Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, February 02, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 11, Image 11

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8 Quiet Trade All Along the Lines of
Dinner Materials.
i- Game Season WaningAntelope Takes the
Jj Place of Deer.
Fbidat, February 1, 18S3. I
The first month of 18S9, which is now
among the things that were, did not make
the best of records either in jobbing or re
tail lines of market basket materials, so iar as
this city is concerned. There has thus far
been no awakening from the quietness which
follows holiday activity. The uniform report
given by tradesmen to-day is much the came as
for several weeks past, namely, that business
has been unusually dulL This has been the ex
perience of every year, but for this season the
revival of trade seems slow in starting. The
open winter is credited with much of the mis
chief to trade.
At the fish and oyster stalls a fair week's
trade is reported. The wholesale demands in
these lines, which come mostly from hotels and
restaurants, has been very good. Fresh caught
salmon, taken irom under me ice, nave uecu
coming to market from Buffalo and Detroit,
and And ready sale at 15c per pound. Fresh
mackerel are scarcer and higher than they
have been for many years. Prices of frozen
lish vary very seldom at this season.
Retail prices of meat are unchanged. Cattle
and bogs have been on the downward drift, but
retail prices stand tbe same. Butchers claim
that sucb times as these only balance tbeir ex
perience of a few months aco, when they claim
to have worked for glory.
Supplies of game are less varied than last
week. The sea;-on for venison is past, but an
telopes come in to take its place. At Chicago,
any venison or quail that appears in market
after January 1 is confiscated by law. The
game trade must soon give way to the old re
liables of meat, fish and oysters.
Choice poultry is in good demand at prices a
shade better than last week. Egrgs and butter
have turned upward from the exceptional low
prices of a few weeks back. Retail figures
stand unchanged.
Florists report an active trade for the week.
Mignonette, lilacs, Dutch hyacinths and daffo
dils appear for the first time this season on
floral stands.
While prices of tropical fruits are unchanged,
the quality is much improved.
Following are the latest prices of market
basket materials as furnished by retail dealers:
The prices called for at the Diamond Markets
remain unchanged. The best cuts of tenderloin
steak range from 20 to 25c, with the last figure
for very fancy, which are very often no bet
ter than the 20c article; sirloin, best cuts,
from IS to 20c; standing rib roast, 15 to 20c;
chuck roast. 10 to 12c; best round steaks, 15c;
boiling beef, 5 to 8c; sweet breads, 25c per
pain beef kidneys, 10c apiece; beef liver, 5c a
pound: calf livers, 25c apiece; corned beef
from 6 to 10c per pound. Veal for stewing
commands 10c: roast, 12 to 15c: cutlets. 20c
Iier pound; spring lambs, fore quarter, 12 to
5c: hind quarters, 15 to 20c A leg of mut
ton, bind quarter, of prime quality, brings
12c; fore quarter. Sc; loin of mutton, 15c
Vegetables nnd Fruit.
Jersey sweet potatoes, 25c a half peck;
potatoes, 15c a half peck; celery, 10c a bunch;
squash, 10 to 25c; tomatoes, 50c per quart
box; pumpkin. 15 to 25c; cabbage, 5 to 10c;
apples 15c to 20c half peck; bananas, 15 to 25c
a dozen: lemons. 25 to 30c per dozen; oranges. 35
60c: Malaga grapes 25c per pound; onions, 25c a
half peck: spinach, 25c per half peck; lettuce.lOc
per buncb,3 tor 25c: radishes,5c per bunch; cran
berries, 15c per quart: cucumbers, 25c a piece;
mushrooms, SI pound.
Ducks, 75c to $1 00 a pair. Pigeons, 50e a pair.
Mallard ducks, SI a pair; quail, S3 00 to U 0 a
dozen: canvasuack ducks. $5 00 per pair; red
head ducks, 2 50 per pair. Pheasants, $1 bO a
pair. Rabbits, 25c a pair Antelope, 35c pound,
steaks. Prairie chickens, $1 25 a pair.
Butter, Egg and Poultry.
The best creamery butter is 40c Fancy
pound rolls of country butter are 60c
The ruling retail price for eggs is 20c
Choice country eggs bring 25c
The range for dressed chickens is 75c to
SI CO per pair. Turkeys, 15c per pound; fancy,
Fish nnd Oysters.
Following are the articles in this line still on
the stalls, with prices: Lake salmon, 12c; Cali
fornia salmon, 40c pound; white fish, 12)c; her
ring. 4 pounds for 2oc: fresh mackerel. 8oc aDiece:
Spanish mackerel, 45c to 50c a pound; sea sal
mon. uc a pounutDiue nsn, I've; percn, joc;
halibut, 26c; rock bass, 30c; black bass, 20c: lake
trout, 12c: lobsters. 25c; green sea turtle. 28c
Oysters: standard, SI per gallon; select, 1 50
to SI 75; X. V. counts, SI 75 per gallon; snaps,
90c: shell oysters. 25c dozen; smelts, 20 to 25c
pound; clams, SI 25 gallon; scollops, 50c a
La France roses, S3 50 per dozen; Bride
roses, S2 50 per dozen; Perles, $1 00 per dozen;
Nlphetos, SI 00 per dozen; Bennetts, S2 00
per dozen: Magna Cbarta roses, SI 25;
American Beauty, $1 00 apiece; Mermets,
S2 50 per dozen; De WattviHe, $2 00; carnations,
60 cents a dozen; Violets, $2 09 a hundred;
Lilv of the Valley, 75c per dozen; Maiden
Hair fern, 50c per doz. fronds. Bermuda
Easter lil es. S3 50 per dozen; tulips. 75c per
dozen; mignonette, 75c per dozen; lilac, SI 75
a bunch: daffodils, 75c per dozen; Dutch hya
cinths, 2bc apiece.
Condition of the Market at the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch.
Friday. February 1, 1889. J
Cattle Receipts, 1.410 head; shipments, L
SS0 head: market steady at yesterday's prices;
no cattle shipped to New York to-day.
HOGS Receipts, 2.900 head: shipments, 2,700
head; market fair on light, slow on heavy;
Pbiladelpbias, $4 855 00: pigs and Yorkers.
So 305 40; ten cars of hogs shipped to New
York to-dav.
Sheep Receipts, 4,800 head: shipments, 4,000
head; market slow at a shade lower.
By Teleeraph.
New York Beeves Receipts. 1.740 head.
Including 5 carloads for city slaughterers di
rect; 46 carloads for the market and 49 carloads
for exportation dead and alive. The market
was a trifle firmer, and offerings were all sold;
common to fairly prime native steers sold at
S3 554 75 per 100 pounds: bulls and dry cows,
S2340. Sheep Receipts, 8,500 head; market
dull and Ion er, with more offered than could
be sold; common to prime sheep sold at 54 30
4 65 per 100 pounds and common to prime
lambs at 15 507 60, with a few choice selections
at S7 75. Hogs Receipts. 2.400 head: all for
slaughterers direct: market quoted steady at
nominal range of $5 05 70 per 100 pounds.
ST. Louis Cattle Receipts. LOOO head: ship
ments, 300 head: market steady; choice heavv
native steers. S3 704 20; fair to good do, S3 00
8d SO: butchers' steers, medium to choice,
S2 SOS'S 10; stockers and feeders, fair to
good, SI 902 70- rangers, com-fed. S3 003 60;
crass-fed, SI 702 80. Hogs Receipts, 3,300
head: shipments, 900 head; market easv:
choice heavy and butchers' selections. S4 70
4 85; packing, medium to prime. S4 6504 60;
light grad'-s. ordinary to bet, S4 805 00.
Sheep Receipts, none; shipments 6,0. head;
market steady; fair to choice, S3 005 00.
