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Past, Present and Future
Some Jobbing Interests.
"oted in the Lines of Gent's Furnishing
Goods and Headwear.
Office of the Pittsburg Dispatch,
Tuesday, January 8, 1889.
The jobbing trade in gents' furnishing
goods, as a distinct industry in Pittsburg,
does not'date back further than 1880. Up
to that date this line was simply an adjunct
to the holesale dry goods trade, or was
controled by agents of Eastern jobbing
houses. About the time ot the Garfield
Hancock campaign, the jobbing of men's
furnishing goods became one ot our distinct
industries, and now there are two firms de
voted exclusu ely to this line whoe business
together aggregates more than 500,000 an
nually. This trade has in the main been
wrested from jobbing houses of Xew York
and Boston.
An interview with a member of one of our
jobbing firms develops the fact that the
volume of trade shows an incrcaso the past
year of 12 to 15 per cent overlSST.which was one
of the best year la the history of the trade.
Reports from both firms devoted to the whole
sale trade in men's furnibin;r goods, as well as
from drj goods bouses show a healthy condi
tion or trade in this Hue, with an outlook for
the future in eierj way promising.
The total value of cents' furnishing goods
jobbed here the rast car is estimated at JiOOO,
000, more than one-half of which i as controled
by home jobbers.
A decade ago three-fourths of this trade was
handled bv Eastern jobbers.
In companions of trade between 1SST and
1SSS it is well to remember that the former jear
was an extra good one in nearly all jobbing
lines in this city. The record w hich that year
made was one or the Tery best in oar commer
cial history. Omens of labor troubles, and a
backward spring. In 1SSS, had the effect of re
tarding trade movements in many lines. If
stock had been taken midway of the year the
wholesale clothing trade of Pittsburg would
have shown a decline from the first half of the
nrcvious ear. Now. that returns are all in. it
appears the volume of trade for 1SSS, wastullv
nn to that of 18S7.
One of our reprecntivc clothing manufac
turers and jobbers thus puts the situation and
outlook of his mdustr "We do not claim for
oar trade the pist vear anything liko a boom,
nor did we desire it. The wholesale clothing
trade of Pittsburg has moro than doubled m
the past six rears, and we hae had our full
share of this increase and are entirelysatisfled. j
e could easily enlarge our trade by pushing I
out agents, but have little desire in tbatdirec- I
tion. being disponed to let well enough alone. '
Tne trade for ISbS sbos a slight adtanceon i
JsS7, in our case the increase for the year being
ti'.U'U uur competitors appear to ueoomg
well, and you ma a that the jobbing trade in
rcad-made clothing was never ma healthier
condition or had a better outlook than it has
There are four firms m this city devoted ex
clusively to the wholesale trade in men's head
wear. One ol these firms will dp able to cele
brate its centennial in 189S, being the successors
of a house established in 1TJS by Robert Pee
bles The estumte value ot this jobbing traue
f or 1SS7 was SbOOlOOO. In 1SS0 the trade was le-s
than half that amount. The record for 1SS7
showed an increase of fulh20pcr centotcr
lsSo. As the former year was the best in the
lustorj of this jobbing trade, it would have
been glory enough in lbsS if the business had
held its own. A member of one of the firms
renorts an increased business for ISsi over 1SS7.
of 10 to 15 per cent, and expresses the behet
that the other firms in the same line could re
port a like advance.
One of the foremost manufacturers of har
ness in the city reports that his trade has never
been as good this time of the year as now. Said
he "We have bad unusual activity for the
past two years. At this time of the year we
generally look for a slack time. This season
has been an txception to the rule, and our
hands are working full time with plenty of
ii.ghtwork. If you want to tell The "Dis
patch re iders how the harness manufactur
ing trade flourishes, yo i ma say that the year
past with us has been one of the best on rec
ord, and that oar bonks will show an advance
or 2o per cent o- er li57. w hich was a very satis
factory j ear in our line."
Wheat Unsettled bnt Higher Corn Moves
Up n Point Onm Qnict Pork and Lard
JMcndy Short Ribs Handled on the Slid
injt senle.
Chicago A fair business was transacted
In wheat and the feeling was unsettled.
General indications were favorable for a
better market, and prices did average
higher, but there was more or less opposition to
the adt ancirg prices in the shape of free offer
ings by two prominent local traders. The open
ing was strong, 63c higher than jesterda)'s
closing, aud advanced c more, later eased off
under free offerings and prices declined Jc,
again rallied lc, fluctuated some and closed
Je higher than jesterday. The principal
feature of strength on the market was the
strong tone of European advices, both private
auu puuuc caoies quoting nigner prices, uo-
mestic markets did not appear to ssmnathize
with the advance until late in the da v. Shorts
covered f reelv and cood buvinc was credited to
., i, i, ;., ," .. ,,... .
, ..T.., -I,,'' .b
"long" and "short" account.
nucuci ii-cuug niis ucvuujieu iq corn, ana
trading was of a larger volume than for some
time past, though the range was narrow. There
. ... i ....... i.-. r.i i ..? j
wasalargeline of "shorts" covered, one house
being reported as buying 500.000 bushels, for slaughterers direct: no trading m live hogs;
Trading w as largely in May and at 3737Jc: of- nominal value S5 355 CO per 100 pounds,
f enngs were very liberal, two or three houses ST. Lours Cattle Receipts. LC00 head: ship-
sell.ng freely within the range mentioned. The ments, none; market strong; choice heavv
market opened at yesterday's closing prices native steers S4 755 SO; fair to good native
andadvanced?6'craIdsteadyandclosedK 1S ZTeeZr
c higher than yesterday. There was only a coodi s oo3 10: rangers, corn-fed, S3 004 10
moderate interest taken in the oats market, grass-red. S2 004 15. Hogs Receipts, 5,000
Outside orders were in rather limited supply, head; shipments, 100 bead: market easier;
and local traders were inclined to go slow dur- choicehcavy and butchers' selections,$510g!520;
im- the Greater nar- of the session A tteadipr Packing medium to prime. 55 OOlf 5 15: light
lng the greater par. ot tne session. A steadier erads. ordinary to bet, $4 90(S5 05. Sheep
feehng prevailed on the near and distant f ut- Receipts. 900 held: shipments, 500 head; market
ures. and prices advanced Vi&Mc and the mar- strong: choice, S3 OOg-J 4a
ket closed firm. 'Quite a good speculative Chicago CatUe-Recelnts, 8,000 head; ship
trade was reported in mess pork, and prices me,lti:. 4,000 i,ead; market steadv; beeves
ruled with considerable lrregularitj. At the & T55 40; steers. S3 001 50: stockers and
opening the feeling ;was weak and sales were feeders, S3 003 SO: cows, bulls and mixed.
madeatSlo 001 oO, a decline on the closing ji $5133 25; Texans, SI C53 C5. Hogs Rei
figures ot jesterday. Later the market exhib- I ceipts oooo bead; shipments, 4,000 head:
ited more strength, and prices rallied 1520c marKct active. 10c lower; mixed. $5 10S5 25
and fluctuated considerably within a small pcIlt, So 055 25; skips S3 005 00. Sheep
range and closed comparatn cly stead. Trad-, Receipts, 7.000 head; shipments 2,500 head
ing was quite act ve in laraana tue leenng was
somewhat unsettled. A reduction ot 2Vite was
established at the opening, but prices later lm
protedoc. Later a reduction of I0l2jfc was
submitted to, but near the close rallied 2jt5c,
and the market closed steady. Trading in
short ribs was moderatch brisk, aud prices
fluctuated considerably Prices opentd l('
12)c lower, but quickly advanced 73lOc
Later a weaker feeling was developed and a re
duction of 10c was submitted to. Toward the
close the matket was strong and prices rallied
WTiV.fi and closed steadx.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Cons No. 2 January .ilE33Ke: March. S5U
aSV; May,3737JiSJhjT7c
Oats No. 2 January. 2lJ425c; February,
25l425-X2oV25V; 5laj. ibS2S'fZ7Ji:s2Sc
Jitss r
ft is
Lakd per 100 Bis January,
r o7t7 42JS)
7 307 27K: Februan. f7 4JV74f7 3oa!
4 ., iua. St M-72l31 U'72'J!'
Short Rigs, per 100 &. Jauuan. SB RiHi
6 90- Match. S6 97JJT&7 Oo6 9JKS7'00; May,
S7 027 1247 0Jg7 10.
Cash quotations were as lollows: Flour,
stead and unchanged. No. 2 spring w heat,
SI 001 OOVi: No. 3 spring wheat. bfiVc; No.
