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Is What is Needed by Christians to
Uattle With the World.
Chosen as the Topic of the Sunday Dis
course of Dr. Talmage.
The Hamptons, July 14. The subject
of Iter. Dr. T. De Witt Talmage's sermon
to-day was:;"The Bower of Tree Branches."
His text was Xebtiiiah viii., IS: "Go iorth
unto the mount and fetch olive branches
and pine branches and myrtle branches of
thick trees, to make booths." Following is
the sermon:
It seems as if Mount Olivet were un
moored. The people have gone into the
mountain, and have cut off tree branches,
and put them on their shoulders, and they
come forth now into the streets ot Jerusa
lem, and on the house tops, and they twist
these branches into arbors or booths. Then
the people come forth from their comfort
able homes and dwell for seven days in
these booths or arbors. Why do they do
that? Well, it is a great festal time. It is
the feast of tabernacles; and these peopleare
going to celebrate the desert travel of their
fathers and their deliverance from their
troubles, the experience of their fathers
when, traveling in the desert, they lived in
booths on their way to the land of Canaan.
And so these booths also become highly
suggestive I will not say they are neces
sarily typical, but highly suggestive of
our march toward heaven, and of the fact
that we are only living temporarilv here, as
it were, in booths or arbors, on our way to
the Canaan of eternal rest
And what was said to the Hebrews liter
ally may to-day be said figuratively to all
this audience. Go forth into the mountain,
and fetch olive branches and pine branches
and myrtle branches and palm branches
aud branches of thick trees to make booths.
Yes, we are only here in a temporary resi
dence. We are marching on. The merchant
princes who used to live in Bowling Green,
New York, have passed away, and their
residences are now the fields of cheap mer
chants. Where are the men who 50 years
ago owned New York? Passed on.
There is no use in our driving our stakes
too deep into the earth; we are on tbe march.
The generations that have preceded us have
gone so far on that we cannot even hear the
sound of their footsteps. They have gone
over the bills, and ueureto follow them.
But, blessed be God, we are not in this
world left out of doors and unsheltered.
There are gospel booths, or gospel arbors, in
which our souls are to be comforted. Go
forth unto the mountain and fetch olive
branches and pine branches and myrtle
branches and palm branches and branches
of thick trees, and build booths.
Well, now we are to-day to construct a
gospel arbor, or gospel booth; and how shall
we construct it? Well, we must get all the
tree branches and build. According to my
text we must go up into the mount and
bring olive branches. What does that
The olive tree grows in warm climates,
and it reaches the height of 20 or 22 feet, a
straight stem, and then an offshoot from that
Etem. And then people come, and they
strip off these branches sometimes, and
when in time of war the general of one army
takes one of these olive branches and roes
out to the general of another army, what
does that mean? Why, it means, unsaddle
the war chargers. It means hang up the
war knapsacks. It is but a beautiful way
ot saying peacei
JCow, if we are to-dav going to succeed in
building this gospel arbor, we must go into
the mount of God's blessing, and fetch the
olive branches, and whatever else we must
have, we must have at least two olive
branches peace with God and peace with
man. When I say peace with God, I do
not mean to represent God as a bloody chief
tain, having a grudge against us. but I do
mean to affirm there is no more antagonism
between a hound and a hare, between a
hawk and a pullet, between elephant and
swine, than there is hostility between holi
ness and sin. And if God is all holiness,
and we are all sin, there must be a read
justment, there must be a reconstruction,
there must be a treaty, there must be a
stretching forth of olive branches.
There is a great law suit going on now,
and it is a law suit which man is bringing
against nis Maker; that law suit is now on
the calendar. It is the human versus the
divine; it is iniquity versus the immaculate;
it is weakness versus omnipotence. Han
began it; God did not begin the law suit
We began it; we assaulted our Maker, aud
the soonerwe end this part of the struggle
in which the finite attempts to overthrow the
infinite and omnipotent, the sooner we end
it the better.
Travelers tell us there is no such place as
Mount Calvary, that it is only a hill, only
an insignificant hill; bnt I persist in call
ing it the Mount of God's divine mercy and
love, far grander than any other place on
earth, grander than the Alp's or Himalayas,
and there are no other hills as compared
with it; and I have noticed in every sect
where the cross of Christ is set forth it is
planted with olive branches. And all we
Lave to do is to get rid of this war between
God and ourselves, of which we are all tired.
We want to back out of the war, we want
to get rid of this hostility. All we have to
do is just to get upon the mount of God's1
blessing, and pluck these olive branches
and wave them before the throne. Peace
through our Lord Jesus Christl
Oh, it don't make much difference what
the world thinks of you what this King,
that Queen, that Senator thinks of you. But
come into the warm, intimate, glowing and
everlasting relationship with the God of
the round universe; that ii the joy that
makes a hallelujah seem stupid. Ah, why
do wc want to have peace through our Lord
Jesus Christ? Why. if we had gone on in
10,000 years of war against God, we could
not have captured so much as a sword or a
cavalry stirrup, or twisted ofl one of the
wheels of the chariot of hit omnipotence.
