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leadins Features of Markets at
Liberty Stock Yards.
Light, Smooth, Well Fatted Beeves Steady
Uogs Advanced.
Oftice op Pittsburg Dispatch,
-Ved E3DAT. June 26, 18e9. J
The run of cattle was much lighter this
-week than last, the total being 72 loads
against 98 last week. A drop of 18 loads
would, according to the eternal fitness of
things, stimulate markets. But live stock
trade this season has been an exception to
all rules. Markets were steady at last
week's prices on tidy, fat butcher cattle,
eighing from L000 to 1,200 pounds. On com
mon grades and prime heavy stock there was a
drop of S to 10c. The highest price obtained
was $1 20 tor prime 1,400 pound steers.
There were more bujers on hand than last
week, but not as many as were expected.
There were no buyers of export cattle, and
hence this grade was slow. Last week a rep
resentative of a Baltimore firm saved markets
on export cattle, but this week lacked in that
redeeming feature. The bulk of receipts were
common grades and heavy cattle, for which
there was a poor market. Light, smooth,
butcher stock, being in small supply, managed
to hold their own.
At noon to-day everything was closed ou
but at concessions on all but the most desirable
butcher stock. A few stockcrs were in the
supplies, but failed to bring anything beyond
2 to 3c Prices at Chicago are lower this
week than for some time past; Advices from
the East were not at all favorable for cattle
traders. "While the P. R. R. i now able to ship
stock through, tho full benefit of this reopen
ing of trade is not j et felt at Liberty.
Since the Johnstown disaster much of the
live stock trade which belongs to the Pennsyl
vania Railroad system has been diverted to the
New York Central and Baltimore and Ohio.
Another week will restore tho trade to its
wonted channel.
sheep nnd Lainba.
Supplies raised little from last week. Quality
was below average. Good grades which were
in a small minority were in active demand on
an advance over last week's prices. Markets
have been steadily Improving since the be
ginning of the week, on choice grades. Some
dealers report an advance of Si) to -10c on the
best grades since Monday. Common stock fails
to share in the improvement of markets.
Prices for these low grades were a shade loner
than last week, and slow at the decline. In
general markets have been decidedly good for
everything In the mutton line which filled the
bill as to quality, but no good for common
Supply has not been up to demand for light
weights, and markets are 10 to 20c stronger
than a week ago.
The price of tops at Chicago to-day is 84 60,
and at Liberty 54 SO. The difference is not
justified by the difference in freight. About
half this divergence would be the right thing.
It will be difficult to hold up Liberty prices to
their present figure when sufficient t.me elapses
to receive hogs from Chicago.
Our home packers complain that hog dealers
at East Liberty have been too large in their
view of pnees all this season, leaving to them
little or no martin lor ham and lard.
Br Telesraoh.
New Yoke Beeves Receipts, 2.300 head,
including 72 carloads for the market, 43 car
loads for exportation, and 17 carloads for city
slaughterers direct. The aomand was rather
weak, and the trading dull: native steers sold
at S3 604 50 per 100 pounds, with no extra lot
shown; bulls and dry cows at SI 703 40, ex
ports 600 beeves and 4,400 quarters of beef.
Calves Receipts, 2,000 head, firmer and higher
with an early clearance; veals sold at 4g6c per
round: buttermilk calves at 23c Sheep
Jteceipts, 7.200 head; market firm for sheep; c
to Kc per pound higher for lambs; sheep sold
3t3jWc per pound; lambs at 67J cents.
Hogs Receipts, fi.800 head; nominally steady
for live hogs at SI 604 90.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts, 2,400 head;
shipments, 1,500 head; market steady; hoay
native steers. S3 S0fi4 30; fair to good native
steers. S3 102)4 00; stockcrs and feeders, fair to
good, $2 103 10: rangers, corn fed, S2 M3 CO;
grass led. S2 003 00. Hogs Receipts, 3,800
heart;., shlnments. S00 head: market stronger:
choice beavy and butchers selections. C4 SO
4 40: packing, medium to prime, S4 20
4 35; light grades, ordinary to best. $4 30
kH 4a Sheep Receipts, 2,000 head; shipments,
900 head; market firm; fair to choice, S3 00
CHICAGO Cattle Receipts, 1L500 head;
shipments, 5,000 head; market steadv for best;
other grades lower: beeves. S4 054 40: steers,
S3 334 10; Blockers and feeders, $2 003 40;
cows, bulls and mixed. SI 403 00: Texas cattle,
1 653 25. Hogs Receipts, 20,000 head; ship
ments, 6,500 head: market active and steady;
mixed. $4 304 50; heavy, S4 254 50; light,
$4 354 65: skips, S2 254 00. Sheen Receipts,
5,000 head; shipments, L500 head: market active
and-firmi natives, S3 5004 90. Westerns and
Texans, S3 204 15; lambs, S2 2o4 00 per head.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts. 2,515 head;
no shipments: steady to strong on natives,
Texas and Indians; cood cows firm: common
barely steady; stockers and feeders steady;
fair to choice corn-fed steers, S3 S54 00; com
mon to medum, S3 O03 75;cow, SI C02 9a
Hog Receipts, 10,2M) head; shipments, 1,153
head; market strong, active and .-10c higher;
good to choice lights, $4 201 25, heavy and
mixed, S4 054 15. Sheep Receipts, 575 head;
no shipments: market steady; good to choice
muttons, S3 0C4 15: common to medium, S3 50
3 60.
CiNCnriTATi Hogs firm; common and light,
S3 754 40: packing and butchers, $4 254 50;
receipts, 3.640 head; shipments, 640 head.
A Man Ont on Ball, and Vet He Is Wanted
Relic of n Riot Suit Other Court News
of Interest.
The Sheriff is looking for Joseph Dierstein,
the aged defendant in the breach of promise
case brought against him by Mrs. Mary Schub
lcagle. In the trial of the suit a verdict was
rendered against Dierstein for S600 damages.
Messrs. Whitesell A Sons, his attorneys, took a
writ of error and appealed the case to the
Supreme Court. Bond was given for the pay
ment of the costs in the case. John S. Robb,
Esq., the attorney for Mrs. Schnbkagle, ob
jected to this, and yesterday morning went be
fore Judge Swing and bad three executions
issued against Dierstein. One was an execu
tion to collect the S600 and the costs of the
case, another n execution attachment to col
lect money in the hands of Lutz &. Son, alleged
to belong to Dierstein, and the third is to seize
the body of Dierstein.
In the Criminal Court, yesterday, John Hen
nal was acquitted of the larceny of 25 bushels
of mortar from M. Wolf. Rose Parker.colored,
charged with selling liquor without license and
on Sunday, on oath of Emma Day. was found
not guilty. The costs were placed on the
prosecutrix, farewell Skidmore, tried for as
sault and battery on Mrs. Laura Sheppard, for
trying to kiss her, was found not guilty, and
the costs divided. John Earley was tried on
the charges of inciting to riot and felonious as
sault. The case crew out of the Dunuesne
strike, in which Earley was accused of having
taken an active part. The felonious assault
was lor striking R. F. Kuonth. the prosecutor.
In the charge of riot a verdict of not guilty
was rendered and the costs placed on Kuoutli.
In the other a verdict of simple assault was
found. Michael Spence, of the Seventeenth
ward, was convicted of selling liquor without
license and on Sunday.
Jndge Ewmg esterday handed down an
opinion refusing a new trial in the case of Mrs.
Elizabeth Kerr against George Elbourne, an
Allegheny saloon keeper. The suit waB for
damages for the death of Mrs. Kerr's husband.
He was intoxicated, and fell or was pushed on
a pile of Iron, receiving injuries that caused
his death. A man named Wickline was tried
lor murder for pusnmg him, but was acquitted.
It was claimed that Kerr procured his drink at
Elbournc's, and Mrs. Kerr sued for damages.
The verdict in the case was in favor of
Alexander McAllister yesterday entered suit
against John Jiunball ifcCo., coal dealers, for
$10,000 damages for the death of his son, who
was caught between a car and the side of the
entrance to the pit and crushed to death.
Decrees of divorce were granted j esterday in
the cases of Jacob Reuhl against Ernstcin
Reuhl, and Sarah E. Goodwin against James M.
The grand jurv was discharged yesterday
after hearing 357 cases, of which 227 were re
turned asftrne bills and 1J0 ignored. None of
the bills returned yesterday were important.
In the United States Court yesterday Peter
Reislckfiied a bill in equity against the Right
Rev. John Tulgg, trustee of St. Augustine's
Roman Catholic Church. Some stairs bnilt in
the church, it is claimed, are an infringement
on-a patent held by Reuick, who sues to re
cover damages.
