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Effects of a Calamity Upon General
Prodnce Business.
Chicago a Good Place Both to Bay and Sell
Hog Prodncts.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch, 1
TUESDAY, June 18, 18S9. J
While the wash-outs along the Pennsyl
vania Kailroad have shut out some sections
very valuable to Pittsburg's jobbing trade,
a very extensive trade has been developed
in some lines in the way of relief for
sufferers. A representative of the canned
meat industry reports unprecedented sales in
hislmetothe Johnstown Belief Committee.
The total sold by our firm." said he, "was
1,500 cases of corned beet and besides this, two
carloads of dressed beef."
The Relief Committee cleaned us out of our
stock, and we hare not been as bare for years
at this season as we are now."
A leading cheese jobber talked in the same
strain. Said he: "We shipped 200 boxes of
cheese yesterday to Johnstown by order of the
Relief Committee, and this is but little more
than one-fourth the total amount we have sold
to that committee. On the Sunday following
the flood we sent out a lot, and the aggregate
is now little below 600 boxes which went from
our warehouse to the Conemangh Valley in
response to orders from the committee which
bandies the benevolent offerings of Pittsburg."
Provision Markets.
An illustration of the fact recently noted in
this column that Pittsburg has been a poor
provision market of late, as compared with
Chicago, was given to-day by one of our job
bers. Said he: "A short time ago I ordered 500
tierces of hams in pickle from Chicago tor July
delivery. The cost there was lOJc, and to
bring them here and smoke them would have
brought their native cost up to llJic All that
1 can get for these hams here at present prices
Is HKc. As this would entail a loss of lie on
top of time and trouble, I made an effort to sell
the goods in Chicago, and succeeded in dispos
ing of them to the firm with which I had made
the contract. The firm was entirely willing,
and I managed to come out better than even,
which I could not have done if I had brought
my pickled hams to this city."
One of our leading pork packers reported
that he had sold recently in Chicago 230 tierces
of sweet pickled hams at a rate which netted
mm ic more man ne couia nave realized lor
the same in this city. Tlio same packer said:
"I have been able to do better by buying hogs
in Chicago than at East Liberty all the past
season with the exception of a very few days
when markets here were overstocked, and now
it seems 1 can sell there at better figures than
here In certain lines of onr products."
An Optimistic Tien-.
The Boston Congrcgalionaltst, in Its current
cumber, contains an article on the business
situation of the country of a very optimistic
cast, and furnishes facts and figures which
give, apparently, good reasons for the writer's
faith and hope. The article states that for the
first five months of the year 1SS9, the exchanges
of 40 leading cities in the country show an in
crease of 14 per cent over the corresponding
period of 1888, and a slight increase over 1887,
which was a year of extraordinary activity.
The transactions this year are claimed to be
on a more substantial basis than for a number
of years past, as there has been much less
(peculation in stocks, oil and grain.
Another fact upon which the Congregation
alUt bases its faith in the optimistic view o"
trade is, that while there is a 14 per cent in
crease over last j ear and 15 per cent over 18S6,
transactions this year have been at lower aver
age prices, showing that the percentage of in
crease is in fact much greater than the figures
actually show.
The croaker who can see nothing bright in
the trade situation can hardly fail to have bis
backbone stiffened by a perusal of the article
referred to above.
Condition of the Market nt the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office Pittsburg Dispatch. I
East Ltbekty, June IS, ISS9. (
Cattie Receipts, ISO, head; shipments, 100
bead; market slow, 10 to iSc lower than yester
day's prices; no cattle shipped to Hew York
Hoos Receipts. 300 nead: shipments, TOO
bead; market slow: all grades $4 40450; no
hogs shipped to New York to-dav.
Sheep Receipts. 5,200 head; shipments, L800
head: slow at yesterday's prices.
By Telegraph.
New Yoek Beeves Receipts, 820 head, all
for exporters and slaughterers direct, except 1
carload; no trading in beef cattle: dressed beef
had a lair demand at 6c for native sides
and at 4J65c for Texas do. Exports to-day
Included 300 beeves and 1,000 quarters of beef.
Calves Receipts. 300 head, and 1,200 were car
ried over yesterday: dull market and c per
pound lower, with at least 500 to sell after the
closing hour; veals sold at 3K4Jc per pound:
bnttermilk calres at 22c: mixed lotsat23i
3c. Sheep Receipts, 3,830 head ; about
steady at 3K5c for poor to prime sheep, and
at 5Ji6?c for common to prime lambs.
Hogs Receipts. 4,900 head: quiet; the few sales
on the live weight were at $4 404 50.
CHICAGO Cattle Kecelnts, 8,500 head;
shipments 4,000 head; market flow and weak:
beeves. $4 254 50: steers, $3 404 30: stack
ers and feeders, S2 403 60; cows, hulls and
mixed, S150S3 00: Texas cattle, $1 753 00.
Hogs Receipts, 3,000 head; shipments. 2,500
head: market steady; mixed. $1 154 40:
heavy, S4 104 30; light. S4 2o4 60; bulk, S4 40
4 5a Sheen Receipts, 4,000 head; ship
ments, 600 bead: market steady to weak:
natives, 2 754 75; Western. $3 304 10;
Texans, J2 754 10; lambs, 52 253 6a
St. Lours Cattle Receipts. 1,400 bead: ship
ments, 300 head; majket steady: choice heavy
native stee -s. S3 S04 40; fair to good do, S3 10
H 00; stockers and feeders. S2 203 25; rancen,
corn-fed, S2 753 50; grass-fed. J2 003 00.
Hogs Receipts, 3,900 head; shipments, 100
head: market strong; choice heavy and
butchers'. S4 254 35; packing, 84 154 25: light
grades ordinary to best, 54 254 35. Sheep
Receipts,Z100 head; shipments, 700 head; mar
ket firm; fair to choice, 3 0034 5a
Buffalo Cattle Receipts, none through;
20 loads sale; dull, holders anxious to realize.
Sheep and lambs Receipts, 8 loads through;
no sale: no demand. Hogs Receipts, 3 loads
through: 2 loads sale: market strongfYorkers,
4 654 70: medium, $4 50; pigs, 54 6a
Cincinnati Hogs in fair demand: stronger:
common and rough, $3 504 40: packing and
butchers', $4 154 30; receipts, 1,590 head; ship
ments, 240 head.
They Are Forming a Liquor Dealers' Trust
In Jersey City.
New TOBK,"June 18. The Hudson
County Liquor Dealers' Association will, it
is said, use the Jersey City Board of Alder
men to compel dealers who are not mem
bers of the association to join at once or
else get out of the business. Only about
one-third of the dealers iu Jersey City are
members of the association, and many of the
non-members refuse to conform with the
schedule of prices fixed by the association
for growler beer and ale and solt drinks.
The association decided to ask the Excise
Committee of the Board of Aldermen not to
grant a license to any dealer not in the as
sociation, and it was reported -to-day on ex
cellent authority, that the committee had
practically agreed to do it.
The association has agreed that no one
shall be admitted to the association or per
mitted to apply for a license who is not of
good moral character, and it also agrees
that every member of the association shall
keep the front door of his saloon closed and
locked on Sunday. It does not sav any
thing about side doors. Some of the non-member-
have decided to get into the asso
ciation at once, and they will apply for
membership at the next meeting. More,
however, hare decided to fight ltont
Beectjam's Pills cure sick headache.
Peabs' Soap, the purest and best ever made.
Fine Old Port Wines.
Imperial S. O. P., Cabinet, 1810 S3 50
Imperial Oporto, 1828 3 00
Makenzie Oporto, 1832 2 50
Old London Dock... 2 00
Burgundy..... 1 CO
Cockburn's. ...... 1 00
Pull quarts, case or gallon.
"VVji. J. Fbiday, 633 Bmithfield street.
sWttftslsW ' jjssifrft f-'issri jflajBLSsaAiikVUBta-wi' ?... . , a 3..-i u. j &M&kn--.JU-.AiJU8&
m-rtmmmmamKmmmmKmmimmaMnmtmmwmmih ii in in m iaiififi.w .gin m 1 1 m i mi MMMiniBMrimBkiM'
riavlns Makes Another Drive at Wheat
All the Options Lower Corn and
Oats Fcatnreless-Hog Prod
ncts Active nt In
side FIsrnres.
Chicago A good speculative business was
again transacted in wheat, and the course of
prices somewhat irregular. The opening was
rather steady, and prices were later advanced
KKc above yesterday's closing, then broke
off lljc recovered again, advancing Jic,
eased off and closed about c lower than yes
terday. August closed He lower, September
He lower, and December Jc lower. The early
strength was attributed to wet weather In the
South and Southwest, heavy storms and floods
doing damage to wheat in Kansas, and harvest
ing interfered with.
The quantity of wheat on ocean passage
showed a decrease of 752,000 bushels, and was
also taken as a strengthening feature. Later
the market became weak, and the decline
established under liberal speculative offerings,
some long wheat bought at the top prices of
yesterday coming in the market. Rain in the
Northwest, with some rain In the Red river
country, where moisture was badly needed, as
sisted the weakness some. Recovered some
again, but the feeling was unsettled to the
close. That there are sections suffering from
too much rain at the present there is no doubt,
and the variable character of the Influences
created an irregular market.