2 red, SI lOflll 00" . No. 2 corn. 33c No 2 oats,
21Jc No. 2 rye, 48c No. 2 barley noaun
al No. 1 flaxseed, II 6L Prime timotbj seed
firm. Mess pork, per barrel, S13 2513 30. Lard,
per lOOlbs. S7 40712. Short ribs sides (loose),
690. Dry salted shoulders (boxed), unchanged.
Short clear sides (boxed), do. feucars Cut
loaf, unchanged. Receipts Flour, 9,000 barrels;
wheat, 20.000 busbeh:corn, 109.000 bushels: oats.
ir',000 bushels: rye. 9.000 bushels: barley, 7G.0H0
bushels Shipments Flonr.12,000 ban els; wheat,
U0110 bushels: corn. 173,000 bushels: oats. 101.000
bushels: rve. 5 JTOObushels; barlej,3L000 bushels.
un tne rroatice Exchange to-day the butter
market was dull and unchanged.
Eggs easy at
New Yoek Flour Receipts. 18,741 pack
ages; exports, 4,613 barrels, 300 sacks; steady
and active: higher grades held firmer; sales,
15.300 barrels. Cornnical moderate demand and
steady. Wheat Receipts. 1.100 buhels; ex
Jwiits. none: sales 2,3-UOOO bushels futnres,
lfc,0U0 bushels spot: spot market iSKcbigher,
with the option firm anil quiet: So. 2 red.
$1 Olifgl OIW:. Jl 031 OPS t. o. b.; No. 3
red. u&e: No. 1 white. SI 3; No. 1 red, 51 OU;
No. 2 Chicago. $1 Osl OS: options moder
ated active and firmer; early VKc higher:
declined KS'sC closing Hhfi ver
esterdav; No. 2 rcJ. January, closing
at SI tXftj; February, Jl 01Jil OM. closing
at SI COS.: March. SI 0.&S1 C3iT. clos
ing at SI03W; Mav.S105Xl J-, closing at
SI 0 June," SI OoVffil 6a, closing at SI 00:
December, S)ic. llirlev quiet; No. I Canada,
S8gs9c; N". 2" do. S5gS6c Barley malt dull.
Canada, 90I 05 for old; SI 006S1 15 for new.
Corn Kbceipts, 350,400 bushels; exports, 1.711
bushel: sales, 1,71X1.000 bushels futnres; 144
000 bushels spot; spot market les active, ($
?ic higher. Meady: No. 2. 45U15JJc in ele
vator, 46l!e afloat; ungraded mixed. 3SSJ
4tKc:No 3J41c No.2white, 45Kc; steamer
mixed. 415!it; options more acme. HAe
bicher. firm; January, 45Vi616Jic closing at
45Kc; February, 4546c chains at 4i)ic;
March. 45Jei3c closmg at 45c; May, 45f
JBc closing at 45Jc. Oats Receipts, 51,uu0
bushels; exports, 220 bushels; siles, 205.000
bushtls tutures, 135,000 b.ishcls spot: spot
market fairl actire, ic higher: options
dull at iXc higher, firm; Januarv,
SlHdSlc. closing at 32c; February, 32K
?! closing at 32Kc; May,
o-i1 h(iX?ic, closing at33c: spot No. 2 white.
3i;fic; No. l,32Kc;lo white. SSic: mixed
western, 2s32c: white do. 3140c;No.2 Chi
cago. 32c. Hops quiet an i steads. Coffee
Options opeDod barely steidy and 1020 points
down, closed steadv o10 point below yester
day; moderate business; sales, 55,500 bag), in
cluding January, I5.S015.40c; Febniarv. 15.15
15.25c; March, liSO; April and Mav, 15.1515.85c:
June, 15 1515.30c; Jnlv, 1530c; August. 15.30
15.40-: September, 15 1015.50c; October, 15.1a
15 50: November. 15.50c. Spot Rio dull; fair
cargoes 17c. Sugar Raw nominal: refined un
changed. Riceflrm.quier. Eggs firm on freh;fair
demand; western, lhlSc: receipts 3,272
packages. Pork Old mess, S14 00314 2o: new
mess S14 25i4 50. Cutmeais firm; middles
firm; short clear, $7 50. Lard loner on manip
ulation, closed steady and moderately actie;
snlcs, western steam. S7 00: January. S7 S3!S
7 00; February, $7 73Si7 82, closing at S7 S3
asked; March, S7 7S7 87, closing at S7 79 bid;
April, S7 S3 asked: Mav, 17 Slg7 91, closing at
S7 85 aked: June. S7 S5bid. Batter in moder
ate demand and weaker; western dairy, ll21c;
do creamery. 172Sc: Eltnns, 30c. .Cheese strong
and quiet; w ostern, 10ll'c
Philadelphia Flour Demand light and
general market weak. Wheat opened firm and
advanced JJc under higher Western ad
vices; demand light, and with the subsequent
reaction in Chicago fell back to yesterda's
closing prices for all months except Januarv,
which ruled firm at the best rate of the day
under light offerings. Sales No. 2 red in ex
port elevator. 90c; No. 2 red, Januarv. 9696Vc;
Februan. 9t,VT97c: March. 9SV'g9S?ic: April.
S100Q1 00?i;May, SI 02Jil 02J.. Corn firm
and prices of both spot and future deliveries of
No 2. and steamer closed l.c higher. Spec
ulation, however, was tame and ex
port demand very moderate. Car lots
for local trade scarce and firm,
with fair demand; No. 4 high mixed track and
gram depot. 45c: new No. 2 mixed In export
wc; February. 4lIlc; March. 42icL Corn
elevator, -iii4c; o. -j. mixed, januarv, 41 Jv
Western firm: mixed snot. 41Mf?114jC: Jan-
nary. JlKSUJXc: February. 41j4Jc; March.
42Ji42Kc; steamer, spot, SSc Oats quiet
sieauy: western unite, aaissc; do mixed.
20S31c; graded No. 2 white. 33c asked. Rye
nominal at 00c Provisions steadv. Carlots
Mes pork. S15 00. Butter dull: western packed,
14T20c: creamery, 2028c Eggs steadier at
1617Jc. Coffee easy, no fair at 17c.
ST. LOUIS Flour quiet and easy but
unchanged. Wheat firm and hurher. The
opening was strong, and i cent advance was
paid early on better markets, elsewhere firmer
cables and wet weather, but sbirp declines at
other points brought out such free selling as
to depress prices rapidly, the report liter that
a blizzara was coming caused a reaction and
the close was about 6c above vesterdav's
No. 2 cash. P5Hc. 'Mav. SI OOVfRSl olU.
closed at SI 01Kl OIJi asked: June. 97j;ifi95C,
closed at 98Hc bid; Jnlv, S&iQ&tliK. !os-d at
Stye, Corn firmer; No. 2 mied cas1i.SCJc;
TcGruarv, 3g30&c bid: March. 31iSll?sC,
closed at 31Ke bid; May, 33g33Ifc closed at
3,'c Oits active: No. 2. 21c bid: May. 27J.J
?27Jc Rye, 4SS1SKC Barlev. little doing.
Baggmgdull, depic-aed, but pries unchanged.
Provisions fairly steadv. Pork, S13 75. Lard
Prime steam nominallv S7 25. Drvalt-meats
Shoulders, S6 25; loncs and ribs. S7 00; fhort
clear, S7 25. Baron Boxed shoulders, S7 00.
Hams, $10 37M12 75.
Cincinnati Flour quiet Wheat steady;
i No. 2red.979Sc, Receipts. 1.000 bushels: shnV
iiiuta, iiuuci vgiu juiail uciuanu UIIU cieiiui ;
No. 2 mixed, 35Kc Oats in good demand and
firm: No. 2 mixed, 272Sc. Rye dull: No. 2
55c Pork firm at S13 7tl Lard dull at S7 35J
7 15. Bulkmcats and bacon quiet and steady.
Butter weak and lower; fancy northwestern
creimery. S0$82c; choice rrll, 1315c Sugar
dull and weaker. Cheese firm.
B.LTI3IOBE Wheat Western firm: No. 2
winter reil. snot, )SQ&ic: Feliniarv.S97c;
jwarcn, vtavjft" April, -jf'3$c:3lay, 41
Oatt Carloads dull: No. B. 32Kc: No. 2.
u. tnv iou. ia. tvf iuv
elevator. 34c: do in criin. do at 3l'c
Futures dull and unchanged. Provisions steady
but quiet.
MlLWArKFE Flour dull but steadv. Wheat
firm; cash. SPia February, 9lJic: Mav, SSWc
Corn firmer: No. 3. 303lc Oats steady: No. 2
white, 2Sg2SKc Rve finn:No. 1, 4SKc Birley
finn:No.2.(i!)c Provisions firm. Pork.Sl325.
Iird. S7 37J.J. Cheese steadjj Cheddars, 10
Toledo Cloverseed firm and a little higher;
February, S5 25; March, S5 30.
Condition of the Market nt the East Liberty
Stock Vards.
Office of the Pittbukg Disptch,1
Tuesday, January a J
Cattle Receipts, 171 head: shipments, 152
head: market firm at yesterday's prices; no
cattle shipped to New York to day.