Following is to-day's trial list in tho Criminal
Court: Commonwealth v James Irwin, Eva
Iternolds. W. M. Aubrey. Michael Spence (2),
E-J. Mathews, George Ross. H. 8 trans', John
Kapcosk. C. F. Jacobs, Jacob Beitler (2).
Charles "Guiger. John Berg, Sr., Salomon
Hlrsch. -Wm. Pryle, Win. Brooks. Patrick Con
Rumors of Wnrllke Complications nnd a
Better European Demand Give Wheat
a Whirl Lnrjte Business and
HlcbcrPricea All Round.
Chicago Speculation again ran wild In the
wheat pit to-day, and a large business was trans
acted. Fluctuations in prices were rapid and
violent, and a higher range was established.
The openine for July was 5c higher than
yesterday's closing, and the market eased off
c, then rallied with some fluctuations 3c. re
ceded la recovered asraln, advancing lc,
ruled irregular and closed 3ic higher than yes
terday. The deferred futures also were higher
and ruled more activo than usual, closing l?c
higher for August, IJfc higher for September
and l?c higher for December. The influences
governing the market were pretty much the
same as yesterday, and the short interest cov
ered freely. There was a great deal of long
wheat reported sold on the early advance, and
some short selling, no doubt, in expectation of
a break. This caused the decline soon after the
opening, but the subsequent advance again
brought the early sellers in the market as buy
ers, and created a very strong feeling.
Foreign advices quoted a better demand and
higher prices, and tho quantity on ocean pas
sage showed a decrease ot 960,000 bushels. For
eign securities were quoted lower, and there
were some vague rumors of European war com
plications. A moderate degree of activity was witnessed
in corn, and the feeling developed was easier.
The market was firm arouna tho opening, but
as the session advanced offerings became quite
heavy, and in absence of any support prices de
clined jC.
Oats opened fairly stronc, but later the de
clino in wheat and corn caused a recession of
Kc. and the market closed easy at about in
side ngures.
A good speculative trade was reported in
moss pork, and the feeling was stronger.
Prices were advanced 1517Jc, and the market
closed steady.
Only a fair business was transacted in lird.
The feeling was stronger and prices ruled 2c
More interest was manifested in short rib
sides, and prices ruled 57c higher.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat-Ko. 2 July. 8081J81KSlc:
August, 78'i'S077JJ79Kc; September. 78
92i77K7!ic; December, H4S179K
COUN- No. 2 Inly. 35JS5SjS55c:
August, 357S5?35J35gc; September, 36$
Oats-No.2Ju1v.22J?2222X223c: Au
gust, 2J4'22?ie2222c: September. 22J
Mess, Pork, per bbl July, $11 92KH 97
Oil SOglll 92; August, Sll 97$12 J2KIl 92H
12 00; beptcmber, S12 Uo12 1512 00
12 07K.
Lard, per 100 its. July, SO 62K6-65
6 60g6 C2K: Angust, S6 706 756 70
fa 72K; September, S5 806 82K6 77K6 Sa
Short Ribs, per 100 fts. July, 85 956 02K
5 9o0 00. August. 85 00S 07K6 00
b 05: September. J6 106 156 076 12.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour firm
and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat. S384c:
No. 3 spring wheat. 7576c: No. 2 red, S3
84c No. 2 corn. 35c No. 2 oats, 22522Jic
No. 2 rye. 41c. No.2barIeynominaI. No. 1 flax
seed, SI 50. Prime timothy seed, $1 45. Mess
pork, per barrel, Sll 9512 00. Lard, per 100
pounds, S6 62. Short ribs sides (loose). S6 00
6 05. Dry salted shoulders (boxed), S5 25
5 37. Short clear sides (boxed), S6 256 37.
Sugars unchanged. Receipts Flour, 21,000
barrels; wheat 7.000 bushels: corn. 215 000
bnshels: oats, 177,000 bushels: rye, 1,000 bush
els; barley, 2,000 bushels. Shipments Flour.
16,000 barrels;wheat, 50.000 busnels; com. 256,000
bushels: oats, 132,000 bushels; rye, 22,000 bush
els; barlej, 2.000 bushels.
On tho Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was firm and unchanged. Eggs firm
New York Flour active and 515e higher;
demand chiefly at home. Cornmeal steady and
lJlJic higher Spot firm; moderately active;
options unusually active, chiefly in turning
contracts to later months; advanced lljc;
closing at o over yesterday .and firm. Rye
firmer; a boatload of Western sold at 50c for
export. Barley malt quiet. Corn Spot steady
and moderately active; options more active,
c lower and steady. Oats Spot easier and
quiet; options steady and moderately active;
Hay, steady and quiet. Hops, steady and
quiet. Coffee Options opened steady 520
points up; closed barely steady; unchanged 10
points up; sales, 126.500 including July, 13.40
13.60c: Auzust, lA6018.75c; September, 13.70
l&85c: October, 13.7813.95c; November. 1&5S
13.90c; December, liS514 05c; January, 13 95
14.05c; February, 13.9514.10c: March, 13.90
14.10c; April, 14.0014.10c; May, 14.0O14 15c
Spot Rio inactive, fair cargoes at 16.
Sugar Raw, qmet and firm; refined, firm and
in fair demand. Molasses Foreign strong;
New Orleans quiet. Rice steady and quiet.
Cotton seed oil weak and dull; crude. 3940c:
yellow, 4745c Tallow easier; city, 43-16
4lic Rosin steady and quiet. Turpentine
steady and quiet at 87SSc Eggs easierand
in moderate demand; western, 1414c; re
ceipts. 7,017 packages. Pork steady; mess, S13 00
13 25, extra prime, Sll 5011 75. Cutmeats
firm: sales pickled bellies, 12 pounds, 6c: 14
pounds, 6;; pickled hams, 12c; pickled
shoulders, 6Hc; middles dull; Short clear S6 35.
Lard Sales western steam, 6 927 00. clos
ing at S7 00; city, S6 35; Julv,S6 8!4j6 94, closing
at SO 92 bid; August. S6 997 05, closing at $7 06
bid; September, S7 0S7 15, closing at S7 15 bid;
October, $7 17. Butter less active and barely
steadv; western dairy, 1014c: do creamery,
1317c; do factory, 713c Cheese active
and stronger; western. 7jJ8c
Philadelphia Flour firm and quiet
Wheat Spot lots scarce and firm; options
auiet: No. 2 red in export 93Kc:No.2red Jnnn.
92Ji93c; Julv, 82S3c; August. 8383c;
September. 8383c Corn There was a de
mand for export, and, with light offerings, the
market ruled firm; speculation, however, was
tame; uncraded track and cram depot, 43c; No.
2 mixed and high mixed In'grain depot 43c;
No. 2 mixed June. 4243c: Julv. 4243c: Au
gust. 4343c; September. 4344c Oats Car
lots quiet, but firm; No 3 white, 31315ic; regu
lar 1 a. 2 white quoted at 333lc: choice No. 2
white, 35c; choice ungraded white, 35Mc:
futures steady: No. 2 white June, 32Ji33jc:
July. 32&33Jc: August 31JJS2ic: Septem
ber. 31g32i4c. Butter quiet and irregular;
Pennsylvania creamery extra, lB17c; do
prints, extra, ISc
, Baltimore Wheat Western easy; No. 2
winter red, spot and June,S4c; July, S2
S2Jc; August 81K682Hc; September. 82c
Corn Western easy; mixed, July, 4141c;
August 4112c: September. 4242jc;
steamer, 3940c Oats firm; Western white
3234c Rje quiet at 4950c Hay Timothy.
S14 50015 00 Provisions quiet Butter steadv:
. lftCTTTl- V . .tCAm. n .'
',000 bushels: oats. 3.000 bushels. Shlnments
Flour, 5,000 barrels; wheat, 8,000 bushels; corn.
21.000 bushels. Sales Wheat, 191,000 bushels
corn, 37,000 bushels.
St. Louis. Flour quiet but firm. Wheat
higher; the close was 1J41C over yesterday;
No. 2 red. cash, 85c; June, hoc closing at 8oc;
Julv, 7475Jic closmc at 75c: August, 74J4
75c, closing at 75c; September, 75K76c,
closing at 7&c bid; December closed at79Jic
bid: year. 74K74Vic, closing at 75Jc nominal.
Corn firm: cash, 31Jc; July closed at 81531?c:
August 32c bid; September, 33J bid. Oats
stead: cash and Julv, 22c Rye dull at 40c
bid. Provisions higher and firm.
