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f Features of Live Stock Markets at
vl - East Liberty Tarils.
- And Sheep, Drovers "Will be Satisfied "to
Come Out Even.
Office of Vittsbxjeo Dispatch,
Wednesday. April 24, 1SS9.J
Receipts of cattle this week have been
larger than for months past. On Monday
80 cars were received andl51oads have been
added since. The extra ran had a depressing
influence on markets and prices are off from 15
to 25c as compared with last week.
The following In substance was the Tiew of
an old-time Liberty stockman concerning this
week's cattle markets: Prices of heavy cattle
suffered most In the decline because of unfavor
able news from New York concerning this
grade. The best selling stock were good
butcher cattle ranging from 1,100 to 1,300
pounds. The supplies this week were well
divided In accordance with the wants
of trade. There were few heavy cat
tle, but more than were wanted.
A few loads of 1,400 to 1,650 pound steer were
on hand, and, in a wholesale way, brought $1 25
to $4 35. The coarse grades of heavy cattle and
common stockers suffered most from depres
sion of markets. Light, thin stbckers have
been very poor stock for selling quality this
week. The low prices of full-grown cattle ap
pear to deter stock raisers of this section from
buying stockers and feeders unless they can be
had at very low rates; in fact, at prices which
are rninons to drovers. When cattle are up,
stockers are active. In the present condition
of markets there is a very poor demand for
stockers, which will require long waiting and
much feeding before they will bo ready for
AHerr's Island cattle dealer reports that
markets there this week have been so slow that
the dealer who comes out even is well off.
Said he: "I paid $4 20 for cattle at Chicago,
and the best I could get was Si 65 and even that
was hard to get. I will be satisfied with my
trade this week if I am not a loser."
Calves wer in large snpplv at Liberty this
week. Receipts have been 1,000 head and 300
are due to-morrow. Notwithstanding heavy
run prices arc fairly maintained. Calves suffer
least in the cattle decline from last week's
Slieep and Lambs.
The supply was large, far too large for the
demand, and prices are off a full Jc all along
the line. Some dealers report a smaller de
cline, but all admit a decline. Prime lambs
came nearest holding their own. Common thin
lambs, with the wool off, having neither flesh
nor weight, are not wanted.
Very few sheep or lambs are now coming to
the market that are not clipped. A poor
clipped lamb should be kept at home until flesh
isput on to his bones before starting him out
into the world. Some shippers who consigned
to the Liberty markets tnis grade of lambs the
past week, have learned the truth of this at a
dear experience.
Markets were fairly active at the beginning
of the week at prices of last weec Though
the run has been light the drift has been
toward low prices. Markets are 10 cents off
from Monday's prices. The range to-day is
J4 90 to S5 10. At Chicago to-day, with a run of
14.000. the outside -price is $4 85.
Packers report that hogs are still SI too high
for the prices obtained for hog products.
Short ribs touched their lowest point this
season at Chicago, viz., $5 SO.
May pork sold at S!l 30.
At these figures it is claimed bv the packers
that no margin is left to the trade in prices of
hogs all the past season.
BlcCnll &Vo.' Reyiew.
McCall & Co. in their weekly review, say:
The receipts of cattle were liberal; market
slow at a shade lower prices on all grades ex
cept good butchers weighing LOW) to l,2003bs,
which sold up to last week's prices. "We quote
following as ruling prices for the week:
Prime, 1.300 to 1.G00 lbs, 54 154 40; good. 1,200 to
1.400 Jbs. S3 904 15; rough fat, 1.100 to 1.S0O
Iks. J3 C53 80; good butcher grades, wciehmg
900 to LlOOtts. $3 C03 80: common to" fair,
900 to 1,000 lbs, S3 403 Go: nn sale for heavy
.- trails: good light bulls, S2 503 00; fat cow-.
82 003 00: tresh cows and springers, 20 0058
40 00 per bead.
The receipts of hogs on Monday were liberal,
and the market active; all sold, closing weak.
Yesterday and to-day the supply was light and
the market anil; scarcely enouch to-day to
make a market; demand easy. Sales $5 00
5 05; roughs, S3 504 25.
Keoeipts of sheep Monday and Tuesday were
heavy and the market slow at a decline of 15c
to 25c per cwt from quotations reported in
our last circular. To-day's receipts were
light and the market unchanged. We
quote as follows: Prime Ohio and Ind
ana wethers, clipped, weighing here 110 to 120
fts, S4 404 50; good wethers, clipped, 90 to 100
as, S4 104 30; fair to good mixed, clipped, 85
to 90 fts, S3 754 10; common tp fair, clipped,
75 to SO lbs. S2 7o3 50: prime clipped lambs,
50 to 90 lbs, S4 604 90; good, 70 to 80 lbs, S4 25
4 60; common to fair, 50 to 65 fts, S3 604 15;
real calves, 110 to 120 fts, S3 904 25; wool sheep
not wanted.
By Telegraph.
New Yobk Beeves Receipts, 3.400 head,
including 73 carloads for the market-77 carloads
for exportation and 50 carloads for city slaugh
terers direct; trade dragged and the market
closed weak and lower; common to strictly
prime steers sold at S3 504 75 per 100 pounds;
bulls and dry cows at $2 153 40. Exports,
550 beeves and 4.760 quarters of beef.
Sheep Receipts, 15,600 head; dull and lower
for all except the best; nnshorn sheep sold at
S5 006 00 per 100 pounds; clipped do at S4 CO
4 80; unshorn yearlings at S6 007 25; clipped
do at $6 255 75: spring lambs at $4 00 6 50,
each. Hogs Receipts, 8,500 head; nearly all
lor slaughters direct; dull feeling; nominal
value alive, 55 105 40.
Kansas Crrr Cattle Receipts. 4.670 head;
shipments. 1.778 head1, market slow and weak;
dressed beef and shipping steers 1015c lower;
cows a shade lower; stockers and feeding steers
steady: good to choice corn-fed, S4 003425; com
mon to medium, S3 O03 90; stockers and feed
ing steers. S2 003 60: cos, S175S325. Hogs
Receipts, 10,491head;shipments,3,838 head; slow
and o10c lower: good to choice. S4 37K
4 42$: common to medium,S4 254 35. Sheep
Receipts, 84S head: shipments, 230 head: strong
and active; good to choice muttons, S4 25
4 7a: common to medium, S2 504 00.
CniCAGO Cattle Receipts. 12,000 head:
shipments, 6.000 bead: market weak and lower;
beeves 54 254 70; steers. S3 304 00; stockers
and feeders, S2 503 65: cows, bulls and
mixed. SI 70Q3 10; Texas steers, S3 COS
8 80. Hogs Receipts. 18,000 bead; shipments
4.400 head;market slow, 10c lower: mixed. S4 50
4 75; heavy, SI 404 70: light, S4 604 85:
skips. S3 504 40. Sheen Receipts, 7.000 head;
shipments, 3.500 head; market weak; natives,
S4 9Dff5 40: Western cornf ed, 4 505 35; lambs,
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 1,200 head: shlp-
ji ments, 400 bead: market steady; choice heavy
native steers, S3 754 40; fair to good do, S3 O0S?
4 00; stockers and feeders, fair to good, S2 20
3 10: rangers, corn-fed. S2 70S3 40: grass-fed.
51 902 80. Hogs Receipts. 5,700 head; ship
ments, 300 head: market lower; choice
heavy and butchers' selections. S4 604 70:
pacKing, medium to prime. $4 4004 55: light
trades, ordinary to best, S4 5034 65. Sheep
Receipts, 3,000 bead: shipments, none; market
stead; fair to choice, S3 004 75.
Cetcikitati Hogs lower; common and
light, $4 004 75; packing and butchers', S4 60
4 SO; receipts, 4,290 head; shipments, 1,590
, Drygooda Market.
,NewYobk, April 24. Business in drygoods
was light to-day with jobbers and moderate
with agents, though decoration materials w ere
in active demand at the hands of both. The
holiday feeling is rampant. Cotton goods are
improving in tone, and there is a more confi
dent feeling. There was no change in prices
. to-day. Some cheap goods are still irregular in
Wool Market.
,V St. Lotjis Wool quiet but steady.
About 130,000.000 feet of logs are on the
landings in the Penobscot lumber regions, rep-
resenting a value of nearly 81,400.000, and the
,- owners of these, as well as the manufacturers
' on the river, are anxious about getting the logs
into the main streams. Rains are needed.
