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16, 1889
r"', '. ' -
- .',
Experiences of Americans it the
Ancient City of Mexico.
Palaces Which Do Not Coma Up to the
, Traveler's Ideals.
AT a station on
the confines of the
beautiful valley
mentioned in my
last letter, and while
Etill in the mount
ains, the native ven
dors pnt in an np
pearance bearing
trays of barbarian
dainties. Tne Dea
con .had no stomach
for these, but con
cluded to sample
the pulque, as the
nroduct of the vi-
'"" rinltv Tnss0ssfd a
reputation. He purchased a pint pitcher
full from an Indian damsel of 10 summers,
perhaps, faithfully paying the price, a half
real therefor, in good Mexican coin. He
was to drink the potion from the little
brown jug and then return the vessel.
"Would I like to taste it? I would, and se
cured a tumbler from the car, which he filled
And we drank a glass of lresh yeast, sweet
ened a little, would have afforded the same
But what did this little maiden do? She
demanded of me also compensation. I
pointed to the deacon, and by signs and
plain English endeavored to satisfy her that
she had received the equivalent demanded
for her liquor. She could not so understand
it; I had drunk and must pay. I feigned
to pay the deacon, but no, I must pay her;
tnv mercantile ethics did not accord with
there was not a carriage in sight. The
crowd had thinned; no one in fact seemed
visible but those burdenbearers, each with
a short piece of rope, and they stood at a
little distance staring at as helpless a bevy
of foreigners as ever graced Mexican soil.
An inquiry in fair English made to one and
then another of this gentry elicited a shake
of the head. A policeman standing by, be
ing appealed to, smiled and acknowledged
iris incapacity by a shrug of the shoulders.
Street cars were'here, also duly labeled, but
where would they take one? The policeman
smiled again at this inquiry and we were
just as firmly convinced as he that he was
lying. The ladies grew impatient and be
came tired standing, so they sat on their
baggage like any other company of emi
grants. I became interested in a man im
bibing pulque through the leg of a very
.filthy-looking hog skin ; he evidently enjoyed
the draught and took a second one, then
wallowed the receptacle to a safe place on
his wagon, mounted and drove off, while the
Deacon drew the line at pnlque from that
moment The frees were attractive and
afforded as much sympathy as the swarthy
rascals staring at us.
"If we knew which way to go we could
walk," said the lady from New England.
But there were some who could not under
take the risk of walking an uncertain dis
tance, and each felt, though we might never
meet again, that it was his duty to see every
other one started, at least, for his destination-
.. , . ,
""Would the hacks ever come?" inquired
another. . ,
"Perhaps on the arrival of the next
"We had whiled away nearly an hour when
a brisk young man was noticed comiDg from
the lower end of the depot. One or the oth
er of us had questioned a dozen men not
dressed in cotton, but they each and all
shook their heads and passed on. No Mex
ican, however, could take the gait of the
young man approaching, and we collared
him, as it were.
"Hacks! hacks!" exclaimed the young
man. "Well, I'm " but seeing a lady
near by he choked off the adjective as if he
were making a sacrifice and clapped his
hands. ""There ought to be a hundred here;
I'll telephone for some,"
His oriental summons attracted to him
the whole gang of porters; he said some
thing to the fiit one that reached him, and
the lellow was off like a shot out of a mor
tar. "We all wanted to fall on the young
man's neck, but as he did not start for the
transmitter we inquired if he would not
oblige us a once.
"Yonder he goes," pointing to the peon
xS?l&J0WanfiMj Jjp. f " TJ2J32'3 X'jpP
m e x 1 co
hers. She talked vociferously in Spanish, I
suppose, and I in emphatic American, quite
three minutes, to the amusement of the pas
sengers and the deep interest of the natives,
. who listened seriously to me.
The train started, so did the maiden; the
speed of the engine was accelerated, the
Jyoung lady adhered to her purpose. I be
came apprehensive lest sbe should stumble
m mw r
Floating Garden on the Vigo.
md fall under the cars, and in sheer ner
vousness for her physical well-being, possi
bly tne repose of her young sonl, I tossed
my last nickel toward ber; she halted when
she saw it coming and her lips parted with
a smile. She picked up the coin, the smile
was gone, and the last I saw was her tiny
brown fist cleaving the air impotently and
her unsandaled, still darker little feet,
playing an energetic tattoo upon the rock
covered roadside. The child was, I began
to think, honestly convinced that she had
been swindled. I wondered whether there
xnight be a tenet in their civilization for
bidding the sharing one's purchases with
one's neighbor, at least in the presence of
the vendor.
