Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, June 08, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 11, Image 11

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1. M;
A Quiet Week's Trade at the Fruit
and Ycgetable Stalls, v
Poultry Scarce and Firm, Fist Supply is
Short of Demand.
Office of Pitisbtjeq Dispatch.
Fktday. Juno 7. ISSa. (
Reports from fruit and vegetable stalls in
dicated an unexpectedly quiet trade for the
week. Horae-gro vrn strawberries are scarce,
having been kept back by beavy rains and
cool weather. Maryland berries were de
tained beyond the floods, and those which
finally did come were in rather bad shape.
Tomatoes are scarce and higher. Home
grown icas are In good supply ;at lower figures
than ruled a week ago. Large quantities of
Eastern and Southern fruit and vegetables that
bare been due at this market since Friday last
were ordered by shippers to other markets,
and the expected glut here has not material
ized, bald a leading Liberty street produce
commission merciiaut: "We w ere nodded that
trains loaded with stuff were on the way
detained by washouts, but so far receipts
have been very light, iu fact, not sufficient for
wants of trade." Reports from dealers in fish
show supply below demand for the w eek. Rains
and floods have been so general over the coun
try that the full fish supply has been impossi
ble to obtain. Said one of our leading dealers
in this line: "We have been able to satisfy our
customers, but some kinds of fish we have not
offered on the stalls, reserving them for fancy
restaurants which must have them."
The market for butter, egcs and poultry has
improved since last week. Poultry has been in
short supply, llorysts report unusual quiet
ness for the season, and attribute it to the gen
eral disposition to ignore parties and fetes in
the presence of the appallinc calamity which
has fallen on the Conemaugh Valley. Magna
Charta roses, lilies of thev valley, De Watulles
and daffodils have been dropped out from the
flower list, aad moss roses and forget-me-nots
have made their first appearance this week.
Following are the latest retail prices of Sat
urday's market basket materials as furnished
by leading dealers:
The prices called for at the Diamon d Markets
remain unchanged. The best cuts of tenderloin
Eteak range from 20 to 25c, with the last figure
for very fancy, which are very often no bet
ter than the 20c article; sirloin, best cuts.
' from 18 to 20c; standing rib roast, 15 to 20c;
chuck roast, 10 to 12c; best round steaks, 15c;
boiling beef, S to 8c; sweetbreads, 20 to 60c per
pain beef kidneys, 10c apiece; beef liver, 6c a
pound: calf livers. 25c apiece; corned beef
from 5 to 10c per pound. Veal for stewing
commands 10c; roast, 12 to 15c: cutlets. 20c
per pound; spring lambs, fere quarter, 15 to
20c: hind quarters, 20 to 25c A leg of mut
ton, bind quarter, of prune quality, brings
12Kc; fore quarter, Sc; loin of mutton, 15c;
giblets, 5c per pound.
Vegetables and Frnlt.
Potatoes, 15c a half peck; new Bermuda pota
toes, 25c per J peck; new white potatoes, 20c per
ii peck; egg plants, 15 to 25c: new Bermuda
onions, 15c per quart: tomatoes, 50o per quart i
box; new cabbage, 6 to 25c; apples, lac to 20c per
half peck; bananas, 20 to 35c a dozen;
lemons. 20 to 25c per dozen: oranges,
60c; spinach, 13c per naif peck: lettuce, 5c
per bunch, 6 tor 25c; radishes, 5 to 10c per bunch;
cucumbers, 3 for 25c; asparagus, 6 bunches
for 25c; new beets. 10c, 3 lor 25c; straw
berries, 10c to 15c; cauliflowers, 15 toSSc a bead;
golden wax beans, 20c a quarter peck; green
beans, 20c a quarter peck: peas, 20c a quarter
peck; home-grown peas, 40c per j peck: sweet
cherries, 20c per quart; sour cherries, 15c per
, Butter, 'Egg and Poultry.
Choice creamery butter, 25c Good country
butter. 20c Fancy pound rolls, 30c
The ruling retail price for eggs Is 16c
The range for- dressed chickens is 80c to
$1 25 per pair. Turkeys, 15c per pound. Spring
chickens, $1 to SI 25 pVpair; ducks, 51 to Jl 25
per pair; geese, 50 to 75c each.
Fish in Season.
Following are the articles in this line on
thcstalls, with prices: Lake salmon, 12c; Cali
fornia salmon, 40c pound; white fish, 12c; her
linp , 4 pounds for 25c; Spanish mackerel, 45c
tojbOc a pound; shad, 60c apiece; sea salmon,
40A a pound: blue fish, 20c; perch. 10c;
bjjibnt, 2ac; rock bass, 30c: black bass, 20c: lake
.otit,12c: lobsters, 25c; green sea turtle, 28c;
nkckerel, 40c apiece. Oysters: N. Y. counts,
a yo per gallon; clams, SI 25 per gallon; scol
lops, 50c a quart; Crops, $1 50 to $2 50 per dozen.
La France roses, $1 O0Q1 50 per dozen; Bride
roses, tl 00 per dozen; Perles, Jl 00 per dozen;
Niphetos, 1 00 per dozen; Bennetts, 1 00
er dozen: American Beauty, 2650e apiece;
Iermets.$l 00 perdozen; carnations,35c a dozen;
Maiden Hair fern. 50c per doz. fronds. Bermuda
Easter lilies. 3 00 per dozen: mignonette, 75c
nr dozen: pansies. 25c a dozen: Jacanemlnot
roses, 75c to $1 50 a dozen; peonies, 1 00a dozen;
moss roses, 1 00 a dozen; forgetmenots, 25c a
The Blarket Reported Moderately Active,
With Prices Somewhat Irregnlar.
Special Keport by Cable for the American Manu
facturer. LONDOK, Jane 6.
Scotch Pig Irregular market but trade ac
tive. NalColtness 54s. Cd. f. o. b, Glasgow
No. 1 Summerlee 53s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Gartsheme 51s. 9d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Langloan. 53s. 6d. f-o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Carobroe -46s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Shorts -52s. 6a. to. b. Glasgow
No. lGlengarnock.....51s. 6d. atArdrossan.
No. 1 DalmelUngton ...45s. Od. atArdrossan.
No. lKghnton 43s. Od. atArdrossan.
Bessemer Pig Market active, with prices
somewhat irregular but strong. West Coast
brands quoted at 49s 6d. for Noa. X, 2, 3, f. o. b.
shipping point.
Middlesbrough Pig This market continues
irregular but trade is active. Good brands
quoted at SSs. Od. for No. 3. f. o. b.
Spiegeleisen Firm market and demand good.
English 20 per cent quoted at 62s. 6d. f. o. b.
at works.
Steel Wire Rods Market active and prices
strong. Mild steel. Jno. 6, quoted at 6108.
Od. f. o. b. shipping port.
Steel Rails Market firm, demand good.
Standard sections quoted at 4 15s. Od. f. o. b.
Steel Blooms A fair demand holds the
market firm. Bessemer 7x7 quoted 4 5s. Od.
f. o. b. sliippmgpoint.
Steel Billets Tnis market is Irregular with
trade active. Bessemer (size 2x2) quoted
at 4 5s. f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Slabs Demand moderate and market
steadr. Ordinary sizes quoted at 4 2s. 6d. f.
o. b. shipping point.
Crop Ends This market is steadier with more
doing. Run of the null quoted at 2 15s. Od. f. o.
b. shipping point.
Old Rails Firm market and the demand bet
ter. Tees quoted at 3 5s. and double heads at
3 12s. 6d. c. i. f. New York.
Scrap Iron Steady market, and trade fair.
Heavy wrought quoted at 2 6s. f. o. b. ship
ping points.
Manufactured Iron This market is firm,
with fair demand.
Stafford, ore. marked bars(f.o.b.L,pool)8 5s Od
" common bars 0 0s0d517s6d
" blk. sheet singles 0 Os 0d 715s Od
Welsh bars. o.b. Wales... 5 5s 0d 0 OsOd
Steamer Freights Glasgow to New York,
2s. 6d. Liverpool to New York. 8s. Od.
Metnl Markets.
NEW YOEK Pig iron quiet; American,
14 50018 50. Copper quiet: slight advance;
lake, June, 12. Lead firm and more active;
domestic,?! 02. Tin dull and steady; Straits,
120 4U,
Lou DOS Pig tin Barely steady market but
business fair; Straits, 91 0s for spot; futures
(3 months). 91 15s Od. Copper This market
continues firm with good business rChili bars are
now quoted at 41 10s Od for spoL41 OsOd for fu
ture delivery; best selected English, 47 0s.