Hogs Receipts, 1.200 head: shipments 2,"00
head; mirket firm; Philadelphias, 55 20g5 25:
mixed. S5 15: Yorkers 55 25w5 35: common to
fair, S5 205 25; pigs. S5 25(55 35; 11 cars of
hogs shipped to New York to-dav.
Sheep Receipts, 4,800 bead: shipments, 4,000
head; market steady at yesterday's prices.
Br Telegran'i.
j,Ev York Beeves Receipts, 520 head.
equally divided letncen a beef evnorter and
a clt3 slaughterer: none for sale; dressed beef
PIme at S8c Per P?n.d f(T natlve sides and
is.cior lexasana Colorado; exports to-dav.
3.000 quarters of beef. Sheep-Keccipts. 550
head; the limited business strong, particularly
wi iai sutrep, auu mauve!, cjusea iirm witn an
upward tendency: common to good sheep sold
5 "J!."!0 f ""ls; v"ml nd ,ext,ra
co., at So 50WS, ana common to choice Iambs
,t soar t . HoTs-Reee.nts S4rn h, , i
market steadv; natives. S2 69fl5 25; Western
corn-fed, 54 404 70; Texans, $2 753 40; lambs,
Si ToS'b uu.
CEfcnWATi Hogs steady: common and
light. Si 405 20: packing and butchers'. So 05
go 20; receipts, 4,960 head; shipments, 9W) head.
Wool Markets.
New YofcK, January 8 Wool firm and in
fair demand; domestic fleece, 30(SSSc; pulled, 26
39c; Texas, 146:6c
Philadelphia, January 8. Wool
and prices steady and unchanged.
St. Lons, January 8. Receipts, 73,659
pounds. Very few lots in first hands, and mar
ket quietand steady.
Boston, January 8. The demand has con
tinued fair for domestic wool and prices re
main firm on all grades; holders are not press
ing anv lots for sale; good Ohio and Pennsyl
vania fleeces command 3331c for X and 35J5
37c for XX and above; Michigan X fleeces are
held at 3233c, but it is difficult to get over
the inside price. In No. 1 wools there 5s
good trade with sales at 38c, but
stccks are smalk Combing and delaine
selections aro firm and in demand. In un
washed combing wools there has been a good
trade, with sales to some extent at 3031c for
one-quarter blood and 32g33c for three eighths
blood. Territory and Texas and other unwashed
wools are In demand and sales have been made
principally in the range of 50B3c for fine and
medium t-coured. Pulled wools are active and
strong, choice supers selling at 4oiS) lie: fair to
good supers at 3339c; extra at27Q32c Foreign
wools quiet and firm.
When baby was sick, we gave her Castotta
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria,
The Object of the Proposed General
Law Fully Explained.
Local Financiers Gfre Up the Bulk of the
Day to Annual Elections.
The movement for a general banking law
in Pennsylvania, in the opinion oflead
ing financiers, comes none too soon. The
Bank of Pittsburg is not alone affected.
The success or failure of the project may
have an important bearing on the future of
the National banks. The basis upon which
their business rests Government bonds
will in a few years be taken from them,
after which they will be compelled to go
out of existence unless the Government creates
a special bond for their benefit.
This w ould encounter serious opposition from
the enemies of the national bauking system,
who are neither few nor unimportant, render
ing the passage of such a law at least doubtful.
In this exigency they would be compelled to
reorganize under Stato laws, which in some
States would be speciaL As special laws are
impossible in Pennslvania under the new
Constitution, a general law would have to be
framed to meet the emergency. This is the
object of the present movement, in which the
Bank of Pittsburg has the lead.
Although the necessitv of the law will not be
felt for three years, during which there will be
two Legislatures, it is considered unsafe to let
the matter run beyond the present session. To
put it off to the last moment would involve
creat risk, and possibly result in failure. It is
proposed, therefore, to secure the desired legis
lation as soon as possible. No special difficulty
is apprehended.
Stocks Modcrntelr Active With No material
Change in Fignres.
Stocks started off rather tame, but the inter
est soon grew and bidding became more ani
mated. Gas stocks w pre firm at substantially
the prices that have ruled for some time. Phila
delphia again led in point of activity. Traction
was neglected. The afternoon call was almost
devoid of spirit, only the securities being
handled. Bids and offers appended show the
drift of tho day's operations:
Allegheny .at Bank.
Citizens' Sat. Bink..,
Al. and M. Iat. Bank.
Union Insurance
ffliartlers Vallpv Gas .
Hid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
2at. Oas Co . W. Va.. SS4
Ohio villey Gas si
riilladclnluaUas Co...
Wheeling (js Co
WashliiRton Co. Oil...
Citizens' Traction
lMttsbuTg Traction ....
La oria JI Co
Kist End Llectrlc L't.
West' h on se Elec. L t
Union switch A sljrnal
W tstlng'se Urate Co .
Kxchauye Nit Bank.
Iron City atlonil
htrstone .National
The sales included 30 shares Wheeling Gas at
2S: 110 Philadelphia at 3314, 3 39f; 15 Wash
ugton Oil Company, b. 0., at 06; oOPeunstl
vanii Gas, 15; 100 Westinghouse Fjeatnc 3
and 25 shares same, bO days, at 36.
The total sales of stocks in New York yester
day were 111.501 sliares, including: Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western. 12,265; Erie, 3,200;
Northwestern, a330; Reading, 48,510; St. Paul,
1(1,010; Union Pacific, 15,435.
Election Multc nn Inrond Upon Lcgitlmato
Business Clearing Honso Figure.
Yesterday was election day at the banks.
In most cases the old boards of directors were
re-elected. This divcrson intcrferred to some
extent with legitimate business. The result
being a rather quiet day in money matters.
This is illustrated in the Clearing House state
ment, showing a smaller aggregate of trans
actions than on any previous day of the new
ear. The exchanges were S1,975,43L4B, and
ttin hnlnnpps S3J14 577.77.
Monev on call in New York iesterdav was
easy at 3ST1 per cent. Prime mercantile paper
ruled at 5JiC' Per cent. Sterling exchange was
dull but firm at 4S4K for 60 day bills ar.d4SSK
for demand. Government and State bonds
were steady.
Tho followingwere the closing prices of bonds
in New York: U. S. 4s, registered, 126; U. S. 4s,
coupon, 126; U. P. 4Ks, registeied, 10S; U. S.
4Ks, coupon, 10S; Pacific 6s of 'So, 11S.
New Yobk clearings, $143,351,513; balances,
Bostox Clearings, $14,519,202; balances, $L
549,874. Baltimore Clearings, $2,lil,73S; balances,
Philadelphia Clearings, $12,747,250; bal
ances, $1,030,433.
St. Louis Clearings, $3,543,820; balances,
CniCAGo Monev stiff at 6S per cent; bank
clearings, $10,036,000,
Tho Oil Dlnrkct Continues Under Bearish
Influence False Prophets.
Oil drops whenever a Standard man puts in
his appearance, is an old sayingamong oil men.
He did not show up at the Exchange yester
day, but his influence was felt all the same.
While the expectation of those who predicted
o5c w as not realized, the market was weak.
Heavy buying in New York held prices up.
The opening was S6c This was almost imme
diately followed by a break toS5Jc, and by a
rally to 85c
Another wave of weakness then struck the
boys, and there was a drop to 85c. This was
regarded as low water mark. At all events, it
proved so for the day. Again the price shot
up to S6Kc then fell to 85c, which were the
figures at the close. Trading was light and the
market was without support, except what it
received from Ncwork.
The field news was more encouraging. The
Neelywell, Washington county, was through
the sand and made a strong flow. Refined in
London dropped Jd. There was no change in
carrying rates.
A. B. JIcGrew quotes: Puts, 85c; calls,
Tne following table, corrected by Da Witt Dll
wortli, broker In petroleum, etc.. corner Fifth
avenne and Wood street, nttsbarg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc:
Time. Hid. t Ask. Time. Bid. Ask.
Open'd 86 Sa"s KM5P. jr.... 85M 85
10:15a. ..-. KJ, Rojj 1:00 r. m... Sis 855,
10:30ju U.... SS S6!$ 1:15 r. M.... 85V 8-i
10:45A. m.... ss 80S l:30r. M.... 85V fc5;s
11S0A. M.... 86 K'i 1:15F. M.... So 5
11:15 A. M.... 66!i 2 00 p. M.... 85 85
11:30a. U.... tfl SC'ji ::15?. M.... 85V &h
1I:A. M.... So 86 2.30P. jr.... 85V 851
12.00M S5K' 8VVI !.r. M.... 85V Sa'i
12:15 r. M.... 85V Si's Closed 85 ....
12;30r. M.... SGljl 851
flnpnpil. 86c:
blgheot, SG;c; lowest. S5c;
closed, 85c
,.... 63,657
..... 98,610
62, K9
,Y,Z 24,444
Drllv runs
Acrape runs
Dally shlnments
Averacc shipments
Dallv charters
Average charters...
