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The Local Bayers Will Be
. turn Home To-Day.
President Kimick Talks About His
Journey to Philadelphia.
ATondale Wins the , Latonia Sensation
Stakes Other Baces.
Games Flared Yesterday.
potxapeuhias- 11....1kbiakapolis.... 8
Fhilabelphias.. 10.. ..Indianapolis.... 4
Columbus 7.... Louis vxlles 2
Games To-Day.
National League Indianapolis at Pitts
burg, Clevelands at Chicago, New Yorks at
Washington, Phlladelp bias at Boston.
American Association CIncinnatis at
Philadelphia, Loulsvillesat Columbus, St. Louis
at Brooklyn, Kansas Citjs at Baltimore.
Inteenationai. League Syracuse at
Toronto, Bochesters at Detroit, Buffalos at
London, Hamiltons at Toledo.
League Record.
Perl Per
Won. Lost. CXI Won. I.ost.Ct.
Bostons. ,7 Chlcagos IS IT .433
l'ulladelphlaslS 10 .6551 Plttsburtrs. ..IS 18 .400
.New Yorks.. .17 12 .58fi Indianapolis 10 3) .333
Cleveland!. ..17 13 -SSTiWasblnstont 6 18 .150
Association Record.
Won. Lost, Ct.
Kansas Cltys..l8 17 .514
Baltimore!. ...IS 17 .485
Columbus. ....12 22 .353
Loulsvllles.... S 27 .228
St. Lonls 11 12 .692!
Brooklvns 21 14 .6001
Cincinnati. ..a 17 .552
Athletics 18 15 .545
Yesterday's Races.
At Latonia First race: Jakie Toms, 1:
Holland, 2. Second race: Kedsr Khan, 1; Cart
away. 2. Third race: Adele M. I; Ballyhoo, 2.
Fourth race: Ban Hazen, 1; Dad, 2. Fifth race;
Avondale, 1; Starter Caldwell, 2.
They Will Appear To-Dny A Talk With
President Klmlck.
The Hoosiers trill make their first ap
pearance here this season to-day. They are
a lively lot of fellows and many of them are
sluggers from 'way back. The team has
not.many new faces; that is, new faces as
Hoosiers. The most prominent among the
lot is long Jim Whitney, who was a Senator
last year. Altogether the team is putting
up-a strong game, as Oetzein. Boyle and Whit
ney are all in srreat pitching form.
The local players will return home to-day
after having u somewhat disastrous tnp. Dur
ing their absence they have played 22 games, of
which they hare won 7 and lost 15. The results
of the respective series are: At Indianapolis,
2 lost and 2 won; at Chicago, 3 lost and 1 won;
at Boston,! lost; at New York, 2 lost, 1 won
and 1 postponed; at Washington, 1 lost, 2 won
and J postponed: at Philadelphia, 3 lost and 1
The showing is not a had one, considering
the fart that the team has only bad one experi
enced pitcher to depend on. The results cer
tainly, show that .had the team been in ordinary
condition in the'pitcber's box it would hare
ln juannr-fhe leaders.
PreAient Nimick returned from Philadel
phia yesterday, where he saw the team play
three games. He talked to a Dispatch repre
sentative with unusual frankness and expressed
great confidence in the players. He said:
"Most certainly I was not in Buffalo, or near
it. As intimated in The Dispatch I
went direct to Philadelphia and returned
directly on the same route. I went to see the
boys play, and to see what things are like down
there. I arrived at Philadelphia on Wednes
day morning, and the three games I saw con
vinced me that we .have a much better team
than Philadelphia. The truth is, we could play
all around the Phillies if onr pitchers were in
good shape. Had our pitchers been right, we
could have won at leaiit three of the four games
played. The boys seem to know that pluck is
required when difficulties surround us, and I
can assure you they are playing with
great pluck. Staley Is worcing like
a beaver, and has told Mr. Phillips
time and time again that he was williftg to
pitch every day if his arm would stand it
Staley's willingness and work deserve recog
nition, and I think we'll present him with an
excellent suit ol clotlie l I believe in acknowl
edging condnct like Staley's."
Speaking of Coleman's effort in the box at
Philadelphia on Thursday, Mr. Nlmlck said:
T was pleased to see John so successful as a
pitcher. After tho game in which he pitched
I saw Manager Schmelz, ofiho Cincinnati
team, and he told me that .Coleman's pitching
was almost all underhand. Tbat style may be
effective, bnt I doubt it. However, I don't
wish to say a word that would discourage Cole
man. We haven't room for him, and w e would
like to see him get along allj-ight."
The President continued: "Oalviu will face
the Indianapolis players to-morrc4r. He tells
me that be is in good condition and be would
not say that if he did not know it to be true.
I hope we are abont through with our difficul
ties. The three yonng pitchers we have signed
are all promising young fellows. Of course
they willneed practice and plenty of work be
fore we can tell definitely what tbey are."
To-day's game at Recreation Park will com
mence at 4 o'clock. The makeup of the teams
will probably be as follows:
Pttisburgs, Fmillons. Indianapolis.
Galvln Pitcher.... Whitney
.Miller. Catcher. Daily
Beckley. First Hlnes
Dunlap. Second. Bassett
Smith Short Glasscock
Kuenne. Third Denny
Maul Left. Beery
Hani on..... Center ..............Sullivan
Sunday. Rlgbt ..McGoachy
They Knocked Oat the Hobokenss in n Big;
mains Game.
The Rosedaies and the Hobokens played a good
came on the grounds of the latter on Thurs
day. Following was the score:
osedales n B PA XI
j E B p A X
Pollocl. 2..
2 2
2 0
2 6
Jones, HH.2
2 2
inillams. s
lay lor, c...
King, I
Jopcs,E., s.
1 5
1 3
0 1
2 0
1 1
2 2
0 0
Kuffley, 1...
Stb, Sic ...
llarb'n. o-J
Onbs, 1....
Kobnson, p
blnntalt, r..
bhoot, m...
oert. x
Kimball, p.
bhannon, r.
Wlgbt'n, m
Jones, 1., 3.
0 I
0 0
2 1
Totals .... I 18 27 6 6
Totals .... II 10 24 13 9
Kosedales I 0 3 0 S 1 3 1 -14
Hobokens 0 12 0 8 0 0 0 011
Earned runs Rosedaies, 6; Hobokens i, 3.
Stolen bases Uosedalcs, 16: Hobokt-n s, 9.
Struck put-By Koulnson, 6; by Kimiull, 3.
The Eclipse Explains.
East Liverpool, Ma: I 31, 1SS9.
To the Sporting Editor or The Dlspatcl.:
Yon will confer a favor by pnl dishing the
following collection:
The morning game at Toronto on May 30 was
not given to Toronto by the umpire by a score
of 9 to 0. The game was not decided by the
umpire at all. The Torontos had at icked nine,
having men from East Liverpool, S."-e ubenville
and Empire. 0 but tbe Eclipse ci r.b would
have won toe crame hands down, as 1-hev were
battue tbe Toronto Ditcher bard, an d tbe To-
jrontos could do nothing with Carey's delivery,
she striking 9 of the first 11 men out. The
aaeore was: i
f Eclipses.... . n
Yours, EcHpse, J J. B. C.
Thinks We'll Win Them All.
During a -conversation yesterday- Ed. Morris
aid: Iamlnflrjt-claisconditlon.aa41think
I will be in the box on Monday. I will not be
surprised it we win all four games from the
Two Westlnsfaonse Nines Piny a Close
Game at Jdlewood.
There was an exciting ball game at Idlewood
on Thursday between the Westinghouse A. Cs.
and the Westinghouse D. Cs. The teams were
as follows:
Westinghouse AGs. Tice, c; McCullongh,
3d; Lunney, ss.; Woolslayer, 2d; McQarry. p.:
Dressier, 1. 1; Moseley, c. ; Lindsay, r. t;
Kreps, 1st.
Westinghouse D. Cs. Mudel, 1st; Bennett,
3d; Robinson, ss.; Vanderslice, 2d; Tener, c t;
Floyd, c; Jeffries, p.; Laurent, L t; Brown, r.f.
The following was tbe score:
WestlnKhouseA.es 2 300200007
Westlnir house D. Cs 0 40100010-6
Earned rnns-W. A Cs.. 5: W. V. C.. S.