But little interest was manifested in corn
during the early part of the day, but as the ses
sion advanced trading became more active.
The feeling developed was relatively firmer,
and transactions were at slightly higher prices.
Initial trades were a shade higher than the
closing prices of yesterday, was steady and in
active sometimes, when a better demand sprang
up. one house taking 250.000 bushels of July,
which started shorts and the market advanced
Kc offerings at the time being limited. The
market then eased off a little and closing
prices were full Kc higher than yesterday.
Trading was lighter.in oats, and the market
quiet and easy during the early part of the ses
sion. Toward the close a firmer feeling devel
oped, especially for July, due to the reports of
heavy rains In oat fields in sections were it was
not needed. Offerings were light, and the de
mand from a few nervous shorts helped to ad
vance prices lAc, and the close was steady
at about outside figures.
Trading was fairly active In mess pork early
in the day. but ruled quiet during the latter
part of the session. Opening sales were made
at 2c advance and a further appreciation of
5c was gained. Later the market ruled easier,
and prices receded 1012c, but rallied again
sligbtlv and closed steady at Inside figures.
A comparatively light business was transacted
in the lard market A little demand early
caused a steadier feeling and prices ruled a
trifle higher, but a weaker feeling was devel
oped later and the market closed rather tame
at inside figures.
Trading was moderately active in the market
for short rib sides. Demand was fairly active
e.irlv nnd urines were advanced 2CSlbc Later
an easier feeling prevailed and prices declined
57c. Toward the close the feeling was
steady and the market closed quiet at inside
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2 July. 7Se)7b778c:
August. 75Ji75?i75Ji75e; September, 75U
7i715i&75Kc; December, 77763$
' COBS No. 2 July. 34K343434c;
August. 3535K3435e; September, 3
UATh riC
gust, 22K:
Mess Pobk, per bbL July. Sll 7011 75
11 62K11 62K; August, til 8011 82H11 72X
?1172; September, $11 87J$11 'j6ll SO
Lakd, per 100 fts.-july, 6 606 606 55
6 55: August, J6 700 706 62K6 C2K; Sep
tember, J6 756 756 70ti 70.
SnoKT Ribs, per 100 fts. July. 55 S2K5 82
5 805 80; August. S3 90&5 905 S7U&
5 87K: September, 5 97K5 97KQ5 92405 9
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat. SOJc: No. 3
spring wheat, nominal: No. 2 red, SOwc. No. 2
corn. 34ic o. 2 oats. 22o- No. 2 rye. 39e.
No. 2 barley, nominal. No. 1 flaxseed. ?1 524J1 c&
Prime timothy seed .$1 271 28. Mess pork, per
barrel, 811 6011 65. Lard, per 1U0 pounds. So 60
6 52. Short ribs sides (loose), 85 755 85.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed). $5 12K5 25.
Short clear sides (boxed). $6 12ii6 25. Sugars
cut loaf, 9Ji10c; graulated, 9c. standard
"A," 9c. Receipts Flour, 16,000 barrels;
wheat, 0,000 bushels: corn, 344,000 bushels: oats,
199,000 bushels: rye. 1.000 bushels; barley, 3,000
bushels. Shipments Flonr. 7,000 barrels:
wheat, 14,000 busnels; com. 161,000 bushels: oats,
164.000 bushels; rye, 1,000 bushels;, barley,
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was firm and unchanged. Eggs firm
at 12c
New York Flour fairly active and gener
ally unchanged, closing irregular. Wheat
Spot unsettled, iKc lower and dull: options
fluctuated within Jic closing XKC under
yesterday, but steady. Barley malt dull. Corn
Spot active, demand'-efciefly for .export, clos
ing firm; options firmer "and quiet. Oats Spot
steady and more active; options firmer and
quiet. II a v easy and quiet: shipping, 60c; good
to choice, 7590c. Hops firm and quiet. Coffee
Options opened barely steady, -10060 points
down, cloed firm, 1025 points down; active:
sales, 142,750 bags, including June, 14.50
14.60c: July, 14.5014.75c: August, 14.706S14.90c;
September, 14.S015.10c: Octolier. 14.8515.10c:
November. 14.9014 95c; December. 14.9515.20c;
January, 15.0015.20c; February, 15 0015.25c:
March, 14.D515.20c: April, 15 0015.05c; spot
Rio dull: lair cargoes, ITJjJe. Sugar
Raw quiet: sales, 4,697 bags; Demar
ara centrifugals, 96 test, 8c; 56 hogsheads
Muscovado, 87c: test, 6a Molasses Foreign
strong; 50 -test, 31c; New Orleans quiet. Rice
quiet and steady. Cottonseed oil quiet. Tal
low dull. Rosin steady and quiet. Turpentine
dull and weak at 373Sc Egesm better
demand: higher; western, 1414; receipts,
4.303 packages. Pork more active; mess,
S1313 25; extra prime, $11 50011 75. Cut
meats quiet; pickled bellies, 67c; pickled
hams. 12c; pickled shoulders, 5c; middles
Sniet; short clear. $6 45. Lard opened stronger;
osed weak and quiet; sales, western steam
part, ?6 S2, closing at $6 82K; city $6 30; July,
6 88, August. $6 966 97. closing at $6 95 bid;
September, S7 037 04, closing at S7 02 bid. Oc
tober, $7 02 asked. Butter, extras steady, fairly
active; others quiet and easy; western dairy, 9
13c; do creamery, 1018c; western factory,
812kc Cheese rather easy and quiet: west
ern, 7Ji8Kc
St. Louis Flour quiet and dull but un
changed. Wheat Cash lower, completely de
moralized and no demand: options higher;
reports of too much rain throughout the win
ter wheat belt, and other unfavorable reports,
tended to check selling; with no pressure to
buy, however, the market swung within nar.
row limits, and the close was firm at Jc above
yesterday; No. 2 red, cash," SSe asked; July
closed at 73573Xc bid; Augnst, 73Jic bid;
September, 73c: December, 76c bid; year.
73isC asked. Corn weak and lower; No. 2
mixed, cash, 3030c: July closed at 31?i;c:
August. 32ysc bid: September. 32Jfc bid; May
34c. Oats steady but aull; No. 2 cash. 22Jc
bid: June, 23?ic bid; July, 22c bid, none offered.
Rye No. 2, 3Sc bid. Flaxseed Spot quotable
at SI 30; new crop for August ?1 091 la Pro
visions quiet.
Philadelphia Flour firm. Wheat Spot
lots strong; futures beyond this .mouth dull.and
closed llKc lower; No. 2 red. June, nominal;
July. 8181&c: August, 8181Kc; September,
81J82c Corn steady, but speculation very
tame and demand for both local consumption
and export very moderate; No. 3 mixed, in
Twentieth street elevator. 42c; No. 2 mixed
June, 41Ji415ic; July.41K41J.Jc: August, 41M
42Jic: September, 4242Jic Oats Car lots
quiet, but prices a shade firmer; No. 2 mixed.
29K: No. 3 white, 31Kc; No. 2 white, in
Twentieth street elevator. 33Jic; do in grain
depot, 33J34c: futures auiet but firm; No. 2
white. June, 32)33e; July. S2332Jc; August.
31K32c: September. 8132. Provisions firm
and in good jobbing den-and. Eggs firm; Penn
sylvania firsts, 15c-
Cincinnati Flour weaker. Wheat dull;
No. 2 red, S7c; receipts, 1,700 bushels; ship
ments. 200 bushels. Corn scarce; No. 2 mixed,
3036Xc Oats weaker: No. 2mrxed, 2727c
Kje dull; nominal: No. 2, 45c Provisions
quiet; unchanged. Butter easier. Sugar firm.
Eggs firmer. Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Flour unchanged. Wheat
easy; cash and July, 74c; September, 74c
Corn steadv; No. 3, SiUa. Oats dull; No. 2
white. 2727Mc Rye qufet: 'No. L 42c Barley
dull; No. 2, o51c "Provisions steady; pork,
$11 60: lard, 6.55c Cheese unchanged, Ched
dars, 7c
Baltimore Provisions quiet ''and steadv.
5Iess pork, $1375. Butter steadv; creamer, 16
18c Eggs steady at 14c Coffee nominal.
Toledo Cloverseed nominally higher; cash
4 40 asked.
Wool Tllnrkcts.
Philadelphia The wool market was firm
at unchanged quotations.
St. Louis Receipts 3SO,000 pounds; prices
unchanged. There continues a good demand
and steady market.
Boston There continues to be a steady
movement in new wool, and receipts sell quite
readily on arrival. The supplies of old wool
are so small that manufacturers find it difficult
to supply their wants, and in consequence the
movement In fleeces is very light. Ohio X is
3 noted at 32c; XX' at 3334c; Michigan X
ceces would sell at 30c Small sales of new
Utah and Wyoming wool have been made at
6162c, clean or for fine, and at 5S60 for fine
medium. Tex? spring wool meets with good
demand at 2224c Spring California has been
selling at. 102Ic, as to qnallty. Pulled wools
continue in steady demand, with sales of super
at 2837c and extra at2530c Foreign wools
continue firm, both for clothing ana carpet
Important Deals in Eealty That Fail
to Meet the Public Eye.
