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Canned Htots on the Eoom, Corned
Betfand Lunch Tongue
Depression in Breadstuff's Most Affects Low
Grade flour.
Tuesday, Alay 14, ISSB. J
In such times as these when Pittsburg's
leading industries are generally depressed,
and the pessimist is getting in his best licks,
it is good to find an industry which is on
the boom. It was the fortune ot the commer
cial editor of The Dispatch to-day, after
several unsuccessful efforts to find a trade
optimist who cocld see nothing in the situation
and outlook but what was bright. Said a lead
ing dealer in canned meats:
"Our trade was neTer as good as It has been
this season, lbe hot weather of last week
Cave a very decided impetus to demand for all
Linus of canned meats.
The leading article in onr line is corned
beef, and the amount of staff we are now
handling is fully 50 per cent greater than it was
a year ago. This notwithstanding an advance
in prices. Our 2-pound cans are 20c per
doren higher than last rear, and our 14-ponnd
cans SI a dozen higher. "Lunch tongues are 10c
a dozen higher, and our volume of trade in this
line, though not so greatly increased as in the
line of comedbeef, is 15 per cent better than
it was at this time last j ear." The bulk of the
canned meat trade is confined to the hot
mouth quarter. Picnickers and hunting and
nsning parties are tne principal consumer.
A Chicago Monopoly-
All the goods in this line handled in this city
come from Chicago, from the houses of Armour,
Llbby and Falrbank. The Libby canned meat
firm is now consolidated with Swift's. From
now until September the receipts here will ag
gregate about three carloads monthly, a total
of 3,500 cases or 70.000 pounds. The representa
tives of the Chicago canned meat houses sell
only to wholesale grocers. The trade here this
year will Teach 500,000 pounds, an amount fully
four times as -great as five years ago. A de
cade ago this industry was struggling to gain a
foothold. Now canned meats have become one
of the prime necessities of summer touring,
and F.ttsburgers would find it very hard to re
turn to the good old days of yore when this in
dustry was in the future.
The wise man spoke better than he kn ew when
he admonished, "Say not that the former days
were better than these." "We in this day would
find it very hard to prepare for the summer out
ing without the corned beef and lunch tongue,
of which our ancestors lived their day in bliss
ful ignorance.
The current number of the Minneapolis
Miller finds some crumps of comfort in the
wheat and flour situation, which it has not
been able to find for some months past. The
inquiry and demand for Hour has improved,
but prices are a shade lower. There has been a
slight improvement in the export demand.
Or the 08,220 barrels of flour turned out by
the Minneapolis mills last week nearly one-half
was exported. The light expert demand all the
past winter has been the depressing factor ot
flour markets. All speculative prognostica
tions on the score of export demands have
been upset by stubborn facts. The Miller says
"the Northwest is relatively above the rest of
the country in breadstuff markets. Except the
Pacific coast America is better than other
countries which export wheat and flour."
The news comes from Western trade centers
that low grade flour suffers most in the de
pressed condition of markets. Only favorite
brands are active, and even these brands can
only be sold by concessions. A week ago there
were.sw' comprehensions of a drought that
-&ould seriously ittlTeIKcoming cmiC-
fear has now been dispelled by timely rams.
Prom over the sea comes the word that the
young wheat plant in England, France and
Germany is most promising. Jn the French
ports on April 1 the amount of wheat in bond
was ll.Olb.OOO bushels, against 2,760,000 bushels
Apnll, 1S8S, and 1,233,000 bushels in liS7. These
figures cannot furnish much comfort to those
who still cherish hopes of a strong export de
mand for wheat and flour.
Condition of the Market nt the East Liberty
Stock Yard.
Office Pittsburg Dispatch.
East .Liberty: May 14, 1SS9.
CATTXB Receipts, 340 bead; shipments,
BOO head; market strong at unchanged prices;
no cattle shipped to New York to-day.
Hogs Receipts. 1.100 head; shipments, EGO
head; market dull; Philadelphias, U 80QJ 85;
pigs and Yorkers. 4 SOg-4 bo; no hogs shipped
to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipt. 5,400 head; shipments, 4,
00 head; market dull at a shade lower.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves No fresh offerings; no
market for beeves; firm for dressed beef at 6Ji
7c per pound. Exports, 1,660 quarters ot
beet and 450 cattle. Calves Receipts,480 head;
rteadv at KoKc per pound for veals, and at
34cfpr buttermilk calves. Sheep Receipts,
1,600 bead: with an easy tone,but nearly all sold
including clipped sheep at 3J3Jc per pound;
clipped at 56Vc, and spring lambs at S3 60
6 50 per headfor State and Jersey offerings, with
three carloads of Southern lambs, sold at S
BXc per pound. Dressed mutton firmat99c
St pound: dressed yearlings steady at Sllc
ogs Receipts, 6.500 head, all for slaughter
ers direct; none offered and quotations steady
at nominal range of 5 005 3a
Kansas crrr Cattle Receipts, 4,611 head;
shipments 1,100 head; medium and heavy-weight
beef steers slow, weak and 5 10c loner; butch
ers' steers and heifers firm: stockers and feed
ing steers quiet and steady; good to choice
comfed. 83 o54 10: common to medium, S3 25
3 75; stockers and feeding steers, 82 253 GO;
cows. 81 75g3 00. Hogs Receipts, 17.818 head;
shipments, 766 head: market 1015c lower;
good to choice. S4 30i 37J: common to me
lum. Si 154 25. Sheep Receipts, 3G9 head;
no shipments; strong and 610c higher; good
to choice muttons, clipped, -3 PPffii 20.
Chicago Cattle Receipts. 6,500 head;
shipments, 3,000 head; market slow and steady;
beeves, 84 001 30; steers, S3 404 15; stock
ers and feeders. 2 S03 85; cows, bulls and
mixed, SI 903 40: Texas cattle, S2 203 15.
Hogs Receipts. 24,000 head; shipments, 4,000
head; market slow and 510c lower; mixed,
$4 40i 47K; heavy, $4 40&4 63; light, 84 50
4 90: skips, "S3 404 40. Sheen Receipts, 8,000
head; shipments, 800 head; market firm;
natives, $3 504 15: Western. S3 50S4 lOjTexans,
83 003 65: lambs, Si 755 10.
St. Loots Cattle Receipts. 2,200 head; shlu
xncnts, 100 head;market stronger: choice, heavy
native steers. SS 9004 4S:fairtogood.S3 10Q4 00;
stockers and feeders, fair to good, 82 1003 10;
rangers, corn-fed, 82 75S3 60; grass-fed. 81 90
62 85. Hogs Receipts. 6,600 head; shipments.
400 bead; market steady; choice, heavy and
butchers' selections, S4 404 50; pacsing, me
dium to Prime. S4 3034 45: light grades, ordi-
nary to best, 84 40Q4 55. Sheep Receipts, 1,000
head; shipments, none; market strougen lair to
choice, S3 1004 45,
Buffaio Cattle Feeling steady and un
changed; receipts, 16 loads through; sale.
Sheep steady and unchanged; receipts.UO loads
through: no sales. Hogs steady and unchanged;
receipts, 4 loads through; 10 sale.
Cikcinxati Hogs easy; common and light,
U 004 65: packing and butchers', $4 4504 65;
receipts, 1,280 head; shipments, 1,240 head.
The State Board of Health Will Meet
Here This Month.
Preparations are being made for a Sani
tary Convention, which is to be held at the
end of this mouth at Lafayette Hall, in this
city. The State Board of Health and all the
local boards of Pennsylvania and other States
will be represented on the occasion.
Dr. J. It. Thompson, of Penn avenue, Ii ar
ranging the details of the programme for the
convention. The object of the meeting will be
toimprove sanitary regulations for the preven
tion of disease. Physicians from all over the
country will be here to read papers on different
subjects relating to sanitary measures. Mr.
William Metealf, ot Miller, Mctcalf & Parkins,
will act as chairman during the different ses
sions of the two days. The exact date of the
conference has. not been definitely decided
TO COST $14,000.
riaai of the Ken- Public School Building on
Jj Sit. Washington.
Xotieariy as expensive as some, but pos
sessing jnuch unaffected toeantr, is the new
Thirty-sfecin'cl ward sAool house, to be built.
on Mt Vashington. its plans are most liber
ally dimensioned, being 80x64 feet, and the
rooms will be spacious, with every convenience
of the dar. The structure will bo void of any
pretenseVand will cost $14,000.
