Pittsburg dispatch. (Pittsburg [Pa.]) 1880-1923, January 01, 1889, SECOND PART, Page 11, Image 11

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heart Georce Thomas Killed Maggie
"Wise anil himself at Cincinnati.
38 Clinics Hodson and Clem Ensland.killed
in a boiler explosion near Bowling Green,
O A train on the Hannibal and St. Joe
road crashed throush a bridge, killing; four
54 Eleven men killed and manv Injured by the
explosion of a cartridge works in France.
3 A cyclone sweeps through the Ohio Valley
and Western Pennsylvania, causing loss of
life and. property at many places. Mrs.
Hattie Radcllffe burned to death at Paine
rille.0. Two trains collide near Flagstaff,
Ariz-, one man being killed and several In
jured. 19 One man killed and ten others fatallv in
jured bv Hchtnins at Milenbunr, La. Two
children drowned at Beatrice, Neb. -
80 Encineer Quinn killed and two others fa
tallv injured in a wreck on the Louisville
and'Xashville Koad. Sheriff Ahlfeldt killed
atMusick's Kerr, AIo., while attempting to
arrest a jping of river men. Charles Brum
bach suicided at Springfield, O., because of
unrequited love.
SI Mrs. II. K. Getz suicides at Reading. A
raft towed bv the steamer Zverness col
lapsed on the Mississippi, andSvcinen were
drowned. John Spiter murdered by two
men at Ralston. Teuc.
j Mrs. Ellen Martin and her 15-year-old
daughter stnicU by a train and instantly
killed at Bristol. Forty freight cars on tbo
Reading: road wrecked near fehaniokiii and
one brakeinan killed. A boiler explosion at
"Wyandotte Jlina, killed three men and in
jured otheis.
2 Three men drowned in lake Traverse. Ont
Er. John Osboni and J. V. Hancock, prom
uient citizens of "okomis. 111., quarrel, and
Kith are fatally injureil.
S-Jamcs Phillips kills hi wife and hnnfclf at
Iijfrau. O. J. X. CI libornc "-hot and killed
Nelson Leo at Charleston, W. Va.
4-Cbarles bhrevo killed Lu:s Mcara: Cres
ton, Iowa. Copper rann caved in Butte
C;ty, .Mont n.1 Innrmen wero entombed.
Mrs. Barbara "Willi committed suicide by
drowning at Dubuque.
8 Tampico, Mex., the scene of a railroad ac
cident, in winch IS persons arc killed and
lUnjured. G. B. George, prominent citi
zen, suicided at Richmond, Va. Mrs. S. J.
Overton cot her throat in the Nebraska
S Two men named Bailey ana m ilson killed
during a quarrel at Blooinington, Dak. Ja
cob Kan-om mysteriously murdered at
"Warsaw, O.
t A cvcloie destroj s several lives near Port
Yates, Dak, Jcrrj Sinclair, a potal clerk,
msterinntly murdered at Bangor, Me.
Peter Rueser shot and killed himself at
Man'field, O. A tenement house at Low
ell, Mass.. burned and three children per
ished in the flames.
11 John Mnchtlialcr kills his wife and himself
at Detroit. Dr. "Wilcv beats his wife to
death at Gainesville. Tex. James Fot-tcr.
colored, lynched at Henderson, Ky. Four
men drowned bv the upsetting of a boat at
Vina Haven, Md.
JS A clay bank at Menominee, "Wis., caved in,
idtombiup; seven -jicn. During a free light
at Portland, Inch. Jerry Moore and Joseph
McClelland were killed.
16 Harrison Voorliees and wifo struck by
lightning near Trenton, N. J., ana instantly
IS Two children perished in a burning hotel
at "Wakefield. Mich. Peter Murphy mur
dered bv Peter McCann at Chicago.
3 Mrs. S. Detvle struck by a N. Y P. & C.
train near Corry, Pa and instantly killed.
Two miners meet their fate at McDonald,
' Pa., one being killed by falling slate and the
other by a train.
22 Hundreds of houses swept away and 2,000
people arownca oy nooas in .Mexico.
24 A pleasure yacht capsizes off Newark and
six persons are drowned. George T. Holly
la. a prominent business man, suicides at
Baltimore. Charles bullivan accidentally
killed at Buffalo.
"5 Six Hungarians instantly killed in a rail
road wreck near Phaniokin, Pa. A boiler
explosion near Effingham, 111, kills two
men and seriously injures two other. Joe
beaford killed Rose Sheridan and himself
at New York.
27 A train crashed through a bridge near Mo
bile. Ala, killing four men and injuring
several others. A pleasure boat sinks at
Ncwburg, N. Y., and two ladies are
dron ned. A dynamite explosion kills three
men at Andover, N. Y.
2i Four men lynched in different parts of
Kansas. F.T. Lantrv cut his throat in the
Eastor House, New York Citv. Two fann
ers killed near Culbertson, Neb by light
ning. S3 Policeman Thomas Woods killed by a New
York desperado. Jesse Johnson kills his
divorced wife and himself at Indianapolis.
1 Ten young men of Port Chester. N. Y..
drowned in a sudden gale on Long Island
fcouml. Patrick Coffee killed Agnes Smith
and himself at New York. Michael Wil
liams and Allen Campbell went to sleep on
a railroad track near Indianapolis, and
were instantly killed.
S-James Burns and Henry Green killed while
riding on flat cars near Mcadcrville, Mont.
4 Martha Lewfcl, wealthy and prominent
' -woman of Springfield, O., suicided by
hanging. William Shiner and his son
drouned at Paterson, N. J. James V.
Flack meets his death in an attempt to run
the rapids of the Niagara whirlpool in i
small boat.
Jolin Johnson accidentally killed his son at
Hamlin, N. Y.,and then committed suicide.
Jim Collins stabbed and killed Lyman
Moore at Grafton, Dak. A sail boat cap
sized on Lake Joanna. Minn., and three
men drowned. Mayor Renyon killed cv il
legal liquor sellers at Gucda Springs, Kan.
Two persons killed by lightning at Cassei
tm. Dak.
-Crowded passenger trains on the Pennsyl
vania road colliue near Wilfccsnarre, killing
three persons and injuring many others.
1 Six men onarrel near Yazoo City. Miss.,
and two it them were killed. James Etsey
and son ran over and killed by a train at
Meridian. Mich. Arthur Otto bends four
bullets t hrough his brain at N cw York.
8 Hiram Ralston killed by lightning at Lock
Haven. John F. Wentz, wealthy jeweler of
Dayton, committed suicide. David Clark
and his wife hang themselves in a corncrib
'near Sandwich. 111.
10 A Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific train
went through a trestle near Cameron, Mo.,
killing three men and injuring others.
Fred A. Forsailh suicided at Portsmouth,
U A conflagration destroys the town of Al
pena, Mich., many lives being lost in the
liaincs. Mary Jnnkins shot and killed Hat
tie Debaun at Tecumsch, Ind. Amy Rey
nolds, a pretty variety actress..shot and
killed by her jealous husband at Buffalo.
13 Eight hundred men entombed in a coal
mine at Kiiubcrly, South Africa, and 500 of
them perish. A "train on the Virginia Mid
land road crashed through a trestle near
Orange Court Hcnse, and many persons
were killed and injured. Stanyard, the
Yonngrtown murderer, hanced at Colum
bus. Richard Carter killed Theresa Adams
and himself at New York.
14 Eight rmptba gas tanks explode at Ludlow,
Ky killing three men and injuring eicht
others. Two brothers named Reedy at
tacked Manuel Williams at Merritts, S. C,
and both are killed.
16 John Humphreys, colored, lynched at
Asheville, N. G. Three young men drowned
at "Wilkes' Lake. Mich- while bathing. A
brakeman killed and five others injured in
a collision between two freight trains on the
Western North Carolina road, near Ashe
ville. 18 Emil Lanchbaum killed by a dynamite
bomb at Portsmouth, O. Advices received
to the effect that the British ship Star of
Greece was wrecked off Australia, and 20
men drowned. Six lumbermen drowned
while endeavoring tn ctoss tbe rapids at
Kanauskis, Man. The towboat Convoy
bursts a steam-pipe near Louisville, and six
men are killed. A cloud-burst at Wheeling
does creat damage to life and property.
21 A sail boat upsets and four young men are
drowned at Lake Miunetonka, Minn.
Charles Mayers killed by a boiler explosion
atTellCit.. Ind.
22 Nine men killed in a collision on the Nor
folk and Western road near Lynchburg, Va.
24 Ben Dutton killed John Latnont and Alice
Rote at Dryden, N. Y. John F. Miller sui
cides at Chicago. A negro official of Crit
tenden county, Arkansas, lynched by a
55 One woman killed and several others in
jured bv the fall of a gallery in New
York. Samuel Steel and Josie McKay
drowned while boating near Quincy, III.
36 A colored woman poisons her father and
three urotners at liemonia, miss. k. u
Ivery and Brakeman AUiger Killed by a
railroad accident near Birnimcham. Ala. -29
James Nicholls shut and killed William
Card well and Samuel Nunn on a train near
Marion, Kv.
80 A Hannibal and St. Joe train wrecked
near Quincy. 111., and the engineer and
fireman killed.
1 A locomotive boiler on tbe Reading road
exploded in Philadelphia, killing the en
gineer and fireman and injuring five pas
sengers. Policeman John Gardner killed
by lightning at St. Louis.
8 Hans Hanson, a St. Paul detective, myste
rimi6ly murdered.
6 Officer Hassan kills Ed Scanlon at Scran
ton. 8 A tenement house burned at.NewYork
and the family of Gustave Berg perished in
the flames. William Auckland shot Albert
Freyer, John Bailey and himself at Cincin
nati. 9 Two men and a boy killed in a coal mine
near Wilkesbarre.
