Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, May 15, 1884, Image 4

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    tEJif Cnttvc Denwrrri.
|Ah ml nvHty CuddU) in or nltig, *t ltallt*fout*,Coiitf
county, Pa.
TMtias-OMhiu idunt* Si oO
If n *1 |*ld In AtlfAllC* a! UU
A LIN K PAl'Klt-ilfVoteillu tho I ntorrati of tb
i'tyili ftlU Uil4i Wlttllo Ulto* molt tlm will It* CoU*
• i Ivrtnl in *Uv*nc*.
N |iip >r I•• In • i.k I until *rr. tuNK *>trv
| '"* At i til in x l lnsln-rn
fiperi going 'Hi •>; sin* uuuty nt iti ba paid lor in
Auypofton pivcuriiiic m (on *<i. aubacrtler* will
o ll A copy It • I ctiArgO.
i) irKtviMif<* circulation make* Oil* ppat " uu
isi t|!y rollAbli ttiG |ti „aui.| medium foruim rltatiiK
*'•* h.Atro tlif u i .inplf floiiltio* lor JOII WOKK
n 1 ar |*i 'j'tr ■ .to |riul ail feimta ol Ifcxika.Tratta
fc <r itnuho,! 1 i*ra, i'■ouiiuarvUl | lntfttt|C Ac.,in •
aljria and t tlif lowt ai pw**t|l>l'
VII * Ivrrtia utiuila lor l*s i'i in 11 tan thio* month*
Id catata pr 11 tt (or Kin* ftrel tliroo ltiarlioua, and
c •: t A lino f.ti r**-li additional liiavrtlou. <*|trta|
itl?inne*hall nir*.
K In Ttnl
L' • \t. v iti .*■*. in I 41 col until*. 10 cwntaporlina.
A lihar.il ileoount it* iiiA-i.' to |irra*tii advi riiaing by
h • |turtr,lu|f yar,aa foliowa:
w <%
'C A' PI ID. |
o'ia inch (or I- line* (hi# typo)
T v o inchfui " l"! 1 •
Thr* ' i l '
ii i ir:#r rot ti in ti • lnoh*a) •.
a*lf oolnmn '•*
qnoc itamu • -r f 'tnchaa) ICHI
Fri4 i lvortl nirrit mi at I • paid for l*fora
• rtion. *iropi o -.irly rontrar(• wlian balf-yt-nrly
piyrnaotatn t wl' • r®*|nlr**|
P >UTI Ai Noti-'i. " "tta p"i liii-wnoh Inaartlon
If >(hlni( inarrtfl f r Ua* than Mi r*r.t.
Bt'iuHK S irtcm ti ih* ♦••iltorial < "lutnna, 15 canta
p ir llna.aaolt in*irtl n
110 Prefers to bo Shot.
SALT I.AKK. May 12. -Fred Hopt alias
A. Welcom. who has been three times
tried, was convicted of murder to day
and sentenced to be executed on June
13. The Utah statute permits persons
sentenced to be executed to choose be
tween hanging and shooting. Hoj't
chose the latter.
Death iu Tho Storm.
DOVER, N. 11., May 9.—A terrific
thunderstorm, accompanied by adnlug
ing rain, occurred in this vicinity this
morning. A farm-houe and barn, with
contents, owned by William Flynn
contractor at Kliot, Me., were struck by
lightning and burned. Los* fl.'iOO.
A report cornea from Kpiping that the
Bunker building was struck by Itght
ning and burned. S. W. Martid's body
was found in the ruins.
Judge Lynch In Kentucky.
IxtttsviLLß, May 6.—A dispatch from
Elixabetbtown, Ky., says that about 1
o'clock this morning a masked mob
came to town and, taking the keys Irom
the jailer, entered the jail, icued Miles
Perry, the negro who some weeks ago
criminally assaulted Miss Yannert, and
after carrying him a few mile#
from town hanged him to a tree.
A placard was pinned to his 1-ody say
ing that the body was not to be cut
down until 6 o'clock.
Distrosa Along the MlssiHnippi
Vicxsncto, Miss., May 9.—'The steamer
City of Vick.sburg arrived from below
thi* evening with about 200 colored
farm hands on board from pvoint* in
Teu*es piarish. f'apitain Keith stati-s
that he was hailed at other pmint* where
there were a number of colored people
huddled together on points of levee#
waiting transportation. Sixty percent.
f Madion parish and seventy five per
cent, of Teuses are still underwater.
Mule* and cattle are dying in great
number*. The stock at some placeslw>.
ing killed dy swarm* of gnat*.
Ruined by the Now Stamp' Tax
GAI.TISTDV, Tex.. May B.—A special
from New Laredo, Mexico, *y : The
establishment of Francesco Viscaya one
of ihe oldest commercial houses in
Laredo, closed its door- yesterday. Mr.
Yiacaya aonounee* that lie cannot con
tinue business and pay the new stamp
tax. Tho stamp act requires him to pay
sfi,iK cash on hi# present stock. Ha
further state* that the new strrnp tax
will raise the price of many good* above
American prices, as a result of which
the large American trade for the pur
chase of contraband article* in Mexico,
•mounting to several hundred thousand
dollars annually, will he cut off from
Mexico and similar lucrative traffic wilj
*t once spring up on the American side.
