Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, January 26, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 11, Image 11

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Mid-Winter Quiet is Fully On in
Country Produce Lines.
The Press Club ContributesIts Mite to
Eerive Trade.
Friday. January 25, 18S9. J
Retail trade in the lines of Saturday mar
ket basket materials have undergone very
few changes in the past week. All dealers
report a very quiet week's trade. Keither
jobbers nor retailers of country produce and
dairy products represent the situation in very
roy colors. The open 'weather has been against
any revival of trade. With almost two-thirds
of the winter cone, and no tight weather show
ing up trade has dragged, and business has
been generally unsatisfactory to dealers. Sun
aaj's snow storm ran its course too quickly to
make any impression on the markets, other
than to check the downward drift of eggs and
Harry Beckert, of the Diamond market, re
ports trade very quiet in vegetable lines, but
rinds a few crumbs of comfort in some hand
some orders for the Press Club banquet at the
Hotel Duquesne. for Tuesday night. Among
these orderi are 25 pounds of mushroons at SI
per pound: 87 dozen asparagus and 9 dozen cu
cumbers. The brethren of the press evidently
are doing their part to lift trade out of its mid
winter ruts.
Fish Trade Fnlr.
At the fish and oyster stalls a fair week's
wholesale trade is reported, but retail trade
has been quiet. The open wintor furnishes ex
cellent opportunities for catching oysters.
With the average winter, the supply ol select
oysters would not have been equal to the de
mand. Down-the-bay oysters or what are
known in the trade as snaps, have been in large
supply all season, and for these prices rule
lower than last year. A winter like this is
better for the consumer than it is for the trade.
In the line of meats no improvement in trade
is reported. Butchers are able to secure their
stock at lower figures than a week ago,
but make no cbauge in prices, claiming
that such times as these are only
a fair offset to such times as last summer and
fall, when they had to work for glory. "Shadow
and shine is life," and butchers are now in the
shine. Butter, eggs and poultry are unchanged.
It is a verv rare thing that eggs are as low at
this time of the jear as now. Choice country
butter has held up well amid all the fluctua
tions of creamery. Creamery butter. in a job
bing wav, is 15c per pound below November
prices. But there nas been very little variation
all the season in the price of the pure stuff to
the consumer.
The flower trade is reported good. Prices
bave gravitated back to the ante-holiday fig
ures. Following are the latest retail prices for Sat
urday market basket material:
The prices called for at the Diamond Markets
remain unchanged. The best cuts of tenderloin
steak range from 20 to 25c, with the last figure
for very fancy, which are very often no bet
ter than the 20c article; sirloin, best cuts,
fiomlSto20c; standing rib roast, 15 to 20c;
chuck roast. 10 to 12c; best round steaks. 15c;
boiling beef, 5 to Sc: sweet breads, 2ac per
pain teef kidneys, 10c apiece; beef liver, 6c a
pound: calf livers. 25c apiece: corned beef
from 5 to 10c per pound. Veal for stewing
commands 10c: roast, 12 to 15c: cutlets. 20c
per pound; spring lambs, fore quarter, 12J to
15c; hind quarters, 15 to 20c. A leg of mut
ton, hind quarter, of prime quality, brings
12jc; fore quarter, 8c; loin of mutton, 15c
Vegetables nnd Fruit.
Jersey sweet potatoes, 25c a half peck;
potatoes, 15c a half peck; celery. 10c a bunch;
squash, 10 to 25c; tomatoes, 50c per quart
hoi; pumpkin. 15 to 25c: cabbage, 5 to 10c;
aDples, 15c to 20c half peck; bananas, 15 to 25e
a dozen: lemons. 25 to 30c per dozen: oranges. 35
50c: Malaga grapes, 25c per pound; onions. 25c a
half peck: spinach, 25c per peck; lettuce, lOo per
bunch, 3 tor 25c: radishes. 5c per bunch; cran
berries, 15c per quart: cucumbers, 25c a piece;
mushrooms, fl pound.
Plovers 2 00 a dozen; woodcock, $6 50
a dozen. Ducks, 75c to SI 00 a pair.
Pigeons, 50c a pair. Squirrels, 40c a- pair.
Mallard dncks.fl a pain quail.S3 00 to 8 50 dozen;
reed birds, SI OU per pair. Teal ducks; 65c a
pain canvasback ducks. $5 00 per pair; red
head ducks, $2 50 per pair. Pheasants, $1 2a a
pair. Rabbits, 25c a pair. Venison, 35c pound,
(.leaks; wbole deer, 15c to 18c Pralne chick
ens, $1 25 a pair. Bear steaks, 35c per pound.
Batter, Eggs nnd Poultry
The best creamery butter is 40c Fancy
pound rolls of country butter are 50c
The ruling retail price for eggs is 20c
Choice country eggs bnng 25c
The range for dressed chickens is 75c to
$1 00 per pair. Turkeys, 15c per pound.
Fish nnd Oysters.
Following are the articles in this lino still on
the stalls, with prices: Lake salmon, 12Jc; Cali
fornia salmon, 40c pound; white fish, 12c; her
ring, 4 pounds for 25c; fresh mackerel, 2ac apiece;
Spanish mackerel, 45c to 50c a pound; sea sal
mon, 40c a pound: blue fish, 20c; perch, 10c;
halibut, 2oc; rock bass, 30c; black bass, 20c: lake
trout, lic: lobsters. 25c; green sea turtle, 2Sc
Oysters: standard, 61 per gallon; select, SI 50
to $1 75; N. V. counts, 51 75 per gallon; snaps,
90c: shell oysters. 25c dozen; smelts, 20 to 25c
poana; ciams, ti za gallon; scollops, sue a
La France roes, 53 00. per dozen; Bnde
ro'es, Jl 75 per dozen; Perles, $1 00 per dozen;
Niphetos, $1 00 per dozen; Bennetts, $2 00
per dozen: Magna Cbarta roses, SI 25;
American Beauty, SI 00 apiece; Mermets,
f 1 75 per dozen ; De Wattville, SI 0j; carnations,
50 cents a dozen; Violets, S2 09 a hundred;
Lilv or the Valley, 75c per dozen; Maiden
Hair fern, 50c per doz. frond. Bermuda
Easter lilies, S3 50 per dozen; tulips, 75c per
Condition or the Market at the East Liberty
Stock Yard.
Office of Pittsburg dispatch.
Feidat, January 25, 18S9. J
Cattle Receipts, 1.800 head; shipments,
1,960 head; market nothinc doing, all through
consignments. No cars of cattle shipped to
New York to-day.
Hogs Receipts, 2,100 head; shipments, 3,700
head; market fair; Philadelphias, Si 905 00:
pigs and Yorkers. $5 055 75: 12 cars of hogs
shipped to New York to-day.
Sheep Receipts, 3,200 head: shipments, 2,200
head; market slow at unchanged prices.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts, LG60 head,
including 40 carloads for the mar kct,S5 carloads
for city slaughterers direct and 19 carloads for
exportation. Really choice cattle were steady,
but inferior and common were dull and lower.
Sales included native steers at S3 254 90 per
rwt with 1 carload at $5 10; bulls and dry cows,
S2 002 90. Sheep-Receipts, 3.800 head, and
2.000 were carried over yesterday. The feel
ing was about steady, but sales were rather
slow. Very poor to prime sheep Fold at S3 50
6 00 per cwt; poor to good lambs at So 007 &U.
Hogs Receipts. 3,200 head; all consigned direct
to slaughterers: none offered alive; nominal
value, S5 255 65.
