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:m aiA i & ur liULUJC.
X -
'Bradstreet's Beports Show Improve
ment Onlv at a Few roints.
Prospects Are Considered Excellent,
but the Great
fi. Pun Col Anticipate "Hat Ue Ontpnt Will b
Greatly Seduced.
Beports to Bradstreet's show a gain in
trade at some points, but it is by no means
general. On the whole the situation is not
encouraging. The Centennial celebration
did not help things at New York. Accord
ing to B. G. Dun & Go. iron is on the de
cline. A reduced output is predicted.
New Yoke, May 10. Special telegrams
to Br-ad&reeVt from leading trade centers in
dicate an improvement in general trade at
Cincinnati, Chicago, St Louis and Kansas
City. At no other point reporting has
there been any widespread gain in the
movement of staples. Advices from Phila
delphia, Boston and Baltimore might easily
be construed as disappointing, while at
New York general trade is more
active in liquors (jobbing), naval
stores, fruits, coal and seed. The Centennial
week was disappointing to hotel and res
taurant keepers, dry goods, fruit and other
wholesale dealers. Country produce and
' " naval stores prices tend lower. Bain is
much needed in Louisiana, Ohio and Ken-tuekr.
Becent rains, followed by warm weather,
" in Minnesota and California have improved
crop prospects. Kentucky leaf tobacco is
, stronger from the effects of drouth.
Stock speculation at New York is
. flat and dull. The reconstruction of
the Atchison management fails to counter
act the unfavorable effect of the annual re
port and poor showings of current earnings.
Good crop prospects aid in keeping up an
underlying bullish sentiment notwithstand
ine drouth in Central Western .States.
Bonds are strong with a heavy investment
demand. Money at New York is easy.
Cable loans 22 per cent. Foreign -exchange
is firm and quiet. Demand sterling
54 894 89
The cnt of $1 SO for Nos. 1 and 2 Lehigh
pig iron brings prices down to $16 50 and
S15 50 respectively, the lowest recorded.
This is the second effort to check Southern
competition in theDast by reducing prices,
the same company having dropped
quotations from $20 to $18 in December,
1884, lor a like reason. The outlook
is for a reduced output of anthracite iron
and better trade. Bar iron has only a mod
erate demand. Steel rails are still demoral
ized, 525, "or less," having been reported
accepted this week. This, if true, makes
the lowest price on record for steel rails in
this country.
Anthracite coal is said to have improved
since the 1st inst. The demand at the re
duced rates is undoubtedly a little more ac
tive with greatly reduced output during
There lias been a reaction in the bread
stuffs, and prices have advanced 2 cents on
.. oswheat; 5 and 10 cents per barrel on
flour, 2 cents for Indian corn, and 1 and ljf
cents for oats. There has been an increasing
activity in wheat amone the millers and
shippers. The dry and hot weather "West,
unpromising crop reports, stronger cables,
and a more active export movement com-
p binfng to affect wheat prices. Exports ag
f,egaflns. 250,000 bushels are expected this
week and next; w"
' There is a freer home and foreign demand
for corn, and oats are active -"and higher
?' in the "West. Total exports of Wheat and
flour, both coasts, this week equal 1,273.000
bushels of wheat, against 893,000 bushels
last week and 1,455,000 bushels the second
week of May, 1888.
New York drygoods jobbers report a quiet
trade. The volume of Centennial trade
proved disappointing in oil leading lines.
At Boston there is only a moderate activity.
Prices are generally firm and unchanged.
Leading mates oi siapiesaaa cowons tena i
higher. Woolen goods sell slowly. Manu-
.. V . r -: . ..-. j ..(-j-
lacturers Ol ca&siuicrea uuu wuuicua are
well supplied with orders, "Wool is un
changed. Wool growers and dealers are wide apart
-for the new clip, as better prices are de
manded than were obtained last year. The
London sales prices have advanced i penny
to 1 penny a pound all around. Baw cotton is
- 3-16 cents lower on weaker foreign advices.
