Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, July 31, 1889, Page 7, Image 7

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Growing Demand for Cnred Meats
Cheap Lard a Blessing,
Weather is Not Sufficiently Warm to Suit
Ice Dealers.
office or rrrrsBuro dispatch, I
Tdesday. July SO. issa J
The demand for cured meats has been im
proving the past week. The weather has
been adverse to fresh meat trade, and as a
consequence there has been increased activ
ity in ham and bacon.
Lard is the weak factor of the pork pack
ing industry. It has, however, been much
lower than it is to-dav. In July and Au
gust. 1STO. cash lard sold at S5 SO in Chicago,
while the price there now Is S6 10. There in a
strong drift of late toward unadulterated lard,
which may be set down to tha credit of low
prices. For a number of years past the bulk
of that sold in t)is market was far from being
the genuine product of the hog. Cottonseed
oil and other ingredients entered moroorless
Into the article on the market, and the grocers
were few who did not yield to the pressure and
sell the adulterated article. The abundance
and cheapness or the genuine article the past
reason has had the wholesome effect of sending
cottonseed lard to the rear. The sentiment of
trade is steadily growing in favor or the genu
ine stuff, showing that the destinies in the long
run are against everything bogus. It is good
for the consumer when an article becomes too
cheap to adulterate.
A representative of the Chautauqua Ice Com
pany gives the situation of bis industry as fol
lows: "Our trade this season has been rather
below the average, owing to the cold, back
ward spring. May and June failed to keep up
their usual record for heat, and consumers
were ranch slower than usual making demands
upon our trade. July has done better, but we
could endure much better weather than wo
have had thus far for the sake of our industry.
The ice business last season was curtailed not
a little by the decisions of the License Court
cutting off so many saloons. Some of this
loss, of course, was made up by the
natural increase of tr&de, but not
all. This season the weather has
been adverse, and unless wo shall have
a hot August and September we will be below
other ears in volume ot business a second sea
son. The ice crop gathered last season was
much below the average. Weather was not at
all favorable for heavv ice, and if the summer
had turned out an average amount of beat
there would have been a shortage, so far as our
comuanv is concerned. While we did not have
the facilities to gather all the ice we would have
stored away, owing to the mild weather of last
winter, it appears from tbepreaent outlook that
we will have enough to meet the wants of trade.
Both winter and summer have been too moder
ate for our trade this year."
Advrrtlstnc In England.
An English newspaper, the &ait Suuex
JVu, thus descants upon the question of ad
vertising, and the good points made will do
found as applicable here as over the seas:
"The value of an advertisement is in exact
proportion to the influence it exercises upon
those who are thereby induced to purchase the
articles to which it draws attention. For local
purposes, newsDapers circulating extensively
among a good class nf readers residing within
easy distance of the advertiser should always
be chosen, if the subject matter is of general
interest, then the more widely circulated and
more expensive mediums should be selected.
The Important thing is to ascertain what papers
are read and likely to seenre the object the
advertiser has in view. The papers that are
bought to be read are those which have some
thing fresh in them to read. All papers having
a ready sale have no difficulty in getting adver
tisements at a fair price, and advertisers should
studiously avoid the 'cheap man.' True in this,
as in t'very other walk of life, 'cheap and nas
ty.' Papers that insert announcements in big
tvpe, like small posting bill", or hideous blocks,
of which it is frequently difficult toknow the
meaning, carry with them their own condemna
tion. The proprietors are willing to insert any
thing at any price if tbey can only save expense
in production by filling up a given space in the
sheet Which they send forth as a newspaper.
Liook at the leading papers in London and the
important towns ot England. Do we find there
that one advertiser is allowed to try to 'kill' the
other by having the ugliest contrivance to
attract attention? Certainly not."
Business Notes,
Mr. Jotxk D. Bailey will offer at auction
next Thursday afternoon 10,000 Junction
Terminal 5s.
Checks are out for the 3 per cent semi an
nual dividend on Wcstinghonse Airbrake, Lon
don limited.
Tiie Pennsylvania Railroad Company has
ordered 5,000 new cars, anticipating a heavy
business in the near future.
The far Northwestern crops are reported
very much better, and likely to show an in
crease of fully 50 per cent otfer last year.
Grain delivenes at Chicago are reported in
creasing. The latest letter from H. J. Harbaugh, Esq.,
now at the; Sunflower quartz mine in Sierra
county, CaL, is to the effect that the farther
the recently developed vein of quartz is pene
trated, the richer it is in ore. The latest assay
showed a yield of 600 per ton. Pittsburg
(stockholders are jubilant over the good news.
It is announced that the Pioneer W oolen
Factory in San Francisco is for sale, there
being no longer any money in manufacturing
woolen goods in California, tho market for that
product being too limited, and high railroad
rates acting as a barrier to the profitable ship
ment ot the goods to the East. No dividends
ha e been paid by the company for five years.
The Condition of Business at the East Liberty
Mock Yard.
Office ofPittsbubg Dispatch,!
Tuesday, July 30, 1SS9. J
Cattle Receipts. 5S0 head; shipments, 3C0
bead: market steady at unchanged prices; no
cattle shipped to New York to-day.
Hoos Receipts. 1.S0O head; shipments. 800
head; market slow; light Yorkers, $4 7031 bO;
medium and light Philadelphias, H 5501 75;
heavy, ft 401 50, 4 cars of hogs shipped to
New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts. 3.000 head; shipments.1,800
bead; market steady and prices unchanged.
By Telegraph.
New Yoke Beeves Receipts, 640 bead, all
for exportation alive; no trading in beeves;
market quiet and unchanged for dressed beef,
at 5c per pound for poor to prime native
sides, and at 4)Q5$c for Texas do; exports to
day 200 beeves and 21,600 quarters of beef.
Calves Receipts, 400 head; market steadv at
4;i5ic per pound for veals, and at 2Qic
for buttermilk calves. Sheep Receipt. 4.&00
head: market firm and active for good stock.
weak and dull for common; sheep sold at $3 50
65 25 per 100 pounds, lambs at Jj 0006 50, with
uine of the best up to J8 757 00. Hogs Re
ceipts, 4,500 bead, all for slaughterers direct: no
trading in live bogs; market nominally steady
at 1 505 10 per 100 pounds.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts, 6,546 head;
shipments, 3,355 head; bulk of supply Texas
and Indian, and the best at a shade stronger;
common steady to weak; native beeves and
cows stpady; calves strong at S3 O07 00; good
to choice corn-fed steers, S3 854 15; common to
mediums, 3 00t3 75; storkers and feeding
steers, Jl 6003 00; cows, H 60ffi2 60; grass range
steers, tl CU&2 70. Hogs Receipts, 5,378 head:
shipments, 0 head: market about steady; good
to choice light, $4 204 80: heavy and mixed,
f3 904 1'L sheep Receipts, 752 head; ship
ments, 500 head; market steady; good to choice
muttons, S3 75ffi4 00: common to medium, $2 50
63 5a
Chicago Cattle Reeclots. 9,000 head; ship
menu. 4,000 brad; market steady and rather
slow: beeves, S3 304 60; stackers and feeders,
52 2G3 2o; cows, bulls and mixed, SI 603 00;
Texas cattle, $1 603 5a Hogs Receipts, 13,
000 head; shipments, 5,500 bead; market slow
and SffilOc lower; mixed, 4 204 45; heavy,
14 0034 35: light, $4 S04 B0; stockers, $3 60
4 6a Sheet) Receipts, 7,000 bead; shipments,
15,600 head; market a shade easier; natives,
53 75S4 80: western, $3 654 80: Texans, 13 603
4 25; lambs, U 9005 Ml
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 2,300 head: ship
ments, 200 head; market strong; choice heavy
native steers, S3 904 30; fair to enod do, S3 10
Q3 90; stockers anil feeders, S2 10S3 00; rang
ers, corn fed. $2 U03 50; grass fed. 12 00
2 TO. Hogs Receipts. 3.1O0 head: shipment.
200 head: market -Kteadv: choice heavy W 15
i 35; packing. $4 24 40. light grades, fair to
best, S4 35ffi4 5a bbeep Receipts. 1,900 head;
shipments, 1 500 head; market Arm; fair to
Choice. 3 203 CO.
