Second waid, Allegheny, being a two
story brick house of six rooms and attic, with
lot 15x60, for 13,15a
Badness Metes.
-NrwYonr tried to smash tbe c& matket
yesterday, but was prevented by good buying
in the West.
Union bridge stock is looking up. Dividends
work wonders
Captain Babboub looked very sad about
3.30 r. M. yesterday. It was a goose egg.
Tux Bethlehem Iron Company has increased
puddlers' wages from J3 25 to S3 SO a day.
It would worry the bears to make much of
an Impression on Electric Business counts for
PrrrsBUBO Traction was the particularly
weak spot in tbe stock market yesterday. The
bears are killing it by inches
The Sewickley Electric Light Company has
adopted the Westlnghouse alternating current,
and will have its plant in operation within two
TruBTT-EiariT mortgages were recorded
yesterday. The largest was for 515,000, placed
by Sarah A. Reed, with the Fidelity Title and
Trust Company.
Tiie pipe line statement, due to-day, will be
bullish as usual, but as it has had its effect, tbe
market will undergo no particular change
either way as a result ot tbe publication.
Among the members of the Exchange who
are absent on their vacations are: 8. S. Pinker
ton, W. L Mustin, W. J. Robinson, James
Carothers, Harry SprouL J. C. Foree and
George L Whitney. W. H. Watt has returned
and is again on deck.
Official returns from B. G. Dun & Co.'s
Agency show that in 1881 there were 176 busi
ness men in McEeesport. but the number rap
idly increased each year until in July, 1889,
there were 500, an increase in eight years of
over 400. The ratings show a corresponding
A Fairly Firm and Aettvo Market London
Up to New York Figures A Drop In
Sugar Trust Smalt Gains nnd
a Good Close.
New Yoke, August 9. There was more vim
to the stock speculation to-day and the buying
was of a more general nature than during the
past few days, which imparted a firmer and
more pronounced tone to the dealings There
was very little news of importance to affect
values, but tbe reports from the crops in Illi
nois the action of tbe Northwestern in restor
ing coal rates between Milwaukee andSt.Paul,
and the additional favorable returns of earnings
were factors in the market to-day. There was
what seemed to be good buying in the Vander-bllts-Gould
stocks and Villardstbe first of
which did much to give a confident tone to the
buying, and the pools were still active in their
favorites resulting in a general though mod
erate appreciation.
Londonhad gotten over the influence of tbe
advance In the Bank of England rate, and this
morning was fully up to our figures of last
evening, while our market opened ud from 'A
to per cent. There was a better distribution
of the business done though the special favor
ites such as the Chesapeake and Ohio, the
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and St. Louis
and Lake Erie and Western maintained their
ascendency in the dealings and furnished an
element of strength to the rest of the market.
London was again a buyer in the early trading,
but received but little support from tho local
operators until well into tbe morning when
Missouri PacificandNotthernPacificpreferred
became especially active and strong, and were
followed later by Union Pacific
The Gould properties were features of the
afternoon's trading and the Wabashes esneci
aily under the influence of the very flattering
report of earnings for last month made a
handsome advance. Oregon Transcontinental
also was remarkable for a spurt which carried
it to over 1 per cent and among the other low
griced shares Southern Pacific, preen Bav and
an Francisco preferred made specially large
gains on small trading. Toward the latter por
tion of the afternoon a selling movement which
was supposed to emanate from Chicago was
begun iu Sugar Trust and tho pressure was
lifted only with the close of business: by which
time its price had been depressed 3 per cent.
This movement affected to some extent the
rest of the market and concessions were made
from the best prices over the entire list. The
close, however, wa dull but firm at fractional
advances over the opening fhrnres Tbe only
important final change amongtbe active stocks
was the loss ot S per cent in sugar.
Tho railroad bond market was quiet, and the
Chesapeake and Ohio 5s and Richmond and
Allegheny lsts maintained their leid in tbe
dealings the first named f urulshlngSS6,0CO out
of a total of 31.308,000. Tbe market was firm,
but there was no decided tone to the dealings
St. Paul gold 7s rose 2 to 12, Chicago, St. Louis
aud Pittsburg lsts 3 to 95. and Wabash general
receipts 4to4S. Northwestern sinking funds
lost 2 at 120.