Cikcikati Flour barelv. steady. Wheat
firm; No 2 red, 8687c: receipts, 3.200 bushels:
shipments, 500 bushels. Corn stronc:No. 2 mixed,
37c Oats active and strong; No. 2, 2526c. Rve
firmer; No. 2, 4546c Pork firmer at S12 25.
Lard stronger at S6 32. Bulkmeats firmer
short ribs, S6 006 02. Bacon stronger; short
clear. 17c Butter easy. Sugar firm. Eggs
and cheese easy.
Milwaukee Flour in good demand.
Wheat firm; cash and July. 79c; Septem
ber, 78c Corn dull; No. 3, 33c Oats steadv:
No. 2 white. 28c Rye quiet: o.l,43c Barley
dull; No. 2, 50lc Provisions firm. Porfc
Sll 90 Lard, S6 6U Cheese unchanged; Ched
dars. 88Jc
Toledo Cloverseed firm; cash Jl 4a
Whisky Market.
Finished goods are in good demand at SI 0Z
Still He Wns Able to Succeed in Gculns
Help on False Prriene.
George Miller appeared before the Citizens'
Relief Committee yesterday afternoon and by
a plausible story convinced them that he was a
sufferer from Johnstown In great need of as
sistance. He was well supplied by the com
mittee and started out, but an bonr later was
In Central station, having been arrested by ex
Detective Hcil while trlng to sell the goods
he had received from the committee on Grant
street Miller confessed his guht at the sta
tion, and said he had never seen Johnstown
and was a native of Chicago.
A sate cttbk for worms, an efficient
tonic besides, may be had in Dr. Jayne's
Tonic Vermifuge. It utterly destroys
worms, and acts beneficially in the dyspep
sia and general debility ot either children
or adults.
401 Smlthflcld Street, cor. .Fourth Avenue.
Capital, $100,000. Surplus, $45,000.
Deposits of $1 and upward received and
interest allowed at 4 per cent tts
If yon hare nut smoked the Za Peria del
Fumar Key "West Cigar yon have lost a
treat Bold 3 for 25c G. Wi Schmidt,
Nos. 95 and 37 Fifth are.
A Pittsburg Man Gives His Views on
the Speculative Craze.
Old-Time Architects and Builders Scored bjr
a Market Street Merchant.
The revival in the speculative interest, in
which the sugar and lead trusts and petrol
eum are taking the lead, is charged with a
large share of the depression which has
characterized real estate for the past few
days. In support of this hypothesis a
Fourth avenue agent said yesterday:
"Ihe real estate market has been remark
ably active all season, and only within the
past few days has it given signs of quieting
down. That this depression and the boom in
oil and the trust stocks should come so close
together is, to say the least, significant I
think the boom has considerable to do with
the depression. Profits on investments in
lands and houses are sure, but they are slow.
This does not suit a great many people.
They can't wait. Dnzzled by visions
of wealth quickly acquired by a few fortunate
persons, they forsake a certainty for an un
certainty, and risk their all on turn of a card,
as it were. If it comes up right, they pocket
the cash: if it comes up wrong, as is generaUy
the case they are financially ruined.
"A poor man, or one of-moderate means, with
a family, cannot afford to do thls;but there are
those who, in times of excitement like the
present, forget their obligations to those de
pendent upon them, and stake every cent they
can raise upon stocks about which they have no
personal knowledge, indeed very little of any
kind, and whose movements they cannot con
trol. They take the statements of interested
persons, or judgo from the fluctuations, that
the investment is a good one, and take the
chances. Ihe result in nine cases out of ten is
financial ruin.
"Pittsburg people, as a rule, are not specially
addicted to dabbling in unknown or doubtful
securities, but sometimes they catch tho craze.
It was so, 1 remember, in 1S76, when oil was on
the rampage. Clerks, laborers, servant girls,
indeed all classes and conditions of people, in
vested every dollar they could command in the
delusive commodity and sleeplessly awaited the
result When tho turn came it was against
them, and they had to pocket the loss. I am
acquainted with several of these crushed
speculators who feel the pinch to this day. The
sugar and lead trusts, in which, I understand,
considerable Pittsburg money has been in
vested, are controlled by a clique who are able
to manipulate the market to suit themselves,
advaniiog or depressing prices whenever it
suits their purposes. Just fiow these stocks are
centers of attraction, but who can tell the day
or the hour wnen the powers that work the
wires will call a halt, and the magnificent
prospect of speedy wealth which so many affect
to see be dashed to pieces? A reaction must
come, and it will leave many a victim to repent
at leisure that he ever gave way to such
This is good advice. It comes from a man
who knows the uncertainties and dangers of
speculation, and would warn all within the
range of his Influence to beware of it as a de
lusion and a snare. In this connection it seems
appropriate to state, what probably everybody
knows, that speculation was the prime cause of
all the financial crises through which this coun
try has passed from 1837 down. What has been
may be. It would be an unpardonable sin to
imperil the bright prospects for legitimate
business which are apparent in all sections of
the country by Involving tho capital whicn will
soon be needed to move the crops, build mills
and factories, construct railroads and other
wise expand the productive resources of the
country in doubtful ventures which can have
but one outcome bnancial and commercial
stagnation and individual demoralization.
Many"6f the business houses in Pittsburg are
old-timers, bnilt 40 or 50 years ago, without- re
gard to. light or ventilation. Some of them
have been remodeled to conform to modern re
quirements, but others are in the same condi
tion, plus wear and tear, as when they came
fresh from the hands of the builders.
I entered ono of these relics of an age more
utilitarian than the present yesterdayafternoon.
I: is on Market street The shelves and coun
ters were weighed down with a miscellaneous
assortment of goods. A number of customers
were present The light was dim and the air
close and hot While expatiating upon the
virtues of his wares, the proprietor made vigor
ous use of a fan. When at leisure he remarked:
"This is a hot day inhere. I have occupied
this building for several years. When I moved
into it I saw at once that it was not well adapted
to business, aud spoke to the owner about re
modeling it but he thought the cost would eat
up the income, and refused. I have a long
lease on it, and will make the improvement my
self next year. I think it will pay me in the
long run, as people don't like to deal where the
surroundings are disagreeable; What idiots
the old-time builders were. The value of light
Aid ventilation seems never to have entered
their minds. Shelves and counters for goods
were of more importance to them than per
sonal comfort They did good, honest work,
but that is about all that can be said in their
favor. Their ideas of interior arrangement
were crude, almost barbarous. If I had the
designer of this building here now I think I
could soon show him where he was mistaken."
This criticism of the architects and builders
who plied their vocations in Pittsburg in the
long ago is severe and in some respects unfair.
They planned and built to suit the require
ments of their time and not of this. Business
methods have undergone many changes since
they "hewed the shaft and laid the architrave."
As they could not foresee these changes, they
could make no provision for them. Men who
fully meet the requirements of their day and
generation do all that can be reasonably ex
pected of them. This the old-time architects
and builders undoubtedly did.
Denllngs In Locnl Stocks Reduced to One
Small Trnnsnctlon.
Business at the Stock Exchange yesterday
was restricted to the sale of 25 shares of Switch
and Signal at 23, a decline. The feeling was
bearish and apathetic A great many figures
were placed on the board, but they were put
there more for show than anything else. No
body was anxious to either buy or sell.
Tne bidding showed that Gas stocks were a
little firmer. Judged by the same standard
electric and the tractions were weaker, though
this was more evident in sentiment than fig
ures. Bids and offers were:
Bid. Asked. Hid. Asked.
CommercialiN. Bank 103
Fourth Nat. Bank 127,! ....
Masonic Bank SJ ....
Herman Nat lik.All'y 3W
H. E. V. and Trust Co 80
Allegheny Ins. Co 30
Armenia Ins. Co .... 101
Hen Franklin Ins 45
City Insurance. 31
( itlzens Insurance.... 33
Mononcaliela Ins as .,
Pennsylvania Ins 29
Western Insurance.. . .... 54
Allegheny Gas Co 33
BriilKewaterGas 48 52 48
Chartlers Val. Has Co 50 49 50
Nat. UasCo.of W. Va. e7 70
People's N.U.&P.Co 17 ....
1'ennsvlvaniaGas Co.. 14 ....
Philadelphia Co 37S S3 373 S8
Wheellnr Gas Co 20 30 ssm 30
Central Traction - 32W 32H SH six
Citizens' Traction 68t m ami C9S
l'lttsDurj; lTaction.... SI 52 51 52
Pleasant Vallev 198 .... 25u
Pitts., Alle. & Man rSo
Pitts.. Y. A Ash. K B. 30X
p. & W. R. K. Co I3)i
P. &W. K. K. pref. 21
NortUsIde lirlUgeXo., 54
l.aNorla Mlnlcc Co... IJf 1 if ....