40 Frank Phillip? taken from jail and lvnched
at" Shenandoah, Iovra. Hugh JI. Brooks
and Murderer Lar.gstau banged at St
Louis. Heavy floods in Germany cause
great damage to life and property. A fire
at Chattanooga destrored much property
and five men were killed by a falling wall.
iS-A rock on the track wrecked an Erie train
near Port Jerris. N. Y killing one man
and injuring 25 others. Miss Elsie Fyle, of j
Philadelphia, drowned at Asbnry Park,
14 Thestcamsbips Geiser and Thingvalla, of
the Danish line, collide in inidocean and 117
lives are lost.
16 One man killed and many injured in a colli
sion on the Illinois Central road at South
Lawn, Ilk James Henberry killed Patrick
Banks at Chicago. Charles Dileer killed
Officers Junes and Rosenberg at Louisrllle.
17 One white man and seven negroes killed
during a race war In Lafayette parish. La.
Chief ilescott of the Kickapoo Indians,
his squaw and five children killed by light
ning at Netawaka. Kan.
19 Edward Hoffman killed Edward Pedro at
26 Rev. Edward M. Camp suicided at Newark,
N. J by cutting his throat and then jump
ing in a cistern.
22 Forty-six lives lost by the sinking of the
steamer City of Chester in San Francisco
bay. A cyclone kills ten persons in Kent
countv, Maryland.
23 Arthur W. Dickens, an ex-Jonrnallst, sui
cides at Los Angeles. Cal. Three men
killed and several others badly wounded in
a row at a Baptist meeting at Monticello,
Ga. Eighteen persons killed and many in
jured by a boiler explosion at Neenah, Wis.
23 William H. Gallagher sent a bullet through
his brain at Boston. A Mrs. Gardner ran
over by an encine and killed at New York.
27 Three men killed in a collision on the Chi
cago. Burlington and Quincy road, near
Bock Creek, Iowa. John McCullough,
prominent Philadelphia citizen, suicides
29 August Zars and Charles Lcbanew killed
by lalling coal at Green Bav. Wis. Two
brakemen and an engineer killed in a colli-
- sii.n on the Chesapeake and Ohio road, near
Clifton, Va.
SI Six persons killed by a water spout at Hot
Springs, Ark.
1 Captain Hogan mysreriously assassinated
at Columbia, S. C. Three men burned to
death near Findlay by the bursting of an
oil tank.
2 A furious fire at Baltimore destroys seven
lives and property to the value of Sl,500,000.
A wreck on a branch of the Missouri Pacific
near Booneville killed four men and in
jured a number of others. Charles Rice
shot and killed Mrs. Mary Funk at Middle
town, O. John Baker Killed a boy near
Agenda, Kan., and was immediately
3 A boiler explosion at South Pittsburg,
Teun., kills six men and fatally injures two
more. Three negroes lynched at Oxford,
4 A falling embankment at Monroe, Vt,
killed three men. Samuel Scanlan shot his
wife and himself at Louisville, Ky.
6 J. O. Hoffman and O. T. Holt, Drominent
citizens oi Brc-nham, Tex., killed by un
known assassins.
7 A falling balcony killed Andrew Bindcl
and Anmo Mahan at New York.
8 Seven negroes killed during a conflict be
tween the races in Henry county, Alabama.
Floods in the south of Spam do great dam
age to life and property.
10 Four men and three women killed in a col
lision near Pittman. O.. and 25 others in
jured. J. B. Reilly suicided at Chicago be
cause of business trouble.
H Nine men killed in a frightful accident in a
tunnel in the Montana Central road, 20 miles
from Helena.
14 Two persons killed and SO injured by a
wreck on the Baltimore andOhioroad, near
Newark, O. Floods do great damage to life
and property in North Carolina.
16 News received of a terrible cyclone in
Cnba, in which hundreds of lives were
Hy Four children burned to death by kerosene
near San Antonio, Tex. Two men, named
Steele and Mackabee, fight a duel near -Mt.
Sterling, Ky., and the latter is killed. Five
men drowned while crossing the St. Law
rence river near St. Anne, Quebec, in a
small boat. '
19 Edmund Clover.bank teller of Wilmington,
Del., suicided because of financial reverses.
Two engineers and two tramps killed in a
railroad collision at Galesburg. Ilk Will
iam Brown and William Knabenshn killed
bv a boiler explosion at Point Mountain,
W. Va.
21 Seven houses at Mammoth Springs, Ark.,
wrecked by a cyclone and one person killed.
James Steiler and Dorsey Miller killed in a
fight at Berkely Springs. W. Va.
22 Several lives lost in a prairie fire in Camp
bell county, Dakota.
23 An unknown pugilist kills George Full
james in a prize fight near Grand Forks,
24 Four men killed by a boiler explosion at
East Saginaw, Mich. Lewis Davis taken
out of jail and lynched at Cuba. Mo. Wil
bert Johnston kills bis mother at Chicago.
26 Two brothers named Cabill killed in a rail
road accident near Huron, O. Tom Wins
ley killed while making a balloon ascension
at Ottawa. Ont. Two convicts killed while
making a break for liberty at Dallas, Tex.
28 A Chicago furniture factory burns and two
persons perish in the flames. James Turner,
of Grand Rapids, Mich., shot and killed by
his partner, James Harper. Sixteen per
sons perish in a fire at Cronstadt, Europe.
29 Advices received that 400 men killed in
flchts between rival kings at Samoa. Louis
Hildebrand shot and killed his wife at
SO Jim Conley. colored, killed J. 1). Smith and
N. D. Eastman, white, near Memphis.
John D. Caperton and JohnPearcedrowned
in the Ohio river near Louisville by their
boat capsizing.
1 Edward Greey, an author, suicided In New
York. Isaac Lifter, a peddler of Harris
burg, attacked and killed by three savage
2 The cottage occupied by Peter Callahan at
Waukesha, Mich., burned, and he perished
in the flames. Conductor Wells killed in a
railroad accident at Buffalo, and a brake
man injured. A lifeboat upsets off Port
Sanilac, Mich., and the entire crew
3 Advices received indicate the loss of the
propeller Wilson. with all on board, on Lake
Michigan. Cyrus Brennlngcr commits sui
cide near Masslllon, O.
6 Aaron Bean, colored, killed by a mob of
w hi te men near Jasper, Tex. An engineer
killed and several others injureil in a rail
road collision near Hannibal, N. Y.
6 W. W. Rickey shot and killed foyting
Case near Minneapolis. George Williams
and Edward Davis suicide at Wan en. Me.
8 News received from China to the effect that
1,000 laborers w ere drowned by the giving
way of an embankment upon 'the Yellow
river. Henry Shaw, colored policeman at
Galveston, Tex., killed two white men who
resisted arrest. Francis Williams, a New
Y'ork broker, suicided because of heavy
losses in wheat.
10 Two trains telescoped on the Lehich Val
ley Railroad near Mud river, 40 persons
being killed and many more injured. A re
viewing stand at Quincy. Ill, gave way, in
juring 150 people, some fatally.
13 Two men and two women struck by a train
near West Barnstable, Mass. Minnie Boyd
burned to death at Mexico, Mo.
14 Advices received at San Francisco state
that 10.000 Chinese were drowned near
Pekiu in a recent fearful flood. Lewis
McDade killed from an ambnsh near
Haropstead, Tex.
16 Dr. S. O. Burnngton. of Columbus. Wis,
suicided at Saratogo,N. Y. Six Hungarians
killed and 2G injured in a collision on tbe
Pottsville branch of the Lehigh Valley
road. John Slawson and Frank Sinklcr
killed by a boiler explosion at Ypsilanti,
19 Two men killed and 20 more injured by a
wreck on the Baltimore and Ohio road at
Washington, Pa. Paymaster John S. Mc
Clure and an assistant murdered near
Wilkesbarre. William Richardson killed
Harry Aiknian, at Newport, Ind. Three
men killed in an accident to a freight train
near Freeport, BL
20 Colonel R. M. Pulsifer suicided at Boston
while suffering from Insomnia.
21 A landslide struck a moving train in Italy.
100 people being killed and as many more
injured. Two men lynched on the Snake
river. Wvo. Ter for burning a house.
23 Henry Grath killed Peter McGuigan on the
open street in Philadelphia, A Jiand car
on tbe Union Pacific was run down by an
express train, John McCann being killed
and four others injured.
24 Three trains wrecked on the Erie road at
OtisviIle,N. Y., and several persons killed
and injured. Charles Nigabower and his
daughter burned to death at Illon, N. Y.
25 George Purdy mysteriously murdered at
Lebanon, Ind. T. D. Hoxsey, paymaster
U. S. N- committed suicide at Haledon,
26 A train on the Kentucky Central road left
the track near Richmond, killing two
men and severely injuring others. Judge J.
8. Tartar drowned in Pitman creek, Kv.,
while fording the stream. Dr. Robert
Leonard killed by a Lehigh Valley train
near Glen Onoko.
27 Two freight trains on tbe Chicago, Milwau
kee and ht. Paul road collided near Min
neaville. killing two firemen and two brake
men. Henry Joues, colored, lynched at
Woodland Mill, Tex.
28 Mrs. Jackson and Miss Nellie Karris burned
to death by gasoline, at Cleveland. Bill
Short fatallv snoots Mrs, Alma Barnes at
Litchfield, Kan.
29 A hand car run down by an express train
on tbe Burlington road near Dubuque and
three persons killed. James Powell killed
during a political quarrel at Dayton.
SO Michael Gilmartin killed by a boiler ex-
51nsion at New York. John McFee and
"homas Slavin kill each other in an Indian
apolis Hreet duel. An iron trass bridge
DearDuquoin, III, fell, Killing six men and
seriously injuring others. Tbe tup A. W.
Lawrence exploded near Milwaukee, kill
ing four men.