Eaw sugar has been very dull, owing
to lack ot demand by refiners,
"though holders have generally
been reserved. The result was a decline of
an eighth of a cent. Holders at primary
markets continue of confident temper. Be-
,' fined being limited sale was reduced in
price an eighth to a quarter of a cent. An
early revival in demand is expected. At
2few Orleans and San Francisco sugar prices
""" have receded in sympathy with New York
' and London.
Accumulated European stocks of coffee
induced bearish cables, which affected spec-
ulf tive dealings in that staple here, and
"" prices reacted 4 cents. Brazilian advices of
. free export sales and a weakening tendency
by holders there aided this movement.
Other varieties of coffee have been firmer at
JSew lorK, witn a gooa aemana.
Business failures reported to Bradttreeft
number 174 in the United States this week,
acainst 151 last weec and 177 tnls west last
" yenr. uanaaa naa -"a tnis weeK, against J
it- last week. The total of failures in tbe
"United States, January 1 to date, is 4,570,
r agauisl , vua la xooo.
R. G. Dun fc Co. Do Not See a Terr En
conraclnc Prospect Abend.
' 2f e-w Yoke, May 10. B. G. Dun & Co.'f
- weekly review of trade says:
It Is the most prominent characteristic of the
present situation throughout the country that
the usual consistency of commercial action is
lacking: transactions and results for some
branches of business are highly satisfactory,
: nndTor others much the reverse. Many Iron
works are closinc for example, but many are
doing remarkably well; manv woolen mills are
idle, but others are at work full time with fair
profits. The approaching transition from one
rroD vear to another, the recent chance in ad-
t ministration, the changes In the inter-State
X - "law and the rapid development of manufact
urcs atthe South are producing effects which
t i cannotryet be fully measured.
Vjjron production has begun to decline, the
. Wontput weekly of anthracite and bituminous
" 3"Majrlemg only 133,714 tons, a decrease of
432Z tons weekly since April L Unt thean-
" Securus JUDICAT
' Apollinaris
"Tie annual amsvmptum of this fa
vcurite beverage, -which, it is stated, now
i exceeds twelve mtuion eotues, affords a
striking proof of the mdespreaadetnand
so&uA exists for table water of absolute
' .' purity, and it is satisfactory to know that
J wherever one travels, in either hemisphere,
; it is to Be net mith; it is ubiquitous, and
H i should now he known as the cosmopolitan
table water 'Quod ab omnibus, quod
vbique.'" British medical jouunal,
fc Wfr 5,
tOf all Grocert, DnuKUts, and Mineral
nounccment by the Thomas Iron Company
that It will supply No. 1 foundry at
SIS 50 at tidewater and Gray Forge
at S15, or lower If necessary, to meet
Southern competition, is expected to acceler
ate the reduction of output. The largest Vir
ginia concern has reduced Its price to J15 50,
and Alabamalron had previously been selling
hete at 116. Prices are lower at Pittsburg also,
but there is a better fooling in finished bar
iron trade at Philadelphia, and the- demand for
plate, pipe, sheet and structural iron continues
satisfactory. The coal market is still un
settled. The grocery trade has been active. In sugar
the demand is confined to actual needs. In spite
of some speculative advances, the general
average of prices foe commodities is a little
lower than it was Mav 2. The stock market
ends at exactly the average of a week ago, tho
default in the St Louis and Kansas being the
more prominent cause of recent weakness.
But the large exports of gold whichbepana
week aco, and the absorption of $1,000,000 by
the Treasury since Mar S, also havesome ef
leot. A sharp demand for money at Cleveland
causes a slight stringency. The outlook in the
Northwest & regarded much more confidently
since the recent rains. Everywhere the crop
prospects are encouraging, with the season
more advanced than usual, and the acreage in
wheat considerably increased.
The business failures number 227, as com
pared with 214 last week and 213 the week pre
vious. For the corresponding week of last
year the figur.es were 209.
Peaks' Soap secures a beautiful complexion.
EMMA NEVADA o'ocratie life and of
fer! valuable ruggettions to young American
singers m lo-morrour j .uiarATvu. -
Man-Inge Licenses Granted Yesterday.
Kame. Keildenca.
