Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, May 11, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 11, Image 11

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in Staple Heals.
UjDearth of Strawberries tut a Sufficiency
, On tne nay.
office of PnrsBrBG Dispatch, 1
In the line of staple meats trade has fallen
off the past week. Local receipts of cattle
at East Liberty were the lightest this year,
and not more than one-third the weekly
average of last fall. A-Diamond market
butcher reports that the License Court
rulings nave knocked him out of a trade which
amounted to 5100 per week. Said he: "My
vest customers were saloons. I am sure that X
put over SO pounds of meat into the Done bar
rel this week for which I would hare found
ready sale at 8c a pound if my customers
had not been knocked out."
The demand continues good in the lines of
fish. Shad are in better supply and down in
price. The retail oyster trade is practically
over. N ew York counts are still on the mar
ket for restaurants. Clams are in (rood snpplr
and equally good demand. A leading; dealer
reports that there is no better food for the
stomach that has been turned wrong; side out
by booze than the clam. Frogs are scarce and
Fruits nnd Dairy Products.
At the fruit and vegetable stalls business
was reported only fair for the week. Straw
berry supply has not been up to demand for a
few days past A full supply is expected to
morrow. Tomatoes and asparagus are drifting
to a price which the average consumer can
afford to pay.
Butter should sell cheaper than at any time
this year. The buyer who pays more than 2a
cents for the best made will not get the worth
of his money. Th best creamery is suld in job
lotsat22cents. Egs have advanced, and In a re
tail way are 5 cents higher than last Saturday.
Florists report an improvement in their lines
over last week, with prices unchanged. Fol
lowing are the latest retail prices for Satur
day's market basket material as famished by
leading dealers:
The prices called for at the Diamond Markets
remain unchanged. The best cuts of tenderloin
steak range from 20 to 25c, with the last figure
for very fancy, which are very often no bet
ter than the 20c article; sirloin, best cuts,
from 18 to 20c; standing rib roast, 15 to 20c;
chuck roast. 10 to 12c; best round steaks, 15c;
boiling beef, S to 8c; sweetbreads, 20 to 60c per
pain beef kidneys, 10c apiece; beef liver, 5c a
pound: calf livers. 25c apiece; corned beef
from 6 to 10c per pound. Veal for stewing
commands 10c; roast, 12 to 15c: cutlets. 20c
per pound; spring lambs, fore quarter, 15 to
20c; hind quarters, 20 to 25c. A leg of mut
ton, hind quarter, of prime quality, brings
12Kc; fore quarter, 8c; loin of mutton, 15c;
. giblets, 5c per pound.
Vegetables nnd Fruit.
Jersey sweet potatoes, 25c a half peck;
potatoes, p5c a half peck; celery, .10 to 15c a
bunch; new Bermuda potatoes. 25c per H
peck; new Bermuda onions, 15c per quart;
tomatoes, 35c per quart box; new cabbage, 5
to 25c; ancles, 15c to 20c per half peck;
bananas, 15 to 25c a dozen: lemons. 20 to
25c per dozen: oranges. 2540c: onions, 15c a
half peck; spinach, 20c per half peck; lettuce, 7c
per bunch, 4 tor 25c; radishes, 5 to 10c per bnnch;
cranberries, 15c perrjuart: cucumbers,10tol5c a
piece; mushrooms, 75c a pound; asparagus,
1 bunches for 25c; new beets,15c a bunch; straw
berries, 15c to 25c; cauliflowers, 25 to 50c a bead;
golden wax beans, 35c a quarter .peck; green
beans, 25c a quarter peck; peas, 2oc a quarter
Batter, Begs nnd Poultry.
Choice creamery batter, 25c Good country
butter, 25c Fancy pound rolls, 30c
The ruling retail price for eggs is 20c
The range for dressed chickens is 75c to
SI 00 per pair. Tnr keys, 20c per pound. Spring
chickens si per pair.
Fish In Season.
Following are the articles in this line on
the stalls, with prices: Lake salmon, 12c; Call
forniaalmon. 40c pound; white fish, 12c; her
ring, 4 pounds for :5c; Spanish mackerel, 45c
to Sue a pound; shad, COc apiece; sea salmon,
' 4Pa. pound; blue fish, 20c; perch. 10c;
halibut, 2oc; rock bass, 30c; black bass, 20c; lake
trout, 12c: lobsters, 25c: green sea turtle, 2Sc
Oysters: N. Y. counts. El 75 per gallon; "lams,
1 25 per gallon; scollops, COc a quai frogs,
2 50 to $2 75 per dozen.
La France roses, SI 50 per dozen: Bride
roses, 1 25 per dozen; Ferles, 1 00 per dozen;
Nlphetos, 1 00 per dozen; Bennetts, SI 25
per dozen: Magna Cbarta roses, S5c; American
Beauty, 2550c apiece; Mermets, SI 00(21 50 per
dozen; De Wattvllle, 1 50; carnations, 35c a
dozen; Lilv of the Valley.Toe per dozen; Maiden
Hair fern, 50c per doz. fronds. Bermuda
Easter lilies. S3 00 per dozen; tulips. 75c per
dozen; mignonette, 75c per dozen; daffodils,
75c per dozen; panties, 25c a dozen; Jacque
minot roses, $1 00 to $2 00 a dozen.
Condition of the Market at the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Fbidat. May 10, 1&9.J
Cattle Receipts, 560 head; shipments,
..480 head; market nothing doing; all through
consignments; no cattle shipped to If ew York
Hoos .Receipts, 2.200 head; shipments. 2,100
head; market firm; all graded, S5 005 05; fire
'cars of bogs shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts, 1,000 head; shipments, 600
head; market nothing doing, closing with a
.dull feeling.
By Telegraph.
- New York Beeves Receipts, 61 carloads
export alone, 53 carloads for the market and
36 carloads for city slaughterers direct; slow
i trade, with a downward tendency toward the
-finish: ordinary to prime steers sold S3 954 65
per 100 pounds: a few tops at S4 75; poor to good
dry cows at SI 603 25; balls, 32 603 75; exports
to-day and to-morrow: 1,510 beeves, 80 sheep
and 6,340 quarters of beer. Calves Receipts,
1,000 head: easier at 45c per pound for
veals and 33ic for bnttermilk calves. Sheep
Receipts, 5.500 bead; slow trade and a frac
tion lower for ordinary and common sheep;
market firm for yearlings and SDring lambs;
clipped sheep sold 4 255 00 per 100 pounds; a
few unshorn sheep at $4 50, and a bnnch of
choice spr'ng lambs at S6 50 per head. Hogs
Receipts, 2,400 head: no sale on live weight;
nominally steady at $5 005 30.
Kansas Crrr Cattle Receipts, 2,195 head:
shipments, 1,572 head; beef steers weak and
heavy; dull; 510c lower; cows steady; stockers
and feeding steers firm; good to choice cornf ed.
S3 S54 10: common to medium, S3 253 45;
Blockers and feeding steers, S2 253 GO; cows,
SI 753 25. Hogs Receipts, 10,301 head; ship
ments, 5.123 head: dull, weak and S10c
to medium, S4 2504 45. Sheep Receipts, 120
head; shipments, 500 head: steady to firm; good
to choice muttons, $4 08(25 00; common to me
dium, S2 50Q2 75.
Chicago Cattle Receipts. 11,000 head;
shipments, 5,600 head; market steady for
light and 10c rower for heavy: beeves, 54 00
i.66"- S3 40 SO? stockers and feeders.
2 5062 00; cows, bulls and mixed. S2 CO
?-ife.T?xs Eteers w BOSS 80. Hogs Receipts.
