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Liberty Live Stock Heavy linn of
Cattle, tut Fow Primes.
Light Eun of Sheepand Lambs The Lieut
est of the Season.
Offick of Pittsburg Dispatch, 1
WEDNESDAY. July 21 1SS9. f
l&e total run of local cattle lor the week
has been in round numbers 110 carloads,
-Against 90 loads last week. The bulk of
those received irere common to fair grades.
There were about 10 loads ot good heavy
-c.ittlc in the supplies, but none that conld
be called in ihe largest charity strictly
prime. Very few were above 1,400 lbs. in
Orders for export cattle were plenty, but
there were practically none of this grade on
the market. Bayers were in larger force than
at any time since last fall. While they meant
business, they would not consent to an at
tempted advance. Trade was active, and stock
found ready customers at last week's prices,
except for smooth, light butcher stock, which
were 10 to 15c higher than a w eek ago.
The utside price for the best 1,300 to 1,400
pound steers on the market was J4 15. A prime
iuality of well-fatted stock would have brought
it 25 to J4 40, as there were buvers plentv ready
to iuvest in this grade, but none were to be bad.
A leading stockman comnlains that country
shippers, as a rule, fail to properly classify their
cattle, and place a higher estimate on the grade
of those sent to market than stubborn facts
v arrant.
Said he: "I had amongmy consignments this
-week two loads of cattle from different parties
-weighing almost the same, and to a green drov
er's eje there was very little difference in qual
ity. But the difference amounted to 25 to 40c per
cwt in selling. f)ne load was grass fed, full
and slick, and, to the superficial observer, was
all right. The other had the quality and the
grain which gave solid substance, and the differ
once was as great as that between a green and a
ripe peach. The cocntrvrnan who owned the
grass-fed, low-grade cattle couldn't see why he
bbould not get as much for his stock as was
paid tor the higher grade, grain-fed cattle. But
expert dealers can see the difference at once."
Miern and Lambs.
Receipts on Monday were little more than
Salf those of the previous Monday. Light sup
plies served to stimulate markets, and stock
was well cleaned up at an advance of 1525c on
last week's prices for choice grades. At Herr's
Island receipts wore unusually heavy, and a
decline was reported there.
Nen 8 from Eastern markets had a discour
aging influence. Liberty stockmen are of the
opinion that sheep have touched their lowest
figure for this sc-isou. Tho advanced price of
wool aud good pasturage, it is believed, will
stiffen the backbone of farmers so that they
will withhold stock from market until better
prices can De realized. One thing is certain,
the run at the Liberty jards this week was the
iiiesb uijs season.
Supply was light, as it alwavs is in midsum
mer. Markets were active and firm in the fore
part of tho week, especially ;f or lightweights.
To-day trade is slow, and heavy hogs are little
pood. Prices vary very little from last week
Ihe tr.p price at Chicago to-dav was S4 65. The
ontide figure at Liberty is J4 '75, and this for
choicest light Yorkers.
fllcCall fc Co.'s Report.
With a liberal supply and good demand,
cattle sold readily. Good cattle were scare
and a shade higher, while common to medium
are quoted firm at last eek's prices. We give
tho following as ruling prices: Prime, 1,300 to
1,600 Is, H 10 to Si 25; g.od. L200 to 1,400 Is.
13 boS4 (JO; rou;h fat, 1,100 to 1.300 lbs. S3 50
i,7?Lc2? butcher grades. W0 to 1,100 s.
S fS&3, .5; "?.mon l tar. bUO to 1.000 Iks,
i.S IXXmi 40: bulls and fat cows, $2 002 75;
tresli cows and baringers, S20 0040 00 per
The receipts of hogs this week has been light
and the market active Monday and Tuesday.
To-day with ery light receipts, the market is
--- ouu w, , uj per cwt loner man -Monday.
SS.M y a follows: Heavy and medium
2. i'X,.eiPI,,as' H 304 w Eood light Yorkers
llist. j:gra.Kcrsaud heavy Yorkers, 8150
U: roughs. & 2S4 00.
-.,Tlle receipts or sneen this week were light
-Market acy ve at an advance ot 15c to 20c per
cwt. oyer 1-ost week's prices. We quote as fol
lows: Fri-me Ohio and Indiana wethers, weigh-
imrS 1!0 to 120 tts. S4 655 Wh good. SO
to 100 y,a, f4 351 a); lalr to Kood mlse(1. -5 to
S7?&,f'Jeo4 15: Cd yearlings. 75 to 80 as.
S.0'1 "5; common to fair, 50 to 60 as $3 75
veal calves, 110 to 120 as, t5 508 00.
By TclrcraDh.
New York Beeves Receipts, 2,400 head, in
cluding 70 carloads for marker, 52 carloads for
exportation and IS carloads for city slaughter
ers direct. Good steers were in demand and
steady; inrenor natives and all sorts of Texas
cattle ruled dull and lower; native steers sold at
S3 "Offii 60 per 100 pounds; Texas do at J2 GO
g3 fiu, including 16 carloads at 2 803 00; ex
jwrts. 4.6S0 quarters ot beef. Liverpool cable
advices quote American refrigerator beef dull
at SJc per pound. Calves Receipts. 2,500
head; steadier at46c per pound for veals,
-irJ3c for buttermilk calves, and Z&iie for
mixed lots of western calves. Sheep Receipts,
hfxn head, and 3,000 were carried over jester
day: market about steady, with a fair demand
lor good lambs: extremes for sheep, S3 255 25;
.for lamb.', $5 206 Co. with 1 carload of choice
Jambs sold at Si Hogs Receipts, 5,000 head;
not enough offered alivo to make a market;
nominally very quiet at $4 605 10 per 100
Kansas City Cattle Receipts. 3.353 head;
shipments. 2,188 head; the supply was chiefly
lexas, Indian and common cows: few native
beef steers on sale; good a shade higher; good
Texas and Indians strong; common steady;
cons steady; good to choice corn fed steers,
f3 S04J4 10; common to medium, S2 90W3 60;
storkcrs and feeding steers, SI fl03 00; com
ruon. Jl 50S1 Co; grass range steers, Jl 02 70.
Hog. Rcteiptt.4.olieadshipmeuts,l,2S2hcad;
market strong ?-rU higher for light, and steadv
lor licivv,rid mixed: goo 1 to choice. J4 27kf
4 37;rheaw and mixed, 4 12KS4 25. Sheep
. -rueccipts, 676 head; shipments. "140 head; mar
ket steady; good to choice muttons, J3 754 00:
common to medium, J2 5o3 50.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 2,000 head: ship
ments. 3,1X10 head: market steady; choice heaw
native steers. S3 HXgl 20: fair to good do, $3 00
'i 40: stockcrs and feeders, fair to goou. S2 CO
3 00: rangers, corn fed. S2 503 40; grass fed
1 SOgfi 75. Hogs Receipts. 3,400 head: ship
ments, 4U0 head: market strong; choice heavy
and butchers' selections. S4 404 50; packing
medium to prime, S2 S04 45; light grades!
ordinary to best, S4 50ffl4 60. Sheep Receipts!
J,W0 head; shipments, 2.4(jGhead;inarkctstronc:
fair to choice, J3 10S4 5a
Chicago The Drovers' Journal reports
CatUe Receipts. 14,000 head; shipments, 4.800
head; market strong for good; common dull
Vr.Je J& ,0S4 S stockcrs and feeders!
00623 00; cons, bulls aud mixed. II 40
2 SO; bulk. J2 002 40: Texas cattle. H S0ffi3 (&
Hogs Receipts. 1L500 head; shipments, 5.500
head: market strong. 6l0o higher: mixed S4 3.5
i 60; heaw. S4 30a4 55; light, S4 404 75
klIs. S3 50i CO. hheen Receipts. 6,000
head: shipments. 1,000 head: market steady
natives, S3 50g4 80: western. S3 004 20:Texans.'
S3 h04 30; Umbs, $4 5005 75.
15Uf falo Cattle Receipts, 134 carloads
through. 50 carloads sale: dull Dut not qnota
Dle lower on common grades; export scarce
and wanted. Sheep aud lambs Receipts. 16
carloads through; 3 carloads sale; fairly active
and unchanged. Hogs Receipts, 18 carloads
through; 12 carloads sale; slow; mediums and
heavy, $4 554 60; mixed mediums and
Yorkers, S4 CO; Yorkers, S4 b54 00; pigs, (4 80.
.!C??I,N-?ATIZrHKs "tronger; common and
lignt, si ,5g4 .0: packing and butchers, S4 353
4 oj;tfeceipts. 1500 head: shipments, 580 head.
