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By Actors, left in an Asylum, anct
Had a Strange Experience.
k. A Birthmark and EesemWance May Pay
j Julia Mitchell $80,000.
The contest over the estate of Thomas
-Sheehan, of Sharpsburg, was taken np in
'Orphans Court, before Judge Hawkins,
yesterday. The case was opened by placing
Ann Sheehan, -widow of the deceased, on
the stand. She first testified that her hus
band died in 18S7, and his estate was Talced
at between $60,000 and $80,000. She was
. left a widow and married Sheehan in 1S52.
She had a daughter to Thomas Sheehan in
1855; this child was remoTed and given into
the care ot Mr. Sheehan's brother, who
lived at Saltsburg. This family was named
Gibbons. The Gibbons family afterwards
moved West, taking the child with them.
Sir. Sheehan had. in 1861, tried to find his
daughter, but failed, and the witness never
caw the child until after her husband's death,
when the claimant called, and .she identified
her by a birthmark and her close resemblance
, to the deceased.
j Dr. J. K. Robinson, of Sharpsburg; testified
. that he had known Thomas Sheehan for many
' Tears. He examined the claimant and found
on her a birthmark such as described by Mrs.
Kheehan. The claimant bore a very strong re
semblance to the deceased.
Julia Mary Mitchell, the claimant, was the
next -witness. She is about 35 years old, with
a peculiar Celtic cast of features. Her story
was that, when a child, she lived in the "West
with a family called Gibbons. She was given
by them to some family, but was not kept Ions.
One day vhile playing on the street she was
accosted by two men who promised her candy.
X)ne ot the men took her to a place where steps
wentnpahilL She was taken into theThouso.
and given in charge of a woman. The people
went by the name of Harrison. They were
actors. The family
and an actor named McClery took charge of
her add took her to St. Louis, and placed her
in an orphans' home, from which place'she was
taken by Mrs. Mitchell, of New Castle. In
lSS7shereadof the death of Mr. Sheehan and
of his peculiar life, and she concluded that she
was the lost daughter, and came on and joined
her mother.
In the afternoon Miss Mitchell was put
through a rather severe cross-examination, but
she answered in a straightforward manner, and
did not vary in the least from her rather re
markable story.
Mrs. Frances Laugher, a daughter of Mrs.
Sheehan by her first marriage, testified that
her father's name was Best; and while she was
yet a child her mother gave birth to a daugh
ter. This was after her father's death:
Lncretia Churchfleld, of New Castle, testi
fied to the child being brought to New Castle
by Mrs. Mitchell. William Churchfield, of
New Castle, testified the same as bis wife.
-Miss Mary Laugher, a granddaughter of Mrs.
Sheehan, testified that her grandmother had
told her of the lost child and of the birthmark
on the missing girl's person.
Mrs. Mary Kelly, daugnter of Mrs. Sheehan,
testified that she at one timesaid to her mother
that there was no nse of Mr. Sheehan working
so hard, as his money would go to outside rela
tives, and her mother had told her that there
was a daughter, and that she had seen her in
the market house. That was the first knowl
s. edg the witness ever had of there being a
' Mrs. Kate Beach, of Sharpsburg, knew Mr.
Sheehan for a number of years. She had a
conversation with Mrs. Sheehan one day, and
she told her of the missing daughter, and said
she would know her by the birthmark. Mrs.
Sheehan had also told her of seeing the child
in the market house.
Mrs. Patrick Haggerty, ot Sharpsburg, knew
Sheehan for 25 years. She had a conversation
with Mrs. Sheehan and she told her the same
story as related by the previous witness. The
witness stated that the claimant resembled the
deceased very much about the eyes and mouth,
and also in disposition. She had had a talk
with the man now deceased, and he had told
her that he had a daughter who would inherit
bisTiuoney. She afterward heard that the
child" wai in,an orphan' asylum. "Witness re
lated a. conveWon she had with Mrs. Shee
han in which tWIStter told her of a dream
about her missing daughter, who. she dreamed,
was working in a tailoring establishment.
. ".Mary Lutz, of New Castle, testified about
.Mr. Mitchell bringing the child to New Castle
in 1865. The witness had a talk with the girl
at the time, and ths story she told in court in
the morning corresponded with the story told
her at that time. She saw the birthmark on
the girl's person in 1870.
Miss Mitchell, the claimant, was recalled by
the defense, and asked concerning her abduc
tion by the actors, and she replied the same as
tn her testimony in chief.
Kev. Father George S. Grace, pastor of St.