The buiiaets will begin work shortly, but tbe
School will , not be ready for occupancy before
riUU41J A
'iSV &j As . Sfc'i-V A. a.JpM7-KW leMjataiz
Mli1 11 ' ilia !" .1 fillli'r Tm m'l i -c& t9'TiiPSKMHm.&ustfmiAlRrim niTMiii iliiln 1 Wn fiifi iifr .
Wheat Dull and Lower The SInrkot Held
Dp by One Biun Corn nnd OaU
Higher Bos Product ,Qulet
nnd Stendv.
Chicago This was about the dullest day
witnessed in wheat in this market for many
weeks. Fluctuations were too small and nar
row to stimulate trading, and the market ap
parently was held in check by a prominent
local trader who bought and sold enough to
hold the market under control. July delivery
opened K5c lower, declined is more, ad
vanced -JSc fluctuated within Jc range during
the session and closed about J.P lower than
yesterday. The market was without any im
portant feature.
A fair degree of activity was manifested in
corn and the feeling prevailing was one of firm
ness. The market opened at about yesterday's
closing, was steady, but soon sold up 5HtC,
the near futures showing the most strength,
eased off a little, ruled steady and closed
c higher than yesterday.
Oats were stronger and a shade higher.
Trading was light and mostly of a local charac
ter. Prices advanced JiJic and the close was
steady at about outside hgures.
Quite a good business was transacted in pork,
cspeciallv early in the day. The market was
considerably unsettled, and opened with sales
at 1012c decline, and a further reduction of
20gffi!c loilowed, with good trading at the re
duction. During the balance of the session
the market was steadier and prices rallied
7Kc. and cloed rather quiet
A quiet and easy feeling prevailed In lard
and trading was comparatively light. Prices
rnled weak, and declined 5gCc, closing quiet
at the reduction.
An increased business was reported In short
ribs, and the feeling was easy. Prices ruled 7
10c lower, and the market closed rather tame
at the reduction.
The leading futures rancea as rollows:
Wheat No. 2 June, 63S3Ke&3;GS3c:
Julr. 7J797.?;8c; August, 7G7G
6"oK7bc; year. 7oi74je.
Corn No. 2 June, 3iK3iJ3rtf34c;
luly. ZlUm?AllXi&iv, August. SoiiJ
Oats No. 2 June. 2J-E23-52J-23?ic:
July, 23X.3Jg23K23)c; August, 232bHc
Mkss Pork, per bbl. June, til 70011 b5:
July, Jll 82K11 85011 7011 75; August, $11 85
fill b5fi'll SuSill S2K.
Lard, per 100 fts July, S6 90; August,
$0 926 S7'6 92K66 95: September, 7 02X
7 00.
Short RIBS, par 100 Us. July, S6 05
6 0o5 S7J5 97J4; Aueust. $6 logo 106 05
6 0o;September,S6 126 10.
Cash quotations were as rollows: Flour steady
and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat. WKgSSc;
No. 3 spring wheat, nominal; No. -" red.
8484c. No. 2 corn, 34c bid. No. 2
oats, 22&C No. 2 rye, 41c No. 2
barley, nominal. No. 1 flaxseed, $1 54.
Prime timothy seed, Jl 85. Mess pork,
per barrek 511 C-KffiU 65. Lard, per 100 pounds
(C S2V.QS 85. Short ribs sides (loose). Jo 90
(lo 95. Dry salted shoulders (boxed), $5 25
5 60, Short clear sides (boxed), S6 256 37J.
Sugars unchanged. Receipts Flour, 12,1X10 bar
rels; wheat, 13,000 bushels: corn.2S3.000 bushels;
oats. 129,000 bushels: rye, 2,000 bushels: barley,
SO.O0O bushels. Shipments Flour. 6,000 bar
rels; wheat, 16.000 bushels; com. 81,000 bushels;
oats, 165,00 bushels; rye, 10,000 bushels; bar
ley. 15,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was weak: fancy creamery, 15016c;
choice to fine, 12JUc; fair to good, S10c.
Eggs unchanged.
New York Flour steady and moderately
active. Cornmeal dull and unchanged. Wheat
Spot moderately active, weak and iKc
lower: options dull, JJc lower and heavy.
Barley out of season. Barley malt dull. Corn
Spot unsettled: free offerings; H0 lower
and moderately active; options firm and quiet.
Oats Spot dull and steady; options dull and
J4?c lower and steady. Hay quiet and
steady. Hops firm, fair demand. Coffee
Options opened steady and unchanged
to 5 points up, closed steady
at 501O points up: sales of 21,250 bags
including May, 18.5510.00c; June, 16.70c;
Julv, 107016.80c; August, 16 9016.95c; Sep
tember. 17.W17.10c: October. 17.0517.15c: De
cember. 17.20c; January. 17.2o17 30c: February,
u.23aiJ.duc; iuarcu, K.ouigK.-oc;
pot Rio
smi ,
preyed forwvjjjaaVaSSS iS'a"UJ
i i,iw uujiaururt " ..V . . .
f quiet and about steady. Molasses Foreign
steauy; new uneans quier, uce steady and
in fair demand. Cottonseed oil quiet. Tallow
dull. . Rosin steady and quiet. Turpentine dull
at 39. Eges quiet and a shade firmer; west
ern, 13K13Jc; receipts, 8,892 pickages. Cut
meats quiet; pickled Dellle, 67c: middles
dulk Lard lower and quiet: sales of western
steam at $7 207 25, dosing at 87 22; city,
86 65; May, S7 20 asked; June. 87 197 20, clos
ing at S7 19 bid; July, 87 237 24, closing at
87 23; August, 57 27 asked: September, 87 30
akod. Butter quiet and weak; western dairy;
913c; do creamery, 1316Jc Cheese quieter
and steady; part skims, 79c.
St. Louis Flour quiet and steadv. Wheat
Cash higher; old crop options were strong
and higher; new crop options eased off some in
sympathy with other markets; there were few
sellers, however, and enongh demand to pre
vent much of a decline; No. 2 red, cash, 78k
79c: June, c closing at 77c asked; July, iai
74Jc, closing at 7374c bid; August, 73k
74c, closing at 7474c bid. Corn firm but
business small; No. 2 mixed, cash, 31Ji32c;
May, 315c; June, 31Jc, closing at 31Jc bid;
Julv.323P32c, closing at 31c; August,
3333H33Jic. closing at 33Jr; September.
33K33c, closing at 33c. Oats higher but
trading fight; No. 2. cash, 24c bid; Mav. 23Kc
bid; June, 23c bid; Julj, 22Jc bid; August, 23c,
and year 22Jc asked. Rye None offered.
Flaxseed, SI 45. Provisions dull and generally
Philadelphia Flour' steady but quiet;
Wheat dull, but firm; cash No. 2 red Jc higher:
No. 2 red Mav, 9293c; Jone, 90ft91c; July, 83
81c: August, 82KS3Kc Corn firm, but quiet;
sales ungraded mixe'd on track, Hiic; ungrad
ed yellow in grain depot, 45!c: No. 2mixca
May, 4242c; June, 4242&c; July, 42J
43c; August, 4343Kc Oats Car lots firm and
in more demand; futures firm. Butter steady,
but quiet; Pennsjlvania creamery, extra, 17c;
do prints, extra, 21c.
CisciNirATi Flour dull and neglected.
Wheat in light demand; No. 2 red, 8bc; re
ceipts, LOOO bushels; shipments, 1,000 bushels.
Corn dull and easier: No. 2 mixed, 3535Kc
Oats firm and quiet: No. 2 mixed, 27Jic. Rye
quiet and steady; 1.0. 2, 4Sc Pork easier at
812 25. Lard weaker at $6 67. Bulkmeats
weaker; short rib, So 206 25. Bacon In fair de
mand and easier; short clear, 87 257 40. Butter
heavy and unchanged. Sugar firm and quiet.
Eggs heavy. Cheese quiet.
Milwaukee Hour steady. Wheat easy:
cash and June, 78c;July. fSc Corn firm;
No. 3, 35c Oats firm; No 2 white. 28c. Rye
firm; No. L 46M45Kc Barley dull: No. 2. 50ffi
51c Provisions easy. Pork; 811 65. La;
86 So. Cheese steady; Cheddars, old, OffilOc
Baltimore Provisions quiet and steady.
