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9 -s I j TgB FITTgBtrRG DISPATQB, OfflUfigDA7, MAY J.6. , 1889. . . v , J
TITI? p A TTC17 nft'nTJT AY HAPPY COLORED CHILDEEH, KEW ' DXV&'tlfaMtfs , ., , , , t yf w ADTEa?8f mbsth, rgw ApygRTiaBaoraTB. ww ADYgaiisErTsv"- . ,-.... wew adtertiskmictto "- m
sV , .,. rr . iii..u THURSDAY. May IB, 1SS3. , I ILL ML. LL.IU .M Tv
Tlie Late A. 0, Smith's Sweetheart
Tells of Their Loye Engagement,
Because Her Mother Yery Seriously Ob
jected to the Hatch.
. The case of C. H. Aiken, executor for A.
O. Smith, against the Connecticut Mutual
Xife Insurance Company to recover $10,000
on a policy held by Smith, was continued in
the United States Circuit Court yesterday.
Hiss Lizzie Genkinger, the girl to whom
Smith had been engaged to be married, aud
whose refusal to fill the engagement was
claimed by the defense to be the cause of
Smith's despondency, was called and occu
pied the stand more than half of the after
noon. She gave a clear statement of her ac
quaintance and engagement with Ur. Smith,
ana gave as a reason for oaring postponed the
marriage that her mother was opposed to it.
They were encaged early in 18S5, and the wed
ding was postponed two or three times until in
18S7 Smith died. Miss Genkinger was Sware
that she was a beneficiary by Smith's will, and,
with a feeling that she bad no rightfnl claim,
ehe made an assignment of her Interest to the
Tanous members of bis family. Although she
bad no reason to bellere Smith had committed
suicide, she refused to become a party to the
present suit.
The counsel for the plaintiff endeavored to
overthrow the claims that Smith had com
mitted suicide. However, the defense claimed
that a bottle containing some laudanum had
been found in Smith's room after his death. A
sister of the deceased testified yesterday that
sh e had bonrhci 10, cents worth of laudanum
during her brothers illness. She gave him
three drops of it and then locked it up. She
was sure he had not taken any of it without
her knowledge.
w. r. .bins, unairman oi tne iteiiex uomrait
tee in an order of which Smith was a member,
was with the deceased at the time of bis death
and for two or three days previous. Be testi
fied that the deceased bad complained of heart
trouble all along:
Mr. Archibald Smith, father of the deceased,
was the last witness examined before the ad
journment of court. Ue was with his son at
the time of the latter1 death. He never beard
of suicide, but was given to understand by the
attending physician that his on died ot heart
The case will go to the Jury to-day.
To-Day'a Trlnl Lists.
Common Pleas No 1 Wray vs Applegate;
ferry vs Nortbeide Bridge Company; McGuin
ness et al vs Barton et al; Watkins vs Chappel;
Lynn et al vs Jenkins; Corbett, administrator,
vs Metropolitan Insurance Company; Wolthcr
vs Bethel township (2); Jamison et al vs Hills
etal; Glllesole vs Wilbert; Eaton vs Bonner,
executor (2j; Ford vs Pennsylvania Bail
road (2).
Common Pleas No. 2 Habbert et ux vs
Aderhold; Briggs. Fish A. Burke vs Keating;
Cannon vs Hope Oil Company: Haney vs Mc
Keesport borough; Bier vs Standard Mann
facturipg Company; Boschert vs Nellls.
Criminal ' Court Commonwealth vs Mary
Saner, Teresa Lee, Moses D. Silknetter, James
JIcNernay, Kicbard Harris, James Liney, G.
Bakerman, Ferdinand Klein.
A Peculiar Point.
Attorney William Reardon yesterday made a
motion before Judge Slagee to have the indict
ment against Moses D. Silknetter for selling
liquor to minors quashed. He claimed that the
(indictment was defective, as the offenses
charged were very indefinite. He held that
every drink sold to a minor was a distinct viola
tion of the law, and there should be a count in
each case, while the indictment reads that Silk
netter sold to several minors, but gives no de
tails. District Attorney Porter resisted the
notion, holding that the indictment was cor
rectly drawn. Judge Magee reserved his de
cision. Silknetter'a case is set for trial to-day.
How the Jury Toted.
At the opening of Criminal Court yesterday
the verdict of the jury in the case of Superin
tendent A. B. Starr, of the Ft. Wayne Bail
road, was read. Mr. Starr was found not guilty,
but ordered to pay the costs. The jury reached
an agreement at 10 o'clock Tuesday night, and
delivered a sealed verdict, which was read yes
terday. The first ballot showed nine jurors for
acquittal and three for conviction. The voting
was kept up at intervals until 10 o'clock last
bight, when all voted the way the verdict was
' Two Murder Trials.
