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Live Slock at Liberty Yards-Cattle
in Larger Supply,
Prices of Beeves, Sheep and Iambs Lower,
and Market Slow.
Office of Pittsburg Disr atcii, 1
Wednesday, July 17. 1!S9. J
Monday's receipts of cattle were 85 loads,
against G5 the previous Monday. Since
that some fire loads hare been received,
making a total of 90 loads.
The supplies were in the main common to
medium grades. Prime cattle were very scarce
and some stockmen report that there were
really no strictly prime on tbe market. Qual
ity was far below that of last week, when there
were a balf-dnzen loads of prime heavy cattle
averaging 1.T3S pounds, from Licking county,
U. There were no cattle in this week's sup
plies above 1,400 pounds. The bulk was from
Indiana and Ohio. Chicago furnished about
ID loads, which were mostly of medium grades.
Markets ere far from satisfactory to drov
ers, but stock w as all cleaned up at noon to-day.
Prices were 10 to 15 cents lower than last week
on all grades excepting nice, tidy, light butcher
stock, weighing about 1,200 pounds. The sup
ply of this class of cattle has not been up to de
mand for some weeks past, and on this grade
prices were fairly maintained, because there
w ere not enough to go around.
Light fat cattle are wanted in this market,
and it appears impossible to overstock markets
in this kind. Heavy cattle go slow, no matter
how good the quality. Butchers and country
people want the nice light grades, and as ae
lnand for these grades is alove supply, they
find ready sale at outside quotations. Better
grades of cattle ranged in price from $3 bO to
4 10. Nothing could be traced that brought
more than the last figure. '
One of the best bunches on the market was
held at Si 2. and according to one well posted
would have eallv commanded this figure last
week. Jt is believed that tbe holder bad to
come down to 1 10 before a sale was made.
Said an old time Libertv stockman: "Our
trade of late calls for lightweights that are tat
and smooth. Ar.jthing above 1.400 goes slow,
and the heavier the slower. Steers that go
above 1,400, which all good judges would say
were better than those weighing 1,200 pounds,
will not bring as good prices or find as ready
sale as tbe lightweights."
The time has parsed when pnme heavy steers
weighing from 1,700 to Lb00 pounds found ready
sale at East Liberty stockjards. lhls grade is,
oniy oougnt lor export purposes.
Sheep and Lambs,
Supplies were much larger than last week,
and markets are weaker at lower prices. Early
Monday morning choice wethers held up almost
to prices of last week, and holders who un
loaded at once did the wise thing, as events
have proved. At noon Monday prices were off
10 to 15c, and tbe decline has been steady since
that tiine.until prices to-day are f ally25c below
last w eek's rates.
Supplies are light, but sufficient for all de
mands of trade. Heavy weights are slow on
ac:ountof depreciation in lard. Light hogs
are in fair demand at last week's prices. Re
ceipts at Chicago to-day!were 23,000. and prices
10 to 15c higher than j esterday. The porker
that is wanted m this market at tbe present
time must not go much above 150 pounds in
weight. Above 200-pound hogs are too heavy
for our trade, andean only be sold by conces
sions to buyers. A second season of abundant
corn is pure to keep hog products down, and
prospects for bulls on provisions are at this
date very sickly.
illcCall fc Co.'s Itcparr.
The supply of cattle was fair market slow
and 10615c lower on all grades except neat
1,000 to 1.100 ft j, which sold at last week's prices.
"We give the following as ruling prices, no
prime cattle on sale- Good, 1,200 to 1,400 fis,
$1 8u4 00; rouh fat, 1,100 to 1.300 Us. $3 50
3 C3; good butcher grades, WOO to L100 Us.
S3 403 o; common to fair, 800 to 1,000 Iks,
S3 003 40: bulls and fat cows, $2 0032 75;
fresh cows and springers, S20 00S40 00 per
head. '
The receipts of hogs were light and the mar
ket active on good light Yorkers, while the
heavier grades ruled easy, bales as follows:
Good light Yorkers. Jl S04 90; mediums. J4 70
04 75; grassers, 4 -5C4 OJjS
The supply or shep. Monday and Tuesday
was heavy and the market slow at a decline of
1520c from our last report The supply to-dav
was light, but market dull and 10l5c lower
than Mondav. Wo quote as follows: Prime
Ohio and Indiana wethers. 110 to 120 B
604 SO: good, 90 to 100 lis. J4 254 40; fair
ti good mixed. S3 504 00; good yearlings.
75to&0 lbs. H 401 CO; common to fair, 60 to
60 as. S3 754 00: veal calves, 110 to 120 as.
J5 506 00.
Br Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts, 2,000 head.
Including 62 carloads for tbe market, 57 car
loads for exportation, and 35 carloads for city
slaughterers direct. Prices were much the same
as reported yesterday with a fairly firm feeling
and a good clearance: najlve steers sold at S3 70
Qi 53 per 100 as; bulls and dry cons at 2 25
3 15. and a carload of common Colorado steers
at S3 30; exports to-dav. 3,000;qiiartcrs of beef.
Calves Receipt". 1.6W) head: firmer and 4Kc
per a higher, at $4 506 per 100 as for veil-,
with a lew selected sold at SO 25 and at 2
Slic for buttermilk calves. Sheep Receipts,
7,4U0 head, and 12 carloads wrro carried over
jesterdai: sheep were barely steadv at 53 504?
5 50 per 100 a-; lambs firmer and 4c per a
higher, at $5 507 per 100 fl. Hogs Receipts,
7,600 head; no sales alive; nominally steady at
$4 705 15 per 103 Is.
Chicago Cattle The Drover's Journal re
ports: Receipts, 18,000 head; shipments. 5,000
head: best 5c lower, others 19c low er; beeves,
S3 40ffl4 30: stackers and feeders, S2 20(82 90;
cows, bolls and mixed. SI 233 00; Texas
cattle 15c loner, at SI 75Q3 00. Hogs Re
ceipts. 20,000 head: shipments. 6.000 head;
market slow and 10c lowen mixed. S4 104 40;
hc-u v. S4 004 30. light, $4 204 75; skips
S3 504 60. Sheen Receipts. 7,000 head; ship
ments, 1.000 head: market dull and 10c lower;
nativeN S3 50fe4 70: western, S3 504 OO.Texans,
C3 304 20; Iambs 25c low er, at M 404 5a
St. Lociv-Cattle Receipts, 4,700 head: ship
ments. 3,1110; tmrket lower; choice ucavvnative
steers. S2 70?4 10; fair to good do, S3 001 fcO:
stockers and feeders, fair to good ) 2 00to3 10;
rangers, corn fed, S2 60S3 30; grass fed. S2"10
2 90. Hogs Receipts. 3,000 held: shipments.
500 head: market lower, chnico heavy and
butchers' selections. St 2n4 35; packing, me
dium to prime, SI 15(4 30; light grades, ordi
nary to best, S4 334 55. bheep Receipts,
3,400 bead; shipments. 2.900 head; market slow;
lair to choice, S3 20g3 7a
Kansas city Cattle Receipts. 6,950 head;
shipments, 5,075 bead; market badly demoral
ized, fully 10c lower, aud in some cases 15c
lower: values too unsettled to give reliable
quotations. Hog Receipts. 9.269 head; ship
ments. 1,850 head: generally 10c lower; good to
choice light, $4 1764 22K; heavy and mixed,
JS 904 15. bheep Receipts, 275 head; ship
ments. 891 hei'l: market steady: good to choice
muttons $3 5063 90: lambs. S2 G04 5a
Cincinnati Hogs easier: common and light,
S3 f-5jjl 65; packing and butchers. 14 204 40;
receipts, 3,230 bead; shipments, 400 head.
A List of Patent! Granted to Western
Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.
