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leading Features of Markets at the
East Liberty ar3s.
Tlie Prices of Last Week Fairly
tained on Good Grades.
OrncB or pjttsburo Dispatch, I
Wedxesdat. August 7. 1SS8. J
Supplies for the week aggregated 118
carloads, against 135 loads last week. The
quality did not arerage up as well as those
received a week ago. "While there were
about 15 loads of good shipperf, weighing
1,400 to 1,500 pounds, there were no extra
primes in this week'a receipts. The bulk of
supplies were common to good butchering
cattle. Chicago furnished 17 loads of light
stock, mostly betters and cdws. Of this grade
supply exceeds demand and sales were only
mide by liberal concessions. This is the time
of the year when markets are usually over
stocked with ligbtweigbt cattle from near-by
districts. Tbe heavy rnn from Chicago demor
alized markets, and on these lightweights
prices this week were tbe lowest of the season.
Tbe range for this erade of cattle was tl 10 to
S3 00, and at these figures markets were slow.
Ten carloads of 1,400 to 1,450-ponnd cattle
which were bought for export sold at $4 10
to M 80. Three loads of the best on tbe
market were bonght for New York at SI 35.
This was the highest price paid this week.
There is no essential difference in prices as
compared with last weckexcept for light stock,
which were in liberal supply.
Herr's Island drovers report a loss on this
wee k's operations because of tbe higher prices
they were forced to pay in Chicago, wblle
butchers here could not be brought to pay the
advance. Drovers this week have generally
suffered loss, if tney bought last week. One
drover said, ! would be glad to close this
week's deals at a loss of $75?' Another placed
his losses at 1100. and another at $50. Tbe op
portunities ot our butchers to secure stock at
low figures tbls week bave been first class. It
is not learned that the consumer is to derive
any benefit from low-priced cattle. He will no
doubt be required to pay the same for his
roasts and steaks as wben tbe price of live
stock was at least 3c per pound above rates of
to-day. Tbe butcher's excuse for holding np
prices Is that tallow, bides and rough meat are
so much reduced in price.
It Is assuredly time that our steaks and roasts
should join tbe downward movement of eata
bles. With choice beeves selling at M to St 50,
15 to 20c per pound for beef, is too high or it
was dreadfully low a few years ago when cat
tle brought 7 to 8c per pound.
The present must be a harvest time for butch
ers and exporters.
Sheep and Lamb.
The run was light, Monday's receipts being 18
loads against 26 tbe previous Monday. Tues
day's receipts were 6 to 8 loads, and to-day but
one load was reported. Markets varied little
from last week, the light run being the saving
The range for wethers was 3?i to 4fl. Noth
ing above the latter figure could be traced.
Lambs brought from $4 65 to $5 50. Anything
of a choice quality In sheep or Iambs found
ready sale. Low grades, which were In the
majority, were dull and slow at inside quota
tions. In these days of low prices and narrow
margins good goods bave tbe lead more de
cidedly than in high price times. Low grades
can only be foisted on to markets by conces
sions. nogs.
Markets present no new features. Supply
was light as it always is In midsummer. Sheep
meat seems to be more in demand than pork.
Heavy bogs are particularly slow. Lard keeps
drifting downward, and while this is the case,
heavy hogs will inevitably go slow.
OlcCall & Co.' Review.
The supply of cattle has been fair and the
market ruled strong on all grades, especially
good, which was in light supply. We give the
following as ruling prices, the market closing
strong: Prime, 1,300 to LOW Its. $4 BOSH 40;
good, 1,200 to 1,400 lbs, S3 9o4 20; rough fat,
1,100 to 1.300 As, S3 503 70; good butcher
grades, 900 to 1,100 lis, S3 303 63; common
t fair. 800 to 1,000 As, 52 ,SS 23; bulls and
tat cows, S2 00Q2 73: fresh cows and springers,
S30 00035 U0 per bead.
The supply of hoes on Monday was about
equal to the demand, and while prime light
grades sold readily at former prices, medium
and heavy wereslowsalc. Tuesday the receipts
were light, bnt composed of grassers and stub
lers, which were bard to sell at 1520 per cent
less than cornfed. To-day the receipts are
light and all sold at the following quotations:
Best light Yorkers. S4 754 80; common to fair
Yorkers, $1 404 6j; heavy medium, selected,
4 304 C5, rougb stags and sows, S3 2504 00.
Tbe receipts of sbeep this week were heavy,
and the market slow at a decline of
10c to 15c per cwt. from last week's prices.
We give the following as ruling prices: Prime
Ohio and Indiana wethers, eigbing here 110 to
129 As, S4 501 85. good, 90 to 100 As. $4 23
4 40; fair to good, 75 to 80 As, $3 504 00;
good yearlings. 75 to 80 As, H 254 60: com
mon to tair, 60 to 00 As, $3 50a4 15; veal
calves, 110 to 120 As, U 005 00.
Br Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts, 48 carloads
for tbe market. 35 catloads for exportation
and 27 carloads for city slaughterers direct.
Opening prices for good steers were a trifle
stronger man on aionaay, dui tne market
closed barely steady; extremes for steer, all
natives, S3f'04 60 ner 100 lbs; for bulls, 12 10Q
8 20, shipment: tc day, 1,270 beeves and 4,460
quarters or beef. Calves Receipts, 2,400
bead; market firmer and higher, with a good
clearance at S2 503 25 per 100 lbs for grassers
and buttermilks; S3 504 25 for mixed lots, and
S4 504J6 25 for veals. Sheet Receipts, 6,000
bead, and 2.000 bead were left over Teaterrliv-
sheep quiet aud steady; lambs active anil '
yc per pound higher; sheep sold at S3 6005 25
per 100 lbs. lambs at 55 607 50. with about five
carloads of choice lambs at J7 75. Hogs Re
ceipts, 6.U0O bead; market firmer, with sales
alive at H 605 10 per 100 lbs.
Kansas Crrr Cattle-Receipts. 4.778 head;
sbipinents, 8,442 bead; good Texas and native
dressed beef steers active and steady to a shade
higher; common dull and weak; Mockers and
leedmg steers steady; good to choice corn-fed
steers, J4 0034 25; common to medium, S3 OOtl
3 75; stockers and feeding steers, SI 6083 00;
cows. Jl 50S2 50; grass range steers, SI 752 Wi
Hoct Receipts, 6,575 head; shipments, 1,361
bead; market strong to 5c higher, closing weak:
good to choice light, S4 27V4 32)fc heavy and
mixed, S4 05S4 25. hheep Receipts, 432 head:
shipments, 130 head; market steady; good to
choice muttons, S3 75Q4 00: common to me
dium, $2 50Q3 53.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 1,700 head; ship
ments. 800 head; market active and strong;
choice heavy native steers, S4 3004 45; fair to
good. S3 804 25; stockers and feeders. S2 25
2 50; rangers, ccrn fed, S3 253 75; grass fed,
S2 30gS 00; range cows and heifers, SI B02 25.
Hoes Receipts, 2,400 head: shipments, 1,000
head; market opened strong and closed tame;
fair to choice heavy, S4 354 60; packinr
S4 254 40; light grades, fair to best, S4 400
4 65. Sheep Receipts, 3,200 head; shipments,
2,200 head; market active and firm; fair to
choice, S3 404 0 Lambs, S3 755 5a
CHICAGO Cattle Receipts, 25.000 head; ship
ments, 6,000 bead; market steady; beeves, (4 20
4 55: steers, S3 604 35; stockers and feeders.
tl 30Q3 30; cows, bulls and mixed, SI 6003 00;
Texas cattle. SI 60ffiJ 10: natives and half
breeds, S3 303 SOL Hogs Receipts, 14,500 head;
shipments. 6,000 head; market steady: mixed
S4 254 65. heavy, S4 104 40; liebt,$4 35g4 75:
skips. S3 5004 bO. Sheen Receipts. 11.000 head;
shipments. 2,0G0 head; market steady and a
shade weaker: natives, S3 6004 70: western.
83604 10:Texans, S3 40i 16; lambs, S4 750
5 75.
Btwalo Cattle Receipts 98 carloads
through; 6 carloads for sale: market un
changed. Sbeep and Iambs Receipts, 9 car
loads through: 6 carloads for sale; sheep un
changed: lambs higher: good to best sheep.
5. 55: ?alr t0 KOO(1- M604f4 76; common;
S4 0004 50; lambs, good to best, 86 2506 60; fair
to good. $6 0006 25; common, 85 006 Ott Hogs
Receipts, 13 carloads through; 12 for sale:
market active and 5c higher; medium. S4 650
72jBUxe1, U ai 80! rke. M 7004 90; pigs,
A Slcnal Improvement.