Charles E. Allen and John Carter were ar
raigned for murder, and both pleaded not
guilty. Allen is charged with the murder of
Stephen Lee. on Second avenue, and Carter
with the murder of Isaac Gross at the Solar
Iron Work?. All four men were colored.
Allen will be placed on trial next Monday, and
will be defended bvR.II. Johnston. Carter
will be defended by William Beardonand Will
lam Brennau, and will be placed on trial next
From Jail to Happiness.
James Dwyer, of Saltsburg, and Miss Myrtle
.Maguire, of Tarentum, were married in the
District Attorney's office yesterday afternoon
by Dr. Douglass. Dwyer was taken from the
jalk where he bad been confined on a charce
lTOugbt by Miss Maguire. The wedding ended
the suit against him.
Legal Tender.
Edwabd Mat received a verdict for 62 In
his suit against Louis Fritsch for damages for
the destruction ot bis cabbage patch by
1'rltsch's cows getting into it.
A verdict by consent was taken, yesterday,
in the case of John M. Tiernan against W. W.
Patrick, executor of Margaret Jones, an action
on a mortgage, giving the plaintiff 31,000.
Mast J. Kearney, yesterday, filed a bill in
equity against Joseph A. Stone Jhd others,
heirs of William Stone, asking for tbe parti
tion of property in tbe Thirty-fourth ward.
A verdict for the defendant was rendered
yesterday in the suit ot Charles Jntte against
Allegheny City, to recover for the loss of
barges swept away from the Allegheny wharf.
JOHN Sacee was yesterday acquitted of the
charge of arson brought against him for setting
fire to his own bouse. It was shown that Sauer,
who lives at Beck's B un, accidentally set the
bouse on fire while Intoxicated, afterward help
ing to extinguish the flames.
S. EL Wabo, the Westmoreland county post
master, who plead guilty in the United States
District Court of robbing the malls at Welty
postofflce. was sentenced yesterday to pay a
line of $50 and undergo imprisonment in the
Greensburg jail for a term of six months.
The case of Baxter S. Redpath against
George Schmeltz is on trial before Judge
lowing. The suit is to recover for damage to
Schmeltz's property claimed te have been
caused by Redpath turning a stream out of its
course and causing it to run over Schmeltz's
The case of R. Patrick & Co., bankers,
against Sebastian Deip, formerly proprietor of
the Albemarle Hotel, is on trial before Judge
Collier. The suit is to recover 300, which
amount Delp is alleged to have overdrawn his
account with the plaintiffs, who were his
Rocked on Ibo Crcit of the Wares,
The landsman, tourist or commercial traveler,
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AnnlTenarT of Tbolr Home Id AUrsbear
Yeiterdny The Exercises Operatlans
Darin e tbo Past fear.
There is an amusing fascination to most
everyone in watching the antics and char
acteristic "monkeyshines" developed in a
group of Southern pickaninnies, who,
warmed by the sun to a degree of innocent in
dolence, cause smiles unconsciously for tbe
casual observer.
A vast difference there is when a number of
these neglected heirs ot misfortune gather
together to show their respective merits in
more ways than one educational and in
dustrial. The Home for Colored Children on Green
wood street, Allegheny, was crowded yesterday
afternoon from 2 till 6 o'clock, the occasion be
ing donation and exhibition day. There are
now CS children, male and female, harbored at
the institution. Through the aid of Mrs. Onns
by Phillips, the President, Mtis Phillips, Secre
tary, and Miss Hummings. Treasurer, assisted
by numerous charitably inclined ladies, yester
day's entertainment was an individual success.
Rev. Dr. White, of St. Andrew's, opened the
services with prayer, followed by a song by the
chorous of colored children, whose natural
ability musically was truly very effective and
harmonious. The selections rendered by the
inmates were composed of songs, recitations,
essays and dialogues, and no adjectivo
is favorable enough to express the mer
ited and hearty appreciation the per
formers 'received from , the large attend
ance. Miss Phillips, the Secretary, read
tbo report of the past year's gains of the
institution and In substance showed that tbe
expenditures were J13.SS7 for urgent necessi
ties, while tbo donations and other beneficent
things helped the treasurer' of the Home to
have a balance of 5145 54 on hand to-day.
Donations, monetary add useful articles such
as flour, coffee, sugars, etc, etc., were made
yesterday in large quantities. During the past
year IB neglected colored children have been
taken in, 8 returned to their parents and 1 was
found a permanent home. The girls are expert
seamstresses, and some of their needle handi
work was very remarkable for such tender
years and experience. None are received
und or 2 years; tb ey are kent,unless found homes,
until they are 12. Notwithstanding all the suc
cess with which the Home is meeting It needs
money, and to further this object a delightful
refreshment menu was served to all after the
entertainment, which was liberally patronized.