Jew lorfc closed at RSJc.
Oil City closea at 85,c.
llradiord closea at 85c
ew VorE. reflned. Ju
London, reflned. CW.l.
Antwerp, refined, lulr.
Good Outlook for Oil nnd Gas In the Upper
The company controlling the Elflnwell oil
and gas territory, in Shaler township, has been
reorganized to drill on the Bryant farm. They
propose to sink the old well deeper and will
give the territory a thorough test. They have
leased 300 acres.
The oil well on the Siebert farm atTallycary,
Hampton township, is said to be a good one.
The company has established a pumping sta
tion at Valencia, on the Pittsburg and West
ern, whence they are piping oil to Sharpsburg.
Tho monopoly Makes a Bis Purchase in
the Findlay Territory.
Findlay, O., January 8. The most im
portant transaction yet accomplished by the
Standard Oil Company was the purchase to-day
of the Cory estate, in Wood county, consisting
of 960 acres, for the gum of $180,000. QuBatur-
day last some ot the owners were in consulta
tion with the Standard people all day here, but
the trade was not perfected until this after
noon. There are no wells as yet on any part of the
property, bnt there are producing wells on ad
joining property on all sides. Set en years ago
tho late Judge Cory pui chased this entire
tract of land for $20 an aero.
Otlirr Oil Markets.
Bradford. January 8. Opened. S5Jc; high
est, k6Jc: low est. 85c: closed. 85c
Trrr;svn,LE. Januarv 8. Opened, 85)c;
highest, S6c: lowest, 85c: closed, 85c
Oil City. Januarys. Opened. 85c; closed,
S5Jc; highest, 86c; lowest. SoJc.
New York, January 8. Petroleum opened
steadyat S5c, but after a slight decline be
came strong and advanced to 80c A sharp
reaction then set in, after which the market
became quiet and closed steady at S6c Sales,
1,617,000 barrels.
Keal Estnte Badly Wnnted, bnt Views of
Prices Conflict.
There was no special movement in real estate
circles yesterday. The inquiries were many
but tho sales were few. Tho "big things"
hitherto noted have not crystallized. They will
come to the front later on. Agents and dealers
have about closed up the January rent busi
ness, and will soon settle down to legitimate
work. Then the public may look out for lively
times. Buvers are settling down to the con
viction that prices will not recede.
James W. Drape & Co. clo-ed the sale of three
houses and lots on Bertha street, city, lots 90z
150 feet, $S,50a They alo placed a mortgage of
53,000 on property on Main ana Fortieth streets,
city, at 6 per cent, and a mortgage of $1,000 on
proi erty in McKeesport at 6 per cent.
Black & Baird, 95 Fourth avenue, sold to P.
H. Peabody for Galen C. Hartman, a new
Queen Anne frame dwelling of eight rooms,
finished attic and laundry, with all ennven
iences.on Abner streer.in the Baum Grove plan
at Rnnp station, Pennsylvania Railroad, with
lot 40x110 feet, for $8,500 cash; also, for W. E.
Reynolds, lot in the Morns McComb plan of
lots on the corner of Edgerton avenue and
Shady lane, being 117 feet by about 330 feet, for
SoOO cash.
Albert A. Alles purchased of William Rich
ards a lot of ground on the south side of
Brownsville, near the line of the Thirty-first
ward, on which ho will erect at once a fine resi
dence: also sold for Mrs. Sarah Perry property
No 236 Brownsville avenue, Southside; consid
eration, 1J075.
C Bennger & Son. 103 Fourth avenue, sold
two lots at Wood's Run, in J. A. Eckert's plan,
20tl00 feet, to James Buchman atSOOOjalsoIn
the same plan one lot 20x112 to W. V. Brad
dock at $450.
Stocks Kept In the lint by tho Uncertainty
of Rnllrond Revenue.
New York. January 8. The stock market
to-day was extremely dull, narrow and uninter
esting, with a general downward tendency of
prices, and the result of the day's trading is to
leave almost everything fractionally lower than
last evening. The market hung upon the action
of the meeting between the railroad Presidents
and tho bankers, and while it was expected
that some plan wonld be perfected whereby
more revenuo would he assured to the roads,
there was a marked indisposition to enter into
new ventures pending the annual settlement of
the question. Nothing definite was accom
plished, however, and affairs remain in tho
same undecided condition. The dealings as a
consequence were even more of a professional
character than for the past few days, and such
interest as was infused into the market from
the operations of the trading clement were
confined almost cntirelv to the coal stocks,
Union Pacific and New England.
First prices wero generally from to per
cent below last night's figures, and while New
England developed marked weakness in the
early trading the rest of the list remained
stagnant and onlv Roading showed any anima
tion whatever. Lackawanna followed with a
fractional decline, but nntil well into the after
noon tho market was still devoid of feature,
when Chesapeake and Ohio common stock rose
a point on small transactions. Union Pacific
later became weak, nnd the general list then
sympathized, bringing prices in most stocks
down to the lowest prices. The close was dull
and fairly steady. Almost the entire list is
lower. Omaha preferred lost New En
gland, Union Pacific and Omaha common 1 per
cent each, and the others f racttonal amounts.
The dealings in railroad bonds were in
marked contrast to those in shares to-day, the
market beintr both active and stronc: through
out, and while the final advances are not
marked they are general and uniform. The
effect of the January disbursements is only
just beginning to be felt, and brokers report a
large inquiry for bonds of the investmentkind,
and this is reflected also in the prices of the
speculative variety for the time bemjr. The
only weak spot in the list were the Gulf, Colo
rado and Santa Fe 6s, because of tho uneasi
ness .iinong holders as the bonds, while a valid
obligation of the Atchison, are not guaranteed
and aro a lien only upon that part of the road
which has not earned the dividend upon the
Atchison stock "iven in exchange.
The sales reached $1,816,000, and the only
active feature was the Richmond and Alle
ghany lsts, $152,000 of which changed hands.
The important gains comprise Morris and
Essex Ms 2, to lift. The few declines include
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe 6s 2J, at 78.
Tbo following table snows the prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock iutcnange, bi t ourth avenue:
ing. Am. Cotton Oil 51,
Atch . Ton. & S. F.... 56
Canadian Pacific
Canada southern hV.i
Central of New Jersey. 97
Central Pacific
C , llur. & Qulncv ....103'
C, Mil. & St. Paul .. 63
C, Mil .tbt. P.. pr....l0S
C, itockl. &P 3
C bt. L. & Pitts
C, M. L. & Pitts, pf.. ...
C, ht l'M,iO 31'
C, fct. P.,M. &0., pf. 92
C. & Northwestern... .yn
C.i Northwestern, pf.
tlCCtl 67V
Col., Coal & Iron 291
Col. & Hocking Val
Del., L.iW W$
Del. & Hudson Ulh
E.T., Va. iOa 9
E T.,Va. &Ga , Jstpf ....
E.T, Va. JtGa. 2dpf. ....
Illinois Central
Lake Eric A A estcrn
Lake Erie & West. pf.. 62'(
Lake Shore i,M.S ...103V
Loulsvllle& Nashville LSU
Mobile & Ohio
Mo., K. Alexis
Missouri Pacific 72V
New iork Central.. ...107Ja
N. Y.. L. E. & V 27
N. Y., L. E. & W.pref 62J
N. y., C. Afet. L
N. Y., C &St.L. pf.
N.Y., C. &St. L.2dpr....
N. Y&N. E 41J
N. Y., O. & W
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific pref. Sl
Ohio& Mississippi... . 22)i
Oregon Improvement. 71
Oregon Transcon M
Pacific Mall 3i,V
Peo. Dec. & Evans
Vhlladel. A, Heading.. 43
Pullman Palace Car ..171
Richmond ,t W. P. T 21S
bt. Paul & Duluth
bt. Paul DUuth pf.
bt. P., Minn. & Man.. 99
St.L. Aban Fran
fct. L. & ban Fran pf. C6S
High- Low- Clos
est, est. lng.
56 55M 651
5J5s iy, bl4
972s 97 97
108V 108 308S
K4 63 6i'i
1034 103J4 103
Ss 97Ji 97'S
Si's 31 30K
12 m'i no
107K 107 307
57V 574 5;,
29i 29 21
140i 1391,' 139,
ni 131 130)4
9 9 9
e:x 62'f 6iv
103 s 103f 103S
5G", 56 567,
73 72) 72H
107 IC7'3 1074
279s 27J 275t
eSi 62 61 '4
59 5W &L
22) 22J4 22
71 71 70
31 30!)t 30
4SV 4V 48Ji
175 174 174H
24K Wi 2l'i
99 99 99
&i C6'4 6654
113 113Si 113-4
22'$ 22S! 22
65 CVs Ci
m7i ai wh
coy, mi 59's
l. ij. a san r. 1st pi.iu
Texas Pacific...
