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Ketail Prices of Materials for Sunday
Dinner Tables.
Vegetables and Fruit Rarely as Low in Mid
Winter as Xow.
Office of the Pittsbckg Dispatch, (
Friday. January 18, 18S9. J
There have been few features of special
interest in marketing lines developed in the
past week.
Retail dealers in the lines of material for
Sunday dinners tell the same story as job
bers, namely that trade is very quiet, not
having yet iully recovered from the holiday
boom. At the fish and oyster stalls a fair
week's trade is reported, with supplies fullv
equal to all demand, for everything suitable to
the most fastidious taste.
The trade with hotels has very much im
proved since the opening ot the new year. But
outside trade, with country towns, which was
large up to and through the holiday week is
only fair to middling in the line of nsu ana
oysters. The demand for some has very much
declined, but a comfortable business is still re
ported by dealers.
At butcher stalls the feeling is not jubilant
over the situation. Diminished demands for
game and poultry has thus far brought no great
activity to retail meat trade. The heavy drop
in eggs the past week or two begins to be felt
in retail markets.
Butter that retails below 30c per pound gives
Just cause to be viewed with a suspicious eye.
Alas ! for the weakness of human nature and
the want of respect for law. the bulk of the
product going into the average citizen under
the guise of butter is considerably mixed. It is
highly probable that the bucuit spread at the
breakfast table of the multitude contains as
large a proportion of tallow and cotton seed oil
as the product of Jersey cream.
A leading produce merchant said within a
day or two- "I do not believe that one-tenth of
the so-called butter which goes into the
stomachs of the people is the genuine article.1'
Pure creamery butter and fancy country
rolls have not fallen in price. Country women
who are known tobnng the genuine product of
cows' milk to market find little trouble dispos
ing of their goods at 50c a pound, while a sus
Eicious article of country butter is slow at one
alf that figure.
There are no changes to be noted in the
prices of vegetables and fruit. It is not often
that the market batket can be filled at this sea
son of the year with fruit and vegetables at as
low figures asnon. Prices range very little
from those which ruled in the hai vefct time.
Flowers have experienced another drop from
fancy holiday prices, as u ill be seen by quota
tions below. The feeling among dealers in
market basket materials generally is that the
trade is now at its lowest ebb, and that another
week will show a revival and greater activity,
especially if cold weather happens to inter
vene. Mcnts.
The prices called for at the Diamond Markets
remain unchanged. The best cuts of tenderloin
f teak range from 0 to 25c, with the last figure
for ery fancy, which are very often no bet
ter than the 20c article: sirloin, best cuts,
from 18 to 0c; standing rib roast, 15 to 20c;
chuck roast, 10 to 12c; best round steaks, 15c;
boiling beef, 5 to Sc; sweet breads, 25c per
pair: beef kidneys, 10c apiece; beef liver. Sea
Fiound: calf livers. 2oc apiece: corned beef
rom 5 to 10c per pound. Veal for stewing
commands 10c: roat, 12 to 15c: cutlets. 20c
per pound; spring lambs, fore quarter, 12 to
l5c: hind quarters, la to 20c A leg of mut
ton, hind quarter, of prime quality, brings
12c; fore quarter, Ec; loin of mutton, 15c
Vegetables nnd Frnit.
Jersey sweet potatoes, 25c a half peck;
potatoes, 15c a half peck; celery. 10c a bunch;
squash, 10 to 25c; tomatoes, 50c per quart
box; pumpkin. 15 to 25c: cabbage, 5 to 10c;
annles 15c to 20c halt peck: bananas, 15 to 25c
a dozen: lemons. 25 to 30c per dozen: oranges. 35
Me: Malaga grapes 25c per pound; onions, 25s a
half peck; spinach, 25c per peck; lettuce, 10c per
bunch, 3 loi 25c: radishes, Sc per hunch; cran
berries, 15c perquait: cucumbers, 25c a piece.
riovers f2 00 a dozen; woodcock, $6 50
a dozen. Ducks, 75c to $1 00 a pair.
Pigeons, oOc a pair. Squirrel?, 40c a pair.
Mallard ducks.Sl a pair; quail.53 00 toll 50 dozen;
reed birds, 51 CO per pair. Teal ducks. G5c a
pair: canvashick duck. Si 00 per pair: red
head ducks, S2 50 per pal-. Pheasants, $1 2d a
pair. Rabbits, 25c a pair. Venison, 35c pound,
steaks; hole deer, loc to ISc. i'rainc chick
ens, $1 25 a pair. Bear steaks, 55c per pound.
Butter, Ecps nnd Ponltry.
The best creamery butter is 40c. Fancy
pound rolls of country butter are 50c
The ruling retail price for eggs is 20c.
Choice country eggs bring 25c
The range for dressed chickens is 75c to
$1 00 per pair. Turkeys, 15c per pound.
FlIi nnd Oyster.
Following are the articles in this line still on
the stalls, with prices: Lake salmon, 12Jc; Cali
fornia salmon, 40c pound; white fish, 12c; her
ring, pounds for 25c;fresh mackerel, 2ocapiece;
Spanish mackerel. 45c to50c a pound; sea sal
mon, 40c a pound:blue fish, 20c; perch. 10c;
uauuui, oc; rock oass, ,wc; uiacK uas, MCI laKe
trout, 12Jc: lobsters. 25c: green sea tuitlc, 2Sc
Oysters: standard, Jl per gallon; select. Jl 50
totl 7o: N. 1. counts, $1 75 per gallon; snaps
SOc: shell ojsters. 25c dozen; smelts, 20 to 25c
pound; clams, 1 25 gallon; scollops, 50c a
FIovi crs.
La France roses, $3 00 per dozen; Bride
roes, 1 75 per dozen; Perles, 1 00 per dozen;
NIphetos, 1 50 per dozen; Bennetts, 2 25
per dozen; Magna Charts, roses, 1 25;
American Beauty, 1 25 apiece; Mennets,
1 75 per dozen; De Wattville, 2 00: carnations,
50 cents a dozen: Marguerites, 30 cents per
dozen: Violets. $2 50 a hundred: Lilv of the
Valley, 75c per dozen; Maiden Hair fern,
50c per doz. fronds. Bermuda Easter lilies,53 50
per dozen; tulips. 75c per dozen.
Steel Rails Active nnd Market Strong
Manufactured Iron Steady.
fcpecial Report by Cable for the American Manu
lactnrtr. Londox. January 17. Scotch Pig Barely
steady marnet, trade moderate,
No. 1 Coltness .
.oOs. Od. f.o. b. Glasgow
.51s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
.4s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
.49s. Od. f. o. b. Glasgow
44s. Cd. f. o. b. Glasgow
-43s. Od. L o. b. Glasgow
.4Ss. Od. atArdrossan.
No. lSummcrlee ,
No. 1 Gartsherne ....,
No. ILangloan
No. 1 Carubroe
No. IShotts
No. 1 Glcngamock.
No. 1 Dalmellington ...43s. 6d. atArdrossan.
No. 1 Eglmton 41s. Od. atArdrossan.
Hesscmer Pig Market continues firm, with
good business. West Coast brands quoted at
45s Od for Nos. 1. 2. 3, f. o. b. shipping point.
Middlesbrough Pig More demand and prices
stead. Good brands quoted at 34s. Od. forNo. 3,
f. o. b.
Spiegelcisen Market continues firm, but
quiet. English 20 per cent quoted at bOs. Od,
i. o. b. at works.
Steel Hails Active market and prices strong,
fetandard sections quoted at 4 f. o. b. ship
ping point.
Steel Blooms Market holding firm, demand
fair. Beemer 7x7 quoted 3 17s. 6d f. o. b.
shipping point.
Steel Billets This market continues firm, on
a good demand. Bessemer (size 2x2$) quoted
at 4 os. 6d. f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Slabs Steady market and trade good.
Ordinary sizes quoted at 3 17s. 6d. f. o. b. ship
ping point.
.rop Ends Demand only moderate, but
market steady. Run of the mill quoted at 2
12s 6d. f. o. b. shipping point.
Steel Wire Rods A firm market, but busi
ness less active than last week. Mild steel. No.
b, quoted at 5 17s. 6d. f. o. b. shippingport.
Old Rails Market dull and prices unchanged.
Tees quoted at 3 5s. Od. and double heads at
3 10s. Od. c i. 1. New York.
Scrap Iron Slow market continues, no
change In prices. Heavy wrought quoted at 2
2s. 6d f. o. b. shipping points.