19,500 head; shipments, 7,500 head: market 5c
lower for heavy, light steady; mixed. S4 50
- iTJKi heaT H i5i "B". "O 85: skips,
S3 S04 6a Sheen Receipts. 3,000 head; ship
ments, C00 head; market steady to strong:
natives, 14 005 00;Western.S3 50Q4 75; Texans,
S3 003 50: lambs, 4 755 80.
ST. loins Cattle Receipts. 600 head: ship
ments, 300 head; market strong; choice, heavy
native steers. S3 9004 70; fair. 3 20g4 00;
stockers and feeders, fair to good, 2 203 20:
rangers, corn-fed, 2 803 50; grass-fed. S2 00
2 50. Hogs Receipts. 5,300 head; shipments.
3,300 bead: market firm: choice heavy and
batchers' selections 4 604 CO; packing, me
dium to prime, 4 404 60: light grades, ordi-
Tiary to best, 4 6004 60. Sheep Receipts, 600
head; shipments. 200 head; market steady;
tf air to choice, 3 004 00.
; C-ftiUFTJLUO Cattle Receipts. 931oads through,
. Ik -7 on sale; prices unchanged. Sheep and lambs
Y Receipts, 6 loads through, 6 loads sale; mar
ket dull, prices unchanged. Hogs Receipts,
'25 loads throngh. 10 sale; lorkcrs and pigs
sold actively at 5 10; mediums, S4 85Q4 90.
CEScnticATl Hogs lower; common and
light. S4 004 70; packing and butchers', S4 60
4 6a; receipts, 2230 head; shipments, 1,330
Metal Markets.
New YOBK Copper weak: lake,May. 13 25.
Lead dull and steady: domestic, 3 92j. Tin
Irregular; Straits, -S20 6U
London Pig tin Market irregular, business
moderate: Straits 89 15s Od for spot; futures
ntr,nth ton 10 Od. Copper Business has
Increased, 'and the Market Is steadier; Chill
bars are now quoted at 34 15s Od for spot, 38
10s Od for future delivery; best selected En-
. ,cllsh, 44. Lead Steady market but demand
g Market held steadier, more doing; ordinary
ISIlesian quoted at 17 J8s 6d. Tin plate
Hrelyteftdy mark, trade moderate. - - .
Wheat1 'Open Unsettled, bat Steadies Vp
Before the Close Corn and Oats
Higher Host Products Active
at Extreme Figures.
Chicago In wheat to-day a large specu
lative business was transacted and the feeling
was somewhat unsettled. Jnly opened at
about yesterday's closing figures, declined,
under free offerings, lc, became stronger, ad
vanced lc, eased off and closed about xjfi
higher than yesterday. The early weakness
and decline was attributed to large offerings,
influenced. It was claimed, by the expectation
that the Government report would bo bearish.
When the pressure to sell ceased, a gradual re
covery followed, caused by good buj ing.
Corn was fairly active but rather unsettled,
prices fluctuating frequently within c
range. The market opened at yesterday's clos
lngprices, was easy and declined Jc upon free
selling by a local operator, reacted, influenced
by the active shipping demand, ruled firm and
closed a shade higher than 'yesterday.
Oats were active, stronger and higher. Frlces
advanced Kie, and outside prices were
maintained at the close.
A fairly active trade was reported in hog
products and the feeling was steadier. The
shorts purchased to some extent and there was
some Inquiry on Investment accopnt. The
market opened easier, owing to the "weakness
in hogs. Later the market showed more
strength and advanced, extreme figures being
fully supported to the close.
The leading ruiures rancea as rollOws:
Wheat No. 2 June, 83$8iK6S2?S4Kc:
July.8OKS0Jie7K8OKc; August, Tth)4
7T3i7oc; j ear. 76X77c
COB-v-tto. 2 Junl, S435K34355".
July. 85353iS435c; August, 36K
OATS-No. 2 June. 23K2423K23c:
July. 23K24K2324Kc; August, 23K24c
Mess Pork, per buL-June, Su 951217K
11 9512 17K; July, S12 10012 30012 02k
12 27: August, $12 12K12 S212 1012 32K.
liakd, per iw ns. June, 90 xvo sj-
6 906 95: July, SS 957 00; August, 7 02.
7 U7J3K7 IK.HB' 00.
SHOE! itTBS, per iuu bs. jnne. uv
6 12K;Julv,S6 12K6617K8 106 17; August,
6 1&26 22X66 15622KT
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour steady
and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat, SCS6Ki
No. 2 spring wheat, nominal; No. 2 red.
&bSSKc No. 2 com. 3535c No. 2
oats, 23c No. 2 rye, 41)c No. 2
barley, nominal. No. 1 flaxseed, $1 53.
Prime timothy seed, 1 S3. Mess pork.
per barrel. 12 10iz 15. . .Lard, per 100 lbs.
SO 92K6G 95. Short ribs sides (loose). 6 05
3'D iu. .Lfry saitea snouiaers tooxeai, $0 za$$
5 50. Short clear sides (boxed), 6 25g6 37K
Sngars Cut loaf, unchanged. Receints Flour.
10,000 barrels;wheat, 6,000'bushels: corn, 171,000
bushels: oats. 89,000 bushels: rye, 1,000 bushels:
barley, 8,000 bushels. Shipments Floor, 9,000
barrels; wheat. 24,000 bushels; com. 276,000 bush
els: oats, 53,000 bushels; rye, 3,000 bushels;
Daney. 10, uw ousneis.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was weaker, but not quotably lower.
Eggs weak at lljc
New York Flour steady and quiet. Wheat
Spot firmer and dull; options dull. Barley
quiet. Barley malt dnlL Com Spot less ac
tive and higher: options fairly active and
stronger. Oats Spot higher and strong; op
tions firmer and fairly active. Hay steady and
quiet. Coffee Options opened steady, un
changed to 6 points down, closed firm 515
points np; sales, 41.750 bags, includ
ing May, 16.4016.60c: June. 16.500
16.70c: July, 16.6516.S0c; August. 16.8016.90c:
beptember, 16.9517.00c; October, 17.0O17.10c;
December, 17.0517.25c; January, 17.10c; Feb
ruary, 17.1017.15c; March, 17.1517.S0c; spot
Rio steady; fair cargoes, lSJfc Sugar Raw
stronger and quiet; refined quiet and un
changed. Molasses Foreign quiet; 60 test, 29c;
New Orleans quiet. Rice steady and quiet.
Cotton seed oil dull: crude, 41c; yellow, 50c
Tallow quiet. Rosin steady and quiet. Tur
pentine dull at 40c Eggs easier and in fair de
mand; western, 1313c; receipts, 4.870 pack
ages. Fork quiet: mess, 13 2o13 60; extra
prime, S12 0S12 25. Lard dull and steady;
western steam, S7 32K: city. 6 70; May, 7 30;
June, 7 30; July. 7 33; August, S7 81, closing
at 736; September. S7S9. Butter quiet and
lower; western dairy, 914c; do creamery, 13
17c; FJgins, 18c Cheese firm.
St. Lours Flour aulet and steady. Wheat
Cash firmer, but quiet; options higher; the
opening was strong, as weather conditions were
still not considered favorable, but declines at
other markets started selling and there was
a rapid break; outside points reacted later and
caused a rally here, with the close firm at i
c above yesterday; June, 78c closing at
mixed, cash, S2K32c; May.32c; June, 32c.
closing at 32c uid; July, 32&Sc closing at
closing at 33-Kc;Bep-
Flaxseed, 1 45. Provisions strong.
Philadelphia Floor doll and weak.
Wheat very dull, offerings light and prices
steady. Com firm, but no trading in options,
and export business checked by "mall supplies.
Oats Car lots firm; futures quiet, but firm.