Chicago Cattle Receints. 5.500 head: ship
ments, 3,000 bead; market 10c higher: choice to
extra beeves, S 25g5 09; steers, S3 O0i4 30:
stockers and feeders, S2 103 50: cows, balls
and mixed, SI C53 00. Hoss Receipts. 24.(100
head: shipments, 6.000 head; market weak and
10c lower; mixed, S4 634 90: heavy, S4 65S4 90;
light, S4 7S5 00: pigs, S45. Sheep-Receipts,
6.000 head; shipments, 2.500 head: market
weak and 510c lower: natives, T2 90S5 25;
"Western corn fed, S4 404 75; lambs, S5 00426 60.
teUFFFAro Cattle Receipts, L240 head
through; 20 head sale: no market; feeling
steadv. Slie"i and lambs Receipts, 600 bead
through;' 10.000 bead sale, with 500 head held
over: no market for sheep or lambs; quality
only fair to good; feeling 25c lower. Hogs
Receipts, 3.000 head through; 4,500 bead
sale: mediums btrong to a shade higher at
$5 055 15; Yorkers dull and 10315c lower at
at S5 305 35.
CnrcniSATi Hogs in less active demand
and lower: common and light. $4 255 10; pack
ing and butchers'. S4 7535 00; receipts, 8,800
head; shipments, 970 head.
fllinlnc Stocks.
New York, February L Mining storks
closed: Amador, 150; Bodie. 150; Caledonia, 250;
Consolidated California. 800; Commonwealth,
KXh Dead wood. 150: Hale and Norcross, 475;
Hoinestake. 1300; Mutual, 140; Navajo, 140;
North Belle Isle. 230; Nevada Queen, 275;
Ophlr. 525; Plymouth. 602: Savage. 340: Stand
ard, ISO; Silver King. 100; Small Hopes, 100.
' Wool Markets.
. , Philadelphia Wool quiet and prices
- - nominal.
Srifrw Tobk-WooI quiet and steadv; domes
' gtc fleece, 3028c; pulled, 26039c; freran, 14 J
MMMMBBMteraiMiftfliiafcMitom ,.',- ,i laiitf fliiin Jjit'" ,,aa
Wheat Opens Weak but Closes at a Slight
Advance Corn and Oats Hold Their
Own Pork Lower Lard Steady.
Chicago The volume of trading in wheat
was below that of the preceding days of the
week, and the market ruled quiet most of the
day. There were occasional temporary spurts,
during which a fair demand existed. The
opening was weak and JKc lower than yes
terdaj's closing, advanced c, and then de
clined c, under free offerings and a lack of
demand. But later the market developed a
firmer tone, prices advanced He, with some
covering by parties who sold early, but eased
off again and closed about fie higher than yes
terday.. There was only a moderate business in corn,
most of the trading being early in the session,
after which the market, ruled, quiet and inac
tive. The feeling developed was firm, es
pecially on the near futures, the more deferred
deliveries not showing'much change from j es
terdav. The market opened at a trifling ad
vance over the closing prices of yesterdav, and
under a good demand sold up c, reacted" some
owing to a decline in wheat, ruled firm and
closed about the same us 3 esterday.
Oats were quiet and easy at about yesterday's
An unsettled and weak feeling prevailed in
mess pork. Opening sales were made at irreg
ular prices 1015c under the closing flgnres of
yesterday, and they further receded 1520c
Blight rallies occasionally were made, but the
closing figures exhibited a material reduction.
Lara was easier. Opening sales were made
at 5Q7Kc decline, owing to the reduction in
other articles, but the decline was recovered
later, and the market closed steady at medium
Snort ribs were weak. Prices ruled 10615c
lower, and the market closed steady at medium
The leading rutures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2. February. 9Si94Hc: May,
97ffi989oK9SVc: July, 8sSk&SK0S8Wc.
CORN No. 2,Fcbruary, 335442 3fc)3535c:
March, 3b36Ji635635jc; May, S!Qiytdti
Oats No. 2, February, 25Vc: March, 25
25Kc: May, 27K27KZ7hZc
Mess Pork, per bbl. February. Sll 0
11 40U Sftgll 35: Mav, Sll 80Q11 80U S2
11 65: July, SU 85011 S5ll S011 85.
Lard, per 100 lis. February, $ff 806 85
6 S0SS6 85: March. SS 87K6 S7KC 82
6 87K; Mav, S6 906 97K6 K6 97&
13HORT Bins, per 100 lb. February. So 95;
March, S 05&S 05; May, $6 206 22(j 15(
6 17
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
quiet and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat,,
9494c; No. 8 spring wheat, 9092c: No.
2 red, 9494Kc No. 2 com. 35Jgc No. 2
oats, 25c No.2 rye. 47c No. 2 barley, nominal.
No. 1 flaxseed, SI 591 60. Prime timothy seed.
$1 511 52. Mess pork, per barrel, Sll S5ll 40.
Lard, per 100 lbs. SO 85. Short ribs sides
(loose), S6 006 05. Dry salted shoulders
(boxed), SS 0U6 12c Short clear sides
(boxed), S6 576 5oc Sugar Cut loaf, un
changed. Receipts Flour, 10,000 barrels;
wheat. lLOOO bushels; corn. 137.000 bush
els: oats, 89,000 bushels; rye, 7,000 bushels; bar
ley, 43,000 bushels. Shipments Flour. 7.000
barrels: wheat.22.000 bushels; corn. 76,000 bush
els: oats, 56.000 bushels: rye, none: barley,
29.000 bushels.
At the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was steady and unchanged. Eggs
weak at 1314c
New York Flour unchanged, moderate busi
ness. Wheat Snot irregular and firmer; options
fairly active, irregular and KKc under j ester
day. RjedulL. Barley quiet. Barley malt un
changed. Corn Spot stronger and moderately
active; options firm and fairly active. Oats
Spot fairly active and stronger; options. He
higher. Hay steady and quiet. 'Coffee Options
ouened barely steadv at 5 to 10 points down;
closed steady at 10 to 15 points below yesterdav;
sales, 42.250 bags, including February, 15.65JJ
15.70c; March. 15.65li80c; April 15.6iS15.75c:
Mav. 15.60S15.75c: June, 15.70315 75c; July,
15.7o15.90c: August. 15.85 15.95c; Sep
tember, 15.90ld.u5c; October, 1016.luc;
November, lbc: December, lb16.I0c;
spot Rio firm; fair cargoes, 17c
Sugar Raw dull. Molasses Foreign quiet;
New Orleans dull. Rice quiet and firm. Cot
tonseed oil dull. Tallow strong. Rosin quiet;
steamed, common to good, SI 021 07.
Turpentine higher; fair demand at 4b&-, Kgs
steady: moderate demand; Western.l5)c; re
ceipts, 5.227 packages. Pork lower; old mess.
S12 5013 00; new mess S13 OOffilS 25. Beef
bams dull; quoted at 12 751S 00. Curmeats
dull; pickled shoulders, 6c: pickled hams,
10c Middles dull: short clear, S6 80. Lard
lower and quiet: Wetem steam, S7 27K7 SO:
city, S6 5;Febroary. $7 26 bid: March, S7 26 bid;
April. S7 27 bid; May. l7'J4g730, closing at $7"29
asked: June. S7 80 nominal: July. S7 32: August
S7S2; September, J7 2S7 32, closing at $7 Si
Butter Firm for choice; Western dairy, 18g
19c; do, creamery, 162tc; Elgins, 29c Cheese
quiet and less firm; W estern, 10llc
St. Louis Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat Cash lower, at 90g90c; options were
lower and weak during most of the session, but
toward the close prices reacted and the finish
was about as yesterday; May sold at93H94Kc,
and closed at 94c Corn lower with a pressure
lu bcu, especially me near mnoios: .ixo. 2, ctsn,
vQ'c; r eDru
iXKic, closing at
S3kc Oats dull
asked, ttye auu at oe Did. uarley There
were rumors of large sales, but no oartlculars
could be obtained. Flaxseed nominal at SI 50.