Lead Steady market but demand moderate;
Spanish quoted at 11 7s Cd. Spelter Market
steady and trade fair in volume; ordinary Siles
ian quoted at 18 0s Od. Tin plate Increas
ing trade Has maae wis market steamer.
Continental Iron Blarket.
The course of business In the continental iron
markets has been greatly changed bv the col
liers' strike in Germany. The German market
is wholly disorganized. The apprehension of
a strike extending through all the industries of
the country weighs heavily upon trade Buy
ers now hold aloof, while sellers show extreme
reluctance to enter into fresh engagements.
For want of coal a considerable number 'of
blast furnaces bave been damped down, and
most of the large finished iron and steel works
are on short time The certainty of a great
advance in the cost of fuel, rendering neces
sary another considerable advance in the prices
of iron. Is contemplated nith dismay. The
foreign trade mult now continue to dwindle
away till some similar convulsion takes place
in England and Belgium to restore the balance.
Wheat Strengthened by Fears of an Adverse
Government Report Corn and Oats
Quiet Hoe Products Steady
nd Lifeless.
Chicago The wheat market to-day pre
sented more animation, and the feeling was
rather strong with a steady appreciation in
prices most of the session. July opened X
lie higher, and advanced with slight changes
IKc more, ruled strong and closed lc higher
than yesterday. The strength was attributed
to advices which would indicate that the next
Government report will make a less-favorable
showing than last month. This, together with
the rather larger export clearances and re
ported export buying at the seaboard to-day,
with Indications that the visible supply will
show a liberal decrease again, caused prices to
The weather bulletin showed ram in the
Wen and Northwest Clear and bright
weather would be more favorable. Shorts
took alarm at the action of the market and
boucht unite freelr. and there was also some
investment buying. Around 76c for July a'
local trader sold rather freely and neiatne
market for awhile, but the demand was active,
and all offerings being absorbed, the market
passed and heldabove that figure.
Com ruled quiet and inactive with the ex
ception of a short time after the opening,
trading being limited. The market opened at
vesterday's closing prices, fluctuated within
kSc, and closed Kc higher than esterday.
Oats were quiet and a shade easier, but later
became steady.
While there was not much life in the market
for hog products the feeling was rather firm,
and prices averaged higher for the leading
speculative articles. There was no pressure to
sell and the demand was only fair, with short
rib sides attracting most attention, and closed
The leading futures raneea as follows
wheat tto. z July. 7oj4e77H8B7oJsarc:
August, 74Jf75V7475Kc; September,
"5?.7473J6c; December, 7677K75&
Corn-No. 2 July. 34S4J34KSflc; Au
gust. 34V;34S434c: September. Mi&
OATS-No. 2 July.2Z622J2Ze22ic: Au
gust, 22ig22J2K22c; September, 22J
Mess Pokk, perbbL-July, 11 8011 87K
11 S011 82; August, 11 90U 9511 SftiQ
11 S7)s; September, 12 0012 0011 97K12 00.
Labd, per 100 Bs. July, 6 726 7o6 72
0 72: August, 6 066 80; September, 6 8o
SO 876 bom S5.
hllOKT Ruts, per 100 Us. July, ,$5 S7K5 85
5 S75 90: August. 85 82k6 005 97Ki Sep
tember, 6 0O6 07K6 00 02.
Uasn quotations were as xollows: Flour firm
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat, 7Sc;
No. 3 spring wheat, 65c; No. 2 red,
78c No. 2 corn. 33Ko bid. No. 2 oats, 21
J2c No. 2r)e.383Sc No. 2 barley, nom
inal. No. 1 flaxseed. II 541 55. Prime timothy
seed, 120. Mess pork, per barrel, 11 80U 85.
Lard, per 100 Rs. C 656 67. Short ribs sides
(loose). 5 S75 95. Dry salted shoulders
(boxed), 5 125 25. Short clear sides
(boxed), 6 126 25. Sugars-Cut loaf,
9V10c; granulated, 9J& Receipts
Flour, 11,000 barrels; wheat, 10,000 bushels:
corn. 29SO00 bushels: oats. 155,000 bushels;
rye, 3,000 bushels: barley, 2,000 bushels. Ship
mentsFlour. 15.000 barrels; wheat, 20.000 busn
els; com. 413,000 bushels; oats, 379,000 bush
els; rye. 6,000 busels: barley. 1,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the bntter
markot was weak but unchanged. Eggs steady
at 10c
New Yoke Flour less active and heavy.
Coramcal quiet and steady. "Wheat Spot un
settled, moderate export, light milling; options
less active. le higher and firm, short cov
ering. Rve quiet and steadier; Western quoted
at 474Sc Barley malt quiet; Canada, 90c
1 05 for old aud new. Corn Spot steady and
active; options dnll, J6Kc higher and firm.
Oats Spot quiet and steady; options firm aud
quiet. Hay quiet and easy. Coffee Options
opened' steady and unchanged to 10 points up,
closed stead v agio points up; sales 12.750 bags,
including July, 16.4516.60; August; 16.60
16.65: September, 16.75: October. 16.85; Decem
ber. 16.9517.00: January, 17.00; February, 17.05
17.10, September Rio very dull; fair cargoes,
lSJfc Sugar Raw quiet and strong:
sales, 650 hogsheads; refined firm, partlv
m,c nigner ana m gooaaemana; onABi-iB
8lfc; cubes, 9c Molasses Foreign quiet;
New Orleans ouiet. Cottonseed oil dnlL Rosin
quiet and steady. Turpentine dull at 353Sc 1
Eggs fair demand and steady; western, li
i&c; receipts, 0,444 packages, rone nrm;
mess, 13 2513 50: extra prime, 12 0012 25.
Cutmeats firm; sales of pickled bellies, 10
pounds, 7c; 12 ponnds at (c: pickled shoul
ders, 55Kc .Middles slow and firm. Lard
Spot and June easier: other options firm and
quiet; western steam, $7; city. 6 50; June, 6 99
6 99, closing at 6 87; July closing at 7 04 bid:
August closing at 7 08 bid; September, 7 13
bid. Cheese easy and moderate demand; west
em, TJigSJic
Philadelphia Flonr in fair demand.
Wheat very dull and prices of late futures
a shade lower; -car lots in fair milling demand
and rnled firm under light offerings; No. 2 red,
June, 8090c; July. 80c; August, 7960c;
beptember, UOesOJJc Core Options dull
and steady, but speculation very dull and ex
porters not operating; car lots quiet but firm:
No. 3 white. In grain depot. 40e; No. 2
yellow In da, 43c: No. 2 mixed, June.
40?iKc;July. 41H4iaic; August, 41Ji42c;
September. 42$42c Oats Car lots firm,
but demand very moderate; No. 3 white, short
storage. 33c; Nc. 2 white, 34c; do choice. 35s;
futures quiet but steady; No. 2 white. June.
3233c: July, 8i32c: August. 31USlJic;
September, 81i632c Butter firm for fancy
goods; Pennsylvania creamery, extra, 18c: do
prints, extra, 18c Eggs dull; Pennsylvania
firsts, 16c
St. Louis Flour Btrong for the better grades
but trading was light. Wheat higher; the
market was strong nearly all aay, thouch there
was no really unfavorable news; the close was
lWJlc above yesterday; No. 2 red. cash, 800
80jc; July closed 73Jc bid; August, 73c askea;
September, 74c bid. Com firm though very
quiet; No. 2 mixed, cash, 313lCc: June
closca at 31"ic; Ju!y,31Jc: August, SIKc; Sep
tember, 32c Oats weak: No. 2 cash, 23c and
nominal; June, 2Mc bid; July, 22c; August.
21c Rye No.2,40cbid. Flaxseed quiet at
1 30 bid; new crop nominal at 1 10 for August
delivery. Provisions quiet
CrsciNiTATl Flour quiet Wheat In fair de
mand; No. 2 red, 8182c; receipts, 5,400 bushels;
shipments. 3,000 bushels. Com in fair demand
ana firm: No. 2 mixed. 35c Oats quiet: No 2
mixed, 25c Rye dull; No. 2, 4516c Pro
visions quiet and firm. Butter quiet. Sugar
firm. Eggs heavy. Cheese easier.
Milwaukee Flour steady and dulL Wheat
firm; cash, 74c; July. 75ic; August, 74JJc
Com dull; No. 8, 33c Oats dull; No. 2 white
26c Rje firm; No. I, 42c Barley nominal: No!
2, 51c Provisions steaay. Pork 11 75. Lard.
