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The Home Talent Pulverize
the Babies' Star Pitcher.
Carroll and Staley Also Make Some
Long Cracks.
Morrfc Makes a Fair Proposition and Will
Be Retained Here.
Once more victory was on the side of the
Pittsburg ball team yesterday, making the
fourth time this week. 'Xhe Clevelands were
again the victims, and their star pitcher,
Beatin, was metaphorically slaughtered.
Miller made a home run. Morris, the local
pitcher, will be kept here. He has made a
ery fair proposition. Manager Phillips
will leave on a vacation this evening. The
Senators easily defeated the New Yorks
with Tim Keefe in the box.
If the home baseball talent can only keep
in line they need nothing easier than those
heretofore children of Dajne Fortune's
smiles from Cleveland. They are just as
nice as strawberry shortcake at a picnic, at
least this was the case yesterday afternoon
at Recreation Park. The lusty youngsters
were outplayed at every stage and angle,
and the little spnrt they made was almost
entirely due to a freak of the most remark
' able fortune. Without doubt those Cleve
landers are lucky fellows, or else they would
only have had a couple of runs, or maybe
none at all. If the same luck has followed
them throughout their career In the League
no wonder they are so near the ton. and it
seems now that luck has had much to do with
it. Good fortune was so much on their fide
yesterday that nothing but the most terrific
batting conld counterbalance it.
But there was soms slugging, and no mis
take; some downright, old-time thumping. The
local delegation simply banned the ball all over
the lot, and kept it flying to and fro as if a
machine was shooting it through the air. It
must have been painful for Mr. Beatin to stand
and see the ball first knocked over the fence;
then go bang against the fence, and immediate
ly fly over the top of a fielder's head. The Jay
that is Captain of the team did make a feeble
effort to blame Umpire TdcQuaide for all this,
bat he wan't game enough to continue the
bluff. However, the game will go on record as
by the home team, and Mr. Beatin, who, by the
way, in a lively and active little gentleman, will
certainly remember it
Two home rnns were made, and one of them
a very inglorious one. The other, that made
by Miller, was one of the good old sort, as the
Midget simply knocked the ball on to a cloud,
and it went sailing somewhere over the rail
road tracks toward Butler county. George
certainly did get fairlv on to that ball, and he
may appear to-day adorned in Gusty' s silk hat
and flourishing an umbrella from that firm and
also another from 'Will Price. Miller with two
silk umbrellas, a silk hat, a mouth f nil of to
bacco and a bull Dap will form an entertaining
picture. However, the game little sport is
worth all that he'll get. The other home run.
that by the rowdy. Jay Faatz. is painful to
think of. It really affects one's heart to call it
a home run, but Mr. Jay got round the bases
on the hit. He knocked a bounding ball to
White. The hall struck White's foot and
bounded over among the bleaching boards.
That is how his insolence got around the dia
mond. Whatever glory there is in it Mr. Faatz
is welcome to it.
Btaley pitched a good game, but he was
wilder than usual. He had bis regular off
inning, but his colleagues were ulne the stick
so freely that it did not have much effect.
He was well supported, however. Miller
caught a great game, and with two exceptions
threw excellently to second. Rowe made his
appearance and played welL He was accorded
a hearty reception. In short the entire team
played winning ball, and when in form they
can do it eVery day.
Beatin was a mark for the home team, while
his snpport was not of the best. Strieker
played admirably, without a doubt about it;
Indeed, it is hard to think of a player who
would have guarded his territory better than
that active little fellow. He simply gobbled up
evervthing that went his way and once or twice
spoiled a good base nit.
The run getting commenced in the second
inning. It was thus early that Mr. Beatin's
measure was taken. Rowe opened the inning
and was cheered. He rapped the ball neatly to
left field for a single and Maul followed with
another in the same direction and Rowe pro
ceeded to third. Maul tried to reach second on
the throw to third, but be overran the base and
was easily nabbed by Strieker. Had Maul made
a slide he would have been all right. The
faithful Deacon loomed up with another single
to short right and Rowe scored. Smith flew
out and Btaley struck out. In the second in
ning, alter Hanlon was out, Carroll made a
single to middle, but was retired at second on
Beckley's life hit. The Hon. George Miller
then stepped up to the plate, and after giving
his pants a sailor's hoist be extended his bat
and faced Mr. Beatin. "One strike," was
called, "Strikes," shouted McQuaide, and
George's stay at the bat seemed extremely
brief. Beatin, however.sent in a speedy low ball
and Miller's bat met it
and away went the ball up among the clouds.
By the aid of a telescope it was seen sailing
over the left field fence high enough to
be out of the reach of anything earthly. Beck
ley and Miller ambled home amid yells of de
light. In the fifth inning, after two men were out.
Miller again caught the ball on the right place
and whacked out a double to middle. Rowe
reached first on called balls and Miller stole
third and scored on a wild throw by Butcliffe.
Maul made a scratch hit for a single, but was
retired on White's short grounder. In the
seventh inning Carroll led off by thumping the
ball to the left field fence for two bases. Beck
ley reached nriton a wild throw by 8utcllffe and
Carroll got to third. Miller's single to middle
brought Carroll home. Rowe cot his base on
bills and the basts were full. Maul knocked a
gronuder to McKean, and Beckley was nabbed
at the plate. White flew out to Strieker.
Smith then sent a hot one to Faatz, who fum
bled the ball "nntil it got past him, and Rowe
and Miller scored., Hanlon's single and Car
roll's three-baser earned the run in the eighth.