Joseph's E. C Church of Sharpsburg, was
Sheehan's pastor from 1S75 until he died. He
testified that there was a very strong resem
blance between the claimant and the deceased,
not only in appearance, but also in her walk.
J. Haggerty and J. G. Stitz, of Sharpsburg,
who bad known Thomas Sheehan for many
years, testified to the strong resemblance be
tween the claimant and the deceased, not only
in looks, but in general manner.
The case will be taken np on Wednesday
rooming. The claimant has some additional
strong testimony to offers The case will prob
ably last three days, and is attracting general
attention among attorneys.
To-Morrovr'a Trial Lists.
Common Fleas No. 1 Commonwealth vs Dall-
; Morrison Bros.
Ifrlend' vs Pitts-
Ganler vs Calhoon:
garnishee; Harding vs
L Incline Plane Co, :
; Frailer vs Story etaL:
Co. Knhlnsnn jt n rr v
jurper ci ai. : jteese vs i;iaric
Common Pleas .No. S-Mc3Ullan vs Gil Allan:
Xlnsteri Co. vs Burzlng: same vs Delph: Linton
Co. vs Shlebler; D. Bslrd Machine Co. vt hteen
et al. ; Spang & Co. vs Kauffleld.
Criminal Court-Commonwealth vs Josephine
Sowan et al., Frank Comerrord. John Shay et
al. S. Levy, L. Goldttlne, John Bagley, B. F.
Crowe, Carrie Kodolf, T. J. Owen, CalXuetta, M.
t "VV. Oliver, Joseph rink.
- Silting! From Jnstice.
To-sat being a legal holiday, no Courts will
be held, and the Court House win not be
decree in divorce was granted yesterday
he suit of Mrs. Mary Howard against
xt F. Howard.
t suit of Josph.and Frank Heyman
t George Weidlnger and Henry Soeier,
ote. Is on trial before Judge Stowe.
tE suit of Patrick Murray against the City
Pittsburg for damages to property, caused
. an overflow of surface drainage, is on trial
jefore Jndge Slagle.
fjons BHAT and Robert Lutz are on trial in
Criminal Court on the charge of the larceny of
,a watch and chain ana ring, from J. J.
aEfiinger, of Wylie avenue.
t xneyer; Blakelyvs JJellls & CO.;
I vs Sutton; Kaiser vs Flaceus;
I I burgs Mutely vs Eagen;
I Wellington vs Wood,
I JMortnrop; Straus vs Troy Hit
I Snyder et al. vs Kalney;
' Smith & Miller vs Herd A
sso:bx suit oi jeremian enniton againstiuiian
"JtiBeckert, Charles Scgan, constable, and Alder
rlxaan John Burns, for damages, for the alleged
t Jillegal sale of a mule, is on trial.
jfpflir the suit of Joseph A., "William A, George
J W. and Carrie Stone against the borough of
fr-vlMcKeesport, for damages resulting from the
la grading of a street, is on trial before Judge
5 Judge A.CHESOX, of the United States Dis-
Jtrict Court, yesterday confirmed the report of
ithe Commissioner, distributing 11500, the
'funds arising from the sale of the steamer
Atxbsxct by consent was taken yesterday
if or the plaintiffs in the suit of Thomas "L,
33ames K. and Annie White against the P.
3McK A Y. B B. Company, for-damages for
fright of way,
-Owxif McGowxw. for Illegal liquor selling,
'.was yesterday fined J550 and sentthree moiitbs
-. jto the workhouse. L. Gamble, of the Tbirty-
.jfslxth ward, pleaaea cuutyto Keeping agam-
j..',bltng house and was fined 100 and costs,
& Evas Davis yesterday received a verdict
Wior $300 damages in his suit against Jacob
Schumacher. Davis ten through a hole to the
'cellar in the saloon ot Schumacher, on Smith-
Illeld street, while the flooring was being re
paired, receiving severe injuries.
Thomas RoBlssoif yesterday obtained a
t of habeas corpus to bring into court his
two children. Hose and Carrie Robinson, aged
4Ind 2,years, who are in charge of Thomas
&nat4ien urots, iu su.aii omanman street,
rww-' r mbbj Wednesday
a 1 . 4. i ' 4
.s :i O:-,-.. 1C r 'fday Henry Rnpp
Mia Oculu- '?'.'. '- sre" convicted of
'cmbeolingthatuni'.i.'V:! f vs, entTira ti"
Company, of Anrori ,.tt , w tr.r e" r for
sentence. Rupp,,who had ben recommenaeo,
by the Jury, to the me.rcy of the court, was re
leased oh" (he payment of costs. Uilgan was
sentenced two years to the .workhouse.