Butter dull and unsettled; Pennsylvania prints,
extra, 2122c Eggs dull and weaker; Pennsyl
vania firsts, 14c
GrKCmi? ati Flour In fair demand. Wheat
scarce; No. 2 red, 8990c; receipts, none; ship
ments, 1,500 bushels. Corn dull and weaker;
No. 2 mixed, 3536c Oats strong; No. 2 mixed,
27Xc Rye scarce and firmer; No. 2, 48c Pro
visions quiet and unchanged. Batter dull and
lower: fancy creamery, 20c; choice dairy, 10
13c Sugar quiet and steady. Eggs and cheese
Milwaukee Flour unchanged. Wheat
steady; cash, 7979K; June, 79c; July. 80Jic
Com steady; No. 3, 34c Oats dull: No 2 white.
27V2Sc Rye firm; No. 1.40KC Barley dull;
No. 2, 5152c Provisions firm. Pork, 12 10.
Lard, $6 9a Cheese easy; Cheddars, old, 910c
Baltimore Provisions dull. Batter easy;
creamery, 19c Eggs strong at 14c.
Toledo Cloverseed doll; cash, 4 25. -
ThoListof Patent Granted to Citizens of the
.Keystone State.
"WASHING! ejr, May 10. The following
is the list of patents Issued from the United
States Patent Office for the week ending
May 4 for the State of Pennsylvania, as
famished by Milo B. Stevens & Co., solicit
ors of patents and claims, Glover building,
Hermann Albrecht, Philadelphia, machine
for cutting meat; Lewis D. Armstrong, Lock
Haven, apparatus for reclaiming soda-ash;
Hiram P. Ballou, assignor to L Jones, Bristol,
circular rib-knitting machine; John P. Cole
man, Swissvale, electric signaling apparatus;
Alex. K. DeGood, Hillsborough, nest dox for
fowls; James M. Dodge, Philadelphia, assignor
to Dodge Coal Storage Company, Naugatuck,
reversible loading and unloading conveyor;
Luther R. Faught, Philadelphia, chill for car
wheels; Frank P. Gordon. Roblnsonvilie, axle
box and spindle; Win. W. Griscom, Haver
ford College, assignor to Electro Dyna
mic Company, Philadelphia, distribution
by secondary batteries; Samuel M.
Gnss, Pottstown, assignor of one-half to J. 8.
Amnion. Reading, peel for beating furnaces;
George Holgate, Philadelphia, cunng and pre
u curing anu pre
innter, Philauel-
serving meats; xtuaojpn .ni. nuDier, .ruiiauei
phia, electric rallway;Bidncy D. King, Pittston,
device for steadying cars, (2) street railway
car; George R. Lelbersperger and G.W. Bailey,
Saegerstown, fan for rocking chairs; George
G. Lyon, Bradford, expansible frame; Lewis
Miller, Philadelphia, piston for hydraulic
presses: Allen R. Parkeson, Monongahela City,
cable railway; John W. Parmelee,Wilkesbarre,
device for case hardening axle-boxes; William
RennysonlNorriston,type writing and matrix
making machipe; Israel M. Rose, Philadel
phia, lighting device; John W. Scull,
deceased, assignor of one-half to A Scull
administrator, Philadelphia, book-stapling
machine; Philip M. Sharpies, West Chester,
centrifugal liquid separator: Laforest A. Shat
tuckjBloomsburg. fountain pen; Jas. Simpson,
McKeesport, pipe welding bell; Jas. H. Simp
son, assignor to Carnegie, Phlpps t Co. (linii
ited), Pittsburg, manufacture ot tnm buckles;
(2) blank for turn buckles; (3) making turn
buckles; (4) die for making turn buckles; (5)
machine for making turn buckles; Benjamin
F. Snavcly, Harnsburg, waterproof, air mat
tress; Jas. Sutherland, Philadelphia, calico
printing machine; Wm. Swindell, Allegheny,
open-hearth melting f urnace; Caleb M. Thomp
son, Greenville, sand reel; Hamilton E. Welsh,
Harnsburg, Pa., foot stove.
Velvet Carpets at SI a Yard.
The great sale of velvcf carpets at Si a
yard is making business lively at Groet
,xinger's Penn avenue carpet palace. Come
in and look at them beiore it is too late.
They are worth SI B0 per yard. They sell
on sight; people who don't need them for
present use are baying. TVe store goods
without charge until yon want them. xhs
Smoke the bestXa Ferla del Fumar clear
Havana Key West Cigars. Three for 25c
G. "Wi Schmidt. 95 and 97 Fifth Ave.
Wnll Papon
Of all grades and an infinite Yariety of pat
terns, at the wall paper store of John S,
Roberts', 414 "Wood street, Pittsburg.
amusemenU and butincta habiti. together tekh
2rs(ir deieribed by Frank (J, Carpenter:
m to-mrrovri umrjL-ivu.. ,, w
B3c; August, sansic
temoer. myMTeP, closing at jhc
steady: No. 2. cash, 23c bid: Mav. 24c;
24Vc:Julr. 24ebid. Rye in demand: No.
The fieal Estate Market Holding Its
Own and a Great Deal More.
New Methods of Production Necessary to
Cheapen the Price of Iron.
The real estate business is surprisingly
active for the season, and bids fair to bo a
lively issue all summer. At the beginning
of April fears were expressed that alter the
moving period the market would reach the
top and begin to weaken, but the present
activity in this line of trading shows that
those who held these pessimistic viewB were
false prophets. The fact is well recognized
by business men generally that there is no
better or safer investment than land at a
fair valuation, and with this feeling upper
most, it is sheer folly to talk of a depression
either in demand or prices. At present
there is a pronounced inquiry for large
properties, and several parcels of this de
scription have recently changed hands at
Shadyside, Oakland, Diamond street and
elsewhere. Some of these were in whole or
in part unimproved, and will be sub-divided
and put on the market.
C Prices paid for these properties were by no
means extravagant, but entirely within keep
ing with the facilities, improvements and other
requisites for comfortable living acquired by
the purchasers. The fact Is that, except in a
few cases involving important business prop
erty, for which there was more or less competi
tion, fancy prices, as commonly understood,
have seldom been exacted. But few proper
ties have been sold within the past year that
would not bring a higher figure if put on the
market now. This shows that, while values in
many instances were pretty steep, they were
not above the views of men who were able to
recognize a good thing when they saw it. These
considerations lead to the conclusion that the
real estate interest of Pittsburg is in no dan
ger of a collapse, but, on the .contrary, affords
every evidence of being in a healthful condi
tion and destined to an expansion to be meas
ured only by the amount of available property
in and about the city.
While there has been no reduction In the
price ot iron here in consequence ot tho recent
cut mads by the Thomas Iron Company, values
are less steady in sympathy with the movemen t
Following are the views of a leading Pittsburg
broker on this subject, as expressed to The
Dispatch representative yesterday: "The
Thomas Company made the cut as a matter of
self-protection against the Southern makers. I
think the effects of the reduction will be local,
from the fact that the step was taken to hold
their trade rather than to extend it. If they
shall be able to supply their customers they
will be doing well. The general trade will have
to look for other sources of supply, the same
as it has been doing. The cut will hold good
for a year, no matter if iron advances $5 a ton.
In the latter event the Thomas Company would
reap no benefit from the advance, but other
concerns -would. It has been stated that the
cat would put many of the furnaces out of
blast, but I do not look for such a result at
least, not at present. Stocks must be worked
up before a shut down movement can take ef
fect. The reduction may hold prices on their
present level, but I do not look for a corre
sponding drop all along the line.