The fourth inning was the lucky one for the
visitors. Strieker got his base on balls, and
was nabbed trying to steal second. McAleer
made a single and stole second, and McKean
followed with a hit to right, bringing McAleer
in. McKean stole second on Miller's bad
throw, and Tnitchell hit to middle, bringing
McKean home. Faatz then appeared and
knocked a llve'y bouncer to White. The ball
struck Whito's foot and was switched among
the bleaching boat ds. This enabled Twitchell
and Faatz to get home. The visitors never
looked like scoring again, as they only made
one hit during the balance of the game. Fol
lowing is the score:
Hanlon. m.. 1 S
Carroll. 1.... 1 1
Becklev. I... 1 0
Miller, c 3 3
Kowe. 2 2
Maul, r. 0 2
White, 3... . 0 1
Smith, 2..... 0 0
Btaley, p.... 0 1
btrlcler, 2... 0
McAleer, m. 1
McKean. .. 1
TwltchclLl., 1
iaatz, 1 1
Itadlord, r. 0
lebeau. 3 ... o
SutcllBe, c 0
Hcatln, p.... 0
0" 1
8 2
1 7
Totals... 3 15 27 18 2
Totals ... , 4 t-an S
FltUbnrrs -0 12010310-8
Cleyelanda 0 004000004
Earned runs l'lttsburfti, S; Clevelands, 3.
Two-bate hits Miller, Carroll.
Three-base hits Carroll, Btaley."
Home inns Miller, Faatz.
Total bases on hits PltuhurKt, 24; Clevelands,!.
Sacrifice hits Carroll, Beckley.
Stolen base Hanlon 2, Miller, Kowe, Smith,
McAleer, McKean. Tcbean.
First base on errors Flttaburrs, 2.
First bate on balls Bowe 2, McAleer, McKean 2,
Hartford 2, lebean. Strieker. ,
struck ont-Beckley. Mini's, Smith, Staler 2.
Faatz, UadfordZ Keatln 2.
Lett on baset-FltUbnrjrs, S; Clevelands, 3.
Tlme of same Two hoars.
Umpire McQuaide.
Utile OInddcn la Too Slneh for the Qnakor )
, City Players.
PniLADELrniA, July 23. Boston sJaV out
Philadelphia this afternoon after nf dull d
listless contest. It rained off and o-n during the
game,and time was called at the !ast half of the I
seventh. After waiting the lega J limit. Umpire
Powers ordered the resumption of play and the
visitors finished their half of the seventh.
The game was then called on account of dark
ness. Score: '
rniLAs. b n r a e bostons, b n y x e
Wood, U .... 0 110 1 "Jrown.l.... 2 1 3 0 O
Hallman, .. 0 0 4 3 0 Bennett,e.. 0 0 1 1 K
Mvers, 2..... 0 0 1 1 ONath.3..... 0 1 1 2 '-0
Thnnipaon.ro 110 0 3routh'rs,l o 1 9 1 0
Scbrlver, c. 0 1 6 1 0 Klch'ton, 3 0 0 4 4 0
Mnlvey, 3... 0 2 0 2 0 Jobost'n.m 0 0 2 0 0
rojrarty, m. 0 0 2 0 0 Ray. s '. 1112 1
Karr-ir, 1.... 0 15 0 0 banzcl, r... 0 10 0 0
Bnffinlon, p. 0 0 12 0 Madden, D. 0 10 0 0
Touts. . ..o"j 21 1 Totals..... 3 21 10 1
Fhlladelphlas ? 9 ? S S V 2
Bostons. 10 10 0 1 0--S
Karned runs Botons, 1.
Two-base lilts-Hrouth.ers, Ganiel.
Sacrifice hits-Wood, UUfflnton. Bennett.
Home run Brown. . .
Double plays Richardson, Brouthcrs and Itay;
Myers. Hallman anu Farrar.
First bate on balls Off Buffinton, 8; off 3 lad
den, 1.
Struck out By Bnfilnton, 4; by Madden, 2.
Wild pltch-tfufflnton.
Time of came Two hours.
Umpire rowers.
The Glanta Aro Still Wrnry. a.nd lbs S enn
tore Wallop Them.
NkwYobk, July 26. The Oiimts gavie an
other exhibition of sleepy play to-day, and . were
beaten with ease by Washington. Score:
Gore, m 0
Tiernan. r.. 0
Kwlng. c. t
Connor. L... 0
Klch'rd'n,z. 0
Ward, s 0
O'K'rke, 1.. 0
Whitney. 3. 0
Keefe. p 0
Hoy, m 3
Wllmot, 1... 2
Dalley. c. 1
Wise. 2. 1
Irwin, s 0
Clarke. X... 1
10 0
2 10
4 U 0
2 4 0
12 1
2 5 0
Mack, r 0 O 0 2 0
Carney, I. .. 0 2 13 0 0
Person, p... 1 0 2 0
Totalt 1 8 24 t 4 Totals 9 I 27 14 I
New Yorks 0 000000 101
Uashlnftons S 202000 0 9
Earned rnns New Yorks, 0; Wathlngtt ma, 4.
Two-base hits Connor, Keefe, Hoy, W Ise.
Sacrifice hltt Connor, Ward, Wllmot. J tenon.
Home run W Ilraot.
btolen bases O'ltourke. Carney, ?.
First base ou balls Off Keefe. 4: off he rton. 4.
First base on errors hew Yorks, 1; 1 , Yashin g
tons, 2.
Struck ont Bv Keefe. 8; by Ferson, 1.
Fasted balls Dally, 1.
W lid pitches Ferson, 1; Keefe, 1.
Time or game One hour and 45 mlnuta I.
Umplie Quinn. .
He Makes a Fair Preposition to-f he Club,
Which Is Accepted.
Morris is not to be released, and i rill be re
tained a little longer, so that he may have an
other trial with the home team. Ifosterday
afternoon he made a reasonable proposition to
President Nimlck, which was "accepted. Mor
ris, during a conversation with the president,
pointed out that he had established at consid
erable cost a business here, and tbiit it would
be a very great loss to him to lea volt. He
therefore offered to sign an agreement to the
effect that he will remain off duty without pay
for a month, and at the end of that time be
will pitch three games free to see whether or
not he is again in form. Tills very fair and
manly offer was accepted. Mdrriil may be all
right again In a week and it may take many
Manager Phillips will leave to-da y on a two
weeks' vacation. Horace is a very sick man,
and he needs rest if ever man needo d it before.