6 67. Cheese unchanged; Cheddars, 7bc
Balttmobe Provisions auiet and stparW
juess port, 513 70. cutter steady; western
packed, ll12c; creamery. 17I8c Eggs firm
at 16c CoSee firm; Rio fair at lSc
Indiakapolis Wheat dull at 77c and nom
inal. Com strong at S3c bid. Oats quiet at
24cbid. u
Toledo Cloverseed dull: cash, 4 25.
Wool Mnrkets.
NEW Yohk Wool firm and in fair demand
domestic fleeces, 323Sc; pulled, 2339c; Texas
PnrxADELPHiA Wool Prices are firm
with an improved demand. Ohio, Pennstlva
nia and West Virginia XX and above. 3234;
X, 3233c; medium, S638c; coarse. 86437c
lnew York. Michigan, Indiana and AVestem
fine or X and XX, 293lc: medium
S637Kc; coarse, 3537c: fine washed de
laine X and XX, 3437c; medium washed
combing and delaine, 37K40c; coarse
do. 37J9c; Canada washed combine
346rS6c; tub washed, 3442c; medium unwashed
combing and delaine, 2830c; coarse do, 27
28e: Eastern Oregon, 1722c; Valley Oregon,
2227c; New Mexican and Colorado, 1322c
Boston rhere is a good Inquiry for domes
tic wool from the manufacturers, who are In
need of stock. New wool on arriving sells
freely, and there are no accumulations in any
grades. In fine washed fleeces there is moder
ate business, owing to the small stocks On hand,
and supplies of new Ohio and Michigan will
not be along tor a week or two. Choice Michi
gan and Wisconsin sold at 31c. and Ohio at 33c,
but these are extreme prices, the crenerai av!
ing figures beiug about 1 cent under. Prices
of all kinds of wool are very firm
but it is hard to get any advance!
In new California there have been sales
of 343,600 pounds in the range of 1622c.
nne,large sale of 175,000 pounds being at 1618c
In new Texas wool tnere has also been consid
erable doing, the sales being 135,000 pounds and
Including 100,000 pounds at 25c, and 5.000
pounds very choice at 26c Fat sheep wool is
well sold up, and the small sales this week
nave oeen at zosusc, as to quality. In terri
tory there have been sales of newu tah at 22(2
27, but mostly at 2223. and of Wyoming at 19
20 Pulled wool has been active, with sales
of 416.000 pounds, mostly A and B supers at 32g)
37c Foreign wool is unchanged. Australian
is In demand and firm. The sale of Montevide o
is noticed. Carpet wools are firm.
Snipbor In Canadian Ore.
Advance sheets of the annual report of Mr.
E. Costa, In I charge of the itinera! Statistics
Division of the Geological Survey of Canada
give the following statement regarding the
iron and steel production of the Dominion for
Iron ore. .............. ......
Pig iron ,
Kolledand forged iron a..
. s,ooa
The production of iron orehas fallen ntr nf .
cent Tears, It is sald.on account of the presence
of sulphur in the ore, rendering It, in a meas
ure, unmarketable.
Four-and-a-Half Per Cent on Mort
gages Makes Them Look Around.
Houston, Texas, Proves to be an 1 Dorado
to a Sontliside Iron Worker.
The item which appeared in this depart
ment of The Dispatch yesterday, stating
in cflect that a mortgage for a large amount
of home money had been placed on Penn
avenue property at 4 per cent, attracted
the attention of capitalists to an unusual
degree, and greatly increased their respect
for real estate as a safe and profitable invest
ment. The signs are good for a boom in the lumber
trade. Said a local dealer yesterday: "The
lumber business has been dull for sometime,
with prices tending downward, but I look for a
chango within the next 20 or 3Q days. The loss
of lnmberbythe flood in the Susquehanna
Valley was immense. 1 have seen it computed
at 10,000,000. This is unparalleled. Besides,
thousands of houses were destroyed and must
be rebuilt. This great loss cannot fail to make
a buoyant market and advance prices. This
will check, to some extent, building operations
in and about Pittsburg, as many will prefer to
wait another year rather than go above their
A Southslde heater named Gardner who got
out of a job almost six months ago, went to
Houston. Tex., and worked in the only iron mill
there He returned to this city a few days ago
in consequence of the mill closing for repairs.
He will return to Houston as soon as he can
make the necessary arrangements, and will
take his family with him. During his six
months' stay there bis wages amounted to
1,300, which was a great deal more than he
could have made here in the same time. He is
delighted with the conntry, and thinks, be will
locate there permanently.
Illinois is fast becoming one of the principal
competitors of Pennsylvania in the coal trade.
It is reported from Danville, that State, that
the Consolidated Coal Company of St. Louis
has just opened up the most extensive strip
bank west of the anthracite regions, in what is
known as the Missionary tract. The field is
near the junction of the Salt Fork and Middle
Fork of the Vermilion river, and contains 600
acres of land. A horizontal six-foot vein of
coal, covered with only 14 feet of ligbtsoils, ex
tends throughout the entire track. Wallace &
Wright, of Lafayette, Ind., have taken the con
tract of removing this dirt, and have placed
three steam shovels at work. The capacity of
the plant will be 1,000 tons a dav, and with this
output, counting 300 working days in a year, it
will take 16 years to exhaust the field, it being
estimated that there is at least 8,000 tons ot
coal in an acre of ground.
Real estate has suffered less from the busi
ness depression caused by the flood than any
other local interest. Reports show there is
very little abatement of interest in lands and
houses. A number of deals were consummated
yesterday which are noted elsewhere in this
department of The Dispatch. Twenty-nine
mortgages were placed on record aggregating
nearly 75,000. The largest was for 10,000, the
next largest for 8,000 and the next lor 7.000.
This was all borne money. Black A Baird
placed one of 15,000 on Penn avenue at 5 per
cent for three years, being about 85 per cent ot
the assessed value of the property. This Is a
close margin and shows great confidence In the
stability of values. Kelly fc Rogers placed a
mortgage on East End property at 6 per cent
The dispensing of soda water Is carried on to
a large extent in Plttsbure. In fact, it is one
of the principal industries incident to the sum
mer season. The outlay is small and the profits
large. Two or three of the most popular es
tablishments average about 500 glasses a day.
Snrceon General Hammond, however, would
wipe it otft of existence. Be says neither soda
nor ice water should lie drank at all, as the con
sequences are almost invariably bad. No liquid
with a temperature below 60 Farenheit, he in
sists, ought to be taken intothemouth. As the
thirsty season Is here these words of caution
should be borne in mind, coming as they do
from one of the most eminent physicians in
the world. But however wise and timely this
advice may be, it is not likely that it will lessen
either the supply or the demand. Allegheny
river water la a permanent obstacle to reform
in this direction.
The wire nail seems to be slowly winning its
way to popularity. Wheeling builders whose
business requires the use of large quantities of
nails, said: "We have not begun using the
wire nail yet, but it is certainly preferable to
the cut nail, and is the coming nail. All the
doors and sash we get are made with wire nails,
and they are becoming immensely popular.
Take a wire nail and throw it down there and
it will lie in the rain for a week and it won't
rust. An iron nail will rust if out In the rain
one night. Wire nails do not split the wood
like iron nails,and they are surely better. They
appear to be nsed more in the West than here
This nail is the cause ot the depression in the
cut-nail industry, and our mills will have to
turn their attention to them sooner or later."
Stock Trading Gives Evidence of Revival,
bat Siriklne Features Scarce.
There was a little more animation in local
stocks yesterday. At the morning call Phila
delphia Gas sold at S7. For Westmoreland and
Cambria Gas, a Johnstown corporation, 15 was
hid, but holders were not willing to let it go at
that figure. They thought it would soon be as
good as ever, but would hare sold at 35. Pitts
burg, Allegheny and Manchester Railway 'was
offered at 260, with 240 bid. Electric t was
stronger, 64 being asked. The rest ef the list
was practically unchanged and otherwise feat
ureless. In the afternoon there were trades in Pitts
burg and Central Traction and Westinehouse
Airorake, the tractions going at 52 and 32 re
spectively, and airbrake at 117, a slight de
cline. Electric was weaker, lie gassers were
unchanged, asr were the tractions. The demand
was light, and the market closed at the lowest
point of the day. Bids, offers and sales follow:
diu. Aeu. jua. Asked.
Rridrewater Gs.
Chartlers Vsk las Co.
Dat. Gas Co. of W. Va.
Ohio Valley Gas
He's 1
Philadelphia Oo .
AVestm'd k Cambria..
Wheellnr GasOo...,
Forest uu.
Central Traction B2V
Citizens' Traction 63
Pittsburg Traction.... 51H
rieasant Vallcr lt.lt. .. 180
ritts., Alle. & Man. ... 240
Plttx-.Cln. AHt U 17
P. ft W. K.K. Co n
P. ft W. B. K. pref.... 21
N.Y. UGas Coal Co
Union lirldce....
l. Nnris Mining Co... Ill
Allegheny Co. Elec ... .....