The rail circuit system of automatie
block signalling will be put Into formal
service to-day between the Union station
and "Wilkinsburg on the Pennsylvania road.
If it proves successful the system will be ex
tended along the entire line.
Imported Brandenberg Frere.
Medoc,' 8t. Emillon, St, Estepha, Bt
Julien, Margeaux, Pontet, Canet,8t. Pierrie,
Chateau Leoville, Chateau la Rosa, Chateau
MontoD, Grand Vln Chateau Margeaux,
Grand VinChateau Lafitte. by the case or
bottla. G. W. Schmidt,
96 tnd 97 Fifth avenue, city.
The Ball Side of 'ike Wheat Pit Gets a
Black Eye Good News for Con-
sninrra A Big Hrycr Check
the Decline .mil Saves
tho liny.
CHICAGO, August 7. Tlio trend of wheat
values was downward to-day. The local trad
ing crowd bave been working the bull tide of
the market for tho past two or three days, but
this morning the feeling was weak in the ex
treme, before as well as after the opening.
Cables came in unfavorably, both spot and fut
ures of wheat at Liverpool being quoted lower,
with a limited demand. Tbe increase for the
week in the quantity on ocean passage, accord
ing to tbe boards report, was 880.000 bushels,
butBeerbohm made the Increase 1,040,000 bush
els, and explained that it was almost all Rus
sian wheat.
This was regarded as a bear circumstance.
Coupled with the depressing cables was the fine
weather on this side and free movement of
wheat into the primary markets. Influences
were in fact pretty generally fjcrable for
lower. prices, barring the good cash demand
for both wheat and flour, and this did not ap
pear to have as mnch weight, either yesterday
or to-day, as the bulls bad hoped for and confi
dently expected. The opening was K
under yesterday's closing range, and before
noon tbe market weakened c more, De
cember selling down to TSJ-c. At that figure a
prominent local operator was a free buyer,
taking, it was said, fully a million and one-half
of December at TSc and under.
The effect of this buying was to check the
decline, and the market slowly rallied to the
opening price of 78Kc Later It became weak
and receded to about inljlo figures, closings
being at a net loss for the day in leading fut
ures of iHc Considerable long wheat was
closed out by tbe local bull houses ana at times
was fairly active, though tbe volume of trade
on the aggregate was not large.
Corn ruled rather quiet the greater part of
the session, though there were periods of
temporary activity. The feeling on the whole
was easier, and trading was at slightly lower
prices of yesterday and easy and offerings were
quite free. Influenced some by tbe fine weather,
and prices declined c. A large local specu
lator was a buyer on the decline and the market
rallied, eased off a little and closed Jc lower
tban yesterday. There was some selling on
country account early in th day. Tbe demand
for cash when the market opened also had a
strengthening influence on the market. Cables
were less favorable to holders, and domestic
markets were easy and steady.
There was less trading in oats and a quiet
and cesier feeling prevailed, but price changes
were confined to a small range.
Considerable interest was manifested in the
market for mess pork tbrougbout the day.
Prices were advanced 1012c,and closed at
outside figures.
The market for lard attracted considerable,
attention. Early tbe feeling was firm and
prices were advanced 7X10c. Later prices
receded 25c. At the close it rallied again
and ruled firm.
Fair attention was given short ribs. Early
the feeling was stronger and prices ruled 2K
6o higher. Later prices receded again. To
ward the close rallied 57c and closed steady.
The leading rutures ranged as follows-
WHEAT No. Z September. 76k76K76U
76c; December, 78i78iQ78K'ic; year,
s No. 2, September. 3636
October, S63Bc; December,
!Kc. . . .
uats .wo. z. September.
20c; October. 20J6203c:May. 24
Der. S10 62V
Mess Pork, per bbl. Septerc
010 75010 60010 70: October. SI0 45010 67K
010 45010 55: January. S9 6009 92V6.0 97U6)
8 82)$.
Lard, per 100 As. September, S6 32K06 45
06 3266 45; October, S 37H66 4506 S7K0
6 45: year, SB O7K06 la
Short Ribs, per 100 As. September, 85 45
05 6505 4506 5; October. S5 4505 62k0
6 4505 5f ; January. S4 92H05 00.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour dull
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat 765c: No.
3 spring wheat, new,71c;No.2Ted.76?-4076Kc:
No. 2 corn. 36K036VC. No.2oata,20jc No.2
rye.42K043c No. 2 barley nominal. No. 1 flax
seed. SI 20, Prime timothy seed. SI 421 41.
Mess pork, per barrel, S10 70010 75. Lard, per
100 pounds, SO 37K06 4a Short rib sides (loose),
15 4505 65. Dry salted shoulders (boxed),
S4 87X65 03. Short clear sides (boxed), S5 750
6 87K. Sugars unchanged. Receipts Flour,
18.000 barrels; wheat, 202,000 bushels; corn. 492,
000 bnshels; oats, 293,000 bushels; rye, 6.000 bush
els; barley, 4,000 bushels. Shipments Flour,
11,000 barrels; wheat, 179,000busbels:com. 206.000
busbelstoats, 201,000 bushels; rye, none; barley,
none. ,
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was active for finest and unchanged.
New York Flour heavy and moderately
active. Cornmeal dull. Wheat Spot dull,
X?c lower and heavy; options moderately
active ana 54j0Jc lower. Rye firm. Barley
malt dull. Corn Spot dull and weaker;
options dull and weak. Oats Spot quiet and
lower; options fairly active and heavy. Hay
firm and In fair demand. Hops quiet and
easy. Coffee Options opened dull and un
changed to 6 points np and closed barely
steady 6010 points down; sales, 27 500
,1?SudJn,:A,uSnst' 14-85c; Septem
ber. 14 90 0 15.10c: October. 15.00
15.05; November. 15.05; December. 14.80
01505c: March, 14.9O01a.lOc: Mav, 15000
1510c; spat Rio a shade easier; fair cargoes,
lSJic Sugar Raw quiet and nominal; refined
firm and in better demand. Molasses For
eign dull; New Orleans quiet. Rice steady
and quiet. Cottonseed oil steady. Tallow ir
regular and unsettled. Rosin steady and quiet.
Turpertlne quiet at 4OK041i4c Ecgs firmer
and is good demand; western, 15$16c; re
ceipts. 4,053 packages. Fork steadv and fairly
active; mess, inspected, S12 00012 50: mess, un
inspected, Sll 75012 00: extra fine, $11 00. Cut
meats lower but more active? nfobiAH ,..,
UftllKc; sales picaled bellie, 12 pounds, 7?c:
moked bellies, 9c: pickled shoulders, 5Mc:
(middles dull. Lard Options opened 68pofnts
up, lost 203 and closed dull; sales, 500 tierces
wewrM steam, ueuvery in iwo weeKS for ex
port, $8 78; 60 tierces spot, S6 70: September,
closed at S8 74: October. S6 74; November. S6 73:
Butter steady and quiet; western dairv. 100
12Kc; do creamery, 11017c; do factory, 8012Kc.
Cheese in moderate demand and firm; west
ern, 7c.
Philadelphia Flour Market dull, except
for choice old winters, which wera scarce and
wanted. Wheat opened weak; futures bevond
this month declined about c but cash No. 2
red wanted to fill freights and the August
option ruled steady; rejected in grain depot,
70c; do in export elevator, 78c; ungraded in
grain depot, 86c; No. 3 red in export ele
vator, 78c: No. 2 red in do, 81c: No. 2 red.
August, 83V084C; September. 83K083?ic: Octo
ber. 8484Hc; November, 84J6S5!4c. Corn
Options barely steady; carlots quiet but firm;
No. 2 mixed, track and grain depot, 45Kc: do
in grain depot, 40c; No. 2 mixed August, 43?i0
44VJr34Jfc; futures quiet but steady; No. i
white, August. 31U032c; September. 8OH0
30Jic; October. 30J$631Kc; November. 31031c
Eggs firm; Pennsylvania firsts, 15016c.
St Louis Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat Fine we ther and large increase in
amount on passage put prices down, but the
market was better sustained than at other
golnts; August, 7373Ke, closed 733c asked;
eptember, 7374Hc. closed 74c bid; Decem
ber, 78H078c closed 78c; year, 7Sfc Corn
lower; offerings were greater than demand: No.
2 mixed, cash, 33e; Anmst, 33J033Jc, cloed
3333Kc: September, 33Ji0S3Kc; October, 32Jg
33; year, 31i031Kc. Oats easier; No. 2 cash,
185ic bid; August and September, 20c bid; May,
23K024c Rye better; No. 2. 40c. Barley
No market. Flaxseed active at SI 23K01 25.
Provisions firm, but very quiet.