ISeecher and John Irwin Smj ators.
New York, July 26. The Wash ington club
to-day signed John Irtin and outfielder
Beccber. It is rumored to-night that the Jer
sey City club will disband at once.' Burke, the
catcher, is to be sold to the Kans.ts City club.
Lenrue Record.
JFon. Lost.Ct.
Chicago 36 39 .480
I'lttsburRS. ..30 43 .411
Indlanapo Us 27 48 .370
WashlDKtOnstS 48 .223
Won. Loit.Ct,
Bostons. 47 24 .062
New Yorks..' 28 .808
Cfeveltnds...43 32 .673
Fhlladelpblas3 32 .MS
The Cincinnati Playera Pat TJjs a Wretched
Game at Brooklrn The Bridegrooms
HaveaPicnlc Columbn n Wal
lops the Other Tnllen der
From Louisville.
New Yobk, July 28. Cincinnati and Brook
lyns met to-day in an eight inning game closed
by darkness. The Western men played well for
two innlnge and then went all to pieces. Dnr
yea retired at the end of the fourth inntng and
Smith, who succeeded him. did no better work.
McPhee played wretchedly. Score:
Brooklyns 0 15 2 4 5 0 3-20
Clnclnnatis 1 20000 2 16
Base hits Brooklyn. 19; Clnclnnatis, 9.
Krrors Brooklyns. 4; Clnclnnatis, 9.
Earned rnns Brooklyns. 7: Clnclnnatis. 1.
Homernnt-Corknlll. Collins. Holllday.
Bases on balls Brooklyns, 4; Clnclnnatis, 3.
Struck ont Brooklyns. S.
Time Two hours and 10 minutes.
Umpire Kerlns.
The Columbus Ten in Defeat tho Loulfivlllea
Without Much Trouble.
Colttmbus. July 26. Columbus and jUiuis
ville opened the series to-day with a rtoto-ry for
the home team. There were no special features
outside of the fact that CoIurubu. outplaced
the visitors at all points. Score:
Colnmnus 1 OOSo-l 1 10 tt
LoulbTllles 0 200100003
Base hits Columbus 12; Lonlevilles, 9.
Errors Columbus, 3: LontsTllIes. 5.
Earned runs Colurabnt, 3; Louls-rllles. 2.
Three-base hits Orr. O'Connor, Vauxb n.
Bases on ballt-By Wldner, 1; byEhret, 2.
Struck ont-Dally, Kapple, Wolf.
Time of same One hour and 43 minutes.
Umpire Holland.
Association Record.
Won. Lost, Ct.
Athletics 40 33 .543
KansasCltys..31 4j .408
Columbus 28 61 .354
LoultTUles....U 63 .213
St. Louis 55 28 .879
Brooklrns.... 50 17 .849
Baltimore. ...45 32 .584
Clnclnnatis.. .45 34 .5701
Games To-Day.
.National League Clevelands at Pitts
burg; Chicagos at Indlanapoliet Washingtons
at New York: Bostons at Philadelphia.
American association Clnclnnatis at
Brooklyn; Loulsvilles at Columbus; St. Louis
at Baltimore; Kansas Citys at Philadelphia.
International Le a que Toronto j at
Hamilton; Loudens at Buffalo; Detrolts at
Syracuse; Toledos at Rochester.
Our Boys Are Easily Knocked Ont by the
Erie Drummers. ,
rsrxciAZi tixxobam to tux nisrATCR.i
EBXE.PA., July 26. The home team had an
easy task in defeating the Our Boys, of Pitts;
burg, to-day. Vetters pitched fr the visitors
and was a mark for the Drummers. Hawley,
the local pitcher, was also hltpretty freely, but
be kept the hits scattered. Both sides fielded
badly. Score:
Patterson, 1
Klnd'er't, s
Spurney, 3.
Brining, r.
Lob&ch. c.
btrick. 1....
Hanlcy, p..
Smlnk. c .
2 3 3 10
Schobe. 1.
K. Smith, r.
b. tmlth, 2.
Foth. 3.....
Vetters. n..
0 1
1 4
0 3
0 0
Lens:, 1 0 0 12
Dole, .... 0 10
I 14
3 t
Fltzt's, m,. 1
2 1
Totals.... 13 16 27 20 6
9V6 17 8
'Spurney out for not touching base.
Erles b 14 3 2 0 3 0 0 is
Our Boys 1 1000003 4-9
Earned rnns Erles, l;Our Boys, 1.
One of the Wont.
East Liverpool, O., July 26 The game to
day between the J. W. Scottswasone of the
worst exhibitions of ball playing ever put up
by the Crockerys. They gave the Scotts 13 runs
on 6 base hits and 11 errors Seore by innings:
SCOtts 1 3 1 0.1 4 1 0 213
Crockerrs 0 1 001000 1-3
Earned rnns Crockerys, 3. ,
Two-base hits Howler. U. Carey.
Three-base hit Yearsley.
Bases on balls By U. Carey. 6: by Dillon, 1.
Struck ont By Dillon, 6: by Carey, 4.
lime of game Two hours and 10 ruinates.
Umpire lomllnson.
Duquesnea Easily Beaten.
ScoTTDALE, Pa., July 26. The Dnquesnes
were easily defeated to-day by the borne club.
Elliott, the Baltimore pitcher, was knocked
out In the fourth inning and Conagby was sub
stituted. Score:
bcottdalei.. -'.. 2 4 6 0 0 214
Dnqnesnes !...... 0 0 2 2 2 118
.Earned runs Scottdales, 7; Dnquesnes, X
Basehilts Scottdales 13; Dnquesnes, 12.'
Errors Scottdales. 6; Duqueines, 6.
Batteries Scottdales, Leamon 'and Cargo; Du
quesnesEIIiott, Donsghyand O'Donuell.
Umpire McKee.
International League Games.
At Syracuse ,..
Brraeuses 0 00000010 1
DetroltsT.......:".": 0 5000008-8
At Buffalo ......