, S'i
Union Pacific
Wabash ,
Wabash preferred.
Western Union....
Wheeling &L.E.,
Tbo Little Land Stock Boom Continues to
aicrrlly Boom.
Boston, January 8. Boston's little land stock
boom continued to day, and furnished about
all the feature of the trading. Talk of a re
funding scheme and contemplated land
sales form the basis of the rise, but the street
is very willing to trade in land stocks, and does
not require any particular basis, although it is
just as well to have a leader in such a move
ment, and have that leader rise on merit. The
land stocks have not had much attention in
the Boston market since West End reached
K and began to react, which took place back
in Sjav, 1SS7. At the moment railroad stocks
offered little attraction, as a kind of transition
period in railroad affairs appears to be upon
us, and copper shares, while holding firm,
have had a pronounced advance, and do not
tempt much new trading, save in a few in
stances. Why not take a turn in the land
stocksr appears to be a very proper question,
and the street responds favorably, hence the
present very pretty little movement. No less
than 16 land stocks fonnd sales, and doubtless
tho remainine: seven will be given a show later
on. xne closing ngurcs to-day were: 1
Atnl, rnllntMl Ko C7UI ITItn. . 1. u .
Atch. Collateral 5s.. 87'
Flint APereM. nfd. 99
Aiciiisun Jrust OS...1UJ
Atlantlciraclliclnc 21
Chi.. Kan A W. 6s. 83
Mexican Central .... 12JJ
N. Y. ANewEng... 43K
N. l.Newnacpr.lk
Old Colony 171
Oregon Short Line.. 43
Union Pacific 63&
West End Land 23
Hell lclephone 201
Calumet & Hecla....295
Tamaracjc 155
Uoston Montana.. 613
Franklin 16-j
Osceola 20S
Qulncy 85
N. Y. &N.E.2d 6s 105K
N. Y. N. E.7S....124),
oonorats... e7
W Is. Central lsts. .. 81K
Wis. central Inc.... 39 "
Atrhison stock 55H
Atlantic Pacific... 8sf
C. B. Jl Northern.. 41
C. B. &U 108V
Cinn. ban. & Cleve. 24
Fltchburg 75
Flint PereM 30
Philadelphia Stock
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, for-
nlshed by Whitney i. Stephenson, brokers, No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New l'orfe Stock Ex
Pennsylvania Itallroad ,
Reading Kallroad ,
Iluflalo, l'lttsburg andWestern. .
Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Navigation
Philadelphia and Erie
Allegheny Valley bonds
U. Co. "s kevr Jersey
Northern 1'aclnc
Northern Pacific preferred
.. S.W
.. 24 1-16
.. 13
.. 54
.. 31
51 '4
69 1
The Old Directors Generally Accorded the
Honor of Re-Election.
Yesterday was election day with almost all
the banking institutions of the two cities, na
tional and State. There were very few changes
in the directory, the old boards being almost
without exception re-elected. At the People's
National!). E. Park took the place of R. C.
Gray, deceased, and at the Fort Pitt National
D. Herbert Hostetter assumed the position
made vacant by the death of his father. Re
sults of the elections are given below:
First JfATiovAb Alexander Nlmlck, Kobert
S. llavs, James II. Lindsay, James S. McCord.
John H. McKelvy, Thomas Wightman, John
Wilson. James Langhlln, Jr., Harry Brown.
Tradfsmev's National A. Uradler. Wm.
Vanklrk. John Dunlap, John F. Uravo. W. 1).
Wood, John C. Klshcr, bnlltvan Johnson, Oliver
P. bcalfc, James M. Schoomnakcr, Charles II.
Bradley, S. Hamilton.
Fort Pitt National James M. Bailey. John
B. Dunlevv. Patrick Smith. Samuel Ewart.
Kobert II. King. Ithamar D. Klsher, Allen Klrk
patrlck. 1). Lest Ilson, II. Herbert Hostetter.
Citizen's Natioaal Geo. A. Berry. John C.
Itisher, Wm. McCretry, lrankltihrn, H.C. Hugh
man, Um. B. Ncgley, Kobert Pitcalrn, Geo.w.
Oilwortli. A. C. McCillam.
Dlqcesne National Wm. G.ffohnston. Ed
ward Ulndley. M. Munhall, James McKay, W. K.
Hoggs, J03. Shallenberger, Georgo Wilson, John
Munhall. John W. Bobson. John Ulndlcv.
Marine national Wm W. O'NcIl, fi. F.Wil
son, D.W. C. Bldwell, Am. France, Geo. S. Grls
com, Jacob Klee, W.J. Lewis. Kobt. Montgomery,
John O Phillips, J. B. bneithen, H. J. lRlntz,
John H. Wilson. T. J. Wood.
Monontgahela National Thomas Jamison,
John Hood, Wm. Campbell, Geo. Y. McKce, C. C.
Hax, James . Grove, John M. McCance, Theo.
Sproull. James McCandless.
bEcoD National James II. Willock. Frank
lin osburn, George II. Iliuler, M. B. buydani,
William McConwav, Levi adc, U. N. Hoffstot,
Wm Curry, Geo. B. Barrett.
German National Adolph Groetzlnger, John
F. Ilavekotte, Ernest H. Myers. Christian blebert,
Peter Ilabermann, Edward Franenhelm. Her
mann II. Niemann, Martin Lappe, Joseph Vogel,
National Bank op Commerce Joseph T. Col
vln. Charles Lockhart, Joseph Anderson, Henry
C. FrlcS, A. M. Mellon, Samuel S. Brown, James
W. Arrott, P. C. Knox, Charles Arbnthnot.
'I hird National Wm. E. Schmertz, Geo. D.
McUrew, Henry l)allme)er. Chas. F. Wells. John
Daub. A. C. Dravo, John M. Kennedy, B. Wolff,
Jr., Jae. T. Hamilton.
Diamond National A. Garrison, William M.
Hcrsh, J. W. Carnahan, A. L. Koblnson, W. A.
Nimick, J. W. Porter. Joseph Albree, John A.
Eckert, Charles Donnelly.
Exchange National Mark W. Watson, John
H. Dalzell. John H. bhoenberger, 1 rank S. Bls
sell. Calvin W ells. C.B. Herron, James P. Ilanna,
II. S. McKee, J. W. Dalzell, John B. Jackson. W.
II. Singer. James W. Brown, Maxwell Moorhead.
Allegheny National W. McCandless,
Joliu& Rhodes, John Caldwell, Jr., B. H. ltnbie,
James McGregor, J. McM. King, Walter Chess,
llliambtewart Thomas Eans.
People's national J. W. Chalfant. B. F.
Jones, A. E. W. Painter, D. McK. Lloyd, A. S.
II. Morgan, J. Painter, Jr., G. C. Davis, Charles
H. bpang, D. E. Park.
Commercial National M. W. Rankin, John
W. Herron. 11. D. Smith, J S. Keymer. S. S.
Marvin, J. H. Borland, E. A.Mjers, R. C. Em
crv, James Dickson.
finsT National Bank of Birmingham ii.
bellers McKee, A. B. Stevenson, Josepn Walton.
Daniel McKce, William B. W olfe, DanlelP. Berg,
Joseph Katie.
Merchants and Manotactcrers' National
E. M. Ferguson. Oeorge A. Kello, Henry
I.lovd, H. Sellers McKee. John E. Hurford, K. P.
Wallace. John Caldwell, James A. Chambers,
Thomas D. Messier.
Farmers' Dfposit National Joseph Walton,
John L. George. James A. McDevltt. Hay Walker,
Jr., James H. Heed, bamnel P. Harbison, T. II.
mechanics NATIONAL-Jas. Atterbury,Henry
Hays. A. U. Howard, Philip Reymer, Thomas
Snowdon. V,'. It. Thompson. Christian Ycager.
Wilson Miller, George J. Gorman.
Iron City National Alex. M. Byers, James
Herdman, W. W. bpeer. Samuel Llnday, Jr., J.
I). Layng, Clias. L. Cole, J. Kldd Fleming, W. N.
rrew. uonn it. Jicuiniev, james a. r.eea, J. Jl.
Byers. Lewis Irwin, D. C Clapp.
Metropolitan NATiONALlohn Runnette, E.
I.. Black, Joseph Vogel. Henry Baub, Charles
Hook, A.. F. Keating. W. L. Van Kirk, Murray
A. Verner. Robert Lldell.
Fifth National Robert Arthurs, F. L.
btephenson, P. C. Knox, Jesse H. Llppincott, W.
. Patrick. Richard Coulter, i. B. Finley.
Fourth National James M. Bailey, John M.
norner, Jacob Porter, Stephen C. McCandless,
John B. Jackson, John D. Nicholson, Samuel D.
Herron, Jr.
,.,.v, ..aiiviau-u. .j. uiiiia ,, in. Aiai&i;i,
Jr , Addison Lysle, Charles Atwell. J. C Lappe,
A, G. Cubbage, Joseph Home, Samuel Wilson,
Thomas M. Armstrong.