Joseph Bilker , Shaler township
J ilirla LtsenEVl MlUralo borough
(Valentine lilcna. McKeeaport
KmmlsLa JUarchewlg.. ....ilcKcesport
IGeorse Llstner., Allegheny
i Anna Stadler.. l'lttsburg
( 'William Keesy . Pittsburg
Katie .Nagel Wllklnsburg
( Adam Koacntcruz Allegheny
(Margaretha Wagner Allegheny
ALPEBT On Thursday, May Si 18S9, at 7J5
P. M Annie a. wife of F. Alpert, aged 75
years 5 months 9 days.
'Funeral from her late residence. No. S702
Penn avenue, on Sundat afternoon at 130
o'clock. Requiem high mass at St. Augus
tine's Church on Satubdat at 9 o'clock.
Friends of the family are respectfully -invited
to attend. 3
BARKER On May B, at the residence of her
son, David Barker, Canton, O., Eliza Bar
ker, widow of Thomas Barker, deceased, aged
82 years. Funeral May 12 at 2.30 P. v.
CREESE Suddenly, at the residence of his
son, Leetsdale, Pa., Wednesday. May 8, at 10
o clock p. M.. Phillip Creese, of Beaver -Falls,
Pa in the 74th year of bis ace.
Funeral services will be held at residence of
James Creese, Leetsdale, Pa., Sunday, May
12, at 12.30 P. St. Interment at ML Union
Akron, 0 papers please copy. I
CONROY On Thursday afternoon at 4
o'clock, at the residence of his parents, West
Carson street. Thirty-fourth ward, Southside,
Michael J. Coseot, In the 29th year of his
Fnneral on Sunday aftehnoon at 2
o'clock. Interment at Broadhead cemetery.
DEVENEY On Friday, May 10, 1889. at 730
p. it., Edward Devenet. aged 63 years.
Funeral from his late residence, 5162 Carnegie
avenue, on Monday, May IS, 18S9, at 830 A. M.
Friends of the family are respectfully Invited
to attend. 3
DAVIS On Thursday, May 9, lSS9,at 6 A. St,
David Davis, aced 53 years.
Funeral from his late residence, 910 Sec
ond "avenue, near Copper Works, on Satur
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends of the
family are respectfully invited to attend. 2
LANDRAGAN May 10, 1SS9, at 610 P. M.,
Mrs. Catharine LANdraoan, aged 75 years.
Fnneral will take place from the residence of
her brother, Edward Dnnlay, No. 9 Peach alley,
on Monday, May 13, at 8.30 a. m. Friends of
the family are respectfully inrited to attend.
MURDOCH On Thursday, May 9, 18S9, at
10 15 a. sl, Clara Bertha Murdoch, young
est daughter of James and Kate Murdoch, aged
16 months and 3 days.
The fnneral will take place from the resi
dence of the parents, 46 Cliff street, on Satub
latv May II, at 2 30 p. si. The friends of the
family are respectfully invited -to attend. 2
Brooklyn, N. Y., papers please copy.l
O'BRIEN-On Friday, May 10, 1SS9, at 4
o'clock a. su Mrs. Ann O'Brien.
Funeral from her late residence, rear of No.
150 Colwell street, on Sunday, the 12th inst,
at 2 o'clock P. M. Services at St. Paul's
Cathedral at 230 P. n. Friends of the family
are respectfully invited to attend. 2
PATTERSON At Los Anceles. Cat, March
SO, Frank, only son of Alex, and the late
Elizabeth Patterson, agea 19 years.
Fnneral service at the family residence,
Mansfield, Saturday evening. May 11, at
130 o'clock. Private interment Monday mom
ins at 10 o'clock.
PATTERSON-At Bankin, Pa.. Thursday
morning at 430 o'clock, Jennie, wife of Robert
Patterson, aged 49 years.
Services at her late resi
Services at her late residence, Bankin station.
on FRIDAY -EVKKEfa at 7.30 o'clock. Fnneral
on Saturday trom Union depot on arrival of
11 o'clock train. Interment at Perrysville. 2
PARKER On Friday, May 10, 1SE9, at 2-15 A.
M., Mary Anderson, daughter oi Hngh M.
and Eliza J. Parker, aged 16 years and 3
Dearest Mamie thou bast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hast bereft us.
