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Leading: Features of Live Stock Mar
S ket at Herr's Island.
Hogs Unchanged, bnt WeakTribulations
of Port Packers,
Office of Pittsbubo Dispatch, i
Monday. June S. 1689.
There were about tbe usual supplies and
cattle were higher, sheep and lambs easier
and hogs without any material change.
The supplies from the West cost from 15 to
S3 per cent more at Chicago than last week.
Buyers here were not willing to pay the ad
vance and the result was a compromise.
Drovers were only able to obtain a part of the
advance they were compelled to pay at Chi
capi. Choice heavy Western beeves, weigh
ing 1,500 to 1,600 pounds, were held at ?4 S5
4 95; medium weights, 1,200 to 1,400 pounds.
4 003 1 33: common to fair rough steers. 3 25
3 55. Country butchering stocc was in light
supply, consisting of a few head of bulls and
dry cows. These sold at 3c per pound.
Fresh cows sold at $25 00 to $45 00 per head,
calves at Z to 4c and for a few extra tine
D to 6c was asked.
xteceipts from Chicago Winter & Dollen
bach for abattoir, 219 head; I. Zeigler, 105; L.
Geraon, 95; A. Fromm, 63; Tranerman Uros..
37; H. IIirch 4 Co., 35; Rothschdd & Co. 74.
From Pennsylvania J. Reiber, 7 head: various
owners. 8; total, G38 head; last week, 630; previ
ous week. 712.
bheep and jLanibs.
Supply viism excess of demand, and mar
i.ets were easier than last week without any
material change in prices. Yearlings and
spring lambs were a shade low er.
Prime, heavy Ohio and Pennsylvania weth
ers, 54 50 to S45: medium to good. $4 00 to $4 25;
common to fair, $3 25 to $3 75, yearlings, $4 75 to
6 00; spring lambs, 5c to 7c per pound. Some
very choice lambs brought a shade above the
outside figure.
Receipts from Ohio J. Langdon, 37 head; A.
Williamson, 125 head. From Pennsylvania is.
Lowenstelu, 44 head: S. Lonenthal, 1S3; Pisur
AlcNeese, Hi: J. Reiber, 24; F. CruiUhank, 7b;
McOrearyi Craig, 165; J. Ackerman, 212; J.
Bcbler, 118 Total receipts, 1,140 head; last
week, 1,033; previous week, 1,022.
Market slow at last week's prices. Holders
were not willing to concede, and buyers paid
about the same as last Monday. The range of
prices was $4 75 to $5 10. Receipts from Ohio:
j eeay a. tsmitn, s neaa; jsamora ana .Lang
don. 20 head. From various Pennsylvania
owners, 8 head. Total, 294; last w eek. 153, pre
vious w eek, 276.
Losses of Pork Packers.
Pork sackers have not found a bonanza in
their industry this season. A gentleman from
Cincfhnati, who has been long engaged in curing
meats, was in the city a day or two ago, and re
ported that packers there were generally losing
money. Said he: 1 have put np about 800,000
pounds of stuff, at a cost of 00,000, and if I
were to close out at present prices of provisions
my loss would be not less than 516,000'
One of our provision dealers here made pur
chase from the Cincinnati house ot an amount
of stuff on which there was a loss to the seller
of.S900- Pork packers are nnanimous in the
belief that margins are about wiped out.
The truth is hogs ha e ruled too high all the
past season.
Though the tendency has been downward for
some weeks, prices are still too high for any
profit In packing.
Condition of the Market at the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office PirrsBrmo Dispatch.
East Liberty, June 3. 1S89. (
CAT1XS Receipts, 910 head; shipments,
1,020 head; market slow at unchanged prices; no
cattle shipped to New York to-day.
Hogs Receipts. 1900 head: shipments, 1,100
head; no market on acconnt of flood.
Sheep Receipts, 3,400 head; shipments.
4,400 head.
Br Telegraph.
k we
Rvaxsas Crnr-Cattle Receipts. 3.786 head.-
Iiipments, 1,778 head; choice cornfed steady
7 nwfc, utiiere muw a.nu otiuc lower: cows
rm: common dull and weak: pood tn -hnir-
cornfed. $3 754 40; common to medium. S3 25
o iv,bukho ouu iceuing steers, rc Z3gg3 iJ:
cows, Si 753 5a Hogs Receipts, 7.721 head:
shipments, 1,774 head: market weak and 510e
lower, closing strong with some of the loss re
earned; -good to choice light. $4 124 17;
common to medium. $3 904 10. Sheep Re
ceipts, 1,771 head; no shipments: market weak
and a shade lower; good to choice muttons,
3 751 25; common Jo medium. $2 503 50.
New Yoek Beeves-Receipts, 3,700 head,
making 9,900 head for the week. Trading was
slow, but tbe market was firm and higher;
steers ranged from $4 00 to $5 05 per 100 pounds;
Dulls and dry cows firm at 2 73; exports for the
week included 1.600 beeves, HO sheep and 10,500
quarters of beef. Calves Receipts. 1,700 head,
making 10.000 head for tbe week; firmer and
higher at $4 006 00 per 100 pounds for veals,
and $2 603 50 for buttermilk calves. Sheep
Receipts, 6,600 head, making 33,400 forthe week;
market active, firmer and higher: sheep sold at
$4 255 80 per 100 pounds; lambs at SS 0C10 00
Hogs Receipts, 2,600 head, .making 26,200 for
the week; none sold on lire weight,
Chicago Toe Drover1! Journal reports
Cattle Receipts, 15.000 head; shipments. 4,000
head: market5cto!0c loner; beeves, SlOOffi
4 37J steers, S3 604 30: stackers and feeders.
52 403 60; cows, bulls and mixed, $1 80
5 35; Texas cattle lower. $2 00370. Hogs
Receipts. 23,000 head; shipment?. 6,000 head:
market slow and 5c lower; mixed. S4 20445
light .84 S04 55; heavj; 54 04 40; skip
53 J04 2a bheep Receipts. 1,000 head; ship
mente, 3,500 head: market a shade easier; na
tives, $3 504 80; Western shorn. $3 60fi!4 70
lambs,5049a '
St. Louis Cattle-Receipts. 2,500 head; ship
ments, 1.800 head; lower; choice heavy na-
ave steers, w twfi 3U: lair to good do., $3 103
3 90; Blockers and feeders. $2 003 10: rangers,
com-fed, $2 75ffi3 50; grass-fed. $2 10g3 Oa
Hogs Receipts, 5,500 head; shipment 1.300
head; lower; choice heavy and butchers'. $4 30
4 40; packing, 54 154 30; light, fi 25ffi4 ii
Sheep Receipts, 4,600 head; shipments, 2,700
head; lower; fair to choice, $3 O04 4a
Buffalo Cattle Receipts, 75 loads: 135
sale: market dull and unchanged, bheep and
lambs active and fully 25o higher; receipts. 20
loads throuch, 127 sale; best sheep sold at $5 00
lanibs. 55 756 Ott Hogs dull and 510c lower:
receipts, 37 loads throngb: 100 sale; Yorkers,
i $4 654 70; mediums, $4 504 55.
Indianapolis Cattle quiet at $2 754 4a
Hogs quiet at 54 254 6a Sheep strong at S3 00
4 25; lambs, 55 006 50.
Slake a Donation and Offers a Band of
Volunteer Workers.
At a meeting of the Board.of Managers ofthe
w Oman's iurcnange, held yesterday afternoon,
it was voted that the fines collected, amount
ing to over $11, be devoted to the relief fund of
the citltens' committee, and that a box be kept
in the rooms to receive clothing, money, pro
visions or material to be given to the commit
tee. A nnmber of the ladies are sewing at
their own homes for the sufferers.