Mess pork. 813 55. Batter weak; Western
packed, 1316c; creamery, 18c Eggs easy at
WSlSXc Coffee Rio firm at lsc
Toledo Cloverseed dull; cash, SI 25; Oc
tober, S4 55 bid.
Wool Market.
Philadelphia Wool quiet and nominal.
New York Wool steady and in light de
mand; domestic fleece, 323Sc; pulled, 3339c
St. Louis Receipts, 159,750 pounds; demand
active anAvalues stronger on better grades;
bright medium. 18626c; coarse braid, ll21c;
low sandy, lll7c: tne iight,1622c; fine heavy,
1218c; tub washed, choice, 36c; inferior, 32
Boston There is no material improvement
in the domestic wool market, although several
manufacturers havo been on the market in
search of supplies. Prices are quoted steady,
but to more large lines of wool concessions
would have to be granted. In-Ohio and Penn
sylvania fleeces there have been sales of X at
8132c, and XX at 3334c Michigan fleeces
have held at929fc. Nothing of consequence
has been done in conTbing and delaine selec
tions. Territory, Texas and other unwashed
wools are quiet The receipts of new wool have
been small, and it quite generally held at high
price-. Pulled wools are in good demand, and
are selling at 30638c for super, and 2528c for
extra. In Australian there has been good busi
ness at the ranee of SG37c for merinos aud
cross-breeds. Foreign carpet wool is quiet and
unchanged in price.
Dryeoods Mmkct.
New Yobk, May It The jobbing trade in
drygoods was moderate, but a fair business
was done at first hands. Agents continue to
sell round lots of cotton goods for fall, while a
large business was done in 4-J bleached shirt
ings, following a reduction of e a yard, made
in Vamsutta, New York mills, Utica Non
pariel and Mohawk Acme brands, the
price of each being made Wc a
yarcL This is not to be taken as a break mihe
market or v, eakening, a it has been looked for,
and as it is only going back to last fall's prices
for orders, the basis on which most all stocks
have been reduced and on which basis tbe gen
eral cotton goods market has an upward ten
dency, with some goods already advanced.
Woolen hosiery and underwear were more ac
tive. When baby was sick, ire gave her Castoria,
When she was a phild, she ciied for Castoria,v
When :e became Miss, she clang to Castoria,
When sic had Children,she gave them Castoria
rrrf f
How a Poor Young Han Wort the
Hand of a Beautiful Heiress.
Quickly Secnred by the Foresight of a
Toung Woman Wildly in LoTe.
Ten years ago Mr. Poorman and Miss
Eich met at a charity fair, where they stood
on opposite sides of a table and fished ior
the strawberry in the chanty cake and en
deavored to detect the flavor of lemon in
the lemonade. It was a case of love at first
sight. Or, to speak in a business way, for
this is a business story, they immediately
took stock in each other. She was the
danghter of a proud, rich man, who had
made his money by buying bank stocks
when they were away down; be, the son of
an oil broker who managed to scratch out a
living by trading in puts and calls. This was
an insuperable bar to their union. How this
difficulty was overcome will be told in the suc
ceeding sections of this true story.
"Love laughs at locksmiths" is an old and
true adage. These two fond hearts put their
heads together, figuratively, and tolled until
they had devised apian by which Mr. Poorman
could acquire a fortune, this being all that was
needed to raise huntto par and secure for him
the hand and the heart of the charming Miss
Rich. It was determined that he should en
gage in the real estate business. This import
ant preliminary being settled, he engaged an
office on Fourth avenue, and went to work.
As he was a pioneer in the business he had
very little opposition, and he soon had all he
could do. Love inspired his every act. In
imagination his adored one stood beside him
whenever he made a deal. Thus encouraged
ho labored early and late, and made his cus
tomers pay pretty steep prices for those days.
He also placed a great many mortgages, in
variably stipulating that the borrower should
pay the State tax.
Of course Miss Rich took a deep and per
haps selfish interest in Mr. Poorman's rising
prospects. Every sale he made, every mort
gage he foreclosed, brought them closer to
gether. She contribnted to bis success in
various ways by smiles of encouragement and
by inducing her gentlemen friends to throw as
much business in his way as possible; with
profound emotion she read of his first sale as
reported in the morning papers. It was to this
"Mr. Poorman sold three lots in Mr. Oreen
sward's plan, each 60x120, for (3,000 spot cash.
He reports a great demand for lots in this de
sirable locality."
She cut the notice out and pasted it in her
scrap-book, among other literary treasures,
where it remains to this day. In the language
of the day this was "the making of him." "Ho
encouraged the reporters to write him np with
great liberality, and it was a Cold day when the
papers came out without a reference to Mr.
Poorman as "our leading real estate dealer,"
or as "our rising young capitalist who is doing
so much for the improvement of the city."
Of course Mr.Foorman soon became wealthy.
He bad chosen a pursuit that necessarily led to
Lfortune. As a real estate dealer he could not
I Vmain nnnr nnd TinTnMn lnrtTinfl fi'inwororl
.licats at his feet, and all he had to do was to
bk them up and invest them in unimproved
operty, sub-divide it and put it on the mar-
t. Sometimes he would vary tho programme
gobbling a honse oil Diamond street, in the
pectatlon that it would be improved and
de on iv of the principal thoroughfares of the
cltt. HewuuuBv. ... iueuerB," O
V J?- . - rtf thu nnfflnnl nH Ifn - ,t, '
his progressive views do not seem to have mad
much impression, or the street would not b
permitted to remain very long in its present! J
condition. ' fl
' .- - .. vl
At tne end, of three years Mr. Poorman was a
rich man. He was the prond possessor of 8100.'
OOOlin cool cash, all of which he had made in
thelreal estate business. He was happy, and
so Iwas another. Miss Rich had patiently
waited for him all those years waited for him
to become wealthy so he could stand before
her father and the faithful watch dog without
fear and claim her hand as an equal. But
while waiting she never grew discouraged. She
knew she had a sure thing of It; that the years
of separation would be few for was he not en
gaged in a pursuit thatbestowed affluence upon
all who followed it?
At length the crisis came. Mr. Poorman got
a corner on old Mr. Rich, and sued for tbe hand
of his daughter. The old man said: "You sav
you are worth 8100,000. Prove it." The suitor,
nothing daunted, drew from his Inside pocket
cash and mortgages representing the amount
specified. "Take her," said the old man, with
tears in his eyes. "She is yours so long as your
money holds out." And they were married
within two weeks. After a short excursion
tbey moved into a brown-stone front, lot GOr
120, where they have lived happily ever since.
Moral If you want to get rich and marry ad
vantageously invest your money ia real estate.
If you have none of your own invest somebody
else's. .
Between Baying nnd Selling Orders on the
The stock market yesterday was remarkable
chiefly for tbe amount of business that was not
transacted. Orders to buy were a little below
tho prevalent quotations, and orders to sell a
trifle down. This chasm was not bridged, and
the result was a featureless market. Philadel
phia Gas was a fraction stronger, selling up to
S3 at tho close, with a prospect of a further ad
vance to-day. Wheeling Gas dropped to 2
Bridgewater sold at 50, against 60 asked the day
Electric vas firm at 67 bid and 5Satkedat
the close. The Tractions were weak and dull.
Junction Hallway was wanted at 26, but was
held a point and a half higher. Allegheny
Heating Company came to the front on a bid of
U0, but there were no offers. La Norla was
the only stock dealt m at the afternoon call,
when 275 shares changed hands at 1 and 1J
There was no direct news from the mine, but
rumors were of an unsatisfactory nature. Bids,
offers and sales follow:
xuu. ABkea. Did. AsKed.
Pitts, l'et. S. &M. Ex.
Boatman's Ins
City Insurance.-)
Western Insurance
Allcgheuy Gas Co
l'ltts. Gas Co 62
Allegheny Heating Co 110
Chartlers Val. Gas Co. 51
Manufacturers Gas Co. 3
Pennsylvania (Jas Co.. 35
Philadelphia Co
Wheeling UasC( ;....
Washington Oil Co.... 70
Central Traction 23
1'ltlzens' Traction..
Plttsbnrg Traction....
Pitt3. June K. B.Co..
P. t W. B. R. pref....
La Norla Mining Co...
eitlnghouse Llectric
U. fawltch i Signal Co.
U. 8. & Slg. Co. pid...
Westlng'ue AlrB. Co..
