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Week's Kan of Cattle at Liberty
Liglit Prices Decline.
Markets Continue in Favor of Buyers of
Sheep and Hogs.
Office of Pittsburg dispatch. (
Thuksday, January 24, 18S9. 5
It w ill be seen by the accompanying re
port of the week's work at the Central Stock
Yards that local supplies of cattle this week
are 530 head below those of last week. Last
week's run was the heaviest for two months
past The large receipts brought a reduc
tion of 2025c per cwt on heavy cattle, and 10
15c on light grades.
Markets last week began and ended very
slow. Toward the close of the week a few loads
left over must have been sold by shading
prices. With diminished supplies this week
there comes no improvement to the trade, hut
the reverse. A leading stockman rcpjrts a de
cline on heavy cattle of SOc from last week's
prices. On medium grades the decline has not
been so great.
Low grade cattle have suffered no decline as
there i as no room to go Ion er. Bulls are the
only thing in cattle lines that are firmer and
higher than a week ago. This is explained by
the fact that the supply last week was the
largest for years, there being eicht loads re
ceived where the demand!) of trade call for but
one-fourth this amount. The ruling rates for
all butcher and export cattle range from 25
fiOc below the figures of two weeks ago. The
heaviest stock suffers most by this decline.
What is true of heavy weightcattle isequally
true of heavy hogs that demand for the past
month has fallen below supply. An old-time
dealer, who purchases largely for Eastern
packets, reports that the weakness of markets
for heavy hogs reverses all his former ex
periences. The opportunities of putting
weight on to porkers have seldom been as good
as this., season. Hence farmers all over the
West are bringing their com to markets in
hog This has brought an over supply in
heavy weights, and as a consequence, draggy
Advices from Chicago to-day are that hogs
there have declined 10c from yesterday's prices,
with $4 S55 15 as the range lor packing hogs.
The range at Liberty is So OOgo 15.
One of our leading packers report that he
can do better to-day at Chicago than at home,
as the grades run better at the former place.
Prices of hogs at Liberty are fully 75c below
prices of a year ago. One heavy buyer claims
that they are bound to go still lower. Our ham
and lard' should certainly be cheaper the com
ing season than for many years past.
&beep and Lnnibs.
With sheep supplies 2,370 head above last
week, markets have been slow all the week and
prices have declined. The heaviest decline is
in lambs, which are fully 50c per cwt below
prices of a week ago. Sheep have suffered a
decline of 1525c Markets to-day are reported
a shade steadier than for the first three days of
the week.
Following is the report of transactions at the
Liberty yards for the week :
Thro'. I Local, i
Thursday 2,080 60 7.3)0 1,100
Iridav 400 30 VJ75 5,810
?aturdv tf0 ISO 3.450 5,430
S-unrty 480 1,510 6.SS 5,940
Monday ft ISO 5,550 330
Toesdav 120 10 3,975 4,1)50
Wednesday SKI JO 5,100 1,670
Total 5,150 1,700 32,775 19,030
Last week S.431 5.530 31,455) 16,660
Thursday IS 5.164 500
ITIdav 3,617 93
hJturrtav 7 1,761 599
Monday 1,337 5,Afi 5.338
Tuesday 55 1,602 4.350
Wednesday 31 1,953 119
Total j 1,651 2399 10,639
Last week j 5,51 19.499 S.899
By Telecraph.
New Yohk Beeves Receipts, 24 carloads
for a beef exporter. 11 carloads for city
slaughterers direct and 1 carload for the mar
ket, ana 20 carloads of sale cattle were carried
o er 5 esterday: there was no trading in beef cat
tle: dressed beef dull and Ion er at 5;4c per
pound for native si Jes; exports 17s beeves, 34
sheep and 1,740 quarters of beef. To-daj's
Liverpool cable quotes American refrigerator
beef dull at ."?ic per pound. Sheep Receipts,
3.300 head, and more than 1,500 were carried
over yesterdav: market decidedly firm for
sheep at S4 U56 00 per 100 pounds; market
steady for lambs at So 507 50; dressed mutton
firm at S7 OOgS 50 per 100 pounds; dressed
lambs steady at 9 00010 00. Hogs Receipts.
S.000 head: none for sale alive; nominal value
J5 30g5 70 per 100 pounds.
St. Loots Cattle Receipts. 1.30U head: ship
ments, 400 bead; market slow; choice heavy
native steers, S4 104 60; fair to good do, J3 50
g4 15: butchers' steers, S4 16Q1 60; fair to good
do, 3 504 15; botchers1 steers, medium to
choice. 12 7033 SO; stockers and feeders, fair to
good, SI 90f2 SO- rangers, corn-fed. S3 003 50;
grass-fed. J2 00.! 90. Hogs Receipts, 3,600
head; shipments, 1,000 head; market steadv:
choice heavy and butchers' selections, $4 70J8
4 85; packing, medium to prime. S4 604 75;
light grades, ordinary to best, S4 t04 So.
Sheep Receipts, 900 head: shipments, none,
market steady; fair to choice, S3 004 60.
Chicago The jDrorer' Journal reports:
Cattle Receipts. 23,000 head: shipments, 4,500
head: market slow, weak and a shade lower;
beeves. 54 004 80: steers, S2 90ffi3 90; stock
ers and reeders, 52 103 35: cons, bulls and
mixed, SI 403 10: Texas cattle, SI 853 3a
Hoss Receipts. 18.000 head; shipments, 5,000
head; market weak and 5c lower; heaw. S4 75
J4 90; light, S4 75z5 U2: skips, S3 005 HO.
hheep Receipts, 10.000 head; shipments, 3,500
head: market irregular: natives. S3 0025 40:
Westerns, corn fed, S4 404 75; lambs, $3 25
4 30.
Bufffai.0 Cattle steady, offerings of butch
ers sold at 33c Receipts, 700 head, throuch;
sales,20 head. Sheep and lambs Receipts,
none, through; sales, 3,000 head; sheep steadv;
lambs a shade higher on top grades at S5 35
6 15. Hogs dull and prospects lower: receipts,
3,000 head, throuch: sales. 2.250 head: a few
mediums sold at 5 00; no Yorkers sold up to
noon; bidding, S5 20.
Baltimore Beef cattle Market slow:
average quality better; best beeves, $4 37K
4 50: generally rated first qualitv. S4 0004 37;
medium or good fair quality, S3 253 75: ordi
nary. S2 253 00: most sales were firmer at 52 75
04 37; receipts, L000 brad; sales, 500 bead,
hheep Receipts. 3,201 head: sheep, 2 505 25;
lambs, S4 006 00.
CiscDrarATl Hogs dull and easier; common
and light, S4 005 00: packing and butchers'
S4 75g4 Bar receipts, 3,550 head; shipments, 2,500
The Market Dnll bat Firm, With a flood
Prospect Ahead.
The iron market may be quoted dnll bnt firm,
with a good prospect of a chance for the bet
ter. This change will occur just so soon as
buyers can be assured that prices have reached
low water mark. With this prospect in view,
there is no pressure to se'k
PIG Iron Neutral Gray forge, S15 00015 25,
cash; wtite and mottled, 14 50015 00. cash;
all ore milk S16 00016 25, cash; No. 1 foundry,
17 50017 75. cash; No. 2 foundry. SiB 7517 00,
cash; No. 2 charcoal foundrv.J21 50022 0U, cash:
cold blast charcoal, 25 00028 00, cash; Bessemer
iron. 17 00. cash.
Feuro-Manoanese Eighty per cent, $54 60
055 00: speigel-eisen, S27 00Q28 00 f or20per cent
Majtcfactured Iron Bars, 1 75i 80, 60
days, 2 per cent off; Ekelp, grooved, 1 701 75;
sheared. 1 9502 00.-
Muck Bar 28 002S 50 are the extremes.