The following volunteer committee was ap
pointed to hold themselves in readiness to be
called on for any service when neeped:
Miss Sell Stewart, Mrs. William It. Thommon
Mrs. H.H. McKee, MUsEW,J Mra. J. 1. iSInc"
Mrs. T. H. Vickson, Mrs J. o. Home, Mre. Jam
Albree, Mrs. deorge Macbeth. Mrs. Alex Laurh
lln, Mrs. GeonreGnscom, Mrs. J. K. McFadden.
Mrs. C. Ihinscn, Mrs. Wslter McCord. Mrs
Ernest tchwarti, Mrs. J. H. Hampton. Mrs.'
Phillip Keymer. Mrs. M. Atwood ana MUs
To-Dny's Trlnl Llsf.
Common Pleas No. 1-Fnllerton vs Fife: Evans
vs Booth & KUnn; McClcllandTs KIsber; Clement
x nuaucipnia vo.; jyner vs iicAeesport
borongb: Uradlcy vs Sim: Cocghan et al vs Tintss
man: Davis vs Heckerl: Elppert vs Herald:
Bartinsky vs bare Deposit Co.
nnmmon Pleas no. 2 Locmer v norm.,.
Mutual Insurance Co.: Eramer, widow, vsP. c.
AbL L. B. K. Co.: Hurrell vs Mntth: Luak vs
Phlpps; Walter & Co. vs bherraw; Vlehl et nx vs
Hldwell: Harndollarct ox vs Wiley: K. 1. Karle
T Plttsbnrg31an(ranecse Co.
Criminal Court Commonwealth vs James
bhlra, John Condon, James Gillespie et aL
Stephen btocsik et al, JameiGreen, Henry Brown.
Edward Bolts, alias Wiles, Samuel Whitehead,
Martin Patterson, John K. Shauahan, James Mc
G1U et al, Samuel Harvey.
Dishonored Drafts.
When the stonfach dishonors the drafts made
upon It by tbe rest of the sjstem.it is neces
sarily because Its fond of strength is very low.
Toned with Hostetters Stomach Bitters, It
soon begins to pay out vigor in the shape of
pure, rich blood, containing tbe elements of
muEcie none and brain. As a sequence of the I
vigor afforded the .stomacn, tbe bowels
perform their functions regularly, and the
Uver works like clockwork: Malaria has no
esect upon a system thus reinforced.
Wheat Moves at a Silent Decline In Prices
Corn Stronger Oau Unchanged
Hag Products Close With the
Early Advance Lost.
Chicago Trade Jn wheat was very
light to-day and mostly local. Prices declined
to a point c lower than Saturday's closing.
The opening was &Jc lower, and with only
slight changes receded e more, ruled steadier.
Improving 3c closing about H6Jic lower than
Saturday. Crop reports continue favorable,
with exception of points In Indiana, Illinois
and Tennessee.
Com ruled rather quiet but comparatively
firm, and prices fluctuated within He range,
closing a shade higher than on Saturday.
Oats were quiet and steady, with small
changes in price.
Trading was only moderately active in hog
products. Under the influence of liberal re
ceipts of hogs and a further decline in prices
there was an inclination arly to sell for future
delivery, and prices ruled lower. At tbe de
cline the demand slightly improved and prices
rallied, but toward the close the market weak
ened and the advance was lost.
The leading futures ramrea as follows
WEKAT No. 2 July. 75K75e74K75Vc:
August, 73K73K73k73Jc; September, 73
7473Jg-74c: year.7373ifc
Come No. 2 July.S334JS33K34c; in
put, 3434K34Sg34c; September, S5
OATS No. 2 July. 2222K822JB'ffi22J6c; Sep
tember. 22H22&e22Ji25ic.
Mess Pore, per bbl. July, $11 80U 80
11 72UU 75; August, $11 90011 87X11 82f
11 S; September, $11 9511 90.
Labs, per 100 tts. July, $6 TO; August, $8 75
6 77K6 756 7 September, $6 806 KZ&
Sho&t Ribs, per 100 Bs.-July, $5 72K5 75;
August, $5 805 82W: September $5 855 90
5 S55 S7f
lasn quotations were as rouows: Flour ami
2rve.3Sa No. 2 barler. nominal. No. 1 flu.
ro.2 ;
seed, $158. Prime timothy seed, $125. Mess
pork, per barrel, $11 751I80. Lard, per 100
. $8 62KE6 75. Short ribs sides rioosnl S5 65tf?
510. Dry salted shoulders (boxed), $512K
5 25. Short clear sides (boxed), $66 12.
Sugars Cut loaf, unchanged. Receipts
Flour, 11,000 barrels; wheat, 22,000 bushels:
com, 582,000 bushels: oats, 219,000 bushels;
rye, 4,600 bushels; barley, 4,000 bushels. Ship
ments Flour. 13,000barrels;wheat, 22.000 bush
els; com. 461,000 bushels: oats, 287,000 bush
els; rye, 2.000 busbels; barley. 3,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was weak: fncycreamerv, 15X16Xc;
choice to fine, 1215c; fine dairv, 1213Kc:
fair to good, SQlOc Eggs firmer at 1213c.
New Yoek Flour moderatelyactivo. Wheat
Spot unchanged, moderate export demand
ana light milling; options fairly active and ir
regular, closing steady. Barley malt quiet.
Corn Spot fairly active and firm; options mod
erately active. hilic lower and steady. Oats
Spot moderately active; options fairly active
and firmer. Coffee Options 510 points np,
closing barely steady. Sugar Raw higher;
f air refining, 6Jc: centrifugals, 9c; sales, 3,500.
Tallow lower; city, 4c Rosin steady and
quiet. Turpentine dull at 3334c Eggs
quiet and steady; receipts, 6,510 packages.
Pork steady. Cutmeats inactive. Lard firmer
and quiet; sales Western steam, $7 057 07,
closing at $7 05; city, $8 60: June, $7 01 asked;
July, $7 03, closing at $7 02 bid; August, $7 08
asked: September, $7 11, closing at $7 11 bid.
Butter dull; steady for choice only. Cheese
scarce and strong.
Philadelphia Floor quiet. Wheat quiet
and prices without important change. Com
Carlots firmer and c higher; options quiet and
nominally unchanged. Oats Car lots quiet
and c higher: options quiet and steady. But
ter firm for prime goods. Eggs steady. Cheese
Baltimore Provisions quiet. Buttersteady:
creamery, 1718c. Eggs firm at li)ilBc Other
articles unchanged.
Kot n Terr Great Flood of It Yesterday, bat
Enough for tbe Client.
The ejectment snit of John Fox against
Gottlieb Harmonting was settled yesterday.
The jury is ont in the snit of P. Haggltlrls
against Reymer Brothers, an action for rent.
The salt of James Packer and wife against
David Hutchinson, a landlord and tenant case,
is on trial before Jndge Slagle.
The trial of Charles E. Allen for the murder
of "Bud" Lee, both colored, was to have been
commenced to-day, but was postponed until
next Monday.
The trial of Henry F. Volght. ex-cashier of
the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of tbe
Southside. for embezzlement, etc., will be taken
np wcanesaay.
The suits o Elizabeth Matthews and Annie
M. Lyons against Lyons Brds,. McKee fc Co.,
actions on accounts, were settled yesterday
and the cases withdrawn., - ,
The Methodist Episcopal Church, of Tem
peranceville, yesterday, filed a petition asking
that the name of the church be changed to the
West End M. E. Church of Pittsburg.
An order was made in Common Pleas Court
No. 1 yesterday fixing Thursday, June 13, at
9.30 a.m., for hearing all appeals from assess
ments of property for taxation ln'PlttsDurg.
A vebdict for 51,150 for the plaintiff was
taken by consent yesterday in the suit of Mag
gie P. Shook against the receivers of the Pitts
burgand Western Railroad, an action on bonds.
J. Charles Dicken yesterday received a
verdict for $233 35 in his suit against John
Scbanb. The suit was an action on a judgment
note for $100 given in 1865 by Schaub to Dicken
Interest was allowed for 21 years, making tbe
verdict more than double the face of the note.