IXDIAXAPOrTR 1Tnr- nnffv om.1 hl-t.. .
, S?ule teady at K S1 S5. Sheep
steady at S3 000440. Ijimbs. S4 005 50.
The Flonr Trade.
MlXNEAroMs, July 24. This week theag
gregato output of flour was 119,270 barrels, av
erapng 19,678 barrels daily, against 1R940 bar
rels the week before, and 167.200 barrels for the
corresponding period in 1SS8. A year ago
prices were about a dollar cheaper. The most
encouraging feature just now is an active for
eign demand. Tne millers are buying no more
wheat than they actually need, hoping for
lover prices when the new crop moves.
The Drvsooda Market.
New Yokk, July 24. Trade in drygoods
continued on recent conservative lines, though
there was some activity in low to medium
grades of bleached i-ottons. cotton flannels and
dress goods. Wool ll-iiincls received increased
attention and rrlces hue been advanced 5 1 o 7
percent. Print cloth i are again higher. Tho
general tone .t tan market continues firm.
Wool Market.
ST. Lptns-Th; feeling is quiet and caller,
with a decline of fully lc, bared on actual
Mies; bright medium, 1925c; coarse braid, 15
22c; low sandy U18c; fine light, 18e28e;
flue heavy. 11819c; tub washed, choice, SHiic;
Inferior, 8088c.
A SInmp nnd n. Rally In Wheat Bear
Early In the Day Turn Balls Before
tho Close Corn Excited nnd
Lower Pork Featareless.
Chicago There was modest degree of
activity in wheat to-day, and during the
greater part of the session local sentiment was
rather bearish. The crowd seemed to be work
ing on the "natural reaction" theory, and were
disposed to sell during the morning hours. The
opening was quite strong on all futures and H
c higher, the early strength being mainly
on reports of continued heavy rains in the
Southwest, where harvesting and .shipping
operations are in progress. More bullish dis
patches were received by houses having foreign
connections on the Russian and Hungarian
crop situation.
Reports to Crop Statistician Prico from 238
points in Iowa, Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota
and Wisconsin give percentages of 86 in the
two latter States, 89 in Nebraska and 91 in
Iowa, with Dakota at 62. The disposition on
the part of the crowd to sell had a depressing
effect toward noon, but during the last hour
the demand improved. Parties who had sold
early turned buyers, and the undertone became
quite bullish. The December future shows an
advance, 'based on yesterday's closing, of Kc
July is lc higher, and September unchanged.
A fair trade was reported in corn early in the
day, after which the pit became excited. The
feeling, on the whole, was weaker and lower
prices were established. The easier tone was
attributed mainly to a less urgent cash de
mand, the Inquiry for July having apparently
been t-atlsfietC which had a weakening influence
on the other lutures. Offerings were more lib
eral and demand less urgent. The local crowd
were long, and receivers ere said to be rather
free sellers, supposed to be against corn pur
chased in the country. The market opened at
about yesterday's closing prices, was steady for
a time, but soon becamo easier, declining c
ruled quiet, and closing at v lower than
Oats were steadier early, but there were few
buying orders in the market, and during the
latter part ot the day a weakness prevailed and
prices declined KUc.
The market for mess pork attracted little at
tention. The filling of a tevr orders caused an
advance of 57c at the opening, but a weaker
feeling was soon developed and prices receded
1517c. A slight advance was made toward
the close, and the market closed quiet.
Trading was very light in the lard market
and the feeling was easy daring the greater
portion ot the day. Prices declined 67Hc
and the market closed quiet.
A fairly active business was reported in the
market for short rib sides. Early the demand
was active and the feeling was stronger, ac
companied with an advance of 2K5c- At this
Improvement, however, there Was considerable
pressure to sell, and prices gradually receded
K10c. Toward the close the feeling was
steadier and prices rallied slightly and closed
comparatively steady.
The leading lutures ranged as follows:
wheat fto. z jujy, Ba)ts3esiBic;
August. 787SKa79K78Jig79Jic; Beptem
ber. 7979578K&78&c; December, 8181
Coex No. 2 August, 36K36JJS6KfiS8c;
September. ;3636JS36H36ic; October,
Oats No. 2, August, 22c: September. Ziyi
2222622c; October. 226220.
Mess Poke, per bbL August, 111 15(211 15
11 0511 05; September. I1125U 2511 07H&
11 10; October, $10 6510 65.
Lard, per 100 as. August, $6 206 17K;
September. Sfl 256 27: October, S6'30 30.
short kibs. per 100 as. August. S5 6
5 55; September. t5 67U5 705 605 62X;
ucuiuer, jo u&o oi4jo oiuo oo.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour qnlet
and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat 82Vc; No.
3 do, nominal: No. 2 red, 82c. No. 2 corn,
36c No. 2 oats. 22c No. 2 rye. 4243c
No. 2 barley nominal. No. 1 flaxseed. Si 33
Prime tlmothv seed, Si 4SQ1 5a Mess pork, per
barrel. $11 0511 10. Lard, per 100 pounds, SO 2a
Short ribs, sides (loose!, 15 505 55. Dry salted
shoulders (boxed), ti 12'i 25. Short clear
sides fboied), S5 87k6 0a Sugars unchanged.
Receipts Flour. 2LO00 barrels; wheat. '87,000
bushels: corn. 3K3.000 bushels: oats, 99,000 bush
els; rye, 16.000 bushels: barley, r,000 bushels.
Shipments Flour, 12,000 barrels; wheat, 45.000
bushels; corn. 299.000 bushels; oats, 110,000 bush
els; rye, 3,000 bushels; barley, none.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was fairly active; fancy creamery, 15
l(c: fine. 1414Kc: finest dairies, ll12c;
tine. 10llHc Eggs quiet at lllla
New York Flour stronger and active for
home and export. Commeal unchanged.
Wheaf-Spot weaker and active for exnort and
milling; options fairly active and irregular;
July ic lower, others i3Mr. higher, closing
weak; foreign houses buers. Rye steady.
Barley nominal. Barley malt dnlL Corn Spot
let active and weak; light offerings; options
less active. HQie lower and weak. Oats Spot
fairly active and firmer; options steady and
qniec Hay firm. Hops easy and quiet. Coffee
Options opened steadv at 1525 points down,
closed quiet at 15035 points down; ir
regular cables, qnlet: sales. 51,500 bags;
July. 14.30c: August, 14.15S14.S0c; Sep
tember. 14.30014.40c: October. 14.25
1140c; November. 14.35c: December. 14.25
14.40c: January. 14.35c: March, 14.2514.40c:
Slav, 14.25 14.40c; spot Rio quiet: fair cargoes.
17c Sugar Raw inactive: refined quiet and
firm. Molasses Foreign dull and weak; New
Orleans quiet. Rice slow and unchanged. Cot
tonseed oil dull. Tallow steadv. Rosin quiet
and steady. Turpentine firm. Eggs weak and
Irregular; western, 13 13Jic: receipts, 5.316 pack
ages. Pork steady; sales. 300 barrels. Cut meats
strong; pickled hams, llc; pickled shoulders,
5Kc; middles qnlet. Lard lower and dull; west
ern steam, SO 60: city, SB 20: options August.
S6 58 bid; September, SO &)66 68, closing at
S6 65 bid; October. SO WJ6 06, closing at 86 65
bid: November. $6 48. closing at $6 45 bid; De
cember, S6 35; January, S8 35; February, S6 42,
closing at SO 41: March, S6 48. Butter Choice
steady; others weak; western dalrv. 1012c: do
creamery. ll17c; do factory. 812)r. Cneese
firm and fairly active: western. 67c.
PniLADELPniA Flour Business restricted
by light offerings and strong views of holders.
Avheat firm; receipts of new crop a little more
liberal; steamer No. 3 red, in export elevator.
80c; choice No. 2 red, on track, 89c: choice, un
graded red, on track, ICc; No. 2 Pennsylvania
red, in Twentieth street elevator, 91c; No. 2
red, July. S7?87c; August, 86M!5JJc; Sep
tember. 8585c: October. S5JigSGc. Corn
firm under light offerings and good inquiry for
both local and export trade; No. 2 mixed, in
Twentieth street elevator. 45c: No. 2 mixed.
July. 44Vf41Kc; Augnst. 4444c: September.
44V44Kc; October, 41K45c Oats-Carlots a
shade firmer: No. 3 white. 33K34c: No. 2
white. In Twentieth street elevator, 45c; do, in
grain depot, SiKc: futures quiet but firm; No. 2
bite, Julv. 34'4e34Kc: August, 314?32c; Sep
tember, 30Ji31Mc: October. 313lc Eggs,
choice Btnck, steadv and in fair demand; Penn
Slvania firsts, 1414c.