CHICAGO Cattle Receints, 7,000 head: ship
ments, 4,000 head: market stronger forcood;
choice beeves, S4 10(g!4 70: steers, 52 904 00;
Etockers and feeders. S2 253 40: cows, bulls
and mixed, SI 503 15: Texas steers, S3 50
3 65. Hoes Receipts. 17.500 head; shipments,
6,000 head; market slow and 5JJ10c lower;
mixed, $4 654 85; heaw. $4 654 85; light,
S4 705 00: pigs, S3 505 (10. Sheep Receipts.
4.600 head; shipments, 2.000 head; market
steady; natives. S3 005 10; choice Western,
corn fed, $4 104 75; Texans, S3 004 25; lambs.
So 006 50.
CiNcnrNATi Hogs dull and easier; common
and light, S44 95; packing and butchers',
S4 E54 90; receipts, 2,460 bead: shipments, 1,450
Iloatbn Wool Market.
Boston There is no change in the wool
market and fair trade u noticed in all grades,
with sales of 2,054,400 pounds. Prices remain
firm and no concessions are accepted by dealers.
In Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces there have
been sales ofX at 3233c.X and above at 35c
XX at3536c and No. 1 at 38c There Is verv
little aoing in Michican wool, with small
sales at 32c, while New York State and
Wisconsin wools are offered at 31
SlJc For combing and delaine fleeces there is
a firm feeling and good demand, but sales are
limited owing to the small stocks on band. No.
1 combing sells at 31(0c Ohio fine delaine at
20c and Michigan delaine at3435c Unwashed
combing fleeces meet with good demand, and
the small stock is held firm at 30c for one quar
ter and three-eighths blood. Territory wool
has been quiet, with small sales at 1725c for
fine and medium.
Whisky Dlarket.
There is an active demand for finished goods
Wheat Unsettled bnt n Shnde Higher
Operators Make aDlistnUe Corn and
Oata Fentnrelcn Pork nnd
Lord Hold Their Own.
Chicago, January 25. Trading was quite
active in wheat, and a large business was trans
acted. Heavy coverings of shorts and some
new buying by two or more houses were re
ported. The feeling was somewhat unsettled,
and fluctuations were confined within a 2c
range. Opening sales were made at the clos
ing figures of yesterday to a shade under, but
the market became quiet, and prices declined,
with some changes 1C then rallied Irregular
ly 2Hc, and closed about c higher than yes
terday. The early decline was due to a rush to
realize, but when operators undertook to buy
there was not much wheat found on sale, and
the reaction followed. The decline was in
fluenced by the Government report, which, it
was claimed, indicated an increased acreage
planted to -winter wheat to the amount of
about 865,000 acres. .,..,
Corn nas traded in sparingly, fluctuations be
ing narrow and transactions limited to local op
erators. The feeling was comparatively steady,
the range of prices oeing much the same as on
yesterday, though at the close the market was
Az lower.
Oats were quiet, with a small improvement
in values. ,
Quite an active business was reported in
pork. Prices very irregular. Opening sales
were made at a decline, which was followed by
a further reduction of 3032Jc Later prices
fluctuated considerably within a range of 12
15c, and the market closed firm at about me
dium figures.
Considerable interest was manifested in lard;
prices irregular. Opening sales were made at
2J5c decline, and a further reduction of 7H
10c was submitted to. Later the markets
snowed more steadiness, and prices rallied &
"Kc and closed quiet.
An active business was reported in short ribs,
but the market was greatly unsettled. Early
sales were at 10c decline, and a further reduc
tion of 10c followed. Later prices rallied 7
10c, and the market closed steadv.
The leading futures raneea as follows:
WHEAT No. 2, January, 9494Jg9194?gc;
February. 93Jji9i9945$c: May, 97Ji
March. 355iSlJ5?(ffi35Kff35c: Mar. 37S7fl
Oats No. 2 January. 24c: February, 1i
25k24Kg25Kc; May. 275g2C.
Mess Pork, per bbl. February, $11 3511 47K
11 3511 47K: March, Sll 52Kll 601I 50
11 60; May, tn 22X012 25U 87K11 67K.
Lard, per 100 lbs. February, Stl 80J?6 82
6 70g6 82k; March, S6 806 856 77JJ66 &i
May, S6 92K8 956 856 92
Snow Ribs, per 100 Iks. February. $8 07K
6 07K5 97K6 07X: March, So 17K6 17K
b 02g 126 May, So 2766 27&6 156 25t
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
dull and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat.
9K9c; No. 3 spring wheat, 8593c, No. 2
reu, M694c No. 2 corn. 34c No. 2 oats,
25c No. 2 rye, 48c No. 2 barley nominal. No. 1
flaxseed, SI 61. Prime timothy seed. SI 55. Mess
pork, per barrel. Sll 05. Lard, per 100 lbs. S6 75
680. Short ribs sides (loose). $6 056 10. Dry
salted shoulders (boxed), S6 006 12. Short
clear sides (boxed), S6 37b 50. Sugars,
cut loaf. TJigSXcjgranulatea, 7c;standard A,
6c Receipts Flour, 8,000 barrels; wheat.
20,000 bushels: corn, 95,000 bushels: oats. 76,000
bushels: rye, 2,000 bushels: barley, 28,000 bush
els. Shipments Flour, 7,000 barrels; wheat. 18.
000 bushels; corn. 76,000 bushels; oats. 56.000
bushels; rye, 9,000 bushels; barley, 46,000 bush
els. '
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was dull and unchanged. Eggs easy at
New York Flour quiet and firm. Wheat
Spot quiet and lc higher; options active, ir
regular and c higher. Corn Spot moder
atelv active and steady; options steady and
doll! Oats Spot a trifle higher: options Kc
higher. Hay firm but quiet; shipping. 70s
75c: good to choice, 8095c Hops, choice firm
and quiet. Coffee Options opened steady,
1015 points down; closed barely steady,
1540 points below yesterday: sales, 25,000 bags,
i ncluding January, 15JS0 15.57c; February, 15.50
15.60c; March. 15.4u15.60c; April, 15.35
15.50c; May. 15.35S15.55c: July, l5.5015.55c;
August, 15.5515.65c: September. 15.7515.80c;
October, 15.80c; December. 15.S015.85c; spot
Rio steady; fair cargoes, 17e. Sugar
Raw easy and dull; fair refining, 4 l-164c:
centrifugals, 96 test, 5 9-I6c: refined steady and
in pood demand. Molasses Foreign firm; New
Orleans quiet. Rice firm and quiet. Cottonseed
oil weak. Tallow easy; city, 6 Rosin
dull. Turpentine steadier at 4oc Eggs dull
and lower; Western. 15153ic; receipts. 3,752
packages. Porkdnll; new mess, S13 25S13 50;
extra prime, $12 5013 00. Cutmeats irregular
and lower; pickled belies, 12 pounds average,
77-16c; loose hams, 10 pounds average, 8c;
middles steady: short clear, 6 50. Lard lower;
spot dull; options moderately active; Western
steam, spot, 5" 2o: city, S6 SO; January, S7 23;
Fjebruarv. 87 23; Marcb, S7 17; April, S7 27;
May. 57 207 26. closing at S7 26: June. S7 21
7 26, closing at S7 26; July. $7 227 26, closing at
S7 26: August, S7 27; September. 87 27. Butter
firm for fine; fair demand; Western dairv, IS
18c; do, creamery, 1627c; Elgins. 282Sc
Chee6e firm and quiet; Western, 10llc
St. Louis KlonrJ quiet and easv. Wheat
was eak early and declined Jc but rallied'
later and a strong demand set in, prires not
only recovered, but May closed lc and Julv c
above yesterday; No. 2 red, cash, 9091c;
February sold at Sic and closed at 92c, nomi
nal; May. 93K95c closed at 95Kc asked;
July, 825iS3c closed at S3c: August, 82c
Corn Cash was firmer with 30c bid, but options
were weak with very light trading; Maysold at
325i32c with that bid at the close. Oats
higher and strong: No. 2, cash, 25c; May,
2S&C Rye quiet; No. 2. cash, 47Kc: May, 51c
Barley Nothing done. Flaxseed steady at
SI 50. Bagging easy at 7J9c Iron cotton ties,
$1 10. Provisions lower and steady. Pork, in
small lots, S12 25. Lard S6 62. Dry salt meats
Ciscinkati Flour barely steady. Wheat
dull and nominal; No. 2 red. 97c; receipts, 700
bushels; shipments, 500 bushels. Corn in light
demand; No. 2 mixed,, 35c Oats firm: No. 2
mixed, 2S2SJ4c Ryedull;No.2,5455c Pork
dull and nominal, S12 25. Lard neglected at
S6 75. Bnlkmeats dull; short rib, S6 50. Bacon
easy; short clear, $3 12. Butter quiet. Sugar
quiet. Cheeso firm.