The Strange Case of Wilhelralna Slahl,
Which Pozzlea the Phyalclaas.
Chicago, April 29. -Much excitement
exists among the people of 'Jefferson Park,
asaborDof Chicago, regarding the strange
case of handsome young Miss Wilhelmina
Stahl, who, it is said, was to have been
married in July to a "United States Army
physician at Ft, Sheridan.
The Stahl family are among the new
comers in the village, consisting of a mother
and two daughters. One of the latter came
from Germany a few years ago, and by
clerking in one of the commercial houses in
Chicago, gained sufficient means to bring
her mother and sister across the ocean about
a year ago. This sister, Wilhelmina Stahl,
has been likewise engaged in business in the
city during the past year, until about three
weeks ago, when she became somewhat in
disposed. A physician's services were not
deemed necessary, until about'ten days be
fore her death, when Doctors Fonda and
Moore were summoned. Sr. Moore pro
nounced the girl beyond medical aid. The
ailment appears to have been rheumatism o'f
the heart.
Thursday the end came. Arrangements'
for the funeral were perfected to take place
on Sunday at 1 P. M. Many ot the neigh
bors assembled at that hour in tire residence.
The body of the deceased had been placed in
the coffin. Just before the services began
the mother and sister expressed doubts as to
whether death had actually ensued. The ap
pearance of the body seemed to give them
some warrant for their conclusion. There
was no evidence of decomposition, and none
of the usual rigor and stiffness were ap
parent. Besides this, there appeared color
in the face, and a contour to the body that
raised in their minds a serious doubt as to
'the extinction of all life.
The ceremonies were suspended for a con
siderable time until the physicians could
make an examination, not to verify their
own convictions but to satisfy the friends
and relatives. The several tests were made
as prescribed by medical science, all of
which seemed conclusive save as to one,
which the physicians are Irank in saying is
very unusual, although not indicating the
existence of life. An examination of
-the body showed to some of the
witnesses what is called evidences
of some "rigor mortis" a slight
movement of the muscles, which usually
ceases within' at most 12 hours alter death.
"Upon the physicians' advice, still firm in
their own convictions of the correctness of
their tests and conclusions, the funeral cer
emonies were suspended and the body taken
from the coffin and placed upon the couch.
No time has as yet been fixed for the funeral
services, and the relatives are caring for the
body with every appliance at hand to resus
citate it
To-day the watch was still beius kept up
and no change had become manifest in the
appearance of the corpse. All sorts of ru
mors: are current as coming from the at
tendant that indications of returning ani
mation have been detected, etc, but they
cannot be verified.!
The girl's husband, that-was-to-be, has
been An attendant at the bier during all this
strange, sad period.
He Saw the. Wreck.
Manager Clifford, a theatrical man, saw the
wreck at Hamilton, day before yesterday. He
said one poor fellow was' so wedged in that he
could not get out, and he cried piteously to be
shot while the fire was burning him. Another
man had. his bead cut off, and one had an arm
pulled oat of the socket.
An Appeal f6r Assistance.
The man who is charitable to himself will
listen to the mute appeal for assistance made
by his Stomach, or his .liver, in the shape of
divers dyspeptic qualms and uneasy sensa
tions in the regions of the gland that secretes
his bile. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, my dear
sir, or madam as the case may be is what yon
require. Hiisten to use If you are troubled
with heartburn, wind in the stomach, or note
that your skin or the whites of your eyes are
taking a sallow hue.
95 and 97 15 ft h Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
The largest holder of fine old Bye and
Bourbon whiskies in- the United States
offers in bond 'or tax paid the following
Gibson, MelvaJe. Honticello, Dougherty,
Jit. Vernon, Hannisville, Overholt, Guck
enheimer, Hermitage, Moss, Large and G.
W. S.
W. H. McBraycr, Old Crow, Hermitage,
Bond & Iiiliiard, O. F. C. Carlisle, Hume.x
Mellwood and Nelson. Telephone Num
ber 66& -
A Great Success.
Our sale of the consolidated stocks of
three large clothing manufacturers is- a
great success. It's jnst as we predicted
when we said it would cause great excite
ment, cor. Grant and Diamond sts. Remem
ber, this large stock isbeing sold at 62 cents on
the dollar, and is divided into three big bar
gain lots 810 suits, $12 suits and $15 suits.
These goods were sent to us with the under
standing that they were to be sold at once,
and we have marked the prices for a speedy
sale at 62 cents on the dollar. Good clothing
was never sold so cheap. P. C. C. C, cor.