V estlngbonse Klectrlc S3H
Unions. 4 S. Co ZVi
3S . 24X
nC!UDI'KAirS.UO.. 117
111 JiJ
Sales In the morning comprised 134 shares nf
Philadelphia Gas at 87. In the afternoon 210
shares of Pittsburg Traction sold at 52, 25 Air
brake at 117. ana 100 Central Traction at 32.
The total sales of stocks at New Tork yes
terday were 291,201 shares, including: -Atchison,
12.050; Delaware. Lackawanna and Western,
11,315: Erie. 5,750; Lake Shore. 17,633; Missouri
Pacific, 6,500; Northwestern. 14,320; Northern
Pacific, 4,525; Northern Pacificpreferred. 14,255:
Reading. 10,100; St. Paul. 40.990; Texas Pacific
17 070; Union Pacific 43,035; Western Union,
Local Money Matters Recovering, Bat Im
provement Will be Slow.
Local financiers who were spoken to yester
day reported that business was picking up a
little but was still below the average. The
mall service was better and a big batch of
checks arrived from the East. Improvement
will be slow, as hundreds who lost relatives or
friends at Johnstown will not soon be In condi
tion to engage with alacrity in ordinary pur
suits. Under all the circumstances, the Clear
ing House report was a good one, the ex
changes footing up $1,550,71)6 S3 and the bal
ances $330,094 14, showing that there is consid
erable going on.
Money on call at New Tork yesterday was
esyat22 per cent, last loan 2; closed
offered at 2 Prime mercantile paper, 865.
Sterling exchange dull bnt steady at (1 S
for CO-day bills, and 4 88 for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
TJ. S. 4s,reg..,
U. S. 4s. coup.
M.K. AT. Gen. Bs.. KM
Mutual Union 6S....10JM
N. J. C. Int. Cert...ll5M
Nortnem Pae. lts..JJJJ
Northern Pac.2ds.JJW
Northw't'n consols.H-Vi
U. B. Vis, reg 10SK
, S. 45, conn.
Pacifies of '95 IIS
IiOulslanastamped4s 90'
Missouri 6s 102
Nnrthw'n deben's 113
Oregon ft Trans. 6s 105J4
u t. T M llpn. 59 86
lenn. new set. SS....107
Tenn. new set. 5S....102H
Tenn. new set. 33.... 7SM
Canada bo. Ids 99H
Cen. Pacificists 116V
Uen.ftlCO., lsts..,119
Men. ft B. a. ta.... si
l.&l.H.West.lsLq. M2
St. Lift 8.' P. Gen. M121
Si, Paul consols if
St. PI. ChlftPc.lsUH?..
Tx..Pc.K.G.Tr.Kcts 3S
Union l"ac. ists jw-s
Erie, ids 106S
Jl. K. ftT. Gen. 6s.. 60H
West Bhors w
New York Cleannes 117.157.924
ances, 5,861,663.
Boston Clearings. 14.538,472; balances,
L933,022. Money 2 per cent.
Prm, vdelphia Clearings, 510,288,711s bal
ances, 1,452,058.
BAITimobh Clearings, 1,628,343; bal
ances, 3Z7,98a
London The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the Bank of England on balance to-day is
7,000. Bar silver 42d per ounce.
Paeis Three per cent rentes, 86fe for the
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, 10,669,000.
St. Lours Clearings, 3,051,486; balances,
709,578. '
Something Must be Done to Stimulate Basi
nets Call for a Conference.
The oil market yesterday was the best of the
week in point of activity, if not of strength.
It opened at 82, at which 1,000 "barrels were
sold. Liberal trading soon put the price up to
82. A weaker feeling then set in, and the
price hung between 82 and 83 the rest of tho
day, closing at 82JJ. The ticker service was in
good order. Trading was spasmodic and lim
ited, the most of it being done in the afternoon.
"The market will change one way or the other
in the next few weeks,'' remarked an experi
enced broker. "Trade is so dull that we must
have a new deal of some kind or quit the busi
ness. I look for lower prices. The clearings
were 786.000 barrels.
The conferences of oil exchanges will meet
I at Bradford on Wednesday, June 12, to adopt
measures loosing to a reorganization oi uio
conference upon the basis of actual business
done by each exchange as shown by its daily
clearings, to receive and act upon suggestions
looking to a broadening of the trade in oil, and
to consider and act upon tbe revision of the
rules. The animus of this movement, it was
suggested, was probably to get the scheme for
trading in futurei again before the exchanges
in some shape as to remove objections and in
sure its passage.
Features ot the Mnrket.
Corrected daily by John M. Oasuey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum .Cixcnange.
Opened...., 8MLowest...
Highest 82ftuiosed...,
Average runs ,
Average shipments
Average charters. ,
Refined, New York, 6.90c
Keflneo, Londoa, S 11-1M.
Refined, Antwerp. 17f.
Refined. Liverpool, 6 S-16d.
Carrying, New York, 20c premium: Oil City flatl
Bradford flat; Pittsburg, 25c premium.
A. B. McGrewiCo. quote: Puts, 8282c;
calls, 83Jic
Other Oil Markets.
Pittsbueg, June 7. National transit cer
tificates opened at 82c; closed at 62Jc; high
est, 82Jc; lowest, 82c,
Bradford, June 7. National transit certi
ficates opened at 82c; closed at :c; high,
est, 83c; lowest, 81v.
TrrvsvnAx, June 7. National transit cer
tificates opened at 82c; highest, 83c; lowest,
82c; olosed, 82c
New Yore, Juno 7, Consolidated Exchange
opening, easjc; nignest, tac; lowest, Siv.c;
closing, 83c btock Exchange Opening.
highest, 83e; lowest, S2c; closing, 82
sales, 231,000 barrels.
Sale of Eleven Stone and Brick Houses
Otber Imnortnnl Deals.
Graebing fe Lyon, 1S5 Fourth avenue, sold a
row of 11 brick and stone dwelling houses in
Minneapolis, Minn., for Buel and Alden, for
125,000. They also sold to Frederick Bossie,
f or & Delp. two lots, 50x100 feet, on Taylor
street. West Bellevue, fpr 1550, and placed a
mortgage for 35,000 at 6 per cent for three years
vn property in the Sixth ward, Allegheny.
Kelly & Bogers, No. 6315 Station street, sold
for A- J. E. Means four lots on Joseph street,
Twenty-first ward, for S1.600 tash to J. B, Hol
land, and four lots on Broad street, Nineteenth
ward, to Jones & Householder for S2.600: also
one lot, 31x125 feet, Fairmont avenue, to D.
Herrnn lor J7U0 cash, and placed a mortgage
for (700 on East End property at 6 por cent.
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
Charles L. Reno, for Thomas Malley, of Chi
cago, 111., two three-story brick dwellings, Nos.
257 and 259 Ohio street. Allegheny City, with
lot 66x275 feet. They also placed a mortgage of
$15,000 at 6 per cent on a Pepn avenue property
for three years, which was about 85 per cent of
tbe assessed value of the property.
Ewing A. Byers placed a mortgage of 600 at 6
per cent for one year on property in the Second
ward, Allegheny.
James W. Drape & Co., sold a small houso
and lot near Rebecca street, Allegheny, for
$2,750; also two lots In the East End, 60x120 feet;
.for $2,050: also placed a mortgage on property
in McKeesport of $6,500 at 6 per cent: also a
mortgage of $2,000 on house and lot In Wilkins
burc at 6 per cent; also four mortgages of $500
each at 6 per cent on houses antf lots in the
suburbs; also a mortgage of $16,000 on manu
facturing and mineral property above Freeport
atC per cent.
L. O. Frazier, corner Fortv-fifth and Butler
streets, placed a $2,300 mortgage on Butler
street. Eighteenth iward, property for three
years at 6 per cent and tax.
Adverse Ioflnencea Depress tbe Stock
Market Nearly Everything Strong
at the Opcnlntt bnt Lower nt tbe
Close Bonds Feverish.
New York, June 7. The stock market was
somewhat less active to-day, but tbe strong
tone of yesterday was continued only in the
forenoon, when tbe adverse influences prevail
ing became most powerful iu the course of
prices and the upward moement was checked,
a reaction following. Tho opening was strong
and active but the business done was not so
well distributed as during the past few days
and the stocks of the-regular list outside of
the Grangers. Pacific stocks and New England
were dull and without much feature. Realiza
tions again became heavy. The annual report
of tbe Northwestern was swallowed uointbe
bearish fecline caused by the great flro at
Beittle and heavy engagements pfpold for ex
port bv to-roorrow' steimera. Tbero was
mirked strength in Wheeling and Lake Erie.