During a local option election, yesterdav,
at Minneapolis Va,, Joe Howell shotand KMei
W. H. Porter, a DepntvUnitedStates Marshal.
Before Porter died he shot Howell in the abdo-
men. inflicting a wound which will probably
prove fatal.
The steamer Mariposa, Captain Hayward,
lor San Francisco, returned to Auckland with
the flax in her forehold on fire. The flames
were quenched ad she proceeded lor her desti
nation yesterday afternoon. The fire did little
iasssui f.w
'Patrick Carroll, who jumped from the
'Brooklyn bridge on Tuesday, is out of danger.
iHe.will probablv receive - ,, months' nn.
Itence for his temerity.
Wheat Steadier and Fractionally Higher on
Improved Outside Trading Corn and
Oats. About Hold Their Ground
Hob Products Quiet.
Chicago A good business was transacted
in wheat to-day, and some operators re
ported improved outside trading. The mar
ket evidently is now considered on a safer basis
for business, and operators, especially outside
traders, have more confidence In the market at
present prices and a larger and more general
business is expected. The feeling developed
was somewhat stronger.
The opening was a shade better and sold
about Jc above yesterday's closing; then de
clined He for July, rallied Jgc, easedoff )c,
and closed about iia higher than yesterday.
May closed about s higher than yesterday,
and June commanded Kc premium over
May. Shorts covered freely, and some of the
traders who have figured on the selling side for
some time were credited with having taken on
some long wheat for a reaction.
There was only a moderate trade in corn
fluctuations being within liic range, and
values showed but little change from yester
day. The prevailing feeling was firm, though
no advance of consequence "was established.
Oats were slow and easy, and without new
features of importance, trading being lighter
and governed entirely by local influences. The
feeling was easy, but fluctuations slight.
Hog products ruled lower during the early
part of the session, but after the bulk of the
offerings were disposed of the market tempor
arily showed more steadiness and prices rallied
slightly. Toward the close the market rnled
easier again and prices receded to medium
figures and closed rather quiet.
The leading futures raneea as rollows:
Wheat-No.2 May,bOVi8O68OS0c June.
80KSl80V;SOc; July, 7SJi"65S7
78Kc; ear, 7a7qc.
Cobn No. 2 ilav, 34K34c; June, SiJi
S5c: July,3535235S5c.
OATS No. 2 May, V2Zlkc: June, 23c;
SU 30011 42h4
11 -ziwan. so; June, 111 4Zu sou VX
11 45; July, SU 5011 60U 47011 X-
Lied, per 100 fts. May. So b0C 82K6 SO
6 S2K; June, SO 858 853 856 65; July,
56 S7K66 K6 87&6 90.
Short Ribs, per 100 lbs. May. S3 805 87K
5 605 85; June. S5 97K5 97K5 92K5 92
July. S6 006 02X66 006 00.
Cash quotations were as lollows: Flour nomi
nally unchangSd. No. 2 spring wheat,79JSOKc;
No. 3 spring wheat, nominal; No. 2 red,79J
bOc. No. 2 corn. 34c No. 2 oats,
24ic. No. 2 rye, 40c. No. 2 barley nominal.
No. 1 flaxseed. SI 66. Prime timothy seed.
SI 341 35. Mess pork, per barrel. $11 35
11 40. Lard, per 100 lbs. SS S06 82. Short
ribs sides (loose). 15 855 95. Dry salted
shoulders (boxed). S5 255 50. Short clear
sides (boxed), S6 25637. Sugars Cut loaf,
9KS92c; granulated. Sc; standard A, 8Jc.
Receipts Flour, 18.000 barrels; wheat, 11,000
bushels: corn, 203,000 bushels; oats. 116,000
bushels; rye, 5,000 bushels; barley, 19,000 bush
els. Shipments Flour, 10,000 barrels; wheat.
23.000 bushels; corn. 340,000 bushels: oats. 98,
000 bushels; rye. 6,000 bushels; barley, 9,000
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was weak; fancy creamerv, 2324e:
choice to fine, 212c; fine dairies. 2023c: fair
to good, 1518c Eggs steady atl010c
New York Flour dull and heavy. Corn
meal steady. Wheat Spot firmer and quiet;
options more active; new months unchanged;
July and later months c higher. Barley
and barley malt quiet. Corn Spot steady and
less active; options dull and steady. Oats
Spot steady and dull; options firm and mod
erately active. Hay quiet and firm. Hops quiet
and firm. Coffee quiet; options opened barely
steady and unchanged; closed barely steady at
5 points down; sales. 15,500 bags, including
April, 16.70: Mav, 16.65Q16.70c; June. 16.75
16.80c: July, 16.80c: August, 17.00c; September.
17.1017.15c; Rio quiet; fair cargoes, lSc.
Sugar Raw active and stronger; fair
refining, 6 7-16c; centrifugals, 96 test,
7c bid: sale of 2,750 hogsheads; 65,800
mats and baes at 6Jc for Muscovado, 6c for
molasses sugar, 5c for concrete, 5oc for
centrifugals c i. f. and 5c for Manilla: refined
firm and quiet. Molasses Foreign firm; sales,
1,250 hogsheads; New Orleans quiet. Rice quiet
and steady. Cottonseed oil firm. Tallow lower
and depressed; sales. 100 hogshead city at 4Kc,
closing at 4Jc. Rosin steady and quiet Tur
pentine steady and quiet at 46c Egcs quiet
and easier; Western, 12Vi12c; receipts, 5,372
packages. Fnrklower; old mess nominal; new
mess, S13 0013 25; extra prime, S12 0012 25.
Cut meats slow: pickled bellies, 6X7Jc:
pickled hams, 1010xc; pickled shoulders. a
5c. Lard steady and dull: sales, western
steam. S7 15: citv, SO 70; Mav, S7 117 13, closing
at $7 U67 13: June, S7 157 17; Julv S7 1S7 20.
August, S7 21(57 23: September, $7 26. closingat
ST 257 26. Butter quiet and easier; Western
dairy, ll20c: do creamerv, 1725c; EIgins,26c;
Cheese quiet; Western, 8K10c
St. Louis Flour dull and weak, hut un
changed. Wheats-Trading was heavy in July
which declined early on the large offerings'
The feeling was weak any way, as other mar
kets were off, the weatherfine after last night's
rain and cables dull and lower. There was a
rally from the early break, but again weakened
off late, closing l-16c below yesterday, wh:le
August and year were the same. May was
hammered down, though strenuous efforts
were made to sustain prices. No. 2 red, cash,
79JJC asked; May, 7980Vc,vclosing at "m&
Jnnc. 7C76)f c, closing at 76Jc bid; July, 74?j
75c, closing at74Jic; August, 74745c closing
at 74Kc bid; year, 73c, closing at 74Jc asked.
Corn The market was weak early and declined
Kc, but reacted and closed linn: No. 2,
30Jic; May, 3030c closing at 30Jc bid;
June, 314c, closingat 31lic; July. 32c, closing
at 32c bid; Angnst. 3333Hc, closing at 83Vc;
September, 33Ji33Kc, closing at S3c. Oats
better: No. 2 cash, 24c bid; May, 2323c;
June, 23XC. Rye dull; No. 2, 43c Barley dull;
sales Minnesota at 40c Provisions dull and
CiNCnrarATT Flour dulLWheat weak; No.2
red. 8485c: receipts, none; shipments, none,
Corn firm: No. 2 mixed, S6c Oats active: No.
2mixed,26c RvedulIandlower;No.2,4Sffi50c
Pork easier at S12 25. Lard barely steady; cur
rent make. $6 62. Bulk meats and bacon
steady. Eggs stronger. Cheese weaker.
Milwaukee Flour steady. Wheat firm;
cash.77?ic; May, 78c: July, 78c Corn dull; No.
3, 34c Oats dull; No. 2 white, 2728c Rye
steady: No. L 42c Barley firm; No. 2, Sc
Provisions unchanged. Pork, SU 35. Lard,
$7 65. Cheese steady; Cheddars, 10llc
Philadelphia Flour weak and unsettled.
Wheat market neglected by both speculators
and shippers, and options wholly nominal; car
lots dull. Corn Carlots very strong with a
good demand; nothing doing in futures. Oats
Carlots dull: futures qniet, but steady.
Baltimore Provisions dull and steady.
Butter quiet and easy: Western packea. 18jJ20c;
best roll, lil7c; creamery, 24$26c Eggs dull
and easv at lie. Coffee dull and easy; Rio, fair,
Toledo Clover seed dull; cash and April,
SI 65. Receipts, 7 bags; shipments, 263 bags.