SI Twenty persons killed in an accident to a
train on which the Czar of Russia was a
passenger, but escaped mjury. Andrew
Krar.ke put a bullet through his brain in
New York. Two travelers murdered and
robbed by outlaws in Mercer county. West
Virginia. '
1 Three men killed by a boiler explosion at I
Milwaukee, Wis. Abner Miller killed at
Kokomo, Ind., during a political quarrel.
2 A boiler explosion at Reading resulted in
the killing ot five men ana the injury of as
" many others. Sam Hastings and Martin
Maker killed bv a handcar jumping from
the track near Hopewell. John Hill shot
and killed Conrad Wilder at Chicago.
S-James Bell, Ben Russell and George W.
Griffln, negroes, killed in a disturbance" in
Van Zandt county, Tex. Several persons
fatally injured in a collision on tbe Michi
gan Central road at Toledo. A terrific ex
plosion in a coal pit at Avryon, France,
killed 80 miners.
4 Fifteen miners killed in an explosion in a
coal pit near Westport, Pa. Advices re
ceived say that the steamers Nor and Sax
mundham collided off Cowcs, and 22 pas
sengers of the latter vessel were drowned.
Two men killed and another seriously in
jured in a political riot at Hope, Ind.
7 A desperate fight at Livingston. Ky., re
sults in the death of five men. Arch
Pelon taken from jail and lynched at Gray
ling, Mich. Two men drowned in the Ohio
river near Cincinnati. .
9 An explosion in a coal mine at Pittsburg,
Kan., entombs 100 men. Nine persons killed
and others injured by a fire in a Rochester,
N. Y., factory.
10 One man killed and others Injured in a riot
among miners at Bevier, Mo.
U John Hightower, colored, shot and killed
at Marion. Ark. Frederick Norr, bis wife
and daughter burned to death at Vernon
Center. N. Y.
12 Marie Berthune cremates herself and chil
dren at Pittsburg, Kan., through grief at
her husband's death in the mln" horror.
One man killed and three injured j a boiler
explosion near Detroit,
13 A premature explosion of a dynamite blast
at Lexiimton, Ky.. killed two men and in
jured others. Peter Kretchman shot and
killed Mrs. MatlMa Hellerman in Philadel
phia. Daniel Kerstein suicided at New
11 A building in course of construction at
Denham, Mass.. blown down and ten per
sons injured, some fatally. Fannie and
Frank Knocht, need 9 and 11 years, burned
to death at Plymouth, Pa. Miss Belle
Bridewell, a public school teacher at
Streator, 111., killed by a pupil she was at
tempting to punish.
16 Five men lvnched by the Bald Knobbers in
the Ozark Mountains, Mo., for testifying
against them. Solon Jenkins kills his
.father-in-law, Stephen Anthony, at Wall-
17 Henry W. King killed at Omaha, Neb., by
a woman who alleges sho was his wife.
20-Jo'in Armstrong shot and killed J. Clascow
near Danville, 111. Two men killed and
four others injured by a boiler explosion at
Dubuque, la.
21 Three men killed and the steamer United
burned by an explosion of petroleum at
Bristol. A riot occurred between a posse
and striking employes of the Hereford
Railroad, in which three of the latter were
killed and others injured.
23-H. K. Scott killed X. H. Erwin at Hinckley,
Minn. Two men killed and four injured in
a boiler explosion at Ardsley, N. H.
24 A premature dynamite explosion at
Schuylerville, N. Y., 'kills two and fatally
injures three others.
26 Lulu Wartev iatally burned at Newark, O.
Policeman Thayer mysteriously murdered
at Detroit, Mich.
27 Gaorge Hallen, a well-known actor, sui
cided at Denver. James and Mary Wood,
brother and sister, burned to death in New
Y'ork. A threshing machine boilerexploded
at Poynette, Wis., killing three men and in
juring three more.
28 Eleven persons killed and 75 injnred by tho
explosion of a boiler at Kinesclima, Russia.
29 Policemen and negroes fight at Savannah,
Ga., one white man and four of the negroes
being fatally injured. George Cobb kills
Ella Wra v and himself at Nevada. Mo.
SO Tbe Calumetand Hecla mine at Marquette,
Mich., fired by incendiaries and a number
of miners smothered. v
1 Jim Smith and John Coleman, eclored,
lynched in Wilkes county, Georgia, for in
salting a woman.
2 One killed and five injured in a row be
tween two factions of Chinese Highbinders
at Portland, Ore. Olney P. Pratt shot and
killed at Scranton, Pa.
3 Tnree men killed and three dangerously in
jured in a collision on the Jersey Central
road near Wilkesbarre. One man killed
and eicht injured in an explosion at New
castle. Cat.
4 Henry Stern shot and killed himself at Chi
cago. Lon Houston and Joseph Hazlewood
fatally wound each other at Elco. 111.
6 A suicidal craze breaks out in New York,
six men and one woman ending their own
lives in one day.
8 A mob attempts to lynch a murderer con
fined in the Birmingham, Ala., jail, and
are fired upon by the gnards, nine persons
being killed and manv injured.
9 William Elkins and William Fulk, two
prominent Philadelphia builders, killed by
an express train.
11 Oatmeal dust explodes in a Chicago mill,
wrecking the building and killing four
12 Two young ladies run overand killed by an
exnress train near Alexander, N. C. The
residence of John R. King, at Crookville,
Tex., burns and with bis wife and six
children he perishes in tbe flames.
14 John McGavinand his niece killed by a
train at Dawson. Neb. A boiler explosion
at Milwaukee, Wis., kills two men and in
jures four others.
10 A Sght between officers and negroes at
Wahalak. Miss., results in the death of five
persons and the injury of six more.
19 Henry Norman killed and three others in
jured in a railroad accident near Decatur,
111. t
20 Floyd and Lawson Todd and JackChoate
killed in a shooting affray at Monkton,
Tex. Charles Kutzand his wife mysteri
ously murdered near Little Rock. Ark.
22 Several firemen killed and injured by a
falling rall at a Cincinnati fire.
23 The steamer Kate Adams burns near Com
merce, Miss., and scores of lives are lost by
fire and water. An explosion at Mt. Pleas
ant, O., kills one person and injures manv
others. William Crossby kills his wife and
himself at Syracuse, N. Y.
24 Four men killed by a boiler explosion at
Gold Hill, Col.
25 The steamer J. H. Hanna burns at Plaeque
mine. La.,- and 30 lives are lost by fire and
26 Two whites and five negroes killed in a race
riot at Lamar. Miss. Ex-Judge Robert A.
Johnson suicides at Cincinnati.
27 James Green kills bis wife and himself at
WoIcott,N. J. Martin Welsh suicides at
28 Two women struck by an engine at Chicago
and killed. A bursting shell at Messina,
Sicily, kills 16 soldiers.
29 W. D. French lynched at Greelev. Col.
Wm. Smith stabs and kills CaptainV. H.
Porter at Emporia, Kan.
Why a Street Car Is Better Than a Tread
mill to Reduce Weight.
Detroit Free Press.
A "hard-looking citizen with a ferocious
white bull dog attached to a chain attracted
a eood deal of attention on the tront end of
a Fort street car yesterday afternoon. The
"flog's legs and body were covered with an
inch of mud, and as he trotted alongside the
moving car, tugging at his chain, took all
his owner's strength to hold him.
""Where are you going with the dog?" was
'.Nowhere," replied the man,"only work
ing him."
"Got a match for him?"
"Yes; comes off next Saturday night in
Dclray. He's in pretty good shape, and I
guess ne's a winner. A street car is the best
place in the world to work a do? on. If
yon run him under a buggy his throat gets
full ot mud from the horse's feet. A tread
mill is no nse because it Worries the heart
out of him. But a street car takes the
cake, and especially this line, becanse yon
can ride 12 miles for a nickel. A man can
reduce a dog at the rate of three pounds a
day by running him alongside a street car."
Take One GInss of Beer After Eating; a
Ilcnvy Dinner.
Albany Journal.
An Albanian who has lived abroad, and
who knows what good living is, speaking to
some friends recently of his experience as a
heavy diner, said he learned a trick in Ger
many which he had never forgotten and
which every one who dines out should re
member, and that is to take a glass of lager
beer about half an hour after a heavy meal,
and especially if wines of various qualities
have been served.
Nothing, he said, would relieve the nat
nral oppression that a heavy eater feels so
quickly as a glass of lager beer taken as
directed. He said this was a rule with the
best livers in Germany, and also in France.
The lnngs are strained and racked by a
persistent cough, the general strength
wasted, and an incurable, complaint often
established thereby. Dr. Jayne s Expecto
rant is an effective" remedy for coughs and
colds, and exerts a beneficial effect on the
pulmonary and bronchial organs.
A Condensed Eecord of the Leading
Events in Allegheny Connty
A Period Replete With Interesting Occur
rences and Showing
The centennial year of Allegheny county
has been an inportant one in the history of
Pittsburg and its environs, and the annals
of 1888 teem with events ol more than pass
ing interest. During the year Pittsburg
ht.s undoubtedly -made great strides in
wealth and population, and now occupies a
more prominent position in the world than
ever before. Many enterprises that will
redound greatly to the credit of the city
have been projected, and some of them
have been fairly started on the road to suc
cessful completion.
I Ex-Judge Bredin says that if the official
oath was omitted the jury panels are in
valid. Pittsburg and Allegheny postofflce
reports show a large increase in business
over the previous year. Murphy holds a
big meeting at Old City Hall, and nearly
500 persons siRn tbe pledce. Sandusky
Street Baptist Sunday School holds its fifty
second reunion. The Frohslnn Sinking So
ciety celebrates tho New Year with a Ger
man festival.