SUverton Mlnlnjt Co .. 1 ....
Westlnchonse Electric 49 41Jf 47Jf 49f
Monongabela TV. Co. 33 .... S5
U. Hwltch&SbraalCo. S3 WA 23 14
Outside the Kxchange. W. H. Watt sold 100
shares Chartlers Valley Gas at 49 Robert J.
Stoney. J r., sold 100 shares Westlnghouse Elec
tric at 48. A quarterly dividend of 1J per
cent has been declared by the Hazelwood Oil
Company, payable July L The stockholders
will receive checks for amounts due by mail.
Stockholders of the Westingbouse Electric
Company ill meet to-day. Considerable in
terest Is taken in the outcome.
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday were 189,874 shares, including: Atchison,
8,935; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
20,240; Lake Shore, 4,920: Missouri Pacific, 3,760;
Northern Pacific preferred, 3,155; Beading,
40,310; Richmond and West Point, 4,635; St
Paul, 18,221; Union Pacific, 3,340.
Financiers Satisfied With the Situation A
pood Prospect Abend.
There was a fair demand for discounts at the
leading banks yesterday, and rates were steady
at 56 per cent on call and time. Large ship
ments of gold to France have caused some
fears of stringency, but as they are growing
smaller, and are expected to soon cease alto
gether, this apprehension is not well founded.
The probability Is that money will be abundant
and easy all season. Depositing was above the
average of tho past few weeks, and checking
of good proportions.
A Fifth avenue cashier remarked: "Busi
ness Is in excellent shape for the season bet
ter indeed than we expected under the circum
stances, and away ahead of the same time last
year. We have considerable money on hand,
but not more than is necessary for the fall
movement, which will begin in six weeks or two
months." The exchanges were Jl.957,486 13 and
the balances S278.973 00.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 25 per cent, last loan 2: closed
offered at 2 per cent Prime mercantile
paper, 3J5. Sterling exchange quiet and
weaker, with actual business at $1 86 for 60
day bills, and 54 88 for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U. S. 4s, rep:
V. S. 4s. coup.. ..
U. 8. 4"s, re
M. K. AT. Gen. 5s . B7H
Mutual Union 6s... .105M
N. J.C. Int Cert...ll5Xj
Northern Pac, lsts..l20
Northern Pac.2ds..I113
Northw't'n consols. 145
Northw'n dcben's..H4
Orecon & Trans. 6s.l05J
U.&. 4HS. conp.
Pacific 6s of '95 118
LonisIanastamped43 90M
Missouri 6s.
108 SS
'lenn. new set. Cs..
'Xenn. new set 5s..
Tenn. new set. 3s..
Canada Ho. 2ds...,
Ccn. Pacific, lsts...
Den. .tit. G., lsts.
Den. Alt. . 4s
M. L. AI.M. Gen. 5s 80
St. I,.&S. F. Gen. .1121
SI. Paul consols lWi
St. PI. Chi Pc. lstslll
Tx., Pcti. G.Tr.Ks 89
Tx.. Pc. K.G.Tr.Kcts OT
,. 913
. 81M
D.&R.G.'Rest.lsts. 102
union rac. sts ii.?i
West bhore 109
Eric. 2ds 103V
31. It. &T. Gen. 6s.. 61
Government and State bonds were dull and
Boston Clearings, 516,539,063; balances,
$1,731,21L Money. 3 per cent
New Yokk Clearings, 101634,455; balances,
Baitijiobe Clearings, 2.008,424; balances,
PmLADELPHiA Clearings, !13,605,318;
balances. 1.860.6S0.
London Bar silver, 42 l-16d per ounce.
Pakib Three per cent rentes 84f 16c for
tho account
Chicago Money ranged from 4 to 6 per
cent Bank clearings, 10.512,000.
Other Oil Markets.
On. CITT. June 26. National transit cer
tificates opened, OOJ-jJc; highest, 93Jc; lowest,
ts9Jc; closed, 91c
TrrusvrLi.E, June 26. National transit cer
tificates opened. 90c; highest 93c; lowest,
89c; closed, 91c
New Yobk. Juno 26 Petroleum opened
steady at 00jc and after a slight decline in the
early trading became strong and advanced to
93iC Heavy selling by local operators then
caused a reaction, on which the market closed
steady at 91c Consolidated Exchange Op
ening, 90Jc; Highest, 93c; lowest 89c, clos
ing at 91c Stock Exchange Opening, 90c;
highest, 93c: lowest, 89Jc. closing at 91c
Total sales, 3,066.000 barrels.
OH Strong nnd Active, Closing; About
' Ninety Line.
The petroleum market was strong and active
yesterday.closing lc higher than the opening.
The first quotation was OOJc The market
held within c of this figure until near noon,
when a boom was started which carried the
price up to 93c. It then quickly sold off to
91c, from which point it rallied, and during
the last hour reached 91c, the highest of the
day. It then declined and sold down to 90c,
recovered and closed at 91c
The fluctuations were wild and rapid, and
trading of large proportions. Pittsburg and
New York were heavy buyers. Oil City and
Bradford sold. Tuesday's clearings were
2,025,000 barrels. Trading In futures begins
to-day. As the new system and the new rules
governing it are imperfectly understood, some
confusion and a good deal of fun is expected
for a few days.
Agents of Guffey & Co. and Eukili & Co.
have taken up a great deal of valuable land on
the line with the Dall's Run strike in Monon
galia county, We6t Virginia, and propose to
develop it immediately. Prof. T. C. White, of
the State University..Guffey's prospector,- has
formed a company, and began work yesterday
erecting a rig to siuk'a well a few miles west of
Fentures of the Mnrket
Corrected daily by John M. OaKiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 00J4" Lowest.
71 202
, 94 Closed...
Average runs
Average shipments
Average charters
iteunco, new iorK, .zuc
Kennci London, 5 U-1M.
Refined, Antwerp. 17f.
Itellned, Liverpool, 6 5-16(1.
Carrying, Aew York, flat; Bradford, flat; Pitts
burg, flat.
A. B. McGrew 4 Co.: brokers, quote: Puts.
S9; calls, 9o to 95K-,
A House and Lot on Junlnta Slrcct, Alle
eheny. Clmnses Hands. -
Samuel W. Black fc Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold the property Nos. 207 ana 207 Juniata
street Allegheny, lot 36x129 feet," with four
brick dwellings, for 10,000 cash.
George S. Martin, 503 Liberty street sold In
tho Maplewood Park plan, Wilkmsbure, lot
No. 22, fronting 40 feet on Coal street by 120
feet to Washington lane, for $450, to Godfrey
Weber; also lots Nos. 25 and 26 in the same
plan, fronting 40 feet each on Coal street, by 120
feet to Washington lane, for 900, to Theodore
Black & Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold to C.
A. Burrows a lot in the Herr-Feilbach plan at
Bennett station, on the West Penn Railroad,
being No. 81, size 66x170 feet, for $600 cash.
They also placed a mortgage of 8.000 for five
years at 5 per cent free of State tax on a prop
erty on Arch street, Allegheny City, valued at
about 12.0U0.
Alles A Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, placed a
mortgage of $2,000 lor five years at 6 per cent
on a farm in Penn township.
C. Bcringer fc Son, 103 Fourth avenue, sold
tor James Miller a farm of about 400 acres
In Derry township, Westmoreland county, for
It was reported yesterday that thelnmsen
estate has purchased a propertv at or on the
corner of First avenue and Bmithficld street.
including a lot 18x48 feet on the latter thorough
fare, with old three-story building and a lot im
mediately in the rear, facing 30 feet on First
avenue by GO feet deep, for $35,000.
Reed B. Coyle & Co.. 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for James P. Bailey to James Horner, a lot on
corner of Craig and Bajard streets, city, for
$3,000 cash. Mr. Horner will buila a fine resi
dence in the near future.
The Trusts Lead Oft at tho Opening, bat Lose
Their Grip at tbo Clone Rnilroad
Shares Receive More Atten
tion Government Bonds
Ball nnd Firm!