Apartment Houses and the Condition of the
rublic Park Question.
Ex-Mayor Henry A. Weaver, who handles
large properties exclusively, told me yester
day that he knew of several important
transactions of recent date that had been
withheld from publication at the request of
the principals. He added:
"I have made three or four deals about
which I was requested to keep quiet. One
was for $35,000 and another for a trifle less,
but as the pledge of secrecy has not been re
voked I am not at liberty to go into details.
This goes to show that there is a large move
ment In real estate that does not appear upon
the surface, and perhaps never will."
Another real estate .dealer whose office is
within pistol shot of .that of Mr. Weaver, said
he had just heard from a reliable source of two
transactions in Allegheny, both residence prop
erties, one belnglocated on North avenue and
the other on Lincoln avenue Both locations
being gilt-edged the prices realized were pretty
There was another rumor, but less definite
than the above, of the sale of a fine residence
on Ridge avenue.
While rumors, in most cases, are to be ac
cepted with caution, they serve a good purpose
in business as in politics by showing which way
the wind blows.
The Johnson and the Blair estates constitute
a large slice of the Twenty-third ward. A part
of the latter has been subdivided and put on
the market by Samuel W. Black & Co. The first
sale took place on Monday. Four lots were sold
at good prices. This district is fast coming into
public favor. It possesses both city and country
advantages, and will have an electric railroad
before the end of the year. I am told that the
rest of the estate will be laid out in lots as soon
as those now on the market are disposed of.
The Twenty-third ward is one of the particu
larly bright spots of the city, and is fast filling
up with a good class of people.
"How is Oakland coming up 7" I asked a
gentleman who has property interests in that
district. He looked at me as if he thought I
ought to know all about it, and replied:
"We are in the swim not the soup and
there are no flies on us. Property is going off
like hot cakes. Sales are made almost every
day. The certainty of rapid transit has given
us such a boom as but few other sections of the
city have experienced. If you Know of any
person who wants a glimpse of Paradise, send
him out to Oaklsnd."
The last remark should be accepted in a
modified sense, but it is a recognized fact, test
tlmony to the truth of which has been borne by
many distinguished foreigners, that the suburbs
of Pittsburg are among the most beautiful in
the world, and of these Oakland is one of the
filieSt. -b-r;
A representative of the firm of Black t
Baird returned yesterday from a trip to Cleve
land, where he inspected several of the apart
ment houses for which that city is becoming
noted. I asked him what the people thought
of them, and he replied: ' v
"They are so popular that there is nofaVa
cant room in any of them. Besides, they are a
first-class investment, paying abont 9 per cent
net. This being the case there, where land
suitable for building sites is almost' limitless
in quantity and cheap in price, they ought to
do better here, where land is scarce and dear.
They are a luxury iu Cleveland. Here they
are a necessity. I think the present effort to
introduce such houses in Pittsburg will prove
a great success."
At the stock call yesterday afternoon I
noticed that the interest of the brokers was
about equally divided between the business be
fore them and the election. Captain Barbour
was quiet and meditative. He had done his
work and awaited the response of the people.
The break in Electric which really was no
break at all attracted less attention than a
telegram from Butler borough to the effect that
the amendment had been carried there by more
than three to one.
Every scrap of news bearing on tho result was
sought for and eagerly perused. No bets were
made, but every man was confident that his
side would win and the other fellows be snowed
under. When the gong sounded the "boys"
hurried away as if hungry for news of the
great event.
I asked a gentleman yesterday: "What shape
is tho public park question in?" In reply he
said that nothing had been done in tbe matter
so far as he knew. Recent occurrences had
driven the subject from people's minds, and it
was not likely that anything definite would bo
done this season.
He believed, however, that the agitation in
faVor of parks would not be suffered to die out
until the wishes of the people shall have been
complied with. Their necessity had been
established, and nothing remained but to de
vise ways and means for their establishment.
The Stock Goes Down Coder a Smnli Bear
A break in Electric was the only notable
feature or the stock market yesterday. It de
clined at the first call from 53 asked to 51 on the
offer of a small lot by a bear on the stock. In
the afternoon it was offered at 4 with 49 bid.
There was no change in the situation of the
company, and the decline was the result solely
of the absence of buying orders and indiffer
ence of the brokers, who are waiting for tho ad
justment of the legal complications before
taking hold of it in earnest. The small amount
offered is proof that holders are not alarmed. A
moderate buying demand is all that Is necessary
to send it up again.
All the gassers were weaker, except Philadel
phia, which was fractionally better in the after
noon. The tractions showed no improvement.
Citizens' selling at 69, and Central at 31. The
remainder of the list was practically unchanged
and featureless. Bids, offers and sales wore:
Bid. Asked. Kid. Asked.
Pitts. Pet. S.4M. Ex.. 4iS S0O 430 500
Iron City National B'k 85
Keystone Bank or P"g .... 60Jf
Boatman's Insurance. .... 33
Allegheny Ga Co 37 t
Consolidated Gas Co. .. 33 41 33 41
Chartlers VaU Gas Co. 49 .... 49 65
M1t.GasC0.0rW.Va. 66 .... 66 70
Ohio Valley Gas 33
People's N. G. Co SO
People's M G ft P Co.. 1 17
FennsvlvaniaGas Co.. 10 .... 14 u 15
Philadelphia Co, 36X 36 36jJ 37
Pine Run Gas so
Wheeling Gas Co 30 30X 29 30
CentralTraution 31& 3lJ 3IM ZVA
Citizens' Traction 69 70
Pittsburg Traction.... 5I 52J S2 S2
Pleasant Valley K.B 200 .... zuo
Pitts., Alle. ft Man 160
ti.. A CGas Coal Co. 35 33
La Norla Mtnlnir Co... 1 1 1 y&
Westlncbonse Klectrlc 45 SI 49 49V
UnlonS. iB. Co 23 !3!f 23K 23
The only sale at themorning call was 10 shares
of Citizens' Traction at 69. In the afternoon 20
shares of Wheeling Gas sold at 30, 40 Philadel
phia Gas at 86Ji, and 75 Central Traction at SL
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday wero 245,626 shares. Including: Atchison,
47,155; Delaware, Lackawanna & Western,
23,610; Lake Shore, 3,020: Northwestern. 7,6T)0;
New Jersey Central, 4,820; Northern Pacific
referred. 14.050: Oregon. Transcontinental.
5.950; Reading. 24,950; St. Paul, 14.300; Union
Pacific, 10,750; .Western Union, 3,320.
Interest In the Election Depresses Business
at tbe Banks. .
Leading bankers interviewed yesterday re
ported a very quiet day in their line of business.
Nothing of moment was done except routine
work, and not a great amount of that. A large
share of tbe dullness was attributed to tbe
general Interest taken in tbe election.
Currency was said to be rather more strin
gent, anu talk was renewed of shipments from
tbe East. The Clearing House report showed
a good volume of general trade, the exchanges
agp-egatlng 51,774,523 05 and the balances
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 22J per cent; last loan, 1 per cent;
closed offered atzi per cent. Prime mercantile
paper, SJfQoM. Sterling, exchange dull, but
steady, at H Si for 604ay Mis, and tt S for
Closlnar Bond Quotations.
U.S. 4s,reg 129
Mutual Union 6S....102K
N. J. C. Int. Cert...ll8tf
Northern Pac. UU..120H
Nnffhern Pan. 2ds..lI4
U. S. 45, COUp la;
U. B.4f5,reg 10s:
U. S. 4HS, COUP 106;
Pacific 6s of '95...
Lonlslanaitamned4s 90
Northw't'n consols.H8
Missouri s 101X
Tenn. new set. 6s. ...110
Tenn. new set. 5s. ...106
Tenn. new set. 3s.... 75
Canada So. 2ds 99j
Cen. Pacificists 116Jf
Den. &K.G., lsts.120
Den. 4K.O. 4s SIX
D.&K.G.West,lsts. 102
Erie, Zds 104
ll.K. &T. Gen. 63..64M
WnrtliwTn rfetiPtl B..113!
tliwrnn Trans. 6S.105
St,L. 4I.M. Gen.MM
St.L.S. i'.Gen. illM
Su Paul consols lg
St. PI. f!hl PC. lStllM
Tx., Pc.Ii.U.Tr.Ks.89J
Dnlon rac. sis
West Shore
New TORK-Bank clearings, $U6,016,4H; bal
ances, 8,643,323.
Boston Clearings. $25,534,605; balances,
$2,471,308. Money 2 per cent.
Baltimobe Clearings, (L76a,049; balances,
fJP Hii adelphxi Clearings, $15,417,673; bal
ances, $2,027,107.
Paris Three per cent rentes 85f 50c for
the account.
Berlin The statement of the Imperial
Bank of Germany shows an increase In specie
of 3,640.000 marks.
Chicago Money strong: on call 5 per cent;
time loans, 5 to 7 per cent. Bank clearings, til,
528,000. St. Louis Clearings, $3,850,755; balances,
Narrow Fluctuations nnd Business Below
-the Avornee A Big Strike.
Yesterday's oil market was one of the quiet
est seen for a long time. The fluctuations were
very narrow and the sales below tho average.