Cincinnati Wheat easier: No. 2 red, 76c:
receipts, 12.000 bushels; shipments, 6,000
uusneis. uorn steady; No. 2 mixed. 38c.
Oats heavy: No. 2 mixed, 24K025Xc: No
vember, 22c. Rye weaker; No. 2, 44045c
Pork firm at Sll S7. Iard stronger at $0 15.
Bulkmeats and bacon firm. Butter steady.
Sugar in light demand: refined. 8?iic: New
Orleans, 708. Eggs firm at llc. Cheese
MILWAUKEE Flonr. steadv. Wheat east-?
caRh. 67Jc: 8eptember.75Mc Com dull: So. 3,
e dui
,c uats ami: no. i wmie, zdkkvwc.
Re dull: No. L 42c Barley quiet; Sep.
tember. 68VCc sel'ers. Provisions firm. Pork.
S10 67K. Lard,S6S2X. Cheese higher; Ched
dars 808c.
Baltimore Provisions dulL Butter steady;
creamery. 16017c Eggs firm; fresh 14c Other
articles unchanged.
Toledo Cloverseed quiet; cash, S4 45; Oc
tober, (4 .
Wool Market.
St. Louis Increased receipts had no marked
effect, and the market ruled quiet and un
changed. Metal Market.
NEW Yorx Copper irregular, but tendency
npwara; laae, adeuh, h eo; copper,
copper, 9 4a
ijeau auu ana Bieauy, uuiuenuc, s 1
firm and brisk in tone; straits, S19 95.
.3B7iC Tin
Ali apothecaries sell that true and tried
strengthening and worm medicine, Dr. D.
Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge. If a child is
weak and wanting in appetite, a finer tonic
and appetiser cannot be given it: while, if
worms be present, their removal by the
Verfaifuge is safely effected.
Visitors to Paris Exposition
Can fiM "Holmes' Best" rye whisky at A.
D. Gaitard's, No. 30 Boulevard aes Cacu
clnes, xaria. azssa
He Didn't Read the Papers and Didn't
Know the Value of Walnat
Timely Advice to Countrj Boys Who Bare
an Itching for the City.
Mr. J. S. Fisher, a prominent local lum
ber dealer, in conversation yesterday, told
how an Ohio farmer made a mistake. He
said: "X was in the Bnckeye State on busi
ness a short time ago. In walking along a
railroad I discovered a large lot of black
walnut ties. They had been famished by a
fanner who. presumably, never reads the
papers and did not know the value of the
wood. When I told him he was mad
enough to kick himself. I was mad, too. to see
such waste of a valuable wood. He could have
got dollars for it in Pittsburg, where he got
cents from tbe railroad." ,
Thirty-two mortgages were filed for record
yesterday. The largest. was for $11,400 to Bank
of Pittsburg. The next largest was for $10,000
to J. R. Mellon. Thirteen were for $1,000 and
np to $4,000. A large proportion of these mort
gages was for nnrchase money. The activity
in this business bids fair to eventually absorb
all the idle money of which so much has been
It would be Interesting to know how many
men In the city these hot August days, who are
tied down to business in close, hot and dusty
stores and offices while the blazing sun makes
the streets, the sidewalks and even the very
brick walla radiate an increased beat, wish
they were barefooted boys again, and out in
tbe country in the cool shade, where tbey
could dress as they pleased. As a rule, the
city man wants to go to the country and tbe
countryman wants to come to the city. It is the
same with boys. But, as Shakespeare puts it,
they bad better bear tbe ills tbey bave tban fly
to others they know not of. Comparatively
few country boys succeed In the city. A large
majority of tbem prove pronounced failures,
and sink out of sight and remembrance in a
few years. A few of those with exceptional en
ergy, natural force of character, or special ad
vantages acquire fortunes and fame. Country
boys, unless tbey have trades, professions, cap
ital or some other special calling or advantage,
should avoid the city.
The lumber trade is unusually active for the
season. Tbls is attributed to the large number
of buildings going up in the city and suburbs.
This industry will improve later on, when there
will be an advance in prices. There are already
signs of an awakening. No towns, houses or
transportation lines can be built without lum
ber. If all the projected booms and improve
ments materialize, and there is good evidence
to show that a great many of them will, there
will be a rush lor lumber at an early date.
Reoently there has been an addition made to
the food plants produced in this country, which
in time may prove a strong rival of Indian corn.
The new plant is called cassava, and it can be
grown to perfection in almost all the Southern
States, A person who has given special atten
tion to the cassava thinks that from 10 to 50 tons
of roots of one year's growth ougnt to be ob
tained from an acre of land, according to its
quality. This is little better than conjecture,
but certainly the plant yields enormously under
certain conditions. It makes an excellent flour.
This is alarming news to lovers of Johnnycakes,
hoecakes and dodgers,
- w
Lots In the Orchard plan, at Wilkinsburg,
are selling at tbe rata of $34 afoot. Six or
eight years ago tbey went a-begging at half the
money. Water works, churches of nearly all
denominations, the finest school building out
side of the cities and unsurpassed railroad fa
cilities are attracting attention to Wilkinsburg
as one of the most desirable places for residence
around Pittsburg;
Tbe advance in prices during the past two
weeks was not confined entirely to Wall street.
Within that time wheat has risen 7 cents per
bushel, corn 7 cents per bushel, coffee 70
points, cotton 1-18, lead 10 points, tin 15 points,
copper 25 points, and oil about 6 cents per bar
rel! Local stocks have also participated in the
upward movement.
The prophet who a few years ago proclaimed
tbat all houses for common use would ulti
mately be built of paper, was laughed at as
impractical. But it is quite rapidly coming
true that cheap houBes can be built entirely of
paper. What is needed is a building material
so inexpensive that we shall have no tempta
tion to retain them when infected by diseases,
or when partially decayed and unwholesome.
The Paper World boasts that we are entering
the paper age, when we shall not only live in
paper houses, but wear paper clothes, and use
paper napkins, handkerchiefs and plates.
A deed has just been executed in Virginia
City, Nev., by the United States Marshal, con
veying to the Union Trust Company, of New
York, all property of tbe Sutro Tunnel Com
pany included in the sale of the property Janu
ary 14, 18b9. The sale was made to satisfy a
mortgage held by Hugh McCalmont et aL A
suit for foreclosure was called in the United
States Circuit Court at Carson. October L 1888.
resnlting in a decree ordering the sale of the
property. The property was bid in by agents
of the Union Trust Company for $1,625,000.
Local Securities Well Sustained Under Ad
verse Conditions Central Raided.
There was not mnch of a stock market yes
terday, only 310 shares changing hands. There
are too many brokers and investors away to ex
pect much business. An attempt to bear Cen
tral Traction developed more inherent strength
in that stock than it was thought to possess.
It gave way a trifle in the afternoon, however,
selling at 31. Later 32 was bid and 32 asked.
Pittsburg continued to flounder around in the
soup, but Citizen's was strong.
Tne natural gas stocks, with the exception of
Chartiers, which was weaker and neglected,
were a shade firmer. Pipeage was fractionally
lower. Manufacturers' Oas was firm at Tues
day's advance. La Noria was weaker and
Snitch and Signal slightly stronger. Bids,
offers and sales follow:
fUd. Asked. Hid. Asked.
P. P.. S. A 1L Ex 450
Fourth National Bank tS
Aeysione jsk 01 --;
Uermnflat.JJk,AIl'y. ISO
L.&T.Co.,AU'y ....
Tblrd Nat. Bant. AT.. I3S
Ben franklin Ins. Co. 47
Briiljrewaier Gas at
Chartiers Val. Oas Co. ....
Manufacturers Oas Co. 2SU
Nat. bus Co. or V. Va. . 72
Ohio Valley Gas.
1". N. Ir-il". CO
PennsTlvanlaUas Co..
Philadelphia Co
Wfaeellnc Uas Co
tores toil (Jo
Tuna Oil Co
Washington oil Co....
Central Traction.
Pittsburg 1 Taction
Pleasant Valley
Pitts., Alle. & Man....
Pitts. & Western . K.
1 V. . K. K. Co. pref
La Morla Mining; Co...
Westins-bouse hJectrus
1 173 17
&X 7K SI
.8 ..::::
68 ....
79 85 78
Ji)4 S!)f S2
7l 71)4 70tf
4 4itfJ ....
SIX 3 u
.nononganeia water... .. .
U. B. A Slg. Co. IX
weiiinrnouseA.tt.uo.. no
At the first call were 50 shares of Tl'Sjr.r'ik'.f'
1JJ. 10 Central Traction at 825)5, 100 b. o. 80082.
and 50 Philadelphia Gas at Zl. In the after
noon 100 shares Central Traction sold at ZIU.
