Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, February 05, 1889, Page 5, Image 5

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Tlie Game a Xuraber of President
Cleveland's Friends Will Play.
TVliere They nave Secured Good Positions
in Big Paying Concerns.
Din Lamont a Street Eailroad, and Speaker Carlisle
to ITactice Law.
The authoritative announcement in The
Sunday Dispatch that President Cleve
land is to locate in ifew York City March 5,
as a member of a prominent law firm, is
followed by the information that Dan La
mont, Secretary Fairchild and Speaker Car
lisle are to follow Mr. Cleveland's example
and live in the metropolis in the future.
Mr. Fairchild is to he President of a trust
company, Dan Lamont of a street railway
company, and the Speaker wishes to acquire
a Xew York residence for future political
rsrrciAL teixgbam to the DisrATcn.i
NewYoek, February 4. Of the 1,300,
O00 Hew Yorkers perhaps 10 per cent have
seen Grover Cleveland. General Arthur,
as a 2ew Yorker, was a familiar figure, but
after he became President there was just as
much enriosity to see him as if he had come
out of the "West The announcement that
Sir. Cleveland will on March 5 come to New
York and associate himself with the law
firm of Bangs, Stetson, Tracy & MaeVeagh
created a good deal of interest yesterday.
General Arthur, after his term, associated
himself with his old firm, Knevals & Ran
som, and was valued for his great knowledge
of riparian rights. Roseoe Conkling made
a fortune as a jury pleader, and there was
considerable interest to learn Mr. Cleve
land's specialty. Mr. Francis Lynde Stet
son said that he didn't know of any, except
that Mr. Cleveland was endowed with creat
chunks of sense.
Mr. Cleveland will take ex-Attorney Gen
eral McYeagh's place in the firm. It has
been said that Mr. Cleveland will not try
cases in court. Mr. Stetson &aid that Mr.
Cleveland will do anything that any other
lawyer does, and will go into court if the
business of the firm and his inclination take
him there.
Mr. and Mrs Cleveland will live tempo
rarily at the Victoria Hotel. Mr. Cleve
land is a personal friend of the propridtor,
and will remain at the hotel until he has
bought a house. A singular feature of Mr.
Cleveland's new location will be that he
can look out of his office windows at 45
"William street, right into the windows of
the Mugwump factory run by "William M.
Ivins and others in the last campaign
against Governor Hill.
Mr. Cleveland will not be the only oen
directly connected with his administration
who will take up a permanent residence in
Hew York. Secretary Fairchild was in
town to-day putting the finishing touches to
his business arrangements. He has bought
a house in "Washington Square, and will
with C. C. Baldwin, formerly President of
the Louisville and Nashville Bailroad Com- l
pany, and others as directors. The name of
the new trust company is not yet given out.
Colonel Dan Lamont will become Presi
dent of a New York street railroad com
pany, if Ms present intentions are carried
out. Negotiations with Secretary "William
C. "Whitney are also under way in the in
terest of Colonel Lamont. It was stated
that Mr. "Whitney will further the inter
ests of the Broadway and Seventh Avenue
Bailroad Company in a plan to extend the
tracks of the company on through the sub
urbs, and by a rapid transit plan over the
Harlem into "Westchester county and be
yond. In addition to all those, it is said that
Speaker Carlisle will shortly practice law
in New York. He will either open an office
or become associated with a firm somewhat
after the fashion of Mr. Cleveland. Not
that Mr. Carlisle is to cut loose from pol
itics, or at least until his term expires, but
he has become impressed with the disad
vantages of Kentucky, and will, it is
stated, make a start here preparatory to the
time when he can become a permanent resi
The P., V.4.-C. Bnlldmg a Jnnctlen With the
Pemlckey nt Homestead.
The presence of GO or 70 men with picks
and shovels on their shoulders in Home
stead Monday morning was the cause of
more or less excitement among the residents.
The workmen began work just ontside the
borough limits, and people thronged there
to see what they were about.
It was learned that they were in the em
ploy of the Pittsburg, Virginia und Charles
ton Company, and that a junction was to be
made with the Pittsburg, McKeesport and
Youghiogheny road. It is tne prevailine
impression that the movement is calculated
to shut out the new line recentlv surveved.
known as the McKeesport and Bellevernon
There is no available route through the
borough except between the two roads
named, and this junction between them
would be a serious obstable in the way. The
Pittsburg, Virginia and Charleston station
agent states that he understands his com
pany is simply laying a cross-over to take
the place of the Jones & Laughlin's junc
tion, which they have been compelled to
use at great expense, for many years.
