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Mye stock reyiew.
Fall Eeturns of Week's Transactions
at Central Yards.
fBheep and Lambs Activelarge Kun of
Hogs itom cmcago
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch, J
THURSDAY, February 2S, 1SS9. J
With returns for the week all in it ap
pears tha local receipts of cattle this week
hare been 310 head less than last, and less
than any time for months past. By refer
ence to reports for January it is ascertained
that local receipts reached 2,230 headpr about
0,000 above supplies of this week. Through the
month of November the receipts averaged
above S.000 head weekly. The lowest number
on record for the oast year vs the week be
tween Christmas and New York, when game
and poultry had the field. Receipts for local
trade that week were 1,260. Supplies this week
are smallest, with that exception, probably, for
The light run has -had the effect of advanc
ing prices on some grades of botcher cattle.
An advance of 15c is reported by dealers, but
the advance has been wholly on local account,
because of light run. It appears that Western
cattle feeders are withholding stock from mar
kets on account of low prices.
Stock raisersjehoose that their cattle shall go
to grass a little longer in preference to belling
at rates which have been ruling for some
weeks past. The only parties ho can flndany
crumbs of comfort in the cattle situation for
the winter which closes its career to-day are
butchers. What stock raisers have lost butch
ers have gamed, for, so far as can be acr
talned, consumers of meat pay the same prices
for roasts and tenderloin now, when the best
1 700-pound steers bring but $4 65, as last fall
when the the price was well up to $7 per 100
weight. i
The loss to the cattle feeder who held his
stock through the winter was no less than
S34 on every LT0 0-pound steer, not to say any
thing of trouble and feed.
The run being nearly 4,000 head less than last
week, pnees held up well at a slight advance.
Markets being more favorable tobujers at
Chicago, dealers at Liberty ordered stock from
the West, and as supplies begin to come in
freely to-day, markets are oil 1nd very slow,
borne of our leading, pork packers report that
prices at Liberty have ruled higher all season
than at Chicago, and for this reason they have
obtained their supplies for the most part from
the latter place. They express a preference
for the home market, but say they have only on
rare occasions been able to do as well at home
the present season as at Chicago.
&heep and Lnmbs.
Markets show abetter tone and greater ac
tivity this week than for a mon'Ji or two past.
The supply has not been equal to demand.
Choice lambs are in supply much below wants
of trade. Both sheep and lambs have been
gathered in as fast as they came to the front at
strong He over last week's prices. To-day a
number of fresh loads were held firmly at yes
terday's prices. For the first time this year
markets or sheep and lambs have been in favor
of the bolder.
Following are the full returns of the week's
transactions at the Central Stock Yards:
Thro'. I Local.
Thursday 760, .... 1,175 110
Fridav 10 80 4,43 1,650
Saturday 1,150 300 i,5o0 1,630
fcunday 10 900 4.175 4,180
Monday 6S0 ZXoO too
Tuesday 40 LB 2,703 S,2
Wednesday 860 .. 4,650 2,42)
Total 4700 1.S40 S3,E5 16,170
Last week 4,27o 1,650 27,500 17,270
Thursday 30 2,000
Fridav 871 . . ..
Saturday 15 1, 901
Monday 1,0c) 3.M9 4,171
Tuesday ISO 1,303 3,713
Wednesday 5 1,663 4:4
Total 1,299 11.3S5 9,244
last wetk. . 1,609 ims 10,115
B Telesraob.
Hew York Beeves No fresh offerings: no
market for beeves: dull for dressed beef at 5
7c per pound for poor to prime sides: exports
to-day 2,440 quarters of beef : to-day's Liverpool
cable quotes American refrigerator beef lo er
at scant 9c per pound. Sheep Receipts, ! 100
head: trade fair, but prices were a trifle easier
before the finish; common to very choice sheep
sold at S4 506 15 per 1C0 pounds, and common
to choice lambs at So 507 65; dressed mutton
firm at 7K9c per pound; dressed lambs quiet
at6lojc. Hogs Receipts. 2.900 head, all
for slauguterers direct, except a single deck
load, which sold alive at So 60 per 100 pounds;
quoted steady at So 355 C5.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts. 400 head; ship
ments, 400 head: market strong; choice
lieavy steers, J3 S04 20; fair to good do, $3 00
63 To; stockers and feeders, fair to good,
2 00300: rangers, corn-fed. $2 753 40: grass
fed. $1 802 91 Hogs Receipts. 4,400 head;
shipments. 1,600 bead; market strong; choice
heavy and butchers' selections, S4 4004 55;
packing, medium to prime. (4 354 55; light
grades, ordinary to best, 54 504 65. Sheen
Receipts, 600 head; shipments, none; market
firm; fair to choice, S3 0065 SO.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts, 2,320 head:
shipments, L3S5 head; dressed beef and ship
ping steers steady to strong; cows strong, act
ive and 10c higher; stockers and feeding steers
steady; good to choice comfed, $3 904 15:
common to medium. S2 S03 70: stockers and
feeding steers. Jl 603 20 Hogs Receipts,
7,932 head: shipments, 1,507 head; strong to act
ive and 510c higher; good to choice, $4 30
4 45; common to medium, $4 154 30. Sheep
Receipts, 721 bead; no shipment"; steady; good
to choice muttons, SI 254 50; common to
medium, S2 503 9a
Chicago Cattle Receipts, 1LO0O head; ship
ments, 3.500 head; market steadv; beeves
S3 00E4 55: stockers and feeders, S2 153 15;
cows, bulls and mixed. $1 753 10; bulk. S2 10
25a Hogs Receipts. 29.(100 head; shipments,
10.000 head; market steady; early closing 5c
lower on mixed and heavy: mixed. SI 40g4 05:
heavy. SI 404 60; light, $4 454 75; pibs, S4 50
4 65. Sheep Receipts, 8,000 head; shipments,
3.000 bead: market steadv to rong; natives.
S3 005 25; western, $4 404 85; lambs, Jl 75
BCTFAXO Cattle Receipts, 700 head
through, 40 head for sale; steady; sales of 20
head at S3 50. Sheep and lambs Steady; re
ceipts, 400 head through: 3,400 head for sale;
good sheep. S4 75(25 25: good lambs, S5 85
6 5a Hogs Receipts, 3,000 head through: 4,500
head for sale; w eak. 10015c lower; mediums.
SI B0Q4 90; Yorkers. SS O0S5 05.
Baltimore Beef cattle more active and
firm; best beeves. 4i4 2-5c; generally rated
first Qualit. ifii,c; medium to good, fair
quality. Sg33iC; ordinary thin steers, oxen
and cows, 2Q3c; most of the sales were from
3K4Jr: receipts, S72 head; sales. 553 head,
foheep Receipts, 1,78b head; sheep, 3Gc;lambs,
4 0C.
Cescinsati Hogs in good demand and
steady: common and light. S3 754 75; pack
ing and butchers. S4 504 75. Receipts, 2,880
head; shipments, 1,500 head.
The French Iron Trade,
The Paris correspondent of an English ex
change says that the French iron trade has in
creased considerably of late, especially toward
South America, and that the works in the
North of France have received some heavy
orders for rolled iron from the Argentine Re
public It has even been proposed to appoint
an agent in tuat country lor the purpose ot
representing a French iron syndicate. Never
theless, the price of iron in Pans has fallen lo
lgt for merchant bars, and 14f per 100 kilojs
for girders. The French works entrusted with
the construction of the iron sluice gates for the
Panama Canal have bad to suspend their de
liveries owing to the liquidation of the ill
starred company, and it is doubtful bow the
portions already shipped can ever be utilized.
Tlio Wool Trade of Australia.
During the year 1867 the exportation of wool
from Victoria and South Australia amounted
to 331,998 bales, the principal outlets being:
London, 187.495 bales; Antwerp, 16,363 bales;
Marseilles, 4,434 bales; Bremen and Hamburg,
8,708 bales; Boston, 20.000 bales. Parr of the
wool shipped to London was in transit, and only
a portion of whafamved at Antwerp was sold
in that market, wmle the remainder was des
tined for the manufactories in the north ot
France. It is stated that there are at present
about 10,273,000 sheep in Victoria, the un
washed merino fleeces yielding an an average
7J pounds, and those of the pure Lincoln breed
about 13 pounds.
Wool Market.