The street car strike in Vienna Is over.
The Michigan Legislature is taking steps
to restore the death penalty for murder.
An explosion has occurredintheBrancepeth
colliery, at Durham. Five persons were killed.
Illinois has made it a misdemeanor for any
but a Grand Army man to wear the G. A. R.
The United States steamship Brooklyn has
arrived at New York under sail, having broken
her shaft.
There is a strong probability that English
capital will be furnished to complete the Pana
ma canal.
One'zme Taylor shotand killedNoel Thibo
deaux in a family quarrel at Fabocher, La.,
Sunday morning.
The steamship Citv of Paris has made the
trip between Sandy Hook and Queenstown in
6 days, 5 hours and 55 minutes.
There are rumors of a big tobacco trust
f ormi g in St. Louis, to embrace all the lead
ing manufacturers of the country.
At the annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Union Pacific Railroad yesterday the old
Board of Directors was re-elected.
W. F. Dulmage. Crown Timber Inspector,
at Ratportacp. has disappeared, leaving a
shortage in his accounts of $20,000.
In the Carter-divorce suit at Chicago an at
tempt is being made to prove that Mrs. Carter
feigned insanity while at the sanitarium.
James Hogan, 65 years old, committed sni
cide In Chicago by jumping from the roof of a
four-story building. He had been drinking.
General Orland Smith, First Vice Presi
dent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
states positively that he is not going to retire.
Highway Commissioner B. R, Abbott, of
Bloomington, who died last week from inhaling
gas, is said to have overdrawn on the city
The schooner Oriole, f or JerseV City, loaded
with scrap iron, is ashore on Wreck Shoals.
The Government steamer Verbena has made
an unsuccessful attempt to float her.
The President has pardoned Charles A.
Warner, of Maryland, convicted of unlawfully
carrying on the Business of a wholesale dealer
in oleomargarine, and sentenced to pay a fine
of S500.
The merchants and manufacturers of Bal
timore will present a handsome service of plate
to Captain Murrell, of the Missouri, for his
efforts in saving the passengers of the
Yesterday's bond offerings aggregated
595,700, as follows: Coupon 4a, $200 at 129; reg
istered - 4s, $11,500 at 129: 250.000 at 123; regis
tered 4s, $134,000 at 108. All were accepted,
except the 250,0001 per cents registered, at
Another Outsider Who Believes in
Improvement Invests in
In East End Citizen Talks Abont His Bon
in Troubled Oklahoma.
Another piece of Diamond street property
changed hands yesterday, the consideration
being $40,000, about 51,500 a front foot. The
purchaser has no connection with the syndi
cate which has been making heavy invest
ments on that thoroughfare.but isan outsider,
who believes the street should be improved
and planked down his money in full faith
that his expectations will be realized.
Pipe for the "Wilkinsburg water works is
being put down at the rate of about 1,000
feet per day, and it is expected that the
main end of' the line will be completed to
the reservoir by Saturday. From tSe ' res
ervoir to the pumping station at "Wildwood
is 7,000 feet Pipe laying on this section
will begin next week and be pushed as rap
idly as possible. As before stated, the
"Wilkinsburg people expect a supply of
water .by July 4.' The right of way for the
entire line was secured by Mr. E. T. "Win-genroth.-in
which he was very successful In se
curing reasonable terms, thereby saving the
company a considerable sum of money they
had appropriated to this purpose.
An East End gentleman, who has a son In
Oklahoma hustling for town sites, said yester
day; "I didn't want John to go, but he had the
fever so badly that nothing could hold him
back. I told him of the danger he would run,
but he only laughed at my fears, and said he
could take care of himself. I haven't beard
from him for nearly a month, and I don't know
whether he is alive or not. I shall be in great
suspense until I hear from him or of him. As
for myself, I would not endure the strain on
brain and nerve that the boomers have under
gone for the entire territory. I would not give
up my little home in the East End for 1,000
acres there with all its attendant dangers and
perplexities. Such wonderful scenes were
never before witnessed in any part of the
world. I know something about the settle
ment of Kansas and Nebraska. It was done
gradually. But Oklahoma was settled in a day.
Its population is already almost large Enough
to entitle it to admission as a State. The
world affords no parallel to this remarkable
The great industrial development through
out the South continues to show an ever-increasing
activity, and the attention of Northern
capitalists is being turned Southward as never
before. Among other movements on foot for
the betterment of that section is one by New
England capitalists to build a town at Fort
Payne, Ala. The company has a capital of
$4,000,000 and there are over 1,000 stockholders.
Florence, Ala., which seven months ago had
probably not over 2,500 inhabitants and com
paratively f ow industrial enterprises, has, since
the first of last September, been able, by the
energy of its business men, to secure the loca
tion there of 20 new factories, every one of
which is either at work or else its buildings are
under construction, the aggregate cash capital
of theseplants being SI ,500,000, and the number
of hands to. be employed upward of 5,000,
while about 1.000 dwellings and business houses
have been commenced since the first of Janu
ary, and still greater progress is predicted. In
every part of the South this remarkable ac
tivity is seen.
One of the most pleasing features of the
business situation is the splendid condition of
the growing crops, which arefiom two to four
weeks ahead of last year in the West and
South, and almost as forward in the country
tributary toPittsburg. According toill re
ports the condition of the Winter wheat could
not be better. This and the ease of money
should exert a powerfnl bullish influence on
all the departments of trade.
No Sales nt the Moraine Stock Call A Very
Doll Day.
Captain Barbour had small audiences at
both of the stock calls yesterday. In the fore
noon he pleaded with the brokers, almost with
tears in his eves, to do something to save his
reputation and his feelings, but the only re
ward for his eloquence was a goose egir, Indi
cating that he had not effected a single sale.
He did a little better in the afternoon, as under
his persuasive oratory two stocks were traded
in to the extent of 210 shares. The reasons for
the apathy were that there were no pressing
orders either way, and that buyers and sellers
were so far apart as to form a sort of bloody
chasm, across which they could do nothing but
scowl and glare at each other. There were no
material changes in figures. Bids, offers and
I sales follow:
Eld. .Asked. Hid. Asked.
Pitts. Pet. S. AM. Ex 603
Fonrth Nat. Bank 12S
Marine Nat. Bank.... 106 110
Mechanics Nat. Bank. 105'
People's Nat. Bank.... ISO
Boatman's Ins 35 ....
Ben Kranklln Ins. Co. 45 SO
City Insurance 35 .... 34
People's Ins. Co 40
Pitts. Gas Co Mf
Bridpevrater Gas 40 40 50
Chartlers Yal. Gas Co. 53 Sili H M
Ohio Valley Gas .... 35
Pennsylvania Gas 22
Pine Bun Gas 90
Philadelphia Co 4254 42 42K 42V
Wheeling Gas Co 30;s 31) 30 31U
Tuna Oil Co 6S
Central Traction 30 30 30 3t
Citizens' Traction 75 76 76Ji 76J
Pittsburg Traction.... 82
Pleasant Valley K.R J75 200
Pitts. & Western K. K. .... 11 .... 11
1. & W. P. K. pref.... 19 .... 19 19J4
Consignee Mining Co. 20c .... 21c ....
I.a Noria-MlnlcK Co... 1 Vi 1 1
SUvertonMlnlne Co.. .... l
Westlnghonse Electric 58K &tU 58 59K
U. Switch ASUnal Co. 25 isj? 2S 5)j
Weatlng'se B. Co. lin. 64 .... 04
Sales at the last call were 16 shares Chartiers
Gas at 54 65 at 54, and 130 Central Traction
The total sales of stocks at New York yester
dav were 124,075 shares, including: Atchison.
8,000; Louisville and Nasbville. 6j800; North
western, 4,300; Oregon Transcontinental, 5,700;
Reading. 21,000; St. Paul. 8,200; Union Pacific,
No Speclnl Fentnrea Developed nt the
Local Financial Mnrrs.
There was no special movement in local
monetary circles yesterday. In fact, business
was quite dull for Wednesday, discounting
being slow and counter business of scarcely
average proportions. Borrowing rates were
unchanged at 56 on call and time. The supply
of small notes was adequate to the demand.
The Clearing House exchanges amounted to
$2,541,803 38, and the balances ro $484,610 20.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 2 to 2KP cent: last loan, 2J; closed,
offered 2K- Prime mercantile paper, 46.
Sterling exchange dull but steady at $4 e6
for 60-day bills and $4 V& for demand.
