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    ffhr Crutu gcmotrat.
C i in.Uj Murniug, M.ty 15, 1884.
tlliKM'l,Containing iin|Mttntil nw. flitllclk
•1 from mil) |>*rt of tli* t*#utily. No cinuiunlo*#*
uiit4 tocoin|*iite<i b) th* r*l uurut* of itir
Publishers Notico
All letter* of ltu-iitoss or contmunlralion
concerning this paper should be iddreritsd
to the Publisher* of Tiik Cknthk Dkmo
rKAi' and not to any individual member of
the firm. If tddru.-H'd the latter way they
will not bo insured as receiving promp at
Notice.— A repr. ontiitlve of tbo Pr.xt.
.hist will call U|" n the citi/e n* of if iregg
township next week for tbo purpose of
colb cting and loliiiling subscription* to
the Democrat. We r.eed money, and hope
thoe called upon will do their bed to sop.
tie their account*.
Locnl Department.
—Sneak thieve.- are uround.
May parties are now in order.
Ad it' imi tl lor ul on fitli page.
S iberibe liberally for the Ith of July
fun I.
Shortb-rry straw cakes w ill soon be in
ltonora ha.* orgai z d n llrst cl** base
bill club.
—Ao en-i n day fa • n TluiP-d.y MaT
22U this year.
A daily trin is now run over the 1!.
tad S \V. railroad
.Millh. im is to l ave a grand inusi a!
concert on the 2Ttb inst.
l.i ik your front d>, r# and thus avoid i
being victimized bv tramp*.
A fortune await* the man w h '*can tr t
0 it a coal black *ncre 1 elephant.
—Bellefonte is the only town of it* si.-®
in the State we uppo-e that cannot atT rd '
a goo 1 band.
—lt is to be hoped our merchant# will j
close their respective place* of business on
the 30th inst.
—Tnc Mite Society of tho Presbyterian
church *mel at the residence of Mr. J A.
Aiken* on last Friday night.
A car loid of Hungarians were lent to
Pi. i if -bug to w Tk uj n the Pi)ilipburg
loa cli of the new railroad last week.
—Ttio lecture of Mi*# X. K. White at
the Court House last Thursday evening
was wel attended and very interesting.
—Tn< re i a movemrtt on foot to organ
iz • a baie ball club at Spring M ii* They
claim to h-ve tiie material for a fir 'a#
—The Jersey Shore llrratd •ays that j
pace mole another narrow e ape from J
fie or, the Gill in#'. , in the central part • !
tfie town
The city council of Wiiiiam#p< rt
w -.-ini '. iby the (irand Jury last *• k
f r maintaining a nui-ance in failii g t"
10-ep up the street# in that city.
—The telephone line lietween th# ;'ace
and L"wi*town i* now in progress, and the
work i# bring pushed forward a* rapidly n 1
possible. Mr A. C. Crawford i# the con
—lt'* about time f,>* the Sew* man to
take one of Lis "periodical turr.s" and
"•pring" upon our citi/'-r.* sotr.e kind of a
nsw enterprise. Ho bv* been quite ;ioftt
upon thia psiint of late
—The Lock Haven /> e • fsax- #om<'
one entered the office of I>r. Armlrng on
Friday and carried iII hispxuket case of
instruments. Toe d -ctor is anxious to
earn the wheroabou'i i f the stolen c-e
—dome miserable thief ~r thieve* visited ,
the cellar of Mr. X.arby on Willow
bank street teveral evening* since and stole
therefrom a numb r of ran* of fruit. The j
rtitranco wa* affix led through the outside
d.isif, which baij been 1 It open to air the ' t
—The annual confer- nee and camjiTncet
ii.g of the Seven Dai Advent will bo held
at Kmpsoriuui about Jane first. A large
number of these people are rxpiectnl to be
1 resent from Western New York and !
Pennsylvania. About 76 lent* will be
—Oovernor PatiiM>r ha selected five
n>rhnniral eipierta to p k him cut a good
man for the appointment of boiler inp>ef- ;
lor in Pittsburgh. Thl- plan may notiuit
trie politician*, but it will likely result in
getting an insp-clor who will insprf-ct, and
mat is tba rare bird the (tevernoi and the
p-ople are looking for.
Andy Loobeiger and Kobt. Irvin,
tlie popular p>aint< r p.spcr hanger*
are having a regular harvest ju*t now.
it all the paper tbey put on the different
walla tbia season w as to he cut intoatrip*
one half inch wis 1 #~ it would reach
around the world, and have enough Ic't
l*> go around Wilkinson.