Billets Bessemer steel, 28 50 cash: nail
slabs, S27 7528 00; domestic bloom and rail
ends. 19 00019 5a
Nails Carlols J2d to 40d, SI 90, 60 days; 2
per cent off for cash.
wrought Iron pipe msconnts on steam.
cent: oil well casing, 60 per cent: 5JJ-inch cas
ing, 37 per net foot; 2-mch tubing, 13c: boiler
tubes and oil well casing, 60 per cent off large
Merchant Steel Tool, SJc; crucible
Fpnng, 4c; crucible machinery, 5c; open
hcarth machinery. 2?c .
Rail Fastenings Spikes, 22c per pound,
80 days;splicc b.irs. L80l tec per pound; square
nut track bolts. 2.85c and hexagon nut. 2.90
2.95c t o. b. Pittsburg.
Old Rails American tees, S24 50025 00:
steel do. 18 50 for short, 19 50forlnng.
Steel Rails Heavy sections. S2S29 cash,
at works.
Scrap Iron No.1 wrought $21021 25 pernet
ton; cast scrap. 15 50016: wrought turnings. 13
H- ": cast borings. 12013, jrrof: car axles.
Ei 50026 50, net; old car wheels, 19 50020 CO,
grow; rail ends, W 50020 00; bloom do, 19 60,
mabkeis by toe.
Lone Wheat Breaks the Market, bnt Losses
Recovered Corn Higher and Oats
Steady Fork Forced Down
Lard and Ribs Firm.
Chicago Quite a large business was
transacted in wheat to-day, and the feeling
was unsettled and feverish. The open
ing was about the same to c higher than jes
terda's closing, bnt the market declined Jc
under large offerings, and apparently nobody
to take them. Later it ruled stronger, and ad
vanced lc, then became easier and closed
about Jic higher than yesterday. The early de
cline, it is claimed, again brought out consider
able long wheat, some of which was forced on
the market for lack of margins.
The reported failure of an'Eastern firm also
contributed to the weakness, thongh this was
subsequently denied. The later reaction and
improvement were attributed to active cover
ing by shorts, and possibly some buying of long
account in expectation of a reaction. Trading
on outside account was fairly large. It was ru
mored that a prominent local operator had
margined his trade down to S5c, and rnmored
export buying at the seaboard assisted the re
covery from inside figures.
Corn opened a trifle better than the closing
prices of yesterday, was steady for a time, then
advanced Hc, the near futures showing the
greater strength, reacted some and closed i
Jc higher than yesterday.
Oats were buiet and steady with slight fluctu
The trade in mess pork was moderately active,
but prices ruled with considerable irregularity.
Offerings were rather free earlyin the day, and
a reduction of 3035c on closing figures of yes
terday was submitted to. The market devel
oped little more strength and prices gradually
improved 1012c and closed comparatively
Lard was moderatelv active and some unsold.
Prices ruled 8710c fower early in the day. but
rallied again to 57c and closed steady.
Short ribs were less active and weaker.
Prices ruled 1012Xc lower early, but rallied to
2K5c later and closed steady.
The leading futures raucea as follows:
Wheat No. 2, Januarv. 93Uc; Febrnary.
93939293c: May, 9797i9597c;
July, 8KS8KKc
CORN No. 2 Januarv. S4i3531lR35c:
March. 335JS3555c; May, 337
Oats No. 2 Januarv. 24Xc: February, 24
21'c; May. 27Z627K27Jc.
Mess Pons, per bbl January, til 6511 75
11 65811 70: -.March, Sll 75U 90U 7511 85;
May, $12 S012 3012 0512 10.
Lasd. per 100 lbs January, $6 85: March.
$6 S7K6 87X6 S2X6 S7K; May, $8 977 00
66 S2H6 95.
Shobt Ribs, per 100 ft January, S6C0;
March. $6 i2H6 42X6 32K6 35; May, $6 47
66 17&&6 406 4a
Cash quotations were as follows: Klour,
ami ana nncbanced. JNo. 2. spring wheat.
fc: Mo. 3 snrimr wheat, nominal: No. 2
red. IMlfe. Kn. 2 rorn MUc No. 2 oats.
24JQ2l,& No. 2 rye, 4Sc No. 2 barley nominal.
No. 1 flaxseed. SI 60. Prime timothy seed, SI 57.
Mess pork, per barrel, Sll 80011 85. Lard, per 100
lbs. 6 82W6 85. Short ribs sides (looe), $6 30.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed), S6 006 25. Short
clear sides (boxed), S6 02XQ6 75. Sugars,
cut loaf. TJigEJc; granulateii, 7c; standard A,
6Jic Receipts Flonr. 1L000 barrels: wheat.
26.000 bushels: corn. 8.000 bushels: oats. 78,000
bushels: rye, 6,000 bushels: barley, 66,000 bush
els. Shipments Flour. 10,000 barrels; wheat. 17,
000 bushels; corn. 78,000 bnshels: oats. 7.000
bushels; rye. 7,000 bushels; barley, 40,000 bush
els. On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was dull and unchanged. Eggs steady
at 1515.Jfc-
New York Flour heavy and dull. Wheat
Spot irregular, closing firmer; options ic
higher than j esterday. Barley steady. Barley
malt quiet. Corn Spot moderately active and
K6Kc higher: options J4Kc higher and firm.
Oats Spot stronger; options quiet and firmer.
Hay quiet. Hops firm. Coffee quiet. Options
opened steady, 510 points up; closed steady,
15gf25 points above yesterdav; sales, 33,500 bags,
including January. 15.6515.80c; February, 15.60
li70c: March, 15.5515.65c: April and May,
15.5015.65c; June 15.60c; July, 15.60015.70c;
August, 15.6515.70c: September, 15.7015.80c;
October, 15.S0ffil5.95c; December. 15.85015.90c;
spot Rio steady; fair cargoes, lTJc Sugar
Raw weik; fair refining, 4c: centrifugals, 96
test, 5 9 16c: refined more active and steady.
Molasses Foreign, strong: sales, two cargoes.
unua to arrive atc. luce quiet ana nrm.
Cottonseed oil depressed: crude. 43c; yellow,
50c Tallow depressed, inactive: city. 5c
Rosin auiet. Turpentine quiet at 4545c
Esgs dull and lower; Western, 16 lbc; re
ceipts, 3,591 packages. Fork lower and dull;
old mess, S13 25013 50; new mess, $13 50!13 75;
extra prime, $13. Cutrneats firm; pickled bel
lies, 7JCSc; do shoulders, 6ic; do hams. lOJic;
middles easy, short clear, $7. Lard lower:
snot quiet; options quiet: sales: Western spot,
$7 3507 40, closinc at 17 3007 S5: city, 6 85;
January, 7 2S; February, $7 2807 32, closinc;
at 7 29; March, 7 29; April, S7 30; May. 7 S0
7 34. closinc at 57 30 asked: June. S7 3107 35,
closing at 7 31 asked; August, 7 3407 37, clos
inc at S7 35. Bntter firm on choice; Western
dairy, 13018c; do. creamery, 162GXc: Elgin's,
28c Cheese strong and quiet; Western, 10K
St. Loots Klour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat essentially unchanged: options higher;
the market was unsettled at the opening, but
after selling JKC lower there came are
action that carried the pnre up 1c andtheclose
was a above yesterday. Corn Arm and higher.
Oats higher and strong. Rye nothing doinc.