The following table snows the prices of active
stocks oa the Mew York Stock Kxcliange yester
day. Corrected dally for The Dispatcii by
tYHiTNEY ft Stephenson, oldest 1'ltuburx mem
bers of Mew York Stock Exchange, 37 Fourth ave
ing lllrts.
ln. An. Cotton OH S
Atcn.. Top. ft S. F.... 7IH
Canadian Pacific
Canada Sontnern S2it
Central ofMew Jerser.112
CeutraiPaelfiL. 33
eu . 3SX
97 lj
Chesapeake ft Ohio.... SIX
V.. Bur. ft uulkey. ,
C, Mil. ft St. Paul.
C. RocKLftP ,
... 75
. S3
IX, St. L. ft Pitts 13
u., si. 1. amis. pi.
C St. P.. At. ft O ZtH
C. ot. P..M. ft O.. pr. 7S
C ft .Northwestern.. ..110K
Cft North ires tern, pr. ....
C, C, C. ft 1 73X
CO.. C.AI.. pf.....lOI2
Col. Coal ft Iron
Col. ft Uocklnt: Val
Del.. L. W tH
Del. ft Hudson 417lj
Denver & Rio G.. nr
E.T., Va.ftGa - ....
E. T., Vs. ft Ga. 1st pr. 73
K. T.. Va, ftGa. 2dpf. 23H
Illinois Central
Lake Erin ft Western.. 20!4
Lake Erie ft West. vr.. U
Lake Shore ft M. S .103H
LoulsvUIeftMashvllie. esx
Mlcbltrsn central 83
Mobile ft Ohio
i if
20 "
103 S
51 !4
Mo., Kan. A Texas.
Missouri Pacific. . .
New York Central. ,
M. Y.. L. E. ft W-.
... 275
N.x.. L. E. ft W.. nref su
m. .. a ft st. t.
M. x CX ft St. L. nr.
M.T.. U. ft St. L,. 2d pf ...
M. xftM. E S1K
M. V.. O. ft VY 17
Norfolk ft Western
Norfolk VTestern.cr.
Northern Pndfir...... 29S
Mortnern Pacific oral. eSH
Ohio ft Mississippi..... M
Oregon Improvement. .. .
orcEon Tratiscon St
Pacific Mall H
I'eo. Bee. ft Evans..... 23
l'bllade). ft Rcadluc. 44SS
Pnllman Palace Car.. .180
Ricbmona ft W. P. T JMt
Richmond ft W.P.T.nf
St. P., Minn, ft Uan..I(UU
St. L. ft San .Fran 23a
St. L. ft San Tan pf.. S3
M.Li, ft San J. 1st pf.. ...
Texas Pacific... 20V(
union raciuc
. J6H
Wabash preferred..
,.j ao
western uuion....
Whrelinjr ft L. ..
Snirar Trust 114
National Lead Trnst.. Z33f
Chicago Gas Trust Wj
Minlnc Stocks.
NEW Yobs. Angusta Amador. 100; Aspen.
100; Caledonia B. 1L, 300; Colorado Centra,
100; . Consolidated California and Virginia,
71214; Deadwood Ten. 140; Eureka Consoli
dated, 100; El Cristo. 100; Gould & Curry. ISO;
Hale 4 Norcross 263; Homestake. 000: Horn
Silver, 125: Iron Silver. 176: Mexican. 233;
Mutual, 140; North Belle Isle 100; Ontario,
34.00; Ophir. 42.00; Plymouth, 460: Savage, 12S;
Sierra Nevada, 210; Standard, 110; Sullivan,
110: Union Consolidated. 240; Ward Consol
idated, na
Philadelphia Rtochs.
Closing quotations or Philadelphia stocks fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, bakers Mo. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. DM. Asked.