He can all our sorrows heal
Funeral from M. E. Church, McKee's Rocks,
BUHDAY, at 2 P. K.
Washington (Pa.) papers please copy. 2
117, US and 136 Third avenue, two doors below
Smithfield st, next door to Central Hotel.
Carnages for funerals, K. Carriages for operas,
parties, &c, at the lowest rates. All ew car
riages. Telephone communication, my 1-11-TT3
ASSETS . 9171,69333.
Insurance Co. of North America.
Losses adjusted and paid by WILLIAM L
JONES. 81 Fourth avenue. ia20-E2-D
Assets $US,50i-S7
JOHN a JACKSON. Vice President.
fe22-26-TTS WM. P. HERBERT. Secretary.
wm, smrws,
CAEPET& AND CTJKTAIHS We hare special bargains in these goods, -which we wish you to see, knowing it will saTe von dollajs if you do so. Our stocks are com
plete with some very marked bargains, running through Body Brussels Carpets, 75c, 85c, ?1 and Jl 25. These are perrect models of beautv. The best line of Tapestry Brussels at
50o eTer brought to this market; equal values in finer grades. New designs in3-plies and Ingrains, large lines Mattings for the warm" weather- Hall and Stair Carpets. New
Bugs in various sizes. Mats of every kind. Carpet Squares. Oil Cloths, 4-4, 5-4, 6-4 and 8-1 wide, at low prices. We pride ourselves on our lace Curtain display nothing
like the values ever before shown in this market, 50o to 520 a pair,' are our latestimportation; extra good at $1, realtymadc to selLatSl 50. See the styles and qualities of our
51 25, 51 60, 52 and un to ?5. Certainly for genuine bargains these are unsurpassed. Turcoman and Chenille heavy Curtains and Portieres, 3 50 no. Silk and Oriental C urtains.
New Curtain Lace, X2Uc up. New Screens and heavy Curtain material by the yard. Window Shades, spring fixtures complete, at 50c; plain Dado or Sideband. Shade Cloths,
all colors. CurtainPoles and Trimmings in great variety at right prices. Our entire third floor devoted to these departments. Taka elevator.
SILKS AND DBESS GOODS-Special offering of Black Dress Silks, from 50c up. Good Gros Grains. 65c, 75c and 87c. 24-inch, $1, 5112K and $125. Pure Silk
and will not cut, very superior qualities. 51 60 to 52 50 a yard. Black double-twilled Surahs. 62Uc. 75eiar (menial Wino. Tt.rthu. Ttimi? r,im...nr . ,.,..,
e.ny Te?2JiW 5 , J BlUSSi u "P'jf x Sjrgains. iloyals," at 90c Plaid and Striped Surahs for combinations. 26-inch plain and fancy India
Silks, 60o and 62c. Satins, all colors, 25c up. Plushes and Velvets, 50c up, in every color. New dress fabrics opening daily at very close prices. Elegant French fabrics,
plaids and stripes ,50c, all wool, rare novelties for combinations, up to 52 50 a yard. Better1 bargains than ever in the staple Cashmeres and Henriettas, all wool and silk warp,
from 35c to 51 25. New opening of plaids, stripes, mixtures and fancy weaves, 25o and 37Kc Our Black Goods stockfull up. Agreat many novelties, weaves all first-class
dyes; and our popular 46-mch. wool Henriettas, 60c, 65c, up to 51 25. Cashmere, 45o up. Nua'sVeilings, Drop d Almas, Albatross, SergesJ Grenadines, etc., honest goods at cash
prices. )
HOUSEPtrBNISHING GOODS Table Linens, 20c and 25o up; Cream and Bleached, 31c and 37c up. Our 50c Damnsks are really sold at 65c Tnll 7-4 wide, 75c and
up. with Napkinsto match at equally low fgures. Colored Tablings, 20o and 25c up to 51. Special values in Towels, 8c, 10c, 12o and up. Whita Quilts, lull sizes, extra
weights, 75c 90c, 5 and bp to finest ITarseilles. Colored Mitcheline Quilts at 51 60 are extra fine Beady-made Bolsters and Pillows, Mattresses and Feathers at lowest prices.