Thp following patents were granted to West
ern Pennsylvania and Kastern Ohio inventors
for the week ending July 16. 1SS9, as furnished
by O. D Levis, Patent Attorney, 131 Fifth ave
nue, Pittslmrg, Pa.:
bainuel lllnw.l. PcrryinnrR. O., hinge: T. S.
lilslr, l'ittsburir, l'a.. manufacture or steel: John
Jiovrnnun Aliomii l'a.. pressure rmupe: Krank
llrscken, l'ltubure, l'a.. metal colling apparatus;
Oliver torley. cstneid. l'a.. (2), heating tan
Hiuor:JesseA. Dulibs. Allegheny, Fa., refining,
oil: Koocrt s. ran. Olenshaw, l'a eras furnace;
. rrl-hee. Oases Mills, Pa., horse detacher:
J E. Ilartrr, Mttt Nantlcoke, Pa., dressing
.M!.er.- -HoRlies.Cookpoit. l'a . fence machine:
J II. Hunter. 1'ltuliurg. fa., lighting system:
ferand Johnston. New London, l'a., water motor:
David Krnnetit. hrlc. l'a.. clay grinding ini
eliluc, It-inUn Kennedy, assignor to'Westlng
1'0.U6? Jc.,r,r Cnnipanv. l'Jttspnrg. Pa., elec
trical distribution: John M. King, Heading, Pa.,
cigar cutter. Joseph Klatz, Plttston, l'a.. carriage
pole coupling: John L. Krauser. Lee per. Pa,,
bucket or tub; Ldgar A. I-clnard. Karle. v..
branding chute: Charles II. Mallory, bprlng
borough. Pa., tool for grinding reaper cutters:
Moses A. Mlchales. Allegheny l'a., traction grip;
beorge Miller, lork. Pa., washing machine: W.
?; liyVrt o:'oria, O., gas mixer; Henry Kempe,
lloutzdale, l'a., atemwlndlng watch: Philip
Kohan, Curahoga talis, O., steam boiler; D. If.
Jtoyer, Mlllraonb Pa., shutter worker; P.J. bey
5!0irill,,,UTSo' cf axle: James A. Simpson,
i irp2rt,,Ka-.5 "PParatus for skelplng or tube
welding; O. V. Strattan, Alloona, Pi., traveling
bag: A. S. Vogt Altoona. Pa., exhaust mnfflrr
for locomotives: John ellenbrlnk. Keir Klch
JT.SV V .i;.fce?. 7"ater. ''eater; Frederick Wood
hull. Lincoln University, l'a.. wall paper pro-
Crops In Hungary.
PrflTH, Jnly 17,. The wheat crop In Hungary
Is below the average and is In poor condition,'
owing to the shrinking of the grain In the ear.
The rye crop is poor and the barley crop is
very bad. Corn is in good condition. The
vineyards make an excellent showing.
The Bulla on Wheat Boom Prices on tbe
Strength of Wet Weather In tbe
West and South Pork Active
bnt Unsettled.
Chicago There was a fair speculative trade
in w heat to-day. Tbe feeling was stronger and
prices again advanced for all futures. July
was advanced 2c, declined lc and closed Hie
higher than yesterday. Tbe deferred futures
were advanced lc, ruled very strong, closing
J'sO higher than yesterday. The strength was
attributed mainly to the cloudy antt wet
weather in the South and Southwest, which, it
is claimed, will further delay threshing and
retard the movement in new wheat
It was claimed Kentucky and Indiana parties
were buying July to-day against sales made
some time ago. The July future was bid up
rather sharply, and this, too, had some effect
upon tbo market for futures, and the shorts
manifested some inclination to cover, but not
finding much wneat for sale the advance was
steady with only occasional slight reactions.
A moderato trade was reported in com, and
the teelmg prevailing was firm, but prices
showed but little change from yesterday. The
market opened iic higher than tbe closing
'yesterday; was firm, influenced to a consider
able extent by prospects of wet weather and
the strength in wheat, advanced c, closing K
?6j higher than j esterday.
Oats were moderately active and steadier for
September and May deliveries in which the
bulk of tbe trading centered. Prices advanced
slightly, but outside figures 'were not main
tained at the close
Mess park was falrlr active, but unsettled.
Opening sales were at 250 decline. A fur
ther recession of 12Kel7K w recorded.
Later a firmer feeling developed, and prices re
acted 1012c the market closing steady.
Lard was offered with Increased freedom,
several large operators selling. Prices declined
7c, reacted slightly, and closed steady.
in shoit rib sides trading was active, but the
market was weaker and prices declined sharp
ly. Opening sales 2c lower, receded 1517c
on heavy selling by a number of packers aud
traders. A stronger feeling developed, and
prices rallied I'A&ic, tbe market closing steady.
The leading tutures ranged as follows
Whkat No. 2 Julv, 79Ji81K79Ji81c:
August, 777SK8777SKc: Mepteniber. 77K
7877K78c; December, 79.K8079?e
t okn No. 2 August 3535c; September
35J&363563sc; October. 36H36K3G
Oats No. 2, August 21J213c: September.
22ff22c; May. 2oK25M2o5i625c.
Mess Pork, per bbl August Sll 1011 10
10 97X11 Oo; September, IU 20U 20U 02
011 U.
Lard, per 100 as. August, S6 200 22;
September. S6 37f6 376 S06 32; Octo
ber, S6 32Ktt 32.
Short Ribs, per 100 as. July, S5 40; August
to 62U5 62V5 47M5 50: September. J5 67
5 675 52)5 57; October. Jo 605 50.
Cash, quotations were as follow: Flour eas
ier; winters, l&ffi20c and patents 10c lower. No.
2 spring wheat 818Hc: No. 3 spring wheat.
nominal: no. a rea, enj3c. ro. zcorn. &;c.
INo.2oats.22Kc No. 2 rye. 42c No. 2 barley
nominal. Nn. I flaxseed. SI 3L Prime timothy
seed, SI 40 1 4L Mess pork, per barrel, Sll 20X
U 07. Lard, per 100 pounds S6 20. Short ribs,
sides (loose). So 405 50. Dry salted shoulders
(boxed), So 255 37. Short clear sides
(boxed), S6 0u6 12. Sugars unchanged. Re
ceipts Flour, 16 000 barrels: wheat 62.000 bush
els: corn. 452.000 bushels: oats, 1SO.O0O bushels;
re, 3.000 bushels; barley, none. Shipments
Flonr. 9.000 barrels; wheat 24.000 bushels; com.
214,000 bushels; oats, 149,000 bushels; rye, none;
barley. 5,000 bushels.
On the Produce-Exchange to-day tbe butter
market was quiet and unchanged. Eggs quiet
New Yore Flour stronger on moderate
offerings and quiet Cornmeal quiet Wheat
Spot dull, lQ2c higher, light offerings and
strong; options much excited on attempts to
cover contracts, while offerings are light: sellers
are very indifferent; prices are up 2c the
latter rise on July, closing strong, live firm.
Barley nominal; sales recently ot California at
a shade under 70c Barley malt dull; Canada,
POcgSl 05 for old and now. Com Spot active,
c higher and firm; options stronger and
quiet Oats Spot moderately active and firm;
options firm and quiet Hay quiet and steady.
Hops quiet, and steady. Coffee Options
opened barely steady, 5 points up to 5
points down, closed barely steady, 10
20 points down: lower cables, light
business; July. 14.S014.95c: August, 14.95
15.10c; September. 1195015.15c: October. 15.U5
15.20c: November.iai5lfi.20c: December.15.00
615.25c; January. 15.1515.25c: February, 15.25c;
March, 15.20150c; May. I5.2015.25c; spot
Rio firm: tair cargoes 17?ic Sugar Raw
nominal and dull; fair refining. 7c; refined
steady and quiet Molasses Foreign quiet;
New Orleans auiet Rice auiet and steadv.
Cottonseed oil quiet Tallow higher; city 4Vc
bid. Rosin steady and quiet Turpentine
firm at SSWc Ecgs quiet; less firm for western
at 1414c: receipts.15.42S packages. Pork
dulL Cutmeatsflrm: pickled bellies, 11 pounds.
7c; 12 pounds, 7c: pickled shoulders, 5K5c:
middles quiet Lard weak: moderate demand;
western steam, S 60: city, J6 15: options Au
gust S6 596 62, closing at 56 59 asked: Sep
tember. S6 66 71, closing at S6 66; October.
S6 656 71. closing at $6 66; "November. $6 49
6 57, closing at S6 47 January, S6 35 asked.
Butter in moderate demand and easy: western
dairy. 1013c; do. creamery, 1216c; do fac
tory. 819c Cheese fairly active and teady ;
western, 6Ji72c
Philadelphia Flour Receipts liberal
but offerings moderate; prices steady; the de
mand, however, was confined to moderate
lots, chiefly of choice old 'winter wheats, to
meet current local trade wants. AVFeat opened
strong; prices of options advanced c, but sub
sequently lost Jc of the Improvement in sym
pathy with the reaction in other grain centers
the closing was steady: there was someexp.c
inquiry .for August shipment but offers were
impracticable: other wheat scarce and firm.
No. 2 red showing an advance of lc: new No.