Pennsylvania BaOroad 32ft 52ft
Reading 22ft 2ft
Bufialo. Pitubur and Western 10 10ft
Lehigh Valley 33ft 53ft
tuehltth Mavlgatlon ,. 32ft
Northern Pacific 29ft sift
northern Pacific preferred 67 67ft
Atch. ft Top. B. K... 37M
Kostonft Albany. ..517
Boston ft Maine.... .HB
C. U. ftQ. 104
Clnn. San. ft Clove. 24
Eastern B. K...... ..100
flint ft Pen M. cftt. M
Uttle K ft Ft, 8. 7s. 105
MexieanCen. com.. 15
Mex.C.lstmtfr. bds Kft
N. i. ft JMewEnc... 505i
M. Y. ft .E.7s....l2S)i
Old Colony 177
Bntland preferred.,
W la. Central, com...
Calnmet ft fiecla....
Kranxiio. ...
Pewable (new)
Qalney ...,.
Bell Telephone.- ..
Boston Land
Asm Power
. 2
. 27
San lllego
Metal Slarkot.
New Yor.K Copper quiet but firm; lake,
til 00; copper, S3 60. Lead steady, with mora
dolnsr, closing quiet and easier: domestic, 13 85.
Tin firmer; straits, 19 PS.
LoMBOir Pig tin Active markst, with
prices somewhat Irregular, but strong; straits
SS 17s 6d for spot; futures (8 months), 8 10s
Od. Copper This market isbarelysteady.bat
business is fair; Chill bars are now quoted at
44 0s for spot, 12 lOd for future delivery: best
selected English, 48 0s. Lead Steadier mar
ket, with business on the increase: Spanish
quoted at 12 10s Od. Spelter Market con
tinues firm, with good business; ordinary Sile
ulan nuoted at 20 Sa Od. Tin slate The de-
miiiif toll IntTTiMsd. milrlse tbe snatkat ftrsuj
eiK 66S
2fa 22
31ft 32ft 33U
3b KH 334
23 S3 tlH
41ft 44V 43
MOV 1KH 183
23ft 23 Z2
100ft 100 lCOft
28ft 23 23
M1 33 59ft
.... 109;,
20 21
60ft 6IH
MM 16ft
SOft acS
Mft 85ft
6S 70ft
.... l('l
sift six mx
. - -.-v . .r-
Bnttor and Cheese Looking UpPo
tatoes and Tomatoes Firm.
Oats, Hay and Hillfeed Are Slow Cora
SteadyFlour Quiet.
Office ot PrrrsntJBO Dispatch, 1
Fbiday, August 9, issa. i
Country Produce Jobbing; Prices.
Tomatoes and potatoes show a tendency to
higher prices on account of scarcity. Produce
is scarcely as plenty as for the past week or two,
but supplies are ample for all demands Plums
and peaches from the South bejin to put in an
appearance. Butter and cheese are more ac
tive, with an npward drift Eggs are steady,
the difficulty being to secure ad entirely relia
ble article at this season. When It coues to
candling eggs as is necessary under all circum
stances at this season, consumers fight shy of
hen fruit. A distinguished humorist says:
'"Tolerably good eggs like tolerably good peo
ple, are ever at a discount." An advance in
cheese has been made both East and West
within a few days and will reach here soon if
all signs do not fail.
Bumn Creamery, Elgin, 2021c; Ohio do,
1819c; fresh dairy packed, U15c; country
rolls 1214c
Beai.s Naw hand-picked beans, S2 402 60;
medium. S2 302 4a
Beeswax 230e V & for choice; low grade,
Cider Sand refined, 6 507 50; common.
S3 50Q4 00; crab cider, $3 00&8 60 V barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c yl gallon.
Cheese Ohio, 8c; New York, 10c; Lim
burger, 89c; domestic Sweitzer, 12c:
imported Sweitzer, 22c.
Caufornia Fbuits California peaches
$2 00 V K-bushel box; Bartlett pears, $3 00
3 50 V box; grapes S2 503 00 a 20-pound box;
apricots $2 00 a 4-basket case; plums, 1 75
2 00 a 4-basket case.
Egos 15c 9? dozen for strictly fresh.