Mr. A. Caster sold $2,000 Westmoreland and
Cambria 68 at par and interest. This company
is rapidly recovering from the effects of tho
flood. The stock is strong at 25 bid.
Tbe total sales of stocks at New York yester
day were 156,883 shares, including: Atchison.
12,895; Missouri Pacific, 5,830; Northwestern.
4,28c: Northern Pacific preferred, 7,410; Read
ins:. 7,785: St. Paul, 18,030; Union Pacific.
Beaton Stocks.
Ateh. A Top. E. E... 38
AllouezMi;Co(new). H
Calumet A ilcla....ZS4
;i"iln. 10
Osceola. n
Kir"8 (new)....,. 1
Qalncy 50
Sell TelephoMin "
Boston Land t
U iter Power
Boston Ainany...:i7
lUMion Maine.. ...201
C. 11. AU. 103),
Eastern R. H. 89
Eastern K. B. fts ..UJH
Mexiaan Uen. com.. MS
Mex.Clstatg.bds. 6SM
N. y. AAewKng... COJj
wauoumr .10
Hntland preferred.. 40
wis. Oen trai.com... safe
WIC Central pf,... 60
-ramaraex i
San mega , jg
Clearing Danse Figures Show Trade to, be
In Excellent Condition.
Reports at several ot the local banking insti
tutions yesterday were to the effect that money'
was plenty and rates unchanged. A Slight Im
provement In the borrowing demand was
noted, but as depositing was, liberal and check
ing rather light; the flow of money was toward
the banks. That there will be a good demand
for money wben the fall trade sets in Is the
opinion of nearly every financier in the city.
The Clearing House report indicated a large
movement lor August in tbe various lines of
trade. .
One of the largest wholesale dry goods firms
reported July sales 120,000 larger tban in the
same month last year, and a still larger busi
ness so far this month. The clearings were
11,795,265 84, and the balances $453,740 03. Cur
rency was scarce, and some of the banks used
considerable gold in making settlements.
Money on call atNew York yesterday was easy
at 2KQ3H per cent; last loan, 8: closed offered
at8. Prime mercantile paper, 4Jf6K. Ster
ling exchange qnlet but strong at $4 85 for 60
day bills and $4 Si for demand.
; Closing Bond Quotations.
D. 8. 4s,reg KSH
U. S. 4s. coup 128X
U.S. 4X&, re MMi
O. S. 4Ks. coup.... Kb
Pariacssor'& us
Loulsianaitampedta ii
-Missouri 0s 10014
Tenn. new set. 6s... .105
Tenn. new set. 5s. ...100
Tenn. new set 3s.... 7
Canada Bo. 21 9S,H
Cen. Pacificists 114)4
Den. 4 K. O., lsts..,13s
Der i R. O. 4s 79
l.AH.O.West,lsts. 101
Krle, xus 103
14. K. i. T. Oen. 6s.. 63.
M.K.4T.Gen.5s . SW
Mutual Union es... .101
V.J, C. Int. Cert.. .113
Northern Pae. lsts..H7Jj
Northern Pae.2ds..H6
Northw't'n consols. 14"4
Northw'n deben's.,114
Oregon A Trans. 6s 105X
Bt. Ii.A8.P.(ien.Jl.llS
Bl. Paul consols ...-1-J4
yt Pi ihi . fe.lsta.UH
Tx.,Pc.L.O.Tr Ks.SOH
ix,rc.n.u.ir.jw '.
Union Pac. 1SU....U4K
West Shore 1
Government and State bonds were steady and
Nkw" Yobk Clearings, J102,80a,418; bal
ances, $4,639,59a
Boston Clearings, S13,800,300; balances,
Pnn.AEKi.prnA The bank clearings to-day
were, l'0.638,471; balances. J1.5S.83L
Kaltimobe Clearings. $1,932,560; balances,
Paris Three per cent rentes, 851 TKc forjthe
Chicago Money steady. On call, 5KS6 per
cent: time loans, 67 per cent. Bank clearings,
Oil Active and Doll by Turns A Bullish
The oil market was active and dull yesterday
by turns. Business was of a spasmodic charac
ter, of moderate proportions, and confined to
tbe room traders. About 10,000 barrels of cash
oil were handled at a below the regular op
tion. September oil held above the dollar
mark all day, and closed within c of the high
est point, with a bullish disposition. Tbe de
mand for calls Indicated belief in better prices
The fluctuations were: Opening, SI W: high
est, SI 00; lowest, SI OOXs closing. Si 00&. Tues
day's clearings were $838,001 After the gong
sounded two or three of the "boys" had their
nervous equilibrium restored by the application
of a bucket of water. One wav and another,
there Is a good deal of fun at the Exchange.
Yosterdar'a Oil Range.
Corrected dally by John M. Oaauey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened IOC
Lowest 1004
I Closed 100
...a............. 44.54?
: 79,821
Average runs
Average shipments
Average charters. .
Kenned, New Yor. 7.40c
Krflne, London, SSSd.
Refined, Antwerp, 18 HC
Ktfined. Liverpool, SUd.
a. a. jucurew s c.
o. quote: Puts, BOJiQ
w;ic; caiis, si 01
Other Oil Markets.
On. Crrr. August 7. National transit certifi
cates opened at SI OOJgi highest, SI 01; lowest,
JlOOJc; closed, SI 09:
Bbadpobd, August 7. National transit cer
tificates opened at SI OOK; closed at SI 00; high
est, SI 01: lowest, SI OOJgc.
TrrTJ8Vixt,is, August 7. National transit cer
tificates opened at 81 OOXc; highest, SI 01; low
est, SI OOXc; doseoVSl O0K.
New Yoek, August 7. Petroleum opened
firm at SI (ML and after movinir nn to xi "Yi-V nn
ugnt trading reacted and closed steady at 81
Sales, 401.000 barrella,
A Boe.net Street Dwelling and Large Lot
Change Owners.
Samuel W. Black & Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold a fine property on Boquet street, Four
teenth ward, containing 1 acre, 12 perches
of land, having erected thereon a two-story
frame dwelling house, for Sl2,50a The price
paid is considered very reasonable, as property
in that vicinity is Increasing in value quite
Reed, B. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
tQ Frank E. Lane lots Nos. 18, 19, 30 and 3L in
the Marion Place plan, for a price approxi
mating $1,600.
The Pittsburg Company. Lim., placed a
mortgage for $10,000 on Wylie avenue business
property at 4K per cent, without State tax.
James W. Drape 4 Co. sold a bonse of six
rooms, with lot 23x128 feet, on Shetland streer.
East End, for S3,80a Tbey also placed two mort
gages on bouses and lots In McKeesport of
$4,000 at 6 per cent; also closed a mortgage of
$2,500 at 6 per cent on property in Wilkins
burc. Thomas McCaffrey, 3509 Butler street, placed
the following mortgages: Two for 81,000 on
Thirteenth ward property, and one for SLOOO on
Sixteenth ward property, all for three years, at
6 per cent.
Black & Baird. No. 95 Fourth avenne, sold to
H. P. McCnllougb for William IL Watt tbe
property No. 93 Webster avenue, with lot 25x
120 feet, on which there are three small brick
dwellings, for 83,800.
Ewing & Byers, No. 107 Federal street, placed
a mortgage of $750 for two years at 6 per cent
on property on Spring Garden avenue, Alle-
?J?n.F Baxter, 612 Smithfield street, sold to
W. D. Kirkland, lot No. 95, Bank of Commerce
addition, Brusbton station, having a frontage
of 40 feet on Kelly street by 137 to a 20-foot
alley, for $60a
Business Notes.
A New Yoek telegram says the predicted
tightness in money has not yet materialized.
Stilt, the query is heard: "Why is the La
Noria statement not forthcomingf" Who
Tits Exchange bull showed up yesterday, but
he didn't seem anxious to toss things. Maybe
he was just laying out his work.
The feeling as to Northern Pacific preferred
is getting stronger, and 80 is talked of as a
probable price for it within a month.
The business of the Westinghouso Electric
Company during Jnly amounted to $350,000.
August promises to do considerably better.
Mb. A. Caster is doing a rushing business in
Westmoreland and Cambria bonds and stocks.
What he doesn't know about bonds isn't worth
When oil traders become too buoyant they
are treated by their more lymphatic brethren
to a drenching with cold water, it takes the
starch out of them in a short time.
Robiksok Bros., bankers, 415 Wood street,
are offering for sale the 6 per cent debentures
of the Equitable Mortgage Company. They
are prepared to give all information desired.
The little raid on Central Traction was a
sort of test case, to ascertain the backbone of
the stock. It developed, just what has been
said, all along, that the market is In a condi
tion to quickly.respond to a movement in either
direction. It could be beared or bulled with
out much effort. uu """
Hewky Kbo has sold his Interest in the
firm of Duncan King, Merchants' Law and
Collection Bureau, to go into his old business
of manufacturing Iron. A. C. Duncan, who so
successfully managed the business of A. C.