The Home is a most deserving one, and from
interest shown by the galaxy ot leading ladles
from the two cities present yesterday, it is des
tined to become a permanent and very im
portant institution soon.
The Effort to Brine the BUpi of Erie Down
to Pitubnrs;.
Some prominent business men who are
members of the Chamber of Commerce, are
about to send a petition to the Governor,
asking for tbe appointment of Col. T, P. Rob
erts as a member of the Committee of Five
which is to look into the practicability of the
proposed ship canal between Lake Erie and
Pittsburg. Col. Roberts' long experience as a
practical engineer is held to especially St him
for a seat on tbe committee. In speaking of
the proposed canal, Col, Roberts had thisjto
"There are two Important Industries to be
benefited if it Is practical to establish a canal
between Pittsburg and Lake Erie. It is not
the idea that Pennsylvania shall build the
canal, but that the Legislature shall interest
the National Government in tbe enterprise.
The Northwest will be especially benefited, be
cause ore can be transported co Pittsburg and
coal can be taken back to the Northwest at a
cheaper rate than it is now done by the rail
roads. If the lake cities, such as Erie, Cleve
land. Chicago and Milwaukee, can only be in
terested in the canal there will not be much
trouble in bringing the matter prominently be
fore Congress. v
There are two routes In view. The people
of Beaver and that locality are anxious to have
the route that was abandoned in 1870 re-established.
But a better route is from Krie to
Conneaut Lake, thence down French creek
and the Allegheny river to Pittsburg. I think
a canal could bo built over that route with a
1,000-ton capacity."
Hilled on the Rnllrond.
George Lisslc, a repairman on the Pittsburg,
Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railroad, was killed
by the cars at Emsworth station yesterday
morning. His bodywas taken to Lowry's un
dertaking rooms. The Coroner will bold an in.
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MB. GEORGE LAMBERT, who lives on
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street, bas been cured of a very bad oase of
catarrh by the physicians of the Poly pat bio
Medical Institute, No. 420 Penn avenue. When
he applied for treatment he complained of
much soreness in his Iuncs,sbortnesa of breath,
a choked up feeling' in his throat, with much
dryness; the catarrhal secretion that ha raised
from his throat and lungs was very tough and
tenacious; bis eyes were weak and troubled
him very much about reading or seeing ob
jects distinctly. The disease also extended to
his stomach, so that he had great pain after
eating, un account oi nis looa souring on
his stomach he had much belching of gas, and
was so bloated that his heart would frequently
palpitate, and gave him so much pain that be
thought be had heart disease. After becoming
enred, as above stated, be says:
"I am very glad to give my testimonial, and
shall always speak in praise of the doctors to
my many friends for curing me of this dread,
f ul disease, and I cheerfully recommend all
others suffering from chronic diseases to call
on these specialists, who will frankly tell you
what they can do for you.
"Geobge Lambert."
Tbe diseases treated successfully at the
INSTITUTE, 420 Penn avenue, are catarrh,
diseases of the stomach and all forms of skin
and blood diseases, and they especially invite
.those whose diseases have failed to improve
under the general practitioner's treatment to
call and examine their system of treatment
and cure, which have been the result of years
of careful study and Investigation. Office
hours, 10 to 11:30 A. M., I to 4 and 6 to 8 p. m.
Sundays, 1 to iv, . Consultation free.
Mrs. Dr. Crossley, one of the Consulting Physi
cians at tbe Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute, SU
Penn Avenue,
To cure Mrs. Thomas Hatton, and she suffered
on for IS years. Tbe aches and pains which
she experienced in almost every part of her
body was simply terrible. Those sharp, cutting
pains across the small of her back and lower
part of her body was almost unbearable. In
fact she suffered with all those diseases and
conditions peculiar to women. For three
months her mind was unbalanced, and for
months she was confined to her bed. She be
came very weak and emaciated, so that she
only weighed B3 pounds. No one expected her
to live, much less get entirely cured. After
receiving three months' treatment with the
physicians of the Catarrh and Dyspepsia Insti
tute, 823 Penn avenue, who make a specialty of
her disease, she says;
"I never want any one to suffer as I bave for
the past 13 years. Tbe condition of my case
was much worse than has been described, and
I am only too glad to testify to my complete
cure by tbe doctors of tbe Catarrh and Dys
pepsia institute.
Please remember that the physicians of the
Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute never display
their patient's portraits in tbe papers. Neither
do they publish any testimonial, except with
tbe full consent or wish of tbe patient
Furthermore, their testimonials are not from
some far off place where no such parties reside,
but from your own county and your own
city, with tbe full name and address
given, tnus proving tneir genuineness, une
Catrrrh and Dyspepsia Institute is tborouchly
established in Pittsburg, and thousands of
patients Gladly testify to cures they bave re
ceived. The treatment used does not consist
of the so-called magnetic, or superhuman
agencies, but medicines made from roots
and herbs, nnd componnded to suit
the requirements of each individual
case, thus removing not only the disease,
but tbe -cause of the disease as well.