Fbuits Apples tl 602 00 V barrel: pine
apples tl 001 25 f) dozen; whortleber
ries 75cU 00 V pail; blackberries, 5Sc
W quart; watermelons SIS 0020 00 hundred;
Delswaro peaches, tl 251 5U per half-bushel
FeatheeS Extra live geese, o060c; No. 1,
do, 404Sc; mixed lots, 3033c V &
Poultbt Live spring chickens, 5060c $
pair: old, 7075c f? Pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, ta tts to bushel, $5 60
bushel; clover, large English, 62 Its $6 00;
clover, Alsike, $3 60; clover, white, f9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 lbs, tl 63: blue grass extra
clean, 14 tts, 90c: blue grass fancy, 14 tts, tl 00;
orchard grass, 14 Iks. 81 G5; red top, 14 8s, tl 25;
millet, 50 &s tl 00; German Millett,60 Bs
tl 50; Hungarian grass, 60 &s tl 00; lawn
grass mixture of fine grasses, 2 50 t) bushel
of 14 Es
Tallow Country, 4c; city rendered, i
Tkopicai. Fbuits Lemons fancy. t5 50
6 00 p box; Messina oranges S5 005 50 V box;
rodi. f 1 505 00; Dananas, S2 00 firsts 1 25 good
seconds. $ bunch; cocoannts M 004J1 50 W
hundred: new figs 8K&c V &; dates &H
6K0 91 ft.
Vegetables Potatoes tl 251 60 w
barrel: tomatoes, home-grown, tl 002 25
f) busbel: wax beans, tl f) bushel; green
beans 60075c 9) bushel; cucumbers home
raised, tl 50 9) busbel; radishes 2540c 9)
dozen; home-grown cabbage, 50c 9? busbel; new
celery, home-grown, 50c V dozen; sweet pota
toes tl 004 iiOa barrel.
There is no let-up to the firmness of coffee,
and an advance in packages must come soon,
from present outlook. Sugars are at a stand
still. Other groceries are unchanged.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio. 21J422Xc;
choice Rio, 1920c: prime Rio, 19c; fair Rio,
18Ji19c: old Government Java. 26c; Mara
caibo, 2223c; Mocha, 272Sc; Santos 1922c;
Caracas 2022c: peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La
Guayra, 21"J2c.
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, J-Jc:
high grades 24JS26c; old Government Java,
bulk. 31031c; Maracalbo, 2627c; Santos
20K22c; peaberry,25J$c; peaberry.choice Rio.
23ic; prime Rio, 21Kc; good Rio, 21c; ordi
nary, 20c.
Spices (whole) Cloves 2125c: allspice, 8c;
cassia, 6c; pepper, 16c: nutmeg, 7080c.
Peteoleum (jobbers prices) 110 test.7c;
Ohio, 120, SKc; headlight. 150. 8Kc; water
white, 10c; globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; carnadlne,
llKc; royaline. 14c.
SVBUPS Corn byrups 2620c: choice sugar
syrups, S3SSc: prime sugar syrup, S023c;
strictly prime, 3335c; new maple syrup, 90c
N. O. MOLASSES Fancy. 4Sc; choice, 46c; me
dium. 43c; mixed. 4042c
Soda Bi-carb in kegs3J$fc;bI-carb in
6c; bi-carb, assorted packages 5J6c; sal
soda In kegs lc; do granulated. 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, ft
set, s4c; paramne, uigiizc
Rict Head. Carolina, 77c: choice, 6
7c: Drime. 5XK&A.C: Louisiana. o6Kc
:; prime, ojiaojic; j.
Stabcii Pearl. 3C
A? ' ' -1 i-. . ' l --V.rr.- .