2 Joseph Johnston, a 10-year-old boy living on
Compromise street, Allegheny, believed to
be mortally wounded in a fight with some
companions. Three thousand spectators
watched 750 newsbovs eat their annual din
ner at the Grand Central Rink. The Gos
pel Temperance Association give Francis
Murphy a testimonial meeting at Old City
S Prominent rivermen attack Congress for
not repairing the big dam. Seventeen boys
arrested as implicated in the assault on lit
tle Joe Johnston. The Finance Committee
recommends W. C. Moreland for City At
torney. The Masonic Fund Society decides
to erect a handsome new temple at the old
site on Fifth avenue. Common Conncil
considers the amendments of Select branch
to the Mayor's charter ordinance, and ac
cepts them in part. The consolidation of
tbe Philadelphia and Cbartiers Gas Com-
Jianies ratified by tbe stockholders of the
atter. Mr. Hermann Cerf and Miss
Hanchen Kaufmana married at the Con
cordia Club Darlors.
4 A natural gas combination formed to raise
rates through tbe Ohio valley. At least
4,000,000 bnsbels of coal sent out on tbo
river rise to break the Southern famine.
Philip Lunke robbed by a highwayman on
the bouthside. The flint glass mannlact
urers meet and prepare two new lists for
the workers. The Poor Board announces
that it is short of funds, and blames Coun
cils for the situation.
6 Richard Davis elected President of the
Amalgamated Miners' Association at the
Evcrson convention. Mr. Ethelbert W.
Nevin and Miss Annie Paul married at St.
Peter's Chnrch. Mr. William Cunningham
and Miss Alberta McMillan wedded at Se
wickley. Allegheny Turners dectde to re
build their burned hall. Tbe Pittsburg
Traffic Committee establishes new rates on
iron and stech The Water Committee sub
mits the Sonthside water question to the
City Attorney. The Highway Commission
ers let a large number of contracts for
street improvements.
6 Southsido citizens hold an Indignation
meeting to protest against the character of
water they were receiving. An early morn
ing fire destroys several East End residence-',
valued 'at 37,000. Tbe committee
decides to experiment with a course of
cooking in tbe public schools. A big com
bination of wealthy capitalists formedto
build a glass city at Grapevine. Select
Council members eulogize their late col
league, Captain W. N. Erwin.
7 A residence on South Thirtieth street
wrecked bv a natural gas explosion and two
persons burned. Tbe Amencus Club holds
its annual meeting ano elects a number of
new members, including Governor Beaver.
Letter carriers bold a meeting to plan a re
dress of grievances. Coal men make ar
rangements for sending out a large number
of barges. ,
8 Edward Wettach. a prominent Allegbenian.
cuts bis throat on Troy Hill. President
George, of Geneva College, makes a bitter
attack on Masonry, at the Allegheny Re
f oi med Presbyterian Church. Captain W.
c .N.Erwrn buriedTvlth impressive ceremonies
in the West End. Francis Murphy ad
dresses two audiences at the Butler Street
M. E. Chnrch.
9 Citizens of Wilkinsburg, Edgewood and
Brushton protest against the increase in
natural gas rates. Councils elect Frank P.
Case. Philip Hocrr and James J. Larkin as
tbeBoardnf City Assessors. ThePittsburg
and Lake Erie and several other railroads
hold their annual meetings and elect offi
cers. Ludwig Bosch, a Pennavenno baker,
commits suicide by hanging. Philadelphia
Company stockholders ratify tbe consolida
tion with the Chartiers enmpanv. Over
9.000.000 bushels of coal started southwest.
The Chamber of Commerce insists on more
rapid work on the public buildings.
lO-rWilkinsburg citizens bold another indigna
tion meeting and propose to form a local
fuel company. Allegheny County Prison
Society held its annual meeting m the Y.
M. C. A. building. The Central Board of
Education appropriates $800 for fitting up a
cooking school. The Htato Grand Lodge of
tho Ancient Order of United Workmen
meets at Lafayette Hall. Jones &. Laugh
lins and the Linden Steel Works sign the
Amalgamated steel scale. Laundrymen
and Knights of Labor hold a conference
meeting. John Scott assaults Dr. C. F.
Bingaman and is arrested.
11 ThePittsburg Steel Company cast a six
inch solid steel gun for tbe Government to
experiment with. J. C. O'Donnell iind
Percy Smith elected as delegates to the Na
tional Pure Food Convention at AVashing
tnn. The Southern Convocation of the
Protestant Episcopal Church convenes at
EmmanuelChurch. Allegheny. Many amend
ments to the constitution madeat tbe meet
ing of the State Lodge of the A. O. U. W.
12 Pig Iron producers meet and ask for a re
duction in freight rates. Mrs. Mary Wil
cox, of Cherry street, Allegheny, suicided
by cutting her throat. Tbe missionary con
vention of the Presbyterian Church as
sembled at tbe First Chnrch, Wood street.
The Philiharmonic Society gave a very suc
cessful concert at the East End Taber
nacle. Chairman Foster announces the
various committees "for the Allegheny
County Centennial celebration. The Mo
nongahela Navigation Company objects to
surrendering its property to the Govern
ment. 12 Pittsburg "Sons of Veterans welcome the
Commander in Chief of tbe order. The
Exposition, society re-elerts its old officers.
The Southern Convocation of the Protes
tant Episcopal Church closes its sessions.
Foreign missions discussed at tbe conven
tion of Pi csbyterians iu the First Church.
14 A syndicate organized to develop new ter
ritory in the Connellsville coke region. The
Democratic County Committee holds a
lively session and elects four members of
the State Committee. Republican Com
mittee meets and names -April 7 as the date
for the party primaries. Prominent laun
drymen meet to inaugurate steps looking
ine toward the formation of a pooh The
Trades Assembly holds its annual meeting
and nominates officers for the ensuing
15 Announced that the Wheeling and West
Virginia Natural Gas Companies are to
consolidate. Bishop Phelan blesses tbe
bells at St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral. Alle-
ghcuy. Thieves steal $700 worth of goods
irom the store of W. C. Bernard), No. 1302
Carson street, in broad daylight. Francis
Murphy joins the Butler Street M. E.
16 Three thousand veterans gather at Old
City Hall to welcome Commander in Chief
John P. Rca, of the Grand Army of the Re
public A caboose and one freight car
leave tbe track on the Panhandle trestle at
Tempcranceville, and Condnctor Coleman
Malloy was fatally injured. Tbe big gun at
Pittsburg Steel Casting Company's works
drawn front the moid. Alleshenv letter
' carriers demand an increase of X0per
year. Liquor license applicants suffer
from a lack of proper bondsmen. The stock
holders of the l'ittsburg, Allegheny and
Manchester Railroad Company decide to In
vestigate electric locomotion. The annual
report of the Junction Railroad shows that
the road is in a payiug condition.
17 The thirteenth annual meeting of the
Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
meets, and discusses means ot work. The
master's report on the Oak alley congrega
tion's controversy bars the Rev. Nevin
Woodsitle and followers out of tbe Re
formed Presbyterian denomination. E. M.
Bigelow issues an order that all employes of
the public works department who are not
re-encaged before February 1 may consider
themselves dismissed.
18 Edwaid Coffey, the condemned murderer,
cuts his throat in the county 1ail, after
learning that a pardon has been refused
him. TnO Pennsylvania Company submits
a proposition to the Allegheny Councils to
elevate its tracks through that city. Tbe
, St. Mary of Mercy's Church holds a suc
cessful tea party at Lafayette Hall. Mr.
G. Campbell Smith, of New York, and Miss
Annie K. Scbmertz wedded in Oakland.
Delegates to the National Pure Food Con
vention leave for Washington. District
Assembly No. 3, K. of I, holds' its quar
terly meeting.
19-John Doyle re-elected Master Workman of
District Assembly No. 3, Knights of Labor,
after a close contest Nut manufacturers
form a pool and decide not to cut rates in
the future.
20 A fire starting in tho store of A. W. McCloy
& Co., 59 Wood street, does damage to the
amount of $70,000, The Chartiers Natural
Gas Company holds its annual meeting and
re-elects its former directorsand general
officers. McCorroick's Blacking Works and
Blackmoro's Brass Foundry, on Smallman
street, destroyed by fire. Francis Murphy
concludes his hill meetings amid great en
thusiasm. General Executive Board of the
K. of L. indorses the Black Diamond boy
cott 21 William Murdock buncoed out of $10,000 in
a Grant street office. District Assembly
No. 3 censures the general officers, and
adopts bitter resolutions denouncing the
Reading Railroad.
22 General Synod Lutherans apnly for a
charter and decide to build a new church
in Kast Liberty. Postal clerksorganizeand
discuss the salary bill introdnced by Con
gressman S. S. Cox. An incendiary attempt
made to fire the building at 617 Liberty
23 Eastern tailors visit the city and are roy
ally entertained. Tho Executive Commit
tee of the Prohibition party meets to ar
rango for the State campaign. Pennsylva
nia Railroad men ask for an advance of 10
per cent in wages.
24 Edward Coffey's suicidal attempt consum
mated by bis death at thv jail. Tbe con
tract awarded for a railroad to the new
Connellsville coke territory. The Emanci
pation Celebration Committee met in Pitts
burg and issued a call for a national con
vention in July. The South Street M. E.
Church destroyed by fire.
25 Robert Bnrnsr birthday celebrated at the
Grand Central Rink and the Seventh Ave
nue Hotel by Ihe Caledonia and Walverly
societies respectively. The arbitrator de
cides in favor of tbe workers against the
Central Glass Works Company. Lawrcnce
ville consumers protest against a 100 per
cent increase in gas rates. Brass jobbers
meet at tbe Seventh Avenue Hotel and
form the Jobbers National Plumbers and
Gas and Steam Fitters' Supply Assoeiation
of the United States.
