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    tilT ON THE HOOF.
Light Eun of-Cattle at East Lib
erty Prices Advancedi
Iariets for Sheep and Laa-tis Active at
Higher Picrres.
Wednesday. February 27, 1SS9. J
The run of cattle this week has been about
20 carloads less than last -week. The total
for Monday was 67 loads with very few
since. In .the. receipts this week were 25
toads cf good Ohio cattle ranging from 1,400
to 1.W0 pounds. One load of extra premium
cattle weighing 1,700 were sold to an East
End batcher at $4 65. Some four or fire loads,
weighing 1,403 to 1,500, were bought for New
Yorfc parties at prices ranging from S3TS to
M0S. A few bunches from 1,000 to 1,300 pounds
were sold at prices ranging from S3 25 to S$ 73.
There were no low grade cattle in this week's
At the beginning of tno week markets were
steady, with prices a shade higher than last
s-eek on some light grades. Tuesday showed
an advance of 5 to 10c on good butcher stock,
with the adTancc well maintained to-dav. "tt ith
one exception this week has been the only time
this year when pnoes were better on Tuesday
than Monday. The rulo has been that prices
drooped from the bee-inning of the week. The
stockman who shoved his cattle on to market
Monday, anticipating the usual condition of
tilings for the balance of the week, has had
-eason to repent.
Cnule Feeders Suffer.
S. B. Hedges, who has just returned from a
rip through Ohio, reports that he has seldom
nconntered a more ill-tempered set of people
han the cattle feeders throughout that State.
lefore they will submit longer to prices of last
?eek they will let their stock go to grass to
.wait the turn of the tide. All cattle feeders
declare that markets of late have been ruinous
to their trade, and they do not propose to ship
.tOvk until there is something like a decent
rofit in the business. Every stock raiser
ho handles a dozen cattle, is a few hundred
lollars short by reason of holding his cattle
brough the winter.
Everythine in the cattle line was well cleaned
lp to-day. The feeling among stockmen is that
lie worst is over and that from now on markets
irill improve. There is certainly large room for
"oprovement. Not for more than a quarter of
century have cattle markets been so thorough
ly demoralized as for the past few weeks.
blieep and Lambs.
The run was about the same this week as
last, the total being some 23 loads. Prices ad
vanced a strong "4c, and everything sold about
as fast as it showed up. A very choice load of
lambs, averaging 100 pounds, went off Tuesday
like hot cakes, at 7c An old time dealer said
be never saw a finer bupch of lambs at the, Lib
erty yards.
The range of prices for sheep was 4c to 5c.
wo loads of primes brought SXc Prices to
tay are a shade easier on advices from Buffalo
ind other stock centers of large receipts. Pitts
burg has been one of the best sheep markets of
the country this week.
Receipts on Monday were 21 loads, against
ouble that number last week. "With light re
eipts the views of holders advanced. Light
logs-were hard to get at anyprice. Some deal
rs who had orders from Eastern packers were
impelled to order f,rom Chicago, where the
an has been over 30,000 daily for several days
it Some of Chicago's overflow -n ill be due
ere to-morrow, and prices are expected to
The range for Yorkers to-day wa $3 20 to
25; medium weights, S3 lu to $5 15: heavv,
06 to So 10. Prices at Buffalo to-day are 10c
low those at Liberty. A drop of 10c is re
nted from Chicago to-day, and the decline
n hardly fail to reach Liberty markets to
orrow. McCnll & Co.'s Report.
Receipts of cattle light and market very slow,
ith a slight advance on common to medium,
hlle good to prime were barely steady. We give
be f ollowlngas rulingprices: Prime.1,300 to L6U0
ovais.-i-)0i 40; good, TJBttfoXiM pounds,
60fe4 00; g6od,l,000 to L200 pounds. S3 40
U); rough fat. 1.100 to 1,300 pounds, S3 Z53 SO;
amnion to fair, 900 to 1.000 pounds, $3 003 2s;
lulls and fat cows. 52 00S3 00; fresh cows and
.pringers, SIS 0010 00.
The supply of hogs this weekhas been very
jht, and the market ruled steady and firm
the advance. To-day the receipts are not
tzry, but with heavy receipts iu Western
arkets we do not look for present prices to be
.alntained. We quote the market to-day as
ollows: Heavy Philadelphia, SI 804 90;
ledimn weights, $1 955 Oo: fair to best York
rg, $3 15S5 25; roughs, St 231 25.
The reeeipts of sheep this week have been
lr. and the market active at an advance of
25 to iOa per cwt. on all grades over last
k's prices. We give the following as ruling
ces: PnmeQhio and Indiana wethers, weigh
; here 110 to 120 Rs, S5 205 50; good wethers,
tolOOSs,605 00: fair to good mixed, 5
90 Us. S4 351 75; common to fail, 70 to HI
i, S3 254J3 73; prime lambs, 85 to 115 Its, S6 25
.a: good, u to bo z, to o9 Sat common to
r. 50 to 65 fis, SI 505 25; veal calves, 110 to
lbs, J5 256 75.
Br Telegraph.
JTew York Beeves Receipts, 42 carloads
r the market and 49 carloads for slaughterers
rect and 10 carloads of sale cattle were car
td over on Monday;, market dull at a shade
mer prices: common to prime nltive steers
Id at S3 604 G5; 1 carload extra steers at
75, and a number of fat bulls at S2 53 45;
-ports. 470 quarters of beef. Sheep Receipts,
X) head; market firm and a small fraction
gher for sheep; dull and unchanged for lambs;
eep, H 256 00, with 1 car at t6 25, and lambs,
757 35: no extra lambs offered. Hogs Re
jpts, 7.000 head; not enough offered alive to
ake a market: nominal selling range is at S5 30
to 63.
Kansas Crrv Cattle-Receipts.2,288 head:
.hlpments, 1,765 bead; active and stronger for
drebSed beef; shipping steers and feeding steers
and cows steady; good to choice cornfed,
3 904 20: common to medium. S2 803 85;
ockers and feeding steers. SI 603 20: cows,
252 TO. Hogs Receipt. 10.342 head; ship-
ent. 847 head; weak and 27$c lowen good
choice. H 27K4 37J; common to medium,
154 25. Sheep Receipts, L609 head; no
ipments; strong and active; good to choice
lttoqs, S4 254 50; common to medium, S2S0
OHIOA.OO Cattle Recelnts, laooo head: shlp-
ent. 1000 head; market steady; beeves,
00S4 40: steers. S3 003 80; stockers and
eders, S2 1583 35: cows, bulls and mixed,
. 753 15. Hogs Receipts. 3LO00 head: ship-
'jntt, 9.0UO head: market steady; mixed. 54 40
C5; heaw. $1 404 75; light S4 404 60;
U 004 65. Sheep Receipts, 7,000
" -ments, 3,000 head: market steady;
" 10; westerns, cornfed, $4 25
H 25; lambs, S4 756 50.
.e Receipts, 1,400 head
for sale: steady; offerings.
Id at S2 603 (ft Sheep and
no throng'i: 5,000 head for
A sheep, S4 7505 25; choice
a Hogs-Receipts. 4,500 head
lead for sale; active: 1015e
day; mediums, S4 90; Yorkers,
Hogs In liberal supply and
n and light S3 754 75; pack
lers. $4 604 75. Receipts, 4,750
ats, 2,500 head.
Drygoods Market.
.rk, February 27. Inclement weath
J trade in drygoods unfavorably to
; there was a relatively fair degree of
-with jobbers, in which staple goods re
. more prominent attention than hereto
Wash fabrics were active, including an
drive in cheap ginghams at5cbvthe
and G?c by the piece. The market at first
ds was of a steady character. Prices rule
idy with jobbers, and firm with agents.
Manchester, February 27. The Guardian,
a its commercial article says: Business does
tot indicate any betterment The market is
nlL The India and China departments are
serially inactive. The inquiry has lessened,
i production of Eastern staples, how. ver, is
1 under engagement In fact manunctur-'
are in pressing need of fresh orders, al
ugh the number of orders is increasing;
Metal Market.
ixw York Copper nominal: lake, March,
60. Lead quiet and barely steady; domestic,
?. Tin more active; straits. $2L
Whisky Markets.
-Hnished goods continue to be quoted at
03, with a good demand.
Wool Market.
ST. Lotrrs Wool very quiet owing to light
If 'enjoys universal confidence Dr.
ill'sCongh Syrup. Pxice 25 eente a bottle.