cornsurcn, oiac; gloss
starch. 667c
Foreign Fbuits Layer raisins t2 65; Lon
don layers, J3 10; California London layers
12 50; Muscatels, tl 25; California Muscatels,
tl 85; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia,
7k8c; sultana, SJc: currants, 45c;
Turkey prunes 5c; French prunes
8K13c; Salonlca prunes, in 2-k package, 8c;
cocoanuts ft 100, to 00; almonds Lan per lb,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts nap.,
12X15c Sicily filberts, 12c: Smyrna figs, 12
16cj new dates 56c; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecan,
11015c; citron, per ft. 2122c; lemon peel, per
fi, 1314c; orange peel, 12k'c
Dried Fbuits Apples sliced, per lb, 60
apples. evaporated, 6'46c; apricots. Calif or;
ma, evapora'ed, 15015c; peaches evaporated,
pared, 2223.; peaches California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012ic; cherries pitted, 21322c;
cherries unpitted, 5Q6c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2424Kc; blackberries 7K8c; buckle
berries 10Ql2n
Sugars Cubes, 9gJ4c; powdered, WA
9-)c; granulated. 9gc; confectioners' A. VjQ
9c; standard A. 8c; soft whites 8KSKc: yel
low, choice, 8c; yellow, good, 7!ic; yellow,
fair, 8c: yellow, dark, 7Kc
Pickles Medium, bbls (L200), H 50; medi
um, half bbls (600). $2 75.
Salt No. L V bbl, 95c; No. lex, V bbL tl 05;
dairy, ft bbl, tl 20; coarse crystal. 9) bbl. tl 20;
Hlggins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks t2 80; Higgins'
Eureka, 16-14 & pockets. S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches SI 30
1 90: ids. tl 301 35; extra peaches, tl 5001 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, flftil 50; Hid. Co.
corn. 7090c; red cherries 90c$l; Lima beins
tl 10: soaked do, 85c; string do do, 7585c: mar
rowfat peas, tl 101 15; soaked peas 70075c;
pineapples, tl 401 50; Bahama do, J2 75; dam
son plums 95c: greengages, tl 25; egg plums
$2; California pears t2 50; do greengages $2: do
egg plums, $2; extra white cherries, S3 90: red
cherries, 2 tts. 90c; raspberries f 1 4001 50:
strawberries, tl 10; gooseberries $1 3001 40;
tomatoes 82K92c; salmon, 1-tt, tl 752 10;
blackberries, 80c; succotash. 2-S cans soaked.
99c: do grcen,2ttsS125150:cornbcef,2-ftcans
f2 05: if ft cans t!4 00; baked beans tl 451 fO;
lobster, 1-tt. tl 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans,
broiled, tl 50; sardines domestics Ks I' 50
4 60; sardines domestic s t8 25s 50; sar
dines, imported, s, til 6012 50; sardines im
ported, Ks tl8: sardines mustard, 11 50; sar
dines, spiced, $4 50.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. tSfl 91
bbl.; extra No. 1 do, mess HO; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, J32: extra No. 1 do, messed,
(36; No. 2 shorn mackerel, 24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4Kc 91 lb; do medium, George's cod,
6c: do large. 7c; boneless bake, in strips 6c; do
George's cod in blocks 6K7Kc Herring
Round shore, to 00 M bbl; split, V 00: lake,
t2 50 P 100-tt half bbL White fisb. f7 0C fl 100
& half bbl. Lake front, t5 50 V balf bbL
Finnan haddock. 10c f) ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
5? lb. Pickerel. K barrel, t2 00; K barrel, tl 10;
Potomac herring, to 00 91 barrel, t2 50 fl
Oatmkal S3 306 60 ft bbL
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 58000c
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at tbe Grain Ex
change, 22 cars By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 1 car of wheat, 8 of oats 2 ot hay, 4 of
flour, 1 of malt. By 'Pittsburg, Cincinnati aud
St. Louis 1 car ot oats 2 of corn, 1 of screen
ings 2 of hay. There were no sales on cjlL
No. 2 new wheat was offered at 85c and 83c was
bid. New No. 2 white oats were offered at 31c.