Objectionable Literature Circulated Among
School Children.
There is a leper traveling on the Ft.
"Wayne Railway, and some people along
the line are anxious that the authorities
should inquire into the case and have the
obnoxious person driven from the road ere
he contaminates the youth who travel back
and forth in this way to school. Someone
has been scattering objectionable litera
ture and pictures among the boys who at
tend school in the city.
An effort has been made to ferret out the
scalawag, bnt so far it has been unavailing,
owing to the reticence of the pupils. It was
stated that a young man named Balston,
who attends the Third ward school, knew
something of the matter. Miss Graham, the
principal, interviewed theyoung man and he
stated that he had seen the objectionable stuff,
but knew not whence it came or whither it
went. The young man was candid, and his
manner carried conviction with it, but
from what was heard from a patron of the
ine the subject is worthy of inquiry.
Contracts A worded.
The Allegheny "Water Committee
night awarded the contract for 2,517 tons of
various sized pipe to the National Pipe
Foundry at $21 65 per ton. Bailey, Farrel
& Co. secured the job to furnish 15 tons of
pig lead at $3 90 per 100 -pounds. "W. H.
McGraw will haul material for the depen
dent at 30 cents per one-horse load. The
bids for stop gates, etc., were referred to a
De. O'Keefe's Bitteks a great tonic
, for invalids. 34 Fifth ave.
Condensed Special Diipatcbcs From Sur
rounding Communities That Are Tribu
tary tc Pittsbnrjt.
Rochester, Pa., i ill vote on the 19th inst
on a proposition to subsidize a water works
The congregation of the Second M. E.
Church ol McKeesport will erect a 815.000
George Marshall's house, Mt, Washing
ton, near Beaver, was burned yesterday. Loss,
590ft fully insured.
The Stoneboro ticket office of the P V. &
C K. 15. was burglarized on Sunday night and
530 in money and goods stolen.
Professor Kctzler, of New "York, has
been elected superintendent of the school of
the German Evangelical Protestant Church of
Rev. F. 11 Avert, pastor of St. John's
Episcopal Church, Youngstown, for the past
In e years, has resigned to take charge of St
Mark's parish in Philadelphia.
The store of Mcmtt & Esslln, Lewis Run,
near Coal Valley, was broken into last night
and about 200 worth ol coods was taken be
sides the money in the drawer. .
Frascis Murphy closed his week's en
gagement at Youngstown with a rousing meet
ing last nleht. During the week he secured
nearly 3,000 signers. Many piomraent citizens
Altooita Democrats met in convention last
evening. The nominees arc: City Controller,
John B. Cole; School Directors, L. B. Rcip
smder and W. S. Doaclass. all present incum
Ground was broken tor the foundation of
the new Opera House which is to be erected at
Kittanning. The building Is to cost all of 30.
000, and is to be three stones high, the opera
House occupying the two upper stones.
Three boys, while coasting at Youngstown
last night met with painful accidents. Charlie
Trigg had his skull fractured, Patrick Sheri
dan a leg broken ana Arthur v eicn is suuer
mg from concussion of the brain.
Owtsa to an overproduction of iron the roll
ing mill at Kittanning has shut down indef
initely. This throws many men out of em
?loymcnt and has depressed business greatly,
he furnace, however, will still continue in
Rev. W. A. Bates, formerly of Lancaster,
O., was last night inaugurated President of
Thiel College, Greenville, delivennir his inaug
ural in Laird Opera House. Dr. J. A. Kun
kelman. President of the Pittsburg sjnod,
conducted ttfe installation services.
The individual operators have joined with
the large companies in curtailing the output
of coal in the vicinity of ML Carmel, ana in
consequence there is but one mine in opera
tion. The fivesuspended collieries employed
almost 3.000 hands and ship annually over 8.000
tons. The operators are a unit in their deter
mination to maintain prices.