Ninety-five out of every hundred of the pati
ents treated at this Institute are those suffer
ing from Catarrh, which is tbe certain fore
runner of consumption. Tbe testimonials pub
lished speak for themselves. Tbey treat suc
cessfully Catarrh. Rheumatism, Dyspepsia,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Blood, Kidney and Female
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No human being isjempt from disease. The.
most powerful and apparently healthy have no
?uarantee that their strength win not be taken
rom then) and their bodies wasted by same
loathsome disease. Few who are in health
consider their liability to disease or pay at
tention to the ills of their suffering fellow
creatures. The following very interesting case
is that of a woman whose magnificent
physique could apparently defy the rav
ages of disease and pain, aad whose muscles
seemed secure from thtt ills which weaker
women are heir. to, yet she for three long years
was a terrible sufferer and! was in a most pitia
ble condition imaginable, when she applied to
Dr, Smith. Tbe case in question was that o(
Mrs. L. H. Auberry. who resides at MrrPt
.Mrs. A. had been afflicted with hemorrhoids
lora numuer ot years witnout paylnsvery
much attention to, them. But as the years
wcqv vj "tw mjcmo uegan 10 grow upon ner.
Pile-tumors began to make their appearance at
each movement of the bowels. These tumors
began to Increase jn size, aud when prolapsed
would bleed profusely. The pain and
suffering which she experienced from
them, together with the- loss of blood,
from repeated hemorrhages gradually under
mined ber nervous system until she Uecame a
physical wreck. She became weak and languid.
The least physical exertion caused great
fatieuo. She lived In constant fear that some
thing dreadful was about to happen. She suf
fered from melancholy, and felt thatsbe would
never get well. A feeling would come
over ber that she was alone in the world, and
was constantly looking on the dark side of
life. She had tried the skill of so many physi
cians without finding relief that she
had given up a.l hopes of ever being
restored to health. In connection with hemorr
hoids she suffered from female weakness
in its worst form, and had hnnnmn m
thoroughly discouraged that she had given up
in despair. Bearing of the remarkable cures
that aro being maue by Dr. Smith, the mag
netic physician, at No. 502 Penn ave., she de
cided to consult him, and make one more
effect to be restored to health. She did so,
and began treatment April 3. Mrs. Auberry is
now convalescent, and is one of tbe happiest
women in this State.
This is bnt one case amonc hundreds. The
dootor's offices are crowded dally with cripples
and invalids of every degree and condition. No
disease escapes the Influence of the magnetic
touch, and no person need despair of receiving
benefits therefrom. Nb matter what the con
dition or how long you have been sick, there is
hope left. No matter what other physicians
have failed to do, or what prejudiced people
say, Sirs. Auberry had been. under the care of
several eminent physicians before coming to
Dr. Smith, and had never been helped.
When other doctors give you up, and tbe bos.
pltals turn you away as incurable, go straight
to 502 Penn ave. aud consult Dr. SmlthKba
cures after all other means fail.
Office hours 9 A. M. to 7 p. m. Sundays 10 A.
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Artificial Eyes, at
Optical Establishment,
Telephone No. 16S6. mylZ-109
Of our new Hat. the "SUCCESS," would
be phenomenal were the Hat not so stylish
and becoming. Talking about Millinery,
are you aware that we keep not only the
BONNETS and Millinery Goods in gener
al, but are also doing the largest business in
this line, without exception, in the two
cities. One visit will prove our assertion.
m$z&jflmr sflSIS'
i.uu uiiwuuv. u(U U. p:
Ladies' Directoire Chemisettes, RufSings,
Linen Collars, with reinforced bands, for
v Xt f lt
Specialist In ibe Cnro of Rapture and
Cbroulo DIedes, Office at Hotel Albe
marle, Pean Avenue and Sixth Street,
Thousands suffer for a long series of years
and linger out a useless life, who, with proper
treatment might be restored to health and
contribute to the health and happiness of
others. In many cases tbe fault is not theirs,
for they try various doctors and quack nos
trums for relief; but skill is not readily found.