Manufactured Iron Market active, prices
somewhat irregular, but strong.
Stafford, ord. marked bars(f.o.b.L'pool)8 12s Cd
" common bars 0 Os Md 5 15s Od
" blk. sheet singles 0 0s 0d 715s0d
Welsh bars, f. o. b. Wales... 5 2s 6d 0 OsOd
Steamer Freights Glasjrow to New York,
4s. Od. Liverpool to New York. 10s. Od.
Wool Markets.
Philadelphia Wool quiet and prices un
changed. New York Wool strongand quiet; domestic
fleece, 303Bc; pulled, 2C,c; Texas, 1420c
r Louis Wool steady: unwashed bright
medium. l!'26Jfc; coarse braid, 1222c: low
sandy, llglic; line light, 1723c; fine heavj-,
Metnl Markets.
New York Pig iron firm. Copper dnll and
heavy: lake, January, $17 25. Lead nominal;
j2l'nr 3 Tin qulet and casicr5 raite,
ST. Locis-Lcad dull; S3 55 asked.
Wheat Unsettled by Henry Dealing, but
Closes Firm and Higher Corn and
Oats tstronsei Pork and Lard
Irregular. Wlih 3Iany
CntcAGO Things appeared to be consider
ably mixed in wheat in this market to-day.
Trading was heavy and largely local, and cred
ited mostly to the large flour traders. Some
parties who were credited with having bought
very freely a few days ago sold heavily, one
dealer being credited with selling 1.000,000
bushels or more, while others were buying, one
operator being reported as taking 500,000 to
1,000,000 bushels for covering of shorts, and an
other with buying 500.000 bushels on long ac
count. The impression prevailed that r. good
deal of lorg wheat had been sold and short
lines covered. Fluctuations of price were con
fined v.itlun a moderate range, considering the
active trading, and the feeling was strong most
of the session. The opening was about the
same as tho closing yesterday, eased oif He and
after that rallied with scleral slight fluctua
tions tolJc, eased off Jc and closed z higher
than yesterday. A sale of 10,000 bushels ot old
o. 2 spring was made here to-day to a local
miller at 1 00. or 1c under the May prices,
shoning that choice milling wheat is not
plenty, and that to obtain desirable lots some
premium must be paid above regular lots.
A very fair trade was witnessed in corn early
and the feeling developed was quite strong,
after which prices receded and the market was
les active. Tho market opened at about cs
tcrdaj's closing prices, was unsettled for a
time, then advanced c reacted Jc be
came steady, and closed K6lc higher than
Oats w ere stronger, and the nrincinal futures
traded in advanced Vi&Ac The near deliveries
remained dull, and although at one time
higher prices were hid, they tailed to brim out
sellers, ana not sumcient trading occurred to
establish prices.
Quite an active speculative business was rc-
Eortcd in mess poik, but prices ruled irregular,
larly sales wcie made at about jesterdaj's
closing figures, but the market soon weakened
aud prices gradually declined 3537Kc Later
the market ruled steadier, and prices rallied
12K1 5c but declined again and closed easy.
lr.iding was quite active in lard, and prices
ruled irregulai. Early sales were made at yes
terdays closing figures, but the pressure to sell
exceeded the demand, and a reduction of 15
ITJJc was submitted to. Later the market was
steadier, and prices rallied and closed quiet.
There was good trading in short ribs, and the
market was weak during the greater portion of
the day. Prices declined 15Sl"Kc, but rallied
'jyndoc and closed steady.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2, January. 97Jfc; Fcliruarv. 97
R9S9797c; Mav, Sl0lgl016l l 01;
juiy. i'iiraiM'4jir.(3Vi;;c
Mtss 'Pork, per bbl. January, fl2 55;
March. 12 ft!K13 0012 6512 65; May, 13 20
13 20S12 S2Xgl2 S7U.
Lard per 100 fis. January, 7 077 O7K0
6 S75i6 67K: March, S7 107 106 StkSfi !&A;
May. 7 22Ug7 2237 057 Uo.
SHORT RIBS, per 100 fts January. 16 70
6 756 50&6 50; March, 6 75B 75S6 S7U
6 57K; May, 5 b56 S5Q6 706 70.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
steady and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat,
97.c; No. 3 spnngwheaU&g&Gc: No. 2 red,
lKH,e97i(c. No. 2 corn. 313JJ8"a No. 2 rye,
SIKc. No. 2 barley, nominal. No. 1 flaxseed,
1 62. Timothy seed, 1 5S. Mess pork, per bar
rel, 12 5512 CO. Lard, per 100 lbs. G 99. Short
ribs sides (loose), 6 52k. Dry salted shoul
ders (boxed). 6 256 37ij. Short clear sides
(boxed), S7 007 12K. Receipts Flour, 10,000
barrels; wheat, 16.0u0bushels: corn, 107.000 bush
els: oats. 102,000 bushels: rye, 3,000 bushels; bar
ley, 54,000 bushels. Shipments Flour. 11,000 bar
rels; wheat, 17,000 bushels; corn. bo,000 bushels:
oats. 66,000 bushels; rye, none; barley, 23,000
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was dull and weak; fancy creamerv,
24g25c; choice to fine, lS20c; fine dairies, 16
ISc; good to choice. Ilgl2c Eggs steady at
New York Flour steady and moderately
active. Wheat-Spot firm and Klc higher;
options active and firm, and 5gjc higher,
Kje heavy and quiet. Barley quiet. Com ir
regular, closing weaker and fairlv active; op
tions active and kJic higher. Oats Lower
on white: unchanged on mixed. Hay firm.
Coffee Options opened barely steady and ir
regular; closed steady at 520 points up; sales,
41,750 bags, including 15.55i2.75c; February,
15.00c; March, 15.40iai5.50c: Mav. 15.3315.50c:
June. 15.454tl5.50c; July, li4:Vi!)l555c: August.
15.5015.00c: September, 15.b015.70.-: October.
15.70c; November, 15.70c: December. 15.60
15.75c; spot Rio strong: fair cargoes,
17'sc. Sugar-Raw dull; refined dull.
Molasses Sales, 6 cargoes new crop Cuba, Feb-
(iuaij auu -uuiuu ueuvenes, zuc ior oo test;
New Orleans delivery moderately active and
hnn. Cottonseed oil dull; crude4Gc: yellow,
i 5Itf7!;52ff. Tallow nnminnl PV ctA.il ai,
decline; western, 16Kc. Pork quiet Cutraeats
strong; pickled bellies, 12 pound. "Kc; 10
pounds, ic: pickled shoulders. 6G)kc: pickled
hams lOiSJIOKc. Middles dull: short clear,
7 37K. Lard opened Arm and closed weak at
atl213 points decline; sales western steam,
7 50, closing at $7 40; city. $5 00: January. $7 SB
February, $7 32 asked; March, S7 3o740, clos
ing at 7 33 asked; April. 7 35 asked: Mav,
7 377 52. closing at 7 37; June, 7 33g7 50.
closing at 7 SS; July, 7 41 asked; August, 7 43
asked. Butter w eak except for fine; western
dairy, 1319c; creamery, 16025c: Llgins. 27c
Cheese stiong and wanted; western, llllc
St. Louis Flour nominally unchanged.
Wheat had more strength and steadiness to
day and closed Kc above yestcrdav; No. 2 red,
cash and January. 91c; Mav, 97i(g9Sc closing
at 97c; July, 85JJ8CKc. closing at S6Kc Corn
higher and flrm;No. 2 mixed, cash, 29K30c;
March, 3131K closing at 31c bid; Mav. 32
33c closing at S3c Oats higher; No. 2
cash. 24Jc: May, 2Si52SKc, closing at 2Sa Rve
firm at 4Sc; but there is no demand. Barley
verv dull: one car Iowa sold at 45c. Bag"in"
easy at 7J10c, according to weight. Iron
ties lower at SI 10. Provisions dull and only a
small jobbing trade done. Pork, $13 00. Lard,
6 75.
Cincinnati Flour dull. Wheat nuh; No
2 red, 1 01. Receipts, 500 bushels; shipments,
500 bushels. Com in good demand, steady;
No. 2mixed,35Kc Oats stead ; No. 2 mixed,
2SS2bMc Rve quiet; No. 2, 2 55. Pork nom
inal at 13 25. Lard quiet at 6 90. Bulkmeats
and bacon barely steady. Butter weak, lower;
fancy northwestern creamerv, 272Sc; prime
dairy roll, 1213c. Sugar quiet. Cheese firm.