The only important news was in relation to a
well struck about four miles from Mount
Morris, which was said to be showing at the
rate of 300 to 500 barrels a day. It bad no ap
preciable affect. Outside orders were few and
far between, and the professionals had It out
among themselves.
The market opened at 83, around which
figure it held until about noon, when it ad
vanced to 84. It then broke back to 83, where
it lingered until near the close, when it de
clined to 83 This was followed by another
attack of weakness, which carried It down to
83, which was the final figure. The fluctua
tion for the day was of a cent. Monday's
clearings were 750.000 barrels. The pointer for
to-day was that the-market would show very
little change a trifle weaker, possibly.
Yesterday's Oil Range.
Corrected daily by John M. Oaiuey b Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened SIX I Lowest 83
Highest 1 84 loosed 83
Average runs 43,342
Average shipments 70.106
Average charters 37,809
Refined, New York, 6.90c.
Keflne.1, London, 5 li-16d.
Refined, Antwerp, 17f.
Refined. Liverpool, 0 5-lSd.
A H. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts, 83H83Jc;
calls, 84c.
N. " ""
Other Oil markets.
OH. Orrr: June 18. National transit cer
tificates opened at S3Jc; highest, 84Hc; lowest,
83c; closed at 83c; sales. 129,000 barrels;
clearances, 572,000 barrels; charters, 94,682 bar
rels; shipments, 75,891 barrels; runs, 63,958 bar
rels. London. Juno 18. Refined petroleum,
5 ll-10d 6 3-16d per gallon. Turpentine
spirits, 33s 6d per cwt.
New York, June 18. Petroleum opened
steady at 83Jic, and after the first sales moved
up to Siic: the tone then became heavy and
8 rices satrged off. Consolidated Exchange:
pening, 83c; highest, 84Kc; lowest, 83JJc;
closing. 8374c. Stock Exchange : Opening,
83Jc; bigheit. 8ic: lowest, 83Jic; closing 83?c
Total sales, 106,000 barrels.
Tho Latest Deals In Realty Leaseholds
nnd Mortgages Sold.
Reed B. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue,
sold for Mr. Austin A. Jack to Mrs. George W.
Fishering a house and loton'EUa street, Wil
kinsburg. for $3,500.
George S. Martfn, 503 Liberty street, sold in
the Maplewood Park" plan, Wilkinsburg, lots
104x113, each having having a frontage of 40
feet on Maplewood avenue by 120 feet to
Fabnestock lane, for $400 each, to C. M.
Rodgers and A W. Lenonard.
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold
through F. R. Liggett for B. G. Follausbeeto.
Mrs. Catherine Brown a lot the south side of
Wallingf ord street, near Neville: being 60x180
feet, for $2,600.
Alles & Bailev, 164 Fourth avenue, placed a
mortgage for $2,000 for-lhree years at 6 per cent
on property iu Bellevue.
C.H.Love sold three (leaseholds on Cedar
avenue, for the Denny estate, to T. Huckestein,
for $1,600. Three dwellings are to be immedi
ately erected. "
Business Kotcs.
The report that the Rush House had changed
hands was denied yesterday by the proprietor.
The Pittsburg Plate Glass Company has just
Iiaid a monthly dividend of 3 per cent, making
7 per cent distributed to stockholders thus far
this year.
Mr. Joiin W. Hebron, of W. A. Herrou &
Sons, left yesterday for a brief vacation. He
will visit Cleveland, Buffalo, Niagara and other
places of interest.
The successor of the late William Semple in
the directory of the Pittsburg and Western
Railroad has not been determined UDOn, but it
is thought a Pittsburg man will be selected.
The Board of Directors of the Masonic Bank
has filled the vacancy in the Presidency caused
by the death of Mr. Geter C. Shidle by electing
to that place Mr. Charles B. McLean, lately tbe
cashier, and promoted Mr. W. R. Christian
from assistant cashier to cashier.
A Reaction Which Carries Everything
a Level Northern Pacific and Ore
son Lend tho Upward Move
mentRailroad Bonds Active.
New Yobk, June 18. The stock market was
somewhat less active to-day, but it made up in
interest what it lacked in animation, and dur
ing the entire day, with the exception of the
first and last half hours there was a decidedly
strong tone to the dealings, tbe consequence
being that many stocks to-night are materially
higber, while the few declines from last
evening's figures are small and unimportant.
The absence of a large number of
brokers of sporting proclivities at the
yacht and horse races accounted for the di
minished activity this moraine- bnt the with
drawal of the Alton from the Inter-State Asso-,
elation ana ine resignation 01 Commissioner
Fink bad seemingly spent their force upon the
market and there was a most pronounced dispo
sition to take tho more cheerful view of the
railroad situation. There was a considerable
pounding of the Grangers still by the West
erners, and the effects of this pleasure was
most apparent in the first hour of the sessions,
but completely disappeared in the afternoon.
New England and Atchison were the sustaining
elements in the forenoon, but while they were
thought unusually active, neither moved over
a range of more than 1 per cent during the
day, and neither was able to hold its advance.
The great feature of thedaywas the strength
of the Northern Pacific and the Oregon stocks
because of tbe final settlement of tbe Oregon
complications, although Union Pacific in
whose interest tbe provisions of the settlement
were made, failed to respond to the news at
all. The Coal stocks also again came to the
front late in the day, and Jersey Central, Dela
ware and Hudson and Lackawanna all reached
higher figures than before attained and scored
handsome final gains. Realizations in tho last
hour caused a limited reaction and the final
figures are in most cases" something off from
tbe best price-. Tho close was quiet and firm
at slighUy below the best figures of the day.
The final changes are almost invariably in the
direction of higher prices. Delaware and
Hudson rose 2& Lackawanna and Oregon
Navigation 2 ner cent each. Jersey Central and
Oregon Transcontinental lii each. Northern
Pacific preferred 1 and the common 1 per 1
ront Thn tntnl fi.lll9' tt ltatl.il Btnnlr. w.a
245.6'26 shares, of which Atchison furnished
47,155, New England 89,250, Reading 24,950,
Lackawanna 23.610, St. Paul 14,300, and North
ern Pacific preferred 14,050.
Railroad bonds were fairly active, the sales
of all Issues aggregating" $1,755,000. but there
was none of the interest manifested in the
transactions, and the movements in tbe list
were comparatively small and unimportant.
The Atlantic and Pacific 4s contributed 3181,
000. the Reading 4s $157,000 and the Kansas and
Texas general 6i $141,000 to tbe grand total, but
neither of these bonds show any special feature
beyond their animation. The most marked
movement was the further advance of the St.
Louis and Chicago consols to 43, but they re
acted at the close to 42, a net gain of 1 per cent
from the last previous sale. The weak-spot in
the market was the Hocking Valley issues,
and tbe os dropped 3 to 66 and the 6s 2 to 68.
Denver and Rio Grande Western Assented
firsts rose 2V to 92,
Tbe following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dally for The .Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Open- Hlgn- low
Ins. est. est.
Am, Cotton Oil V))i .... ..
.' yjL,LiiA.-:viwv
Atch., Top. A s. I... 40X
Canadian Pacific
Canada Southern 54
Central or .New jeney.mH
CentraiPaelflu 2S
Chesapeake 4 Ohio.... 20U
C., Bur. ft Qultiy.....l03
C Mil. ft St. Paul.... 1Vi
C..MIl.ftSt.F..pr. ?.
C., Bock l ftF 87K
e., st. l. & pi
C., St. L. ft Pltti. pf.
C.. St. P., M. ft O...
C.. St. FM. ft O., pr. ....
C. 4 Northwestern.... 109J5
L.4 -Northwestern, pf. ...
Col. Coal ft iron
Col. 4 Booking Val .. 15K
Del.. L. 4W usA
Del. ft Hudson 147
DenverftRioG ....
Denver 4 Bio U nr... 49X
f.T..Va.40a H$
B.TVa.4Galitpf.. ..?.
S Va.4Ga.2dpf. a
Illinois central
Lske Erie ft Western.. 18V
Lake Shore &M. S 106
Louisville 4 Nashville. TOM
Michigan Central 61
Mobile 4 Ohio
sip., k, ftTexas
Missouri Pacific 75M
ew York Central 103S
J.. L.E.4W S3
X.. C. 4St.L
J.. U ft St. L. pf.
. 4N. E 52
. y.,o. 4 W 17K
Jiorrolka Western
Norfolk 4 Western, pf
orthera Pacific ssji
Sortnern pacific nrer. 66K
OM04 Mississippi sag
Oregon Improvement. ....
Orejon Transeon 33
PacifioMall 7.
Peo. Deo. 4 Evan
Phlladel. 4 Reading.. 43U
Pullman Palace Car.. .133
Rlohmona 4 W. P. T.. 25f
Hlchmond 4 W.P.T.pf 84
St. Paul 4 Duluth pr.
St. P., Minn. 4 Man
St.L. 4 8an Fran 29
St. L. 4 San'ran pf.