The Home Gas Fuel Company, of Youngs
town, has been short of a supply of gas for
some time, and jesterday completed arrange
ments for the transportation of crude oil from
the Lima fields. It will De refined, and its
gaseous properties secured and fused with
what natural gas the company can secure. It
is an experiment, hut the projectors are con
fident of success. v
Rev. Dr. James G. Carnachan has ten
dered his resignation as pastor of Park Avenue
Congregational Church of Meadville, on ac
count of ill health. During the Summer Dr.
Carnachan visited his native land, Scotland,
and spent several months recreating. Relief
from his nervous troubles was ouly temporary,
and when be returned and renewed his pas
toral labors his health soon broke down.
Adam Lefever, a wealthy fanner of West
Lampeter township, was found dead at the
edge of a lime kiln on his farm on Sunday
afternoon. He left a hotel that he owns in
Lampeter late Saturday night, and probably
stopped at the kiln to warm himself. The gas
from the kiln suffocated him. He was 63 years
of age, and one of the most prominent farmers
in that section of the State. Be owned five of
the best farms In the county, and his estate is
valued at $200,000. He was a leading Republi
can and served three terms as Director of the
Incidents of a Day In Tiro Cities Condensed
for Ready Rendinir.
The Committee on Corporations yesterday
affirmatively recommended the Squirrel Hill
A BENEFIT for the Relief Fund was given
last night by O. H. Rlffley Post 41, G. A B-, at
their hall on Fortiethstreet.
A fair for the benefit of St. Joseph's
Orphan Asvlum was held last night in the
Uniformed Knights' Hall, Penn avenue.
Mr. James A. Yates, who was knocked
down bv a Penn avenue cable car, is at the
Mercy Hospital, not expected to live.
Patrick Connors, a brakeman on the Pan
handle, had his right arm broken, coupling
cars yesterday, near the Union station.
Samuel "White, a carpenter, was repairing
a roof last evening; on Millwood avenue. He
fell off and sustained serious injuries.
Lieutenant C. H. Harlow will place the
model of the Nicaragua Canal on 'exhibition
in the Chamber of Commerce this week.
The Coroner decided yesterday that Andrew
Polomski fell downstairs 'nhile drank, and
fractured his skull, from which he died.
Building Ijsfector Frank has haa the
towers on the South Second Street V. P.
Church removed. They were dangerous.
At the conference of Presbyterian ministers
yesterday.a request from the Firemen's Library
Association for good books was received.
The semi-monthly meeting of the Society
for the Improvement of tho Poor was held yes
terday. There were 30 new applicants for aid.
The Republicans of the Ninth ward met in
the Ralston schoolhouse last night, and nomi
nated P. Hanlon for Select Council and Chas.
Keisch for Assessor.
The Allegheny Poor Farm Committee
couldn't raise a quorum last night. They should
have met to authorize the sale of Poor Farm
lots in Millvale borough.
Coroner McDowell will hold an inquest
to-day on the remains of Henry Ford, who was
fatally ininred in Morris & "Williams' machine
shop, on Liberty street, Friday last.
Mr. Sawyer, a member of the State Board
of Charities, said the penitentiary muddle
would not be investigated by the board unless
the inspectors failed to make a thorough ex
amination. A TAEIFF DEBATE.
Republican and Democratic Clubs Have a
Tilt on the Question.
The Democratic Legion and the Lincoln
Republican Club met in Patterson's Hall
last evening. J. A. Golden made an ad
dress of welcome. They had a few recita
tions and some singing, when the tariff
question was debated.
Messrs. Nichols and Molamphey, of the
Lincoln, debated the affirmative side, and
Messrs. Miller and Horrock uphold the
Democratic position.
Is dangerous as well as troublesome.
It renders the patient liable to the rup
ture of a blood vessel or to other serious
injury of throat and lungs. To allay
bronchial irritation and give immediate
relief, the best medicine is Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral.
" I was recently troubled with a dry
coufeh which seemed to be caused by an
irritation in the throat. My physician
prescribed for me, but no relief was ob
tained. A little over a week ago, my
attention being called to Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, I concluded to try it, and pur
chased a bottle. After taking this med
icine only one day, I could see a change
for the better, and, by. the time I had
used it a week, my cough had entirely
disappeared." H. "W. Denny, Franklin
square, "Worcester, Mass.
"Ayer's Cherry Pectoral leads all
other medicines as a sure, safe, and
speedy cure of throat and lung troubles."