with 29Kc bid. Bnpply and demand for bayare
light. Millfeed is slow. We are now between
seasons and tbe heavy crop of grass and hay
has a depressing Influence on oats The first
arrival of new oats from Ohio Is reported to
day. Both wheat and oats aTe In unprecedented
supply. Hay, too, is in supply far above the
average, throucb Pittsburg's territory. Corn Is
the only cereal crop that favors a bull move
ment. The flour drift Is toward a lower level
of prices
Wheat Jobbing prices New No. 2 red, 83
84c: No. 2 red. 89$bc: No. 3 red. 8384c
Corn No. 2 yellow ear, 4546c: high mixed
ear,4444Kc; No. 2 yellow, shelled, 42043c;
bleh mixed, shelled, 4142c; mixed, shelled,
OATS No.2 white. 32032KCS extra, No. 8,
31J31Xc; No. 3 white, S0Q3uic; mixed oats,
Ute No.lPennsrlvania and Ohio, 51652c;
No. I WeLtern, 50651c; new rye No. 2 Ohio,
Floub Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, 15 7500 26: winter straight,
t5 0653E: dnr winter. Si 75SS Oth strafe nt
XXJLS bakers', 4 3604 54 Rye lour, 16 598 J
SfUXFEED Middlings fine white. 514 50
15 00 f ton: brown middlings til 60 12 00: win
ter wheat bran, til 0011 25; cbop feed, 215 50
16 00.
Hat Baled timothy, choice, tl 1 50014 75: No.
1 do, S13 50Q13 73; Na 2 do, HI 0012 50; loose,
from wagon. S16 00018 00; new hay crop, tlO 00
14 00, according to quality: No. 1 upland
prairie 59 009 50; No. 2, t7 508 00; packing
do. tB 006 60.
Straw Oats, 8 60; wheat and rye straw.
f5 606 00.
Sugar-cured hams large, IlKc; sugar-cured
hams medium, 12c; sugar-cured bams, small,
12J$c; sugar-cured breakfast bacon,10c: sugar
cured shoulders 7c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9Hc; sugar
cured dried beet sets 10Kc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds 12c; bacon shoulders &c; bacon
clear sides 8c; bacon clear bellies, 8c; dry
salt shoulders 6c; dry salt clear sides 8c
Mess pork, heavy, S13 00; mess pork, family,
tl3 50. Lard Refined in tierces 6Jc; half
barreisc: tu-n rata, tc; avo paus,vc; ou-m
tin cans oVc: 3-ft tin palls 7c; 6-6 tin palls,
7c; 10-ft tin pails, 6c; 5-ft tin pails 7c; 10-&
tin pails 7c Smoked sausage, long; 6c: larre,
5c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams 10c
Pips feet, half barrel, S3 50; quarter barrel,
S2 00.
Dressed Meat.
Armour fe Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses 450 to 550
tts,SKc;55D to 650 tts 6Vc; 650to 730tts6c
Sheep, 8c fl ft. Lambs, 10c ft tt. Hogs &Mc
Fresh pork loins SKc
The Market Continues Active and Prices
Generally Strone to Steady.
London, Augusta.
Scotch Pig Active market and prices fair.
No. 1 Coltness 67s 6d. L o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Summerlee 57s 6d. L o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Garteherrie 55s. 6d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. lLangloan 56s 6d. Lo. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Cambroe 49s Od- f. o. L Glasgow
No. 1 Shotts 55s 6d- f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Glengarnock 54s Od. at Ardrossan.
No. 1 Dalmelllngton ...4Ss Od. at Ardrossan.
No.lEglinton ....46s. 6d. at Ardrossan.
Bessemer Pig Active trade and prices bold
ing strong. West Coast brands quoted at 52s
Od. for Nos L 2, 3, f. o. b. shipping point.
Middlesbrough Pig Continues firm, but
quiet. Good brands quoted at 42s. 6d. for No.
3. f . o. b.
Splegelelsen More demand and prices firmer.
English 20 per cent quoted at 80s 0L L o. b. at
Steel Wire Rods Steady market but demand
moderate. Mild steel. No. unquoted at 6 17s
6d- f. o. b. shipping port.
Steel Rails Market firm and demand cood.
Standard sections quoted at 4 17s 6d. f. 0. b.
Steel Blooms Fair demand and market firm.
Bessemer 7x7 quoted 4 7s. 6(1. L 0. b. ship
ping point.
Steel Billets Firm market and demand
good. Bessemer (size 2Kx2) quoted at 4
12s 6d. f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Slabs This market holds steady on a
moderate demand. Ordinary sizes quoted at 4
15s Od. f. o. b. shipping point.