Tha African Conference
i)* • 11 nonr. May * —An appeal from Lev.
W. K. < arson, of Northeast Texas con
ference. wns brought before the African
Methodist hpiacopal General Conference
(0 day to have rigl,td certain wrong*
which he claimed to have Keen inflicted
upon him hy the annual conference v,f
hi* district at Ware, Texa*. in 18.83. The
charges against him were in*uhordina
tion. immorality and intemperance. The
verdict of the Northeast Texas enfer
ence was reversed and Mr. f'*ron rein
atated in *ll hi* privilege*.
A resolution waa pa*ed cuiogiiing
John F. Mlater, of Connecticut, for hi*
philanthropic aid to the colored race
itiabop Camtibcll *|.ok>> and created
excitement hj elating that Ceorge I'ea
l>Jy lied done nothing for the colored
people of lie wa* contradict
ed *ml wfrid depleted that the aUte
m wu- r. i'hotlt *cti!i 'atlon tn truth.
Designator the Garfield Monument
Clkvkland, 0., My B.—Forty-three
ili n<gnt lor the 0rfilil monument, of
which eleven ure models und thirty two
designs were received t>y the Ourfii l 1
Monutuenl iteoriilion May I, the day
fixed oy tho invitation inured to nrtists
in October lust. The cle.Ggu* are from
Franc?, Italy, Germany, England and
United States. Their arrangement i
now in progress in the art galleryofMr.
.1. F. Kydor. Each design liar a motto
or murk to id 'titiily the artist and hi*
work, and i? accompanied hy a Healed
envelope bearing a similar motto to
■nark and containing the artiit'* n mie.
The design* will, thtrofjre he examined
and pa*ed upon without knowing the
names of the artists who made them.
Toe collection of designs is varied and
elaborate, and shows that much thought
has. been given the subject, while much
gratification is expressed over the re
sult. The designs have not yet heen
exhibited in public, and no action has
heen taken hy the trustees. The firs
• x indention will be ma le by the true,
tees on the 11th inst int.
Dig Scheme of Now Yorker*.
l>r.s Moists, low i, Miy ll.—The
Eastern and Western Air Line Itiil
w.y Company file I articles of ine< r
p iration with the county roc ider here
to day and will fi'e th same with the
Secretary ofS'nto tomorrow. It cm
teniplatis an sir line from M> rcer, l'a.
to Council Bluffs low?, distance a tittle
more than nine hundred miles The
projectors claim the line will save near
ly threo hundred miles over nnv other
route which can he selected. The
gentleman say it will not vory more
than six miles < i lor way from an ait
line. It is to ero* the Mississippi river
at Keitbsburg, 111*., if built. There i*
also provision made in the article fur a
line from the crossing of the ML-i**ip| i
river in a soutbw-ester ly direction to the
Missouri Slate line in Van Ituren county
The capital stock is sl3 00H,000. The
names signed to the article sre Thomas
W. i Gh.rn and WaldeifH. 1 'hilli js, f
Now York, and J. W. Irey. of D<*
Moines. The Utter is attorney of th,,
To Rescue Gordon.
LO.NDOX, May 12.—The Stan/trd say*
that the Government will nii-et the
motion of Sir Michael Hicks 8.-tch
cen*iiring the Ministry by announcing
that an expedition will be sent to Gen
eral Gordon'a relief if tb climate p.-r
tnit*. The Oj,ly AVwoy, Mr. Glad
stone w II meet the vote ot censure by
announcing that the tiovernment had
resolved to keep, op>en communication
with Khartoum, and tha it will not si
low I'.erl>er to pas* out of control of the
Egyptian Government. Measures calcu
lated to insure the „ %feiy ~f those wh m
Geo. Gordon has ,ent to It- rber, and
of himself and Gart ison, ar t • in j effec
tivi ly arranged. An ev| chiton t<-
Khartoum is no new reo!ve ;.icre
haa long exist,d an understs-ii li< t r
up,on eer'ain conditions of .i gei
arising there, raon< < uld la' ' I. n
the forces already in E/yit t .r
ing the "afety of Gem ra tit ,1
thoae under him. Thsre i i Ing
that the tiovernment is mil • t> t n
formed than the genera' ) lit . •< l,i
regard to the Egyptian nt Iter •• ,•
tioned in recent telegrams ... 1 :it
has throughout be, n adttfod ft, u
Gordons rafety ind the diVi-mey if
hi* supplies to last son e u onth*. and
ha* neTer neglected to consider what
provision might h. require I for his
security. It is understood that a tlving
column under <ien. Graham will be
sent at once to the releaf of Khartoum.