Milwaukee Flour steadier. Wheat strong
er: cash, SSe; May, 91 Jc Corn unchanged; No.
3, 32c Oats steady; No. 2 white, 28c Re
lowen No. 1, 47c Barley hisrher: No. 2,
63c Provisions weaker. Pork. Sll 45. Lard,
S6 80. Cheese dull; Cheddars, 10c
Philadelphia Flour dull and 'weak.
Wheat opened firm, declined about Jc but
afterward recovered and left off ic higher
than yesterday's final prices. Corn firm under
moderate offerings. Oats steady and demand
light. Bntterand eggs steady.
Baltimore Butter dull but firm for
good trrades; western packed, I621c; cream
ery, 2027c Eggs quiet and Btfaay at 1518
16c Coffee firm; Rio fair, 1717c
Toledo Cloverseed active and steady; cash
and February, $5 SO; March, S5 35.
Wool markets.
St. Louis Wool quiet and weak, hut not
quotably lower: receipts. 18,383 pounds.
Philadelphia vVooi quiet: Ohio, Pennsvl
vania and West Virginia XX and above, 3430c;
X 333Jc; medium, 3S40c; coarse, 3833c;
New York, Michigan. Indiana and Western
fine or X and XX. 3133c; medium. 3739e;
coarse. 373Sc; finewashed delaine X and
XX, S639r: medium washed combing and
delaine, 4142c; coarse do, 3940c; Canada
washed combing, 3135c; tub washed, S542c:
medium unwashed combing and delaine. 30
32c; coarse do, 3031c; EasternOregon, 1524c;
Valley Oregon, 2329c: New Mexican and Colo
rado, 1522c
A Itlnrrled Man Elope With His First Lave,
bnt Leaves Ills Accounts Straight.
Lancaster, January 25. John S. Zins
ser, a prominent young business man and
member of a highly respected family of
Columbia, left home some days ago, telling
his wife that he was going to Lancaster to
visit friends. His father has just received
a letter from him stating that he will never
It has been discovered that he took with
him Miss Gertie Kerr a popular young
lady of Wrightsville, just opposite Colum
bia, on the Susquehanna. He had been at
tentive to Miss Kerr before his marriage,
and they are supposed to have gone "West.
An examination of JIusscr's books and ac
counts show everything to be correct.
Conclusive Enough to Commit.
Albert Campbell and Samuel Geiger, the
young men quite conclusively charged with
committing the robberies in "Wilkinsburg,
had a hearing before Alderman Gripp and
were committed yesterday for larcenv and
burglary. The prosecutors are "William
Harris and L. K. St. Clair, who charged
them with breaking into their houses and
stealing $58 in money, two gold watches, a
revolver 13 gold riug; and a lot of cuff
Montana Untei Advance.
On February 1 the freight; rales from
Pittsburg to all points in Montana will be
advanced. The increase on iron and steel
articles in carload lots will be B cents per
100 pounds.
A New Scheme for the Benefit of
People of Very Small Means.
The Agreement Between Standard and
Producers Gives Oil a Lift.
One of the peculiar monetary institutions
of Philadelphia is a Fenny Savings Fund,
which went into operation in 1879, and is
doing good work. Its promoters and mana
gers are men of ability and means, who
charge nothing for their services except
necessary running expenses, such as rent
and clerical labor, which amounts to abont
$650 a year. The institution is practically
a charity, and is very useful to the poor, by
educating them in the difficult task of sav
ing their -pennies. There are 3,000 depositors,
men, women and children.
The Dispatch representative called the at
tention of a Wood street savings bank official
to this institution, and to the facts in connec
tion therewith, as above set forth, yesterday
afternoon, and his opinion asked as to its prac
ticability in Pittsburg. He said it was an ex
ccllent thing as a charity, but that there was no
money in it, except for the depositors. As a
charity, he was in favor of it. There was noth
ing of the kind here, but he thought it would be
well enough for some of the liberal-minded,
big-hearted citizens to give it a trial. The cost
would be trifling, and the results might be im
portant. Anything that would promote econ
omy among the poorer classes would be worth
its cost, and more. too. It could probably bo
be made a sort of annex to one of the regular
savings hanks, the only cost being clerk hire
and room rent. In the event of the organization
of such an institution here, he would, he added,
do all in his power to promote its success.
Another gentleman whose attention was
called to the matter said he thought it was a
good thing and could be put be put in opera
tion here at a small expense Anything that
had a tendency to inculcate economy among
any class of people was deserving of attention.
The penny savings fund scheme was in that di
rection. It was a true charity, in that it would
have a tendency to teach people to take care of
Electric Stock Comes Up Smiling, but Char
tiers a Little Weaker.
The scare in Electric caused by the Supreme
Court decision had ceased to be a disturbing
element In the marketwhen the brokers assem
bled at the Exchange yesterday morning for
their usual seance The proof of this is seen
in the stingy manner in which it was offered.
It closed firm and about up to high-water mark.
Chartiers was weaker as a result of the report
made at Thursday's meeting, but hints here
and there by those who were supposed to be on
the inside that the company would soon emerge
from the entangling alliance with the Philadel
phia Company, some going so far as to predict
a dividend in April, lent strength to the stock
as the day wore on. Holders seemed to be
satisfied with the situation, and refused to
sacrifice the stuff. The offerings were there
fore light. The other specialties were firm.
Bids and offers reflect the spirit of the market
better than would extended comment. They
are appended:
Bid. Asked.
Allegheny Nat. Bank ., 61 ....
Commercial National Bank 93 S3
fMllrpniO National Uank 61 ....
Diamond M'l Bans 150
First National Bank, Pittsburg lbo
Fourth National Bank 119
Freehold Bank 49,'
Iron Citv National Hank 91
Iron and Glass Dollar Savings Bank ...125
Tradesmen's N. Bank ..225
AlanTrs and Merchants Insurance
Pennsylvania Insurance 27
Union Insurance 46
Western Insurance
Allezhenvtias Co. (Ilium.) 36'f
bouthslde Gas Co. (Ilium.) 28
Chartiers Valley Gas Co S2i 56
Natural Gas Co. of W.Va. 57
Pennsylvania Gas Co Wi 15
Philadelphia Gas Co MS 33
WheellngUasCo 2S! 2SS
Citizens' Traction 79
Pittsburg Traction 43 ,S
Vt'estingnouse Electric...., 3S ....