Crop Ends Firm market and the demand
better than that of last week. Run of the
mill quoted at 2 15s Od. f. o. b. shipping
Old Rails An Increased demand has made
rices firmer. Tees quoted at 3 2s. 6d., and
ouble heads at 3 12s Ud. c L L N ew York.
Scrap Iron Market firm on a better demand.
Heavy wrought quoted at 2 7s Od. L o. b.
shipping points
Manufactured Iron This market continues
active with prices strong.
Stafford, ord. marked bars(f.o.bX'pool)8 10s Od
' common bars 0 OsGdBlSsOd
" blk. sheet singles 0 Os Mm 8 5s Od
Welsh bars, f.o.b. Wales... 6 17s 6d 0 OsOd
Steamer Freights Glasgow to New York,
43. Od. Liverpool to New York. 10s Od.
The Severe Penalties Provided for Non
conformity Thereto.
The County Commissioners yesterday re
ceived from the State Board of Revenue
Commissioners the new blanks for the re
turns of personal property subject to State
tax. The blanks contain explicit directions
as to taxable property. Several sections of
the act show that any person or officer mak
ing a false return shall be guilty of perjury,
punishable by a tine not exceeding $500 and
undergo an imprisonment not exceeding
seven years. For an assessor to accept a
return without administering the oath or
affirmation, is a misdemeanor, and punish
able with a fine not to exceed $500. If the
assessors or any taxable person make any
arrangement to return a less amount of tax
able property than should be returned, tbey
shall be guilty of conspiracy and upon con
viction be lined not more than 1,000 and
sentenced to imprisonment not exceeding
three years.
Another change is that the county now
gets one-third ot the tax for trouble in col
lecting it. Heretofore the Revenue Com
missioners merely allowed expenses The
new blanks will" be used for the fall col
lection. A Bride and Groom In Jail.
The wedding of John Spall and Mary
Train, on Thursday night in Four Mile
Run, was attended with such boisterous hi
larity that officers interfered and locked np
the bride, groom and two guests in the Four
teenth ward station house for the night.
9 Starved Himself to Death.
Frederick Neff, who had been in jail since
August 4, for disorderly conduct, died yes
terday morning, became he had refused food
for several days. He was insane, and his re
moval to Dixmont had been ordered.
entitled "Quetts at Camp Nineteen," will be
published in to-morrouf Dispatch.
Pears' Soap
(Scented and Unsnented)
A purely Vegetable
, Compound that expels
tall bad humors from tho
f system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
JAB. D. CALLERY President
Capital and surplus 125,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business
Cczema,wltchr, Senly, Skin Tortures.
Th slsipl appUertioa ofSwiini Onrmrr" niLboat
any laternkl medlcta. -ill car t?r Tetter. SaJt
tfcrnw, Ria rwoTB. PUaa, IuA. Sore, rimplw, trrnpnn al
& Biuir hQV obidntta or Iocs tadiac. &VU Itf orogguu,
ir km T iill tor 50 CM. 3 Bolt. IJS Addrcaj. Pt.
Bwra4tSaa,raUailelsU.rk iitmrlnillnkta
Bold by all Otero dealers. Manufactured by
Blood PonficF.
Little Maggie Hayden, only 5 years old. who
lives on Webster avenue, corner Klrkpatrick
street, became so badly affected with catarrh
as to greatly alarm her parents and friends
She bad a stuffed up condition in her head and
throat so that at times it was difficult for her
to breathe. She was restless nights, and the
dry, raspiue cough was very severe. She had a
hollow look in her eyes and emaciated appear
ance, and she seemed to have a cold all tho
time. Her parents took her to tbe Catarrh and
Dyspepsia Institute, at 323 Penn avenue, and
after consulting with Mrs Dr. Crossley aad her
associate physicians she began treatment and
became entirely cured in two mouths. Her
father says:
"My daughter has been cured by tbe physi
cians or the Catarrh and Dyspepsia institute.
I hereby sign my name.
Catarrh is a disease that affects children as
well as adults, and often at a verv early age.