2 and steamer c higher: new, steamer. No. 2
red, on dock, 81c; old No. 2 Pennsylvania red.
in grain depot. SI 04: old No. 2 red. In export
elevator, 98c; No. 2 red, July, 84S5ic;
August, 83li83c: September. 83gb3c:
Octobe-. 84&b4c Com strong and prices of
both spot lots and options -advanced J.c
under light offerings and fair export inquiry:
No. 2 mixed, on track and In Twentieth street
elevator. 44c; No. 2 high mixed, on track. 41c:
No. 2 mixed, Jul) , 42j43x:; August. 42Jf 43c;
September. 43K4J.Jic: October, 43Ji44i4c
Oats Good local trade: a demand for car lots
and firmer sales: Nn. 3 white, 33c; No. 2 white,
34c; do, on track, 35c; do choice. 36c; futures
a shade firmer but quiet: No: 2 white, July,
S331c; Augu't 3131c; September. 30
SJOJic; October, 3131?ic Lard steady. Eggs
firm; Pennsylvania firsts. 1415c Sugar
Refined steady bnt quiet; powdered, 9c; gran
ulated, 9Jc
St. Louis Flcnr quiet and dull; XXX. S2 20
2 30: family. S2 50ft 2 70; choice. $2 403 00; ex
tra fancy. S3 753 85: patents. $4 204 35.
Wheat opened strong on bullish advices;
choice offerings were small; the demand,
though not active, was urgent enough to ad
vance July lc, August and September c, and
December ?gC; subsequently there was a decline
of c- nut another rally, and the close was
stiff at llc above yesterday; No. 2 red, cash,
7474c: July,7474c closing at 74c; Au
gust 73Jl74c closing at 74Je bid; Septrm
lier, 74'75j-.cioingat75c bid; December,
79c closing at 79c Corn firm but slow;
rinsing c above yesterday; No. 2 mixed, cash.
fic: August. 32:2c closing at 32c: Sep
tember closed at 33c Oats August 23c: May.
25Vc Rje dull at 41c bid. Barley Asmall lot
of Missouri fall sold at 45c Flaxseed nominal
at SI 2a
Cincinnati Flour barely steady. Wheat
firm; No. 2 red.7S79c; receipts, 0,510 bushels;
shipments 10 6(10 bushels Corn lower; No. 2
mixed. 3737c Oats firm:No. 2 mixed, 25
26c Rye dull; No. 2, 47c Pork weaker at
Sll 75. Lardcisierat SO 07. Bulkmeats and
bacon quiet Butter easier. Sugar easy. Kggs
slow. Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Flour quiet 'Wheat firm;
cash, TOVSc: September, TTJc Com quiet; No.
3, 35jec Oats steadv; Nn. 2 white, 27
28c Rye quiet; No. L 42&42?c Barley firm;
September, 59Ji00c Provisions easy. Pork,
Sll 00. Lard. $6 25. Cheese unchanged.
Baltimore Provisions slow. Butter quiet
and steadv; western packed, 1012c; creamery,
10 17c. Eggs steady at 12c Other quotations
Indianapolis Wheat steady; No. 2 red,
78c bid. Cora weak; No 2 mixed, 35c bid,
Oats weak; No. 2 mixed. 24c
Toledo Cloverseed dull; cash, SI 0: Octo
ber, S4 4a
'The Drygoods Market. .
New York, July 17. There was some Im
provement in tbe demand for dry goods
though conservativlstn prevails buyers show
ing little disposition to anticipate wants More
goods, however, are selling than at the same
time last year, while the market is better sold
up. Agents advanced the price of Otis checks
14c a yard, and some flat cold cambrics were
advanced c a yard.
Metal Mnrkot.
New York Pig iron quiet and unchanged.
Conner nominal; lake, Julv, til TO, Lead dull
and' heavy; domestic S3 87. Tin quiet and
steady; straits, (19 8U
Whisky Market. 1
Finished goods are In good demand at 11 02.
8100,000 Wanted for Overcharge.
Kansas Cnrr, July 17. Salt has been
instituted by the Cherokee Brilliant Coal
Company against the Kansas City, ft
Scott and Memphis Railroad tor 1100,000
damages. The coal company alleges that
the railroad company charged such exorbi
tant rates for carrying its product that it
was rendered insolvent by omenargw.
Failure to Obtain Light on the South
side Street Car Deal.
Iron Manufacturers Looking for Sites in
the Vicinity of Glenwood.'
One of the leading spirits of the mnch-talked-of
Southside street car deal was
rjutton-holed yesterday for information
for the public; but be quoted Qnay's historic
note to Beaver "Don't talk" with so
much emphasis as to discourage the inter
viewer at the very beginning. He managed,
however, to say:
"I have nothing for publication, except
that everything is all right and promises to
pan out. A good many guesses are being
made as to what we are up to, and some of
them are not far from the mark. "We be
lieve that rapid transit is necessary to build
np the city and open new territory, and we
propose to furnish it to a district where it is
badly needed. Our movements will soon be
explained to the public."
There is said to be considerable counterfeit
coin in circulation In Butler, FayetterWest
moreland and several other counties in the
western part of the State. The attention of a
Fourth avenue bank cashier was called to this
statement yesterday He said: "This is the
first 1 have heard of it. It is probably true, for
the counties named afford good hiding places
for counterfeiters as well as for moonshiners.
So I am not surprised to learn that the 'queer'
Is being pushed in those parts. There is very
little of it floating around here, however. Once
in a while we find a quarter or half dollar, but
very seldom. Indeed, I do not remember when
it was scarcer than now. There is more coun
terfeit currency than coin In Pittsburg, but
there is not enough of either to do any particu
lar barm.
"From 1857 down to about the first year of
tbe war counterfeiters were in clover, in that
year silver was alloyed 7 per cent to prevent Its
exportation to China and Japan. This gave tbe
counterfeiters a good handle to work and they
Improved the opportunity to the utmost. Tbe
country was full of base coin. In every 1100 we
counted we could calculate with almost unerr
ing exactness on finding S3 or S6 of counterfeits.
This compelled the Government to adopt rigid
measures for the suppression of the evil, and
many of the leading counterfeiters were ar
rested or run out of the country. They bavo
not yet recovered from the demoralization they
experienced at that time. Such of them as are
actively engaged in the business are working
very cautiously and patting out the stun in
limited quantities, tbe most of which goes to
the West and South."
a '
Glenwood, in the Twenty-third ward. Is fast
becoming a center of attraction to people In
terested in real estate, either for homes or
speculation. A number of sales have been
made there recently, and some good houses
have been put up. A prominent feature of
this movement, and one of more than usual Im
portance, is tbe interest manifested in it oy
manufacturers, several of whom were ou the
ground yesterday looking for sites whereon to
establish plants. Should there be no hitch as
to prices, tbe probability is that before long
Glenwood will be able to boast of several largo
iron works
Apropos of the Twenty-third ward, which
the assurance of rapid transit is bringing to the
front at a 2 40 rate of speed, a gentleman who
resides near Squirrel Hill remarked yesterday
evening: "I think Schenley Park is a go. The
price at which the tract Is offered to the city
11,000 an acre is certainly very reasonable. If
we gettbe park we will have the boss ward in
the city."
Speaking of the Exposition, a prominent busi
ness man said yesterday: "There is a chance for
public spirited capitalists to step In and supply
all the money wanted at a nominal rate of in
terest. I know of three or four men who have
enough idle capital to do this. By lending it to
the Exposition at the same rate they are paid
by tbe banks or even a little less they would
help forward an enterprise of great utility to
the community one that will be of lasting as
well as of temporary benefit; for the Exposi
tion, besides drawing multitudes to the city to
soend their money, will prove valuable as an
educator. It will give a direction to many
minds that will lead to Important results
"Besides it will be a splendid advertisement
for the city. Capitalists once here, face to face
with our unequal ed advantages for the transac
tion of every kind of business, would easily be
induced to remain many of them, at least.
This would be advantageous to all. Under all
the circumstances, I think tbe money should
be promptly forthcoming without much regard
to interest. At the lowest possible rate it
would turn out a good investment in the end."
There was quite a boom in mortgages yester
day. Thirty-nine were filed for record. Tbe
largest was for 6,000. Eighteen were for Sl.000
and upward. Besides these several were placed
and not settled, one of which was for 10,000 on
a farm near Sewlckley.
Money so placed is always at tbe command of
the owner, and there is less risk than in any
other form of investment.
Stock Broker Looklna Beyond the Present
Dullness to Better Times.
Tbe stock market yesterday was one of the
dullest of tbe season, the sale of ten shares of
Central Traction comprising all the business
transacted at both, calls Most of tbe time was
spent in chaffing and bluffing, but as this sort
of play goes for nothing nowadays its only
effect was to give the small crowd larger scope
for the exercise of their superabundant humor.