Bnttalot J 5 0 3 2 0 0 0 -
Londons 1 200001004
At Hamilton . . . . . . .
Hamlltont ..0 00000000-6
Torontoa 0 02000000-2
At Rochester1 ....... .
Koehetters 1 1 1JS?SJS8
Toledos. ...1 008010005
Mny Piny nt Buffalo.
Manager Phillips has discovered that August
7 is an off date for the home club and is ar
ranging for a game with the Buffalos at the J
latter's grounds. Messrs. Kowe ana wnite
think such a game will draw well, particularly
if Rowe and White play against their own club,
the Buffalos. To-day's game at Recreation
Park will be the last of the series with Cleve
land. The batteries will be: Oalvin and Miller
and O'Brien and Zimmer.
Another for Greensbursr.
Gbeexsburo, Pa., July 26. The Greens
burg club again defeated the Homesteads this
afternoon. Score: ....
Oreensbnrrs A....J 0 2 0 4 0 3 0 -U
Homesteads 0 02000000-3
Earned rnns Grcensburs. 4.
Errors Green sburjrs, 1: Homesteads, II.
Batteries Lahr and Daly, Armer and Hess.
Dayton Badly Beaten.
At Dayton
Daytonst 2 10000000-3
Mansfields 0 12 2 7 0 0 0 -
Bate hits Daytons. 4: Mansfields. 10.
Errors Daytons, 12: Mansfields. 4.
Earned runs Daytons, 1; Mansfields, 2.
O'Day Gom to New York.
New YojtK, July 28. The New York club
to-day purchased the release of O'Day, of the
Washingtons. He will strengthen the Giants
in the pitching department.
Entries for All the Events Prospects or
Some Great Rowing-.
Washinotojt, July 26. The following are
the entries for the National Regatta of the
Amateur Association of Oarsmen of America,
to be held at Pullman, 111., on August 8 and 9:
Junior stnxle scnlls-D. W. Shea, Crescent Boat
Club, Boston; F.J.Hojrarth,Don Amateur Rowing
Clnb, Tjoronto; Hartley Beaton, Excelsior Boat
Club, Patterson: Herbert M. Brown. Minnesota
Boat Club, St. Paul; Robert McKay, Jr.. Arro
naut Bowing Clnb, Toronto: John B. Lovell,
Nautilus Kowintr Club, Hamilton; H. K. Pclton,
Seewanhaka Boat Clnb, Brooklyn: Richard Mills,
Ugden Boat Club. Chicago: Lee Cavltt, Columbia
Boat Club, Allegheny. Pa.; C. A. Cormallr, To
ronto Rowing Club, Toronto; Kobert J. Knox,
Minnesota Boat Club, St. Panl.
Senior single sculls W. R. McDonnell. Iroquois
Boat Clnb: M. Shea, Don Amateur Bowing Club.
Toronto: G. A. Strickland, Don Amateur Rowing
Clnb, Toronto; Dennis Donohne, Mautllus Row.
lng Club. Hamilton; Jerry Donohue. .Nautilus
Rowing Club, Hamilton; George Freetb, Varnna
Boat Club, brooklyn: J. i. Mncbmore. Jr.,
Lnrllne Boat Clnb, Minneapolis; F. L. Kllby,
Ottumwa Oarsmen, Ottumwa; G. Neff, Farragut
Boat Club, Chicago; J. J. Ryan. Toronto Rowing
Club, Toronto: John F. Cnmmtn, Bradford Boat
Club, Cambrldgeport: Eugene Buckley, Bradford
Boat Club, Cambrldgeport: John A. Corbet. Iro-
Suols Boat Club Chicago: il. F. Monahan, Albany
owkog Club, Albany; Erastus Bodgers, Albany
Bowing Club, Albany.
Double sculls Metropolitan Rowing Clnb, New
York City; Don Amateur Bowing Clnb, loronto;
Bavenswood Boat Club, Long Island City. N. Y.;
Winnipeg Rowing Clnb. Winnipeg, Man.:
Dolphin Boat Clnb, McGregor, Iowa; St. Paul
Boat Club, St. Paul; FarragutBoat Club, Chicago;
Catalln Boat Club, Chicago; Albany Bowing
Clnb, Albany: Bay Side Rowing Club, Toronto.
Four oars. Junior Don Amateur Rowing Club,
Toronto; Minnesota Boat Club. St. Paul: Argo
naut Rowing Club. Toronto, Union Boat Clnb,
Chicago: Toronto Rowing Club. Toronto.
our oars, senior Winnipeg Rowing Club,
Winnipeg; Delaware Boat Club. Chicago! Hew
York Athletic Club. New York; Toronto Rowing
Club. Toronto; Bradford Boat Club. Cambridge
port: Atalanta Boat Club. .New YorkCitr.
Eight oars Bradford Boat Clnb. Cambridge
port; Atalanta Boat Club, New York City.
The Two Bis Rival Athletic Associations
About to Amalgamate.
New Yoke; July 28. The proposed amal
gamation between the Amateur Athletic Union
and the National Association of "Amateur
Athletes of America will be a move, when suc
cessfully terminated, that will effectually stop
the athletic war which has been In force
for t the past II months between these
two bodies, brought about by the first
named by passing the celebrated Travors
Island resolution on August 25 of last year.
This resolution read to the effect that any
athlete competing in games held under ruUs
other than those of the three A. A. U. should
be barred from alt games held under the three
A. A. U. rules. The resolution was passed to
wipe out of exlrtence the rival body. The
three A. A. U. was formed as a rival
to the other one, during the fall of 1SS7. The
6 N. A. A. A. A. was organized and held Its
first championship meeting in 1870. It had not
been in existenre many months before it as
sumed control, for all practical purpose, of
amateur athletic affairs of America, and to-day
it stands, with a membership of 35, most of
which are the largest and wealthiest athletic
clubs in the conntry.
Mr. A. G. Mills, delegate to the 3 A. A. U.,
from the New York Athletic Club, said that
he thought it was time the war between the 3 A.