Bt. Locts Wool quiet and steady. TJn-
ISiPkbriEbt medium. 19g26KC coarse braid,
, 1422c;low sandy, ll18c; fine light, 1723c;
igh heavy. ISQISe; tub washed, choice, S7c in-
v.--,, vyuuw
-; -- - iiifsalisSilWsTi1iCTrffffsi1l iiiiH 'n i iLJMIMir ' " ifmew-W
Wheat Boomed on Report of Decreased
Stock in Country Elevators Corn
Hither Onti In a Rot Hoc
Products Dnll and Lower.
Chicago Trading in wheat was of a rather
limited, character to-day and the market ruled
quiet and attimes very dull. Outside news was
scarce, and there was but little on which to
base operations. The market opened from the
same to Jc over the closing figures of yester
day, then declined c under fair offerings and
a possible attempt to boar the market. But
the offerings were taken without a break in
prices, and this started the shorts to covering,
some of the buying being done by parties who
sold early, and prices, with several fluctuations,
advanced Uc, declined 3c and closed Jc
higher than yesterday. Foreign advices were
less favorable. Advices from the Northwest
report stocks in country elevators as having
decreased 1.500,000 to 2,000,000 bushels since
February 1, and that stocks are now down to
about 5,000,000 bushels.
There was rather more interest manifested in
com, trading being quite active and a higher
range of pnees was established. The advance
was attributed mainly to covering by the
shorts and brought out a good many orders,and
the market was quite active at times. Opening
sales were at abont the closing prices of yester
day, after which the market advanced $Kc
became quiet and steady, eased off Borne and
closed i&c higher.
Oats w ere quiet and rather in a rut. Fluctua
tions were confined to'a Jc range.
The continued liberal receipts of hogs en
couraged rather free offerings of products early
in the day, and the market ruled weak during
the greater portion of the session. Local buy
ers were a little backward about taking hold
and outside orders were somewhat limited.
Prices ruled lower on all the leading articles
with trading centered in contracts for May,
June and July deliveries.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
wheat jno. & Aiarcn, tiiutsi vr&eti vy
ui;l: inay. si viyi. ixmcui vomi um;juuc,
OATS-No.2 March, 25Kc; May, 2727J27
27fc: June, 2fr26c.
Mess Pork, per W-March, $11 15U 10;
Mav. $11 30811 32KU 20U 27X: June,
Sll 30ll 3511 3011 35.
Lard, per 100 Iks March. S6 72K66 70;
Mav. Sb836b5&677XGS0; June, SB 82f
6 82X.
blloBT RIBS, per 100 lis March. $5 87
5 85: May, 16 06 056 006 02; June, $6 10
6 10Q6 7Jffi6 la
Caslf quotations were as follows: Flour
firm and unchanged: No. 2 snrinc wheat.
SI 04M; No. 3 spring wheat. 96c;
No. 2 red. SI 0 No. 2 corn. 34Kc bid. No. 2
oats, 256. No. 2 rye. 43J.JC. No. 2 barley, nom
inal. -No. 1 flaxseed. SI 4S. Prime timothy
seed. SI 42l 44. Mess pork, per barrel,
511 12K11 25i Lard, per 100 lbs. So 70. Short
ribs sides (loose). S6 8506 95: dry salted
shoulders (boxed). S5 255 37J4; short clear
sides (boxed). S6 12K66 25. Sugars, cut loaf,
unchanged. Receipts Flour, 16,000 barrels;
wheat. 33,000 bushels; corn. 183,000 bushels;
oats. 91,000 bushels; rye. 6,000 bushels: barley,
43,000 bushels. Shipments Flour. 9,000, bar
rels; wheat. 28.000 bushels; com, 124,000 bush
els: oats. 97.000 bushels; rye, 3,000 bushels;
barley, 44.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the bntter
market was easy: fancy creamery, 2o26c;
choice to fine, 2021c: dairies, 2021c: good to
choice. lSgKM. Eggs steady at lglSc.
New York Flour steady and moderately
active. Wheat Spot dull and unchanged;
options Mc higher. Barley dull. Com Spot
3 ulet and firmer; options VMz higher and
rm. Oats Spot dnll and unchanged: options
firm and quiet. Hay steady and quiet. Hops
quiet and steady. Coffee Options opened
steady and unchanged to 5 points down, closed
quiet, 6 points down, lower cables, dnll; sales,
33,750 haes, including March. April and May,
16.356US.40c; June, 16.45lO50c; July, 16.5548
16.60c; August, 16.6516.70c; September, 16.75
16.80c: October, 16.75iab5c; December, 16.80
iaS5c; January, 16.85c; spot Rio firm; fair
cargoes at ISKc Sugar Raw strong; fair re
fining, 4Jc: centrifrugals, 96" test, 5 9-16c; re
fined steadv and quiet. Molasses Foreign
Suiet; New Orleans dull. Rire quiet and firm.
ottoneed oil strong. Tallow weak. Rosin
steady and quiet. Turpentine steady and quiet
at49Ji4'JKc Ecgs quiet; Western, 14K
ll'ic; receipts. 5,421 packages. Pork quiet: old
mess, S12: new mess. S12 5012 75: extra prime
512 0U12 25. Cutmeats quiet; pickled shout?
ders, 55?c; pickled hams, 9K10c: do
bellies. $c Middles quiet; short clear. S6 4a.
Lard weak: slow sales: western steam, S7 12K;
citv, S6 75: March, 57 127 15, closing at $7 13;
April, $7 13: May, S7 13716. closing at S7 14
bid: June. 57 15; July, S7 17; Angnst, S7 19
7 2L closing at S7 19 bid; September, S7 22.
Butter in moderate demand and rather easy;
western dairy, 1320c: do creamerv, 16ffi2Kc;
Elgin, SOgSOKcCbeesc slow; western, 10K11J4C
St. Lours Flrur Quiet, easy and un
changed. Wheat higher in sympathy with im
nrovements elsewhere, prices advanced 0iiic
though closing off a little lrom ton: No. 2 red
cash 96Kc; May. 98je98MSPSe, rfosing at
9SJ9Sc: Jnne, 95J95-i July, 8585M
closing at 85c bid. Corn stronger: No. 2
mixed, cash, 2c; March. 2SK2SC closing
at 2Sc asked; April, 29J2958C, closing at
29c; May, 3031Kc, closing at 30Jc; June,
3liic;Julv. 32K32jc closing at32$c asked;
August. S3Vc closing at 33c bid. Oats quiet
but firm: No. 2 cash, 25c; Mav. 27Jc. Rye
Quiet; No. 2, 45a Barley entirely neglected.
Flaxseed, SI oO. Provisions quiet and easier.
Ci cinnati Flour in moderate demand.
Wheat quiet: No. 2 red, 96c; receipts, 2,500
bushels: shipments 2,000 bushels. Com dull:
No. 2 mixed. 32K33c Oats dull: No. 2 mixed,
262G5fc Rye dull; No. 2, 52c Pork quiet at
Sll SO. Lard heavy: drooping at S6 65. Bulk
meats and bacon firm and unchanged. Butter
quiet. Sugar firm. Eggs in moderate demand
at llllc Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Flour steady. Wheat easy;
cash, 94c: May, 96Jge; July, 93c Corn
firm: No. 3, 31c. Oats firm: No. 2 whitev27
2Sc Rye dull; No. 1. 45c Barlevfirm; No.2,
59J4C Provisions easier. Pork, Sll 12k. Lard,
S6 to. Cheese steady; Cheddars, 10Xllc.
Baltimore Provisions quiet and un
changed. Butter firm; western packed, 160
20c: best roll. 1318c; creamery, 202Sc Eggs
easier at 1414Kc Coffee strong; rio, falr,18
Pim,ADEl.PlilA Flour quiet but firm.
Wheat quiet but firm. Corn lower; futures a
shade stronger. Oats quiet. Eggs quiet and
veak; Pennsylvania firsts, 1415c
Toledo Cloverseed active and steady; cash
and March, $4 75 Receipts, 9 bags; shipments,
424 bags.
Prices Firmer nnd Mannfacturer More
Hopeful of a Change.
The only change in the situation from last
week is greater firmness in prices and increased
hopefulness of a change for the better.
Pig Ieon Neutral Gray forge, Sll 50,
cash; write and mottled, S14 00U 50, cash;
all ore mllL $15 7516 00, cash; No. 1 foundry,
$17 2517 50, cash; No. 2 foundry, $16 00, cash;
No. 2 charcoal roundrv. $21 0021 50, cash:
cold blast charcoal, $25 0028 00, cash; Bessemer
Iron, $16 75gl7 00. cash.