Bagging easy at 7J10c Iron cotton ties,
SI 10. Provisions dull and lower. Pork,
Sll 87f.' Lard Prime steam nominally S6 SO.
Dry salt meats Shoulders, $5 25: longs and
ribs, $8 15: short clear. S6 S5. Bacon Boxed
shoulders, SO 75; lonss and ribs, S7 127 25;
short clear, S7 37J7 41 Ham, 1012c
CINCINNATI Flour in moderate demand.
Wheat Arm; No. 2 red. 9Sc; receipts, 7,000
bushels; shipments, none. Corn easier and
lower; No. 2 mixed. 33S3c Oats in fair de
mand and firm: No. 2 mixed. 2Sc Rve firm;
No. 2 mixed, 54c Pork dull and nominal at
$1225. Lard eas er at S6 756 80. Bulkmeats
easier; short rib. S6 256 30. Bacon easier;
short clear, S7 75. Sagar steady. Cheese in
light demand. Eggs weak.
Milwaukee Flour dull and unchanged.
Wheat stronger; cash. SSJsc; May, 91c Corn
weak; No. 3, 9Kc Oats quiet: No. 2 white,
272Sc Rye weaken No. 1, 46K4c Barley
easier; No. 2, 62c Provisions weaker. Pork.
Sll 3a Lard. So 80. Cheese firm but quiet;
Cheddars, 10Kc
Philadelphia Flour dull and barely
steady. Wheat dull and lower. Corn quiet,
but prices firmly maintained. Oats Car lots
steady, bnt demand light. Provisions dull and
Baltimore Butter high grades Arm; in
feriors weak. .Eggs steadv atl3514c Coffee
unchanged; rio, fair, 1717c
Toledo Cloverseed active steady; cash
and February, 85 30; March, S5 37K.
Prices Generally Firm With Improvement
in the Demand.
Special Report by Cable for the American Manu-
London. January SL Scotch Pig Market
steady and trade fair.
No. 1 Coltness ...61s. Od. f. o. h. Glasgow
No. 1 Summerlee 50s. 6d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Gartsheme 48s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. lLangloan 49s. 6d. Co. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Cambroe 43s. 6d. f. o. b. Glasgow
No. 1 Shorts 49s. Od. f. o. h. Glasgow
No. lGIengamock.....47s. Gd. atArdrossan.
No. 1 Dalmellington ...43s. Od. atArdrossan.
No.lEglinton 41s. 6d. atArdrossan.
Bessemer Pig Steadier market, with more
doing. West Coast brands quoted at 45s Od
for Nos. 1. 2, 3, f. o. b. shipping point.
Middlesbrough Pig More demand and prices
firmer. Good brands quoted at 33s. 9d. for No. 3.
Spiegeleisen Market continues firm, bnt
bnsmess less active than last week. English
20 per cent quoted at 80s. Od. f. o. b. at works.
Steel Rails Firm market, but business falling
off. Standard sections quoted at 4 f. o. b. ship
ping point.
Steel Blooms Fair trade and market held
steady. Bessemer 7x7 quoted 3 17s. 6d f. o. b.
shipping point.
Steel Billets Market firm and demand bet
ter. Bessemer (size 2x2) quoted at 4 2s. 6d.
f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel blabs Steady market, but demand
moderate. Ordinary sizes quoted at 3 17s. fid.
f. o. b. shipping point.
Crop Ends Firm market and the demand
fair. Run of the mill quoted at 2 12s. 6d.
f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Wire Rods More demand and prices
firmer. Mild steel. No. D, quoted at 5 lfs. 6d.
t, o. b. shippingport.
Old Rails More business and the market
firmer. Tees quoted at 3 6s. Od. and double
heads at 3 10s. Od. c i. f . N ew York.
Scrap iron Demand fair and market firm.
Heavy wrought quoted at 2 2s. 6d. f. o. b. ship
ping points.
Manufactured Iron Market continues firm
with business good, s
Stafford, ord. marked bars(f.o.b.L'pool)8 123 6d
" common bars 0 0s0d515s0d
.,. . Uki sheJ.; singles 0 0s 0d 715s Od
Welsh bars, f. o. b. Wales... 5 2s bd 0 OsOd
Steamer Freights Glasgow to New York.
6s. Od. Liverpool to New York. 10s. Od.
Boston Wool Market.
BoSTONBoth foreign and domestic wools
are more active. Of the former there have
been sales of carpet wool amounting to 1,268,
000 pounds at previous prices. Fair sales of
Australian wool also are noticed, including
wool in bond, at 2Tc and duty paid at Sc En
glish and Irish have been selling in the range
of S640c Fine was'ned fleeces quiet and firm,
with sales of Ohio and Pennsylvania at 33034;;
XX at S5Q30C, and Michigan X. 3132c There
is nothing doing in No. 1 clothing wools, which
are nominally quoted at 38c Combing and de
laine fleeces are firm and in steady demand.
All kinds ot domestic fleeces are held more
firmly, owing to the ad vance in prices of Aus
tralian wool at the LrorJUofl tales.-
A Banker Throws Some Light on a
Subject of Interest to Many.
Bull News Faih to Break the Deadlock in
the Local Petroleum Market.
As straws show which way the wind
blows, so causal remarks indicate the feel
ing that prevails among those favorites of
fortune who have more money than they
know what to do with. This reflection was
inspired by an incident that occurcd yester
day afternoon at one of the oldest banks In the
city. It is given verbatim, as nearly as possible:
.Old gentleman coming in and accosting the
cashier, with whom he was well acquainted I
want you to help me out of a difficulty.
Cashier I will do all I can for you. What's
the matter?
Old Gentleman I am looking around for an
investment, and can't find anything that just
suits me.
Cashier What do you want?
Old Gentleman Something that will pay
about 6 per cent, and is perfectly safe. I will
have about $10,000 by the 1st of April, and as I
will have no special use for it, I thought I
would look up something in which to invest it;
bnt as I have failed to find anything to fully
satisfy mo X thought I would come to you for
Cashier I am afraid I can't help you. If you
can find anything that is absolutely safe that
will pay 5 per cent, you can do more than 1 can.
Absolute security and a high rate of interest
seldom keep company. Safety is worth some
thing. Securities of this character have to be
very carefully managed. There Is no water in
tbem. They don't dazzle the Imagination by
promising big profits that are seldom realized
They are just what they are represented to be,
and nothing more can be made out of them.
They are permanent theirvalue is fixed. Were
they otherwise, they would possess more or less
of the element of speculation. This would de
stroy their value, and place them in the cate
gory of common stocks. Nomy friend. If you
want absolute safety you must pay something
for it by accepting a comparatively low rate of
Old Gentleman It's a pretty large sum that
I will have. I thonght I could place it securely
at the rate I mentioned. People don't seem to
want money.
Cashier That's just It. The prosperous con
dition of the country makes money plenty and
cheap, and the proof of this lies in the fact
that Interest charges are low. I can place your
money where it will be perfectly safa, but I
can't promise you more than 3 or 4 per cent.
If you want more you will have to go into the
speculative market and run all the risks at
tendant upon that class of business. Yon may
come out all right and you may not. There is
many a slip between promise and fulfillment.
There's a large list of local securities on the
market. Most of them have substantial back
ing and are reasonably safe. I would not be
afraid to invest in tbem. But they don't come up
to the full measure of your requirement they
are Influenced by the varying law of supply
and demand. Their values are changeable.
The business upon which they are based may
fall off or be superseded by something later
and better, in which case the stock would de
preciate or lose it value altogether. I don't
say this result is probable, but it is possible.