St. Louis Flour quiet but firm. Wheatr
The rainy weather, with advances elsewhere,
opened the market Kc higher. There was
a relapse and rally, and the close was iie
above vesterday: No. 2 red. cash, TilAcx
July, 7677c closing at TTJc asked;
August. 7576Jc closing at 75Jfc;
September. 7CW77c, closing at76Kc bld:l5e
cember. 79$ras0&c. closing at 9?79Kc
bid; May, MJJc. Corn dull and easy; No. 2
mixen, casb,33c; Augnst. 33c; September, 33
33c. closing at 3333e bld;December.32Kc
Oats nominally firm: No. 2. cash. 22c bid; July,
2223c bid, and none to be had; Aucust, 21c
bid; September, 21Kc bid! May, 25ic bid.
Rye No. 2. 43c
Ccjcixitati Flour in moderate demand.
Wheat strong; No. 2 red. 8081c; receipts.
laSOO bushels; shipments, 8.500 bushels. Com
stronger; No. 2 mixed, 37K3Sc Oats steadv:
No. 2 mixed. 2020Kc Ro quiet; No. 2. 47
48c Pork dull at $11 75. Lard lower. Bulk
meats and bacon sieady and unchanged. But
ter easy. 8ugar steady. Eggs firmer. Cheese
in fair demand.
Milwaukee Flour firmer. Wheat steady:
cah, 80Kc; September. 78c Corn dull: No. 3,
3G)c Oats quiet; No. 2 white, 2828Kc
Rye firmer: No. L, 425c Barley easier; Sep
tember, 60c bid. Provisions easier. Cheese un
changed. Baltimore Provisions dull. Butter un
settled; Wostern packed, 12c; creamery, lGKiJ
17c Eggs, 12Kc Coffee nominal; Rio fair
INDIAE-APOI.IS Wheat strong: No. 2 red.
SOc bid. Corn strong; N o. 2 mixed, 25c bid.
Oats weak; No. 2 mixed. 24c
Toledo Cloversced dull; cash, S4 25; Octo
ber, S4 35.
RIetnl Alnrkot.
New York Pig iron quiet: American, 115 50
17 5a Copper entirely neglected. Lead flat:
domestic, SS 87K- Tin barely steady; straits,
Ucr Connterfeltlns Ilnaband Still In Jail,
but She Will Get Him Oat.
CiXCnrarAxr. July 24. Mrs. Nelson
Driggs, of Dayton, (X. gave bond in the
sum of $10,000 to-day to answer a charge of
passing counterfeit money. Her bondsmen
are Abraham Lacey nnd Constantino BIcss
inger, of Dayton. Her examination, is set
for Augnst 2. Her husband was remanded
to jail, and the wile said she would set
about the taslr of procuring bondsmen for
Arrratrri Whll Trylac WrreU
LAWCASTkn, July 24. Wayne Wbit
njer, agedO years. wa arrested this morn
ing wbiltf endeavoring to wreck a freight
train on the Beading and Colombia Bail
road near Enhrata. He was commiHpd n
jail for trial.
Reported to be. About Ready to
Break Oat on Diamond Street
Salaries Equivalent to Capital, and Less
Tronblesome to Manage.
It was ascertained yesterday irom a source
entitled to the fullest credit that a number
of new and handsome business houses will
soon be commenced on the north side of
Diamond street, between Wood and Market
sqnare all on the new 50-foot line. Among
them may be mentioned one on the "Willey
lot, one on the Ihoma lot, and one on the
lot owned by the Exchange National Bank.
All of these buildings will be first-class
in every respect, and carefully adapted to the
requirements of modern business methods.
It has passed into a proverb that the sons of
rich men arc prodigal in the use of money. It
comes easy and it goes easy. This may be true
as a general proposition, but it appears that the
rich young men of PlttsDurg are an exception
to the rule In a conversation between several
business men yesterday the fact was brought
ont that quite a number of them who have re
cently come into possession of their fortunes
are Investing largely in lands and houses, or
identifying themselves with established busi
ness enterprises. Some of the finest properties
in the city are owned by them, as are also many
of the best buildings that are in course of con
struction. These lucky and sensible youngsters area
credit, not only to their sturdy ancestors, but
to tho city, and their commendable conduct
blunts the edge of Mr. Carnegie's allegation
that it is a misfortune to be the son of a million
aire. What is he worth T This is a question often
propounded, and one that affords a' broad field
for speculation in almost any particular case.
What is a man worth T For example, a book
keeper receiving a salary of (2,000 a year. It
requires S50,000 at 4 per cent to yield this
amount. Ten thousand dollars per annnmis
not an unusual salary in some branches of
business for managers of institutions or large
industries, and that is equivalent to a capital
of from 200,000 to 250,000 drawing 5er cent in
one case and 4 per ceut in the other. Let the
man who receives only S1.000 a year pause to
consider, before moaning over his hard lot,
that he commands an income on $20,000. or per
chance 25,000. If he persists in considering
bis situation In life an unfortunate one, let him
imagine a reversed condition of circumstances.
Let him asked if he would choose to be
placed in the condition of some acquaintance
whom he may know, and who, having $25,000 at
command, is deficient in ability to secure or fill
a lucrative position and one commanding honor
and respect. Is is not probable that the annoy
ances likely to be caused over a safe and pru
dent investment for the capital, with the
chances of loss staring the investor in the face,
would fully equal such as are ordinarily en
countered by those in responsible positions
liability to dismissal or loss of place through
sickness or other causes?
The most important real estate transaction
that has taken place in Wilklnsborg this year
was closed up yesterday. The Clones residence
of 13 rooms and large lot, on Rebecca street,
passed into the possession of Joseph A. Lang
fit t, a prominent Pittsburg attorney, the con.
sideration being $10,000. Mr. Langfltt will move
into his new home in a short time.
, Members of the Petrolenm Exchange who
have stood manfully by the new rules through
good and evil report begin to think that their
success is assured, and for proof point to the
improved condition of the trade. With the
tide in their favor they can well afford to boast,
but they should consider that the market is
controlled by a power superior to themselves,
which may at any time throw a wet blanket
over it. Conditions go for nothing when they
antagonize the interests of a corporation like
the Standard..
"There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than is dreamt of in your philosophy," has
special significance when identified with the
oil market.
A great deal Is being done in the way of im
proving and beautifying the suburbs. Up and
down and across the rivers, carpenters, masons,
painters, roadmakers and landscape artists, a
small army of them, are busy as bees, and un
der their skillful manipulations the country
roundabout is undergoing a transformation
which will largely Increase its attractions and
enhance its value for residence purpotc
In this material age it is gratifying to observe
a disposition to surround the home with all the
comforts and conveniences that money can
procure. In this respect Pittsburg is second to
no other city in the Union.
It it gratifying to be assnred by competent
authority that the inquiry for real estato Is
largely for houses or lots on which to build,
and only to a limited extent for specnlation.
Under this condition f the market a material
shrinkage in values is impossible.
Local Stocks Rapidly Picking Themselves
Oat of the Rat.
La Norla and Philadelphia Gas were again
the centers of attraction at the Stock Exchange
yesterday. The bulls, as on Tuesday, had the
upper hand, and tossed the price np to "ys, at
which figure 275 shares were unloaded. The
stock was well sustained until near tho close,
when it staggered a little, indicating that it
had about reached the top of the boom. Phila
delphia Gas opened at 36 and sold up on
moderate buying. At the close 37 was asked.
A small lor of Citizens' Traction brought
68; the others were weak and neglected. The
best price for Switch and Signal was 20, at
which figure a few shares changed hands.
Natural Gas of 'West Virginia brought 68 in a
small way. It was sparingly offered. The best
bid for Electric was 49. It was held half a
point higher. The total sales were 775 shares.
Bids, offers and sales are appended:
Pld. Asked. Jlld. Asked.
uity insurance.
Citizens' Ins
Mrrs. jt.Mer. Ins.
llrliljrewatcr tias
Uhartlert Val. Oas Co.
at. Gas Co. of W. Va.
V N.U. S.L'. Co
I'cnusTlranlaUas Co..
Philadelphia, Co
Ubecllnjr Gas Co
"Uashlnjrton Oil Co....
Central Traction.
Citizens' Traction
l'lttsbnre Traction
l'kasant Valley".
1'ltts. & Western K. it.
1. & V. It. 1C Co. prcr
Westinphoasc Electric
U. s. blg. Co
Wotlnjrhouse A.U.Co.
Pitts. Plate Glass Co..
S6 3!ii
44 .... i
49 ....
usx .... esjf .. .
m .... ui ....