Although head-over-beels In the soup, a mer
rier party seldom faces a moribund Interest
than surrounded Captain Barbour yesterday
A broker endeavored to throw some light on
the situation, thus: "There artfa good many
buying orders, but I and others think one can
bny at lower figures after a little, and so we
are holding them. In tbe meantime we are
ready for a bargain in anything that may turn
up." Weakness was the characteristic of
everything on the list. For Philadelphia Gas
the best bid was 81 This set tbe pace for all
tbe other gas stocks Electric opened at 49
bid and closed at 49. Pittsburg Traction was
down a trifle; the others about held their own
in the bidding, bnt tbe manifest lack of sup-
5ort was far trom encouraging to their friends
be cost attending the frequent replacing of
old cables by new ones Is a great drawback to
these stocks The rest of the list was neg
lected. There was considerable gossip on 'Change
and on tbe street, and It was generally of an
assuring character. .Business it was repre
sented, was very little worse than usual in tbe
summer, wben many brokers and investors are
away on their vacations These men will soon
be on deck again. There was nothing, it was
held, in tbe conditions of local stocks to keep
them in tbe rut. They were as good as ever,
and some of them better. Tho disposition of
the people to speculate had suffered no relapse.
Money was abundant. Indeed, the bulk of
opinion was of a hopeful nature, and nearly
every broker approached seemed satisfied that
business would soon pickup. There is room
for improvement.
MOBViyo. Aratnifooir.
Kid. Asked. Hid. Asked.
Pitta. Pet. S.AM. EX.. 430 490
Allegheny Nat. Uk.,
Bank, or rnnunrn
iter. tMfrs. Nat. BUt
ork'man'a bavines..
Pennsylvania Ins ......
Consolidated U. Co., Ill
E.1U End Oaj Co. .......
Pitts. Gas Co
Southside Gas Co
Urlda-ewater Gat.......
HtX. Gas Co. or W. Va.
PennsvlvanlaGas Co..
Philadelphia Co
Wheeling Gas Co
Tuna Oil Oo
mhlnrton Oil Oo....
Central Traction. .......
CI tlzena' Traction.. . ...
l'ltubur 1 Taction
P. . K. H. Co. prcf
Weitmchonte lectrie
69 UK
4J 43
i iS
49 49
u.a. A Bl(. CO..
The total sales cf stock! at New York vester-
dav were 140,305 shares, including:1 Atchison,
10.880; Delaware. Lackawinna and Western,
8,260: Missouri Pacific 9.550; Northern Pacific
preferred, 5,700; New England, 7,010; Reading,
14.080: Richmond and West Point. 6J86;Sfe
Paul. 1,680: Western Union, llZ70t
The Monetary Situation Unchanged, bat In
Good Shape for tbe summer.
Business at tbe banks yesterday was of tbe
easy, quiet order, which has been the rule for
some time. Checking was f good proportions
while other routine lines were up to or above
the average. Discounting was moderate, but
better than on any previous day of the week.
A Fourth avenue bank loaned SIO.OOO at J per
cent. A curbstone capitalist took a small
amount of gilt-edged paper at 5.
Money continues in good, but not excessive
supply. Currency was reported rather tight,
commanding a premium, bnt a Sufficient sup
ply has been ordered to restore it to Its normal
condition. The Clearing House report was in
dicative of a continued free movement in gen
eral trade circles The exchanges were
$2,361,259 31. and the balances 5353,60040.
Money at New York yesterday was easy at
2KQS per cent; last loan 2 per cent: closing
offered at 2 per cent. ' Prime mercantile paper,
46K. Sterling exchange qniet and steady
at 488 for OMay bills and 4S7J for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U. 8. 4,reg...
U. U. 4s. coun.
H8WIM.K. ftT.Gen.5s . 57
125k I Mutual Union 6s.. ..102
U. 8. 4Xs rea- VHbA
V. J.C. Int. Cert...H3H
Northern Pac ISU..117W
U. S. 4XS coup iW
Pactflcsaof'93. lis
Loulslanastamned Is. 89
Northern Pac. Ms. .115
Northw't'n consols. 145
Inorthw'n deben'..114H
Orejton & Trans. 6a 104
Missouri et 100
7enn. new set. 6a. ...106
lenn. new set. Ss..
Teon. new set. 3s..
lO-.-St. 1.. AI.M. Uen. Ss 85
74 .SI. lh0.r.ui:iujiti.
Canada So. 2di 90
8i. Paul consols ....123)
4t PI f !h! M Pc.lita-116
Cen. Pacificists 115
Den. AK.G., lits..,120
Den. &R. G. 4i 7VH
D.&B.a.Weit.lsts. 10O'
Krie,2Ua llC
U.K. AT. Gen. 6s., 63
Tx., PC.L.O.TT Ht.WW
rx.,irci.u..iT.i.ciB 7
union rac. ish.....i0
West bhore 106M
. Government and State bonds are dull and
New York Clearings 5122,023,580; balances
Boston Clearings 515,843,536; balances
52,112,963. Money, 12 per cent.
Phix VDKLPHlA Clearings 2,760,3SO; bal
ances 51,874,921.
Baltimoks Clearings. 62,741.310; balances
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings 510,720,000.
St. Louis Clearings, 53,225,789; balances,
The Oil Market Picks Itself Out of tbe
Ent Dealers Encoorneed.
Dealers in petroleum were in high glee yes
terday over tbe prospect of an improvement in
the trade; and they bad good cause, too, for
the feeling was better and business more active
than on any previous day since the new rates
went into effect.
A broker remarked: "I think we have crossed
tbe Rubicon, and that from now on the market
will display at least some of its old-time ani
mation. I may be mistaken, but that's the way
it looks to me. Stocks are so small and con
sumption increasing so rapidly, that. In my
opinion, the Standard is losing Its control of
the market. It can't keep prices down much
longer. Judging from the business and feeling
to-day, dollar oil is not far off."
Tbe opening was firm at 92. This was the
lowest figure of the dav. Liberal buying soon
raised the price to 93, the highest point
reached, from which tbe bears hammered It to
92. Just before the close there was a spurt
which senf the quotation up to 93 a cent
higher than the opening where it stood at the
finish, with a buoyant .feeling and high expecta
tions of a still better market to-day.
Features of the lllarket.
Corrected daily by John M. Oaxiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened .... 92HLowest KH
Highest MS Closed 93i
Average rum ............ &C.3C7
Averase shipments 76,219
Average charters 45, 07 J
Kenned, New York, .2c
Keflne.', London, SVd.
Kenned, Antwerp, l,?fcr.
Kenned, Liverpool, 63-i6d.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts 93c:
calls, 94Jg91c.
Other Oil Markets.
On. Crr?. July 17. National transit cer
tificates opened at 92Jc; highest, 93c; low
est, 92c; closed, 93c
Bradford, July 17. National transit cer
tificates opened. 92Kc; highest, 93Kc; lowest,
82c; closed, 3Jc
Trrcsvn.LB, July 17. National transit cer
tiorates opened, 92c; highest, 93c; lowest,
92Kc: closed, 93.c. ""''
New Yobk. July 17. Stock Exchange:
Sales. 353.000 barrels Openlne. 92Vc! highest.
93c; lowest, 92c; closing. 93c. Consolidated
1?VAkanfVA fi1s aO iaOA iiABSAla aHAlM
J-Jtt.Jaif,C U1C, AAO,WV U41IC1&S VJ LICU III g(
92Kc; highest, 93c; lowest, 92c; closing, 93JsC
A Number of Trnnaactton In City and Cona
try Mo j lenses Placed.
W. C. Stewart, 114 Fourth avenue, sold tor
Levi De Wolf lots 1 and 2 in the McCombs
Grove plan, located in Shadyside (Squirrel
Hill district), being 100x150 feet, for 53.000.
C Berlnger fc Son, 103 Fourth avenue, sold
for William Wier to W. H. Hunter a farm ot
350 acres in Fayette county. Pa., for 53,600.
They also placed a mortgage of 52,000 on a
dwelling at Bellevue-
I. M. Pennock & Son closed the sale of a lot
in the Patterson plan, Mt. Washington, 20x77.
corner of Natchez and Carey streets, to Mrs
H. Vogel, for $300 cisb; also sold and settled
a mortgage for 52.300, three years on property
in Homestead, and one of SI, 000, three years, on
a farm in Marshall township, Allegheny coun
ty, both at 6 per cent.
James W. Drape & Co. placed a mortgage of
$1500 on two houses and lots on Forty-fourth
street, city, at 6 per cent.
Black & Bairtl, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
A. J. Bonnett, Esq., for Mrs M. Armor, a two
story brick dwelling bouse. No. 40 Pride street,
with lot 24x103 feet, for 53,800 cash.