But one branch of the Criminal Court will
be run during June. For tbe, first two weeks
in July two courts will conclude the business,
wnen toe court wiu sojourn ior the heated
The jury is out in the case of John Welsh
against John Wise. The snit Is for damages
for false arrest on a charge of larceny. Wise
having been arrested in mistake for another
John Ballenfiels yesterday entered suit
against Richard Jeff enes for $1,000 damages for
slander. The parties are residents of Millvale
it was claimed that Jcfferies accused Bailen
field of stealing furniture.
The County Commissioners yesterday nut a
force of men at work cleaning up tbe old Uni
versity building and putting it in shape for the
Surpose of turning it into i hospital for the
ohnstown sufferers if necessary.
In the suit of James H. Beli against Samuel
McQuitty for possession of a lot in McKees
port a verdict was given yesterday for six cents
damages and costs for the plaintiff, according
to the terras of the agreement filed.
The jury is out in the casef Louis Gordon
against James Leech and the borough of Brad
dock for damages for injuries received by fall
ing down the cellar way of a house owned by
Leech that had been burned down.
The commission in lunacy in tho case of
Andrew Soellner yesterday reported that
Soellnerwas a lunatic Tbe report was ap
proved, and E. P. Thomas appointed a commit
tee of the person and estate of Soellner.
Mrs. Virginia Evans yesterday filed a
petition asking for an inqnest In lunacy to be
held on her father, Martin Thompson, of
Elizabeth Borough. She stated,that he had be
come insane and was squandering his estate.
CHasbrouck, Esq., was appointed commis
sioner w uuiu too inquest.
Mrs. Catharine Ztteqel, yesterday, en
tered suit against the Braddock Wire Company
for $10,000 damages for the death of her hus
band, Michael ZwegeL He had been employed
in tbe wire works and fell into a vat, about
which there was no railing, the contents of
which were principally vitriol. Ho died shortly
A bill in equity was filed yesterday by T. R,
Thomas, J. B. Van Wagner, Fred C. Milliken
and George V. Milliken against E. If. HukilL
It was stated that the plaintiffs purchased a
lease of oil and gas rights of land In Monon
galia county, W. Va., from HukilL Since then
Hnklll has commenced to bore for gas and oil
in the same land, and an injunction is asked
for to restrain him from continuing.
After theferand jury had been disposed of
in Criminal Court yesterday the rest of the day
was occupied in receiving the constable's re
turns. The returns were Tery light, but few
violations being reported. Jndge Stowe "re
peated the order made by Jndge Magee last
term, that the violations reported were not to
be published, as it would give tbe offenders a
chance to escape before they could be in
dicted. The grand jury's first day's work consisted
of returning the following true bills: Edwjrd
Baltz, alias Mills, Samuel Harvey. James -ao
GiU, Thomas Davis, Br, Thomas Davis, Jr.,
Samuel Davis, Maggie Davis. MaryMcGilL
Stephen Stoeslck, Joseph Szopka, Samuel
Whitehead, larcenyand receiving stolen goods
John Condon, burglary: James bhira, aggra
vated assault and battery: Harry Brown
James Gillespie, Anna Gillespie. James Green'
assault and batter ; John K. bbanahan, false
pretense. No bills were ignored.
A Month's hhnTingfor2 Cents.
For 2 cents Colgate 4 Co, 55 John st, N. Y
willman you a sample of Demulcent Snaring
Soap. "
Business OTershadowed by Jhe Great
Disaster at Johnstown.
Presented Prom the Standpoint of a1 Gen
tleman of Large Experience.
"The angels of our better nature" have
been so deeply touched by the Johnstown
catastrophe as to canse business to be in
great part subordinated to the more urgent
necessity for the caring of the survivors and
burying the dead. Nobody seemed to have
any heart for business yesterday. Scarcely
a dozen brokers attended either of the stock
calls, and all of Captain Barbour's efforts
failed to excite sufficient enthusiasm to
effect a single sale. The same was true of
the stock market, which was strong but
dull. The banks did nothing but routine work,
and not much of that. Everywhere, on the
streets, in the stores and offices, wherever
people assembled, the only topic of conversa
tion was the disaster. Almost every man had
his hand on his pocketbook ready to respond to
a call for further assistance. It will be several
days beforebusinessesumes its .wonted course.
To the Financial editor of Tbe Dispatch:
Having read several articles in The Dis
patch lately on auction sales of real estate, it
occurs to me that probably a few lines from one
wbose experience in that business extends over
30 years in this county may be of interest. I
remember when owners of real estate hesitated
about offering their property at auction for
fear that the public would think that they
were acting nnder financial distress, or that
they were compelled to sell. Gradually that
feeling gave way and auction became a popular
method of offering property. This popularity
continued until a few years ago, when it came
into disfavor, from which it has not recovered.
One reason for this decline was the introduc
tion of fictitious bidders. So long as bidders
had confidence In tbe honest management of
the sale tbey would bid freely, and nnder the
spur of competition would give more than they
had really intended to give. But whenever the
suspicion of false bidding arose bidders would
decline to give even the sum that they had in
tended to bid.
Another reason was that, after attending
sales and bidding what was deemed the value
of the property, owners wonld withdraw the
property and hold it for a higher price. Bid
ders thus lost both time and temper in attend
in; sales. Then came the era of brass bands,
free lunch and often free beer to stimulate the
bidding. Auctioneers used to pay $500 a year
license and give heavy bonds for the faithful
discharge of duty. Ten years ago these were
entirely repealed. This developed an extraor
dinary increase in the number of auc
tioneers. Now auction ought to be a popular method
for the sale of real estate. How to regain the
old-time popularity is the question. As already
said, confidence in the conduct of the sale is
an essential requisite. One idea I wish to pre
sent: It is well known that, with few excep
tions, there is a limited price at which owners
will allow the property to be sold. Then why
not publish the limited price? If itjisalow
price or a fair price, buyers will be attracted
to attend the sale, and. under the stimulus ot
legitimate competition, may be induced
to bid over the limit Those who deem
the price too high will sot attend,
and will not thus be disappointed.
When it is found that tbe limited price is too
high, let tho sale be readvertised with price re
duced. Let it be understood that the property
will be positively sold if the limited price is of
fered. This plan may rob the auctioneer of his
opportunity to create enthusiasm among his
audience in order to reach the limit, but will
afford him a higher order of skill to persuade
them to exceed the limit, which is of far more
consequence. Bidders will then attend sales
with a definite knowledge of the owners' views;
distrust will be abolished, and much more sat
isfactory results will be obtained. Many per
sons have failed to attend auction sales from
lack! of knowledge of the acceptable price,
whereas had tbey known it, they would have
attended andbidden higher. There is no good
reason why an auction sale should not be con
ducted as openly and above board as a private
sale. Alexander Legoate.
While there is nothing new on the surface
relating to the widening of Diamond street,
there is a strong undercurrent of sentiment in
its favor. One of the most earnest and zealous
advocates of the improvement is a Fourth
avenue real estate dealer, who has the courage
of his convictions in expressing his sentiments.
He said yesterday: "I know that Diamond
street will be widened. I won't tell you how I
know It, but I give yon the fact, and you can
rely on it. 1 have watched this matter care
fully from tbe start, and have made up my
mind from pointers obtained from the inside.
While the opponents of the project have been
talking, tbe other side has been acting. They
have been buying property there right along
until now they are practically in control of
the street. Nor have they confined their
operations to the thoroughfare in question, but
have gone into the adjacent streets and worked
up a strong sentiment In favor of the improve
ment If tbe determination of the question
were left to a vote of the people directly inter
ested, the wideners wonld carry the day by a
decided majority. We are in no particular
nurry. xne more the subject Is debated the
better it will be for us. No man In his proper
senses can fail to perceivo that the widening of
the street would be In the interest of the pub
lic Afcwmenmay make money out ot It. but
that would be a trifle in comparison with tho
benefits which would be necessarily follow
from the opening of a new street in the heart
of the city. Another thing 1 can tell you. The
street will never be obstructed with car tracks.