36V 7 MS 37
.... 3 ....
XX 30 S0
68 .... 6S5f 68
'.'." "'.'. 2D1
a 21
Ki ; 2H ....
49 49ft 49 f4
H .... 20X 5J
At the first call 8 shares ot Philadelphia Gas
sold at 3 70 at 36. 1 at 37; 74 Natural Gas of
est Virginia aim, iuu owitcn and signal at
2a 101 at 20Vf , 175 La Noria at 2. After call
100 Philadelphia Gas sold at 36K
At the alternoon session 35 shares of Citi
zens' Traction went at 68JJ.100 La Noria at 2K.10
Switch and Signal at 20, and a f 1,000 Junction
Railroad 3 per cent bond at 115.
The total sales ot stocks at New York yester
day twere 160,000 shares, including: Atchison.
18,250: Delaware. Lackawanna and Western.
6,bOO;Ncw England, 5,160; Reading, 44,301
The Real Estate Interest Holds Up Well for
the Fall Season.
W. A. Herron & Sons sold a 10,000, residence
of 13 rooms on Rebecca street, Wiikiasburg,
to Joseph A. Langfltt, a prominent Pittsburg
Alles t Bailey, 164 Fourth avenne, sold No.
2S3 Forbes street, opposite the Sixth ward
school house, lot 20x100 feet to Ann street,
with a brick dwelling of six rooms, etc. on Ann
street, to F. M. Jocbsumen. Price confidential.
Black & Ualrd, No. 05 Fourth avenue, sold to
J.RDuntap a new Queen Anne frame dwelling
on Thomas street. Boulevard place. East End.
with lot 65142 feet, for flZCXXX
Jaine r. Drape t Co. sold tho house and lot,
100x150 feet, on Noblettown avenne, near Idle-,
wood station, for t4,25a
Samuel W. Black &. Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold Ave lots, 25 by abont 185 feet, on the south
side of Washington avenue, in the Bogfeplan,-
Alirntown station, West Liberty borough,
J. R. Cooper A Co., 107 Fcnrth avenne. sold
lot 28 In the McNeil place. Thirteenth ward, to
Valentino Wltucke, for30a
H. A. Weaver fc Co. placed a $40,000 mort
gage on a downtown business property, three
years, at 5 per cent and Stato tax. Owing to a
ground rent on the property it was impossible
to obtain the money at a lower rate of interest.
Bankers Satisfied With the Situation A
Rash In the Fall'.
At the banks yesterday the familiar story
was repeated money in good supply, rates un
changed, borrowing uncomfortably light de
positing fair and checking a little off. Cur
rency was scarce almost to the famine point,
poipt. The clearings were S2.10S.598 44 and the
balances S348,2SS 97. Everybody was satisfied
with the situation, taking the season into ac
count, and more than hopeful of a Dig rush in
the fall.
Money at New York yesterday was easy, clos
ing offered at 2. Prime mercantile paper,
4Jig6. Sterling exchange dnll and steady
at 4 80 for 60-day bills and 4 87 for de
mand. Closing Bond Quotations.
U. 8. 4s,reg...
U. S. 4s. coup,
it. S. 4. re?.
M. K. AT. Gen. 59
Mutual Union 6s...
N. J. C. Int. Cert.,
Northern Pac lsts
Northern Fac. zds,
. S7
D. 3. 4HS, conp......IW3
PaclfleSsof'IS. 118
Loulslanastamped4s 89)4
Northw't'n consoIs,144
Dussoun e in
Tenn. new set. 6....10e
Tenn. new set. 5s... .101
Northw'n deOen-s..in
Urecon .t Trans. 6s. IW
St. 1.. &I.M. Gen.&s !
Tenn. uewset.3s.. 73J
Canada So. 2d &9.V
at. L.ts.r. iien.ji.iw
Su fan I consols ....12SS
St. PL Uh I Pc. lsts. 1 17
Tt., PcL. U.Tr Rs. 8S
(Jen. raeincists u
lien. & K. U., lsts.120
Den. AIL G. 4s 7SX
J.AK.G.Wt,lsu. 101
Krle.2ds 102
11. K. AT. Om. &.- SM
Union Pae. llts 11SW1
West bhore 103
Yesterdays bond offerings aggregated I7S,iuu,
as follows: Coupon 4Ks, tlOO at 109; regis
tered 4s, 78,000 at 100.
Nbw Tobk Clearings, 97,253,281; balances,
Boston Clearings, 16,630,152; balances, 2,
237,877. Balttmobe Clearings. SL53S.745; balances,
Phti..idei,fiiia Clearings, 10,887,291; bal
ances. SI,590,73L
London Bar silver. 42 5-16.
Paris Three per cent rentes, 83f 72c
Chicago Money firm and unchanged.
Bank clearings. 10,162,00a
St. Louis Clearings, 2,832,063: balances,
The Bulls Capture the Oil market and Toss
Prices Skyward.
As soon as the oil market opened yesterday
the bulls took hold and ruled the roost until
near the close, when the bears made a raid and
hammered the price down . A big advance in
refined in New York and Antwerp was the d'
rect cause of the boom, during which 1 02
was scored the highest price for oil on the
local Exchange since 1885.
The market strong at 99c Good buying by
McKelvy and others quickly sent the price up
to SL It then fell off a cent, but soon made an
other spnrt and got back near the dollar line.
This was about the dinner hour. While many
of the brokers were out for luncheon a little
snap game was played, which resulted in an ad
vance from 09c to 1 01K in less time than it
takes to tell it.
The market hnng around the last-named
figure until shortly after 2 o'clock, when, on
good buying, the price shot up to 1 02 but at
that figure the longs were so anxious to realize
that It soon wavered, and, after a few small
fluctuations, broke away and closed at 1 01,
with considerable difference of opinion as to
what to-day would bring forth. Some contend
ed tho conditions favored still higher prices,
while others thought the top had been reached.
Said a broker: "The new rnles are working
well. The market is better than at any other
time for over a year, aud the end Is not yet. I
predict still higher prices." Notnlng was done
in cash oil, the Augnst option being all that
was dealt in. Fluctuations and other features
of the market are given btlow.
Pralnres of the Market
Corrected daily by John M. Oaxiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 99HlLowest B9S
Highest 102XCtosed 101)4
- Barrels.
Average runs , S0.M9
Average shipments 77,020
Average charters , (6,96s
lieflned, Mew York, 7.40c
Kenned, London, 3d.
Refined, Antwerp, isr.
Kettned. Liverpool, S 7-lSd.
A. B. McGrew & Co. qnote: Puts. 99Q
89Jic; calls, 1 04KQ1 01K-
Other OH Markets.
On. Crrr, July 24. National transit cer
tificates opened at 99?c: highest. 1 02; low
est, 99c; closed. SI OIK. Sales, 1.431,000 barrels;
clearances, 1,734,000 barrels; charters, 21,428 bar
rels: shipments. 97,748 barrels; runs, 62,517
Bradford, July 24. National transit cer
tificates opened at 9t'c; closed at SI 01: high
est, 1 02)$; lowest, 99c; clearances, 1,613,000
barrels. .
TrrusviLM, July 24. National transit cer
tificates opened at 99?ic; hlghest,l 02?i; lowest,
98c; closed, 10
New York, July 24. There was Increased
trading in the petroleum market to-day, and
the upward movement was facilitated by the
adjusting of the price of refined oil. which was
advanced 15 points to 7 4a The opening was
steady at 89c for spot and Jl for August op
tions, and a decline of c to lc occurredMn
the first hour. The advance in refined then
started a general buying movement and the
price advanced to SI 02$. Realizingsales then
caused a sharp reaction, after whiciT the mar
ket closed firm at 1 0. Stock, Exchange:
Opening. 99Kc: highest, 1 02; lowest. 99Jc: clos
ing, 1 OIK- Consolidated Exchange: Open
ing. 1: highest, SI 02U: lowest, 99c; closing,
1 01K. Total sales, 3,073,000 barrels.
They Attack the Conl Stocks, bat Make No
Particular Impression Chansea Small,
but In Ihe Direction of Lower
Prices' Donda Featureless.