—Lincoln Miller - ne of the parties
who vwnor-n-ii a lo>t time ago toavoid
arrest on a charge of committing a rape
upon the person of Lillie Williams,
aged fourteen, returi ed to Bellefonte
on Saturday and ge himself up to
the Authorities. A hearing wa* given
him before Juatice ' h*e. Smith, the
evidence being strong enough to hold
him in the ran of .fMtO, for hi* appear
anee at ooort. Bill Delige concerned
in this affair baa not bren heard
from and will probe! le ''lay low' 1 until
lue result of thia trial ie known.
All parties concerned are coloresl.
Attend the mock trial to-night.
Ladies belt* and bag*, (Jarman'#.
Bellefonte Indie* should hold a Calico
Pe< ks' bad boy march i* one of the
latest musical corajxoslllon*.
—The now schedule of tiiuo on the
r.iilroad took effect on Monday.
Mr. L. A. Shaffer and wife worn called
to the home of the formers parent* at Nit
tany on Friday It, on account of tho
illness of Mr. Shaffer's m-'thor.
Next week will apqiear in tbo IlxMu-
CHAT an oflleal challenco from tbo nine
leanest to the nine fattest men in Belle
fonte for a match game of ba-n ball,
—Judge B lford, member of Congre-s
from Colorado, will deliver the oration on
Decoration day at leak Haven. Rev.
Joseph Nesbitt will deliver the Memorial
sermon Sunday evening, 2'lh, in*t.
—Tin- l'rcshy terian church at William*,
port wa* dedicated last Said alb, Ito v. Jos
Nesbitt of Lock Haven officiating. Iti*a
tnost handsome edilfco and cost s(o,oo<i>
and u iiat i b--tter still is free from debt.
—Tlie Florida strawberries grow only
on lose ordinary vine#, who Ii lead# an ex
change to remark, "By Ike time they g-t
North they are ro high we lupq ocd tbey
grew on church spire- and w< athcr vaio -
We were in error in stating that the
regular Quarterly Mooting of tin bvan
g.-lical Church would he hold iii linir
• 'hutch neurYnlrntir.es i igeiuit Sub
hath. It will take place text Salhalh
l*#th inst.
The Literary S >ci. .y w II give an
other in- i k trial in \ s* ■ >ti Hill
thi* I bursday evening at 7 it o'clock
\ ri' h tr. d i in "' re f.-r those who
attend. F.vcryb- ly i* irxitcd. Thi !
ono is expiected to sur) i • the on** of
March 20th.
A very valuable d. g I r g.i gto W.
( It. Miller of Sandy Ridge w cither 1.
•>r stolen fr m him •< u." tin. ag i A1 -
j though a large reward wm . (f.-rc-l at tl <•
time, it failed to restore tlie dog to its '
1 former owner. Notice* are now p.osted of
! f.-ring the snug sum of i'.tm ' - a:.v i i • r< -
{ turning the d--g to it# owner, ar.d i . q-ie*.
lions will lie *•■ !
Mr. A. C M torn, • f Miles burg, and
Mr. D I. Kunes, of Kaglevilie, tho con.
(pstanls for the ocautiful g- I watch r.ow
on exhibition in the how i ae of F. i'
Blair, are exerting th. mclv.*. to Do r ut
ile st to secure thi# l.ar.dsi ine p rir • It i*
offered by the Citizens Bai.d at Mi • -burg
aid the presentation wiil tak- j.ia' <> on
Saturday .1 ir.<- 21t, at which time a grar !
j f'-tixal will a' .be hcbl by the hand hoy# .
We h'-p-e sic Ii i onte-lant will shell out a
cart 1 ad of trad" ■]• liar# for th • benefit of
the boys, a* they have one i f th>-finest and
best equipcl ban J# in tbi# pir". f the old
Through in almc t uii.arcour.t.thlc
I accident tl • .!• n .iinremer.t of there
! ••h'Cli'.n of r,"f. D. M. M'olf, ** eountv •
1 up r'.nt t. lrnt lid not n| | r in our
' column* 1 .-I week. The manum p.t
was piluc. T upon tl • 'do ok'' nr.d
1 lisappic r. d ti ' 'ii' mysterim* way
land the otni • n wa# not i|.. .vcr>-1
•inlil cur i#-no w i n. rly "i
Prof. W .If. r-- .rli". >ii i, i \ -x; j ■ r
intend nt for tho p i t thr< •• years e.
of tl.o highest dial -rt. i ard In- r< #!*'
"ion w - in i lo un.mi nis nr.d without
- ngle op j r • .in, the < ffloo e> k ng tho '
j man and no', the man the off! o.