"W. H. Graff & Co., Druggists, Carson,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Bold by all Druggists. Price $1; six bottles, $9.
"A Dry Cough"
Thomas McMlcbnels Supported by Sixth
Warders far Council.
At a meeting of Sixth ward Independents
last evening to bolt the regular Republican
nominee for Select Council, there were some
200 voters present, mostly small property
holders in the ward, who strenuously object
to the present mode of assessing and taxing
real estate. C. "W. Helmold presided, and
Jacob lluch acted as Secretary.
After a clear expression in behalf of re
volt had been made, the meeting resolved to
unanimously support Thomas McMichaels
for Select Council, and "let the rest of the
ticket look after itself." Sub-committees
were appointed with seven or eight mem
bers for each precinct of the ward to work
both before election day and at the polls.
There jvill be a general meeting of the
sub-committees to-morrow evening, and an
other meeting on Friday night. They say
they mean business.
Attention, Itnllrond Men.
Chinchilla coats and vests (you
call them reefers) are inst the thing that
would interest you.
We have
n hand. '
ot abont
105 of these garments on hand.
ey come
in brown and blue and the sizes run from
was $15, $18, and even $20 for some ot them.
but a speedy sale pleases us best, and for
to-morrow only you can take your pick and
choice for $5, $5, 55. Positively only one
garment sold to each purchaser.
P. C. c. c,
Cor. Grant and Diamond sts, opp. the new
Court House.
Now Silverware.
An elegant assortment of all tho new
spring designs in solid silver and silver
plated ware has just been opened by E. P.
Roberts & Son, the Fifth avenue jewelers.
The stock embraces many new shapes, chas
ings and engravings, especially so in tea
sets, fancy articles and spoons and forks.
The display is a fine one, and is worthy an
inspection. tufsu
Kent Fencing
Of iron or wire for front of public or pri
vate buildings and around cemetery lots.
Also stable fixtures.iron stairs and shutters,
tree boxes, fire escapes, and wire windows
and door screens for protection atrainst flies
and mosquitos. Tatlor & Deait,
203 and 205 Market st.,and 67 Second ave.
ulnssnso Treatment.
Scientific and electric massage applied
by I. Munk, 806 Penn avenue. tuwfs
Attention, Companies nnd Societies.
"We have a big lot ol army muskets, car
bines, swords, sabers, etc., which must be
sold at anv price within 60 days.
J. H. Johnston, 621 Smithfield st.
niorrtase Licenses Granted Yesterday.
Kune. .Residence.
(Thomas Hlnsey Mansfield
I Mary A. Lesslg Mansfield
t Michael J. Wild.
J Emma K. Mclllnger...
Jacob Scheller Ross Tup
I Sophia E. Huch KossTwp
(Jacob Lahm Pittsburg
J Elizabeth Llppert Sharpsburg
j Martin Huhwiski 1'lttsburg
J Catharine Kosclnska l'ittsbnrg
(MckJakluk Pittsburg
(AnnaUrablanowska nttsburg
Stanislaus faandowkowski Pittsburg
Bronlslava Vojdeva l'ittsbnrg
j Clifton (J. Emrlck Verona Bor
ixannlc McElwaln Verona Bor
I bamuel Nlcolskv ntt6burg
( Annastasla Kowalezyk Pittsburg
I Franz bukowski Cambria county
(Franeiska Trader Cambria county
( AVawrzvnics bvoka Sharpsburg
I Marie Tracowna bnarpsburg
(George Babcok McEee's Bocks
JJuIIaTustlngcr.. Pittsburg
5 David J. Morris Pittsburg
Maggie Lytell Pittsburg
j Elmer Strominger .....Lewisberry
Ellen C. btronp Lewisberry
(Samuel J. Painter Pittsburg
(Martha A. deary Pittsburg
( Charles Ketngold Pittsburg
I Jennie Kopplkes Pittsburg
5 John C. Kltnkner. Jr Pittsburg
Elizabeth Wagner Pittsburg
(Henry Kramer Pittsburg
(Margaret ha Bulling, Lower bt. UairTwp
BODER At tho parents' residence, Si Race
street, Allegheny, on Sunday, February 3, 1SS9,
at 820 P. M., MARIA A., daughter of F. J. and
S. A. Iioder, aged 31 jears 8 months 1G days.
Funeral services on Tuesday at 1.30 o'clock.