Febbo-Makganese Eighty per cent, $55 00
56 00: speigel-eisen, $28 0028 50 f or20per cent
Makufactcbed Iron Bars, $1 751 sa 60
days, 2 per ceut off; skelp, grooved, $1 80&1 85;
sheared. $1 952 0a
Muck Bab S27 00 is the extreme.
Billets Bessemer steel, S28 50 cash: nail
slabs, $27 752S OO; domestic bloom and rail
ends, $19 O019 50.
Nails Carlots 12d to 40d, SI 90, 60 days; 2
ppr cent off for cash.
Wrought Iron Pipe Discounts on steam,
gas and water pipe: black. to 1-inch, 65 per
cent, IK to 12 inches, 65; galvanized, y. to
lji-mch, 47K per cent; IK to 12 inches, 55 per
cent; oil well casing, 60 per cent; 5 inch cas
ing, S7K per net foot; 2-inch tubing, 13c: boiler
tubes, Ci and oil well casing, 60 per cent off
large lots.
Merchaxt Steel Tool, &Cc, crucible
spring, 4ic: crucible machinery, 6c; open
hearth machinery. 2c
Rail Kastektngs Spikes, L20c per pound,
30 days: splice bars. 1 801.85c per pouud; square
nut track bolts. 2.752.S5c and hexagon nut, 1.90
2.95c, t. o. b. Pittsburg.
Old Rails American tees, S24 0024 50;
steel do, $18 50 for short, $19 50 for long.
Steel Rails Heavy sections. S2829 cash,
at works.
Scrap Iron No.1 wrought, S2121 25 pernet
ton; cast scrap, S15 5016: wrought turnings, $13
14. net: cast borings. $1213, gross: car axles,
$25 00025 50, net; old car wheels, S19 00019 50,
gross; rail ends, $19 5020 00; bloom do, $19 60,
Skelp Iros Grooved sizes, $1 65, cash;
sheered, $1 90.
Pbllndclphln Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney i, Stephenson, brokers. No 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. DM. AikM.
Pennsylvania Kallroadi SSW ssu
Reading Kallroad S3 13-16
Bafialo, Pittsburg and Western 12 13
Lehigh Valley UK H
Philadelphia and rlr A. 29
Allegheny Valley bonds 113 ....
Korthern Pacific X z6
Northern I'aetnc preferred M. ti (BK
When baby was side, we gave her Castorta
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorta,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorta,
When she had Children, she gave them Castorta.
SI 0PM1 W. OlJJgl 0K5; Jniv. ya4esHc.
COBN-No. 2 March. 3434?34H;34Vc;
Mav. 335ie3035Ve35Jirc; June. 335Ji36?
I J . "
Short-sighted Policy of Some of
Pittsburg's Honey Kings.
A New Rival for the Old-Fashioned Build
ing and Loan Associations.
"I think our capitalists are standing in
their own light in refusing or neglecting to
build tenement houses," said a real estate
dealer yesterday. He continued: "Xhere
is more money in it trrhn in anything else
that I know of. A wealthy man came to
me fire or six years ago and told me to buy
for him enough ground for 50 houses. Before
I could make a deal he countermanded the
order. If he had adhered to his original
purpose he would have made at least a
quarter of a million dollars by the invest
ment This lack of public spirit among
our wealthy citizens is one cause of
the comparatively slow growth of
the city. There would be large ad
ditions to our population if people
could secure comfortable houses to lire in.
The demand in this direction always has been,
is, and, unless a radical change takes place,
always will be larger than the supply. It is
different in other cities. In Philadelphia, for
instance, one man, John Lougbran, has built
more than a thousand houses in the past few
years. He is now constructing 119 two-story
houses in various parts of the city. Some of
these he will-sell on the installment plan;
others he will rent at from $15 to $20 a month,
according to location. It is the same in Chi
cago, where blocks of hundreds of houses are
erected aud rented or sold at moderate prices.
If this spirit prevailed in Pittsburg we would
soon double our population. There is big
money in this business, and I am surprised that
our capitalists fail to realize It."
Quite a demand for Diamond alley property
has sprung up within the past few months, and
the indications are that in a short
time it will become one of the busiest
as well as best streets in the city.
A real estate dealer said yesterday that he
knew of two important sales on this thorough
fare within ten days, and one or two more deals
wpre on the string. He would not give prices,
but said they were reasonable considering the
advantages of the location from a business
The building and loan associations of Phila
delphia, which hare done so much to make it a
city of homes, have a new rival in the compa
nies which issue installment mortgages, a form
of mortgage of recent invention, concerning
which the Record says: "Too idea is that a
borrower shall reduce bis Indebtedness by
monthly payments of both principal and inter
est until the entire amount shall be paid off,
generally in 10 or 11 years. If desired, how
ever, the debt can be paid off at any time. Six
per cent interest is charged. For instance, a
man borrows $1,200 on a mortgage on his house.
At the end of the first month he pays an in
stallment of $10 on the principal and pays $6 in
interest. The principal is thus reduced to
1,190, and the next interest charge is only $5 95.
By continuing this process the principal, at the
end of the nrstyear, is reduced to $1,090 and the
monthly interest to $5 50. The close of the
second year finds the debt only $970 and the in
terest $4 90, and so it goes on until the one hun
dred and twentieth payment wipes the mort
gage off altogether.",
The leading event in the real estate market
yesterday was the sale by Samuel W. Black A
Co., 99 Fourth avenue, for the estate of David
M. Smith, of the residence property No. 146
North avenue, Allegheny City, lot 59x170, for
$55,000. The house, an elegant three story
brick of 12 rooms and modern conveniences,
nicely finished and decorated, was built by Mr.
McCandless, of the Edgar Thomson Steel
Works, and occupied by him for several years.
The price at which this property was sold is
considerable of a bargain. Messrs. Black &
Co., report a good demand for Allegheny park
property. a
The proposition to amend the buldinglaws
of the State meets the approval of Pittsburg
builders so far as they have been seen. One of
them said yesterday: The lars are very de
fective in regulating the thickness of brick
walls. This has resulted in many collapses, at
tended in some cases by loss of life. The walls
of three to four-story buildings should not be
less than 12 inches thick, and from four to six
stories not less than 18 inches. Good founda
tions and good walls are necessary to security.
I am in favor of letting people build as high as
they please, provided the walls be of the neces
sary thickness to insure safety. Ground is be
coming so dear that it is cheaper to build up In
the air than on terra firms." On this subject
the Philadelphia Ledger remarks:
"The proposed amendments will be in the
direction of giving greater security from the
destruction of houses by fire. The cost of con
struction may be increased by the larger lots
required and thicker walls, but the end to be
attained justifies the change in the law. Nine
inch walls do not insure protection from the
spread of fire from building to building, nor
are flues inclosed by only four inches of brick
entirely safe. The slightest carelessness of
carpenters with such construction may cause a
, The big vault for the Fidelity Title and Trust
Company, a description of which was given in
this department a few days ago, commenced to
arrive from Detroit yesterday. All of it will be
here in a day or two. It requires 45 cars to
transport it. It is coming over the Michigan
Central, Wheeling and Lake Erie and Pitts
burg and Western Railroad. Mr. Hough, one
of the inventors, arrived from Detroit on
Wednesday, and will proceed to set up this
mammoth burglar, fire and more defier as soon
as it is all here. It will take about three
weeks' time to put it together. It is understood
that the plant for the manufacture of these
vaults will be located in this city.
Kecal Stocks Badly In Need of a Helping
Philadelphia Gas and Tractions were the
most active stocks on the list yesterday, 800
shares of the latter changing hands and 265 of
the former both going at a slight decline from
the day before. Electric was weaker, while
Switch and La Nona held their ground. The
bears predict still lower prices for gas stocks.
Indication? favor an improvement in Electric
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Allegheny at- Hank.
Com. .Nat. Bank r
Citizens' Nat. Bjnk...
Miaraond Mat. Bank.,
xchange Nat. Bank..
First r,at.Bank l'ltts'g
Fourth Nat. Bank.....
Freehold Bank....... .
Kld.TitleJi Trust Co
Iron City National
55 '
Iron ft mass ioi. dy
. I. P.nV
.Mcr.iilsn! Nat Bnk.
Metropolitan Nat. link
Odd Fellows' havings.
PltU.N. B'k Com.. ...
Pitts. Bank forrJavlngs
Allemannia insurance ....