Tbe general practitioner has but little time or
opportunity for tbe observation ot a large
class of chronic complaints. No man can be
come expert in every branch at the bealing
art; hence specialists are demanded for the
highest good of humanity. Dr. Woods long
and patient study, his knowledge of Allopathic,
Homospathic and Botanic or Eclectlo systems
of medicine, together with bis discoveries and
new application of old remedies, bave given
blm unparalleled success in that class of dis
eases which have until late v baffled the skill
of eminent physicians, and secured for himself
an enviable reputation. Dr. Woods has given
the public, evidence sufficient Co convince tbe
most skeptical that bis methods are singularly
successful, especially in apeb cases as have de
fled the skill of other and Justly celebrated
It is always the truest economy for invalids
to secure the best medical aid, and not apply
to a physician with a feeling that they would
pay liberally If they were only cured. The way
to obtain health Is to apply to a physician who
is skilled in the treatment of the diseases from
which tbey suffer, and secure bis services and
a course of medicines. The best evidence that
can be furnished of his claims to confidence la
indisputable evidence of success, IX be had
the ability to effect cures instantly it could not
be accomplished by meditation; it requires an
effort on the part of the patient who should
hare hope, confidence and a desire to be cured
If possible. This can only be done by placing
one's self under treatment without hesitation
about a few dollars, as though health were
subordinate to all other things.
One of the fundamental principles which
guide Dr, Woods in his treatment of patients is
to do justice to all classes, so that mechanics
and laboring men receive the, same treatment
at his bands as merchants and bankers. Bis
successful methods are therefore extended to
all alike, who apply to him for aid, and bis
charges are made so reasonable in all cases that
they come within tbe reach of all who seek the
benefit of his services. No one who suffers
'need hesitate for one moment before applying
iu min anu using piacea on tne roau to re-
Another inducement for calling on Dr,
Woods is, he makes no extra charge for medi
cines. He compounds his own prescriptions
for his patients and furnishes all necessary in
struments and appliances. This arrangement
saves much trouble, avoids mistakes, is cuar.
antee that all the medicines are genuine as
well as effects a saving of money to the afflicted
who are treated by him. When nosslble the
doctor prefers to see his patients; but when
this Is Impossible bis successful system of treat
ment by correspondence enables the afflicted
in all parts of the world to avail themselves oi
the benefit ot his skill at a very small cbst
Send four cents in stamps for question list AU
commnnicatlons sacredly confidential. No
charge for advice. Examinations are also free
to those who desire treatment
Office hours, 10 to 12 ju jr.. 2 to 5 p. x.. 7 to-a
P. jr. myia
The Pittsburg Building
Plan Co., Architects, W
Fourth avenue, prepare
plans ana specifications
and superintend erection
of dweUings at lowest
rates consistent with
good service. Estimates
guaranteed. Correspond
- myld-TTSu
ence Invited.
J. DIAMOND, Optician,
Kl-srtH Mfrroo. I'lttHbnmr.
Spectacles -and Eyeglasses correctly adjusted
to every defect of sight. Field and Opera
Glasses, Telescopes, Microscopes, Barometers,
Thermometers, etc.
ARTIFICIAT. E7ES made to order
and warranted. Always on hand a
large and complete stock. JaS-ttssu
Almeria and Malaga Grapes,
Bananas, Florida Oranges and all kinds of
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
O. D. LEVIB. Solicitor of Patents.
121 Fifth avenue, above Smithfleld.nextLeadei
office. (No delay.) Established 20 years.
boeclalty Correct fitting of lenses and
frames. All styles of Spectacles and Eye
Glasses. Experienced Opticians and our own
factory and workmen are our inducements.
WM. E. STJEltEN, Optician,
"We pay cash for them.
mylO-48-TTr 102 Second ave.
COMPANY-Scheduie In effect February H
1SS9, Central time:
f. & L. E. K. K.-DlPAST-For Clereianrt. 5:28,
7:A. it., '130, 1:15, 9:30p. jr. For Cincinnati,
ChlcaKoand bt. Louis, 5:25 4. M., 1i2Q, 9:30r. It.
For Buffalo, 7:40 X. u.. 4:15, "9:30 r. II. For Sala
manca, V:n a. M., '1:20, "9:30 T. M. For Bearer
Kails. 5:25, T:40. 10:20 A. M.. 1:20. 3:30. 4:15, S.-SO.
"9:30 r. V. ror Chartlen, 5:25, "5:33, 6JS0, J7.-0U,
7:15, 8:40, "9:OS, 9:25, 10:20 A. M.. 12:06, 12:45, 11:25,
IMS, 3:30, 4:45, "5:10, 8.-20, "SiZa 10:30 r. M.
Abbivts from Cleveland; 3:30 x. M.. "liOO.
5:40, "8:00 r. M. From Cincinnati, CMcajro and
Bt. Louis. "10, S:00r. M. From Buffalo. 5:30 A.
W "lrfJO, 5:40 1. V. From Salamanca, '1:00, "8:00
r. it. From Younntown, 5:30, "8:5 3:2) X. M.,
1:00. 5:40, :) r. II. From Beaver Falls, 5:30,
6:50, 7:20. 9:20 J.M.. "1:00, 1:33: 5:40, "8MB. P.
iroin unarticrj, s:i'j, no, a
:3a. :42. "O: 7:03,
7:30, 8:J0, 9;2Q. 10:10 A. M., 120 noon, 12:30, "llU
1:35. "3:42. -.l
j!K asm. Min si4U "9:13 r. u.