Philadelphia Flour dull and weak.
Wheat dull, but with stronger reports from the
West prices advanced KSlc and closed firm.
Com firm and demand niodctate:uothing doing
on speculative account. Oits Carloisdulland
barely steadv: No. 3 white, 32c; No. 2 white. 34c
do choice, 34c: tutuies quiet but steadv. But
ter dull and weak; PcnrslTania creamerv
extra,25c; do prints, extra, 28c.
Milwaukee Flour dull. Wheat unsettled
cash. tiOiSa05c; May, 9lX&SiyHc Corn strong
No. 2,S031Kc Oats inactive; No.2white,2Sc
Rve buoyant and higher: No. 1, 19c Bailey
dull: cash, 64Jsflic. Provisions irregular. Pork,
12 90. Lard, ii 07J. Cheese quiet; Cheddars
Baltimore Provisions steady and un
changed. Butter weak; Western packed. 15
17c: creamery. lWt26c Eggs firm at 1516c
Coffee firm; fair, 17K17Jic.
Toledo Cloversccd active and steady cash
and February, 5 30; March, 5 37K.
A Florist Gives Some Hints for Preserving
Them Frcrli nnd Bright.
There were several beautiful bouquets of
roses, hyacinths and other hothouse flowers
resting on the counter in a florist's estab
lishment in this city yesterday afternoon,
when a reporter stepped into the store. He
asked how long will the flowers last in the
bouquets. The general manager replied:
That all depends on how they are takncare
of. Of course, if a lady carries them in her
hand all night in a hot ballroom, there Is no
chance for them to last any time at all. But
unaer orainary circumstances, mat is, pnt in a
vase, thev ought to last a week, at least. Most
people make the mistake to moisten the stems
of the flowers only. Now that is wrong. The
jietals are more liable to wither and drop off
than any other part of a flowpr.and they should
be moistened as well. In fact, this is the wav
flowers sliould be treated : Put them in a basin
anl let the water run on them until thev a
almo covered with it. Then let them stand-
iiKeuiai. mraniguu ids next morning they
may be arranged, and then they should be
sprinkled with moisture as often as the water
jn tho vases is renewed, and they will last
Georgia's Colored Washerwomen Will Not
Tolerate Chinese Competition,
Albany, Ga., January 18. The arrival
of a Chinese laundry irom San Francisco
has precipitated a genuine war of races
with the negro washerwomen on the one
side and the terrified Chinese on the other.
Several years ago two Chinese set up busi
ness iu this city and were driven out by the
negroes, who looked upon them as unfair
competitors in the business. The appear
ance of Chung Lee yesterday, therefore.and
his declared purpose to open up at the old
stand, at once aroused the colored people,
and thejr freely avow that there will be a
dead Chinese in town if he attempts to take
in washing here.
Bustling Boroughs Almost Ready to
Drop Into the Big City.
Bulls Look On While Petroleum
Out of Sight and Sound.
Pittsburg feels a motherly affection for
the boroughs that lie just beyond her lim
its, which is intensified by the fact that
they will at no distant day apply for a
place beneath her sheltering wings. Wil
kiusburg is almost ready for absorption.
Braddock may be able to maintain her
quasi autonomy for several years longer,
but she will eventually, like the prodigal,
become tired of chewing husks, and, re
penting of her folly, become part and par
cel of the big and spreading city, with an
interest in the public schools, the municipal
building, the magnificent Court House, and
last, but by no means least, the Fifth avenue
hump. The i apid growth of Pittsburg renders
this result as inevitable as tho march ot timo
and progre-s.
This preliminary being settled, the reproduc
tion of the salient points of an interview which
The Dispatch representative had with tho
pioneer banker of Braddock yesterday evening
may be both opportune and interesting. There
have been many radical changes there within
the past few years changes in business as well
as in municipal administration aud generally
for the better. Ten years ago the streets were
unpaved and almost impassable. It was not an
unusual occurrence for horse3 and wagons to
stick in the mud on the main thoroughfare.
Pedestrians fared no better. This was a serious
hindrance to business. Since tho borough sys
tem went into operation this inconvenience has
been removed in a great measure, but the im
provements by which It was accomplished hare
cost a largo sum of money.
Tho borough indebtedness is not less than
150,000. Nearly all of it has been expended on
the streets. But with all this outlay they are
not in a condition to satisfy the public demand
or meet the requirements of business. After
every rain the streets and pavements arc cov
ered with mud from tho hills, which overlook
the town. This is sometimes swept up and
carted away, but more frequently it Is allowed
to remain. It is estimated that an additional
expenditure of at least 100,000 will be necessary
to put the streets in good condition. It is gen
erally admitted that the borough authorities
have done thebestpossiblennder the untoward
circumstances, but their difficulties have been
great and the means at their disposal inade
quate. Turning from this disagreeable subject,
Braddock has other features, showing the pro
gressive character of her citizens, to which she
can point with pride, among which are the
water works, gas and electricity, a small but
well organized fire department, a public library.
two fine public school buildings, a score of
churches, and the great Edgar Thomson Steel
Works. These corporations and institutions
partly compensate for muddy streets, aud in a
measure reconcile the people to a pretty steep
tax rate. The population is not far from 10,000.
The oldest of the two national banks holds
over half a million dollars deposited by 2,000
persons, nearly all of whom reside in the
borough. This is the town which, when the
fullness of time shall come, will be one of the
most flourishing integers of the great city of
Loaded With Orders for Stocks Which They
Couldn't Buy.
There was more snap tban business at the
Stock Board yesterday. Nearly all the brokers
were loaded with orders, but the stuff thc7
wanted was held above their figures. No bet
ter evidence than this could bo furnished that
stocks arc steady, with no visible sign of a re
action. The inquiry was practically limited to
gas traction and electric. There was a bid of
23 lor Manufacturers' Gas. It is held at 2I25.
The transactions were:
Hid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
93 93
90 .... 90K ....
123 125
5SJi ....
.... 22
"'. 50
36 ....
55 57 55 57
38V 33 3SJ 39
29 30 29 30
.. .
79,1 75 79M
47 4S.-4 49i 50
Vi .. 1JJ IK
ComniercialNat. Bank
Citizens'1 .Nat. Bank...
Freehold Bank
Iron City National.....
Iron A Glass Dol. Sav.
Keystone Bank
Marine ?at. Bank
Man. AMcr. Ins
Allegheny Gas Co.. Ill
Cliartiers Valley GaB..
Manufacturers' Gas Co
Philadelphia Gas Co...
Wheeling Gas Co
Mt. Oliver Inc. Plane.
Citizens' Traction
Pittsburg Traction
LaNoria M. Co
Allc.T'v Co. Klectric.
Wcst'honse Elec. L't .
Union Switch A Signal
Pitts. Cyclorama Co...
35V 36,'
10 ....
5 ...
The sales at the morning call were 60 La
Noria at 1& 130 Philadelphia Gas at 3S and 20
at Sb Alter the call 50 share Westinghouse
Klectric sold s. 0.6 months at 35, and 5 shares
at 35.
In the afternoon 5 shares Wheeling Gas sold
at 29.100 La Noria at lj. 100 Philadelphia
Gas at 3 One membership was transferred
The total sales of stocks at New York ye
terdav were 162,882 shares. Including: Dela
ware, Lackawanna and 'Western. 17,076: Erie,
7.000; Lake Shore, 3.250; Missouri Pacific, 15.
890: Heading. 29.320; B.&W., 3.800; St. Paul,
9.5JS: Tesras Pacific 3,375; Union Pacific, 6.205:
Western Union, 5,263.
The Banks illnkc a Spurt nnd Regain Lost
The money market yesterday glided alone as
smoothly as if it had been lubricated by some
of the stuff which the boys at the Petroleum
Exchange are so bothered about Counter deal
ings were above the average. Loans were made
at 67 per cent. It was learned that the bulk
of the money realized from mortgages to tho
unuual number of which attention has been
directed is to be applied .o building purposes
and not to hazardous speculation, as had been
surmised. The Clearing House did a rushing
business, as the report shows: Exchanges, $2,
118.821 34; balances, $132,101 63. The week's
total will exceed $12,000,000.
Money on call in New York yesterday was
easy at 22K per cent: last loan 2: closed
offered at 2. Prime mercantile paper, 46kc
Sterling exchange active and firm at 54 SoK for
00 daysr bills and $4 SS for demand.