Friends of the family are respectfully invited
to attend. Interment later.
CCLBERTSON On Saturday, Februarys
1SS9, at 4 o'clock r. M.. Emily C. widow of tho
late Albert Culbertson, in the 65th year of her
Funeral services at her late residence, 166
Sheffield street, Allegheny City, Tuesday,
February 5, at 2 p. ir. Interment private at a
later hour. 2
DOUDT Suddenly, on Monday, February 4,
1SS9, at 6.40 A M., Elizabeth Glenni-h, wife
of Peter Doudt, in her 52d year.
Funeral from her late residence, corner Low
ry and Lyttle streets. Twenty-third ward, Ha
zelwood, on AVednesday mousing, the 6th
inst., at 9 o'clock. Friends are invited to at
tend. .Cleveland, O., Boston, Mass., McKeesport,
Pa., papers please copy.
ELLIOTT Sunday, February 3, at 2 p. m..
Miss Margaret j. Elliott, daughter of
William and Margaret J. Elliott, in the 21st
year of her age.
Funeral "Wednesday, February 6, at 12
o'clock noon. Friends of the family respect
fully invited to attend.
HAGGERTY On Monday, February 4, 1889,
Samuel, son of James J. and the late Marga
ret Haggerty, in his 24th year.
Funeral from the residence of his parents,
No. S3 Gibbon street, pn "Wednesday after
noon at 2 p.m. Friends of the family are in
vited to attend.
New York papers please copy. 2
HEUZBERGER On Monday, February 4,
IBS), at 4.30 o'clock A. si., John W. Herzber
ger, son of Henry and Mary Herzberger, nee
Funeral services at parents' residence, 974
Liberty street, to-day at 2 p.m. Interment
KOERNER Sunday morning, February 3,
at 520 o'clock, Mary Elizabeth, beloved
wife of AVilliam H. Koerner, in her 39th year.
Funeral services at her late residence. No. 72
Kirkpatrick avenue, Allegheny, on Tuesday,
February 6, at 2 o'clock p. m. Interment pri
vate at later hour. 2
MACK On Monday. February 4, 1SS9, at 9.30
A.M.. Francisco Mack, aged 76 years 11
months and 23 days.
Funeral from the residence of her son,
Joseph F. Mack, 32 Ann street, Pittsburg, on
"Wednesday at 9 a. m. Friends of tho fam
ily are respectfully invited to attend.
PHILIPS Monday at noon, February 4,
of pneumonia, Ueilda A., wife of Hugh
Funeral services' from her late residence,
GlenQeld, Pa., on "Wednesdaymorng at II
o'clock. Interment private. 2
RITCHIE On Monday. February 4. 1889, at
4 o'clock A. jr., Edna Pearl, daughter of
James and Aggie Ritchie, aged 6 months and 4
" Interment private.
117, 119 and 136 Third avenue, two doors below
Smithfield st, next door to Central Hotel.
Carnages for f unerals,53. Carnages for operas,
parties, Ac, at the lowest rates. All new car
riages. Telephone communication. my3Hd60-TT3
ASSETS - - J9J71,69633.
Insurance Co. of Xorth America.
Looses adjusted and paid by WILI JAM L
JONES. S4 Fourth avenue. ia20-s2-D
Assets S14S,501 87
JOHN B. JACKSON. Vice President
telSom-Tis WM. P. HERBERT, Secretary.
INS. CO.. 417 Wood street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Capital $250,000 00
Assets January 1, 18S9 363,743 80
Director Chas. W. Batchelor. President;
John W. Cbalfant, Vice President; A. E. W.
Painter, Robt. Lea, M. W. Watson, John Wil
son, Joseph Walton, Wm. G. Park, A.M.Byers,
Jas. J. DonnelL Geo. E. Fainter, John Thomp
son. Wm.T. Adair, Secretary; Jas. Little, As
sistant Secretary; August Ammon. General
Agent ja22-46-TTS
Sammy Sliderlegs, of nursery
fame, slid down the banisters until
he split in twain. A similar per
formance (figuratively speaking)
is on the programme, to begin next
Monday morning in our Curtain
Department. 'Many Curtains must
be sold before receiving the new
spring stock. To accomplish this
the heaviest reductions ever made
by us on Curtains will be inaugu
Reduced from $i oo to 50c.