Grant and Diamond sts., opp. the new Court
We Celebrate the Say.
Store closed all day open to-morrow.
Come and see the special new lots of bar
gain dress goods and silks.
1 Jos. Hobite & Co.'s
Penn Avenue Stores,
No Colored Chromos,
Butfine: reliable, artistic photographs,
which will not fade, at Aufrecht's Elite
Gallery, 516 Market street, Pittsburg. Ele
vator. Children always welcome. Prices
Stores open to-day as usual. See the fine
all-wool, double-width foule at 30c. Great
est dress goods offer ever made. Silks at
half price. Boggs & Btjhl.
ALL the leading brands of imported
Champagnes sold by G. W. Schmidt, 95
and 97 Fifth Ave., City.
Colobed photo for framing given away
opening week with every dozen cabinets at
Hendricks & Co.'s new photo parlors, 68
Federal street, Allegheny. xufsu
Ton Tako Elevntor.
Walter Hlsted's new studio now open, 35
Fifth ave. Pay a little more for your
photos and get a good picture. Histed, the
only first-class photographer in the city.
W. Histed, 35 Fifth ave.
-E. HISTED, 41 Fifth ave.
The Public Come to Pittsburg
When they want fine, artistie photos of
themselves or little ones. Aufrecht's Elite
Gallery, 516 Market street, Pittsburg.
Cabinets $1 per dozen.
Velocipedes and Tricycles.
JTive Bizes for boys from i to 12 years.
Three sizes for girls Irom 4 to 15 years, at
Laner's Toy House, 620 Liberty at
La Math.de imported cigars from $10 to
$40 per hundred. G. W. Schmtdt,
95 and 97 Fifth Ave.
Make no mistake
In buying your furniture, go to the manu
facturer, and save money. There is only
one in the twin cities and their goods and
prices defy competition. Therefore go to
M. SciSert SS Co., cor. Lacock and Hope
streets, sear railroad bridge, Allegheny.
Casotets, $1 per doses. '"Proof shown.
Hendricks & Co.' sew. .pbeio parlors 68
Aiiegneny, - xursi
kiu kbrecb. AUKacur. -- xuxbu- i Base. a. i&ra wooa iQnrtu- n27.fcUB.TTa .i . - , .rix&m
3Ri.. -. x ' ",.. . ' -- - -....-- .--....,.. iV -.',,- vsmm
i , I
The Chicago, 'Reek usland and Pocrao
K, tvHvmniHi -,-..... . ,. ht-
. - n.....hiMM( im.ikr .,
The Chicago, Roctm'and and Pacifio'has'
issued in circular formVa ruling, important
to wire nail manufacturers. Buling No. 69,
April 10, providing rating ifor nails, wire, in
boxes or kegs, should be changed to read as
follows: Nails, wire, in packages, packed in
kegs and boxes, also In bulk in boxes, second
class. .Shipments of wire nails in bulk in kegs
should be rated as "iron nails or spikes, in kegs
at actual weight, bnt net less than 108 pounds
per keg.
Commercial AgentfHall, of this road, reports
that Pittsburgers should have no complaints
to make about business. Last week he shipped
over his line -15 cars of freight. His tonnage
for January showed an increase of 4,000,000
pounds for the same month last year.
So far this year the tonnage of the roads Is
not up to last season, bat the rates are firmer
and higher and the revenues larger. Mr. Hall
says the railroad men who say business is dull
are too lazy to work. He can find plenty of
shipments, bnt he doesn't want the earth.
The Coal Shipment Will Possibly Reach
4,000,060 Bushels,
The water had reached 11 feet yester
day afternoon but soon began to fall It
is estimated by river men that the coal ship
ment will reach between 8,000,000 and 4,000,000
bushels. .
The Acorn, Belle McGowan, Ed Roberts,
Convoy, Geo. Sbiras, Jr., Ark, Lioness and
Little Bill left in the morning with full tows.
The J. C. Risher and some other boats will fol
low to-day if there irsufflclent water. -
The KatleStockdale arrived yesterday morn
ing and left for Cincinnati again in the af ter
noon. A Popular Chief Clerk Going.
Mr. Charles E. Miller, chief clerk of the
Monongahela House, has accepted a clerkship
in the Hotel Lafayette, of Philadelphia, and he
will leave for that city on-Friday. Mr. Miller
has been connected witb the Monongahela
House for six years, and is deservedly popular.
Mr. Anderson tried to induce him to stay: but.
like the Methodist preacher, he feels that the
spirit has called him to the Quaker City.
The Sonlrrel Hill Bond.