But the moment we bring this olive branch
God and all heaven come on our side.
Peace through our Lord Jesus Christ; and
no other kind of peace is worth anything.
But then we must have that other olive
branch, peace with man. Now it is very
easy to get up a quarrel. There are gun
powdery Christians all around us, and one
match of provocation will set them off. It
is easy enough to get up a quarrel. But,
my brother, don't you tljink you had better
have your horns sawed ofl?" Had vou not
better make an apolocy? Had you "not bet
ter submit to a little humiliation? Oh, you
say. until that man takes the first step I
will never be at peace with him; nothing
will be done until he is ready to take the
first step. You arc a pre,tty Christian.
When would this world be saved it Christ
had not taken the first step? Wc were in
the wrong. Christ was in tbe right all
right and forever right. And yet He took
the first step. And instead of going nnd
getting a knotty scourge with which to whip
your antagonist, vour enemy, you had bet
ter get up on tlie radiant mount where
Christ suffered for His enemies, and just
take an olive branch, not stripping off the
solt, cool, lragrant leaves, but leaving them
them all on, and then try on them that gos
pel switch. It won't hurt them, and it will
save you. Peace with God; peace with man.
If you cannot take those two doctrines you
are no Christian.
Blest be the tie that binds
Our liearts In Christian low:
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above.
From sorrow, toil and pain,
And sin we shall be tree;
And perfect love and friendship reign
Through all eternity.
But my text goes further. It says: Go
up into the mountain and fetch olive
branches and pine branches. Now what is
suggested by pine branches? The pine tree
is healthy; it is aromatic; it is evergreen.
How often the physician says to bis invalid
patients: "Go and have a breath of the
piucil That will invigorate you." Why
do sueh thousands of people go South every
year? It is not merely to get to a warmer
climate, but to get-to" the influeuceof the
pine. There is health in it. and this pine
branch of the text suggests thehealthfulness
of our holy religion; it is lull of health,
health for' all, health for the mind, health
for the soul.
kept aite ur eeligion.
I knew an aged man who had no capital
of physical health. He had had all the dis
eases you could imagine; he did not eat
enough to keep a child alive; he lived on a
beverage ot hosannas. He lived high, for
he diced every day with tbe king. He was
kept alive simply bv the force of our holy
religion. It is a healthy religion; healthy
for the eye, healthy for the hand, healthy
for the feet, healthy for the he'art, healthy
for the liver, healthy for the spleen, health v
for the whole man. It gives a man such
peace, such quietness, such independence
of circumstances, such holy equipoise. Oh,
that we all possessed it, thai we possessed
it now. I mean that it is healthy if a man
gets enough of it. Now, there are some
eople who get just enough religion to
other them, just enough religion to make
them sick, but if a man take a full, deep,
round inhalation of these pine branches of
the gospel arbor, he will find it buoyant,
exuberant, undying, immortal health.
But this pine branch of my text also sug
gests tne simple iact uiai i. is an evergreen.
What does this pine branch care for the
snow on its brow? It is only a crown of
glory. The winter cannot lreeze it out
This evergreen tree branch is as beautiful
in winter as it is in the summer. And that
is the characteristic of our holy re
ligion; in the sharpest, coldest winter of
misfortune and disaster, it is as good a re
ligion as itisln the bright summer sunshine.
Well, now that is a practical truth. .For if
I should go up and down these aisles, I
would not find in this house SO people who
had had no trouble. But there are some of
you who have had especial trouble. God
only knows what you go through with. Oh,
how many bereavements, how many pover
ties, how many persecutions! How many
misrepresentations! And cow, my brother,
you have tried everything else, why don't
you try this evergreen religion? It is just
as good for you now as it was in the days of
vour prosperity; it is better for you. Per
haps some of you; feel almost like Muckle
Backie, the fisherman, who was chided one
day because be kept on working, although
that very day he buried his child.
They came to him and said: "It is in
decent for you to be mending that boat
when this afternoon you buried your child."
And the fisherman looked up and said:
"Sir, it is very easy for you gentlefolks to
stay in the. house with your handkerchiefs
to your eyes in grief; but, sir, ought I to let
the other five children starve because one of
them is drowned? No, sir, wc maun work,
we maun work, though our hearts beat like
this hammer."
You may have had accumulations of
sorrow and misfortune. They come in flocks;
they come in herds upon your soul; and yet
I have to tell you that this religion can
console you, that it can help you, that it can
deliver you if nothing else will. Do you
tell me that the riches and the pains of
'this world can console you? How was it
with the man who had such a loud
ness for money that when he was sick he
ordered a basin of gold pieces to be brought
to him, and he put his gouty hands down
among the gold pieces, cooling his hands off
in them, and the rattle and rolling of these
gold pieces were his amusement and enter
tainment Ah, the gold and silver, the
honors, the emoluments of this world are a
poor solace for a perturbed spirit You
want something better than this world can
give. A young prince, when the children
came around to play with him, refused to
nlnir- TTft jtnM: T will nlav nnlv with
kings. And it might be supposed thai you
would throw away all other solace be
fore this regal satisfaction, this imperial
joy. Ye who are sons and daughters of the
Lord Almighty ought to play only with
Tbe hill ot Zion yields
A tbousaod sacred sweets
Before we reach the heavenly fields
Or walk the golden streets.