L. O. Frazler yesterday sold for Thomas May
bury No. 2S9 Forty-fourth street. Seventeenth
ward, a brick dwelling, six rooms, lot 22x109
feet to alley, to John J. McKenna, for 53,600
Business Notes.
It Is again the talk that Wheeling Gas will
soon be on a dividend paying basis
Holders of La Noria stock think 52 will be
cheap for it before tbe summer is over.
Sat.es of real estate from day to day show
that the market is holding uo remarkably well.
Transactions are at least SO per cent larger
than at the same time last year.
One of the greatest wants hereabouts is
apartment bouses Two are on the string, but
they will by no means supply the demand.
Money could not be better invested than in
such buildings.
The Central Traction Company has just
placed bonds to the amount of 5375,000 on the
market. This is one of the best and mot
promising traction roads and tbe stock is
bound to go up as the territory through which
it passes improves The attention of Investors
is called to tbe advertisement, whlcft appears
elsewhere in this issne of The Dispatch.
They Acnln Come to the Front ns Lending
Features of tbe Stock Market
Sugar and Lead Score Terr
Heavy Losses.
NetvYork, July 17. The stock market was
a little more active to-day, but there was no
more interest in the trading, and as a rule the
results were equally insignificant as those of
yesterday, though the heavy to weak tone
which prevailed throughout tbedayleft almost
everything traded In fractionally lower than
last evening. There was no life In the market
at any time, and the indisposition to trade left
the market In the hands of the local traders,
as none of the outside sentries were doing any
thing except Chicago, which confined its oper
ations almost exclusively to the selling of tbe
Among the railroad shares the Gould stocks
were more prominent than for a long time
back, but their activity was at tho expense of
values and Manhattan was sold down about 6
per rent on the stories that the company would
abandon all Its plant for the extension of the
suburbaniystem, and that no defense would be
made In the suits against tbe company. Mis
souri Pacific nd Western Union were both
active and led tbe decline in the general list.
The Grangers as usual are the leading group of
slocks in point or activity, but there was little
of a positive nature in tbe news from tbe West
and those stocks only reflected the general dls-
Eositlon to close np accounts Union Pacific,
otwltbstanding the favorable nature ot its
May statement, was dull and steady.
The renewed selling of tho trusts again made
those shares the leading features of the market,
and heavy selling of lead for Chicago account
broko Its price 24 per cent, while sugar reached
its lowest for a week past, showing a loss of
nearly 4 per cent at Its lowest figure. Cotton
oil. was comparatively well supported, bnt Chi
cago gas dropped with tbe others. Thu market
at tbe opening was somewhat more active than
yesterday ana responded to the lower figures
in London with an Irregular opening, and the
drift of prices was immediately seen to be
downward, with Lead and Missouri Pacific tn
tbe lead, . ' ftf-
Theweakneea la tb&rwta;?(tiaBed to
the only feature during the forenoon, and the
regular list sympathized to a limited extent in
tbe decline. There was a sharp rally in the
trusts toward delirerv hour; and Manhattan
then made Its drop. Tbe entire market, how
ever, showed an improved tone in the last
hour, and the close was dull but firm at some
thing better than the lowest prices There are
a few advances to-night, but tbey are for insig
nificant fractions only, while Manhattan is
down 4, Sugar Lead Hi. ana Chicago Gas
ana Oregon Transcontinental 1 per cent each.
Railroad bonds reflected the same conditions
which prevailed In the share list, and were dull
and heavy to weak throughout tbe day. Fort
Worth and Denver firsts were tbe only feature,
ana scored a material decline on sales of $118,
000. Theales of all issues aggregated S920,tOU.
The final changes are quite irregular, bnt de
clines are the more numerous
The followlne table shows the prices of active
stocks on the Mew York Stock Exchange yester
day. Corrected dailv for THE DISPATCH by
wirrriKYSTjrHKS0T. oldest l'ittsburir mem
bers of Mew York btock Exchange, 57 Fourth ave
IIlKh- Low- lnc
esu est. Dirts.
61X 1 SIX
100 99 99K
33J, S7 3!
5-k 51 52
20M 6Si MS
JKH 99tt loaii
94V S4K 1M
I07K lu7 1071,
29 27JJ 27W
13! It It
143 UVi UiH
145 . 145 145
ISM iU m
'.'.'.'. '.'.'.'. 23
M 58 l&H
102 101 101
684( C81 68
' 13
, 691 681 69
28 23i 25
69 69 63
501 491 49
17 17 17-
501 Ml 301
281 28 28
651 644 65
XX 22 22
1214 33 321
ZZ'i 32 32
211 511 21
1 45 4S1
23 22 22
99" 9S" 99
M 68 55
19 19 18a
681 68 5S1
29 29 28
84 84 84)4
68 67 67
57X M! 54
.,Col.,Cin. ft I., new eiH
Cl.,Col.,Cln. AL, pr.100
Am. Cotton Oil "AM
Atch.. Top. A . r.... 3SH
Canadian PaciSe UH
Canada Southern 3U
Central of Mew Jersey
CentraiPaeuU. .T.
Chesapeake & Ohio ... 20K
C Bur. ft Quli.er.... .10034
C., Mil. Jt St. Paul.... GSJa
C.. 1111.4 St. P., pr
V., Kockl. ftP 943f
C.. St. L. ft Pitts
u, at. L. ft pitta, pr.
C. ft .North western.. ..107 K
CftMortb western, pr. ....
Col. Coal ft Iron 19
Col. ft Hocking Val .. UK
JM.. L. W. 143),
Del. ft Hndson 145
Denver ft Wo U 16K
DfuverftBloU.. or
E.T.. Va.Oa
E.T..Ya;ftUa.lstpr. ....
T.. Va. ft Ga. 2df. ....
Illinois Central
Lake Erie ft Western
Lake Erie ft Wert. nr 58
Lake Shore ft M. S 1011?
Louisville ft Naibvllle. esK
Mobile Ohio
410., b.. ftTexas
Missouri pacific b9K
J. V.. L.E.4 W.' M
J. .. a ft st. ii
. Y., C, ft St. L. pr.. 69
N.Y.. c. ftbt.ij.zd pf ....
M.YAN. E 60
. Y.. O. ft W r
Morfolk ft Western
-Norfolk Western, pf. 501
Northern Pacific Z8)J
Mortnern Pacific nret 65?J
Onloft Mississippi SH
Oret-on Improvement.
Oreron Transcon 33
Pacific Mall J2 '
Peo. Dee. ft Kvan S1H
Phtladel. ft Heading.. 46?
Pullman Palace Car
Richmond A W. P. T.. t3K
Mlchmond ft W.P.T.pf ....
St. P., Minn. A Man.. 88 H
St. L. ft San Fran
St, L. ft San rran pr.. S3
St. L,. ft San if. 1st pf.. ...
Texas Pacific 19
Union Pacific 58 K
Wabash preferred 23
western Union 84H
Whrelina- ft L. it ss
bnaar Trust 111X
Matlonal Lead Trust.. 23V
Chicago Gas Trust Sli(
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, broken. No. 87
Fourth avenue. Members Hew York Stock Ex
changes BM. Asked.
Pennsylvania Ballroad 51 51
Readme 23 1-18 23
Lehlg-h Valley.,. 631 HX
Lehigh .Navigation 52V 63
Northern PaclSc J8 2S1
Northern Pacific preferred 65 65
Atch. ft Too., lit 7s. 116
Atch. ft Top. U. R. .. 3SS
Boston ft Aldanv.,.217
Boston ft Milne.... .2)0
C B. ftU. 100
Kastern R. 100
Flint Per M. pw. 96
Mexican Cen. com .. 15
Mex.C.lst mtg. ods 63"s
-V. LaJiivKnt... 50
A. Y. ft N.E.7S....I2S1
Old Colony 174
Kntland prererred.. 40
Wls.Central.com... 22
Wis. Central pt... 60
Calumet ft Hecla
Pewabls mew) .
OulncT ,
Bell Telephone..
Boston Land ,
W aier Power... .
.. 12
.. 9
:: 9
.. 2
.. 49
Santa Fe copper..... 55
Bflnlnar Stocks In New Tork.
New Yobk. July 17. Mining quotations:
Alice, 100; Amador, 100; Belcher, 250: Best fc
Belcher, 370; Bodie, 120; Caledonian H..S00;
Chollar, 145; Crown Point. 320; Consolidated
California and Virginia, 712; Deadwood Ter
ritory. 150; Eureka Consolidated, 125: El Cristo.