115 113!4
Sales at the morning call were 200 shares of
Bridgewater Gas at 60, 55 Philadelphia Gas at
S 42 at S5Ji, 10 at 86 ahd 100 Wheeling Gas at
At the afternoon call 125 shares of LaNnria
sold at 1 and 150 at
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday were 204,798 shares, including Atchison,
15835; Delaware, Lackawanna and'Westem,
6.020; Louisville and Nashville, 3,710; Missouri
Pacific, 3,621; North?, estern, 8,450; Oregon Trans
continental, 25,435; Reading, 9,000; Richmond
and West Point, 4,090; St Paul. 80,870; Union
Pacific, 11,835; Western Union, 3,735.
fbo Monetary Situation Without Any Fea-turer-LFaraers
Among the Borrowers.
The locil money market was -quiet yesterday
in all of Its ramifications. As compared with
the previous day checking was lighter and dis
counting of smaller proportions. There was
no cbinffe in rates, and small n.otS were
abundant The inflow and outflow of money
was about even. Farmers have been borrowers
inasmal way for a week or two, their object
being to improve their farms. The clearings
were f 1,& 9.565 46 and the balances 303,8.. 81.
Money 'u etui at new lort, yesterday, was
.per cent; last loan at 2;, closed I
r t-.-rf . '
- - A
offered at S. Prime mercantile paper, -SK
5K Sterling exchange dull hnt steady at
Sl'87 for 60-day hills ahd 4 88 for demand.
Government Bonda.
U,s,4js, re...,
TJ 8. 4s, coap.
U. S.-4s, reg
u, B. 4s, coup..,,
Currency, 6 per cent, 1893 reg ...12lji
Currency, per cent, 1896 rcg.., "vi
Currency, 6per cent 1897 reg...
Currency, 6 per cent, I898reg.... .......Wt
Currency, 6 per cent, I8D9 reg 4s
Government and State bonds were quiet and
New YOBK-Clearings. 8130,925,965: balances,
Boston Qlearlngs, $16,093,615; balances,
$1,750,038. Money IK per cent.
Pnn, vdelfhia Clearings, 510,812,691; bal
ances, SL342.557.
Baltimoek Clearings, 81,711,683; balances,
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, S9,93(f,O0O.
St. Locn-Clearlngs, 83,169,533: balances,
Londos The amount of bullion gone into
the Bank ot England on balance to-day is
PAMSVThree per cent rentes, 87f 72o for
the account.
The Oil Market Too Dull and Narrow for
Even Scalpers.
The oil market yesterday was one of the
dullest for a long time. Trading was very light
all along the line, and fluctuations were too
narrow for profitable scalping. Oil City unan
imously adopted the new rules for trading in
futures. It is expected that Bradford and New
York will go the same way. There will be
some opposition here, bnt tho plan will bo car
ried. The market opehed at 83, and soon slumped
toS2 It then braced up a little and held
around 82 and 82 nearly all day, with very
little doing. Finally it rallied a fraction, with
a sale or two at 83, Softened and closed at 8
with the chances favoring a further decline to
day. Carrying was flat and freely offered at
that- .
Washington field news was to this effect:
The Robbing well was doing 20 barrels per
hour. The Weinach well was doing 10 barrels
per hour. The Brownlee well was in the Gantz
sand; the production was estimated at 9 bar
rels per hour. The Union Oil Company's
Robert Knox No. 1 well had been drilled
deeper in the sand; it was doing 30 barrels per
hour. Reed's Campbell No. 2 well at Taylors
town was in the sand and showing for a mod
erate well. Kelly's Wolf well, at Tayl -rstown.
naa peen snut aown to move ine oouer.
filling up in the Gordon sand.
It was
Features of the market.
nnpnfiit M ir,mr09t
Highest. 83jclosed &:
Shipments n...
Clearings ,. ..
Kenned, Mew York, 6.85.
Kcfincd. London, Sii.
Kenned, Antwerp. 18J.
New York closed 82M.
Oil City closed SOi,
Bradford closed Kf .
rA. B. McGrew & Co. quote: Puts, 82c to 82KO
calls, 63c
A Good Demand nnd an EnconrnglnsNnm
ber of Sales.
J. R, Cooper it Co., 107 .Fourth avenue, sold
for George S. Martin lot 68, In the Maplewood
Park plan, Wilkinsburg, having a frontage of
40 feet on Maplewood avenue by 120 feet to
Washington lane; also lot 118 In same plan,
with a frontage of 40 feet on Maplewood ave
nue by 141 feet to Fahnestock avenue, to P.
Shultz for 8835.
John F. Baxter, agent, 612 Smtthfield street,
sold lot 29 in Bank of Commerce addition, near
Biushton station, size 40x135 to a 24-foot alley,
situate on the south side of Kelly street, for
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
John H. Rice lot No. 109 In the Walter Hay
plan of Rebecca street lots, near Penn avenue
cable road, lot 20x84 feet, for 8200, on the easy
payment plan. They also placed a mortgage bn
at 0 per cent.
L O. Frazier, corner Forty-fifth and Butler
siieeis, soia ior wiiuam veirea new modern
frame dwelling of five rooms, lot 20x100 feet to
anauey, t'tuateoninenortn side or JjlDerty
avenue, mar Fortieth street. Sixteenth ward,
to Alois Schirra for 82,700 cash.
need xs. uoyie 10., 131 fourth avenue, sold
or the Linden Steel Comnanv. Limited, a lot
Ion Bates street. Fourteenth ward, city, size 25x
.w leet, iui cuuu.
Aiies oc miiey, 101 ourtn avenue, placed a
nortgage on property in Elizabeth township
or tow, tnrce years, at 6 per cent.
v. a. nerron a eons sold lot no. a. in the
. L. Hoffman plan, Edgewood, size 50x120 feet,
Thomas Liggett sold for Martin Prenterto
redValbrecht a lot on Irwin avenue. Second
ard, Allegheny, near North avenue, having a
outage oi. ieeb on arwin avenue, anu luu
et in ueptu io urovers' alley, lor sota 00.
e has a tew more desirable lots in the same
ames W. Drape s Co. sold four lots on Cen-
street and Highland avenue. Allegheny.
ch about 24x150 feet for 82,600. They also
iceo a mortgage or. ruju on a house and lot
McKeesport, at 6 per cent; also a mortgage
31 finfl nn a farm tn P.u.tf. nnnnt-w at A ra
ceihomas McCaffrey yesterday sold for L. W.
nold, to Charles Fuchs, lot 24x100 in Nine
nth ward, on Dearborn street, for 8550.
Other Oil markets.
n. Crrr. May 14. National transit cer-
esll820' closed' 82?ic-
CS JtADroKD, May 11 National transit cer
.jRites opened at S3c; closed, 82c; highest,
nci0we8fi 82Jc
ooc;l -r ,.
. 1 ov ! , . nauonai transit cer
tes opened at 83c; highest, 83c; lowest.
closed, 82c
w York, May 11. Petroleum opened
lyat83c, but after the first sales became
dull and transactions ire -erv lfn-ht. thn
vonfl.. .1.. ,, ..m.1 . . ''.
' ";, let closing uuu at ozc sales, -0,wu bar
Manipulated by the Bears and
lues Chipped Off The Grangers
Make a Fair Showing A Quiet
nnd Heavy Close.
1'oBK, May 14. The stock market was
more active to-day. While firm to
a littlJ
in the forenoon it reacted later in the
d while the final changes are somewhat
day, an
ar the preponderance is on the side of
gures. The buying of the Grangers,
e generally favorable crop news, azain
lower ffl
with th
witn mm ted th 8pecuatjon thj3 morning al-
f h n(th tlle Gransers were the only feature of
the marl
, v ..v.. WU..WH W -UW
hicago, Burlington and Qulncy, and
time in
uk scored a marked advance during the
that stoi
, but lost the greater portion of it
' r-t, -.-.- . . 1 1 .
pi,- Ti)ica,,c1 vJc.ai.uio auu -no -uiciuiici-
' 1 AVO ttlBH.li thn I.M.. m vmJ..mJ
were buy
with sell.