St. L. 4 ban'?, is; pi
Texas Paclflo 21
UnlonPaoIflo 63
Wabash preferred 29
western Union tlV
Wheeling 4 L. K
National Lead Trust.. 30M
Chicago Gas Trust 69M
Sugar Trust no
47 48 46
11 JH 112K 113t
3-, UK 35M
20H 20)4 20
10JH 102 103
73K 72 72S4
S7 97K VlA
is ass 15n
110 1U9X 110H
72 nn jsS
15H 15 15
143 USH ltlH
149)4 147
... ....1 1M
49 49k 4SH
10$ m W
25 25 25
106X IOC" 10X
71)4 70H TOM
91J 91 W
76 75 6i
108 VSH 10831
28X 27 S3
33 33)f 33
I2K 51T 52
17X 17), J7H
V)H 23H 29M
63 66 67K
iifi 23 23
36J4 33 S5M
48K 47 43
J33 137K 133
2SJf ISS 25
84 83M 83X
29- 29; 28
2tf 21 21
63)4 62 62
29 29 29
88 87X 87
.... .. . 69
69 5S
Boston Stocks.
Atch. 4 Toe. 1st 7s. 117
Atch.4Top.R.R... 47
Boston 4 Albany.. .212
Boston 4 Maine... m
B. Q 103
KasternR.R 92
Eastern H. B. 6s ....115
Flint perest 29
Flint ft PereM. nro. 98
LltUeK.4Ft.S. 7S.106
Mexican Cen. com.. 15
I. Y. ftHewlCnir... 52
Ogd.4L.Cham,com. 7 .
Old Colony. 174
Wis. Central, com... 21
Wis. Central pf.... 52
AllouezMgCo(new). 90
Calumet 4 Reels... ,207
Cataloa 12
Pewablo (new)
Bell Telephone 214
Boston Land 6
Water Power 6K
Tamarack 104
The troops sent to the scene of the reported
Indian outbreak at Mille Lacs broke camp at
Mora and returned to Ft, Snelling last night.
The latest courier from the reset ration brought
news to Mora at noon that the Indians had so
bered up and were not inclined to make further
trouble. The appearance of the troops had a
wholesome effect In intimidating them.
The Attorney General has received the
resignations of George S. Peters. United States
Attorney for the District of Utah: Peter 8.
Knight, United States Attorney for the South
ern District of Florida, and E. M. Boykln,
United States Marshal for Soutb Carolina.
They have all been accepted, to take effect
upon the appointment and classification of
their successors.
The New Hampshire Senate yesterday took
a ballot for United States Senator which re
sulted as follows: Harry Bingham, 6; William
E. Chandler, 18. Mr. Chandler was declared
tho choice of the Senate. In the House, a viva
voce vote for United States Senator resulted:
D. Knowles. 1; J. H. Gallinger, 1; Luther F.
McKay, 3; Harry Bingham, 137; William E.
Chandler, 165. Mr. Chandler was declared the
choice of the House.
Reports received from San Francisco indi
cate that tbe cruiser Charleston will be ready
for another trial in about three weeks. New
cross-head guides have been made and are
being fitted, and it is probable that new blades
will bo attached to the propeller, the con
tractors being impressed with the belief that
the present scrow is of a pitch so sharp that it
does not permit the engines to work off all of
the steam developed by the boilers.
Sunday night Mrs. John Maples and her
two boys, one aged 5 and the other 3 years,
were drowned in a small creek near Wabash,
Ind. Mr. Maples, with his family, was on his
way home from North Manchester, and at
tempted to ford the creek, which had been
swollen by heavy rains. The spring wagon
was overturned by the strong current and all
were thrown into the water. Maples and one
child were saved, but Mrs. Maples and two
children were carried on down the creek and
A deed was recorded yesterday at Balti
more between tbe Baltimore and Ohio Tele
graph Company and the Western Union Tele
graph Company, whereby tbe Baltimore and
Ohio company conveys to the Western Union
all its right, title and interest in and to all its
telegraph lines and property of every nature
and description. The consideration is $1 and
the entire discharge of tbe Baltimore and Ohio
Telegraph Company from the obligation to
issue the $6,000,000 of bonds provided for in its
contract with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
The Pres dent made the following appoint
ments yesterday: Knyal A. Johnson, of Ari
zona, to be Surveyor General of Arizona: James
F. Stokes, of Dakota, to be Receiver of Public
Moneys at Grand Forks, Dale: Thomas J. But
ler, of Arizona, to bo Receiver of Public Mon-
A 1-0 n . P.a.nnt, A .l.iin I ' 1... T .!! .
William McKusick, of Dakota, at the Sisse
ton agency in Dakota, Stanton G. Fisher, of
Idaho, at the Fort Hall agency in Idaho; Will
iam R. Bishop, of Oregon, at the Klamath
agency in Oregon; Samuel L. Patrick, of Kan
sas, at the Sac and Fox agency in the Indian
Territory; Horatio N. Rnst, of California, at
the Mission Tule river (consolidated) agency In
California, embracing Hoopa Valley.
British Breadstuff's.
London, June 18. The Mark Lane Express,
in Its weekly review of the British grain trade,
says: The rainfall has been abundant. Cereals
look well, except in the midland counties,
where the soil is saturated to a great ex
tent. The sales of English wheat during
the past week wero 41,765 quarters, at 28s
4d against 39,667 quarters at 31s 7d during the
corresponding week last year. The off-coast
trade has been slow Binro Whitsuntide. A sale
of California wheat at 33s ia indicates steadi
ness. Mnch English wheat is offering under
30s. Russian is Is, Indian 6d and American red
3d dearer. Flour 13 dnlL Malting barley is
firm. The May arrivals of Chilian and Cali
fornia have gone to consumers. Grinding bar
ley has advanced 6d during tbe past fortnight.
Light oats are firm. Heavy oats are flat. Corn
is 3d lower.
Drycoods Mnrkeu
New Yobk, June 18. Trade in drygoods was
quiet on tbe spot, but good returns were made
by salesmen on tbe road, of numerous articles
in both cotton and woolen goods. Southern
fine cottons met with good sales, as do new
Erints and ginghams. Prices of cotton flannels
ave been made about the same as last year.
The market was without change to-day or new
developments. A firm tone is the general
characteristic, with print cloths firm.
Sletnl Market.
New Yoek Pig Iron firm and active.
Copper stagnant; lake, June, $12 00. Lead
quiet and stronger; domestic, $1 00. Tin weak
and dull; Straits, $20 10.
When baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When Bhe hadChildren.she gave them Castorl a
Transact a General BanMng Business.
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer
cial Credits,
Available In all paits of the world. Also Issue
For use in this country, Canada, Mexico, West.
'Indies, South and Central America.
Circular Letters of Credit for Travelers
Good in all parts of the world.
1. lUliLLUlUfci)U110 Mim,
The Home-;Raised Strawberry's Day
Approaching Its End.
Corn the Firm Factor of Cereals, by Season
of Scarcity.
Office or Pittsuubo Dispatch,
TUESDAY, June 18, 1883.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Home-raised strawberries are in bountiful
supply. Continuous rains have resulted in
large quantities of berries coming to markets
in poor condition. Raspberries begin to come
in freely, and will supplant the strawberry in a
few days, to be in its turn supplanted by black
berries. Every dog and every berry has Its
day. The strawberry's day for this season will
soon come to an end. and the housewife who
has not yet done her preserving in this line is
advised to attend to it this week. The firmness
of old potatoes last week has brought forward
bountiful supplies, and the upward drift has
been checked. Butter, eggs and cheese remain
practically unchanged.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2021c; Ohio do,
1718c; fresh dairy packed, 1415c; country
rolls. 1314c: Chartlers Creamery Co., 2021c
Beaus-$I 751 90.
Beeswax 2830c fi for choice; lowgrade,
Cider Sand refined, $6 507 50; common,
$3 S04 00; crab cider, $8 00S SO f) barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c 1 gallon.
Cheese New Ohio cheese, 9c; New York,
new, 10llc; Limburger, 89c; domestic
Sweitrer cheese, 9K12c.
California Fruits California peaches.
$4 004 60 f! box; cherries, $3 00; apricots, $4 00
44 oo; pi urns, $ wt-i ou.
Eggs 15o $1 dozen for strictly fresh; goose
eggs, 30c Ifi dozen.
Fruits Strawberries, 68c p quart; pine
apples, $1 001 25 $ dozen; red raspberries, $6 00
7 00. 2-busheI stand.
Feathers Extra live geese, S060c; No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed lots, SOfgSoc V lb.
Potatoes Old, 50c $ bushel; "Early Rose,
$3 253 60; Peerless, $3 003 23.
Poultry Live chickens, 6575c per pair;
undrawn chickens, 1012c ft lb; drawn, 14
15c fl lb.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 Sts to bushel. $5 GO
) bushel; clover, large English, 62 lbs, $S 00;
clover, Allske, $8 50; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 lbs, $1 65; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 lbs, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 As, $1 00;
orchard grass, 14 lbs. $165; red top, 14 lbs, $125;
millet, 60 lbs, $1 00: German millet, 50 lbs,
$1 60; Hungarian grass, 60 lbs. $1 00; lawn
grass, mixture of fine grasses, $2 60 per bushel
of 14 lbs.
tallow Country, 4K5c; city rendered, 6
'ropical Fruits Lemons, fancv. 84 5021
5 00 ?! box: Messina oranges, $4 605 60 ft
dox; Valencia oranges, rancy, 7 oui&'J uu -ft
case; bananas, $2 00. firsts; $1 60, good seconds,
ft bunch; cocoanuts, $4 605 00 ft hundred:
new figs, &9c ft pound; dates, 5g6Xc ft
Vegetables Tomatoes, fancy Floridas.