26 Several new members added to tho Alle
gheny County Centennial Committee. A
fire starting in the building of James Dal
zell. Son &Co., Water street, does damage
to the amount of $60,000 Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Pitcalrn give a brilliant reception
at their home, Ellsworth avenue. East
27 Baden Natural Gas Company plant sold at
auction for $10,000, subject to tbe payment
oi Dondstn tne amount ot sitro,uuu. uoroorai
Tanner lectures at old City Hall. "The
Cooking and Kitchen School of tbe Calvary
Episcopal Church opened in the new rooms
in the Moreland building. East End. Tbe
Amalgamated scale signed by the works at
Mingo Junction. Trains delayed by snow
drifts and cold weather. A Prohibition
split leads to a movo for the reorganization
ot the party in the connty.
2S-Prof. Langley, of the Allegheny Observa
vatory, measures the temperature of the
moon during an eclipse. The Western
Theological Seminary on Ridge avenue,
Allegheny, badly burned. The East End
Electric Company carries a circuit eight
miles ana sauiecis it to a successiuicxesc
The Democratic Connty Committee names
April 28 as the date for the party primary
election. Gomer Lodge No. 6-1, 1. 0. O. F.,
celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Josenh
McDermott nominated for Council by
Thirtv.fourth ward Democrats. E. Franks
arrested for running a bogus employment
office on Fourth avenue.
20 An early morning fire at 42 Fifth avenue
destroys property to the value of $200,000.
Christian Feick murders his wife and com
mits suicide in Jefferson township.
SO Police magistrate appointments confirmed
by Councils. Initial steps taken for the
formation of a new coke syndicate. Gam
ble Weir appointed Superintendent of Po
lice. 31 C. L. Magee gives a banquet at the Du
quesne Hotel to the outgoing and incoming
city officials. Rev. Sam Jones lectures in
tbe afternoon and evening. The annual
meeting of tbe Allegheny General Hospital
held and the former officers re-elected.
1 Robert Barnett arrested for participation
in tbe Murdoch bunko swindle. Tbe city
government started under the new charter
plan. Citizens' League nominate Council
manic candidates in the Twenty-ninth
ward. Thomas B. Carnahan and Clarence
Burleigh appointed as assistants in tbe City
Attorney's office. Division Superintendents
of the Pennsylvania Company hold a meet
ing to discuss the demands of employes for
a revision of wages and hours. Marshall,
Hempstead fc Co. complete tbe largest uni
versal mill' in the world, weighing 417.5
2 The Citizens League holds a lively caucus
in the Sixth ward, and two tickets are
placed in tbe field. Dr. W. C. Penney and
his son, W. L. Penney, arrested for alleged
complicity in the Murdoch buuko scheme.
Garfield Lodge, colored, A. A. of I. & 8.
W., surrenders its charter and disbands.
James E. Lindell killed by a wagon on Sec
ond avenue. The New York and Chicago
limited has a narrow escape from being
wrecked at Bolivar.
3 Police called on to protect non-union work
men at the Solar Iron Works. Tbe Alle
gheny Finance Committee provides for a
reduction of tbe rate of taxation. Prince
ton College Alumni Association gives its
annual dinner at the Monongahcla House.
Tbe Mozart Club entertains a large audi
ence at its concert at Old City Hall. Tbe
parties charged with bunko assert their in
nocence, but fail to secure bail. The Amer
ican Flint Glass Union makes a proposition
for a conference to the manufacturers.
4 The non-union workmen at tbe Solar Iron
Works fire on strikers, and several of the
latter are wounded. Over 1.000 tube work
ers leave tbe Knights of Labor and apply
for membershio ill the Amalgamated Asso?
elation. A silver service presented to C. L.
Magee by the fire department X. Stein
bruner killed and don Allbright fatally
injured 'at the Cherry street crossing
of the Pittsburgand Western road. Annual
banquet of the Welsh Choral Union given
at the Seventh Avenue Hotel. Mr. and
Mrs.AugusUne Haller celebrate their silver
wedding anniversary at their home in the
West End.
6 Francis Murphy conducts a monster meet
ing at 'Centenary M. E. Church. Typo
graphical Union No. 7 nominates officers
for the annual election. Strikers threaten
to be revenged for the shooting at tbe Solar
Iron Works.
6 Preliminary hearing in the Murdoch-Penny
bunko case.: Mobs surround tbe non-union
Solar iron workers, but no violence is done.
Sheriff McCandless issues a proclamation
against unlawful assemblies near the works.
Prohibitionists call a Connty Convention
for April 26. The Central Turnverein holds
its annual marquerado at tbe ball on
Forbes street. The scale committee of tbe
railroad miners and operators of tbe differ
ent States met at the Coal Association
room'. The Allegheny Water Committee
recommends improvements to the amount
or $1,500,000. .
7 Robert Barnett and W. G. Penny held for
court by Alderman Cassidy. The .Inter
State Convention of Miners and Operators
opens at Old City HalL Peter O'Neill kills
his wife and then shoots himself, at No.
3047 Smallman street The Executive Com
mittee of tho Citizens' League issues a man
ifesto to tbe public. The Lrsuline Convent
property advertised as for sale.
8 Shadyside residents meetand demand more
efficient police protection. Railroad coal
operators and miners fail to agree on a
iscale. Nearly 1,000 persons attend the an
nual ball or the Randall Club at the Monon
gahela House. Six Solar iron workers ar
rested for tho shooting of Kinney. The
Bo.rd of Awards organized with Mayor
McCallin as President. Tbe Allegheny
County Bar Association indorses Judge
Stowe for tbe Supreme Bench.
9 The management of the Edgar Thomson
Steel Works, at Braddock, ask their em
ployes to accept a reduction of wages.
Miners accept a 5-cent advance at the joint
convention. Dr. J. A. Oldshue reappointed
as Police Surgeon. Democrats split in the
Sixth ward convention, and two sets of
nominations are made. Residentsot Allen
town protest against a proposed increase in
natural gas rates.
10 Nearly 3.000 people attend tbe Elks' ben
efit at the Grand Opera House. The second
assembly ball given at the Masonic build
ing, Allegheny. The Poco-a-Poco,Orches-tra
gives its first concert
11 A large number of applications for
liquor license filed on the last day
allowed by law for the purpose.
William Wilson attempts suicide by bang
ing in the Central station. American Me
chanics make arrangements to celebrate
Washington's Birthday The Edgar Thom
son employes meet and decide torefnso
tho reduction in wages demanded by the
12 The Apollo building, on Fourth avenue,
badly damaged by lire. Chinese resideuts
of the city celebrate tbe bej-in-nine
of the celestial now vear.
The Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society
celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. A num
ber of attempts made to burglarize stores
and residences. River coal operators de
layed by the condition ot their craft.
18 Local political leaders discuss Blaine's let
ter of declination. Pittsburg G. A. R. del
egates leave for the State Encampment at
Allentown, Tbo bearing in the cane of the
alleged Solar Iron Works' rioters post
li The Pittsburg Presbytery meets at the Sec
ond Presbyterian Church. A bold attempt
made to rob Dr. Harding's office at 24U
Carson street. Steps taken looking to the
organization of a ''Veteran's Aid and Em
ployment Association."
15 Solar Iron Works strikers deny that they
will return to work. Tbe attempt to form
a Trades Council for the coke region causes
a split. Dr. J. G. McCandless and wife cel
ebrate their golden wedding anniversary.
16 The new clubhouse of the Belleflold Club
on Neville street formally opened. The'
Western Window 'Glass .ManufactnrersS
Association inee's at the Monongabela
House.- Mr.J.M. Guffey and Mrs.N.E.
Cook married. Soldiers decide to erect a
$2,000 mouument in Chartiers Cemetery.
17 Tne Citizens' League issued an address to
the voters of Pittsburg. M. W. Wishart
has a hearing before Alderman McMasters
on a charge of perjury, the case being con
tinued. The Schmertz greenhouse, on Craft
avenue, burned. Dr. W. C. Penney decides
to sue for false arrest in tbe Murdoch bunko
case, putting his damages at $30,000.
18 Employes of the Pittsburg Tube Works
strike. Both parties make local nomina
tions in the various wariU. Democratic
candidates for delegates to the National
Convention all declare that they are for
19 The Pittsburg district of the Young Men's
Christian Association holds its convention
at Mt Pleasant. Coraonolls borough citi
zens nominate an independent ticker,
20 The Executive Committee of tho Electrie
Light Association arranges a programme
for the national convention. Michael Mc
Kenna arraigned in court on a charge of
killing his wire.
21 Forty-iix members of Common Council,
three members of Select Council, and minor
ward officers elected. The convention of
the United, States Electric Light Associa
tion opened at tho Montfngabela House.
Graff, Bennett Co. make a second assign
ment ot all their property.
22 Tho anniversary of tho birth of the Repub
lican party appropriately celebrated at La
fayette Hall. The Columbus Club cele
brates Washington's birthday. Arbitrators
cbosen to Bettle tbe Fittsburgtnbe workers'
wage question. Six thousand members of
tbeJnnior Order of American Mechanics
"parade in honor of the Father of His Coun
try. 23 Coke operators make another reduction of
25 cents per ton. The National Electric
Light Association adjourns after electing
Samuel A, Duncan President The "Don
Cameron Colored Republican Club" organ
ized at the Franklin school bouse.
24 A Taxnayers' Union organized at the Soho
school' house. Fourteenth ward. J. M.
Peets' storage nousq and adjoining build
ings burn, with a loss of 50,01.0. The propo
sition to arbitrate tbo Edgar Thomson diffi
culty at Braddock falls.
25 The Board of Directors of the "Eads Con
cession Company meets in Pittsburg. The
Amalgamated members of tbe Trades As
sembly meeting denounce the Knichtsof
Labor. The creditors of Graff, Bennett &
Co. meet
26 Andrew Carnegie says the outlook for the
Pittsburg steel rail business is not promis
ing. Father Cannevin lays down the law to
Catholics on intemperanco, and is seconded
by Father Sbeedy.