Union switch and blirnal Co W4 13
Wcstlnghouse Brake Co.. Llm 119 ....
Allegheny Gas Co..
. 36M
soninsiae uas o.,
Philadelphia Co 3SV 39
Wheeling Gas Co 28 28M
Columbia Oil Co SH 4
Tuna Oil Co 63
1'lttsburg Traction 4K
LaNorla Mining Co 1H 1
Westinghouse Electric 36 36
Union Snitch and signal Co 12)4 15
Pittsburg Cyclorama Co 10 10?,'
The morning sales embraced 50 shares 'La
Noria at IK; "owestinehouse electric at 36K:
35 Union Switch and Signal at 12, and 10
Westinchouse Airbrake at 120.
At the afternoon call 5 shares Philadelphia
Gas changed hands at 3S. and 550 La Noria
at Hi.
HcnrvM. Long sold 140 shares Electric at
36K36 and 20 shares Airbrake at 120. s
The total sales of stocks in New York yester
davwere 152,444 shares, including: Atchison,
6.190; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western. 19,
950; Eric, 3.870: Slissoun Pacific, 6,025; North
western, S.550; Keadine, 32,570: Richmond and
West Point, 5,445: St Paul, 4,336; Texas Pacific,
8,120; Union Pacific, 4,310.
Local money Dinners Without New Feat
ure, bnt Movlnir Along Smoothly.
There were no new features in the local
money market yesterday, Its condition being
about the same as heretofore reported. Call
loans were quoted at 506 and time paper at 6
7. The usual counter business was transacted.
The Clearing House report shows: Exchanges,
$1,685,672 70: balances. 8263,291 32, Exchange
and currency traded even.
Money onjcall at New York yesterday was
easy at 2 per cent. Prime mercantile paper,
4.1c. Sterling exchange active but steady at
$4 8SX for 60-day bills and S4 8S for demand.
Bonds closed in New York yesterday: U. S.
4s, registered, 127; U. S. 4s, coupon, 127Jf;
U. S. 4s, registered, 109; U. S. 4s, coupon,
109; Pacific 6s of '95, 120.
New York Clearings, J107,4S4,76S; balances,
Boston Clearincs. S14.S07.517: balances.
$1,601,434. Money 2 per cent
Philadelphia Clearings, $1,147,761; bal.
ances, 1,495,200.
Baltimore Clearings, $2,137,874; balances,
Chicago Money unchanged. Bank clear
ings, $8,773,000.
Eastern News Doomi the Oil MnrUet Look
ins Toward Ninety.
The effect of the agreement reached by the
Standard and the Producers' Association In
New York was to make a very bullish oil mar
ket yesterday. The price opened at 87c, with
nearly everybody wanting to buy. Oil City ab
sorbed some large blocks. New York unloaded
to a moderate extent, but there was no general
selling movement. The bears opened up their
batteries and hammered with might and main,
bnt tbey made but very little impression. The
bulls more than held their own. The struggle
between the opposing factions was quite excit
ine at times. By sure but easy stages the fig
ures grew in importance until 87c was reached.
This, it was thought, would be the culminating
point of the day, but those who banked upon
it and realized were mistaken. Another spurt,
caused by advices from Oil City of heavy buy
ing there, sent the price up to 87c at which
the martt closed. The opening was 87c, high
est, 8S3ic: lowest, S7c; closed, 87c.
The sma'l selling movement developed dur
ing the dav caused considerable talk, as there
were several good opportunities to realize at a
big profit. It was taken by some as an indica
tion of still higher prices. One of the leading
brokers thought differently, however. He was
of the opinion that the advance was too sharp
and sudden to be permanent. He explained
his position further by saying the boys felt good
over the news and went in regardless of conse
auences. He thought the market would open
to-dav about where it left off yesterday, but
would sell down before noon. But as all this is
in the line of prophecy. It must be taken at
what it is worth as a factor in influencing oper
ations. Although one element of uncertainty
has been removed from the market, the situa
tion is full of peril, and demands care and judg
ment to avoid fatal mistakes.
A. B. McGrew quotes puts, 86c; calls, 89U8
sake. -
Toe following taDie, corrected By De Witt DI1
worth, broker in petroleum, etc. comer Fifth
avenue and Wood street, rittsbnrg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc.:
Tune. Bid. Ask."! Tune. Bid. Ask.
Opened 87 8a's 15:r. M.... 873i SIX
10:15 A. It.... M R8H 1:00P. M... 87 87S
10:30A. m.... 87 SS ItlSP. it.... Slh 8ni
lOittA. It.... m 678 l:30F. X.... 7M fJH
11:00a. Jt.... 87V 87 1:45 F. M.... 87M 87V,
ll:15A. it.... 871 87S 2.-O0F. it.... 87
11:30A. M.... 87s 88 1:15 F. M.... 87H 87V
ll:UA. M.... 878 88 2:F. U.... 87M 87g
1J:00JI 878 83 2:F. X.... 87M 87V
12:25F. M.... 87H 87V Closed 87M ....
12:30 P. it.... 87H 87V
Opened. 87C; hlgheaU SSc; lowest. 67c;
closedt tHJin.
Dillr runs.
.............. ?r7r'
Average rnns.
Dally s&loments - $?.
Average shipments V?fS
vai-r cnarters - -i-SL
Clearances .....mwm.2.51ooo
New York closed at 878c.
OH City closea at S7'c.
Bradtora closea at Slh'-
NewYorK. refined. 1. 10c
London, renned. g 7-150.
Antwerp, reaned, 18)41;
Other Oil Markets.
TrrusvTLLr, January 25. Opened, 86c;
highest, 89c: lowest, 86c; closed, 87Jic
On,CrTY.January 25. Onened, 86c; highest,
Sic; clc
89c; lowest, 86c; closed, 87c.
Bradford, January 25. Opened, 86Kc; high
est, 88Kc: lowest. 86c: closed. 87c
New York, January 25. Petroleum opened
strong at 87c, lc above last night's close, and
after some exciting trading the price advanced
to883ic A sharp reaction then set in, bnt the
market rallied in the afternoon and closed firm
at 83c Sales, 2,309,000 barrels.
A Seventeen Thousand Dollar Real Estate
Dicker on Duquesne Way.
The inquiry for real estate yesterday was of
the usual proportions. There was areport that
a hotel in Altoona had been purchased by a
Pittsburg man, but it could not be verified.
One of the biggest deals of the year will soon
be completed.
W. A Herron & Sons sold the McAuley prop
erty on Duquesne way. Fourth ward, city, lot
35x164 feet, with largo dwelling and stable, for
$17,200. They report Inquiry for property very
good. They are placing a great many mort
gages at 5 and 6 per cent.
Reed B.Coyle & Co.,131 Fourth avenue,sol d f or
D. R. Sneer to M. E. Dethlefs a piece of prop
erty in Sbarpsburg borough, fronting the West
Penn Railroad, size 60x220, for $1,750 cash.
They also olaced a mortgage of $1,100 on
Chartiers property for three years at 6 per cent.
Black & Balrd, 95 Fourth avenue, sold to G.
W. Eagye for A V. D. Watterson, Esq., a lot
on the southeast corner of Rebecca and Pitt
street, Wilkinsburg. 60x120 feet to an alley, for
51,350 cash. They also placed a mortgage of
$1,600 for three years at 6 per cent on Southslde
"James W. Drape & Co. sold a lot on Liberty
avenue, near Mill vale station,40 by over 175 feet,
for $4,000; also a piece of ground about 225x300
feet near Homewood for $7,000: also a house
and two lots in the Second ward, Allegheny,
seven rooms in house and lots 50x125 feet near
Ackley street, for $4,000. They also placed two
mortgages of $17,500 on manufacturing and
dwelling property in the city at 6 per cent: also
two mortgages of $2,000 on property in Mc
Keesport at 6 per cent
Some Big Industrial Plants Slay be Located
Here Very Soon.