Nrw York, July 21 The stock market
showed no signs of getting out of the rut of
dullness into which it has fallen, and the trans
actions to-day were on the same limited scale
as usual of late, whilo the tone of tho market,
which was strong at first, became weak later in
the day and the early gains were lost. The
market followed the lead of London at
the opening, and first prices were generally
f rom yi to per cent higher than last evening's
figures, but the strength soon gave out and for
the rest of the forenoon there was a dull and
unsatisfactory market without feature or ani
mation. The most prominent characteristic of
the market was the buying of London houses
and their purchases are estimated as high as
5,000 snares, but the enthusiasm of the local
operators soon abated and after the first de
mand had beensatlsfieddullnessandstagnation
was the order of the day, Chesapeake and
Ohio first preferred was the only really strong
stock, and after a rise of abont 2 per cent It lost
most of the improvement. The Cleveland,
Columbus. Cincinnati and St. L"nls stocks were
also active, bnt their movements were confined
to a narrower range thau during the past few
In the afternoon the bears made a demonstra
tion against the Coal stocks and Reading in
Particular, the rnmnr being that the earnings
or June, on account of the lato floods, would
show a decrease of from 250.000 toJlOaOCKX
The impression got abroad in the room that
long stock was coming' ont, which started the
:raders to selling, and the stock was knocked
down 1M per cent, to 42Jf. The other Coalers,
especially Lackawanna, sympathized, and tbo
selling extended to other portions of the list,
the Grangers coming in fdr a liberal share of
attention, though St. Paul was well held at the
close to the best prices of the week. There
was an effort to recoup tho sales of the previ
ous hour toward the close, and a sharp rally oc
curred, Reading reacting $ and others in pro
portion. Tho market closed dull, but firm, at
fractional losses for the day. The final changes
are somewhat irregular, but generally are in
the direction of lower figures, and for fraction
al amounts only.
Railroad bonds continue to show a small
volume of business, with no feature to the
dealings. The sales of all Issues to-day reached
only 854,000. of which 109,000 were In the
Rocking Valley fives. The temper of the mar
ket was somewhat stronger than of late, but
there was no decided tendency ot prices In
either direction, and the final changes are
Irregular and generally forsmall fractions only.
Hocking Valley fives rose 2, to C6: Indianap
olis, Decatur and Western seconds, 2, to 40, and
Green Bay Incomes. 2, to 17f. The strength
of the last named bonds was due to the new
plan of building a Southwest extension, and by
so doing to get business enough to save tho
road from bankruptcy.
The followlne table snows the prices of active
stocks on tho New YorkJJtock Kxcbange yester
day. Corrected dally for Tux Mismatch, by
WHITWXT A STirnissOT. oldest Plttsburjr mem
bers of New York Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth ave-
High- Low- flng
'il. est. .Bids.
66K CSV, K
' M)J) 8
63W l4 S3
W gf
lnv. CI., Col., Ctrl. A I., new UK
Cl.,CoI.,Cln. A 1., pr. S9 ,
Am. Cotton ou. ....:. u
AtcB Tod. A a. T asu
. . .,, .. O ..
Canadadouthera....... EUl
Central of New Jersey. HI
CheuDeaka Ohio.... 22K
C, liar. 4 Quluer Wtii
a, Mil. sc. St. Paul.... C0H
U, M11.4 8t.Ppr
C., KocxLAP...... 9434'
O.. St. L. A Pitts
a, st. l. ruts. pf.
C.. St. P.. M. 0 3l
c. st. P..M. o.. pr. .. .
C ft Northwestern.... 107H
C A Northwestern, pr. ....
Col. Coal & Iron 2SH
Col. A Rocking Vat .. 14
Del.. L. A W. 143
Del. A Hudson
DcnverAKloQ - ....
lleuverAEloG.. pr... 48
E.T., Va.AGa ....
E. T., Vs. A Oa. 1st pf. ...
... Vs. AGs, 2dpf. ....
Illinois Central 114
Like KrlnA Western.. 17
Lake Erie A West. nr.. oS
I.akeSbore AM. 0 102
Louisville A Nashville. e9H
Mobile A Ohio .
Mo.. K. ATexas
Missouri t'sclflo k7Ji
New ork Central 108
l. Y.. C. AUt. L IS
n. it., u, a st. l. nr.
J.Y.. a Abt.li.2d nf ....
S.ltM, E 49
N. Y.. O. A W 17
Norfolk a Western
-Norfolk Western. pr. 81
Northern Pacific 2B
Nortnern Pacific oref. 3t
Ufclo A Mississippi..... 22K
Oregon Improvement
Oregon Tranecon 30)4
PactneMatl 32X
Peo. Dec. A Evans
Phlladel. A Hcadlnx.. !
Pullman Palace Car. ..183
Richmond A W. P. T.. 22H
KlchmondA'W.P.T.pf ....
St. P., Minn. A Man.. 98),
St.u. A San f. 1st nf.. ...
111)2 111
) 21
100)4 0H
e) estf
m fti
iot'm luoji
2SX a4
14 131?
144 142V
Texas Pacific 19S
n prererrea isi
Western Onion ti
Whrelintr A L. 68.
bui-ar Trust 10S)
National Lead "Frost.. 24J,
Chicago Gas Trust S7J
Short-Sighted Board of Trndo Plays
Into tbo Hands of New York.
Niw York. July 24. Since the .Chicago
Board of Trade decided to stop sending quota
tions over the country many requests have
come from commercial exchanges at the West
to the New York Produce Exchange for an un
derstanding looking to the adoption of New
York prices on breadstuffs and provisions, more
especially the former. Instantaneous service
was required, and at a meeting of the members
of the New York Exchange to-day. on recom
mendations of its official body, the members
decided to send prices forward through the
Gold and Stock Telegraph Company imme
diately upon the transactions taking place here.
The service was commenced at once, and dis
patches showing the changes here are going
forward promptlv to Buffalo, Toledo, Duluth.
Minneapolis, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Detroit
and Chicago.
Boston Stocks.
A ten. A Ton.. 1st 7s. us
Wis. Central pf.... S3
AUouczMcCo(new). H
Atch. A Top. a. R. .. 3SH
JMWIUU s Aiosay...zHft
Uoitoa A Maine,. ...201
c, a. au. loo
Clnn. San. A Clove. 22
Eastern B. it 100
Mexican Cen. com.. 14
Jlci.C.lstmtr. bds. 65 H
i. V. Aewnc... 48
H. Y. AN. E. 7s... .123
Old Colony. 175
Untland preferred.. 40
WU.Uentnu.com... 21
uuumet x uecia....zus
' P
,. o
". 23
.. H
Pewablc (new)...
Bell Telephone...
Boston Land ,
Water Power
Tamarack ,
San Dlejro ,
Santa Fe copper. .
( Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers, No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members Hew Vork Stock Ex-
Pennsylvania Kallroad 51 H
Kcadlntr 22
Lehlrh Valley
Lehigh. .Navigation it
Northern Pacific rJH
Northern Paclin preferred 63H
22 3-16
Secured by Men of Genius In Oar Imme
dlnle Neighborhood.
List of patents issued to Western Pennsyl
vania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia in
ventors on Tuesday, July 23, 1889, furnished by
O. D. Levis, patent attorney, No. 131 Fifth
avenne. Pittsburg, Pa.:
Hamilton Butler, Plllsbury, O., machine for
binding straw; II. 8. Belden, Canton, O., vapor
burner; Taylor Boggs, Delaware, O., corn har
vester; CW.Bnsh, selden. o.. fence-making ma
chine; G.W.Ctark, Johnstown, O., brace for fence
posts; J. G. Uownle. Beaver Falls, steam engine;
Alonzo Dow. Wooster. O., electro-galvanic belt;
Thomas W. Irwin. Allegheny. P.. machine for
shaping sheet metal: John M. Klein. Altoona,
Pa., lathe carrier: Frederick Kranz, Sandusky,
O., limekiln; Daniel T. Lawson. wellsville, O.,
steam boiler; John Lee, Jr.. sterling, c, washing
machine: William M. Lucas, Uhrlehvllle. O."
flour bolt: George F. McCombs, Allegheny, as
signor to Handstlch Broom Sewing Machine Com
pany, Pittsburg, Pa., "broom sewing machine"
Thomas McFadaen and D. Kosscr, Youngstown,
O., "pipe thread cutting machine;" John F.
McNatt, Warren. 0.,"tube bending machine:"
V. F. Mllburn. Toledo, O., vehicle axle;
Isaac IS. Potts, Columbus. O.. detaenable
pipe Joint; Isaac B. Potts. Columbus, com
bined detachable pipe coupling and branch:
James W. Lee, Hamilton, O.. lightning arrester:
Joseph Watts. McKee's Bocks. Pa., device for
handling coke: Vinton A. Weaver. MoundsTllle,
W. Va.. fastening strips: Charles Bead. Pitts
burg. Pa., "design for pocket flask;" Samuel
Toomy. Canal Dover. O., "skeleton wagon:"
Sabastlan Klttv, Dayton, O.. wheel: John W.