Buxfalo Cattle No fresh receipts; noth
ing doing. Sheep and lambs Receipts. 60
loads through: no sale; market nominally un
changed. Hogs Receipts, 15 loads through;
14 loads sale; market dull and lower; mixed
mediums and Yorkers, S4 75: mediums, 81 600
4 65; Yorkers, S4 754 0; pigs, 14 9a
r? Bn
Sensational Foreign News Gives a Firmer
Tone to Wheat Tho Russian Crop
Said to bo the Worst for
ManyTears Hob Prod
ucts Moving Freely.
Chicago The wheat market to-day has been
moderately active, but with the trade largely
local. Outside orders were light both ways,
and tho feeling is still quite unsettled. Despite
the fact that a majority of tho traders were
working on the expectation of an advance,
speculative values lor the leading futures
averaged a shade under yesterday's closing
most of tho forenoon. The weakest feature of
the day was in the posting of receipts, which
showed 147 cars more than expected. Cables
were depressing. The opening for futures hero
was JiXc under yesterday's latest bids for
all f ut res beyond July, and business in tho pit
throughout the entire session was of tho scalp
ing sort, though toward noon prices firmed up
Jlc from the early inside range.
Tho reaction was due chiefly to a sensational
cable in regard to the excessive dry weather.
It said: ''Russian official reports now admit
that tho condition of the crops is tho worst in
many years, and that unless all signs fail the
estimate of the world's product to bo compiled
at the Vienna international seed fair August
24, will show a situation considerable worse
than that of last year." Undoubtedly local
bear operators were somewhat intimidated
by this news. Considerable short wheat was
said to bare been covered here to-day by St.
Louis parties, and there was some selling on
the big failure in Boston of a prominent boot
and shoe concern. Toward the close the mar
ket became quite buoyant,innucnced by strong
late cables through private sources and the
good local cash demand. Final closing quota
tions were around the top, and Kc above
yesterday's closings.
A moderate degree of activity was manifest
in corn, and transactions were at slightly high
er prices. The volume of business was not
large, being mainly local. The better tone was
attributed largely to the strength m the cash
market, the shipping demand being good, and
July and August were relatively stronger in con
sequence, local shorts covering and shippers
buying. The July future ruled at a premium
of Jc compared with September. The market
opened atyesterday's closing prices; was steady
for a time, then advanced 4Jc, recoded a
little, ruled steady and closed JiS'ic higher
than yesterday.
Oats were traded in with a little more free
dom, and a steady feeling developed, especial
ly for July, which was purchased by the shorts,
and it developed that there was more out than
most operators had an idea of. Longs as a
rule were disposed to sell, and met buyers
freely, but prices showed little change. The
more deferred deliveries were quiet and steady.
Early the market for mess pork exhibited
considerable activity. Opening transactions
were made at 10c decline, and prices ruled
irregular within a range of 25c. Later a re
duction ot 10c was submitted to with fair sales,
but this was quickly followed by an advance of
1012e. Near the close prices settled back
again 5;c and the market closed quiet.
A little more steadiness was manifested in
the lard market early in the day, and prices
were slightly improved. During the latter part
of the session offerings were slightly increased,
and prices receded again and closed quiet.
Quite an active trade was reported in tho
market for short ribs, mainly in September do
livery. Prices opened slightly lower, followed
by a further reduction of 2a With a good
demand later the feeling was steadier, and
prices rallied 25c. Toward the close tho
market ruled weaker again, and tho improve
ment was lost.
The leading natures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2 July, 79b0X7SJi679?ic;
Angust, 76577S76K77Kc; September. 76K
e77H6?a&c; December, 787978KO
Corn No. 2 Angust, 36KS3636KS6Vc;
September. 36X6363e3bJc; October, S6V
Oats No. 2, August, 2222c: September. 21
G2121Ji21Kc; October. 2zK822M!c.
Mess Pork, per bbL August, S10 52UQ10 52
010 4510 47k; September, $10 5o10 60
10 471U 52; October, J10 4010 4510 35
10 4a
Lard, per 100 Bs. August, SO 02K6 02K;
September, S6 126 12; October, tS 15Q8 15
6 12K66 12.
Shout Rins, per 100 lis. August, to 32J
5 375 325 37; September. 85 42J4o 45
05 4U5 40; October, 85 425 45Q5 40o 40.
Cash quotations were as lollows: Flour dull
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat. 79c;No.
3 spring wheat nominal: No. 2 red, 79JJ& No. 2
corn. 36Jc 0.2 oats, 22Wc No. 2 rye.4343c.
No. 2 barley nominal. No. 1 flaxseed, SI 3J.
Prime timothy seed, SI 431 45. Mess pork, per
barrel. S10 5tt Lard, per 100 pounds,
50 U2Q6 05. Short ribs, sides (loose), S5 3o
5 4a Dry salted shoulders (boxed), $5 12
Q5 25. Short clear sides (boxed), S5G265 75.
bugars unchanged. Receipts Flour. 15 000
barrels: wheat, 120.000 bushels: corn. 421. OCX)
bushels; oats, 122,000 bushels; rye, 4.000 bushels;
barley, none. Shipments Flour, 12.000 barrels;
wheat, 22.000 bushels; com, 268,000 bnshels;
oats, 142,000 bushels; rye, none; barley,
1.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was fairly active and unchanged. Eggs
quiet at 10llc.
New Yoek Flour dull and weak. Corn
meal dull. Wheat Spot moderately active,
c lower and steady; option moderately
active; Julyc lower; other months steady to
lie advance; the changes In prices were wholly
through local operations. Ryo htgber; west
ern, 5.!53a Barley nominal. Barley malt
quiet. Com Spot fairly active and firmer:
options less active and stronger. Oats Spot
quiet and stiady; options firmer and fairly
active. Hay active and firm. Hops easy and
quiet. Coffee Options opened stead) 1025
points'advance and closed barely steady 2510
points up; better cables; moderate busi
ness; sales, 59,570 bags, including
July, 14.65c; August, 14 5014.75 September,
14.70014.90c: October. 14.6014b5; November,
14.G0iil4.75c; December. 14.5514.75c: January.
14.6014.75c: JIarch, 14.5014.70c: Maj. 14.55
14.65c; spot Rio stronger; fair cargoes, 17c.
Sugar Raw easier and nominal: fair refining,
6 IMOc; centrifugals 96 test. TJf c: refined steady
and quiet. Molasses dull. Rice quiet and
easy. Cottonseed oil firmer. Tallow dull.
Rosin quiet and steady. Turpentine easier.
Eggs firm with good demand; western, 1313
14c; receipts, 3,180 packages. Pork lower and
dull; mess inspected, S12 00012 60: do unin
spected, SU 7512 00; extra prime. Sll 00. Cut
meats firm; pickled bellies, 78Jic: pickled
ham, lllljc: pickled shoulders, 55c;
middies quiet. Lard more active and easy;
western steam, chiefly for export, SO 3S6 42.
closing at S6 40; city, S6 10; August, S6 16
6 39, closing at SB 36 bid; September. SO 476 60,
closing at SO 47 bid: October, S6 466 SO, closing
$6 47; November. S6 316 32, closing at SO 31
bid. Butter easy, with fair demand; western
dairy, 1012c; do creamery, ll17c; do fac
tory. 812c Cheese Colored firm; white,
weak; western, 67c
St. Louis Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat higher. The market opened weak on
nnfavorabie reports and there was enough sell
ing to depress prices Jc early in the day. A
recovery of c followed advices or stronger
foreign markets, but there was a raid when it
was reported that the late strong cables were
fictitious and the early lower figures were
almost reached again. The weakness did not
last, a good upturn following,and the close was
firm at &a above yesterday; No. 2 red.
cash, 73k7ic; Julv, "!ilZVc, closed at
73c bid: August. 7373c bid. closed at 73i
&7ic bid; September, 73JJ74Jc closed
at74cbld; December, 77Ji77c closed at
77c bid; year, 73Jc; May, 82c closed at 82
fib-tKc bid. Corn higher, a corner in July was
developed, and though-a sale was made early
at 34c, a late bid of 37c failed to purchase. The
balance or the market was strong and better,
especially for nearby options, which improved
c; No. 2 mixed, cash, 37c bid; July, 31c,
closed at 37c bid; August. 3333ic, closed at
33)c bid: September, 33iic; May, 34c
closed at 345gc bid. Oats dull and easy; No. 2
cash, 22c; July, 22c; September, 21c asked;
May, 34c Rye dull and lower, to sell; No. 2
offered at 42c Flaxseed quiet; SI 28 for spot
and SI 23 tor August.