'..-, WUU 1UD 1U-.C1 CklV .iCUlkCt
ng considerable St Paul but the local
ere inclined to sell, and realizations
traders w
were largl.
e and at last turned the tide. The
e not idle, however, and the selling
bears wel
ion sellers' options extepded to several
of stocks
Iks beside Oregon Tranrontinental, in
wever, it was most marked, while the
other 6toc
which, ho1
uu-wcen ine regular way ana xne
itra Yiaa finirvtc, ell.!..!..
sej'e 'ftock there was large trading around
in Inat .1 maninnlritirm caomarl - Vin-n A
3 Pon the cmne t the stocKas its
5 1 rfh!-fFe is unimportant and its extreme
SSrtn. Ttwl. S0T the day was 0DlTK oI Per
flnc'ua"0Ifaul was again the leader in point of
Jr.J.Zj.'T1 the preferred at one time moved
activity anlnt, when the movement in Burling-
?plpe. 4 ,ts he,EIt- Tne fandine schemo
ion. 7" Meet, and the new deal in Eichmoiid
had tms ent0ntaiso made tle preferre st0C
5? .i..iPanT verT Prominent for strength,
? i??L-?M the most important advance of the
and it madil within its best figures.
!S?ir0i.nplosed lssuo of 'new stock weakened
rr-SIFFcand Oregon Short Line, and the
i.?t? Mih has leen dormant for nearly a
iHi-'.M ,'lown materially from its last price.
TnJdVl5rh01'eful feenK opened the mar-
S8.?f,nt flrm' tbls corning, and Atchl
H airtS.,!0 and the other (.rangers be
S? h ?fedc3 or the speculation -mmedi-m
nnnJ.htheywere VU passed by
TlrLOlerre(1' whlch rose i PW cent be
fP nlhe.?.arket was veryquiet and be
forenoon. !.(? in th t-i- A,,.i-- -,-,
yond the stre
entirely devi
id of feature, and toward noon
Union Pacifi
anu -ransconunental showed
nlng, and after 12 o'clock ex-
signs of weak
Decame the role, with a sagging
Chont the list.
treme dnlln
tendency thn
Are animation in the last hour.
There was n
and tbe down
ara .enuency, especially in Bur
lost all except a slight fraction
lington. which'
of its forenoor
o improvement, xne close was
y ana generally at Blight de-
quiet but sea
creases from 0
emng prices. The Eaaioritv of
onally lower, but the onlv im.
r--i. . .. . .
tbe list is tract
portant changi
f were aa advance of 2 percent
1 in Richmond add West PoidS preferred and a
decline of 1 in Oregon Short Line.
Railroad bonds were dull and quiet within
very narrow limits, and showed no feature of
any kind. The sales were SU71,000. The final
changes are generally insignificant either way,
but there were a few marked differences. Bur
lington. Cedar Rapids and Northern consols
rose 2i to 8.1, and St. Paul, Minneapolis and
Duluth 7s SM to 12
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock .Exchange.
Corrected dailrfor The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth ivenue:
lDe. Am. Cotton Oil S5X.
Atch.. aop. u. Ki... 4JH
Canaaun facittc. ..... MS.
Cnad southern 52
Central of Hew jersey. 86
Centraijfaelfle 3iJi
Chesapeake & Ohio
C., Bur.4 Qulncy..... SSX
C, Mil. a, St. Paul.... 68
U, Mil Abt. P., pr....l09K
C, Kockl. ftl 85H
C, St. I,, il'ltu....,
c, st. l. & ruts. pf.. 39
C st. p., sua o...... 35
c, st. p., si. ft o., pr. osk
C. ft .Northwestern.. ..KSJJ
C. ft A orth western, pC ...,
O. V. C&l 70
Col. Coal ft Iron ....
Col. ft Hocking Val
Del.. L. AW., ....,,, .,138'.
Del. ft Hudson. 137X
Denver KloO, ,.,..... ,. ,
Denver ft JtloG., pr... 47W
E.T., Va. ftUa 9S
E.T.,Va.&Ua., HtpITJJ?
K.I.. Va.&Ga. 2dpf. ....
Illinois Central
1-ake Erie ft Western.. ISM
Lake Erie ft West. pr.. ssm
Lake Shore AM. S 103
Louisville ft Nashville. 68
Michigan Central
Mobile Ohio
Mo., H. ftTexas n4
Missouri Pacific 72K
Hew York Central 107M
N. Y.. L. E. ft Vf 28K
N.Y., L E. ft Wi, prcf HUH
.N. y., C. ft St. L 16)4
x. "t., c ft st. l. nr.
N.Y.. O. St.L.2dpf ....
K. Y&N.: 41
to. Y.. O. ft w
Aorfolka Western
Norfolkft Wester.pl
Northern Pacific 23
Aortnern Pacific nrer. 62J4
Ohio ft MlsslssInDl ....
Illjm- Low- inv
est, est Did.
43H 4254 4i4
-"H K Sll
5-2 62 KU
S3 h tm
36 a 33?i
68". 67)1 67Jf
110k 1OTM UO'i
... .... 17
39 59 S3
SCH SoU S3).
108 10SJ 109H
..?. .... H0M
71 71 71
.... i... 23
s 18U
tm uk 4i
IVi 23S. Z5K
aSl. h wi
88H 3d SS
45 441. 41
,. 187
81 tlii Sl'A
31 30 SO.
2a 23 a.
60X 69 MX
n 21 20JS
61). 60 60-K
iiji is" !
te SSH SflJ,
65). 68 M
!i Oregon improvement
urejion iranscon i
Pacific Mall.. .....1 S8M
l'co. Dec. .t Krans..... .. .
I'hlladcl. ft lteadtnir.. UH
Pullman Palace Car
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 25
lUchmond ft W.P.T.pf 81.
St. Paul ft Dulutli 31
bt. P., Minn, ft Man
St. L. ft San Fran 23
St. L. ft ban .'ran pf.. G0
St. L. ft Sanjr.lstpr.. . ..
Texas Pacific 21 H
Union Pacific J 6IJ4
Wabash 1. .
Wabash preferred 28'4
Western Union 86)4
Wheeling ft L. E 68
National Lead Trust.. 22
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney , Stephenson, brokers. No 57
Fourth avenue, llembers New York Stock Ex
change. Bid, Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad , 53 ....
Readlnir Railroad 22'4 22 5-16
liuflalo. Pittsburg and Western 10U 1IM
Licnin vauev ) o.a
Lehigh -Navigation 52 b2H
Northern 1'aclfic zra
Northern Pacific preferred.,
Roiton Stocks.
A.4T. LandGr't7s.l09
Atch. 4 Top. B. R. .. 42
Boston ft Albany.. .214
Boston ft Maine 180
C, B. ftCJ MH
Clnn. San. ft Clove. 24
Eastern R. R 84
Eastern R. B. 6s ....I2&H
Fllntft 1'ereM 25
Fllntftl'ereSI. nfd. 96
Mexican Cen. com.. 13
N. Y. ft New En... . 44b
If. Y. &N. E.7S....127).
Old Colony. 174
Wls.Centrai.com... 17
Calumet ft Hecla....206
Franklin 10
Huron 1
Osceola. 10
rewaoic mewj z
Qulncy 49
Belt Telephone 238
boslonLaiid 61
Tamarack 109
San Diego :X
Business Notes.
The McKeesport Council Monday night
ordered about $50,000 worth of street improve
ments. The Westinghouse Electric Company yes
terday declared its usual dividend of l)per
cent out of the earnings of the best three
months' business the corporation has ever had.
The election for directors of the Allegheny
Gas Company was held on Monday with the
following result: James McCutcheon, Presi
dent; L. Mcintosh, H. M. Boyle, Addison Lysle,
John PorterSeld, Robert Young, Wm. Walker,
Herbert Du Puy and James Graham.
Jornr M. Oaklet & Co., with their usual
enterprise, have opened an office in the Rialto
building, Chicago, and one of the partners will
in person execute orders on the Chicago Board
of Trade. Mr. M. R. Jacobs, the new member
of the firm, is favorably known in this city and
in Brownsville, Pa.
The following charters were issued from the
State Department at Harrisburg yesterday;
Progressive Perpetual Building and Loan As
sociation, of Washington, Pa., capital, 81.00U,
000: Pittsburg Electric Company, of Pittsburg,
capital, 10,000; the Rural Water Company, of
Pittsburg, capital. !500;tbe Donegal and Connoy
Mutual Fire Insurance Company, of Marietta;
the Valley Water Company, of Pittsburg, cap
ital, -00.
Metal Markets. a
New York Copper weak; lake, May, $13 00.