First We on blls-By Gerry, 2; by Jeffries, 3.
Hit by pitched baU-Kreps. Bennett.
btruck out-By Gerry, 10: by Jeffries. 6.
Left on bases-W. A. Cs., 6; W. D. Cs., 5.
Time 1 hour, SO minutes.
Errors-W. A. Cs., 3; W. D. Cs.. 4.
Washington Wins Them Both.
The Craftons went to Washington yesterday,
played two games, and were defeated in both.
The afternoon game was the Urattons'. but the
umpire was from Washington and favored his
side too much, and the Craftons lost. The
Washington plavers are gentlemen in every re
spect off the fleid. but are regular kickers on
the field. Score of morning game:
Craftons. J
Washington 14
Base hlts-Craftons, 15; Washington, 13. .
Errors-Craftons, S; Washington, 10.
Afternoon game:
Craftons ;
AYashingtons i
Bate hits Crartons. 11: Washington, 11.
Errors-Craftons. 9; Wasblngtons, 9.
Columbus Defeats Louisville.
Colnmbns 0 04102000-7
LouisvUIes 0 0002000 0-3
Earned runs Columbus. 2; Loulsvllles, 1.
Two-base talts-Marr, 2: Weaver.
fctolen bases-Daily, Orr, Easterdsy, Hecker,
Double plays-Stratton, Cook and Hecker.
First base on balls-By Stratton, 1; by Baldwin,
Hit by pitched ball-Johnson, Z.
Struck out-By btratton, 5; by Baldwin, 11.
Passed balls Cook.
W lid pitches-Baldwin.
TimeOne tiour and 43 minutes.
Umpire Holland.
Tbe Rain Stopped Them.
Rain prevented the Pittsburgs and the Wash
ingtons from playing off their postponed game
yesterday. Tho rain was so disastrous In the
East tbat traffic both on the B. & O. and P.
R. R. was suspended. The teams may be. later
In arriving to-day than expected, but they will
be in town soon enough for tbe game this after
noon. The Indianapolis team would likely be
delayed at Johnstown. They did not leave
New York until last evening.
Tbe Shadows Won.
iefecial txleobam to the disfatch.i
Apollo, Pa May 81. The game of ball here
yesterday between the Shadow nine and a nine
composed of the barbers of Apollo resulted in
favor of the Shadows. Score: 15 to 3. Battery
for the Shadows, Rellly and Kirkland: for tha
barbers, Fisher and Kennedy. All challenges
should be addressed to Ed Younluns, Apollo,
Trl-State Leacne.
Mansfield, OA May 31.
Mansflelds 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 1-2
Hamiltons 0 2002000 -4
Base hits Mansflelds, 7; Hamilton!, 12.
Batteries Morrison and Fltzslmmons; Dolan,
Flanlgan and Dillon.
V mplre Sommers.
The FaTorltes Get Homo First Again
Avondale's Good Victory.
Cincinnati, May 3L The eleventh day at
Latonia was another cold and wet day. The
smallest crowd of the meeting was out The
track was very heavy sod stiff and poor time
was made in all tbe races. There was nothing
of tbe sensational order to occur and it really
could be called a favorite's day, as the winners
all paid small money in the books. The Sensa
tion stakes were wonljy Avondale, who beat a
good field in a driving finish.
First race, selling, for 3-year-olds and upward,
three-buarters of a mile Jakie Toms got off in
the lead, with Holland second. These two ran
the entire distance together, Jakie Toms fin
ishing first by two lengths, Holland second.
Clamor third. Time 1:2
Second race, selling, for s-year-olds and up
ward, one mile Kedar Khan got off in front,
with Bonair second. The former led all the
way, while Bonair gave np the place to Ny
petba at the three-quarters. Entering tbe
stretch, it was Kedar Khan, Castaway, Ny
petba, the three finishing in that order. Time
Third race, purse, for 2-year-old fillies, four
and a half furlongs Ballyhoo and Lady Black
burn were head and head in front when the
flagfeU. Tbey ran together into the stretch,
wbere Adele "M w ent out in front and won by
a length, Balivlioo second, Lady Blackburn
third. Time 1.-0IH-
Fourth race, lor 3-year-olds and upwards,
mile and 70 yards At the start Dad was in
front Ban Hazen second. Ban Hazen took the
lead at tbe Judges' stand and never gave it up,
winning by two lengths from Dad second, five
lengths in front of Quindaro Belie third.
Time. 1:5
Filth race. Sensation stakes, for 2-year-olds,
51,000 added, tbiee-qnarters of a mile Lillian
Lindsay was in front when tbe flag fell, with
Starter Caldwell second. The two led the
bunch into the stretch, when Avondale came
on and passed tbe leaders, winning by a length
from Starter Caldwell second, Outlook third.
Time, 122.
Entries for to-morrow's Latonia races:
First race, three-quarters of a mile, veiling Los
Webster 99 pounds, restus 109. lago 103, Bon Air
105, C Cheeney 106. Fargo 103, Holland 101 Ben B
109, Fleetwood 110, Stuart 116.
Second race, seven-eighths of a mile, selling
Jakie Toms 101 pounds, Virginias 101. Maid of
Orleans 105. Monlta Hardy 106, Castaway 108, Cast
Steel 108, Montapeak 96. Arundel 112, Cupid 116.
Third race, five-eighths of a mile, for 2-year-olds-Peerless
100 pounds, Gunwad 103, Joe
evlns 103, Tioga 103, John McCullongh 103, Uncle
Kit 103.
Fourth race, one mile Marchburn 92 pounds.
New Cattle Si Llederkranz 102, Josle II 102, Long
Bov 101. Bravo 112.
Fifth race, hotel handicap, one and one-quarter
miles Gilford 105 pounds, Jewel Ban 103,
Marcbma 108, Montrose 112, Tenacity 109, Hypo
crite 114.
Some Good Pointers to Persons Who Want
Private Spins.
The question is often asked, "What are the
rules for laying out mile and half-mile tracks 7"
The following simple directions will be found
Uieful: For a mile track draw a line'tbrough
an oblong center 440 yards In length, setting
a stake at each end. Then draw a line on either
side of the first line, exactly parallel with and
140 yards from it, setting stakes at either end of
them. You will then have an oblong sqnare
410 yards long and 280 yards wide. At each end
of these three lines you will now set stakes.
Now then fasten a cord or wire 140 yards long
to the center stake of your parallelogram, and
tben describe a balf circle, driving stakes as
of ten as you wish to set a fence post; this half
circle commencing at one side and extending to
the other, will measure 440 yards. When tbe
circle is made at both ends of your parallel
ogram yon will have two straight sides tbat
measure 410 yards each, and two circles of
exactly tbe same length, which, measured
three feet from the fence, will be exactly a
mile. The turns bhould be thrown up an Inch
to the foot.
A half mile track: Draw two parallel lines
600 feet long and 452 feet 5 inches apart. Half
way between tbe extreme ends of tbe two par
allel lines drive a stake, then loop a wire
around tbe stake long enough to reach to either
side. Tben make a true curve with the wire,
putting down a stake as of ten as a fence post
is needed. When this operation is hnlsbed at
both ends of tbe COO loot parallel lines tbe track
is laid out The inside fence will rest exactly
on tbe Hue drawn, but tbe track must measure
a balf mile three feet from tbe fence. The
turns should be thrown up an inch to tbe foot
The stretches may be anywhere from 45 to 60
feet wide. Hontman.
Farther Proceedings Against tbe Young:
Athletes and 'Cyclers.
It will be of interest to tbose connected with
tbe defunct 'Cycle Park Association to know
tbe case against them is not dead yet as ex
pected. Yesterday Attorney J. D. Watson, in
behalf of the plaintiffs, resumed proceedings,
and the defendants will have to plead within 15
days or judgment will be entered against
This means tbat all the 25 young men will
have to appear and state tbeir case or they will
have to pay tbe debt of $500 or S6U0 claimed by
the firm tbat put up tbe park grandstand and
other buildings.
Tho Disastrous Rain.
Dayton,' 0 May 8l By reason of continued
rains and mud all the driving club races have
been declared off, and the spring meeting
closed in disaster.
McNnlly and Eergerson Matched.