Pnn-ADELPHIA Flour Dull and weak for
everything except choice old winters, which
ruled firm. Wheat opened Jtc lower, under
liberal receipts in West, but, with stronger re-
5orts from other grain centers, the decline in
uly folly recovered, while later months re
acted Vic from lowest rates of the day and
closed firm; old Pennsylvania red, on track,
51 05; new. No. 2 Pennsylvania red in export
elevators, 90c; No. 2 red in do. 86c; No. 2 red,
July, 8686c: August, 8485c; September.
8484c; October, 8485c Corn firm: No. 2
mixed, in Twentieth street elevator. 45c: No.
2 yellow in Twentieth street elevator and
grain depot, 46c; No. 2, mixed, 4444c; Au
.mt 4Tfe44Vc: Sentember. iieuvc- hxtn.
ber. 41t$41Jc Oats offering more liberal J
and market lor car lots aeciinea c under
light local trade demand; No. 3 white, 33
B3c; No. 2 white in Twentieth street eleva
tor. 3434c; No. 1 white, on track, 88c;
futures quiet but steady; No. 2 white, July.
S45i34c; August, 31?i32c; September,
30Ji31c; October, 31Ji31c Eggs firm
for choice stock: Pennsylvania firsts, 14c
Cincisxati Flour weak. Wheat quiet; No.
2 red. 78c; receipts, 22.000 bushels; shipments,
14,000 bushels. Cora quiet; No 2 mixed, 38c
Oats steady; No. 2 mixed. 2525Jc Rye
quiet: No. 2, new. 46c: old. 47c Pork weak at
Sll 25.1 Lard dull at S5 75. Bulkmeats steady;
short nb, $5 75. Bacon easy; short clear, $875.
Butter steady. Sugar quiet. Eggs firm at 10c,
loss off. Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Wheat firm; cash, 78c; Sep
tember, oc v,um ura; no. a, ifijjc Oats
steady; Cheddars. 3$8c
Baltimore Provisions dull. Butter West
ern oacked, 10012c; creamery, 1616c Eggs
firm at 134fHc Coffeo nominal; Rio fair at
Toledo Cloversced nominal;
October, SI 60 asked.
cash SI 50;
' T !PHE-' 'PITTSBiniS
The Lato Tony Newoll's East End
Hesort Finds a Purcbaseiv
A Former Citizen Gives Pittsburg Capital
ists Some Good Pointers.
W. A. Herron & Sons sold at Orphans'
Court sale yesterday the property corner
Forbes street and Shady lane, well known
as the Newell Road House, consisting of
six acres of land, with a large brick dwell
ing, out-buildings, stables, sheds, etc
After active competition the bidding closed
at $33,000, and was knocked down at that
price. 5he new owner, Mr. H. A. Miller,
intends renting it for a time. He purchased
it as an investment and not for a home.
The late Tony Newell came into posses
sion of the land by purchase in October,
1SS4, and be erected the buildings and made
other extensive improvements. Under his ad
ministration it was one of the most popular re
sorts in the East End.
The work of tearing up Second avenue for
the accommodation of the electric road has
been stopped, ana track laying and paving
will begin on this end of the line as soon as the
rails can be obtained. Their delivery on con
tract time was prevented by the flood at
Johnstown. It is the intention to have the cars
running by December 1, or sooner if possible.
The assurance of rapid transit is causing a
great demand for building sites in the Glen
wood district, where the big Blair estate has
been subdivided and put on the markets This
section promises to become in a few j ears one
of the most populous parts of "the city. Its
close proximity to the business and manufac
turing centers, together with its unsurpassed
natural attractions, is commanding the atten
tion of a good class of people who desire to es
tablish homes at a moderate outlay of money.
Loans and discounts of the local national
banks amount to 535,971,057. While this is a
large sum, it represents only about one-third of
the loanable funds of these institutions, snow
ing that there is a great abundance of unem
ployed money. In addition. State and savings
banks hold large amounts the whole consti
tuting a reserve which should dispel all
thoughts of financial stringency until the con
ditions are reversed, of which there is no pres
ent likelihood.
There is almost a certainty, therefore, that
money will be plentiful and rates low for some
time to come.
Mr. Robert Youne; a native of Pittsburg, and
who will be remembered as proprietor of a
livery stable in Lawrenceville about 20 years
ago, but who is now a resident ot Philadelphia,
is in the city visiting old friends. In a brief
interview yesterday he said Philadelphia was
growing at a rapid rate, both in sizo and busi
ness. Sincehewentthere in 1876, houses enough
have been built to accommodate a population
of over 200,000. Capitalists there are very much
interested in real estate, regarding it as the
best form of investment. Many large blocks of
dwelling houses, some of them covering entire
squares, are going up in all parts of the city.
These investments yield an average rate of 6
per cent Interest, which is entirely satisfactory
to the capitalists. He added that rents are
cheaper In Philadelphia than in any other city
in the United States, and that a larger propor
tion of the inhabitants own the houses they
live in than in any other American city.
There is one point in this interview which Is
of peculiar importance to Pittsburg, where the
greatest obstacle to the expansion of popula
tion is the scarcity of houses. If local capital--
ists would follow the Philadelphia plan of
building largo blocks, tbey would benefit them
selves and do the publlo a service of inestima
ble importance.
If reports be true, homestead loan and trust
companies are superseding building and loan
associations. A gentleman who is familiar
with the subject said yesterday: "Recently
quite a number of loan and trnst companies
have been organized in Pittsburg and vicinity.
They are largely composed of persons who
were formerly identified with building and
loan societies.
"Tho new system possesses several advantages
over tho old, but the principal one is of a finan
cial nature. Money can bo obtained on better
terms, loans being made at the uniform rate of
4 per cent for, any length of time desired, and
there are no premiums to pay. It has been in
nrocess of development for 12 years, and is be
lieved to be as near perfect as anything of
human origin can be."
In Respect to Business, bnt No Break
There were no surprises in the local stock
market yesterday, and while trading was light,
prices, -with a few exceptions, were well sus
tained. Philadelphia Gas was a trifle weaker,
but the other gassers were strong, particularly
Chartlers, Wheeling and West Virginia, very
little of either being offered. Central Traction
was fractionally lower, but Citizens' was
stronger, 70 being bid for it without accept
ance La Noria was neglected In the forenoon, bnt
became qaite active later on, 200 shares selling
at IK. and the demand at that figure unsatis
fied. At the clse 2 was asked. Switch and
Signal closed a trifle firmer. Electric was
strong at 61 old and 52 asked, with none on
the market. There is a report that It is being
quietly absorbed and held for an advance,
which is reckoned upon as a pretty sure thing.
The rest or the list was featureless. Henry M.
Ling sold 60 shares of Fourth National Bank at
127, the first movement In this stock for several
months. Bids, offers and sales were:
mobni.vg. AVTxnvoox.
Pld. Asked. Kid. Asked.
German u at.BK. Airy.
Chartlers Vl. Gas Co.
at. t.as Co. of . Va.
Ohio Valley Oas.
1 N. O. A P. Co
Pennsvlvanla Gai;Co..
Philadelphia Co
Wheeling Gas Co
FomtUll Co
Tuna OH Co
Central Traction
Citizens' Traction
rittsburir Traction
Pleasant Valley
I.a Nor la Sllnlne Co...
W estinichouee Electric
V. M. tSig. Co
Veitlnjjhouse A. 11. Co.
"W estlnghonse B. Co.
The morning sales were 100 shares of Central
Traction at 3a and 30 Switch and Signal at 20.
At the last call 100 shares f Central Traction
sold at 30 and 200 La Noria at 1.
The Financial Situation In Good Shape, bnt
Practically Unchanged.
The condition of the local money market
yesterday presented nothing new. Discounting
was on a limited scale, leaving the flow of
capital In favor of the banks. Depositing was
Lf air, but checking was rather under the average.