—We r- :r. t ver. a.uch tx irnonnce
the mi*'ortune tli it la foil the family <!
ox ShiritFShalh-r of Nitlanr, lit si k
At f ilr o'elo-k Thur Ixy a' nor
Irs amicable wife wi -tri<ken wiib
j j.aralyns tho stroke. rt".< tug l.or tongue
, and thioat rendering lor unable to
(•peak. Since Saturday h" rover wc ire
glad to my .#lip l.i# improve I steadily
an<l cxn now #p>eak *o ai 'to be under
' tood, and a sp.pc ly r#'nvort u ant'oi
1 pn'ed. During thi* spring Mr. ~-haf
1 fer'a youngest #">n Frank, ha* bad
' several attack# of tlie mot exeruci sting
i piain* in bis bend. <in Monday \ • ning
1 lie was again alt ik. d with one of Ihe-e
sjielD, the moat sexcre of any. and is
. now in a precarious erudition. We ex
tend our sympathies to the afflicted
fatnilv, and lrut a kind Providence will
speedily restore thetu to their forinr*
good health.
—We mueb regr.xt to r'eord tn accident
which happened to Hon. ft T Shugirtori
Tuesday. He had regained his health and
*trength sufficiently to move around the
house, eipiocting to visit his budnos# < fflcc
to-day. He advanced near the it< p* lead- |
ing to the cellar when his foot *lippsd and
he wa# prostrated the entire diManee p. j
the bottom. Marvelous and fortunate a*
it may issin, b wa* but slightly ir jure,! !
one of hi* ankle# being tpraind and one ~f .
bit arms hruiaed. A there i* a *tona wall
at the foot of tho flair#, hi# injuri#'# might
havo hen serious. Wo congratulate him
on hi* cscap*, tliough we dcpli rc tbo fact
that he wa# injured at all.—,Vizt.
At this writing Mr. Mbugert i# still eor
flned to his hrnt<e, but improving as rapid
ly a* ran b- •ipaKtid. We hopissien, how
ever, to so* him In his aecuP-mn| plaea.
YaaaixoTux—Ai. um.ih At the
rrssbytnrian church, Tbur*day evrolng,
May Hth, IHM, at 7 o'clock, by Kev Win-
Laurls, Mr. Harvle C. Yarrington, of
Richmond, Virginia, and Miss Roberta,
daughter of ex-Senator C. T. Alexander,
of this plaes. The rersption was h#>ld at
the home cf tho bride until Bo' lock,
when the happy reupde d>'pt*i d "n th,
k .Vi train for Philadelphia and New York I
Mr. Wn*h. Irwin who BAR been laid
up fur several weeks punt with Rheum*
timin is iiguin al>I to bo about.
Mr. Wrn. Jones is making an effort to
• •euro tho prtencn of tho popular colored
orator itev. Jno. il 11 utter of York
during tbo .Stale eriesmpinent at tins place.
Mr. Goo. Bible of Philadelphia brother
of recorder F. E. Ifiolo expect* to upend
a few weeks vacation in liellefonto us
elating bis brother occasionally in di
ehnrgeing his official duties,
Mr. Jno. M. Ellison, of Harrisburg
I spent several days in llcllefonte, the guest
of Mr. Henry Harmon, returning to the
city on Tuesday, before returning, how
ever, Mr. Ellison gave us n pleasant call
We had the pleasure of an agreeable rail
from Mr I- O. Ifoslerutan of Aaronsburg
Pa. Mr. Hostcrnian, was formely a clerk
at Fidters Store at that place but is n<>
j representing tho wll known grocery
house of Janney and Andrews of Phils
We were favored with a eall from Ir
J. W H lteber and Ira. K Shafer, of
Madisonburg on Tuesday last. 1f..1h
, these gentleman 01.template l< as ing that ,
little burg to seek pasture anew. I)r
lb !er will hang out hi- ".ugl" t Mil
•h* iin and Mr Shafer <p.-t to locate at
Lewi town. We Wl-ll tllelll b >tll H|< <|
in tle-ir row tocath n.
Mr. N ah Mu" r, of Fillmore, who ha'
|teen c t f|ned to hi* h. me f. r the past fire
we.-ks suff.-ririg from that painful di-es-e.
:t tlanimat' rv ft.. urnat 'in, has so far r< •
I covered as to he able ti Walk about the
bouse. Mi'* Allie, youngest ditt|btcr oj
the above nn. d, wa- a sufferer from the
same di e- at tic- m .- t in••. I- lb 1 • i g
unable t ■ move hai. 1 < r ft for several
■ ••'•is. \V >• are gratii ! t. ■*■• v< r, t' in
j b rm lb ir many friend- r at I tti the p.