Boatman's Ins
Citizens1 Insnrance
,ernian American In. 82
Humboldt Insurance.. 40
Man. iiler. Ins 49
Penn. Ins. Co.
Peoples' Insurance
Western Insurance
Chanters Valley Gas
Fennsvlvanla Gas Co.. ....
PMladelohla Co MV
Wnecllnc Uas Co 28H
Citizens' Traction 69
Pittsburg Traction 48)4,
Central Traction 24
LaNorUM. Co
West'honseElec 42)4
!lnlnnMw1tr.llA-3hrnal. 18
The early sales were 200 shares of Pbiladel-
ShiaGasat3615 at 36 and 6 Switch and
ignal at 1
lit the afternoon 60 Philadelphia Gas sold at
36. 165 at 87,600 Pittsburg Traction at 49.3(10
aniens' Traction at 70 and 17Electric at 42jj
The total sales of stocks atJNew York yester
day were 185,581 shares, including: Atchison,
4,211: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
6,339; Lake Shore, 3,226; Missouri Pa
cific. 6,000; northwestern? ,6,191; Northern
Pacific preferred, 3,675; Oregon Trasscontl-
nental, 6,400; Reading, 9,950; Richmond and
West Point, 10,685; Su PauLZlUO; Union Pa
ciflc; 17,02a J
Loanable Funds Abundant and Borrowers
Scarce Clearing Honse Figures.
The money market yesterday was steady, hut
quiet. Funds were abundatit, and the applica
tions for loans were few and far between. The
rates were unchanged at 5Q6 per cent. Toe ex
changes were $2,013,370.09, and the balances
$455.87&97. For the month Exchanges, $47.
155,582 23; balances, $3,620.115 58. Exchanges
for February, 18S8, $44,676,983 88; balances for
February, 1838, $7,688,311 88.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 2 to 3 per cent, last loan 2; closed
offered atl) Prime mercantile paper, 46.
Sterling exchange dull.but steady at Si 86 for
60 day bills and $4 88 for demand.
Government Bonds.
Closing quotations in New York furnished
The Dispatch by Robinson Bros.. Wood
street. Local dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots:
D.S.4s. reg lOTKjaiMH
V. B. 4Hs. coups 109 109J
U.H.43, rcir 1J7HS1S
U. 8. 4S, 1907, coups 128)123
Currency, 6 per cent. 1895 reg IN
Currency, 6 per cent. ISXteg. 122
Currency, s per cent, 1837 reg 125
Currency, 6 per cent, 1898 reg. 123
Currency, 8 per cent, 1899 reg 131
The registered 4s are now quoted ex-April 1
New Yoek Clearings, $103,528,989; balances,
Boston Clearings, $15,369,661; balances, $2,
265,669. Money 3 per cent.
St. Louis Clearings, $2,689,8S0; balances,
$541,829. For this month-Clearings, $72,600,989;
balances, $12,845,584.
Baltimore Clearings, $1,751,734; balance,
Philadelphia Clearings,
ances, $1,795,977.
$11,081,310; bal-
Chicago Money
$9,606,000. v
unchanged. Clearings,
A Weak Feeling at the Openlne Snceeededj
by a Firmer Tone.
When the oil market opened 'yesterday the
feeling was a little shaky. The initial quota-'
tion was 91 and with hardly a sale it broke to
90, and then to 90. From this it slowly re
covered to 91, and later sold up to 91K- An
other wave of depression then rolled in and the
price receded to 91. Toward the close the mar
ket rallied and sold at 91 the highest point of,
the day, closing at 91K bid. It was the opinion
of many that the market had touched bottom,
temporarily at least, and would likely sell up a
trifle to-day. Trading in puts and calls favored
this view. The business during the day was
fair but not heavy, Foster, of Oil City, leading
in the selling, and Fisher, Orvis, Pinkerton and
Gross doing most of the buying.
A. B. McQrew qnotes puts, 90; calls, 92 to
Ihe following taDic, corrected ny Be TVltt DI1
worth, broker In petroleum, etc.. corner Fifth
avenue and Wood street, Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc i
Bid. I Ask.
12:45 p. It...
1:00 p. x...
1:15 r. X...
ISO p. x...
1:45 P. X...
2.-00 P. M..
2:15 P. X...
2.30 P. X...
2:45 P. X...
91 H
Opened. 91Jc; aigheut, lc; lowest. SOHes
closed, BIHc
lis lly runs , , 49.902
Average runs 40.651
Dally shloments - 74,910
Average shipments.... 79.103
Dallv charters - 60,313
Average charters . 37,371
Clearances .,.,(m.,i2,670,000
New York closed at 9lKc
Oil City closed at 91 He
Bradrora dosed at 91 !4-
New York. reHnad. 1.10c
London, reaned. 6.1.
Antwerp, refined. 17t
The Tnylontown Field.
Taylobstown, February 28. Henderson oil
well No. 1 is two blts,ln the sand and showing
npfor a 60-barrel well. Ja es Hodgens,Jr.,
No. 3, will get the sand on Saturday. The
Washington Oil Company have 20 wells in
operation, nine more wells are ready to start.
This company brought in fire nice producers
during the month of February. The Shamrock
Oil Company will bring Jn their No. 3 well to
morrow. Sixteen wells are now in operation
on the White Bros.' lease.
Other OH Markets.
Oa Cmr. February 2& National transit cer
tificates opened. Die; highest, 91c; lowest,
90$c; closed, 91c
Bradford. February 3. National transit
certificates opened at 914; closed at 91c; high
est, 91c: lowest. 90c
TrrusvrLi.E, February 28. National transit
certificates opened at 91c: highest, 91c: low
est, 90c: closed, 91Jc.
New York. February 28. Petroleum opened
at SIVic, and declined to 90 It then turned
on western buying and advanced to 91c,
closing firm at 91c. Sales, 1,617,000 barrels.
The Demand for Small Properties Greater
Than the Supply. ,
The real estate market yesterday was active,
the demand being principally for small houses
and unimproved lots, the supply of which is
growing day by day. Benters are now on the
home stretch, as they have bnt a short time be
tween now and flitting day to secure new quar
ters. Beed B. Coyle fc Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for the Freehold Bank, to John S. Boyd, five
lots, in the B. M. Kennedy plan of lots, at
Homewood Station, Pennsylvania Railroad,
size of each 25x135, to a 24-foot alley, for a price
approximating $2,500. They also sold for Will
iam Mooney's Sons, to Ji W. Miller, a frame
cottage of six rooms on Center avenue, Bonp
Station, with lot 28x165. for $4,000.
D. P. Thomas & Co., 408 Grant street, sold for
E. P. Jones, to James Tetley, a frame house
and lot 19x100, on Penn avenue, near Pearl
street, for a price approximating $1,900. They
also placed a mortgage of $2,000 on suburban
W.A.Herron&Sonssold lot No. 68, in the
Buch plan. Eleventh ward, being 25x144, front
ing on Devllliers street, for $450; also a lot on
Clavbonrne street. Twentieth ward, Shadyslde,
0x150 feet, for $50.
Ewing iByers sold a mortgage of $1,350 on
West Bellevne property,Pittsburg,Fort Wayne
and Chicago Railroad.
C. Berlnger & Son, No. 103 Fourth avenue,
sold to Leonard Boston lots Nog. 84, 85. 86, 87
and 88, in John A. Eckert's plan. Eleventh
ward. Allegheny, for $1,475; also ten acres of
land In Killbuck township, near Emswortb, for
Joseph Marvin, to Alex. Billlngley, for $1,650.
Baltensperger & WilltamsJUH Fourth avenue,
placed a mortgage for $1,200 on Thirty-fifth
ward property for five years at 6 per cent.
Black Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
Miss Jane Magee for the Henry Llovd estate,
lot No. 14 in the Lloyd plan of lots at Bellefield,
fronting 60 feet on the west side of Dithridge
street by 175 in depth, for $3,750 cash.
A Drive nt Atchison Weakens the List,
Which Recovers and Closes at Top
Prices Gains nnd Losses
Bonds Steady.
New Yoke, February 2S.-The stock market,
although somewhat less active as measured by
the number of shares sold, Was even less so as
regarding the general list, for four stocks con-
'trlbuted over half of tho entire business done.
The market, however, was strong throughout
and the day closed with almost everything on
the list fractionally higher, while a few marked
advances were scored.