But my text takes a further step and it
says, "Go into the mountain and fetch olive
branches and pine branches and palm
branches." Now the palm tree was
by the ancients. It had 300 different uses.
The iruit was conserved; the sap was a bev
erage; tbe stem was ground up lor food for
camels, the base of the leaves was turned
into hats and mats and baskets; and the
leaves were carried in victorious processions;
and from the root to the top of the highest
leaf there was usefulness. The tree grew
85 feet in height sometimes, and spread
broad leaves four and five yards long; it
meant usefulness, and it meant victory;
usefulness for what it produced, victory be
cause it was brought into celebrations of
triumph. And oh, how much we want the
palm branches in the churches of Jesus
Christ at this time! A great manv Chris
tians don't amount to anything. You have
to shove them out of the way when the
Lord's chariots come along. We don't
want any more of that kind of Christians
in the Church.
The old maxim says: "Do not put all
your eggs into one basket;" but I have to
tell you in this matter of religion you had
better give your all to God, and then get in
yourself. "Oh," says some one, "my busi
ness is to sell silks and cloths." Well,
then, my brother, sell silks and cloths to
the glory of God. And some one says:
"My business is to raise corn and carrots."
Then, my brother, raise corn and carrots to
the glory of God. And someone says: "My
business is to manufacture horseshoenails."
Then manufacture horseshoe nails to the
glory of God. There is nothing for you to
do that you ought to do but for tbe glory of
Usefulness is typified by the palm tree.
Ah, we don't want in tbe Church any more
people that are merely weeping willows,
sighing into tbe water, standing and admir
ing their long lashes in the glassy spring.
No wild'eherry, dropping bitter fruit We
want palm trees, holding something for
God, something for angels, something for
man. I am tired and sick of this flat, tame,
insipid, satin slippered, namby-pamby,
highty-tlghty religion! It is worth nothing
for this world, and it is destruction for
JlLJj that is needed.
Give me 600 men and women fully con
secrated to Christ, and we will take any city
for God in three years. Give me 10,000
men and women fully up to the Christian
standard; in ten years 10,000 of them would
take the whole earth for God. But when
are we going to begin?
Ledyard, the great traveler, was brought
before the Geographical Society of Great
Britain, and they wanted him to make some
explorations in Africa, and they showed
him all tbe perils, and all the hard work,
and all tbe exposure, and after they bad
told him what they wanted him to 'do in
Africa, they said to him: "Now, Ledyard,
when are you ready to start?" He said:
"To-morrow morning." The learned men
were astonished; they thought he would
take weeks or m nths to get ready. Well,
noffj yon tell me you want to be earnest for
Christ; you want to be useful for Christian
service. When are you going to begin?
Ob, that vou have the decision to say, "To
day, nowi"
Go now into tbe mount and gather the
palm branches. But the palm branch also
meant victory. In all ages, in all lands,
tbe palm branch means victory. We ere by
nature tbe servants or Satan. He stole us,
he has his eye on us, he wants to keep us.
The word comes from our Father that if we
will try to break lhote from this doing of
wrong, our Father will help us; and some
day we rouse up, and we look the black
tyrant in tbe face, and we fly at him, and
we wrestle him down, and we nnt our heel
on his neck, and we grind him in the .dust, i
and we say, "Victory, victoiy, through our
Lord Jesus ChristJ" Oh want a grand thing
it is to have sin under foot and a wasted Hie
behind our backs. "Blessed is he whose
transgression is forgiven, and whose sin is
covered." "But," says the man; "I feel so
sick and worn out with the ailments ot life."
You are going to be more than conqueror.
"But," says the man, "I am so tempted, I
am so pursued in life." You are going to
be more thafl conqueror. "I, who have so
many ailments and heartaches, going to be
more than conqueror?"
each in his place.
Yes, unless you are so self-conceited that
you want to manage all the affairs of your
life yourseH instead of letting God manage
them. Do you want to drive and have God
.ir o haoir Mt? "Oh. no." vou sav: "I want
God to be my leader." Well, then, you will
be more than conqueror. Your last sickness
will come, and tbe physicians in the next
room will be talking about what they will
do for you. What difference -will it make
what they do for you? You are going to
be well, everlastingly well. And when the
spirit has fled the body your friends will be
talking as to whare they shall bury you.
What difference does it make to you where
they bury you? The angel of the resurrec
tion can pick you out of tbe dust anywhere,
and all the cemeteries of the earth are in
God's care. Oh, you are going to be more
than conqueror. Don't you think we had
better begin now to celebrate the coming
In the old meeting house at SummerviIIe
my father used to lead the singing, and he
had the old-fashioned tuning lork, and he
would strike it upon bis knee, and then put
the tuning fork to his ear to catch the right
pitch and start the hymn. -But, friend,
don't you think we had better De catching
the pitch of the everlasting song, the song
ot victory when we shall be more than con
querors? Had we not better begin the re
hearsal on eartn7 xney snail nunger no
more, neither thirst any more; neither shall
the sun light on tbem, nor any heat For
the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne
shall feed them, and shall lead them to
living fountains of water; and God shall
wipe away all tears from their eyes."