Part of the much-talked-of Squirrel Hill
electric road will be built this summer, so says
one interested. About 575,000 will be expended.
The part to be built will extend from the cor-1
ner ot Boauet street and Filth avecne to. the
junction of Murray avenue and Forbes street.
A syndicate
Is buying property along the
Miss Draver, aged sixteen years, daughter of
Mr. Wm. H. Drayer, a well known shoe dealer,
had been afflicted with Club Foot fourteen
years, causing great distress and annoyance to
herself and family. There was sucha contrac
tion of the mnscles that she couldnot straighten
her limb, and although she wore the usual
high heel shoe, it was impossible for her to
bring her heel to the ground when walking.
After suffering on in this condition for four
teen years, she consulted one of the surgeons
of the Polypathic Surgical Institute, and was
convinced that it was sot too late to be
cured, An operation was performed, and the
deformity entirely removed, and although it is
now three years since the operation, her cure
has remained permanent. She walksperfectly,
and has no further use for a high heel shoe.
Her father says: "For the benefit of others I
hereby certify that the foregoing statement
concerning my daughter's condition is true and
correct. M H. DRAYER." They treat suc
cessfully, Tumors. Deformities and Chronio
diseases. Office hours, 10 to 11:30 A. jr., 2 to
and 7 to 9 P. u. Remember, consultation is
STITUTE, 420 Penn avenue. apl5-78-D
To cure Mrs. Thomas Hatton, and she suffered
on for 13 years. The aches and pains which
she experienced in almost every part of ner
body was simply terrible. Those sharp, cutting
pains across the small of her back and lower
part of her body was almost unbearable. In
fact she suffered with all those diseases and
conditions peculiar to women. For three
months her mind was unbalanced, and for
months she was confined to her bed. She be
came very weak and emaciated, so that she
only weighed 93 pounds. 'No one expected her
to live, .much less get entirely cored. After
receiving three months' treatment with the
physicians of the Catarrh and Dyspepsia Insti
tute, 823 Penn avenue, who make a specialty of
her disease, sbe says: v
"I never want any one to suffer as I have for
the past IS years. The condition of my case
was mncn worse tnan nas Deen aescriDea, ana
i am oniy too giaa to testny to my complete
cure by the doctors of the Catarrh and
cepsla Institute.
"MRS. THOMAS HATTON, Pntnant, Pa."
The above lady physician can be consulted
by ladles suffering from diseases peculiar to
their sex. The medicines used are positively
curative, and are so prepared as to allow the
patient to use the treatment herself. They
treat successfully Catarrh, Rheumatism. Dys
pepsia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Blood, Kidney
and Female 'Diseases.
Office hours, 10 A. n. to 4 r. M., and 6 to 8 P.
v. Sundays, 12 to 4 v. v. Consultation free
to all. - ap26-D
dealers in wines, liquors and French c or
is for family use. Sole agents for San Gab
riel Wine Company, California. 10 DIAMOND
SQUARE, Pittsburg. Foreign produce a spec
alty se22-bl3K-TT8
Only Genuine System of Memory Training,
Poor Books Learned in'ono reading.'
Mind wandering; enred.
Every child and adult greatly benefitted
Great Inducements to Correspondence Classes,
Ftospectns, Kith opinions of Dr. Wm. A.Hani.
raonn, ins woriaumea ctpecunst in
Daniel Rrcenleaf Thompson, the neat Psrehot
OEut, J.M.BnckIeT,I).D.,ediforofthe Chnttian
AOcocaU, N. T.. lUchard Proctor, the Scientist,
others, sent pottre by '
Prof. A.LOISETTB, 837 Fifth Ave., ft. Y.
tJ". DTuiMOTTi. nnttftrtri.
S3 Stxth. Street, rittstiiirar.
Spectacles and Eyeglasses correctly adjusted
J?. Terym defect of sight. Field and Opera
Glasses, Telescopes, Microscopes. 'Barometers.
Thermometers, etc.
ARTIFICIAL EYES made to order;
iuiu niuraiitea. ,uways on nana
large and complete stoc
Established 1S49.
Telephone Call 1075,
Contractor and Manufacturer of
;i& ktoke A
Doors, Watnscoating, Ceillng-and Hard Wood
Work of every, description, for building and
decorative purposes. Mantels, Cabinets and
Furnitare of Special Designs. Drawiees and
Estimates furnished on application- Office and
factory. Nos, 68 and 70- Seventh avenue, Pitts-'
, Jt-a, , jiara wooa lumper, sct-uw-tx
Apt JO
-t r
yoiTar-e different fromtlother
lolks, but we don't .believe it
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cine to cure these diseases if
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lowed. Use Paine's Celery Com
pound and. regain your vigor,
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United Presbyterian church, Mt. Washing,
M. E. church, Homestead, Pa.
Lutheran church, Butler, Pa.