125; Gould & Curry, 145; Hale 4 Norcross. 295;
Homestake. 825: Horn Silver, 105: Iron "Silver,
175; Mexican. 300: Mutual, 140; North Belle
Isle, 100; Ontario, 34.00: Ophlr, 450: Plymouth.
635: Savage.'loof Sierra Nevada,-230; Union Con
solidated. 2EW.
Tbe General Outlook na Viewed by tbcEx-
perts of thef Northwestern Miller.
Minneapolis, July 17. The Northwestern
Miller to-day says:
Of the 16 mills which produced flour last week 11
got In full time, and the average dally output was
again raised to nearly 19,000 barrels. The aggre
gate output for the week (ending July 13) was 112,
940 barrelsaveraging- 18.823 barrels dally
against 93,465 barrels the previous 'week,
and 181,600 barrels for the corresponding
time In 1888. About tbe same mills and same
number are running now as a week ago.
16 being In operation to-day, and producing not
rar from 18,500 barrels per 24 hours. There Is
however, a tendency on the part of some to run a
little more regularly. At Its best tlie wheat of this
crop Is not very easily milled, and the not weather
lately prevailing has not Improved It In this
respect but on the contrary has cur
tailed nearly every mill's product to a
certain extent. The water power remains quite
good, though there are a few mills that could use
more If It were available. The irregularity of
wheat has taken away some of the demand for
Hour existing a week ago. and the market Is
rather quiet, bales have fallen off a good deal
and millers are accepting orders they would not
consider a week back. Prices are about 10 cents
lower. Wheat Is in demand lor lmmprii.
shipment, Jobbers crowding millers to have
mica in a rusn an oraers tnat are
booked. Although the sales reported
of bakers and low grades for export the past
week have been quite large, tne demand at pres
ent Is less active, and lower prices are being ac
cepted. One or two sales of bakers are reported!
to have been made at 25s, London, last week,
more at 24s 94, but these figures are not heard of
now. lhe direct export- of flour last week were
31,300 barrels against 21. 600 barrels for the pre
ceding week. Quotations London, 280 lbs, are:
Patents 3Ss nominal; bakers 24S4s 6d; low
grades 12s 3d15s 6d.
The spring wheat outlook has improved, and
with aiew days more of such weather as we bare
had for the last week the quality will be good. The
field will be moderate, but with full, heavy
grain, such as It Is reasonable now to expect,
there will probably be more bushels than most
people have believed In. Tbe quality Of the crop
being good, there ought to be a good demand for
It for export, if prices are not worked up too high
at the start.
At the rate of local milling and shipments now
the old crop will be worked down to a lower point
In Mlnneapglls than for many years. Local mills
consume less than last year, bnt In the race of
relatively high prices there Is more wheat going
out than ever before at this season. Ibe large
shipments go far toward making up for the
smaller consumption by the home mills. If the
present relative outmovement and shipments
should contlnne to the end of the
old crop, wltb receipts the same as
last year, there would be left over a snr-y
plus of nearly 1,000,000 bushels, but there Is less
wheat to come In from tbe country than In any
late year, and If prices are not kept too high there
will be very little old stock carried over. Besides
the new wheat promises a better quality than the
old. which will naturally make It a reason for dis
posing of the old while there is no competition
from a crop of greater merit.
Tbcre were 724. 350 bushels or wheat received for
the week ending July 16. The shipments werei
Wheat, 287.100 bnsbels; flour, 100,521 barrels; mill
stun; 3 757 tons.
Bailing every Wednesday from Philadelphia
and Liverpool. Passenger-accommodations tor
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark, etc.
General agents. 307 Walnut st, Philadelphia.
Full Information can be bad of J. J. MCCOR
MICK, Fourth avenne and Smithfield street.
LOUIS MOESER, US Bmithneld street
Etrcrla. Jnly 20, noon. I Bothnia, Aug. 14. 7:30AM
Auranla, Jury 27, 5am lEtrurli.Aug.17. 10:30 am
Umbrla, Aug. 3, 10 a H Auranla. Aug. 24, 3P M
Berrla, August 10. 3 p M
Cabin passage, (60, (80 and flOO: Intermediate,
135. steerage tickets to and from all parts ox
turope at very low rates.
VERNON H. BttOU N ft CO., General Agents,
4 Bowling Green, New York.
Fourth are. and smithfield St., -Pittsburg.
State Line
To. Glasgow. Belfast. Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passage (63 to tsa according to location
cf stateroom. Excursion U to 990,
bteerag e to and from Europe at Lowest Bates,
AUSTIN BALDWIN ft CO.. General Agents,
53 BroadwayKNew Yor-
J.J. MeCORMrCK, .Bt, Pittsburg. Pt.
. j - :., -A- y bl2-D
Choice Creamery Firm, Country Bat
ter Prices Nominal.
Corn rind Wheat Tending UpTrard
HayFirra. ,
OrriCE or pittsbueo dispatch,
Wednesday, July 17, 1888.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Elgin creamery was advanced a at bead
quarters on Monday, but markets here stand
unchanged. Country butter is slow at nominal
prices. Cabbage, tomatoes and potatoes are
firmer. Berries in season are in fnll supply,
with tendencies to lower prices. In the line of
trocal fruits, oranges and lemons show an
upward drift for anything choice. Bananas are
plenty and 'lower. Produce commission men
report active trade In tho early morning hours.
The Grocers' Picnic at Ross' Grove had a
quieting influence on trade after 10 o'clock,
and Liberty street presented a Sabbatic sir
from noon to sunset.
Butteb Creamery, Elgin, 1819c; Ohio do,
1718c; fresh dairy packed, 1213c; country
rolls. 1012c
Beans $1 75I 90.
Beeswax 2sJ0c $ & for choice; low grade,
Cider Sand refined, $6 5037 50; common,
13&0i24(X); crab cider. Si O0Q8 50 V barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c $1 gallon.
CHEESE Ohio. Xc; New York, 1010Kc;
Limburger, E9c; domestic Sweitzer, 9
12c: imported Sweitzer, 22c
California Fruits California peaches.
$4 004 50 V box; cherries, 3 00; apricots, Jl 00
4 50; plums, $4 004 50.
Eogs 1516c ft dozen for strictly fresh;
goose, SOc dozen.
Fruits Apples, $2 003 00 $1 barrel: pine
apples. !1 001 25 ft dozen; red raspberries. 6
10c Tfi quart: black raspberries, 68c $4 quart;
whortleberries, 75cSl U0$lpall; blackberries,
6880 quart; wild goose plums, S2 50 ft crate;
enrrants, S3 t 2-busbeI stand; watermelons,
SIS 0025 00 $ hundred.
Feathers Extra live eeese. 5060c; No. 1,
do, 404oc; mixed lots, 3035c V 2.
New Potatoes $1 251 75 barrel.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 50iS60c p
pair; old, 7075c $1 pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, 6Z fts to bushel, $5 GO
jS bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts. Sti 00;
clover. Alsike. 13 50; clover, white, 9 CO; timo
thy, choice, 45 lbs, SI 63: blue grajSs, extra
clean, 14 ftJ. 90c: blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, SI 00;
orchard grass, 11 Sis. SI 65; red top, 14 Its. SI 25;
millet, 50 Its. SI 00; German Millett, 50 fcs.
51 50; Hungarian grass, 60 fts, II 00; lawn
gras, mlxturo of fine grasses, S2 50 1 bushel
of 14 fits.
Tallow Country, 45c; city rendered, 5
1 kopical Fruits Lemons, fancy. S3 00
6 50 V box; Messina -oranges. S5 005 SO $1 box;
rodi, S4 505 00; California oranges. 4 oU4 75
fl box; bananas, S2 00 firsts. SI 00 good seconds,
$4 bunch; cocoanuts. S4 004 50 hundred;
new figs. 8X9c ?1 ft; dates, 5K6Kc p A.
Vegetables 'i omatoes, Mississippi, four
basket cases. SI 631 75; beans, round wax
fancy, $2 50 ft crate; beans, round waxmedium,
52 00 1 crate; beans, round green, J2 232 50:
new beet", 20l3c 1 dozen; cucumbers, 75c
SI 00 bushel box: radishes, large white and
gray, 3035c 13 dozen; cabbage, two-barrel
crates. Louisville and St. Louis, SI 251 50;
Eastern, single barrel crates, SI 001 25; new
celery, 5060c ) dozen.