A. U. and 6 N. A. A. A. A.'s had better be
stopped. He has no doubt that the amalga
mation will be effected satisfactorily to both
associations, but be was not at liberty to say on
what basis it would be done.
The Philadelphia Gentlemen Vanquished by
the Gentlemen of Kent.
London, July 26. The match between the
Philadelphia cricketers and the Gentlemen of
Kent was continued to-day. The home players
finished their first inning, with a score of 209.
Clarke, of Philadelphia, took four wickets for
41. Bailey, of the same team, took two wickets
for 27.
The Americans began their second inning
badly and lost tour wickets for 9. Newhali
hitting freely for 39, not out, brought the score
up to 100, and the inning ended with a total of
101 for the Americans, mak.ng their score for
the two innings 278. The hou. players then
began their second inning, and made 70 runs
for four wickets, bringing their score for the
two innings up to 279 and thus winning the
game, bcott, of Philadelphia, took three
wickets for 27.
Gone to Detroit.
Alexander McPherson and W. VT. Pyatt, the
two well-known local cricketers, left for De
troit last evening to join the Detroit club. The
latter will make a tour through Chatham,
Hamilton, London, Toronto and other Canadian
Baseball Notes.
The Silver Bells want to play the St Pauls
' Rain stoppedttbe Indianapolis-Chicago game
Rain stopped the Baltlmore-Sf Louis game
Tbk Keystones and the Cupolas will play at
Cycle Park to-day.
YoUNGSTOWir defeated New Castle by 21 to
8 yesterday afternoon.
Gilliland, the ex-McKeesport pitcher, has
signed with Lowell. Mass.
THE Mt. Washington Stars' defeated the
Neelys yesterday by 14 to 12.
Tnit Frankstown Juniors want to plav any
"13-year-old" club. Address Manager, 1376 Sec
ond avenue, city.
Manager Howlkt, who has bought the
Oakland County League Club, states that the
scheduled sramo between his club and the Du
quesnea will not take place to-day on account
of the Dnquesnes arranging to play at Brad
dock. Hamilton's Quartet.
Who wants to engage any one or all of
Decker Bros. . ""
and Estey Pianos.
Knabe & Co.
and Fischer Pianos.
Call at Hamilton's Music House, 91 and
93 Fifth avenue, and see them. Terms mod
erate and satisfaction guaranteed.
The Great Opportunity of the Season.
Onr great and final redactions in prices
fn fin snmmpr rirpfts crnnrlfl nti(l Inill,
silks. Come to-day.
plOS. MORNS X CO. '3
Penn Avenue Storev
Lndlca' Halt Parlor,
A few net and India silk suits, greatly
reduced in price. Pakcels & Jones,
If ws 29 Fifth ave.
to-morrovfs Dispatch in a bright ana chatty
manner by L,B. France.
Detroit Race Meeting Winds Up Amid
Shouts' of Praise.'
Johnston Faces a Mile in 2:09 1-4 With
Dohle Up.
Winners at Saratoga, Brighton Beach and St.
rani Other Sports.
The race meeting at Detroit was brought
to a close yesterday in the presence of 6,000
people. There was some fast pacing and
trotting. The meeting has been a big suc
cess. Jem Smith, the English pugilist,
claims the championship belt, because Sul
livan refuses to fight nnder prize ring rules.
The American cricketers were again beaten.
Deteoit, July 26. To-day was the
fourth and last of the Detroit Club's sum
mer meeting. The weather was all that
could be desired for racing. Attendance,
The programme was made up of the 220
pacing, 2:19 trot, the unfinished pace of
yesterday, and the grand events, viz: the exhi
bition of Guy, the great wonder, who appeared
between the races and made the circle in 2.12,
though the wind was blowing rather strong at
the time. Father John, the running horse,
was started with Guy to push him as much as
possible. He made the quarter in 33 half in
1:06 the three-quarters in 1.39 and the mile
in 212, amid much enthusiasm. Although
not beating the time of Maud S. he pleased the
crowd Immensely.
The next great feature of the day after the
third heat of the trot was'tbe exhibition of
Johnston, thcgreatipacer, to beat his record.
He was also accompanied by the runner.
Father John. He made the quarters in 32,
the half in 1:05. the three-quarter in 126, and
the mile in 2-0S& Parties who held watches
in the stand made the time 2-03; the timers
probably erred, but of course the official time
must be accepted. This was Budd Doble's
day; he did some great driving, being In the
sulky behind the horses Budd Doble in the
pace, Jack In the trot, and drove Johnston In
the exnibitlon.
The meeting was the greatest in the history
of the club. President Campbell and the
Board of Directors are enthusiastic over the
results of this, the tenth, year since the organ
ization of the club.
The decision of the judges in the last heat of
the 2.19 class was that Kit Curry took the heat,
although Genera S came nnder the wire first.
She trotted a fair heat. The decision was
thought to be most unjust, and caused a great
The programme of the day commenced with
the unfinished pace of yesterday, viz.: tho 2Jt
pace, purse 81,600.
Boy Wilkes 1
Gossip Jr 2
Silver Thread 3
Time 2:HH
3.9) pace, purse f 1,500
Dudd Doble . 101 I 1
SlrArchy 1 5 2 7
Lillian 3 10 2
J K 2 7 0S
flnley 3 10 3 8
WlllardM 7 9 8 3
Little Ida s 4 8 4
Turn.. , 6 8 4 5
Wild Briar .....9 8 7 8
Jblora Temple 8 2 r.o.
lime 2:iiH, 2:18, 2:15?,', 2:17.
2:19 class, trottlnr, purse 2,000
Kit Curry 1 12 2 4 1
Geneva S ,........ 2 3 1112
Jack 3 2 19 3 3
UrayLlcht 9 4 3 8 8 5
Black Diamond 8 5 4 4 5 4
Junemont 8 7 9 3 7 7
Thornless 5 8 8 8 4 8
Sarah B 7 8 8 7 9 8
Mlobe 4 9 7 5 Sdr
Pennant dlst.