Bonds closed in New i'ork yesterday: U. S.
4s, coupon, 12 II. S. 4Ks, registered. 100;
U. S. 4s, coupon, 100; Pacific 6s of '95, 119.
New Yokk Bank clearings. 5116.345.540: hal.
anccs. $5,930,499.
BOSTO'-Clearings, $14,306,629; balances, $1,
433,954. Money, 2 per cent
Pnn.ADEi.rHiA Clearings, $12,985,992; bal
ances, $1,758,348.
BALTiJionE Clearings, $1,845,597; balances,
CHICAGO Bank clearings. $9,894,000.
St. Louis-Clearings, $3,467,333; balances,
A Former Pittsburg Operator Gives His
Opinion of tho Stuff".
Mr. J. S. Strickler, of Lima, O.. formerly an
operator on the Pittsburg Petroleum Exchange,
was circulating among old friends on the floor
of that institution yesterday afternoon. He is
dead gone on Lima oil and gives some forcible
reasons for tho faith that is in him. During a
brief talk with The Dispatch representative
he said Lima oil was rapidly coming to the
front in spite of all efforts to keep it in the
background. The quality was good 75 per
cent of white 110 test One refinery there was
turning out TOO barrels of this oil every day in
the week. In fact the demand was greater
than the capacity of the refineries to supply.
These facts were well known there, he said,
where no one undertook to dispute them.
It was ascertained from another source that
the abundance, cheapness and good quality of
Lima oil arc among tho bearish influences
operating on the general market to keep prices
down and unsettled. Lima oil, he added, could
not be much longer ignored.
OH Drops Almost Oat of Sight Secret In-
flnencrs nt Work.
Oil opened up at the Exchange yesterday at
the same figures as the day bef ore,Bljc, but
with a better feeling, and for a short time the
bulls held the reins, pushing the price up Jc,
but this exhausted their tactics as well as their
patience. It was a fight against fate, or the
Standard or some other mysterious influence,
and they gave up in disgust. The downward
movement culminated at 83?c, which fairly
staggered the boys, who had been expecting a
different result. This was the last straw that
broke the market's back. After that It was
n. g., although It firmed up a little jnst before
the close, which was S4c, a under the open
ing. There were no outside orders to hold up
the market.
The uncertainty surrounding the producers'
reserve was said to be a leading factor in the
rbreak. Trading was light and featureless at
aU of the exchanges. Pinkerton was the prin
cipal buyer here. Thursday's clearings were
2.S10.000 barrels. Refined at Antwerp lost, V,.
The opening was 84c, highest 84c, lowest
83Kc closed at 84c
A. B. McGrew quotes: Puts, 83c: calls, 84c
Tne following tabic, corrected by De Witt Oil
worth, broker In petroleum, etc., corner Fifth
avenue and Wood street, 1'ltUburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc.:
'lime. Hid. Alt. Time. Bid. Ak.
Opened S4 Sn's 12:p. M.... BV4 M'A
I0:1SA. m.... Wi MM 1:00 r. M... Siii Si'A
10:30a. W.... Sl 81V 115 P. M.... 84)i M'i
0:45A. M.... MH S4V 130F. M.... 84 Sl'
11.10A. (.... US SIV 1:45 r. M.... 84 84X
1I:15A. it.... H-m 84V 1:00 P. M.... 84S Wi
11:A. U.... HH S4V 2:15 P. M.... 84 84!
11:45A. II.... HS 84V Z:30r. II.... S4's 84
12:00 M 81;S 84 H 2:45F. U.... tliii Mli
I2::5r. M.... 84 84; Closed 84
12:30 r. M.... 84 84 Ji!
Opened. 81Mc: highest. H.Vc; lowest, S3?4c;
closed, !4c
lit Ily runs 50,798
Average rnn 42,182
Dally stilmnents Bo.249
Average shipments G45-
Dally charters - 79, M5
Average charters 28.710
Clearances , 2,910,000
J.eWXortr closed M S33ic
Oil Citv closed at S4c.
Bradford closed at S3c
New Vorx. retined. Jc
London, reSned. 6t.
Atatwcrp. retined, ls(f.
Oilier Oil Markets.
Titusville. January 18. Opened,
nigucsi, oiic: lowest, N?ic; cioseo, 4C
Bradford. January 18. Opened, 84c; high
est. 81Jc: lowest, 83c: closed, 83c
Oil crrr. January 18. Opened, 84c: high
est, 84JJc; lowest, 83c; closed, 84c
New York, January 18. Petroleum opened
steady at S4JJc, but after the first sales the mar
ket became heavy, and declined to S3Jc, and
closed steady at S3c. Sales, 1,112,000 barrels.
Finding unOntlet In the Findlay Oil Field
Another Combine.
Findlav, January 18. The Sun Oil and Gas
Company is the title under which Pew, Emer
son & Miller, of Pittsburg, propose to do busi
ness in Ohio. The company has been organ
ized under the laws of this State with a capi
tal of 300.000. The gentlemen forming this
corporation, together with those of the
Paragon Refining Company, of Toledo, and the
Amazon Oil Company, also of Toledo, arc all
Eastern oil men of superior standing, and pos
sess sound business judgment. Those men
having invested large sums ot money in the
Ohio field, the doubting masses have begun to
feel that perhaps, after all. the Ohio product
has a value to tho world.
Tho undercurrent of oil affairs in Northwest
ern Ohio is becoming somewhat mixed and
sadly disturbed, and something may come out
of tho present agitation that will be of general
benefit to the trade at large.
Fresh Dickers In Real Estate The Buyer
Still Abroad.
The real estate movement yesterday was not
of sufficient magnitude to tarn anybody's bead.
The usual number of prospective buyers
turned up, but, as a rule, they concluded to
watch and wait a little longer.
Alles & Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, sold to
George Schmidt for Thomas Jones, lot 33K154
feet on Fifth avenue, opposite Gist street, for
$3,750 cash. This property adjoins the property
Alles & Bailey sold to Mr. Schmidt on Thurs
day, making inaI1133K feet front on Fifth
W. A. Herron & Sons sold lot 100x330 feet on
Penn avenue, near Homewood avenue, for
SS.000 cash. The purchaser intends to erect a
flue residenco on this lot
Black & Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold for tho
Alta Land Company to Achilles Wagner, a
two-story brick residence of eight rooms, being
No. 1316 Virginia avenue, Dunuesne Heights,
with lot, 19x100 feet, for $2,000, payable 5100
cash and tno balance 5100 everv six months.
James W. Drape fc Co. closed the sa'e pf a
very firte East End property, yesterday, an er
cellent residence on Fifth aveno with large lor,
for $35,000. They also closed the sale of a man
ufacturing site on a line of railroad on the
Allegheny river, near Fiftieth street, f or $23,500.
They also closed a mortgage on a house and lot
in McKeesport of $2,500 at 6 per cent.
Samuel W. Black & Co., 89 Fourth avenue,
gold at auction lot No. 64, West End place plan.
Thirty-fifth ward, known as Haleman's Hill, to
R.L. Simmons for $67. Thev also sold No. 67
in the same plan to James"Keenanfor$66 50.
The next auction sale will be held this after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Reed B. Coyle & Co. placed $5,000. nearly all
on property at Torrens' station for five years at
5 per cent.
A PrcIIminnry Meeting of the Real Xstnto
ExcliaiiRO Committee The Report.
The members of the committee of real estate
dealers who went to New York for points to
aid them m organizing the proposed Exchange
in this city, held a meeting at the office of
Thomas Liggett 114 Fourth avenue, yesterday
afternoon. The only important business trans
acted was the preparation of a formal report,
embracing the results of their investigations,
with some suggestions, for the consideration of
the other dealers of the city.
The report consisted principally of an elabora
tion of the points previously mentioned in this
departmentofTHEDisPATCH.lt will probably
be considered at a general meeting to be called
for that purpose. This preliminary settled,
books for membership applications will be
opened. "We want them all to come in," said
one of the committee.
Wall Street Continues to Work In
Direction of Ilnrd Pnn Pnllmnn
Alone Scores nn Advance
Bonds Gnlnlng
New Yoke, January 18. The stock market
showed a still further falling off in the amouut
of businesj done to-day, and while the trading
was even more than usual of late confined to
the trading element it reflected a growing in
disposition to operate even among that class of
operators. The interest of the day centered in
the Southwestern stocks. There was heavy
selling of Atchison eariy iu the day, presum
ably for Boston account, which, however, was
accompanied by the usual disquieting rumors
which took tho shape that tho company had
been compelled to borrow money to pay
its interest, that the next statement
would show a largo floating debt and that
the load had failed to earn its fixer! charws hr
about $2,000,000, with the talk or a receiver.