The bears early made a drive at Atchison,
and heavy selling was done for Boston account,
while the short interest in the stock was ma
terially increased on the way down, although
the loss was only a point. The story of an in
crease in the capital stocks was again madoto
do duty as a depression agent, but the offer
ings were easily absorbed and the recovery was
rapid and complete. The only other marked
weak spot was Denver, Texas and Ft Worth
certificates, which dropped 1 per cent, but
afterward recovered, as did Atchison.
First prices were steady, and the weakness of
last evening had entirely disappeared, the
market moving up slowly from the first sales,
though the Improving tendency was checked
by the weakness .of Atchison and Ft. Worth
and Denver certificates, but the downward
course of those stocks was quickly checked,
and as tbey recovered the general list resumed
Its upward march. Progress Was verv slow,
however, and dullness again became the most
prominent feature of the dealings. Union Pa
cific and Pullman came to the front before
noon, bnt after I P. Mthere was more anima
tion, and Atchison and Chicago Oat, which bad
been weak, took the load, and the advance be
came more marked toward 2 o'clock.
The highest prices were generally reached in
the last hour, and the market finally closed
dull but firm andgsnerally at about j the. best
prices ot the day. Ihe declines established
Tune. Bid. Ask.
Opened 91K S-i'-u
10:15 a. x.... 0 si
10.30 A. M.... 91 91X
I0:45A. M.. 91 SIU
UlCOA. X.... 91 91M
11:15A. k.. P1K 91
11:30A. M.... SIK 1!4
I1:45A. M.. S1U 9IX
12:00 H 91)2 81 H
12:25 F. M.. 91X 9114
12:30 P. M.... 91X 111 3
were few in number and entirely unimportant,
while Oregon Improvement rose 2 Pullman
2 per cent and others fractional amounts,
though Big Four fell off 1.
There was more demand, for railroad bonds,
but the offerings kept pace with the purchases,
and the market, while showing greater anima
tion, was steady for most issues, and final
changes show considerable Irregularity. The
sales of all issues reached $1,907,000, with no
marked activity in any one issue. The ad
vances include: Iowa Central firsts, 2KU 86;
Louisville, New Albanyand Chicago consols,
2, to 102K; Ft- Wayne seconds, 5, to 145; Milwau
kee, Lake Shore and Western incomes, 3, to 103.
The losses of importance were Jersey Central
firsts 2K. at 10 and Syracuse, Binghamton
and New York firsts, 2. at 135.
The following table snows the prices of active
stocks on the New -York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dailj for,THB Dispatch by Whit
ney. 4 Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
Open- High- ow- Clos
ing, est. est. In ir.
Am. Cotton Oil HH &8H
Atch.. Top. 4 8. F.... KUi !( 60 60S
Canada Southern 65 65) 65 H
Ocntnl of New Jersey. 84K KH W 5!4
CentralPaclflc ."... 35 86M 85 36
Chesapeake & Ohio MM
C. Bur.&Qulncy.....l01 101)4 101 101k
C, Mil. & St. Paul..., 81 62W nil 61K
C, Jill 4 St. P.. pf.. V1H KH Bin VIH
C., ltocfc L. A F 96 96g S5K S)4
C, St. L. & Pitts 18$ 1SU 134 IBS?
0., St. L. k Pitts, pf.. 40 40fJ 40 4034
U, St. 1'., M. fcO ,. X!M
C., 8t.PM.0., pr. 92
C. & Northwestern. ...106I4 106X 106 1CCW
C.& Northwestern, pf. 14IK
C. CC.4I .'..7314 731f 3gX 72H
Col. Coal ft Iron 33J 24 S3 3ZM
Col. A Hocktnr Val 25 K
Bel., L. iW 2...!0J
Del. & Hudson 135
Denver ft Bio U pr... ..1.
E.T., Va.Oa t
E.T.,Va. ftGa., lstpf .. .
K. T.t Va. ft Ga. 2d pf. 22),
Illinois Central 109
Lake Erie ft Western.. 1SW
Lake Erie ft West. pr.. Sl'i
Lake Shore ft M. S 104H
Louisville ft Nashville. taH
Michigan Central S9H
Mobile Ohio lltf
Mo., K. ftTexas
Mlssonrl Pacific 71
Newiork Central 108H
N. Y li. E. ft W 29
N. ., L. E. ft W.pref ....
N. Y.. C. ft St. L
f N. I., C. ft St. L. of.
x.., c. st.L.M pr ....
N.YftN. E 45M
N. v., o.ft W
Norfolk ft Western
Norfolk ft Western, pf 611
Northern Pacific Sft
Northern Pacific pref. 62
4TX 46K
siii si"
2SU 26K
621 62)4
56f 55
31 33fT
is" 28"
47 46SJ
uregon improvement. o
Oregon Transcon 33
Pacific Mall
Peo. Dec. ft Evans 28
Pblladel. ft Ueadlnj.. 47
rullman Palace Car ..197$
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 27
Richmond ft W.P.T.pf Sl'i
St. P., Minn. 4 Man
St. L. ft San Fran !4
St. L. ft San Fran pf.. 63H
St. L. ft San F.lst pf.
Texas Pacific, Z
Union Pacific..! 65
Wabash 13H
Wabash preferred
Western Union 85H
Wheeling ft L. E. 65X
7! 27
11)J 81
21 21 H
66S 65W
18j 13'
M 65M
A Weak Opening, Followed by a Chantje for
the Better.
Boston, February 28. The opening was
quiet with a weak tone fir most of the active
stocks, followed by a change for the better,
notably for the high priced stocks, such as Bell
Telephone, Pullman and Boston and Albany.
Union Pacific was also steady, with bondslower.
Atchison has continued active at further slight
Atch. ft Too.. 1st 7s. 119
A.ftT. Land Gr1 t7s.H0
Atch. & Top. K. K... 51
Boston ft Albany.. .214
Boston ft Maine.. ...169
C. B. 40. 101
Clnn. San. ft Cleve. 25J4
Eastern B. B .. tOH
Kiln t ft Pereal 29
Flint ft Pen M. nrd. 97
Mexican Cen. com.. 14
M. C lstMort. bds. 70'
h. r. ftXewEn;... 47
Old Colony. 169
Calumet ft Hecla....2S0
Cataloa 17
Kranxiln 14
Osceola li',i
Pewable (new) 5
Quincr 67
Kelt telephone 23H
Boston Land 7
Water Power 7H
Tamarack 143
San Blego ..., 22
Business Notes.
The report of the arbitrators in the case of
tho appeal from the condemnation of the Balti
more and Ohio building, corner of Fifth avenue
and Wood street, will be ready to-day, but it
will not be made public until examined by the
parties directly interested.
Philadelphia firm offers for subscrip
tion $4,000,000 Pennsylvania and New York
Canal and Railroad 7s, price 115 payable 10
per cent on subscription and the remainder
ApriU. or earlier at the subscriber's option,
less 2 per cent per annum discount.
i Local securities sold recently in Philadel
phia: $2,000 City of Pittsburg Water Loan 7s.
1896, 125 and 10 shares Cambria Iron Com-
Eany, 105; $5,000 Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St.
louis first mortgage 7s, 120120K: $2,000 Penn
sylvania Railroad general mortgage 6s,
coupons, 130; $500 West Penn Railroad first
mortgage 6s, 106; SI, 000 Allegheny 4s, due 1001,
104; $1,800 City of Pittsburg 4s, due 1915, 107.
At Baltimore: $2,000 Pittsburg and Connells
ville 7s, 117. ;
William IC Vanderbilt's steam yacht Alva
arrived at Nice yesterday from Baltimore.
The Secretary of the Treasury yesterday
afternoon accepted the following bonds: 4
per cents, registered, $424,800 at 10
Four new indictments have been ordered
against Ives and Stayner, two for grand lar
ceny and two for fraudulent issue of stock.
Father Clarke has been arreste'd at Avoca,
County Wicklow, for making speeches tending
to excite the peoplo to commit unlawful acts.
A building at Martinsville, Ont, was
destroyed by fire Wednesday night, and the
only occupant, an old lady named Callivan,
perished in the flames.
Senator Paddock states that Representa
tive Laird, of Nebraska, had so far recovered
that he would bo able to reach Washington in
time to participate in the Inaugural cere
monies. Smallpox has broken out in Southwold
township, dear St Thomas, Ont Four deaths
have already occurred and 12 persons are down
with the disease. Every precantlon has been
taken to prevent it from spreading.