Duncan fc Co.. afterward succeeded by Duncan
Bros., and Duncan & King, will continue thel
bureau under the old firm name. This concern)
stands In the front rank in its business.
Business In Wall Street Continue to Shrliik
The Ball Leader Flaying; a Little j
Game Final Omagra Show
Mo Partlenlnr Losses (
r Gains.
New Yobk, August 7. The stock market to
day again showed a loss In the amount of ,nusi
n ess done. It was irregular and prices at times
sageed off slowly, while the movemei ta in
everything except the few leading shares were
confined to the smallest fractions audi were
generally withoat special significance. The be
lief gained ground that the bull leaders were
desirous of shaking off some of their tcjo nu
merous small followers, and drrrlag mostbf tbe
day did nothing and allowed prices Xo tkg un
der tbe assaults of the traders, while joutaide
1 centers were also seemingly doing llttlei though
London bosght some of lta favoritek wh4J
business, however, amonnted to small propor
tions." The Chicago people who were so lately
prominent in the upward movement were con
spicuous by their absence, and the realizations
included were sufficient to check the upward
tendency in prices.
.The opening was generally firm, bnt while
Delaware and Hudson was exceptionally
strong, with a rise of per cent, in but few
cases were the further advances of any mo
ment Lake Erie and Western preferred was
a feature and rapidly rose IK per cent, touch
Ing 63 and later in the day rose M more. Tbe
Chesapeake and Oblo stocks and Cleveland,
Columbus, Cincinnati and St Louis preferred
also made marked advances, but outside of
tnesethe market bad a drooping tendency
which lasted tbrougbout the forenoon, and at
12 o'clock almost everything traded in was
slightly lower than at tbe -upenine.
After that time there was some support given
to prices while tbe selling slacked off, and
wblle the market became extremely dull there
was a firm tone to the dealings, and before 2 p.
K. most of the list had reached the highest
prices of the day and were fractionally higher
than tint figures. Considerable animation was
aeveloped in Missouri Pacific and St Paul, but
the rest of tbe list were quiet and dull. There
was a renewal of tbe selling In tbe last hour
and prices again yielded, but the tone at tbe
close was firm, with the dullness very marked.
The only really active stocks were St Paul
Chesapeake and Ohio common and Atchison.
Tbe final changes are about equally divided
between gains and losses, and were fractionally
Railroad bonds were quiet The market was
generally firm, tbe only feature being tbe
strength in the Kansas and Texas issues and
tbe final changes are small and quite irregular.
Kansas and Texas 5s roe 2, to S9
The followlne table snows tne prices of active
stocks on the New York stock Exchange yester
day. Corrected daily for Tim Dispatch by
WHiTNiT&STZraansov. oldest Pittsburg mem
bers of .New York Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth ave
nue: Clos-Open-
High- Low- tns;
Inir. est. est Blfli.
Am. Cotton Oil Wi Wi H K
Atch.. Top. &ts.r.... S7J tlH 86 l5
Canadian Pacific HM MM M'J M
Canada Southern. UH !C Uii 52)2
Oentralor.NewJersey.112H H2H 1UJ4 111
CentraiPaeltlu S4W WX t4 WJ,
Chesapeake Sb Ohio ... J3' SK 23H 23
O. Bur. ft Oulier.....l0o 104H 103H 1035
C, Alii. A Bt Paul.... 72,'J 72U 71Ja 72
C., Kockl. AP 87H 97 87, 87H
U. St L. & WtU.. " 14
C., St L. & Pitts. PC U
U.. St. P., M. 4 0 34 M U X1K
C.. St. P.M. tO., pr. 87 87 7 9614
C. 4 Northwestern.. ..I10M U0H MX HO
C.A Northwestern, pr. 141
o., u, c. ft 1 an u 73s, n
c.,c, c. l, pr ....100 ioix loot loo,
Col. Coal ft Iron... 27
U1. ft HocklUK Val .. U W 14H 14
Bel.. L. ftW 145) 14oS 145 144X
Bel. ft Hudson WA, 14SM U614 145
BenverftKloO - is
Uenvet-ftBioG.. or 46J
E.l..Va.ftUa 9jJ
E.T..Va. ftGa. 1st pf. 70S,
g. 1.. Vs. A Oa. 2d pr. 23 23 23 nH
Illinois Central 117
Lske Krl ft Western.. 18X 1W 18K 1914
Lake Erie ft West pr.. 62 63V tt MX
Lake Shore ft M. 8.. ...103X ltc ya 103
Louisville ft Kashvllle. 68) 6sH cn es
Michigan central 87 87k SIX 87 H
Mobile A Ohio nii
Mo., Kan. A Texas I0H
Missouri Pacific T04 71 70H 70
New fork Central 1W 108H 106K VX'A
. Y.. l. e. & w ibH rayl sau ia
14.1., L E. AW., pre! 65M 66M 65V Bj
M. AX. E SOS 51 SOW 5044
1. l. O. W 17)J 17X 17J4 17
Korfolk a Western.... 15)4 "H 15)4 1511
Norfolk Western, pi. 51 51V 61 51K
Northern Pacific 29)f 29 29 29!4
Nortnern Pacific nrer. ss esQ esK es
OhioA Mississippi..... SH 2-y, 22J4 KH
Oregon improvement. 54 54 54 MH
wrcKon xranscon &?s xim 53 33
Pacincauu .. 34 34$ 31 34W
Peo. Dec. A Evans 22U
Phtladel. A Heading;.. Wi 45 41M 44K
I'uUman Palace Car...lS0 ISO 180 180
Klehmona A W. P. I..8 w 23 23 23
Klchmond ft W.P.T.pf .... ..." .... 78
St P., Minn, ft Man .101 101 101 100
St L. ft San Kran 23 29 23 17
St. L. ft San Jrran pf.. 5SK 56 M 67,S
St.ii. A San P. 1st pf. . 109
Texas Paclflo 20 20)f 20J 20J4
Union Paclfio.... 61 . 61 60S, 60H
Wsbasn ; 15U
Wabash preferred 30 30 28J 29X
Whrtlinu A L. E. C8 WX 69K C9
Snirar Trust 1154 i)4!i
Jfatlonal Lead Trust. 24 23K
Chicago Gas Trust 58Jtf S3U Wi UH
Philadelphia Rtock.
Closing quotations or Philadelphia stocks, far-"
ntshed by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. Ho 57
Fourth avenue. Members Mew York Stock Ex
change. " BM,
Pennsylvania Railroad .. 61K
Heading 22H
Bufialo. Plttsbura-and Western..... SJj
Lehlah Valley 5114
22 7-19
inifrn .naTiftauon
Northern Pacific
Northern Paclflo preferred...
. J8H
. 66
29 H
Mining Stocks.
. NewXoek. August7. Amador. 100; Belcher,
200; Best t Belcher. 280; Caledonia B. H., 260:
Chollar. 100; Crown Point 163: Consolidated
California and Virginia, 662K; Commonwealth.
305: Deadwood Ter 12S; Eureka Consolidated,
135: El Cristo, 100; Gonld fc Curry.125; Hale &
Norcross, 255; Homestake, 900: Horn Silver,
125: Iron Silver, 195; Mexican. 230: Mutual, 140;
North Belle Isle, 100; Occidental, 1S5; Ontario,
34.00; Ophir. 390; Savage, 150; Sierra Nevada,
175; Standard, 100: Union Consolidated. 225;
Ward Consolidated, 175.
A man has been arrested at Laredo, Tex.,
who Is tnonght to be the Tascott murderer.
The Sheriff Is holding him awaiting orders
from Chicago.
Yesterday afternoon John Richter and
Adolph Whitman, butchers at tbe Chicago
stock vards. quarreled over some trifling
matter, and Richter plunged his butcher knife
into Whitman's heart killing him instantly.
Richter was locked up.
Instructions bave been received from New
York to discontinue work on the Standard
Spirit Company's distillery building at La
Salle, 111. Nearly $100,000 has so far oeen ex
pended in tbe plant It is believed that the
Whisky Trust has secured control of the con
cern. The Navy Department has instructed the
commanding officer of tbe United States
steamer Michigan to be present with tbe vessel
at Milwaukee during tbe jSatinnal Encamp
ment of the G. A. R. on August 27 1" 30, to take
part In the sham tattle and otherwise promote
the success of the encampment.
For tbe last four v, eeks tbe bloody flux has
been epidemic amoncr tbe citizens of, White
Hall, lib, and about 30 deaths bave occurred
up to date. The disease I as now made its ap
pearance in tbe country adjacent to tbe oity
and it Is feared that it may spread throughout
thetoun'v. Tbe physicians bave been unable
to check the terrible epidemic.