NEtr York, Juno 28. The stock market to
day was quite irregular In Its course, but final
ly ended generally weak at fractional losses
from last evening's figures. The trusts were
again more active than the railroad shares in
the forenoon, and decided weakness, and espe
cially in sugar, which was sold heavily for the
lone account, checked the natural rising tend
ency of the general market and restricted the
dealings to very small amounts. Opening
prices were generally slightly higher than la6t
evening's figures, but only Reading, which was
freely supported by the pools, and Chicago and
East Illinois common showed any strength in
the early tradmg. The trusts at the time were
very activo and feverish, while sugar was ex
tremely weak'on tho rumor that the decision
in the case of the North River Refinery would
be handed down to-morrow, and would in all
probability be unfavorable. It drooped to 113
from 117; last night, but after that there was a
better feeling all around, and it rallied to the
neighborhood of 115, risinglaterto 116, -
There was little news upon the railroad situ
ation and the regular list settled down to dull
ness and Staguatidn, and the trusts alter the
first excitement was over became compara
tively dull and soon fell behind the stocks of
tho regular list in point of activity. Toward
noon more decided strength was developed in
the market and Rock Inland became .the
leader, rising over 1 per cent in which Improve
ment the other Grangorr shared. Dullness was
the principal feature of tho market, however,
until delivery hour, when there was a batch of
disquieting rumors from the West put out and
at the same time tho approach of the 1st of
July, with its heavy disbursements for Interest
and dividends was -felt in the hardening
tendency in money, the Tate on call going np
to 6 per cent which precipitated another down
ward movement, and Cotton Oil, which had
been held up well during the day suddenly
Rave way, and San Francisco preferred dropped
2 per cent on very light transactions.
The entire list followed. New England lead
ing the general list and all the advances of the
forenoon were wiped ont and fractions in ad
dition were lost The close was fairly active
and generally weak. Of unlisted stocks there
were sold 148.594 shares, of which the Lead
trust furnished 84,727, Cotton Oil 35,060 and
sugar 27,207. With tho exception of the loss of
f'4. per cent In San Francisco preferred the
nal changes in the regular list are for frac
tional amounts only, with a large majority of
declines, and in the unlisted department sugar
is downSJK and cotton oil VA.
Tho trading in railroad bonds amounted to
only 960,000 to-day, and dnbnesswas the only
feature. There was in general a firm tone,
however, and most issues are slightly higher
tbis evening, and few of the active bonds made
material changes from their last reported
sales. Hocking Valley sixes rose 4, to 61:
Cedar Falls and Minneapolis firsts 3. to 77;
Missouri Pacific thirds 2, to 120; South Caro
lina seconds 5 to 55K: Toledo, Ann Arbor
and Grand Trunk 2, to 1J0, and Ohio Southern
incomes to 55
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange
Corrected dallj for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Open- High- Low- log
ins, est. est Bids
Am. Cotton Oil 58 56
Atcb., TOP. & . F.... Aali 4S5i 4i 45J1
Canadian Pacific MM Hii 65 S
Canada southern MM 54 MIS 53X
CentraIofNewiersey.U2 U2)j 112 1 12 "
CentraiFaelflc 3414
Chesapeake A Ohio.... 20 20 20W 20M
C.Bur. &Ou1hct.....102 102 102 1KJ?
C, Mil. St Paul.... 71K 72J4 71H 71
C, Sill bt. P., pr....HlM Hi 111)4 1H54
C. KocKl. AP 97 08X 97 97S
C, St. L. & Pitts 13
C, St L. & PlttS. pf. K
C.SI.P..M.&0 34
C.. St. P..M. & O.. pr. 97 97M 97 97
C. & Northwestern.. ..109,4 liOil Iu9j 1WH
C.C.C.4I 71
Col. Coal A Iron 30"
Col. ft Hocking Val .. 15 H 15 l.'.S 15
Del.. L. &W 148 143 143 H8!
Del. & Hudson 14S 148 147i 1471)
Denver&KloG " ,r.. W4
Denver A Klo G.. nr 47
E.T., Va.&Ga 103i lOlf .103 10
E.T.,Va. Galst pf.. 73H 73 73)i 73)
K. 1.. Va. &Ga. 2dpf. 21Jf 244 2114 "Vi
Illinois Central lis
Lake Erie ft estern.. 18 18S K'4 18J
Lake Erie West. pr.. eoii 60H 60 60
Lako Shore AM. S 105M J05& 105H 303
Louisville Nashville. :o;g 70 C3J, CD3a
Michigan Central S9"i
Mobile i Ohio 13 ' 13's 13K MX
Mo., h.. JtTcias 11 11 11 11
Missouri Pacific 735 74J 73f 73
ew York Central 10S5 loss 10sM 106J4
A. V.. L. E. ft W 27& 27 27 27
l... L E. &W., pref 69J6 69' 67 67
X .. C. ft St L.:.... 17J4 tlH 17 17
S.I4K, S 52$ 62'1 61H SIK
h. r. O. ftW 18 18, 17S I7A,
Korfolks Western 15H
Norfolkft Western, pf. 51
Northern Pacific iSH S8 23M 2b
Mortnern Pacific nref. 65H G7J4 66& MH
Ohio ft Mississippi... . 23 23 22M 22H
Oregon Improvement HH
Oregon Transcoa 34K 33 S2H 33'4
PaciIlcMall WH 325?
l'hlladel. ft Heading.. 47?, 43,4" 47ft 4S!4
Pullman palace Car 185
Rtchmona ft W. P. r.. 25j 2o' 24 UH
KichmondiW.P.T.pf S3
St. Paul Dam th 32
St. Paul ft Ouluth pf. 87
St p., Minn, ft Man 102
Mt.L. &San Fran 27 26M 27 27J4
St. L. ft San JTran pr.. 60 & 57 57
St. L. ft ban If.lst pf. 112
Texas Pacific 207S 21 OH, 20i
UnlonPaclflc i. em - Clft 61h 6154
Wabaso K'i
Wabash preferred 29 30' 29 29
Western Union 8576 8 8j?s 85H
Wheeling ft L. 69
buffarTrnst 116 116 1151$ 1P.H
National Lead Trnst. 33)$ 32H
Chicago Gas Trust 60 6u$ 60 U)4"
Fhllndolphln Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers. No 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York stock Ex
change. Bid.
Pennsylvania Kallroad SIM
Reading Railroad uQ
Lehhzh Valley Wi
Lehigh Navigation.... 53'$
Northern Pacific 28!t
Northern Pacific preferred tW
51 H
24 3-16
2s H,
Boston Stocks.
Atch. ft Toe. 1st 7s. 117
Atch. ft Top. K. K. .. 45$
Boston ft Albany. ..213
Boston ft Maine.. ...195
C. B. ftQ. IKM
Clnn. San. ft Clove. 25
Eastern It. K 95S
Flint ft PereM. prd. 96
Mexican Cen. com .. !54
N. r. ftNewKng... 51JS
Old Colony 174)$
Wls.Central.com... 23
Wis. Central pf.... 59
Calumet ft Hecla....207
Catalpa 12J$
tranKlln 9$
Huron 1)4
Osceola, 9
Pewablc (new) 2
Quiney -61
Hell Telophone 2121$
Boston Land CH
Water Power 6W
Tamarack 103$
SanDIcgo 25
The Russian army will be equipped with
new rifles of small caliber. The weapons will
be manufactured in France.
Admiral Porter is at Newport and on the
way, imcpiy to a reporter, said General But
lers last attack on him is beneath his notice.
Mr. Sexton, member of Parliament and
Lord Mayor of Dublin, appeared before the
Parnell Commission yesterday. Mr. Sexton
would not say that he opposed the principles of
the Fenian society. He claimed that boy
cotting was a necessary evil.
Tho President has appointed the following
named postmasters: David C. Greiner at Terre
Haute. lnd vice John F. Reagap. removed;
Philip Wilhelm, at Seymour, Ind., vice Alex
ander A. Davison removed; Allen Tindolpb, at
Vincennes, Ind., vice James E. Kackley re
moved. The first delivery of mail that was made up
bv clerks sent out from Chicago to meet the
Illinois Central trains was made yesterday
morning, tho scheme proving entirely success
ful and satisfactory. Merchants were not a
little surprised to find their letters from St,
Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville. New Orleans and
Southern points on their desks at 8 o'clock,
wnen they never before got them until 12
o'clock or later. This service will be extended
to all other railways as quickly as possible.
Never within the recollection of those best
informed have there been so many homeless
people in London. After midnight they can
be seen lying about on the streets,, in alleys
and in all sorts of out-of-the-way places. In
'such of the parks as are kept open, and on the
embankment, the seats are all uncomfortably
crowded by these homeless wretches trying to
sleep, and so great is the rush for seats that
they are all pre-empted soon after dark,
although sleep at such places must be out the
question for several hours after.