"Looking to the future of the iron business,
one thing seems certain a lower range of
prices. With the raw material in great abun
dance in almost every State and Territory of
the Union, and especially in Pennsylvania, I
can see no reason why iron should be held at
its present figures, low as they are by com
parison with former years. Either this must
be done or production must be kept within the
demand. There are several ways of bringing
this about One Is a redaction in freight rates.
As it is, the railroad companies are getting
more money for carrying ore than the furnace
men are getting for their product; that
is, their profits are larger. Then we
must devise cheaper methods of produc
tion. I don't mean that wages should be
reduced, for they are low enough, and in many
cases too low, considering the exacting nature
of the work; but cheaper fuel must be found
and more direct processes devised for turning
oat the metal. Under the system now in vogue
they say it is handled entirely too much; the
relations between the furnace and the casting
department are too distant; the metal should
be run Into the mold from the furnace. This
would quicken, and, therefore, cheapen, the
process of manufacture and make it possible
to sell iron at prices which now seem impos
sible. All these improvements will come in
time, and when established, the consumption
of iron will be increased to a degree that will
require a large addition to the milling capacity
to torn it out in sufficient quantities to meet
the demand."
It will be interesting to Pennsylvania oil pro
ducers to learn that the wells at Baker, on the
Caspian Sea, according to a gentleman con
nected with the trade there, show a rapid
diminution in production, and the phenomlnal
gushers are such only for a very short time.
Some of the most famous have ceased to pro
duce In paying quantities, and it is his opinion
that the time is not far distant when only
pumping wells of small production will remain
in the Russian fields. If or is theteldof the
extent generally supposed, as experimental
work has demonstrated that the area Is circum
scribed. Another interesting fact not hereto
fore known here Is that the oil in the Baku
fields is in pools, or, as is termed there, in pock
ets, which Is demonstrated by the. compara
tively short life of the wells which no amount
of agitation can prolong to an important ex
tent. UP AND DOWN.
Some of the Favorite Stocks Wcnkcr,0 then
Hold Their Owa.
Notwithstanding hot weather and want of en
thusiasm at the stock market yesterday trading
was of fair proportions, amounting to 1,078
shares, contributed by fonr stocks. The feel
ing was weak at the opening, nearly everything
dealt in showing a declining tendency, and this
became more pronounced in the afternoon,
Philadelphia Gas declining to 86, Fittsbnrg and
Western preferred to 21 and La Koria to 1.
Electric was the only exception to the general
depression, opening at 63 and closing at 56
There was no movement in Tractions, which
were about steady. Bridgewater Gas was bid
up to 60J& without sales. Wheeling was firm.
Bids, offers and sales follow:
Hid. Asked. Hid. Asked.
Pitts. Pet. S.&M. Ex 525
Commercial N. Bank ....
Citizens' .National Bk.
BrldKcwater Gas bQi ....
Ohartlers Val. Gas Co.
Ohio Valley Gas
People's X G & P Co.. 18 g
PbllidelphlaGasCo.. . Soft 3d
wneennr u n "
control Traction. ,
Citizens' Traction
Pitts tm rjr -Traction. .. .
Pleasant Valley K-K...
11ttt. Western K. K.
P. W. B. E. prer....
l.a.Norla Mlnicir Co...
-Westlngtiouse Electric
U. Switch ASisrnal Co.
Westlnz'se Airji. sj..
Sales at the first call were 145 shares Phil a.
delphia Gas atS6, 110 at 36, 100 Pittsburg and
Western preferred at 22; 40 Electric at 66, 100
In the afternoon 100 shares Philadelphia Gas
sold at6, 163 Pittsburg and Western common
at IW .5 preferred at 21 150 La Noria at 1,
100 at IK, o Electric at 66and 5 at 66
L F.Stark sold 150 Philadelphia Gas at S6&
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday were 186.275 shares, including Atchison,
36.455: Erie. 4,050: Lake Shore, 4,600; Louisvillo
and Nashville, 6.450; Missouri Pacific, 8,230:
Northwestern, 6,750; Oregon Transcontinental,
24.700; .Reading, 7.9o0; Richmond and West
Point, 10,650; St. Paul, 14,350; Union Pacific
The Money Market la Good Shape but Wl th
orn New Features.
The local monetary situation was quiet and
easy yesterday. Checking fell off a trMe, bnt
depositing was hj to the average. XeryUtM
'paper wi offered for discount, and when ae-
61 fit
S6 "36J
313? ffiS
23 29U
ewMaiiv-wa a aiBjteT iw,, in meung
ri i 1 1 1 na inn tin r a .2U&. .w.."1 . itiMa-'-trmi2r.
were .78T,678 $, and, the balances S294.415 IS,
showing a lair movement In general trade.
iloneyoncallat New York, yesterday, was
easy at 14 to 2K Per cent, closed offered at Z.
Prime mercantile paper. 85M- StS"111 f x"
change dnll but steady at i 87 for 6Way
bills and $4 SS for demand.
Government Bonds,
u. a. 47rejr.... .ifflijS i
V. 8. 4s. coup , 1M129
Currency, 6 per cent, 1803 res I21
Currency, Spercent, 1896 reg 1JJ
Currency, 6 per cent, ISOTreg 1TO
Currency, 6 per cent, I898reg J
Currency, 6percent, 1899 reg
Bales of (60, 000 registered 4s at 129& .
New YOEK-Clearings, Jil3,652,621: balances,
Cntarfbo Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, 59.823,000.
ST. LOTJIS-Clearlngs, t2,520,667; balances,
Pnn.ADEi,pHiA Clearings, 112,410,520; bal
ances, $1,627,773.
Baitihore Clearings, 11,702,720; balances,
London The amount of bullion gone into
the Bank or England on balance to-day is
67,000. Bar silver, 42 S-lOd per ounce.
Pabis Three per cent rentes, 87f 60o for
the account.
Berlin The statement of the Imperial
Bank of Germany shows an Increase in specie
of 4,180,000 marks.
Oil Braces Up Under the iDftnence of tho
Pipe Line Report.
When the oil market opened yesterday there
was a better feeling among the brokers than for
several days, caused, presumably, by the pipe
line report for April, wblch-was rather bullish,
showing the amount of stock to be, In round
numbers, 14,679,000 barrels. The reduction dur
ing the month was about 600,000. The decrease
In certificates was greater than that in stock.
The statement of the Tidewater Pipe Line
sli 0 ws
Total barrels to April 30. fH
Less sediment and snrptus... ilr'5.
Net quantity of oil 3?-522
Net quantity Aprill S-Zrl
Met redaction for April J&SiJ
Amount received for April Si'SE
Amount delivered to refiners ; 2l6,g3S
Amount for which it Is liable 392,806
The report of the National Transit Company
Acceptances , 11,0J3,SS
Credit balances 3,089,729
Total liabilities 14.152.7S9
Gross stocks., "'EhfB.
Sediment and surplus 'sS'S?
Receipts from all sources S 5
Total deliveries SJ'Sj?
Reduction In net stocks., SE'Sxi
BedncUon from both line , 730,799
The market opened at 82jic and almost im
mediate! v dropped to 82c, from-nhich point it
soon rallied to 82c It then sold down to 82Kc
where It held until the close, which was at82c,
with a prospect of an Improvement to-day.
Trading was moderate. Carrying was flat to 25
Features ot the Market.
Opened S2WI Lowest 82
Highest. syj I Closed ffifi
Knns 52.814
Average 46,617
Shipments 64.332
Average 69,693
Charters : 73.016
Average.. -'S?
Clearances 1,452,000
Refined. Mew York. 6.85.
Refined. London. i'A.
Refined, Antwerp, lflX-
New York closed 82X.
Oil City closed 82M.
Bradford closed Sitf.
A. B. McUrew & Co. quote: Puts, 82; calls,
Other Oil Markets.