Possibly onr American habit carried to
the merchant the impression that she had
Jnade a mistake and had given too much for
the purchase money, and the vendor, in
stead of honestly returning the surplus, had
taken the liberty of bestowing it upon his
neighbor. Xet this child had her price
from the deacon and understood the capac
ity of her little brown jug. Possibly she
wils mad at not demanding more, and like
xnsny another under a different Christian
civilization, while she bewailed her lact of
foresight, she cursed the man for her failure
to impose upon his generosity. Let the
Bolution be what it may, certainly the
demon of avarice, or the disposition to get
something for nothing, was at the bottom
and quite as dignified in tatters under a
Hexican sky with copper in sight, as under
purple and linen further north with gold as
the inspiration.
, Bn,t we are nearing the ancient city,
through a garden like country gladdening
one with a higher state of cultivation, if
possible, than any we have yet seen. The
distant domes, rising ghostlike in the gray
mist, put on fantastic shapes, to be resolved
finally into time stained cupolas of monoto
nous design. We skim along past hedges of
cactus, or stuccoed walls, past grand trees
end banks of flowers; the verdure grows less
and the walls more abundant, and finally
We halt, in the middle of a bright forenoon,
on the edce of the strange citv.
from the crowd and amidst the bustle
the sounds are all unfamiliar. Profanity,
of course, is not to be commended, but pro
fanity is an unknown language, inspires
neither admiration nor disgust An Amer
ican sentence in italics from this babel
would appeal at once, to one's gratitude.
"We were beset at once by an army of car
dadors, habited in cotton end duly labeled
with brass plates; failing to recognize us as
patrons, they stood around and stared at us
and our grips. If we carried those satchels
our social standing would be gauged imme
diately at a low level. No doubt a Mexican
porter would consider it beneath his dignity
to carry his own bundle; he would engage
another duly licensed and labeled aristocrat.
We were placed below par by even waiting
through the depot, beanug "our luggage, in
search of a hack.
Beaching the other side of the building
still on the dead run and about to disappear
at the corner of the plaza.
"Oh, you call that a telephone?"
"The Mexican instrument you'll have
hacks enough shortly."
"We burdened this young man with thanks
until he blushed and backed away without
giving anyone an opportunity to inquire
about his birthplace and ancestors whether
he were married, how it came about that he
was here, and bis business.
The hacks began to arrive, much after the
manner of the return from a well-attended
Irish funeral. They came singly, in pairs
and by the dozen, until the plaza was quite
full, each with a little tin flag displayed,
either red, white or blue, an occasional
green one, and with one or more ragged at
tendants on the driver.
Across the street is a palace 250 years old,
with a history,and it appears quite as young
as the hotel. A new-looking house is an
impossibility in Mexico. I saw a house in
course of erection and I mistook it tor a ruin.
Palaces have always been associated in my
mind with marble, with a foreground of
grass, plots, flowers, fountains and trees,
statuary and broad stone steps. But palaces
here must make up in interiors what is
lacking in attractiveness outside. Now this
palace over the way stands flush to the nar
row sidewalk of a narrow street, it is three
stories in height with perfectly plain walls,
an iron balcony at each upper window,
where one may stand only. Whatever the
rooms on the street were originally used for
is past finding out; at present they are oc
cupied as unsavory stores. The water
vents that relieve the roof in damp weather
are stone cannon, projecting far enough to
conveniently empty themselves on the
pauper pedestrians below.
The entrance to the palace is through an
arched portal flanked by fluted stone col
umns. Intruders are barred by immense
doors elaborately carved. Inside the portal
one finds himself in a paved court, and
around the hollow square, at the secoud and
third stories, runs a gallery, access to which
may be gained by stairs at the rear of the
court. Perhaps this gallery may be re
lieved by pots of flowers, perhaps not The
rooms having egress to the court may have
.served as servants' offices, the upper floors
as the abode of royalty. The place would
f Bigh, Bridge at Callejo.
make an excellent haven of refuge -in case
of Tiot; the inmates could barricade the
large doors, retreat to the roof and hnrl
anathemas and other missiles over the para
pet upon the heads of the plebeians, or
douche them with hot water through the
stone cannon.