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ing from $100 up.
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5. -O
I HHflVliEQsl
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bert's Statement Ouredjby
Cine Magnetic Treatment
By Dr.
Smyfo, at. 502 Penn Ave.
Mk George Humbert, who resides at Pe
trolUCityin Butler county. Pa., has .been a
gref sufferer for the past 11 years. Everypart
of h)rbodyseemed-,to be diseased. Shesuf
feret Intense pain in the head and through her
lunp and shoulders; every joint in her body
wa4.ore and painful; she was depressed, weak
and despondent; she was very nervous' and
woid start at the least noise and excitement
conpetely prostrated her; she became hoarse
and est her voice entirely and for one month
beftre.sbe applied to Dr. Smith she was un.
abletq speak above a whisper. Mrs. Humbert
triei several doctors and took a large variety of
proprietary medicines, but to no purpose.
Whoi she applied to Dr. Smith she had given
upbl hope, but tho doctor encouraged her and
salohe could help her. Dr. Smith gave her
onf nagnetlc treatment of not moro than ten
mioites and restored her voice so she could
talkas well as ever, and at the same time cured
all tie rest of her ailments, and she returned
to fcr home a well woman. This cure was per
formed without a dose of medicine; all the
do or did was to apply his hands to the afflicted
Pitrlck Ryan has been afflicted with rheu
maism for the past eight months, and was un
abli to do any work whatever. His right arm
wif 10 swollen and painful that be could not
rale his hand to his head. He applied to Dr.
Smth. and received one magnetlo treatment
ant was cured perfectly. Mrs. Emma Seely
hat been a great sufferer from piles for 13
yirs. She applied to Dr. Smith and was per
manently cured in one week. Old Mr. Judd
wis thrown from his wagon and received an in
lay to his back that made him a cripple for 11
nimtlis. He was not able to walk without
cinches. He applied to Dr. Smith and was
pVmanently cured by one magnetic treatment
Sores and hundreds of cures equally asin
tresting could be given if we bad the time and
sbce. We wantto say right here that the slclc
aid afflicted will never .have another oppor
tunity like the present to be made well.
Dr. Smith cures all tormsof.female.com
paints. He also treats and cures cancers in
i es time and with less pain than, by any
, her known method. '
Dr. Smith is permanently located at 502 Penn
,-enue, where everybody can go from 9 a.m.
il 7 p. ji. The doctor consults free and cures
,'ter all other means fail. He treats every
inn of disease Known to humanity. "Goto
p2 Penn avenue and consult him if you wish
L get well. Letters of inquiry must contain
tvo stamps.
Patentee and sole manufacturer of the Eureka
pye Glass. No chain required. Eureka npse
piaues nttea to otuer eye glasses.
I Oculists prescriptions a specialty. All ina
ct lenses ground and spectacles made on the
premises. ' 808 PENlT AVENUE. PITTS.
Seventeenth, and Chestnut, Philadelphia.
Optical and Mathematical Instruments, Arti
ficial Eyes, Medical Batteries, All American
and European Patented Eye Glass and Specta
cle frames. Glasses perfectly ad asted.
Telephone No. 1686. ap7-8S-DSu
!a!S'Wt'jM,'a IB8a&,lr
We Do Not Ask
Our regular customers to visit us.
They will come without an invi
tation, because they'know that
we always keep the latest" novel
ties at prices -unapproachable by
our competitors, but
importation, and every pattern unlike any.
saw before, from 75c to $10 a pair.
X4?Jf '
AND 21Jm
For Between Seasons.
We have a large range o quaji
ties in super-weight Merino, Nat
ural Wool, Balbriggan and Silk
Shirts and Drawers,- ranging from
50c each up.
We start a- special bargain to-day
in Men's Unlaundried plaited front
Shirts at 50c each, our regular. 75c.
shirt, to-close; sizes 15 j to 17
Our Men's new Flannel Shirts
are beginning to arrive. Also, twd
lines of real Scotch Cheviot Shirtsj
beautiful patterns, stripes and
checks, at $2 each, just received.
Men's fancy Percale Shirts, with
two collars and one pair cuffs sep
arate, at $2 each.
Boys' fancy Percale Shirts and
Waists, blouse and regular style.
Ladies' Scotch and Silk Flannel
Blouse Waists.
Tennis Sashes and Belts.