Barley No demand whatever. Provisions dull
and lower. Pork, $12 5012 75 Lard Prime
steam nominal at 6 70. Cry salt meats
Shoulders. 5 50; longs and ribs, 6 50; short
clear, 0 70. Bacon Shoulders, boxed, 6 50;
longs and ribs. 7 4O0S7 50: short clear. 57 62j.
Bagging. 7J09c Iron cotton ties, SI 00.
Cincinnati Flour dull. Wheat dull and
lower; No. 2 red. 97c; receipts, 100 bushels; ship
ments 2,100 bushels. Corn steadv; No. 2, 35c
Oats firm; No. 2 mixed, 2814029c Rye quiet
and steady: No. 2. 54c Pork dull at J12 50.
Lard quiet at S6 80. Buikmeats and bacon
dulL Sugar easier. Cheese firm.
Milwaukee Flonr dull and nncbanced.
Wheat firmer: cash, 8Sc;May, 91Jc; jDiy, 9(c
Corn firm; No. 3, 32c Oats steady; No. 2
white, 28c Re weaker: No. 1. 47Jic Bar-
lev stronger; No. 2, 62KC Provisions easier.
Pork, 11 75i Lard, S6 KM
c Cheese dull; ched-
dars, 1O01OKC
Philadelphia Flour quiet Wheat firm;
options closed Jfc higher in sympathy with the
advance in the West. Corn steady but quiet.
Oats Demand light and prices of car lots
were barely steadv. Butter firm; Pennsylvania
creamerv, extra, 27. Eggs steady; Pennsylvania
firsts, 16c
Baltimore Provisions dull and quiet. But
ter rather firm: western packed, 16021c; cream
ery, 20027c Eges steady at 15k16c Coffee
quiet; Rio fair, 1717c
Toledo Cloverseeddull;cash and February.
S5 25; March, So 32X-
An Opening for a Thousand Articles Dcnlt
In br Oar Traders.
It seems somewhat startling to associate
Jerusalem with trade, particularly when the
newest nation in the world comes into direct
relations with it in that respect it beinc one of
the oldest says the ICorlh Brltith Matt. Yet
that ancient city furnishes a market of consid
erable extent for many commodities. Kero
sene, for instance, is largely used there If
white pine lumber were introduced it would
take immensely. Indeed, it is thonght that
such a product does reach the place by wav of
Austria, Any good sewing machine, as It be
came known, would take the place of the
cheap, clumsy machines from Germany, which
have been used because none others were to be
had. Even the poverty of the inhabitants does
not prevent them from seeing that abetter
thongh mare expensive machine is more profit
able in tho end than the cheap and inferior
German product Cod-liver oil, quinine and
other drugi are in fair demand in Palestine
There can be little doubt in short, that there
is a market for a thousand and one articles of
those dealt in by our traders, and yet which
are, perhaps, even now quite unknown to the
inhabitants, and never have been so much as
heard of by them.
A Demand for Paper In Venezuela.
The demand for paper.of every description of
foreign origin steadily increases in Venezuela,
says the Jtorlh BritUh MaiL Common white
printing paper is not charged any duty. The
packing should be as light as possible, as tho
total dues are levied on the gross weight in
clusive of the packing. Cigarette papers pay
10 centimes per kilogramme; wall paper, 75
centimes; highly finished wall paper, 250
centimes, and writing paper, 25 centimes per
Metal DIarket.
St. Louis Lead steady; refined, S2 60.
New York Pig iron steady. Copper fever
ish; lake, January, 17 00. Lead firm and fairly
active; domestic, 3 82. Tin steady: straits,
21 GO.
WVlsky Market.
The demand continues good
finished goods.
1 03 for
Wool Market.
St. Lours Wool quiet and weak, bnt pricos
nnc hanged: receipts, 13.950 pounds.
When baby was sick, we gave ber Castorta
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorta,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorta,
When she had Children, she gave them Castorta,
Trials of a Young Man in Charge of
the Repairing Department of
Panic in Electric Stocks Caused by a U. S.
Supreme Court Decision.
There is one branch of the real estate bus
iness that is not strewn with roses. It is
full of trouble and vexation of spirit. Job
was peculiarly fortunate that he was not
subjected to anything so trying on the
nerves and so exasperating to the most an
gelic disposition. Reference is made to the
repairs department, which is an important
adjunct to every well-regulated real estate
agency. It is generally placed in charge of
a mild-mannered young man who wants to
establish a reputation for goodness of dispo
sition, or of an elderly gentleman who has
had a large amount of domestic training, and
thinks he is proof against outside temptation
to break any part of the decalogue.
This subject first dawned upon the mind of
The DibPATcu representative yesterday
afternoon while he was waiting upon a Fourth
avenue agent for an item of news. Just in front
of him was a hole in a window over which, in
large, gilt letters, was the legend, "Repairs
Department." A large, aggressive-looking
w oman was on the outside of the window. On
the inside was a yonng man whoso flushed face
and nervous movements indicated a severe
struggle to maintain a respectable degree of
composure. They had been wrangling for
some time, and were evidently about ready to
wind up the interview. The listener caught
the ominous words of the young man as be
turned his back upon the woman: "I won't do
it; that settles it" "I'll see," was the parting
shot as she flounced out of the room. After
repairing damages to his feelings and caressing
his mustacho for a few seconds, the young roan
unburdened himself to his journalistic visitor
as follows:
"That woman is a perfect terror. We rented
her a house in Allegheny some time ago. It
was in good repair, but she took it into her
head that she wanted a bath room bnilt in it
and she has been troubling us about it ever
since Not long ago my employer threatened
to throw her out of the office, bnt she defied
him and he didn't try to carry out his threat
You heard how she talked to-day. I am really
afraid of her. AVe would be willing to pay some
one handsomely to get ber out of the house.
But as she is prompt with her rent we can do
nothing. She will never get that bath room,
that's certain. But she is not the only person
to give us trouble. There arc plenty of others
like her. but not quite so dangerous, perhaps.
There is no end of her wants. No matter what
the condition of the houses may be they want
something new, a door cut through a partition,
a new roof, an extra porch, a dormer window,
a new-fangled pump, paint inside or out some
times both, paper for walls and ceilings and
everything else almost they can think of. This
Is all well enough, but tho fact is landlords
can't afford such improvements. They would
cost more than the income from the property.
"This is a trying position for any man," he
continued, with a sigh. "They give me no rest
When persuasion fails they threaten. I expec;
to be garroted or sandbagged some night I
am expecting a man every minute who wants a
partition fence When he finds he can't get it
he will get mad and probably shake his fist
under my nose. If I should lose my temper at
the same time there would be a fight I gen
erally succeed in'keeping my indignation under
control, but it's hard work.
"The fact is, roost of these people are un
reasonable The law compels landlords to keep
their houses in a good state of repair, but they
are not satisfied with this. They want extras
and luxuries that would amount to more than
the rent. I do not include all of our customers
in this category. The majority of them are all
right It's the cranks, or those who want
things different from anybody else, that give
us trouble."
Small Holders Unload on the Strength of a
Supremo Court Decision.
Something unusual happened at the Stock
Exchange yesterday. A report that the Su
preme Court had rendered a decision adverse
to the electric people caused some scare among
holders of small lots of that stock, and they
dumped abont all they had upon the market
Holders of big bundles looked on, smiled and
bid the stuff in as fast as it was offered. A sub
sequent report that the decision related to a
refrigerator infringement case, and had no
direct bearing upon the local electric com
panies, caused a reaction and steadied prices.
Losses were recovered in the afternoon, and
the market closed firm, not only for Electric,
but for-all the specialties. Some who unloaded
in the forenoon were bidders at the last calk
Bids offered are given below:
Hid. Asked.
36 ....
Allegheny Gas Co.. Ill
Cliartlers Valley (las..
Jat. Gas Co., W. Va..