First National Jamea McCutcheon, John
Thompson, U. C. Uoyle. Wm. Harbaugh, Geo.
W. Cochran, Edward Groetzlnger. Joseph Mc
Naugher, C. F. Nevln, John Ugden.
Skcond NATIONAL-J. P. Lang, A. Clendcn
nlng, A. Alston, J. Groetzlnger, A. M. Marshall,
J. N. Davidson. Geo B. Hill.
Third National W. M. McKelvy. K. H.
Baggs, W. U. Conley. N. H. Voegtly. Thomas
Morrow, W. S. McKlnney, Samuel McHenry
W arner, R. C. Macferron.
German Nation IL-Leonhard Walter, Fr.,
llamas Lutz, John II. Lotz, Wm, Rlemensnydcr,
F. JL Eggers, Wm. Buente, H. W. Hecheluun,
John Helm, F. N. Hoffstot.
Safe Deposit Company of Pittsbueg Abra
ham Garrison, Edward Gregg, Wm. M. Lyon, A.
E. W. Painter, m. Kea, Charles J. Clarke,
Thomas W rlghtman, Felix K. Brunot, Andrew P.
People's Natural Gas and Pipeage Com
pany John U, Hendricks, Joseph U. Rose, Wm.
F. Lloyd, Kobert McAtee, W. .1. Lanfltt, E. 11.
Myers, John Verner, Albert Pltcalrn, b. L. Mc
S. Marvin, John Bindley, H. Buhl, Jr.,
D. C. Herbst, A. P. Burchtteld, W. K. Lupton,
H. J. Heinz, E. J. Unger, D. C. Ripley. M.Rosen
baum, Kobert Pltcalrn, A. F. Keating, Wm. Mc
Crecry. North Side Bridge Company James H. Lind
say, W . J. Lewis, Isaac S. Van Vorhis, W. B.
German Savings and Deposit (Sonthside)
Frcdcrlck Mauk Adam Franz. Bernhard Krugh,
Joseph Ploger, Ferdinand Bentz, Jacob Roth,
Andrew Ponn. JobnB. Lutz. Lewis Haszelbarth.
L John Frederkk, A. Krut, J. P. Walker, Henry
Real Estate Loan and Trust Company-G.
Jlejer, Nicholas Seibert, Wm. Guckert, A. F.
Keating, Chas. Falkeustein, John B. Striebig,
John Hoffman, Henry Lenz. John A. btnder.
MASONIC-Peter C. Shidle, John J. Lawrence,
TAllliam McCullough, Harry P. Dilworth, Will
iam C. King, George W. Sfmonds, Joseph Elch
baum, William F. Wilson, John M. Kennedy,
John F. Scott, Charles B. McLean, James T. Arm
strung, I rederlck Gwlnner. Jr.
ClTYbiMNGS-James Gallery, James Phelan. P.
Kane, Charles F. McKenua, P. LeGonllon. Will
iam J. Burns, James Curran, C. O'Donnell. J.
Lawson Callery, William Scmple, George W.
Schmidt, Jolin.0. Rcilly, John Stafford.
lllininc Stocks.
New Yoke, January 8. Closing prices la
New York were: Amador, 15; Bodie, 165; Con
solidated California and Virginia, 887; Com
monwealth, 425; Hale and Norcns. S4: Home
stake, S12; Iron Silver, S3; Mexican, S3: Ontario,
S32; Plymouth. 825; Savage. 250; Sierra Nevada,
3; Union Consolidated, 200; Yellow Jacket, 410.
Business Notes.
TnE Wilkinsburg gas well is a mystery.
Bane stocks aro in demand, but holders re
fuse to sell.
Packers at the Washington, Pa., glass
works are on a strike.
The Youngstown Car Company is building
S00 cars for the Schoonmaker Coke Company.
The Reading paid full interest on the first
and second and 2 on the third mortgage
Edgewood wants a "borough or a uew town
shipIt don't care much which. It will have a
church and a school before long.
Several business houses will be erected in
Wilkinsburg next spnne. Wood street will
soon be the principal thoroughfare.
The Builders' Exchange elected W. B. Lip
ton, R. H, Barnes and A. Alston, Vice Presi
dents; E. A. Knox, Setietary, and Treasurer,
T. J. Hamilton.
Brown fc Cochran have bought the sur
face of the Alexander Sherrard farm of 150
acres, adjoining tho Nellie works, for 521,000.
They already owned the coal.
While in a Hospital His Wife Dies and is
Dissected and Cremated.
Chicago, January 8. John Somers, the
father ot nine children, broke his arm last
July, and was taken to the county hospital.
He sent word to his wife to come and see
hira. She did not come. When Somers
lett the hospital in September, he went to
his house and found it vacant. His wife
was nowhere about, and his furniture was
After a long search he learned that his
wife had died of quick consumption at
the hospital while he himself was an
inmate of that institution. Then he
began to look for her body. This was
no easy task. The corpse had been buried
in Potters field, bnt the grave had not been
marked. Last week he learned that the
body of his wife had been dis
sected in the Chicago Homeopathic Medical
College. He went to the institution and
was told by the engineer that the bones had
been burned. To-day Somers brought an
action for damages against the professors of
the college.
9, 1889.
Drift in All Produce Lines is Down
ward, Poultry Being
Supplies of Hay Too Large for the Demand
Cereal Markets,
Office of Pittsburg DisrATm, J
Tuesday, January 8, 18b9. J
Country Produce, Jobbing Prices.
"With the one exception of poultry, tho entire
drift of things in countryproduce lines is down
ward. The weakness of butter and eggs for
the past few days has culminated in another
decline. Some commission men profess a readi
ness to furnish the best eggs going at 20c.
Others claim that a reliable article commands
22c. At Chicago to-day tho best Elgin creamery
butter is going at 2Sc, a figure about 15e below
the rate which ruled for a week or two in No
vember. The failure of the cold weather to
como to tlmo has entirely disappointed calcula
tions of speculators in hen fruit and diry prod
ucts. Said a Liberty street commission mer
chant: "We are overstocked with everything,
and, as much of our stuff is very sensitive to
the weather, the mild weather we are having
has very much demoralized trade. Apples are
rotting in large quantity, and I wouldbe mighty
glad to come out somewhere near whole on the
stock I am carrying."
Beans Navy from store, pnmehandplckcd,
$2 00.2 10 per bushel; medium, $2 00: Ohio and
Pennsylvania do, prime and medium. $2 Ww
1 10; imported do, SI 802 00: Lima, 5c per ft;
marrowfat, S2 752 80 per bushel.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 3133c: Ohio do,
2528c: fresh dairy packed, 20J3c: country
rolls l&i?20e: Chartiers Creamery Co.butter.are.
Beeswax 2323c per a for choice; low
grade, 1618c
ClDER-Saud reflned, S6 507 50, common,
S3 504 00: crab cider, 8 00S 50 f? barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c & gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese. September make. 12
12Vc; New York, September make, 1213c;
Liraburger, HJi12ic: domestic Svteitzer
cheese, 1313Kc
Dried Peas 81 451 50 ?1 bushel; split do,
m. 9i an n.
Eggs 2022c ft dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, SI 25 to SI 75 f! barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25o $1 lb; cranberries, 58 OO
1 barrel: S2 75 W bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, 60C0c; No. 1
do. 4045l; mixed lots 30J5c S-ft.
Homi.vy-$3303 40 fl barrel.
Honey New Crop, lc; buckwheat, 1315c.
Potatoes Potatoes, 3540c ft bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; S3 253 50 for Jer
sey sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 5570o 1 pair;
dressed chickens. 1213c fl pound; turkeys. IS
U"e live, 16318c drcsed $1 pound: ducks,
live. 8085c pair; dressed, 18c fl pound;
geese, $1 Wl 10 $1 pair.
bEEDS Clover, choice, 62 S3 to bushel, JG per
bushel; clover, largo English. 02 fts, S6 25;
clover. Alsike.SS 50; clover, white, S9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 lbs Si 90: blue grass extra clean.
14 fts, SI 00; blue grass, fancy, 14 fis, SI 20;
orchard grass W fts, $2 00; red top, 14 lbs, SI CO;
millet, 50 Bs, SI 25; Germin millet, 50 lbs, S2 00:
Hungarian grass, 48 Es, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of line grasses 25c per lb.
BARKS SI 50 1 7.J.
Tallow Country, 45c:
city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons. S3 00 J 50 9
box; Mesina oranges. S2 503 50 W box;
Florida oranges, S3 003 50 ft box: Jamaica
oranges, fanc, S4 505 00 $ barrel; Malaga
grapes. $5 507 CO 'f keg: bananas, $2 50
firsts, SI 502 00; good seconds fl bunch; cocoa
nuts, S4 00 ft hundred; pineapples, $10 0018 CO
53 hundred; new figs, 1214c $ pound; dates,
5;c $j pound.