Kamaey. assignor or one-half to M. M. George,
Beaver Falls,Pa.. "Are hydrant:" David Kawson,
assignor of one-hair to A. J. Wilkinson, Pittsburg,
Pa., wire working apparatus.
Services at Ocean Grove and Addresses) by
Distinguished Temperance People.
OCEAir Geove, July 24. At the anni
versary meeting of the "Woman's ifome
Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church
to-day Mrs. General Clinton B. Fisk pre
sided. This afternoon a service was held in
memory of the late Mrs. Rutherford B.
Hayes, who for seven years was president of
this society. Mrs. R. "W. P. Gofll of
Philadelphia, presided. Mrs. Bishop Har
ris, of Chicago. led the devotions. Miss
Elizabeth E. Pierce, of Boston, sang, ,I
Know That My Redeemer Liveth." Gen
eral Clinton B. Fisk spoke touchingly of
Mrs. Hayes in her domestic and public life.
Miss Julia Thomasof New York; Mrs. Dr.
McCabe and Mrs. J. EUeu Foster, ol Iowa,
also made addresses.
This evening Mrs. Foster spoke on "Wo
man's Work in the Church," and Mrs. Jane
F. Bancroft on "The Deaconess Move
Sentence Confirmed on n Recruit Who Killed
a Man at Columbus.
Washington, July 24. In May last
Recruit Robert E. Lee Schrout, of Company
C, General instructions, while at the bar
racks in Columbus, O., assaulted
Frank Crosby, a colored recruit,
with a kuife, inflicting wounds which
shortly proved fatal. Schrout was
tried by courtniartial upon a charge of
manslaughter, and being convicted, was
sentenced to be dishonorably dismissed
from the army and confined in Fort Leaven
worth for 15 years. General Schofield ap
proved the finding, and an order has been
issued by Adiutant General Kelton to cany
the sentence into effect
Forty Wooden Building Inhabited by Sacra
mento Celestials Cremnted.
Sack AMEN to, July 24. The entire
Chinatown district of this city consisted of
40'wooden buildings mainly rookeries, was
burned at 4 o'clock this morning. Owing to'
the location of the buildings In proximity
to the switching yards of the Southern
Pacific Bailroad which were filled with
loaded cars, the fire department was unable
to do asry effective work, and all the build
ings and contents were destroyed. It is be
lieved that no lives were lost, though many
Chinese had narrow escapes. The loss on
buildings will not exceed $10,000.
Congress Alone Can Pay the Creeks.
Wash DSOTON, July 24. Secretary Noble
has affirmed the decision of the Commis
sioner of the General Land Office, holding
that without special Congressional authoriz
ation the Creek Indians cannot be paid
3400,000 with which they are credited on
the Government book under the terms of
a treaty by which the Creeks ceded the
United States certain lands.
BiechaiC4 Pill care bilious and nervous ills
Pjeam' Soeto ? beacif al coapUxlc-n
414 484f
17 17
27 28 27H
C3H 63K 63
224 21M . 22U
31 SH X
SZH 32 31
ii'ii ii 44
183 182 180
SU 22 21X
98X 98X 97
19V I'M 19
H tSU 84
C9)t t&H 18W
S8X sat tan
Bananas in Over-Supply and Lower
"-Potatoes Tend Lower. .
Improved Demand for OatsShell Corn
Strong Bran Weaker.
Office or PrrrsBtmo dispatch,!
Wednesdat, July 21, 18S9.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
An overdose of bananas has bad a depressing
influence- on markets. Potatoes are easier,
owing to liberal receipts from Tennessee. In
some lines of vegetables, particularly tomatoes,
supply is below demand. Raspberries are
about at their end for this season. Some prod
uce dealers complain that they are unable to
obtain enongh stuff for demands of trade. In
batter, eggs ana-cheese lines market is steady,
and trade fairly active at old prices. Country
butter is slow. Creamery is steady.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 1819c; Ohio do.
1718c; fresh dairy packed, I213c country
rolls. 1012c
Beaks l 75I 90.
Beeswax &30c V fi forchoico; lowgrade,
Cideb Sand refined, SS S0T 50; common.
3 S04 00; crab elder, SS 00&8 60 $ barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c fl gallon.
CHEESE Ohio. SKc; New York, 1010Vc;
Limburger, 89c; domestic Sweitzer, 9
12Kc: Imported Sweitzer, 22c
California Fruits California peaches,
S2 00 V K-bushel box; cherries, ti 00; apricots.
$2 00 a -basket case; plums, $1 7502 00 a 4
basket case.
Eggs 1516c p dozen for strictly fresh.
Feuits Apples, S2 00S 00 fl barrel: pine
apples. Jl 001 2 V dozen; red raspberries. 6
&10c ) quart: black raspberries, 68c quart;
'whortleberries,. 75c$l 00 pall; blackberries,
58cft quart; wild goose plums, $2 SO p crate:
currants, 15 V 2-bushel stand; watermelons.
S15 0025 00 fl hundred; sickel pears, 52 00
2 25 ) bushel crate; Alabama peaches, 6-baskec
cases, S3 00. "
Feathers Extra llvo geese, 5060c; No. 1,
do, 4015o; mixed lots, 303oc V B-
Potatoes ?1 251 SO l barrel.
Poultbt Live soring chickens, 6060c i?
pair: old, 7075c pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, Ks &s to bushel. So 60
ft bushel; clover, large English, 62 As. SG 00;
clover. Alslke. $8 SO; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 lbs, fl 65: blue grass, extra
clean, 14 &s. 90c: blue grass, fancy, 14 lbs, Jl 00;
orchard grass, 14 lbs. Jl 65; red top, 14 Sis. Ji 25;
millet, 50 lbs. JI 00; German ilillett, 50 fts,
tl SO; Hungarian grass, 60 lbs. Jl 00; lawn
grass, mixture of nne grasses, J2 SO V bushel
of 14 Bs.
Tallow Country, 4K5c; city rendered, 5
Tuopical Fbuits Lemons, fancy. J5 00
5 SO fl box; Messina oranges, 5 0005 60 VI box;
rodi. ti 505 00; California oranges. &04 75
fl box; Dananas, J2 00 firsts. SI 00 good seconds,
ft bunch; cocoannts. H OOQi SO W hundred;
new figs, 8X9c f ft; dates, 5X6SKC fl
Vegetables Tomatoes, jlississippis, four
basket cases. Ji 752 00; beans, round wax
fancy, S3 SO ft crate; beans, round wax medium,
S2 00 ft crate; beans, round green, 2 252 SO;
new beets, 20025c ft dozen; cucumbers, 75c
SI 00 ft bushel box: radishes, large white and
gray, S035c ft dozen; cabbage, two-barrel
crates. Louisville and St. Louis, SI 2501 50;
Eastern, single barrel crates, SI 001 25; new
celery, S0G0c ft dozen.
Coffee options advanced 35 points in Eastern
markets yesterday and closed firm. The talk
now among jobbers points to higher coffee, and
it is certain that we are to have a short crop
this season. Sugar is fairly steady, and no
more, at recent decline.
Green Qoffee Fancy Rio, 2122c; choice
Rio, 1820c: prime Rio. 18c; fair Rio, 17018c;
old Government Java, 26c; Maracaibo, 22023c;
Mocha, 27025c; Santos, 1922c: Caracas
2022c: peaberry, Rio. 21023c; La Guayra, 21
Roasted (In papers) Standard brands, 22c:
high grades 2i26c; old Government Java,
bulk. 3l)X631K:: Maracaibo. 25X26Kc: Santos.
2022c; peaberry, 25c; peaberry, choice Rio.
23Kc; prime Rio, 21c; good Rio, 20Kc; ordi
nary, 20c
Sfices (whole) Cloves, 21025c: allspice, 8c:
cassia, 6c; pepper. 16c: nutmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (Jobbers ( prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8c: headlight, 160, 8c; water
white, 10c; globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; carnadlne,
llc; royalin e. 14c.
hybups Corn syrups, 26029c: choice snear
syrupi, 333Sc: prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime. S3fi5c: new maple syrup, 90c
N. O. MOLASSEsf-Fancy. 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed. 40042c
Soda Bicarb In kegs,34c;bl-carb in K".