On. Cmr. May 10. National transit cer
tificates opened at 82c; highest, 82c; low
est. 82c; closed, S2c.
Bbadtobd, May 10. National transit cer
tificates opened at 82Wc; closed, 82c; highest,
82c: lowest. 8Zic.
TmiBTrxxK, May 10. National transit cer
tificates opened at 82c: highest, 82Jc; low
est, 82c; closed, 82e.
New York, May 10. Petroleum opened
steady at 82c and moved up to 83c in the early
trading. The market then became doll and
sagged off slowly, closing dull at S2c Sales,
396,000 barrels.
Sales All Along the Line Money Loaned
on Mortgages.
Graebing & Lyon. No. 135 Fourth avenue,
placed 14 purchase money mortgages, amount
ing to $16,000, at 6 per cent, on property in West
Bellevue; also a mortgage of 2,700 on property
in the Seventh ward, city; also one for $1,000 on
a farm in Ohio township, Allegheny county;
also exchanged a farm of 250 acres in Indiana
county for property in Allegheny county. Con
sideration, 515,000. v
J. R. Cooper & Co., 107 Fourth avenue, sold
for Geqrge B. Martin lot 72, in the Maplewood
park plan, Wilkinsbnrg, having a frontage of
40 feet on Maplewood avenue by 120 feet to
Washington lane, to O. C. Roos, for 100; also
lot 70, comer Maplewood and Grand avenues,
40x120 feet, to Walter R. Maund for $150; also
lot 71, in the-same plan, to Rev. J. H. Edie for
$425 cash; also lot 34, corner Grand avenue and
Coal street, same plan, to William Bess for
C. H. Love, 93 Fourth avenne. sold for Charles
Holmes to William A Blnn, lot No. 88 in the
Henderson plan. Eleventh ward, Allegheny
City, 25x110 feet, for S450.
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
Thomas Sullivan for P. J. Urllnp. lot No. 15 in
the Urling fc Blhlman plan on Penn avenne,
near Winebiddle, in size 20x100 feet, for $1,500
cash. They also placed a mortgage of $1,700 on
a property on Lincoln avenue. East Liberty,
for three years at 6 per cent.
Samuel W. Black & Co. sold to Colonel
Samuel W. Kilgore for $6,750 one of those
elegant new two-story and mansard eight-room
brick dwellings, being No. 6 on the east side of
Oakland square. Fourteenth ward. The price
includes sewering, grading and paving. In
quiry ior inese dwellings is on tne increase,
owing to the fact that a cable loop is to be run
within 60 feet of the square.
Allesi Bail ev, 164 Fourth avenne. placed a
mortgage for S3.00U at 5 per cent for three years
on property in the Sixth ward, Pittsburg.
Thomas McCaffrey, 3509 Butler street, sold
for J. Sam Oebling to Justin Heide, lot 24x37x
44 on Penn avenue, near Thirty-fourth street,
for$l,000 cash.
James W. Drape it Co. sold the house and
lots Nos. 4506 and 4508 Penn avenne. near cem
etery gate, for $4,350 cash. They also placed a
mortgage of $1,500 at 6 per cent on property in
McKeesport; also one of $3,000 at 6 per cent on
a suburban property. They also sold an inter
est in a large business and dwelling property
and an extensive business In a manufacturing
town near the city of 520,001
L M. Pennock & Son sold and settled a mort
gage on Homestead property for $5,000, five
years, at 53-10 per cent: one of $2,500, three
years, 6 per cent, on property in the Eighteenth
ward, city, and one for $800, Ave years, U per
cent, on property in Tarentum.
W.W. McNeill & Bro.,105 Fourth avenne,
sold for George and Rebecca Foden, to Mr.
John Hllgri, lot 25x130 on Ganwisch street. Six
teenth ward, city, having thereon two frame
houses, one of five rooms and one of four
rooms, for $1,625 cash. They also placed a
mortgage of $1,300, for three years, at 6 per
cent on city property.
On the Strength of the DIrectora Report
Plttsbnrg nnd Western Weak and
Strong by Spells A Dnll Close
nt Lowest Figures.
New Yobk, May 10. The stock market to
day was again a professional one from begin
ning to end. The local operators v, ere inclined
to follow London and commission people were
doing literally nqthlng, but the poor impres
sion made by the Atchison directory embold
ened the traders to- attack that stock in
the hope of bringing out long stock on
stop order, which to a certain degree was
successful, and the Block was hammered down
1 per cent below the closing figure of last
evening. St Paul was only moderately active,
and notwithstanding the calling in of loaned
stock and a premium of 1-32 of 1 per cent for
use. the stock fluctuated only ii per cent
throughout the day. The drive at Atchison
brought out good support at the decline, and
after the first rally the stock was compara
tively neglected for the remainder of tho day.
Transcontinental was again one of the leaders
in point of activity, but like St. Paul fluctuated
over an extremely narrow range, while It
maintained an exceptionally strong tone.
Dullness and stagnation were special features
until near the close, when a drive was made at
Richmond and West Point, which yielded over
1 per cent. Burlington also exhibited a droop
ing tendency at this time, bnt its loss was con
fined to a small fraction. The strong feature
of the day was the Chicago Gas Trust, which
took a start toward 2 p.m. and rapidly roso 2
per cent, it , is said that puts at 49 have been
soia upon tne siock, ana tne Dnying was to
protect these privileges. Among the special
ties there were a few marked improvements,
and while Manhattan was 'strong, Pittsburg
and Western was weak, aran and retired to
!41K, though it ralli-eintr:Tho market finally
auu ana a(hw. at -awmis hbc lowest
MAT 11, 1889.
prices, which, however, were only slight frac
tions from the opening figures in most of the
list In the unlisted department there was but
little feature, everything being heavy, but Cot
ton oil and Brunswick retired to 22.
Railroad bonds were quiet, the sales of all
issues aggregating $1,525,000, of which Denver
and Rio GrandeWestem certificates contrib
uted $100,000. The tone of tha dealings was not
pronounced, but was rather heavy at first, re
covering later in the day. Denver and Rip
Grande Western certificates rose 2 to 89,
while Reading second Incomes lost 2 at 6f
and South Carolina seconds 6 at 50.
The following table snows tne prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dally for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Open- High- liow-
Am. Cotton Oil 5434"
Atctl.. Top. & 0. F.... 431a
Canadian Pacific 54
Canada Southern. 52H
Central or Hew jersey. 93)
Ctaesaoeake A Ohio ... 17
C, Bur. ft Qulncy..... V7H
C, Mil. bt. faul.... 66M
C, MU.Jt Sit, P., pr.... 107)4
C, St. h. A Pitts ....
c, st. i.. .tritts. pr. ....
C. St. P.. M. O
C, bt. V..M. iO.. pt 93
C ft North western... .UW
107 a
U.& .Northwestern, pt
C. C. U & I 68 - 63 68i
uoi. coal ft iron
Col. ft Uocklng Val .. IS
licl.. h. ft W. 138)4
Del. ft Hudson 13G
Denver ft Mod
Denver & Rio U., pr.
E.T., Va. Ua
E.T.,Va. &Ga lstpr ....
K.I.. Va.4Ga.2dpf. 23
Illinois Central 1W4
Lake Erie ft Western.. IS),
Lake Erie ft West. pr.. 5S
Lake Shore &M. S 1MK
Louisville ftNsshvllle. 674?