Ills arc raj t-l V ps- • ring, which , ,o!
hardly Le otlu rtai-e on m.l. r the csref.i i
n iningof M< tb. r SltuMr Dr. Bib is lb#
' att' I. lit g |by - i-.it
lit UftAII loll* b*% li -11(1 Wc ines
day eii in /, M*y "tli. a I .up number
•if our • i'../ i iias.-inblcd at tb- I'ndine
i ii 'e bou*e f• r the purpose of rrg.uu/ '
ingafisnd. lobn I. 11 nkin, K*q.. *.v.t
elected chairman and Mr, J. (Vyiper
Pare , ret >-y.T he meeting w -alien
tool ,'T I v the p-rsid-nt at I these
wishing to la i inie rj,< n.l ir of the
I har d wire requested to place their
Ti'tiiies on tb- p 'per | rej nr. 1 rxprcs-'\
; for that jiiirjau... The follow nig eigh
teen name* were signtd. W. H. I>. r
. stine' J. S. I.\on, J. F' Derallm-, Jacol
I lark. >'<llt I J'.ivi I Flack, TI. •
"shaugheitry. Tho* N AS-]!, S \. Mover.
George I Is/all. George (ilenn. Frank
1 banejr, J, 11. Fellenfiaum. George It.
! Johnston. Hard I' Harris, ( has Itirh
ard, I. Sternberg, J. C. Itare.
I'hc tivo rontl. men named 1 s low i
' a. ,i> p|.o.nted iji a c- ininittee to -"h
it sti I -rriptions for the t enefit of the
pr'; ••e l band. M> so, k.im.n'l I.- w.n,
F. X. I.ehman. A1 Oarman, S, 11. Will,
am*. •'.}. MrM lb n.
Iha t. nuYf the agreement* are
to'.'...is '-We the un<i> r> gm<l, agree-to
piy the se, ral urns set oppoajtc mir
psj eciive mm.", f.r the ]<• rj o*e fit
Tj-afii/ ng. incorjorat ngnr.drqii |.j ng
a cornet band in lb Ii• font . no j art f>f
' vlio'li sum* is to I • I aid until sail
band is < iganiis'd. inorpniatnl and
the contract made for the instruments,
when the stiuis are to be | i 1 to the
regti! ir eloctf d tresur r.''
Instructions wo;e given tlieS-er tnry
■•• oorre-pond, with several w II known
manufacture* of hard instilments for
t be purf o a of ascertaining the probable
•'"*• of procuring them. The gentlemen
at th- head of this movement mean ,
hu- n< •- and are calling up' n our t ititei l
for con'rihution. over one hundred
lobars fits already teen subscribed,!
ffie meeting we quite spiri<e t, and
adjourned to meet again on Tuesday
, evening, |.!int.. at h*lf past •• vm
MI. 1-rank finest met Willi It tvrious
' a etdent last week. In endeavoring to sfr.
ly land a to* of matches Irom the delivery
wag n, tb" bo* fell upon his foot,
! bruising and injuring il very badly
Tua I>*R a r. Dx< ORATK —We are re- |
J.ie,ted to state by Harvey Ilentiner, K -| , j
i Commander of Gregg Post, that Decora. j
lion day will he property observed in Ilella- i
fonts The cooperation of all our cilts.ens
j is earneat'y requested, and the aid of the j
• laifins is especially needed In gathering and j
arranging the dowers for thia worthy oc
easion. Krcry one should lend a helping
hand to make this effort a grand suime*.
Rev Mr Foster, jsutor of the M. K
church of this place, hat baen engaged to
deliver the address at the I'nion cemetery I
, Kev J F. Do Long, we are infornn-d, will |
probably deliver the Memorial eerrro n on
\ the Sabbath subsequent to the .'.(Hh tost,
j Tho following gentleman eorej-> • the com
mittee for the different arrangements, and
are leaving nothing undone thai si I in
sure the soccees of the oci asior.
! Committee on Pr.seuring an l>r*',.>r
Comra<lei Jno B Linn. Jn<> ft le-ve,
Am >* >1 illn and G"o F ll*rr,
{.'•irnmlttee on procuring flags and
handle* and preparing the *ina for gravea
and alao for aecuriug meant of conveying
the flag*, bandies and flowers to the rams
levies Comrade* William J.mse, Jar II
Itankin, ('has A fsitnn and Jesse Stuart
('.en,!!'., e or, procuring fl .w-rt If. A
1 W -i G ■■■ \ Bsyard lis-. G f
000. Weaver, ('bat. Eckeniolh and It.
Commitloe on marking gri.ves and dec
orating Friends and Catholic ('••riieterbw'
t .unrii'l.t. If > K'dc r, (i.o, p Harris,
IT. If Henoer, Amos Mullen, John. I
. Curtin John Noll, I> I". F .rlney, l>*. d
j hartley and all others who can assist,
| Committee on music, vocal and instru
j menial (Jomrad.-s Jaa 11. Itankin il V,
(Ilenn, Frank Wallace and H. 11 Will
j lams
| Couiiiilttec on Memorial sermon, to be
■ dell vered on tho Sunday prece'diig M>y
3't : Comra l' .las 11 Itankin, Win.
, Jones and ll .lt Pontius.
11. II IlgMsr.R, (b.mmander,
J A*. II UA.NKIN, Adjutant
! —Half of the editorial force of this p*.