In view of the almost universal sentiment
against it, Councils would not dare to author
ize such an invasion of public rights."
Nothing Done at Elttierof Yesterday's Stock
Culls Bids nnd Offers.
There were no transactions in local stocks at
either of the calls yesterday. Thero were sev
eral reasons for this. The brokers were ab
sorbed in the Johnstown disaster, many of
them having relatives or friends among the
victims. Under this weight they were not dis
posed to pay much attention to everyday busi
ness affairs. Then, again, there were very few
orders demanding instant execution, and
finally, bids and offers were too far apart to be
hastily bridged over.
All of tho favorites were strong and some of
them higher in the bidding. For Electric 632
was bid and 65 asked. It was fractionally
weaker ln the afternoon. Philadelphia Gas
could have been sold at 3 but it was held at
33. Central Traction was held at 33K ; Citizens'
was offered at 07 For Pittsburg 61 was bid
and 63 asked. Switch and Signal was strong at
Saturday's quotation. Pleasant Valley Pas
senger Railway was in request at $180, but $200
was wanted in tbe forenoon and $193 In the aft
ernoon. People's Natural Gas and Plpeage
was in the market at 17M, but the opportunity
was allowed to pass unimproved. Bids and
offers were;
Bid. Asked.
Hid. Asked.
Pitts. Pet S. M. Ex..
Third Nat. Bant. Av,..
Nat Gas Co. of W. va.
People's JBtr Co..
Philadelphia Co..
S7 38'
"Westm'd & Cambria.,
Wheellnr Gas O
Washington Oil Co....
Central Traction
Cltlrcns1 Traction
Pittsburg Traction....
Pleasant Valley It. it...
P. W. It. It prer....
LaNorla Ml nice Co...
AVestinghonse Electric
63X 55
U. Switch & Slenal va.
Tbe total sales of stocks at New VnrV vm.
terday were 253,6o0 shares, including: Atchison.
14.385: Missouri Pacific 6,680: Northwestern!
8,600; Northern Pacific, 16,119; NorthernPaciflc
preferred, 42,850: Reading, 18,185; St Paul. 23.
460: Union Pacific, H.500; Western Union,
money Matters Subordinated to tho Great
.Calamity A Look Ahrnd.
There was very little doing in the local money
market yesterday. The demand for loans was
light and routine business, below the average.
A large part of tho checking was made up of
contributions for the Johnstown sufferers. The
clearings were 2,002,075 15, and tbe balances
5283.181 47,
Henry Clews 4 Co., New York, say in their
weekly circular: "Our heavy gold shipments
and their bearing upon the future of the
money market have attracted considerable at
tention, especially as the movement of stocks
is largely influenced bT this consideration.
Since January 1, about $19,000,000 of gold have
been shipped from this port, the bulk of which
went In the month of May. As produce and
commercial bills are scarce and London Is not
taking our securities very freely, the prospects
are that further important amounts will follow.
The bulk of recent shipments go the continent,
and their result must be continued easy money
in .Europe ana consequent stimulating oi speu
ulationin foreign markets. At London dis
counts in tho open market are quoted at about
IK per cent: at Berlin tbey aro only a fraction
higher: while In Paris, where tbe feeling lacks
entire confidepce, the rate is about 2Xper cent
"The loans of the New York Associated
Banks are at ho highest point on record; but
this causes no concern. among bankers, for the
reason that the reserves are nnder good con
trol, and there is no prospect of any activity In
the demand for money until midsummer, when
preparations for tbe fall requirements are in
order. Better rates are, of course, anticipated
at this period, and there Is consequently less
disposition to lend on time at present low rates.
There need be no apprehension of stringency
in the money market for months to come; as
the Treasury is in a position to release funds
more freely when necessary, ana the gold now
going out is likely to return In the latter half
of the year."
Money on call at .New York yesterday was
easy, closed offered at 2 to 3. per cent
last loan 3; closed offered at 2. Prime mer
cantile paper, 83K. Stenng exchange dull,
but steady at $4 STJJfor 6(May bills, and$l 89
for demand.
Closing BorTfl Quotations.
TJ. s. 4s,reg im
U. 8. 4s. coup 13
U. B. 4X&, reje..., IOC),
TJ. S. 4Ha, conn...., 106)
Pacific 08 of 'K. 19
Louisiana stamped 4s 8GJ$
Missouri 6s 102
Tenn. new set 6s i07
Tcnn. new set. Ss.. lM "
Tenn. new sot. 3s...... S)i
Canada So.pds 100
Cen. Pacific, Ists 116
Den. AK. G., uts.i 11
Den. &R.G. 4 ZIX '"
Den. & K. G. West, Ists 102
Erie, 2ds vav
M. K.4T. Gen, 6s 57X
M. K. 4T. Gen. Ss 53
Mutual Union 6s veH
N. J. U. Int. Cert H4J
Northern Pac Ists 120
Northern Pac 2ds 1W
Northwestern consols HiK
Northwestern debentures in?i
Ureron ATrana. 6s inj
tt. L. St Iron it Gen. 63 S5
St. L. San. Fran. Gen, M 121
St. Panl consols 129
St Paul, Chic APac Ists 119
Tex., Pac. L. G. Tr. Kcts 1 90S
Tex., l'ac. It G.Or. Kcts 38
union Pac. Ists..... lis
We6t Shore ic$s$
New York Clearings $77,600,884; bal
ances, 56,410,179.
Boston Clearings. $19,654,923; balances,
$2,418,390. Money IK per cent
Philadelphia Clearings, $14,217,770; bal
ances, $2,172,728.
BALTIMORE-Clearlngs, 52,575,573; balances,
London The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the Bank of England on balance to-day is
Paris Three per cent rentes, 8flf 43o for
the acconnt
Berlin The statement of tbe Imnerlal
Bank of Germany shows a decrease in specie
of 4,000.000 marks.
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, 514,095,00a
St. Louis Clearings, $3,737,246; balances,
IJNeW York, June 3, Consolidated Exchange:
Opening, 82Jc; highest S3Jc; lowest 82e;
closing, aac new iorK arocK nacnange
oaies, ,uu,vw uarreis
onenlnir. t2c: highest
azyec; lowest. I
349,000 barrels.
lowest 81c; closing, 82c.jraotal sales,
Oil Markets.
nrr. fVl'V. JnnA 9 WaH,,al m-.al .,-
tificates opened at 81Kc: highest 83c: lowest
81Jc; closed. tSZXc; sales. 301,000 barrels; clear
ances, 676,000 barrels: charters, 38,690 barrels;
shipments, 3,632 barrels; runs, 76.129 barrels.
Pittsburg, June 8. Petroleum National
transit certificates opened at 81Kc; closed at
82c; highest 83c; lowest, 81c
Bradford. June 3. National transit certi
ficates opened at 82c; closed at 82c: high
est 82c; lowest, 81c; clearances, 29&000 bar
rels. Titubvuxs, June U National transit cer
tificates opened at. 82c: highest 83c: lowest
81fc; closed, 82c ;
The OH Men Meet and Go Through the Usual
The oil market was very slow yesterday. The
Johnstown disaster overshadowing every other
interest. Th e wires were still in bad sh ape.and
New York quotations came in at long intervals.
Oil was a little scarce, 25 cents premium being
The opening price -was 82c This was too high
for the prevailing conditions, and it dropped to
81c From this point there was a rally during
the day to 8Sc, the highest boint touched. A de
cline then set in which carried the figures duwn
to815iJc.froro which there was a reaction to 823c,
which was the closing price.