.Lead dull and steady; domestic, S3 87. Tin
firm and quiet; Straits, sis 80.
Whisky Market.
There is a continued good demand for finished
goods at fl 02.
Circular Letters of Credit for Travelers
Good in all parts of the world.
Chartlers Creamery Co.
Warehouse and General 0Hce3,
Telephone 1428,
Factories throughout Western
For prices see market quotations.
Wholesale exclusively.
.Bmiast Cocoa
Is absolutely pure and
it is soluble,
No Chemicals
are and In its prepar-tion. It hu
non am (Atm timn Ot ttrmgth ol
Cows mixed wit-t Stsrch, Arrowroot
or Saar, tnd it therefore iu mora
I economical, ttina leu tSeoi on ctni
a np. It U dtladotn, no-rit-lng,
I itretelng, IXT DlO-STOD,
-pdmlnblj --opted ibrlnnlldt
I u wdl u forpcnoni in health.
Sold bv Grocers eYerywhew.
Batter Tumbling Potatoes and Ap
ples a Shade Firmer.
Oats StrongCorn Weakening Wheat and
Plonr Still asj.
OrncK op PrrTSBtmo DrsPATCs,!
Tuesdat. MayH18S9. J
Conntry Produce Jobhlng Prices.
Britter stops not on it downward drift. The
hest creamery is expected to fall belo 20c be
fore the week is ont. Tomatoes from the golf
are coming in freely and are tending down
ward. Eggs are scarcely as flrm as they were
last week. A leading jobber reports 16c as tho
ontside price. Others pot their figures one-half
cent above this. Strawberries are in good sup
ply and demand. All old cheese is about done.
Markets for new cheese bare been better in
New York than here the past week. At the
metropolis there was an advance of one-half
cent last week and one-quarter cent this, but
here prices have kept on their old way without
change. Potatoes and apples are a shade
firmer, and are moving out f reel.
BnTTEn Creamery, Elgin, 2021c; Ohio do,
1920c: fresh dairy packed. 1817c; country
rolls, 1314c; Chartlers Creamery Co., 20v
Beans $1 75i 00.
ESWx-BtS3UC ft 3--orcnoice;iowgTa-e,
L'ider Sand refined. SS S0S)7 50: common.
S3 5U. 00; crab cider, S8 00&8 80 jfl barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c p gallon.
Cheese New Ohio cheese, 9K10c; New
York, fall make, 12lc; Umburger, 010c;
domestic Sweitzer cheese, 9K12Kc;
Dried Peas 51 2301 35 $ bushel; split do,
ZyMiMa 53 ft.
Boos 1615Jo p dozen for strictly fresh;
goose eggs, 30c jfl dozen.
Fbotts Apples, $2 503 00 ?1 barrel; evap
orated raspberries. 25c ty ft; cranberries, $i5
ffl barrel,60c!l 00 p bushel; strawberries, S3 00
3 SO a crate; pine apples, $1 752 25 9) dozen.
FEATHEfts Extra live Eeese, 5060c; No. 1
do. 1045c; mixed lots, 3035c fl A.
Honey New crop, lijjl7c; buckwheat, 13
Honnnr 52 632 75 fl barrel.
Potatoes 035c bushel; Bermuda pota
toes, SS 509 00 fl barrel; new Southern pota
toes. So 005 60 V barrel.
POU1.TBV Live chickens, 75gE0o per pair;
undrawn chickens, 10012c ?l a; drawn, 14
15c $1 ft: turkeys, 1820c dressed f ft; ducks,
live, 6070c fl pair; dressed, 13llc ?l : geese,
live. 81 001 25 fl pair.
Beeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, $5 CO
f) bushel; clover, large English. 2 Bs, $6 00:
clover, Aliske, 88 50; clover, white, $9 00; tim
othy, choice, 45 fts, 1 65; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 fts, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 ft, SI 00:
orchard grass, 14 fts, ?165; red top, 14 fts, $1 25;
millet, 0 &), 81 00; German millet, GO fts,
81 GO; Hungarian grass. 60 fts, 81 00; lawn
grass mixture of fine grasses, 82 60 ft bushel of
Tallo-w Country, 45c; city rendered,
Tbopical Fnurrs Lemons, fancy,. 85 00(5)
5 GO ft box; Messina oranges, 84 605 GO ft
box; Valencia oranges, fancy, $7 509 00 fl
case: bananas, 82 0, firsts: 81 0, good seconds,
fl bunch: cocoanuts, 84 004 GO fl hundred;
new figs, 89o fl pound; dates, 66).c fl
Vegetables Radishes, 2540c f) dozen;
marrowfat peas, S3 00 fl crate; new cabbage,
two-barrel crates, 83 00: onions, 81 0Ol 25 $
barrel: string beans, 82 CO; tomatoes, 82 OOgS 00
fl bushel.
Sugars are firmer in the East Last week
speculators managed to bear markets for a few
days. But having no substantial basis on which
to work, the tide again turns upward. Coffee
is firm. An active movement of general gro
ceries is reported by wholesalers, with no
change in prices.
Gkeen Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223c; choice
Rio, 2021c! prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 1819c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracaibo, 2223c:
Mocha, S0K31c; Santos, 19c; Caracas
coffee, wiiWSc; peaherry, Rio, 21023c; Ja
guayra, 2122c '
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 24cj
high crades, 262Sc; old Government Java,
bulk, 3233c; Maracaioo,7J.23c; Santos
224c; peaberry, 27c; peaberry Santos, 224cj
choice Rior-5c: prime Rio, 23c; good Rio,
22c; ordinary, 21J.C
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c; allspice, 9c;
cassia. 89c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg, 70S0c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) llu test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8c; headlight, 150. 8c; water
white, 10$c; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; caraadine,
llKc; rovaline, 14c
STB-TS Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, 333So:primo sugar syrup, 8033c:strict
lyprlme. 3335tf; new maple syrup, 80a
N. V. Mol 4SSES Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c; mixed, 40012c
Soda Bl-carb in kegs. SKSHc: hl-carb In Ms.
5c; bl-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal-
soda in kegs. 13c: do eranulated. 2c
1 Htar. inn weight, ac; stearine, per
set, 8Xc: parafflne. 11012c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77J.e; choice, 6Jiffl
7c; prime, 6J61c: Louisiana, 66Kc.
STAECH-fearl, Sc; cornstarch, 67c; gloss
starch. GKS7c.
Fokeiqn Fbtjits Layer raisins, 82 65; Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers,
82 60; Muscatels, 82 '25; California Muscatels,
81 85; Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia,
718c; sultana, 8Xc; currants, new, 4K5c;
Turkey prunes, new, 4J5c: French prunes,
8X13c; balonica prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8c:
cocoanuts, per 100, 80 00; almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12016c; Sicily filberts, 12o: Smyrna figs, 12).
G-tfc; new dates, 53-gtic; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans, 11015c; citron, per ft, 21022c; lemon
peel, per ft. 13l4c; orange peel, 12c.
DniED Fuxirrs Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c:
apples, evaporated, 66c; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 15lac; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 223c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, tutted, 2122c;
Cherries, unpitted, 66c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424)c; blackberries, 7JSc; huckle
berries, 1012c
Sdoabs Cubes, 8?9c; powdered. 9
9Kc; granulated,9c; coufectloners' A.
DMUUUU Xk, u-., O-.fc niik-i?, 07.
choice, 7SHc: yellow, good,7Jj
stanoaru a. ec; son wanes.
wic: yeuow,
lair, vc: yeuow, uarK, .54c
Pickles Medium, bbls, (1,200), 84 GO; inedi
nms, half bbls. (600), 22 75.