Wfeent Nervous nod Lovrer Under ForeIim
Ad Ices Corn and Oats WenU Hog
Products Unsettled, 'With a
Declining Tendency.
Chicago Just a moderate business was
transacted in wheat to-day, and the feellngwas
a little nervous with prices ruling lower than
yesterday's closing. There was some little out
side business, but trading was chiefly local. No
new developments occurred, though it was
claimed that May wheat was selling np moro
easily. The opening was Kc lower than
yesterday's closing, advanced c and then de
clined lJic, rallied lc and closed about U-fc
lower than yesterday.
The early v cakness was influenced by rather
free speculative offerings, helped some by the
change.ln the tone of Liverpool advices, which
quoteda dull feeling and lower prices. The
subsequent advance to outside prices was in
fluenced by a rumor that the market in Pans
was excited and the statistical situation grow
ing stronger. There were also some rumors
afloat to the effect that the parties who had
been known to be interested on the bull side
had made financial arrangements to pay for all
of the cash wheat to be delivered May L
There was very little interest manifested in
corn, in fact, the pit was dull and neglected.
Fluctuations were limited to an Kc range.
Oats' were less active and fluctuations were
confined to a Vic ranee, with the close a frac
tion lower than yesterday.
A fairly active speculative trade was reported
In hog products, but the prices were irregular
and within a moderate range. In consequence
of the liberal receipts of hogs, with packing
grades selling at a further reduction, the mar
ket for products opened rather weak, and a
few sales were made at lower figures. Offer
ings early were not large, but increased some
what about the. middle of the session, and
prices receded to medium figures. The
market closed rather tame.
The leading futures raneed as follows:
Wheit-So. 2 February, SI 03?: March.
$1 MX! WK; May. $1 07J1 0Skl 00
1 07: Julv. 84MK93"f593i5c
Cork No. 2 February, 3131C;March. 3ftc;
Mav, 35i35KeS535ic
Oats No. 2 February, 25Jic: May, 27K27Ji
27fl27K June, 2626Mc.
Mxss Pork, per bbl. March, $11 1511 15;
Mav, $11 25Q11 2KH 25ll 32: June,
111 42 k gll 45011 40il 4a
LA.BD. per 100 lbs. March. S6 806 80
6 756 75: May. S6 Si6 92X66 S56 85; June,
S6 906 956 90690.
Short Ribs, per 100 ft. March, 83 85
5 OOgo 55 90: May. S8 05Q6 C66 056 05;
Jnne,S6IO06 156 1Oe612J4.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
firm and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat.
SI 0 No. 3 spring wheat. 8093c;
No. 2 red, SI 0 No. 2 corn, 34Ja "No. 2
oats, 25Vc. No. 2 rye. I'f-Kc. No. 2 barley, nom
inal. .No. 1 flaxseed, $i 50. Prune timothy
seed. SI 4001 42. Mess pork, per barrel,
Sll 10U 15. Lard, per 100 lbs. S6 7 Short
ribs sides (loose), S3 9006 00; dry salted
shoulders (boxed), $5 255 37 short clear
sides (boied), $6 16 25. Sugars, cnt loaf,
unchanged. Receipts Flour, 10,000 barrels;
wheat, 50,000 bushels: corn, 192,000 bushels:
oats. 156,000 bush els: rye, 5,000 bushels: barley,
47,000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 12,000, bar
rels: wheat. 70.000 bushels; corn. 96,009 bush
els: oats, 48,000 bushels; rye, 13,000 bushels;
barley, 31,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the bntter
market was steady; fancy creamerv. 2527c;
choice to fine. 2022c; fine dairies. 2MS21cgood
to choice, 1S2U. Eggs steady at 1213c.
New York Flour steady and quiet. Wheat
Spot wpaker: options K 'c lower. Barley
and barley malt dull. Corn Spot H$c higher
and firm; options firmer and moderately active.
Oats Spot easier and quiet; options steady and
quiet Hay dhiet and steady. Hops Bteady and
quiet Coffee Options steady-sales, 30,750 baes,
including March. April and Mav, 16.3016.40c;
June, 16.4016.50c; Julv, 16.S016.60c; August.
16,60c; September, 16.65S16.75c; October. 16.650
16.b0c: November, 16.7016.S0c; December, 16.78
016.85c; Epof Rio firm; fair cargoes at ISc
Sncar Raw strong; fair refining. 4c: cen
trifugals, 96 test, 5 9 165c; refinedin fair
demand, steady. Molasses Foreign quiet,
firm; 50 test, 21c; 'ew Orleans dull;
open kettle, good to fancy, 28l2c
Rice firm and quiet Cottonseed oil
strong; crude, 4243c; yellow, 48c.
vtaiiow weaK ana ami; city at oi-ioc
Turpentine firm; sales at 4949c
closing at 49Jc. Eggs quiet and easier; West
ern. 14Kloc; receipts, 4460 packages. Pork
quiet: old mess, S12: new mess, S12 5012 75:
extra prime, S12 0012 25. Cut in eats inactive;
pickled shoulders. 56c; do hams, 9J10c:
do bellies. 12 lbs, tc. Lard easier and quiet;
western steam, S7 20; city, $6 80; March, J7 20,
closing at S7 19 asked; April, $7 17 asked;
May, $7 Masked: June, S7 217 23. closing at
S7 20; Julv, S7 25. closing at S7 22 asked:
Aucust, S7 2o7 30. closing at S7 24 asked:
September. $7 J2, closing at S7 28 asked. But
ter in fair demand and steady: western dairv.
13?20c: do creamery, loQ&lic: Elgin, 300
30JC. Cheeatiallf-aretera,10ftlltc.
St. Lotrrs Flour Quiet and unchanged.
"Wheat lower: the market was dull with specu
lation light, and small fluctuations in prices;
May. B7J697K69bc closing at 9Sc; June,
95Jic; July, i5S5c closing at 85c.
Corn better: No. 2 mixed, cash, 282SVic;
March. 2S2Sc closing at 2SJc bid; April,
29Kc: May, 3T30Kc closine at 30c; June,
31ic; July, 3Z&C, closing at 32V32jc asked.
Oats higher; No. 2 cash, 24Kc; May. 2727)ic.
Rye None offered. Barley qniet; Wisconsin,
60c Provisions firmer all around.
CruciNSATI Flour in good demand. Wheat
dull and nominal: No. 2 red, 96c; receipts, 1,000
bushels; shipments, 4,000 bushels. Corn barely
steady: No. 2 mixed. 32Kc Oats weaker; No.
2 mixed, 26c RyedulUNo. 2,52c Pork quiet
at $11 50. Lard strong at S6 75. Bulkmeats
and bacon quiet Butter easier. Sugar steady
Eggs easier. Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Flour firm. Wheat easier;
cash. 91c: May. 96; July. 9354c Corn
steady: io. 3, 3030c Oats dull: No. 2
white, 27K2Sc Re quiet; No. L 4.5c Barley
firm; No. 2, 60c Provisions firm. Pork, Sll 15.
Lard, $6 SO. Cheese firm; Cheddars, 10Xllc
Baltimore Provisions quiet and un
changed. Butter firm: western packed, 16
20c; best roll. 13lSc: creamery. 2S30c Eggs
firm at 1415c Coffee strong; no, fair, 18
Philadelphia Flour quiet Wheat dnll
and options a shade weaker. Com dull and
weak. Oats dull and barely steady.
Toledo Cloverseed active and higher: cash.
S4 80; March, $4 75: April, H 80. Receipts, 25
bags; shipments, 331 bags.
Mr. pillon will start for Australia on Fri
day.:: The following bonds were accepted by the
Secretary of the Treasury yesterday afternoon:
Registered, 4s $1,814,000 at 109K flat
Count Herbert Bismarck has been promoted
to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and his
brother William to the rank of Major, at the
request of the Chancellor.
The German Government has forbidden
the issue in Germany of any part of the Bul
garian loan, on the ground that Bulgaria has
no recognized Government
Signor Crispi, the Italian Prime Minister,
stated that the temporal power of the Pope
is now a thing of the past a toy for
dull hours of mimic and would-be statesmen.
The woman who shot Harry King, of Chi
cago, at Omaha, some time ago, refused to be
arraigned as Elizabeth Beechler. Her attorney
has filed a plea of misnomer and In subsequent
pleas she will be called "Mrs. Elizabeth King."