Government Bonds
U.S. 48. re 108 IMOS
U. S. 4HS. coups 108 ffllOS1,
U.S. 4s. rcg - 129iai29Aj
U. S. 4s, coups ..ias129J,
Currency, 6 per cent. 1895 ree 121
Currency, 6 per cent. 1896 reg. 124
Currency, epercent, 1897 re 127
Currency, 6percent, IMBreg 129
Currency, 8 per cent, 1899 reg 122
Government and State bonds are firm and
New Yobk Bank clearings to-day, $106.
277.568; balances, $6,779,771.
Boston Bank clearings to-day, $17,467,919;
balances, $1,637,954, Money per cent.
Baltimore Bank clearings to-day, $L69L
149: balances, $230,649.
Philadelphia Bank clearings to-day, S10,-.
225,891; balances, $1,502,110.
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, $9,740,000.
St. Louis Clearings, $2,485,179; balances,
Londos Tbe'amount of bullion gone into
the bank ot England on balance to-day is
17,000. Bar silver, &lA& per ounce.
Paeis Rentes, S7I iioc for the account.
' New Yobk: April 2t Mining quotatlorj
ciesea: Amaaor, iw; .aspen, iuou; jtJuale,iJ
Caledonia, B. H., 800; Consolidated California
and Virginia, 800; Deadwood, T., 100; Eureka
Consolidated, 210; El Cristo, 160; Hale & Nor
cross. 470; Homes take, 700: Horn Silver, 125;
Mexican, 650; Mono, 150; Mutual, 145; Ophir,
550; Plymouth, 1000; Savage. 300; Sierra N evada.
375: Standard, 100; Sullivan, 125; Union Consoli
dated, 550; Yellow Jacket, SOU
The Oil Itlarkct Demonstrates That It Can't
be Held Down.
When the oil market opened yesterday thei e
was considerable doubt and anxiety on both
sides of the fence as to which way the cat would
jump, and consequently .there was very little
noise or excitement; but, as anticipated, a firm
er tone soon set In and prices advanced hand
somely, with good trading all along the line,
several big blocks being dumped here and
others in New York and Oil City.
The result of the day's operations was to
leave prices li cents higher than the opening,
with a strong and confident feeling in some
quarters of a farther appreciation to-day. It
was generally thotfght the Rubicon of the
spring slump had been crossed, and that, while
anything like a boom was improbable with the
Lima stuff hanging over the market, the pre
diction of 70 cent oil had been shown to have
nothing to rest on. Even the shorts admitted
that they had no expectations of loading up
under 80. Their views reflect the opinions ot
some of the most prominent of the local
The market opened at 813( and held therefor
a short time, when It broke to 81. This was
followed by a reaction which boosted the price
to 82K, from which it soon broke to 81& ad
vancing near the close to 83, the highest point
reached. The boys then lost their grip and let
the market go down to 82, at which It closed.
A. B. McQrew & Co. quote puts 82c; calls,
Features of the Market.
Opened, 81; highest, $3; lowest, 81H; closed,
Dally runs 56,006
Average runs 45,244
Daily shipments 72,724
Average shipments , 72,078
Clearances 4,393,009
New York closed 82.
OH Citv closed 82.
Bradford closed 82.
New York refined, 6&.
London refined, 5).
Antwerp refined, 16.
Other OH Markets.
Bradford, April 24. National transit cer
tificates opened atSlUc; closed at 82c; highest,
83Kc; lowest, 81c.
TrrusTiLLE. April 24. National transit cer
tificates opened at 81'ic: highest, 83c; low
est, 81c: closed, 82c
On city. April 24. National transit cer
tificates opened at 810; highest, SS'Ac; low
est. 81c; closed, 82c
Washington, Pa., April 24. The Beaver
Refining Company, with a capacity of 5,000
gallons per day, has started a'refinery at Mor
gan's crossing, a mile west of this place.
New York, April 21. Petroleum opened
steady at 8 and after a slight decline in the
early trading became strong and advanced to
S3K, then yielded slightly, closing firm at 82.
Sales. 2,324,000 barrels.
Cadiz, O., April 24, Joseph Post, of Salem.
O.. has leased 100 acres of the Holiday farm, on
which is located theBerea-Gritz Oil Company's
well. He agrees to put down 3 test wells im
mediately, and, if the results are satisfactory,
he will putdown 11 more.
Another Piece of Diamond Street Property
Chance Hnnds Other Movements.
Samuel W. Black & Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sold for the Relter estate the property, Nos.
18 and 20 Diamond street, lot 26x80, with a
four-story brick building, for a price approxi
mating $40,000, which is about $1,500 per front
L. O. Frazier, corner Forty-fifth and Butler
streets, sold lor the Irwin estate four lots, each
22x100 feet, to an alley, situate on the corner of
Home and Plumer streets, Seventeenth ward,
to Henry J. Lang for $4,000,
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold
for Timothy Colwell four lots, corner Cypress
and Gross streets, near Ben Venue station,
Pennsylvania Railroad, having a total frontage
of 101 feet by 162 deep to an alley, to Samuel
Hall for $3,200 cash..
Reed B. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for the Freehold Bank to C. M. Corblt and
John S. Boyd five lots at Homewood station,
Pennsylvania Railroad, for a price approxi
mating $2,500.
AHes d; Bailey, 364 Fourth avenue, placed a
mortgage on property in Wilkinsburg for $900
for three years at 6 per cent.
W. A. Herron fc-Sons sold lot No. 1 in the
John L. Hoffman plan, at Edcewood station,
Pennsylvania Railroad, size 80x137 feet, for
$1,600. These lots are nicely located and with
in one minuto's walk of the station.
James W. Drape A: Co. placed mortgages of
$3,300 omproperty in Shaler township and in
Vest Bellevue, at 6 per cent: also an interest
in a suburban property of $3,000; also placed 300
shares of The Novelty Steel Wheel Company
at $50 per share. t
Mellon Bros, sold to Bernard Haas lot No. 59,
having a frontage on St. Clair street of 37 feet
and 107.55 on Black street, in Mellon's orchard
plan of lots, with a seven-room frame house
thereon, for $3,700.
J. C. Reilley. 77 Diamond street, sold for John
Barton's heirs to J. E. Ferguson the old Barton
homestead. Fifth avenue, near Barton street,
for $60,000 cash, the lot being 187 feet on Fifth
avenue by 526 feet.
Higher London Prices Keep the Stock
Mnrket From Falling Into Desuetude
A Strong Close nt the Best
Figures of the Day.
New York, April 24. The stock market
continues to show a decreasing volume of busi
ness, ana this was the dullest day in shares that
we have had for some time. There was, how
ever, a marked change in the temper of the
dealings from those of yesterday and the weak
ness all disappeared, and, although movements
in the list were confined almost exclusively to
the specialties, which are moved by influences
peculiar to themselves, and which have no ef
fect or bearing upon the rest of the list, there
was a general upward tenuency, and with a few
unimportant exceptions the entire list is frac
tionally higher this evening.
London prices came higher this morning.and
were of material influence in making the tone
of the local market, which opened generally
slight fractions better than last evening's
figures. The tone of the subsequent dealings
was firm, and small fractional advances were
made among the few active shares, notwith
standing the opposition offered to an advance
by the bear contingent This pressure was
most conspicuous in Reading, and that stock
was the only one showing 'any real activity
during the day, and although it was forced
down to the lowest price for a week past it
could not be held there, and later it recovered
and actually closed a fraction better, than last
The only marked movements were among the
specialties, and Wabash led off with considera
ble animation and a strong tone, but this was
followed by a sudden drop in CIeveland,Colum
bus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis of 1 per
cent to 67, which was sympathized with by Big
Four and Colorado Coal, although the last
named afterward recovered. Aftet noon.when
the bear pressure was removed, there was a
further decrease In Ihe amount of business
done, hut the upward tendency became more
marked, and Memphis and Charleston became
the special feature of the dealings and it moved
up sliarply,its gain being 5per cent, to 70, while
Manitoba, Philadelphia Gas and some others
followed with smaller amounts.
In the general list the fluctuations continued
within the narrowest limits and seemed to
possess no significance, whatever. In the un
listed department the trusts were less active
and made no movement of importance, and
Brunswick was dull ana steady at 21K- The
close was strong at the best prices of the day.
Memphis and Charleston is up 5, Manitoba ii,
Oregon Navigation 2Jg, Wabash preferred lR,
Hocking Valley 1 per cent, and others frac
tional amounts.