Several important manufacturing concerns
have had representatives here during the past
week looking into the advantages of natural
gas as an element of cheap production, exam
ining sites for building purposes, etc, with a
view to their removal to Pittsburg If all the
claimsset forth by the citizens should be ascer
tained to be well founded. Two of these con
cerns are located In tne East, but they desire
to remain in the background until all their ar
rangements for removal are completed, If they
should finally conclude to come. These firms
have not only had representatives here with
the object above Stated, but they are also in
correspondence with one of the leading real es
tate agencies on Fourth avenne.
Another concern that has turned its longing
eyes toward Pittsburg is the Southern Ice Com
Danv. of Columbus. Ga.. which has several
. branch establishments in the South. It sent a
representative nere sometime ago to iook over
the field and select a site for the necessary
buildings. He returned home a day or two
Should it conclude to locate here, as is prob
able, it will and materially to tbe industria 1 re
sources of tbe city. The ground and buildings
necessary to operate the plant will cost not less
than $100,000,
WHkiniburg nnd Turtle Creek Bonnd to
Have Gnu and Oil.
The good people of Wilkinsburg who have
been laboring under a natural gas craze for
some time are sanguine of the speedy fruition
of their hopes. They have concluded to drill
another well, in order to give the field a
thorough trial. With this end in view, the
company has made a new issue of bonds in
order to raise the necessary funds to prosecute
tbe work. The most of these bonds have been
taken by members of the company, but out
siders would probably be accommodated to a
limitedfextentupon application. The old well is
plugged, but the pressure is said to be as great
as ever.
Following in the wake of Wilkinsburg, an oil
and gas company has been organized at Tnrtle
Creek and bonds Issued upon which to obtain
money to commence operations on the Mont
gomery farm, which has been leased, together
with other territory.amounting iu all to 600 acres.
A member of the company who was seen yes
terday said the prospect for both oil and gas
was excellent. Drilling will begin as soon as
the funds are in band, which, it is expected,
will be in about a month.
Arbitrators Decide the Herdman Bnildine
Need Not be Torn Down.
The arbitrators' report on the status of the
Herdman building on Wood street, which was
among those damaged by the late storm, made
a report yesterday to the effect that it was not
necessary to tear it down, that the damaged
walls conld be repaired and the building thus
be made as good as ever. The report was ac
cepted. The other four buildings will be razed In ac
cordance with tbe decision of Inspector Frank.
They will be replaced by a handsome business
block, but of what description cannot be stated
until the plans bave been completed. These
are in course of preparation and will be pre
sented to the owners of the property for their
consideration some time next week. They will
probably be of uniform style and costaudat
least five stories high.
Wall Street Still Dominated by the Benrs
Stocks Very Dull, but Close a Little
Better Than Opening Figures
Bonds Without Feature.
New Yore, January 25. The stock market
was very dull to-day, while the movements and
prices were confined to even a narrower range
than usual of late, very few of the active shares
fluctuating over a range of moro than ) per
cent. The covering movement of last evening
extended over into this morning and gave tbe
market a firm appearance in connection with
the limited purchases for foreign account. The
news of the day was of a favorable character
generally, and tho statement of the Lacka
wanna was considered excellent, but nothing of
that sort had power to move the market out of
its rut, and dullness and stagnation continued
to be the leading features throughout the day.
The bears hammered some of the active shares,
including Reading, Lackawanna, St. Paul,
Union Pacific Richmond and West Point and
Texas Pacific In none except the last two
was there any impression made, andthat was
almost entirely neutralized before the close,
when covering was again in order.
First r.rices were only slightly changed from
those of last evening, and the market was dull
with no featnre whatever until after noon,
though a firm tone prevailed and most of the
list remained upon a higher level than that of
the opening figures. Texas Pacific was the
first stock to move, and it rapidly declined un
der large sales over 1 per cent Tho weakness
gradually spread to the rest of the list and
roost of the early advances were wiped out with
Atchison, Reading and Richmond and West
Point showing weakness. After delivery hour
there was more animation with a stronger tone
and the highest prices were again approxi
mated, though there was no movement of im
portance whatever. The market finally closed
dull but firm at fractional advances In most
cases over the opening figures.
Tbe railroad bond market was about as
active as usual, though there was a very large
number of issues traded In. There was extra
ordinary activity and strength in the Reading
general 4's. and they furnished $1,003,000 out
of a total day's business of $2,986,000. At the
same time they rose from 90 last evening to
9 closing at the latter figure. The general
list was firm to strong, but In few did the
movements amount to more than small fraction.
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Coif ected dallj for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Open- High- .Low- Clos
ing, est est lnr.
Am. Cotton Oil m .; iff
Atch.. Top. 8.T.... 50. SOJJ MS
Canada Southern. BOM I tOH H
Central orNew Jersey. 8 SoH SS
CentrllPaclfie....r..... 38 38 38
C, Bur. A Qulncy 109 109 108S
C, Mil. & St. Paul.... 4 64V 64
C.( Mil. St. P.. pf...,101 101)2 101
C, Rockl. AP...V..... !H 88 mX
C, St L. & Pitts
C., St. L. & Pitts, pf.
C, St. P., M. tU...... Zlii
C, St.P.,M.AO., pf.
C. & Northwestern. ...106tf 107 106
C& .Northwestern, pf.
V. C. C. &1 88 58 88
Col., Coal ft Iron 30 30 298
Col. ft Hocking Val
Del., L. 4W.f. 140 1K WO
Del. ft Hndson 136i 138V 138
E.T., Va. AOa 8 SH Hi
E.T..Va.&Oa.i lstpf
K- T., Va. 4 Ga. 2d pf. 21 2IM 21
Illinois Central. .......11354 113'5 113S
Lake Erie ft Western.. 16J J6H 16
Lake Erie ft West. pr. . 53& 834 &3H
Lake Shore ft M. S 10J' 102H 102)5
Lonlsvllleft Nashville. 878 57V 57li
Michigan Central 85J4 833 85
Mobile & Ohio
Mo.,K. ATexas 13 UK
Missouri Pacific 72" 728 718
liewlork Central.. ...10S8 1088 1088
i. Y.. L. E. ft W 288 H. 23';
N. Y L. E. ft W.pref 65 65)i 6o5?
N. Y., C. ft St h, 18 18 18
N. Y., C. ft St L. pf.. 70 70 70
N.Y., C. ft St. L.2dpf
N. Y&N. E ...45 45.8 45
N. Y., O. ft W
Norfolk ft Western
Norfolk ft Western, pf 51 818 518
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific pref. 608 608 60
Ohio ft Mississippi
Oreeon TmnrnTpment .... ....
Oregon Tianscon Z0H 808
Peo. Dec. ft Evans 23 23
Phlladel. ft Beadlne.. 43 488
Pullman Palace Car.. .192 193
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 24 24
ftchmond A W.P.T.pf 77K 78'f.
t. PaulADuluth 398 398
St. Paul A Dulnth pf.
St P., Minn. A Man.. .1008 I00
8t.L. ASanFran 24 ; HH
St L. A San Fran pf.. 628 &8
St. L. A San T. 1st pf.
Texas Pacific 208 208
UnlonPaclflc .'.. 628 63
Wabash preferred
Western Cnlon 848 848
Wheeling A L. E 648 648
The Market Steady, but Devoid of Exciting
Feature Qalncy Drops.