As for its being a home for anyone even
in perpetual fear"of assault, is beyond my
comprehension; still this is the type of the
home in the City of Mexico. Babies are
born, no doubt, grown to maturity here in
happiness or tears, and drift out to hide in
some similar place, or die within the pre
cincts as sacred to them, unquestionably, as
though they had been reared in hourly sight
of grass plots and uuder the shadows of
ancient trees. Not having been sent into
this world of trouble in this environment, I
fail to appreciate its attractions. Xvtry
breath in it comes cold to the lips and thills
one under the ribs, every thought of it is
suggestive of strife, violence in the achieve
ment and turmoil in its maintenance. To
an American It Is a dead failure, either as a
home or a stately mansion.
Our affable landlord advised us to dispose
of the afternoon by visiting thB Yiga. We
took a street car with a legend upon it made
of x's and l's and moved off exultantly. "We
rode and continued to ride, past palaces and
one-slory buildings until the driver stopped
and hitched bis mules to the other end of
the car. We inquired of him for the Viga;
we would have done as well had we asked to
be directed to Washington. The conductor
smiled pleasantly when he collected his fare
for the return trip, and attempted to in
struct us on the way to the mystery we were
in search of and returned with us M the
plaza. We were determined to accomplish
tne Viga if we subsidised every car line in
the city and started on our mission. This
time we passed the portal of the hotel and
in about ten minutes the driver halted and
hitched his mules to the other end of the car
as his brother had done on the other road.
We exchanged some inquiries and, I pre
sume, the same answers as before, and re
turned through different streets to the plaza.
We took another car going in an opposite
direction to our former journey, went out
into the country about lour miles and en
joyed tne ride, returning by different streets
as before. We tarried a short time in this
Mecca of the 6treet car system and pre
vailed on a calico covered damsel in an ad
jacent booth to concoct us a lemonade.
She concocted something, not a lemonade,
and having refreshed ourselves by wonder
ing what it would taste like, we donated
her a real, and sought another car. After
we had paid our fare we discovered that we
were going over the same road that wit
nessed our second experiment.
"This is a rank swindle," insisted the
Deacon to me. "This is the road to that
villainously smelling ditch."
We persisted, however, to the end of the
track and were delighted to discover an
American and his wife going back. We in
quired of them if they could put us on the
road to the Viga.
"That is the Viga," and our American
brother pointed to the ditch.
We were to take boats at the Viga, be
poled out to the Floating Gardens and wit
ness scenes rivaling anything in Venice.
The odor of the Viga in a quiescent state
was of a density that left a disagreeable taste
in the mouth; disturbed it would produce
malignant typhoid within five minutes, pre
ceded by nausea. Onr enthusiastic country
men, some of them, had revelled in this
Mexican attraction, while at home they
would have complained of something much
less offensive and procured its abatement as
a common nuisance.
We returned to the hotel to suffer under
the charge of eccentricity and the daily re
proach of having missed a marvel.
Imported and Donratio
Mineral waters, Apollinaris, Taunus, Vic
toria, Geyser, Saratoga, Vichy, Congress,
Hathorn, Buffalo, Litnia water. Pints,
quarts, case or dozen. .....
Wm. J. Eeidat, 633 Smithfield street-
Will Speak
At 8 O'Clock.
Admission Free.
Week Commencing Monday, June 17.
Every afternoon and Evening.
Second Week of tbe Young Favorite,
N. S.W00D.
By special request and positively for the
last time, the romantlo and sue-
cesslul drama, the
-or THB-
Superb Dramatic Company.
Entirely New Scenery.
Picturesque Costumes.
Powerful Calcini Light Effects.
NEXT WEEK, JUNE 24, third and last
week ot N. 8. Wood, who will produce, for the
first time in Pittsburg, tne sensational comedy
drama, founded on facts,
pears' Soap
Fair white hands.
BrigM clear complexion
Soft healthful skin.
"PEARS' The Great English" Complexion SOMoldEverytfMB."
Commencing on Monday, June 17, and Continuing All the Week Remarkable
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Also ask to jee onr special French China
Berry Sets, for S3 69 per set, 13 pieces.