Speculation necessarily involves an element of
Two things are here brought out clearly and
distinctly that money is plenty and cheap and
that absolute safety to investors is incompati
ble with a hi?h rate of interest. This fact,
when fully comprehended, may lead to a fuller
knowledge than at present obtains of the finan
cial situation.
Switch and Signal and Philadelphia
Down a Trifle.
The stock market opened yesterday with a
slight downward reaction in a few shares.
Signal and Philadelphia were fractionally low
er, while electric moved up correspondingly.
La Noria was steady and active, monopolizing
the bulk of business. The speculative element
was not out in large force, which, in fact,
brought about the depression above noted.
Bids and offers are appended:
Momtnro. aftiiixoox.
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
93 93
120 122
ffljf 55
126 130
23 30 '.'.'.'. '.'".
385 39 33H 39
2 29 iX 2SX
65 67K 6S)I ....
78 77 73
473 48,4 47tf ....
1 lh 1 2
10 ....
387, 39 3SH 3&
1SX 19 .... lsg
119 121 119 ....
113 ....
79,f 80$
Bank of Pittsburg;
Com. Nat. Bank
Fourth Jat. Bank.....
Freehold Hank
Iron City National
Iron & Glass Dol. Sav.
Keystone K&nk
Her. & Man. Nat, nt,
K. E. S. Bank, Mm....
K. E. L. &T.Co
Pennsylvania ins
Pittsburg Gas Co.. 111.
S. S. Gas Co. (ilium.)
Philadelphia Gas Co...
Wheeling- Gas O
Tuna OH Co
Washington Oil Co....
Cltlen Traction
Pittsburg Traction
La Noria 11. Co
Luster M. Co
SUverton M. Co
West'house Elec
Union &wltcliblgnal.
AVestlng'6e Brake Co..
1'ltLburjt Cyclorama..
P.J. Istiuort. Us. 1921..
P. &. W. new 4s, 1921...
Sales at the morning call were 20 shares
Wheeling Gas at 2Sf, 20 Tuna Oil at 67K. 6
Electric at 39, 20 at SiK; 33 Switch at 18 and fat
lt!W. Before call 100 Electric sold at S9.
-The afternoon sales com pnsed 3 shares Phila
delphia Gas at 39H, 10 Electric at 39, and 500 La
Nona at .
John D. Bailey sold 60 shares Keystone Bank
The total sales of stocks at New York yester
dav were 386,094 shares, including: Atchison,
22,755; Canada Southern, 4.030; Delaware, Lack
awanna and Western. 35,bC0; Erie, 9.SO0; Hock
ing Valley, 3,000: Lake Shore, 18,707; Louisville
and Nashville, 3,518: Michigan Central, 5,050:
Missouri Pacific, 10.445: Northwestern. 10,906:
Northern Paeinc. 8,280; Northern Pacific, pre
ferred, 8.7S9; Oregon Transcontinental. 8,950;
Pacific Mall. &910; Heading, 39.120: Richmond
and West Point, la,7l0: St. Paul. 1S.8W): Texas
Pacific, 6,81"; Union Pacific, 10,045; Western
Union, 16,bi
A Fair Amount of Business Transacted
the Banks.
While the local financial institutions did not
do a rushing business yesterday, the aggregate
of the transactions was quite respectable.
There was the usual amount of checking and
depositing. Call loans were quoted at oefl and
time accommodations at 67. The supply of
money was large. The Clearing House report
showed an improvement over that of Tbursdav,
the exchanges being tl.89S.240 80. and the bal
ances $359,124 79.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 2 to 3 per cent; closed offered at 2.
Prime mercantile paper, 4g6 per cent. Ster
ling exchange dnll but firm at $4 S6V for 60
day bills and 84 8S for demand.
Government Bond.
Closing quotations in New York furnished
The Dispatch by Robinson Bros., Wood
street. Local dealers charge a commission of
an elghtn on smaii lots:
U. S. 4fs rcg
V. S. 4!js coups
TJ. S. 4s rcjr
TJ. S. 43 coups
U. S. 4s coups
Currency, 8 per cent, 1895 reg
Currency. 6 ier cent. 1896 reir.
109 109)4
12714 Old
12U bid
122 $ bid
Currency, 6 per cent, 1897 rcjt 125)4 bid
Currency. 6nercent, 1698 re 12Si bid
Currency, 6 per cent, 1899 reg 131$ bid
New Yobk Clearings, 3109,869,179; balances,
Boston Clearings, S14,S34,55S: balances,
SL992.44A Money K to 2 per cent.
Philadelphia Clearings. S11.828.9S1: bal-
f ances, SL56L118.
Baltimohl Clearings, $2,090,246; balances,
Chicago Money dull and unchanged. Bank
clearings $9,559,000.
ST. Louis Clearings, $2,625,125: balances,
New Not Snfllclently Important to
Hold Oil Level.
Tha oil market yesterday did not fulfill ex
pectations. The drilling report for the month
was Jess bullish than had been expected, and
its influence upon the market was very slight
except at the start The opening was Sti.
There was considerable buying around these
figures, which sent the quotation-up to 6
high water mark for the day. The bears then
'got to work, and "dtlmped'-'enough to cause a
slump, from which there was no material re
covery. The close was Sa. the lowest point
touched. . . j
"The oil market was quite a puizle all day,"
said a prominent operator after the close of
business yesterday morning. "The news was
sumciently bullish to have forced an advance.
That such was not the case I attribute en
tirely to the absence of buying orders."
The opening was 86, highest 86, lowest
85. closed 85. There was no heavv trading,
most of the dumping being of small lots. Clear
ings, 1.7S0.C00 barrels.
A. RMcGrew quotes; Puts, 81Mc; calls 86c.
Tiie folloTnng tabic, corrected uy lie Witt DU
worth. broker In petroleum, etc, corner linn
avenue and Wood street, Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc.:
lime. Bid. Ask. Time. Bid. Ask.
Opened 86M SiO'slKF. M.... MM 8CH
10:15 a. M.... S6H 8"f 1:00 F. M... 805 865,
10:30a. It.... SH'A 86H UK P. M.... 86 86n
10:45A. M.... 66S 8&X 1SUP. M.... 86 86i
11:00a. Jt.... 86 86i l:r. 1J.... 86 86K
11:I5A. M.... MX MM 2:00P. II.... Ws M
11:30 A. M.... tea fc6W MSP. M.... 5 SS
11:45a. M.... 80K t6 I:30P. M.... 85S 85
12:0011 86H 8b4 2:45 r. It.... S3H S5
12:15 P. M.... 8HJ4 gftH.Closed kih ....
12:30 P. M.. S6X S6Hl
Opened. 88Hc;
close-', 8S?ic
ntgneat, S6hc; lowest, 85Hc:
.. 13,953
.. 43.973
.. 80. 518
.. 71.596
Utlly runs..... .
Average runs
Daily sntnments ,
Average sblpments
Uallv charters
Average cnaners
Clearances ....
New York closed at 85Xc
Oil City closed at S53c.
Bradlora closed at 85Hc
lew YorE. retinert. It
London, renned. 6il.
Antwerp, renned. nit. .
Activity In the Tajlorstown Field.
Washisgton, Pa., February L The report
of operations for the month of January shows
great activity, especially In the Taylorstown
district. It is extending its borders consider
ably, stretching ont to the northeast and south
west. In one portion of the district as many as
33 wells have been drilled or located on 400
Other Oil Markets.
Trrusvn.i.E, February 1. Opened, 8&c;
highest, 86K lowest, 85c: closed, 85c.
Bradfokd, February 1. Opened, 86c; high,
est. 86c: lowesr. 85Jc: closed b5c
Oil City, February L Opened. 86c; high
est. 86c; lowest, 85c: closed, 85c
New York, February I. Petroleum opened
firm at 86c moved down Kc and recovered
in the forenoon, in the afternoon was heavy
and sagged ofl to 8oUc, the market closing
weak at S6c. Sales, 893,000 barrels.