Bostos, January 25. Stocks were remarka
bly steady to-day. The market lacked special
featnre, however, except an advance in West
End and a decline in Quincy. Dullness was
another feature.
Atch. A Toe Ut 7s. 118M
Atch.ATon.B.B... SO,
Rutland preferred.. 37
Wls.Central.com... 18
AlIonezM'gCo.(new) 3V
Calumet A Hecla...,277j
.Boston AiDany...zoz$
C, 13, AU. 109
Clnn. San. A Cleve. Wi
Eastern R. K 93
Eastern R. It 6s 124JJ
Flint A PereM 29
FUntAPereM. nfd. 99
Mexican Cen. com.. WW
M. C. 1st Hon. bds. 68 V
-N. V. AAewEnr... 45
Old Colony. 170)4
cataina J(
Franklin 148
Huron 4'4
Osceola IS
Qulncy 70
Bell Telephone 210
Boston Land 7H
Water Power 75
Tamarack 148
San Diego 22
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers, No. 57
Fourth avenue Members New York Stock Ex
change. ,
Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad H'i 54
Heading Railroad 24 1-18 24
Buffalo, Pittsburg and Western lFa 12
Lehigh Valley 54X 54J,
Lehigh Navigation 61 82
Allegheny Valley bonds 113 ....
U. Co. 's New Jersey 225 ....
Northern Pacific.... 25 26
Northern Pacific preferred 60 60X
Mining Stocks.
New York, January 24. Mining stocks
closed: Amador, 150; Bodie. 160: Consolidated
California and Virginia, 787; Deadwood, 160;
Iron Silver, 315; North Belle Isle, 210; Ontario,
8300: Ophir, 450; Plymouth, 825: Savage, 310;
Standard. 115; Silver King, 110; Union Consol
idated, 29a
First-class in every particular. Steam Heat,
Open Fires. Porches inclosed in glass, Superb
Location. Ideal Climate for the debilitated.
Baths in Marble Pools, Finest in America;
Waters unexcelled anywhere in curative power
or luxury. G. K, LANSING,
(Late of Astor House, N. Y.) Manager.
of Pittsburg, will demand $2 50 on and
alter MAY 1, with the same system.
Secretary. ja23-84-ws
County Commissioners Office, i
PrtTSBtmo.Uanuary 18, 1889.
X hold appeals on the following named dis
tricts as follows, to-wit:
Saturday, January 26, O'Hara and Union
Monday, January 28, Findley, N. Fayette,
Robinson and Collier townships.
Tuesday. January 20, S. Fayette, Ohio, Penn,
Plum and Pine townships.
Wednesday, January 30, Ninth, Tenth and
Eleventh wards, Allegheny City.
Thursday, January 31, Seventh. Eighth,
Twelfth and Thirteenth wards, Allegheny City.
By order County Commissioner,
a!9-30 P. W. SIEBERT. Clerk.
of John P. Meyer. Notice is hereby given
that letters of administration on the estate of
J. P. Meyer, late of the city of Pittsburg, Alle
gheny county. Pa., deceased, have been granted
to the undersigned, to whom all persons in
debted to said estate are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims
against the name will make them known with
out delay to EMILIA C. MEYER. Administra
trix, No. 2416 Sidney st, Pittsburg, S. S., Pa.
JOSIAH COHEN. 85 Diamond street
1 of Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, No.
December term. 1888.
In re voluntary assignment of Rosenthal and
Bennett to A. Israel. Notice is hereby given
that the first and final account of the assignee
in the above matter was filed in the Prothono
tary's office of said county on FRIDAY, Jan
uary 11, 1889, and that the same will be allowed
and confirmed nisi by the Court on TUESDAY,
February 5,1889, unless cause be shown to the
contrary. A. ISRAEL. Assignee.
JOHN S. ROBB JR.. Attorney at Law, Fifth
and Wylle avenues.
I of Allegheny county, Pennsylvania.
In re application for transfer of license No.
156 of Marcb term, 1SSS, of Isaac Hippely and
Frank Hopf, partners, doing business as
Hippely & Hopf, brewers of tbe Seventh ward,
Allegheny City, to Isaac Hippely and Clarence
P. Hippely, under tbe firm name of Hippely
& Son.
Notice is hereby given that on Monday,
February 4, 1889, at 10 o'clock A. it., the appli
cation for tbe transfer of license No. 156 of
Hippely & Hopf, for the "Northside Brewery."
314 to 322 Spring Garden avenue. Seventh ward,
Allegheny City, to Isaac Hippely and Clarence
P. Hippely, under the firm name of Hippely 4
Son, will be beard by said Court, at which time
persons opposing the transfer, as well as the
parties above named, will appear. ja26-61
GHENY Construction Company, limited,
of Pittsburg. Pa., has been dissolved uy resolu
tion duly nasscd. The undersigned duly elected
liquidating trustees will close up its affairs. A.
w. Mcdonald, Joseph gianini, d. a.
Mcdonald. ia24-52
We. the undersigned, having associated
ourselves in the firm name of Cruinrine,Bane &
Bassett and having purchased the stock, fix
tures, lease and good will of the late Thomas
Palmer, Esq., respectfully solicit a continu
ance of the patronage at the old stand. No. 416
Wood street where we will show the newest
and latest-designs in Wall Papers and Deco
rations. Wall Moldlncs, etc
J Notice The partnership heretofore exist
ing between G. W. Hammer and Ewald Riedel,
under the firm name of Hammer, Riedel & Co.,
has this day been dissolved by mutual consent;
all claims outstanding and due by the said firm,
will be settled by G. W. Hammer, at his office,
No. 626 Wood street Pittsburg, Pa.
The business will be continued at the old
stand. No. 32 First ave., by the remaining mem
ber. Ewald Riedel, for whom I respectfully ask
a continuanc&of past favors.
Pittsburg. Pa., January, 1S89. Ja2&3
have purchased of L. P. Rider his patent
dated July 9, 1875, for improvement in casting
axle boxes and other tubular articles, and tbat
all parties infringing said patent will be held
strictly accountable. KINZER & JONES.
Pittsburg, January 17, 1889.
101 TO 111 PENN AVE.
Seamless Axle Boxes,
Pipe Balls and
Fine Gray Iron Castings
A specialty. jaia-Ttora J
Choice Butter Firmer, an Improved
Tone to Egg Markets.
Grain and Hay Unsettled, With Situation
in Buyers' Payor.
Friday, January 25, 1889. J
Country Produce, Jobbing Prices.
Choice butter has been advanced in the East
and appearances here are that prices are down
to bard pan. Eggs give no sign of improve
ment other than tbe tone of markets is a slight
improvement on the situation for the past
week or two. Fruit and vegetables still drag,
with tbe situation In favor of buyers. The
produce men who laid in apples and potatoes
at the low rates which ruled last fall find them
selves left While prices have not advanced,
as would have been the case with an average
amount of cold weather, enough stuff has gone
to the garbage pile to blast all hopes of profit
A small loss would be gratefully accepted.
Beaks Navy from store, prime band picked,
$2 002 10 per bushel; medium, 32 00; Ofiio and
Pennsylvania do, prime and medium, $2 U0
2 10; imported do, $1 902 00: Lima, 5c per ft;
marrowfat, $2 752 SO per bushel.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2S30c; Ohio do,
2326c; fresh dairy packed, 2023c: country
rolls, 1822c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter, 28
Beestvax 2325o per ft for choice; low
grade, 1618c
Cider Sand refined, S3 507 50. common,
$3 504 00; crab cider, $8 008 50 $3 barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212c;
New York, fall make, 12K13c; Llmburger,
ll12Kc: domestic Sweitzer cheese, 1313c
Dried" PEA9 81 451 50 ? bushel; split do,
263Ko f B.