Time 2:183f. 2:19&. 2:19, 2U9X. 2-205(, 2 22.
Purse 2,ouo-to beat Maud 8. s record, 2:08V
Guy. one mile. Time 2:12H.
Special purse fSOO to beat Maud S.'i record
Johnston, pacer, mile In 2.09)4'.
Six Good Bnce and Fine Track Two
Noted Horses 8old.
Saratoga, July 26. The first of the extra
days did not bring out the attendance of yes
terday, owing, no doubt, to the presence of
Barnum's circus in the town. The weather,
however, was quite as good as yesterday. The
Castle stables, with Diablo and three others,
arrived this morning. Green Morris has sold
Brait and Lannes to T. McManus for HMO.
The track was good, though dusty.
First race, six furlon(t Starters: Gardey,
Volatile, Harbor Ltj-hts, Flitter.. Klttjr Pease.
Kittle B. Una B. Ocean. Carnot. Ivv. Hot Seoteh.
Ocean won in 1:16'. Kitty Pease second, flitter
Second race, one and one-eighth miles Starters:
Prather. Bessie June, Bonlta, Queen of Trumps.
Beisle June won In l.M'f, Bonlta second. Queen
of Trumps third.
Third race, one-half mile Starters: Kenwood,
Pall Mall, The Moor. Warsaw. Ophelia, Miss
Jihodle, Alveratls, Happiness Kenwood won In
:50, Happiness second, Warsaw third.
Fourth race, one-half mile starters: Miller
ton, Harvester, Experience, neathcrton, Mljr
non. Mary Malloy, Isaquena Ally, Nana Ally.
Heatherton won In :50'i, Mary Malloy second.
Harvester third.
Fifth race, one mile Starters: St. Luke. Melo
drama, Callus JJan. John JayS, Gladiator, liran
doletta. l.adT Hemphill. Brandoletta won In
l-.H'i, Lady Hemphill second. Gladiator third.
Sixth race, one-mile and 70 yards Starters:
ltojal barter. Vidian t, Frederics, Hav-ller,
Mirth, Koulette, Mamie Hay. Frederlca won in
l:iSH, Vigilant second, Boyal Garter third.
The following horses are named to start here
First race. Flash stakes, one-hair mile Tom
Flnley 118 pounds. Koseraont 113, Prlnee Howard
HI. Daisy K 115, Ham beau 106. King Fortune 106,
Sim Lojxej-106. UunwadlOS, Protection 106, Kaln
bow 10!. Honduras HI.
Second race, oife and one-sixteenth miles Min
nie I'almer 94 pounds, ew Castle 102, Ganymede
99. King of -Norfolk 104. Kingston 124
Third race, one and one-elsbth miles Retrieve
102 pounds, Voaburfr, 104, King Crab 114, Bella B
113. Princess Bowling 1U3, Mollle's Last 107, Yo
lante 1,6.
Fourth race, six furlonea May O 96 pounds.
Vivid 06, UcraldlnellO, Beck 108, Tramp lit, Ball
ton 115, Kittle Pease 107, Belle d'Or 110, Cora L
107, Blue Kock 113, Macaulay 10L Blonds 110, Ev
erett 110, Lake View 101.
Fifth race, one mile Una B 109 pounds, Boyal
Garter 108, Cupid 104, Queen of Kllzi.be th 105, Brail
US, Vivid 100, Satisfaction 105.
Monmouth Park Entries.
Monmouth Pake, July 29. Monmouth's
programme for to-morrow: I
First race, one mile Brother Ban 117 pounds,
Ivowor Never 113. Ovid 106. btrldewayllO, Niagara
105, lryer 103, Badiant 100, Emotion 100, Paranne
Second race. Bed Bank stakes, three-quarters of
a uille-Zore 111 ponnds. Granite 111, Fan Fan colt
111, Clarendon. UU Lady Jane colt 111. Livonia
108, Bosctte 108, Burlington, Sir William Kemp
land and Bancocas 118 each, 1 Bio Key 125.
Third race, Karl tan stakes, one mile and a quar
terTomboy 117 pounds. Senotita 117. JAB, My
Fellow and Zepbyrus in each, Philosophy 107,
Kern 107.
Fourth race, three-quarters or a mile Belle or
Jiatura colt 107 pounds. Canteen 117. Cornelia 104,
JOClOi, Heathen 104. -Insight 104, Premium colt
100, Kempland 118. Pauline F 10L
Finn race, one and one-quarter miles Taragon
122. Ortflamme 122, Joe Courtney 111 J A BUS,
Sam Wood 1U3, l'avanne 93. Verdeur 87.
Sixth race, one mile Bio d'Orllo, Brynwood
110, Syntax 110, Groomsman 105, Blzpah 88, Cca
wood 112, Bowland 106, Freedom 114.
Seventh race, nAe-elKhtbsor a mile Britannic
145, Banner Bearer 140, Volunteer 144, Fred B 134,
Speedwell 132, Gladstone 128, Martha 117, Diadem
117. meander 118, Servta 115, Dauphlne 115, Glen
gordon 101.
Brighton Bench Results.
New" YonK, July 28. Brighton Beach race
results to-day were:
First race, three quarters ot a mile Reclalre
won in 1:16X; Beuefltecond. Little Kinney third.
Second race, one and one-sixteenth miles-Glen-dale
won In liKM: Keystone second. Subaltern
Third race, seven-eljrhths or a mile Merlden
won In 1:30, Forest King second. Cracksman
Fourth race, one and one-eighth miles Quesal
won In lMXi Miss Cody second, Bronzomarte
Fifth race, one and one-sixteenth miles Fannie
H won In 1:51; King's Mate second, Albemarle
Sixth race, steeplechase, short course Hercules
won in 3.47: Klltarney second, Delaware third.
Bcal Hammer and Tongs.