New England. Union .Pacific and Oregon Snort
Line at tbe opening, but tho trusts were
rather heavy to weak on the decision ot tho
Missouri State Secretary that the new law
against trusts would be rigidly enforced.
The Pacific stoofcs and Short Line were
neipeu oy tno prospects or an amicable settle
ment of tho Oregon Navieitlon lease and other
matters between the" Union and Northern
Pacifies. ThS selling begata immediately, how
ever, and before the end of the first hour
prices were on tbebarlc track and most or the
list were brought belo-w their ppenlng figures,
and Tennessee Coal, both common an pre
ferred, with Oregon Short Line were the only
ones which retained any fair proportion of
their advances. There was a spurt in Lake
Shore after 12 o'clock, bnt this ras the only up
ward movement durln? the atternonn ?inrt ft
failed to have any effect upon the rest of tho
list. The pressure against the trusts, however,
became more pronounced alter that
time, and. lead retired, 2 per cent.
Tho Grahgers followed, and St. Paul was
specially weak, but the low prices reached
brougnt in some buying from tbe shorts and In
vestors, and there was a better tone to the list
toward the close, which was quiet and fairly
steady generally at slight fractions better thin
the lowest of tho day. The great majority of
the active stocks to-night are fractionally
lower. Atchison and St. Paul are each down 1
per cent, but Tennessee 'Coal rose L the pre
ferred 2, and Delaware and Hudson i.
Railroad bonds were also less active, and, like
shares, were somewhat feverish and irregular,
although a strong tone was noticeable In most
of the issues traded in. The Kansas and Texas
bonds were again the most consplcnons strong
feature, but the declines at the close are quite
numerous. The sales of the day reached
$1,651,000, of which the Kansas and Texas 5s
contributed 3122,000.
The following table snows the prices of active
stocks on the Ne'r York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dally for. The Dispatch by Whit
ney Stephenson, members of lie w York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
.. eovf
Am. Cotton Oil. ....
Atcn.. TOP. ft 81 P..
Canadian l'sciSt.....
Csnsds Boutnertu 5SJ
Central or ewAierser.MS
Hich Low- inr
eiu est. Bins.
m m h
mi Mi M
icex iesx 106k
aiii ii" ' asS
UU ttML1 lAsHK
7IU 74K
es3 99)5
" fa a, s. ItjkB. . IB
i, St. L. ft Pitts, pf.. 39)4
li, St. P..M. ftO...... ..
0. 4 .Northwestern... .113
Uft .Northwestern, pf. ....
U O. X ftl 7JJ4
Col. Coal ft iron .
Opl. ft Hocking Val .. 14)4
pel.. L. ftW... Ui
Ucl. ft Hudson 1K
CenverftllioU .
ye2.Tor.&EloU" nr... 48M
E.T. Va.ftUs ios
Illinois Central 116!?
j-ake Erie ft Western.. 19
ke Erie ft West. pr.. 61J,
ske Shore ft M. S 105K
Louisville ft Nashville. 71
Michigan Central HJtf
Mobile ft Ohio
J?., K. ftTexas 10
Missouri Pacific. 76W
New York Central 108H
I tit f. tV U4f. IS
7Hf ,7J"
N.Y., L. E. ftW.. pref ...
S. a.. j. aobu us
If.. U ft St, L. Pf.
J.T4N, B 43
Rl V .. - .
. 17
.Norfnllr.fr tV.,r.m
Norfolkft Westem,pf.
Northern Pacific 29 J9 29
Nprtnern Pacific nref. era 68 66K
Ohio ft Mississippi... . 23 ns 22JS
Oregon Improvement. K K5K H4
Oregon Transcon VK 355? 34),
Pacific Mall S5 J31 35S
Peo. Dec. ft Kvan9 25 25tf 25
Ph ladcl. ft Heading.. X 46),
Pullman Palace Car.. .189 1S9U 189
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 26K 28)2 ssM
KIchmondftW.P.T.pf ij 84)? MM
St-PaulAUululh ..?. ..V.
St. Paul ft Dulutb pf.
St. P., Minn, ft Man... 102 102 102JS
8t.L.ft8an Fran 29 29k 28M
St. L. ft San JTran pf.. 60 61)2 M
St. u. ft aan If.lat pf.
Texas Paclflo 22 22 22
UnionPacillo -.... Siii 61M 63
Wabash preferred 20X 29 29X
Western Onion , SSK 88)4 88
Wheeling ft L. E 715? 715J 69)4
National Lead Trust.. 3J5( .
Bngar Trust 10CH
Boston Stocks,
Atch.ftTon.n.K... 43H
Wis. Central, com..
Wis. Central pf...
uusious Aicsny...ziz
Boston ft Maine..... 19
li. B. ftQ I03W
Clnn. ban. ft Oleve. 24K
Eastern R. E. 6s ....126
Flint PereM 28
flint ft PereM. nrd. 98)4
Mexican Cen. com.. IS
Mex.C.lstmtg.bds. 65
IJ.X.ftNewEng... 47M
Olduoiony. 174
Laismct & uecia.
Huron 1
Osceola. 8)f I
wnincv ta
Hell Telephone 211
Boston Land 6H
Hater Power 6)t
Tamarack 105JJ
San Ulego 2i
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers, No. (7
Fonrth avenue. Members New York HtockEx
cLinge. BM. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad 82 C2X
Reading Railroad 21 23 1-16
Bnflalo. PKtsburg and Western...'., lltf
Lehigh Valley 53)4 53
Northern Pacific 29 28H
Northern Paclflo preferred 66 67,
Wining Stocks.
New York. June 7.-rAmador, 100; Caledonia
B. H., 295; Consolidated California and Vir
ginia. 776; Deadwood T., 100; Dnnkid. 100:
Eureka, 200; El Cristo, 150; Halo & Norcross, 375;
Homestake, 800: Horn Silver. 100; Iron Silver,
180; Mutual Smelting aud Mining Company,
110: Plymouth, 10.00; Standard, 110; Savage, 250;
Sullivan, 115.
Condition of the Blarket at the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office Pittsbubo Dispatch. J
EAST Liberty, June 7, 1889.
CATTX.S Receipts, 20 head; shipments,
nothing; market, nothing doing; no cattle
shipped to New' York to-day.
Hogs Receipts, 8$ head; shipments, 1,200
bead; market fair: all grades $4 504 65; no hogs
shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts. 600 head; shipments. 400
head; market active; all sold 10c higher than
yesterday's prices.
By Telegraph.
New Yobs Beeves Receipts; 2,200 head,
including 44 carloads for the market, 65 car
loads for exportation and 21 carloads for
slaughterers direct, and SO carloads of sale cat
tle in pens besides from previous receipts; dull
and lower but none changed bands: common
to prime steers sold at $3 S04 60 per 100
pounds; a few tops at $4 604 70; bulls and dry
cows at $2 403 50, With a few fancy export
bulls at $3 603 75; shipments to-day and to
morrow, 1,890 beeves and 3,700 quarters of beer.
Calves Receipts, 2.200 bead; dull and lower
at$4 005 60 per 100 pounds for veals and at
$2 754 00 for buttermilk calves and mixed
lots. Sheep Receipts, 9,900 bead, including a
laree number of lambs: sheen were rather
f easier; lambs opened dull and weak, closed
neavyana lower; me sales incinaea common
to good sheep at H 005 25 per 100 pounds, and
common to good lambs at $6 7o8 00 per 100
pounds, with a f ewtops at $8 258 5a Hogs
Receipts, 3,500 bead, all for slaugnterers; none
for sale alive; nominally steady at $4 655 25.