Two or three of the banks were said to be
pretty well loaned up, but the rest confessed to
a troublesome surplus. The exceptions are
due to the slight revival In the speculative in
terest. The exchanges were 51,977,553 78 and
the balances S415.655 02. The outlook con
tinues good for a radical Improvement In a few
Money at New York yesterday was easy at 2
2 per cent; last loan, 2. closing offered at
2f Prime mercantile paper. 4$6X. Ster
ling exchange dull and weak at $4 65 for CO-day
bills and SI bGJf for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U.S. 4s.reg I2SHIM. K. T. Gen.Ss .57
U. 8. 4s. coup.,
U. B. 44s, re.,
128 M
Mutual Union 6s.... 100
-N. J.C. Int. Cert...llJ
Northern Pac lta.. 116)2
Northern Pac. 2ds..is4
Northw't'n consols. 146
Northw'n deben's.JM
Oregon & Trans. 6S.1MS
IT- H. 4k.ft- roaD.
PacllleSsof'95...... l
IOUlslanasUmpeais 8SM
Missouri Si 10OM
Tenn. new set. 6s. ...108
lenn. new set. ta....YMi
Tenn. new set. 3s.... 73
Canada So. Zdt W4
Cen. 1'aciOe.lsU 1HX
Den. & K. ., lsta.-IW-S
Den. ft K. G-4s 78.S
D.&K.O.West,lits. 101
Krle, 2ds 102
M.1L.&T. Gen. 6s.. CX
SU J.. &I.M. Uen. S 81
St. I-.&a.r. Oen.Ji.I18
SI. fanl consols ....125t
St. PL Chi & PclsU.117
Tx., PcL.O.Tr 1U. 8V
Tx.,Pc K.Q.lT.Kcts X
union i'ac. 1SU.....11
West chore 106,-i
The only bonds received at the Treasury De
partment yesterday were $500 coupon 4s at 130.
New Yomc Clearings, 1107,681,732: balance,
ISO ....
S7"i X
tO M 51X US
70 .... 70 ....
17 .... MM ....
14 .... 14K ....
3 38H KM iSK
30)4 30H .... , ....
100 .... 1C0 ....
... 63 .... 69
30 K 30 30
70 72 70 ....
49J4 .... - 494 ....
1 2 1 2
52 .... HH Kif
aH :i 20H 21
114 lli
M .- ....
-T'-! "r,OTpMpW
Bostox Clearings, 813,009,880; balances,
$1,379,736. Money, S per cent,
Phixadsxphia. Clearings, $9,950,858; bal
ances, 1,294,654.
Baltimore To-day's clearings, 11,601,174;
balances, $275,269. '
London The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the Bank or England on balance to-day
ls259,000. Bar silver. 4J6-16d.
PAitls Three per cent rentes, 81f 15c.
Chicago Money unchanged. Clearings, 59,
616,000. ST. Lours Clearings, 2,350,451; balances,
A Sadden Drop In Oil and a Close Below a
The oil market was dull and uninteresting
yesterday from every point of observation.
For the first time since the 23d the close was
below a dollar. Trading was light all along the
line. The only interesting episode ofthefday
occurred shortly after tho noon hour, when
there was a quick slump from the highest to
the lowest point of the day. A droR of 2 cents
in a few minutes caused the "boys" to open
their eyes and wonder what it meant. It was
in response to a bear raid in New York. The
market soon rallied under good buying in Oil
The apathy was not due to any changes In
conditions, but to the indisposition to operate
so near the end of the month, beptemberoll
will be In order after to-dav, when some shorts
will be let out and a new deal commenced. Tho
fluctuations were: Opening, lOOHt. highest,
100K; lowest. 9SH; closing, 9 Monday's
clearings were 168,000 barrels. Tlioe,of yester
day did not exceed 50,000. The indications at
the close were that the market would remain
weak for several days, or until tho faeptcmber
deal Is well under way.
A Mercer dispatch sas; Considerable in
terest was occasioned in this place yesterday
morning, by the report that a 60-barrel oil well
had been struck two miles east of Sandy Lake,
this county, on the Raymilton road The terri
tory is claimed by oil men to be a good one, and
the wells that have already come in will lead to
a thorough test of this entire oil field, and the
prospects are good for livening up a number of
the towns in Mercer and Venangp counties.
The Campbell well, on the Campbell lot. In
Mill creek bottom, near Beaver, came In small,
and will probably do from 5 to 10 barrels. It Is
on a direct line east and west, drawn through
the Union RaylNo. 1, both good producers.
Features of the Market.
Corrected dally by John M. OaKiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened lOOHILowest 98H
Highest...... lOOXlClosed W4
Average runs Sl.ftn
Average shipments 77,103
Average charters 66,204
Iteflned, New York. 7.40c
lteflne London. STsd.
Kenned, Antwerp, IsHr.
Kenned, Liverpool, 6tfd.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts, 98c;
calls, SI 00.
OH Markets.
TrrusvrLi.E, July 3a National transit cer
tificates opened at SI WA; highest, SI OOJi; low
est, 9Sc; closed, 99.
Bradford, July 8a National transit cer
tificates opened at SI XX4: highest, SI 00J ; low
est, 9$c; closed at 99Hc; clearances, 232,000
New York, July 3a Petroleum dull. Stock
Exchange: Opening, SI 00)4:bigbest,Sl OOJi; low
est, 9Sc,closing at 99c. Consolidated Exchange:
Opening, SI uO; hignent, SI OOK: lowest, 98Jc,
closing at ltejc. Total sales, 1,365,000 barrels.
On. Citt. July 30. National transit certifi
cates opened at SI OOJi: highest. Si 00U; lowest,
93c; closed. DOkc. Sales, 536.000 barrels;
clearances, 274,000 barrels; charters, 83,095 bar
rels; shipments, 81,393 barrels; runs, 78,169 bar
rels. -
Tho Demand for Realty Has Something to
Show for It.
Graebing Lyon, No. 135 Fourth avenue,
placed a mortgage of $2,500 for two years, at 6
per cent, on property in the Eighth
ward, city; a mortgage of 1,000 for
three years, at 6 per cent, on property
in Millvale borongh; one of SL500 for three
years, at 6 per cent, on property in Moon town
ship, and one of $1,200 for three years, at 6 per
cent, on property at Jeannette, Westmoreland
J. R. Cooper & Co., 107 Fourth avenue.sold for
J. J. O'Connor to T. H. Rale th leasehold and
buildings. No. 37 Washington streeU-for $750
cash; also, lot 66, McNeil plan, Thirteenth
ward, to J. W. Smith for S25a
Reed B. Coyle & Co.. 131 Fourth avenue, sold
to Mrs. Belle McNeill lot No. 57. in Marion
place plan, tor $300. They also sold for Joseph
Loughrey a piece of 'ground on Boquet street,
Oakland, size 125x175, for $5,050.
Black & Batrd. No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
George A Todd for Brent Good lot No. 733, in
the plan of Homestead, 60x110 feet to a 10-foot
alley, for SCOa
W. E. Hamnett, of 404 Smithfleld street,
Piltsburg, and Wilklnsburg. sold a lot, corner
of Hill and Mill streets, Wilklnsburg. 56x132,
to Matbew H. Hemmig for $800 cash. He also
placed a mortgage of $1,200 on Wilklnsburg
property for three vears at 6 per cent.
Kelly & Rogers, No. 6315 Station street, East
End, report the following sales: For J. C.
Knlpp to L. R Barbour and L. Wightman a
lot 70x187. on Ruial avenue. Nineteenth ward,
for 83.800 cash; also to Agnes Graff lot 50x140,
on Bond street, for S2.O0O cash; and also for
S. D. Mcllwaln to A. M. Wensel, a house of five
rooms and lot 30x120. on Bond street, lor $l,60a
They also placed a mortgage for $1,400 at 6 per
cent on property at Dnnuesne,
EwingAByer, No. 107 Fe'deral street, Alle
gheny, placed a $1,400 mortgage on Eleventh
ward property for five years at 6 per cent."
Wall Street Makes a Spurt A Raid on the
Lead Trost That Amounted to Noth
ingThe Grangers Consplcnons
for Strength Bonda Dpll.