Vegetables Celery, 1030c fl bunch; cab
bages, S3 00ig5 00 ?! 100; onions, oOc ty bushel:
Spanish onions, $1 001 25 $i crate; turnips, 30
40c bushel.
Contrary to general expectations, green cof
fee was not able to hold the advance of a
made in the past few days, and is off 30 points
This decline will prevent the rise of package
coffee, which would have been due to-day if
markets for the green article had not n eak
cned. Greet Coitee Fancy Rio, 2021Kc;
choice Rio, 1920c; prime Rio, 19c; fair Rio,
18lSJic; old Government Java, 2GKc; Mara
caibo, 21K22c; Mocha. 3031c; Santos, 1SJ
22c: Caracas coffee, lK2lc; peaberry, Rio. 20
21Kc; Lagnayra, 2021c.
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands, 22c:
high grades, 23K2fic; old Government Java,
bulk. 30K31Kc;Maracaibo, 25K26Kc: Santos,
2122c: peaberrv, 25'f!c; choice Rio, 2:c; prime
Rio, 21c; good Rio, 20c: ordinary, 19c.
Spices (whole) Cl.ives, 2125c; allspice, 9c;
cassia, 89c; pepper, 19c: nutmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, c;
unio, la-", ej.c; ueaungni, ioo , ac; waierwniie.
lOc: globe,"l2c; elaine, 15c; carnadine, lljc;
roaline, lie.
bYEUPS Corn syrup3, 2323c: choice sngar
syrup, 3536c; prime sugar syrup, 3033c;
strictly prime, 33 35c.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, old. 43c; choice, 45c;
mixed. 4012c: new crop, 4T0e.
Soda Bi-carb in Kegs, 3g4c; bi-carb in Js,
5c: bi-carli, assorted package?, 56c; salsoda
in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; stearine,
per set, 8Kc; parafflne, HK12c.
Rice Head. Carolina, 7Kc: choice, 6
7c; prime. 5X6Kc; Louisiiua, 60S6J4C.
Starch Pearl, 2c; cornstarch, 67c: gloss
starch. 67c.
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don laer, S3 10; California London layers,
S2 50; Muscatels, S2 25;i California Jlnscatels,
S2 35: Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Velencia.
7V7Jt; sultana, 7c; currents, new, i
oc; lurkey prunes, new, 4K4c; French
prunes, 8J13c; Salonica prunes in 2-ft pack
ages, 8c: cocoanuts, per 100, $6 00; almonds,
Ian., per lb, 20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c;
walnuts, nap., 12W15c: Sicily tlberts. 12c;
Smyrna figs, 1216c; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans,
ll15c: citron, per S, 21CD c; lemon peel per ft,
1314c; Orange peel, 12c.
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 8c; ap
ples, evaporated, 67c; apricots, California,
evaporated, 1518c;peichcs,evaporated, pared,
223c; peaches, California, evaporated, un
pared, 1213Kc; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evap
orated, 2424Kc; blackberries, 7K8c; huckle
berries, 1012c
Sugars Cubes, 8c; powdered, 8c; granu
lated, 7JsCc; confectioners' A, 7Xc; standard A.
7c; soft whites, 6$7Kc: yellow, choice, 6J
fcc; yellow, good, b?s6Jic; yellow, fair, 6c;
yellow, dark, 6c.
Pickles Mediums, bbls (1,200), S4 75; me
diums, half bbls (600), S3 00.
Salt No. 1 '$ bul, 95c; No. 1 ex, fl bbl, SI 05;
oairy, uoi, 51 xi; coarse crystal, $i
mucin's ,ureKa. i du sacK.
! 80; Higgm's
Eureka. 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
Canned Goods standard Peaches. SI 50a
1 60; 2ds, $1 30I 35; extra peaches. SI .151 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, $1 3001 60: Hfd.
Co. corn. 7590c; red cherries, 90c$l 00; lima
beans, SI 10: soaked do, 85c: string dodo, 75S5c:
marrowfat peas, SI 1001 15; soaked peas. 70
75c; pineapples, $1 401 50; Bahama do, $2 75;
damson plums, 9oc; green gases, SI 25: egg
plums, $2 00; California pears, S2 50; do green
gages, $2 00; do egg plums, $2 00; extra white
cherries, S2 90; red cherries, 2fts. 90c: raspber
ries, SI 151 40: strawOerries. SI 10; gooseber
ries SI 201 SO: tomatoes, 9295c; salmon, 1
ft, $1 752 10: blackberries, 80c: suceotash, 2-fi
cans, soaked, OOc; do green, 2fts, SI 251 50;
corn beef, 2-ft cans SI 75; 14 ft cans 513 50:
baked beans. SI 401 45; lobster, 1 ft. $1 75
1 80: mackerel. 1-ft cans, broiled, SI 50: sardines,
domestic, s, 1 254 50; sardines, domestic.
Ks !S 25S 50; sardines, imported. fe, $11 50
12 50; sardines, imported, s, SIS 00; sardines,
mustard. 84 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 mess mackerel. $30 31 bbl;
No. 1 do, S2022: extra No. 2 do, $24 00; large
No. 3 do, Slfl. Whole codfish George's medium,
4jc; do large, 4c; boneless hake. 5c; do cod-h-h,
"K8c; smoked halibut, 1012c; blue fish,
8c; split herring, $6 006 50; white fish, half bbl.
100 fts, S7 50; lake herring, new, 100 fts $3 25;
Portland round herring. 200 fts. SI 50; do half
bbls, 100 fts $6 65; trout, 100 fts $5 50.
Buckwheat Flour 3'43c per pound.
Oatjieal $6 S06 60 bbl.
Miners' Oil No 1 winter strained, 5962c
I? gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change were 24 cars, 15 of which wero hay. By
Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne and Chicago 8 cars of
hay, 5 of oats, 1 of flour. By Pittsburg, Cincin
nati and St. Louis, 1 car of oats, 5 of hay, 1 of
corn. By Baltimore and Ohio, 1 car of corn, 1
of hay. By Pittsburg and 'Western, 1 car of
bay. The only sale on call was 1 car No. 2 y. e.
corn, 39c, 5 days. Out of a total of 91 cars bul
letined yesterday and to-day, 51 cars were bay.
As a result of this overdose of the meadow
crop, prices are off, as will be seen by quota
tions below. The promised improvement in
cereal markets after holidays has not yet ma
terialized. Buyers and sellers are still far
apart in their views of values. The former
think there should be concessions and the
latter are unwilling to concede. The outlook
at this date is in the buyers' favor, since every
thing outside of wheat is in abundant supply.
As to wheat and flour, the short export de
mand, as compared uith last year, would seem
to more than ofiset the shortage of crop. One
thing is certaiu, the efforts of Northwestern
millers to stiffen prices of flour by restricting
product are not, 60 far, a success, ;
"WnEAT-Jobbing prices No. 2 red, Jl 07
10S;No.3red,95c$l. ,,,.,
Corn-No. 2 yellow, ear, 41012c; high mixed,
ear. 3940c; No. 1 vellow. shelled, 3840c: liigh
mixed, shelled, S637c; mixed, shelled. -
Oats No. 2 white, 3?33Jc: extra . J
31K32c;No. 3 white, 30K31c; No. 2 mixed.
Rye No 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio. 6061c:
No. 1 Western. C053c; new rve. 5KS57C.
Barley-No. 1 Canada, 93cJlJ 00j : No. 2
Canada. 9S98c:No.3 Canada, S92c; No. -Western.
83S5c; No. 3 Western, .07oc; Lake
Shore, 7oM)c. . . -
FLOUR-Jobbing prices, winter patents, SB .-
66 50; spring patents, $6 506 75: fancy straight,
winter and spring. So 7oS 00; clear winter.
$5 505 75; gjncht XXXX bakers', So 25o 50.
Rye floor. S3 751 OX
Coenjieal In paper. 60$70c
MlLLFEED Middlings, fine white. S20 50
21 00 5B ton; brown middlings, $17 5018 OO:
winter wheat bran, $15 5016 00; chop feod
$21 0O22 00. cn,r-5
Hay Bailed timothy, choice. o 50015 5;
No. 1 do, S15 0T15 23: No. 2 do, $13 0013 25;
loose from wacon, S23 00028 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. $10 50010 75; No. 2, $9 50 10 00; packing
do. $8 00. '
Straw Oats. $8 009 00; wheat and rye
straw, $3 003 50.