Chicago Cattle Kecelnts, 9.000 head;
shipments, 3,500 head; market slow and a
shade easier; beeves, $4 404 60; steers, $3 50
425: stockers and feeders, $2 3083 60; cows,
bulls and mixed. SI 603 10: Texas steers,
$2 203 50; cows, $1 802 2a Hogs Receipts,
24.000 head; shipments, 7,000 bead: market slow,
closed a shade lower: mixed. $4 254 45: heavy,
$4 204 40; light, $4 25-l.55; skips, $3 5001 4a
Sheep Receipts, 7,000 head: shipments, 500
head: market weak; natives, $3 304 50: Western
shorn. $3 751 50; Texans, $3 503 90: lambs,
75c$3 4a
Kansas City Cattle Receipts. 2.8S2 bead;
shipments, 931 head; market rather slow;
beavy shipping steers 10c lower and hard to
sell; light and medium, $3 80: dressed beef
steers steady and 5c Qwer;good cows firmer:
good to choice cornfed, $3 C04 15; common
to medium, $3 253 80; stockers and feeding
steers, $2 253 40; cows, $1 753 OO. Hogs Re
ceipts, 12,374 head; shipments, 1,006 head: fair,
active and 5c lower.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 2,400 head: ship
ments, 3,000 head; choice heavy native
steers. $3 804 40; fair to good do, S3 103
4 30; stockers and feeders. $2 153 20;
rangers, corn-fed, $2 803 60; grass-fed. $2 10
3 15. Hogs Receipts, 2,800 head; shipments,
2,700 head; market slow; choice heavy and
butchers', $4 S04 40: packing, $4 154 30;
light, $4 2504 4a Sheep Receipts, 400 bead;
no Fuinments; mantel steaay; lair to cnoice,
$3 004ba
Cincinnati Hogs active and higher; com
mon and light, $3 604 50: packing and butch
ers'. $4 354 40; receipts, 1,400 head; shipments,
1,000 bead.
Flro Docs. Dnmaeo to nn Alabama Town
and Unllrond Line.
Eutatt, Ala., June 7. News has just
reached us by wire from Xivingstone as fol
lows: A very destructive tire broke out here
'this morning abont 3.30 in the block west of
the artesian well district, destroying 16
houses. The origin of the ire is not yet
known. There is no insurance on the build
ing oc stock of goods. The south-bound
lightning expresr train on the Alabama
GreatSouthern, due here at 7 o'clock this
morning, met with n serions accident about
one and a half miles north of Carthage,
Ala., on a trestle known as tbe Carthage
gravel pit trestle.
The trestle was on fire and before the
engineer discovered it and conld stop his
train, he ran into it. The fireman jumped
from 'he engine. Seventy feet of the trestle
was consumed; also the engine, mail car
and baggage car. Host of tbe mail was
saved. No one was hurt.
There Have Been no Fresh Disturbances on
tbe Troubled Island.
Sydhet, N. S. "W., June 7. The steamer
Lubeck has arrived here from Apia, Samoa,
with advices to May 28. Everything was
quiet in Samoa. A trnce was maintained
between the contending natives, owing to
reDorts that additional German men-of-war
were on their way to Apia. JIataafa had
collected his men, and it was thought 3,000
of his men would be assembled in one camp
shortly. Tamasese is also in camp.
All men-of-war have left Apia. The
British man-of-war Bapid had sailed for the
Fiji islands. The American steamer Nipsip,
convoyed by the steamer Alert, had gone to
Tutnila for coal, and from there they were
to proceed for Auckland.
Weak stomach,Beecham'sPills act like magic
Pears' Soap secures a beautiful complexion.
imitable manner into morroio's Dispatch the
American colony of Pari, and compares the
gallantry of 'Benjamin JYanklin with that of
the modern. American husband.
I IFF IIN A'FARM and lit dangers to I
i-i ru un n rftnm city visitors aeon.
sutered irt to-morrows UIS.va.tos from a hy
gienic aspen on Dr. J. C. Merles.
C., Ml. ft St. Paul
C., KoetLftP
Sellable Eggs ilrm, Batter Steady,
Cheese More Qaiet.
Cereal Supplies Strengthen, bnt
Pjices ise Sot.
Fbtday. June 7, 1889.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
There is good demand for reliable eggs at
15c Tbe Elgin Butter Board made no changes
this week. The movement here Is active The
time is here for the heaviest sales and lowest
prices of cheese. Demand Is active' the past
few days, and Johnstown has absorbed a large
portion of tbe surplus. The blockade of South
ern and Eastern trains bearing fruit and vege
tables has only been partially broken, and stuff
failed to come In In tbe quantities expected.
Shippers evidently ordered much of tbe stuff
that was on the way back to Eastern markets.
Strawberries are In fair supply, bnt not in very
good shape having been compelled to await the
falling of the waters.
Butteb Creamery, Elgin, 1920c; Ohio do,
1718c; fresh dairy packed. 1415c; country
rolls, 1314c; Chartlers Creamery Co., 19c
iSEAKS i ixgi w.
Beeswax 2S30c $ ttforchoicejlowgrade,
CirjEB Sand refined, $6 507 60; common,
$3 504 00; crab cider, $8 0008 50 f? barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c p gallon.
Cheese New Ohio cheese, 9c: New York,
new, 10llc; Llmburger, 89c; domestic
Sweltier cheese, 9U12c
Califobma Fbuits California peaches,
$4 004 50 jf) box; cherries, $3 00; apricots, $4 00
4 60; plums, $4 004 50.
Dried Peas-$1 251 35 jl bushel; split do,
Eqgs 14H15c $ dozen for strictly fresh;
goose eggs, Sue dozen.
Fbtjits Evaporated raspberries, 25c ft;
cranberries, $45 f) barrel, 50cSl 00 $ bushel;
strawberries, 8015c $ quart; pine apples, $1 2o
1 75 jfl dozen.
Fbathebs Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do, 4015c; mixed lots, S035c 1 &.
Honey New crop, 1617c; buckwheat, 13
Hojowy-$2 652 75 p barrel.
Potatoes 4550c 9 bushel: new Southern
potatoes, $3 754 50 f) barrel.
Poultby Live chickens, 6575c per pair;
undrawn chickens, 1012c p &; drawn. 14
15c f? ft: turkeys, 15c dressed fl ft; ducks,
live, 6070c f pair; dressed, 1314o fl : geese,
live, $1 0012oftpair.
Seeds Clover, choice 62 tts to bushel, $5 60
jl bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts, $6 00;
clover, Allske, $8 50; clover, white, $9 00; tim
othy, choice, 45 ffis, $1 65; blue grass, extra
clean, fts, 90c; bine grass, fancy, 14 fits, $1 00;
orchard grass, 11 &s, $1 65; red top, 14 Its, 51 25;
millet, 50 I, $1 00; German millet. 60 As,
$1 60; Hungarian grass, 60 fis. $1 00; lawn
grass mixture of fine grasses, $2 60 fl bushel of
Tallow Conntry. 45c; city tendered,
Tropical Fbttits Lemons, fancy. $5 500
6 00 $lbox; Messina oranges, $4 605 50 $
box; Valencia oranges, fancy, $7 509 00
case; bananas, $3 00, firsts; $2 00, good seconds,
fl bunch: cocoannts, $4 505 00 fl hundred;
new figs, 8K0o fl pound; dates, 66c f)
Vegetables Radishes, 2530c fl dozen;
marrowiat peas, es a w crate; new cabbage,
two-barrel crates, $2 50Q3 00; Bermuda onions,
$1 1501 25 f bushel: string beans, $2 00; tomatoes,
$3 003 50 fl bushel.
Sugars are so strong at the advance that an
other rise cannot be far away. Margins are
now almost wiped out to the Jobber here, who
has to lay In supplies at Eastern prices. Cof
fees are firm.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223c; choice
Rio, 2021c: prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 18K19c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracaibo. 2223c;
Mocha, 8031c; Santos, 1922Kc; Caracas
coffee, 2022c; peaberry, Bio, 2I23c; La
guayra, 2122c
Roasted (In papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades, 282Sc; old Government Java,
bulk, S2XCSc; Maracaibo,272SKc; Santos,
2224c; peaberry, 27c; peaberry Santos, 2224c;
cnoice Bio, 25c: prime Rio, 23c; good Rio,
22Xc; ordinary. 21Kc
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c; allspice, 9c;
cassia. 89cr pepper, 19c: nutmeg, 708Oc
Petroleux (jobbers' prices) llu test let
Ohio, 120; 8c; headlight, 150. 8c; water
wnite, xuftc; gii
oho. 12c: elalne. 15c: carnadlne.
... . --.. ..
iikc; royaiine. in.
Syrups Corn si
Syrups Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, S333c! prime sugar syrup, S033c:strict-
ly prime, uu, new mapie syrup, vuc
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me-
f dium. 43c: mixed. 40et42c
hoda ui-car d in Kegs, axus-ic; m-caru in fts,
S-Kc; bl-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lej do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine, per
set. 8c; parafflne, ll12c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Kc; choice, 60
7c: prime, &&c; Louisiana. 66Kc
Starch Pearl, 8c; cornstarch, oi7c; gloss
starch, 67c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 60; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
$1 85: Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia,
7K8c; sultana, 8c; currants, new, 45c;
Turkey prunes, new, 45c: French prunes,
813c; Salonlca prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8c:
cocoanuts. perlOO, $6 00; almonds, Lau per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12Q15c; Sicily filberts, 12c: Smyrna figs, 12$
loc; new dates, 5t!c; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans. ll15c: citron, per ft. 2122cj lemon
peel, per ft, 1314c; orange peel, 12$c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c
apples, evaporated, (&6c: apricots, Calif or;
ma, evaporated, 15018c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 3223c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424&c; blackberries. 7J48c; huckle
berries, lvmlc
sugars cubes 59c: powdered. 9M
ers' A. w-ieKB-xe;
fair. IMe: vellow. dark. H4c
Pickles Medium, bbls, (1,200) SI 60: medi
ums, half bbls. (GOO). 22 7a.