Sogers double and triple-plated Knives, Forks and Spoons. Steel Knives and Forks, with a great variety of kitchen utensils, at lowe st prices. . '
. . .KAS -D BONNET SAn immense stock for this week In every conceivable shape. You cannot fail to find what you want or what is becoming. Ribbons, all colors;
for trimmingSv a lowers of all kinds, Wreathes, Koses, Bprays, Grasses, etc., everything right for trimming, at prices to please. Beady trimmtd Hats and Bonnets added dally..'
SPECIAL BABGATNS in Spring Wraps of every kind. Cloth and Stockinette Jackets, Newmarkets, Beaded Capes, Jerseys, Bilk and Cashmere Wraps, Embrpidered
Cashmere Capes, Silk and Stnft Suits, correct styles and low prices. ' " -
-. CL2Ti?S,A?-CrAiFMEE?sor .-Sen and x' w.ear' J'J ,sprinS SW- sP"n's "Underwear for Men, Ladies and Children. Muslin TJnderwear for Ladies and
Misses. Parasols and umbrellas. Latest things out. Corsets and Bustles.
tSrSamples Bent on request. Mail orders promptly executed. f t
In the Basement Bargain
Annex Entrance just
inside our Fifth avenue
The enormous sale of Car
pets by us since April I has
left many broken lines and
single pieces of Carpets in all
grades, which, although de
sirable in pattern and good in
quality, we will not, duplicate
We have just put them into
our Basement Annex at large
reductions from our regular
prices, to-wit:
Cotton Ingrains,
18 to 20c.
HeavyCot. Ingrains,
25 to 35c.
Extra Super Unions,
40 to 50c.
Extra Super Best,
55 to 65c.
Tap. Brus., lowest, 45c.
Body .Brussels, - 85c.
China Mattings, from
13 50 per roll (40 yds.)
N. B. We have to-day
placed on sale at a discount of
30 Per cent from recent prices
alargelineof English Ingrain
Art Squares of our own im
portation. 0. McCLINTO'CK
' &G CO.,
33 FrrH AVENUE 33
Ine. Mos French Tailor System
of dress cutting. The only system In America
that cuts the Worth bias dart, front, back,
sleeves and skirts, without refitting. Lessons
not limited. Dresses cut and fitted. &H
IN& Co- 417 Wood street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Capital 5250,000 00
Assets January L1S89 863,745 80
nirpntnrs chas. W. Batchelor. President:
John W. Chaltant, Vice President: A. E. W.
Painter. Robt. Lea, M. W. Watson, John Wil
son, Joseph Walton, Wm. G. Park, A. M.
Byers, J as. J. Donnell, Geo. E. Fainter, John
Thompson, Wm. T. Adair, Secretary; Jas.
Little. Assistant Secretary; August Ammon,
General Agent a22-46-TT8
We hare a very choice line ot Fans, long and
iort handled Umbrellas, Novelties in Ladles'
Neckwear, Snmxner Corsets, Silk Gloves and
Mitts, Hosiery and Underwear.
Gloves fitted to the band and guaranteed.
Corsets fitted to the form, insuring grace and
Rel table goods and prices as low as elsewhere.
HAY 7,
No Charge for Trimming When
Materials Jure Purohased
at Our Stores.
We want it distinctly understood that
with us "No charge for trimming" does not
mean inferior work or careless trimming.
On the contrary, the same care will be given
to all orders alike, and the Superintendent
of our Millinery Department has instruc
tions that no order, however small, shall be
slighted, and that no imperfect work shall
leave our workroom. We ask all the ladies
of Pittsburg and Allegheny, to try our Mil
nery Department once, and if they do not
find our work superior and our prices lower
than those of any establishment in the two
cities, we have nothing more to say. To
emphasize this advertisement, let us re;
FIBST We employ only first-class mil
liners; no cheap help admitted into this de
partment. SECOND No charge for trimming, and,
what is more important, we do not make up
for this by adding to the price of materials.
THIED Satisfaction guaranteed and
work delivered promptly when promised.
rOTJETH Ladies who wish to wait
while their Hats or Bonnets are being trim
med will find-pleasant waiting rooms, lib
erally supplied with writing materials, all
the leading magazines and oity newspapers,
toilet accommodations, etc, Waiting made
a pleasure instead of a bore.