Pennsylvania Gas Co..
Fniladelchla Gas Co...
Wheeling Uas Co
Citizens Traction
l'ltteburg Traction
LaXorla M. Co
1. inter M. Co
West'bonse Elcc
Union Switch blznal
Sales in the forenoon included
Philadelphia Gas. s. o. 30 davs. at 39.
loO rezu-
lar at 39, 100 at 3S, 550 La Noria at . and 482
Westinghouse Electric at 35035J35). Be
fore call 100 shares sold at 36.
In the afternoon ISO shares Electric -sold at
35iJ0355635?i35, and 50 Wheeling Gas at
2SJJ. The total sales for the day aggregated
1,072 shares quite a boom for Pittsburg and a
big day's work for Captain Barbour, who,
despite a periodical attack of rheumatism,
kept the boys down to business from first to
The total sales of stocks in New York yester
day were 177,4SS shares, including: Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western? 24,690: Erie, 4,400;
Lake Shorc3,517; Missouri Pacic4.0l0: North
western, 12,450: Reading, 39.200; Richmond and
West Point4,825;St Paul,19,010: Union Pacific.
6,970; Western Union, 3,239.
Depositing at Bank Cut Down by Bain
and Muddy Streets.
The local money market continues to work
very easily. There was free checking yester
day, but deposits fell below the average This
was explained by a Fourth street financier in
this wise: "The weather isthreatenlng and the
streets very muddy. This has a tendency to
keep people at home They won't come out if
they can avoid it A large number of our cus
tomers are women and men who have retired
from business. Many of tnem live In the
suburbs. They seldom venture out in bad
weather. But we lose nothing in the end. If
we miss their favors one day or one week we
are sure to catch them the next"
Call loans were quoted at 506 per cent, and
time paper at 607. Government bonds were
strong, the 4's advancinc Vf. Exchanges at the
Clearins House were 1.869,092 and the balances
310,893 22, showing a good average bnsiness be
tween banks.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 2 per cent Prime mercantile paper,
405c Sterling exchange active and firm at
$4 86 for 60-day bills and 84 89 for demand.
Bonds closed in New Vork yesterday: U. S.
4b, registered. 127K: U. S. 4s, coupon, 127J4;
U. & 48. registered; 109; U. K. 4Js, coupon,
109; Pacific 6s of '95, 120.
New York Clearings, 109,896,217; balances.
Boston Clearings, Slo.506,327; balances.
1,792,566. Money 2 per cent
Baltimore Clearings, 2,003.550; balances.
PniLADELPHlA Clearings, $9,954,513;
ranees, 9ifoo,xr.
St. Loots Clearings, $2,948,176; balances.
Chicago Money on call at 55X per cent;
time loans b7 per cent Bank clearinirs.
Balls ncd Bears Strugglo for Supremacy nt
the Oil Exchange.
The bells and the bears had a battle royal at
the Petroleum Exehange yesterday. The mar
ket was steady at the opening. Oil Oity bought
at S5c, bnt turned seller when the price dropped
below those figures. McKee, Spronl and Law
rence were the principal traders here. New
York sold at 84Jfc The tide turned at Sc,
J.10RNIXO. .
Hid. Asked.
'.'". "w
"isx "33
47S 50
1H Is.
and a buying movement set in. This strength
ened the market From that time on there
was a firm tone and a more hopeful feeling.
The bulls fought every inch of ground and bad
a decided advantage at the close. Both sides
were on their metil, however, and fairly made
Rome howl in their endeavoru to depressor
elevate tho quotations. All in all, it was the
most exciting day that had been witnessed
since the beginning of the year.
The cause of the early slump was a report
that the Standard and the producers had
failed to come to terms in regard to the big
bundle of oil that is in dispute between them.
This was very bearish news, and materially as
sisted the selling movement Later it was re
ported they were acting harmoniously and
would probably reach an amicable agreement
This was decidedly bullish, as tending to re
lieve the market from an uncertainty, and re
sulted in a reaction that carried prices up a
few points and held the market steady for the
rest of the day. The opening was 4JJc; high
est 85jgc; lowest 84Kc; closed, S5c a gain for
the day of c and jc above tho lowest point
rsached. (
A. B. McGrew quotes puts U, calls 86 to
Tne following taDie correctea by lie Witt Dll
worth. broker In petroleum, etc.. corner Fifth
avenue and Wood street Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc. :
Time. Kid. Ask. Time. Bid. Ask.
Opened MSi Sa't 12:45 p. M.... tSH M5
10:15A. M.... tR .)$ 1:00P. M... 8V 85V1
10:30.1. X.... 83X 5! 1:15P. M.... MX &'i
10:15a. m.... & S.V4 1:3) r. M.... S6ii Kit
11.-00 A. M.... MH t&X 1:45 P. M.... 85M 8-i!
11:15A. M.... 65 85 2:00 P. it.... S-Vi &
11:30A. M.... 84 85 !:15F. X.... 85'fi M
I1:45A. X.... UH 61V 2:30 P. X.... 85a 85
13:00 M M 81 2:45 P. X.... H 85J
i::l5P. x.... 84 85 Closed 85,H ....
12:30 P. M.... 84 85
Opened. 84c; highest 85Sc: lowest H'aC;
dosed, 053C-
DsllT run , 42.015
Average runs 45.194
Dally shipments 81,(150
Average shipments 70,999
llailv charters - 60,873
Average charters '. .- 42.3511
Clearances ... 3,379,000
New York closed at 85KC
Oil City closed al SSHc
Bradrora closed at B.
HewYom. reflned. 7.103.
London, reaned. 8 15-16J.
Antwerp, renned. 18H&
Olhcr Oil Markets.
Bradford, January 24. Opened, 84Kc; high
est 85c: lowest. 81c: closed. 85Kc
On. CtTY.Jannary 24. Opened, 84c; highest
85c; lowest 84c; closed. 85c.
TrrusviLLE, January 24. Opened, 84c;
highest 85c: lowest 84Kc; closed, 85Mc
New York, January 24. Petroleum opened
firm at S4c,but became strong on light trading
and advanced to 85c. The market then be
came dull and heavv and receded to the open
ing figures, but rallied again and closed firm at
85c. Sales, 1,180,000 barrels.
Beat Estate a BIjf Factor la Bnsiness Cal
cnlntlons Wood Street Structures.
There is always a demand for real estate in
Pittsburg. The-inquiries yesterday were as
numerous as on any previous day this week.
Some deals were closed up and others begun.
Several large ones have been hanging nro for
some time. Progress was reported in some of
these cases yesterday.
There were conflicting rumors floating
around yesterday concerning the description
of buildings that will be erected on Wood
street in place of those wrecked by the storm.
Mr. JIcKce, one of the owners of the Weldin
building, said that all the parties interested
had about decided on a uniform block from
Diamond street to the building occupied by Mr.
Hendricks, four honses five stories high, cost
inz about $20,000 each.
From another source it was learned that the
matter of the appeal from the Building In
spector's decision was still pending, and until
this tangle was settled no definite arrangement
could be made about rebuilding. Just what
will be done seems to be an open question.
One thing is clear, however new buildings of
some sort will bo put up in place of the old
Alles 4 Bailey, 164 Fourth ave., sold for Mrs.
MorEtt anew brick dwelling of seven rooms and
all conveniences, on Locust street between
Magee and Stevenson streets, to H. Hayes, of
Harrisburg, Pa. The price could not be
H. B. Smithson. auctioneer, sold yesterday
morning 70 feet on Madison avenue by 111 feet
on Second street Allegheny, to S. H. Shannon
for $25,800.
Black & Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold for U.