Gentlemen's Hew Neckwear.'
Band Bows, Tecks and Four-in-Hand
" Spring Gloves Lisle, Silk, Kid
and Crape, for walking and driving.
Store open Saturday evenings till
9 "o'clock.
bpeclalty Correct fitting ot lenses and
frames. All styles of SDectacles and Eve-
Glasses. Experienced Opticians and our own.
xactory ana workmen are our inducements.
WM. E. STJERM, Optician,
Have you seen the Wana
maker Overgarments for
Spring? A series of prices
and degrees of luxury. Note
the one, controlling item about
them all..
They're all stylish!
It'll help you to a speedier
choice and an easier, to know
that ,
Every price at Wanamaker's
buys the latest style!
No need to magnify Spring
buits this season! Uur ready-
made have an argument past
the common in' the beauty of
designs of the materials. Re
liable as ever and handsomer
than ever.
Aren't you glad to hear that
lighter colors are going to
bring your clothing into closer
harmony with the sunny days?
We'll cap them all
Wanamaker's low prices.
& Brown,
Sixth street and Fenn avenue.
Nearly 1,000 styles to select
from to make-to-order.
MR. It F.-BUKKE, Druggist
Dear Sir Having sufferea many years with
Brlght's disease, ana trying all kinds of pre
scriptions and patent medicines, I beard of
Pratt's Aromatic Geneva Gin, and tbe flrst bot
tle I took gave me more reUef tnan all tbe otber
medicines put together. I can highly recom
mend it,
Wholesale and Retail
Agent In Pittsburg, 84 Market street
A.TIE IN" G? S -
O. J). LEVIS. Solicitor of Patents. .
131 Fifth avenue, above amithfield, next Leader
oBlce. (No..delay.) Established 20 years.'
As old residents know and back flies of Pitts
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician In the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
and mental diseases, physical
decay; nervous debility, lack of
irgr, ambition and hope. Impaired mem
cry, disordered sight seir-dlstrust basniuinesa
dlzztnef a. sleeDlessness. Dlranles. eruptions, im
poverished blood, falling powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar
riage,' permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling balr, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat
ulcers, old sores, are cured tor. life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIDIMADV kidney and bladder derange
U ill lirtn 1 1 ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment
pmmpt relief and real cures.
' Dr. WhltUer's life-long, extensive experience
insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense, principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as If
here. Office hoars 9jUM.to8p.it. Snndtr.
MA. It, to IP. jr. only. DB, WHITHER, 814
Penn areas, PitsUburg, Pat- apaiJi-DftOTk .
i mm hi
IjarE-. T.-if
-IrMrMF- -
i. srir
o' the Clothing buyers of
going on at KAUFMANNS.
neighbors there, and the business of the meeting under
headway. The object of this
customers is to attend the
Men's and Boys' fine Clothing recently closed out by.
KAUFMANNS' at a great sacrifice to the manufacturers.
Your own. judgment is
your failure to take advantage
to buy fine spring Clothing
its regular values Your especial attention is called to the 'I
Men's elegant Dress Suits at
made Pants at $3, the Boys'
Boys' short-pant Suits at ??
mrAAvti-t hi ,rri? tttiII nmAii
equaled only by that caused
last week. And, this will be
is considered that every one
and truly worth from 33 to
KAUFMANNS' bought the
are now selling them on the
will desire the lion's share of this fortunate deal, while t
they themselves will be satisfied with their usual 'veros, .
modest percentage. In conjunction with this extraordinary 4
offer a great Shoe sale is
To Take Pldcd
at KAUFMANNS', and it will be well worth your while to
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Men's good Calf Shoes, in lace, button and congress styles,
at 1 50. 650 pairs Men's improved English Waukenohast
Shoes at only ,$2 50. 475 pairs Men's genuine French"
Calf seamless Dress Shoes at only 3. 1,200 pairs Lacies .
first-class Pebble Goat Shoes at only $1 25. 500 piairs
Ladies celebrated Walk Well Shoes at only $1 98. 65
: T - j; 1 - r -rr;j a ;t-i- ei . 1 . V
pairs .uauies une vur. xviu,
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Spring Underwear now has the call, and. KAUFMANNS'
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Or ihe Liquor Habit Positively Cured
by Administering Dr. Haines'
Golden Specific.