When she will be arraigned is only a matter of
conjecture, as her counsel has an evident desire
to keep her away from the public gaze and have
her brought into court without proclaiming it
District Attorney Fellows yesterday de
cided to accept the evidence of Bookkeeper
Woodruff against his employers, Ives and
Stayner, and Woodruff will be a witness for
the State. He has been promised immunity
from punishment provided he tells the truth.
The grand jury still has the case of Ives and
Stayner before them, and will have fur some
time to come. .Further indictments against
the accused are looked for.
Considerable interest has been aroused over
gold finds in Lower California. A dispatch from
Ensenada says the discoveries embrace quartz,
lead and placer diggings. Several parties have
arrived there with large nuggets. It is stated
that people in the diggings are taking out from
SI to S2 50 per pan. One large nugget Valued at
S23Q. was bought in and sold by a man named
Gasklll. People are thronging to the diggings
from Ensenada and the neighboring towns, and
many will go from San Diego.
The London Standard has advicesfrom its
Berlin correspondent which say that the Ger
man squadron at Samoa will be increased and
the natives punished for killing Germans. The
Cologne Gazette says that the severer the chas
tisement the better guarantee there will be
that peace and order will be secured, and the
more effective will be the international confer
ence on the subject It is reported that a court
of arbitration will settle the dispute over the
formation of a customs service on Lamo Island.
Thos. Cassonee, a negro, and Annie Abbott,
a buxom white girl of 18. were married in
Jeffersonville by the Rev. Ezra Miller, a negro
preacher. The swain went to the County Clerk
and secured a license, making oath that his
bride-elect was 21, and saying nothing as to her
complexion. Shortly after the marriage the
bride's father, William Abbott a well-to-do
firmer, turned up in great distress, and was
wild Ith crief when he found that his daugh
ter had married bis negro farm hand. He
caused the arrest or the bridegroom and the
minister. The minister swoi e that the girl had
a veil over her face during the ceremony, and
that in consequence be did not know her color.
He gave $500 bond and was released, while the
bride and groom were left In jail. The charge
Is miscegenation, and the punishment is three
years' teprtsonmeat
Many Ways Pointed Ont in Which
They Are Beneficial to Society.
How a Pittsburg Merchant Was lifted
From Poverty to Afflnence.
''Poor people, as well as those in moder
ate circumstances, frequently entertain
wrong views of the value to society of men
of great wealth," remarked a "Wood street
merchant yesterday. "They serve a good
purpose, whether willingly or not, as I
know from my own experience. "When
quite young I had to strike out lor myself.
I lived- with my parents, who were quitg
poor. The adjoining house a fine, large
bnilding was owned and occupied by a
man supposed to be worth a million. He
and his family seemed to have everything
that heart could desire servants, horses
and carriages, fine clothes, the best eatables in
the market and everything else that money
could buy. We thought they must be very
happy. I did not envy them, but their worldly
condition. was so far above my own that I re
solved to aim high in all my business plans, so
as to be able to command some of the luxuries
and comforts with which the' family was sur
rounded. I became dissatisfied with my hum
ble condition. My wits were sharpened and
my ambition aroused. 'It was a spur that urged
me to attempt greater things than I had
thought possible forme to accomplish. I at
tributed my success in business almost en
tirely to the change wrought In my aspirations
by contact with a wealthy man.
"It is wrong," he continued, "to denounce
men of wealth" as cormorants, blood-suckers
and enemies of .society. People who hold to
this opinion aro veryt short-sighted. It is im
possible, in the nature of things, for all to be
rich, but it is far better that a part should be
wealthy than that all should be poor, Where
ever the latter condition prevails, as in some
parts of the South and in several European
countries, business is at a standstill, stagna
tion broods over everything; there are no great
public improvements, no railroads, no big,
bustling cities everybody is on the same dead
.level, with nothing to escite to activity, no
motive to rise above the depressing environ
ment that makes 'one man as good as another.'
Society thus constituted is but a slight remove
from barbarism. I am glad there are very few
such spots in America.
t t
"To show what one rich man can do for a
poor community, I will tell you a circumstance
that occurred a few years ago.- One of my
friends removed to Alabama and settled In a
community of poor people, who had.neitber
schools nor churches nor roads nor anything
else to make them comfortable and happy.
Their fields were overrun with weeds and their
houses dilapidated. Idleness was the rule,
work the exception. He boughta farm.stocked
it, built a good house for his family and one
for a store. He also engaged in coal mining.
He employed about 100 men altogether, paying
them gooa wages. He encouraged them by
word and example to improve their condi
tio!?. This soon began to bear f ruit. Houses
were repaired and painted, the fields ana gar
dens better tilled and the roads put in passa
ble condition. By donating money for a school
house he induced the people to build it and
send their children to school. In a short time
a comfortable church building was erected and
a pastor engaged. In short, the influence ex
erted by my friend worked a social revolution
in the commnnity, which is now as noted for
thrift and enterprise as it formerly was for
slothfulness and decay. This is a striking in
stance of the value of riches when properly
"Pittsburg is under lasting obligations to its
wealthy citizens. They are liberal and public
spirited. They never -refuse; to aid a good
cause, lknow of one man who gives away
every cent of his income from a large business.
Their helping hands are extended to all
classes of people In distress. Very few
of them inherited their wealth. They
accumulated It by hard work, in
which their superior business capacity was an
assurance of success. These men are examples
for all of us to Imitate. They are also public
benefactors. It was largely through their in
strumentality that our hospitals, rcformatones
and other charitable Institutions were built.
They have founded libraries and other public
institutions. They are at the head of all the
great enterprises of the day, contributing both
time and money and all for the benefit of the
public, without deslringorexpectingpecnniary
reward. Without them Pittsburg would soon
lose her pre-eminence as a business center.
Their example has lifted many a man from
poverty to afflnence, as I have shown you in my
own case. Rich men, as a rule, are entitled to
honor rather than contumely. They serve a
good purpose in lifting society from lower to
higher levels of civilization."
Local Securities Very Dnll nnd Seeking a
Lower Level of Values.
The stock market was weaker and dnll yes
terday. The total sales were 4S0 shares. Gas
stocks were all lower, Philadelphia leading the
downward movement A little life was infused
into Electric in the afternoon, when 220 shares
changed hands at 42J. Tractions were entirely
neglected, the demand for them appearing to
have been fully met It was said in some
quarters that the earnings of these corpora
tions had been exaggerated in order to boom
the stock. Be this as it may, they were as flat
as a pancake.
stocks. Hid. Asked. Hid. Asked.
AUechenv Nat. Bank. 62
BankofPlttsburg 74
Citizens' Nat Bankl 62
First N at. Bank I'ltts'g 170 .... .
Pltts.N. B'k Com 211
becond National Bank. 162 I;f
Tradesmen's N 'iBank 221
Third National Bank 162 ....
K.E.L.&T.Co.,AU'y 73
German American In. 52 55
Peoples' Insurance 49
Phl&delDhla Co STJ JTJf 36tf 36
Wheeling O" Co 2SK 29 "
Citliens'Tractlon SDH 72
PitUburcTraction 49
Central Traction 24M ZIH 25
r. " ?
P.&W.B..B.Co.,pref. 16 16tf
N.y.i&O. COo 40
Northside Bridge Co.. 63
Union Bridge IS
La Norla M. Co 1
SlIvertoiiM. Co 1 2
West'hotiteEIec 425 42y 42
Union Switch Shrnal. lS)i 19 18M 15
The morning sales were 6 shares Third Na
tional Bank at 162, 5 at 162 and 20 Wheeling
In the atternoon 20 shares Electric sold at
42, 200 s. o. 30 at the same price, 20 Philadel
phia Gas at 37, 110 at 36K andlO at 86
The total sales of stock at New York yester
day were 192,614 shares, including: Atchison,
33,170; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western.
16,990; Erie, 3,250; Missouri Pacific, 5,225; North
western. 3,550; New Jersey Central, 4,400; N orth
em Pacific preferred, 3,600; Oregon Transcon
tinental, 8.7B8; Heading, 20,570; Richmond and
West Point,6,160j 8t Paul, 12,850; Union Pacific,
All the Financial Center Complaining of
nn Over-Supply.
The local money market was very quiet yes
terday. There was a large supply of funds,
with a moderate borrowing demand. Oilmen
were the principal customers. Hates were
quoted at 56. The volume of checking
snowed an imorovement, swelling the ex
changes to $2,369,123 02 and the balances to
$168,107 17. A plethora of money is noted at
all of the financial centers.