FIFTH Last, but not least, all our
goods are brand new; not a single dollar's
worth of old goods or old styles in our es
tablishment. Fleishmaa& Co's.
504,506 and 508 Market st,
B yathoroughknowledgeofthenaturallaws
which govern the operations of digestion and
nntrition.and andbyacarefnl application of the
fine properties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Epps
has pro rlded our breakfast tables with a deli
cately flavored beverage which may save us
iy neavy doctors' ouis. ms nytneiuaicious
Ise of such articles o diet that a constitution
may be gradually built up until strong enough
to resist every tendency to disease. Hundreds
of subtle maladies are floating around us ready
to attack wherever there Is a weak point. We
may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping our
selves well fortified with pure blood and a prop
erly nourished frame." Cml Service Gazette.
Made Eim ply with boiling water or milk. Sold
only in half pound tins by Grocers, labeled thus:
Jas.Epps&Co. rfmcSdS2S
Is a preparation of the Drug bywhlchits in
jurions effects are removed, while the valuable
medicinal properties are retained. I possesses
all the sedative, anodyne, and antispasmodic
powers of Oplnm, but produces no sickness of
the stomach, no vomiting, no costive ness, no
headache. In acute nervons disorder s it is an
invaluable remedy, and is recommende d by the
best physicians.
E, FERRETT, Agent,
372 Pearl SL, New York.
The finest Meat-Flavoring Slock.
mmmB issssssssssssiiasssl
Beef Tea, Sauces and Made Dishes.
Genuine only with fac-similo of
Justus von Lieblg's
Across label
Sold bv StorckpenerR. nnvpm riM,nirlei
ited, London.
to Save Money.
B. & B
SA TURD A Y, May u.
"Would like to call especial at
tention to our Gents' Furnish
ing Departments to-day. The
largest and most complete stock
of everything necessary to com
plete a gentleman's toilet ex
cept, oj course, Hats and shoes
and suits. We have Under
wear in greatest variety, the
very best obtainable and the
very best prices. At 25c begin
you in Gauze, on up to finest
Silk Suits. Balbriggan Un
derwear, 2c and 35c up.
Those patent elastic seam
Jeans Drawers, the most com
fortable garment known, for
very obvious feaspns, costs you
only $1 and$l 25. The seams
will wear longer than the ma
terial both we guarantee to
wear as long as any person
with a spark of reason would
expect them to.
In White Shirts we have
two leaders which undoubtedly
lead the world.
The three for $2 Unlaundrled Shirt.
The "Dollar" Laundried Shirt.
In Neckwear for to-day we
received a number of new
things this week, the latest
fashions and conceits, too nu
merous to mention. The most
serviceable Tie of the season
the pure linen Four-in-Hand,
that will not crease; can be
used often, and when soiled,
washes perfectly. Another'
Tie in season is the pure Silk
Windsor, 25c up. A new
Tie ts-a Tedk with Windsor
Flannel Shirts. Every
thing out from 50c to $5.
Flannel Blazers, fancy
stripes, $3 50. Caps io match,
HOSIERY Well, there's
no ' such Hosiery Department
as ours, either for children,
ladies or gentlemen. But we
wish to interest gentlemen es
pecially, if the ladies will al
low it.
Begin at the bottom.
Brown and Gray Mix Half Hose, 10c up.
Fancy Striped Cotton Half Hose, 15c to 35c
Next we have the Great "Onyx" dye Half
Hose, stainless as the natural colors could be,
beginning at 25c and the 85c, or three for SL
Remember these "Onyx" dyed Hose, either
ladies or gents', are even an improvement on
the excellent goods sold last year. They are
now dyed in the thread or "ingrain," and white
toes and heels is the guarantee. They are much
softer than the old "Onyx" or other fast black
Ingram Cotton, Lisle thread, Balbriggan,
Shawknit and Cashmere Hose, all prices and
qualities, 15c to SI 50.
We only regret having given so much tlmo to
a tew. a very few, articles here of Interest to
tho gentlemen, because so many new goods
especially for the ladles have to be omitted.