Coffee options advanced 23 points in New
York yesterday, and packages are firm at tbe
late advance. It is claimed that green coffee is
as cheap bere as in Eastern markets. Jobbers,
however, are still ready to accept orders at our
Greek Coffee Fancy Rio, 2I22c; choice
Rio, 18K20c: prime Rio. 18c; fair Rio, 1718c;
old Government Java, 26c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 272$c; Santos, 1922c: Caracas
2022c: peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La Guayra, 21
Roasted (In papers) Standard brands. 22c:
high grades, 2l20c; old Government Java,
bnlk. 30K31c; Maracaibo, 2526Kc; Santos,
2022c; peaberry, 23c; peaberry, choice Rio.
2SXc; Jprime Rio, 21c; good Bio, 2Xc; ordi
nary, 20c
Bfices (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 8c;
cassia, 6c; pepper. 16c: nutmeg, 70S0c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test,7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Xc; headlight, 160, 8c; water
white, 10c; globe. 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
llKc; royaline. 14c.
syrups Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrups, 333Sc: prime sugar syrup, S033c;
strictly prime. 3335c; new maple syrup, 9uc
K. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c; mixed. 4042c.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs,34c; bi-carb in Ks,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages. 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated. 2c
Caxdles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, $
setSKc; paraffine, 116112c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77Kc: choice, 6"4
7c; prime, 5&Vc; Louisiana, b6Xc.
Starch Pearl, '3c: cornstarch, 57c; gloss
starch, 57c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins. 12 65: Lon
don layers S3 10; California London layers,
S3 50; Muscatels, S2 25: California Muscatels,
SI 83; Valencia, 7c; Ondara Valencia,
7J8c; sultana, 8Kcj currants, 4J45c;
Turkey prunes, 4oc; French prunes,
8K13c; Saloclca prunes, in 2-& package, 8c;
cocoanuts. fl 100, SS 00; almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap..
1215c; Sicily filberts, 12c: Smyrna figs, 12
16c; new dates, 56c; Brazil nuts, 10c: pecan.,
ll15c; citron, per ft. 2122c; lemon peel, per
Si, 1314c; orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per Bt, 6c:
apples, evaporated, 6QXc; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 1518c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, pitted, 214322c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424Kc; blackberries, 78c; huckle
berries, lt12c.
bugars cunes, iu43iuc; powdered, iVAfS
9c; standard A. 9c;softwhites, 9H9Kc: yel
low, choice. 8Ji69c; yellow, good, Sfa&SiiCi
yenow. rair, sc; yenow, uarK, iysc
Pickles Medium, bbls (1.200). Si 50: medi
um, half bbls (COO). S2 75.
Salt No. 1. $ bbl. 95c; No. lex, V bbl, SI 05;
dairy, ft bbl, SI 20; coarse crystal, ft bbl, SI 20;
Hlgglns' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, $2 80; Hlggins'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, SI 300
1 90; 2tls, SI W&l 33; extra peaches, SI 501 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest com, Sll 50; Hid. Co.
corn. 70090c; red cherries, 90cSl; Lima beans,
SI 10: soaked do, 85c: string do do, 7585c: mar
rowfat peas. SI 101 15: soaked peas, 70073c;
pineapples, SI 401 50; Bahama do, S2 75: dam
son plums, 05c: greengages, SI 25; egg plums,
12; California pears, S2 50; do greengages, S2; do
egg plums, $2; exira white cherries, S2 90: red
cherries, 2 ft-. 90c; raspberries, SI 4001 60:
strawberries. Si 10; gooseberries. Si 30011 40;
tomatoes, 82K92c; salmon, 1-ft, SI 752 10;
blackberries, SOc; succotash 2 Si cans, soaked.
99c: do green, 2 Ss, SI 251 50: corn beef, 2-ft cans,
$2 00: if ft cans S14 00; baked beans, SI 4ol W;
lobster, 1-ft. SI 751 80; mackerel, J-ft cans
broiled, SI 60; sardines, domestics. lA $4 60
4 60: sardines, domestic. s S8 25&8 50; sar
dines, imported. i$, Sll 50 12 60; sardines, im
Sorted, s. S18: sardines, mustard, S4 60; sar
ines, spiced, S4 50.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. S33 f?
bbl.; extra No. 1 do. mess, S40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, S32: extra No. 1 do, messed,
S36; No. 2 shore mackerel, 524. Codfish Whole
pollock.4Kc f) ft; do medium, George's cod,
6c: do large, 7c: boneless hake, in; strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 607ic Herring
Round shore. S3 00 fl bbl; split, S7 00: lake,
$2 50 V 100-ft half bbL White fish. S7 00 1C0
fi half bbl. Lake trout, SS 60 1 hall bbL
Finnan haddock. 10c V ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
$3 ft. Pickerel. X barrel, S2 00; i barrel. SI 10;
Potomac herring, J5 00 p barrel, S3 50 Tfi K
Oatmeal 56 30Q8 60 )1 bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5860c
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flonr nnd Feed.
Total receipts, as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change. 29 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne
and Chicago, 2 cars of oats. 1 of hay, 1 of rye, 1
ot bran. 1 of flour, 1 of feed. By Pittsburg,
Cincinnati and St. Louis. 2 cars of hay, 3 of
corn, 2 of wheat, 7 of oats. By Baltimore and
Ohio, 1 car of corn. 1 of oats. By Pittsburg
and Lake Erie, 2 cars of oats, X of flour, 1 of
rye. There was but one sale on call, namely, a
car of 2 y. e. corn at 47q, S da vs. Oats are at a
standstill, owing to liberal receipts. Corn Is
scarce and firm. Loose tlmotby bay has ad
vanced sharply. Tbe reason given is that
farmers are in tbe midst of harvest and bave
not the time to bring enough tft market to meet
demands of trade. Wheat is higher and firm.
Tbere was a fluctuation of about 4c from lowest
to highest point yesterday.
WHEAT-Jobblne prices New No. 2 red, 83
84c: No. 2 red. 92393c: No. 3 red. 8788c
Corn No. 2 yellow ear, 4748c: hi;h mixed
ear. 4546c; No. 2 yellow, shelled, 42K43c;
blch mixed, shelled, 4143c; mixed, shelled,
OATS No. 2 white, 83Kc: extra. No. 8.
82M2Kc; No. 8 white, 8131Kc; No. 2 mixed
oats. 2&2SHc.
Rte No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio. 61g52c;
No. l Western. 48S40C
Flour Jabbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, S3 75fl 23: winter straight,
So005.25; clear winter. S4 755 00; straight
XXXX bakers', H264 69. Eye 4ou, .
1 -J . . - . 1' i M .
Millfeed Middlings, fine white. S15 00
15 oO V ton: brown middling, Sll 60012 50: win
ter wheat bran. S12 2312 50; chop feed, S15 00
18 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice 115015 50: No. 1
dd.fli 00014 50; No. 2 do. $12 50013 50; loose,
from wagon, $16 00018 00: No. 1 upland prairie.
$10 SO0U 00; No, 2, S7 5008 00: packing do, $5 60
06 5a
Straw Oats. $7 60; wheat and rye straw
J7 0007 5008 0a
Sugar-cured bams, large, llKc; sugar-cured
bams, medium, 12c; sugar-cured bams, small.
12Kc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c: sugar
cured shoulders, 7c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; 'sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9Kc; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 10c; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12c; bacon shoulders, 7c: bacon
clear sides, 8c: bacon clear bellies, Sc; dry
salt shoulders, &c; dry salt clear sides, TJic
Mess pork, beavv. $14 00; mess pork. laraily,
$14 59. Lard Refined in tierces, 6c; half
barrels, 6Kc; 60-B tuns, 7c: 20-S. palls. 7ic; 50-S.
tin cans. 6c; 3-& tin pails, 7c; 5-ft tin palls.
TJc; 10-E tin pails, 7c;5-S. tiu palls, c; 10-S
tin pails, 7c Smoked sansage. long, 5c: large,
Sc Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless bams, 10c
Pigs feet, half barrel, $3 50; quarter barrel.
$2 00.
Dressed Slept.
Armour ffe Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550
&s,5Kc;530 to 630Sis.6Vc; 630 to 750&3.6VC
Sheep, 8c $ ft. Lambs, lOo V ft- Hogs, 6C
Fresh pork loins, 8Kc.
Clear boards, per M.
,....$S2 005S 00
belect common boards, per M..
Common boards perM ,
Tine lrame lumber per M
Shinnies, No. I, 18ln. per M....
Shingles, No. 2, 18 In. per M..
3U Ul
20 00
18 OO
!2 00(327 00
5 00
...... S CO
Clear boards, per M. CO 00
barface boards 30 0035 00
Clear, ?s-lnch beaded celling M00
Partition boards, peril , 35 00
Flooring, No. 1 30 00
Flooring, No. 2 S5 0O
V.lt. ..1.. M.. 4.... rt W9l 4A fH.