$3 003 60a crate; Misslssippis,one-third bushel
crates, $1 251 60; beans, round wax fancy.
$3 00 a crate; beans, round wax medium. $2 60
a crate: beans, round green, $2 252 60; new
beets, 3540c ft dozen; cucumbers, 40o0o ft
dozen, $1 752 00 a crate: radishes, large
white and gray, 30035c ft dozen; cabbage,
two-barrel crates, Louisville and St. Louis,$2 00
62 25; Eastern, single-barrel crates, 75cJl 00.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223e; choice
Rio, 2021c; prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 1819c;
old Government Java, 27c; ilaracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 3031c; Santos, 1922c; Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La
guayra, 21022c.
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,23Kc;
high grades, 2527c; old Government Java,
Dulk. 3232c; Maracalbo. 2728c; Santos,
223Kc; peaberry, 28Kc; peaberry,
choice Rio, 25c; prime Rio, 22K; good Rio, 22c;
ordinary, 21c
Spices (whole) Cloves, 21025c: allspice, 9c;
cassia, 8Q9c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg, 7080c
Pktroleuk (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio. 120. 8Kc; headlight, 160, 8Kc; water
white, 10c: globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; carnadlne,
Uc; royaline, 14c
SYRUPS Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup. 3338c; prime sugar syrup, S033c;
strictly prime. 33035c: new maple syrup, 90c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 4042c
Soda Bi-carb in kegs,-3K4c; bi-carb in K&,
&Kc; bi-carb, assorted packages, 66c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, f nil weight, 9c; stearine,per
set. 8c; parafflne, ll12c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Kc: choice, 6i
7c; prime, 56Kc; Louisiana, 66c
Starch Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 5j7c; gloss
starch, 6Ji7c.
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10: California London layers,$2 60;
Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels, Jl 85;
Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia, 7KQ8c;
sultana, 8Jc; currants, new, 45c; Turkey
Drunes. new. 4Moc: f'rencn nrnnes. s4i)13c:
Salonica prunes.in 2-B packages. 8c; cocoanuts,
Jer 100, to 00; almonds, Lan., per lb, 20c: do
rica, 19c; do shelled. 40c: walnuts, nap.. 12
15c: Sicily filberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12loc:
new dates, 56c; Brazil, nuts, 10c; pecans,
U15c; citron, per lb, 21022c; lemon peel, per &,
1314c: orange peel, 12Kc
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per B, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6M6jc; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 15lsc: peaches, evaporated,
nared. 22023c: oeaches. California. eTanorated.
unpaired, 1012c; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unfitted, 66c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424c; blackberries, 7K8c: huckle
berries. 10 12c
SUOARS Cubes,I010c;powderea,1010Hc;
granulated, 9Kc; confectisners' A, i9Jc;
sianuaru a, u;4c; sok wniies, otpivci yellow,
choice, 8K8c; yellow, good, 88c; yellow,
fair, 8Jc; yellow, dark, 7c
Pickles Medium, bbls I
(1,200), $4 50; xnedl-
urns, half bbls (BOO). $2 75.
MA. . u. -l, . uu, euvi xi v. x c. fiuui,.! uu;
dairy, ft bh, $1 20: coarse crystal, ft bbl, $1 20;
Higgins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, $2 80; Hlggins'
Eureka: 16-14 lb pockets, $3 0U
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1 300
1 90; 2ds. $1 30iffil 35; extra peaches. $1 501 90;
pie peaches, 90c: finest corn, $11 50; Hf d. Co.
corn. 7090c; red cherries, 90c$l: Lima beans,
$1 10; soaked do, 85c: string do do. 7585c; mar
rowfat peas, $1 101 15; soaked peas, 7075c;
pineapples, $1 401 50: Bahama do. $2 75; dam
son plums, 95c; greengages, $1 25; egg plums,
$2; California pears. $2 oO; do greengages, $2; do
egg plums, $2; extra white cherries, $2 90: red
cherries, 2 lbs, ."90c; raspberries, $1 40S1 50;
strawberries. $1 10; gooseberries, $1 S01 40;
tomatoes, 82K92c; salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10;
blackberries, 80c; succotash. 2-ft cans, soaked.
99c; do green, 2 lbs, $1 251 60; corn beef. 2-lb
cans, $1 75: 14-lb cans, $13 50; baked beans, $1 45
1 50; lobster, 1 lb, $1 751 80; mackerel, 1-B
cans, broiled, $1 60; sardines, domestics, lis,
$1 154 60: sardines, domestic Ks. $8 258 60;
sardines, imported, Vs, $11 60012 50; sardines,
imported,Ks,$18; sardines,mustard, $4; sardines,
spiced, $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $38 ft
bbl.; extra No. 1 do, mess, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36: No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c ft lb; do medlnm, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c: boneless bake, in strips, 6c; do
Georgo's cod in blocks, 67Kc Herring
Round shore, $5 00 ft bbl: split, $7 00; lake,
$2 60 ft 100-ft. half bbl. White fish, $7 00 ft 100l
lb, half bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 ft half bbL
Finnan haddock, 10c ft B. Iceland halibut, 13c
ft lb. Pickerel, K barrel, $2 00; H barrel.ll 10;
Potomao herring, $5 00 ft barrel, $2 60 ft
Buckwheat Flour 2J2c ft B.
a i n. V. 1 la Vkl AC -kt A 1 .. ,M Wl , .
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained. ESUBBa
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 38 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft. "Wayne and
Chicago, 6 cars of flour, 2 of bay, 1 of middlings,
3 of oats. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car of
oats. By Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 2 cars of
r.TB.3 of bay. 2 of malt, 2 of oats, 1 of flour, 4 of
wheat. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis,
5 cars of hay, 2 of bran, 1 of corn. 1 of flour, 1
of wheat, 1 of oats. Sales on call, 1 car y. c.
corn, 40c, track P. t L. E.; 1 car h. m. s. corn,
39c, 10 days, P. B. It.; 1 car sample oats, 31c,
The firm factor of cereal markets Is corn. Its
strength is due to its scarcity. Tbe general
drift is toward a lower level, and this appears
more and more as the harvest time draws near.
Prospects for incoming crops are too bright for
anv general upward movement.
wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red, 8990c;
Corn NO. 2 yellow ear. 4041c; high mixed
ear, 3839c: No. 2 yellow, shelled, 3939Kc;
high mixed, shelled, 3S39c; mixed, shelled,
Oats No. 2 white, 3232Uc: extra, No. 3.
3U231Kc: No. 3 white, 2930c; No. 2 mixed
oats, 2S2Sc
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 51652c;
No. 1 Western, 4849c
Flour JobDiDg prices Winter patents,
$5 &05 75: spring patents, $5 7508 00; winter
straight. $4 75)5 00; clear winter, $4 5004 75;
straight XXXX bakers', $4 C04 25. Rye flour,
$3 6003 75.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, $15 000
15 50 ft ton; brown middlings, $11 6012 60;
winter wheat bran, $12 2512 50: chop feed,
$15 00016 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $15 00; No. 1
do, $13 00313 60: No. 2 do, $U 6012 50; loose,
from wagon, $16 0018 00; No. 1 upland prairie,
$10 60lf 00; No. it, 17 C08 00; packing do, $5 60
66 60,
BTRAw-Oats, 17 50; wheat and rye straw
7 007 6008 00.
Sngar-cured hams, large. VHc; sugar-cured
hams, medium. 11:: sugar-cured bams, small,
12Kc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 7c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats. 9c; sugar
cured dried beef sets. 10c; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, 12Kc; bacon shoulders, 7c: bacon
clear sides, oefbacon clear bellies, 8c; dry
salt shoulders. &c; dry salt clear sides. VAc
Mess pork, heavy, $14 00; mesa pork, family,
$14 SO. Lard Refined in tierces, 6c; balf
barrels. 7c: 60-lb tubs, 7Hc: Z0-B pails, 7Kc: 50
& tin cans, 6c; 3-B tin palls, 7c; 5-lb tin palls,
7c; 10-fi tin pails. 7c Smoked sausage,long,
5c; large,5c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless
ham, 10c. Pigs feet, half barrel, $3 60; quarter
barrel, $2 00.
' Dressed Bleat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 lbs,
Sc; 550 to 650 Bs, 6Vc; 650 to 750 tts, 6Kc Sheep,
8c ft &. Lambs, 9c ft B. Hogs,Cc Fresh
pork loins, 9c
The diseases of tbe kidneys and urinary or
gans are much more common than are gener
ally supposed. Beginning by a weakness in the
back, accompanied by pain, which at first may
be so slight as to cause little or no inconven
ience to the persons afflicted, still as tbe dis
ease progresses there are presented a chain of
symptoms which eventually lead to
graver difficulties: there is an in
creased pain in tho small of the back
and In the region of the groins, high colored
urine with brickdust sediment, scanty or
copious flow, with frequent desire and pain in
voiding it Not only do the organs themselves
become organically diseased, terminating in
gravel or stone in the bladder, diabetes or
Bright's disease, often ending in that most
fatal condition, convulsive ureamla, hut are
one of the most potent causes of rheumatism
and dropsy. The physicians of the Folypathlc
Institute also treat successfully all forms of
skin and blood diseases; also clubfoot, tumors,
rupture, ulcers, varicose veins, piles and de
formities. Please remember that the physicians of the
tho Polypatbic Institute are not traveling
doctors, but are permanently located. They
have been established in Pittsburg for nearly
one year, and hundreds testify to cures re
ceived. Office hours, 10 to 11:30 A. jr., 1 to 4 and 6 to
8 P. M. Sundays, 1 to 4 p. M. Consultation free.
SURGICAL IN8TITUE, 420 Penn avc jelS-D
Chartiers Creamery Co.