27 The Finance Committee reduces the tax
ratJ4nrilL Six of the Solar Iron Works
shooters held for rourt by Alderman Por
ter. Miss Maria Parloa lectures on higher
cookery at the East End Gymnasium. Sev
eral residences burned on Natchez street
Mt Washington. Henry Remaley bronght
up for trial as an accessory to the killing
of Obadiah Havmaker.
28 Tho arbitrator decides the Pittsburg Tube
Works wage question in favor ot the work
ers. The Soutbside Conkling Club receives
a letter from Senator Roscoe Conklinz. Tbe
salary ordinance passed by Allegheny Se
lect Council.
29 Pittsburg Common Council passes the ap
nronriation ordinance. Graff, Bennett &.
Cos property partially disposed of at Sher
iff's sale. The Alumni Association of West
em University banquets at the Monongahe
laHouse. MARCH.
1 The barbed wire department of the Brad
dock wire mill, at R.inkin station, com
pleted. Select Council passes tbe appro
priation ordinance. St David's Welsh So
city gives its seventh annual banquet
Colored voters meet at the Franklin school
house and organize an independent political
club. Tbe Erie Conference of the Evan
gelical Association convened In Zion Evan
gelical Church, High street Samuel
Gompers, President of the American Fed
eration of Labor, delivers an address to the
Trades Assembly at Lafayette Hall.
2 The resignation of Manager Baldwin, of tbe
Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburg, made
public. The employes at the Pittsburg
Tube Works again strike. Hod carriers
organize and form a union. A morgue es
tablished at 166 Fourth avenue.
8 Journeymen painters perfect their organi
zation and strike for a revision of wages.
Miss Parloa gives another lecture and lesson
at tbe East End Gymnasium. Foremen
meet at Maltby Hall and organize an asso
ciation for mutual benefit John J. Jones
and C. M. Leighley elected delegates to con
vention of the International Typographical
Union. Mail carriers meet indorse the sal
ary bill pending before Congress, and elect
delegates to actenti a conference at Wash
ington. Miners meet at Monongahela City
to take action looking coward uniform
4 Pastors throughout the two cities urge
their congregations to take action looking
to the cutting down of the number ot
licenses granted tn saloons.
6 The Chamber of Commerce passed resolu
tions favoring the elevation ot railroad
tracks instead of. the grade crossings in
Pittsburg and Allegheny. Temperance
people hold a big meeting at Holly Tree
Hall to remonstrate against saloon licenses.
John Kredel commits suicide at his home.
No. 31 Center street Allegheny. Boss
painters generally concede the demands of
the journeymen. The attempt to form a
coke syndicate at Connellsville falls through.
Select Council provides for a number of im
portant street improvements. '
6 Collector BIgler says the internal revenue
bill reported to Congress would reduce tho
revenue in this district $160,000. Oil reaches
the dollar mark on tbe Exchange. Chief
Brown appoints all of the higher police of
ficers. Allegheny temperance people hold
another meeting and organize for effective
work. fThe Chamber of Commerce holds its
annnal election. The Twenty-fourth dis
trict Republican conference meets, but
fails to agree on a method of making nomi
nations. A large number of tbe men em
ployed in tbe Fort Wayne shops discharged.
7 Coke workers convene and decide to accept
a compromise reduction. Peter Voelker
murdered in his saloon. No. 9 Soho street,
by an unknown assassin.
8 Emil Minuth arrested charged with being
the murderer of Peter Voelker. Common
Council indulges in a big fight over the
Negley Run sewer. The W estern Pennsyl
vania Historical Society held its annual
meeting and elected officers for the ensuing
year. Samuel Combs and Thomas Rowland
held for conspiracy against tbe Solar Iron
Works by Alderman McMasters.
9 Pittsburg Germans mourn over the death
of tho Kaiser. Mrs. J. Ellen Foster assists
in the tcmnerance campaign in Allegheny
county. Professor Alexander Straki'Sch
gives a dramatic recital at Frohslnn Hall,
Fifth avenue.
10 Pennsjlvanla engineers say that they will
not strike. Gambling houses close. Miss
Parloa gives a lesson in substantial cookery
to a large audience of ladies.
U Local divisions of the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Engineers indorse the Burlington
strike. New Presbyterian Church atGlen
shaw duly dedicated. The Catholic Dio
cesan Union denounces the saloonists. Mrs.
Marv Plnnkett lectures on "Christian Sci
ence" at the Grand Opera House. Six
counterfeiters lodged in tbe county jail.
12 All trains delayed by the Eastern blizzard.
Select Council appropriates $1,000 to be used
by Chief Brown as a secret service fund.
Allegheny temperance people hold another
meeting in Holly Tree Hall to discuss means
of oppoing license applicants. The new
police officers go on duty.
13 Tbe Allegheny County Women's Christian
Temperance Union holds its convention at
Millvale. A fire starting at 619 Liberty
Btreet did damage to the amount of $35,000.
Tbe blizzard practically cuts off communi
cation between Pittsburg and Eastern
14 Tbe Ancient Order of Hibernians arranges
for an appropriate demonstration on St
Patrick's Dav. Meat and Milk Inspector
Lindsay arrests a large number of dealers
for selling impure milk. -Two dwelling
houses on Meyran avenue, owned by Charles
meyran, aestroyeu oy nre. xno Diockaoe
broken sufficiently to permit trains to run
through from Philadelphia.
15 Brace Bros, begin a suit for $10,000 dam
ages against labor leaders for prosecuting
a boycott against their establishment New
York mails arrive with a rush after four
day's delay. Mrs. Zorilla Wallace lectures
on "Woman and the Ballot" Republican
conferee of the Twenty-fourth district de
cide to nominate candidates in a convention
of ten delegates from each county. Fifteen
of thei00Argiinauts,who went California
in 181!) bold a reunion and banquet Dealers
In builders' supplies'organize a protective
association. Remonstrances to licences to
the number of 1,200 filed with tbe Clerk of
1& Tho total number of signatures to remon
strances 82,373. Window gla.s workers Eend
a letter to President Cleveland, requesting
him to use his influence against a reduction
of the tariff on their products. The Trades
Assembly decides to forco the Brace boy
cott with more vicor than ever. Edward
Hutchinson gets away with 51,300 from
Philip Spencer, of Shaler township. Mrs.
Chalet given a benefit at the Bijou.
17 St Patrick's Day celebrated hy a parade
under the auspices of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians. Chief Bigelow decides toraise
the rent of stalls in the market honse.
Captain William Stewart assaulted on the
Southsldc and severely hurt Custer Lodge
No. 13 indorses the Brace boycott ordered
bv the Trades Assembly.
18A large number of temperance meetings
held in the two cities to protest against the
granting of liquor license. Riley Mc
Cluskeydlcd in the West Penn Hospital
and Christopher Lamb is arrested on a
charge of having caused his death.
19 The hearing of applications tor liquor
licenses opened In Common Fleas Court
No. 2. Tbe Chicago dressed beef question
causes a lively discussion In Select Council.
Brace Bros, boycotters hold a bis meeting
at McKeespoit.The Coroner's jury brought
in a verdict charging Cbristopber Lamb
with the murder of Riley McClusky.
20 License applications from the Second and
Third wards beard by .the court The
Monongahela Presbytery of the United
Presbyterian Church denounces the use of
liquor and tobacco. Pittsburg College of
Pharmacy holds Its tenth annual com
mencement 21 Licence applications from the Fourth.
Fifth and Sixth wards on the rack. A
committee of the Edgar Thomson steel
works employes goes to New York to con
fer with Mr. Carnegie.
22 Applications for liquor license In the
Seventh, Eighth and Ninth wards consid
ered by Judges White and Ewlnp. Mayor
Pearson appoints a committee to proceed
to Washington in the interest of a Govern
ment building. The obsequies of O. N.
Sbaw attended with great solemnity, six
clergymen of the United Presbyterian
Church officiating. The Western Pennsyl
vania Medical College held its second av
nuai commencement at the Grand Opera
23 Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth ward liquor
license applicants present their claims to
flie Court The Order of Railway Teleg
raphers gives a banquet to Its chief. A. D.
Thurston. Allegheny gas consumers of
the Eif th and Sixth wards hold a meeting
and protest against an increase of rates.
One person killed and eight injnred by a
collision on the Pittsburg and Lake Erie
Railroad near Wampum. Allegheny sol
diers meet and indorse the per diem pen
sion bill. County Controller Speer obtains
a rule of conrt on ex-Sberifl Joseph H.
Gray to show cause why an attachment for
contempt of court should not issue against
24 Labor organizations parade and indorse the
Brace Bros, and Black Diamond boycotts.
Miss Parloa delivers her last cooking lect
ure iu the East End. The Edgar Thomson
Hteelworks Committee return from New
York after a conference with Carne'ie. E.
B. Taylor selected as successor to Manager
Baldwin, of the Pennsylvania lines.
25 Two raids made on leading poker rooms,
two Councilmen being aircsted among oth
ers. Preachers ducuss the operations of
the license law from the pulpit Journey
men tinners of tbo city organize and join
the Knights of Labor.
26 Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth ward
liquor license applicants present their cases
to Judges White and Ewing. James E.
Pendercrast a former Master Workman of
L. A. 6330, K. of L., expelled for going to
work at the Solar Iron Works.
27 Allegheny natural gas consumers meet in
the various ward schoolhouses and protest
against a raise in rates. Liquor license ap
plicants from tbe Sixteenth, Seventeenth
and Eighteenth wards present their claims
to the consideration of the Court Another
effort made to form a coke syndicate fails.