The selling movement extended to San Fran
cisco, which was sold down from 65jic to 61,
although the sales were believed to be for the
account of the bear leaders. Missouri Pacific,
and Texas Pacific also suffered, though to a
smaller extent There was also considerable
pressure upon the Coalers. Reading yielded a
point and Lackawanna something more,
although each recovered a portion of the de
cline. The movement in Delaware and Hud
son was more marked, while its volume of
business was somewhat smaller than usual of
late, and it closed with a material loss for the
First figures were generally slightly better
than last evening's prices, and while tho mar
ket was quite dull there were further slight
gains recorded in the first few minutes. Tho
weakness in Atchison and the other South
westerns, however, soon changed the temper
of the trading, and the early improvement was
quickly wiped out San Francisco next came
into prominence, followed by Missouri Pacific,
and later in the day by Texas Pacific and Cot
ton Oik The general list was dull and yielded
slowly.and in a lew instances some strength was
shown, but the dealings were utterly devoid of
feature and fluctuations unimportant The
market finally closed dull and heavy at or near
the lowest prices of the day. Pullman stands
alone this evening in showing an advance,
which was lJ per cent, while the rest of the
list is almost invariably lower.
The trading in railroad bonds aggregated
$1,408,000, but this amount was very evenlv dis
tributed, although the nnmbcr of issues traded
in was somewhat smaller than usual of late.
The tone ot the market was still firm to strong,
and almost everything traded in shows an ad
vance this evening.
The following table shows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected dailj for The Dispatch by Whit
ney fc Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
Open- High- Low
. . in jr. est. est
ing. 625?
Am. voiton uii sua
Atch., Top. A 15. F.... 85V
Canada Southern M
Oentralof New Jersey. 874
C, Bur. AfQulncy U0K
C, Mil. & St. Paul..., 5H
C. ,Mtl..t-St. P.. of.. ..105
105 10-5H
S7X 83i
32K 32K
D3li B2j2
mm io7V
.... 142
58 biVi
Wi 31 X
van is
133V 133V
9 9
lis" ii4V
1S!4 KM
vna isj
SIX 575
ji 72V
0Si 10816
28H 28H
6-5 62M
44M 44
tni is
60J ma
30V 30
39V 36
4 4SK
133 'i 184 H
24J4 2l!j
102 lC0?f
.... 1I2S
22V 21 H
UMi 63V
13 32V
25 24V
84 SVi
6i; 61
O., 'Kock I. & P 03
C., St. L. & Pitts
J., St. L. & Pitts, pf.
ti.St. P., SI. AO...... 33 33
C, St. P.,M. & O., pf. IM W
C. & Northwestern... .108M 108M
C4 .Northwestern, pf.
C. C. C. & I 5SV MJ(
Col., Coat & Iron SH 32
Col. A Hocking Val
Del., L. V... 140", 140J,
Del. Hudson 1347s 134'$
E.T., Va. fttla 9 9
E.T.,Va. AGa., lstpf ....
E. T., Va. & Ga. 2d pf.
Illinois Central 115 115
Lake Erie .t Western.. 1SK UH
Lake Erie & West. pf.
Lake Shore M. S 102V ir2V
Louisville A Nashville. 57J Sl'i
Michigan Central
Mobile i Ohio
Mo.. K. ATexns.'.
Missouri Pacific 7414 74W'
Aew York Central lOu1 10SV
. Y L. E. & W 235 ZS;
if . Y., L. E. & W.pref 65 6SV
N. Y C. AM. L .'.
n y., c & st. l. nr.
N.Y., C. ASt. L.2dpf
N. V4K. E 45 45,
Y.. V. A W
Norfolk A Western
Norfolk A Western, pf
Northern Pacific ZSX M
Northern Pacific prcf. 60V 60V
Oregon Improvement
Oregon Transcon 3UJ 3I
PaciflcMall 37 37
Pco. Dec. A Evans
Phlladel. A Heading.. 49 43
Pullman Palace Car...lS.i;s I34"4
Richmond A W. 1. T.. 23 25
Hlchraond A W.P.T.pf
bt. Paul A Duluth
St. PjuI A DUuth pf.
St. P., Minn. ,t -Man. ..102 102
St. L. A San Fran
St. L. & San Fran pf.. 64
St. L. A San F. 1st pf.
Texas Pacific 22 22
OnlonPaclfic 645b 64K
Wabash J3 13
Wabash preferred 25W 25S
Western Union MV 84V
Wheeling A L. K 61K 61J
Atchison nnd (he Coppers Figaro at tho Tnll
of the Market.
Boston, January 18. Stocks were strong to
day, considering that the market was forced to
overcome a big slump in Atchison West End.
Chicago and Burlington and Northern were the
leading features. Atchison and copper stocks
were the heaviest
A.AT. LandGr't7s.lll
Atch. ATop. K. U... 52
Rutland preferred.. 37
Wis. Central, com... 18J4
Wis. Central pr.... 39
AllonezM'cCo.(new) Hi
Calumet A Hecla....2S5
Catalna 17
Franklin ir;
Huron S
Osceola is
Quincy R3
Hell Telephone 209
Boston Land 1
Water Power 8U
Boston A AIhanv...502
lioston A Maine.. ...178
-.. u. jtv nov
Clnn. San. A Cleve. 24b
Eastern R. Jt 93J$
Eastern It. It. 6s 124
Flint A I'cresi 30
FUntAPereM. ord. 98
Mcvlcan Central .... 14
M. C. IstMort. bds. 68 V
. V. AKewKnir... 44
V. Y.ANewEng 7S.125J4
Old Colony. 171
TamaracK 148
sin Diego 26
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
xounn avenue, juemuers .new
Pennsylvania Kallroad
Buffalo, Pittsburg and Western..
I.eh!(th Vallev...?.
Lehigh Navigation
U. Co.'s New Jersey
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific preferred
York Stock Ex-
Bld. Asked.
.. 54'4 54
...24 1-16 24 3-16
... 12V 13
... 54 54
... 51J
...26 2S'
... 60 60
Mining Shares.
New Yoke, January IS. Mining shares
closed: Amador. 175; Caledonia, 290; Colorado
Central, 175: Homestake, 1225; Mutual, 145;
Navajo, 150: Plymouth. 825; Sierra Nevada, 335;
Silver King, 10c; Standard, $1.
Condition of the Market nt the East Liberty
Stock Yards.
Office of Pittsburg dispatch. )
Friday, January 18, 1SS9. J
Cattxe Receipts, 1,154 head: shipments,
1,178 head: market slow and nothing doing; all
through consignments; feeling weak; no cattle
shipped to New York to day.
Hogs Receipts, 4,300 head: shipments, 5,800
head; market fair; Philadelphia, $5 C05 15:
pigs and Yorkers, 85 205 2o: 31 cars of hogs
shipped to New York to-day.
SHEEP-Heceipt?, 2,100 head: shipments, 1,600
head; market firm at unchanged prices.
By Telcurrntih.
New Yokk Beeves Receipts, 3,000 head, In
cluding 37 carloads for city slaughterers direct,
67 carloads for the market direct and 70 car
loads for exportation dead and alive, and 13
carloads sale cattle were In the pens from pre
vious arrivals. The market was extremely
dull and closed weak, with a dozen carloads to
carryover. Common to strictly prime steers,
all natives, sold at from $3 55 to $4 90 per 100
pounds, a single carload of very choice going
to $5 00 per 100, and a carload of poor steers at
$3 20. Exports to-day and to-morrow, 500 head
beeves, 82 head sheep and 1,000 quarters of
beef. Sheep Receipts, 6,500 head, and 2,000
head were carried over yesterday; market ex
tremely dull and lower, with more than one
half ot the offerings unsold at the close. Poor
to prime sheep went at $3 255 65 per 100
pounds; common to best lambs at $6 007 62.
A bunch or picked wethers sold at $6 00. Hogs
Receipts, 6.800 head, including 200 head to be
sold alive. These changed bands at$5 50per
100. Market reported dull and lower at $5 20
5 60.