Successors to MORRIS H. DANZIGER,
I 1 I 1
(A Statement Verified by the Assessor's List.)
(A Statement Verified by the Assessor's List.)
We have, in our announcements to the public, times and oft made
the assertion that the amount of husinesss done by us was as much
almost as that of any other four Clothiers of this city, while on the
contrary, at least three of these merchants have, times almost out of
number, claimed in the most bare-faced manner possible that they,
and tJiey alone commanded the leading clothing trade. Is it not time
that a, halt should be called on these fictitious, false and misleading
claims, made by these would-be champions of commercial circles with
the evident object of misleading Hhe public, and that they be brought
to a sense of the absurd position in which they place themselves in
the estimation of every reflective and penetrative mind? There is
unfortunately no law in this great Commonwealth to prevent any
person or class of persons from assuming the roll of consummate pre
varicators, but the laxvs of propriety and business rectitude certainly
demand that some little regard be paid to the principles of truth and
and we, in the interests of the people of this community, herewith
disclose in plain figures the peculiar and exact location of the "Nig
ger in the woodpile." Now which is it. Have these dealers lied to
the Assessor in their s worn statements or to the public, for lof these
many months past?
One great and striking peculiarity about these dealers is the fact
that they every now and again get hold of the brilliant (?) idea of
"selling at 50 per cent below cost," and at other times they announce
''great slaughter," "$40 suits for $10," "one-third beloiv the cost of
manufacture," and other equally outrageous, inane and plainly to
be seen false sales. Do these dealers really imagine that such stuff is
believed in? Well, hardly. Good Clothing has just as firm and es
tablished a value as wJieat, sugar, wool, or any other leading com
modity and it is never necessary to "sacrifice" it in order to realize.
In other word, the bill-poster announcements of tho "bankrupt,"
"sacrificing" tribe are simon-pure lies of the most palpable kind, and
the strange thing is, that the enlightened nineteenth century public
can be hoodwinked and razzle-dazzled by such open, barefaced
Now and Again One Firm Bolder Than the Rest
comes along and announces to hold a sale of a " Qaarter Million
Dollars worth of clothing," and swears by all that is holy that it
must be disposed of within TEN" DAYS then at another time they ac
tually announce "A M1LZIOK DOLLARS SALE!" Great Scott!
They offer tailor-made suits for $8 and if they sell a suit for $G it is
"tailor-made." Everything is "tailor-made." The overalls they
offer are "tailor-mdde" and if it were not for the absurdity of the
thing we verily believe they would swear that their hats were "tailor
made." In fact tliey're crazy on the "tailor-made" nonsense. These
fellows are teetotally bad, they pocket a cool fifty to one hundred per
cent profit. Traces of fly-paper and glucose on them can be plainly
seen despite their gall and impudence.
The Prevailing Diet of Fulsome Adjectives
of those dealers who are forever doing such noble, (?) self-tacriflcing
(?) deeds as "rescuing despairing manufacturers from the brink of
ruin" by means of purchasing all the goods they have in stock, etc.,
is calculated to produce mental dyspepsia. These dealers boast loud
ly of their being able to accomplish this by reason of having spot
cash to pay. Spot Cash! Spot Cash indeed! Hoio about ever buying
goods on four month's time with several months extra dating, then
when the account falls due pay 25 per cent of the bill in cash and give
a note at about sixmonths for the balance? This is how some of them
buy for cash and make such gigantic capture (?) purchases.
We could fill this entire paper ,in writing these tricksters up and
wlM go further into the matter if necessary. We will now, however,
close with the remark that the most unjust class of dealers that afflict a
business community is the one who, while angling for business with
stale baits, fleece their customers to balance the losses of their ill
managed business.
and customers will find that with us bargains are dally bread and
not an occasional bait; that quality and cheapness go hand in hand
every business day in the year. If they didn't people would soon find
it out and we should not now be doing
$417,400 Worth of Business More Than Our Next
Highest Competitors!
One Million, Seventy-Eight Thousand One Hundred Dollars
More Than the Dealers Who Have Occasional
"Quarter Million Dollar Sales," and Within .
$10,000 of the Four Would-be Largest Clothiers Combined.
300 to 400 Market Street.
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