Money on can at new iork yesterday was
) day bills and t 85 for demand.
Government Bonds.
Closing quotations in ,New York furnished
The Dispatch by Robinson Bros., Wood
street, Local dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots:
II. S. 4s. reg ICTXftlOSU
U. S. 4 Its. coups 109 (3109M
U. B.4s. rep i 123jai29
U. b. 4s, 1907, coups.. 12&&129
Currencv. 6 per cent 1895 rer .V...1J0
Currency, 6 per cent MM re. ...... ...1..122
Currency, percent, lOTreg ,....,l23
Currency, tpercent lSssregv. 123
Currency, 8 per cent 1889 reg 131
Sales of 10,O00.TJ. 8, -Is, coupon, sold at 12
New YoBK-Clearlngs, JIOO.659,833; balances,
Boston Clearings, $14,724,422; balances, $1.
905,579. Money 2K per cent
Baltimore Clearings, $1,833,685; balances,
PHU.ADEi.pniA Clearings, $10,438,700; bal
ances, $1,387,616.
Chicago Money easy: call loans 5Q&4 P
cent; time loans, 67. Bank clearings, $8,953,.
St. Louis Clearings, $2,856,741; balances,
Oil Lett Go With Everybody Looking for an
The oil market yesterday was a surprise to
everybody. In the first edition of bis diction
ary. Dr. Kolsom described the crawfish as "an
animal that advances backward." That was
the way with oil. It took a step downward.
Nearly everybody thought itwonld open bull
ish and make a nearer approach to the dollar
line. But it went the other way. "Various rea
sons were given for this. unexpected maneuver
in the face of everything that should enhance
instead of depressing prices. While the slump
was no doubt largely due to the covering of
of shorts, a deeper reason may be found In the
fact that secret Influences are at work to main
tain prices at about the present level. In other
words, the market is being manipulated for a
purpose, and it will move up or down, just as
the powers behind the throne elect No other
satisfactory reason can be assigned for yester
day's slump. Left to itself, the market would
have advanced, but the 'manipulators decided
otherwise. This places the exchanges In the
attitude of agents to carry out the will of the
higher powers, who work the wire In secret
Viewed from this standpoint, it is no wonder
that outsiders refuse to come in and bo
sheared. Individual judgment goes for noth
ing when the market is entirely nnder the con
trol of an influence that cannot be openly com
bated. The market opened at 91 sold down to 91,
recovered, and later in the day rallied to 9'.
This was followed by a period of depression,
succeeded by a partial recovery. Twice dur
ing the afternoon the price touched 92X. Near
the close it broke to 9 which were the clos
ing figures. The market was fairly active for
an hour succeeding the opening, by spells dur
ing the day, and especially in the last hour.
There was good trading East and West, but
mostly by professionals. Opinions as to what
to.day would bring forth were considerably
mixed, some holding that the market would
sell up and others maintaining that a lower
level of prices would be reached. As between
these conflicting views, each equally entitled
to credence, the reader must judge for himself.
A B. McGrew quotes pnts 89c, calls 92c
The followinfr tatiie, correciea uy Ue Witt 1)11
worth. broker in petroleum, etc. corner Kirth
avenue and Wood street, Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc.:
lime. Bid. Ask. Time. Bid. Afc
Opened 92X S-s 12:45 P. H.... S2H S2"
10:15a. II.... Illii 82W 1:00 1 X... S2H G2H
10:30A. M.... 9i! K!i 1:15 P. II..,. KM B2H
10:45a. M.... K'i KU 1:50 P. M.... D2H 92H
11:00a. II.... Wi 92H 1:45 P. it.... 82! Mh
11:15a. .... nn l 2-OOP. M.... 9JH 92-i
11:30a. H.... 92!4 91 1:15 P. M.... 92 KSj
11:15 A. U.... 91'4 KH 2.30 P. M.... KH S2H
12:00 M 92! V2 2:45 F. It.... 91 92
J2:-SF. II.... VPi 92?.'Ulosed 91K 91M
12:30p. m.. 92X 92SI
UpeneiL 92Xc; highest, 92o; lowest, 81Hc;
closed, Sltfc. . '
I)ny runs 45.537
Average mns....i 40.282
Daily transients - 99.8M
Averacre shipments 79,271
Dallv charters ' 59,999
Average chartert i . 36,661
Clearances ,., 3,331,000
New York closed at Slc.
Oil City closed at 91V.
Bradrora closed at 91 'i-
"ewyoric. retined. J.206.
London, renned. 6,1.
Antwerp, reflned, l7t '
Other Oil Markets.
Bradford, February 27. Opened, 92Vc;
highest 92c: lowest. 91c: closed. 91Kcr
Oit Cmr. February 27.-Opencd. 9?Vc; high
est 92Kc; lowest, BIHc; closed, Bl&cl
TrrnsviLLE, February 21 Opened, 92Vfc;
highest WKc: lowest, 81&c; closed. 91 c
New York. February 27. Petroleum opened
firm at 92c, but terthef first sales sagged oft
c. A slight rally then occurred and was fol
lowed by another drop on which the price fell
to'MKc The market closed weak at ilkc.
Sales, 1,119.000 barrels.
The Demand Kept Up for Small Booses
nndUnlroproved Lots.
The usual activity was witnessed at the real
estate offices yesterday, and a goodly number
of sales were effected. There were many ap
plications for small houses, and also for unim
proved building lots in both cities and suburbs.
One dealer reported a large demand for busi
ness bouses.
W. A Herron & Sons sold two lots on
Webster avenue, near Thlrty-thlrd street Thir
teenth ward, for $900; one 24x100 feet and the
other 42x100 feet
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold for
John A Roll to Frank Beacom a lot on the
corner of Iowa and Adelaide streets. Thir
teenth ward, being 110x116 feet for $1,500.
John F. Baxter sold to John McCulIough lot
No. 84 Bank of Commerce addition extended,
Brushtou station, fronting 50 feet on Baxter
street and 150 to a 20-foot alley, for $550.
James W. Drape & Co. closed a mortgage of
$7,500 on property on Duquesne way at 5 per
cent They also placed a mortgage of $2,000 on
property at Homestead at 6 per cent, and two
mortgages of $1,700 on property in McKeesport
at 6 per cent.
Baltenspeigerd; Williams. 154Fonrth avenue,
sold a four-room frame dwelling, lot 25xlOOon
Joel's lane, Mt-Washington, to John Fife, for
Mrs. Lake, for $1,500 cash. ,
Stock Brokers Awaiting Pointers From
Washington Before Making Important
Moves The Bean in Control of
the Market Bonds Quiet.
New York, February 27. The stock market
was a little more active to-day, though the in
creased business was almost entirely owing to
the heavier operations upon the bear side,
which also had the effect of sagging the gen
eral list off, while some shares showed marked
declines for the day, and prices at the close
were about equal to those of Monday. There
was very little news of a character to affect the
market and operators are still in the, waiting
humor, the acceptance of the office tendered
him by Mr. Walker, and the desire to know
something of the policy of the Incoming admin
istration, causing a holding' off, which gives for
the time beiug the making of quotations over
to the bears and traders. There was a more
general distribution of favors by the hears to
day, and the Grangers, New England, Atchison,
Missouri Pacific and the Coal stocks all felt
the pressure at times.
London was again lower, and was apparently
a seller in the early dealings, but there was a
good demand at the figures, and for a time the
market had a strong look, but the pressure
became too strong when the first demand had
been satisfied, and the downward movement
became general, though slow. Chicago was the
head center for bearish rumors, however, and
reports of a discouraging nature from that
region were numerous, and offset to a! marked
degree such tendency to advance as was shown
in the forenoon. Protests by shippers in
Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota against the
high through charges, the consideration of a
new railroad Jaw In Wisconsin and cutting of
rates by several of the most influential lines
were the principal burden of these reports.
A few strong spots were developed, knd the
Oregon shares showed a marked disposition to
rally, though improvement, after reaching its
best figures of yesterday, los. all the advance.
Manhattan continued its upward movement
and scored a handsome gain on a large busi
ness for that stock The movements in the
rest of the list however, were small and unim
portant Dullness became the most prominent
after 2 o'clock, and Manhattan made a sharp
advance while the others sagged off 'slowly
until the close of business, thongh Richmond
and West Point was strong in the last hour.