Railroad bonds were again active and In good
demand, although the total of the business
done fell a little short of that yesterday, being
$1,198,000. The advances Include Cleveland,
Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianaiiolis con
sols, Iron Mountain firsts 4 to 107, and Manitoba
Dakota ixes 2 to 122.
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
ing Bids.
ing. Am. Cotton OH 54M
Atcn.. Top. & a. F.A-liit
Canadian Pacific .'.
Canadatlonthern S1H
Central of New Jersey;, ....
CentralFaclnc ....
Chesapeake ft Ohio ... -17X
C, Bur. A.Qalncy..... 923
a, Mil. 4 St. Paul..,. UH
C, illl.&St. P.. pf....l04.'
C, Kockl. &!... ...... 92
C St. h. & Pltti .; ...
C St. L. &PHU.' pt
CSl'f.'.M.tU 83X
csl Low
est 42 41X
I -thwes tern...-. 103,4
lOiJi I65X
nwestern. ci.
11 ,Uk
I I A Iron i 22
1 .ocslng Yal .. 17
Del.. L. 4W. ma 137J4- 136
Del. & Hudson ,...131H 135K 134)4
Denver & Bio ., -pf. . ....- ....
aj.,vnoi '
E.T.,Va.4Ga., istpf
K.T.. Va. AGa. 2dpf.
Lake Erie A Western.. ISM UK
Lake Erie ft West. pr. . 88 58!
Lake Shore A M. S 102Jf 1021?
Louisville A Nashville. 69 66,1,
Mobiles Ohio.........
Mo.. K.ATexas
Missouri Pacific 70J 70J4
Jfiv Vnrk rjintml 107 im
' 28
is a
g. I.. L. J. A W..... W4 28J
N . Y L. E. A W.nref 69 70i
g. I., U. A St L 17J X
x. I., U A St l. nr.
JJ. Y.. C. A St.L. 24 pf 40 40
J. Y..O. AW -
JtorfoIkA Western
lorfolkA Western, pi. MX 50
Northern Pacific 2394 2554
Jfortnern Pacific prer. 60 61
Orejron Improvement 47 48
Oregon Transcon 30M K
Peo. Dec. AKvans
Phlladel. A Heading.. UK UH
Pullman Palace Car...lSS 189
Richmond A W. P. T.. 25 2S
St Panl A Duluth
St. Paul A Dnluth pf..
St p., Minn. AMan... Wi 97H
StL. A8an Fran 23H 23
St. L. A San Fran pf.
St. L. A San K.lit pf.
Texas Pacific 20K 21
Union Pacific S9?J 60
Wabash 14)4 15
Wabash preferred 27 28K
Western Union 8JJ( M
Wheeling A l. E 682 66)J
30 g
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia Vocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers, No. 87
fourth avenue. Members Hew York Stoct Ex
change. "- BM. Asked.
Pennsylvania KaUroad 54K 543
ReWlng KaUroad 22 3-18 23S
Buflalo, Pittsburg and Western 11
Lehigh Valley 53M 53X
Lehtgh .Navigation 5l
Central Transportation Co 17
Philadelphia and Erie 29
Allegheny Valley bonds. 1 U2H
U.Ob.'silew Jersey '. 220
Northern Pacific 2 25
northern Pacific preferred MX 61
Atoh.ATon..lst7s. US
Atoh. ATop.B. B... 4234
Boston A Albany.. .215
C..B.AQ .... 03
Clun. San. A Cleve. 24
Eastern K. K 80
Eastern ft It 6s.-.. ..125
Flint PereM. nfd. 97
Little K. A Ft. S. 7s.l07
. Y. sfiewKne... 42J
X. Y.SHewEng 7S.126X
Old Colony .....17214
Butlandcommon.... 34$
Wis. Central, com... 18 ,
AllouezM'gCo(new) 1
Calumet A HecU.. ..209)4
Franlclln 9)4
Osceola , 9fc
Pewablc (new) 3!
Qulncr 46
Bell Telephone 235
Boston Land X
Water Power 7H
Tamarack 109
San Diego 23
Differences on the Former Result In a Divi
sion and Litigation Regarding the Latter
Other Coartlugs.
A hearing was had in the Orphans' Court
yesterday on the petition for the' appoint
ment of a guardian for Allie Hearn, a 12-year-old
girl. The child has been living
with Patrick O'Herron, on Seventeenth street
Her sister tried to obtain possession of her,
but O'Herron refused to give her up. Habeas
corpus proceedings were instituted, but Judge
Ewing returned the child to the custody of
The sister then filed a petition in the Or
phans' Court for the appointment of a guar
dian. The result was the appointment of J. R.
Nobbs, of the Twelfth ward, as guardian. He
was instructed by the Court to place the child
where she would be best cared for, using his
own discretion.
The quarrel over the child was the outcome
of differences about religion.
To-Dnj's Trial Lists.
Common Pleas No. 1 Reynolds et al vs
Craig; Heyman et al vs Weidinger: Spencer et
alvsBerger; McCrudervs Kauffman & Bro.;
Miller vs Johnston; Heckman vs Groet
zinger: TJ. Baird Machine Co. vs Specialty
Glass Co.; Park et al vs Doubleday; Straub vs
Troy Hill Incline Plane Co.; Gaines vs Calhoon;
McBrlde et al vs Walker Brewing Co.: Mosely
vs Kagen; McKnight vs American Building
and Loan Association; Commonwealth vs Doll
meyer, executor; Wellington vs Wood, gar
nishee. Common Pleas No. 2 Sweeny vs Hunter;
Lacock vs Hampton Coal Co.; Davis vs Schu
macher; Schebert vs Hopgooa et at
Criminal Court Commonwealth vs Henry
Rupp, GottHeb Gilgen, Thomas Halloway.
Slfllngs From Justice.
Owen McGowxir, of Homestead, yester
day pleaded guilty to selling liquor without
license and on Sunday.
Mes. Lisetta BrHLXB, ot Troy Hill, Alle
gheny, yesterday entered suit against Henry
Arkeman, a neighbor, for $5,000 damages for
Catherine Howley yesterday received a
verdict of $1,054 against the city of Pittsburg
for damages to her property on Fifth avenue,
caused by an overflow of water.
Mes. Lena Schultz, of East Deer township,
yeste' day entered suit against Albert and Mary
Aritz for $2,000 damages for slander and aliena
tion of herfiusband's affections.
Henbt Rupp and Charles Gllgan were yes
terday placed on trial in Criminal Court on a
charge of embezzling $7,000 from the Crescent
Brewing Company, of Ohio, whose agents they
were in this city.
THE County Commissioners -and Controller
met yesterday and opened the bids- received
for the material and construction of the eight
county bridges that are to be erected this year.
The bids were held over to be tabulated.
In the suits of James B. Anderson and wife
against William Fried, the Liberty street com
mission merchant, verdicts were rendered yes
terday, rebuking fast driving on Forbes street
by giving Mrs. Anderson $27o and Mr. Anderson
$160 damages.
Architect Rutan and Mr. O'Reilly, repre
senting the architects and contractors of the
new Court House, yesterday made their final
inspection of the building in company with the
County Commissioners and engineer. Every
thing was foundin good working order, andbut
few details needed attending to.
John N. Dawson yesterday filed with the
County Commissioners a claim against the
county for $150 for damages for injuries to a
horse. The horse put his foot through a broken
plank in the bridge over Bull creek, in Fawn
township, and-was badly hurt This is the first
claim of this kind that has been put in for over
two years.
Charters were filed in the Recorder's
office yesterday for the Homestead Water
Company and the Homestead Gaslight Com
pany. The capital stock of each company is
$600, divided into 60 shares. The directors for
both companies are Arthur Kennedy, Charles
W. Robison. Walter. Lyon, Henry Spoone and
W. R. Sewell.
Two more false arrest salts for SlO.OOtTeach
were entered yesterdav against Officers Rich
ard vVilson, James Wilson and Ted Johnston,
of the Allegheny police force, as a result of the
raid on Mrs. Bowors' house, at No. 85 Robinson
street, on the information of Dr. E. B. Bennett
Those entered yesterday were by John Sample
and Isadore Bowers, the husband of Mrs.
Canadian Freight Cars Can No Longer be
Smuggled Into the United States.