Sam-No. H3 bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, ffl bbl, tl 05;
dairy, f! bbl, SI 20; coarse crystal, fl bbl, Jl 20;
Hmgin s Eureka, 4 bu sacks, $2 SO; Higgins'
Eureka. 16-14 B. pockets, 3 00.
Canned Goods dtandara peaches SI S0
1 SO; 2ds, SI 30Q1 35: extra peaches. SI 501 90:
pie peachef. W)c; finest corn, JI01 50: Hfd.
Co. corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90cJl 00: Lima
bean, W 10: soaked do, 85c: string do do, 75
85c; marrowfat peas. 51 101 15; soaked peas,
70075c; pineapples, $1 401 60; Bahama do.
RJ 75; damson plums. 95c; greengages. SI 25;
egg plnui', 52 U); California pears. S2 GO; do
greengages, S2 00; do egg plums, S2 00; extra
while cherries, S2 00; red cherries, 2ft,90c;
raspberries 81 401 60: stranrberries 81 10:
gooseberries, $1 201 30: tomatoes, 82Je92c;
salmon, 1-lb.Sl 752 10; blackberries, kUc; suc
cotash, 2-ft cans, soaked, 09C: do green, 2 fis,
SI 251 SO: corn beer, 2-lb cans, SI 75f li-ft cans,
S13 no; baked beans, $1 401 4j; lobsier. 1
51 7501 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, jl 60;
sardines, domestic, Ms, U 151 50; sardines,
domestic, Ki, W 258 50: sardines, imported,
Jis. 811 5oai2 50; sardines, imported, Us,
S13 00: sardines mustard, (4 00; sardines,
splceil,-S4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, S38 fl
bbl.; exfa No. 1 do, mess, S40: extra Mo. 1
mackerel, shore, 32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
30; So. 2 shore mackerel, S24. Codlish Whole
pollock, 4JicJ a.; do medium, George's cod,
be; do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in Works, 67)$c. Herring
Round shore, S5 00 W bbl.; split, $7 00; lake,
52 50 W 100-tt. hlf Dbl. White flsb. ST 00 9 100
B. half bbl. Lake trout, S3 50 half bbl.
Finnan haddock. 10c V lb. Iceland halibut. 13c
a lb. Pickerel. K barrel, $2 00; K barrel, Jl 10:
Potomau herring, S5 00 fl barrel, J2 50 fl
Buckwheat Fioub Zii2ic fl a.
OAT3IKAL 5S Kl6 CO fl bbl.
MlKEns' Oii No. 1 winter strained, 5SC0c
fl gallon. Lard oil. 75c.
Grain, Flonr and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change. 17 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 8 cars bf bay. 3 of oats, 2 of barley, 1
of flour. 1 of feed. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati
and Bt. Louis, 5 cars ot hay, 1 of flour, lot feed.
There wa one sale on call, vlz a car of 2 y.
e. corn, 3$c, JO days, B. & O. Owing to very
light receipts, all cereals are active, but prices
fall to advance. Tho flour situation is a puzzle
to tho longest-headed operators. Minnesota
mills are cutting prices in order to keep up
their record. Some must be selling at a loss.
A cash customer who wants 100 barrels of the
best spring patents lit wood at S5 75 would
hardly be permitted to go away empty. And
at this flgnre the jobber here would fare belter
tbtn the Minnesota miller.
WHEAT Jobbing prices No. 2 rod, 83090c;
Contf No. 2 yellow ear. 39gS9c: h'gh mixed
ear, 37c; No. 2 yellow, shelled, 8737Kc: high
mixed snelieo. SBgSTc; mixed, shelled. SoJi
Oats No. 2 white, 81Ji
- 7M O
!oici o. a wnite, vif$
; No. 2 mixed, 27
RYE No.lPenMvlvanta-nnfl Ohio. filMSe-
No. 1 Western, 48e. ,
F1.0UR Jobbing prices, winter patents,
to 5896 75; eprteg patsets, g 76 9. wtater
straight, SI 7505 00; clear winter, $4 60i73;
straight XXXX bakers', i 6604 26, Bye lour,
13 5033 75.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, $15 009
15 50 ft ton; brown middlings. $11 60012 50;
winter wheat bran, $12 2512 50; chop feed,
$15 00816 OOv
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $15 00; No. 1
do,$13 50I4 00; No. 2 do,SU J0gI250-,loose from,
wagon. $16 0018 00: No. 1 upland prairie. $1060
mi 00; No. 2, $7 60S 00; picking do, $5 509
6 50.
Straw Oats, $7 50; wheat and rye straw,
$7 007 503 CO.
Sugar-cured bams, large, 10c; sugar-cured
hams, medium, llc; sugar-cured hams, small,
llc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 7c: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c: sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef fiats, 9c; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 10c; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, 12c: bacdn shoulders. 7c; bacon
clear sides, 8c: bacon clear bellies, 8c; dry
salt shoulders. 6Jc: dry salt clear sides, 7fc
Mess pork, heavy, $14 00; mess pork, familv.
$14 60. -Lard Refined in tierces, 7cr half
barrel", 7c: 60-ft tubs, 7c: 20 ft palls, 7Jc; 50
1 tin cans, 7c; 3-& tin palls, 7c; 5-B tin pails,
7c; 10-ft tin pails, 7c Smoked sausage long,
6c; lame, 5c. Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless
bam, 10c Pigs feet, half barrel, $3 5C; quarter
barrel, $2 00.
Dressed DIear.
Armour A Co. furnish tbe following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses. 450 to 550 fis,
5c; 530 to 650 fis, 6c; 650 to 750 fis, &Kc Sheep,
8c fl ft. Lambs, 9c fl ft. Hogs, 6c Fresh
pork loins. 9c
Dry Goods.
New Yobk, June 7. Trade In drygoods at
first hands is moderating aud a lull is antici
pated for the next two weeks. The market
was firm, but without change. Jobbers are
getting some package business in competition
with agents where goods have been advanced.
described and illustrated by staff correipond-
enisana arusis m UHnorrovrs dispatch.
I am satisfied that Cancer is hereditary in my
family. My father died of it, a sister of my
mother died of it, and my own sister died of it.
My feelings may be imagined, then, when the
horrible disease made its appearance on my
side. It was a malignant Cancer, eating in
wardly in such a way that it could not be cut
out. Numerous remedies were nsed for it, but
the Cancer grew steadily worse, until Itseemed
that I was doomed to follow tbe others of the
family. I took Swift's Specific which, from
the first day, forced out tbe poison and con
tinud its use until I nad taken several bottles,
when I found myself well. 1 know that S.S.S.
enred me. Mrs. S. M. Idol.
WETSTOjr, N. C Nov. 26, '88.
Send for Book on Cancer and Blood Diseases.
The Swift Specific Co , Drawer 3, Atlanta;
Capital $100,000, with privilege of $500,00a
Surplus and undivided profits, 523,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ac
counts Solicited. Collections a Specialty.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
JA& CALLERY President
W.J.BURNS Vice President
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.(
' Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
IM Purifier.
A purely Veeetablo
Compound that expels
tail bad humors from the
I system. Removes blotch-
"es and pimples, and
makes pure,, rich blood.
t InteBMi IteblRsT
and fttJnjtiiijcl mot at
lent! worse dt
cratcning 11 a
mred to mnitlnae
tumors form and
tRrallf TOT sore. SWATHE'S UIT
MEiM stop tke Itehlne and bleedlne. keals
i.j.wntlnn. ftnil In mMtnuMICIBOTHlbe ttt
nors. SvArxsfO!aTimlifoIdb7drD;giiu,orinallnlla
sdt addreM on reeetpt of prtee, 50 ets. s box ; 3 boxes, SUS,
Xiixm Ham. PE. SWATSK 4 SOV. PblUdrtpbin. (.
Circular Letters of Credit for Travelers
Good in all parts of the world.
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of J1.000 and upward. Appl at
mh4-34-i No. 124 Fourth aTenne.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
.Morgan & Co , New York. Passports procured.
614-515 Hamilton Building.
mvlO-70-D Pittsbnnr. Pa.