Schwendeman -to Mrs. Mary Leonard a two
story brick dwelling and storeroom, No. 378
Webster avenue, for S2.450 cash.
Samuel W. Black & Co., 99 Fourth avenue,
sola for $3,250 cash, a lot 120x155 on the south
west corner of Herron avenue and Iowa street
Thirteenth ward. The purchaser will build a
handsome residence on the same. Messrs.
Black & Co. report an unprecedented demand
for property on the hill, owing to the advant
ages the proposea cable roaa running out
Wylie avenue will present and which is to be
constructed at once.
James W. Drape & Co. sold two houses and
lots on Rebecca street East End. six rooms in
each house, and lot 33x120 feet, for $6,050.
A Lively Day Anions Wall Street Stock
Jobbers Benrs Unnblo to Hold Their
Grip Prices Tumble and Re
actBonds Irreculnr.
New York, January 2t The stock market
was still less active to-day, and the dealings
were even more than usual of lato devoid of
special feature. The reduction in the Bank of
England's rate of discount with continued ease
of money both here and abroad gave the for
eigners renewed confidence this morning, and
they took some lots of stocks here and gave for
the time being a better tone to the local mar
ket than was seen yesterday. The local opera
tors were waiting for news from the Presi
dents meeting at Chicago, however, and in the
meantime the bears as usual seized the oppor
tunity to make a demonstration against the
list especially the Coalers and Union Pacific,
and aid was received from Chicago in the shape
of pressure to sell the Grangers. The depres
sion caused by these efforts was not in propor
tion to tho amount of work done, the declines
established being confined to small fractions in
every case. The poor success led to a covering
movement late in the day and the losses were
about recovered before the close.
First prices were firm to strong and the ad
vances over last evening's figures extended to
per cent and further slight gains were gen
erally made, thouch only Wheeling and Lake
Erie displajcd any real strength. Toward noon
tho market subsided into the most extreme
dullness and some heaviness developed in the
Coalers and Grangers, which after 12 M. was
accompanied by more animation under the at
tempts of the bears to depress quotations. In
the last hour there was renewed strength all
over the list and prices recovered almost all the
losses of the day, and in some cases fractions
in addition. The close was dull but firm.
Most of tho list is slightly higher, but in no
case is the final change for more than a frac
tion. There was again a moderate business in rail
road bonds, the sales of all issues reaching
$1,787,000, out of which $154,000 were in Nickel
Plate fours, $140,000 Chesapeake and Ohio cer
tificates and $1C9,0U0 Reading fours. The move
ments in tne general list however, were on a
parity with the fluctuations in stocks, and
while the tone of the market was firm to strong
some weakness was shown here and there, and
final prices arc soincwuat irregular.
The following table shows the pricesof active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dailj for The Disf-atch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Excbangc, 67 Fourth avenue:
Open- Hluh- Low
Inc. est. est.
inc 49M
35 S,
24 H
136 i
04 'f
Am. cotton oil 4'J?
Atch.. Top. Jt S. T.... 60i
Canadian Pacific !1!i
Canada Southern XH
Central orNcw Jersey. 7,i
Ccntrall'aclUc ....
U., Bur. & Qulncy ItOM
C, Jill. & ht. Paul... 63&,
C, Jlll.ibt. P.. pr.... 101,1
C, Kockl. &P 97
C, M. L. & Pitts
C, St. L. APltts. pf.
C, St. P.. it. A 0 31
C, St. P., SI. & O., pf. ....
O. & Northwestern... .117
C& Northwestern, pf. ....
O. U. C. & 1 58
Col., Coal It Iron 29
Col. & Hocking Val .. 25
Del., L. 4W 140
Del. & Hudson 136,
Denver A KloU
Denver Jt Klo G., pf.
K.T., Va. &Oa
E. T.,Va. & Oa.. 1st pf ....
E. T., Va. ft Ga. 2d pf. 2tj
Illinois Central 113!
Lake Erie St West pf.. 53
Lake Shore & M. 8..102J
50 'i
50 1
109 )i
ioi x
60 i
LouisTiue& .w.isnvuie. 37
Michigan central.,
. 84
Mobile ft Ohio
Mo., K. ftTevas
Missouri Pacific
Newlork Central..
N. Y.. L. E. & W...
N. Y., L. E. ft W.pref I
.1. I., V. AOh U...... ....
N. Y., C St. L. pf.
N.V., C. ft St. L.2dpf ....
N. YAN. E 44
N. V.. O. ft W ISM
Norfolk Western
Norfolk ft Western, pf 51V
Northern Pacific 25JJ
Northern Pacific pref. e s
Ohio ft Mississippi 2l
Oregon Improvement ....
Oregon Transcon 30)f
Pacific Mall
Peo. Dec. ft Evans..... 22X
Phlladel. ft Heading,. 43
Pullman Palace Car.. .133
13 13
72, 72,
10SK 1094
611 61H
45" 4IJ
15!4" ISM
5144 61 H SIM
25 254, 23J
60k 60 C0!i
21X 21 2IX
3M 304,
22X VM 22X"
4SH 47j 43
193 100M "1
Richmond & W. P. T.. UX HK
Richmond A W.F.T.pf 734 78
St. Paul&Dulnth
St. Paul & Duluth pf.
St. P., Minn. &Jlan...lOC'4 10OK
St.L.A8an Fran "
St L. & San Fran pf.. 61 a
St. L. & San V. Hi pf.
Texas Pacific 2K 20?
Union Pacific 2$ 63
Wabash 12M 12K
Wabash preferred...,. 2iH J4M
Western Union 84' ' Wi
Wheeling & L. 63M 65
MX 23!,
80 79J
100)4 100M
.... m
61,f 62
.... 1MM
20 20,'J
ev4 em
UH I5'4
Wi 84!
m 61
Atchison and tho Coppers Lose Ground
Other Securities Irrecnlar.
Boston, January 24. The stock market to
day was featureless, with some Irregularity in
tone. Atchison, Chicago, Burlington and
Sulncy, copper stocks, etc, lost ground, while
exicans and West End were a trifle firmer.
Atch. &Top..lst7. 119
Atch. ATop.B. B... 50
Boston & Albany.. .202j
C. K. (l Jin
Wis. Central, com...
Wis. Central pf..
AUonczM,KCo.(neir) 4
Calumet ft ilecU....278M
nn. San. ft Cleve. UH,
Catalna 17
r-asiernic. k vo
Eastern R. It 6s 124
Flint iPtre.M. prd. 9
Mexican Central .... USj
31. C 1st Hon. bits. 69
. y. ftKewKn-... 44H
Old Colony 170H
Bntland preferred.. 37
Franklin U
Huron 4U
Osceola 1S,S
0,alncT 73'4
neii jciepnoae iu
Boston Land IK
Water rower..
San Diego
i. 24
Philadelphia rttoelti.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York btock Ex
change. Bid.
Pennsylvania Kallroad 53V
Beading Hsilroad 24
Buffalo, Pittsburg and Western 124
I-ehlxh Vallcv 54H
LehlRh .Navigation MH
Allegheny Valley bonds 113
u. Oo.'s New Jersey 225
Northern Pacific 23',
Northern Pacific preferred GO
24 1-16
lUinlntr Stocks.
New York, January 24. Mining stocks
closed: Amador, 150; Bodie, 175; Caledonia, 255;
Consolidated California and Virginia. 787; Com
monwealth. 550; Deadwood, 160; Oould and
Currv, 270; Hale and Norcross, 496; Homestake,
1250; Iron Silver, 315; Ontario, 8350; Plymouth,
825; Savage, 490: Sierra Nevada, 290; Standard,
Union Consolidated, 290.
Cardinal Haynald has offered his celebrated
herbarium, valued at E50.0U0, to the Hungarian
National Museum.