Michigan Central
Mobile ft Ohio 11
Mo., K. ftTexas
Missouri Pacific 72K
Mew York Central
i. Y L. E.& W 28K
27 1
jn.y., l jeftw., prer
M. Y C. A St. L
X. 1C., U. ft St. L. Of. '
N.Y.. CftSt.L. 2d or :;
N.Y&N.VZ 43J ilii 43X
it. Y., O. ftW
MorfoIkA Western
Norfolk ft Western, pi. iVi
Northern Pacific
Nortnern Pacific nref. S2)
Oregon improvement, 65
Oregon Transcon 35X
Pacific Mall 361
Phlladel. ft Beading-.. 14V
Pullman Palace Car.. .13711
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 2654
Richmond ft W.P.T.pf 80)1
St. Paulftllnlath
St. Paul ft Dalntli pC. 83
St. f Minn. 4 Man.. .101 M
St.L. ft San Fran "SSi
St. L. 4 San Fran pf.
St. L. ft San F.lst pr.
Texas Pacific SI
Union 1'aclflc SI
Wabash j i .
Wabash preferred Z7H
Western Union b&H
Wheeling ft L. 66 H
National Lead Trust.. 22
101 H
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closlncanotatlonsof Fhlladelnbla stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fonrth avenue,
Pennsvlvanla Railroad .. 52
Heading Railroad 21 15-13
Buflalo. Fit tsburjr and Western IW
Lehigh Valley 53
Lehigh Navigation 52)2
Philadelphia and Erie 29
Allegheny Valley bonds, UZ'4
V. Co. 's New Jersey 223
Northern Faclfic 25K
Northern. l'aclflo preferred HH
mining Stocks.
New Yobk. May 10. Amador. 100: Aspen,
1,000; Bodie, 150; Caledonia B. H., 310; Colorado
Central, ISO; Consolidated California and Vir
ginia, 800; Sunkin, 105: Deadwood T.. 100;
Eureka Consolidated. 175; EI Cristo, 130; Gould
& Curry, 280: Hale &Norcross. 465; Mexican,
495; Mono. 150; Mutual. 140: Opbir.525; Fly
mouth, 950: Savage, 200; Siera Nevada, 370;
Standard, 105: Small Hopes, 125; Union Consoli
dated, 499; Yellow Jacket, 44a
Business Notes.
THE German National Bank has Increased
its surplus to $405,000.
The Germama Savings Bank will clear
through the German National Bank of Fitts
bnrg. Every bank and private banking house
in the two cities, Braddock, McKeesport and
Homestead now do their business throngh the
Clearing House.
Another attempt was made yesterday to
sell The Dispatch building' on Fifth avenue.
Attorney Emery, representing the Foster
heirs, bid $100,000, bat it was not quite up to
the mark, and the sale was adjourned until
this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Under a rule of the exchange all checks
given in settlement of transactions are required
to be certified, bat this rale has of late been
more honored in the breach than the ob
servance. It will probably be enforced here
after, as there is considerable pressure in that
Dividends have been declared as follows:
Bank of Fittsbnrg, 3 per cent, semi-annual;
Third National Bank, Pittsburg, 4 per cent,
semi-annual; German National Bank, Pitts
burg, 6 per cent, semi-annual. The Second
National Bank of Pittsburg yesterday begau
paying to its shareholders the usual semi
annual dividend of 4 per cent.
The Market Generally Active, With Prices
Steady to Firm.
Special Report by Cable for the American Manu
facturer. Londou. May 9.
Scotch Pig Market Irregular and business
moderate. ,
NclColtness 55s. 6d. f.o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Summerlee 51s. 6d. f.o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Gartsheme 52s. 6d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Langloan 51s. 3d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Carnbroe 47s. 3d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. IShotts 53s. 6d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Glengarnock 61s. 6d. atArdrossan.
No. 1 Dalmellington ...46s. Od. atArdrossan.
NclEglmton 43s. 3d. atArdrossan.
Bessemer Pig Active trade, market irregu
lar. West Coast brands quoted at 49s 6dfor
Nos. 1, 2, 3, f. o. b. shipping point.
Middlesbrough Pig A firm but quiet market
continues. Good brands quoted at 39s. Od.
for No. 3. f. o. b.
Spiegeleisen Firm market, the demand
improving. English 20 per cent quoted at 82s.
6d. f. o. b. at works.
Steel Wire Rods Market continues firm but
quiet. Mild steel. No. 6, quoted at 6 Os. Od.
f. o. b. shipping port.
Steel Rails This market is active, with
prices strong but somewhat irregular. Stand
ard sections quoted at 4 10s. Od. f . o.b. shipping
point. s
Steel Blooms Firm market and demand
better. Bessemer 7x7 quoted 4 2s. (3d. f. p. b.
Steel Billets This market continues firm
with a good demand. Bessemer (size 2x2)
qnoted at 1 10s. f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Slabs Demand fair and market firm.
Ordinary sizes quoted at 4 2s. 6d. f. o. b. ship
ping point.
crop Ends Steady market and trade fair.
Run of the mill quoted at 2 15s. Od. f. o. b. ship
ping point.
Old Ralls Dull market and prices un
changed. Tees quoted at 3 6s. Od. and double
heads at S 12s. od. c 1. f. N ew York.
Scrap Iron Prices have not changed, and
little is doing. Heavy wrought quotcdat 2 5s.
f. o. b. shipping points.
Manufactured Iron Firm market, but busi
ness la less active.
Stafford, ord. marked bars(f.o.b.L'pool)8 5s Od
" common bars 0 0s0d517s6d
" blk. sheet singles 0 0s Od 717s 6d
Welsh bars. f. o. b. Wales... 5 5s 0d 0 0s Od
Steamer Freights Glasgow to New York,
zs. od. Liverpool to JN e w x ork. ws. wu
Wool Markets.
Philadelphia Wool is quiet and un
changed. New York Wool quiet and steady; domes
tic Heece, 82Q38c; pulled. 234339c; Texas, 14
St. Louis Receipts, 60,692 bales; demand
continues active and market strong. Arrivals,
however, are only moderate in character and
quantity and and fair in quality.
Boston-, May 10. There havo been sales dur
ing the past week of 241,000 pounds of all
kinds of wool, of this amount 955,500 pounds
were foreign. r The movement in domestio
grades has been small, bnt there has been more
Inquiry from manufacturers, which may result
in larger business next week. Fine washed
fleeces nave been sold more freely, and one or
two large lines havo been moved, notably,
150,000 pounds of Ohio XX at 83c; 00,000 pounds
of XXX at 85c:50,000 pounds of Michigan X at
2930c for three-eighths and 272Sc for one
quarter blood. In washed combing and
ftalainn floopH Tinthlner has been done
and values aro nominal. A small
lot of new spring Calif ornlassoldfat 18Kc; there
have been some arrivals of these wools of late.
There is nothing doing in Texas and all other
brands of unwashed have been dull.' There is
a large supply of pulled wools here. They are
offered at comparatively low prices and manu
facturers aro turning their attention to them.
There were sales this weekof supers at 3038c,
and of extra at 2723c. Australian wool Is In
good demand and sells at 8840c for merino
and cross breds. English and Irish wools are
selling more freely at 8887c. Montevideo Is
quiet at 29S0c Carpet wools are steady, with
rather more doing; sales, 483,000 pounds.
rtDCCC and health, together atlh invalua
UrfCOd bietoilet Mnt or izoW, urnfcA
SMrUftf Dare with materiel for m tolerating
i"fry''"jl"vi t"t "5ztzZ -? -, -.
Tropical Fruits BoomingStrawber
ries Scarce and Higher.
Heavy Eeceipta of Grain and HayCorn
and Oats Are Firm.