Acuvn iip;iiuviiug H wyv wu
WpiLfhpih,rf1lnrr TnonMrt n. 1 30 utll
Weather-boarding, moulded, No. 2.... S 00
Weather-boarding. Jj-lnch 3000
Ash, 1 to 4 in t40 00taJ5 00
Ulack walnut, green, log run 5 005O00
111 ek walnut, dry, log run 60 00(375 00
Cherry 40 ooraso oo
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 in 2)00325 03
Dry white oak plank. 2 to 4 in 22 003)25 00
Dry white oak boards, lln 20 00323 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch 20 00X25 00
"WestVa. yellow pine, 1 Inch 25 0O330 00
West Va. yellow poplar, Htolla IS 03(325 00
Hickory, i)jto3in 13 0U25 00
Hemlock building lumber, peril 1300
Bank rails 14 00
Boas studding 14 00
Coal car plant 18 00
Ash f30 00(345 00
Walnut logrun, green 23 0Q45 00
Walnut log run. dry 33 00(350 00
White oak plank, green 18 OUSSStO
White oa plant, dry 18 00(323 00
White oak boards, dry 19 00(323 00
WestVa. yellow pine, lln 20 0023 00
WcstVa. yellow pine, lk In 20 00(323 00
"Vellow poplar 20 00334 00
Hickory, l)i to 3 In IS 00(323 on
Hemlock 11 S013 30
Bunk rails 14 00
Boat studding. 14 00
Coal car plank IS 00
Swift's Specific cured me of malignant
Blood Poison after I had been treated In vain
with old so-called remedies of Mercury and
Potash. S. S. 8. nut only cured the Blood
Poison, but relieved the Rheumatism which
was caused by the poisonous minerals.
GEO. BOVELL. 2422 Third avc. N. Y.
Scrofula developed on my daughter swell
ing and lumps on her neck. We gave her
Swift's Specific, and the result was wonder
ful and the cure prompt.
8. A. DeArkond, Cleveland. Tenn.
Swift's Specific Is entirely a vegetable
remedy, and is the only medicine which per
manently cures Scrofula, Blood' Humors, Can
cer and Contagious Blood Poison. Send for
books on Blood and Skin Diseases, mailed free
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
Ox feI-7 tts
5 per cent
First Mortgage Bonds.
Free of All Taxes.
The Central Traction Company, of
Pittsburg, offers for sale its total issue
of Three Hundred and Seventy-five
Thousand Dollars, first mortgage five
per cent bonds due 1929. Bonds are for
$500 each, interest payable semi-annually,
are free of all taxes and a first lien on all
the property and franchises of the com
pany, whose cable road will be com
pleted by October 1.
Proposals for all or any part of these
bonds will be received by the Treasurer
of the company up to and including July
31, and allotments made thereunder.
At 104.46 these bonds pay 4 per cent
annually, at 109.24,4 percent, at 114.37,
4 per cent and at 119 87, 4 per cent
The Company reserves the right to
reject any or all offers. For further in
formation, address
The Central Traction Company,
Pittsburg, Pa.
With an Increased capacity and hydraullo
machinery we are prepared to furnish all work
In our line cheaper and better than by the old
"ethoda. Repairing and general machine
work. Twenty-ninth street and Allegheny Val
ley Railroad. fe5TTS
'Why toil and slave forever ? lite
was meant for living', not eternal
slaving:. Cease this -weary drudg
ery. SOAPONA does your xrozk
Itself, and neither injures hand nor
fanric. Then why do it youp Tis
nonsense, very nonsense. Awake,
Ladies, Awake 1 Tour health and
life are at stake. TJse SOAPONA
everywhere. It cleans like magic.
R.W..BELLMFB. CO., Buffalo, N.Y,
Hi. I, ,..p
A purely Vegetable
(Compound that expels
all bad humors from the
system. Removes blotch
es and nlmnle. add
-makes pure, rich blood.
Mr. James Brown, a well-known citizn ot
Allegheny county, formerly residing in Glen
wood, but who has for .the past 11 years lived
in Hampton township, has passed through an
eventful experience. His disease, although
not unlike that of many others, assumed cer
tain conditions that gave him great alarm. He
had a continuous dropping of offensive matter
from his head into the throat, where it as
sumed a dry, tenacious condition, rendering it
almost impossible for him to raise it out.
There was a tickling sensation in his
throat, and, as the poisonous matter
extended down into the bronchial
tubes of his lungs, he coughed badly
both dav and night. He felt great tightness and,
a stnffed-up condition in bis throat and lungs.
His breath became very short, and, as the dis
ease further preyed upon his system, he lost
flesh and became very weak. He bad pain over
the eye, poor appetite, coated tongue and.
belching of gas after eating. Although 64 years
of age, he received treatment from the physi
cians of tbe Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute, at
323 Penn avenue, and he became entirely cured,
of these diseases.
He adds: "I am glad to give my testimony!
for publication, as I have been cured as above
stated, by the physicians of the Catarrh and
Dyspepsia Institute. -James Brown."
, Mr. Brown's postofflce address is Taller
Cavey, Allegheny county, where this statement
can be easily proven by himself and many,
Mrs. Dr. Crossley is always present during1
office hours to consult with ladies. Consulta
tion free to all. Office hours. 10 A. M.. to 4 r.
JL, and 6 to 8 P. It. Sundays 12 to 4 P. SC
Cor; Wood and LibertySts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week In
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
JAS. D. CALLERY President
Capital and surplus. 1125,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
-hit ONEY TO LOA -
On mortgages on Improved real estate tn sums
of 1,000 and upward. Applv at
mM-34-n ' No. 121 Fourth avenue.
Isno travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
Morgan & Co , New York. Passports procured,
514-515 Hamilton Building,
Pittsburg: Pa.
Members Chicago Board of Trade and
Pittsburg Petroleum Exchange.
45 SIXTH ST, Pittsburg.
As old residents know ana back files of Pitt-',
burg papers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MCDXni IO and m.ntal diseases, physical
IM C. n V U U O decaj.nerrous debility. lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self cfistmst.basbf ulness,
dixzlnesf, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, falling powers,organ!c weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tbe person for business,society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swelling, ulcerations of tongue, month, throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood'
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIRIMARV kidney and bladder aerange
U II 1 1 1 Am I j ments. weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discbarges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment;'
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's llfe-Iorg, extensive experi
ence, insures scientific and reliable treatment."
on common-sense principles. Consultation)
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated,
as if here. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 p. M. Sun
day, 10 A. Jt. to 1 P. H. only. DR. WHITTIER,
SUPenn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re-
3 airing scientific and confiden
al treatment! Dr. S. K. Lake.
M. R. C. P. S., is the oldest and
most experienced specialist m
the city. Consultation free and
st-.ictlv confidential. Offieo
hours 9 to 4 and 7 to 8 P.M.; Sundays. 2 to 4 P..
M.Consultthemperonillv. orwrite. DoctobS
Lake. 90B Pennove., Pittsburg, Pa.
ao3s's Oottbaa. IRoote'
L. ....l . rVitt.,,, 17w.. fPmW Ifl
J Pennyroyal a recent discovery by an
'nH nhvsiclan. Is mccasfullu used -
T?T. c.f- Petotnal THw. t hv Ynftll-
sealed. Ladies, ask your druggist for Coors,
Cotton Root Compound and take no substitute,
or inolose 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad
dress POND UtT COMPANY, No. S Flsasr
JUOCX, nguuwuu BTOifcuum -um
For LOST or railing
MAN HOOD, Nervoos-
ss. Weakness cf
iini.- Mind. Urkof Rtrenrth. Vizor and De
velopment, earned bv Errors, Excesses, Ac boot .
MODS of SILT-TREATJtXST. and .Proofs mailed ,
(sealed) free. Address KKIE Mfcuiu.vi., iaj-.
jsunaio, a. x.
For men! Checks the worst cases in threw
days, and cures in five days. Price tl 00. at '
ja5-29-TTssu 412 Market street.
AOTTns7T7T?Ti,TD trom errors of
BUrr HlXV HlJtV youth, wasting
weakness, lost vigor, etc.. wasrestored to health
, tniuch a remarkable mannerarter all else had'
failed that he will send tbe mode of care i"KEK t.
all fellow sufferers. Address L. O. MlTCHiLt,
SartHaddam, Coon. ByK-X-MawK
. . . . ft.".,.
.-5iIii. . . Jkiki.-i.5iC-iJ&iJiJ.i
1 1 u iniimrr ;i