( I• r was drawn on l.I w. .-k'r jury at if. ii<.
' fonto curt. We camn t>> the XTHII Ii ! • n
our name wa railed, and sfe-nl a >• rx
! pleasant time Philip, l urg Lr.hj, r.
\S k remarked tho improveinenl in
j Hi- pajicr.
Wit EAT K li.i.l'll We I inf rrr.ed farm
'•r say that thero ws a i■ r sid. ralde
I amount of w heat kill, d during, or rather
after, the second thaw we had let- in the
winter, which j -multi.J the water and
; !uli to rnii und-r lii" SIIOW, which aft.-r.
. ward- fro/.e in soin.* j laces, and as tins i-i.
- id*-1 the air from the wheat it iliiai in
many p!a<-" This is n r.- u li. . ..bb- . n
' the bill willi a S cithern . r S ilbw. 't. rn
sb po.
—Mr in. \\ i kins- ti undert.H k to
"me the "fi- ; ig j. ! over US <i !■:
"i ir .1 hn W ,gn> r a f. w < . ' ■• gs s >i e
We w. | a ■ • ■.• A - y .', r .. |
aid r i.. si .< u l.e prar j b.-i.in.l .ne ~f
the electric light j -s with the agility .-f
M r I lav. i ( p. !/.►:'• tr-ttit •
' P. I-
P >.- Tb p • res. rot.'.'-d N.. TCKi.j, ..
• ■ tt. :.
I*. S , No. 2 As th. so "speckled hens
( arc ■ 1./. .- r. 1 h.gh a! , ~r- a j,. c
Ibe ha* <. r. .., i. Jt . r-sj . them I.tb v . n
■ < iii e a par.
—Mr Harry \\ liiiam- rt,s Phi
, burg Ir '.yr, spsr.taf'-w days i, it. Jo
j fonta as a Juror, and this is yrbal b- has t .
say ai- ut it
"Wc - r.lv •• rvd n re , r . t .
sb w the Influence ..f the I'S.- ■ ri crimi
, nais, wc wui r.-rnark that fur criminal
cases w.rc.al ,i in .u n. and in -s h
. ass the def.-r. Ia n I ' el.. [ ( u , an 1 plea I
gu We w.-rc tr als-l with th" m- -t
listi r.gui-b* 1 I r.sid. ration by ti... It. r, 1,
• n-i Bar, a: i ■ ir li k-t thi- la., w . . .. k
Ilka the advertisement of air >.al< d lar d
if we *otef.,r everytxsdy we prortni-l
t". In return f r v.r u.t! .< ;.<•• •.(.. fall,
w- am promised *|| the .r.ty printing,
a' I the r> #t of the , unty psp.-rs might a*
well shut up shr-p Heriou" v. it, ugh,
Oi tree, only b*s a Ben b a:. 1 liar, and a
set <d '.-o'lty • ff|. !• she may w. I t<
proud of I'hey arc gentlemen, from Judge ,
Hoy down, and the Court II- use nr lS:
isn I such a l ed kind . fa circle after ai
til in W cur j. Must tw> a p iwa - r
ar 1 ir- r.er. A j ply at th r- -l-.u-r.r* of
N -. T.", 11.-en 'treet.
IIs Interv.ewcl us f-r af w rr. mc-.t,
n *t dy After we la I • ivi i
to see if any • f us bad "g l away we
processed to gather up cur bat. Is. th and j
ncc k-war, BVI d< mau led an isj laia.. n
After unw,ruing al. ut ssver. yards f
uc.'lin .t! 1..s head we were in t<d ' i
, spe-t his cranium. "I ian star 1 a'rr.ost
anything, but do v..u s.e that tare sr t
■ 11-• ri the lop <fmyh. a i We a kn.-wU
.-dged that we did, and remarkesl that he
| 1 k iIS if i.e ha I been • a p i. Well, I
' that's just -t and al, tlir > .gh yc ur infernal
'Jul. b ring, lc i jaiu. uls i. lis- exhibited
a ci-jy .f the IIxm.HHAT and a* wre
-hoarn th" . au'e. Th comp -it >r had set
the rr t •• (Ii RI WAXIKII —M i t be a
g - I ..oisks-, an t allr.tr ut /. t,„i/e n iter
—ln pa- ti g< ne cur dry g.-.*ls stores
ala late hour a f. w evenings since, we nr..
I ticed a lim light in the cellar ths-res f. It
-tru k u' as being rather singular, so we
concluded to investigate matters Creep
ing softly to the window we listened, and
lot what was that' A noise, and burg*
lars in that cellar, at sure at you're born,
we thought When suddenly we heard a
' crash, then al. was still and silent at the
night. Wc wrre completely dumbfound
ed, ar.d
fWp ifth that <l*rbn*-a ptarinff, lwfi| v n
r. icrUl *ef tlrr| f .
drm hftfor*;
Bui lb# M ur.t ".AEN TIID b* IIIIIIIXM FTV*
And Ihfloßly w ri# trr> w fh
| v.ftii - I lor*
K* In Ih# lighting fm thnt Mrfrt* on
i th# iflßf."