Warehouse and General Offices,
Telephone 1423.
Factories throughout Western
For prices see market quotations.
Wholesale exclusively.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weckin
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of $1,000 and upward. Appl at
mh4-34-D No. 124 Fourth avenue.
Alarll is$. Central standard Time.
"As follows from Union Station: Kor Chicago, d 7rB
a. m., d 12:3), d 1:00, d,7:. except Saturday, lids
S. m.: Toledo, 7:25s. m.. d 12:10. d 1:00 and except
aturdar. 11:20 p. m.; Crestline, 5:43 a. m.: Clere
land, 6:10 a. m., 12:15 and d 11.-03 p. m. and 7:15
a. m.. via 1, F. W. & a Ky.: New Castle
and Youngstown. 7:03 s. m.. 12:2 3:43 p. m.:
YoungstownandNUcs, dtt:20 p. m.; SleadrUle,
Krleand Ashtabula. 7:05 a. m., 12:3) p. m.: Mies
and Jamestown, 3:43 p. m.: JUsssllIon. 4:10 p. m.:
Wheeling and Bellalre. 6:10. m., 12:45, J:30p. m.:
Beaver Falls. 4KKJ. 5:05 p. m., Kock Volnt. SS30
a. ui.: Leetidsle. 5:30 a.m.
ALLEGHENY Kochester, : s. m.; Dearer
Falls, S:15, 11:00 a. m.: Enon, 3:00 p. m.: Leets
dale, 10:00, 11:45 s. m., 2.-C0, 4:30, 4:45,1:30. 7:00, 9:00
p.m.; Conway, 10:30p.m.; Fair Uaks, a 11:40 a,
m. : Leetsdale, S 8:30 p. m.
TItAINS AKltlVE Union station from Chicago,
except Monday 1:50, d 6:00. d 6:33 a. m., d 6:30 p.
m. ; Toledo, except Monday 1:50, d 8:15 a.m., 6:JO
p. m. . Crestline, 2:10 p. m.: l'onngitown and
Newcastle. 9:10 a. m., 1:25, 6:50, 10:13 p. ni.;Nlles
and Yonnsstown. d 6:50 p. m.;CleTeland, d 5:30a.
rc 2:25, 7:ro p. m.: Wheeling and Bellalre, 90
a. m., 2:25, 7:00 p. m.; Erie and Ashtabula, WS,
10:15 p. m.: MassUlon. 10:03 a. m.; Nlles and
Jamestown. 9:10 a.m.; Bearer Falls. 7:30 a. m..
1:10 p. m.. Kock Point, b 8:25 p. m.; Leetsdale,
10:4o p. m.
m.; Conwsj, 6:50; Rochester, 9:40 a. m.; Bearer
Fills, 7:10 a. m 5:43 p. m.: Leetsdale, 5:30, 6:13,
7:43 a. m.. 12:00, 1:43, 4:00, 6:30, 9:00 p. m.; Fair
Uaks. S 8:55 a. m. ; Leetsdale, S 6:05 p. m.: Bock
Point, a 3:15 p. m.
8, Sandar only; d, dallr; other trains, except
Sunday. Je5
station. Central Standard Tin . Leave for
Cincinnati and St. Louis, d 7:30 a.m., d 8:00 and
d 11:13 p. m. Dennison, 2:43 p. m. Chicago,
12:05, d 11:15 p. m. Wheeling, 7 JO a. m 12:05,
6:10 p. m. Stenbennlle, 5:53 a. m. Washington.
5:55, 8:33 a. in., 1:55, J:30. 4:55 p. m. Bulger, 10:10
a, m. Bnrgettstown. 311:35 a.m.. 3:25 p. m. Mans
Held, 7:15, 11:00 a. m., 6:30. d 8:33; 10:55, p.m. Mc
Donalds, d 4:15. d 10:25 p. m.
From tbe West, (12:10, d 8.-09, a. m 1:03, d5:53
p.m. UennlsoL, 9:30a.m. Stenbenrllle, 5:05 p. m.
Wheeling-, 2:10, 8:45 a.m., 3:05, 5:55 p.m. Burgetts
toirn, 7:i5a. m.,s 9:05 a.m. Washington 8:55. 7:50,
9:55 a. m.. 2:35, 6:20 p. m. Mansfield, d5:3S, 9:00
a. m.. 12:45 d 6: JJ and 10:00 p. m. Bulger, 1:40p.m.
McDonalds, d 6:35a. m., d 9:00 p. m.
d dallr; 8 Sunday only; other trains, except
Bandar. .
Slimmer Time Tabic. On and alter May 1,
1889. until further notice, trains will rnnasfolloirs
on ererr day, except Snndsr. Eastern standard
time: Leaving l'lttsbnrg-:20 s. m 7:10 a.m.,
SaO a.m.. 9:3b a. m., 11:30 s..m.. 1:40 p. m.. 3:40 p.
m., 5:10 p. m.. 6:50 p. m., 6:30 p. lb., 9:30 p. m.,
11:30 p.m. Arlington 5:40 a. m., 6:20 a. m., 7:10
a. m., 8:00 a.m., 10:20 a. m.. 1.-00 p. m.. 2:40 p.m.,
4:20p. m., 8:10p. m., 5:50 p. m., 7:10p.m.. 10:30
p.m. Sunday trains, tearing Pittsburg 10 a.m.,
12:50 p. m.. 2:30 p. m.. 5:10 p. m., 7:10 p. m., 9:30
p. m Arlington 9:10 a. m., 12 m., 1:50 p. m., 420
p.m. 6:30 p. m., 8:00 p. m.
Trains leave Union Station (Eastern Standard
tune): Klttannlng Ac. 6:55 a. m. : Niagara Ex.,
dally. 3:43 a. m., Hulton Ac, 10:19 a. m.; Valley
Camp Ac, 12.-05 P. m.; OU Cltrand DuBols Ex-
5reu,2:00p.m.;Hultn Ac, J:00 p.m. : Klttannlng
c, 4:00p.m.; Braeburn Ex., 6:00 p.m.; Kltuan
lng Ao.,5.30p. nu; Braeburn Ac, 6:20p.m.: Hal
ton Ac, 730 p. m.; Buffalo Ex.. daUy.
80 p. m. ; Hnlton Ac. 9:45 r. m. : Braeburn Ac,
11:30 p.m. Church trains Braeburn, 12:40 p. m.
and 9:33 p. m. Pullman Bleeping Cars between
Pittsburg. and Buffalo. J AS. P. ANDERSON,
o,x. Ait, i uAYiu.iicoAsao, aw. suvu
after May 12, 1889. trains leare Union
Station. Pittsburg, as follows. Eastern Standard;
Time: .
New York and Chicago Limited of Pullman Ves
tibule daily at 7:15 a.m. mmm
Atlantic Express dally for the East, 3:20 a.m.
Mau train, dally, except Sunday, 6:30 a, m. Sua
day, mall, 8:40 a. m.
Day express dally st 8:00 a. m.
Mall express dally at 1:00 p. m.
Philadelphia express dally at 4:30 p. m,
Eastern express dally at 7:15 p. m.
Fast Line dally st 8:10 p. m.
GreensDurg express 3:10 p. m. week days,
Derry express 11:00 a. m. week days.
All through trains connect at Jersey CltrwltS
boats of "Brooklyn Annex" for Brooklyn, N. Y
aroldlngdouble ferriage and Jcramey through Mi
Y. City.
Trains arrive at Union Station as follows:
Mali Train, dally 8:10 p. m.
Western Express, dally 7:43 a. ra.
Pacific Express, dally 12:45 p. m.
Chicago Limited Express, dally 8:30 p. nu
Fast Cine, dally 11:55 p.m.
For Unlontown, 5:30 ana 8:33 s. m, and 4:23 p.
m., without change of cars: 12.50 p. m., connect
lng at Greensburg. Trains arrive from Union
town at 9:45 a. m.. 12:20. 53 and 8:10 p. m.
From FEDERAL ST. STATION. Allegheny City.
Mall train, connecting for Blalrsrllle... 6:43 a. m.
Exoress. for Blalrsrllle, connecting for
Butler J:Up. ra.
Butler Accom 8:20 a. m 2:23 and 5:43 p. ra.
Sprlngdale Accom9:00.110a.m.3:30and 60 p.m.
Freeport Accom 4:15. 8:30 and 11:40 p. m.
On Sunday 12:50 and 9'JOp. m.
North Apollo Accom..... 11:00 a.m. and SKlOp. m.