New" York, July 3a The stock market was
again dull to-day, though there was consider
able animation In parts ot the list, which
brought the total transactions up to something
above thoe of yesterday. There was also a
more decided tone to the dealings, and material
advances were made among the leading specu
latives, with the exception of Reading. There
were many rumors in regard to tho last named
company, but none of them were corroborated,
and after the first demonstration seemed to
have little or no effect upon the stock. The re
ports of the Nortnwestern and St. Paul were
positive bull arguments, and with the higher
figures from London this morning there was a
generally higher opening here, most of the
stocks traded in showing gains of from to
per cent, while Northwestern was up as tho
result of the statement. Considerable pressure
was brought to bear upon Reading and Atchi
son, and afterward upon the Lead Trust, the
last named being again affected by a report of
a still further increase in the outstanding cer
tificates, the amonnt now being placed at $100,
OOU.000. There was nothing positive about
either of the weak stocks, however, and in
neither of them did the concession equal 1 per
cent, except in Lead.
Missouri racinc and the Grangers were con
spicuously strong during this time, and in the
afternoon there was a renewal of the buying
which had been checked bv the reports of a
heavy failure in Boston at the opening, when
there was also some selling for Eastern account.
Reports became current that the earnings of
Reading for July would show a handsome in
crease, and the market became not only more
active in all its departments, but decidedly
strong as well, and almost everything traded In
moved up with more speed, and Chicago Gas,
Chesapeake and Ohio, Missouri Pacific and the
Grangers were especially prominent in the up
ward movement. Reading also joined the pro
cession in the last hour, and the market finally
closed dull, but firm, at about the best figures
of the day. The active stocks are higher this
evening, and Chesapeake -and Ohio first pre
ferred rose 2, the secondpref erred North
western 1 and Missouri Paciflo 1.
Railroad bonds were still anil and featureless,
though the tone of the market, if anything. was
a little stronger than during the past few days,
and most issues traded in show slight gains.
The sales reached 5755,000. Chicago and Mil
waukee firsts rose 2, to 126; Ohio, Indiana and
Western firsts 2f, to 7a Wabash second cer
tificates lost 2 at 99.
The followlne table snows the prices of active
stocks on the Mew York Stock Exchange yester
day. Corrected dally for The Dispatch by
Wiiitnit & HTEFHEHSON, oldest Plttsburf? mem
bers of Mew York Stock Kxchange, 57 Fourth ave
ing Bids.
lnjr. ClColCln. A I., new 69
Cl.,Col.,Un. L, pr.100
Am. Cotton OU. ...... KH
Atcn lop. A B. X.... 6H
Canada Southern. 6l
Central of New Jersey.HOH
Centrail'aelflu 34K
Chesapeake A Ohio.... S3H
C Bur. a Onuy.....u!4
C Mil. A St. faul..., 69X
High- low-
est. est.
69 63-4
100SJ WM
V.H ll
3G14 SV4
UK Sl4
HUH 110M
34M 3iM
SV 23H
ioo w
10H 69
a, Mii-Ast-P-pr...
a, itocxL'AP
a, tst. i & Pitt.. ,..
C 8U L. 4 Pitts, pf.
CSt. P..M. AO
MM U!i 9t)i
. tl
2 22
.... .?...
lii), ie'V
C St. P.. 11. to., DC
C. A .Northwestern. ...lOTJj
C .Northwestern, pr. ....
Col. Ooal A iron
Col. A Hooking Val .. .. .
Del.. U AW. GH
- - f ffifW -
Del. A Hudson, ICH 142W
Denver ltio O.. pr... iH H
K.T.. Va. AUa 9
K. 1.. Va. A Ga. 23 pr.
Illinois Central
Lake Erie A Western
Lake Erie A West. sr.. ....
Lake Shore A Jl. S 101K 102
Louisville A Nashville. 8H C9H,
Michigan central
Mobile Ohio
Mo., h.. ATexas 10X J0H
Missouri Pacific t7 CTtt
New tfork Central 105X 305X
. Y.. L. E.AW 26 XSH"
M. .. a A St. b
IN. I., C A St. L. nr.
N.Y.. C. ASt.L,.2dDf
N.I4S, E 43W 4SM
A. . O. A W 16H W
Norfolk a Western
-Norfolk Western. pr.
Northern Pacific 2T tii
Nortnern Pacific oref. Mil W
Ohio A Mississippi... . H 21M
Oregon Improvement
Oregon Uranscon tlH Wi
Pacific stall
Peo. Dec. A Evans
Phlladel. A Heading.. 43 VH
Pullman l'alace Oar...l82 1M
Richmond A W. P. T 2H 22
Klchmond A W.P.T.pf
St. P., Minn. A Man
St. Iw A San Fran 3t?i XH
St. L. A San Iran pf.. 50,1, (6
St.L. A San r. 1st pr.
Texas Pacific 19 19
Union I'acinc sax 58V
Wabash preferred 28 28U
Western Union 81V? MS
Whlin jt A L. E to 6Ss
Sup-ar Trust 10SH
National Lead Trnst.. ttH
Chicago Gas Trust H WH
4& 45
til s
.... H3H
101H 101J4
69 G9'4
Boston Stocks.
Atcb.ATop.R. H... 3ii
boston Alnany...2i6X
Boston A Maine. ....201
C.. U. AU. 100H
Clnn. ban. A Cleve. 22)f
Eastern C. It 100
FIlntAPereM. nrd. K
Mexican Cen. com.. 14)4
Mex.C.lstmtr.bds. 65S
N. Y. ANewEna-... 4SH
Old Colony 17S
Rutland preferred.. 40
Wls.Centrat.com... 21
Calumet A Hecla....212
Franklin 9
Huron ff
Osceola, 924
Pewable (new) 2
Uulncy 43
ltell Telephone 234
Boston Land 6
Water Power G
Tamarack 100
San Diego :c
Santa Fe copper. &
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 37
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. lil. Asked.
Pennsylvania KaUroad 6IH 82
Keadlnjt 21? 214
Lehleh Valley 53(4 53H
Northern faclJo 2SJ4 28H
Northern Pacific preferred 64 64)4
mining; Stocks.
New Yokk. July 3a Alice, 100: Amador,
100; Belcher, Z30: Best & Belcher, 325; Bodle, 100;
Caledonia B. II., 300; Consolidated California
and Virginia, 675; Commonwealth, 375; Dead
wood T.. 150; Eureka Consolidated, 100; El
Cristo. 110; Gould 4 Currv, 180; Hale 4 Nor
cross. 280; Homes take, 850; Horn Silver, 105:
Mexican. 265: Mutnal, 140; North Belle Isle,
115; Ontario, 34.00; Ophir. 4,50: Plymouth, 675;
Savage, 150; Sierra Nevada. 150; Small Hopes,
150; Sullivan, 110; Union Consolidated. 265.
McKean & Appleton, shoo manufacturers
at Salem, Mass., have assigned to J. Beebe, of
Boston. Tbi estimated liabilities are from
565.000 to $75,0oa
La I'resse, the Boulanglst organ, accuse?
the French Government ot falsifying 3,00(1,000
voting papers at the elections for the Councils
on Sunday. Corrected returns show that Gen
eral Boulanger was elected in 23 cantons.
A dispatch received from Nagasaki, Japan,
states that a dreadful earthquake has occurred
in the western portion of the Island Kiou Siou.
The town Kumamoto was destroyed. A great
number ot people perished. A vast amount of
property was also destroyed.
Advices from Assouan state that the ad
vance of the dervishes is continuous, though
Mow. A skirmish occurred yesterday bctn een
Egyptian patrolmen and dervish outposts,
during which 60 dervishes were killed. General
Grenfell, the commander of the Egyptians, is
moving southward and has reached Johki.
One of tho after-effects of the great storm
of Saturday night at Chicago has been to put
up the price of brick about $1 per thousand.
Vast numbers of fresh molded and unburned
brick were melted down into heaps of mud by
the hood, and the damage, it is said, will run
up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Mrs. Ed Iioomis. who resides on a farm in
the town of Osceola, Wis., committed suicide
at 6 o'clock Sunday morning by taking strych
nine. Her husband was attending to his stock
when Mrs. Loomis left her bed and took the
poison. Soon afterward she told the house
maid. A physician was summoned but the
poison bad done its work before he arrived.
The woman was a daughter-in-law of George
Loomis, of the same town, who cut hia wife's
throat and killed himself May 13.