In order to secure a close supervision of
the operations of fruit distilleries during the
approaching season, collectors of internafreve
nue have been instructed to give prompt at
tention to all notices and bonds, that distillers
may suffer no delay in beginning work nor
have pretext for commencing work before they
are notified of the approval of their papers.
Distillers are to be notified that they will be
expected to pay the tax on the product of each
month or to warehouse it. and that all slnglings
must be doubled and ready for gauging by ur
before the end of the month; otherwise sing-'
lings will be liable to tax as brandy.
There has been no change in the Indian
trouDle on Flathead Reservation. Captain
Sloan's company of Montana militia is at
Jocko, to which point 1,000 rounds of ammuni
tion were sent on the Captain's order. Colonel
Lawson. of fort Missoula, has gone to the
scene with three companies of the Twenty-fifth
Infantry and rations for three days. A dis
patch from Jocko says that the Indians shot by
the Sheriffs posse dlod yesterday, and that the
situation grows more serious. Indians from
, various parts of the reservation are flocking to
the scene of trouble. Tbo greatest alarm is
felt for the settlers' who live on the borders of
the reserve. Three hundred Indians are
camped near Ravilli, and swear they will not
give up the murderers, whom the Indian police
and half-breeds are concealiug. The Sheriff is
determined to bavo them, and if be makes
another trial a battle will surely ensue.
The reports of wreckage washed ashore on
Nantucket, which bave been coming along
lor tho past three or four days, are reinforced
by a dispatch from Gloucester, in which Cap
tain Carlston, of the schooner Annie C. Holly,
reports that he has seen a large number of
drowned cattle afloat east of Sable Island and
near Capo Sable during the past two weeks;
The steamer Victoria, which left a week ago,
ana of wnose safety doubts have been ex
pressed, was loaaeu witn cattle; but "during
tho past two vt eeks' is no sort of a description
of the time of which she could have lost them.
Some of her bills of lading, with a lot or gilt
mountings and window sashes, have floated
ashore on Nantucket. Tho Victoria had two
deck loads of cattle for Avonmouth and shotfld
liavo been off Nantucket last Thursday, and if
she bad come to serious grief there the car
casses of her cattle should be afloat there. It
is believed that icebergs are responsible for'
whatever wrecks may bave occurred.
A mob went to the jail at SheppaTdsvilie,
Bullet countv, Ky., and demanded of Jailer
Bowman the surrenderor Thomas Mitchell and
Charles ArdelL who were confined there
charged with the murder of a peddler named
Joseph Lavine. Jailer Bowman refused to sur
render the men, and took bis stand in front of
tne door with a shntgun, declaring be would
kill the first man who tried to pass. Mrs. Bon
man, bearing tbo threats, and fearing teat her
husband would be killed, ran forward and gave
them the keys, begging Mr. Bowman not to
provoke them. The leaders then unlocked the
doors and went to the cell where the prisoners
were confined. The jailer followed, begging
them at least to spare Mitchell, who, he be
lieved, was Innocent. Tbey yielded to his en
treaties, telling Mitchell be might thank Mr.
Bowman for his life, and, binding Ardell, took
him to the woods. The men all Wore masks,
and it is believed that they have banged Ardell
near the town, though nothing further has yet
been heard about the matter.
Black and Red Raspberries Plenty
New Celery on Market.
Oats and Corn Strong Other Cereals Sloif
Hay Weakening.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch, 1
Wednesday, June. 26, 18S9. i
Country Prodnce Jobblnz Prices.
Rains manage to put a quietus on trade.
New potatoes are drifting downward. Cabbage
goes very slow at quotations. Slack and red
raspberries are in good supply and demand.
The few strawberries now showing np are nono
the best in quality. Their season is practically
over. New celery has put in its ftrstappoar
ance for the season within a few days. Wild
plums are also on tho market Butter is un
changed in price, but slow. Cheese Is fairly
active. Eggs are firm at 15c for job lots. Sales
are reported a shade above this in single cases
for nearby stock. Ihe cash buyer can obtain
tho best going at our quotation.
BOTTER-'Creamery, Elgin, 1920c; Ohio do,
1718c; fresh dairy packed, 1415c; country
rolls. 1314c; Chartlers Creamery Co., 20c
Beaks it 751 1)0.
Beeswax 2S30c ft for choice; lowgrade,
Cidee Sand refined, SO 507 50; common,
53 504 00; crab cider. !S 00S 50 barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c ? gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, 8c; New York, 10
10c; Limburger, 89c; domestic Sweitzer
cheese, 9K12jc
California Fruits California peaches.
$4 004 50 $? box; cherries, $3 00; apricots, 84 00
4 50: plums, S4 004 50
Egos 15c f? dozen for strictly fresh; goose
eggs, SOo 3 dozen.
Fruits Strawberries, 710c $ quart; pine
apples, SI 001 25 $1 dozen; red raspberries, U 00
o 00 a bushel; black raspberries, S3 003 50 a
bushel; wild goose plums, S2 50 a crate; cur
rants, S3 a 2-bnshel stand.
Feathers Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed lots, 3Uffi35c ft ft.
Potatoes Old,3540c l bushel; Early Rose,
52 753 00 a barrel; Peerless, 52 60 a barrel.
Poultry Live chickens, 6575c per pair;
undrawn chickens, 1012c W ft; drawn, 14
15c $ a.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel. So 60
!? bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts. 56 00;
clover, Aliske, $8 50; clover, white. 59 00; timo
tby, choice, 45 fts, 51 65; bine grass, extra
Clean, 14 fts, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, 51 00;
orchard grass, 14 fts. 51 65; red top. 14 fts, 51 25;
millet, 50 fts. 51 00: German millet, 50 fts,
51 00; Hungarian grass, 60 fts, 51 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, 52 50 per bushel
of 14 fts.
Tallow Country, 4K5c; city rendered, 5
Tkopical Fruits Lemons, fancv, 51 50
5 00 $1 box: Messina oranges, 54 505 50 J
box ; California oranges, 51 504 75 $?
box; bananas, 52 00, firsts; 51 50, stood seconds,
'H bunch; cocoanuts, 54 505 00 1 hundred:
new flgs, 8J9c. j? pound; dates, 56Kc fj
Vegetables Tomatoes, fancy Florldas,
53 00 a crate; Mississlppis, four-basket cases.
51 752 00: beans, round wax fancy, 52 50
a crate; beans, round wax medium. 52 00
a crate: beans, round, green, 52 252 50; new
beets, 2025c ) dozen; cucumbers, 2530c
dozen, jl 72 00 a crate: radishes, large
white and gray, 303oc dozen; cabbage,
two-barrel crates, Louisville and St. Loui.Sl 50
2 00; Eastern, single-barrel crates, 51 001 25;
new celery, 6060c a dozen. '
Coffee options fell 90 points in New York
yesterday, but recovered partially. At the
close markets were 50 to fcOc lower than the
previous day. Package coffee is unchanged,
but weak. Sugars have passed a day without a
rise, but an advance is sure at an early day
from present outlook.
Green Coffee Fanoy -Rio, 2223c; choice
Rio, 2021c; prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 18K19c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 3031Kc: Santos, 1922c; Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, Rio, 21023c; La
guavra, 2lB22c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 22c;
high grades, 2426c; oij Government Java,
Dulk. 313lJc; Maracaibo, 2627c; Santos,
2022e; peaberry,25c:jeaberry,choice Rio,
24c; prime Hio, 21H: good Rio, 2lc; ordinary,
20c. . -
SFlOESwhole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, Sc;
cassia, S9c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120. 8e; headlight, 160, 8c; water
white, 10Kc: globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; carnadlne,
lljc; royal Ine, 14c.
syrups Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup. 3338c; prime sugar syrup, S033c;
strictly prime. 3335cj new maple sjrup, 9uc
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 4Sc; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 4042c
Soda Bi-carb iu kegs, 34c; bi-carb in s,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 66e; sal
soda in kegs, IJc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine.per
set, 8c; parafflne, U12c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77c: choice, 6
7c; prime, o6J4c; Louisiana, B6Kc
Starch Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 5)57c; gloss
starch, 63i7c.