P.. McK. AY-K.K.
.-vr.r-- ..-- -T-."'.. .-......
XISFABT r orflewniiw,
!:30A. M3:30 P. it. For West Newton. 5:30 A. H.,
"3:30 and 5:23 F. it For New Haven, juoa. k,
Sundays, only,
Awuvi-From New Haven, 10K A. Hj "2:05p.
If. From West Newton,:15, "iohb-a. m.,"5Kp.i
For McKeesport and Ellxabetn, 5:30 A. V. 8:30,
4:05, 6:25 P. M.. WHO A. af. ....
From Elizabeth and McKeesport, I'M A. X.,
7:30. '10:00 A. M.. 5:C5r. H.
Dally. Sundays only.
E. ItOLUltuoK. General Superintendent.
A. K. ULAUK. General Fassenger Aeent.
City ticket oalcc. 40lbmlthfleld tn!
Trains (Uot'l Stan'dUme)
h i-e.ne.
Butler Accommodation....... 8.00 am 7:10 am
DayEx.Ak'n,Tol..Cl'n.Kane 7:3V am 7:23 pra
Butler Accommodation ,. 930 am 4:00 pm
Chlcato Express (dairy) B:30 pm 11K am
Newcastle and Greenville Ex 1:50 pm 9:30 am
7fllennnl lndVnThnnr in.. 4:10 Dm 5:30 am
Butler Accommodation....... 8:40 pm 2:10 PTO f
First class fare to Chicago, 110 50. Second class,
N 50, Throuan coach and Pullman Buffet sleep
ing car to Chlcaco dally.
Trains lcare Union station Eastern Standard
time): Klttanrtlpp Ac. w5 a. nn: Niairary Ex..
daily. 5:43 a. reJ Button Ae.. 10.10 a. in.t Valley
Camp Ac, 12:05
uu 1, in.t.uu Guyana jhwi -i.;llulttnAc.,3:00p.m.:Kimnnins
X Bracbwn Ex., 5:00 p. in.: Kittaan-
press, 2 J p.m.
AC, iaup.H
lnu Ac. 5, 30 1
D..m.! Jsracbnrn AcfiUD,ni.s nui
n-Ac.;'-78 -b. a.: Buffalo Ex.. dally.
JO n; m. i HoMata Ae..- Win. m. t iwaebara Acv
.easiii swinirj, ?. b.
ii:w b.
Sack and
Cutaway Suits,
In 30 distinct styles of
newand popular all-wool
weaves. They show
novel and beautiful
effecte in the latest de
signs. Are worth
$12 50 and $15,
$7 85.
i As a matter of course,- imitators and copyists will soon flash dupli
cates of the above sale before your eyes. It's an easy thing to quote
prices on paper but all attempts on the part of would-be competitors
to rival these suits in quality at the price will be an utter failure. "We
ourselves never offered such fine suits for so paltry a price, and yotl
none of you ever saw their eqUal.
No shoddy goods, either, but the same identical qualities which
other houses now parade in the newspapers as big bargains for $8. The
genuine Middlesex Blue Suits, the best in the world (none genuine with
out trade mark), always sold at $14. and $15, can now be bought at our
store for $10. Let the'Gallant Boys in Blue" come to the front and
see tnese suits,
To every purchaser of our Men's $7 85 or $10 75 Suits (or any
suit costing 10 or more) we still give one of our elegant (5 feet high)
Oak or Mahogany Hall Stands , v
UNJUST ONE MORE WORD! ef lf) advertised Boys' Knee-
Pant Suits, from 4 to 14 years,
which competitors in their advertisements quote at $5, and assert a3 be
ing worth $1 and S8, we will sell you at $3 35, and, besides, give
A Genuine League Ball and Bat Free With Each Suit,
I X v
Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street
after 31ay 12, 1889. trains leave Union
Station. Pittsburg as foUows, astern Standard
New Tork and Chicago Limited orPuUman Ves.
Ubule daily at 7:15 a. m.
Atlantic Expreis dally for the .East, 3:3) a.m.
Hail train, dally, except Sanday, SiMa. m. Sun.
nay, mail, o:j a. m.
Day express dally at San a. m.
Mall exnress dallr at 1:01
ill exnreu dallr at 1:00 n. m
Philadelphia express dally at
illadelphla express dally at 4:30 p. m.
Eastern express dally at 7:15 p.
.siern e-enress aaur ud. u.
yst Line dally at 8:10 p. m.
tirtonsburg express 5:10 p. m. week dayav,
DerrvexDress 11:00 a. m. week days.
Allffirnnirh trains connect at Jerier cltvw
boats or "Brooklyn Annex" for Brooklyn, N. Y.,
avoiding double ferriage and journey through N.