Salt-No. lfl bbl. 95c; No. 1 ex, fl bbl,rsl,05;
dairy, f) bbl, 81 20; coarse crystal, fl bbl, 81 20;
Hmgin s Eureka, 4 bu sacks. 82 SO; Hlggin's
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets, 83 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches 81 SO
1 90; 2ds, 81 301 35: extra peaches. Si &01 90:
Bio peaches, 00c; finest com, 811 GO: Hfd.
o. corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90cSl 00; Lima
bean', 81 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do. 75
85c; marrowfat peas. 81 101 15; soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, 81 401 GO; Bahama do,
82 75; damson plums. 95c; greengages. SI 25;
egg plums, 82 00; California pears. 82 GO; do
greengages, S2 00; do egg plnms, 82 00; extra
white cherries, 82 90; red cherries, 2 fts, 90c;
raspberries, 81 401 GO; strawberries, 81 10;
gooseberries, 81 201 30: tomatoes, E2H92c;
salmon, 1-&, 81 752 10; blackberries, 80c; suc
cotash, 2-ft cans, soaked, 99c: do green, 2 fts,
81 ?51 GO; corn beef, 2-ft cans. 81 75; 14-B cans,
813 GO: baked beans, SI 401 45; lobster, 1 ft.
Si 751 80; mackerel, 1-S cans, broiled, 81 GO;
sardines, domestic, Us, 84 151 GO; sardines,
domestic, Ks 88 258o0; sardines, imported,
is, 8U 504512 GO; sardines, imported, s,
818 CO: sardines, mustard, 84 00; sardines,
spiced, 84 25.
FisH-ExtraNo.1 bloater mackerel, S36 fl
bbl.; exta Ko. 1 do, mess, 840; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
836; No. 2 shore mackerel, 821. Codfish Whole
Sollock, 4.c ft ft ; do medium, George's cod,
c; do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67c. Herring
Round shore, 85 00 fl bbl; spin. 87 00; lake,
82 50 ?! 100-ft. half bbl. White fish. 87 00 fl 100-
ft. half bbl. Lake trout, So 60 ft half hbl.
Finnan haddock, 10c fl ft. Iceland halibnt, 13a
a -ft. Pickerel. M barrel. 82 00: i barrel. SI 10:
Potomac herring, 85 00 fl barrel, 82 50 fl J
Buckwheat Flotjh-223c f) ft.
OATMEAL-J8 306 60 fl bbl.
1 Mihees' 0r No. 1 winter strained,
If) gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 42 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne
and Chicago, 1 car of 0. corn, 2 of oats, 6 of hay,
1 of middlings, 3 of flour. By Pittsburg, Cin
cinnati and St. Louis, 3 cars of oats, 15 ofcom,
3 of hay, 1 of millfeed, 2 of bran. By Pittsburg
and Lake Erie, 3 cars ot, wheat. By Baltimore
and Ohio, 1 car of straw. By Pittsburg and
Western, I car of hay. Bales on call, 1 car ex
tra 3 oats, Zlic, S days, regular; 1 car No. 3
timothy hay, 81L 6 days; 1 car No. 2 white oats.
3214c, month; 1 car No. 2 white oats, 32c, after
25th of May, Oats ard .tro$, Liberal receipts
of corn have had a weakening Irtfluence on mar
kets. The dry, hot weather ot last week fur
nished an opportunity to wheat bulls which
tbey failed not to use. Late rains have brought
bears to the front, and prices are drifting back
to the old level. The opportunities for bulls all
tbe past season have been short-lived. There
is no resisting the facts that tbe last crop was
more than sufficient for tbe consumers' needs,
and that the coming one is unusually promls-
DWHKAX'-Jobbing prices No. 2 red, B-gW5c '
No.3red,8588c. .-,.,
Cobit-No. 2 yellow ear, fiJci high mixed
ear, 40llc; No, 1 yellow, shelled, 414Sc; No. 3
yellow, shell-d, 40041c: hteh mixed, shelled.
304Uc; mixed, shelled, 38030c.
OatsNo. 2 white, S333Xc: 'ra. No, 3,
3132c; No. 8 white, 3o231c; No. 2 mixed, 27
' Rye No. 1 Western, 70073c: No. 2. -5S6c
Bahlet No.1 Canada, 9.598c; No. 2 Can
ada. 8&8S8c: No. 3 Canada, 70a72c; Lake Shore,
Flotb Jobbing prices, winter patents,
85 505 73: spring patents, $5 00fi8 00: winter
straight, S4 753)5 U0; clear winter, 84 604 7o;
straicbt XXXX bakers', 81 004 25. Bye flour,
S3 503 73.
Millfeed Middllnes, fine white, 815 00
16 00 fl ton; brown middlings. 811 GO12 CO;
winter wheat bran, 813 0013 GOr chop feed,
815 0018 CO.
HAY-Baled timothy, choice, Sll 60015 00;
No.l do, 813 2513 50; No. 2 do, SU 0012 60;
loose from wagon. S16 0018 CO: No. 1 npland
Sralric S10 0010 50; No. , 83 008 0; pickins
0, 85 606 5a
Stbaw Oats, 88 0003 25; wheat and rye
Straw, 87 007 603 00.
Sugar-cured hams, large, 10c; sugarured
hams, medium, lie; sugar-cured bams, small,
lttc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10Jc; sugar
cured shoulders, 8c; sugar-cured boneless
shoulders; 9c: sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats. 8Xc; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 9c; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. U.c:bacon shoulders, TJic; bacon
clear sides, 8c: bacon clear bellies, 8c; dry
salt shoulders, 6Jc: dry salt clear sides. TKc
Mess pork, heavy. 814 CO; mess pork, family.
814 SO. Lard Refined in tierces. 7c: half
barrels, TVe; 60-ft tubs, 7c: 20 ft pails, 1c; 50-
tin cans, 7jc; 8-ft tin pails, 8Jc; 5-ft tin pails,
75fe: 10-ft tin palls, 7ie. Smoked sausage, long.
6c; large, 6c Fresh pork links. 9c Pigs feet,
half barrel, 84 0C; quarter barrel, 81 90.
Sressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses. 450 to 550 lbs,
6Kc;650to630Bs, 6c;G50to750ft3, 6Kc Sheep,
8c ft ft. Lambs, 9o fl ft. Hogs, 634c Fresh
pork loins. 9c
JOHN M , 0 A K L E Y fi C G
Stocks, Bonds. Grain
45 SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
M.R. Jacobs, late of BrownsTille, has been
admitted as partner to our flrm from March L
Mr. Jacobs will have charge of our Chicago
office and be onthe floor, of the Board of
Trade. yl5-43-HW-'
Transact a General BanMng Bnaness.
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer
cial Credits,
Available In all pat ts of the world. Also issue
For use in this country, Canada, Mexico, West
Indies, South and Central America.
MR. GEORGE LAMBERT, who lives on
Jones avenue, this city, near Twenty-seventh
street, has been cured of a very bad case of
catarrh nythe physicians of the Folypathio
Medical Institute, Ko. 420 Penn avenue. When
be applied for treatment he complained of
much soreness in his lungs,shortness of breath,
a choked up feeling in his throat, with much
dryness; the catarrhal secretion that he raised
from his throat and lungs was very tough and
tenacious; his eyes were weak and troubled
him very much about reading or seeing ob-
iects distinctly. The disease also extended to
lis stomach, so that he had great pain after
eating. On account of his food souring on
his stomach he had much belching of gas, and
was so bloated that his heart would frequently
palpitate, and gave him so much pain that he
thought he had heart disease. After becoming
cured, as above stated, he says:
"I am very glad to give my testimonial, and
Shall alway- speak in praise of the doctors to
my many friends for curing me of this dread
ful disease, and I cheerfully recommend all
others suffering from chronic diseases to call
on these specialists, who will frankly tell you
what they can do for you.
"Gbobqb Lahbebt."
The diseases treated successfullv at thn
-NST-TUT-S, 4-U Penn avenue, are catarrh,
diseases of the stomach aud all forms of skin
and blood diseases, and they especially Invite
those whose diseases have failed to improve
under the general practitioner's treatment to
call and examine their system of treatment
and cure, which have been the result of years
of careful study and investigation. Office
hours, 10 to 11:30 A- St.. 1 to 4 and 6 to 8 P. It.
Sundays, 1 to 4 p. sc Consultation free.
Mrs. Dr. Crossley, one of the Consulting Physi
cians at the Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute, 323
Penn Avenue.
15 DOCTORS fa.tt.-f:t
To cure Mrs. Thomas Hatton, and she suffered
on for 13 years. Tbe aches and pains which
she experienced in almost every part of her
body was simply terrible. Those sharp, cutting
pains across the small of ber hack and loner
part of her body was almost unbearable. In
fact she suffered with all those diseases and
conditions peculiar to women.. For three
months her mind was unbalanced, and 'for
months she was.confined to her bed. She be
came very weak and emaciated, so that she
only weighed 98 pounds. No one expected her
to live, much less get entirely cured. After
receiving three months' treatment with tbe
physicians 01 tne uatarrn anu Dyspepsia insti
tute. 323 Penn avenue, who make aspeaalty of
her disease, she says:
"I never want any one to suffer as I have for
the past 13 years. The condition of my case
was much worse than has been described, and
I am only too glad to testify to my complete
cure by the doctors of the Catarrh and Dys
pepsia Institute.