28 The Pennsylvania Company endeavors to
prevent tbe cable road from laying its
tracks across the Shady avenue bridge.
East End liquor license applicants appear
before Judges White and Ewing.
29 Carnegie's proposition to the employes of
the Edgar Thomson Works made public.
Soutbside applicants for liquor licenses
have their hearing. The Allentown end of
the Castle Shannon tunnel caves in, delay
ing traffic.
30 i. W. Patterson appointed local Govern
ment architect to succeed Colonel Nevins.
TheDuquesne Club decides to erect a hand
some new Duuatng. xne joint committee
of Allegheny natural gas consumers met at
City Hall and effected an organization.
Major Hartzcll makes an information
against Councilmen Moschell and McCurry
on the charge of keeping a gambling house.
The sixteenth annual meeting of the
Women's Foreign Missionary Society con
vened at the First Presbyterian Church,
Arch street, Allegheny.
31 Andrew Carnegie says that the Braddock
works must be run on 12-hour turns. Brace
Bros, sue for an injunction against the boy
cotters. Jndges White and Ewing hear
more applications for liquor license on tbe
Sonthside. Councils adjourn sine die. Tbe
Board of Award let contracts for street im
provements amounting to $o00,000.
1 Ceremonious Easter services held at the
various churches. Miss L. J.' Speer at
tempts to break a will leaving $100,000 to
the old Secession Church. Samuel McGuire,
of Seventh street, missing, and foul play
2 The Ft Wayne road refuses freight to Chi
cago and Western points, because of the
Burlington strike. Master Workman Doyle
declared the strike at the Etna Iron Works
off. Wholesale deaUks present their license
applications to the court Chief Brown ap
points tbe patrolmen under the new order
of things. George Elphinstone nominated
for City Attorney by the Allegheny Council
caucus. A concert given at St Peter's Ca
thedral, Allegheny. Miss Parloa com
mences a series of lectures on the North
side. 3 Chief Brown makes an Information against
H. O. Price & Co. for auction pool selling,
but the firm refuses to close and carried
the case to court. Edgar Thomson em
ployes again confer with Carnegie. First
annual banquet of the Press Club at tho
Monongahela House. Charles W. Barry ar
rested on suspicion of being engaged in
extensive bank draft forgeries. Tbe first
gTaphopbone arrives in the city.
4 The Edgar Thomson workers ref nse to ac
cept Carnegie's proposition. A Democratic
Free Trade club organized in Braddock
with 240 members. Brace Bros. $10,000 dam
age suit against the boycotters opened be
fore Judge Slaele in Common Pleas Court
No. 1. The Wire Nail Association of tbe
United States met at the Monongahela
House and decided to maintain prices.
Steps taken to establish a park near the
High School. Allegheny license applicants
appear before tbe court
5 Jack Fogarty and John Joyce arrested on a
charge of conspiring to bring about a prize
fight. The Lotos Club gives its thirteenth
anniversary ball. Tubeworkers meet in
convention to arrange a scale of wages.
Halnsworth's cast steel gun finished; ready
for shipment to Washington.
6 Jndges White and Ewing hand down the
lists of tbe License Court for Pittsburg,
showing 223 successful applicants for retail
license out of 720 filed. Sixty-seven whole
sale and brewing licenses granted out of 125
applications. Tbe Allegheny joint commit
tee of citizens threatens to sue for an in
junction against tbe increase in natural gas
rates. Joyce and Fogarty required to give
$5,000 bonds not to fight in tbe county.
7 Tbe Elua Iron Works and Continental Tube
Works forced to ask for an extension from
their creditors. Government Inspector J.
C. Holmes completes his examination of
tne wnrK ana accounts oi tne new Jr ederal
building. Two tbonsand employes of tho
Edgar Thomson works meet and refuse to
accept the Carnegie proposition, and are
indorsed In their action by tbe executive
board of D. A. No. 3. Judge Slagle listens
to evidence and arguments in the Brace
Bros, boycott case. Tbe Americus Club
indorses Judge Stowe's candidacy for tbe
Supreme Bench.
8 Father Hickey. of Braddock, denounces
tbe continuation of tbe Edgar Thomson
strike, and offers to arrange for a settle
ment The Presbyterian Church at Shady
side closed because deemed unsafe. Tbe
new patrolmen assigned to tbe several dis
tricts. The Young ilen's Christian Asso
ciation, of Sharpsburg. celebrates its sixth
anniversary? Dwelling at 385 Fifth avenue
burned, tbe family having a narrow escape
from the flames.
9 The Laundrrmen's Association declines tn
take any part in the Brace Bros, boycott
contest The arguments in tbe injunction
case finished, and Judge Slagle reserves bis
decision. P. J. McGuiro. addresses a meet
ing of organized labor at the Grand Central
Rink. The Evangelical and Presbyterian
Ministerial Associations indorse the action
of the license Judges. The Grand Army
fair opened in Salisbury Hall, Soutbside.
Councils discuss the new rules reported by
tbe committee. William Robinson ar
raigned for trial on the charge of murder
denn? William H. Dolan. Licence annll-
cants of the Third and Fourth wards, Alle-
eheny. appear in conrt
10 Republican conventions meet and select
delegates to the titate Convention. The
prosecution presents an array of evidence
against Robinson. The committee an-
potmed to go to Washington in the interest
of a public building for Allegheny meets
and arranges for tbe trip. Allegheny Pres
bytery held a memorial service fn honor of
the late Dr. Swift at the First Presbyterian
Church, Arch street. Allegheny. Ensign
Rvan arrested for abduction.
11 The north Wing of Haslage's burned1 build
ing tumbles over, killing Bridget Walsh, a
domestic employed in theBlackBenrHoteL
The conference between the flint glass
workers and manufacturers adjourns with
out effecting a settlement of differences.
The City Assessors complete arrangements
for levying tbe business tax. We-tern nail
manufacturers meet at Monongahela House
and revise the schedule of prices. The
License Court finishes the heating of Alle-
flienv liqnnr applicants,
he Builders' Exchange gives its first an
nual banquet at tbe St Charles Hotel. 'Fire
in tbe Chronicle Telegraph building does
damage to the amount of $7,000. A prohi
bition conference opened iu the Camber
land Presbyterian Church on Sixth arenac
Braddock business paralyzed by the long
str.kc. Tne prosecution flnlsbei its evi
dence in tbe Robinson case.and the defense
commences. Rural liquor license appli
cants appear before the Court
13 Government work removed from Braddock
to Carnegie's city mill. The McClure Coke
Company formed with a capital of $1,200,
QU0. Tho Allegheny Central Republican
Club celebrates its first annlTersary. The
newsbovs give an entertainment and drill
for, the benefit of the Home.
14 Tbo men at Braddock are informed that
they must accept a 12-hdur sliding scale or
not work at all. Mrs. n. L. Wood, Jr., as
saulted and robbed at Sbadvside. Ma
chinery Constructors Assembly No. 791 de
cide to leave tbe K. of L. and join the
American Federation. George Clark con
victed of murder In the first degree at
15-Representatives ot 3.500 engineers meet and
. resolve to extend financial and other aid to
the Burlington striken. K. of L. Iron and
steel workers form a. new trades d48tict
James Doyle killed at BeaverFaHeby.ua
known men, supposed to befromPittsbarg.
16 A committee of K-of L. salesmen met a
similar body of merchants, and conferred
as to hours of work and bolidaTg; but.wli-.
out reaching an agreement TheProhlW-''
Won County Convention met at Cumber
land Presbyterian Church, and indulged fa
a heated contest over a woman suffrage
plank in the platform. Tbe capstone of tfi
Court House tower put into position
17 Several arrests made of o!eomargaria
dealers. Considerable exdtement'eaused
by the disappearance ot John Hazzard,
tellerortheFortPittBank. .- .
IS-A vote Is taken t Braddock as to whether work
shill be resumed at the Edjcar Thomson mill,
hut only 4SS employes cast ballots. Edward
Matey arrested In Allegheny for burglary, -wiib.
2,000 worth of Jewelry In his possession. Th
.North Presbyterian Church celebrates .Its
twenty-firth anniversary.
19 A non-union resmnnttnn nriTtl AtthA Krd
dock Steelworks. The Daliell Republican .
Club, of Swi3svi!e. indorses the littsbnrs: Con
gressman for President Tbe Executive Cobi
mlttee of the Petroleum Producers Associa
tion meets at the Monongahela House to take
measures to shut down oil production. Pen
sion At nt Barclay draws a prize arf73,CC0.
50 The Edgar Thomson works start up with 390
men. Mrs. WilllnmStleriln marly illlert.br
robber on tbe Soutbside. Inspector McAleese
makes au Information against Samuel Mns-
frrave, charging blm with renting a house for
minora! purposes. The League championship
season opened by a game between Detroit ana
. Allegheny. '
11 The Sheriff Issues a proclamation against un
lawful assemblies In the vicinity of the Mrad
dock Steel Works, and 40 extra police go on.
duty. Judge Slagle grants an. Injnnctlon
against the Brace llros. boycotters. filing a
lengtby opinion on tbe suit Tbe Bar Associ
ation appoints a committee to urge Judge
Stowe for the Supreme Bench nomination.
James lutpe.s. persistent fugitive from Justice,
raptured la Pittsburg. Tbe Allegheny Public
Building Committee prepares an adadress to
22-St. Peter's Pro-Cathedral In Allegheny dedi
cated with much ceremonial, five bishops and
many priests taking part la the service. Gen
eral Harrison accepts an Invitation to speak at
the Americus Club banquet llomlnlck Mc
Caffrey returns to the city. i
O Bricklayers and machinists Join In the Edgar
Thorn son strike at Braddock. Samuel Mas
grave waives a bearing and gives ball for
court Delegates and workers start for the
Bepubltean State Convention. Athletes meet
and organize the Pittsburg 'Cycle and Ath
letic Association.