Harry Fergerson and Ea McNally called at
this office last night and signed articles to run
a foot race of 100 yards at 'Cyclers' Park on
June 10. Tbey each put up a forfeit of $25, and
tbe second deposit of 75 each is to be made
good next Thursday. Tbe final deposit will be
made on tbe day of tbe race. '
A Big Lot of Runners Entered for the Con
test To-Dny.
St. Louis, May 3L The spring meeting of
the, St Louis Jockey Club opens to-morrow.
There are five races on the card, and tbe sec
ond race will probably be split, making six
races in all. The weather is threatening and
the track a trifle heavy from recent
rains, but if the sky clears in tbe morning the
track will bo fast J. B. Ferguson, the Secre
tary of the Lexington track, will do the start
ing, ""e best horses on the western circuit
are here and the races promise to be a success.
The entries and weights for to-morrow's races
First rice, one mile Wheeler T 11! pounds,
Mollle's Last 111, May W 85, Kermesse 107, tfflle
Second race, seven furlongs, selling Entry 95
pounds, Mirth 97, Bonnie King 100, Jim Nave 100,
C'blthowle 10L Ke Ne Va 101, Volcle 101, Gardner
103, Bedstone 104, FosteralhM, Big Brown Jug 108,
Tudor 112, Luke Alexander 114. Lelex 115, Bridge
light 1C6, Chickasaw 108. The race will probably
be split
Third race, Missouri Derby, one mile and a
half-Teuton 118 pounds, Longflih lib, Casslus
lis, Glockner lis, Le Premier 118.
Fourth race, five furlongs, for 2-ycar-olds-Fly-away
115 pounds, Ponkle T. 95, Lena 105. Gertie
B. 116, Lutba Lee 105. Luis B. 105, Sequence 1C8,
Hua'pa 108, Jess Armstrong 108.
Fifth race, steeplechase, full course Wlnslow
154 pounds. Irish Fat 148, Voltlgem 154, LIJo 146,
Oatallnel55, Uncle Dan 155, Linguist 143.
A Challenge.
In order to decide the question of superiority
between the teams representing Gusky's and
Kaufmanns', Gusky's nine are open to play
Kaufmanns' a game for $100 a side. A
reply, accompanied with a deposit to The
Dispatch will bo at once attended to. Busi
ness only meant
Rovrnn Wnnts a Go.
Jimmy Rowan, the feather-weight pugilist,
latelv of this city, but now of Steubenville, O.,
was in the city yesterday. . He visited this
office, and during a conversation stated that he
is quite willing to have a '-go" with any of the
feather-weights In Western Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia Wins Two More.
Philadelphia, May SL The Phillies to
day won two games from the Indianapolis club,
the first by a score of 11 to S and the second 10
to 4. Wires are so poor and few to-night that
the score in full can scarcely be sent
Baseball Notes.
- These is a letter at this office for the mana
ger of the Golden Stars Ball Club.
The Allegheny Juniors defeated the Non
pareils on Decoration Day by 13 to 5.
The Second Ward Hustlers, Allegheny, de
feated the Emswortbs by 9 to 8 yesterday.
A nine made up of small boys beat the Dia
mond Market fish men on Thursday by 11 to 9.
The Our Boys, Jr., claim the championship
of clubs whose members are not more than 14
years old.
The Linden Stars want to hear from the
P. J. Morans and St Pauls. Address P. Derrie,
63 Bates street
The Eagles would like to play any club
whose members are not over 11 years old. Ad
dress W. Coif er, 297 Second avenue.
The Twilights want to play any team whose
members are not more than 14 years old. Ad
dress W. J. Gallagher, 467 West Carson street
Heavy Armor tor the Great War Vessel
Now Building at Brooklyn.
Bbookltn, May 3L Work on tho big dou
ble turret monitor Puritan, brought to the
Brooklyn navy yard for completion, is expect
ed to begin next week, and willlastoverayear.
Wheu tbe whole of the $969,000 appropriation
has been expended upon tbe Puritan she will
be tbe most heavily armored, as she is now tbe
largest and fastest of tbe monitors.
Her two engines are to furnish 3,600 indicated
horsepower, which should give her a speed of
13 knots. Her turrets are to be covered like
tbose of the other four ships, with about 11
inches of steel, and ber steel side armor will
have a maximum thickness of 12 inches, while
that of tbe other turret ships is only 7 inches.
Tbe main battery will consist of four 10-lnch
breech-loading steel rifles which fire a pro
jectile of 500 pounds with 250 pounds of powder,
piercing 30 inches of wrought Iron at tbe range
of a mile. Tbe secondary batterv of each
vessel will consist of two 6-pounder and two
3-pounder Hotchkiss rifles, two 1-pounder re
volving cannon and two Catlings.
A Grocer Who Broke a Cracker to Slake
the Scales Balance.
Detroit News. 1
One of the meanest men on record has been
discovered in the person of a retail grocer
in the upper peninsula by a drummer.
"The grocer was selling a poor woman
three ponnds of common crackers for 25
cents, for which he paid 6 cents," said the
traveling man as he balanced his chair back
in the Cadillac window. "To make his
scales exactly balance he found it necessary
to break a cracker in two. This man finally
met death by falling down stairs and break
ing his neck. I think he received only his
just dues."
Too Big for the String.
Detroit News.
A number of citizens have found a great
gushing spring in the bottom of Wolf lake,
near Muskegon. They let down a piece of
iron weighing 10 pounds at the end of a 60
foot line and the rush of the water from the
spring carried the weight around a circle of
300 feet This may look like rather a big
statement to hitch to a 50-foot string, but
tbe good people who tell the tale have
signed their names to it
Not What He Was Aflor.
Detroit News.)
Dr. Hallock, of Sebewaing, dug up the
almost perfect skeleton of a noble red man
in his back yard the other day. No; the
Injun was not one of the doctor's patients,
and he didn't know the bones were there
until he found 'em. He was not digging
for skeletons, but tor a cellar.
For FeJtern Pennsyl
vania, rain, slight
changes in temperature,
westerly winds. For
West Virginia, showers
in northern portion, fair
II Ul in southern cortion.
n .-
westerly winds, stationary temperature.
PrrrsBTOO, May 31, 1SSS.
The United States Signal Service officer In
wis Cliy lutuuun tue iouuvuu.
iner. itisr.
,,,..54 Mean temp 54
54 Maximum temp..., 56
.... Minimum temp.... 52
....54 Kange 4
.... PreclplUUoo. 05
..5.4 iwt; a rise of 1.1 feet In 24
8:00 A. V
120 A. M
1:00 P. It
2:00 r. M
5:00 p. K
80 r. x
Hirer at 5 r. M
India, and iU thousand of worshipers. U the
intensely interesting tubjtct of lYank J. Car
penter's illustrated letter', in to-morrow's Dis
patch. Imported Ale ind Porter,
Bass' ale, Burke's bottling Bass ale, McMnl
lin's bottling and Guinness' extra Dublin
stout, pints by tbe dozen.
100 and 102 Market kt, cor. First ave.
morrow's Dispatch, tchieh tcill prove of great
interest to our lady readers who desire infor
mation on dress and toilet.
S. fc D.I
Complete lines of the very latest and most
siyiisn necKwearj-airect irom the nest manu
facturers, 25c to SI SO.
Boods & Buhl.
a .. 1 rV
l -M .V 1 I r t
i HI Jf8
Pittsburg's First Eight Wards
Shown Up linancially
Levied Upon Their Business Pros
perity for the Year Passed.
And the Total May -Equal tho Estimate,
Despite Saloon Shortage.
Thanks to City Treasurer Denniston, the
morning papers are enabled to lay before
their readers this morning the business tax
assessments ot the first eight wards of the
city, down to the amount in each case of
$25,000 or upward. The total amount of
assessment for the wards named is $179,010,
as against $134,124 for last year, or an .in
crease of nearly 45,000.
For convenience the Assessors provide
two books for presentation to the Treasurer
of the business assessment, and have only
completed the one book containing the
wards named, which comprise the main bus
iness portion of the city.
The second book, which will comprise the
remaining wards of the city, will be ready
in a few days. Last year these wards
showed a tax of $63,600, and this, with the
total already in, will show about as large a
proportionate increase as the business part
of the city. The estimate in the appropria
tion ordinance for the current year is $187,
000, being about the increase of 1888 as made
by the Board of Assessors.