While at work on tbe highway, e'ight miles
west of Peoria, I1L, on what Is known as the
Lancaster road, William Given and J. W. Rich
mond, two farmers, unearthed 15 skeletons.
Tbey were all together, as if from one inter
ment and were remarkably well preserved.
One skeleton was large and well developed.
Tbe others were rather inferior, and four of
tbem were children. Tbey were found on a
gravel bank near Nesselbaus Hill.
That tbe people of Spokane Falls hare by
no means lost heart by the recent terrible dis
aster, or are Inclined to abandon the city by tbe
falls, is evidenced by the preparations for re
building and tbe buildings begun. Tbrougbout
all the excitement attendant upon the destruc
tion of Sunday night there was a manifest dis
position on tbe part of all to assist in staying
tbe conflagration, and there were none of tbe
scenes of disorder and pillage that have marked
the experience of other cities similarly af
flicted. Order was maintained throughout and
tbe spirit of recuperation has manifested itself
in a marked degree.
Fortv Russian peasants, comnnalnp all the
inhabitants of a small village in tbe Govern
ment of Kursk, have been arrested for burning
the whole village to the ground to obtain tbe
insurance. The curious featnre of this cue Is
tbe evident innocence of these simple villagers
of any wrong doing. They made no secret of
their plans, gathered together and placed In a
safe place such of their effects as they wished
to save, awaited a favorable wind and annlied
the torch. Their houses, these simple villagers
explain, were old and tbey were anxious to im
prove the town by erecting new ones in their
stead with the insurance they expected. Tbey
are at a loss to understand their arrest
-Jefferson Davis having become dissatisfied
with his profits upon his book, "The Rise and
Fall of the Southern Confederacy," has had a
dispute with the publishers of the work,
Messrs. D. Appleton fc Co., as to the amoun:
due him. The firm has made a proposition to
refer the Question to arbitrators, and Mr. Davis
'has accepted this offer. The publishers say
uai tne aaie 01 the dook is connnea almost ex
clusively to the South, wbere the poverty of
the people materially limits the circulation of
the work. Tbe publishers claim that tbe sale
of the book in the North was almost entirety
killed by the extracts from the work printed in
the newspapers in reviewing it These ex
tracts show such a strong sectional feeling that
Northern people declined to purchase the
The people of South Chicago are agitated
over the condition of affairs at the morgue. On
the morning of July 31 the body of an unknown
man was found on the lake shore, and was
placed in tbe morgue. The same day tbe Cor
oner held an inquest and issued a burial per
mit but for some reason the body has not been
removed. The county undertaker usually dele
gates some local undertaker to remove un
known bodies, but as tbls body soon became
badly decomposed, tbe local undertakers would
not touch it for the fee of (S, which the county
allows in such cases. Aaa result tbe body is
still at tbe morgue, and Is daily becoming more
decomposed, so that it is almost impossible to
go near tbe place: Health OficerLarkln fumi
gated the morgue, but this has not helped mat.
Mrs much. He says now that it is dangerous
tor anyone to go near the body, as the fumes
arising would bailable to cause disease. Tbe
Lieutenant of Police said tbe police were not
concerned, aa when the body waa turned over
to the Coroner their jurisdiction ended.
Elgin Creamery Tends Upward--Apples
and Potatoes Weak.
Corn the Strong Factor of Cereals Wheat
and Flour Easy.
Office of PrrrsBtmo Dispatch,
Wednesday, August 7, ISStt. J
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Elgin creamery was advanced Kc at head
quarters on Monday. Some sales of the best
were made at 16Jc at Elgin, which would bring
tbe cost delivered here close to 18c. Eggs are
steady at old rates. Cheese is firm and Jus
taken an upward turn in Eastern markets.
Apples are lower and doll. Potatoes are in the
same boat Indiana melons are coming in
.freely, bnt Georgia furnishes the best Ann
Arundel cantaloups are in good supply at lower
prices. California fruits are on the market In
large quantity and prices are lowering. Peaches
from Delaware begin to come In freely, and are
the best card in produce markets. Commission
men report trade as flat and stuff very abund
ant Buttes Creamery, Elgin, IAS19c; Ohio do.
1718c; fresh dairy paciced, 1213c; country
rolls, 1012c
Beans Naw hand-picked beans, $2 402 60;
medium, $2 30452 40.
Beeswax a30c ft & for choice; low grade,
Cideb Sand refined, $6 G07 50: common,
3 &0Q4 00; crab cider, IS 0&&8 50 barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c f) gallon.
CH.EE9E Ohio. 8c; New York, 10c; Lim
burger, 89c: domestic Sweitzer, 912c:
imported Sweitzer, 22c
California Pbuits California peaches,
$2 00 W K-bUBhel box: Bartlett pears. S3 00
3 60 box: grapes. 1 5033 00 a 20-pound box;
apricots, ti 00 a 4-basket case; plums, SI 75
2 OO a 4-basket case.
Eaos 15c V dozen for strictly fresh.
Fbuits Apples, tl &03 00 V barrel: pine
apples, tl 0U1 2$ W dozen; whortleber
ries, 75c31 00 V pail; blackberries, 5Q8c
p quart; wna goose piums, JJ 00 ft crate;
currants, $3 604 $ 2-busnel stand; watermelons,
S15 O023 00 V hundred; Delaware peaches,
tl 251 50 per half-bushel basket
PeatheeS Extra live geese, 60S0c; No. 1,
do, 404245c; mixed lots, SO35c fl ft.
Potatoes tl 251 50 ft barrel.
Poultry Lire spring chickens, HJQOOo-
pair; old, 70ts75c ft pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, (B Its to bushel, S5 60
V bushel; clover, large English, 62 its. S6 00;
clover. Alsike, J8 50; clover, white, t9 CO; timo
thy, choice, 45 Its, SI 65: blue grass, extra
clean, 14 Ss, 90c: blue grass, fancy, 14 Bis, SI 00;
orchard grass, 14 &s. SI 65; red top, 14 &s, SI 25;
millet, 60 Bs, tl 00; German Mlllett 60 Its,
tl 60; Hungarian grass, 60 fts, tl 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, S2 60 f) bushel
of 14 as.
Tallow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4J
Tropical Fbuits Lemons, fancy. S5 60
6 00 ft box: Messina oranges, S5 005 0 ft box;
rodi, S4 605 00; Dananas, S2 00 firsts, SI 25 good
seconds. p bunch; cocoannts, 84 004 60 ft
hundred; new figs, 8K9c ft S; dates, 5
6ke ft ft.
Vegetables Tomatoes, home-grown, S2
2 25 ft bushel; wax beans. SI ft bushel; green
beans, 6075c ft bushel; cucumbers, home
raised, SI 60 ft bushel: radishes, 2540c ft
dozen; home-grown cabbage, 60c ft busbel; new
celery, bome-grown, 60c ft dozen: sweet pota
toes, tl 001 60 a barrel.
Green coffee keeps drlftingupward in East
ern markets, and packages must soon advance
if the upward drift holds. The outlook 'is for
higher-priced coffee. Othergrocerles are un
changed. Green COWEE FancyRio. 21622c; choice
Rio, 18j20c: prime Rio. 18c; fair Rio, 1718c;
old Government Java, 26c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 272Sc; Santos. 1922c; Caracas
2022c; peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La Guayra, 21
Roasted (In papers) Standard brands,22c:
high grades, 2426c: old Government Java,
bnlk. 3131Jc; Maracaibo, 2627c; Santos.
20X22c; peaberry,25Hc; peaberry.cboice Rio.
23$c: Prime Rio, 21Kc; good Rio, 21c; ordi
nary, 20c
Bpiok8 (whole) Cloves, 21023c: allspice, 8c;
cassia, 6c; pepper, 16c: nutmeg, 7080c.
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test 7c:
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight 160, 8Kc; water
white, 10c; globe. 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
Uc; royaline, 14c
SYRUPS Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrups, 333Sc: prime sugar syrup, S033c;
strictly prime, S335c: new maple syrup, 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy. 4Sc; choice. 46c; me
dium. 43c; mixed. 4042c
Soda Bl-carb in kegs, 34c; bl-carb inKs,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 66c; sal
soda in kegs, Kid do granulated. 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine. ft
set 8Kc; paraffine, U12c
Rice Head. Carolina. 77Kc: choice, 6
7c; prime, 6K6Jc; Louisiana, 06Kc.
Stabch Pearl, 8c: cornstarch, 5$7c; gloss
starch, &7c
Foreign Fbuits Layer raisins, 52 65; Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers,
S2 60; Muscatels, S2 25: California Muscatels,
SI 80; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia.