Field news was to this effect: The Smith well
at Ninevah was torpedoed, but th result was
unknown here. sHershberger No. Sat Legion
vllle,was due. In the Washington district
Busbuell's Salem-Flack No. 2 was in tbe sand
and doing 150 barrels per day. The Forest OH
Company's well will not De a large producer.
The same company's Kerr well is dry, but had
struck a heavy gas vein, There was no change
at the other wells.
Features ot the Mnrket.
Corrected dally by John M. OaKiey & Co., 45
Sixth street, members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum Exchange.
Opened 81 I Lowest nit
Highest ,.83 Jflosed .......SIM
. Barrels.
Average runs r. , B0, 743
Average shipments , 61 Ml
Average charters , 41,513
Kenned," New York, 6.90c.
Itellne.', London, 5 -I6d.
Reflned, Antwern. 17)tr.
lteflned. Liverpool, s 6-lcd.
5r7f?.i.iSSw,i0Si JS!i2!L a fla" Braa-
-wukt v jjitiuium.
quote puts, 82c; calls,
A Big Denl at Mirlon Station Good Ones
i Elsewhere.
Reed B. Coylo & Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for Charles E. Speer ten acres of ground at
Marlon Station, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
for about $20,003.
Black and Baird, 85 Fourth avenue, sold for
Joseph S. Gold a two-story frame dwelling of
five rooms, on California avenue. Sixth ward,
Allegheny City, to John Alcorn, for $1,925.
The electric railway has made enhancement
in this location sure.
James W. Drape & Co. closed the sale of a
house and lot on Roberts street Eleventh
ward, city, lot 20x80 and an eight-room house.
m .'.: "?"""" i w ii.res nearjrerrys
ville, with improvements, at $4,600. They also
placed a mortgage of $2,600, at 6 per cent on a
house and lot in the city.
SamuelW. Black tCo., 99 Fourth avenue,sold
to John A. Steele one of those handsome two-
awry ana mansard Drick dwelling houses lo
cated west side of Oakland square. Fourteenth
ward, being the sixth, house from Boquet
street, with lot 30x100 feet for 53,750. These
beautiful bouses are selling very fast as they
are very desirable as well as cheap.
Baltensperger & Williams. No. 154 Fourth
avenue, placed a mortgage for $2,000 on prop
erty on Perrysvllle avenne, Tenth ward, Alle
gheny, for three years, at 6 per cent
W. A. Herron & Sons sola lots Nos. 20 and 22
in the Wilkins estate, Wilkinsburg, for 51,600
cash; size, 52kxl20 to a 20 foot alley!
George S. Martin, 603 Liberty street sold in
the Maplewood Park plan, Wllklnsbnrg. lot
No. 33, fronting 40 feet on Coal street by 120
feet to Washington lape, to Charles H. H.
Cupns for 5400.
1. Al. Pennock & Son have sold and settled a
mortgage for $1,800 on a farm in Butler county,
three years at 6 per cent; also one for $2,000 on
property at Homewood, three years at 6 per
cent and one for 5L00O at Duquesne. three
years at 6 per cent
The Pennsylvania Disaster Has a Depress
ins Effect Upon (he Stock Market A
Reaction and Losses Recovered
Railroad Bonds Quiet.
New York, June 8. The stock market to
day was more anlmated'than on Saturday, and
there was decided strength in many of, the
leading shares, and most' of the important
stocks are higher this evening. Tbe disaster
ln Pennsylvania bad a depressing effect upon
the minds of tbe traders, and coupled with that
were rumors that several banks and large loan
ing institutions intended to call in
loans on stocks unless there .could be a ticker
service. This opened the market materially
lower, with Louisville and Nashville down 1
per cent; but the others from ys to percent
generally. Tbe traders were bearishly inclined,
and by well directed attacks upon tbe list
helped prices clown still further in tbe, first
half hour, tbe Grangers being specially promi
nent Burlington took the lead in the decline,
but was followed closely by St Paul.
The market opened weak, but the hnying
and the concessions in prices assumed larger
porportions and the bottom was quickly
reached, and the Northern Pacific stocks sud
denly sprang into activity, with a decidedly
strong tone and sharply advanced. The rum
ors accompanying the improvement were to
the effect that the expected settlement of tbe
points at Issue between that Company and tbe
union Pacific had been satisfactorily adjusted,
and it became known that President Oakes had
left for tho West The decline was therefore
soon checked entirely.
There seemed to be good baying from
western sources on the rally, and the
Grangers did not lag in the upward movement
Most of the losses were recovered, Burlington
closing at only percent decline for the day.
The only Important changes were advances of
gg in Northern Pacific, IK in Delaware and
Hudson, lJi in Jersey Central and 4 per cent in
Oregon Navigation. The market closed quiet
but Arm.
Railroad bonds were quiet and tho sales
reached only $1,231,000, with no special anima
tion or movement anywhere in the list The
tone of the trading was generally firm, but no
marked movements occurred.
Boston Stocks.
Atch.&Top..lst7s. U7
Atch. 4Top. B. B. .. 45H
Boston ft Aloany...212
Boston ft Maine.... .189k
C..B.&Q. 101 jf
Clnn. San. ft Qeve. 23
Eastern B, B 90
Eastern B. B. 6s ....lis
JllntftPereal 28
Flint ft PereM. pro. 98
Mc-ucanCen. com.. I4
Mex.C.lstmttr.bds. 73J4
J. Y. ft .New foil-... 4BH
Old Colony. m
Bntland preferred.. 40
WU.Uentral.com... 19VC
Wis, Central pf.... 49
AlIonezMgCo(new). 1
Calnmet ft Hecla....219
FranUtn 10
Huron, 2
Osceola. So
Rida-e 142
Sliver Islet 6(
Bell Telephone 6&
Tamarack... 107
San Diego 25
Itfetnl Mnrkots.
NewYork Plg'ifon steady. Copper dull;
lake, June, $12 10. Lead strong and fairly ac
tive: domestic; $3 92K. Tin easier; Straits,
Condemned by the Presbyterian Ministers
For Trying to Desecrate the Snbunth.
At tbe meeting of the Presbyterian Minis
terial Association yesterday the following res
olution was about the only matter discussed.
The resolution was adopted:
The Presbyterian Ministerial Association of
Pittsburg has heard with mingled sorrow and In
dignation of the attempt made by certain the
atrical managers In onr midst under the cloak of
charity, to essay the violation alike of the laws of
Uoa and man. by throwing open their places of
amusement for the pnrposo of giving a oeneflt"
In behalf of tbe Johnstown sufferers.
The manifest ulterior aim of these attempts be
ing to secure the removal of the prohibition cx
litlng in reference to Snnday theaters, and
thereby tho ultimate enhancement of their gains,
compel us to deplore and condemn this specions
use of the plea of charity In a way which will
wore a lasting Injury to our commnnlty and land.
A Plttshnrs Clergyman Draws a Somewhat
Striking Parallel.
Clubs like the South Fork: Fishing Club were
likened in a parable to the saloon keepers
driven out of business by prohibition in tbe
speech of the Rev. J. W. Sproull at the month
ly meeting of tbe Ministerial Alliance Associa
tion yesterday. It tbe State should deny the
privilege ot dams to the one and ot saloons to
the other, the speakor felt the prohibition in
both cases was for public safety, and no com
pensation should be given.
Rev. Messrs. Irvine and Benham worn m&ria
members of the association. J. F. Patterson
was elected President for the ensuing year
and Nevin Woodside Secretary. The next
meeting of the association will be held in Oc
tober TAJBZE -
Tutt's Pills
The first dose often astonishes the invalid,
giving elasticity of mind and
Buoyancy of Body
to which he was before a stranger. They give
Good Digestion,
egular bowels asd solid flesh. Nicely sugar
oated. Price, 23c per box.
Sold Everywhere.