City of Eternity, to thy orldal halls
From this prison wonld I flee:
Ah, glory I that's for you and me.
My text brings up one step further. It
says, go forth into tbe mount and fetch
olive branches and pine branches and
myrtle branches and palm branches and
branches of thick trees. Now, you know
very well that a booth or arbor made of
slight branches would not stand. The first
blast of the tempest would prostrate It So,
then, the booth or arbor must have four
stout poies to hold up tbe arbor or booth;
and hence for tbe building of the arbor for
this world we must have stout branches of
thick trees. And so it is in the gospel ar
bor. Blessed bo God that we have a
brawny Christianity, not one easily upset
The storms of life will come upon us, and
we want strong doctrine; not only love, but
justice; not only invitation but warning. It
is a mighty gospel; it is an omnipotent gos
pel. There are the stout branches of thick
trees. I remember what Mr. Finney said
in a schoolhouse in this State. The village
was so bad it was called Sodom, and it was
said to have only one good man in all the
village, and he was called Lot; and Mr.
Fipney, preaching,described tbe destruction
of Sodom, and tbe preacher declared that
God would rain destruction upon his hearers
unless they, too, repented. And the people
in the schoolhouse sat and ground their
teeth in anger, and clenched their fists In
indignation; but before be was through
with his sermon they got down on their
knees and cried for mercy while
mercy could be found. Oh, it is a mighty
gospel; not only an invitation, but a warn
ing; an omnipotent truth, stout branches of
thick trees. Well, my friends, I have
shown you here is the olive branch of peace,
here is the pine branch of evergreen gospel
consolation, here the palm tree branch of
usefulness and victory, and here are the
stout branches of thick trees. The gospel
arbor is done. The air is aromatic of heaven.
The leaves rustle with the gladness ot God.
Come into the arbor. I went out at differ
ent times with a fowler to the mountains to
patch pigeons; and we made our. booth and
we sat "in that booth and watched for tbe
pigeons to come. And we found flocks in
the sky, and after a while theydropped into
the net and we were successful. So I come
now to the door of this gospel booth and I
look out I see flocks of souls flying hither
and flying thither. Oh, that they might
come like clouds and as doves to the win
dow. Come into the booth. Come into the
The Work of Rebnlldinir Seattle.
Seattle, Wash., July 14. Citizens of
Seattle, through J. Ii. Lewis, Chairman of
the Belief Committee, have issued an ad
dress in which they return thanks for sym
pathy and material aid tendered them by
the people of the country since the late dis
astrous conflagration here. The address
states that the city is being rebuilt as fast
as money and men can do it
Save Tour Hair
BYatimelyuseof Ayer's Hair Vigor.
This preparation has no equal as
dressing. It keeps the scalp clean, cool,
and healthy, and preserves the color,
fullness, and beauty of the hair.
"I was rapidly becoming "bald and
gray; but after using two or three
bottles of Ayer's Hair Vigor my; hair
grew thick and glossy and the original
color was restored." Melvin Aldxich,
Canaan Centre, N. H.
" Some time ago I lost all my hair in
consequeuce of measles. Alter due
waiting, no new growth appeared. I
then used Ayer's Hair Vigor and my
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J. B. Williams, Floresville, Texas.
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Mrs. M. A. Bailey, 9 Charles street,
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" I have been using Ayer's Hair Vigor
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Dry Goods, &c, Bishopville, Md.
AVer's Hair Vigor,
Or. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Bold by DroggitUand Perfumers.
"People cannot hearken too
earnestly to the WARNINGS
already sounded by medical men
against the indiscriminate use of the
"Dr. W. T. English said: 'It
cannot' be told how long the water
will be impure; it may be for months'?
Pittsburg Dispatch, June 4th, 1889.
" The purity of APOLLINA
RIS offers the best security against
the dangers jvhich are common to
most of the ordinary drinking
waters" London Medical Record.
Of aU Grvcm, JDruftub,'&' Mi: Wot. Dtoltrt.
Another Indian Agency Thnt Want to Bold
On to the Land.
Cheyenne Kivee Agency, Dak.
July 14. The commissioners arrived at this
agency yesterday morning, and held their
first council in the afternoon. The usual(
lull explanations of the act of Congress were
made. The Indians were asked toj discuss
the matter among themselves and prepare
to meet the commission again on Monday.
From such information as can be obtained,
it is impossible to make any predictions as
to the result at this agency. There seems to
be conflicting interests here which have not
been met with at other agencies.
Among these are the cattle interests of
several of the half-breeds living here, who
have large herds ranging on the lands which
are ceded if the present bill is accepted.