7KSSc; sultana, 8Kc; currants. 4f5c;
8K13c; Salonlca prnnes, in 2-ft packages, 8c;
x uritey prunes.
cocoanuis. ft xw, eo uu; aimonas. Lam, per a9
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap ,
L2H15c; Sicily filberts, 12c: Smyrna figs, li
16cj new dates, &6c; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans,
11015c; citron, Der ft. 2122c; lemon peel, per
ft. 1314c; orange peel, 12Wc
Dried Fbuits Apples, sliced, per B, 6c
apples, evaporated, fct36c; apricots, Califor;
nia, evaporated, 15018c; peaches, evaporated,
pared. 224323c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 10!2c; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 606c; raspberries, evapor
ated, ,2124c; blackberries, 7Sc: huckle
berries. lOQLlo
SUOABS Cubes, SQOJfc; powdered, fljf
9c; granulated. 9c; confectioners' A. ,.$
9c; standard A, 8c; soft whites. 8KSc: yel
low, choice, tc; yellow, good, 78c; yellow,
fair, 8Kc: yellow, dark, 7&.
Pickles Medium, bbls (1,200), i SO; medi
um, half bbls (600). 2 75.
SALT No. L V bbl. 95c: No. lex. SB bbl. SI 05:
dairy, ft bbl, SI 20; coarse crystal, ft hbl, Jl 20:
Hlgglns' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 2 80; Hicmns'
Eureka, 16-14 & pockets, S3 (XL
Canned Goods Standard peaches, SI 30
1 90: 2ds, SI 301 35; extra peaches, SI 601 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, Sll 60: Hid. Co.
corn, 709Oc; red cherries, 90cSl; Lima beans,
tl 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do, 7585c; mar
rowfat peas. SI 101 15; soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, SI 40CS1 60: Bahama do, S2 75; dam
son plums, 95c; greengages, SI 25; egg plums,
$2, California pears, t2 60; do greengages, $2: do
egg plums, S2; extra white cherries. S2 90: red
cherries, 2 fts, 90c; raspberries, SI 401 60;
strawberries, SI 10; gooseberries, tl 3001 40;
tomatoes, 82k92c; salmon, 1-ft, tl 752 10;
blackberries, 80c; succotash. 2 ft cans, soaked.
99c: do green, 2 As, SI 25Q160: corn beef, 2-ft cans,
$2 05: 14-ft cans. S14 00; baked beans, II 451 60;
lobster, 1-ft. Sl-751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans,
broiled, SI 60; sardines, domestics. lA $4 60
4 60: sardines, domestic Ks, S3 253 60; sar
dines, imponea, s, 911 oufflii ou; saraines, 1m-
Sorted, s, 118: sardines, mustard, S4 60; sar-
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. $36 ft'
uui.; cin j.iu. x uo, mess, isu; extra no. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
S36; No. 2 shore mackerel, S24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4Xe ft B; do medium, George's cod,
6c: do large. 7c: boneless bake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6HS7Uc Herring
Round shore. So 00 ft bbl: split S7 00: lake,
12 50 ft 100-ft half bbL White fish. S7 OC ft 10O
B half bbl. Lake tront, S5 50 ft half bbL
Finnan haddock. 10c W ft. Iceland halibut 13c
ft B. Pickerel, M barrel, S2 00; barrel, SI 10;
Potomac herring, S5 00 ft barrel, S2 60 ft W
Oatueal SO 306 60 ft bbL
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 68060c
ft gallon. Lard OIL 75c
Grain, Floor and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 33 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 4 cars of oats, 2 of corn, 1 of malt 1
of hay. 3 of flour. 1 of rye. By Pittsburg, Cin
cinnati and St Louis, 1 car of bran, 9 of corn,
4 of hay, 1 of oats: 1 of wheat By Baltimore
and Ohio, 1 ear of hay, 1 of oats. By Pittsburg
and Lake Erie, 8 cars of rye. There was but
one sale on call, viz: one car of mixed shell
corn, 42c,6 days, Pennsylvania lines. The strong
factor of grain markets is corn. Receipts of
corn are light and demand is active. Other
cereals are weak, particularly oats. The wheat
and flour drift is toward aTlower leveL The
best spring patent flour In wood can be had In
carload lots at t5 90, Our quotations will ere
long be reduced, from present outlook. Feed
ing prairie bay is very dull, with SO as the out
side rate. No. 1 timothy grows weaker as the
new crop approaches. Paoking bay is steady
at quotations.
Wheat Jobbing prices New No. 3 red, 83
84c: No. 2 red, 89590c; No. S red. 8384c
CORN No. 2 yellow ear, 450 46c: high mixed
ear. 4444Wc; No.' 2 yellow, shelled, 42043c;
blzh mixed, shelled, ilB42c; mixed, shelled,
Oats-No. 3 white, 3SJe3Ser extra. No. 8,
&Anjfc N0.48 white, 30K31c; No; 3 mixed
Rt2no.1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 6ie52c;
No. 1 Western. 616lWe: new rre So. 3 Ohio.
47g48c ...--.
Flour Jobbing prio5 Fancy winter and J
Srine patents, S6 7Sgfl 2S: winter straight
0005 25; oleanwinter, SI 755 00: straight
XXXX bakers'? S4 2554 6a .Rye flour, S3 60
4 00.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white. 114 60
15 00 f ton: brown middlings, Sll 60012 00: win
ter wheat bran, Sll 00011 25; chop feed, SIS 50
is oa
HAY,-IJaled timothy, choice. tU&U 25: No. 1
do. S13 60013 75; No. 2 do, Sll 00012 50; loose,
from waeon. S16 00018 00:No.l upland prairie.
19 009 60; No. 2, ST 6098 00; packing do, 18 50
07 00.
Straw Oats, 16 60; wheat and rye straw.
S5 6033 00. "
Sugar-cured hams, large, UK"; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 12c; sugar-cured hams, small.
12Hc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon,10Xc; sojrar
enred shoulders, 7c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders. 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9c; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 10Xc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12c; bacon shoulders, 6Kc: bacon
clear sides, 8c: bacon clear bellies, SKc; dry
salt shoulders, 6c; dry salt clear sides, 8c
Mess pork, heavy, S13 00; mess pork, family.
313 50. Lard Refined in tierces. 6c; half
barrels,6c: 60-B tuns, 6Jic; 20-B palls,7c; 60-B
tin cans, BKc; 3-B tin paiK c; 5-ft tin pall'.
7c; 10-B tin pails, 6Kc: 5-B tin palls, 7c: 1?-B
tin pails, 7c Smoked sausage, long, 5c; large,
5c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams 10c
Pigs feet, half barrel, S3 50; quarter barrel.
J2 00.
Dressed Stent.
Armour b Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats; Beef carcasses, 450 to 650
fts,5kc;550 to 650 fts. 6Vc; 650 to 750B3,6C
Sheep, 8c ft B. Lambs, 10c ft B. Hogs, 6kc
Fresh pork loins, 8c.
Demand is fair, but there is no boom. It is
next to impossible to prooure dry hemlock. A
leading dealer who received a carload of hem
lock within a few days said: "Tbe style now Is
to saw hemlock one day and ship the next"
An order for 3,600,000 feet of lumber was placed
with a Pittsburg firm the past week. This con
tract is for tbe embryo city of Wilmerding on
Turtle Creek. The outlook for fall trade in
lumber lines is healthy.
Clfsr boards, per M tS3C05SCO
Select common boards, per M JO 00
Common boards perM 20 00
Sheathing 18 00
Pine lrame lumber per M 23 00327 00
bhlnfcles. No. L Win. per M SCO
Shingles, Ao. 2, 18 in. per M i 73
Lath too
Clear boards, per M. f COCO
Surface boards , 30 0035 00
Clear, -lnch beaded celling at 00
Partition boards, per 31 3500
Flooring, No, 1 . SO 00
Flooring, No.2 2500
Yellow pine flooring , 30 0Q&40OO
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. l... so CO
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 2.... 25 00
Weather-boarding; ,S-lnch 2900
Ash, 1 to 4 In tw ccra.'.', 00
Black walnut green, log run 4C0o0 00
Bl ek walnut, dry, log run 60 0075 00
Cherry 40 003180 00
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 20 00(325 00
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 22 00(325 00
Dry white oak boards, lln 20 00rS25 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch a 00(3)25 00
W est Va. yellow pine. IX inch 25 00S CO
West Va. yellow poplar, Htolln 13 0O325 00
nickory, ltoSIn..i 13 003)25 00
Hemlock building lumber, peril 13 00
Bank rails 14 00
Boat studdlui; J4 00
Coalcarplank 18 00
Ash S.TO 00313 00
Walnut log run, (rreen Z5COfa00
Walnut log run, dry 35 COO-V) 00
Wblte oak plank, green 13 003)22 00
White oak plank, dry 18 00(32 00
Wblte oak boards, dry , . 18 00i3j3oO
West Va. yellow pine, lln SOOOiteOO
West Va. yellow pine, H in 20 OoiStS 00
Yellow poplar ft 20 oofiai 00
Hickory, $i to S In 18 00025 CO
Hemlock 11 5013 50
Bunk-Tails 14 CO
Boatstuddlng 14 00
Coal car plank UCO
A List of the Patent Granted In This Sec
tion ef Country.