CHICAGO, July 26. Guy C. CrevyandJ.R
Williams, local heavyweights, fought six bruis
ing rounds In a barn near thlsClty this morn
ing, in the presence of 150 sports, for a purse
of $200. After the first round it was plain that
Crevy was the better man, and he pounded
Williams all over the ring, pursuing the rush
ing tactics of Sullivan. At the beginning of
the fourth round Williams was a pitiable ob
ject, Dnt ho plucklly stood until the sixth
round, when & terrffic right-hander put him to
sleep. TJie victor was also-badly punished.-
Borne Interesting Events, on a Slow and
Lumpy Track. .
ST. Pattl, July 28. Fourth day of Twin City
Jockey Club races. Weather fine and warm.
Track lumpy and slow. Attendance about 7,000.
First race, selling, purse 8400, for 3-year-olds
and upward, seven furlongs They gotofftoa good
start, Fosteral taking the lead, which he main
tained to the quarter, where Oracle D forged
ahead and was never headed, winning by a length
from Bonalr, Alpbonse third, close up. Time,
second race, selling, purse $400, for maidens 3
years old and upward, thlrteen-slxteenths of a
mile The start was good, with the horses well
bnncbed. Adriatic was In the lead at the quarter,
but gave way to Governor Koas, who at the three
quarter post held the lead by a good length. In
the stretch Charlotte J forged ahead, but in a
splendid finish Blantyrewon by half a lengtn
from Charlotte J. Governor Boss third, well up,
Adriatic ten leniths behind Parkhlll. Ttme.l:26M.
Third race, SSOO added bv Merchants' Hotel, St.
Paul, for 2-year-olds, live furlongs After several
trials they got off wltn Miss Belle In the lead,
which Abilene took and held till the stretch was
reached, when Miss Belle again went up and won
in a driving finish from Abilene, second, a neck
ahead of Blarney Stone, Jr., with the rest well
up. Time, 1:03)4.
Fourth race, selling, purse SMC, for 2-year-olds
and upward, six furlongs They got off with Mo
More ahead, others close up. At the quarter
Vivian took the lead, but qulcklr gave way to
Kcdar Khan, who held It until in the stretch,
where St. Leger challenged htm. andalter a pretty
race, won by a half length. Enterprise close up
for third and the others strnng out. Time, 1WU.
Fifth race. Hotel Byan handicap, 8700 added by
Hotel Byan. St. Paul, for 3-year-olds and up
ward, mile and a sixteenth Brldgcllght took the
lead at the start and was never headed, winning
In a gallop by an open length from Tenacity, a
length ahead or Dad and Winning Ways, tied for
third place. Time. 1:52.
Sixth race, hurdle, purse txo, for 3-year-olds,
mile and a quarter, over live hurdlcs-Llngulst
took the lead from the first and won easily irn
Phillips, who ran a good race with settle Watains
for the place. Fosteral finished a quarter of a
mile behind. Time. 2:26,4 .
Following are the entries for to-morrow:
First race, selling, three-quarters of a mile
Enterprise 101 pounds. Governor Boss 102, Alta
103, Westanna 105, Castlllan 107, .No More 112.
Second race, selling, flrteen-slxteenths ora mile
The Elk 100 pounds, Cora Fisher 103, Koderlck
Dhu 105, Lotion 109.
Third race. Ore-eighths of a mlle-Mlss Belle 110
pounds, Willie M 110, Spring Dance 110, Grace Fly
110, Lena Ban 110. Jennie Grounod 105.
Fourth race, one mile Kate Malone 103 ponnds,
Longaltght 108, Woodcrart 108. Castaway III 112,
Mamie Fonso 103, Mabel 113, Stouey Montgomery
107, Somerset 105, Dad 103, Brtdgellght 117, Louie
Firth race. Twin City Exposition stakes, one
aud one-sixteenth miles Sallie Hagan 99 pounds,
Nevada 107, Casalusl02, Brown Princess 104, Irish
Dan 98.
The English Pugilist Says He Menus Busi
ness With Sullivan.
London, July 2a. Jem Smith, in an Inter
view, says: "My challenge o Sullivan was made
in good faith. I am ready to meet him any
where on this side of the water, or the other,
and to give him all the preliminary advantages.
My manager has already deposited 200 in gold
with the Sporting Life, and we are willing to
send it to New York, if necessary. My only
stipulation is that the meeting shall come oil in
cold or mild weather. 1 would not go into the
ring under the atmospheric conditions that
prevailed at Bichburg. It would be simply
"Do you think yon would stand any show
against Sullivan T was asked.
"Well," was the reply, 'the fact that our
money Is up speaks for itself. Sullivan is no
aouot a great nghter and just now is in his
prime. At tho same time I believe I could
give him the best fight he has had yet and whip
him to boot. And I wouldn't want 75 rounds
or two hours to do It either."
Smith is in magnificent condition. He is very
temnerate and carefnl in his diet and habits.
He takes daily exercise, just as if training for
a mill, and would only require a reduction of
weigm to maae mm reaay lor mo ring at snort
Jem Smith's Backer Makes a Plain State
ment About Sullivan's Offer.
New Yobk, July 21 In regard to tbe pro
posed prize ring encounter between John I
Sullivan, the holder of the Police Gazette
champion belt and championship of the world,
and Jem Smith, the champion of England, the
following special cable was received from
George W. Atkinson, of the Sporting Life,
Losson, July 24.
John Fleming, Jem Smith's manager, called at
Sporting Life office to-day In regard to John L.
Sullivan's conditional acceptance of Smith's offer
to light for folice Gazette champion belt and
championship of the world. Fleming says Sulli
van must defend championship according to roles
that Smith fought Kllraln by and latter fought
Sullivan by, or Smith will claim belt, champion
ship of the world and stand ready to meet all
comers according to prize ring rules, and that
American cnampioa muss ngut or jorieit utie.
Fleming wishes it understood that the Pelican
Clnb Is ready to back Smith and arrange any fair
match. ATKISSON.
Extraordinary Entries for the Flower City
Trottlno Races.