Charles Yriarte has published a most in
teresting work in two volumes of the life and
policy of Ca;sar Borgia.
The Secretary ot the Treasury yesterday
afternoon accepted the following bonds: 4s,
registered, $6,000 at 109.
General Von Scellendorf, Prussian Minister
of War, and Dr. Von Schelllng, Imperial Min
ister of Justice, have resigned.
Baumeister.Schoene and Hartman, of the
Vienna Burg Theater, have been decorated
with the Order of Francis Joseph.
The Secretary of State has received a cable
message from the United States Consul at
Colon, savin 2- that affairs on the Isthmus of
Panama are quiet
The Cologne Gazette proposes the insertion
of a special Geffcken paragraph in the German
penal code, which, it says, requires thorough
revision from beginning to end.
A dispatch says that Sheriff J. L. Kibbee,
of Boyd county, Kentucky, made an assign
ment late last night, and left home before day
light this morning. He is said to be short
The death of M. Leronx, member of the
Chamber of Deputies, entails a bye election on
Febrnary 19 in the Department of the Nord,
the lamest constituency in France, next to that
of the Seine.
Representative Morrow, of California, is in
receipt of a telegram from San Francisco in
forming him that a recount of the votes in the
Fourth Congressional district increases his
majority 62, making his majority 655 over his
Democratic competitor, Mr. FarraU.
The suit brought by Miss Bessie Hubhell
against Dr. Charles Bliss for $20,000 damages
for breach of promise of marriage was discon
tinued yesterday in the New York Supreme
Court on account of the doctor's death, he
having been killed by a fall the day before.
The Dublin Express (Conservative) asserts
that the London Times has secured fresh and
important documents from the United States,
will be produced before the Parnell
Bsion in support of its charges against
wnicn wi
commission in sunDort 01 its cuarm
Parnellite members of the House of Commons.
The fruition ot the Czarina's hopes of
making a sojourn in Naples is now extremely
uncertain. She is afflicted with a malady re
sembling palsy, and is slowly growing worse.
She has been subject to paroxysms of nervous
prostrations and tits of trembling ever since the
railway disaster at Borki.
A duel was fought to-day between M.
Cornudet the member of the Chamber ot
Deputies for the Department ofCreuz, and M.
'Chabrouillaud.editorof a newspaper. The latter
gentleman was wounded. The duel was the
result of a quarrel growing out of the candi
dacy of General Boulanger.
The British Minister at Athens will shortly
give bis decision as arbitrator upon the claim
of the United States Government against Den
mark, for compensation on account ot the
Danish commander at St Thomas firing upon
the American ship Benjamin Franklin, as that
vessel was leaving port in 1854, without per
mission from the authorities.
Important arrangements have been made
in Chicago in a case of clever forgery through
which thousands of people, who have been us
ing what they supposed to be Arnold's ink,
have been nsing a counterfeit finid nut up in
genuine, bottles, but labelled with forged fac
similes of the well-known label of the English
William Bitter's ale and lagerbeer brewery,
in Chicopee, Mass.. and 400 barrels of lager
beer were seized yesterday by United States
officers. The officers secured positive evi
dence, including ilr. Bitter's confession, that he
has been using beer stamps a second time. He
was also found bottling beer in the brewery
contrary to law.
The Senate Pacific Railway Committee will
meet Monday next to consider Mr. Mitchell's
bill providing for an ascertainment and fund
ing of tho debts of the Central and Union Pa
cific Railway Companies. In the meantime.
Chairman Frye will probably call up tho bill
pendinc in the Senate, as a special order, deal
ing only with the Union Pacific and Central
Branch, and make a speech upon it
A company of United States troops arrived
at Purcell, Ind. T., yesterday, from Fort Reno,
crossed the Canadian river and proceeded to
put tbe "boomers" out of the Oklahoma coun
try. Over 600 families were driven out and thev
arc now encamped around Purcell. Some of
the people resisted and had to be tied to
wagons and were pulled out in this way.
United States Consul Wlllard.at Guaymas,
Mexico, has sent a dispatch to the State De
partment denying the report that a number of
American citizens had been killed by Yagin
Indians near Orltz, CO miles from Guaymas.
He says that the Indians attacked a small
force of Mexican soldiers, and killed several of
them, but that no foreigners were injured.
Mr. Gladstone, who is now it Naples, in
reply to a correspondent who had called his at
tention to the fact that a branch of the Irish
National Leaeue had been named after him,
writes: "I have no connection of any sort with
tbe League nor have I any knowledge what
soever on the subject I suppose my name was
chosen owing to my efforts to free the Irish
from opprcssivo laws such as are absolutely
certain to produce obiectionable acts on the
1 part of some Irishmen, tile fewness of which I
nnlv wnmler nt iinrl fenl thfinVfMl tnr "
In a dense fog yesterday morning a train
at Fulton and Nostrand avenues station, on the
Kings County Elevated Railroad, in Brooklyn,
on the down track, was run into by a train In
the rear which had been following. No dam
age was caused, but the passengers were greatly
shaken uo and excited. One of them, Samuel
Konff on, lost bis presence of mind and jumped
off the front platform of the first car into the
street He was killed on the spot. The cars
wero not damnged, and none of the other pass
tengers wero hurt
The steamer Australia arrived yesterday
frcm Honolulu bringing news up to the 14th
instant The Hiawaiian Gazette of January 12
sajstheKingof Ravutu and tho Queen of
Rimatara havo arrived at Racotanga, their
mission being to have a British protectorato es
tablished over their inlands. Being disap
pointed in this, they drew up a pathetic peti
tion to Queen Victoria and her Prime Minister,
praying for the protection of the British flag
over those islands and the island of Maria.
This petition has been forwarded to England.
The Car Trust has won a victory in its snit
against the Iron Mountain and Southern Rail
road Company. The snit was brought in tho
United States Circuit Court in New York. It
was to recover about $850,000. and grew out of
an agreement made in 1830 between the trust
and tbe Wabash system. By its terms the trust
was to supply the rolling stock of the system.
The Wabash went into the hands ot the Iron
Mountain and the agreement was not carried
nut The decision was rendered by. Judge
Wheeler yesterday. He holds that the Car
Trust is entitled to judgment
A New Bulldlne for the Vandersrrlfts.
Captain J. J. Vandergrift has about de
cided to erect a large business block on the
site of tbe United Pipe Lines and Vander
grift's offices. It will have a 30-foot front
ing, running through to Diamond street, to
be used by all of the companies with which
he is connected.
Dueing the late campaign Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup worked wonders for the orators.
Balmy Weather the KeYcrse
Pleasant to Produce Men.
Wretched. Soads Cause Light Receipts of
Grain and Hay.
Ofwce or Pittsbuko Dispatch, j
Thursday, January 24, 1889. $
Country Produce, Jobbing Prices.
The cold weather having lost its grip, the
high hopes of revival to trade, cherished by
produce commission merchants for the past few
days, have been nipped in the bud. Large quan
tities of apples travel daily to the garbage pile.
Prices for all but the best-keeping article are
only nominal. The only question with dealers
is as to how much can be saved from the wreck
and rot Along Liberty street the mam busi
ness to-day seemed to be assorting apples. In
reply to the query, "How much for apples T"
the response was, "Whatever you have a mind
to give." The encouraging features in country
produce lines since the opening of the year
have been like angels' visits, few and far be
tween. The situation is, however, very com
fortable to the millions who consume.