5JJc; bl-carb, assorted packages. 53i66c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do grannlated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearlne, ft
set, SKc; parafflne, 11012c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77c: choice, &i
7c; prime, 50Kc; Louisiana, b06Kc
Stabcb Pearl, 3c: cornstarch; Sj7c; gloss
starch, 507c
OBEioNBurrs layer raisins jz 65; Lon-d-m
layers, S3 10; California London layers,
J2 SO; Muscatels, $2 25: California Muscatels,
Jl 85; Valencia, 7c: Ondara Valencia,
7K8c; sultana, 8Wc; currants, 45c;
Turkey prunes, 4Ji5c; French prunes,
8K18c; Salnnlca prunes, in 2ft packages, 8c;
cocoannts. ft 100,(6 00; almonds, Lan., peril,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12K15c; 81cily fllherU, 12c: Smyrna figs, lag
16c; new dates, 56c; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecan,
11015c; citron. Der lb. 21022c; lemon peel, per
ft. 13014c; orange peel, 12c.
Dried Fbuits Apples, sliced, per B, 6c
apple. evaporated 6i6ic; apricots. Callfor;
nia, evaporated, 15018c; peaches, evaporated,
pared. 22023c; peaches, California, evaporated,,
unpared, 10!2Xc; cherries, pitted, 2122c"
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor.
ated, 2402!Kc; blackberries, 7K8c; buckle
berries. 1012c
SnoABS Cubes, lOJiQIOUc; powdered. 10K
lOJic; granulated. 9Jic; confectioners' A, 9k
93c; standard A. 9-Kc; soft whites, 99Kc: yel
low, choice. S9c; yellow, good, 99j$c;
yellow, fair, SJc: j'ellow, dark, 7c
Pickles Medium, bbls (L200), J4 50; medl
nm, half bbls (600). $2 75.
Salt No. 1. ft bbl, 95c; No. lex. ft bbl, $1 05;
dairy, ft bbl, Jl 20: coarse crystal, ft bbl, Jl 20;
Hlggins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, J2 80; Higgins'
Eureka, 16-14 & pockets. S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, Jl 30
1 90: 2ds, Jl 3001 35; extra pcacho, Jl 5001 SO;
plo peaches, 90c; finest corn, J101 50; Hid. Co.
corn. 70090c; red cherries, 90cJl; Lima beans,
SI 10: soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75085c; mar
rowfat peas. Jl 1001 15: soaked peas. 70075c;
pineapples, Jl 401 SO; Bahama do, J2 75: dam
son plums, 95c: greengages, JI 25; egg pUms,
J2; California pears, J2S0; do greengages, 12; do
egg plums, S2; extra white cherries. S3 90: red
cherries. 2 lbs. 90c; raspberries, SI 4001 SO:
strawberries, SI 10; gooseberries, Jl 3001 40;
tomatoes, 82K92c; salmon, 1-ft, Jl 7502 10;
blackberries, SOc; succotash. 2 ft cans, snaked.
99c: do green, 2 &S.J1 2501 SO: corn beef, 2ft cans,
J2 00: 14-ft cans. J14 uO; baked beans, Jl 4.501 SO;
lobster, 1-ft. Jl 7501 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans,
broiled, SI SO; sardines, domestics. J4 500
4 60: sardines, domestic lis. $3 258 50; sar
dines, imported, SU 50012 50; sardines. Im
ported, Js. S18: sardines, mustard, S4 SO; sar
dines, spiced, J4 SO.
Frsn Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. $38 ft
bbl.; extra No. I do. mess, J40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, J32; extra No. 1 do, messed",
Soo; No. 2 shore mackerel, S24. Codfish 'Whole
pollock, 4Kc ft ft; do medium, George's cod,
6c: do large. 7c: boneless bake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod In blocks, 6J7J4c Herring
Round shore, S3 00 ft bbl: split. J7 00: lake,
$2 60 ft 100-& half bbL White fish. S7 OC ft 100
3b half bbl. Lake trontfSS 50 ft half bbL
Finnan haddock. 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
ft ft. Pickerel. K barrel, J2 00; i barrel, SI 10;
Potomac herring, S5 00 ft barrel, J2 50 ft JJ
Oatmeal $3 3006 CO ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5860c
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flonr nnd Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change 20 cars, making a total of 110 cars this
week, with 3 days to hear from. By Pittsburg,
Fort Wayne and Chicago, 1 car of rye, 2 of
bran, 2 ot feed, 1 of bay, 7 of oats. 1 of com, 1
of flour. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St.
Louis, 1 car of oats, 1 of wheat, 1 of c corn. By
Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 1 car of oats, 1 of
flonr. Sales on call, 2 cars y. s. corn, 43c, 10
days. Tho demand for oats has improved.
Shell corn Is firm at quotations. Ear corn is
steady. Bran is weak and lower, and ourquota
tions are reduced. Mills aro srlling at 512 bv
the wagon load. Stuff is too ahindant In all
cereal lines to bring a boom, and prospects in
this direction are too bright to furnish any en
couragement to bulls. Cheap grain flonr and
feed is assnred for this season."
Wheat Jobbing prices New No. 2 red, 83
84c: No. 2 red. 90491c: No. 3 red. 8385c
COBN Na.2yellowear.45K46c:hlgh mixed
ear. 45HB46CJ No. 3 yellow, shelled, 4243c;
hleh mixed, shelled, 41042c; mixed, shelled,
OATS No. 2 white. 32K33c: extra. No. 3.
31jt31Ke; No. 3 white, 30i31c; No. 2 mixed
oats, 2828c
RTE No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 6i52c;
No. 1 Western. 4SQ49C
Floor Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
sprins patents, 5 7503 25: winter straight.
S3 0035 25; clear winter, S4 7505 00; straight
XXXX bakers', S4 25g4 50. Ryo flonr, S3 50
Millfied Middlings, fine white. S15 00
IS to fl tea; Wrewa middlings, Hi tet312 60; isla-
ter wheat bran. Ill OOgll 25; chop feed, $15 00
Hay Baled timothy, choice. 11501550: No. 1
do. J14 00014 SO: No. 2 do, J12 50013 60; loose,
from wagon, 116 00018 00; No. 1 npland prairie.
S10 60011 00; No. 2, J7 5008 00; packing do, Jo 50
66 50.
Straw Oats. $7 50; wheat and rye straw
17 007 808 00.
Sugar-cured hams, large, HMe: sugar-cured
hams, medium, 12c; sugar-cured hams, small,
12c; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sngar
cured shoulders, 7Jic; sugar-cured boneless
shonlders, 9c; sugar-cured California bams;
8Jc; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9J$c; sngar--cured
dried beef sets, 10Jc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12c; bacon shoulders, 7c: bacon
clear sides, 8Kc: bacon clear Dollies. Skc; dry
salt shonlders, 6Jc; dry salt clear sides, TKc
Mess pork, heaw. J14 00: mess pork, lamlly,
S14 50. Lard Refined in tierces, 6c; half
barrels, 6Jc; 60-ft tuDs, 7c; 20-ft palls. 1c; 50-ft
tin cans. 6J?c; 3-ft tin palls, 7e; 5-ft tin palls.
TUc; 10-ft tin pails. 7&c;5-ft tin pails, Tc; 10-ft
tin palls, liic Smoked sausage, long, 6c; large,
6c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless hams, 10c
Pigs feet, half barrel, $3 SO; quarter barrel,
S3 00.
Dressed IWear.
Armour &. Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses. 450 to 650
fts, 5c; 550 to 650 fts. 6Vc: 650 to 750 fts, 6Kc
Sheep, 8c ft fi. Lambs, 10c ft ft. Hogs, 6jc
Fresh pork loins, 8c
Hemlock lnmber is firm at quotations. Dry
hemlock is scarce and bard to get. Demand for
lnmber holds up well for the season. Orders
from Johnstown andWilmerdlngcome in freely.
At the latter place bids are out for SO new
houses. The local trade is slack, as it always
is at this time ot the year. All signs, however,
point to an activo fall In building lines. Pros
pects are good for a fail boom in lumber, and
whilo margins are close there is little doubt
that an unprecedented amount of stuff will be
bandied by onr dealers this season.