Health, energy and strength secured by nslng
Amoranda Wafers. These wafers are a guar
anteed speclflo and the only reliable and safe
remedy lor the permanent cure of Impotency,
no matter how long standing, nervous neural
gia, headache, nervous prostration cansed by
the use of alcohol or tobacco, sleeplessness,
mental depression, softening of the Drain, re
sulting ln Insanity and leading to misery, decay
and death, premature old age, barrenness,
spermatorrhea, harrasslng dreams, premature
decay of vital power, caused by over exertion
of tbe brain, self-abuse or over Indulgence 75
cents per box, or six boxes tor $4, sent by mall
prepaid on receipt of price. Six boxes Is tbe
complete treatment and with every purchase
of six boxes at one time we will give a
if the wafers do not benefit or effect a perma
nent cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON
MEDICAL INSTITUTE. For sale only by
412Market street. Pittsburg, Pa., P. O. Box 37,
to whom all communications should bo ad
dressed. my8-23.TTSSu
With an Increased capacity and hydraulic
machinery we are prepared to furnish all work
in our lino cheaper and better than by the old
methods. Repairing and generic machine
work. Twenty-ninth street and Allifheny Val
ley Railroad. Ie5-TTS
Or the Liquor Habit Positively Cured
by Administering Or. Haines'
Golden Specific.
It can be given in a cup or coffee or tea without
the knowledge of the person taking It: Is abso
lutely harmless, and will effect a permauentand
speedy cure whether the, patient is a moderate
drinker or. an alcoholic wreck, "thousands of
Drunkards have been made temperate men who
have taken Uolden Hpcclllc ln their coffee without
their knowledge and to-day believe tbev quit
drinking from tbclr own free will. ITNEVEK
iaim. xne system onco impregnated wiiu tne
ppeciflc it becomes an utter Impossibility for the
iiqnor appetite to exist, jyor sale by A. J. Ksnkln.
blxth and Tenn ave..Pittahnre: E. Jloldcn & Co..
Si E. Federal St., Allegheny. Trade supplied by
'.co. a. Kellv &.O., 1'lttobnrK. ra. oe27-oS-TTS
. Capital, $1MJOOO, wlth-prlvllege of $500,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $23,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ac
counts Solicited, collections a Specialty. 1
Interest allowed on time deposits.
JAS. GALLERY President
W.J.BURNS Vice President
The physicians of che Polypathia Aledical and
Surgical Institute, atNo.'120Pennavenno,bave
for years riven especial attention to the treat
ment of chronic diseases, and cases
which require surgical treatment, viz, all
forms of skin and blood diseases,
eczema or salt rheum, scrofula, acne, in
cluding every form of disease which manifests
itself hy pimples, blotches or eruption on the
skin. By their constitutional and local treat
ments they easily remove the worst form of
eruption on tbe skin, moth patches, freckles,
etc They also cive especial attention to dis
eases pf tbe kidneys and bladder, snch as
Bright's disease, congestion, enlargement, dis
placement and deposits of sand and gravel
Jn the kidneys, and stone in tho
bladder. Do you have pain across
the small of the backT A weak, tired
feeling, especially in the morning, lack of
ambition, scanty urine and pain in voiding it,
with a brick dust sediment? If so, these symp
toms point unmistakblv to a disease of the kid
neys or bladder. Often tbe kidneys become
diseased without manifesting any especial
symptoms and which can only bo detected by a
thorough microscopical examination of the
All suffering from kidney or urinary
diseases aro cordially invited to call and con
sult these specialists, nnd bring a specimen of
urine with them, which will be given a free
microscopical and chemical analjsls.
'lhe doctors also treat successfully clubfoot,
tumors, hernia or rnptnre. ulcers, varicose
Teins, hemorrhoids or plles,tare lip and other
deformities. Office hours, 10 to 1130 A. St. 1 to
1 and 6 to 8 ?. jr. Bnndays, 1 to 4 pj M. Con
ultaUoa free. Treatment also by correspond
ence. mya6-D
Strawberries 'Bigher, New Potatoes
Lower, Baiter Firm.
Cereals Are Quiet and Still Continue
, Buyers' PaTor.
Office of Pittsbubo Dispatch,!
Monday, June 3, 1889. J
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Attention Is so generally and intensely given
to tbe appalling catastrophe at Johnstown that
littlethonghtisglren to trade. .Liberty street
was unusually quiet Strawberries were better
stock than they have been for several days
past Apples are scarce and firm. New pota
toes from the South come In freely and are
drifting downward. Cool weather has served
as a check to the demand for tropical fruit hut
prices continue firm. The week opens with a
firm market for eggs and butter, and a down
ward tendency for cheese.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 1920c; Ohio do,
17018c: fresh dairy packed, 1415c; country
rolls, 1314c; Chartlers Creamery Co., 10c
Beans $1 75l 90.
Beeswax 2B30c f) tt for choice; low grade,
C'idee Sand refined, $6 E07 60; common,
$3 604 00; crab cider, $8 008 50 V barrel;
cider vinegar. 10 12c f) gallon.
Cheese New Ohio cheese, 9c: New York,
new, 10llc; Limbnrger, 910c; domestic
Sweitzer cheese, 9X12Xc
Cauforhia Fruits California peaches,
$4 004 60 V box; cherries, $3 00; apricots, $4 00
4 50; plnms, $4 004 50.
jjrikd ceao t Z0431 so f i pusnei; split ao,
EaG3 I314c ?f dozen for strictly fresh;
goose eggs, SOo, 1 dozen.
Fruits Apples, $3 504 00 V barrel: evap
orated raspberries, 25c B; cranberries, $45
fl barrel, 0c$l 00 1 bushel; strawberries, 6&
lie jf) quart; pine apples, $1 251 75 $1 dozen.
Feathers Extra live geese, 60B0c; No. 1
do, 4045c; mixed lots, 30035c -ft.
Honey New crop, 1617c; buckwheat, 13
HOHTNT $2 652 75 9 barrel.
Potatoes 3540c bushel: new Southern
potatoes, $4 254 60 f) barrel.
Poultry Live chickens, b575o per pair;
undrawn chickens, 1012c $1 Si; drawn, 14
15c V1 ft: turkeys, 15c dressed V S; ducks,
live, 6070c $ pair; dressed, 1314c 1ft B; geese,
live, $1008125! pair. v
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 Bs to bushel, $5 60
f) bushel: clover, large English, 62 Bs, $6 00;
olover, Allske, $8 60; clover, white, $9 00; tim
othy, choice. 45 Bs, $1 65; blue grass, extra
olean, 14 Bs, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 Bs, $1 00;
orchard grass. 14 Bs. $165: red toD. 14 Bs. $1 25;
millet, 60 Bs, $1 00; German millet 50 Bs,
$1 SO; Hungarian grass. 60 Bs. $1 00; lawn
grass mixture of fine grasses, $2 60 ffl bushel of
14 Bs.
Tallow Country. 4$5o; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy. 53 SO
6 00 V- box; Messina oranges. $4 6005 60 ft
box; Valencia oranges, fancy, $7 609 00 )
case; bananas, $3 00, firsts: $2 00, good seconds,
ip bunch: cocoanuts, $4 605 00 $) hundred;
new flgs, 8Ji9c pound; dates, 66Kc
Vegetables Radishes, 2530c $1 dozen;
marrowfat peas, $2 25 5) crate: new cabbage,
two-barrel crates, $2 60S3 00: Bermuda onions,
$1 15.Q1 25 -p bushel; string beans, ?2 00; tomatoes,
53 003 60 f) bushel.
Grkxh Coster Fancy Rio, 22323c: choice
Rio, 2021c: prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 1819c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 303iKc; Santos, 192Kc; Caracas
coffee, 20k22c; peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La-
guayra, 2122c
Roasted (ln papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades, 2628c; old Government Java,
bulk, B33Kc; Maracaibo,27X2SKc; Santos,
2224c; peaberry, 27c; peaberry Santos, 2224c;
Cbolce Rio, 25Koj. prime Rio, 23c; good Rio.