Beans Navy from store, prime hand picked,
$2 002 10 per bnshel; medium, $2 00: Ohio and
Pennsylvania do, prime and mediui $2 00
2 10; imported do, $1 902 00: Lima, 5Jic per ft;
marrowfat, $2 752 80 per bushel.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2830c; Ohio do,
2326c; fresh dairy packed, 2023c: country
rolls, 1822c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter, 20
Beeswax 2325c per B for choice; low
grade, 16lbc
Cider Sand refined, $6 507 50, common,
$3 504 00: crab cider, $8 0033 50 f) barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c $ gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212Kc;
New York, fall make, 12K13c; Liraburger,
llk12J4c: domestic Sweitzer cheese, 1313.Kc.
Dried peas $1 451 50 p bushel; split do,
2Zc 9 ft.
EGOS 1617c ?t dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, $1 00 to $1 60 barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c ft; cranberries, $8 00
$ barrel: $2 4002 50 $ bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, 50S60c; No. 1
do. 4Uj4oc; mixea lots, sutgioc fi m.
H0MINTi-$3 303 40 fl barrel.
Honet New Crop, 1617c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes, 3540c ft bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; $3 253 50 for Jer-
Poultry Live chickens, 6570o ft pair;
dressed chickens, 1315c ft pound; turkeys, 13
6 15c dressed ft pound; ducks, live, 805c ft
pair; dressed, 1314c ft pound; geese, 10
lie 1 pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bnshel, $3 per
bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts, $6 25;
clover. Alsike, 53 50; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 4o fts, $1 83: blue grass, extra clean.
14 fts. SI 00: blue crass, fancv. 14 fts. SI 20:
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 00;
millet, SO fts, $1 25; German millet 60 fts, $2 00:
Hungarian grass, 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
SHEU.BARKS $1 501 75.
Tallow Country, 45c; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, $3 504 60 ft
box; Messina oranges. $2 603 50 ft box;
Florida oranges, $2 753 00 ft box; Jamaica
oranges .ncv, $4 505 00 ft barrel; Malaga
grapes. $5 607 00 ft keg: bananas, $2 50
firsts, $1 502 00; good seconds ft bunch; cocoa
nuts, $4 00 ft hundred; new figs, 1214c ft pound;
dates, 5JbKo ft pound.
VEGETABLESCelery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $3 005 00 ft 100; onions, 50c ft bushel:
Spanish onions, 7590c ft crate; turnips, 30
40c ft bushel.
Green Coffee Fancy EIo, 2021Kc;
choice Bio, 1920c; prime Kio, 19c; fair Bio,
1S1SKc; old Government Java, 26c; Mara
caibo, 21K22Kc: Mocha. 3031c; Santos, 1X
22c; Caracas coif ee, 1921c; peaberry, Bio. 20
21Hc; Lagnayra, 20K21Kc
ROASTED(in papers Standard brands,22c:
high grades, 242BJc; old Governmeut Java,
I bulk, 3132c; Maracaibo, 227c; Santps, 21K
I 4C, Real,err?'trJ,c.! CD0'ce R1?i, 24c; prime
.tlio, l?c; goou xuu, ic; urumary, uc
Gn.r.,1.. f-tK.t.l f 1 iwab Ol l0i nil
Spices (whole) Cloves,
21025c: allspice. Vc:
cassia, SS
;9c: nenner.
ic; nutmeg, vuassuc.
1 tRoleum (jobbers' prices) 110test, 71c;
nt.t. iaw tils... i.Mniit. isno n.......i.i:.
lOKc: globe, 12c; elalne, 15c; carnadine, HKc;
rovaline, 14c.
Svbups Com syrups, 2325ci choice sugar
syrup, 3530c; prime sngar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c.
If. O. Molasses Fancy, old. 48c: choice, 45c;
mixed. 4042c; new crop, 4350c
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 3K$4cj bi-carb In Ks.
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; salsoda
in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 8$c; stearine,
per set, 8Kc; parafflne, UM12c
Rice Head, Carolina, 77c: choice, 6J
7c; prime, 56c; Louisiana, 64J6Kc.
Starch Pearl, 2c; cornstarch,5j7c: gloss
starch. 67c.
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65: Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
$2 50; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
S2 35; Valencia, new, t7c; Ondara Velencia.
77K; sultana, 7jc; currants, new, 4JJ
oc; Turkey prunes, new, 443c; French
prunes, 813c; Salonica prunes, in 2-ft pack
ages, 8Kc: encoanuts, per 100, $6 00; almonds,
Lan., per fi, 20c; do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c;
walnuts, nap., 12K15c: Sicily filberts. 12c;
Smyrna L. 12J4(210c; new dates, 56c; Brazil
nuts, 10c; pecaus, ll15c: citron, per ft, 2122c;
lemon peel per ft, 1314c; Orange peel, 12c
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 8c; ap
ples, evaporated, 67Kc; apricots, California,
evaporated, 1518c;peaches,evaporated, pared,
2223c: peaches. California, evaporated, un-
pared, 12K13Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evap
orated, 2124Kc; blackberries, 7Sc; huckle
berries, 1012cl
SrGARS Cubes, 7c; powdered, 7c; granu
lated, 7c: confectioners' A. 7c; standard A.
7c; sof t whites,6K6ft' t yellow.choicc, 66Kc;
yellow, 'good, 6j46t: yellow, fair, 6Jc; yel
low, dark. 5?ic.
PICKLES-Medlum , bDls (1,200),. $4 75; me
diums, nan ddis (tAi), 5J so.
halt sso. 1 yt bbl, Stoc; o. 1 ex,
dairy, ft bbl. $1 20: coarse crystal, '
Biggin's Eureka, 4 bu sack, $2 I
Enrnka. 16-14 ft nockets. S3 00.
I bbl, $1 05;
bbl. $1 20;
; Higgin's
CATJNED Goods Standard Peaches. $1 50
1 60; 2ds, $1 301 35; extra peaches. $1 351 DO;
pie peaches. 00c; finest corn, $1 301 50: Hfd.
Co. con.. ug90c; red cherries, 00c$l 00; lima
beans, $1 10: soaked do, 85c: string do do, 7o85c:
marrowfat peas, $1 1001 15; soaked peas. 70
75c; pineapples. $1 401 50; Bahama do. $2 75;
damson plums, 95c; green gaces, $1 25: egg
plums, $2 00; California pears, $2 50; do green
gages, $2 00; do egg plums. $2 00; extra white
cherries, $2 90: red cherries, lifts. 90c: raspber
ries, $1 151 40; strawberries, $1 10; gooseber
ries. $1 201 SO: tomatoes, !'295c; salmon, 1
ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c: succotash, 2-ft
cans, soaked, 90c; do irreen. 2ft3, $1 25. 1 50;
corn beef. 2-ft cant. $1 75; 14-ft cans, $13 SO:
baked beans. $1 401 45; lobster, 1 ft, $1 75
1 80; mackerel. 1-ft cans, broiled. $1 50: sardines,
domestic, !s, $4 254 50; sardines, domestic
Ks, $8 258 50; sardines, imported. Mi, $11 60
12 60; sardines, imported, s, $18 00: sardines,
mustard. $4,00; sardines, spiced, $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 ft
bbl; extra No. 1 do, messed, $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32: extra No. 1 do. messed,
$30; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
Pollock, 4c fl ft; do medium George's cod, 6c;
do large, 7c: boneless hake, in strips 6c; do
George's c .u in blocks, 67Kc Herring
Round shore, $5 50 t bbl; split. $7; lake. $3 25
$ 100-ft half -bbL White fish, $7 $ 100-ft half
bbl. Lake trout, $5 60 R half bbl. Finnan
badden. 10c $1 ft. Iceland halibut, 13c ft ft.
Buckwiieat Flour 2?i2Jc per pound.
Oatmeal S6 80(36 CO S bbl.