Large hams. 18 Bs and upward. 10Jc: medium
hams, 14 to 18 fts. llc; small hams, 14 fts and
under, HKc; picnic or California hams, 9c:
boneless (in skins), 12c: sugar-cured shoul
ders, 9Jc: bacon. SJJe; dry salt, OJc; breakfast
bacon, IOKc;Touletts (boneless s. c shoulders),
10ic; regular smoked sides, 9c; bellies,
smoked sides, SJc; regular dry salt sides, 8c;.
bellies, dry salt sides, 8c; dried beer, sets 3
piecos 10c; dried beef, flats. 9t; dried beef,
rounds 12c: dried beef, knuckles, 12c: pork,
mess. $16 50; pork, family, $17 00; Pig pork, half
barrels, $9 00; long sausage. 5Jic. Lard
Tierces 323 lis 7c f) ft: half barrels 120 fts,
814c fl ft: tubs wooden. 60 fts Vip $ ft; buck
ets, wooden. 20 fts, 8!c fl ft; 3-ft tin pails. 60 Bs,
8c fl ft:5-ft tin pails. 60 fts Sc ? ft; 10-ft tin
pails, b0 fts. 8c it ft; 20-ft tin pails, 80 Bs, 8c;
50-ft tin pails, 100 fts, be ft ft.
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Bee' carcasses, 450 to 550 fts 5
5Mc; 600 to 630 Bs. 66Kc: 700 to 750 Bs. 77Kc.
Sheep, 7c ?) ft. Lambs, 8c ft ft.
Illetal Marker.
St. Louis, January 8. Lead quiet and un
changed. New York. January 8. Pie Iron firm. Cop
per nominal: lake, Januarv, $17 35. Lead quiet
and barely steady; domestic, $3 87. Tin dull
and steady; straits. $21 85.
Whisky Markets.
The rnling price is $1 03 at all the principal
Jiolnts of production. The tone of the market
s steady to active.
River Telegrams.
Brownsville River 8 feet 3 inches and
falling. Weather cloudy. Thermometer 42 at
6 P. 31.
M org antown River 6 feet 10 inches and
stationary. Weather clear. Thermometer 46
at 4 p. jr.
AVaeren River 3 410 feet and rising.
Weather cloudy and mild.
Bilious Headache,
Biliousness, Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Constipation, Dizziness
Positively cured by
The People's Favorite Liver Pills.
They act slowly, but surely, do not gripe, and
their effect is lasting; the fact is they nave no
equak Small dose: big results. Sugar coated
and easy to take, send tor testimonials. 25c,
at all druggists, or mailed for price. Prepared
by an old apothecary, Five bottles $L
The HOP PILL CO., New London, Ct.
Hop Ointment cures and makes chapped,
rough, red skin soft and clear. 25 and 50c
Dressed Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Hams, Breakfast Bacon,
Pork Bologna
And all other varieties of Sausage of the finest
?inalitv, at very moderate prices, received dally
rom their immense cooling rooms at Chicago.
No. 410 Smithfield St.
CAPITAL. . . - . $200,000 00.
JAMES P. SPEER. Vice Prest
sel-k35-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
Office of 1
German Fire Insurance Co.,
Pittsburg. Iinuarv8, 1889. )
this company have declared a dividend ot
CENT), payable on and alter January 14, 1SS9.
ja9-59 Secretary.
Office of the Humboldt Fire Ixsur-
a-sce Company, aixeohent. j
company have this day declared a semi
annual dividend of $1 50 PEP. SHARE, pay
able on demand. A-H. TRIMBLE,
ja9-21-WFS Secretary.
Office of Allegheny Insurance Co.,
No. 67 Fourth Avenue,
Pittsburg, January 7, 18S9.
company have declared a dividend of
1HREE(3)PERCENT. pavable on demand.
ja8-54 C. O. DONNELL, Secretary.
Office Union Insurance Co.,
Pittsburg. Pa. January 7. 18S9.
day declared a dividend of THREE PER
CENT on the capital stock, out of the proiits
of the past six months, payable forthwith.
J. W. J. McLAIN,
jaS-66 Secretary.
German American Ins. Co. of Pa.,
Office No. ill Fourth Avenue,
Pittsburg. Jinnarv 4. 1SS9.
JL company have this clav declared a semi
annual dividend of FOUR PER CENT ($2 per
share), payable on demand.
ja5-66 d W. J. PATTERSON, Secretary.
Arsenal Dank.
Pittsburg. December 31. 18SS.
U ORS of this bank have declared a divi
dend of FOUR (4) PliR CENT out of the
earnings of the last six months, payable forth
with. W. S. WILLIAMS,
jal-55-D Cashier.
Odd Fellows Savings Bank, ;
Pittsburg. Januam 2, 1889.
I bink have this dav declared a dividend of
THREE (3) PER CENT ont oi the earnings of
the last six months, payable on demand, free of
tax. F. E. MOORE, Cashier.
Allegheny National Bank. Pittsburg.r'a.
1 this dav declared a dividend of THREE
PER CENT out of the earnings of the past six
months, payable Jannary 2, 18S9.
T. C. HUTCHINSON. Cashier.
December 3L 1S88. ja3-13
Office Wistern Insurance Co., i
Pittsburg, Januarv 8, if 89.
Directors have this dav declared a divi
LAR and FIFTY CENTS upon each share of
the capital stock, payable on and after the 11th
msr. WM. P. HERBERT, Secretary.
The Northside Bridge Co., J
Pittsburg, Januart 8, 18S9.
cnmpanv havo declared a dividend of
TWO (2) PER CENT, payable at the office of
tbe company at the south end of bridge, on and
after the 16th day of January, 1889. Transler
books closed until January 16. 18S9.
ja9-33 R.L-ORR, Secretary.
Office of ins Philadelphia Co.,')
No. 820 Penn Avenue. y
Pittsburg, Pa., January 8, 1889. )
DEND The Board of Directors of this
corapanv have this day declared a dividend of
ONE PER CENT, payable on the 25th instant.
Transfer books will be closed from the 15th to
the 25th instant, both inclusive. Checks will be
mailed to stockholders.
ja9-23 JOHN CALDWELL, Treasurer.
Chartiers Creamery Coi
Warehouse and General Offices
Telephone 1423. Bissell Block.
Factories throughout Western
For prices see market quotations;
Wholesale exclusively.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekia
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
Oil bought and sola on margin. de-!7-21-Dsu
As old residents know and back files of Pitts,
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician in the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
gsponsbgpersons flQ pf J
IML"DfilIQ ana mental diseases, physical
I'tinVUUO decay, nervous debility, lact
of enerfry, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrnst,bashfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business,society and mar
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bona pains, glandular
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nmsnns tnoroazniv erauicaieu iromtna svstem.
flDIMADV kidney and bladder deranjre-
uiimnn 1 1
ments. weak back. trraveL ca
tarrhal aiscnarges, muammauon ana other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment;
prompt relief and re..l cures.
Dr. whittier's life-long, extensive experience
insures scientific and reliable treatment on
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Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if
here. Office hours 9a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday,
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Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa. jaii.-5-DSuw
ERGY and strength secured by using Am
oranda Wafer3. These wafers are the only rell
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ease, kidney and liver complaint, and wasting
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six boxes is the complete treatment, and with
everv purchase of six boxes at one time wo will
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Gray's Specific Medicine.
iujc cure for
bemlnal Weak
ness sperma
torrhea, impo
tenty, and all
diseases that
follow as a se
quence of belf-4
Abuse: as loss
situde. Pain in the Back, Dimness of Vision, Fre
matureOId Age and many other diseaes that lead
to Insanity or Consumption and a Prematura
eS-Ful' particulars In our pamphlet, which wo
desire to send free by mall to every one. 3"Tha
Specific Medicine is sold by all drocsists at 1 per
Sack jjre. or six packages for S3, or will be sent frea
y mail on the receipt or the money, by addressing
On acconnt of counterfeits, we have adopted tha
Yellow Wrapper: the onlv gennlnc.
Sold in Pittsburg by S. b. HOLLAND, corner
Smithfield and Liberty streets. mh!3-kl3
22) c:::: viz::o izizj,
OrlttaaLbctt. enlr zrflvlac tni
rciiaoio pui wr sue. ctetiiu.
i,Uk lor laicjuiltri Anguui
I Diamond Brand. In red me- '
K ullw boxc. feal.il wlta blue nl-
Jlton. At Druffcfptft. Accept
nn Ath,- All dills la n&aU-
boira bozei . pink wrappers, ire s danger
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rutieubrs mi! "Kelleff.irLndleo,-!'
Ittttr. br return mill. 10.000 teitl
alaMrCwhobarsiuedlhem. KuneFaper.
Chichester t'tcmical Co.,SxdisonSqFlilUPs.
All forms of Delicate and Cony.
nhcatcd Dfases requirinc Cos-
FiDEXTLU.nnd SciEMincilcdi
cation are treated at this Dispensary with a suc
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ary Organs, ic Consultation free and strictly
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1 AS TOffcrlnfffroin tns rf
I fflj fects of youthful er.
N ra B g Ba B ror, eany nccaj, low
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chaI. Address, .
PROF. F. C. FOWLER, Moodus, Conn. J
noS-kSl-DSUwlc . .
i f
A54 w