This fact, in addition to the disinclination
of tbe older chiefs to make any change,
makes the work very formidable. The de
meanor of the Indians at the council gave
no encouragement that they were in favor of
the bill. There are 730 votes here.
A Plcaslnc Sense
Of health and strength renewed and of ease
and comfort follows tbe use of Syrup of Figs,
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Ofl to the Senahore.
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fan-Alcoholic Summer Drinks.
Apollinaris water, Wilh'elm's Quelle wa
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Schuetz. Benziehatjsen & Co.,
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BEARDMANN On Friday. July 12, 1889. at
5 a.m.. Helena, wife of Edward Beardmann,
aged 77 years.
Funeral on Monday, July 15,18S9,at 8.30 A.K
from her late residence. No. 63 Fourteenth
street, thence to St Michael's Church, Plus
street (where High Mass of Requiem will ba
held at 9 A. M.). Southside, Pittsburg, Fa.
Friends of the family are respectfully invited
to attend.
DALY Suddenly, on Sunday, July 11 18S9.
at 25 a. m., William, eldest son of Thomas
and .Bridget Daly, aged 30 years 9 months.
Funeral from tbe parents' residence, 18 High
street on Tuesday at 9 A. k. Friends of the
family are respectfully Invited to attend.
FRANZ-on Saturday, July 13. 18S9, at 8:15
p. w.. Elizabeth, wile of Adah Franz, Br.,
in her 63d year.
Funeral from ber late residence, 1603 Carson
street, Southside, on Tuesday, July 18, at 9:30
A. at Requiem high mass at St Michael's
Church at 10 A. M. Friends of the family are
respectfully invited to attend. 2
GlLNER-On Saturday. July 13. 18S9, at 10
p. if., Catherine, wife ot tbe late James Gil
ner, age 54 years.
Funeral wilt take place from her late resi
dence. No. 4431 PeDsIavenue, TO-DAT,(Monday)
at 4 p. st Friends of the family are respect
fully invited to attend.
KILLGALLON On Sunday, at 11 A. M.,
Annie Bridgetta, daughter of P. A. and
Kattle Klligallon, nee Griffin, aged ll.months.
Hang the crape upon tbe knob,
A written notice on the door,
Another angel gone to God,
Our little darling is no more.
Funeral from the residence of parents, Bis
marck street, Thirteenth ward, this day. at.
2f.u. Friends of tbe family are respectfully
invited to attend.
LEWIS-Saturday, July 13, 18S9, of dlpli
theria. Jean HUNTER, dauchter of JoseDh PL
and Sophia Eccles Lewis, aged 7 years 2
Fnneral services at the residence of her aunt,
Mary J. Eccles, No. 97 Fremont street Alle
gheny, at 10 a. M., Monday, 16th Inst Inter
ment private. 2
MORRIS At his home In North Braddock,
at 230 Sunday afternoon. July 14, Robert
Morris, In tbe 58th year of his age.
Funeral Tuesday at;? p. k. 2
McGREAGOR On Sunday morning. July,
14, 1ES9, at 6:30,Andeew N.McGREAGOR,in the
S6th year of bis age.
Funeral from bis late residence, Puseys court,
Ninth street this (Monday) afternoon, at 3
o'clock. Friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend.
McCLURG On Thursday, July 11, 1889, at
1:1a r. m., jame3 juculubq, in nis disc year.
Friends ot the family are respectfully invited
to attend tbe funeral, from his late residence.
No. 191 Rebecca street, Allegheny, on Monday
July 15, at 220 P. M.
PHILLIPP1 At her residence. 33 Second
street Allegheny, on Sunday, Jniy 14, 1580, at
1235 A. it., Kate Schapp. wife of Wn. M.
Pbilllppl, in the 231 year of her age.
Funeral from her late residence on Monday
at 2 p. v. Friends of the' family are respect
fully invited to attend.
RICHARDSON At Brushton, Saturday.
July 13. 1SS9, SARAH Gh only child of JOSEPH
and Fanny Richardson, aged 1 year.
Funeral services will be held at tbe residence
of its parents, Tioga street Brushton, on Mon
day, July IS, at 2 P. It. Interment at Union
dalo cemetery.
STANLON-On Saturday, July 13.1S89, at
7:30 P. M., John, son of Patrick and Winifred
Stanlon, aged 8 years and 10 months.
Funeral from tbe parents' residence, Spang'a
estate, Etna borougb, on Monday at 2 p. m.
Friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited
to attend. 2
WEAVER Sabbath morning, July 11. 18S9,
Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver.
Funeral services at the residence of her son.
No. 40 Resaca streer, Allegheny, Pa., Tuesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends of the fam
ily are respectfully invited to attend. 2
(Snccessor to Meyer, Arnold fc Co., Urn.,)
Office and residence, 1134 Pcnn avenne. Tele
phone connection. mylQ4SP-uwFSu
A. M. & J. B. MUBDOCM,
OIU Telephone 429. deB-tt-jnVF
At low prices during summer.
Telephone 239. COS SlUTHFIELD ST.
ASSETS - . (9.071,69683.