Clear boards, per M fS2 0OSS0O
Select common boards, per M. 30 00
Common boards per M S) 00
Sheathing IS 00
Pine frame lumber per M 2 OX23 00
Shingles, Mo.1, 18 In. per M SOO
Shlnsles, Ho. 2, IS In. per 31 J 73
Lath 10O
Cleir boards, per M. I COCO
Surface boards 3OO033OO
Clear, H-lueh beaded celling 31 00
Partition boards, peril U'CO
Flooring, Mo.l 30 00
Flooring, No. 2..... 25 00
Yellow pine floorloV 30 00040 00
Weather-boarding, moulded, No. 1.... 30 00
Weather-boarding, moulded, No. 2.... SOO
Weather-boarding. .S-lnch 2000
Ash, 1 to 4 in JW OKtX 00
Black walnut, green, log run 4 001250 00
111 et walnut, dry, log run 60 00(75 00
Cherry... .7: 40 OdrJMO oo
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 In . 20 00(323 00
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 41n 22 0C(&0O
Dry white oak boards, tin 2O0023OO
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch lOO&SriCO
WestVa. yellow pine, 1 Inch 2S00300
West Va. yellow poplar, Mtolln isootassoo
Hickory, IK to 3 fa 13 00 CO
Hemlock building lnmber, peril 13 00
Bank rails 14 OO
Boat studding 14 00
Coal car phink IS 00
Ash 30 0OS43 00
Walnut log run, green 25 00kH5 oo
Walnut log run. dry 33 00(850 00
White oak plank, green IS 00rffi22 00
White oak plank, dry 13 0O3m 00
White oak boards, dry 18 00(323 00
WestVa. yellow pine. 1 In 20 00(p5oo
WestVa. yellow pine, lii In 20 00925 00
Yellow poplar 20 00334 on
Hickory, 1)4 to 3 In 18 00(32.-. on
Hemlock 11 K) 13 50
Bunk rails 14 oo
Boat studding., 14 00
Coal car plank 18 00
Onr little gfrl when bnt three weeks old
broke ont with eczema. We tried the prescrip
tion from several good doctors, bnt without
any special benefit. We tried S. S. S., and by
the time one bottle was gone, her head began
to heal, and by the time she had taken six bot
tles she was completely cured. Now she has a
fnll and heavy head of hair a robust, healthy
child. I feel It but my dnty to make this state
ment. H. T. SHOBE, Rich Hill, Mo.
43Send for our Books on Blood aniSkin Dis
eases fend Advice to Sufferers, mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co,
f el-7-TTS Drawer 3. Atlanta, Gx
It Might Havs Been Worse.
Not long since, Mr. Charles M. Elchentanb,
an Allegheny centleman, who lives at 189 Fed
eral street, was mado to fully realize the fact
that the aches and pains he experienced in
different parts of his body were not without a
cause. The blgb-colored urine, pain across the
small of bis back and kidneys, together with
other unmistakable signs, warned him that his
condition was fast approaching Bright's dis
ease. The sharp, burning pain in bis feet gave
him untold misery. In fact, his disease grew
from bad to worse, until he was unable to walk
or step on his feet without experiencing great
pain. He also frequently felt pain nnder his
shoulder blades and different parts of bis
body. He lost his appetite, and he
felt a fnll, bloated feeling after
meals. As the little food he ate fermented in
his stomach be had much eructation of gas.
After taking six weeks', treatment at
TUTE, at 420 Penn avenne, his aches
and pains all left him. bis appetite
came back to him. his stomach performs its
function properly, and he f eols well and hearty
and is able to attend to his business every
day. He further states: "It gives me pleasure
'to state to my many friends, and the people
generally, thatalthongh my disease was chronic
and of long standing, Ibave been entirely cured
of my kidney disease and rheumatism by the
physicians and specialists for these diseases at
No. 420 Penn avenne.
Office hours at the institute, 10 to 11:30 a. il. 1
to 4 and 6 to 8 P.M. Sundays, Ito 4 p.m.
Consultation free. Jyl7-D
tatenae Itching
tuidfttlnsing J moat at
ifflii worie dt
craMninf. i r al
lowed t continue
tarn or farm aad
rotrude, which often
M W nil iff Vtrr mm. SIV'AVVK'S HINT.
leca ana uiecrme
ME.NT.uop the !tchlfr mnrf bJeedUff, btili
" ulceration, and In most cam remorei the tn
mortu Swatke'i Otsrra in ii old bj drajtflsti, or mailed fe
jit addreti oa recA.pt of price, 50 eu. a box ; S borei, tUK,
Addreu letter. DR. SWATNK Jt SOX. Philadelphia. Pa.
"Why toll and slave forever P Idfe
was meant for living:, not eternal
slaving:. Cease this -weary drudg
ery. SOAPONA does your work
Itself, and neither Injures hand nor
fanric Then why do it youP Tis
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake! Your health and
life are at stake. Use SOAPONA
everywhere. It cleans like magic
R.W. BELL MFG. CO., Buffalo, N.Y.
JAR D. CALLEKY President
JOHN "W. TAYLOR. Cashier
Capital and surplus. S120QOL
Transacts a General Banking Business.
On mortgages on improved real estate In sums
of (1,060 and upward. Apply at
iniii.ML lul.VlXHUaiUL&.
Bo. 124 foartti aTwae.
5 per- cent 4
First Mortgage Bonds
Free of All Taxes. '
The Central Traction Company, of .
Pittsburg, offers for sale its total issue
of Three Hundred and Seventy-five
Thousand Dollars, first mortgage, fireii
ym w..4b uvuu9 wu& yy. uvuw iuc J7 i,.
S500 each, interest payable semi-annually; ?
are tree of all taxes and a first lien on all
the property and franchises of the com? '
pan, whose cable road will be com
pleted bj October x.
Proposals for all or any part of these
bonds will be received bjr the Treasurer
of the company up to and including July
31, and allotments made thereunder.
At 104.46 these bonds pay 4J per cent
annually, at 109.34, 4 per cent, at 114.37,"
4 per cent and at 119,87, 4 per cent.
The Company reserves the right to
reject any or all offers. For further In-'"
formation, address
The Central Traction Company,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sis.,
Importers and Jobbers ot
., Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest price call
and see us.
you want to know what yon ought to
I pa know, send for special circnlar relative
a prompt and permanent enre for Nervous
Debility, Weakness, etc. Price SI per box.
WINCHESTER & CO.. Chemists.
mv30-2i-TTSWt 102 William Street, N. T.
iloi Purifier.
A. nnrelv Vetretabla
LCamnonnd that expels
Sail bad humors from tba
i system. Removes blotch
'es and pimples, r -
makes pure, richblout
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. TJrexcl,
Alorgan & Co , New York. Passports procured.
ap2S-l . ,
11-515 Hamilton Bulldlnc
Pittsbnre. Pa. ' '1
Members Chicago Board of Trade and
Pittsbnre Petroleum Exchange.
45 SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
mv23-8-lTTSu v 0
As old residents know ana back tiles of Pins,
burg capers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician In the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MLDnilOand mental diseases, physical
Ln V UUo decay,nervons debUity. lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self uistrnstibaahfnlnesst
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, emotions. Im
poverished blood, falling powers,organic weakt
ness. dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for busmess,sodety and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth.throat.
ulcers, old sores, are cored for life, and blood
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment;
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier'a life-long, extensive experi
ence. Insures scientific and reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated,
as if here. Office hours 9A. X. to 8 P. M.. Sua-,
day, 10 A. Jt. to I P. jr. only. DR. WEITTIEB,
814 Penn avenue. Pittsburg; Pa.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re
quiring scientific and confiden
tial treatment! Dr. S.K.. Lake.
M. R. C. P. S- is the oldest and.
most experienced specialist in
the city. Consultation free and
sr-ictlv confidential. Office
hours U to and 7 to 8 P. 11.; Sundays. 2 to 4 p.
jt.Consult them personally, orwrlte. D0CI0B3
Lake. 908 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
Ofc'S CottOU. BOO
imriosed of Cotton Root. Tansy and
Pp.nnvmTl & recent discovery bv ani
'old nhvsiclan. It tucccafuttv mei i
. . . .. . C?r. T?.Ta...b1 T3mj S V. ...
sealed. Ladies, ask your druggist for Cook's , j
CoUon itoot uompouna ana taxe no sudsiuuks,
or inclose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad-r '
dress POND LILY COMPANY, No. 3 Either
Block, 131 Woodward ave Detroit, lUch. j 3
tor Losr or raumrt
ness. weakness ocs
HodT.t3Ilnd. Ljielc or Strenrth.
Lselc of strenrth. Vizor and De-1
velopment. caused by Errors, Excesses, Acv book
sed bv Errors. Excesses. Ac. Book.'!
JIODS of BiLr-TKXATHXXT. and Pronft malledl
(riled 1
Address Eltl MEDICAL. CO-
iiaffilo. N.
For men! Checks the wort cases In ttireal
days, and cures In Ova days. Price l oa. at"
1i3-29-TTS3u 412 Market streets ;
A GI I tl'WWRTT.T? " errors, of j
XJu u u 1. JL jjjl.-JJ.i youm. wastinsr '
weakness, lost vtjror, etc.. wasrettored to bealta'
In such a remarkable mannerafter all else b d--"
failed that he will send the mode of cure THEE 1
all lenor sunerers. Adaress U. U. MlTCHiL,!,
ui t aauuii was. Bra-siit
-''& "
' 7? .