Real Estate Transactions Limited to a Few
Small Dickers.
Yesterday was a quiet day with real estate
agents, so far as reported transactions were
concerned. The was the usual jam of house
Black & Baird, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
F. J. Rehn for Charles Schmidt, a two-story
frame dwelling of four rooms and ball, with lot
23x107 feet, extending back to an alley, being
No. 137 Howard street, Allegheny City, for
W. A. Herron & Sons sold lot No. 392 in the
Ruch plan, near cable line, 27x78 feet, for $400.
These lots are within 15 minutes' walk of the
Court Bouse.
C. Beringer A Son, No. 103 Fourth avenue,
sold a lot at Wood's Run, Eleventh ward, Alle
gheny, 100x112 feet, to John Lnesch for $775;
also one in same plan, 40x113, to Michael
Bowman for 8200 cash. They also closed a
mortgage for $1,200 on property in Ross town
ship and one for $1,000 on property in the Fif
teenth ward, Pittsburg, both at 6 per cent.
C. Baltensperger & Co., 154 Fourth avenue,
sold for John Berry to David Gow an irregular
shaped lot with two frame houses, on Gallagher
street. Second ward. Allegheny.
James W. Drape fc Co. sold a house and lot
adjoiningPerrysville avenue, Allegheny, 24x119
feet on same, for $500. Tbey also placed a
mortgage of $7,500 at fi per cent on a business
property near the center of the city.
Renewed Interest In Mock Denllnes Gets
tbe Itlarket Oat ot the Rut Tan-
derbllts SHU Lcnd-Nenrly
Everything Higher.
New Yobk, February L The stock market
gave evidence of a renewed interest for the
outside public to-dav, being both broader and
higher with a larger volume of business than
has been seen in many weeks. Bullish senti
ment seemed to grow as the day wore along,
and the buying by tbe commission houses be
came quite a factot in the course of prices, the
revival of ihe confidence in the share list being
pronounced. The speculative interest spread
all over the list and many of tbe specialties and
inactive, lower-priced shares which have lain
dormant for months have found purchasers at
advancing figures, the rise in some of them
being very marked.
The attendance at the board to-day was
largely in excess of anything seen for a long
time. Londonagain came higher this morn
ing, responding to the advance in this market
yesterday, and foreign buying orders were in
tbe market, which helped to make the opening
here both active and strung. The Vanderbilts
were still tbe favorites, and all of them reached
higher figures in the lorenoon. The movement,
after a-slight hesitation, was not long in
spreading to the rest of the list, and the dis
tribution of busmess was more even than for
Tbe first sales showed advances over last
evening's prices of from a. per cent, and
while realizations on the advances of yesterday
gave the list a hesitating appearance at first,
the general list soon followed the lead of the
Vandeibi;ts,and prices slowly moved upward
all over the ii-t The improvement was grad
ual and quite uniform, except in tbe special
ties which came to the front one by one and
served to keep the upward movement going.
The transactions of the first hour were very
heavy, but alter that time there was less ani
mation, though a large business was done
throughout the day. Lackawanna and Atchi
son became prominent toward noon, and they
were followed by New England. Rock Island
and others in turn.
No marked feature was shown, but a steady
appreciation of values took place which con
tinued until the cloe of business, which was
active and strong. The active stocks, almost
without exception, are higher this evening.
The railroad bond market was again very
active and strong to-day, with some issues still
prominent in the dealings. The total sales of
all issues reached $0,144,000, of which the"
Chesapeake and Ohio fours certificates con
tributed $21,000, the Reading fours $189,000, the
seconds $193,000. and the firsts $141,000. The an
nouncement tbat the first mortgage bonds of
the Houston and Texas would be paid with the
coupons made those issues specially strong, and
the Fort Worth and Denver firsts after a
marked advance reacted and closed with slight
gain only.
The principal gains are: Chesapeake and
Ohio currency certificates M, to 33K; Lacka
wanna and Western Ursts 2$ to 134; Manitoba
fours 2, to 89; Ohio Southern incomes, to 49,
and soutu iarouna incomes z$, to v.
The f ol!o Ing table show s the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dailj for TnE Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
btock ixenange, ot r ourtn avenue:
Insr. Am. Cotton Oil &H
Atch.. Top. S. F.... 51'$
Canadian racmc 52H
Cana'U Southern lOi
Central orjew Jersey. 91
Central faciflc' a
C, Hur.A Qulncy linH
C, Mil. & St. raul... fih
c. Mil. A St. P.. pr....iWK
C, ItockL & f. 93V
C, St. I.. & l'ltts 15&
C, 1st. L. & Pitts, pr.. 35
(i, bt. F..M. &0 S3
C, St. F..SI. & O., pf. 95
C. & Northwestern... .108)4;
CJt Northwestern, pf. ....
C. C. C. &I 63
Col., Coal A Iron HH
Col. & Uockluf Val .. 26
Del., L. JfcW 141
Del. H Hudson Zl',i
Denver A Rio U
Denver ftKioU-., pf.
E.T., Va. &Ua 9
E. T Va, & Ga 1st pr 67
K. T., Va. & Ga. 2d pf. 23
Illinois Central us
Lake Erie Western.. 1744
Lake Erie 4 West. pf.. &5X
Lake Snore &M. S 104
Louisville & Nashville. 57H
Michigan Central suit
Mobile & Ohio
Mo., K. &Tcxas 13
Missouri Pacific 73X
SeiT ork Central.. ...10S4
h. Y L. E. & W 3
N. Y., L. E. & W.pref 66
N. Y., O. M. L 19
i.., c. a st. l. pr.. 74K
N.Y., C. ftSt.L. 2dpr41
N.Y4K. E 46X
1. Y., O. 4 W 1W
iorlolk& Western.... 18
-Norfolk jfc Western, pf 5251
hortliern Pacific 26
Northern Pacific pref. 61
Ohio & Mississippi... . 22
OreRon Improvement. 70,4
Orccon Transcon...... 3IH
Pacific Mall 37
l'oo. Dec. A Evans S4K
Phlladel. & Kendlnjt.. 4S
Pullman Palace Car.l95H
Richmond &, V, P. T.. Z5W
Klclmiond & W.P.T.pf Sli
St. Paui&Dulotb...... ...
St. Paul ft Dnlntb pr.. 83 .
St. P., Minn. & JUn.ulMV
St. L. & san Fran...... 23 ,.
St. L. & San' Fran pf.. 63;$;'
illgb- Low- Clos
est, est. ing.
Si !' HH
mi ifi 5Jb
9SIJ 97a f!ih
35H 31.S, ai'4
nt link noy
66H CIS 66ti
10:44 1WH JM
1CQK Wj 10O
16W 15$ 16
37 3C)4 3bJ$
33K St iih
H 85 96
109 ll8 109
em 63 64
32; 3X 32
27)4 23 27K
142 140 HP
137S 137'4 137H
67H 67 67M
23 23 2:54
115 115 115
173 17 17
MM 55 hS'i
105 1C4 IOC
59M 58 61 H
88 ' Sb 8S'
n4 Wi 13
74 72 73V
IKii 10)2 H0H
t4 29J 29'4
67,4 6f 67H
19 18 13
74 f 73 74
'1 41 42U
47K 46 47
li'i 18H lH
IS 17i 17H
26 2 264
61M bo's r.i'5
22 154 22
70H 70J4 X70H
31M 31H 81 S
3S 37 S7H
25 244 24 S
49 4s1, 49-
iw,s mu i't
26 Z5X 25
82M 81V( SIX
83 03' 83
103 1B3H 104V
26 23 Z"i
M X 64?i
PEBRUARY 2, 1889.