Reduced from $1 75 to 85c.
Reduced from $2 00 to $.
Also a large number of single
pair lots, ranging in price from $1
to 5 and 810 and upwards, now
reduced to ONE HALF. Also
similar bargains in
Brussels Lace, Irish Pointe,
Tamboured Swiss,
Embroidered Muslin,
Heavy Portieres,
Turcomans, Chenilles, Etc., Etc.
If these reductions -were gen
erally known our stock ought not
to last more than a day.
IEPe"b:i?-u-aL?3r 3
-IN our-
"Wo are prepared to show the very newest
thing in Embroideries.
The novelty being the Tucked and Hem
stitched Edged Goods, in a variety of width
from Narrow Edgings to Full Skirt Width
The prices are very moderate and they are of
a finish and style calculated to please people of
quiet taste.
Also a larger line of the regular styles of
Embroideries in
Fine Narrow Baby Edging
and Inserting,
As well a' Wider Widths in sets to match,
from medium to skirt flouncing width. A
beautiful line of
Torchon and Medicis Edging,
Wide Lace Inserting,
Guipnro De Genese, Oriental Patent Point
h rench and German Vals., all widths and new
For Aprons, for Drapes, for Skirts, for Under
wear, in Plain Nainsooks, India linen. Linen
Lawn, Persian Lawn, Soft Finish Cambric,
Mull, Barred and Striped Naln&ook and Fancy
aluslms in a great variety of patterns, and at
Surprisingly Low Prices.
Pay this department a visit.
Remember AVednesaay and balance of this
Use 'Teerless Brand"
Selected and packed with cleanliness andcareby
They are the Best. Ask your Grocer for Ihem.
route to London and tho Cnntinpnr.
Jbtnress Steamer Service twlen n. -o-oolr from
New York to Southampton (London, Havre),
Ss.Saalo Jan.30 6.30 A.M. I Ss. Fulda.Feb 9 1 r.M.
Ss. Ems. .Feb. 2, 7 A. M. Ss.Lahn.Feb.13. 3P.M.
Ss. Trave Feb. 6, 10a.m. Ss. Elbe.Feb.16.6 A. m.
First Cabin, Winter rates, from S75 upward.
MAXSCHAMBERG & CO.. Agents, Pitts
burg, Pa.
OELRICHS & CO., 2 Bowling Green. New
York City. ja29-71.D
Sailing every Wednesday from Philadelphia
and LiverpooL Passenger accommodations for
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark. Ac
General agents. 307 Walunt st, Philadelphia,
Full information can be had of J. J. McCOR
MICK, Fourth avenue and Smithfield street
LOUIS MOESER, 618 Smithfield street
A good fitting Corset is the foundation
o the whole artistic system of dress, and
we know of none that we can recommend
more deservingly than the I. C. a la
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The famous I. C. Corsets, style 6o, in
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The famous I. C. Corsets, style 267,
spoon clasp, at $2 75.
The famous I. C. Corsets, extra high
bust, in coutil, drab, ecru and white, at
$2 50.
The famous L C Corset, extra short,
in sateen, black and white, at $2 35.
The famous L C. Corsets, extra long
waist, in sateen, drab, ecru and white, at
The famous I. C. Bridal Corsets, em
broidered bust, white sateen, at $3.
The famous I. C. Corsets, style 1,
specially adapted to stout forms, at
$3 88.
The famous L C. Mis'ses' Corsets, in
French coutil, at $1 25.
Fleishman & Co.'s
504,506 and 508 Market st,
Ages 2 to 18 Years Inclusive
See Our Display in Windows and
Note Prices Marked on
A, G.
Bet. Seventh and Eighth Sts.
When the Dcapncss is caused e?
which la the una to the ears as
classes are to the eres. and m&7
be worn months without removal.
Sold onlr bv
H.A..W ALES, Bridgeport, Conn.
i&Zy. VAm K tffSZi
I2"B3 2 ft
4Ct, .ZJTsXSJiir
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Satin de Lyons, Gros Grains, Baratheas, Faille Francaisses etc.