Rochester, N. Y., July 28. The entries for
the grand circuit races at the Rochester Park
August 13, It, 15 and 13 closed at II o'clock
Monday night, and have all been received by
Secretary Collins. There are 104 horses entered
in 12 races, tbe largest number that ever filled
for events in this eity. There is an unusually
large numDer 01 speeny norses, ana tne out
look for a successful meeting is very promis
ing. On August 13 the Flower City 10,000 stake
-will be trotted for. Third payments for this
race have been made by 18 owners, who in
clude W. H. McCarthy, Tos Angeles, Cal.; W.
K. Armstrong, Detroit; Robert Stewart. Ten-e
Haute, Ind.; J. W. Qulnby, Scran ton: F. W.
James, Aurora, UU, and Andrew Q. Leonard,
Lexington, Ky.
Proprietor Roberts, of the Franklin Driving
Park, Makes nn Assignment.
LTNN. MASS- July 26. Turfmen will learn
-with regret of the failure of Oliver Roberts, of
Franklin Trotting Park, at Saugus. To-day he
filed a voluntaiy petition of insolvency and of
fered his creditors 20 cents on the dollar.
Mr. Roberts last spring purchased the Frank
lin Trotting Park at Saugus and entered it In
the Grand Eastern Circuit. He expended a
large sum for tbe improvement of the park,
building an expensive hotel and grand stand, a
new stable and sheds, making the track second
to none in the vicinity of Boston in the excel
lence of its appointments. This outlay was met
by notes, which. It is claimed, had not matured
when the crash came. The total liabilities are
63,602, of which 47,202 is unsecured.
TJuIThlo's Good Prospects.
Buffalo, July 26. The Grand Circuit races
in this city August 6, 7, 8 and V, promise to be
the most exciting In the history of tbe associa
tion. The purses amount to 36,000, and the en
tries to 160. The race between Belle Hamlin
and Harry Wilkes for 2,600 a side, and 5,000
added by the association, will take place on
August S. In tbe free for all class tbe entries
are Rosalind Wilkes, Seymour, Belle, Cling
stone, White Stocking. Thornless. 2.17 pacing
class Billy M, Allen Maid, FJmonarch, Mem
brlna, Hannls, Sir Arcbiu, Lillian, Emma, Wm
M Singerly. Doctor M, Wilcox, Ed Annan,
Billy Stewart, Chimes E.
Free for aUpsclnc LadyWIlklns. UrownHsl.
Gossip. Jr., Jewell, Kay Wilkes, -Silver Thread,
Jessie II, Margyle.
1:2: class, stake race Amy Lee, Wilkes Brino,
Tons, Ulobe, Lady Bullion, Lyun W, Cleon,
Melton, Eminence, Axtell, oOolden Kod, Crlt
The other classes are all well filled.
Just tho Kind of Man.
James Taylor, the well-known veteran oars
man of this city, has applied for the position ot
instructor to the Denver Boat Club. Most
certainly no boat club in the country could
secure a better coach and a more experienced
oarsman than Jimmy Taylor. The club who
secures the services of such a guide is lucky,
Bicycle Cbnmplonsblp.
W. D. Banker received word yesterday that
the Racing Board of the L. A. W. has agreed
that the half mile Safety championship race
and the mile tandem race for the State cham
pionship will take place at tnis city in the fall.
There will be a big bicycle meet on tbat occa
sion. Didn't Get the Warrant.
Annapolis, Md., July 26. Detective Norria,
of Mississippi, who has a requisition for ipi
rain, was here to-day. His papers are now in
proper form, but the Secretary of State was
not here and the officer did not get the warrant
for Kilraln'B arrest.
Smith Clnlma tbe Belt.
NEW York, July 26. The following cable
gram was received by the Police Vazette to-day:
Lorooir. July M.-Snlllvan having refuted
Smith's chsllenre. Smith claims the champion
ship belt. Smith Is ready to tight anybody for the
belt and XI, 0U0 a side. ATXmsox.
Dispatch by Kamera, who tells of the jollity
and freedom of a summer camp in the moun-
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We Are to Have Rnln,
Which Will Continue
Sunday Temperature
For Western Penn
tyhania and West Flr
ginia, rain, continuing
ll IS' on Sunday in TFestern
Pennsylvania and Western Xevo York; no
decided change in temperature except slightly
warmer in West Virginia; variable winds,
southeasterly on the lakes.
PrrrSBtJBO, July 28, 1883.
The United States Signal Service offloertn
this city lurmsnes the louowing:
Mean temp 70
Maximum lemn..M 78
S:COA- If....
120 K..
1:00 p. M....
2.00 r.M....
IK)?. M
Minimum temp...,. 62
tanse .... is
Precipitation. ...... .00
8.-00 r.M 73
Blverat sp. M.. 2.2 feet, a fall of 0.7 feet In 21
River Telegrams.
Mobqamtowjt River 4 feet 6 inches and
stationary. Weather cloudy. Thermometer 80
at 4 p. it.
WAiyutir River 5-10 foot and stationary.
Weather cloudy and warm.
Bbowxsvii.i.11 River 4 feet 4 inches and
falling. Weather cloudy. Thermometer 75 at
6 p.m.
He Gavn the Peddler Thrashing.
Aaron Lichtenbloom, a peddler, went into
Martin Boedlcr's meat shop, Temperance
ville, yesterday, and refused to leave when
ordered to by the boy in charge. "When
Roedler, who was absent, returned and
learned- the particulars, he proceeded to
thrash the peddler. Roedler entered suit
against his uninvited guest, Tor whom a
warrant has been issued, and Lichtenbloom
in turn has a plaint against Roedler for
TlioDrrsoods Market.
New Yobk, Jnly 26. Prices were a shade
better on several styles of both brown and
bleached goods, though quotations are un
changed. The market continues well sold up
and firm In tone. The jobbing trade here is in
thorne's best vein, in which a love affair and a
family mattery are pleasantly interwoven,
will be published complete in to-morrow's Dis
patch. .
Tutt's Pills
Regulate the Bowels.
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I fob
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