The registry office, at Alexandria, Egypt,
been destroyed by fire, and the registers of as
sessment and taxation of the city and other
Important records are in ashes. It is expected
there will be much confusion in finances in
The 30 prisoners atthe House of Correction,
South Boston, who continue belligerent are
fast being brought into subjection on a diet of
bread and water. Captain Berry expects that
by to-night all of them will have yielded, and
the workshops will be running as usual to
morrow. A parcels post convention has recently
been concluded between the United States and
the Hawaiian Kingdom which is similar in its
provisions to the convention concluded with
Jamaica. It goes into effect to-day, and will
continue in force until terminated by mutual
I agreement
The Crown Prince Rudolfs debts amount
to $2,000,000, altnougb he had an Income of $750,
000 a year and the palaces and country places
jcost him nothing. Where the money went to
nobody knows, w bile a great deal of the Princo's
jewelry, of which he had a very large and valu
able collection, has disappeared.
Father Kennedy. Arho was imprisoned for
attending meetings ot suppressed branches of
the National League, has been released. On
being liberated be addressed a crowd which
had gathered to greet him. In the course of
his speech he said that when the laws enslaved
the people they were not .obliged to submit to
The venerable Hannibal Hamlin yesterday
was on the floor of the Senate, over which
body he presided during the troublous times of
1861-05. He is the sole surviving Vice Presi
dent, and as such comes to take part In the in
augural ceremonies next Monday. He is bale
'and hearty.-and seems to greatly enjoy the con
gratulations of Senators, which are freely ex
tended. ,
The Norwegian bark Carta, Captain Ton
persen, from Pensacola, January 4, for London,
was nearlv severed in a collision last night in
the English channel with the British steamer
Pascal, from London Jor Rosario. A passing
vessel rescued the crew of the Carta and landed
them at Folkestone, The Pascal returned to
London with her bows badly damaged. A num
ber of boats and a tug are endeavoring to get
the Carta into port.
As a Grand Trunk freight train was cross
ing the Canadian Pacific track, near Brampton,
Ont, yesterday, a freight train on- tho latter
road dashed into it, cutting its way through
aud never stopping. Not a wheel ot the Cana
dian Pacific train'lef t the track. The engineer
and fireman jumped and escaped uninjured.
The brakeman ran forward, setting the brakes,
and on reaching the engine brought the train
to a stand. The train had then run two and a
half miles past the scene of the accident No
one was hurt, but 'considerable damage to
property was done.
The l0warailroads are in a quandary as to
what tbey should do to equalize through or
Inter-State, rates from points In Iowa. There
cent reduction in local rates has npset the ex
isting arrangements fur making through rates.
Freight can be shipped from Iowa points, di
rectly across the State of Iowa and Illinois, by
adding local rates in Iowa and Illinois, at from
S cents to S cents per 100 pounds less than to or
via Chicago. In consequence east-bound busi
ness from Iowa points goes via Burlington,
Beardstown. Peoria and other junction points
west of Chicago,,
, j
Movement in 'Apples and Potatoes
Improving, Eggs Steady.
Tone of Cereal Markets a Shade Better,
Wheat Situation
Thtjbsday, February 28, 18SJ.
Country Produce Jobbing- Prices.
Commission men report a more active move
ment in fruit and vegetables the past few days.
Choice apples grow scarce as the season ap
proaches its finale. Onions are very slow, and
large quantities bid f ajr to spoil before the new
crop begins to come in. A year ago at this
time onions were very active at $8 50 per bar
rel, while they are very slow now at $1 50. Eggs
are steady but not firm, tbemilder temperature
having had a weakening effect Genuine coun
try bntter is in improved demand. Liberty
street commission men express themselves as
firm in the faith that tho oleomargarine, law
now in force will stand. Letters from Harris
burg statesmen have very much encouraged
dealers in pure and straight butter within the
past few days. .A leading produce merchant
said: "The law will not only stand but will be
enforced, hurt who it may."
Butteb Creamery, Elgin, 3132c; Ohio do,
2627c: fresh dairy packed, 20J3c; country
rolls lS22c; Cbartlers Creamery Co. butter,
Beans Choice medium, $2 002 10: choice
peas. $2 052 15.
Beeswax 2325c ) & for choice; low grade,
Cideb Sand refined, 6 507 50: common,
$3 504 00; crab cider, $3 008 50 )) barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c $ gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212c;
New York, fall make. 1213c; Ltm burger.
llk12Kc: domestic Sweitzer cheese. 1313Wc
Dried Peas $1 451 50 bushel; split do,
2?l354c M ft.
Eggs 15016c ft dozen for strictly fresh.
v Fbtjits Apples. $1 00$1 503 barrel; evap
orated raspoerries. 25c 13 ft: cranberries, $8 00
ban-el: S2 400 S2 50 ner bushel.
FeAthees Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed lots, 8OJJ3&0 to m.
HoJinrr $2 652 7o ijf! barrel.
Honey New Crop, l(S17c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes. 3540c fl bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; $3 253 50 for Jer
sey sweets.
Poultbt Live chickens, 6575c fl pair;
dressed chickens, 1315c 9! pound; turkeys, 13
15c dressed ft pound; ducks, live. 8085c f)
pair; dressed, ligllc $1 pound; geese, 10Uc
per pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 lis to bushel, $6 fl
bushel; clover, large English, 62 Its, $S 2o;
clover, Alsike, $860; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice. 45 Us. $1 85: blue crass, extra clean.
14 Ess, SI 00: blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, $1 20;
orchard grass. 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 00;
millet, 50 fts, $1 2 j; German millet 50 fts, $2 00;
Hungarian grass, 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
Tallow Country, 45c; city rendered.
Tbopical Fbtjits Lemons, fancy, $3 00
4 00 V box; common lemons, $2 75 fl
box; Messina oranges, IK &u3 ou w oox;
Florida oranzes. $3 003 50 box: Jamaica
oranges, fancy, to 005 60 $ case; Malaea
grapes, $5 6007 00 $1 keg; bananas, $2 50
firsts: $1 502 00, good seconds, p bunch;
cocoanuts, $4 004 50 $t hundred; new figs, 12
in; w, uuuuui udica. VTniMvyin in uvuuu.
VEGETABLES-Celery. 40o0c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $300400 jp 100: onions, 60c $ bushel;
Snanish onions. 7&H00c V crate: turnips. 3Q
40c per busheL
Green coffee was advanced yesterday another
Jc and Is firmly held at the advance. As pack
age coffee bas been low all along as compared
with the green article, another advance in the
former is likely to come in a few days. Teals
firmly held, with a drift toward higher prices.
Gbxen Coffee Fancy Rio, 20Xa21Kc:
choice Rio, 1920c; prime Rio, 19c; fair Rio,
1818c: old Government Java, 26Kc; Mara
calbo, 21H22Kc; Mocha, 3031c; Santos. 18
22c; Caracas coffee, 2021c; peaberry, Rio,
2021c; Laguayra, 2021c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 23c;
high grades, 2527c; old Government Java,
bulk, 31K632$; Maracalbo. 26HS27UC: Santos.
2223c; peaberry, 28c; peaberry Santos, 21
23c; choice Rio,. 24c: prime Rio, 22c; good
Rio. 21Xc; ordinary, 20$c
Spices (wholej Cloves, 2125c: allspice, flc:
cassia. 89c:'pepper, 19c; nntmeg. 7080c
Petboletim tjobbers' prices) 110 test7Kc:
Ohio, 120,. 8Kc; headlight 150, 9c; water white.
lOc; globe, 12c:' elaine, 15c; carnadlne, ll)c;
royaline, 14c
Sybups Corn syrups, 232oc; choice sugar
syrup. 333Sc; prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 60c; choice, 48; me
dium, 45; mixed, 4042c
Soda Bl-carb in Kegs, 34c; bl-carb in Ks
&c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 10c; stearine,
per set 8Kc; paraffin e, HU12c.
Rice Head, Carolina, 77c; choice, 6
7c: prime, 56Vc; Louisiana, 66Kc
Srabch Pearl, 2Jc; cornstarch, 67c:
gloss starch, 57c.
Foreign Fauns Layer raisins, $2 65: Lon
don layers, 3 10; California London layers,
$2 60: Muscatels. $2 25: California Mnscatels.
$2 35: Valencia, new, 6X7c: Ondara Valencia
Tii&Ilici sultana. 7Vc; currants, new, 49f5c;
Turkey pi
uritey prunes, new, -u-iCic: r rencu prunes.