The close was quiet and heavy at the lowest
prices of the day in many instances. Almost
the entire active list Is lower. Oregon Improve
ment lot 2 per cent; Denver, Texas and Ft
Worth, ; Atchison and New England, Hi
each, and Jersey Central 1 per cent, while Man
hattan showed a gain at the close of 1 per
There was a moderate degree of animation
in railroad bonds, but the same lack of special
feature marked the trading, and no decided
tendency of prices in either direction could be
seen. The sales of all issues reached $1,487,000,
but the only bond showing any special activity
was Atlantic and Pacific 4s, which contributed
$245,000. The most conspicuous advances were
Jersey Central lsts 2?i to 105 Illinois Central
is of 1951 3. to 109. and Louisville, New Albany
and Chicago lsts 2& to 1L
The following table snows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
biock .oxenange, oi it ourtn avenue:
Open- High- Lowing-,
est est
Am. Cotton Oil , SSH
A tec- Top. & 8. F.. 51H M KH
Canadian Pacific Six MH M
CanadaSouthern.. ...'.. ssd 65 M
Central of HewJeiKT.-SVa SiX ti
ing. Mil
CeatralPaclnci. .!..,!.. .-.
Chesapeake Ohio ,.. lift
C, Bur. & Qulncy.....l01
a, Mil. & Bt. Paul.... et
a, Mii.&8t.p., pr.... 97
C., iiockl. 4P sua
a, st. h. & puts t ....
C, 8t L. & Pitts, pf.
C, 8t.P.,M. AO 32tf
C., St. P., M. AC, pf. 91
C. A Northwestern. ...1C6H
C& northwestern, pf. ....
cacti 7S
Col. Coal & Iron 34
Col. & HoctlnjfVal
Uel., L. AW HIM
Del. A Hudson
Denver A KloO 16M
Denver A Klo U., pr.
Illinois Central.
Lake Erie A Western.. IS
Lake Erie A West. pr.. S7f
Lake Shore A M. 8 IHH
Louisville A Nashville. SO
Michigan Central 69
Mobile Ohio llii
Slo., K. ATexa
Missouri I'.ncinc 71 K
N.Tf.. L. E. A V. 29j
N.Tt., I, E. A W.prel 88
N. YAN. E 47K
N. y.,'0. A W VH
Norfolk A Western
Norfolk A Western, pf Mlf
Northern Pacific 27
Northern Pacific pref- SOi
Ohio A Mississippi..... ZIH
Oregon Improvement. SSV
Oregon Transcon 33
Pacific Mall . 37
Peo. Dec. A Kvan 2stJ
l'hlladel. & Heading.. 47H
Pullman Palace Car...l93
Richmond A W. P. T.. 2SM
Kichmond A W.P.T.pf 80
Bt. PanlADaluth.....
bt. Paul A Dnlntti pf.. 90
St P., Minn. AMan... 102
Bt.L. ASan Fran
St h. A San Fran pf.. 63
St. L. A San F.lst pf.
Texas Pacific 21K
Union Pacific 65
Wabash 1.1)4
Wabash preferred 27
Western Union 88
Wheeling A L. K
95 Si
The Marker Opened Dnll and Steady, De
clining at the Close.
Boston, February 27. The stock market
opened dull but steady. The dullness continned
all morning, but while the tone was firm dur
ing the first hour with gains for Mexicans, Ore
gon Short Line and one or two other stocks the
next hour witnessed a decline in Atchison and
C. B. & Q., with a like movement in Copper
Atch.&Top. R.K... 50Jj
Boston A Albany.. .213
Boston A Maine 170
C B. AU I01K
Clnn. ban. A Cleve. 23
Wis. Central, com... 15m
AllouezM'KCo.(new) 3
Calumet A Hecla....260
Cataloa 17
franklin 14
Huron 4
KasternftK 80)4
Osceola IS
rewablc (new) 3
Qulney 66K
FHntAPereil 29
Flint A Fere M. cfd. 87
Mexican Cen. com.. 12V
M. U 1st Mart. bit. 63
N. Y. ft New Ens-... 464
Odd. AL. Cham, com. 5
Old Colony 169
Hell Telephone 223
Boston Land t... 1
Water Power 7ii
Tamarack 140
San Diego 22X
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. . Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad SS'A VH
Reading Railroad 23 7-18 atf
Buflalo, Pittsburg and Western 13
Lehigh Valley..." Sl MX
Philadelphia and Erie 2SM 29
AUeghenv Vallev bonds .... UU
U. Co.'s New Jersey 226
Northern Paclflo 26
Northern Pacific preferred C2!i
Mining Stocks.
New York, February 27. Mining stocks
closed: Amador, 150: Bodie, 150: Caledonia,
275; Consolidated California and Virginia, 837;
Commonwealth, 500; Eureka, 200; Mutual, 140;
Plymouth, 1000; Savage. 310; Siena Nevada.
34h Silver King, 100; 8nllivan, 145; TJnion Con
solidated, SS5; Yellow Jacket, 455.
WillasiA.Hebkon, the well-known real
estate agent, who fell on the ice some time ago
and broke one of his arms, is slowly recover
ing from the Injury, though still suffering con
siderable pain. He was able to be at his office
The annual report of the Massachusetts
State Railway Commission for 1888, issued yes
terday, states that the number of employes
killed and Injured was 1 in 174. The mileage of
all roads reporting to the board has increased 95
miles. Tbe capital stock has Increased $607,290,
and the gross debt $8,394,262. The total of in
comes has increased $5,155,165, and the total of
expenses $5,501,458. The net income shows a
decrease, of $348,292.
At a meeting of the Oregon Transconti
nental directors at New York yesterday a com
mittee was. appointed to conduct negotiations
for the sale of the Oregon Navigation stock in
the treasury to the Union Pacific and North
ern Pacific companies, who will deposit it un
der tbe trust proposed in the arbitration con
tract which is now in the hands of Union Pa
cific for ratification. If the sale is consum
mated the Transcontinental Company will
probably go into liquidation.
New To-Day Printed Mohairs.
Also new striped mohairs at the same
counter where the printed chalhes are.
Fenn Avenue Stores.
Department ok Foblic Works,!
Pittsburg, February 28. 1889. f
reports of Viewers on the opening of
Carnegie street, from Fifty-second street to
McCandless street and Kent alley, from Stan
ton avenue to Fifty-second street have been
approved by Councils, which action will be
final, unless an appeal is filed in the Court of
Common Fleas within ten (10) days from date.
Chief of Department of Public Works.
Department op Poblio Works, (
Pittshuro, Pa., February 28. 18S9.
report of Viewers on the damages caused
by the grading of Oakland street, from Fifth
avenue to Bates street, has been approved by
Councils, which action will be final, unless an
appeal is filed in the Court of Common Pleas
within ten (10) days from date.
fe2S-6 Chief of Department of Public Works.
the vacation of part of Thirty-second
street Fifteenth ward.
Section 1 Be it ordained and enacted by the
city of Pittsburg, in Select and Common Coun
cils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by the authority of tbe same, That
that part of Thirty-second street which lies be
tween Putney alley and the Allegheny river,
being situate in Fifteenth ward of said city, be
from and after tbe passage of this ordinance
vacated and closed. fe28-59
Department op Public Works, (
Pittsburg, January 28, 1S89.
Viewers' reports on the construction of
sewers on Erin street from Webster avenue to
Wylie avenue, and Reed street, from Miller
street to Colwell street, have been approved by
Councils, which action will bs final, unless an
appeal is filed in tbe Court of Common Pleas
within ten (10) days from date.
Chief of Department of Publio Works.
Crrr Treasurer's Office,
Municipal Hall, Snilthfleld street (
owners (whether residents or non-residents
of the city of Pittsburg) of drays, carts,
wagons, carriages, buggies, etc.; must pay their
license at this office forthwith. All licenses not
paid on or before first Monday in March, 1SSS,
will be placed m the hands of police officers for
collection, subject to a collection fee of SO
cents, and all persons neglecting to pay on or
before first Monday in May, 18S9, will bo sub
ject to a penalty double the amount of the
license, to be recovered before the proper legal
authorities ot said city. The old metal plate of
last year must be returned at tbe time licenses
are taken out or 25 cents additional will be
charged on the license Rates of license: Each
one-horse vehicle, $6 00: each two-horse vehicle,
$10 00: each four-horse vehicle, $12 00: each four
horse back, $15 00: omnibus and timber wheels
drawn by two horses, $10 00. One extra dollar
will be charged for each additional horse. used
in above specified vehicles.
fel4-70-D City Treasurer.
A No. 227.