St. L. 4 Ban F.lit pf.
Texas Pacific 21
Union Pacific MM
Wabash..., IS
Wabash preferred ZSK
Western Union M
Wheeling & h. X 67
Over Twelve Millions of the Public Debt
Wiped Oat In January.
Washinoton, February L The following Is
a synopsis of the public debt statement, issued
Bonds at 4tf per cent I 178,233,10000
Bonds at 4 per cent 631,13450 00
Kefundlng certificates at 4 per cmt. 128, 780 00
Navy pension fund at 3 per ccntf.. 14,000,000 00
Pacific Kallroad bonds at t per cent. 64, C3, 512 00
Principal 933,117,842 00
interest i 6,(53,493 00
Total .7 1 ftP,188,S35 00
Principal ,. 2,067.095 00
Interest 159,646 CO
Total r 2,226,741 00
Old demandandlcitaltendernotes..$ 346,737,823 00
Certificates of deposit 13,815,000 00
Gold certificates J. 130,988,592 00
SUvercertlflcates 245,337,438 00
Fractional currency, less 8,375,834
estimated as lost or destroyed 6,918,129 00
Principal 743,894,1182 00
Principal 1,679,089, 920 CO
Interest t 6,218,139 CO
Total 11,685,308,059 00
Less cash Items avail
able for reduction or
tbe debt t3U8,S2S,144 CO
Less reserve held for re
demption or United
States notes 100,000,000 00
- 498,525,144 00
Total debt, lessayallahlecashitems.Sl,186,782,915 00
Net cash in the Treasury 64,836,943 00
Debt, less cash In Treasury Febru
ary!. 1839 11,121,845,972 CO
Debt, less cash la Treasury Janu
ary 1, 1S89 11,134,062,257 00
Decrease of debt during the month.! 12,216,285 00
Decrease ofdebt since June 3C1SS8.. 43,738,68300
Gold held for gold certificates ac
tually outstanding 1 130,9811,592 00
Sliver held lor sliver certificates ac
tually outstanding 245,337,433 00
U. S. notes held for certificates of
deposit actually outstanding 13,915,000 00
Cash held for matured debt and in
terest unpaid.!. 8,283,235 00
Fractional currency 879 00
Total available ror reduction of debt $398, 525, 144 00
Held for redemption of United
States notes, acts January 14, 1875,
and July 12, 1S82 $ 100,000,030 00
Unavailable for tbe reduction or tbe debt:
Fnctlonal sliver coin ...fS4, 449. 697 00
Minor coin 143,167 00
24,592,761 00
Certificates held as cash S S9,8S5,ai 00
Net cash balance on hand 64,938,943 00
Total cash In the Treasury as
shown by Treasurer's general
account S 617,910,432 00
The American Article Preferred Mineral
SnpersedlnsYesetable OIL
Of the various articles tbat comprise the im
port trade of Calcutta, says the North British
Mail, none has met with such a rapidly
progressive demand as petroleum. In the year
1870-77 the importation from the United States
only amounted to 309,191 gallons, while in
1887-83 it figured for upwards of 23.750,000 gal
lons, and even this was below the quantity im
ported in the previous year, wtien it reached
the highest point namely, 29,000,000 gallons.
The importation of Russian petroleum into
Calcutta only dates from the year 1886-87, and
last year it amounted to more than 5,000,000
gallons. About 13 years ago tbe price of petro
leum was about 11 annas per half gallon, and
the natives made but little use of this product,
but since then the price has fallen nearly 40
per cent, and mineral oil has almost entirely
superseded the vegetable oils formerly used by
tbe natives.
It is stated that a line of 'steamers is to be es
tablished in the United States with a view to
carrying oil to Calcutta and bringing return
cargoes of Indian products; but hitherto tbe
petroleum trade has been carried on in large
sailing vessels. It is At present difficult to say
what effect the importation of Russian oil will
have on the trade, though so far the quality of
the American is preferred.
Two Biff Deals In Allegheny Seal Estate
Warehouse and Residence.
Two large transactions in real estate came to
a head yesterday and were closed up. Samuel
W. Black A Co. sold the coal yard property on
Church avenue, near Sandusky street, Alle
gheny, now occupld by the Panhandle Coal
Company, for N. B. Hogg, to a capitalist who
will at once erect a substantial warehouse upon
it The size of the lot is 00x80 feet to the Pitts
burg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway. The
price was $18,000. This is the third property
sold in this block by this firm within the past
year. Warehouse sites with railroad sidings
being very scarce in the central part of the
citv. tbey are readily taken when offered.
The second transaction was consummated by
James W. Drape & Co., who closed tbe sale of a
valuable lot on Lincoln avenue, Allegheny,
size 50x130 feet ai a figure approaching $20,000.
The purchaser will erect a fine residence on
the property. These two sales were the events
of the day in real estate circles.
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fonrth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Kallroad HH 55K
Reading Railroad iH 24 13-16
liuflalo, Pittsburg and Western 12W l2Sj
Lehigh Valley HH HH
Lehigh .Navigation 51 52
Allegheny Valley bonds 11.114 ....
U. Co.s Aew Jersey Z27 ....
Northern Pacific 26)4 16
Northern Pacific preferred 61)4 61,H
Atch. &Ton..llt7s. 119
.Rutland common.... 4
Wls.central.com... 16
Atch. & Top. K. 11... 52
.Boston Aioany....3-tt
Boston 4 Maine. ....177
C B. &U ill
(Jinn. san. & Cleve. 25
tastern R. K 89
Flint PereM 29
Flint 41'ereM. oW. ve
K.a.St.J.&CB. 78.120
Mexican Cen. com., 13
M. C. IstMort. bds. 72
A. Y. 4 ewKni... 47X
N. Y.Newng 7s.lM
Old Colony. 17C.S
AiionezjiTgco.tnewi 3,ff
amines a xiecia....-'?
22X 21 215!
CJ1 tiii 64
13 18 13
27) 23X "H
a2 m m
eiH fit n
Catalna 17
rranKiln UH
Huron H
Osceola 17
0.ulncv 70
Hell lelenhone 210
lloston Land 74
Water Power 7,S
TainaracK 144
San Diego UH
Business Notes.
American securities in London are firm and
H. M. Black has applied for membership in
the Exchange.
The plans for the Wood street buildings will
be ready in a few days.
H. E. Wilson, of the Petroleum Exchange,
has issued a neat and convenient map of the
Washington oil field.
R. Jennings & Sox have sold their interest
in the Raccoon Oil Company at the rate of
$250,000 for the whole.
Connfllsville coke is competing success
fully with foreign cokes in the British Prov
inces of North America. Foreign advices are
to tbe effect that the demand for coke in En
gland has increased so greatly of late as to tax
the capacity of tbe ovens to the utmost and to
cause a material advance in price.
Chartered at Harrisburg yesterday: The
Hotel Duquesne Company, Pittsburg; canital,
$100,000; directors. James T. Witherow, of Pitts
burg: William Witherow and Thomas Dugan,
of Allegheny City. Also, the Ore Reduction
Compapv. Pittsburg: capital, $30,000: directors,
George Westlnghouse, Jr., Lemuel A. Barrister
and Samuel T. Wellman, of Pittsburg.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Sail I
Special offerings this week in
silks, pltjsees,
dress goods,
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
i?fcv Srt-K.
Signs of Winter Bring a Better Feel
ing to Produce Men.
Light Beceipt3 and Light Demands the
Cereal Features.
, Friday, February L. ussy. J
Country Produce, Jobbing Prices.
There is no let-up to the firmness In eggs and
choice grades of creamery butter. It is clear
that recent advances in both lines will be main
tained. January's record for 1SS9 furnishes
very few crumbs of comfort to produce com
mission men. Those who have come out even
are in the minority, if we are to judge from the
reports received along Liberty street. Dealers
in tropical fruits talk as though the bottom is
out of trade. There is, however, a better tone
than since the holidays. Winter-like weather
gives some grounds of comfort to produce men,
and the new month certainly starts out with an
improved outlook.