Insurance Co. of North America.
Losses adjusted and paid by WILLIAM L
JONES. 84 Fourth avenue. iaanfi-D
n puis
QE$ytm. , Box
We believe we have the finest assortment ot
Diamonds In the city. We do onr own mount
ing and can show some very handsome styles.
Wo have a specially nice assortment of Rings,
with Diamonds, Rubies, Opals, Sapphires,
Emeralds. Pearls, etc It will do you good to
see our stock and prices.
We will close our store at 6 p. v ezceot
Saturdays, until September J. jylO-MWF"
-At this-
of J. R. ANDERSON'S stock of
to make remnants and full pieces go quickly.
138 Federal St, Allegheny, Pa.
Sojourners in the Country and
Travelers in General.
Men's Flannel Shirts.
Our stock never was so large as now.
Plain heavy Flannel, in navy blue, gray,
tan, white; fine light weight flannels in
white, fancy stripe and checks. Finest
Scotch Flannels and Surah Silks, all
these we get in every size for boys,
youths and men, from 12-lnch to 20-inch
collar. Then those who do not want
flannel can get the Cheviots In flannel
patterns or the Percale in neat sttipes
and figures. After roaming over the
waters or the hills during the day you
may want to get rid of the flannel shirt
for one of a more dressy character for
the evening. We have a full line of
Fine White Evening Dress Shirts,
In plain Linen, Embroidered, Plaited
Pique Bosoms, open front and open back,
for studs and eyelets. Then you must
Night Shirts.
We have them either In warm or cool
kind. If you want a warm kind to pro
tect you from chills buy Scotch Flannel,
Canton Flannel or heavy Twilled Mus
lin; if for medium warmth buy our
medium weight muslin, and if you want
the coolest night shirts made, buy our
Nainsook, fine Cambric or Silk goods, or
if you do not want this form of a
Nightey buy
Pajamas. t
These we have in flannel, Cheviot, Pongee
Silk. Then you may want Underwear.
Our lines nre the most extensive in the
city. All kinds and prices, and in all
cases the best values. To speak of every
thing we have (hat is suggested to our
mind as we -write will take more space
than we have to-day, but then we can't
leave out NECKWEAR, of which we
have a large line of the latest; also Qol
lars and Cuffs, Suspenders, Handker
chiefs, Belts, Hand Bags, Gloves. Half
Hose, Combs, Hair, Nail, Tooth and
Clothes Brushes, Collar and Cuff But
tons, Shirt Studs, Key Chains, Umbrel
las, Mackintosh Coats, eta
and August we close at S. o'clock and on Sat
urdays at 6 o'clock. Please come before tbese
Men's Furnishing Stores,
100 FEDERAL ST., Allegheny.
New line of Flannel Shirts Just received. All
tbenew things in that line.
Full line of White Bbiits, lanndrled and un
lanndrled. Best values tor tbe money.
Dyeing, cleaning and Ianndry offices.
Pittsburg Telephone 1264; Allegheny Tele
phone 3169. jy9-MWF
Last week we inaugurated the Grand Clearance of our entire stock and we must say the sales for the season have been unprecedented. There
are still lota of goods in all the departments and those not moving so rapidly have been still further reduced. Lose no time in making your
selection. You can afford to buy now at our price for future use, especially is this the case in our
fuste toilless qooids.
Colored Cashmere, all-wool, 25c, 35c and 50c, worth double the money. Colored wool Henriettas, Serges, 40c and 50c Side barred wooL
Suiting, 46-inch goods, 623&C, down
the season. Nuns Veilings, Albatross,
SILKS. SILKS. Nev,er in the
Satin, Mervellaux, Baratheas, Gros
a yard more respectively.
It goes without saying, theie is
Scotch Zephyrs, 20c and 25c for 40c
yard. Many of these stylish, serviceable fabrics are just half their actual value.
DON'T FORGET. Hats, Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, etc., are clearing at immense sacrifices. Carpets, Lace Curtains, Turcom an
Chenille Curtains all reduced to close. Jackets, Suits, Shawls, Infants Cloaks, etc., are marvelously low. Underwear for Men, Ladies
Children, in summer weights, one-third to one-half off price. "Colored Parasols for Ladies and Misses at'half price.
Kid, Lisle and Silk Gloves and Silk Mitts at one-half off.
Table Linens, White, Cream and fancy Colored, 18c up, are genuine bargains. v -
Glassware, Chamber Sets, Toilet Sets, Vases; Bronzes, Silver Ware, Kitchen Ware, Baskets, etc, all must go and that quickly.
Samples sent when requested. Mail Orders promptly filled at lowest prices. ' 1 ' '-.c -
- -ANI-
Machine-made Torchon Laces.
Hand-made Torchon Laces.
Everlasting Trimmings.
Swiss Trimmings.
Cotton Trimmings.
Cotton Pillow-slip Laco.
Venetian Lacea
Fine Smyrna Laces.
Black Chantilly Lacea
Black Spanish Lacea
Black Escurial Laces.