St. Louis Cattle Iteceipts. 300 head: ship
ments, 500 head; market steady; choice heavy
native bteers, $4 304 70; fair to good do, $3 20
fit 25: butchers' steers, medium to choice, S2 77
3 SO; stockers and feeders, fair to good, $2
3 15: rangers, corn-fed. $3 003 60; grass-fed, $2
3 10. Hogs-Recelpts,i 2,200 head; shin-
ments, 1,000 head; market steadv; choice
heavy and butchers' selections, $5 005 15;
packing, medium to prime, $4 855 00; light
grades, ordinary to best 4 805 00. Sheep
Receipts, 400 head: shipments, 500 head; mar
ket strong: fair to choice, $3 004 00.
Chicago Cattle Receints, 7,000 head: ship
ments, 4,500 head: market steadier: choice
beeves. $.4 504 75: stockers and feeders,
$2 4003 50: steers, $2 904 15; cows, bulls and
mixed, SI 753 05: Texas steers, $2 75. Hogs
Receipts. 15,000 head; shipments, 4,500 head;
market lower; mixed, $4 905 10: heavy. $4 95
5 15; light $4 905 15; pigs, $3 505 10. Sheep
Receipts, 6.000 head; shipments, 1,700 head:
market-steady; natives, $3 405 00: Western
corn fed, $4404 80; Texans, $3 004 SO; lambs.
$4 756 50.
Buffalo Cattle No demand, feeling weak;
receipts, 900 head through : 140 sale. Sheep and
lambs Dull and weak; receipts, none through.
5,000 head sale; good sheep, $4 505 00; good
lambs, $0 006 50. Hogs Active and a shade
higher tendency; receipts. 4,500 head through,
7,600 head sale, mediums, $5 10; Yorkers, $5 25;
pigs, $5 305 35.
Cinces-nati Hogs in light supply and
strong; common and light 84 235 25: packing
and butchers'. S4 905 15; receipts, 2,300 head;
shipments, 1,670 head.
Whisky Market.
The ruling quotations at points of production
continue steady at $1 C3.
Until further notice, commission
on all trades in the Chicago market
and Petroleum will be i for the
round turn. No extra charges.
Members Chicago Board of Trade
and Pittsburg Petroleum Ex
change. , jal&58
Cooler Weather Brings a Better Tone
to Produce Market.
Cereal Markets Awakening- From Their Rip
Tan Winkle Sleep.
office of PrrTsr.UEO dispatch,
Friday, January 18, 1SS9. j
Country Prodncc, Jobbing Prices.
The drop of the mercuiy has elevated the
spirits of produce commission merchants, but
it cau hardly be said that trade has improved.
Eggs are slow. While some dealers claim that
a choice article in single cases brings 20c, others
profess a readiness to furnish the best in the
market at ISc. Large quantities of cold storage
eggs have been of late forced on to markets at
a loss to holders. This with the fact that hens
do not know that we are in the midst of winter
and keep on laying has knocked the bottom out
of trade. Country butter still keeps coming in
quantities far beyond demand. Only wild win
ter weather can lift produce trade out of the
ruts in which it has been moving the past few
weeks. The supply of poultry is good, but de
mand does not keep pace with supply. The
general situation in produce lines is one of
great expectations, but thus far expectations
have not materialized.
Beaks Navy from store, primehandpicked,
52 002 10 per bushel; medium, $2 00: Ohio and
Pennsylvania do, prime and medium. $2 WJfi!
2 10; imported do. Si 002 00: Lima, 5)4c per ft;
marrowfar, $2 752 80 per bushel.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2S30c: Ohio do,
2427c: fresh dairy packed, 2023c: country
rolls, 1622c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter, 26
Beeswax 2323o per ft for choice; low
grade, 1618c
Cider Sand refined, $6 507 50. common,
53 504 00: crab cider, 88 003 50 jjl barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c $ gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212fc;
New York, fall make, 1213c; Limhurger,
HK12ac: domestic Sweitzer cheese, 1313Xc
Dried Peas $1 4ol 50 1 bushel; split do,
Kggs 19ig20c f? dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples. 81 00 to $1 50 fl barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c $3 ft: cranDerrics, $800
H barrel: $2402 50 fl bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do. 404oc; mixed lots. 3035c ?1 ft.
H031INY S3303 40 i barrel.
Honey Now Crop, 1617c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes, S540c Jl bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; $3 253 50 for Jer
sey sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 5570e ?1 pair;
dressed chickens, 1315c fl pound: turkevs, 13
15c dressed pound; ducks, live, 805c W
pair; dressed, 13I4c
? pound; geese, 10
tic ft pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 Its to bushel, $6 per
bushel; clover. large English, 62 fts, $6 25;
clover, Alsike, $3 50; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, $1 90; blue grass, extra clean.
14 fts, SI 00; blue grass, fancv, 14 fts, SI 20;
orchard grass. 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 CO;
millet, 50 fts, SI 25; German millet, 50 fts, $2 00:
Hungarian grass, 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
SHELLBARICS $1 60 1 75.
Tallow Country, 4K5c; city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, $3 00'J 50 9
box; Messina oranges. $2 503 50 ? box;
Florida oranges, $2 753 00 box; Jamaica
oranges, fancy. $4 505 00 $ barrel; Malaga
grapes. $5 6C7 00 fl keg: bananas, $2 50
firsts, $1 504?2 1)0; good seconds bunch; cocoa
nnts, $4 00 hundred; new figs, 1214c fl pound;
dates, 5tc fl pound.
Vegetables Celery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $3 005 00 M 100; onions, oOc 1 bushel:
Spanish onions, 7590o fl crate; turnips, SO
40c fl bushel.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2021Kc;
choico Rio, 1920c; prime Rio, 19c; fair Rio,
18lSic; old Government Java, 2GKc; Mara
caibo, 21K22Kc: Mocha, 3031c; Santos, 1S
22c: Caracas coffee, 19J21c; peaberry, Rio. 20
21c; Laguayra, 20KSK1J4C
Roasted (in papersj Standard brands, 22c;
high grades, 2312(!c; old Government Java,
bulk, 30J31Kc;Maracaibo, 25K26Kc; Santos,
21022c; peaberry, 25c; choice Rio, 23Kc; prime
Rio, 21c; good Rio, 20jc; ordinary. 19Kc
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c; allspice, ac;
cassia, &g9c; pepper, 19c: nutmeg, 70 80c.
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110test, TUc;
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight. 150, 9c; water white.
10KC! globe, I2c; elaine, 15c; carnadine, HKc;
royal in e, 14c
SYRUrs Corn syrups, 2325c: choice sugar
syrup, 35036c; prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, 3335c.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, old. 4Sc: choice, 45c;
mjxed. 4042c; new crop, 4350c.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 34c; bi-carb in Ks,
5Jc: bi-carb, assorted packages, o6c; salsoda
in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
CANDLES-Star, full weight, 9c; steatine,
per set, 8c; parafflne, HK12c
Rice Head. Carolina, 77c: choice, 6
7c; prime. 56c; Louisiana, 6Q654C
Starch Pearl, 2c;cornstarch,5p,7c:gloss
starch. 67c.
Foreign FRUiTS-Layer raisins, $2 65: Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers
$2 50; Muscatels, $2 25; California Muscatels,
$2 35: Valencia, new, 6J7c; Ondara Velencia.
7K7Jc; sultana, 1c; currents, new, i
oc; Turkey prunes, new, 44c; French
prunes, 813c; Salonica prunes, in 2-6 pack
ages, 8c: cocoanuts, per 100, $6 00; almonds,
Lan., per ft, 20c; do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c;
walnuts, nap., 12K15c: Sicily filberts. 12c;
Smyrna flgs, 12)016c; new dates, 5K6c; Brazil
nuts, 10c; pecan, ll15c: citron, per ft, 2122c;
lemon peel per ft, 13llc; Orange peel, 12Jjc.
Dried Fruits Annies, sliced, ner fl x." ?it.
pies, evaporated, 67J.Jc; apricots, California,
evaporated, 15l8c;peaches,evaporated, pared,
2223c; peaches, California, evaporated, un
pared, 12J13jc: cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evap
orated, 2124Kc; blackberries, 78c; huckle
berries, 1012c.
Sctgars Cubes, 7c powdered, 73c; granu
lated, TJc: confectioners' A. 7c; standard A,
yellow, good, t6.L; yellow, fair, 6kc; yel
low, dark. 5c
Pickles .Medium , bbls (1,200), $45; me-
UiUUl?, UMIL unit luuu, 3. CO.
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets. $3 00.