PATRICE street, between Fifth avenue
and Wyandotte street
Section I Bo it ordained and enacted by the
City ot Pittsburg, in Select and Common Coun
cils assembled, and it is hereby, ordained and
enacted by the authority of the same. That
that portion of Kirkpatrick street between
Filth avenue and Wyandotte street. located by
an ordinance approved January 17. 18S6, be and
tbe same is hereby vacated, the said street be
tween tbe points named bejng unnecessary ar-d
impracticable. ''
Section 2 That any ordinance or part'of
ordinance conflicting with the provisions of
this ordinance be and the same is hereby re
pealed so far as tbe same affects this ordi
nance. Ordained and enacted into a law in Councils
this 11th day of February, A. D. 1889.
H. P. FORD. President of Select Coun
cil. Attest: GEO, SHEPPARD, Clerk of Se
lectCounclh GEO. L. HOLLIDAY, President
of Common Council. Attest: GEO. BOOTH,
Clerk of Common Council.
Mayor's Office. February 14, 1889. Approved:
WM. McCALLIN, Mayor. Attest: W. H.
McCLEARY, Mayor's Clerk.
Recorded in Ordinance Book, vol. 6. page
077, 35th day oi .February, A. v. leee, Ie-10-
28? ',1889.
Drop in Elgin Creamery, Nearby
Eggs'Pinn at Quotations.
fieceipts of Grain and Hay Too large for
Wants 'of Trade.
Wedijesdat, February 27, 1839. J
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
At the meeting of the Elgin Butter Board
Monday a 2c drop was agreed upon. The drop
reaches this market Thursday and our quota-,
tions are changed to correspond. The price
agreed on at Elgin was 28c for standard brands,
and it is reported that, outside of, the board,
these figures were shaded c Ohio creamery
holds up fairly well to last week's prices. Eggs
are firm at outside quotations for the nearby
article. Cold storage eggs have well nigh run
their course, and those left are very slow at 13
to 14c An improved demand for tropical fruit
is reported by dealers for a day or two pasr,
and higher prices are close at hand. Florida,
orange3 are growing scarce. An advance In our
quotations of fancy oranges and bananas can
not be far away, from present indications.
POTTER Creamery, Elgin, 3132c; Ohio do,
2627c: fresh dairy packed, 2023c; country
rolls, 1822c; Chartiers Creamery Co. bntter,
Beans Choice medium, $2 002 10; choice
peas. $2 052 15.
Beeswax 23Q25c ft B for choice; low grade,
Cider Sand refined; $6 07 50: common,
$3 504 00; crab cider, $8 00850 If) barrel;
elder vinegar, 1012c ?? gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212Kc;
New York, fall make, 12K13c; Limburcer.
llK12Kc: domestic Sweitzercbeese, 1313Kc.
, Dried Peas SI 45Q1 50 f) bushel; split do,
Eoos 1516c f) dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, $100S1 50 $ barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c B: cranberries, $8 00
tjj barrel; $2 40S2 50 per bushel.
Fiathers Extra live ceese, 50gCOc; No. 1
do. 40845c; mixed lots, 3035c fl ft.
Hominy $2 652 75 barrel.
Honey New Crop, lb17c; bdekwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes, 3540c M bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern? sweets; $3 2o3 60 for Jer
sey sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 6575c ft pair;
pressed chickens, 1315c ) pound; turkeys, 13
15c dressed ft pound; ducks, live, 8085c ft
pair; dressed, 13uc ? pound; geese, 10llc
per pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, $6
bushel; clover, large English,. 62 lbs, $6 2o;
clover, Alslke, $8 50; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, $1 85; blue grass, extra clean,
11 fts, $1 00: blue grass, fancy, 14 Sis, $1 20;
orchard grass, 11 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, SI 00;
millet, 50 fts, $1 2j; German millet, 50 fts, $2 00;
Hungarian grass, 43 9s, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per lb.
Tailow Country, 4$5c; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy, $3 00
4 00 3j box; common lemons, $2 75 $1
box; Messina oranges, $2 503 50 jfl box;
Florida oranges, S3 003 50 ft box; Jamaica
oranges, fancy, $5 005 50 ft case; Malaga
grapes, $5 S027 00 ft Leg; bananas, $2 50
firsts: $1 S02 00) good seconds, ft bunch;
cocoannts, ST00 50 $ hundred; new figs, 12
He ?) ponnd; dates, 66Kc ? pound.
Vegetabi.es Celery. 4060c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $3004 00 ft 100; onions, 50c ft bushel;
Spanish onions, 7590c ft crate; turnips, SO
40c per bushel.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2021c;
choice Rio, 1920c; prime Rio, 19c: fair Rio,
1818c: old Government Java, 26c; Mara
calbo, 21KS22Xc; .Mocha, 3031c; Santos, 18
22c; Caracas coffee, 2021Kc; peaberry, Rio,
2021Kc; Laeuayra, 20K21jic
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 23c;
high grades, 2527c; old Government Java,
bulk. 31K32; Maracaibo. 2627c: Santos.
2223c; peaberry, 26c; peaberry Santos, 21
23c; choice Bio, 24c; prime Bio, 22c; good
Rio, 21c; ordinary, 20c.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 9c:
cassia. 89c: pepper, 19c; nutmeg. TOfflSOc.
Petroleum (Jobbers' prices) 110 test,7Jc:
Ohio, 120, 8Xc; headlight, 150, 9c; water white.
10c; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadlne, llc;
royaline, 14c.
Syrtjts Corn syrups, 2335c; choice sugar
syrup, 3338c; prime sugar syrup, 8033c;
strictly prime, 3335c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 50c; choice, 48; me
dium, 45; mixed, 4042c.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 34c; bi-carb In &,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 10c; stearlne,
per set. 8Kc; paraffine, llK12c.
Rice Head, Carolina, ?c; choice, 6
7c: prime. 5Ji6ic; Louisiana, 66Kc
Sraech Pearl, 2c; cornstarch, 67c;
gloss starch, 57c
Foreign .Frcits Layer raisins, $2 63: Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 SO; Muscatels. S2 25: California Mnscatels,
S2 35; Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia
IJAWiie; Bultana. TJic: currants, new, 45c;
Turkey prunes, new, 44c: French prunes,
613c; Salonica prunes, in 2-B packages, 8c,
cocoannts, per 100,50 00; almonds, Lan., per ft;
29c; do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c; walnut,;nap.,
12K15c; Sicily filberts. 12c; Smyrna figs, 12
lGc: new dates. 56c; Brazil nuts, 10c;
pecans, U15c: citron, per ft. 2122c: lemon
peel, per ft. 1314c; orange peel, 12c.
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 8 c.;
apples, evaporated, 6W6Kc; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 15lsc; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c: peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, pitted. 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2424Kc; blackberries, 78c: huckle
berries, 1012c
Sugars Cubes, 7c; powdered, 7Sc; granu
lated,7c:confectioners' A.0:; standard A,63ic;
soft whites, 66c; yellow, choice. 66c;
yellow, good, t?466c; yellow, fair, 6$c; yel
iow. dark. 53v
Pickles Medium, bbls (L200), $475; me
diums, half bbls (600). 2 85.
Salt-No. 1 f? bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, fl bbl, $1 05;
dairy, ft bbl. $120; coarse crystal, f! bbl, $1 20;
Hlsguvs Eureka, 4 bu sack, $2 SO; Higgin's Eu
reka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $K50
1 60;2ds, SI 801 35: "extra peaches, $1 351 10;
pie peaches. 90c; finest corn, $1 30 1 60; Hfrt.
Co. corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90cI 00; lima
beans, SI 10: soaked do, 85c: string do do, 75
85c; marrowfat peas, t 101 16; soaked peas,
7075c: pineapples, $b40l 50; Bahama do,
$2 7o; damson plums, 95c; green gages, $1 25;
egg plums. $2 00; California pears. $2 50;dogreen
gages. $2 00; do egg plums, $2 00; extra white
cherries, $2 90; red cherries, 2fts, 90c: raspber
ries, $1 151 40; strawberries $1 10; goose
berries, $1 2U1 SO, tomatoes, 8592c; salmon,
1-B, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c; succotash,
2-B cans, soaked, 90c; do green, 2ms, $1 251 50;
corn beef, 2-ft cans, $1 75: 14-ft cans, 513 60;
baked beans, $1 401 45; lobster, 1 ft, $1 76
lis. $8 2508 50: sardines, imported. li
12 60: sardines, imported. Us. $18 00; sardines.
mustard, $4 00; sardines, spiced, $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel,
$38 fl bbl; extra No. 1 do, mess, M0;
extra No. 1 mackerel, shore, $32; extra No.