- - r. -.-: . .. . : ., : .. .
Trains arrive at Union Station as follows:
Mull Train, dally - 8:10 p. m.
western Express, dally
Pli-lfln 'VTnnSL oallv
......... 7:45 a.m.
, 12:45p.m.
Cblearo Limited Exnress. dally 8:30 p. m.
Fait Line, day y , U&p.in.
Tor Unlontown, 5:30 ana 8:23 a. m. and 4:3 p.
m.. without change or cars: 12.50 p. m. connect
ing at Greensburg. Trains arrive from Union
town at 9:45 a. m 12:20. 5:35 and 8:10 P. m.
WEST FENNSti.VA.aiA ilivioiun.
From FEDERAL ST. STATION. Allegheny City.
Ilall train, eonnpetlnirl
ting ror Jiiairsviue..- o:w a. m.
Express, for Blalrsvllle, connecting for
Butler Accom .-...8:20 a. m.. 2:25 and 5:45 p. m.
uniier . ............................ !. o
springdale Aeconi9:oa,iioa.ni.-wana o:-up.m.
Freeport Accom 4:15. SdpandniWp. ra.
On Sunday. lJ:S0and 9:30 p. m.
North Apollo Aeeoni....-.n:COa. m. and SiflOp. m.
Allegheny Junction Accommodation
connecting for Butlei. :20 a. m.
Blalrsvllla Arcommodatlon ..vLM-M'tifr 5!"
Express, connecting from Butler 10:35 a. m.
Mail Train. ". 1:45 p.m.
Butler Accom 9:10 a. m.. 4:40 and 7:20 p. m.
Blalrsvllle Accommodation 9:52p. m.
Freenort Accom.7:10 a.m.. 1:25. 7:20andll:Wp. m.
On Sunday. 10:10 a. m. and 70 p. m.
Springdale Aceom....6:37,ll:48a.m., 3:25,6:30 p. m.
North Apollo Accom 8:40 a. m. and 5:40 p. m.
Trains leave Union station, nrtsourg, as fbUows:
For Moaongahela Utv, Wen Brownsville and
Unlontown, Ha. m. For Monongabeia City and
West Brownsville, 7. -03 and 11 a. ro. and 4:40 p.'m.
On Sunday. ) all p. m. For Monongahela City, 5-40
DravosbnrgAc. weekdavs, 8.-20 p. m.
West KliaaWth Aeeomraodatlon. 8:20a.m.
a fit
, 2:00,
sou anu n: p. m. sunaay, :) p. in.
Ticket offices Corner Fourth avenue and Try
street and Union station.
General Manaxer. Oen'll'ass'r Agent.
JT , station. Central Standard Tin . Leave for
Cincinnati and St. Louls,d7:39 a.m., d 8:00 and
d 11:15 p. m; Dennlson, 2MB p. m. Chicago,
12:05, d 11:15 p. ra. Wheeling, 7:30 a. m., U:0S.
6:10 p.m. StcubenviUe, 5:55 a. m. Washington
6:55, 8:33 a. in., UX, 3:30, 4:55 p. m. Bulger, .10:19
a. m. Ilnrgattatown.Sli:35a.m- 4:3 p. m. Hans
Held, 7il4 Hans. m 30. t&:15: lOtiS, p,ra. alc
Dormltlf. d 4:1 d 10:1". p. m.
From the West; HV.M, dS.an, a. m.. 3:03. 15:M
p. in. DcnalsoL. 9:30 a.m. EVteubesvllle. 53)5 P. ".
Wheeling. 3:M.8:a.ra., 3t J-JSp.m. Burgetta-
:a.-m- MLstsas. m.
a,BU. 4SMtUdSJ
town, J:la. n.ss.-wia.Hi. wsirringinn :.- i at
'f "F "
$10 ?s
Sack and
Cutaway Suits,
Made by skilled taiIor3
from elegant imported
fabrics. Competing
houses are making a tre
mendous noise about
them as being worth
$20 to $25,
$10 75.
J Schedule In effect May 12. 1889. For Washing
ton. D. C. Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
York. "SaTO a.m. and 9S0 p. m. For Cum
berland, "8:00 a. m., $1:00, "lap. m. For Con
neltsTllle, &:40 and "8:00 a. m.. Jlrfr. 41:00
and "9:20 p. m. For Unlontown, $8:40, "8:00 a. m
tlaX)and;t:0Op. m. For Mount Pleasant, J8:40 and
iSiOO a. m.. and tlO and 44:00 p. m. For
Washington. Pa., 6:4 t9:40.a. m,, "3:55, iSM
and "3:30p.m. For Wheeling, "8:45, 29:40 a.m.,
"3:35, "8:30 p.m. For Cincinnati and St. Lonis.