It is evident that tbi business tax will,
notwithstanding the decrease in the num
ber of liquor licenses, "hold up" to the esti
mate of the committee, if it does not exceed
it, as it did last- year. The comparisons
here suggested are fairly based, because the
average appeals yet to be acted upon are
likely to be of a similar average to those of
last year.
The Board of Assessors desires it to be
understood that there will be deductions,
but only, it is supposed, relatively to last
year's. A large number of appeals were
received yesterday) and many more will be
received to-day (the last day), and these,
with the liquor appeals, have yet to be
acted upon.
The matter of sales made beyond the city
by firms and persons having places of busi
ness or offices in the city will be argued next
week in Common Pleas No. 2 upon an as
sessment made by tbe board last year against
the Hartman Steel Company, who have
works at Beaver Falls. Tbe bill in equity
has been carefully prepared with a view of
covering numerous other cases of a some
what similar character. The Board of As
sessors, as well as City Attorney Horeland,
are anxious for a decision upon points that
'will be presented. By wards, the interest
ing figures show for themselves below:
That the Assessment Upon Prosperity Will
Yield In This Cltv.
rrasT wabd.
Armstrong &, McCelvey, paint I 33,500
Atlantic Glass Co., glass 29,400
Anchor ltubber Co.. robber 29,40)
Atwood & McCaffrey, brass 275,300
Armour & Co., wholesale meal 279,600
Barnes. W. J safes...' ISO. 000
Byers. A.M.. A Co.. iron 150,000
Balrd, TJ., machinery company, mach'ry 150,000
Bole, H. 11., machinery 30,000
Bennett Qeo. H., Bro., wholesale
lUuor : : 150,000
, M general goods..... 25,000
Butler A Uardlner, engines 50,000
Best Fox Co., brass 120,000
Balr ft Uazzam, machinery ,'.... 50,000
Braditreet'E Mercantile Agency 36.000
Bank, Odd Fellows' Savings 300, M0
Bauman, B., wholesale liquor 36,000
Blbcr Esston, drygoods . 350,000
Holey. Samuel, hotel. 25,000
Honetall, Frank, wholesale liquor 35,000
Belle. Ueorgc, meat 45,000
Waller, J. S., fish 54,000
Brabin, Simon, meat 45,000
Codman. A. A. & Co., brass 50,000
Columbia Iron and Steel Company 20,000
Calumet Coke Company 100,00)
Callcry. Jas. A Co., leather 146.500
Cohen ft Davis, notions 30,000
Crelg. Jacob, meat 45,000
Carnahan, J. W. ft bon, shoes 50,000
Dnn, It. U. ft Co., mercantile agents 41,000
Devlne, C, rags ooo
Dnqnesne Tube Works, tubing 60,0oo
Dlckev. ltobt ft Co., broom corn 25,000
Dalzell, Jos. Son ft Co., oils 5,000
Durr, J. K., hotel 60,000
Dunlap, John ft Co., tinware. ... 250,000
Dlmllng, John, confectioner, etc 60,000
DuqneineWlnd Engine Company, engines 100,000
Dawes, John K. Sons ft Co., signs 60,000
Dallenback, G. C, meat 40,000
Dietrich, Conrad, meat 45,000
Evans, T. O. & Co.. qucensware 100,003
Electrical Supply and Construction Com-
pany, electric supplies 50,000
Evcrsman. William, hams g
Flocker, John ft Co., rope 50 con
Fleming, Joseph ft Co., drugs 4aooo
Floyd, Bleb, hardware 40 000
Fulton, A., Son ft Co., brass 30.000
Flemingft Hamilton, tinware 235,203
Foerster, John L., notions 4U.0M
Field. M. M. 4 Co., hams TioOO
Frey, otto, wholesale liquor siOOO
Grazier, John, wholesale tobacco 91400
Gnsky. J. M., general goods 1,250, COO
Guckenbelmer, A. ft Bro., wholesale
liquor..... 400,000
Gropan, J. C, Jeweler 150,000
Gnsky ft Levy, notions 120.0M
(iledhlU, G. H fish saOM
Grover, P.. hams 1C0.030
Household Credit Company, installment.. 34,000
Hopper Bros, ft Co., Installment 200,000
Hartle Bros., paper 100.000
Hill, J. C. ft Co., wholesale grocers 138,300
Henderson, J. A. ft Co., wholesale feed.. Saooo
HostctterftCo., bitters..; 427,500
Hough, W. S. & Co.. furniture 50.000
Hum ft Son. lightning rods 50.000
Holtzman. H. ft Son, upholsterers 33. COO
Holmes, N. ft Bons, bankers 817,700
Henry Auction Company, auctioneers.,.. 70,000
Humbert C H.. gas fixtures., 43,000
llogan. W. C lumber '.., 100,000
flofinor, Lndwlg&co., eggs 250,000
Heck, Harry, saloon 44,900
Hamburg, P.. wholesale liquor 816,000
HUlerich, L. ftj., meat 45.0X
Hoftmanft Co., meat 1 45,000
Hoffman. Lonls. meat 45,000
Hockenlcr. William, meat 4?ooo
Harrison, J meat 2aOco
Jennings, Beale ft Co., steel loaooo
Kelly, G. A. ft Co., drugs ... 842.000
Hartllck ft Koehler, grocers 40,000
Kerr, A. C. ft Co., wholesale stationery.. 150.700
Kotchtbaler, F., meat 45,000
Kolchthaler, A., meat , 45, COO
Klnsler. R., florist 50 000
Linhart, Bold ft Co 35,'oco
Lawrence, W.W. & Co., paints 177,600
Laird, . Bt, shoes 110,000
Logan, A. J. ft Co.. bedding 100. 000
Lvons, JlcKeo ft Co., qneensware 74,000
l.uebbe Bros., groceries 44,500
Manufacturers Natural Gas Co 154. an
Moreland, W. J., hats Sico
Miller, sletcalf ft Parkin, steel 8000
Mansfield ft Co., brass 13U.0O0
Miller, A. D. ft bona, oils, - 60, coo
Mitchell, Wm. ft Co., wholesale hosiery.. 53,000
Muehlbronner. L'lias., meat SO, 000
McCune. J. &C, feed 55.600
McUlnnls, Smith ft Co,, heaters 110,000
McKnlght H harton, rouudry. 150,000
McOuewan ft Douglass, lumber 25.40O
McKee. W. S., molds , 29,700
McKenna, A.ftT., brass 35,5uo
McKlroy ft Co., paper lro.000
McCutcheon, wm., meat 45 000
Ntmlcfc, Brlttan Mfg. Co., locks imooo
New York and Western Coal Co 100,000
Osborn. W. K. ft Co.. commission 150,000
OH Well bupply Company 602,200
O'Uoberty ft Co , wholesale Honor 40,000
Over, F. V., batter, etc 35,000
Ohio Produce Company, produce 60,000
Plttubnrg and Chicago Gas Coal Com-
fiany, coal 100,000
ttsbarg Tile Company, tile .- 100,000
Pittsburg Qneensware Company, queens-
ware 60,000
Prl;e,,Wm.G.,& Co., plumbers' supplies. 238,600
Pittsburg Supply Company, oil well sup
plies 184,200
Painter, J., ft 8ons,lron..... 541,900
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Com
pany, salt 213,500
Penuock & .Little, oil... 100,000
Phoenix Gla. Iron Company, iron 81,900
Peters. Jas., ft Co., paper 38,300
Pittsburg Hews Company, general goods. 159,200
Plltsbarg Plate Glass Company, glass.... 150,000
Pittsburg Pump Company, pumps 29,080
Res. Bros, ft Co., bankers...., 100,000
lielneman, Q., saloon and restaurant,.., 44,080
Koblnson Bros.,, bankers 100.000
Helnccke ft Co., gas fixtures., 43,700
Koessle, W. H.. lornltnre .......:..... 50,000
RlterftConley, bridge works... L 500, COO
Keese, Jases, ft Sons, boilers 100,000
Iteese, James, ft Sons, Ko. 2, boilers 50,030
Itosner ft Dinger, Iron cornice,... .. 50,000
Heed; James ft, ft Co,, Jewelry 70,000
Kelnemah, -E, A., hams..., '......,.,.. 75,000
Both, Charles, meat .'. 45,000
Itlcbardson. Hugh, meat 43,000
Scalfe, W. II., ft Boris, Iron 112,000
Singer. Klmlck ft Co., steel.,., 801,600
bherlfl" ft Ash worth, merchandise supplies 80,000
Sanders, Fred., saloon and restaurant.... 30,000
Severence. Samuel, nuts. ....., 171,700
Scott J. F. ft J. L.. planing mill 100.000
Slack ft Sboles, planing mill , 33,000
Speer, D. It., ft Co., planing mill....... . 77,000
Scott A. l.t wboletale boots and shoes. .. 50,000
ttchneu, Benziehausen ft Co., wholesale
liquor 142,400
Sclunertz. E.G., glass 200,000
Stroup, J. (1. saloon and restaurants... . 40,000
Stratman. John H., hides 190,000
Scott liros.. notions 4a 000
Schmidt. Otto, wholesale liquor 50,000
Smith, Wm., meat , 43,000
Schleleln. h. ft G., meat : 45,000
Smith. G. V & Son, bams 45,000
Turner, Charles H., bc!tlng.. 50,000
The Lcechburg Foundry and Machine
Company I . 33,600
Taylor ft Dean, wire 75,000
Thompson, M. it., grocer 40,000
The Harmes Machine Depot machinery.. 30,000
The Chartlers natural Gas Company 800,000
The Elnzer ft bons Manufacturing Com
pany, foundry 60,700
Wagner, P., Jr., boots and shoes 60,000
WcWerhoJt, L., upholsterer. 100.000
Wallace, K. 1., ft Co.. gas fixtures 100,000
V lghtman, Thomas ft Co.. glass 387,800
WoodwelU Jos., ft Co., hardware 154,200
Wolfe, Howard ft Co , glass 106.300
Wallace, Banfield ft Co., mllL 60,000
Williams Paper Company, notions 100,000
Weisser,Mrs. C, drygoods 100,000
Wallac, Jul., ft Bro., restaurant 23,000
Western Dairy Company, butter, etc.... 100,000
Wilson, It, meat ,.., 45,000
Ablers, H. ft C. F., tailors.