"VfRS Tnnw AStTTATTnxr r-.--, t- n
Please remember that tbe physicians of the
Catarrh and Dyspepsia Institute never display
their patient's portraits in the papers. Neither
do they publish any testimonial, except with
the full consent or wish of the natient.
Fnrtbermore, their testimonials arenotfromj
-uuie ia. uu piaco wnere no buci? parties reside,
hat from your own county and your own
city, with the full name and address
given, thus proving their genuineness. The
Catrrrh and Dyspepsia Institute Is thoroughly
established in Pittsburg, and thousands of
patients gladly testify to cures they have re
ceived. , The treatment used does not consist
of the so-called magnetic, or superhuman
agencies, but medicines made- from roots
and herbs, nnd compounded to suit
the requirements of each individual
case, thus removing not only the disease,
but the causo ot the disease as well.
Ninety-five out of every hundred of the. pati
ents treated at this Institute are those suffer
ing from Catarrh, which is the certain fore
rnnnero. consumption. The testimonials pub
lished speak for themselves. They treat suc
cessfully Catarrh. Rheumatism, Dyspepsia,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Blood, Kidney and Female
OlBco hours. Ii A. K. to i p. jr., and 6 to 8 P.
IT. Sundays, 12 to 1 P. K. Consultation free
to all. mvll-D
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of L06O and upward. Applvat --.
mhWi-B, No.lMFoarthavew.
A Scaly, Itching Skin Disease Wiih Endlws
Suffering Carad by Cuti-
eDra Remedies,
If I had known of the C-TiCUKA BncEDrsa
28 years ago it would have saved me S2CO (two
hundred dollars) and an immense amount or
suffering. My disease. (Psoriasis; commenced .
on my bead in a spot not larger than a cent, It
spread rapidly all over my body and got under
my nails. The scales would drop oil of me all
the time, and mv suffering was endless and
without relief. One thousand dollars would
not tempt me to have this disease over again.
I am a poor man, but feel rich to be relieved of
what same of the doctors said was leprosy,
some ringworm, psoriasis, etc. I took . . -and
... Sarsaparlllas over one year and x
half, but no cure. I went to two or three doc
tors and no cure. I cannot praise the CCTT
ctTRA REJrEDlE3 too much. Tbey have made)
my skin as clear and free from scales as a
baby's. All I used ot them was three boxes of
Cutictba. and three bottles of Cuticuiu.
Resolvent and two cakes of Cuticcba.
Soap- If you had been here and. said yon
would have cured me for 8200 you wonld hare
bad tbe money- I looked like the picture in
your book of Psoriasis (oleture number two
"How to Cure Skin D'seases"), but now I am
as clear as any person ever was. Through forca
of habit I rnb my hands over my arms and legs
to scratch once in a while, but to no purpose.
I am all well. I Scratched 23 years, and it got
to be a kind of second nature to me. I thank
you a thousand times. Anything more that
yon want to know write me, or any one who
reads this may write to me and I will answer it,
WATEnKOBT, Vt., January 20, 1887.
Psoriasis, Eczema, Tetter.Rlngworm.Uchea,
Pruritus, Scall Head. Milk Crust, Dandruff,
Barbers', Bakers' Grocers' and Washerwoman's
Itch, and every species of Itching, Barning,
Scaly, Pimply Humors of tho Skin and Scalp
and Blood, with Loss of Hair, are positively
cured by CtmcruBA, the great BkiD Cure, ana
Cuticuka SOAP, an exquisite Skin Beautifler,
externally, and Cutictjea RzsoJ-VZ-rr, the
new Blood Purifier, internally, when physi
cians and all other remedies fall.
Sold everywhere. Pride: Crmctnu. 60 cents;
Soap, 25 cents: Resolveut; 81. Prepared by
the Potter Dbto Afi Chemicai. Coepoka
T10, Boston, Mass.
8S"Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases,"
04 pages, du illustrations, ana iuu testimonial-.
DIMPLKH, black-beads, chapped and oily
rim skin prevented by Cotictba Mbi-
Free from Rheumatism 'j
In oneminnte the CutlcoraAntl-
Paln Firmer relieves Rheumatic,
sciatic, hip, kidney, chest and
muscular pains and weaknesses.
The nrst and only pain-killing Plaster. W3
Cor. "wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekia
For largest assortment and lowest prices oU i
ana see us.
This Is now conceded to tie the best lnt
market, as witnessed by theMactthat
lust secured the DIPLOMA. FOR E
LENCE at the Pure Food Exposition, now t
ing held in Philadelphia. v
..- UX iUAilurAUlUIUj,
And with the bright appetiziifg Juror (eel
ly roasted beef. t
Eli-515 Hamilton Building;
mylO-TO-D Pittsburg; Fa, ' t
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drexsl,'
Morgan &. Co, New York. Passports procured,)
As old residents know and back flies of Pitts
most prominent physician In tbe city, devoting
speci&i a.ten u on io an enronic diseases, jj ronx i J,
MCDni IO and mental diseases, physical
liTnVUUodecay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, elf-dlstrust,bashfnlness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, falling powers, organic weak- -ness,
dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, no t 1
fitting the person for business, society and mar- i
nage, permanently, safely and privately cured..??
blotches, falling balr, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongne, month, throat. 1
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood Xj
poisons thoroughly eradicated from thesystem. 1
IIkIIMAkV Juaneyana oiaauer derange
U 11 1 linn I ) ments, weak back, gravel, ca-.
tarrnai -aiscnarges, isnammauon ana otner .
painiui symptoms receive searcmng treatment
prompt relief and real ces. J
Dr. whittier's life-loner, extensive experiences
insures scientific and reliable treatment oal
common-senso principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as lfl
liant --4TtA- Vah Q r O T C-t7trw-l
10 A. M. to 1 P. St. only. " DR. WHITTIER, 81. j
Penn avenue, nttsourg, ra. apiKj--Dsuwc
rii-ouu-tu, --,
All forms of Delicate and Com-i
plicated Diseases requiring Cosr-I
Medication are treated at this Dispensary wlthl
a success rarely attained. Dr. S. K. Lake is al
member of the Royal College of Physicians!
and Surgeons, and is the oldest and most expe
rienced Specialist in the city. Special Atten
tion givenio Nervous Debility from excessive
mental exertion, indiscretions of voutb. eta.
causing physical and mental decay, lack o. j
energy, despondency, etc.: aiso lancers, uias
Sores. Fits, Piles. Rheumatism, andall diseases s
of the Skin, Blood- Lungs, Urinary Organs,!
etc Consultation, free and strictly conden-
tiaL Office hours 9 to 1 and 7 to 8p.r.:8-J
days. 2 to i P. M. only. Call at office or aauressi
a K. Lac,M. D'M. R. a P.S..orE.J
iiAEE, m. u.
nervous debility;
lost vigor,
loss of memory. .
-"nit particulars In pamphlet
sent free. The genuine Gray's
Specific sold by dnijr!sU only In.
yellow wrapper. Priee, fl per
pacKaze, or six for 5, or by mall
on recelnt of price, bv addres.
ng THE OKAY MELUULNE t'O., Buffalo, H,Y
Sold In I'lttsbnr? by 8. 3. HULLA- L, corner
Emltbfield and Liberty sts. pl-S3-
CHICHSTt.K'b tuCiLlbrf
. rxx 3 -2-- KAi'-El K4H. A .
En c::3 si'd sura.
nrhIfi.M -a.Va-Mh.tm
m vuwvtw f &ja wi tMBt 41 VV Vt M ll
Ak for CUtiattft InjUii
IxkUrlfl fw1 - -
-k - 'war gbW
l. v:'i"i'iLiuiuiairinii un rac
a-i' 1 . :-- .T
WI jrk TS l twin a nMnMi., . Xrafv
W BO Ather Ak (ills la taste-
--r' 7y rttora m-U. 10,st
ati 1l I RWlCC j k-ata nu K Vaa D. .
iilMUiianMVUd "ii wct MIVIU . BUM frr jw
UB-ii.-Wf3UWM- J
mi mmmmsMam " "i