22Kc; ordinary. 21c
SPICE3 (whole)-Cloves, 2125c; allspice, 9c:
cassia. 89c; pepper, 19c: nutmeg, 7080c.
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test 7c:
Ohio, 120. sKc; headlight 150, 8Kc; water
white, 10c; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
HKc; royaline. 14c;
Struts Corn syrups, 5829c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c:prime sugar syrup, 80S3c:3trict
ly prime. 333cn;; new maple syrup, 90c.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 4042c.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs. 84c; bi-carb in Js,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 5J6c; sal
soda ln kegs. lc;do granulated, 2c.
Candles Star.f nil weight 9c; stearine, par
set 8Kc: parafflne. 11012c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77c; choice, 6V
7c; prime, 6;6o; Louisiana, (i6Kc.
Starch Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 5&7c; gloss
starch, 57c.
Foreign FBCirs-Layer raisins, $2 63; Lon
don layers, $3 10: California London layers,
$2 60; Muscatels, $2.25; California Muscatels,
81 83: Valencia, new. 67c; Ondara Valencia,
7K8c; sultana, 8r; curranter new, 4J65c;
Turkey prunes, new, 4ft5c: French prunes,
8Kl3c;8aIonica prunes, in 2-fi packages, 8c:
cocoanuts, per 100, $6 00; almonds, Lan.. per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12MQ15c; Sicily filberts, 12c: Smyrna figs, 12U
16c; new dates, &tc; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans. 11015c: citron, per ft. 21022c; lemon
peel, per ft, 13lic; orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per 6, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6VQ6)ic: apricots. Califor
nia, evaporated, 150l8c; peaches, evaporated,
pared. 2223c: peaches. California. evaDorated.
unpared, 10lc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, nnpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424rc; blackberries, 7K68c; huckle
berrles. 10Qi2c
Sugars Cubes, 8Jg9$c; powdered. S
9c; granulatcd,6c; confectioners' A.8S32c;
standard A, &;; soft white, 8Kbc: yellow,
choice, 7q:: yellowood.TQTJlc; yellow,
fair, 7Kc: jellow, dark, 7jic
Pickles Medium, bbls, (1,200) 54 60; medi
ums, half bbls. (600). 22 7a. J
Salt-No. 1$) bbl, 85c; No. 1 ex. a bbl, $1 05;
dairy, fl bbl, 81 20; coarse crystal, f bbl, J120;
Hingin'S Eureka, i bu sacks, $2 8D; Hlggins'
Eureka. 16-14 B. pockets. S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches 31-30
1 90; 2ds, $1 301 S3: extra peaches. $1 601 90:
pie peaclie, 90c; finest corn, $101 50: Hfd.
Co. corn, 70'J0c: red cherries, 90cJl 00: Lima
beans, $1 10: soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75
doc; marrowfat peas. SI 101 15; soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, $1 401 60; Bahama do,
$2 75; dainsOn plums, 95c; greengages. $1 25:
egg plums, $2 U0; California pears, !2o0;do
greengages, 52 00; do egg plums, J2 00; extra
white cherries. 52 90; red cherries, 2 lbs, 80c;
raspberries, $1 401 60; strawberries, 51 10:
gooseberries, $1 'Mall 30: tomatoes, 82U92c;
salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c; suc
cotash, 2 ft cans, soaked, 99c: do green. 2 &s,
$1 251 60; corn beer, 2-ft cans, 51 75: 14-fi cans,
513 60: baked beans, 51 401 45; lobster, 1 ft.
$1 751 80; mackerel, 1-6 cans, broiled, $150;
sardines, domestic, Jis, $1 lo4 50; sardines,
domestic. Us, S8 258 oO: sardines. Imported,
Vfs, $11 504212 50; sardines, imported. J43,
spiced, 54 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 536 a
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, $40: extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, 532; extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4Jc jfl fi.; do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c: boneless hake, in strijn, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6K7e. Herring
Round shore, $5 00 bbLr spllt,xS7 00; lake.
$2 50 100-ft. half nbl. White fish, $7 06 W 100
ft. half bbl. Lake tront, 55 60 fl half bbl.
Finnan haddock. 10c ? B. Iceland halibut 13c
M B. Pickerel, H barrel, $2 00; barrel. $1 10:
Potomao herring, 55 00 $ barrel, 52 SO 1 K
A Buckwheat Flour 223e l B.
Oatmeal $6 30G CO ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained. 6860o
V gallon. -Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Floor nnd Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change Sunday and Monday, H cars. By Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, i cars of oats, 5
of bay, 1 of malt, 1 of husks, 8 of flour, 2 of
feed, lof bran. By Pltlsburg, Cincinnati and
SlLoui3, i cars of oats, 3 of corn, 1 of hay,
2 of flour. By Pittsburg and Like Erie, 3 cars
of bay, 2 of flour, 3 of malt, 1 of. flour and
feed. Bs Pittsburg and Western. 2 cars
of oats. 1 of flour. There was bnt one sale on
call, yiz.:a car of sample oats, 81Mc. track.
Total receipts for last week were 179 cars,
against 191 for the previous week. Last week
closed as if began, with little animation to
cereal trade. Everything moves slowly and ln
buers' favor. A drop In flour is looked for
soon and already dealers are cutting on our
quotations. Hay starts out this week on a
lower level.
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red,90!lc:
No, 3 red. 8486c.
Corw No. 2 yellow ear, 39a6Jcthlch mixed
ear,37cj No. 2 yellow, shelled, 3i37Kc: high
mixed shelled. S6S7c; mixed, shelled, S5
Oats No. 2 white, 31&3Zc: extra. No. 3,
S0K31c; No. 3 white, 23X3liOci No. 2 mixed, 27
ItTE-No. 1 Western, 7075c: No. 2. 555(5c
Uaklkt No.l Canada, &59Sc: No. 2 Can
ada. 8oS3c; No. 3 Canada, 7072c; Lake Hbore,
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents,
JS C5 7o: spring patents. f 758 00: winter
straight, 755 00; dear winter, 604 7o;
straight XXXX bakers', $4 004 25, Kyo flour,
S3S868 7a,
MuarsEB Middlings, line white, 113 09
15 60 V ton; brown middlings. .$11 12 60;
mute nueair untaj at4 xwu OH. CSOfr xeeo.
5 0918 00, ,
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $15 00; No. 1
do,$13 6014 00;No.3do,$US01260;Ioose from
wagon. Sltf 0018 00; No. 1 upland prairie. S10 SO
011 00; No. 2, $7 60$8 00; picking do, $5 600
6 60.
8trX'w Oats, $7 60; wheat and rye straw,
87 007 50S 00.
Sugar-cured shoulders, breakfast bacon and
California hams have been reduced K Per
pound and dried beef sets advanced lc per
' Sugar-cured hams, large, 10c; sugar-cured
hams, medium, llc; sugar-cured hams, small.
llJic; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 7Kc: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c: sugar-cured California hams.
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats. 9c; sugar
cured dried beef sets, lOKc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. 12K bacon shoulders, 7c; bacon
clear sides, 8c: bacon clear bellies, 8c; dry
salt shoulders, 6c: dry salt'clear sides, TKc
Mess pork, heavy. $14 00; mess pork, family,
514 60. lard Refined in tierces, 7c; half
barrels, 7Jcj 60-B tubs, 7c: 20-B pails, 7Jc; 50
B tin cans, lyic; 3-B tin pails, 7c; 6-B tin pails,
7c: 10-ft tin palls, 7c Smoked sausage, long,
5c; larire, 6c Fresh pork links, 9c. Boneless
ham, 10c Pigs feet, half barrel, $3 6C; quarter
barrel, $2 00. -v
Dressed Menf.