Armstrong. Frank, cpal
Apollo Iron and Steel .Co., steel
Ache, S. V., ft Co., wholesale confec
tioners Anderson ft Bowan. Central Hotel
American Tube and Iron Co., Iron
Agnew&Co. glass 1
Anderson, W, S., ft Co., Monongabela
Arnold Bros., boot store
Brcunlng. Jos., storage.
Boyd, S. M.. oil
Bayley, Mevllle. saloon and restaurant...
Black, SSW., ft Co., real estate
Black ftBaird, real estate
Bovalrd ft'Seyhaog, machinery
Bank, Freehold
Bennett W. P., book binding. ...
Brady; Daniel, saloon
Charters, 8. B., grocer
Collins ft Wright tin
Chllds. H. L belting
Crnmrlne, Bare ft Bassett wall paper. ..
Caskey, W. J., ft Co., grocers....
Chestnut, D.. ft Co., leather.
CoIvlnAtwell ft Co , grocers.....
Chess, Cook ft Co.. tacks
Finch, I. .N., wholesale liquor.
Flrich, J. C wholesale liquor.
Fairbanks ft Co.. scales
Fahnestock, J, M., ft Bro.. aoap
Fleming Bros., patent medicine
Fnlton, BollmanftCo., blocks, etc
Garrison; A., lonndry
Getty ft Co., wholesale liquor....
Gillespie, J. J., pictures..-.
Goodwin, T, J. ft C. J., saloon, etc
Gill. Charles 1., bar and hotel
Hartley Bros., belting...,
Heinz, H.J. ft Co., pickles.
Harden ft Co., toys .-.
Heinz Bros, ft Co., pickles ,
Hotlng, C. ft Son, feed
60, COO
co, wo
300, COJ
110, COO
57, 000
25, COO
61, 200
4a 000
2.00a 000
40 000
7a 000
3a 000
Holmes, W. H. ft Son, wholesale liquor.
Jones ft Laughllns, iron......
Johnson, EagyeftEarl. grocers.
Jnuler, V 1111am B. ft Sons, leather.
Kohne. F. C. ft Co., plumbers
Kay, FredG.. law books -...
Klnzer, Daniel, shoes
Kelghly, 8. ft Co., roofers
Keystone Lumber Co., lumber
Kann, W. L. ft Co., leather
Kay. Bros, ft Co., machinery......
Kim, George H. ft Co.. glass.... 1
Laughllu ft Co., furnace
Lsflln Band Powder Co., powder
Lloyd, Charles' H., tailor.
Laird, Bay ft Co.. wholesale shoes
Logan Gregg ft Co., hardware
Little, J. M., agent, furnishing goods....
Maloney. M. F., saloon
Mohler. H. B., hotel
Mayer, Bobert F., pictures
Morrison, Cass ft Co.. wholesale paper...
McKee, James. Jeweler.
McKnlght & Victory, plumbing
MeCloy, A. W.. books
McCulley, Wm. ft Co., glass
McCleery, Myers, Sedden ft Co.. grocers.
McDonald, Geo. P., wholesale-confectioner
,. .-.
McCormlck. J. A., machinery.
NlcolL tbe tailor. ,
New York and Cleveland Gas Coal CO....
Pittsburg Combination Clothing Co
Pittsburg Beobacnter. newspaper
Pittsburg Label Co., label manufacturers
FnaumftCo., scrap Iron
Pittsburg Transfer Co., Limited
Pennsylvania Tube V orks, tube manu
facturers Pittsbarz Oil Co.. oil
Pettlt Clarence, ftCo , commission
Porter, H. K. ft Co., locomotives
Patterson. S. It, ft Co., feed
KuppeL Louis, saloon
Robinson, Uea ft Co., machinery.....
ltuben, .Charles, bats ,
Roberts. John S., wallpaper ,
Robinson ft Baxmeyer, commission'..,....
Revere Rubber Company, rubber.
Hbauer Gas Coal Com pany
Sunstelo, C, wholesale liquor...'.
bnyder, Abel, ft Co., wholesale liquor....
Shoe Company, Pittsburg, shoes
Sterling Steel Manufacturers, limited,
Seeley, Laird ft Gamble, wholesale bats..
ScottJ. B., ft Co.. copper
Ibe Pittsburg Vmlksblatt, 'newspaper....
Thompson ft Brown, grocer;
The J. J. Armstrong Sand and Stone
Thompson ft Co., upholstery
Thompson, W. R., ft Co., bankers
Tho Kelly ft Jones Manulacluring Com
pany. Union Credit Company. Installment
Unlsn Foundry and Machine Company,
Union Paper Mill Company, paper
"Wells A. E. ft Co., furniture.,
Wilson ft Gorman, soap
Wilson, A. ft S.. planing mill
Waverly Coal and Coke Company
Wilson. Snyder ft Co., boilers
Weldln, J. K. ft Co., stationery
Well. C. C. ft Co., Jewelry
Wise, F. G.. farnlturen
Wolf, Lane ft Co., hardware
Wagner, Charles T wholesale tobacco..
WeilcrBros. wholesale liquor
AValter, W. G.. mold ,
Wilson ft Ballley, boatstore
West N. ft Co., patitr
Wharton, Bakewell ft Co.. hardware
Young, Peter, pictures
Yoder, Weaver, costelio ft Co.. wholesale
confectioners ,
50, COO
27a too
Anchor Savings Bank
Anderson, Walter, tailor
ArhuckleftCo., wholesale grocers ,,
Ache, George V'., harness ,
Adams Exnress Company ,
Aiken, Jas. H. ft Co., furnishing goods.
Abet G. H., restaurant
Armstrong, W. H., wholesale notions....
Anshntz, Bradberry ft Co., stoves
Ashwortb, W. W., cigars
Allegheny County Light Company
Allen. W. H., wall paper ,
Balrd ft Co., restiurant
Bolivar J'lre Brick Company.
Blndlev Hardware Company, hardware.,
Blair, J. H., sewer pipe
Bowman, J. M., tailor.,
Biggs, G. W Jeweler
Bailey. FarrellftCo.. lead
Blhlman, A. B., saloon and restaurant..