Ojtice of PrrTSBtmo Dispatch, l
Fbidat. May 10, 1889.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Produce commission men report trade cool
and weather hot. Tropical fruits and hen fruit
are the only articles ln'produce lines that hold
up well in price. Old Ohio cheese has finished
its career tor this season, and Ueir York will
soon follow. Bottom Is almost ant of batter
trade, owing to immense supplies from the
country. There has been a fall of folly Cc from
last week's prices, and stock goes begging at
the reduction, according to reports of some
dealers. The hot weather ot the past few
days, together with the fact of light arrivals in
New York, has given a decided stimulus to the
lemon and orange trade. Steeper prices in
both lines cannot be far away. Strawberries
were in excessive supply at the beginning of
-the week, but have been scarce for the past
few days. Shippers were disappointed with
prices the fore part of the week and since then
have been withholding stock from this point;
A carload from Tennessee is due this evening;
there will probably be plenty to-morrow.
BUTTEB Creamery, Elgin, 2122c; Ohio do,
2021c; fresh dairy packed. 1819c; country
rolls, 1618c; Chanters Creamery Co.. 20022c
Beans-SI 751 90.
Beeswax 2830c ft ftf or choice; low grade,
Cidek Sand refined, $0 07 50; common,
$3 5U4 00; crab cider, $8 0038 50 ?) barrel;
elder vinegar. 10012c fl gallon.
Cheese New Ohio cheese, B10c; New
York, fall make. 1212Jc: Llmbnrger, 910c;
domestic Sweitzer cheese, 9K12c.
Dried Peas $1 251 35 t bushel; split do,
Eggs 15lflc ?1 dozen for strictly fresh;
gortse eggs. Sue dozen.
Fkuits Apples, $2 002 50 barrel: evap
orated raspberries, 25c ?t lb; cranberries, $45
$ barrel, oOcgSl 00 bushel: strawberries, 20
&25c a quart; pine apples, $1 752 25 ft dozen.
Feathers Extra live geese, 60G0c; No. 1
do, 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c fl St.
Honey New crop, 16j217cs buckwheat, 13
JHomtny $2 G52 75 ?1 barrel.
TotatoeS-3035c fl bushel; Bermuda pota
toes, $3 509 00 $ barret.
Poultry Live chickens, 7580c per pair;
undrawn chickens, 1012c $ S; drawn, 14
15c ft Sir turkeys, 1820c dressed ft A; ducks,
live, 6070c ft pair; dressed, 13014c ft Si; geese,
live, $1 0001 25 ft pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fis to bushel, $5 60
ft bushel: clover, large English, 62 Bis, $8 00;
clover, Allske, $8 50; clover, white, $9 00; tim
othy, choice. 45 Bs, $1 65; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 fts, 90c; blue grass, fancy, 14 &s, $1 00;
orchard grass, 14 fts, $1 65; red top, 14 Ss. $1 25;
millet, 50 fts, $1 00; German millet, 50 fts,
$1 50; Hungarian grass. 60 Sis. $1 00; lawn
grass mixture of fine grasses, $2 GO ft bushel of
Tallow Country; 4K5o; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy. $4 60Q
5 00 ft box; Messina oranges. $4 5005 00 ft
box; Valencia oranges, fancy, $7 509 00 ft
case: bananas, 2 10, firsts; $1 50. good seconds,
ft bunch: cocoanuts, $4 001 50 ft hundred;
new figs, 8K9c ft pound; dates, 66Kc ft
Vegetables Radishes, 25040c ft dozen;
marrowfat peas. $3 00 ft crate: new cabbage,
small crates. $3 00; large crates, $6 00 ft crate;
onions, SI 001 25 f) barrel; string beans, $2 00.
Coffee options advanced 15 points in New
York yesterday. "Packages are unchanged.
Bngar, which has been easy for a few days,
again gives signs of firmness.
Geeen Coffee Fancy Rio, 22023c; choice
Rio, 2021c: prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 1819c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracalbo, 22023c;
Mocha, 80K31:; Santos, 1922Kc; Caracas
coffee, 2OK022c; peaberry, Rio, 2123c; La
guayra, 2122c:
Roasted (In papers) Standard brands, 24c;
high grades, 262Sc; old Government Java,
bulk, 32X33c; Maracaibo,272Sc; Santos,
2224c; peaberry, 27c; peaberry Santos, 2224c;
choice Rio, 25Xc: prime Rio, 23c; good Rio,
22Kc; ordinary. 21Kc.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 21023c; allspice, 9c;
cassia, 89c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg, 70SOc.
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, SKc; headlight, 150. 8Kc: water
white, 10Kc; globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; camadlne,
HKc; royaline, lie
Syrups Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c:jrime sugar syrup, 3033c:strict
ly prime. 333oc; new maple syrup, 80c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 4042c
Soda Bi-carb in kegs. 34c; bi-carb In s,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2a
Candles star, fall weight, 9c; steariae, per
set. 8c: parafnne. 11012c.
Rice Head, Carolina, 77c; choice, 6Ji
vc: prime, of4,ioyJc; .Louisiana, oisoc
Starch Pearl, 3c; cornstarch, 5
starch. PAffic
&7c; gloss
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10: California London layers,
$2 60; Muscatels. $2 25; California Mnscatels,
$1 85: Valencia, new,-67c; Ondara Valencia,
7K8c; sultana, 8c; currants, new, 45c;
Turkey prunes, new, 4J5c; French prunes,
8K13c; Salonica prunes, in 2-Ib packages, 8c:
cocoanuts, per 100, $3 00; almonds, Lan per Si,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12KQ15c; Sicily filberts. 12c: Smyrna figs, 12JJ
016c; new dates, 5tlc; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans. 11015c: citron, per Si. 21J22c; lemon
peel, per ft, 1314c; orange peel, 12Kc
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6V6&c: apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated. 15018c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared. 1012c; cherries, oitted, 21022c;
cherries, nnpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated,. 2421c; blackberries, 78c; huckle
berries,1012c. Sugars Cubes, 99c; powdered. 9
9Kcj granulated,9c; confectioners' A. 88c;
standard A. 8c: soft whites, P4i$ci yellow.
choice, 74ssc: yenowgooa.vaic; yeiiow,
fair, 7Kc: yellow, dark,7tic
Pickles Medium, bhisr (L200), $4 50; medi
ums, half bbls. (600), 25 73.
Salt-No. 1ft bbL 95c; No. 1 ex. ft bbl, $1 05;
dairy, ft bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal, ft bbl, $1 20:
Hmgin s Eureka, 4 ba sacks. $2 80: Higgin's
Eureka. 16-14 & pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches $1 CO
1 SO; 2ds, $1 8001 85; extrapeacl.es, $1 501 90:
Bie peaches, 90c; finest corn, $101 50: Hfd.
o. com. 70090c: red cherries, 90c$l 00; Lima
beans, $1 10; soaked do, 85e; string do do, 750
85c; marrowfat peas. $1 1001 15; soaked peas,
70075c; pineapples, $1 4001 50: Bahama do,
$2 75; damson plums, 95c; greengages. $1 25;
egg plums, $2 00; California pears. $2 GO; do
greengages, $2 00; do egg plums, $2 00; extra
white cherries, $2 90; red cherries, 2 Bis, 90c;
raspberries, $1 4001 50; strawberries, $1 10:
gooseberries, $1 2001 30; tomatoes, 82K92c;
salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c; sne
cotash. 2-Si cans, soaked, 99c: do green, 2 Sis,
SI 251 50: corn beef, 2-fi cans, $1 75: 14-11 cans,
$13 60: baked beans, $1 4001 15; lobster, 1 ft.