Armour A Co. furnish the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650 Bs,
5Kc;650to650Bs,6Kc:e50to7S0Bs,6Kc Sheep,
8c Ifl B. Lambs, 0c p ft. Hogs, 6c Fresh
pork loins. 9c
I am satisfied that Cancer u uereditary In n
family. My father died of it, a sister of my
mother died of it and my own sister died of it
My feelings may be imagined, then, when the
horrible disease made Its appearance on my
side. It was a malignant Cancer, eating In
wardly in such a way that it could not be cut
out Numerous remedies were used for it but
the Cancer grew steadily worse, until itseemed
that I was doomed to follow the others of the
family. I took Swift's Specific, which, from
the first day, forced out the poison and con
tinued Its use until I bad taken several bottles,
when I found myself well. 1 know that S. S. S.
cured me. Mrs. S. M. Idol.
Winston, N. C. Nor. 26, '88.
Send for Book on Cancer and Blood Diseases.
The SwTjTT Spectfio CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
A pure dry Soap In powdered form. The great
labor saver and quick cleanser, without Injury to
hands or fabric. Economical, pure and good.
Beats the world for cleaning glasses, windows,
houses, dishes, milk pails, milk cans, clothes, Lz.
Keeps moths out of carpets, bureaus, etc. See
that you get BELL'S SOAPONA-Red Packages.
B.W. BELL HF6, CO,, Buffalo, H,Y.
JSczemnvItchy, Scaly, Skin Tortures.
Tho ilmpl application of " Swims i Onman" without
any Internal medicine, -win enra any eaae of Tatter. Salt
Rheum. Rip prcrm. fua. Itch. Born. Plmplei, Errilpeln all
no matter now obstinate or long standior. Sold bj dragglau,
or lent br mall for 50 eta. 3 Boxes, $1.25. Addren, D.
6-tb k Soa, PBiladelpbla, Pa. Aafc Joar dmiM for i
Only Genuine System of Memory Tralninj.
Four Bonks Learned in ono reading.
Mind vrnnderino cured.
Every child and adnlt greatly benefitted.
Great inducements to Correspondence Classa.
Proepectojj, With opinions of Dr. Wn.A.Ham.
mono, the world-tamed Spedahst In Mind Disease,
Daniel Greenlenf Thompson, the crest Psychct
erist, J. M. Bnckley, 1). p., editorof the Christian
AdvocaUTX. r. lUchard Proctor, the Scientirt,
Hone. Jadjzo Gibson, Jadahi'.IIcnJamln, and
others. Bent port free by
Prof. A. NOISETTE, 837 Fifth Atc N. T.
Pears' Soap
(Scented and Unsoentedr
jijjMiS jPNHii
ffrcffjf iiOir.ii
A. Durelv Vegetable
.Compound that expels
jail bad hnmors from the
(system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
Sirs. Or. Crossley, one or the Consnltlnr Pfij.I
clans at tbe Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute, 333
renn Avenne
What hundreds ofpeople say must be true,
and now Miss Mada Fritsscb wishes to tell what
has been done fur her. Her stomach had
caused her untold suffering and pain for years,
her appetite was poor, and she experienced
snch a burning and distressed feeling in her
stomacb. Although she tried to be careful of
what kinds of fond she ate, vet nothing would
remain oc her stomach, for she would vomit up
her food regularly within balf an hour after
eating. Tho catarrhal secretion that formed
inner head caused mucn pain over her eyes,
and she was almost constantly trying to raise
tbe tough; tenacious mucus that kept dropping
from her head into ber throat. Her bowels
were costive, and she was veryacrvous. She
began treatment with the physicians of the
Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute at 823 Pean
avenne on March 11, and on May IS declared
herself cured. She says: "I wish to state to
the public and my many friends that I have
been cured of this dreadful disease, dyspepsia,
and gladlv recommend these physicians to
others suffering from these diseases. I here
by sign my name.
.. "MADA FRIT8CH. Economy, Pa,"
Have you been watching tbe cures that the
physicians of tbe Catarrh and Dyspepsia Insti
tute have been publishing for tbe last year?
Have you called to satisfy yourself that they
have enrert thesn THrrnlf vhrnn testimonials
'they have printed from day to dayf If not, do
so: investigate wnat tney are capaoie ot aoing
for others, and then call on them and they will
tell you what thoy can do for you. Do yon
know why tboy Invite sharp criticism on their
work? It is because tbey know what disease
tbey can cure and have no other way to abso
lutely prove their success than by referring you
to the hundreds whom they have cured. Re
member, consultation and advice la free to all.
Office hours. 10 a. ic to 4 P. x. aadttoSr.
M Mir.
c A
H. Sundays, 13 to 4 P. x. 'mjW-M
jT-n-.ii.. Ln j- i- - i- ri.i - i-i ---- f
It can bo made a substitute for nearly
every purpose for which wire Is used,
and is far more durable and cheaper.
It is much' superior to wire work fa
everyway. It is solid at all points of
Send for illustrated Circulars and
Central Expanded Metal Co.
116 Water street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts,,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekia
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
in mortcazes on imDrnved real estate In sum
of 1 1,000 and upward. AppWat
mh4-34-i No. 121 Fourth avenue.
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexel,
Morgan & Co., New York. Passports procured,
0 TIONS: 10 to 100 shares; often yielding
targe protlts; stocks carried on; margin: Wall
Street Manual free.
jel-97 62 Broadway, New York City.
514-515 Hamilton Building;
mvlO-70-D Pittsburg; Pa.
Members Chicago Board of Trade and
Pittsburg Petroleum Exchange.
IS SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
mylgj-frTTSn f
As old residents know and back files of Pitts
burg papers prove, is tho oldest established and
most prominent physician, ln the city, devoting;
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
ML7Dn IQ ana mental diseases, physical
IlLn Y UUO decay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, bashf ulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, falling powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tbe person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations oi tongue, moutn, tnroat,
ulcers, old sores, are cared for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
HPIMARV kidney and bladder derange
UiillNrVn I j ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painf nl symptoms receive searching treatment;
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whlttler's life-long, extensive experienca,
insures scientific and reliable treatment oa
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as IC
here. Office hours 9 A. H. to 8 p. x. Sunday,
10 A. M. to 1 p.m. only. DR.WHirrrER,8lJ
Penn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. ap9-31K-isuwk
t i u!!jfrsa s
A Scientific and Standard Popular Medical Treatise ost
tne Errors OI Xontn, Temainrejrecu3e, nervous
end Physical Debility, impurities oi ;aeciooa,
Rcsulttngtrom Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Excesses or
Overtaxation, Enervating and unfitting the f ietba
for Work, Business, the Married or Social HclaUon
Avoid unskilful pretenders. Possess tlu great
work. It contains 300 pages, royal 8ro. Beautiful
binding, embossed, full gilt. Price, only $L00by
mall, post-paid, concealed ln plain wrapper. Ehis
tratlve Prospectus Free, if you apply now. Th
distinguished author, Tm H. Parker, JVC. D re
from the National Medical Association,
PHYSICALDEBILITY. Dr. Parker and a n
of Assistant Physicians may be consulted, eoafl-'
No. 4 Bnlflnch St., Boston. Mass., to whoa oK ,
orders for books or letters for advice should t
directed as above. ,
Jala- tui' suwk
a FosmvK cukbi
TTnr LOST or Killing
ness. Weakness at
Hn-Iv Mind l.irV at Strength. Vizor and De
velopment, caused byJErrors, excesses, Ac; Boot ; , 1
MODKorsrxr-lREATMi:rr. and Froofs milled. -s
1 sealed) free. Address EltiE aituiUAi. co.,,
lultalo. N. Y. de3-57-TT34wk
For men! Checks tho worst cases in three
days, and cures In five days. Price 1 08. at
iaS-a-TTSSn 12 Market street.
weakness, lost vlcor. etc., was restored to healt
ln such a remarkable manner after alt else n4
railed that he will send the mode of esjm ITUfCtn
all fellow sufferers. Address L. G. IfTtOcU
SastHaddaa, Ceaa.
- . Sc . S I