Ottawa, Ont., April 24. The Minister
of Customs was yesterday shown a dispatch
from Washington paving reference to the
proposed imposition of a duty on Canadian
cars in use in the United States. He said
he thought the statement that there are 3.000
cars -in constant use on United States roads
must apply to cars which are kept constantly
in the United States and not to those which
pass in and out of that country.
The practice is, when cars' are bought in
Canada and taken into the United States,
they are not returned, as they should be.
Making them pay duty will put a stop to
this practice, which has prevailed ior a long
time. "
a Fatal wmte cap joke.
A Colored Man Pays for His Folly With
Hit Life.
Noefolk, Va., April 24. Last Sunday
night a colored man named Dempsey was
shot and killed on the farm of Isaac N.
Easton, near Hickory Ground by another
.colored man named Harding while playing
the White Cap joke and forcing himself
Into Hiding's house. at midnight.
Harding was arrested, and "tried, but re
leased, as it Was a clearly 'proven case of
killing in self defense. '
Shoetness 'ot breath, with falling
strength,, and wasting of flesh, accompanied
by a constant congt. all Indicate lnngs
more or less seriously affected, demanding
treatment at once. 3y using rationally Dr.
Jayne's Expectorant, the wont results may
be either avoided or palliated.
K 28
Fancy Apples Scarce and Firm
Poultry More Plentiful. '
Flour Drifting Downward-Market in Faror
of Gash Bayers.
OrncE of Pittsbueo Dispatch, J
Wednesday, April 24, 1S89. J
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
The egg market is slow, with lie as the out
side price. Choice apples are growing scarce
and moving upward. Poultry is in good sup
ply. There is a light demand for dressed poul;
try, the season being nearly over. The uniform
testimony of produce men is that trade is un
usually quiet We are now having the calm
that usually follows. the activity of Easter
week. Tropical fruits continue to move out
freely. Old potatoes are slowas ever. Receipts
of new stuff are steadily on the gain; the old is
less and less in demand. While choice apples
grow scarce and higher, the best potatoes give
no signs of coming to an end.
Butteb Creamery, Elgin, 2829c: Ohio do,
2526c; fresh dairy packed, 2021c; country
rolls. 2023cj Chartiers Creamery Co. butter,
BEANS $1 751 9a
Beeswax 2830c ft & for choice; low grade,
Cider Sand refined! $6 50427 50; common,
$3 504 00: crab cider, $3 008 50 1 barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c $) gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212c;
New York, fall make, 1212Kc; Limuurger,
lie; domestic Sweitzer cheese, lii12c.
Dried Peas $1 251 S5 V bushel; split do,
2Jic W tt.
Egos 10llc ft dozen for strictly fresh;
goose eggs, 55c V dozen; duck eggs, 18c ft
Fruits Apples. $1 502 50 ft barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c ft B; cranberries, $45
.ft barrel, 50c$l 00 per bushel; strawberries,
2535c a quart.
Feathers Extra live geese. 5060c; No. 1
do.. 4045c; mixed lots, 304235c ft lb.
Honey New crop. 1617c; buckwheat, 13
Hominy 82 652 75 ft barrel.
Potatoes Potatoes, 3035c ft bushel; $3 75
4 00 for Jersey sweets; seed sweets, $2 50
2 75.
Poultry Live chickens, 75QS0C ft pair;
undrawn chickens, 10l2c ft S; drawn, 14
15c f) ft; turkeys, 1820c dressed, ft ft: ducks,
live, 6O70c ft pair; dressed, 1314c ft St; geese,
live, $1 001 2o ft pair.
Seeds Clover.choice, 62 Ss to bushel, $5 60 ft
bushel j clover.large English, 62 fiis,$6 00: clover,
Alsike, SS 50; clover, white, 89 00: timothy,
choice. 45 As, $1 65; blue grass, extra clean, 14
fts, 90c; blue grass, fancy. 14 fts, $1 00: orchard
grass. 14 fts, SI 65; red top, 14 fts, $1 25; 'millet
50 Ills, $1 00; German millet, 50 lbs, $1 50; Hun
garian grass, 50 fts, $1 00; lawn grass, mixture
of fine grasses, $2 50 ft bnshel of 14 fts.
Tallow Country, 45c: city rendered,
Tropical Frtjtts Lemons,fancv.$3 604 00
ft box; common lemons, $2 753 25 ft box: Mes
sina oranges, $3 0O4 00 ft box: Florida oranges,
84 605 00 ft box; Valencia oranges, fancy. $5 50
7 00 ft case: bananas, $2 50, firsts; $1 60, good
seconds, ft bunch; cocoanuts, $4 004 60 ft
hundred; new figs, 910c .ft pound: dates, 5it
6Kc ft pound.
Veoetarles Celery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $3 504 00 ft hundred: new cabbage,
$3 003 60 ft crater onions, $1 001 25 ft barrel;
onion sets, fancy Eries, $2 503 00; Jersevs,
$2 0O2 50; turnips, 4060c ft barrel.
Sugar is again advanced 14c, and the end Is
not yet Coffees are steady but unchanged.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223c; choice
Rio, 2021c; prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 18K19c:
old Government Java, 27c, Maracaibo. 2223c;
Mocha, S0K31c; Santos, 1922J Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, .Rio, 2123c; La
guayra, 2122c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands. 24c;
high grades, 2628c; old Government Java,
bulk. 32K33Kc;Maracaibo,27K28Kc, Santos,
22243; peaberrv. 27c; peaberry Santos, 2224c;
choice Rio, 25Wr; prime Rio, 23c; good Rio,
22Kc; ordinary, 21Kc
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 9c;
cassia, 89c: pepper. 19c; nutmesr, 70880c.
Petroleum (Jobbers' prices) 110 test 7c:
Ohio. 120". 8Kc: headlight 15fa. SJc: water
white, 10c: globe, 12c;' elalne, 15c; carnadine,
HMc; royaline, 14c
syrups corn syrups, a2c; choice sugar
:nj0 sugar syrup, xpjmc; strict
new maole svrun. 90c .
O LASSES Fancv. 48c: choice. 46c: me
dium, soc; mixeo, suixc
Soda Bi-caxbin kegs, 3K-lc; bi-carb In ',
5c; bi-carb, assortea packages. 56c; sal
soda in kegs, c: do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight 8c; stearine.per
set, 8Kc:paraffine, 116112c.
Rice Head, Carolina, 77c; choice, 6Ji
7c; prime. 56Vc; Louisiana, 66Xc
Starch Pearl, Sc; cornstarch, 5j7cj gloss
starch, 57c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65: Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 50; Muscatels, $2 25: Caifornla Muscatels,
$1 85; Valencia, new, 67c: Ondara Valencia,
7K8c; sultana, 8Kc; currants, new, 4ioc;
Turkey prunes, new, 4?i5c: French prunes,
8K13c: Salonlca prunes, in 2-ft, packages, 8c;
cocoanuts, per 100, $6 00; almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap..
12K15c; Sicily filberts. 12c; Smyrna figs, 12J
ldc; new dates, SK6c; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans, ll15c; .citron, per ft. 2122c; lemon
peel, per lb. 13Q14c; orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 6K6Kc: apricots, Califor
nea, evaporated, lo18c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012Uc: cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 58c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2424kc; blackberries, 78c; huckle
berries, 1012c.
, Sugars Cubes, 99Xc; powdered. 9
9c; granulated, 9c; confectioners' A. 8gic:
Btandard A. 8c: soft whites. 88c. vellow,
choice. 78jc; yellow, good, 77c; yel
low, fair, 1K yellow, dark, TJic.
Pickles Medium, bbls. (1200), $1 50; me
diums, half bbls. (6001. $2 75.
Salt No. 1 ft bbl, 95c: No. 1 ex,
dairy, ft bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal.
Higgin's Eureka, 4 bu sacks,' $2
I bbl. 81 05;
bbl. $1 20;
, Higgin's
.CjureKa, io-i? s pocaets, 03 w.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1 30
1 90; 2ds. $1 301 35', extra peaches. $1 001 90;
pie peaches, 9oc; finest corn, $1 001 50; Hfd.