New Wash Goods. American and Scotch Ginghams. American and French Satines. ' White Goods, entirely new patterns. Cre
tonnes. Full lines Lawn Tennis Cloths at marvelously low prices.
New Muslin Underwear, Chemise and Drawers, Night Dresses, Skirts and Corset Covers, in a great variety of qualities, for Ladies,
Misses and Infants, at low prices.
Linen Department Special values in Table Linens from 20c up. Our 50c quality is well worth 65c. Turkey Red Tablings, 25c,
37?c and 50c. New Towels and Napkins.
Cloak Department 500 garments to be closed out The recently reduced prices will do it Greatest bargains yet in Ladies' Cloth
Jackets, Raglans and Newmarkets. Seal Plush Jackets, Coat, Wraps and Modjeskas. Misses' Jackets and Coats. Children's Coats and
Gretchens. Large linea perfect-fitting Jerseys, black and colored, plain and braided. Closing out all our made-up Suits. Ladies' Suits
and Dresses, in all the desirable materials for the season, will be cleared at low prices. Black and colored Cashmere and Henrietta
Suits. Black and colored Silk Suits. Plain and braided Cloth Suits. Misses' and Children's Suits. All of the best workmanship and
stylish garments. Examine prices.
Lace Curtains Our new spring importations now opening. New and exclusive designs and grand values. We have them from 50c
up, and call special attention to qualities and designs at $1 25 to 5 a pair. Turcoman and Chenille Curtains and Portieres at low prices.
Window Shades and Curtain Poles, all styles.
Samples sent when requested. Mail orders will have our prompt attention.
Bargains in Furs, Blankets, Flannels and Underwear to clear.
B. & B.
letter to h
m in
Which Reveals the Fact
That Some- Depart
ments Have Too
10,000 yards double-width (36 to 40-inch)
American and Imported Dress Goods and
Suitings, all 50-cent values, price to per
form the miraculous feat of selling this im
mense quantity in a week is 25c; such bar
gains never before retailed in America.
Choice Mixtures, Plaids, Stripes, etc., 25c
thousands of yards, are medium colors
and adapted for Spring Dresses. All-wool
American Goods, Imported Scotch Goods
that are not all-wool, but fine, and were im
ported to retail at 50c, but all go this week
at 25c.
52-inch Silk-mixed English Suitings go
at $1, $1 50; goods as choice as these are
at $1 will go quick.
200 pieces 50-Inch Illuminated Mixed All
wool Cloths, Invisible Checks, Suitings,
etc. dollar goods at 50c.
Paris Kobe or Dress Pattern Sale Ex
traordinary. All to be sold this week. 515
to 535 goods go at 55, 510 and 15; many $25
ones go at $5. Ample material of both
plain and rich novelty to make a full and
complete costume, 55, 510, 515; cheaper than
50c dress goods, and qualities superb as
well as high class styles, but we are de
termined to make a lively shelf-clearing to
make room for our large spring importa
tions that are now arriving in the United
States Custom Houses.
Advanced styles that are already re
ceived: New India Silks, 60c, 60c, 51,
51 25; New French Challis, New French
Satines, New Scotch Zephyrs, 20c, 25o
and 40c.
New Embroideries, largest and finest im
portations, surpassing in this department in
medium and fine goods anything hitherto
shown. Dainty, fine hand needle-work al
most in these new machine-made embroid
eries, in narrow and medium edges, at 10c,
12c, 15c to 25c, and in medium edges up
to 50c.
"Wide, well-made Edgings and Elounc
ings, 5e, 10c, 12Jc to 25c. Two large spe
cial lots 45-inch Embroidered Flouneings
at half price,' viz.: 35c and 50c a yard,
adapted for dresses, aprons, etc.
45-inch Flonntings, 75c goods at 35c.
45-inch Flouneings, 51 goods at 50c.
All new and fresh, but lengths that were
bought at a sacrifice.
115, 117, 9. 121
Federal Street, Allegheny.
P. S. Flannels, Blankets, Cloak Booms,
Hosiery, Gloves, Winter Underwear bar
gains are clearing ont at prices that ara in
many instances remarkable, particularly in
the Cloak Booms. fe5-irs
167 and 169 FEDERAL
the Way of
$4&fr$$fr&&&W&W &&&&&&X4Q&&&
'Tis the Week of All Weeks for Bargains
The Poor Man, The Business Ian,
The Banker, The Millionaire.