The following is the list of patents issned
Tuesday. August 6, to Western Pennsylvania,
Eastern Ohio and West Virginia inventors, as
furnished by O. D. Levis, patent attorney. No.
131 Fifth avenue, Pittsburg:
Ernest Axthelm, Pittsburg, Pa., "elevator
alarm Indicator;" Blchard E. Breed, Flttsburtr,
Pa., tool socket; Arthur F. Brown. Dayton, O.,
combined seeder and barrow; John W. Dunlap,
Br., assignor or part to It J. Shaw, C. B. Malr
and W. H. Kowe, Pittsburg, Pa., magneto-electric
lndlvldnal switching apparatus: Itobert Kirk,
assignor to O. J. Bally, Hart n til. O., grind
stone frame; Henry Kleman. assignor of one
&f'f ? "organ and I. rans,
Pittsburg, Pa., shaft cooling box: Ir
win 8. Krick, Conneautrllle, Pa., device for
catching animals: Addison II. Myers. Genevs.O.,
scythe swath fastening: Joepa M, Porter, ilari
etta. O., stilt; George Kelseck. Allegheny. Pa..
shaft support: Peter W. Rodecker. Sidney, o.,
washing machine; James M. Rose, Allegheny.l'a ,
manufacturing gas, apparatus for tbe manufact
ure of gas, manufacture or gassix patents: Simon
Boss, Jr., Llnwood, O., shoe beading machine:
Sidney H. Short Colnmbus, O., commutator for
electric machines; Blchard lL'Sonle, Pittsburg.
Pa., rail Joint: Harvey A. Stephenson. Allegheny'
Why toil and slave forever P Life
'was meant for living, not eternal
slaving:. Ceasa this weary drodg
ery. SOAPONA does your work
itself, and neither Injures hand nor
fabric Then why do It you? 'Tis
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake 1 Tour health and
life are at stake. Use SOAPONA
everywhere. It cleans liko magic
R.W. BELL MF6. CO., Buffalo, N.Y,
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week la
and OHEVlOTa
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
Do You Know It?
To perfect a cure, yon must remove the cause.
LIME AND SODA supplies the system with Oxl
dizable Phosphorus, the deficiency of which Is
the proximate cause ot Consumption. For
Coughs. Bronchitis, Weak Lungs, Night
Swests, and all Throat Dissssss, it is an un
equaled remedy. Sold by Drngzlsta. fl per
bottle. Recommended by physicians. Send
for circular. WINCHESTER &CO., Chemists,
162 William Street, New York.
Beecham's Pills
Fw ijjfMs Mi Notms Wstftos.
M Wertta a Cuiae at Bex "-tat aeM
for 36 cents,
'"I would rather die than undergo another ex
perience such as I have for the past four years
Tbe catarrhal poison in my system caused me
to ne continually taxing coiu, auu wiin every
cold tbe pains in ray bead became more in
tense.' Although I was able to get rid of soma
of tbe poisonous matter by hawking and spit
ting out what dropped down into my throat,
and had some nasal discbarge, yet the secre
tion kept piling up in my head much faster
than I was able to expel it, until a severe Inflam
mation and ulceration set in. My eyes became
so inflamed and weak that I was obliged to
wear spectacles lor one year and a half. My
nose became greatly swollen and puffed outand
tbe disease ulcerated deeper and deeper
until Are bones dropped out ot my nose,
some of them measuring one inch and a half
in length- Also, a large bone dropped out of
tbe roof of my month. Although my appetite
was good, ret I gradually lost flesh until I only
weighed 73 pounds. I treated with several
physicians, but found no relief, for I could
neither get any peace by day or rest by night.
I finally became very deaf, and as my condi
tion was continually growing worse I gave np
all hope, until one day I happened to read In
tbe papers testimonials from patients who bad
been cured of catarrh at the Catarrh and
Dyspepsia Institute, at 323 Fenn avenue, and
as these patients' full name and residence
was given, I thonght that perhaps there was
yet some doctor who did really cure
catarrh. I called at the Catarrh
and Dyspepsia Institute. and was
told by the physicians that although they
could not restore tbe lost parts occasioned by
tbe bones dropping out, they could yet remove
every trace of the catarrhal poison from my
system, and thus save me from consumption
for my throat had become very sore and ulcer
ated, and I was afraid I would die with con
sumption, as some of my f nends had done. I
therefore placed myself under their treatment
and tbey bare kept their word, for I have been
entirely cured by their constitutional blood
medicines, and, strange as it may seem, ther
never gave ma any local treatments at alh
This leads me to think that catarrh has its
origin In the blood. My bearing has been re
stored. I have regained my flesh, and feel well
and strong: I reside on Penn avenue, this
city, just opposite bt. Mary's Cemetery, and
shall be pleased to tell anyone further of my
terribl3 suffering and wonderful cure.
Mrs. Dr. Crossley is always present during
office hours to consult with ladies, suffering
with diseases peculiar to their sex. lh medi
cines used are so prepared as to allow the
patient to use the treatment herself and thus
avoid the nn pleasant and humiliating treatment;'
that most ladles bave to undergo. Consulta
tion free to all. Office hours. 10 A. M to 4 F.
M., and 6 to 8 P. sf, Sundays 12 to 4 p. if.
' nrel latense Itehlaa
andatlarfncl mostal
(Bail worse ot
aermteaug. lr ai-
lowed to coatlaas
(H beeomlnff Terr ! SWAYXE'S ULMT.
nlecratlon. and la moot mm remo-Tea U. e tw
Bon. SwATirBsOisTifsnrrljsjoUiTdriuzlsu,eriBalidM
aiiTaddnitionreeefptorprlM,SOsTta.abgs; 3 box, S1.X&.
t BOX, rtUladalpUa. Fa,
A nurolv Veiretabla
l Compound that expels
tall bad humors from tba
system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
Capital and surplus. 125,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
Morgan & Co , New York. Passports procured.
514-515 Hamilton Building,
Pittsburz: Pa.
Members Chicago Board of- Trade and
Pittsburg Petroleum Exchange,
45 SIXTH ST.. Pittsburg.
As old residents know and back files of Pitts
burg papers prove. Is the oldest established,
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MCDXni ICaQd mental diseases, physical
IN L n V U U O decay.nervous debility, lack ot
energy, ambition and bone, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self distruat,bashfulne3S,
diz7ioes, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing pawers,organio weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for buslness,soclety and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings ulcerations of tongue, moutb, throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
1 1 R I M A R V Sidney and bladder derange
U M 1 1 1 r I) 1 1 ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges. Inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's life-long, extensive experi
ence, insnres scientific and reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as if here. Office hours 9 a. ST, to 8 p. h. Sun
day, 10 A. sc to 1 r. M. only. DR. WHITTIER,
814 Penn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re-
aulring sclentlfio and conflden
al treatment! Dr. S. K. Lake.
M. R. a P. S, is the oldest and
most experienced specialist in
the city. Consultation free and
strlctlv confidential. Office
hours 9 to 4 and 7 to 8 P. M.; Sundays. 2 to' 4 P.
M.Consult them personally, or write. Doctobs
Lake, 908 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
Olc'3 Ootrtoaa. 3SOOTJ
loosed of Cotton Root. Tansr and
Pennvroval a recent discovery by an
'old Tjhvsician. Ix tuecaxftdlu used
montSiiA-Safe, Effectual. Srice $L by mall,
sealed. Ladles, ask your druzgist for Cook's
Cotton Root Comnound and take no substitute.
or Inolose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad
dress POND LILY COMPANY, No. 3 FtohaV
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a posmvis CUKK
For LUST or PaUlm-
ness. .
Body & Mind. Lack of Strength. Vigor and De
velopment, caused dv Errors, tuxeesses, c. Boot
HOD! of SILT-TKEATHKNT. and froofs matted
Bufialo. N.
For men! Checks the worst cases In three
days, and cures In five days. Price SI 08, at
j.j iir.iTnnu-BX)uuaTUKgL c
ttS-ap-XTSaa ta Market HteetA1
Blood Firiler.