Co. corn, 7090c: red cherries, 90c$l 00; Lima
beans, $1 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75(2
85c: marrowfat peas, $1 105)1 15; soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, $1 401 50: Bahama do,
$2 75; damson plums. 95c; greengages, $1 25:
egg ,plums, $2 DO; California pears, S2 50; do
greengages. $2 00: do egg plums, $2 00; extra
white cherries. $2 90; red cherries, 2 fts, 90e;
raspberries, $1 401 50; strawberries. $1 10:
gooseberries, $1 20451 30: tomatoes, 82X92c;
salmon, 1-&. $I752 10; blackberries, 80c; suc
cotash, 2-ft cans, soaked. 99c; do green, 26s,
$1 2ol 50; corn beef, 2-ft cans, $1 75; 14-ft cans,
$13 50; baked beans. $1 40Q1 io; lobster, 1 ft,
$1 751 80: mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, $1 60:'
sardines, domestic Mi, $4 1504 50; sardines,
domestic, K". $8 258 50; sardines, imported,
Ks, $11 50 U 50; sardines, imported, s, $18 00;
sardines, mustard. $4 00. sardines, spiced, $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 ft
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess. $40; extra No. I
niackerel.shore, $32; extra No. 1 do. messed. $36;
No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
pollock. 4c ft ft.; do medium, George's cod,
6c; do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips. 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67Kc Herring
Ronnd shore. $5 00 W bbl.; split $7 00; lake. $2 50
ft 100-ft. half bbl. White fish. $7 38 100-B. half
bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 ft half bbl. Finnan
haddock, 10c ft ft. Ireland halibut, 13c ft ft.
Pickerel. J barrel, $2 00; barrel. 81 10.
Buckwheat Flour i'A&Sic f ft.
OATMEAL-$8 S0tt.60 ft bbL
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 6SQ60c
f) gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at the Grain Ex
change. 32 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne and
Chicago, 6 cars of hay, 5 of oats. 2 of barley, 4 of
flour. By Pittsburg. Cincinnati and St Louis,
3 cars of oats. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car
of oats, 3 of hay.' By Pittsburg and Lake Erie,
3 bars of bay2 of wheat lot feed and flour,
I of flour. By Pittsburg and Western, 1 car ot
bay. Sales on calk One car sample timothy
hay, $10, track; 5 cars of No. 1 timothy
hay, $13 50, 10 days, 2 on track. Receipts in all
cereal lines are too liberal for demand. Mar1
kets tend toward greater ea.se in almost every
thing. For No. 2 red wheat of standard weight
96c was bid. The bulk of No,2 wheat coming
to this market fails to come up to standard.
Flour jobbers are credited with not a little
cutting. Cash customers would probablv find
a little 'shading on our quotations. Fancy
spring patents can-be laid down herein carload
lots in wood, at prices which would enable the
wholesale grocer to sell at $6 if he was willing
to work for glory. Some are selling very close
to that figure if reports' are true. At this rate
margins are welt nigh wiped out
WkEAT-lobbing prices No. 2 jed,. 9697c:
Corn No. 2 jrellqw ear, 41g42c: high
mixed ear, 3738c? No, 1 yellow, shelled, 88
89c; No. 2 yellow, shelled. 88K39; high mixed,
shelled, S83Sc; mixed, shelled, 3536c
Oats No. 2 white. 31g31c; extra. No. 3,
SOfSOKc; No. 8 white, 2$828c; No. 2 mixed.
RYE-No. LWestern. 7075c: No. 2, 5556c
Barley No. 1 Canada. 950960;- No. 2 Cana
da. 85gS8c; No. 3 Canada, 70g72c; Lake Shore,
7880c . - -
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents,
$5 756 00: spring patents, $6 006 35; winter
straight to O05 25; clear winter. 94 7505 00;
straight XXXX bakers', $4 254 SOU Rye flour.
$3 6083 75.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white. $15 00
16 00 ft ton: brown middlings, $12 0012 50:
winter wheat bran, $13 00813 50; chop feed,
815 0016 00. '
HAY-Baled. timothy, choice, $14 60814 75;
No. 1 do, $1100014 25; No. 2 do. $12 0013 00;
loose from wagon, $18 0020 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. $10 0010 25; No. 2. $3 008 60; packing
do. $550660.
Straw Oats. $8 008825; wheat and rye
straw, $7 007 608 00.
Sugar-cured hams, large, 10c; sugar-cured
hams, medium, lie; sugar-cured hams, small,
llc: sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10Jc: sugar
cured shoulders, 8c; isugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8c; sugar
cured dried beef sets, 9c; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, HKc; bacon shoulders, 7V; bacon
clear sides, 8c; bacou clear bellies, 8c: dry
salt shoulders. 6c; dry salt clear sides, 7Jc
Mess pork, heavy, $14 00: mess pork, family,
$14 60. Lard Refined in tierces, 7c; half
barrels, 7c: 60-ft tubs, 7c; 20-ft pails. 7c; 50
ft tin cans, 7c: 3-ft tin pails, 8c; 5-ft tin palls,
7c; 10-ft tin pails, 7c Smoked sausage, long
6c; large, 6c Fresh pork links, 9c Pigs feet,
half barrel, $4 00; quarter barrel, $1 90.
Dressed Bleat.
Armour A Co. furnish the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 fts,
6Xc; 550 to 650 fts, 6Vc;650 to 750 fts,6Xc Sheep,
8c ft ft. Lambs, 9c ft ft. Hogs, 6c Fresh
pork loins, 9c
Lumber is in good demand, with a brilliant
outlook for the season's trade. Poplar Is fully
25 per cent higher than it was a year ago, owing
to its growing popularity for inside finish. The
demand for hard woods is fairly under head
way. The fine building prospects assure, a
season of great activity in all lumber lines.
pine unplanid yard quotations.
Clear boards, per M f52O053 0O
Select common boards, per M 30 00
Common boards perM 20 00
Sheathing IS 00
Pine frame lumber per SI 23 C027 00
Shingles, No. L 13 in. per M 5 00
Shingles, No.2, 13 In. per M 375
Lath 100
Clear boards, per M f 60 00
Surface boards 3O0033 0O.
Clear, K-inch beaded celling 18 00
Partition boards, peril 55 00
Flooring, No. 1....A 30 00
Flooring, No. 2 25
Yellow pine flooring 30 O04OOO
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 1.... 30 00
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 2.... 25 09
Weather-boarding. Ji-lnch 20 00
Ash, 1 to 4 in $30 00340 00
Black walnut green, logrun 4S003OOO
Back walnut dry, logrun 60 00(3)75 00
Cherry 63 00(375 00
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 20 00(325 00
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 In r.' 00(3)25 00
Dry white oak boards, lln 20 00325 00
WestVa. yellow pine, 1 Inch zooofeoo
West Va. yellow pine, 1)4 Inch 25 00(2)3) 00
West Va. yellow poplar, H to 1 In 25 00030 00
Hickory, fetoafn 13 0025 00
Hemlock building lumber, peril 13 00
Bank rails 14 00
Boat studding 14 00
Coal car plank 20 00
Ash, 1 to4 In 25 OOaiO 00
Black walnut, green, log ran 45 00o0cn
Black walnut dry. logrun 30 OOtcMS 00
Green white oak piank, 2 to 4 In 17 00(320 00
Dry white oak punk, 3to4in 18 03320 00
Dry white oak boards, 1 in 19 OOS20 00
West Va. yellow pine, lln 18 003) 00
West Va.. yellow pine, 14 in 18 00(122 00
WestVa. yellow poplar, H to lln 18 00(2125 00
Hickory, IK to 3 In 18 00322 00
Hemlock building timber: fUl 10 00312 00
Bnnk rail 14 00
Boat studding...: 14 00
Coal car plank 18 00
Sletal Maruetsw
New York Pig iron steady. Copper nomi
nal; lake, April, $13 50. Lead quiet and'steady;
domestic, $3 65. Tin easier and brisker; Straits,
$20 75.
Whisky market.
Finished goods at Chicago, $1 03; at St Louis,
and Cincinnati $1 02. Demand active.
Swm's Spbctfio curett me of malignant
Blood Poison-after I had been treated in vain
with old so-called remedies of Mercury and
Potash. S. S. S. not only cured the Blood
Poison, but relieved the Rheumatism which
was caused by the poisonous minerals.
GEO. BOVELL. 2422 Third ave., N. Y.
Scrofula developed on my daughter swell
ing and lumps on her neck. We gave her
Swift's Specific, and the resnlt was wonder
ful and the enre prompt
8.A. DiAbmond, Cleveland, Tenn.
Swift's Specific is entirely a vegetable
remedy, and is the only medicine which per
manently cures Scrofula, Blood Humors, Can
cer and Contagious Blood Poison. Send for
books on Blood and Skin Diseases, mailediree.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawers, Atlanta,
Ga. fel-7 tts
The Deer Creek and Susque-
hanna R. R. Co.