It can be given in a cup or coffee or tea without
the knowledge of the person taking it: Is abso
lutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and
speedy pure, whether tbe patient is a moderate
drinker or an aleonolle wreck. Thonsands of
Drunkards have been made temperate men who
havo taken Golden Specific In their coffee without
their knowledge and to-day believe thev quit
drinking from their own free will. IT JfEVKK
FAILS. The system once Impregnated with the
Specific It becomes an utter Impossibility for the
liquor appetite to exist. ForsalebyA.J.Eankln,
Sixth and Penn ave..Flttstrarg; E. Holden & Co..
63 E. Federal St., Allegheny. Trade supplied by
Oeo. A. Kellr & Co.. Pittburgk Fa. oe-58-ns
in-, T3ar:s woiwjij.
Of all Druggists, but bttcare of imitations.'
Health,' Energy and Strength, secured by using
AHORANDA WAFERS. These wafers are
gua&astzxd srscmo and the only reliable and
safe remedy for the permanent cure of Impoteney,
no matter how long standing, Nervous Neuralgia
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the use
tlttriiAlnrtnlineco. SleeolissneM. Mental Becres
ton. Softening of the Brain resulting in Insanity
and leading to misery, decay and death.Frematnrt
Old Age, Barrenness, Spermatorrhoea, Hamming
Sreanu, Premature Decay of Vital Power, caused
by over exertion of the brain,- self-abuse or over
indulgence. 75 cents per box or six boxes for
$1.00, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price.
Six boxes is the complete treatment and with
every purchase of six boxes at one time we wil
give a
if the wafers do not benefit or eZect a permanent
cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON MEDICAL
INSTITUTE. Tor sale only by JOSEPH
FLEMING k SON, 412 Market Street, Pitts
burgh, Pa,, P. 0. Box -3T. to wbea all .neiwimmf.
cation should be addressed.-
i - piha-Ba . l-naH Itiwfi 'tiJMMffu
I; ' ' "SV'.T9?
.-v jflB
Pittsburg and Allegheny is now
You'll find your friends and
unusually lame gathering;-
sale of the 5ioo.ooo worth c
of this golden opportunity
at from one-half to two-thirds . '
j5i2. the Men's nobby custom-
long-pant Suits at $8, and'thc
embraced in this sale. These;,
ra t A"irM f TTiT1 f fnn Tinil nlb
by " fe
no matter of surprise when it ,
of these garments is honestly '
50 per cent above their prices.
goods ridiculously cheap, andj
same basis. Their patrons"
ucuuic ouues, at ooiy $z 50
fine French Balbriggan fancy
? 1
know thyself:
A Sclentlno and Standard Popular Medical Tnatite 0
the Errors of Youth, PrematureDedlne.Nervoaa
and Physical lability, impurities oi the Blood,
iTSTbi if 1 1 f liiliJ i I fj
Kcsaltinjtrom Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Sxceaaee or
Overtaxation, Enervating and unfitting the victim
for Work, Business, the Married or Social RelstlOBJr-
Avotd unskilful pretenders. Possess this great
work. It contains 300 pages, royal 8vo. BeautlM"
binding embossed, full gilt. Price, only tl.CO by.
mail, postpaid, concealed in plain wrapper. Illus
trative Prospectus Free. If yon apply ndwv The
distinguished author, Wm. B. Parker, it. D, re
from the National Medical Ateeialea,
for the PRIZE E8SAY en NERVOUS tmi
of Assistant Physicians may be consulted. cob&'
dentlally, by mall or In person, at-the easelot
No. 4 Bulfinch. St., Boston, JHaeo. h whom all,
orders for books or letters for aiWssr seoald te
directed as above; ffH ' . ,
For ment Checks the woifWes In thrjSj
ciays, ana cures m nve days. Mwa si w-iri
J. FLEMmtl-a DnOSTOtiil
Ja5.29-TTSsn 4iaAIarketstreS;
vt 1 WT nr r
X UT "-"'".
., -tv
ssj JHr'
I f 1 11 1 J I 1 1 I ne8. WeakneejSMtKf
Body & Mind, Lack of Strength, Vigor a!!.
velopment, caused by Errors, Eseeu.esmmgkJ.4
Vati v nf Vvr 11 fn 1 vwim n1 rfOAM llsMMsllbsssfe
(sealedj free. a.ddre EB1E MEljlCAln .J
Buaalo. N. Y. deS5--i(H.afc
"isor V1
mtytrm riMMlMf I
.r Mnfi -about Steauh
SmI4 TrMUMMH irww
HgSTH C849PwkMMrtw..
de13 -ErMtrfc
Sntilnifle- faH parUculaei far lt. wmiWi
raTr Sri..u. ma.o. r4 1r?SSVf
I MW. F. a run"" mmmmttf wmmiim
ar -'jfc