1 do, messed, $36; No. 2 shore maokerel, $24.
Codfish Whole pollock. Mc ft ft; do medium
George's cod, 6c: do large, 7c: boneless bake,
in strips. 6c: do Gconre's cod in blocks
. 6K
; split.
7a iierrtpg rtound snore, $o ou ft not
. v' n : . .. ---... .
S7: lake $3 25 fl 100-ft half bbl. White fisb, $7 ft
100-ft half bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 ft half bhl.
Finnan badders. 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut, 13c
ft ft.
Buckwheat Flour 2Jffl2c per pound.
Oatmeal-58 306 60 ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 6860c
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Flonr nnd Fred.
Total receipts as bulletined af the Grain Ex
change, 26 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago. 4 cars of hay, 3 of oats, 2 of wheat, 1 of
feed, 3 of middlings, 0 of flour. By Pittsburg.
Cincinnati and St. Louis, 1 car of corn, 2 of
wheat, 1 of middlings. Sales on call: Two cars
No. 2 prairie hay, $8 25, 5 days; I car No. 2 y. e.
corn, 40c, 10 days. Dullness still reigns In
cereal markets, and buyers have, the field. Re-,
ceipts being abovo wants of trade, the cash
customer finds the holder ready to make con
cessions. At the Grain Exchange to-day B. F.
Veach reported in behalf of the committee
which went to Harrjsburg to represent the
body on the question now pending before the
Legislature on tbe right of eminent domain.
In tbe course of his remarks, Mr. Jeacb, re
ferring to tbe body in session at the State Capi
ta, seemed in doubt as to whether the Legisla
ture represented the people or tbe P. R. R.
Tbe Exchange was clearly and unanimously of
the opinion that all railroad companies should
have an equal chance in the race) for su
premacy. - '
Wheat Jobbing prices No. ft red, $108
CORN No. 2 yellow. ear,40K41c: high mixed
ear, SiUeHOc; No." 1 yellow, shelled. 3S39c;
No. 2 yellow, shelled, 37K63Sc; high mixed,
shelled. 3637c; mixed, shelled. 3536c:
Oats No.2whlte,3Uj31J4c; extra No. 3, 30
30Kc; No. 3 white, 29$30c; No. 2 mixed, 23
Rye No. 1 Western. 6061c; No. 2. 6556c
BARLEY No.1 Canada, 9095c:No. 2 Canada,
8885c:N 0.3 Canada, 78880c: No. 2 Western.
75i78c;No. 8 Western, 6570c Lake Shore, 75
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents $6 50,
S3 75; spring patents. JO 757 00; fancy straight,
winter and spring. So 756 DO; clear winter,
$3 255 50. straight XXXX bakers', $5 0OQ5 25.
Rye flour. $4 00.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, $18 00
20 00 ft ton: brown middlings, 314 5015 CO;
winter wheat bran $14 7515 25. chop feed.
$15 00018 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $15 00lo 25;
No. 1 do. $14 2514 50; No. 2 do, $12 00013 00
loosefroro wagon, $18 00020 00: No. I upland
prairie. $9 7510 00; No. i, $3 003 50; packing
do,$S507 00.
Straw Oats. $8 008 25; wheat and rye
Straw, $7 007 25.
Sugar-cured bams, large, lOJc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 10c; sugar-cured Jiams, small,
lie; sugar-cured breakfast bacon, JOc; sugar
cured shoulders. Sc: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, O&c; sugar-cured California hams,
8Kc; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8c: sugar
enred dried Deef seta,9c; sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, lie: bacon shoulders, 7c; bacon clear
sides. 8c; bacon clear bellies, 8c: dry salt
shoulders.' 6c; dry salt clear sides, 7JJC. Mess
pork, heavy. $14 00; mess pork, family, $14 50;
Lard Refined in tierces, 7cr half barrels, 7c;
60-ft tnbs,7Kc:20-ft palls, 7JJc; 60-ft tin cans,
7Jc; 3-ft tin pails, TJJc; SB tin pails. 7Xc;
10-ft tin pails, 7Kc. Smoked sausage, long. 5c;
large. 5c Fresh pork links, flc Pigs feet, half
barrels, $3 75; quarter barrels, $1 75. i
Dressed DIenr.
Armour fc Co. f urdish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 As,
65Kc; 600 to 650 fts, 66Kc; 700 to 730 fts, 6
7c. Sheep, 7cft ft. Lambs, 8c ft ft.
Jobbing rates ot lumber are flrml Dry stuff
has been well cleaned up in hands of wholesale
dealers. When ice breaks in Michigan lumber
regions so that Iocs can be sawed and proceeds
brought to market, a sufficiency will show np
for all purposes. Yard quotations have under
gone no change
pnra tjnplansd tabd quotations.
Clear boards, per M tSO0"3 0O
Select common boards, per M 3009
Common boards peril 3)00
Sheathing 18 00
Pine frame lumber per M 2 00(327 00
fehlnglcs, So. 1, lSln. per M SCO
Shingles, No. 2, lain. per M 273
Lath .' 300
Clear boards, per M. , f 6000
Surface boards 30 0035 00
Clear, -lnch beaded celling 28 00
Partition boards, peril 35 CO
Flooring, No. I XI 00
Flooring, No. 2 25 CO
Yellow pine flooring 30 004OCO
Weather-boarding, moulded. Ho. 1.... 30 00
Weather-boarding, moulded. No. 2.... IS 00
Weather-boarding. -lnch 20 00
hard woods yard quotations.
Ash, 1 to 4 In $40
Black walnut, green, log ran 5
Black walnut, dry, log run -.60
Cherry 63
Oreen white oak plank, 2to41n 25
Dry white oak plank, 2 to 4 In 25
Dry white oak boards, lln 35
West Va. yellow pine, I inch 3)
West Va. yellow pine, VH inch 25
West Va. yellow poplar, ft tolln 25
Hickory, 1 to Jin. 13
Hemlock building lumber, peril
Bunk rails
Boat studding
Coal car plank
Alb, lt041n 3 0033)00
Black walnut, green, log run 4.) oaa.50 c)
Black walnut, dry, log run 30C3vl3oO
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 in 17 0X3CD (ft
Dry white oak plank, z to 4 in,
ury wnite oat noaros, i in.
West Va. vellowDine. 1 in.
WMt V. Tpllnwntnt 1 In
West Va. yellow poplar, to 1 In IS OOffiB 00
Hickory, lKto 3 In 18 00022 00
Hemlock building timber, ?M 10 CO 12 CO
Bunk rails 14 00
Boat studding 1100
Coal car plank 13 00
Swirr's Specific cured me of mallenant
Blood Poison after I had been treated in vain
with old so-called remedies of Mercury and
Potash. S. S, S. not only enred the Blood
Poison, but relieved the Rheumatism which
was caused by the poisonous minerals.
GEO. BOVELL. 2122 Third ave., N. T.
Scrofula developed on my daughter swell
ing and lumps on ber neck. "We gave her
Swift's Specific, and the result was wonder
ful and the enre prompt
S. A. DeArMontj, Cleveland, Tenn.
Swift's Specific is entirely a, vegetable
remedy, and Is the only medicine which per
manently cures Scrofula, Blood Humors, Can
cer and Contagious Blood Poison. Bend for
books on Blood and Skin Diseases, mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
Ga. f eI-7 xrs
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week In
x and OHEVIOTa
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
tire Intenne ItcMar
and ttintifg f most at
nlft-htt worse bT
ftcnucninff. nu
lowed to contlnae
lamori lorra mu
itching Pius.issrta'sessa
becoming- very nn. SWATHE'S 01AT.
ME.NT .top. the luhlnc and bleedlar. heal
tMMtl... .njlii Mnit jaaa rrmfrtl lllfl in.
mm. 8WAYai,tOnmmrl..oblbj'driisglit.,e.rai&iledlo
any ta&itMM on receipt or price, 50 eti. a box ; 3 boxes, 1M,
JJUtta letter', DB. SWAYXE t SOX. FUliddpbix, F-
On mortgaces on improved real estate in sums
of 81,000 and upward. Applv at
f et-22-D No. 124 Fourth avenue.
Oil bought and sold on margin. deZ7-21-Dsa
route to London and the Continent.