Of course that explains it all. The clerk
had just received a new bicycle, and wis
trying II In the cellar before apj-caring in
public. lla'll make bis Mi t (la) in this
: line yet if he d.>e*n't succeed in dislocating
: his spinal column in the attempt.
Tho Fourth of July Colobmtton
The le gal. Hose boys are making a
strong effort W> arrange for a Fourth of
July celebration. One thai is intended to
eclipse anything of the kind ever gotten
up in Kellefonte. The cost of such an un
dertaking will be between f-'iOOand SI,OOO
A paper for the purpose of ascertaining
whether a sufficient amount ran he raised
among our cltixeni fa now beingcirculated.
The amount asked for from the citisen* it
s.*<oo, the Logan Company agreeing to
make up the balance. There are upward*
of aaventy business house* and Ave hotels
in RellsfonU that would receive benefit*
either directly or indirectly from this
source, consequently each buifnssa bouae
could afford to contribute $<Y Bit visiting
; companies at least are i-xperti-d to be pre*.
j cut, and a each company will probably
average over fifty member* our b .Iris each
i could well afford lo ronli ihule SIf,V as one
j company will be placed at .-a. h hotel. Thla
would iiisuru tho success of lh undertak
ing, a- it would leave only sjr, to be made
j up outside of this, and could easily be ac
complished. It our business men andciti
r- us will only i "k HI th.s in the proper
light, taking for instance the me.-ting of
the (irand Army, the residential election
and the proposed Fourth of July celebra- j
I (bin, tli:< year can he made one of the bc#t ,
biisinesss years ever known in the history
of H.-llefonte
M 111*0 MII.LM Noise. —Th,. tra. U is
laid H. ross the long bridge a mile above
town, and the workmen are tilling" for
' .-ntr. Hull as fa t a' they , u „. By the
time II h reei lies jour r. e.|.-rs the rails
will l.e laid nearly to tl,.- (>'J y or ( \
number of I 'aliens ere working attraik
Although | hav* no p-r. .nal acquaint'
r." with Mr. \ andyk", y t from the r< - ,
p"rt* lln vr al..,'it him from his workmen,
h<- must b an • x. eedingly j.< j ular railroad
'ontrn ' r.
Kev W K. F ter . ! f. i 'r. If ,11. held
a , erics of meetings. e..mmcr.cir.gori Thurs.
day i ight, tb<- Fib, inst , and closing with
c< li. m. I. ion services on .Sabbath all ri.oon. j
t)n I ri.Jay ' veiling alter the r.-gular ser
v ces the i gf-g ,t: n fa, „ n trg f r
C-" I " r r •" •f • " til two additional
'• 'KL Jr- V m )• If. an. k ar.d W
A Kri*. w.r- nominated ai.d unamrn.,-.]'-
•■' t. l "ti Saturday f- r< r.oon at the
■ el. -.- • f til" s.-rvi.they were ordained.
K v. Marr, who pr<-a/ fo-.j f r this c<■ r,-
gt gat .II several tear- ag *, assisted Kev
I t.-r or, Thursdav and F'n jav evening'
Ihe Sj ring Ml, - b. 'ls a: in a!! ur
ibir g condition.
I'rof. L K -bt< • f i 'er.tr" Ha . s< | ,
■ was se. n .-n the streets "f our city iatst.
urday. H ) re; rt ag.. <J b.aj a', the
Ha i S recess attend hirn
SIJ t W.-.f wears with dignity the lau
j re.- which on the f,;h, inst , were f ,r a
'h rt tune lifted fr-.m b.s classical br. w.
and having been refitted and burr,i-b'-.J ur I
wer* i. -ain replaced
I*. ' , .. Jup at Spring M 1' t. tb- f. . u.
mg | -if,lie notice
' A han !• me reward ■ iil to jmi to the
person <r returning my saddle'
wn ' wa. si . n fr- m the Stat .-of Mrs
W ami or. Saturdai night Aj.ril 1 I,
A ■t • 1!.- p -on wl, rle my "lu'il'-
' if be reports to me ir j.'-r.<.n.
Li Tiis. nM t rn.
I'. r r, 11. .
T! i i a warning t y-ung men • t .
til. ah rse and 'a.! - with tbsm when
tb-y (all on the young ladies. Box
Si RIM. Mn.t.a I*i- a i . The 'i te.
mer t at. it rr. vir.g the d< p' '. at tb s j!a -
i IS al- ~I over, as th" officers of tto j-t-ad
, we are t'.ld have let idnd t 1. si sit w tier
: It li.