24 A warrant Issued for the arrest of Captain J.
A. Gordon, on a charge of embezzlement. The
Bar Association adopts memorial resolution
in honor of John Coyle. The Oil Producers
Executive Committee reaches out for dealers
not in the Association. II. II. Matthews enters
suit against Campbell It Dick for fa, 00U dam
ages for false arrest.
23 Judges Wbite and Ewing grant 73 retail liquor
licenses In Allegheny City. Captain W. K.
Jones says labor will he down to $1 per day
within a vear. Controller Brown decides tn
pay the Allegheny salaries unless interfered
with by the courts.
IS Tho Western Wire Sail Association met at tbe
Monongahela House and decided not to change
the classification. The Allegheny Railroad
Committee considers the subject of elevating;
the tracks running through tbe city.
27 The Americus Club celebrates the sixty-sixth
anniversary of Grant's birth with a banquet
speeches being made bv General Harrison.
Senator Sherman. Congresstnnn Dalzell and
others. Announced that the flint glass strike
has been satisfactorily settled. The Coart
grants 91 liquor license applications in the
boroughs and townships. Allegheny natural
gas consumers employ counsel to take action,
against tho Increase in rates.
S Knights of Labor at Braddock refuse to give
up the tight against tne Edgar Thomson. ,A
close contest the result or the Democratic
primaries for delegates to the State Convention.
The Judges finish up the hearing of llceuse ap
plications. 2 Large numbers of Hungarians arrive at Trtrao
dock in search of work. Bishop Phelan dedi
cates a German Catholic Church atMcKees
port 30-A stubborn fir in West Diamond Market House
does considerable damage. Judge White naol
down an address reviewing the work of the
License Court Editor Breen seenres a tem
porary Injunction against the Board of Awards
giving a tire engine contract to tbe Amoskeag
1-The State Council or the order or Amriin
Mechanics convened In Pittsburg. Jackson
block, corner of Liberty street and oak alter,
collapses. Allegheny county delegates to the
State Prohibition Convention leave for Harris
burg. A union meeting of the Brotherhood of
Railroad Brakemen held at Lafayette Halt-"
S Democratic delegite conventions hold stormy ,
sessions, the light being between the
O'Leary and roley factions. Huckensteln and
Casev form a combination and win on the'
Northlde. A large number or the Kulghtsof
Labor at the Braddock Steel Works-return to
work. The sixteenth annual commencement
or the Western Theological Seminary belli at
the Second Presbyterian Church. The State
Council of the O. II. A. M. elects officers and
adjourns. A Injunction suit brought berore
Judge Slagle to test the validity of the Alle
gheny salary ordinance. '
3 The backbone of the Braddock strike broken.
The Soutbside Medical Society gives a banquet
to a large number of Invited guests. The rob
bery of large quantity or electrie light and,
telegraph wire discovered.
4 The Knights of Labor officially declare the
.rtrike at the Edgar Thomson works ended..
The Pittsburg and Lake Erie road, make a sue- -i
cessful test of crude petroleum gas as fuel for J,
locomotives. . - J "$.
5 The Allegheny county conferees to theTwenty- ;
fourth Congresilonal District' Convention. ,-
pledged to support John r. Cox. The corner V
stone OI a new ji. r.. uiiurcu. uu Jum street.
West Eud, laid with Impressive ceremonies.
TheTrades Assemblv Indorse the etTorts or the
earnenters for a revision of hours and waves.
6 Kev. II. George attacks the llcense-sysiemt.'i
me central iteiorraeu jrresDjterisii vhuicii.
Alleghenr. The Emerald-Senate held IU an
nual election of officers, William A. Golden
being chosen as rresioent.
7 A Chamber of Commerce Commltte invest!- n
gates and then offlclallv Indorses the Eiposl- -
flon plan. Plnkerton guards leave Bfaddoejc. 1
John George Ranch, a former Pittsburg pc- J
llceroau, suicided in tbe West Park. Alle
ghenr. A midnight Are at Ho. 80 Wylle ave
nue does damage to the extent of tf.OOO, and
several have narrow escapes from the flames.
8 The Twenty-fourth Congressional District Con
vention meets at City lull, and chooses G.-M.
Von Bonnliorit as a delegate to the Chicago
Republican Convention, but fails to agree on a
Congressional nomination. The County De
mocracy passes resolutions denouncing the ,
tactics of the O'Leary-Gearlng faction. The n
Protestant Orphan Asylum, Ridge avenue.
AUeghenv, celebrates us nisy-niin anniversa
ry. The Central Committee of Allegheny nat
ural gas consumers Issues an address to the
people. The Hotel Mens Mutual Beneflt As
sociation of the United States, meets at tho
Monongahela House. John A. Elder suicides
at Greensburg. u
9 Members or the Hotel Men's Association spend
a pleasant day on the river and see a gits well
fired. Rev. G. T. Purves, of the First Presby
terian Church, elected to a ebalr at Princeton,
College. Tbe Twenty-fourth district conven
tion takes a recess until May 31 Arbitrators
examine the condition of the Chronicle-.ets-graph
building, and order It to be vacated. A
successful musical and dramalle entertain
ment given at Central Turner Hall by the Lese
verein and Central Turnverelu.
10 Prominent attorneys say that the charters ot
the natural gas companies operating in Alle
gheny are"vold. and Councils resolve to test
the matter In the courts. Charles A. Turner
kills his wife and himself at 633 East Ohio
street Allegheny.PatrlckBurkebrougm before
Alderman McMasters on a charge of forging
election credentials. A daring burglaryand
an attempt at murder made at No. S3 West
Diamond: street Allegheny. The Palmer- J
filrtz breach of oromise suit In court '
11 Representatives of the Allegheny natural gas -'-
companies uiaiuuiiu uai wi actions are
legal and equitable. Judges Wbite and Eivlng
refuse local licenses to all foreign brewing
companies. Thlrtv-two new Hie members'
added to the Exposition Society. The Mozart
Club gives a successful concert at old City Hall.
Mundorf 's planing mill and adjacent property
nn the Sonthside burns, with a loss of kKLuriu.
12 Joseph Welsh Identified by manyladlesasbav
lng been the author of a series of East End
robberies and assaults, and be Is held ror Court
In the sum of 7, 000. Corner stone ofa new
Presbyterian Church, on McClure avenue,
Allegheny, laid with Impressive ceremonies.
J. V . Brt-on sends a protest to Councils against
the awarcl ig of a lire engine contract to the
Amoskeag company.
13 W. H. Barnum. Chairman or the Democratic
National Committee, visits the city. War
rants Issued for so boys ror playing ban-on
Sunday. In Bcltzhoover borough. Kr. Alet-
anaer jacason mrnisiiva statistics as to tne
work done and money expended by the
elinrchea of the cltv.
14 Iron men give The DirATCH their views on
the Mills bill. Ordinances Introduced "In
Councils providing for cutting the fifth are- ,
nue bump lo feet. The Builders League de
rides not to order a general strike. Select
Council refuses to approve th waterworks,
fuel contract Singer. Nlmlcki Co. post no
tices Informing their employes or a reduction J
10 per rent In wages. I
15 Tbe Stove founders National Defense Asso- f
elation held its annual meeting at the Monon-- "
gahela House. Colored Odd Fellows parado ''.'
and celebrate. Prof. C. L. gevey and an as- .
slstantarrrsted forcarrrln- on an extensive j
swindling scheme. Mr. John B. Simpson and
Miss Kate Holmes wedded at St. Peter's S
Church. Paddy McGraw arraigned In court
for the murder of Tiny Sloan. fl
18-Dr. James Orr commits suicide by Inhaling F
gas at his office In the East End. Ualnsworth's
cast steel gun shlrpvd to Annapolis. Miss
Parloa gives a cooking lesson on the soutbside.
Myiterious death of an unknown young lsdy
in a boarding house on West Diamond street,
Alleghenr. An effort to settle the stone cut-. -'
ttrs' striSe fails. The McGraw murder case ,
goes to the jury without the defense submit- '
ting any evidence.
17 A big mall robbery at the Union depot In ,
which Ave registered packages were stolen,
mad public. The nry finds Paddy McGraw
guilty of manslaughter. The unknown roong ii
Slrl who died in Allegheny discovered to be "t
lary Moore, of Canonburg. stove mannfile- 5 '
turers arrange for an advance in prices and1'!
adjourn. The meml.cri of the A. o. O W.!a
give the Supreme Master, W, M.Vordan. a. t
reception at the Grand Central Kink, 4
lS-UusiareUuvitersnlcldedatHD Forbes street. ' i
The Department of Awards again lets the eea- 1 I
tract for two Amoskeax engines to the MB?' '
dieter Compiuy. Twenty more life members '"" ' ,
added to the Exnosltlon Sodetv list. . '
19-Tlie Young Men's Christian Association ate-' '?
lptii prnnnd In AHpuhpnvrtnlT mnA rm, .(
TridM AasfinhlT lndorspn thn dMituiirt at
Hatters' AgsemblT. K.of L. ThfldrMrlrlUMu
ofplanders makes IU appearance In tbe eky, -
Aim tKpAiDMi.cuu e (.a iu 1 1 it onw Cinswr,
'lmlck Co. 'a employes appoint a cooalKee
to confer with the Ann. The ConntT CoffiMto-v
iioners complete tocir annual report, sfiowtor.
the total value of taxable property to be M&
20 Mrs. Lillian Burihart Markowttz eoasaeaees
a divorce suit against her husband. JHsfeen
Fbelan eonSrms 175 children st Sfc.rW'j
Cathedral. Tbe Allethenv Gm (Vitu.
returns from an extended lnipecUon tote of
electrlollghtlng In Eastern cities. .TIT''
21 Tbe Btate conclave of the nlfat.Teji