Miners' Oil No 1 winter strained,
fl gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grain, Flonr and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change were 16 cars. By Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne
and Chicago, 2 cars of wheat, 2 of flour, 1 of
barley. By Pittsburg; Cincinnati and St. Louis,
4 cars of hay. By Baltimore and Ohio, 2 cars of
flour, 2 of hay, 1 of corn. By Pittsburg and
Lake Erie, 1 car of bran, 1 of flour. There were
no sales on call at the Exchange. Receipts
thus far for the week have been little more
than one-half of last week. Yesterday and
to-day there were bulletined 28 carloads in all.
For the game days last week 52 cars were re
ceived. Wretched roads through the country
are held responsible for light supplies. Good
com and oats manage to hold their own. Hay
continues weak. Wheat still keeps drifting
downward. Flour can hardly hold up to its
present figures much longer if wheat keeps
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red, f 1 W
CORN No.2vellow, ear, 39X)c; high mixed,
ear. 3SK39c;No.l yellow, shelled, 3839c: high
mixed, shelled, 3637c: mixed, shelled. 5536c.
OATS No. 2 white, 3333c: extra No. 3,
323⁣ No. 3 white, 3131Kc; No. 2 mixed,
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 6055c:
No. I Western, 500530.
Barley No. 1 Canada, 968c: No. 2
Canada, 9095c: No. 3 Canada, e890c; No. 2
Western, 83S5c; No. 3 Western, 6570c; Lake
Shore, 7580c
Fr-otTR Jobbing prices, winter patents, $6 60
66 75; spring patents, $6 757 00: fancy straight,
winter and spring. $5 756 00; clear winter,
S5 505 75; stright XXXX bakers', 15 255 60.
Bye flour, S3 73.
Coknmeal In paper, 6070c.
MrLLTEED Middlings, fine white, $20 60
21) ft ton; brown middlings, $17 5018 00:
.winter wheat bran, $15 60lf) 00; chop feed
$15 00018 00.
HAT-Baled timothy, choice. $15 60018 00;
No. 1 do, $15 00015 25; No. 2 do, $13 0013 00;
loose from wagon, $23 00028 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. $10 0010 60; No. 2, $9 009 60; packing
do. $5 0005 50. ,
Straw Oats. $8 008 25; wheat and rye
straw, $7 007 25.
Large hams, 18 fts and upward, 10K! medium
hams, 14 to 18 fts. lie; small bams, 14 fts and
under, llc; picnic or California bams, 8c;
boneless (In skins), HJic: sugar-cured shoul
ders, 8Kc: bacon. 8c: dry salt 9c; breakfast
bacon, 10c; rouletts (boneless s. c. shoulders),
lOJc; regular smoked sides, 9c; bellies,
smoked sides, 9c; regular dry salt sides, 8Kc;
bellies, dry salt sides, 8c; dried beef, sets 3
pieces, 10c; dried beef, flats. 8c; dried beef,
rounds, lie: dried beef, knuckles, lie; pork,
mess, $16 60; pork, family, $17 00; pig pork, half
barrels, $9 00; long sausage. 5Kc Lard
Tierces. 325 fts, 7cftft: half barrels, 120 fts,
7c ft ft: tubs, wooden, 60 fts. 7c ft ft; buck
ets, wooden, 20 fts, 8c ft ft; 3-9 tin pails. 60 fts,
8c ft ft:5-ft tin pails. 60 fts, 8teft ft;10-fttln
Sails, 60 fts. 8c ft ft; 20-ft tin pails, 80 fts, 8c;
-fi tin palls, 100 fts, 7c ft ft.
Dressed Bleat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 fts 5
5Kc: 600 to 650 fts, 66c: 700 to 750 fts, 797Kc
Sheep, 7c ft ft. Lambs, 8c ft ft. ,
The Chattier and Philadelphia Gaa Com
panles Not Working-Harmoniously.
At the annual meeting of the Chartiers Val
ley Gas Company yesterday, the following di
rectors were chosen: James A. Chambers,
James Laughlln, Jr., H. Sellers McKee, Adam
C. Dravo, William H. Singer, William E.
Schmertz, Duncan C. Phillips, Calvin Wells,
John H. Dalzell, Mark W. Watson, James M.
Bailey, Daniel C. Ripley and Edward E. Den
niston. President Chambers in his report stated that,
In accordance with contract the Chartiers
Company had been operated by the Philadel
phia Company the past year, and added: "The
gross receipts of the combined companies were
about $2,500,000; the expenses about $1,100,000,
our net receipts being about $400,000, which is
much less than we expected to receive as our
proportion for the year: the results therefore
are not entirely satisfactory. There is a dis
agreement between the companies as to cer
tain charges that have been returned to us and
charged to operating expenses."
The financial statement shows: Available
assets, stock, accounts and cash, $937,819 85;
assets unavailable, plant, etc., $4,458,266 93;
total assets, $5,396,086 78; total liabilities, $5,396,
086 78. A stockholders' meeting has been
called for March 6, of this year, to vote on a
proposition to issne bonds covered by a mort
gage on the plant for $1,000,000.
Etrrpi's Cotton Crop.
According to the Glasgow MaiVs telegraphic
advices received from Alexandria the arrivals
of new cotton have hitherto been less important
than those of 1837, and there seems to be no
doubt that the 1888 crop is below the average,
and will not exceed about 400,000 bales. It is
expected, however, that much larger quanti
ties 'will be delivered during the next few
weeks, since the communications with the in
terior have latelv been interrupted by heavy
rains, and as the Egyptian Government intends
raising the carnage rates on the railways,
great efforts will be made to bring as much
cotton as possible to the market before the new
tariff comes into force.
An Opening for American Machinery.
In a communication received from a Glasgow
Mail correspondent in Yokohama, it is stated,
among other things, that the Japanese are con
structing and fitting up large numbers of small
cotton factories, which contain from 4,000
spindles, or perhaps even less, to 5,000 each. It
appears also that a ready and extensive sale
conld be found in tbe country for handmills
for rice-grinding purposes, and of abont the
same price and size as ordinary coffee mills, the
object being to grind tbe rice Into flno meal.
Business Notes.
Litz insurance men report quite a boom in
their business.
The Pittsburg Cattle Company has declared
a cash dividend of 6 per cent and a stock divi
dend of 11.
Somebody must hava inside views about La
Noria. There was a big movement in that
stock yesterday.
Captain Barbour, the veteran of the Pe
troleum, Stock and Metal Exchange, is af
flicted with rheumatism.
A fine building for the accommodation of
several local oil companies will ornament
Fourth avenue before long. It will be erected
on the site of the one now occupied by tbe
United Pipe Lines and Captain Vandergrift's
offices. It will run through to Diamond street,
having a front of about 30 feet. Captain Van
dergrift is the proprietor.
Bilious Headache,
Biliousness, Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Constipation, Dizziness
Positively eared by
The People's Favorite Liver Pills.
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by an old apothecary, Five bottles $L
The HOP PILL CO., New London, CI.
Hop Ointment cures and makes chapped
rough, red skin soft and clear. 25 and 60c
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
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Dressed Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Hams, Breakfast Bacon,
Pork Bologna
And all other varieties of Sausage of the finest
?.uality, at very moderate prices, received dally
rom their immense cooling rooms at Chicago.
No. 410 Smithfield St.
CAPITAL, . . - . 9300,000 00.
JAMES l'.SPEEK. Vice Presfc
ceI-k33-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
Oil bought and sold on margin. de27-21-Dsu
Chartiers Creamery Co.
Warehouse and General Offices,
Telephone 1423.
Sissell Block.
Factories throughout Western
For prices see market quotations,"
Wholesale exclusively.
As old residents know ana back tiles of. Pita,
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
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T. T .'