As old res'dents know and back files of Pitts
burg papers prove, is tho oldest established and
most prominent physician In the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
ML"Dni 10 and mental diseases, physical
llL.n V UUo decay, nervous debility, lack ot
energv, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, basbfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, s.iiely and privately cured.
blotches, falling bair, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tngup,moutb, throat,
ulcers, old sore. are cured for life, and blood
pobons thoroughly eradicated from tbesystem.
1 1 D I M A D V kidney and bladder derange
U nilinn I j ments. weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other,
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cnre
Dr. Whi tiler's life-long, extensive experience
insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as If
here. Office hours tf A. Jf. to 8 P. jr. Sundiy,
10 A.M. to IP. M. Only. DR.WHirriEIt.8lI
Penn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. ap!V31K-rsuwk
Ji. S U F JjEIiTjJIi yuh. erSting
weakness lost vigor, etc.. was restored to health
la such s remarkable manner after all else had
failed that he will send the mode of cure UtEE to
nlirelloir sufferers. Address L. G. MlTl.HKI.L,
.Last Uaddam, Conn. mr3I--DSuwk
Vnr lAtitC or Kalllnl
MAN HOOU. Nerrouj
ness. Weakness of
Uodv & Mind. Lact or Strength. Vizor aud Ue-
Telopment, csused br Errors, Lxcessea, 4c. Book.
MOCB ot SKLr-rnEATMENT. and Proofs mailed
(sealed) rree. Address E1UE -MKUIUAL, CO.
Baaalo. M. X.
For men! Cheeks the worst oases fa three
days, aad cares in five days. Prise SI Oft at
2B-noa i!2Muktsteet
"Whebeas, Two joint resolutions propos
ing two separate amendments to the Const!
tntion of this Commonwealth have beea :
agreed to by a majority of the members
elected to each House of the Legislature at
two successive sessions. The first of said
amendments being as follows:
There shall he an additional article to said'
Constitution, to he designated as Article)
Nineteenth, as follows:
The manufacture, sale, or keeping for
sale, of intoxicating liquor, to be used as a
beverage, is hereby prohibited, and any vi--olation
of this prohibition shall be a misde
meanor, punishable as shall be provided by
law. The manufacture, sale, or keeping for
sale, of intoxicating liquor for other par
poses than as a beverage may be allowed ia
such manner only as maybe prescribed by
law. The General Assembly shall, at the
first session succeeding the adoption of this
article of the Constitntion, enact laws,
with adequate penalties, for its enforcement.
The second thereof being as follows:
Strike ont from section one of article
eight tho fonr qualifications for voters,
which read as lollows: If 22 years, of age
or upward, he shall have paid within two
years a State or county tax, which shall
have been assessed at least two months, and
paid at least one month before the election,
so that the section which reads as follows:
Every male citizen 21 years of age, possess
ing the following qualifications, shall be en
titled to vote at all elections.
First He shall have been a citizen of the
United States at least one month.
Second He shall have resided in the
State one year (or if having previously
been a qualified elector or native oorn citi
zen of the State, he shall have removed
therefrom and returned, then six months)
immediately preceding the election.
Third He shall have resided in the elec
tion district where he shall offer to vote at
least two months immediately preceding the
Fourth If 23 years of age or upward, he
shall bave paid, within two years, a State '
or county tax, which shall have been as
sessed at least two months, and paid at least
one month, before the election, shall be
amended to read as follows: Every mala
citizen 21 years of age, possessing the fol
lowing qualifications, shall be entitled to
vote at the polling place ot the election dis
trict or which he shall at the time be a resi
dent, and not elsewhere:
First He shall have been a resident of
the United States at least thirty (30) days.
Second He shall have resided ltf-the 1
State one year for if having previously beea-
a qualified elector or native born citizen ot
the State, he shall have removed therefrom
and returned, then six months) immediately
preceding tbe election.
Third He shall have resided in the elec
tion district where he shall offer to vote at
least 30- days immediately preceding the
election. Tbe Legislature at the session
thereof next after the adoption of this sec
tion shall, and from time to time thereafter
may, enact laws to properly enforce this pro
vision. Fourth Every male citizen of the age of
21 years, who shall have been a citizen for
30 days, and an inhabitant of this State
one year next preceding an election, except
at municipal elections, and for tbe last 30
days a resident of tbe election district ia
which he may offer to vote, shall be entitled
to vote at such election in the election, dis
trict of which he shall at the time be a resi
dent, and not elsewhere, for all officers that
now are or hereafter may be elected by the
people. Provided, That in time of war no
elector in the actual military service of the
State or of the United States, in the army
or navy thereof, shall he deprived of his vote
by reason of his absence from such electioa
district, and the Legislature shall have now-
er to-provide the manner in which and'tha
'time and place at which snch absent elec
tors may vote, and for tbe return and can
vass of their votes in the election, district is
which they respectively reside.
Fifth For the purpose of voting, lip per
son shall be deemed to have gained or cast a
residence by reason of his presence or ii-
sence while employed in the service of tha
United States or ot the State, norwhlle en
gaged in the navigation of tbe waters of the
State or the high seas, nor while a student
of any college or seminary of learning, nor
while kept at any almshouse or public insti
tution, except the inmates of any home for
disabled ana indigent soldiers and sailors,
who, for the purpose of voting, shall be
deemed to reside in the election district
where said home is located. Laws shall be
made for ascertaining, by proper proof, the
citizens who shall be entitled to the right of
suffrage hereby established. And
Whereas, In accordance with tbe pro
visions of the act of the General Assembly
of Pennsylvania, approved March 8, 1889,
entitled, "An act prescribing the time and
manner of submitting to the people, for
tueir appruvai uuu lauumuuij ut rejection,
proposed amendments to th,e Constitntion,"
the governor ot the Commonwealth has
issued a writ of election directed to the
sheriff of Allegheny county, commanding
and requiring the said sheriff to give notice
in the nsnal manner, in not less than two
newspapers in the said county and each
city thereof, that an election will be held
according to the terms of the Constitution
and the provisions of the said act of
the General Assembly at the usual
place for holding general elections ia
each of the townships, boroughs,
wards, precincts and election districts
therein on Tuesday, the 18th day of
June, A. D. 1839, for the purpose of decid
ing npon the approval and ratification or re
jection of each of the amendments. In pur
suance thereof, I, Alexander JE. McCaud
less, Sheriffofthe county of Allegheny, do
therefore make known and give this public
notice to the electors of said county or Alle
gheny, that a general election will be held
in said county on Tuesday. June 18 next,
in the several election districts therein
within the hours at and within which the
general elections of the Commonwealth are
directed to be opened, held and closed, at
which time the qualified electors will assem
ble at their respective polling places here
after named, and vote by ballot upou the
adoption or rejection of said amendments.
The electors of tbe First ward, Pittsburg,
First district, to meet at Eees boiler yard,
on Fenn avenue, between Second and Third
streets. Second district to meet at pnblie
scboolhonse, Second avenne. Third dis
trict to meet at No. 1 engine house, Fourth,
The electors of the Second ward, Pitts
burg, First district, to meet at Archibald
& Brothers' livery stable. 119 Third avenue.
Second district to meet at the Poor Board
office, Fonrth avenue. Third district to
meet at public scboolbonse,Diamond street.
The electors of the Third ward, Pittsburg,
First district, to meet at Municipal Hall.
Smithfield street. Second district to meet at ,
public scboolhonse. Grant street.
Tbe "electors of the Fonrth waid, Pitts
burg, First district, to meet at public school-!
house, Penn avenne. Second district to
meet at L. "Woodson's shop, 52 Seventh ave
nne. Third district to meet at Aldermaa
B. McKenua's office, 263 Penn avenne.
The electors of the Fifth ward, Pittsburgh
First district, to meet at the office of Peter
Hermes. No. 208 Fifth avenne. Second dis- "
triet to meet at No. 41 Tunnel street Third
district to meet at the public schoolhoose,
"Webster avenue.
jThe electors of the Sixth ward, Pittsbnr?,
First district, to meet at the office of Alder
man Nolan No 17 Forbes street. Second,
district to meet at tbe house of Adam Erle-
.1. "KTn lit Vnrhut frt Third Aimtrint
to meet at the new schoolhoose, corner !;
Stevenson and Forbes streets. Fonrth dis
trict to meet in the south part of pnblie
school building. Fifth district to meet at
COS Fifth avenue. Sixth district to meet at1
the house of Casper Seltzosn. Van Braaw
and Edna streets. Seventh districtto meet
at the public scboolhonse, Second avsnae
The electors ef the Sevsith ward, Pi