Cr6am Spanish Lacea
White and Cream Oriental Lacea
Imitation Valenoiennes Lacea
Black Hand-run Lace Ties.
Black Lace Fichus and Tiea
White and Cream Lace Ties and
Cambric, Jaconet, Nainsook and
Swiss Embroideries, in match
All-over Embroideries to matoh
Blaok Spanish and Chantilly Skirt
ings, 42,inches wide.
Black Spanish Guipure Skirtings.
Blaok Drapery Net
Black all-over Lace.
Black Beaded Net.
Cream Lace Skirtings.
Cream Drapery Net
Swiss Hemstitch Skirtinga
Swiss Schiffli Skirtinga
Jaconet Skirting.
Cambric Skirtinga
Fleishman &Co.'s
504,506 and 508 Market st.
LADIES' BLAZERS, 83 50 and 84.
Caps, GOc; silk belts, EOc; flannel blazers, (3,
3 CO and $4; flannel sblrt, from SI 50 to $4; silk
sblrts. from 3 50 to 7; silk jersey sblrts. $4 50
to 17; long pants, to: knee pants, S3 and S3 SO,
Completn outfit, including English flannel cap,
blazer, belt, shirt and pants, only f 10.
Onr blazers are very wide stripe. This Is tbe
correct thins this ycarOur English Lounging
Suits are -white with line bine or brown lines.
$1 HAMMOCKS. $1.
Best woven "Perfection" from f 1 to the lar
gest made. Length 11 feet, width 3 feet. Will
not poll off buttons.
A good Straw Bat for 50c, 75c and IL Of
course we have the finest also.
Five Doors below Fifth avenne.
N. B. Ladles Sailor Yacht Hats, Steamer
Caps ana Hiding Hats now ready. Je20-arwr
ii ic III IM! llK
n I b4 I I L'Wianl llln
Uiflli ! n 3-B Mil
from 75c and $1. All the stripes and
De Beiges, Black Cashmere and
history of the Silk market have you
Grains and fancy weaves generally.
an immense rush for Wash Goods and
qualities. Immense stacks of Dress
B. & B.
The stock of LADIES' SUITS is getting low
we marked tbem down to clean tbem out, and
the tnarkdown has been most effectual.
Now we have a few that
Read these prices for to-day.
Glngbam and satin e suits:
S3 suits, reduced from 110.
tlO suits, reduced from tlL
$12 50 suits, reduced from 318.
J13 50 suits, rednced from 117.
S15 salts, rednced from 22.
(18 suits, reduced from $25.
India silk suits:
S20 salts, reduced from $25.
$25 suits, reduced from $30,
$30 suits, reduced from $35.
Cballle suits, $10, a bargain; and a special $15
directoire, very stylish Cballle salt, that was
Colored cashmere suits at $12 50, were $15; at
$18 that were $25.
Remember, tbese prices are reductions from
prices already below tbe marker.
Here's a chance to make good wages washing
Our children's gingham suits have been on
the counters some time we have had a very
large trade, and consequently the suits have
been handled and "mussed up" a little. An ap
plication of soap and water will make any one
of them just as good as new. Many will not
need it, tiat all go together, and we give you
50c on the 31 in every suit because they are
slightly soiled.
The prices WERE $1 to $10.
The prices to-day ARE 50c to $5.
A small lot of colored bead shonlder wraps
this morning that were $15 each, will be closed
out quick at $5 each.
Also a small lot of mourning dull jet bead
shonlder wraps, that were $12 50, will be closed
out at $5.
All oar bead wraps will be closed out.
Prices that were $3, $1 and $5,
Are now $2, 52 50 and S3.
This week there are many
Tbere are $2 ones at SL
$1 25 and $1 60 ones at 75c.
$1 00 and $1 25 ones at 60c
50c and 75c ones at 35c
This is what we said last week It accounts
for the great rush for tbe Indias, and tbe enor
mous sales of them. Come whilo they last all
are choice.
Tbe same "redaction story" in all tbe Dress
Goods Departments. There aremany specials
for this week.
115, 117, 119, 121 Federal st., Allegheny
f. 8. Store closes at 5 o'clock.
You're Shrewd.
A make of clothing that's
dependable takes leadership
with you because it ought to.
No matter -how great a
hullabuloo mean clothing
raises it doesn't get the peo
ple's favor.
Good clothing justifies its
price. If compared with com
mon you'd be willing to give
it the higher price. , But
don't misunderstand us.
We're selling the best cloth
ing: we're selling it at low
The two go together at
Wanamaker's, you know.
This season finds out the
broken lots: not to be let
stay: lower prices to quicken
their going.
A fresh stock of Thin
Goods, at pleasing prices.
Clothing made to order,
the very best: 1,000 styles of
& Brown,
Sixth street and Pcnn avenue.
A fine, large crayon portrait S3 5U; see them
before ordering elsewhere. Cabinets, $3 and
$2 Super dozen. PROMPT DELIVERY.
plaids and mixed wool fabrics at 40c
other light-weight fabrics at very desirable prices.
been offered such bargains in Colored Dress Silk, India Silks, Surahi
See the Black Gros Grains, 24 inches
Ginghams, 5c up. 'Seersucker, 5c up.