813c; Salonica prunes. In 2-ft packages, 8e,
cocoanuts, per iuuw w; aimonas, Lan., per b;
29c; do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c; walnuts,;nark,
12K15c; Sicily Alberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 12&
gioc: new aates. oaoc: .Brazil nuts, iuc;
pecans, ll15c: citron, per ft. 2122c: lemon
peel, per ft. 1314c; orango peel, 12c
Dbied Fkuits Apples, sliced, per ft. 8c;
apples, evaporated, 6K6Kc; apricots, Calif or
nla. evaporated, 15lnc; peaches, evaporated
pared, 2!23c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, pitted. 2122c;
cherries, un pitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424KC; blackberries, 7Sc: huckle
berries. 10&12C
Suoabs Cubes, 7Jc; powdered, 7-&c; granu
lated,7c:conf ectionersAl 6c; standard A,6Jic;
soft whites. 66Jc; yellow, choice. 664c;
yellow, good, bKS6&c; yellow, fair, 6jjc; yel
low, dark, Bic t
Pickt.es Medium: bbls (1.200), $475; me
diums, halt bbls (600), $2 85.
Salt-No. 1 $ bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, bbl, $1 05;
dairy. bbl. $1 20f coarse crystal, , bbl, $1 20;
Higgles Eureka, 4 bu sack, $2 80; Hlggin's Eu
reka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1'50
1 60; 2ds, $1 301 35: extra peaches, $1 351 tu;
pie peaches. 90c; finest corn, $1 3001 60; Hid.
Co. corn, 70000c: red cherries, 90cl 00r lima
beans. $1 lOr soaked do, 85c: string do do, 75
85c; marrowfat peas, $1 101 15; soaked peas,
7075c: pineapples, $1 401 60; Bahama do,
$2 7a; damson plums, 95c; green gages, $1 25;
eggplnms.$2 00; California pears, $250;do'green
gages. $2 00; do egg plums, $2 00; extra white
cherries, $2 90; red cherries, 2fts, 90c: raspber
ries, $1 151 40: strawberries $1 10; goose
berries, $1 201 30f tomatoes, 8592c; salmon.
1 ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c: succotash,
2-ft cans, soaked. 90c; do green, 2&s, $1 251 50;
corn beef, 2-ft cans, $1 75; 14-ft cans, Sid 50;
baked beans, $1 401 45: lobster, 1 ft, $1 7o
1 80: mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, $1 50: sardines,
domestic 14. $4 254 50: sardines, domestic.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel.
$36 f) bbl; extra No. 1 'do, mess, $40;
extra No. 1 mackerel, shore, $32; extra No.
Ido, messed, $36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24.
Codfish Whole pollock, 4Kc IR ft; do medium
George's cod, 6c: do large, 7c: boneless hake,
in strips, 6c: do George's cod in blocks, 6K
TKc Herring Round shore. So 50 r bbl; split
$7: lake $3 25 '$ 100-ft half bbl. White flsb, $7 ?
100-fi half bul. Lake trout So 50 half bbl.
Finnan haddersj 10c ft. Iceland halibut 13o
Buckwheat Flour VOSfflis per pound.
OAT3JEAL-S0 308 60 CbL'
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5860c
fl gallon. Lard oil. 75c
Grnln, Floor and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change. 28 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago. 3 cars of wheat 3 of hay, 2 ot straw, 1
of flour. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis,
6 cars of bay, 3 of oats, 4 of corn, 2 of wheat 1
of meal, 1 of flour. By Baltimore and Ohio. 2
cars ot oats. Sales on call: One car sample
screenings, $8, spot B. & O.; lcar sample brown
middlings, $14 50, B. & O.; 1 car No. 2 y. e. corn,
41c 5 days: 1 car choice timothy hay, $15, 10 days,
regular. Cereal markets show a slight shade
of improvement in tone. Small favors are
thankfully received these times. Tho few
mercy drops are viewed as harbingers of a com
ing shower of good things. In the tussle be
tween bulls and bears over wheat bears ap
pear to have the best grip to-day. But there is
no telling what a day may bring forth.
WHEAT-Jobbing prices No. 3red, $1 08
Cobn No. 2 yellow. ear,40K41c;hlgh mixed
ear, 3UK10c; No. 1 yellow, shelled, 3S38c;
No2 yellow, shelled, 37K38c: high mixed,
shelled, 36S7c; mixed, shelled, 3536e:
OATS--No.2wbitet31$31Kc; extra Now.3,30
JgSOKc; No. 3 white, 2930c; No. 2 mixed, 23
Rtb-No. 1 Western, 60e61c; No. 2, 53660c
Barley No.l Canada, 90lMc:No.2CBxaa,
8885sNo.3Canada,78e0c: No, 2 Western.
757!;c: No. 3 Western. 6570c Lake Shore, 75
r EW...W. T.khl...Ju. lnta.M(m(i A Kfl
riAJUtt-IUUUUIg UJIKC "" k---- "- -
675; spring patents. 56 757 00: fancy straight
winter and spring. 756 OOr clear winter.
$5 255 50. straight XXXX bakers', $5 00g5 2o.
Rye flour, $4 00. .-.
MlLLFEED-Mlddllngs, fine white, M8 W
20 00 $ ton; brown middlings, $14 5015 00;
winter wbeat bran, $14 7515 25; chop feed.
$15 00018 00. ,
HAT-Baled timothy, choice, $15 0015 2o;
No. 1 do. $14 25911 50; No. 2 do, $12 0013 00:
loose from wagon, $18 00020 00: No. 1 upland
nralrie. $9 75S1Q 00: No. A $8 008 50; packing
ido, $6 607 00.
BTBAW oats, ta WJltt'a x; wneai anu ija
straw, $7 007 25.
Sugar-cured bams, large, I0Vc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, lOJic; sugar-cured hams, small,
He: sugar-cured breakfast bacon, 10c; sugar
cured shoulders. SJc: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 93c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8ct sugar
cured dried Deef sets,9c; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds. He: bacon shoulders, 7c; bacon clear
sides. 8c; nacon clear bellies, 8c: dry salt
shoulders. 6c; dry salt clear sides, 7?c Mess
pork, heavy. $14 00: mess pork, family, $14 50;
Lard Refined in tierces. 7c; half barrels, 7c;
60-ft tubs,7Kc;20-ft palls, 7c; 60-ft tin cans,
7Hc; 3-ft tin pails, TJic; & tin pails, 7c;
10-ft tin pails, 7KC Smoked sausage, long. 5c:
large. 5c Fresh pork links. 9c Pigs feet, half
barrels, $3 75; quarter barrels, $1 73.
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650 fts,
65Hc; 600 to 650 fts, 6Kc; 700 to 750 fts, &
7c Sheep, 7c tl ft- Lambs, 8c ft-
The French Silk Trade.
During the last three years the importation
of silk and silk waste into France has amount
ed to nearly 800,000,000 francs, the heaviest year
being 1886, which figured for upward of 292.000,
0u0 francs. The exportation has also decreased
from about 147,250,000 francs in 1886 to less than
125,250.000 francs in 1888-. the total for the three
years being about 414,000,000 francs. The dif
ference in favor of the importation only
amounted last year to'a little more than 820,
000,000 francs, whereas in 1886 it exceeded 113,
000,000 francs. These fignres tend to show that
France re-exports to other countries a portion
of silk it imports, or it must ship a considera
ble part of its own production.
Drysoods market.
New Yoke, February28. The jobbing trade
in drygoods continues active, with low grade
ginghams a special feature of price attractions.
Demand covers most all descriptions of staple
and fancy goods, which move at fairly steady
prices. Business at first hands continue steady
as to patterned fabrics and movement of
staples, hut demand for the latter is no tup to
expectations, though improving. The market
is unchanged and the tone steady.
Mining Stocks.
NEW Yobk, February 28. Mining quota
tions closed: Amador. loO: Caledonia B.H.,
275; Consolidated California and Virginia. 82o;
Commonwealth, oOO.Gonld and Curry, 65: Hale
and Norcross, 410; Homestake, 1200: Iron Silver,
3?5; Plymouth. 1000; Ontirio. Si; N-viin. 140;
Mutual. 110; Sierra Nevada, 330: Sullivan, 150;
Union Consolidated, 385; Yellow Jacket 450.
Metal Marker.