First Mortgage 5 Per Ct. Gold Bonds.
Issue, $300,000. Principal and interest ruar
anteed by the Maryland Central Railway Co.
This bond is a first mortgage on 16 miles of
road now under construction from Belair, Md.,
connecting with the Maryland Central Railway
Co., to Stafford. Md. The Maryland Central
Ti.ll.n.. In H.1tln.n.a,n n.lfn D IJZ .!..
was reorganized In December. 1SSS, and is now
on a sound financial basis, doing a prosperous
business. The York and Peach Bottom Railroad
Co.. York. Pa., to Peach Bottom (40 miles), has
been acquired by the Maryland Central Rail
way Co., making a system of 101 miles, which
will be operated by the Maryland Central Rail
way Co.
We recommend these bondsas a desirable in
vestment, and offer a limited amount for sale at
95 per cent and accrued interest, subject to ad
vance in price.
REA BROS. & CO., Bankers and Brokers,
ap9-72-D .
Established 119. Telephone Call 107a.
Contractor and Manufacturer ot
Doors, Walnscoating, Ceilings and Hard Wood
Work of every description, for building and
decorative. purposes. Mantels, Cabinets and
Furniture of Special Designs, Drawings and
Estimates furnished on application. Office and
factory, Nos. 6S and 70 Seventh Avenue, Pitts
burg, Pa. Hard wood lumber. n27-hlO0-TTS
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week la
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of $1,000 and npward. Applv at
mh4-34-T No. 124 Fourth avenue.
A purely Veeetable
LCompound that expels
fall bad humors from the
system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
III GOODS ael mm
Blood mm.
A Cripple of Three Years Standing
Oared in Fifteen 'Minutes
By Or. Smith, at 502 Fenn Ave.
Dr. Smith Is performing some of the raosi
wonderful cures ever witnessed in Pittsburg.
Scores and hundreds of invalids who have
hitherto been unable to find relief from their
sufferings are being restored to health in largo,
numbers through Dr. Smith's strange magnetic
power. It is exceedingly interesting to sea
and talk with the vast number of Invalids suf
fering from all manner of complaints
who are brought to the doctor for his favor
able or unfavorable opinion of their diseases.
It is also gratifying to observe the change that
takes place In many of these seemingly helpless
cases. Scores of invalids who are so weak and
feeble that they have to be carried to the doc
tor in chairs and on beds are restored to health
ma short time. Some are cured by one, some
by two magnetic treatments, while others re
quire more. The following very interesting
case was cured by our magnetic treatment:
Mr. John M. Eakin, who resides at Eau Claire,
Butler county. Pa., was a great sufferer for
three years. He was carried to Drv Smith, at
No. 502 Penn avenue, in a hopeless conditim.
He could not walk or move without the aid of
two canes, and for the past year he had not
been able to bend over sufficiently to wash
his face. He was suffering from what had.
been pronounced by 12 eminent physicians as
Esoas abcess. These physicians pronounced'
Is case incurable, and told him that there was
no belp for him. He then consulted Prof.
Scott and Dudly Allen. iL D., of the Regular
School of Medicine at Cleveland, O. These
eminent medical men gave him no encourage
mentas pus had, in their opinion, already
formed. These are the statements given to Dr.
Smith by Mr. Eakin when he came for treat
ment After one magnetic treatment of about
15 minutes' duration, Mr. Eakin was able to
bend over and pick np a pin from the floor'
and was able to walk without pain and without
the use of his canes. Mr. E. remained in the
city several days after receiving the treatment
and was able to go about the city from day to
day without never a sense of pain, weariness or
lameness. He returned to his home, at Eau,
Claire last Saturday, and may be referred to.
Mrs. Gough was cured of dyspepsia and rheu
matism by four magnetic treatments. These
cures were performed without a single dose-of
medicine. Scores of cases equally as interest
ing could be given if we had the time and
space. Dr. Smith will deliver an illustrated
lecture to ladles and gentlemen at the Grand
Opera House next Sunday afternoon at 2.30
o'clock. The lecture will be free and every
body is Invited to attend.
Dr. Smith cures all forms of female com
plaints without the use of Instruments or ex
posure of the person. He also cures piles and
rupture without the use of the knife, or pain
to the patient, nor detention from business.
He treats and cures cancers in less time and
with less pain than by any other known
Dr. Smith is permanently located at 502 Penn
avenue, where everybody can go. from 9 A. jr.
till 7 p. 51. The doctor consults free and cures
after all other means fail. He treats every
form of disease known to humanity. Go to
502 Penn avenue and consult him if yon wish
to get well. Letters of Inquiry must contain
two stamps.
are; latenne Itchlac
and atlnclnjc moct as
cfhtt wori a
merntthinrM If Al
lowed to eaBtbrna
tumors form and
ITttllllR PII CQ ?rotrj.de,wlHl.rftem
1 1 UlllriU rlL.U.bIatd nd ileeratt.
ateomut very sore. BAl.it's vkni-
KENT stop UeltahUc and bleedlnr. he
m Rtleerattoii,an41aaiMteaereiiiovetfcetii
mors. 8wTa'OuTiiPT timid by drnggljM. or milled ft
any address on receipt of prlee.SOeU.abcnt; 3bozes,fL2V
Address letters. OX. SWATNE S05. PhllidUpMs. Pa.
.No. 410 Smithfield SW.
CAPITAL. - - - - 8200,08800.
JAMES P. SPEER. Vice Prest
mh22-95-P JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier. '
Capital, $100,000, with privilege of $500,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $23,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ac
counts Solicited- Collections a Specialty.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
XAS. CALLERY. President
W. J.BURNS ; .Vice President'
As old residents know and back files of Pitts-'
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and,
most prominent physician In the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
MCDni 1 ana mental diseases, physical
II Lit V UUO decay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, bashfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failingpowers,organioweak-'
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandular"
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat;
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system..
1 1 R I M A R V kidney and bladder derange
UnillMn 1 1 menu, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment, ,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. whlttier's life-long, extensive experience.
Insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if
here. Office hours 9 A. K. to 8 P. Jk8undy,
10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only. DR. 'WHITTIER, 814,
Penn avenue. Pittsburg. Pa. ap9-31K-Dsnwk
Health, Energy and Strength secured by using
flMOKAHDA WAFERS. These wafers are a'
guaranteed SPECIFIC and the only reliable and
safe remedy for the permanent cure of Impotencr,
no matter how long standing. Nervous Neuralgia
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the use
alcohol or tobacco. Sleeplessness, Mental Depress
ion, Softening of the Brain resulting in insanity
and leading to misery, decay and death, Prematuri
Old Age, Barrenness, Spermatorrhoea, Harrassinr
Dreams', Prematura Decay of Vital Power.caused'
by over exertion of the brain, self-abuse or over
indulgence. 75 cents per box or six boxes for
(4.00, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price.
Six boxes is the complete treatment and with,
every purchase of six boxes at one time we will
if the wafers do not benefit or effect a permanent,
cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON MEDICAL
INSTITUTE. For sale only by JOSEPH
FLEMING & SON. 412 Market Street. Pitts
burgh, Pa., P. 0. Box 37. to whom all communi
cation should be addressed.
For men! Checks the worst cases in three'
days, and cures in five days. Price SI 00. at
412 Market street. .
a rosi-rivis cuke
For LOST Or ralllnx'
MANHOOD. Servous-
vimi nM. Weakness of
Body Mind. Lack of Strength, Vigor and De
velopment, caused by Errors, Excesses, c. Hook.
JUVV& Ui Oti.f-A1CEAT9UHIT. SDH JTnjOlS jnaill
t sealed) free. Address KEIJS MEDICAL CO
lunalo. N. Y. deS7-TTSwk
WEfilfABYiSB ?BX& .80W T0A8T.
"Jsli IxMrtteorMdManboodRMtoreiL Pre.
r"lv0E mataralxelliieuiirimetlonal dim.
fti- M k den eared kOAoki Stomach Medicines.
VT D aJlj;ssJs4 Tread e sect freomappncatloa.
Wl nUn-f "ISTH HaUsrtKaMtlmXtTk.
de-15 gru-ark
Tfl WEAKHEUs37&a&r
I jTf ! W,"?? HMeeiT. lot
manhood, etc. I wfflttnda valuable traatlM (sealed)
eoatamhur foil parHealars for home core, tree of
chara. iddress,
PROF. .0. FOWLER, Msetfw, Cm 1
l-uofrStBsawt -
. . ; rvmi