Goods on the cheap counters, 5c,
Under new management.
T. C. GILLETTE, Prop'r.
my22 Late of Colonnade Hotel. Philada,
Appointments and service first-class.
Spacious lawns COO feet. Porch promenades.
Cuisine unexcelled. W. H. REYNOLDS.
je2552-D Late Lafayette Hotel Phila.
LINA avenne, within three minutes' walk
of depot or beach. Large cheerful rooms, ex
cellent table. Terms moderate. MRS. E. J.
ELDREDGE. Proprietress. mvlMl-D
On the beach, sea end of Virgiala avenue.
je7-19-i:OD BUCK 4 McCLELLAN.
Salt water baths in the house. Elevator.
apl6V81-D Is. ROBERTS & SONS. ,'
Largest and most prominently located hotel
with a new and first-class Restaurant attached.
350 chairs. Open all the year. Coaches to and
from Beach and Trains. Brophy's Orchestra.
Directly on tbe beach.
Now open.
jel-tD W. VV. GREEN.
Opens June 15, 18S9. James Mooney, "Owner."
(Late of tbe Hotel Lafayette.)
jeM-73-atwr Proprietor.
A leading hotel in every respeoc. Beauti
fully situated near tbe beach. All rooms com
mand an unobstructed view ot tbe ocean. Ap
pointments unsurpassed. Drainage and Sani
tary arrangements perfect. For information
address MORGAN 4 PARSONS. jel5-35
line Pennsylvania Railroad, on top of
Now open. All trains stop at Cresson. For
circulars, etc, address
WM. R. DUNHAM, Supt,
my"-2-DSa Cresson. Cambria Co., Pa.
Hesrt WAi.TEB,Prop'r., Its o. B. Scki.os.seb,
Manager, late of Hotel Duquesne, Pittsburg.
Thomson House, Kane,
2,000 feet above ocean level. Open all tba
year. Now prepared for tbe reception of sum
mer visitors. Rates, $2 CO per day and from
$7 00 to $U 00 per week. Write for circular.
jyiMl-MWTSU C. H. KEMP, Prop.
RENOVO, Clinton Co., Pennsylvania. L200
feet above ocean level. Open all tbe year.
Now prepared for the reception of summer
visitors. Rates. $2 00 per day and from $7 0U
to $14 00 per week.
Write for1 circular.
jy9-42-M-WF3n C. H. KEMP. Prop.
iuw.1, ritual riEK moktu itivtu.
Etrcrla. July M, noou. Bothnia, Aug. H 7:30.1.x
Auranla, July:?, SAM F.trurla,Aug.l7,10:30 AM
Umbria, Aug. 3, 19 am I Auranla. Aujr. 24, Jr x
SerTU. Anirust 10, s r x
Cabin passage. SSO, SO and f 100; lntlrmedUte,
135. steerage ticket to and from aU parts of
Kurope at Tery loir rates.
VEK.NON H. BKOW N & CO., General Agents,
4 Bowling tireen, (ew York,
fourth ave. and smitbSeld t., Plttsbnrj.
State Line
To Glasqow, Belfast Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passaro S3S to ISO. according to locatloa
of tateroom. Excursion SC5 to too.
steerage to and from Europe at Lowest Bates.
AUSTIN BALDWIM & CO., General Agents,
SJ Broadway, New York.
J. J. McCORMICK. Agenl, Pltltburg. Pa.
Atlanlio Express Service;
Steamship "CITY OV KOITE," from Kev York,
WEDNESDAY. July S4. Aug. a, Sept. IS, Oct. 1&7
Saloon passage. SCO to SIOO: second-class, 330.
Steamers every Saturday from Sew York to
Cabin passage to Glasgow. Londonderry, Liver
pool, (SO and 50. Second-class. 50.
Steerage passage, either service. f3K
Saloon excursion tickets at reduced rates.
Travelers' circular letters or credit and drafts
for any amount Issued at lowest current rates.
for books of tours, tickets or Information,
J. I. McCOKMlUK. fourth and Smlthfleld: A. D.
SCORER & SON. 413 Smlthfleld St., Flttsburg; W.
UEMPLE. Jr., IBS federal St., Allegheny.
To Philadelphia.
Passenger Accommodations Unexcelled.
Prepaid Intermediate. J0. Steerage. $19.
Passencersby this route are saved tbe ex.
ense and inconvenience attending transfer to
Iverpool or from New York.
j. j. Mccormick, or a. d. bcorera soy,
Pittsburg. my27-57-MWT
lll JL LN JOl. Hartford. Conn. M
Assets, January I, 1SS7. $V,SH,SS 0
i EDWARDS fc KENNEY, Agents,
OQ Fourth avenue Pittsburg,
lal5V59.jnr 3
s m
and 50c, were 750 and $1 earlier ini
wide, 90c, $t and $l 25, worth 50c
Satine, 6c up. Challis, 5c upj
6c, 8c, 10c and i2c up to 25c al