TI - grain fields in this 10-ality are
j • rr.i-ing an a! ur.dant harvest.
Our Grammar •• boot is in a:! -u-.-i • g
c r litu n under the rnanagrmer t < f I'r. f ,
II 'terrnan.
. In last week's Civras I>Ku rr.AT w
i ■ i tb- arr- ■ im. i.t • f I M N>-;
f gh -f Fergus, n township as a < andidate
f..r Sb.er fl W- 1, Mr Neidigh is one .j
--•i,e hard w rktng 11.-me rats < f thee jn
tr, an ! has fe-en a Democrat all bis life
He is a g.-od fellow, and would ma*.- a
1. • st rat" Sheriff
K H Ifuncan, of Mill, n, a former c;ti
r.-n of this pla. e, is here < n a visit.
Mr Shafer, the new landlord at this |
jla-e, is he.ing a good bus ; ness He keep,
a gfwd house, and is a jolly fellow Give
him a call.
(In Sunday evening last d:ath ruble 1 us
~f one of our best citiacnts and kind
nc.gbh rs in the person of Ge rge K ..rnian,
who died on Sunday about 10 o'clock, of
cancer of the ste.marb. More anon.
S< noot. BOY
I'INX tiftOVß iTXVia. Rev XV. C Kuhr.
will preach the Memorial sermon in the
Prchjtcrian church of Pine Grove Mills
on Sunday morning May iFth, at K>j
o'clock, A. M. All soldiers ars invited lo
he present, whether members of tbeGrand
Army of the Republic or not. Servicest,,
be held as union exercises, and a general
invitation is extended to everybody.
<'apt Jno. O. Campbell Poat 2T2, G. A.
R , of Pine Grove Mills, propose to ob
serve Memorial Day. I/eave Pine Grove
at Tj o'clock, decorate at Meek * cemetery j
at k} o'clock, at Graysville cemetery 10$
' o'clock, in company with Lieut. Zentmyer
Post of Franklinvllle. Dinner will be in
the shape of a basket picnic al Graysvilla
Return to Pine Grove and decorate at 41
1 o'clock Precession will likely be accom
panied by the Pine (trove cornet band,and
Prof. Jno. A. Weaver will have charge of
' the choir at the different cemeteries. Every
person is invited to be present and partici
! pate In the exercise*.
By order of Commtttee
Fin Laws.—For the benefit of our pis
ralorially inclined readers we mention the
dalee prescribed by law for catching black
bass and trout, and the penalities for viola
tion thereof. The former can be legally
caught between June fit and January Ist
For the violation of the law a fine of $lO
for each offense I* prescribed Tb# law
further say* bow they must be caught, via :
Either by hook and Itna, scroll or spear.
Sparkled trout cos be legally caught dar
ing the months ef April, May, June and
July. For each trout caught any othe r
time the fine of $lO ii mentioned.—Jersey
Shore llermU.
M it'n. 'iirmin A Kpl or fur*
; jul return*,] from Canada with * car load
of th flneti boraea ever brought to IM*
place Th<-y are i„ i„)d at public al
| at th Oirnitn ll'iu,. r , Wednt-tday May
21at. All lovera of bl< <j. d tu-ck 11, 1 •, <J at-
tend thii K" t !•*.
The City M*rk' t llouteat Lock Haen
hat been j ur. bawd by Mr Wm Mayer,
brother ol Hon, C. A. Mayer, for th* pur
p„e of carry ir. K or, th<- auction and com
rubaion bunr„-r or, a ir,o,tretentive plan
One half of the building i. to he rented
for rxark'-t alalia,
A young gentleman connected n ith •
the Telfpbor ■ LxeLungc wag*rr<l the
ice cn iiin for two that ,t W.u not bia
bent girl .j < iking to hirn through the
ph' n< a f,w evening* rir.<>-. A few
word* wlii,|,<-r, .l to birr, or, r the line
I be ring upon th" l:,t inUrriew waa
aufllcient (-vi-hrim- that he w ~ 2<> t in
J debt for ire cream. It i- reported that
lie j ed ari ice < ream ,| .-n -*ve-a|
time aince aithoui anv aupgr -liona.
Wearer, potr-ihl,- far the faithful per
lorn, trice of that duty, ami ,( re t liqtij.
dated ,< ,n, w<- hall he under the pain
ful r,"eeMty ofpln-ir,/ t watchman a'
the entrance of sn <r<-im ■ iloon.
wf,o Will S; •ear birn ah" [t— t by.
The I.adie*
\uxiliaryinrnittc, on f! r.,1 decora
tiori" for M-mor al !>.■,. .',oth init., are /
{ the following, t Mr,. Atno* Mullen. *
hi;j,, in ; MrL-w --< hi :i r, Mr*. Geo.
Tl yard, Mr,, 1 T. Tut,r,. Mr* I>. If.