New Dress Goods arrive constantly new
novelties in beautiful soft fabrics, much of it
almost half real value, because late gutting
here. (The loss to the manufacturer on the
other side.)
Especially in Silks Thousands of yards that
you get so cheap that it makes old Bilk buyers
fairly weep such awful slaughter of prices;
but when we bny at an -advantage you get full
benefit of it. Remember that.
The very latest is a 50-piecelot of pure Italian
Silks, the very latest and all the latest color
ings, worth SI to $1 25. They came in yester
daythe hammer dropped 75c is the price
US. 117, lift 121
Federal Street, Allegheny.
Being the Best Clothier; of selling clothes all Readj
Made that look like Made-to-Order without
being more than half as costly, of
fitting almost as perfect as the swellest tailor
' made. We mean that somebody to be
$tQQQa$QmwQ&w& ftyfffffftfff?4
Our point with you in asking you fo see the beautiful and superfc
stock of goods now being offered by us at our
Great MaySale of Men's Suits
Is that the workmanship ,is up to the material jn every way. Would yott
be satisfied with poor cooking if the steak were a tenderloin? Is qual
ity anything but an irritation if the workmanship be indifferent? We're
fastidious. But we're just as fastidious about the inside as about the
outside and you can pin your faith to every suit that leaves our s''e.
Is that fair? This is fairer. If our goods don't come up to your ex
pectations bring them back and here's your money. What we sell we
guarantee the best for the price as good as can be had anywhere in
this country and lower in price than same character of goods can be
bought for from any other concern hereabouts. Now to tell you ol
what we offer at this great sale.
Sack Suits.
Cutaways, Frocks.
Full Dress Suits.
Clerical Suits.
Business Suits.
Workingmen's Suits.
Livery Outfits.
Conductor's Suits.
We can fit all men
perfectly; "short and
fat,"-"tall and slim."
We are not only the fountain head for all the latest styles in Men'j
Spring Clothing, but we surpass any house in this city when it comes
to variety, quality and low prices. Our style is one secret of
our success. Without it we could no more command the
large business we do than a bootblack could command
a nickel for a shine if he used stove polish.
We Guarantee to Save You from $2 to $10
on Every Suit..
There is nothing short of "par excellence" in the make-up and style
of our fine spring suits; they're made out of the very best materials
both foreign and domestic goods, which fashionably inclined men look
for. , You'll not know them from those made to order by your tailor.
Ourswill look and wear just as well and cost you one-third to one-half
less money. Why not investigate these claims of ours. It only means a
little trouble on your part and won't cost you a cent. On the other hand
a few minutes time devoted to looking into this matter may mean'the
saving of as many dollars as minutes spent in investigating.
Boys' and Children's Clothing,
Boys are hard on clothes and it's policy to get them suits that'll
stand tough service; but even these will wear out so get them cheap as
well as good. We've got them as well as finer ones. Please read the
Child's Sailor Suits.
Boys' Short Pant
Exquisite 'Kilts
Beautiful Jerseys,
Norfolk Suits.
School Suits.
Long Pantl Suits.
Handsome Dress
Parents if 11 refresh your eyes and gladden your hearts to gaze on our
, lovely styles and patterns. We can fit your boy as well as save yo
both trouble and money. We'll give your boys clothes they can -romp
and rejoice in, prance, trot about and have a good
time .generally without fear of disaster. The seams
won't rip, pockets won't burst, buttons wou't con
tinually teaf out and come off. Give what we
say more than a passing thought, for when
it comes to giving extra quality and
- extra value there isn't a house in
the country can touch us, iM
s even with a 40-foot pole.
For Men, for Boys, for Children.
& .-
We have them in
Genuine Scotches,
English Cheviots,
Imported Irish Tweeds
and Shannons,
Flannels, Serges.
We show truly a
grand assortment in
plain and fancy cass-
imeresi Worsteds,
and striped cloths,
blues, blacks and
browns, all - wool'
cloths, braid trim
med solid colors
and mixtures. Every
one cut in the very
latest and most fash
ionable style and in
the best of work.
ti 480 Market Jtefc
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