Beaks Navy from store, prime hand picked,
$2 002 10 per bushel; medium, $2 00; Ohio and
Pennsylvania do, prime and medium, $2 00
2 10; imported do, $1 902 00: Lima, 6c per ft;
marrowfat, $2 7o)2 SO per bushel.
Butter Creamery, Kigin, 2S31c; Ohio do,
2527c: fresh dairy packed, 20J3c: country
rolls, 1822c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter, 29
Beeswax 23Q23c per ft for choice; low
grade, 1618c
Cider Sand rellned, $6 S0T SO. common,
$3S044 00: crab cider, 3 0038 50 f) barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c fl gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212c;
New York, fall make, 12J13c; Limburger,
U12c: domestic Sneitzer cheese, 1313c.
D in ED Peas Jl 45-S1 CO ) bushel; split ao.
Eggs 15Q!lBc 9 dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, $1 00 to $1 50 barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c $) fi: cranDerries, S8 00
ff barrel: 52 4002 50 V bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, C0Q60c; No. 1
do.4045c; mixed lots. 3033c f) ft.
HOSIIST $3303 40 q barrel.
Honey New Crop, 16l7c; buckwheat, IS
Potatoes Potatoes, 33(340c H bushel; $2 SO
2 75 for Southern sweets; S3 53 50 for Jer-
PoULTRY'-Live chickens, 6575c f! pair;
dressed chickens, 18loc f pound; turkeys, 13
15c dressed '$ pound; ducks, live, 80S5c V
pair; dressed. 1314c i pound; geese, 100
lie f) pound.
Heeds Clover, choice, 62 Us to bushel, $0 per
bushel; clover, large English. 62 fts, $6 25;
clover, Aisike, $3 60: clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, $1 85: blue grass, extra clean.
14 fts, $1 00; blue grass, fancy, 14 Bs, $1 20;
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 00;
millet, 60 fts, SI 25; German millet, 50 fts, $2 00:
Hungarian grass, 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses 25cper ft.
SHELIBARKS $1 501 75.
Tallow Country, 45c: city rendered,
.Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy, $3 00
4 00 jf) box; common lemons, $2 75 V
box; Mjssina oranges. $2 503 50 3 box;
Florida oranges, $3 003 50 fl box: Jamaica
oranges, fancy, $6 507 00 $ barrel: Malaga
grapes. 5 507 00 fl keg: bananas, $2 50
firsts, $1 502 00; good seconds $ bunch: cocoa
nuts, $4 004 50 f hundred; new figs, 1214c V
pound; dates, SJjQSJic ? pound.
Vegetables Celery, 4O30e doz. bunches;
cabbages, $3 004 00 5) 100; onions, 50c fl bushel:
Spanish onions, 75090c $t crate; turnips, 30
40c fl bushel.
Coffee options have again advanced 15 points
in New York, and a rise in package coffee can
not be delayed many days longer. The upward
movement has evidently come to stay. Gen
eral groceries are unchanged but easy.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2021c;
cbolce Bio, 1920c; prime Kio, 19c; fair Rio,
I?Kl3Xc; old Government Java, 26c; Mara
caibo, 2122c: Mocba, 3031c; Santos, 1S
22c: Caracas coffee, 19Q2Ic; peaberry, Bio. 20
21Kc; Laguayra, 20K21Kc
ROASTED(in papers Standard brands,22c:
high grades, 24K2fiKe; old Government Java,
bulk, 81S2c; Maracaibo, 2627c; Santos, 21K0
22K peaberry, 25c; choice Rio. 24c; prime
Rio. 21Kc: good Rio, 21c: ordinary, 20c
Spices (whole) Cloves, 212oc; allspice, sc;
cassia, 89c; pepper, 19c: nutmeg, f080c
1 '-i ROLEUM (jobbers' prices) 110 test, TVc;
Ohio, 120, bc; headlight, 150, 9c; water white.
lOc; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine, lljc;
rovaline, 14c
Syrups Corn syrups, 2325c: choice sugar
syrup, 3530c; prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c
jn. u. molasses fancy. 01a. 4sc: cnoice,4oc;
mixed. 4042c; new crop, 4350c.
SODA Bi-carb in Kegs, 34cj bi-carb in Ks.
EJic: bt-carb, assorted packages, 5J6c; salsoda
in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearlne,
per set, 8Kc; parafflne, HKfil2c
RICE Head. Carolina, 7c: choice, 6
7c; prime, 6M6Kc; Louisiana, OifGkc
Starch Pearl, 2c; corns tarch,5Ji7c:gIos3
starch. 5K7c
Foreign Frdtt3 Iayer raisins, $2 65: Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers.
$2 50; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
$2 35; Valencia, new, (7c; Ondara Valencia.
7U7Kc; Bttltana, 7c; currants, new, 4?
oc; Turkey prunes, new, 44j$c; French
prunes, s$tj"C; saionica primes, in z-td pacz
ages, 84c: encoanuts, per 100, $6 00: almonds,
Lin., per ft, 20c; do Inca, 19c: do shelled, 40c;
walnuts, nap., 12K15c; Sicily filberts. 12c:
Smyrna Up,. 12l6t; new dates, 56c; Brazil
nuts, 10c; pecans, 11015c: citron, per ft, 21$i22c;
lemon peel per ft, 1314c: orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, b ap
ples, evaporated, 67c; apricots, California,
evaporated. 15i8c; peaches,evaporated, pared,
2223c; peaches. California, evaporated, un
pared. I2K13Kc: cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 66c; raspberries, evap
orated. 2424Kc; blackberries, 7KSc; huckle
berries. 104212c
Sugars Cubes, TJfc; powderea, TJfc; granu
lated, VJc: confectioners' A, 7c; standard A,
yellow, good, OJigO.t; yellow, fair, (c; yel
low, dark. 5?c
Pickles .Medium , bnls (1,200), $4 75; me
diums, half bbls (COO), $2 85.
SALT No. 1 f bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, a bbl, $1 05;
dairy, bbl. $1 20: coarse crystal, w bbl. $1 20;
Higgles Eureka. 4 bu sack. $2 0; Higgin's
Enri-ka. 18-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard Peaches. $1 50
1 60; 2dsr$l 301 35; extra peaches. $1 351 90;
pie peaches. OOo; finest corn, $1 3001 50: Hfd.
Co. con.. ug90c; red cherries, 90cil 00; lima
beans. $1 10: soaked do, 85c: string dodo. 7585c:
marrowfat peas, $1 lOSl 15; soaked peas. 70
75c; pineapples, SI 401 50; Bahama do. $2 75;
damson plums, 05c; green gaees. $1 25: egg
plums, $2 00; California pears. $2 50; do green
gages. $2 00; do egg plums. $2 00; extra white
cherries, 2. 90: red cherries. 2 ft-". Me: raspber
ries, $1 1531 40; strawberries, $1 10; gooseber
ries $1 201 SO: tomatoes 929.rc; salmon. 1
ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c; succotash, 2-&
cans, soaked, 90c; do green, 2fts, $1 251 00;
corn beef. 2-ft can. $1 75; 14-b'cans $13 50:
bake(L,beans. $1 401 45; lobsteir, IB, $1753
1 80: mackerel. 1-ft cans, broiled, $1 50: sardines,
domestic, 54. $4 254 50; sardines, domestic
'. SS 25S 50; sardines, imported. 4, $11 50
12 50; sardines, imported, s, $18 00: sardines,
mnstard. $4 00; sardines, spiced, $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel. $38 fl
bbl; extra No. 1 do, messed, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32: extra No. 1 do. messed,
$36: No.2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
Pollock, 4)c fl ft; do medium George's cod. 6c;
do large, 7c: boneless hake, .in strips. 6c; do
George's c j in block". 667c Herring
Round shore, $5 50 f) bbl; split. $7; lake. $3 25
fl 100-ft half bbL White flli, $7 ft 100-E. half
bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 fl half bbl. Finnan
badderi. JOc fl ft. Iceland halibut, 13c ft fi.