EGGS 1617c fl dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, $1 00 to $1 50 barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c $ ft; cranberries, $8 00
fl barrel: $2 4002 50 p bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, 50a60c; No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed low. 3035c ft.
Homkit S3303 40 barrel.
Hoket New Crop, 16I7c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes, 3540c fl bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; S3 253 50 for Jer
sey sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 5570c Ip pair;
dressed chickens, 1315c iR pound; turkeys, 13
15c dressed fl pound; ducks, live, 805c
pair; dressed, 1314c $3 pound; geese, 10
lie ft pound.
beeds uiover, cnoice, ra as to Dusnei, to per
bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts, S6 25;
clover, Alsike.JS 50: clover, white, S9 00; timo
thy, choice, 4o fts, SI 85: blue grass, extra clean.
14 fts, SI 00; bine grass, fancy, 14 fts, SI 20:
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, SI 00;
millet, 50 fts, SI 25; German millet 50 fts, S2. 00:
Hungarian grass, 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
Shellbares Si 50 I 75.
Tallow Country, 4J5c; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, S3 50I 50 fl
box; Messina oranges. S2 603 50 ft box;
Florida oranges, S2 753 00 $) box: Jamaica
oranges ..ncy, S4 505 00 $ barrel: Malaga
grapes. S5 507 00 ) keg: bananas, $2 50
firsts, SI 502 00; good seconds 9 bunch; cocoa
nuts, S4 00 1 hundred;newfigs,1214c If! pound;
dates, 5KtiKc ft pound.
Vegetables Celery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages, S3 005 00 ft 100; onions, 50c ft bushel:
Spanish onions, 7590c ft crate; turnips, 30
40c ft bushel.
Green coffee was advanced 30 points in New
York yesterday, and holders are very firm at
the advance. A rise in roasted coffee cannot
he far away from the present outlook. Sugar
continues easy, as, in fact, do all groceries.
Unless there is a change In wheat markets soon
flour must have a fall at an early day.
Greek Coeeee Fancy Rio, 20J21Kc;
choice Rio, 1920c; prime Rio, 19c; fair Rio,
18l8c; old Government Java, 26c; Mara
calbo, 21K22Kc: Mocha, 3031c; Santos, 1S
22c: Caracas coffee, 19K21c; peaberry, Rio, 20
21c; Laguayra, 20K21Kc
R0ASTED(in papers Standard brands,22c;
high grades, 212fic; old Government Java,
hulk, 3132c; Maracaibo, 2627c: Santos, 21
22Kc: peaberry, 25Kc; choice Rio. 24c; prime
Rio. zikc; good mo. 2ic: ordinary, arc.
Ohio. 120. &Kc: headlieht 150. 9c: water white.
lCc; globe, 12c; elaine,15c; camadlne, llc;
royallne, 14c
Syrups Corn syrups, 2325c: choice sugar
syrup. 3536c; prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictlypnme, 3335c
N. O. Molasses Fancy, old. 48c: choice, 45c;
mixed. 4042c; new crop, 4350c
boda ci-caro in Kegs, ss4C oi-cam in xs,
5c: bi-carb, assorted packages, 66c; salsoda
in kegs, lc;'do'granulated, 2c
Caudles Star, full weieht 93c: stearine.
per set 8Kc; parafflne, UK12c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77c; choice, 6
7c; prime. 56Kc; Louisiana, bg6jc
Starch Pearl, 2c; cornstarcb,5&7c:gloss
starch. 5M7c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, S2 65: Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers,
S2 50; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
$2 S5: Valencia, new, 63i7c; Ondara Velencia,
7U7Vc; sultana, 7c; currants, new, 4
oc; Turkey prnnes, new, 4K4Jc; French
prunes, 813c; Salonica prunes, in 2-ft pack
ages, 8c: cocoanuts, per 100, S6 00; almonds,
Lan., per ft, 20c; do Ivica, 19c; do duelled, 40c;
walnuts, nap., 12!15c: aiciij filbeits. 12c;
Smyrna tja. 12K16c; new dates. 5K6c; Brazil
nuts, 10c; pecans, ll15c: citron, per ft. 2122c;
lemon peel per ft, 1314c; Orange peel, 12Kc
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 8c: ap
ples, evaporated, 67Kc; apricots, California,
evaporated, 1518c;peaches,evaporated, pared,
2223c: peaches. California, evaporated, un
pared, Bl3c: cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, &g6c; raspberries, evap
orated. 2424c; blackberries, 7Sc; huckle
berries. 1012c
Scgars Cubes, 7Jc; powdered, 7c; granu
lated, 7c: confectioners A, 7c; standard A,
yellow, good, 6j46,t; yellow, fair, 6c; yel
low, dark. 534c
Pickles Medium . bnls (1.200), $4 75; me
diums, half bbls (600), S2 85.
Salt No. 1 ft bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, ft bbl, SI 05;
dairy, ft bbl. SI 20: coarse crystal, ft bbl, SI 20;
Hlggin's Eureka, 4 bu sack, 52 80; Higgin's
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets. S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard Peaches. SI 50
1 60; 2ds, SI 301 35; extra peaches. SI 351 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, 81 3001 0: Hfd.
Co. con.. Wg90c; red cherries, 90cSl 00: lima
beans. SI 10: soaked do. S5c: string do do, 7585c:
marrowfat peas, SI 10(5)1 15; soaked peas, 70
75c; pineapples. SI 401 50; Bahama do, 32 75;
damson plums, 95c; green gages, SI 25: egg
plums, S2 00; California pears, S2 50; do green
gages, 52 00; do egg plums. $2 00; extra white
cherries, S2 90: red cherries. 2 fti. 90c: raspber
ries, SI 151 40: strawberries, SI 10; gooseber
ries, SI 20rS0: tomatoes, 9295c; salmon, 1
ft, SI 752 10: blackberries, 80c; suceotasb, 2-ft
cans, soaked, 90c; do green, 2&s, SI 251 50;
corn beef, 2-ft cans, SI 75; 14-ft cans, S13 50:
baked beans, SI 401 45; lobster, 1 ft. $1 75
1 80: mackerel. 1-Ib cans, broiled, SI 50: sardines,
domestic, , S4 254 50; sardines, domestic
Us. SS 258 50: sardines, imported, ls. Sll 5015)
12 50; sardines, imported, s, 518 CO: sardines,
mnstard, S4 00; sardines, spiced, 54 25.
FlSH Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 530 ft
bbl; extra No. 1 do, messed, S40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, S32; extra No. 1 do. messed,
$36: No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
Pollock, 4c ft ft; do medium George's cod, 6c;
do large, 7c: boneless hake, in strips, 6c; do
George's. cm in blocks, 67Kc Herring
Round shore, $5 50 ft bbl; split 57; lake. S3 25
ft 100-ft half bbl. White fish. 87 100-ft half
bbl. Lake trout 85 50 ft half bbl. Finnan
hadaers, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut 13c ft ft.
Buckwheat Flour 25i2?ic per pound.
OATMEAL-58 30g6 60 ft bbl.
Miners' Oil No 1 winter strained, 962c
$1 gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flonr nnd Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change were 28 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft Wayne
and Chicago, 6 cars of hay, 3 of barley, 5 of
flour, 1 of oats, 1 of bran. By Pittsburg, Cin
cinnati and St Louis, 3 cars of hay, 2 of corn.