Canned Goods standard Peaches. $1 60
1 00; 2ds, $1 3C1 35; extra peaches. $1 351 90;
pie peaches, OOc; finest corn, $1 301 60: Hfd.
Co. corn. 7090c; red cherries, 90cSl 00: lima
beans, $1 10: soaked do, 85c: string dodo, 75085c:
marrowfat peas, $1 10l 15; soaked peas. 70
75c; pineapples, $1 401 50; Bahama do. $2 75;
damson plums, 5c; green gases, $1 25: eg"
plums, $2 00; California pears, $2 50; do green
gages. $2 00; do egg plums, $2 00; extra white
cherries, $2 90: red cherries, 2 fts OOc: raspber
ries, $1 151 40; strawberries, $1 10; gooseber
ries, $1 201 30: tomatoes, 9295c; salmon, 1
k, i o(ta- iu; ujdunuerries, ouc: succotash, z-m
cans, soaked, 90c; do green, 26s, $1 251 50;
corn beef. 2-ft cans. SI 75; 14-fi cans $13 50:
baked beans. $1 40SJ1 45: lnhster. I n, i 7SS51
1 80: mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, $1 50: sardines,
domestic, Ka. $4 254 50; sardines, domestic.
K. $S 258 50; sardines, imported. is, $11 50
12 50; sanlines, imported. Ks. $18 00: sardines,
mustard. $4 00: sardines, spiced, SI 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $38 fl
bbl; extra No. 1 do, messed. $40; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32: extra No. 1 do, messed,
$36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24. Codfish Whole
Pollock, 4c fl ft; do medium George's cod, 6c;
do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips 6c; do
George's cod. in blocks, 67Kc. Herring
Round shore, $5 50 fl bhl; split. 7; Uke. $3 25
fl 100-fi half bbl. White fish, $7 fl 10O-B half
bbl. Lake trout, $5 50 fl hair bbl. Finnan
hadcters, 10c fl ft. Iceland halibut, 13c fl ft.
Buckwheat Flour 2gz; per pound.
Oatjieal ?S SOgfi 60 fl bbl.
Mixers' Oil No 1 winter strained, 59g62e
f) gallon. Lard oil, 75c
Grnin, Flonr and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change were CO cars. By Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne
and Chicago, 8 cars of hay, I of middling'. 2
of oats, 1 of bran, 3 of flour. By Pittsburg. Cin
cinnati and St, Louis, 1 car of middlings, 1 of
oats, I of wheat, 4 of hay, 1 of corn, I of flour.
By Baltimore and Ohio, 5 cars of hay, 1 of oats.
Sales on call: One car No. 3 white oats, SOc,
track; I car w. w. bran, $15, 5 days; 1 car Jo. 1
timothy hay, fl450, 5 days; 1 car No. 2
white oats, 33Jic, 10 days; 1 car No. 2 white
oats. S3Kc 10 days, elevator; 1 car extra No. 3
white oats, 3I-Sc, 10 days. The tone of cereal
markets is very much improved. Oats are in
better demand, and prices are stiffer. Corn
ami hay are steady. The arrival of the cool
wave has braced up markets, and a more hope
ful feeling has taken possession of dealers.
Low prices havo brought out buyers, and tho
Grain Exchange was more fully attended to
day than for a week or two past. The feeling
among operators is strong that the tide lias
turned toward a better day for the grain trade.
It is certain that the tone of markets has im
proved since yesterday.
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red, Jl 05
1 06; No. 3 red, 0O95c
Conx No.2vellow. ear,S9M10c;high mixed,
ear, 3S39c;No.l yellow, shelled, 3S39c; high
mixed, shelled. 3637c; mixed, shelled, 35S6c.-
Oats No. 2 white, S2K33c; extra No. 3,
3P31Kc;No. 3 white, 30j31c; No. 2 mixed,
29030c -
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 5055c;
No. 1 Western, 60253c
Barley Nn. 1 Canada, 9593c: No. 2
Canada, 9095c: No. 3 Canada, &j90c; No. 2
Western, 8385c; No. 3 Western, 6570c; Lake
Shore, 75tS0c.
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents, $8 60
66 75; spring patents, $0 latatl 00: fancy straight,
winter and spring. $5 756 00; clear winter,
$5 505 75; stright XXXX bakers', S5 255 50.
Rye flour. $3 7i
Cornmeal In paper, 6070c
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, S20 50
2100 fl ton; brown middlings, $17 50Q18 00:
winter wheat bran, $15 5016 00; chop feed
$15 0018 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice. $15 50(816 00;
No. 1 do, $15 00015 25: No. 2 do, $12 00I3 00:
loose from wagon, $23 0026 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. $9 5010 00; No. 2, $8 0O8 50; packing
do. $6 som 00.
Straw Oats. $8 00S 25; wheat and rye
straw, $7 007 25.
Large hams. 18 fts and upward. 10c; medium
hams, 14 to IS Its. llc; small hams, 14 fts and
under, llc; picnic or California hams, 9c;
boneless (in 'skins), 12Mc: sugar-cured shoul
ders, SV c: bacon. 8&c: dry salt, Oc; breakfast
bacon, lOJc; rouletts (boneless s. c. shoulders),
lOJJc: regular smoked sides, 9Jc; bellies,
smoked sides, 9J4c; regular dry salt sides, 8c;
bellies, dry salt sides, 8c; dried beef, sets 3
pieces, 10c; dried beef, flats. 9c; dried beef,
rounds. 12c: dried beer, knuckles, 12c: pork,
mess, $16 50; pork, family, $17 00; pig pork, half
barrels, $9 00; long sausage. 5Mc Lard
Tierces. 325 fts. 7c?lft; half barrels, 120 fts,
8c ft; tubs, wooden. 69 fts. SKc B; buck
ets, wooden. 20 fts, 8Uc ?t ft: 3-ft tin pails, 60 lbs,
8o f ft: 5-ft tin pails. 60 fts, 8c ?) ft; 10-B tin
Sails, 60 Ids. 8c ft; 20-ft tin pails, 80 lis, 8Kc;
)-fi tin pails, 100 Its, be fl ft.
Dressed Ment.
Armour fc Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 ft. 5
5c; 600 to 650 fts, 66Kc: 700 to 750 fts, 77c
Sheep, 7c fl ft. Lambs'! 8c J ft.
A Snit In Equity Against Messrs. W. E.
Schmerlz nnd G. DInycr, Which, the
Former Says, Are Based Entirely Upon
A bill in equity has been filed by A. I.
Scott against G. Mayer and William E.
Schmertz, in which the former charges that
a co-partnership had been agreed upon by
which Mr. Schmertz was to receive one
fourth the profits of a concern known as the
Big Shoe Store, in consideration of his fur
nishing all the capital necessary to run the
Ho also alleges through his attorneys, J. A.
Langfitt and Clarence Burleigh, that in Octo
ber, '87, W. E. Schmertz sold out the store, and
that no settlement was ever made, and that Mr.
Schmertz had taken possession of all receipts
and books of the firm and had collected for his
own use a large amount of the accounts and re
fused to show the said books.
When the allegations were shown to Mr. W.
E. Schmertz he laughed and said the suit was
all nonsense. The shoo was on the other foot
and A. 1. Scott owed him about $1,000, and he
had threatened to sue Scott for the amount
He also said that the books had been open for
inspection, but that Mr. Scctt had not called or
asked to see them.
Lines From Lcenl Quarters.
Criminal Court will convene to-day only
to impose sentences.
A subpoena in divorce was issued yesterday
in the case of JohnN. Hogland against Ellen
L. Hogland,'on the grounds of desertion.
The Moot Court will meet again this after
noon, and a rare time is expected and much
entertainment for visitors. As soon as the
present case is disposed of a murder trial will
be commenced.
An application for a charter for the Iroquois
Rifle Club of Pittsburg was filed yesterday,
The directors of the club are Julius Zoller.
John P. Conrad, L. G. Graul, Fred Lauer and
A. O. Deiseroth, all of the Soutbside.
Tnn County assessors yesterday heard ap
peals from the assessments in Knoxville and
Greentree boroughs and Alleppo, Killbuck and
Lon er St. Clair townships. The appeals were
numerous, but none were of importance.
Nijiick & Co., yesterday entered suit against
James Marshal', Jr., doing business as James
Marshall & Co., for $10,43140, with interest
from May 15, 1S83. The suit was for the price
of pig irou sold to Marshall, who was an iron
Wm. Skinneb pleaded guilty yesterday to
assault and battery on Stephen Mitchell.'and
was sentenced six months to the workhouse.