Boyd, ., ft Co.. pictures
Bradberry ft Evthe, pianos
Baer, Charles C, wholesale tobacco ,
Bradley, John, ft Co., tailors
Black, John W Bulletin
Bruenlnger, T., ft Co., books
Babst Charles, drugs
Brown. W. 8., cutlery
Barrett . B ft Co., wholesale Jewelry.
Bergcr, Henrv, furniture
Baldwin ft Graham, stoves
Bennett, J. G., AUo., hats, etc
Chantler, J. D., ft Co., leather
Chambers ft Coale. lumber
Carr Bros , saloon and restaurant
Carry ft Metzgar, grocers
Craghead, F. G glassware
Cannon, A., ft Son, shoes
Christian Advocate
Carter, D., shoes ,
Campbell ft Dick, drygoods..,
ConnellsvUle Coke and Iron Company,
Cooper, J. L., ft Co., hats, etc
Chartlers Creamery Company, butter...,
Consolidated Gas Company
Collins, Heyl ft Co., wholesale notions...,
Chllds, H. ft Co., shoes
Central D. ft P. Telephone Co
Central Bank
Carson. J. B.. tailor
I 143.100
, 40,000
. 51,200
. 33,000
. saoou
. 75.0C0
, 92,600
. 30. CC0
. 200,000
. saooo
. loaooo
. 600,000
. 50,000
, 100,000
. 35a 000
. 60,000
, loaooo
. 89.000
, 30.000
. 73.000
, 70,000
, 37,000
. 200.000
, 600,000
, 47,500
. 45.000
.' 25.000
, 4SU13UU
! 250,t00
, 50,000
, 65,400
, 48,200
, 135,000
. 129,000
3,50a 0:0
. . 25,000
1,000, 000
Its, 000
Cain ft Verner, shoes,
8 haddock ft Owen, shoes
lrnegie, PhlppsftCo., steel
Chronicle Telegranb. ,..,.....,. ,
Carnegie Bros, ft Co., iron and steel
Demnfler Bros., tin and hardware
Hauler, Close ft Johns, furniture....
Davis, J. C, clothing ;
Davis, ft 8. ft Co., corks
Dispatch Publishing Co
Duquesne Lumber Co., lumber
JJemmlcr ft Scnenek, flu and hardware...
Dobbs, B. L. II., photos
Durllu, H. H. ft Co., Jewelers
Dlmllng, Geo , restaurant A.
Degelman ft Black, notions ,
Ewart, S. ft Co., wholesale grocers
Edinuudson ft Perrlne, furniture
Eisner ft Phillips, clothing
Evans. J. B.. priming
Elchley, John, saloon and hotel...
Elchbaum. Jos. ft Co., printing
Fleming, P, J. ft Co., publishers .,.
Fink, J. ft Bro , clothing,
Kullerton, J. ft Bon. wholesale tobacco...
Foster, A. C manufacturing agent
Kloccus, C. L., glass.,.,
Friday. W. J., wholesale liquor.
Fleishman ft Co.. trimmings...,
France, Wm ft Son, grocers
Fisher, J. 8.. lumber......
Ganlom, Williams ft Co.. sewers
Godfrey ft Clark, paper,
Gray, John M.f manufacturing agent
Gray, A. S.. publisher's agent.
Grove, J. W., toys ,
Gin, S..E., stone agent.,,.-
Grafli Ilugns ft Co., stoves
Greggft Elliott wholesale shoes
Goddard, Hill ft Co . wholesale Jewelry..
Graham, W. F., hats
Hamilton. Lemon ft Arnold, coffins
Henry ft McCance, feed
Holland. S.S.. drags
Hershberger. H., saloon and restaurant..
Houston, J. w., wholesale grocer
Houston. H. ft Co., plumbers..... ........
Horne, Jos. ft Co., wholesale drygoods.
Hauser, C, 8., Jeweler.
Haines, J. B. & Co., wholesale drygoods,
300, COD"
Hemraerle. J. B., oysters .W
Horner. Joseph, sgent books K.260
Hardy ft Hayeslewelry W.4JB
Hoffman. J. M. ft Co.. pianos.. 58,080
Humphrey, It, lumber ,., 200,000
Haines, . 8.. trnnks ,. .. 38,000
Helsley ft Neeley, toys , 48,380
Hays, E. G.& Co., pianos.. IC0.080
Hamilton. ?., nlanos 231,700
Heeren Bros, ft Co., wholesale Jewelry.. 323.600
Hare. TBos. ft Son, saddlery hardware.... 7080
Hnssey, C. G.. copper , 617,900
Horne ft Ward, trimmings 300,000
Hugos ft Hacke, drygoods 420,000
Himelrlcli, li. ifBon, shoes 300,000
Heckel, Belter 4 Co., wholesale jewelers 100.000
Haslage. Wm., ft Son. grocers 120,000
Henrlcks, J. B.. pianos. 50,000
Henderson, A. C. drugs 1,881.100
Irwin, James, ft Co.. acids 204,000
Irwin. John M.. ft Sons, furniture 250,000
Itunsen, J. G.. ft Co., lumber.. 280,000
Imperial coal Co 60,000
Irvin, W. H.. foundry loamo
Johnston, J. H.. cutlery 60,COO
Jackson. Isaac, ft Bro., clothing 120,000
Jones, Owen, teas 45,000
Kaulmann, J., ft Bros., clothing 832,600
Klopfcr. Charles, clothing .:. 60,000
Kolbfcii, J.t shoes ., 30,000
Kaiser, J., ft Co.. clothes,..., 110,000
Klngsbocber Bro's., wholesale Jewelry... 120,000
Kleber, H.. ft Bro.. pianos..., 198,200
Kapple, George, musical supplies 30,000
Krebbs. Otto. lithographing 32,000
Knable'ft Shuster, drygoods 160,000
Kettner.CarL saloon and restaurant 29,600
King, H. J., shoes 64.300
Leader Publishing .Co.... 168,600
Levltzsky, F., auctioneer 60,000
Loughrey. P. I., tailor 60,000
Linden Steel Co., steel t 609.000
Loughrey. Joseph, ft Son, harness 101,500
Lenz ft Kleinschmidt saloon and restaur
ant 7a K0
Lechnerft Scboenberger. pianos 82,300
Lauler, David, saloon and restaurant.... 100,000
Little, fl. D sand, etc saOCO
Lehman, L, ft Bro., clothing 157,400
Lyle ft McCanco, harness and hardware.. 110,600
Laner, J. G., toys 58.800
Laird, W. M.. shoes 293,000
Lynch, H. J., drygoods 134,000
Langkamp, H,, woodenware 30,000
Llpnlncotr, W. E., wholesale liquor 30,000
Miller, 8. M., restaurant 28.000
Mellon, T., ft Sons, bankers 232,300
Murdoch, J. U. ft A. i florists 23.0CO
MethodlstBoard or Publication 33.100
Miller, J., restaurant 23,000
Moore, J. H ft Co., coke 300,000
Murphy ft McCarthy, publishers' agents. 60,000
Mooney, Wm.. ft Son, leather 40,000
Myers, Arnold A Co.. furniture 65,000
Michigan Furniture Company 35,000
Mllllgan, Jas., ft Co., furniture 43.CC0
Marshall Bros., machinery. 82.000
Mashey, Geo., restaurant and saloon 55,100
Mellqr ft Hoene, pianos 200. COO
Myers; Shlnkle ft CO., books 67,600
Musgrave, R., tin 30,000
McC'Turg, W. J., A Co., rlgar 3iOlO
McElveen ft Cochran, furniture 132,400