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, 52 65; Lon
don layers. S3 10: California London layers,52 50;
Muscatels, 52 25; California Muscatels, 51 85;
Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia, 7Q8c;
sultana, 8Kc; currants, new, 45c; Turkey
runes, new, 45c: French prunes, 813c;
aIonlcaprunes,ln 2-ft packages. 8c; cocoanuts.
fer 100, 56 00; almonds, Lan., per ft, 20c: do
vica, 19c: do shelled. 40c: walnuts, nan . 1MH
15c; Sicily filberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12loc:
new dates, 65a6c; Brazil, nuts, 10c; pecans,
U15c; citron, per ft, 2122c; lemon peel, per ft,
1314c: orange peel, 12Kc
Dried Fruits Apjiles, sliced, per ft, 6c:
apples, evaporated, 66c; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 1518c: peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpaired, loai.'Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, nnpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor-
f perries. 10gU2a
Sugars cubes, lOJellOJic; powdered, 10
10c;granulated,9c; confectioners' A,995c;
standard A, 9c: soft whites, 9ffi9Kc: yellow,
choice, 8J9c; yellow, good. 8Ki5gc; yellow,
fair. S&c: yellow, dark, TJic
Pickles Medium, bbis (1,200), $1 50; medi
ums, half ubls (UO0;, 52 io.
SALT No. 1, fl bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, fl bbl, 51 05;
dairy, ty bbl, SI 20: coarse crystal, bbl, 51 20;
Higgins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 52 SO; Hlggins'
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets, 53 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches. 51 30
1 90; 2ds. 51 S01 35; extra peaches. 51 501 90;
pie peaches, 90c: finest corn, 511 50; Hf d. Co.
corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90c31: Lima beans,
51 10; soaked do, 85c: string do do, 75S5c: mar
rowfat peas, 51 101 15: soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, 51 401 50: Bahama do. 52 75; dam
hon plums, 95c; greengages, 51 25; egg plums,
52; California pears, 52 aO; do greengages, 52; do
egg plums, 52; extra white cherries, 52 90, red
cherries, 2 fts. 90c; raspberries, 51 40150;
strawberries $1 10; gooseberries, 51 301 40;
tomatoes. 82K92c: salmon, 1-ft. 51 752 10;
blackberner, 80c; succotash. 2-ft cans, soaked.
99c; do green, 2 fts, 51 251 50; corn beef. 2-ft
cans. 51 75: 14-ft cans, 513 50; baked beans, 51 15
1 50; lobster, 1 ft, 51 751 SO; mackerel. ' ft
cans, broiled, 51 50; sardines, domestics, 'As,
sardines, imported, Ks, 511 50612 50: sardines.
importea,MS,?io; saroines,mustara, H; sardines,
spiced, 54 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 536 fl
mackerel, shore, 532; extra No. 1 (16, messed,
536; No. 2 shore mackerel, 524. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c ? ft; do medinm, George's cod,
be; do large, 7c; boneless bake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6iiTic. Herring
Round shore, 55 00 "$ bbl: split, 57 00: lake,
82 50 100-ft. half bb). White fish. 57 00 51 100
B, half bbL Lake trout, 55 50 half bbl.
Finnan haddock. 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
ft. Pickerel, j$ barrel, 52 00; Ji barrel. 51 10;
Potomac herring, 55 00 barrel, 52 50 ty
BuoKwnEAT Flour 25g2c p ft.
Oatmeal 56 306 CO $ obi.
Miners Oil No, 1 winter strained. 5860c
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 18 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft Wayne and
Chicago. 2 cars of oats, 2 of hay, 4 of flour, 1 of
straw. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis,
1 car of flour, 1 of oats, 1 of e. corn. By Balti
more and Ohio. 2 cars of oats, 1 of hay.-'Ey
Pittsbnrg and Western, 1 car of oats. By Pitts
burg and Lake Eric, 1 car of wheat, 1 of hay.
Sales on call, 2 cars of white oats, 32)c. July.
Pennsylvania lines. Oats and corn are in. good
demand at quotations. Other cereals are slow.
Hay grows weaker as the new crop approaches.
Wheat and flour are steady.
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red. 9192c;
No. 3 red, S5SGc.
Corn No. 2 yellow ear. 4142c; high mixed
ear, SOQlOc; No. 2, yellow, shelled, 3940e;
high mixed, shelled, 384339c; mixed, shelled,
Oats No. 2 white, 3232Kc: extra. No. 3,
3I4J31K. : No. 3 white, 29K30c; No. 3 .mixed
oats, 2S28Xc
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 6152c;
No. 1 Western, 4849c.
J?loub JobDing prices Winter patents,
55 605 75: spring patents, S3 768 00: winter
straight, 54 75J5,00; clear winter, 54i504 75;.
straight XJCXX bakers'. 11 C04 25. Rye flour,
f3 503 7aV ., "
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, 515 00
15 50 ton; brown middlings. 51150012 60;
winter wheat bran, 512 2512 50: chop feed,
515 0016 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice. 515 00; No. I
do, 513 0013 50: No. 2 do. Sll 5012 50; loose,
from wagon, 516 00018 00; No. 1 upland prairie.
510 50011 00; No. 2. SB508 00: packing do, 55 50
6 60.
Straw Oats, 57 50; wheat and rye straw
87 007 503 00.
Sugar-cured hams, large, llc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 12c: sugar-cured hams, small,
12Jc: sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 7Kc; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c: sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats. 9c; sugar
cured dried beef sets. 10KC sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12Cc; bacon shoulders. 7c; bacon
clear sides, SKcfbacon clear bellies, 8fc; dry
salt shoulders. 6c; dry salt clear sides. 7Jic
Mess pork, heavy, 514 00; mess pork, family,
514 50. Lard Refined in tierces, 6cj half
barrels. 7c: 60-ft tubs. 7Jcr 20-ft palls, ic: 50
ft tin cans, 6c: 3-ft tin pails, 7c; 5-ft tin pails,
7c; 10ft tin pails. 7ic Smoked sausage,long,
5c: large, 5c. Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless
ham, 10c. Pigs feet, half barrel, 53 50; quarter
barrel, 52 00.
Dressed 3Iear.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 lbs,
SJtJc: 550 to 650 fts, 6Vc; 650 to 750 fts, 6c Sheep,
8c ft. Lambs, 9c ft. Hogs,Cc Fresh
pork loins, 9c
There is no let-up to the demand for oak and
hemlock. Lumber dealers are very firm in
their views. The trade promises better than It
it has done for several years past. Demand is
good and prices are firm all along the line.
tine unflanzd yard quotations.
Clear boards, per M 552 00.u00
Select common boards, per M. 30 00
Common boards perM 20 00
bheathlnc 18 00
Pine frame lumber per M 22 OQ27 00
Shinnies, No. 1, 18 In. perM 5 00
bhlngles, No. 2, 181n. per M 375
Lath 300
Clear boards, per M i coco
Surface boards 30 0035 0O
Clear. -Inch beaded celling 28 00
Partition boards, perM S50O
Flooring, No.l 30 00
Floorinjr, No. 2 25 00
Yellow pine floorlug 30 004O0O
Weather-boarding, monlded. No. 1.... 30 00
Weathcr-boardl-ipr, moulded, No. 2.... 25 00
Weather-boarding, -lnch 20 CO-
Ash, i to 4 in jioooayoo
Black walnut, green, log run '5 00oOOO
Bl ek walnut, dry, log run 60 00375 00
Cherry 40 00(380 00
Green white oak plank, 2to41h 20 00ift2o00
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 in 22 00325 00
Dry white oak boards, lin 20COrS25 00
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch 20 (WS25 00
"West Va. yellow pine, 1$ inch 25 ooaj) 00
"West Va. yellow poplar, H to 1 In 18 0O325 00
Hickory, l)$to3In 18 00(325 00
Hemlock building lumber, perM 13 00
Bank rails f. 14 00
Boat studdin 14 00
Coalcarplank 18 00
Asb 30 00345 00
walnut log run, green 25 OOraio 00
Walnut log run. dry 35 (WfoO 00
White oak plank, green 18 00TS22 00
White oaK plank, dry 18 0O&25 00
White oak boards, dry 18 00(923 00
WestVa. yellowplne. lln 20 00(325 00
WcstVa. yellowplne, 1$ In 20 00S25 00
Yellow poplar 20 OOffiM 00
Hickory, 1$ to 3 In 18 00(325 00
Hemlock 115013 50
Bunk rails 14 00
Boat studding 14 00
Coal car plank 18 00
DrjBooiIs Market.
New York, June 26. The market was un
changed, but there was a stronger tone
to some low grades cottons. In consequence
of the advance in print cloths manufacturers
are holding at 4c Cables of better demand
from spinners and for market would have im
proved rapidly bad not the July tenders caused
the liquidation of the interest in that position.