8:45n. m., "8:30 p.m. For Columbus, "8:45a
m.. "8:30 p. m. For Newark. "8:45, t9:40 a. m.,
3:33, "8:30 n.m For Chicago, "8:4.1. 9:40 a. m.,
3:35 and 8:30 p. m. Trains arrive from New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington,
"8:20 a.m. and 8i50 y. m. From. Columbus, Cin
cinnati and Chicago. 7:43 a. m. and "9:00 p. m.
From Wheeling. "7:45, .'lOOa. m., JSaTO, "9:00 p.
m. Through sleeping cars to Baltimore. Wash
ington and Cincinnati.
wheeling accommodation, 8:30 a. m. Sunday
Only. ConnellsvUle accommodation at $8:35 a. m.
Uallv. Daily except Sunday. SSundayonlr.
The Pittsburg Transfer Company will call for
and check baggage from hotels and residences
upon orders left at B. & o. Ticket umre, corner
jrirui avenue ana ivooa
street. CHAS. o.'
SCULL, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Summer Time Table. On and after May 1.
1889. until further notice, trains will runas follows
on every day, except Sunday. Eastern standard
timet Leaving Flttsburg-:3) a. m., 7:10 a.m..
ixo a. m 9 Jb a. m.. 11 Jo a. m.. -1:40 p. m., 3:40 p.
m., 5:10 p. m fM p. m., 8:30 p.m., H30 p.m.,
11:30 p.m. Arlington -5:40 a. m., 6:20 a. m., 7:10
a. m.. 8:00a.m., 1000a. m.. 1:00 p.m.. 2:40p.m.,
4:20p.m., 8:10 p. m., 5:50 p. m., 7:10 p. m.. 10:30
Ii. m. Sunday trains, leaving Pittsburg 10 a.m..
2:50 p. m.. 2:30 p. m., 5:10 p. m., 7:10 p. m 9 JO
p. m Arlington 9:10 a. m., 12 in.. 1:50 p. m., 4 JO
p.m. 6:30 p. m.. Saw p.m.
itJf '
MayE. 188a. Central standard Time.
As fallows from Union Station : For Chicago, d 1 7iJ
a. m., d Via), d InTO, d7:45. except Saturday. U3J
p. m. : Toledo. 7d3 a. m.. d l2da d laTO and except
Saturday. 11 JO p. m.: Crestline, 5:45 a. m.s 3"e
land, 6:10,725 a.m 12:45 anddllaTSp.t New Cas
tle and Youngstown, 7& a. m.. 12.-20, 3:45p.m.:
Youngstown and NUes, d 12.-20 p. m.; MeadvlUe,
Erie and Ashubula. 7:05 a. m.. 12.-20 P-,m-: NUes
and Jamestown. 3:45 p.m.: MassUIon. 4:10 p. m.:
Wheeling and Ballalre. :Wa. m 12:43. J:30p. n.i
Beaver Falls. 4:00. 5- p. m Kock Point. S 89
a. u.: LeeUrtale, 5:30 a.m.
ALL.EGUF.NY'-Bocbester. t-JO a. m.: Beaver
Falls, 8:15, H.-00 a. m.S Enon. 3K) p. m.:Leets.
daleTlO:ob; U:45 a. m.. 2.-C0, !. WSSo8? .
p. a.: Conway, loaop.m.: Fair Oaks, S 11:40 a. Aju
m.tLeetsdale, S8:!0p.m. . , .. f.V.
TRAINS AKK1VE fJnlon station from Chicago r
except Monday lao, dSKft d:35 7,.l'li'
m.: Toledo, except MondaylSO. d:3Sa.m., 6io
p. m.. Crestline. 2:10 p. m.: Youngstown and,
Newcastle. 9:10 i. m.. lSs, 810. 10:15 p. m.:NUs
and Y oun gstown. d 6 M p. m. : Cleveland, d 3 do a.
m.. J:25. 70 d- m.t Wheeling and Bellalre, tm
Ja. m.. 2.-2S. 7.-0O p. m.t Erie ana Asntanuia, las.
Jii,mk o.io a. m. : Beaver Falls. 7:30 a. m
l:lop. m.. KoekFolot, S SSS p. m.; Leetadale,
ju:w p
'tvYt'rvv TTV3irRVY From Tjim'j 4W
?i.: Conway. 6:3): Rochester, 9:40 a, a.Beaver
alia. 7U0a. m, 3:45 p. Jn.rLwtdi.'is,t:is.l(
7.-4S a.'.. IMS, H4&, 40. SlSS. SMliatsTllralr
uh. sMa.-M.,i.i. , a .iaviai.tv
rai .K4 .;..: "" "" - u.Wi . ..
aa am '& mym rnsasMB gwsur uk
-M m rw- "ffloi nMftr nritfi1
ULAAjw-qf AATPVlTtti
r.TA,;feMW VMsm-Js!sV;