Is now on, and with it we infuse new life into business, we make dull
times lively. We offer goods in every department of the house at prices
which will catch the masses, prices which possess such a charm for low
ness that buyers cannot resist them. Impossible as it may appear, in
credible as it may seem, we have even reduced the wonderfully low prices
of last week and, having marked the new figures in red, while the orig
inal prices remain in black, we invite every one to come and see for
themselves what great, gigantic, nay unparalleled slaughter we have made
in prices. This is
of the season. Your interests are at stake, bargain hunters! Fail not to
embrace the most brilliant opportunity of a decade to buy Clothing,
Hats, Caps, Furnishing Goods and Footwear at prices lower than you
can form any idea of. Stay not behind in the
Follow the crowds, help to swell the throngs that congregate around our
tables and our counters. The necessity of getting rid, at once, of the
goods we have on hand is greater than you can imagine hence the won
drously low prices. As the season advances, the one great desideratum
ROOM! ROOM! for spring stock, must be had at any price. This, in a
nutshell, explains the situatiqn.
You cannot come too soon. Depend on it you'll find every depart
ment overflowing with the grandest, greatest and best bargains it was
ever your lot to see, and also depend on it that you'll be better pleased
with what you buy than if you spent your money elsewhere. Again we
say come!
: )-(
Silver Plated Ware on Special Sale,
Bogere' Best Triple-plated Knives, $1 40 per set. Sogers' Teaspoons, new patterns, $1 per
set. BoRere' Tablespoons, new patterns, 52 per set. Eogors' Forks, new patterns, $2 per set.
Nice Silver Plated Casters, with five nicely engraved bottles, J2 25 each.
Household China and Glass Bronzes, Clocks, Lamps, Art Pottery, Gas Fixtures,
Cat Glass, etc.
Tlie J. P. Smith Lamp, G
93 Penn Avenue.
B y a thorough knowledge of the natural laws
which govern the operations of digestion and
nutrition, and and by a careful application of the
fine properties of well selected Cocoa, Mr. Epps
has provided our breakfast tables with a deli
cately flavored beverage which may save us
many heavy doctors' bills. Iti3bythe judicious
use of such articles of diet that a constitution
may be gradually built up until strong enough
to resist every tendency to disease. Hundreds
of BUbtle maladies are floating around us ready
to attack wherever there is a weak point. Wo
may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping our
selves well fortified with pure blood and a prop
erly nourished frame." Civil Service Gazette.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Hold
only in half pound tins by Grocers, labeled thus:
no3 h-90TuS
.a. a? :e :n a? s
O. D. LEVIS. Solicitor of Patents.
131 Fifth avenue, above Smithfield, neit Leader
office. (JNoaeiay.j istanusnea zu years.
&$&$ $0$4!$frfr
300 to 400 Market street,
Established ma. Telephone Call 1075.
Contractor and Manufacturer of
Doors, Wainscoating, Ceilings and Hard "Wood
Work of every description, for building and
decorative purposes. Mantels, Cabinets and
Furniture of Special Design. Drawings and
Estimates furnish cd on application. Office and
factory, Nos. 68 and 70 Seventh Avenue, Pitts,
burg. Pa. Hard wood lumber. nZ7-hf00-TTS
Or the Liquor Habit Potitivety Cured
Dr. Hainas'
uoiaen specino.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea without
tne Knowledge or the 01
taking it: is abso-
lately harmless, and will effect
speedy cure, wnether the patient Is a moderate
drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Tbonsands of
Drunkards have been made temperate men who
have taken Golden Specific In their coffee without
their knowledge and to-day believe thevoutt
drinking from their own free will. ITilEVEB
FAILS. The system once Impregnated with the
Specific, it becomes an ntter impossibility for tha
liqnor appetite to exist. ForsalebyA.J.itankin.
Sixth and Venn avcPittsbnrz: E. Holden A Co..
63 E. Federal St., Allegheny. Trade supplied by
Oeo. A. Kelly & Co , Plttsbnrg, Pa. ae27-o8ITS
Cli Co,,
,' SBtsa'-tt.'Sfc-JS&M x.usjAiJiklJlWiufcjiJ.-i'.S.d