Notices are supposed to bave been issued for
15,000 bales which were taken up principally by
parties holding export orders in hand from
Liverpool and the Continent, to be shipped by
the earliest steamers. Onr stock is about all
the cotton there is in the United States and we
expect a constant demand from SDinners and
exporters until the new' crop begins to show
some signs of coming to market. Tbis demand
will take up all the available grades here and
the demand has now begun upon low middling
until now neglected. The market has a firmer
Metal Mnrlict.
New York Pig iron firm. Copper dull and
nominal. Lead steady and brisker; Straits,
519 8a
Wool Mnrlict.
St. Louis Wool steady and unchanged.
A Remarkable Experience.
Mr. H. Robertson, a native of Scotland, but
who has been a resident of this country for sev
eral years, has beep a victim of kidney disease
with the following symptoms: He had a heavy
dragging pain across the small of his back, ex
tending from one side to the other, and a bloat
ed, dropsical condition of the bowels, high col
ored urine, and he noticed that sometimes it
contained a reddish, brick-colored sediment,
and at other times the sediment was of a light
ish color. He noticed that be felt very tired in
tho morning, and as he gradually grew weaker,
his stomach became affected. His appetite
became poor, and he was constantly annoyed
with sour eructations of gas from his stomach
after eating, and on account of the kidneys not
periorming tneir ianction properly, uu uiooa
became charged with rheumatic poison, so that
be had much pain about his shoulders and dif
ferent parts of his body. As he became more
emaciated he began to cough, and he felt much
tightness and weight across his lungs. In
speaking of the matter one day, he said:
"I doctored with the best doctors I could hear
of. but was fast getting worse. I became mel
ancholy and thought 1 could not live. Finally
I began treatment with the physicians of the
Polypatbic Medical Institute, who are special
ists for chronic diseases, and although confined
to the bed when I commenced their treatment,
my improvement was very rapid, and I have
been entirely cured by these physicians, and I
gladly sign my name. Hi Robertson."
Anyone wishing to call upon Mr. Robertson,
or write him with refcronce to his case, can
have his full address by calling at THE POLY
PATHIC INSTITUTE, 420 Penn ave. Office
hours, 10 to 11:30A. JH..1 to 4 and 6 to 8 P. M.
Sundays, 1 to 4 p. if. Consultation free. je24-D
nret Intfime ttehlnr
and Rtlnfflnff ; moat at
nlffhtt worse br
itcrotohlitff Jf al
Slowed to continue
tntnon f.irm and
ITCHING PILES.K!5rta,,-lfis5g
becoming; very rare. SWAiara ui.-n-11
EST (tops the Itching and bleedlnK. heals
bliratlkn- and In mnatrASM removes the to.
mors. SwArsxsOnnfKrTl. .old bjdrnsgUM, or mailed to
sot ftddrvaon receipt of price, 50 eu abox; 3 toxu, !L2
Address letter.. DO. SWAYNK & SON. ruibdelphis. ft.
A purely Vegetable
Compound that expels
all bad humors from the
system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
Capital, 5100,000, with privilege of 5500,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, 523,000.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ac
counts Solicited. Collections a Specialty.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
JAS. CALLERY. President
W.J.BURNS Vice President
Do You Know It?
To perfect a cure, yon must remove the cause.
LIME-AND SODA supplies the system with Oxi
dizable Phosphorus, the deficiency ot which Is
the proximate cause of Consumption. For
Coughs, Bronchitis, Weak Lungs, Night
Sweats, and ail Throat Diseases, it is an un
equaled remedy. Sold by Druggists. Jl per
bottle. Recommended by physicians. Send
for circular. WINCHESTER & CO., Chemists,
162 William Street, New York.
25CtS. G, BOX
Our little girl when but three weeks old
broke out with eczema. We tried the prescrip
tion from several good doctors, but without:
any special benefit. We tried S. S, 8., and by;
the time one bottle was gone, her head began
to heal, and by the time she bad taken six bot
tles she was completely cured. Now she has a.
f nil and heavy head of hair a robust, healthy
child. I feel it hutmyduty to-make this state-
ment. H. T. SHOBE, Rich Hill, Mo.
.85-Send for our Books on Blood and Skin Dis
eases and Advice to Sufferers, mailed free.
The Switt specific Co.,
1 el-7-TTS. Drawer 3. Atlanta, Ga.
Cor. Wood and liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week ia
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us. ,
On mortcases on imnroved real estate In sums
ox cl,wu ana upwara. Appiv at
No. 124 Fourth avenue.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
Morgan & Co., New York. Passports procured.
. 514-515 Hamilton Building. -mylO-70-D
Pittsburg; P
Members Chicago Board of Trade- and
Pittsburg Petroleum Exchange.
45 SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
Sailing every Wednesday from Philadelphia
and Liverpool. Passenger accommodations tor
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark, etc
General agents, 307 Walnut st-, Philadelphia.
Full information can be had of J. J. MCCOR
MICK, Fourth avenue and Smithfield street.
LOUIS MOESER, CIS Smithfield street.
Anranla. Jnne29, SAM ! Bothnia, July 17, 9 AX v
Gallla.Muly 3, 8.30 A M lEtrcrla. Jnly SO. noon.
iUmbria. Jnly 6. 11 30AMAuranla. July 27. 5 Alt
bervla, July 13, 3:30 A M Gallia. Jnly 31. 7 A M
5 SThese steamers carry first-class passengers only,
t will carry Intermediate,
twill carry Intermedial , no steerage.
Cabin passage. GO. (SO and (100; Intermediate,
t33. steerage tickets to and from all parts of
Knrope at verr low rates.
VE1L&ON II. 1SKOW N S. CO., General Agents,
4 Bowling Green, New York.
J. J. 31CCOKM1CK. Agent.
fourth ave. and bmlllifleld St., Pittsburgh
State Line ,
To Glasgow. Belfast, Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passage $35 to S30. according to locatloa
of stateroom. Excursion S6-j to 90.
bteerage to and from Europe at Lowest Bates.
AUbTIN BALDWIN 4 CO.. General Agents,
S3 Broadway, New York.
J. J. McCORMICK. Agent, Pittsburg. Pa.
mhK-D ,
As old residents know ana back files of Pitta
burg capers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MLDni ID and mental diseases, physical
IN L. n V U U O decay.nervous debility, lack off
energy, ambition .and hope, impaired 'jom-f
ory, disordered sight, self distrust,bashf uiness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruntions, im
poverished blood, failing powers,organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business.soclety and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat,
ulcers, old ores. are cored for life, and blood, .
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIPIMAPV kidney and bladder aerange
U II 1 1 1 rt II I j ments. weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discbarges, inflammation and other
ptinful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's life-lorg. extensive experi
ence. Insures scientific ana reliable treatment:
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated
as if here. Office hours 9 A. sr. to 8 P. St. Sun
day, 10 A. sr. to 1 P. sr. only. DR. WHITTIER,
814 Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa.
CTJTTrT AT.TRTH in all viioar&.
quiring scientific and con fid en-
M. R. C. P. S., is the oldest and
most experienced specialist in
,, tv ftananltAtlfin frnA And
...,a,w MnAii.ntt,i rvn
ii ... , ,1 7tn Up -c . Knnrinvfl fl tn 4 V-
M.Consnlt them personally, orwrite. DoctobS
Lake. !W6 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
a posmvis cuke
For LOST or falling
ilxVa n u via nerrnan.
ipse Weakness of
,.. & r i,f r.iir nf mrenrth. Vlror and De
velopment, canted by Errors, Excesses, Ac. Book,
Mode or SELF-TaisATSixTr. and Proofs mailed
(sealed) free. Address IJtIE MEDICAL CO.
Buttalo, N. Y. de25-57.TT8.twfc t
For men! Checks the worst cases in threa
days, and cures in five days. Price tl 00. at
uajrs, .u tj FTJE1IXNUf8 DRUGSTORE,
ja5-29-TTSSu 112 Market street.
weakness, lost vigor, etc-., was restored to health
In snch a remarkable manner after alt else bad.
railed that be will send the mode or euro KKBTK to
all fellow sufferers. Address L. O. MITCHELL,
East Iladdam. Conn. mT31-JS-Dsnwk
olsi'S Oottoaa. Eoofc
.Composed of Cotton Boot, TaasT aad
Pennyroyal a recent discovery try aafx.
'old chvstcian. Is tucccmfuUu used
montniu Safe. Effectual. Price $L by- mall,
sealed. Ladies, ask your druggist for Cook's
Cotton Root Compound and take so substitute,
or tocloso 2 stamps for sealed particulars. Ad-, -drees
BloJWcodwartIj,ye:jJ3e5lt,Hic jji