Chief of Police Hubbard, of Chicago, ac
companied by Lieutenant Alexander Ross,
have left for Winnipeg, where they will arrive
Wednesday at noon. The chief is determined
to have Burko, and as soon as the full bench
at Winnipeg renders its decision, it is probable
that the prisoner will bo started South. The
chiefs object in going to Winnipeg is to per
sonally superintend the work of bringing the
prisoner and the witnesses, Carlson and Mar
ilnsen, back to Chicago. So much has been
said about assassinating the men that he deems
it good judgment to exerciseeverypossible pre
caution to assure their safety.
Cattle men in the Indian Territory report
that Texas fever is playing havoc among the
cattle in the Territory. Over 40 head were seen
dead in one pasture alone, and In others num
bers varying from 7 to 23. Tbey also stated
that hnndreds or cattle were dying in Oklaho
ma, and predicted that there would not be a
living head of the cattle imported into that
country from the States of Kansas and Ne
braska in two months. The fatality among cat
tle in Oklahoma is not caused so much from
Texas fever as from the effect the more south
ern climate has on them. Reports from Guth
rie, Oklahoma City and other points in the
Territory verify this statement.
The forest fire which has been raging In
Colorado for several days was started over a
week ago by some sportsmen in No Name
canyon, whereby Mr. J. Brown, his family and
a party of ladies narrowly escaped death only
escaping by wading through a creek for nearly
two miles on their hands and knees. The fire
has now spread and covers an area ol over ten
square miles. The entire air in the western
slope is filled with smoke from the burning
mountains. Reports from Red Cliff, Leadville,
Aspen and New Castle report the sun com
pletely obscured. The sight from Glens ood in
the evening is magnificent, as the entire face of
No Name and Grizzly Mountains Is one mass
of flame.
Final arrangements have been made for
President Harrison's trip to Bar Harbor next
week. He will leave Washington at 9.40 A. M.,
August 6. in a special car attached to the limi
ted express for New York on the Pennsylvania
road and take the Fall River boat that night
for Boston. The day and night of the 7th be
will remain in Boston, leaving on the morning
of the 8th for Bar Harbor in a special train
over the Boston and Maine and Maine Central
roads. He will make no speeches en route.
He will be accompanied by Private Secretary
Halford, and it is believed by Mrs. Harrison
also, although there has been no definite an
nouncement yet as to Mrs. Hurrison's inten
tions. Wool Markets.
Philadelphia Wool quiet and prices un
changed. New York Wool firm and in good demand;
domestic fleece, 3239c; pulled. 23 10c; Texas,
Boston There has been a moderate demand
for all kinds of wool, and manufacturers are
obliged to purchase frequently to keep wants
supplied. Prices are unchanged and steady at
quotations. In Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces
there have been sales of X at S333Kc; XX at
34K35c. and No. 1 at S739c; Michigan X
fleeces quiet at 3233c; combing and delaine
fleeces slow, with No. 1 combing offered at 40c;
choice fine delaine at 36c; Michigan fine delaine,
35c Unwashed combing wool sells at 2932c for
one-quarter and three-eighths blood. Territory,
Texas and California wool sells In the range of
57gS3c; for scoured principally. Oregon wool
meets with some demand at 18022c. In pulled
wools something Is doing all the while at 33Q
9c for super, and 2532c ior extras. Foreign
wool remains Arm.
TbeDrysoods Market.
New Yoek, July 8a In drygoods there
was a fair trade in clothing woolens, dress
goods, flannels, and shawls at firm prices. Cot
ton goods continue firm, as a rule; heavy yarn
fabrics are in plentiful supply, but generally
steady In price.
Metal Market.
New Yokk Pig Iron firm; American, $1550
17 5a Copper unsettled; lake, August, $11 60.
Lead firmer; domestic, $3 9a Tin quiet and
firm; straits. $19 65.
Cincinnati Hogs easier: common and
light. $3 7501 70: packing and butchers, $4 40
i 00; receipts, 670 head; shipments, 300 bead.
When baby was sick, we gave her Castorla,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she bad Chlldren,she gave them Castorla
All "Vegetables Weak Bnlter Slow
Berries Scarce and Firm.
Prospect lor Incoming Crop Too Good for a
Ball Movement.
OrncE ov PiTTSBtmo dispatch, l
TtJESDAT, Jnly 30, 18S9.
Country Produce Jobbins Prices.
Cheese has found a lower levol In Eastern
markets, bafit is active hero. Creamery butter
is a shade lower at headquarters. Country
butter is slow at nominal prices. Berries are
scarce and firm. Home-grown blackberries be
gin to come- to market, and will ?e at their
height by another week. A I ew.mountain ber
ries have already put in an appearance at 90c
to $1 a pall. Tomatoes are tho weak faotor of
vegetable markets, owing to liberal supplies.
Low prices having prevailed for a few weeks
past, markets are now overstocked. Water
melons are firm at quotations. A leading
produce commission merchant said to-day:
"Wo have found a difficulty of late meeting
demands. Much more stuff could have been
sold than we have been able to secure, espe
cially in fruit lines."
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 18Q19c; Ohio do,
1713c; fresh dairy packed, I213c; country
rolls, 10012c.
Beaus Naw hand-picked beans, $2 402 60;
medium. $2 302 4a
Beeswax 2S30o tR a for choice; lowgrade,
cider Sand refined, $6 507 50; common,
$3 504 00; crab cider, $8 00&8 SO $) barrel;
cider vinegar, 10 12c gallon.
UHKK3E unio. bc; .new xorz, iuc; urn-
burger, 89c: domestic Sweitzer, 9i12Kc:
imported oweiizer, 4C
California Fruits California peaches,
$2 00 V K-busbel box; cherries, $3 00; apricots,
$2 00 a 4-basket case; plums, $1 72 00 a 4
basket case.
Eaos 150130 V dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, $2 2503 00 ?? barrel: pine
apples, $1 001 Zi f) dozen; whortleber
ries, 75c$l 00 ?1 pall; blackberries, 6Sc
1 quart; wild goose plums, $2 60 crate;
currants, $3 501 ft 2-bnshel stand; watermelons.
$15 l)025 00 hundred; slckel pears, $2 00
2 25 $ bushel crate; Georgia peaches, 6-basket
cases, $3 50.
Feathers Extra live geese. 5060c; No. 1,
do, 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c V A.
Potatoes $1 251 60 g barrel.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 6060o ?J
pair; old, 7075c $1 pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, 6z Its to bushel, $5 60
"f bushel; clover, large English, 62 Bs. $6 00;
clover, Alsike. $8 50; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 As, $1 65: blue .grass, extra
clean, 14 tt. 90c: blue grass, fancy, 14 Sis, $1 00;
orchard grass, 14 As. $1 65; red top, 14 Ks. $1 25;
millet, 50 &S, $1 00; German Millett, 60 Sis,
$1 50; Hungarian grass, 60 fis, 51 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, $260 V bushel
of 14 Sis.
Taixow Country, 4c; city rendered, 4JJ
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy. $5 50
6 60 box; Messina oranges, $5 005 60 ) box:
rodi. $4 5005 00; California oranges, ti 5004 75
ff box; bananas, $2 25 firsts, SI 25 good seconds,
$1 bnncb; cocoanuts, $4 OOQ4,60 W hnndred;
new figs, 8K9c ft S; dates, 56Xc Jl S.
Vegetables Tomatoes, $1 Jo, in bushel
boxes; wax beans, 50060c )) bushel; green beans,
25 50c 3? bushel; cucumbers, home-raised, ti 2o
ft bushel: radishes, 60c 1 dozen; home-grown
cabbage, $1 25Q1 SO jfl barrel; new celery, 50
60c ?1 dozen.
Sugars have declined Kc Coffee Is steady.
General groceries are unchanged.
Greek Coffee Fancy Rio, 2122c; choice
Rio, 18K20c: prime Rio, 18c; fair Rio, 1718c;
old Government Java, 26c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 2728c; Santos, 1922Kc: Caracas
2022c; peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La Guayra, 21
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 22c:
high grades, 2426c; old Government Java,
bnlk.3031c: Maracaibo, 25J26Kc: Santos.
2022c; peaberry, 25c; peaberry, choice Rio.
23c; prime Rio, 21c; good Rio, 20c; ordi
nary, 20c
SncES (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 8c;
cassia, 6c; pepper, 16c: nutmeg, 7080c.