By Baltimore and Ohio, 3 cars of hay. By
Pittsburg and Lake Erie. 1 car of oats. 1 of
hay. A second day of Exchange has passed
without a single sale on call. Grain and hay
markets are in an unsettled condition. Dealers
appear to be nonplused over the situation.
Riga, Mich.
Gents I now write
to let yon know that
I have been using your
Burdock Blood Bit
ters, and also to tell
you what they have
done for mc I have been troubled with dys
pepsia for years. I commenced the use of
your Burdock Blood Bitters and they have
brought me out aU right The use of three
bottles conferred the great benefit for which I
feel profoundly grateful. I will never be
vrtthoutit TT -
Said an old time retailer, "I never knew mar'
kets so unsettled and uncertain as they are)
this week." The wisest cannot tell what a day
may bring forth. Heavy receipts, mild weather
and small export demand all conspire to de
press markets and keep buyers and sellers
apart The drift of wheat is still downward,
but no change in flour prices Is permitted to go
out from wholesale dealers. A jobber of flour
reports a decline of 15c per barrel. On the
other band, a wholesale grocery firm reports
tbat advices from Minnaeapolis arehat prices
there are unchanged. Tbe consumer, in tbs
meantime, must wall, but lower prices cannot
be far away with the present condition of mar
kets. Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red, SI 04
1 05; No. 3 Ted, POgOoc
Corn No.2yellow, ear,3940c:high mixed,
ear. 38K39c;No.l yellow, shelled, 3839c; high
mixed, shelled, 3637c: mixed, shelled. ZHWic
Oats No. 2 white, 3333c: extra No. 3,
32335c; No. 3 white, 3131Jc; No. 2 mixed,
Sye No. 1 rye, 5556c: No. 2, 5052c; No.l
Western. 52053c
Barley No. 1 Canada, 9095c: No. 3
Canada. S385c: No. 3 Canada, 7880c; No. 3
Western, 7&78c; No. 3 Western, 6570c; Lake
Shore. 7580c
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents, S6 50
66 75; spring patents, SO 757 00: fancy straight,
winter and spring. $5 756 00; clear winter,
$5 5005 75; stright SXSX bakers', 5 255 50.
Rye flour. S3 75.
Cornjieal In paper. 6070c
MrLLFEED Middlings, fine white, $20 50
21 00 ft ton; brown middlings, S17 50 IS 00:
winter wheat bran, 513 5016 00; chop feed
S15 0013 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice. $15 5016 00;
No. 1 do, S15 00015 25: No. 2 do, S12 0013 00:
loose from wacon, S23 0026 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. S10 0010 50; No. 2, 59 009 50; packing
do. So 004315 50.
Straw Oats. S8 00S 25; wheat and rya
Straw, $7 007 25.
Large hams, 18 Bs and upward. 10c; medium
hams, 14 to 18 fts. lie; small hams, 14 fts and
under, llc; picnic or California hams, 8c;
boneless (in skins), UJc: sugar-cured shoul
ders, &:: bacon, 8c: dry salt 9c; breakfast
bacon, 10c; rouletts (boneless s. c shoulders),
10c; regular smoked sides, 9c; bellies,
smoked sides, 9c; regular dry salt sides, 8c;
bellies, dry salt sides, SJc; dried beef, sets 3
pieces, 10c; dried beef, flats. 8c; dried beef,
rounds. He: dried beef, knuckles, lie; pork,
mess, $15 50; pork, family, $17 00; nig pork, half
barrels, $9 00; long sausage. 5c Lard
Tierces. 325 fts, THcftft: naif barrels, 120 fts,
TJfc fl ft; tubs, wooden. 60 lis. 7c ft ft; buck4
ets, wooden. 20 fts, 8Kc ft ft; 3-ft tin paiK 60 fts,
8c ft ft; 5-ft tin pails. 60 fts, 8e? ft;10-fttln
pails, 60 fts. 8c ft ft; 20-ft tin pails, 80 fts, 8Jc:
60-ft tin pails, 100 fts, 7c ft ft.
Dressed Meat. ..
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices oil
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 ft". 5
5Kc: 600 to 650 fts, 66c: 700 to 750 fts, 77C.
Sheep, 7c ft ft. Lambs, 8c ft ft.
Sletal markets.
New York Pigiron steady; American, $16 CO
19 00. Copper quiet; lake, January, $16 90.
Lead easier and quiet; domestic S3 80. Tin un
settled; straits, $21 60.
St. Louis Lead active at S3 S5 60.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekin
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
Intenne Itchfnx
1 CUM worse t
tcratcninc it ai
lowed to continue
tnsiors form ami
I TCH NGPlLES5,,.h0"s
II bceomtag Ttrr ure. SWAYME'S ULNT
M HEAT Mops the Itching and Meedlnr. heal
u alteration, and In most cane removes the to
mors. Swim s Ormf car Is sold br drnggUts, or mailed 10
snj addreis on receipt of price, 50 ets. s box ; S boxes, SL36
.fcttress tetters. DE. 3WAYNE t SOS. FbUadelpbis. Fs.
Use 'Teerless Brand"
Selectea and packed with cleanliness and care by
They are the Bast. Ask your Grocer for them.
No. 410 Smithfield St,
CAPITAL. . . - . 8200,000 00. '
JAMES P. SPEER, Vice Prest.
sel-k33-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
Oil bought and sold on margin. deJT-21-Dsu
As old residents know ana back files of Pitts
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician in the city, derotlug
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
mnonsnigpersons NQ p jjj
MCDWflllQ and mental diseases, physical
iMLnVUUo decay, nervous debility, lack
of energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-dlstrtut,bashfulne33,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un-
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, mouth, throat
ulcers, old sorea. are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the systlm.
1 1 D I M A D V kidney and bladder derange
Unll'lnn I i ments, weak back, gravel. ca
tarrhal discharges. Inflammation and otbee
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's life-long, extensive experlenca
Insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-sense principles; Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if
here. Office hours 9 x. K. to 8 P. M. Sunday,
10 A. H. to IP. H. only. DR. WHITTIER. 931
Penn avenue. Pittsburg; Pa. ak-5-rjsuW
For men! Checks the worst cases in three
days, and cure in five days. Price $1 00. at
jaS-29-Trssu 412 Market street.
For LOST or Faltinz-
- - - - UC9S, C1CB3 VL
Eody&MInd. Lack of Strength, Vigor and De
velopment, caused br Errors, Excesses. Ac. Book.
Mode of self-Trkatjicst. and Froofs mailed
(sealed) free. Address EBIE MEDICAL CO.,
JUuffalo, N. Y. de2-57-TTSAwt
xuriEvni! nf HEAT.TR. fnt
the soeadr cure of Nervous Debility .Lost Manhood.
DesDondencT. etc A copy of this book will be sens
Seeded. Address SCIENCE of HEALTH,
130 West Sixth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio,
VSj' LostTlforandManhoodKesloral Pre-
siEN.rttr mature Decline and Functional elisor.
fl M" r red vilhma Stomach Medicines.
WTlS aj 2 Sealed Treansesent free-on application.
Wl HUla? MARSTOH CtM9ruknaet,IsXors.
de-15 .grHtrir
Tft wFflKOEM5?Jt522l5?:
I snflerlns; from thy ef.
I U llnfaHrorrearlrdecar.Iost
manhood . etc I wiu send a vail
iSSod.etc. I wiu send valuable treatise elj,
itiininfl full Dartlcul&rs tor home core, tree oc
air?F-FOWLER. Moodus. Conn. (
II GOODS and IlliS.