$1 751 80; mackerel, 1-S cans, broiled, SI 50;
sardines, domestic, ifl, $4 1501 50; sardines,
domestic, lis. $8 258 50: sardines, imported,
ls. $1150012 50; sardines, imported. Ks,
$13 00; sardines, mustard, $4 00; sardines,
spiced. $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 ft
bbL; exf a No. 1 do, mess, MO; extra No. 1
mackerel, sbore,i$32; extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c J) ft.: do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c: boneless bake. In strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6J7c Herring
Round shore, $5 00 ft bbl.; splir, $7 00; lake,
$2 50 ft 100-ft. half Dbl. White fisb..$7 00 ft 100
tt. half bbL Lake tront. $5 50 f hair bbL
Finnan haddock. 10c f) Si. Iceland halibut, 13c
fS. Pickerel. H barrel, $2 00; J barrel. $1 10:
otomac herring, $5 00 ft barrel, $2 50 ft H
Buckwheat Flour 22$c ft ft.
Oatmeal $6 SCQS 60 ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5860o
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Floor and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 41 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne
and Chicago. 3 cars of hay. 1 of bran, 1 of feed,
1 of barley, 1 of oats. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati
and St. Louis, 1 car of wheat, 4 of bay, 4 of
corn, 2 of oats, lot bran,! of middlings. By
Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 2 cars of oats, 2 of
hay, 8 of wheat, 10 of rye. -By Baltimore and
Ohio, 1 car of oats. By Pittsburg and Western,
1 car of flour. Com and oats are the firm fac
tors of cereal markets. Liberal snnplles and
good grazing weaken bay markets, "but prices
are a sbado better than last week and for some
time past. Tha situation as to Hoar continues
in the bu)ers favor. Sales on call at the Ex
change to-dayr One car No. 2 white oats. 32JJc,
5 days, P. &L.E.: 1 car w. w. bran, $1360, 5
days; 1 car h. m. r. com, 40Kc, 10 days.
Wheat Jobbing prices No,2 red, 94W5cr
Corn No. 2 yellow ear, 42943c; high mixed
ear, 4041c; No. 1 yellow, shelled, 41012c: No. 2
yellow, shelled. 40(E41c: hlcb. mixed, shelled.
39Wc: mixed. sbeOed, IBtJOPc.
Oats-N.-2.wb, saufSSc; extra. No. 3,
StattKc: No. 3 while. sSffte: No. 2 mixed. 27
. " .5i -Mf-tv-U . Yl
J '..J ' ( '.t . JC- .tf.
Bye No. 1 Western, 7(XJ75e: No.2. 65956c
Barley No. 1 Canada, 95je8a: No.2 Can
ada. 858Sc:No. 3 Canada, 70g(72c;Lake Shore,
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents,
$5 605 75; spring patents, $5 0680 00:- winter
straight, $4 7505 00; dear winter, $4 504 75j
straight XXXX bakers', $4 OOgl 25. Rye flour,
$3 503 75.
MlLLPEED-Mlddllngs, One wbite, $15 00
16 00 ft ton; brown middlings. SU 6012 50;
winter wheat bran, $13 00013 60; chop feed,
$15 0016 0a
Hay Baled timothy, choice, 514 60015 00;
No. 1 do, J13 25013 50: No.2 do, $11 0012 50;
loose from wagon. $18 00018 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. $10 0010 50; No. $8 008 60; picklnjr
Straw Oats. $8 008 25; wheat and rye
Straw, $7 0007 5008 00.
Sugar-cure bams, large, 10c; sugar-cured1'
hams, medium, lie; sugar-cured hams, small,
llc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 8c: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats. 8c; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 9c; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds. IIc;bacon shoulders, TJc; bacon
clear sides, 8c; bacon clear bellies, 8c; dry
salt shoulders. 6c: dry salt clear sides, 7c.
Mess pork, heavy. $14 00; mess pork, family,
$14 50. Lard Refined In tierces. 7r; half
barrels, 7Jcr 60-ft tubs, 7 20-S palls, 7c; 60
S tin cans, 7Hc; 3-ft tin palls, 8c; 5-& tin palls,
7c: 10-ft tin pails, 1ic Smoked sausage, long,
5c; large, 5c. Fresh pork links. 9a Pigs feet,
half barreL $4 OC; quarter barrel, $1 90.
Dressed Blear.
Armour & Co, furnish the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses. 450 to 550 fts,
5Kc; 550 to 650 fts, 6Vfc:C50to750Bs, OKc Bheep,
8c ft ft. Lambs, 9c ft ft. Hogs, 6a Fresh
pork loins. 9c.
article in to-morrow' Dispatch, in which tha
native-corn ton of an English missionary de
scribes the people of the island and their prog
ress in Christianity and civilization.
X am satisfied that Cancer u hereditary in my
family. My father died of It, a sister of my
mother died of It, and my own sister died of it.
My feelings may be imagined, then, when the
horrible disease made its appearance on my
side. It was a malignant Cancer, eating In
wardly In such a way that it could not be cut
out. Numerous remedies were used for it, but
the Cancer grew steadily worse, until Itseemed
that I was doomed to follow the others of tha
family. I took Swift's Specific, which, from
the first day, forced out the poison and con
tinued its use nntil I had taken several bottles,
when I found myself well. 1 know that S. S. S.
cured me. Mrs. S. M. Idol.
Winston, N. C. Nov. 26, '88.
Send for Book on Cancer and Blood Diseases.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
ezema.Itchy, Scaly, Skin Tortures.
If ilmpl mppllcitioo of " Swings Ootmot" without
tnr ttterail medicine, will eon aj cm of Tetter, Salt
Einmm. Ringworm, file, Itch, Sort-, Plmpletilryilpel all
bo mutar how ooitluto or Ions ituiUiii. Sou bj dmsjfju,
r lent by mill tor 50 as. 1 Bom, JIJi Addrcu. Dx.
fr.tiriiSo.,PMUdtlpM.,r. Aakroudraulitfcrlt.
Capital, 8100,000, with privilege of $500,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $23,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ac
counts Solicited. Collections a Specialty.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
JAS. GALLERY President
W.J.BURNS Vice President
Circu lar Letters of Credit for Travelers
Good In all parts of the world.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekin ,
For largest assortment and lowest pricea call
and see us,
On mortgages on improved real estate in soma
oi i,uaj ana upwara. Appi" at
mh4-3i-ri No. 121 Fourth avenue.
Blood Puriflep.
A. uurely Vegetable
1 Compound that expels
I all bad humors from tha
(system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
511-515 Hamilton Bunding,
mvIO-TO-D Pitt3bnrg. PaC
Issue travelers' credits through Messrs. Drezel,
Morgan & Co., New York. Passports procured.
As old residents know and back flies of Pitts
burg papers prove, is tho oldest established and
most prominent physician In the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
MCPlni IQ and mental diseases, physical
IlLn V UUO decay, nervous debility, lack of
energy; ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, bash! nlness.
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, f allingpowers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat,
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIRIMARV kidney and bladder derange
Unilinll 1 1 ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Wnlttier's life-long, extensive erperienco
insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if
here. Office hours 9A.M-to8p. x. Sunday,
10 A. H. to 1 P.M. only. DR. WHITTIER. 811
Penn avenue. Pittsburg; Pa. apfr31K-Pnwk
For men! Checks the worst cases in three
days, and cures In Ave days. Price SI 00. at
Ja5-28-TTSSu 412 Market street.
Tor LOHT or PaUlne
MAN HOOD. Nervous
ness, weakness
BodT AMlnd. Licfcof Strength. Vlror and De-
veloyaeet, oaaMd bv Errors, Excesses, Ac. Boot,
MOO or BSLF-Tbiatmist. and Proofs mailed
(seated free. Address ERIE MBUICAL; CO.-,
DSSMSi I. - !
, 3
z v -. iKisisaHkf .rtx . , ." "
" -i Si. .. JJ'Aa.iJL473lS.i.Hj(, ..
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