Buckwheat Flour 2152c per pound.
Oatjikal $8 SOQtf 60 fl bbl.
Miners Oil No 1 winter strained, 6962c
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change were 34 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne
and Chicago, 1 car of wheat, 4 of bay, 1 of feed,
1 of malt. 2 "f flour, 7 of oats, 1 of bran, 4 of
barley. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis,
4 cars of corn, 2 ofbay, 4 of oats, 1 of middling".
By .Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 1 car of hay, 1 of
flour Sales on call were 3 cars of extra No. 3
w. oats, 31J.ic, 5 days. Said one of the leading
operators in cereals in response to tbe query as
to the situation: "Tbe features of the market
are light receipts and light demands," No
active movement in trade has been inaugu
rated. But au improved tone and a more hope
ful feeling is in the air at tbe Grain Exchange,
and all signs point to a revival at an earlv day.
WnEAT Jobbing prices No. 2 red; $1 04
1 05; No. 3 red, 90Q95c
CORN No.2vellow.ear,39K10c;bigh mixed,
ear. 3SK39c;No.l ellow, shelled. 3S39c; high
mixed, shelled, 3637c: mixed, shelled. 35JSUc
OATS No. 2 white, 8333Kc: extra No. 3,
32ff3S!4c; No. 3 white, 3131J4c; "o. 2 mixed,
Rye-No. I rye. 65oGc; No. 2, 6052c; No. 1
Western, 52053c
Barley No. 1 Canada, 9095c: No. 2
Canada. 8385c: No. .1 Canada, 7SSS0c; No. 2
Western, 7o78c; No. 3 Western, b570c; Lako
Shore.-75lOc. -
Flour Jpbbing prices, winter patents, $8 50
fl.75;sprlng patents, $6 75S?7 CO: fancy straight,
winter and spring to 7530 00; clear winter
$5 5005 75; stnght XXX3C bakers', $5 2&30 50.
Rye flour. 3 75.
Cornmeal In paper. 6070c
MlLLFEED Middlings, fine white, $20 60
21 00 f) ton; brown middlings, $17 5018 00:
winter wheat bran, $15 50018 00; chop feed
S15 O018 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice. $15 5016 00;
No. 1 do, $15 O0Q15 25: No. 2 do, $12 O0Q13 00:
loose from wagon, $23 0026 CO: No. 1 upland
prairie. $10 0O310 60; No. 2, $9 009 SO; packing
do. $5 0OtJ5 5a
Straw Oats. $3 0033 25; wheat and rye
straw, $7 007 25.
Large hams. 18 fts and upward. 10Kc; medium
hams, 14 to 18 fts. lie; small hams, 14 fts and
under, HJfc; rlcnic or California bams, 83c;
boneless (in skins), HVc; sugarured shoul
ders, 8&c; bacon. Sc: dry salt, 9c; breakfast
bacon, 10c; roulett9 (boneless s. c shoulders),
lojc; regular smoked sides, 9c; bellies,
smoked sides, 9c: regular dry salt sides, 8KCJ
bellies, dry salt sides, 8c; dried beef, sets 8
piece", 10c; dried beef, flats. 8c; dried beet;
rounds. He; dried beef, knuckles, lie; pork
mess. 818 50; pork, family. $17 00: pig pork, half
barrels, $9 00; long sausage. 5c Lard
Tierces. 325 fts. TKc fl ft: half barrel", 120 fts,
7Jic fl ft; tubs, wooden. 60 ft". 7c ft; buck
ets, wooden. 20 fts, 8Vge fl ft: 3-ft tin palls. 60 Bs,
8c fl ft: 6-fi tin pails. 60 fts, SJJcfJ ft;10-fttm
Sails, 60 fts. 8c ft&;20-ft tin pails, 80 fts, oJjte
J-ft tin palls, 10O fts, Ta f! ft.
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 ft". 53
6Kc: 600 to 650 fts, 66Kc: 700 to 750 fts, 77Kc
Sheep. 7c fl ft. Lambs. 8c fl 6.
Swift's Specific enred me of malignant
Blood Poison after I had been treated in vain
with old so-called remedies of Mercury and
Potash. S. S. S. not only enred the Blood
Poison, but relieved the Rheumatism which
was caused bv the poisonous minerals.
GEO. BOVELL. 2422 Third ave.. N.T.
Scrofnla developed on my daughter swell
ing and lumps on her neck. We gave her
Swift's Specific, and the result was wonder
ful and the enre prompt.
S. A. DeArmond, Cleveland. Tenn.
Swift's Specific b entirely a vegetable
remedy, and is tbe only medicine which per
manently cures Scrofula. Blood Humors, Can
cer and Contagious Blood Poison. Send for
books on Blond and Skin Diseases, mailed free.
The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
Ga. feI-7TTS
Every Pound Warranted Pure.
Wholesale Shippers and Dealerst
CREAMERY. It cannot be beaten for quality.
Mail and Wire Orders receive prompt atten
tion. TELEPHONE No. 15.
No. 158 MAIN ST.,
ja31-82-D JOHNSTOWN, PA.
No. 410 Smithfield St.
CAPITAL. . . . 8-200,000 00.
JAMES P. SPEER. Vice Prest
sel.k35-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
Oil bought and sold on margin. de27-21-Dsa
As old residents know ana back hies of Pitts
burg papers prove, is tbe oldest established and
most prominent physician in the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
gsnonsihlepersons NQ p UNT,
K, CDnllQ and mental diseases, physical
IMtnVUUO decay, nervous debility, lack
orv, disordered sight, self-distrust,bashfulnes3,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for busmesisociety and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throai
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
1 1 DIM A PV kidney and bladder deransce
Unllinn I i menta,weak bacfc gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment
prompt relief and rel cares.
Dr. whittier's life-long, extensive experiencs
Insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as If
here. Ofllco hours 9 a. m. to 8 p. at. Sunday,
10.lt.tolP. H. only. DR. WHITTIER, 934
Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa. jaak-5-Dbuw
For LOST or Failing
MANHOOD. Nervous
ness. Weakness of
Body & Mind, Lack of Strength. Vigor and De
velopment, caused bv Errors, Excesses, Ac. Boot.
Mode of elf-Treatment, and Proofs mailed
(sealed) rree. Addre i-iat; .iieuiuai tu,
ilutlalo, 24. V.
thespeedy cure of Nervou3 Deblllty.Lost Manhood.
Despondency, etc A copy of this book will be sent
irSealeoVAddrws SCIENCE orHEALTH,
ISO West Sixth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio -delS-5M-TTSWk
VUEAlrfAnvvszFRSs. how toast.
f "JS LwtVlpjrsndMsiihoalKMtoreil. Pt
MKilOE RitareDcliiindFinctlonld'sor-
JTB n U U Scslrt Trtst'seteatfiMon sppllcatlon.
wl tHJli" "W5T0M C0JSFukRmM,StwIt.
de-15 -gTHtrk
For men! Checks the wort cases in thrM
days, and enre in fire days. Price SI 00. at
ja5-29-TTSSu 412 Market street.
SwrTertnefrom the ef
fects of youthful er
t. eaxiy aecay, joss
tnanhood , eta . I wi
iretuiso iwttieo,
italnliur fnu particulars lor some caret
cnarc. a
PROF. F. C. FOWLER, Nioodus, Conn. J
Cures Headache.
Cures Constipation.