Before Judge Slagle, George Foster, constable
of Chartiers borough, was found guilty of as
sault and battery on John Meehan while arrest
ing him for assault aud battery.
The will of Mary Caroline Bloomer was filed
for probate yasterday. The bulk of her estate
was given to her only child. George C. Bloom
er. A. S. Fuller, of Uniontown, and Kate
Mott. an attendant of Mrs. Bloomer's, were each
given a farm in West Virginia. The latter also
received all the household goods and $5,000 in
n. ney. Other bequests were made to Pauline
Bloomer, William Bndd and Annie Young.
.Applications for liquor licenses have com
menced coming in to Clerk of Courts McGun
nigle's office. Up to date 19 applications have
been filed, all within the last few days Most
of the applicants are from the outskirts of
Pittsburg and Allegheny, and have never had
license before. The rules adopted by the
Quarter Sessions Court provide that the appli
cations must aU be filed three weeks beforn
tho first Monday in March. The hearings com
mence on the third Monday in March.
AN order was made In the Orphans' Court
yesterday for the issue of a rule on William
Zoller to answer a charge of contempt, on a
petition signed by Wendel Kara and his wife
Sophia, nee Zoller. Mrs. Kara was a daughter
of Henry and Sophia Zoller, deceased, and was
left a one-sixth interest in their estate, ot
which William Zoller was testamentary trus
tee. The order or distribution was made by
Court, but William Zoller, it is charged, has
refused to pay to Mrs. Kara $535 due her for
interest on her share.
A cotton warehouse on the Liverpool docks
was burned yesterday, entailing a loss of
The fund to pay the expenses of Mr. Par
nell. in his litigation with tho Times, amounts
to 30,500.
A shock of earthquake was felt to-day in a
portion of the Leith valley and in Western Ed
lnburg, but no damage was done.
The Florida Board of Irade has adopted a
resolution demanding that a protective tariff
be imposed upon oranges and lemons.
The Secretary of the Treasury yesterday
afternoon accepted the following bonds: 4 K
registered, $127,000 at 109; 4 Js, coupons, $5,0t!
at 109.
Mr. Thomas A. Stevens, who has an
nounced his intention of penetrating Africa in
search of Henry M. Stanley, has started for
Thonsands of persons are applying for per
mission to accompany the East African expedi-
nun, uui uicmcuau. v iaainau win taxe only a
few whites.
Henry Irving is suffering from a coir! which
affects his throat. SirMorrell Macteuzla au
vises him to refrain from using his voico until
he is better.
Edward J. Anderson, a New York lawyer,
committed suicide yesterday at the Putnam
House in that city, by hi.otlng himself through
the head. Poverty led to the deed.
Tho Britimba-kSilbel is posted at Lloyds
as missing. She was under command of Cap
tain Par'ndse and left New York on June 15
last tor Rangoon, with a cargo ot case oil.
John Greenwall, the burglar whois charged
with the murder of Lyman S. Weeks In Brook
lyn, some years ago, was yesterday convicted of
murder In tho first degree and remanded for
The Department of State 'has received a
cablegram from Consul Allen, at Kingston,
Jamaica, stating that the United States steam
ship OsMnpec arrived there yesterday with the
Haytien Republic
The strikers at Oricny, France, are resort
ing to riotous demonstrations. They have set
fire to one factory, and seriously damaged
others. A detachment of soldiers has been sent
to suppress the rioters.
Private advices from the Pacific coast stato
that a fleet- of nearly 100 American and
Canadian vessels will set out shortly for
Bchring Sea and take chances of capture by
the United States revenue cutter.
The coldest cold wave of the season is pass
ing over the Northwest. Necke. Dak., reports
42belowzero this morning; at Morri, Minn.,
it was 30 below; Grand Fork. Dik., VP. There
was no great interruption in traffic.
Two men, Dennis Contnre and Joseph
Noel, were endeavoring to thaw out a stick of
dynamite yesterday morning at the mines ot
the Albert Copper Company, at Copeton, Que.,
when it exploded, blowing them to atoms.
T. C. Clarke, former President of the Union
Bridge Company, has been elected President of
the Cleveland, St. Louis and Kansas City Rail
road, in place of J. T. K. Hayward. Other
changes are expected to be made in a few days.
Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain has become al
ready a great favorite in Birmingham, and Is
the recipient of every delicate attention that
can be showered nnon her. She has rJinnufrr,
the county, and aU are In Ioto with th "yht
An Atlan Hnn ftteamer which. .rrivil 1
New York vesterrtav. rennrU that the Unltad
States steamer Galena was at Kingston, Ja-
juaica, on tne lutn insi. Aamirai iuce reporc-a
edthat there wan nn sickness whatever on?fl
ooara tne cruiser.
--Adam Berkes. whose treatment by tha i
White Caps ot Sandlna. Brown county, O.. -'
created such a sensation early In November,
has entered suit airarast 17 of the most promt 5
nent farmers of White Rock township, asiimK j
damages in the sum of $10,000. -
The directors of the Pullman Palace Car
Company yesterday declared the regular quar-
terly dividend of 2 per cent, payable February f
15. At the New York office of the company it, i
Is stated that no reference was made to an ex-
tra dividend, and that none is anticipated. $
All the cigar makers employed in 40 Hay-
aiia cigar manmaciones iu new x orK wenc on
a strike to-day against a reduction of $2 per
1,000, which the bosses made 18 months ago.
The strikers, who number over 1,000. are most
ly Cubans, with a sprinkling of Americans.
The BeU Telephone Company, which il
threatened with a curtailment of profits by tho
Missouri Legislature, is angry and threatening.
mo uuivims ui (119 company saiu lastmgntmac iv
If the Legislatnro reduces the telephons A
charges the company will withdraw from the -1
State. 3
Although the result of the elections held i
for the Loudon County Councils cannot be ac- .Jf
curately determined as yet. it is pretty certain f
that the Liberals have carried the majority -of
the 57 districts. They claim nearly two-thirds 1'
of the Council, and there is no good reason to . ?
dispute this claim. ,
The remains of Miss Rosalie A. Booth,
sister of Edwin Booth, who died in New York
on Tuesday last, were yesterday taken to
Greenwood Cemetery. Baltimore, and interred
In the family lot. There were no pallbearers.
A short service was said at the grave by the
Rev. Peregrine Wroth.
The Weavers' Union, of Fall-River, Mass
have decided to draw up a resolution asking
for an advance of wages, condemning the
Board of Trade for refusing to listen to the
wishes of the weavers as expressed by the
union, and advising a strike in the event of a
continuence of the present policy of manufact
urers. It Is understood on good authority that the
Dominion Government has decided not to ex
ercise the veto power in the case of the "Jesuit
compensation bill" pased bv the Quebec Leg
islature, granting $400,000 in lieu of their estate,
which was confiscated by the Government a
hundred years ago, when the order was sup
pressed by the Pope.
Judge Clifford yesterday morning issued a
capias for the arrest of J. J. West, proprietor-
of the Chicago Times, on a charge ot criminal
libel, preferred by Police Captain M-. J.'
Schaack. This action grows out of the charges
of malfeasance in office against Schaack and
other police officials, which the 2TimM has been
published from day to day.
The west wall of the Montreal ice palace
tumbled down Thursday afternoon with a
crash that surprised the dwellers in the Wind
sor Hotel. The heavy blocks of ice bad melted
away under a sun which plaved havoc with tha
foundations, and now the palace, which yester
day was a thing of beauty, is crumbling and
dripping away, turning the square into a verit
able sea of mud.
During the attack on the German mission
ary station at Tn"u, the insurgents massacred'
four German missionaries one of whom was a
woman. Three missionaries fell into the hands,
of the Arabs and are held for ransom. OneoC
the prisoners is a woman. The Admiral com
manding the German squadron has landed a
force at Bar-Es-Salam for the purpose of gar
risoning the place.
A question involving great legal difficulties
has arisen in Sweden. When Prince Oscar
married Miss Munk, his mother's maid ot
honor, last summer, he was obliged to resign
hi3 claim to the crown and to the royalty. No.v
the question arises, whether he is to be treated
as a royal or civic person;;. The King nas
appointed him as Governor of a province, with
royal rights, and it is asserted that according:'
to the laws of Sweden this act is not lawful.
should read Captain Charles King's paper in
to-morrovfs Dispatch.
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