. Express Steamer Service twice a week from
New York to Southampton (London, Havre),
Ss.SaaIe.Feb.27.3P.H. I Ss.FuIda.Mch. 9,11 A.M.
Ss.Ems.Mch.2, 6 A.M. Ss.Lahn. Men. 13, 2 P. Jr.'
SJ.Trave.Mcb,6,9AJt. Ss.Elbe.Mch.l8,530A.K.
First Cabin, Winter rates, from 175 upward.
MAX SCHAMBERQ & CO., Agents, Pitts
burg, Pa.
OELRICHS t CO., 2 Bowling Green. New
York City. ja29-71.D
Sailing every "Wednesday from Philadelphia
and Liverpool. Passenger accommodations, tor
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark, &c
General agents. S07 Walnut at- Philadelphia
Full information can be had of J. J. McCOR
MICK, Fourth avenue and Smithfleld street
LOUIS MOESER, 616 Smithfleld street
Cures Headache.
O050 00
0075 0O
OC75 00
0040 00
OO&5 0O
coax oo
00(122 00
13 00
15 00
111 GOODS and III
Cures Constipation.
1 SALS will be received up .2Ib2
18. at 3 o'clock p. St. for the Pf-", !
binding for the several department of tsav' V.
M.arnmmfn.th. .n.nln' WAT. xnABKS IU--
to be furnished as required In specittflatlom.
The right to accept or reject any or all Wda
served? E. a MORROW, Controller, i
(No. 225. J ,-
A Central Passenger Railway Company tb
right to construct, maintain and operate la
railway on certain streets and avenues.
Section I Be it ordained and enacted by the
city of Pittsburc in Select and Common Coun
cils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by the authority of tbe same. That the
Central Passenger Railway Company, its suc
cessors and assigns, be and is hereby author
ized to enter upon, construct, maintain ana
operate its passenger railway with single or
donble tracks on the following named streets
and avenues, to wit:
First From a point on tbe present line otthei
Central Passenger Railway at the corner of
Fulton street and Wylie avenue: tbence along
Wylie avenue to Herron avenue; thence along
Herron avenue to Camp street; thence along
Camp street to Adelaide street; tbence alone
Adelaide street to Madison street: thence along
Madison to Thlrty-thlrd street,and tbence alone
said Thirty-third street to connect with said
line at Herron averne.
Second From a point of the present line ot
said railway at the intersection of Wylie ave
nue and High street; thence along High street
to Sixth avenue, and tbence down Sixth ave- ,
nue to connect with tbe tracks of the Trans
verse Passenger Railway Company at Smith
Held street.
Third From a point on the present line of
said Central Passenger Railway at the inter
section of Fifth avenue and Grant street!
thence along Grant street to Webster street,
and thence along Webster street to connect
with the line of said railway on High street.
Section 2 That all ordinances now In force
and pertaining to the use of streets and ave
nues by the Central Passenger Railway Com
pany shall be applicable to the- use by said
railway company of tbe streets and avenues
hereinbefore mentioned.
Section 3 That tbe construction of the rail
way on said streets and avenues shall be com
menced within ninety days and completed
within one year from the passage and approval
of this ordinance.
dection 4 That any ordinance, or part of or-. ,
dlnance, conflicting with the provisions of this
ordinance be, and tbe same is hereby repealed
so far as the same affects this ordinance.
Ordained and enacted into a law In Councils'
this 4th day of February, A. D. 1889.
H. P. FORD. President of Select CounciL
Attest: GEC8HEPPARD. Clerk of Selecfl
Council. GEO. L. HOLLIDAY, President of
Common Council. Attest: GEO. BOOTH,
Clerk of Common Council.
Mayor's Office. February fi, 18S. Approved!
WM. McCALLIN. Mayor. Attest: W. H. MC
CLEARY, Mayor's Olerk.
Recorded In Ordinance Book, vot 6, pace 575.
25th day of February, A. D. 1889. fe2S-10
No. 226.
of certain streets, avennes and highways
to the Central Traction Company.
Section 1 Be it ordained and enacted by the; ,
city of Pittsburg, in Select and Common Coun
cils assembled, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by the authority of tbe same. That the
Central Traction Company shall have tbe right;
with the consent of the Central Passenger
Railway Company, to enter npon any street on
which the Central Passenger Railway Company
now is or may hereafter be constructed,
and also shall have the right, with '
the consent of the Transversa Pas
senger Railway Company, to enter
upon that portion of Sixth avenue lying be
tween Smithfleld street and Wood street, and
that portion of Wood street lying between
Sixth avenne and Fourth avenue, being the.
same portions of said Sixth aVenne and Wood
street, between the points named upon which,
the Transverse Railway now isfor the purpose)
of constructing, maintaining and operating In
and upon any or all of said streets and avenues
such motors, cables; electrical or other appli
ances and such necessary and convenient an-,
paratns and mechanical fixtures as will provide
for the traction of cars. '
Section 2 The Central Traction Company
shall have the right In, upon or beneath the
surface of any and all of said streets and ave
nues to construct and maintain such subways
or conduits, and from time to time to make,
and maintain such siding, turnouts to powet
houses or otherwise, and such alterations In
tracks as may be necessary or convenient la
supplying motive power for the traction of
Section 3 That tbe said Central Traction
Company, before constructing snch sab-ways
or conduits, shall submit plans for the same to
the Chief of tbe Department of Pnblie Works
for his approval, and the same shall be con
structed subject to his control and super
Section 4 The construction of said motors
and sub-ways shall be commenced within 90
days and shall be completed within one year
from the passage and approval of this ordi
nance. .
Section 5-"-Th. t the rights granted by this
ordinance are ex iressly given upon condition
that tbe Central Traction Company shall pave
with block stone, asphaltum or other equally
good material, to be approved by the Chief of
the Department of Public Works, and keep tha
same In perpetual good repair, in manner to bo
approved by the said Chief of the Department
of Public works, between and dne foot oqtsido
of the tracks npon which it shall snpply power
to tbe cars, wherever tbe Toute upon which
power is supplied is over paved streets or ave
nues, and it shall alsopayits Just and equitable;
share of tbe cost of paving such portion of the
said route used as shall not have been paved
Sriortothe time of occupancy thereof by the?
entral Traction Company.
Section 6 Provided that before this ordi
nance shall go into effect, and within 30 days
after its annroval bv the Mavor. the said Cen
tral Traction Company shall file its written ac-. ,.
ceptance of this ordinance, sealed with the seat
of said corporation. )
Section 7 That any ordinance or part of,
ordinance conflicting with the provisions of '
this ordinance be, and the same Is hereby re
pealed so far as the same affects this ordinance.
Ordained and enacted into a law In Councils
this 4th day of February, A, D. 1889.
. H. P. FORD, President of Select Council
Attest: GEO. SHEPPARD. Clerk of Select
Council. GEO. L. HOLUDAY. President
of Common Council. Attest: GEO. BOOTH,
Clerk of Common Council.
Mayor's Office, FeDrnary 6, 1SS9. Approved;
WM. McCALLIN, Mayor. Attest: W. H.
McCLEARY, Mayor's Clerk.
Recorded in Ordinance Book, vol. 6. page 578,
26th day of Febmary, A. D. 18S9. f eSMO '
No. 410 Smithfield St,
8200,000 00.
JAMES P. SPEER. Vice Presfc
selk35-s JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
As old residents know and back files of Pitt
le persons NQ pjrg J
MCDfIIC "nd mental diseases, physical
NtnVUUO decay, nervous debUity, lack
of energy, ambition and hope, Impaired mem
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dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, ha
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting tha person for buslness-soclety and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bona pains, glandulac
lddnev and bladder dar-m.
ments. weak back. trraveL ea.
larriUU UUUUUKC hih.iihi.wjia HHI UfcUBC i
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A POflTlVl. CUKS -For
LUST er iiUIn-c
MAN HOOD. Jtervas
ness. Weakness of .
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jumexmx. bowtomt.
dlEZff In tn i Tiai Tin 1 in il Tin riltiui ! iII-ht' -
fJl MA;fAdercui-iWStomchM'&4B.'j4i
Wl nUllO M1RJT0H M43I"-riMc.-rTU .
da-15 -TT3W
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jnaahood , etc.
eonuimoc foa partculirs for name care.
eftar-TJ. Aaan-js,
i .-'$
erhutfremttf., .'
acts of y-ratetal cr.f '
Sor,rly dtcmy. lost -, .
tnoHM Heatedl .