McHenry, S. L.. grain 37,600
McClure, Jas., ft Co., crackers .-.. 200,000
McClureftCo., coke 1,500,000
McCrecry. J. H., coke 500,000
McCombs, S.. ft Son, wholesale notions... 100,000
McCordftCo, hats 162,000
JlcCllntock.O., ft Co., carpets 600,000
McKnlght H. 0., ft Bros., books 1CO.00O
.New England Pants Co., tailors 30,000
.National Tube Works, Iron 2,000,000
Nleman, H. II.. tailor 30,000
Neeb, L. and V Frelbelts Freund 105,000
Nicola Bros., lumber 500,000
Oppcnbelmer ft Kaufman, wholesale bats 110, COO
Ollendorf, I., Jewelry 200,000
Overholt. A., Co., distillers 100,000
Orr, Wm. B., ft Co., lumber...'. su,000
Ommert ft Hatfield, grocers 43,000
Piatt James, saloon 35,000
Pittsburg Gas Company 289,900
Porter ft Donaldson, wholesale millinery 600,000
Phoenix Glass Company, glass 60,000
Pltcalrn, A tailor .- 23,000
Peabody, G. L., paving 25.0C0
Pennsylvania Coal Company, coal 1(0,000
People's Natural Gas Company 250000
Pittsburg Press Publishing Company..... 100,000
Posslel ft Rees, tailors 45,000
Parcels ft Jones, ladles' suits 35,000
Peadsteln, Ale, shoes 50,000
Paulson Bros., hats 60,orO
Patrick, It, ft Co., bankers : 125,000
Phelan, James, gents' furnishing 50,000
Rauh, Joseph, ft Son, notions 33,3.0
Ranh Bros., ft Co., wholesale furniture.. 300,vco
Roenlgk ft Bro., upholsterers.... 1 38,300
Reed, U. P.. ft Co., Commercial Gazette. -250,000
KeymerBros., wholesale confectioners. .. 460,000"
Renwlck, Ellis ft Co., wholesale millinery 150,000
ItotdelL BraunftCo., leather 150,000
Kelneman, E., saloon 66,00a
Rosenbanm ft Co., 'dry troods 362,000
Roberts, E. P., ft Son, Jewelry 168,300
Rose, T.. ft Son, shoes 35.000
Skees, Edward, restaurant 30,000
Stlern. William E., eyeglasses 27,100
Schelllng, Henry, restaurant 30,000
Schmidt H., saloon and restaurant 35,000
Sheppard, Otto, ft Co., wholesale grocers. 350,000
Samson. It, undertaker 75,000
Scrlbner, A. 8 American House 65,000
Smlt K., pawnshop 30,000
Stevenson, S. K.. ft Co., grocers 250,300
Sailer ft Co., clothing 106,000
Smith. Percy F printer 25,000
Schmidt G. W., wholesale liquor 600,000
bpeer White Sand Co., sand 30,000
banfordCoke Co 100,000
SanrordftCo., coal 100,000
Stern ft Silverman, electric supplies 5a 000
SIcmmons. J. O., wholesale Jeweler 125,000
Steveuson;ft foster, printers 104,500
Schmertz, W. S., ft Co., boots and shoes. 800.000
Seidle, B., ft Co., Jewelers 51,000
Smiley, C. A., ft Co., bats 60,000
Terbeyden, Henry, jewelry.. 40,000
Thompson ft Vogei, tailors 50,000
Tbe Pittsburg Times 122,100
The Williams Manf. Co.. mer. agts 60,000
The Keystone Construction Co 100 0CO
The Beymer Bauman Lead Co 300,000
Totten, F. J., hardware , 5a COO
The Post Publishing Co .i a... 132,000
Tim, J. W., canes, etc 30,000
Taylor, Son, ft CO.. wholesale drygoods. 310, 000
Teal, 8. A..lumber 100,000
Weiss. Matt saloon and restaurant 70.000
W estcrn Pa. Photo. Co 6a COO
Woodwelt W- E. ft John, hardware.,..,. 30,000
Williams. George ., pottery 100,000
Wilson, B. C, Seventh Ave. Hotel 169,240
Walker, A., ft Son, paper boie.s 27,600
Walker, Unnlevy ft Bro., pork 500.000
Wallace ft McAffee. glass 125.0GO
Western and Cambria Hat. Gas Co. 100,000
Wolfe Bros, ft Co., brushes , 200,000
Wllmaeth, Fred, lumber 200,000
Watts, H. ft Co., books, 33,300
Wight Fire Proof Company loaooo
Wilson, George ft Co., railroad Iron 36.000
Wigton, It J)., ft bons. Ore brick 300,000
Witson, Alex., tobies and tobacco 75,000
Weldou ft Kelly, gas fixtures 5a 000
Western Union Telegraph Company. 300,000
Wattles ft Sheaffer. Jewelers 92,800
Wright W. J., saloon 50.000
Wattles. W. W-. lewelrv. loaOOO
Waverley Oil Company, oil 184,100
WltherowftDeegan, Hotel Duquesne.... 200,000
Aiken, Henry, commission ....I 2C0.C00
Arbuthnot Stephenson ft Co., wholesale
drygoods I,30!,f00
Aaron. L. J. ft Co.. malt 54,200
Adler ft Roedelhelm. wholesale liquor.... 6oaooo
Aiken ft Co., mantel 35.200
Appteton, D. ft Co.. publishers.... 60,000
Boebmer, William 4 Co., commission 50.1)00
Bcllsteln, Renter ft Co., commission r 38,400
BlssellftCo., stoves 1,C00
Hnwn M A I'n wholesale lewelers 162.600
Bcrnd. J. U. ft Co.. wholesale trimmings. 600,000
Bell. Frank P. ft Co., pork........ JS-ISS
Barker, J. W. ftG., wholesale tobacco... 100. COO
Bartley, Joj. 4 Co., flour 40,000
Brown Co, Iron 4I5,OIM
Boehm, F., saloon 35.000
Becker ft Jarvls, tit supplies A.... 29.C00
Brown ft Taylor, Hamilton Hotel 6S.ono
Bolsal 4 Wogley. children's goods ,-&J5
Hovls. Johu. machloist 10O.000
Banker, W. H. ft W. D., bicycle .lS."x)
Driuco, ju v., . r?--
Boyer, J. &. Hotel Boyer lftf,ooo
Cooper C. 4 G., engines 100,000
caskey ft A.eauy, commission... -S7
CimlotttH. P., wholesale clothing 10'S9
Crea. Graham ft Co., stoves .s5S2
Cavllt Pollock ft Co., glass 197.000
Chaffey, W. 1 ft Son, tea 33.200
Collier. P. F., books 60,100
Coyne & Bay, grocers 'i???
Carroll, N.i. oil Saw)
ColllnsClgas Company IJO-OOO
CamDbelL A. G. ft Sons, gen. rur.goods.. 40,000
Chartlers Valley Coal Company .5J9P"
Craln, D. H lumber.'. 100,000
Daub Bros., cheese 55.CXX)
Duff. McKean 4 Co., agricultural Imp.... 60,COj
Uallmyer. H., ft Sons. wholesale tobacco. 113.9C0
Decabzl Bros., wholesale ftult 50,000
Dickson ft Co., drug supplies 5?SS9
Dean ft Nelbaum. flour .65,300
Dllworth Bros., wholesale grocers 2,5oaooo
Davis, Chambers 4 Co., white lead....... L0CO.000
Duff, P., ft Son, wholesale grocers 250,000
Dcnllnger.Bros.. oil ,5,W
Diamond Match Company 12!