Allegheny Junction Accommodation
connecting for Butler tD a. m.
Blalrsrllle Accommodation 10:40p. ra.
Express, connecting from Butler 10:35 a. nu
Mall Train 1:43 p. m.
Butler Accom 9:10 s. m., 4:40and7:20p. m.
Blalrsrllle Accommodation ..952 p. m.
FreenortAccom.7:40 a.m.. 15, 7S0 and 11:10 jt nu
On Sunday 10:10a. m. and 7:03 p.m.
Sprlngdale Accom. ...657,11:48 a. ffi.,3:lC:30 p. nu
North Apollo Accom 8:40 a. m. and 5:40 p. ra,
Trains leare Union station. Pltuourg. as roUows:
For Monongahela City, West Brownsrllle and
Unlontown. lis. m. For Monongahela City and
West Brownsrllle, 7:03 and 11a. m. and 4:40 p. m.
On Sunday, 1:01 p. m. For Monongahela City, 5:49
p. m., week dars.
Drarosburg Ac, week days, 3:20 p. m.
West Elizabeth Accommodation, 8:20a. m., too,
6:20and :i:35p. m. Sunday. 9:40 p. m.
Ticket offices Corner Fourth avenue and Try
street and Union station.
General Manager. Gen'l Pass'r AgenU
COMPANY-buhedule In effect June 2, 1839,
Central time:
P. & L. E. R. E. DIPART For Cleveland. 5:00,
8:00 A. M., 1:35, 4:ll S-.Xr. M. For Cincinnati,
Chicago and St. Louis, 5:00 A. M., '1:35, "9:30 r. X.
For Buffalo, 8:00 A. M.. 4:10, 9:30 P. M. For Bala
manca, 3:CO .t. M., -1:35 F. If. For Beaver Falls,
5:00, COO, 8:30. 10:15 A. M.. "1:35. 3J0. 4:10. 5:15,
9:30 P. M. ror CUartlers. 5:00, 13:3a 5:35. 60,
6tf5, 7:13, "Saie, 8:30, 9:25, 10:15 A. M., KrfS, '12:43,
1:40, 3:30, 14:30. 4:30, "5:03, 5:15, "8.-03, 10:30P. M.
ABWVX From Cleveland, "60 A. M.. "12:30.
S-Ji, ItH 9:40 P. M. From Cincinnati, Chicago
and St. Louis. '12-.X, 7:33 p. x. From Buffalo.
8:30 a. M., "12:30, 9:40 p. . From Salamanca.
12:30, 7:55P. M. From Youngstown. 6:30. 9:20a.
u.. 12:30, 5:35. "7:55, 9:40 P. M. From Bearer
Falls, 5:25. SO, 7:20, 9:20 A. M.. 'ri: 1:10. 5:35;
7:55. 9:40 P. M. From Chartlers. "5:12, 5:25, "8:30
6:45, 7:03. "7:47, 9;20. 9:57, 119 A. X 1:10. "1:32,
3:17. 4:00, 4:40, 4:52, 5:35, "9:12, 9:10, 11:12, 18.-0I
P.'d i Y.'tralns for Mansfield, 8:30 A. M- JdO,
4:50 p. x. For Essen and Beechmont. 8:30, A. X.,
30P. x.
P., C. & Y. trains from Mansfield. Eisea ana
Beacnmont, 7:08, 11:50 a. x.
P., McK, 4 Y. R. K. DIPART ForNewHaren.
15:30 A. .."3:30 p. x. For West Newton. "3:30
10:O5A. X.. 3:30. 5:15 P. X.
Arrivi From NewHaren, t"7ao A. x., '5:oop.
X, From WestNewton,6:15. i":50A. x.,15, "SXO
For McKeesport and Elizabeth, 3J0,10KSA. X.,
3:3( 5:15 P.x.
From Ellzatieth and McKeesport, 7:50 A. x
1:2a, "3:00 P. X.
Dally. ISundsys only. iWIU run one hour
late on Sunday. WU1 run two hours late on
City ticket office 401Smlthfleld street.
Schedule In effect May 12. 1SS9. For Washing
ton. D. C. Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
York. '8:00 a. m.. 6:00 andJ9:20p. m. For Cum
berland, "8:00a.m., tl:CQ,"8:0, "9:20p.m. For Con
nellsrllle, t6:40 and "8:C0 a. m.. J1.-O0. 54:00. 8:CO
and "9:20 p. m. For Unlontown, 36:40, "8:00 a. m..
tl 0 and 4:00 p. m. For Mount Pleasant,$S:40and
?8rOO a. m., and tlrt and 4:00 p. m. For
Washington. Pa., "8:4.5. t9:40 a. m., "3:33, J0
and "S: p. m. For Wheeling. "6:43, $9:40 a. rs..
"3:35, "8:30 p.m. For Cincinnati and St. Louis.
6:43a.m., "8:30p.m. ForColumbus. B:43and9:40
a. m "8:30 p. m. For Newark. "8:45, t9:40 a. m.,
3:35, 6:J0 p. m. For Cblcaao, 6:45. 49:40 a. m..
S:3S and 8:30 p. m. Trains arrire from New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington,
"8:20 a. m. and "3:50 p. m. From Colnmbus, Cn
rlnnattand Chicago. "7:45 a. m. and9Xp. nu
From Wheeling, 7:1S, 'lOSOa. m.. 5:00, 9:00 p.
m. Throneh sleeping cars to Baltimore. Wash
ington, Philadelphia, New York and Cincinnati.
Wheeling accommodation. 6:30 a. m., Sunday
only. ConnellsrUle accommodation at 8:25 sv m.
Dally. tDallr except Sunday. JSunday onlr.
Tbe Pittsburg Transler Company will call for
and check baggage from hotels and residences
upon orders left at B. & O. Ticket Office, corner .
Firth avenue and Wood street. CHAs. O."
SCULL, Gen. Pass. Agt. J.T.ODELL. Oen.Mgr.
jrrrsBURG and western railwai
Trains (Cet1lStan'dtlme) Leare I Arrire.
Bntler Accommodation.
6:00 am
7 SB am
7:10 am
7:23 pra
4:00 nm.
Day Ex.Ak'n.Tol.,Cl'n. Kane
Buuer Accommoaation
Chicago Express (dally)
New Castle and Ureenrllle Ex
Zellenople andFoxburg Ac.
Butler Accommodation
90 am
12:30 pm
1:50 pm
4:40 pm
11.-05 am
9:3s am
so sni
2:10 pm
a-j pm
KlHtrlass fre to Chlcaro. S10 50. Second class.
9 50, Througn coach and Pullman Buffet sleen
ngcar to Chicago dally.
511-515 Hamilton Building;
ravlO-TO-D Pittsburc Fa.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
.Morgan & Co., New York. Passports procured.
As old residents know ana back files of Pitts,
burg capers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic diseases.
MCDni IC and mental diseases, physical
IN L. II V U U O decay.nervous debility. lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem-
ory, disordered sight, self distmst.bashf ulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, emotions, im
poverished blood, failing powers,organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business.society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, moutb.tbroat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
II DIM A PV kidney and bladder aerange
UnilsAn 1 1 ments. weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whlttier's life-long, extensive experi
ence, insures scientific ana reliable treatment
on common-sense principles. Consultation
free. Patients at a distance as carefully treated .
as if here. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. ar. Sun
day. 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only. DR. WHITTIER,
814 Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa.
SPECIALISTS in all cases re
quiring scientific and confiden
tial treatmentl Dr. 8; K. Lake.
M. R. C'P. S is the oldest and
most experienced specialist in
tbe city. Consultation free and
strictly confidential. Offlcs
hours 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 P. ST.; Sundays. 2 to 4 P.
jLCousult tbem personally, orwrlte. Doctors
Lake. 908 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
jcl2-45-DWk .
SZ3 C23S3 SIU10S3 IZiXZ.
Ortjt.il, St, Ir pamlw sad
reUbl pul tot tale, ft erer Tail.
ask nir catcaMHr-s ahrum
Tta,A W.ni4. la red n-
ulliaboxe.Kaicdw!Ul bin rib
bon. At Dragglsta. Accept
ma a.h. i n nllli In eute.
fcasrd bozpa. Disk VTarMTS. STS S AsmeT
oo. counterfeit. Sjnd 4e. (Mmp r
Iianleolara antl SeUef for Ladlea," M
w. hr wtna mail. 10.000 tealt-
i,IBHirSrlioliaTiuedtIiem. SuarMr.
de2S-21--rrj,suWlc .
Full particulars In pamphlet
sent free. The genuine Gray's
Specific sold by druggists only la
yellow wrapper. Price, SI per
package, or six for $5, or by mall
on recelnt of nrlce. br address
ng THE GKAY MEUIUIXE W., llnffalo, J(. r
Sold In Pittsburg byS. 3. HULL AND. corner
Smlthfleld and Liberty sts. apl2-5S
AQ I I li" li la LT?'T? ftom errors of
OUCP XiXV HlJtL youth, wasting;
weakness, lost rigor, etc.. was restored to health
in such a remarkable manner after all else had
failed that he will send the mode or cure FKEE ta
all fellow sufferers. Address L. O. MITCHELL
East Haddam, Conn.. ' mj31-2l-psuwk ,
A0 m