It Is the direct cause of most of the consump
tion of this climate, and not infrequently . the
disease develops into consumption with chil
dren under 10 years of age. The four physi
cians associated with the Catarrh and Dys
pepsia Institute have for years made a special
study of catarrh and dyspepsia and diseases of
women. If they can cure you they will frankly
tell you. If theycannot they will as frankly
tell you that The crowns of patients who
daily assemble in their parlors bear proof to
their success in making cures. Remember the
place. 323 Penn avenue. Consultation free to
aU. Office hours 10a. jl. to P. at, and 6 to
8 p. at. Sundays 12 to 1 p. at. aulO-TTS
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sta,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices -'
and see us
ur-iu noacnes oanisned Dye on
tract. Satisfaction guaranteed or
nn nnv as RTTVlT'vriT xri.
'Pittsburg. Pa Price 1150 per
pound. ja2-55-s
Flocker's Lubricating Hemp Packing
Italian and American Hemp Packing,
Clothes Lines, Twines, Bell Cord, Fish Lines
Chalk Lines, Night Lines, Sisal Bale and Hid
Rope, Tarred Lath Yarn, Spun Yam, etc t
WORKS East street. Allegheny City, Pa.
ttsburg. Telephone No. 1370. my3-arws
Do You Know It?
To perfect a cure, youmust remove the cause.
LIME AND SOOA supplies the system with Oxl
dizable Phosphorus, the deficiency of wfaich Is
tbe proximate cause of Consumption. For
Coughs Bi'oaehitis, Weak Luogt, Night
Sweats, and all Throat Diseases, it Is an un
equaled remedy. Sold by Druggists Jl per
bottle. Recommended hy physicians Send
for circular. WINCHESTER & CO., Chemists,
182 William Street, New York.
O-D. LEVIS. Solicitor of FaUnts
131 Fifth avenue, above SmithHeld, next Leader
office, (rtoaeiay.j .bsianusneazu years.
Issue travelers" credits thronch Messrs DrexeL
Morgan & Co., New York. Passports procured.
As old residents know and back Hies of Pitts
burg papers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
KILDnt lOand mental diseases physical
l tn V U U O decay,nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self distrust,basbfulness
dizziness, sleeplessness pimples, eruptions im
poverished hlood, failing powersorganlc weak
ness dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tbe person for business,society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches failing hair, bones pains glandular
swellings ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat,
ulcers old sores are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIPIMARV kidney and bladder derange.
UnilMAn Ijinents weak back, gravel. ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive, searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whlttler's life-long, extensive experi
ence, insures scientific and reliable treatment
on common-sense principles Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as if hers Office hours 9 A. X. to 8 P. X. Sun
day, 10 A. it to 1 P. it. only. DR. WHITTIER,
SllPenn avenue. Pituburg; Pa.
SPECIALISTS In all cases re
quiring scientific and confiden
tial treatment! Dr. 8. K. Lake.
M. R. C. P. 3., is the oldest and
most experienced specialist in
the city. Consultation freo and
strictlv contidentiaL Offlea
hours 'J to 4 and 7 to 8 P. St.; Sundays 2 to p.
isConsult them personally, or write. DocroE3
Lake. 908 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
?3 Oottcm. EOOt
iDosed of Cotton Root. Tanrr and
Pennyroyal a recent discovery try an
'old chvslclan. Is tuceetsfuUu used
monuau Safe, Effectual. Price (L by mall,
sealed. Ladles ask your druegist for Cook's
Cotton Root Compound and take no substitute,
or inclose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad
dress FOND LILT COMPANY, No. 3 Fisher
Block, 131 Woodward ave Detroit. Mlclu.
a posmvis CUKB
For LOST or Falling
ness weakness oc
Body A Mind. Lack of 8trenffth. Vliror and De
velopment, caused by Errors Excesses &c Hoot,
JIodk of Bttr-TRKATJCUtT. and Proofs mailed
(rested) tree Address LUlE MEDICAL CO-
xtiuiaio. .a. x.
For men! Checks the worst cases In three
days, and cam in five days Price Jl 00. at
iu dtaues snee. i ,