Petroleum (jobbers prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Jc; headlight, 160, 8c; water
white, 10c; globe. 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
llc; royaline, 14c
byr.UFS Corn syrups, 2629c: choice sugar
syrups, S33!c: prime- sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c; new maple syrup. 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy. 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 40012c.
Soda Bi-carb In kegs, 34c; bi-carb in is,
6c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 6JiQ6c; sal
soda in kegs, lKc; do granulated. 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, ty
set, fcc; naraffine, ll12c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77c: choice, 6
7c; prime, S6c; Louisiana, 0GKc
Starch Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 8JS7c; gloss
starch, 57c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins. $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 60; Muscatels, $2 25: California Muscatels,
$1 85; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia,
7K08c; sultana, 8Kc; currants, 45c;
Turkey prunes, 4x; French prunes,
813c; Salonlca prunes. In 2-ft packages, 8c;
cocoanuts. Ifl 100, $6 00; almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
UXQlSc; Sicily Alberts, 12c Smyrna figs, 12
16c; new dates, 56c; Brazil nuts, 10c: pecan,
ll15c; citron, oer a. 2122c; lemon peel, per
St. 1314c; orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c
apples, evaporated, 6W6Kc; apricots, Califor;
nla. evaporated, 1518c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 66c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424Xc; blackberries, 78c; huckle
berries, 1012n ,
SUGARS Cubes, 1010fc; powdered, 10
10Kc; granulated, 9Xc; confectioners' Al 8
c; standard A, 9Jic; soft whites, 89c: yel
low, choice. 8Syc; yellow, good, 7J9c;
yellow, fair, SKc; yellow, dark, 7jc
PICKLES Medium, bbls (1,200). $4 60; medi
um, half bbls (600). $2 75.
SALT No. 1, ?? bbl, 95c; No. lex, 9 bbl, $1 05;
dairy, p bbl, $1 J0-, coarse crystal, fl bbl, $1 20;
HIgglns' Eureka, 4-bn sacks, $2 80; Higgins'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets. $3 (XL
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1 SO
1 90; 2ds, $1 30 1 35; extra peaches $1 50 1 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, $11 50; Hid. Co.
corn. 7090c; red cherries, 90cSl; Lima beans,
$1 10: soaked do, 65c; string do do, 75S5c; mar
rowfat peas. $1 101 15; soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, $1 40$1 50; Bahama do, $2 75; dam
son plums, 95c; greengages, $1 25; egg plums,
$2; California pears, $2 60: do greengages, $2; do
egg plums, $2; extra white cherries. $2 90: red
cherries, 2 Bs. 90c; raspberries, $1 40Q1 50;
strawberries, $1 10; gooseberries, $1 301 40;
tomatoes, 82U92c; salmon, 1-ft, $1 75J 10;
blackberries, SOc; succotash. 2 ft cans, soaked.
99c: do green, 2 its, $1 251 60: corn beef, 2-ft cans,
$2 00: lffi cans, $14 00; baked beans, $1 451 60:
lobster, 1-ft. $1 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans
broiled, $1 60; sardines, domestics. , $4 50
4 60; sardines, domestic Hs, S3 25S 50; sar
dines, imported, Js, $11 60012 50; sardines, im
ported, K, S18: sardines, mustard, $4 60; sar
dines, spiced, $4 6U
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. $36 W
bbl.; extra No. 1 do. mess, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. X do, messed,
$36: No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4Ho fl ft; do medium, George's cod,
6c: do large. 7c; boneless bake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6K07J4C Herring
Ronnd shore. So 00 W bbl; split, $7 00; lake.
$2 50 ft 100-ft half bbL White flsb. $7 0C lool
ft half bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 halt bbl.
Finnan haddock. 10c V ft. Iceland halibut, 1.1c
fft. Pickerel, K barrel, $2 00; barrel, $110;
Potomac herring, $5 00 fl barrel, $2 60 $? it
Oatmeal $6 30Q6 60 bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained. 5S60c
fl gallon. Lard oil. 75c
Grain, Flour nnd Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 31 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 7 cars of flour, 5 of oats, 1 of corn, 1
of feed, 1 of bay. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St. Louis, 1 cars of corn, 7 of oats, 1 of bran.
By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car of oats. By Pitts
burg and Lake Erie, 1 car or flour, 2 of hay.
There was but one sale on call, viz: a car of No.
2 oats, 29c, September. Everything in grain
and hay lines is slow. Prospects for abundant
crops are too good for any successful bull move
ment. The situation is In burers' favor all
along the line. Oats are particularly weak.
Demand for hay is light Corn is the strongest
factor of cereal markets. Buyers look for con
cessions, but have not succeeded, so far, in
breaking markets. There is, however, little
doubt that a lower level will be reached soon.
Generous nature is altogether In favor of bears
for this season.
WnEAT Jobbing prices New No. 2 red, 83
84c: No. 2 red, 89390c:. No. 3 red. 83S4c
CORN No.2yellowear,45)(H6)c:blgh mixed
ear, 4546c; No. 2 yellow, shelled, 4243c;
hlsh mixed, shelled, 4142c; mixed, shelled,
40i8il C
Oats No. 2 white, 32X33c: extra. No. 8.
31&SlKc; No. 3 white, 3031e; No. 2 mixed
oats, 2oV27c
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 61Sc;
No. 1 Western, 4S49c
Flour Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, $5 7506 25: winter straight.
So 0005 25; clear winter, $4 7585 00; straight
XXXX bakers', $4 26g4 5a Rye flour, $8 60
4 oa
MiLLTEED-MIddllngs, fine white, $15 000
15 60 9 ton; brown middlings, $11 60 12 00: win
ter wheat bran. $11 0011 25; chop- feed, $15 00
Hat Baled timothy, choice. S151550:No. 1
do, $14 00014 50; No. 2 do, $12 50 13 00; loose,
from wagon. $16 00018 00; No. 1 upland prairie.
$10 50 11 00; No. 2, 87 6008 00; packing do, $5 60
Straw Oats, $7 50; wheat and rye straw
$7 0007 6008 0a
Sugar-cured hams, large. HKc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 12c; sugar-cured hams, small,
12Hc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon.lOKc; sugar
cured shoulders, 7Jfc; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8Kc; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9Kc; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 10Jc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12c; bacon shoulders, 7c: bacon
clear sides, 8Hc: bacon clear bellies, SKc; dry
salt shoulders, 6c; dry salt clear sides, 7c
Mess pork, heavy, $14 00: mess pork, family,
$14 60. Lard Refined in tierces, 6Jc; halt
barrels,6Kc; 00-ft tubs, 6Kc; 20-ft palls. 7fc; 50-ft
tin cans. 6c; 3-ft tin pails. 7c; 6-ft tin palls.
7Kc; 10-ft tin pails, 7Kc;5-B tin pails, 7c; 10-ft
tin pails, 7c Smoked sausage, long, 5c; large,
6c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams, 10c
Figs feet, half barrel, $3 50; quarter barrel,
$2 00.
Dressed Stent.
Armour & Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650
fts, 6c; 650 to 650 Bs. 6Kc; 650 to 750 fis. 6c
Sheep. 8c ft ft. Lambs, 10c ft. Hogs, 6c
Fresh pork loins, 8Kc i
Paragraphs Showliig the Day'a Record in
Lesnl Quartera.
Judge Collier yesterday decided the case
of the appeal of the Pennsylvania Salt Manu
facturing Company of Harrison township from
the assessment for 1SS9. The company bad
been assessed at $233,0M. Judge Collier re
duced it to $252, 69a
The testimony before Register Conner In the
ease of the contested will of William John
Miller, of Jefferson township, was concluded
yesterday. Arguments of counsel were also
made. Judge Bredln appearing in support of
the will and R.B.and John O. Petty for the
C. F. Lundxark and Mrs. Eureka Lund
mark yesterday sued the Norwich Union In
surance Company, the Fireman's Fund Insur
ance Company and the Ben Franklin Fire In
surance Company for $4.20a The insurance
was on a house and contents on Rose street,
McKeesport. A dispute as to the value of the
property destroyed led to the suits.
L. M. Morris, a creditor of the firm of
Graff, Bennett -fc Co.. yesterday filed excep
tions to the final account of John H. Bailey,
assignee of the firm. Mr. Morris objects to the
item of $50,000 on the debit side of the account
for property and assets sold to a syndicate He
claims that the property, when sold, was worth
at least five times that amount. Mr. Morris
holds the order of court, for sale, does not pro
tect the assignee from responsibility for such
an enormous sacrifice, inasmuch as he omitted
to have tho property and assets appraised.