II -ting., Mr-. .!< ■ -t. w ,rt. Mr- If
\ Will ,m. Mr- - 11. Will ~ rj, -. Mr*-
I.e. -her. i Mr* I M. filenn, Mr,.
'no. 1. f'urtin, Mr . 1. C. ll chard. Mr-.
I'av.l I',art If \. Mr-, Cbaa. Lck enroll,,
I .ea*ant ',t| Mr-. .lohn Weaver,
A* the.-, ltd < - hav, h.nd ■, coi tnled
to aaeniet tie committee rf the',. A. it.,
of ' iregg I'oat, the . hi ,J.,i authorized
to call to their .t l,,th*ra who are w ill
in/, and to m the *>,, I, arrangement* a.
will materially add to th* beauty and
feli, ity of the occasion.
I'R'-an PAT MI >7 W- Ui ,t learn
'M "f mother in,tan >■ , f rtnarltl • w
prornplne,, in tb* j* tner.i •■{ lo*** by
i the I(r,klyn Life Ir.'urar" ( • of N<*
Yf rk, and repr<-, ril d hy ■ ,rfe ; l"Wt r ■
j man It. M Migee, F.* j 'ir, tin c* , ~f
Lbn T Slitner, cf Howard, ti l. . ,mt.
wh,,,e ,1' Rth W' ri- tK*d a 1,-, we, k. t nee
Mr >:itr r 1..- i a f,licy f j'_ ia,r , r . tr.'
Hrook!yn Life lnaur*nce(' at tie time
"f hi, Jf-atb. The pr,„ f- were ~r t t, lie
'' mj any • n the *>;h i r .i , and the cher k
I r tw, r.ty- r.< l ,i dr• . ar i five dollar,
r rari, ,tt of j , y ar..] a Idilit,r<ala wa,
1 * warded the : jt Jay, With ilj,ji ting
on,- cent f, r I • ,-unt ~ th ugh the aim
wa. m l due for O tdar*. Such liie-radtT
ai.J pr. triplne-, i < >mn>er,dat>!* f and ),an
other in,lance of the troth,"), of tbi,
>la .n< I, 'id t ii | any We heartily recom
it end it t'< tixwe reeking inaurance Mary
I of our leading bualaeaa ar,j j
men ar* iutured in tbi, c, rnptny. gg
Th* National M< rnan', Chri,t an Tctr.-
frfrancel'ni n of New York ill *oor. rer.d ■
out a call to j raver in riw of the preai
lential campaign dd-rM u, the t'hri*-
tain people of America and flxir.g Tu*a
lay, May 27, a, th* date Kach b"jr ha a ruhject
ruhject a'-igned. including payer
; for j.a-tor, and editor,, ' that they may
lead th* people away from dead lrruet and
, toward that of a national conrtitulional
amendment prohibiting th* trafßc in in
t xieating liquor, a, a drink for party
leader, "that, their platform may rocog
nir* thig iait;*, and tb*!r candidate be
: one whore habit, tball te an example to
young men, alo, and emphatically, prar
er for Chrirlian voter*,"that their rpirit
ual preception, may be quickened, their '
conwienc*' aroutcd, and their home con
atiluenci", meaning the women of their
hou'ehold, repreeentej by them at the
ballot box."
The day ia to be obe, reed throughout
the country, and pa"tT are r*qu,td to
preach on the Sabbath following upon
"(od in government.
Tut up your hammock. fpf
P. S. —The above can be um,| either for
i warm or cold weather.
—Tb" White Good, ttore. (>arman
ltrigg, ,lamping patern,, Gar man,
Traost Srat x, May 10. IWM
far lh "tHif *%t M*j I
lira, laM >ar M.IK
Iwwe IC*t
Cram-iili Xarlaf lit, y+t „• :u*
•as* Ilia, laat rrair *A.2,
InrratM ./k
T"MI la l**4 ).0M,41*
Sara, tin, lai >*> t ww'l it
lacrw, M,3VT
wtw rtiNiTi
I nmhf 19 cm f
VMr#lllt)lio 2M f
sail ,wx*-st ■BKkt,KS-AI I atea,l!l. e*. ,a W
W iv Sm—i. Mr It a. • a
IHra J kaatafa
Pltllt, 1104.1. ~oa May Mb. JM4, at IW braaeaf
| It, !!, ■ jr.Mi wai;>.oltlM-oH", I, #
T C w -idmwr . Mr Rrlrart O ItWUlt. T fio*
j tr toaat}. Va
row*aa KST*aa OaTaaratey.MayMk.laM.al
| ™,,IH. ra by tW, , , Mr M- ,
•ar4 rraar, and Mtaa Uut. Kayw, tw*h of IbW ,
' *" t
ao.i'i af Marat af iba - qi > r,Sa
T.r T ."i -"wV M 9m '