New Yobk Pig iron steady. Copper dnll;
lake, March, $16 50. Lead quiet; domestic,
$3 70. Tin steady; straits. $21 70.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
'Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
Dressed Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Hams, Breakfast Bacon,
Pork Bologna
And all other varieties of Sausage ot the finest
?iuality, at very moderate prices, received dally
rom their immense cooling rooms at Chicago.
No. 410 Smithfield St.
CAPITAL. . . - . $200,000 00.
JAMES V. SPEER, Vice Prest
sel-k35-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of $1,000 and upward. Applvat
fe4-22-D No. 124 Fourth avenue.
Oil bought and sold on margin. de.!7-21-Dju
service between New York, South
ampton and Hamburg by the new twin-screw
steamers of 10,000 tons -and 12,50b horse power.
Fast time to London nnd the Continent, steam
ers unexcelled for safety, - speed and comfort.
Regular service: Every Thursday from Mew
"York to Plymouth (London), Cherbourg (Paris)
and Hamburg. '1 (trough ttlkets to London and
Paris. Excellent fare. Kates extremely low. Ap
ply to uenerai omcc no. eroauway, new tore.
it. j, uukiis, juanager; o. is. luuiuKusuu.,
Uenerai Passenger Aeents, 61 Broadway. J4ew
York: MAX SUUAJlBEKli. SZ7 Bmlthtleld St.,
Plttsturg. feZ7-27-wrsu
route to London and the Continent.
Express Steamer service twice a week from
New York to Southampton (London, Havre),
Ss.Saale.Feb.27,3P.u. I Ss.Fnlda.Mch. 9,11 A.3C
Ss.Ems.Mch.2. 6 A.M. Ss.Lahn. Men. 13. 2 P.M.
Ss.Trave.Mch,6,9A.H. Ss.Elbe.Mch.18.5J0A.lt.
First Cabin, Winter rates, from $75 upward.
MAXSCHAMBERG & CO., Agents Pitts
burg, Pa.
OELIUCHS & CO., 2 Bowling Green. New
York City. Ja29-71-D
Passenger Accommodations Unexcelled. ,
Prepaid Intermediate, $3a Steeraee, $19..
Passengers bv tbis route are saved the ex
pense and inconvenience attending transfer to
Liverpool or from New York.
Pittsburg. felS-4-xwr
United State Mnll Steamers.
Calling at Movllle (Londonderry).
Cabin passage to Glasgow, Liverpool or London
derry, fts and S53. Excursion. SSO and $100.
Second-class, $30. Steerage. fB.
Mediterranean Service. Steamships at resular
Intervals from
Cabin Passage, 80 and flOO. Third-class. SO. Drafts
on U rest Britain. Ireland or Italy, and letters of
credit at favorable rates.
York, or J. J. McCOltiUCK. Fourth aad Salth
neld; A. D. 8COKEB SON, fiS Smlthaeld st
Pittsburg; WILLIAM. SEMPLB, Jr., 1 federal
t.,AlleaheaT. no6-M6-xwr
v butter!
Cbtiers Creamery Co
Warehouse and General- OfSoe
1. 11
aeicpnooo I4i. xwaoeu xiocs.
Factories througliout Wester'
Pennsylvania. r - '0
' . 1
For prices see market quotationa, ,
Wholesale exclusively.
As old residents know and back Hies ot Pitts
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician in the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
glgpra. NQ pE UNJJL
NlCDDllQ and mental diseases, physloal.
IMtnVUUo decay, nervous debfllrr, laclc
of energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-dlstrust,bashfnlnes9;
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, ira
poverlshed blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for businesa,society and mar
rlage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bona pains, glandulae
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throar. .
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood '
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system. -II
DIM A DV kidney and bladder derange :
U HI IN AH 1 1 ments, weak back, gravel, Sa-,
tarrhal discbarges, inflammation and othes
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and reul cures.
Dr. whittier's life-long, extensive experlenca
Insures scientific and reliable treatment oa ,
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as It
here. Office hours 9 a. K. to 8 p. it. Sunday. r "
10A.X.W1P.M. only. DR. VBrJTIEK, JH . '
Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa. te8iaaW a
SCJ1 n JTrf 1 !! " II
A Sdentlflc and Standard Popnlar MetfcaJ Trtic
ueirrorsoz ioauficxxfcuroj-'iiujo'vcxvvu
and fbyaicai jJeDluty, imponues 01 c iaooax
Resultmglrom Folly, Vice, Ignorance. Excesses or
Orertazatlon, Enervating and unfitting the victiia
forWork, Business, the Marr'ed or Social Relation.
Avoid unskilful pretenders. Possess this greaS
work. It contains 300 pages, royal 8 vo. Beautiful
binding, embossed, full gilt. Price-, only $1.0 by
mail, post-paid, concealed In plain wrapper. Illus
trative Prospectus Free, if you apply no r. Tho
distinguished author, Wm. H. Parker, U.S., re.
from the National Medical Association :
for tho PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and
PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Sr. Parker aud a corps
of Assistant Physicians may be consulted, conn
dentiaily, by jaall or in person, at the office of
No.4BulflnchSt.,Boston.iaass., io whom all
orders for books or letters for advice should to
directed as above. t
EROY and strength secured by using Am'
oranda Wafers. These wafers arenihe only rel L
able safe remedy for the permanent cure of lm
potency, no matter how long standlng.seperma
torrhoea, overwork of the brain, sleepless,
harassing dreams, premature decay of vital
power, nervous debility, nerve and heart dis--ease,
kidney and liver complaint, and wasting
of vital forces; 75c per box or six boxes for Wt
six boxes is the complete treatment, and with
every purchase of six boxes at one time we will
gve'a written guarantee to refund the money
the wafers do not benefit or affect a perma
nent cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON"
MEDICAL INSTITUTE. For sale only br
J08EPH FLEMING.. M Market street, Pitta.'
burg; Pa.. P. O. box 37 apl0-k6-jrwrsu
All forms of Delicate aad Com.
plicated Diseases reanlrine Cos
Cation are treated at this Dlsnensarr with a sua.
cess rarely attained. Dr. 8. K. Lake is a member
of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons,
and Is the oldest and most experienced Sfkc-L-JST
In tho city. Special attention given to N&
ous Debility from excessive r nital exertion, a,
discretions ot youth, c, cunsing physical ami
mental decay, lack of energy, despondency, etc. ;
also Cancers, Old Sores, Fits, Piles, Rheumatism "
and all diseases of the Skin, Blood, Lungs, Urin
ary Organs, 4c Consultation free andstrietr -.
confidential. Office hours 9 to 4 and Tto 8 jjb.i
Eundays3to4p.m.only. Callatofflceoraddieasl
K.LAKE.M.D..M.B .C.P.S or E.J.Lake.iLD.
BID C2.33 IU2KID EilJ.
Orlctmal, ht, ntj fvmbn uuS
ttllulo plH fbrnls. flrer 70. A
Diamond Brand. In wdn-
t&Uls boxes, nlcdwltll WmiIb-
bea. At BraniU Aept
tba ntliir. AiT Bllla la Bsuta
board boxes, plait wTmpptri, sts a Jjpygr
ovteovntcrfelt. Sl4. (umplbr
BirUcul-ars salMKiHefFljiHu''0
Utter, far MitnTn msiL 10.006 Umti
it LjaujXiB niivipiii ss fcu7us i 1 i
Utichester Chemical CoJUeieaSlPU-Ps
Grau's Specific Medicine.
lug cure, for
Seminal weak
ness. Sperma
torrhea, lmpo
tency. and all
diseases that
follow as a se
quence of Self-4
Abuse: as loss
sltude. Pain In the Back, Dimness of Vision. Pre
mature Old Age and many other diseaes that lead
to xnsanuy or consumption ana - jrre&sjian
urave. 4,
urinai particulars in out psmpniet, w
uesifr; hj scan irre uy mail .0 everyone.
Specific Medicine la sold brail draztauaiftj
Dackare. or tlx nackaflrea for L or wllL h unt u
by mall on the receipt of themoservt
IPUPilDi V UfliHnVE-fV sJttTi. tu -K j
Un account of counterfeits, we hare adoMed SB,
AUIUiMia lUillLlLllUljU.. DUBKIO. m T - -T
Sold in Plfteburg by S. 3. HOLLAND.
Smlthoeld and Liberty streets. mais-i
ferta rFiaAf3
!.". rtf??fl
contalsiafir foil partioalArs tor hose cam '
PROF. F. O. FOWLCK, Maeiriw.
-A Jm
SK4 jJ
. tfs
- n