Danzigerft shoenberg, trimmings 503.000
Duquesne Stone Company 50,000
Delp. B., Hotel Albemarle 60,000
Elwood. K. D. & Co., grain :... 500,000
Emory 4 Co 50.J00
Emmons, Chas. E,, sewing machines ,?.52S
File, John, butter, etc 10aSS5
Forester ft Parker, glass 50.000
Franzman, P., flour. S1
Fairbanks, M. ft Co., can goods 7j000
ForglL J. C. 4 Co.. lumber lfaooo
Glimore, N. J. 4 Co., wholesale druggists 150,000
Goldsmith. L. 4 Bro.. wholsale tobacco. 75,000
Gillespie, W. K., wholesale grocer 325
Graham, Jas, ft Son. grain 3op,?22
Gerdes, F. W. ft Bros., white lead f 118,100
Grarner Bros., wholesale Jewtlers 3S5
Globe Refining Company, oil 1,000,000
Hall, John Jr. 4 Co., agricultural lmple-
ments 64,050
Hanna. J. P. ft Co., hams 147,000
Haworth ft Dewhurst wholesale grocers, enaooo
llerzog, H. ft Bro., clothing 75.000
Harris, T H Drag Co., drugs 5W.000
Hood, John, grain 100,000
Heyl, Martin 4 Sons, wholesale tobacco.. 36,000
Herron, M. F. 4 Co.. grain 0,000
Houcke, J. C, grain 15a0
Hollowell Grauftc Co., granite 100.000
Hocvler, J. A., provisions 50,0CO
Hale. Henry G., tailor. 49.000
Hillard, bterrlttft Co., foundry 56.100
Hetzel. W. H., lumber 200,000
Jenklnson, It ft W., wholesale tobacco .. 292,700
J eckl Manufacturing Co., oil well sup-
piles ?. .? 150,000
Johnston, A. ft Co., pipe covering 30.200
Jeannette Planing Mill Co 103,000
Johnston, W. G. ft Co., printers 150 OCX)
Jumbo Coal Co., coal 150.000
Joyce. Mary, drygoods 60,000
Jenkins, Thomas C., grocer L292.000
Jackman. A. ft Son, livery 23,000
Klrkpatrlek ft Stevenson, provisions 200,000
Klee. J. ft Co., clothing loaOOO
Klrkpatrlek, Allen, wholesale grocer .... 1,000,000
Kell, P. ft Son. grain 107,000
Kllnordllnger, A., wholesale liquor 5a COO
Keech, W, H., furniture 192.6U)
Kaurman.-S.ft Sous, pacts 123,000
Kirk, A. ft Sons, powder S3.00O
Kramer ft Selferth, grocers supplies 67,000
Kane, C, scrap Iron.... 30.000
Kennedy, W. J caterer. 30,000
Latimer Bros., teas 50, COO
Lindsay. Sterrltt ft Co.. hardware 233.000
Llpplncotr. Jessie H., baking powder. ,. 66,000
Leggett W. T.. bed supplies.:. ,.- 52,KI0
Lang ft ghepbard, bsooms 41,900
LlgonlerStoneCompany, stone 100,000
Martin, G. S. ft Co., commission 100,000
Martin, A. N. ft Co., wholesale tobacco.. 25,000
Myers. E. H. ft Co., pork 575,800
Marvin. S. 8. ft Co., crackers 691,300
Maniman ft Bro., gents furnishings 80,080
(Continued on Eighth Fagt.)
A big mark-down all round. Note the bargains in' Ladies' Beaded
Wraps and Capesr. - , ", ' "Jt
100 Regular $4 Beaded Wraps at $2 50. ' '
50 Regular 84 60 Beaded Wraps at 93 50. .
60 Regular 87 Beaded Wraps at 85. '
These garments were closed from the importer at less than cost of
importation; they are fresh, fashionable and desirable. The values are
exactly as stated, and the difference between the values quoted and the
prices we are selling them, is real, not imaginary. A clear saving to
any purchaser from J?i 50 to $2 on each wrap. We have finer wraps-at
regular prices.
We have cut White and Wash Dress Suits for Ladies, Misses and
Children so that a liberal saving is gained by an immediate purctfflsev
The Challis, Satines and Ginghams are particularly attractive. tOur
Silk and Stuff Suits, in special designs, are received daily from our.owi.
workroom and form one of the novel features ot the department . al start.
No such stock of Jerseys, Jersey Waists, Blouses, Smocked andf
Pleated Silk Waists has ever been shown by us as is now offered in the!
cut down sale. -Long Cloth Wraps for tourists, $5. Silk and Lace VfiT-'J:
iting Wraps. MisseS' and Children's Wraps and Jackets, $1 50 and'
upward. J "
BLACK DRAPERY NETS In squares, dots and meshes of all sizes as low
as 75c a yard for 42 inch goodi. See our special line of Fish Nets.
SKIRTING LACES, Spanish, Escurial, Chantilly, eta; Oriental Lace Mo 43 ,
Inches wide; Wide and Narrow Torchon, Irish Point, etc.
SKIRTING? EMBROIDERIES in numberless patterns, the dollar kind.selling
at 62c and the two dollar kind at $r. All manner of narrow Swiss, Hamburg and
Nainsook Embroideries.
A large line of LACE PARASOL COVERS for Baby Buggies.
Red and Navy Blue, for Children's Dresses. ALL OVER NAINSOOKS at lets
than half price; a sample line. WE GIVE A POINTER on one special lot of
Skirting Embroideries to be closed out at 49c, full -width and well worth 75c
Lively times in this section, and delicious bargains lying around on every coun
ter. Our Mr. Elben has been picking up some drives in Ribbons, which will exactly
suit the ladies. Ribbons which up to this date have been selling at 75c, 87c and St
per yard, he has; put down to 25c and 50c Don't fail to see these, and the wonders
of Bargain Counter, whe?e Ribbons of all widths are sold at the uniform price of;
15a We show to-day a new assortment of FLOWERS put down to prices com-'
parable with the ribbon stock. WREATHS are very scarce, but we have them Id
abundance, having given large orders ahead which are now in store.
300 TRIMMED HATS, $3 TO $5.
We make a specialty of a fine class grade of trimming in our own rooms, asida
from Paris Pattern Hats, which we always have in best forms. Our materials and
workmanship cannot b: excelled in the land. Our efficient corps of Milliners are
constantly on the qui-vive to produce novel conceits and jaunty effects even in the
cheapest goods. If materials are selected from us NO CH ARGE is made for
trimming. We delight in offering our patrons every advantage in securing become
ing headgear.
Our Summer Opening will commence
MONDAY, MAY 27, 1889,
and continue during the week. We shall exhibit the largest and finest stock of
Millinery ever offered in this city, and our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest.
The Makers of a-Well Known Churn write:
"We have been often asked by dairymen: What is the very
best soap to use to properly cleanse dairy utensils?' We have
invariably replied, the 'Ivory,' but as for giving specific directions
for washing dairy utensils, it is really summed up in making them
thoroughlyclean. .Boiling water must be used, and that, in con
nection with Ivory Soap, will thoroughly cleanse and deodorize
the wood, leaving it .clean and sweet for further use. Any dairy
utensils half cleaned .will spoil the delicate aroma of 'gilt edge
butter,' which may be perfect in other respects."
There are many white soaps, each represented to be ' Just as good as the Mvory'j"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities
of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyright, 188S, by Procter & Gamble.
River JTelegTam.
Wabbeic Klver 13-10 feet. Weather warm.
Stilt raining. i
Bbowmsvixm River 11 teet 3 Inches and
rising. Weather rainy. Thdrmoineter 52 at 6
P. K.
MOBQAlfTOWX River I2lfeet 4 inches and
rlsinc Weather cloudy. Thermometer 53 at
lover, and the growth of cremation in England
are described in the columns of to-morrow's DIS
Tutt's Pills
Cure Constipation.
To enjoy healthone shonld have repular
evacuations eVerv 21 hoars. Tbe evils, both
mental and physical, resaltinc Irom
Habi- ' Constipation
Are mar
a popn
For tha enreof this
f-.'i Liver Pills have pained
ms. For the enre of this T
f.'i Liver Pills have gained l
Veled. Elegantly sugar- I
',!'-." I . IWSJftMJ
Health, energy and strength secured by using
Amoranda Wafers. Tbese wafers are a euar
anteed specific and the only reliable and safe
remedy for the permanent enre of impotency,
no matter how lone standing, nervous neural
gia, headache, nervous prostration cansed by
tbe nse of, alcohol or tobacco, sleeplessness,
mental depression, softening of the Drain, re
sulting In insanity and leading to misery, decay
and death, premature old age, barrenness,
spermatorrhea, harrassing dreams, prematura
decay of vital power, cansed by over exertion
of the brain, self-abuse or over indulgence, to
cents per box; or six boxes lor ti, sent by mail
prepaid on receipt of price. Six boxes is the
complete treatment, and with every purchase
of six boxes at one time we will give a
If the wafers do not benefit or effect a perma
nent cure. Prepared only by ibe BObTON-4
MEDICAIj INSTITUTE. For sale only by
- ,3
412Market street. Pittsburg, Pa.. P. O. Box 37,.
to whom all communications shoola Bo ad
dressed. mvS-23-Trasn
- wrr-ru w.ati.- t -
191 Fifth avenue.above 8mithfleld,neKIi4tt. -
stBee. inoisciay, uuwuiwiiiniai --w-