Morris insists that the assignee be surcharged
with $200,000. the difference between the
amonnt sold for and the real value, $250,00a
A Beautiful Charity.
In Jury the Fruit and Flower Mission
distributed to West Fenn, Homeopathic, St.
Francis, Merer, and Allegheny General
hospitals and Society for Improvement of
the Poor 1,575 .bouquets, 62 quarts black
raspberries, 28 quarts red raspber
ries, 103 quarts blackberries, 19 wa
termelons, 45J4 dozen lemons, 6G fans, 60
alldns ice cream, 3 bushels tomatoes, 4
oxes apricots, 9 pecks apples, 1 peck pears,
& scrap books, 10 children's books, toys, and
a large quantity of books and papers. The
committee consisted of Miss Kate Mc
Knight, Miss McKee, Miss Mary Sawyer,
Mrs. F. B. Uimick, Mrs. D. G. Stewart and
Miss Minnie Sellers.
Besides tho Gingham Barsalns and the
Saline Uarcnlni,
"We will show you to-day some very choice
styles in batistes and extra wide chintzes,
white grounds, in handsome colored print
ing, and one let choice styles American
chalhs, at &i cents a yard.
Jos. Hoene & Co.'s
Fenn Avenue Stores.
Imported Porr.
1828 Imperial Oporto Fort, full quarts.$3 00
1869 Mackenzie Fort, full quarts 2 60
Fine Old White Port, full quarts 2 00
London Dock Fort, full quarts 2 00
Burgundy Fort, full quarts 1 60
Fine Old Spanish Fort, full quarts.... 1 00
For sale by G. "YY. Schmidt, 93 and 97
Fifth ave.
Cabinet photos, 89c per doz. Lies' Fop
ular Gallery, 10 and 12 Sixth st Mwrsn
This is now conceded to be the best in the
market, is witnessed bv the fact that we have
just secured the DIPLOMA FOR EXCEL
LENCE at the Pure Food Exposition, now be
ing held In Philadelphia.
And with tho bright appetizing flavor of fresh
ly roasted beef.
Apollinaris. Bedford, Poland Salu
taris, Strontia, Saratoga, Sorudel,
Clysmic, Bethesda, Vichy, Buffalo,
Lithia. Eureka.
SIXTH AVENUE. lal2-69-irw
TJmbrla, Auir.3, 10AM Hothnla,AuK. 13,6:30 AM
Hervia, August 10, 3 p M Umbrla, Aug.31.8t30 A K
Etrurla,Auf;.17,10:30 AMJServla, Sept. 7, 3 r It
Aurnnla. Aug. 24, ir MiOallla, bepC 11. 6.30A M
Cabin passage, (SO, (80 and tioo, intermediate.
(35. steerage tickets to and from all parts of
Europe at very low rates.
VialNON H. llKOn N A CO., General Agents,
4 Bowling Green, Mew York.
3. 1. 3ICCOKM1CK. Agent.
tourth are. and Smithfleld St., Pittsburg.
State Line
To Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passage 135 to ISO. according to location
of stateroom. Excursion SC5 to too.
Steerage to and from Europe at Lowest Bates.
13 Broadway, New York.
J. J. McCORMICK, Agent, Pittsburg. Pa.
Passenger Accommodations Unexcelled.
Prepaid Intermediate, 930. Steerage. 119.
Passengers hy this route are saved the ex-
Eense and inconvenience attending transfer to
iverpool or from New York.
Pittsburg. my27-57-stwir
Atlantic Express Servies;
Steamship "CITY OK KOilE," from New York,
WEDNESDAY. Aug. a, Sep 1. 18. Oct. IS.
Saloon passage, ko to 1100: lecona-clais, $30.
Steamers every Saturday from New York to
Cabin passage to Glaigow, Londonderry, Liver
pool, JS0 and (CO. Second-clan. (50.
Steerage passage, either service. (20.
Saloon excursion ticket at reduced rates.
Travelers circular letters of credit and drafts
for any amount lssned at lowest current rates.
For books of tours, tickets or Information,
1. j; McCOItMICK. fourth andSmlth&eld: A. D.
SCORER A SON, 413 Smithfleld St., Pittsburg; W.
HEMPLE, Jr., lit federal si, Allegheny.
$375,000 r
5' per cent
First Mortgage Bonds;
Free of All Taxes. .
The Central Traction Company, ofj
Pittsburg, otters for sale its total Usuej
of Three Hundred and Seventy-fiveJ
Thousand Dollars, first mortgage firel
per cent bonds due 1929. Bonds are fori
$500 each, interest payable seml-annuallTVl
are free of all taxes and a first lien on all J
the property and franchises of the com
pany, whose cable road will be com
pleted by October r.
Proposals for all or any part of theses
bonds will be received by the Treasurer!
of the company up to and including Julyj
31, and allotments made thereunder.!
At 104.46 these bonds pay 41 per cents
annually, at 109.24, 4$ per cent, at 114.37,
ill per cent andat 110.87, 4 per cent.
The Company reserves the right to) Jj
reject any or all offers. For further Irj
formation, address
The Central Traction Company,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of.
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
ana see us.
1I1LIU1JU1I XI UU11U LU11111( ,
Transact a General BanMi Business.
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters '
ot Credit, for use of travelers, and Coramer- -
ciai wreaits,
Available In all puts of the world. Alsotssoa.
For nse In this country, Canada, Mexico, "West
xnuies, aoutn ana central America.
On mortgages on Improved Teal estate In sums
o xiAUj ana npwpro, Appivat
mh4-34-p No. 124 Fonrth avenne.
Issue travelers' credits throngh Jlesrs.DreieLf
Morgan A Co New York. Passports procured.!
614-515 Hamilton Building;
myl0-70-s Fittsburz. Fa.
Fidelity Title and Trust Coy
Will remove to its new building;
Monday, July 29.
Safe deposit department will bo open forbosl.il
Thursday, August 1.
Bozes to rent from $5 per year upward. Se"
lecuon 01 coxes may oe maae on ana aicer
When the vault and parlors may be seen.
As old residents know ana back files of Pitts.
burg papers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to ail enrome aiseases.
HirriKfillO and mental diseases, phvslcal
liCn V J U O decay.nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, aisoraerea signt. sen aistrust,oasniaine3s,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, falling powers,organio weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for bnsiness,society and ma
riage. permanently, saieiy ana privately enreo.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth,throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood!
tarrbal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
Tiromnt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's life-lorg, extensive expert.
ence, insures scientinc anu reuaoie treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as lf here. Office hours 9 A. JI. to 8 P. M. Sun
day, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only. DR. WHITTIEB,
Blii'enn avenue, iriicsourg, ira.
lfull nartlenlars In pamphlet
cat iree. xne rename uraj
SpecIOc sold by druirlsu only In
vellow wranner. Price, tl oer
package, or six for (5, or by malt -
isvvT on receipt of price, bv address
lie THE GKAY MEDluLvE CO, Buffalo, N. Y
Sold In Pittsburg by 8. S. HOLLAND, corner
Smithfleld and Liberty sts.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re-J
quiring scientific and conflden-J
tiai treatment! ur. o. a. uu,i
M. R. C. P. 8 is the' oldest and!
most experienced specialist tol
the city. Consultation free and!
tvictlv confidential. Ofieel
rinnrs tn 4 anil 7 to 8 P. K.! BundavS. Z to 4 P.I
M. Consult them personally, orwrite. CoCTOasl
lake, wo fenn ave., ruwDorc ira.
1el2-45-DWk i 1
lie's Cotton. BOOtl
.Composed of Cotton Boot, Taasf aad J
Pennyroyal a recent discovery bt a
'nM nhTsielan. Im aueeeasfuSu umuIi
nrmtnlit Sufe Effectual. Price SL bv nuiL.'l
sealed. Ladies, ask your druzgjst for Cook's
Cotton Boot Compound and take no sabstkata.-!
or iaetoss Z stamps for sealed partSeaters. A4-
dress POND ux.x compamk, No.s ti
Btock. 131 Woodward ave Detroit. Mtsfc,,
If mm