Struck With A Hammer
I'ITTsHCKOIt, Pa., May '. —At the
Giver wire mill today Fred. Hognn
fatally injured S nmn llice with a ham
titer during an altercation. Hogan was
arretted. Itice is a Hungarian and
Hogan is a Gorman, the former being
helper to the litter. It was the du'y of
Hire to can v the w ire to the puller'*
hands, so that he could put it through
the drawing machine. Hire, in throwing
down the wire, threw it down in 'ich a
manner * •> tangle it up and make it
U'tlicult for the puller to handle,
ilogan tor •nnu* time ha* tern making
it uncomfortable or Lire by making fun
of hi* language and motion* in etpre**
ing himself in Kngli*h, a* It ce i n
Hungarian and cannot talk English *o
a* to he understood. When Lice threw
down the wire in a tingled manner this
morning llogsn Ih-cui in? I irri'srvf
making fun of him.
The Hungarian walked up to him and
told him not torn ike fun of hi* apoecb
a* all the mm were laughing l him.
and he did not like it Without another
word llogan picked np a hravjr hummer
and -luck at Hicn, hitting him on Ih.<
heed ami felling him to the Hour. Ili-e
roee up on hi knee*, when the hammer
fell a|[ain upon itie head with murderon*
force, cruhing in hiaekttll and laying
h.m proetrate on the floor. Not ooMlcni
with thia unprovoked *,,ault llogan
agan raU.-d th- hammer aad dealt the
dcfr-nselee* mutt Another terrible blow.
Tho nton who wore standing near finally
rufh'<l in an-! took the hummer from
the *v -u'd he murderer And In Id h ! m
until no officer, who W.IK tent for, arriv
ed and osoortod Hogiui to the elation.
Itioc'n knl I is badly fractured, beside*
other injuries thnt wi:l undent tedly
cause ii't deulb.
Idlo Minern.
N: \HI.V NINK 111, *IIHMI MKV IV Till. I iHI.
I'mi..Miri.i-iii \, May S. —A special to
the I'retM from Dulfois -a : ''Neatly *.KX)
men in the fourth district of the Miners'
Amalgamated Awiei ation are idle.
The Sandy 1.. k tlos Cod and Coke
Company to day not ilie I the r men to
take their tools out of tho pit >, they
would not likely resume work until
next fall. Thi company employed
about 125 men uMiiilr. hut lately bavo
bnn working about •••veiity five. The
K ills Creek Coal Cotiijtany's men to-day
dri ll- Ito strike again-1 tho in'roiutv
lion of the incli and u half screen.
They number about seventy men at
present, but tin- usual force i< ov< r one
hundred. The workmen of the ll.ml
S Tibbie works owned by Galuha A.
(irow are also on a ttike for a cheek
weighm~ti w-th but little pi'--| eel of
success owing to the dullness of the
coal trade. There are al-uit 125 tin n
emp'oyci there. The D.igu* turners at
St. Mary's in Klk county, are alo on a
trikc on sreount of the reduction
which recently went int rll'-ct. The
men want to be pai I sixty r ne cents per
tin on the bai of three foot coal,
while the operators will not agree to
any thing like that figure. The inattei
was submitted to a board cf arbitrator
which met on Monday mid broke up
without reaching a dec -ion, the repre
•entativea of the operators ret ring
from the meeting. At the latter work*
there is little probability of a *ati-factory
settlement, a- the men are w- II prepar
ed for a long scigc. At the first named
works the men are cot in shape to
stand a protracted strike, t'tber works
mny follow the lead. There is no indi
cation of any outbreak.
A Treaauror'n Flight.
lltt rrsM u TII r rate in rr.*t ** -.tMiiu
I'niLstiHi.rnu, May 7.—Kugene G.
Woodward, treasurer of the l>oard of
trustees of the general Ssaenibly of the
i'resbyteritn rhu< h, ami treasurer of
ibe church board of education, is a de
faulter to the amount of He
has tied from the city, and his where
stouts is unknown. The m-wa of his
di-sppearanre and defalcation fell like
i tbundiTc'np II|HID the trustee*, all of
>.,"iii had the most implicit confidence
" their tr • aeurcr's integrity. Mr.
\S sniw .id's family are prostrated with
,r • tlel Hie altogether unable to
i. - unt 'or his desertion of them, for
i... d THIS: . relation* were particularly
li fpv mid it wss not known that he
m m'o financial difficulty. The
• •! charitable interpretation for hi*
• "■ill i.,d winch is advanced by a
confident it friend, is that Ilia mind
unbalanced, *nd that themoney was
i, si )i -si: • normal intent.
I >•:!!• of He I* the father Of
ih Uiri'tt, and lircd happily with
■ •• . n l f nidy in * comfortable
'i me if !{iff!<-> jark. Ho hn< 1 been
•Y.niH'C'• i with the board of tnultn
for ever*l and w* yiren the
responaduc position of treasurer a few
yi'tri ago, because of hi< uprightn<- of
'iharae -r od general capability for the
poaition. l!o handled thousand* of
dollar* hold in trut by the board, and
hi* account* were alway* found correct
ta the penny. A month ajo, it I* aaid.
he tendered hie re*ignion, but it waa
not accepted. There *. no suspicion
then that anything waa wrong. Indeed,
it waa not until hi* iinppearan< e that
an examination of hi* l>ook *< made
and the shtrtage disco* rred.
I'reaident 'ioorge Jtinkin, of the
hoard of Iriisirei. iw Mr. Woodward
attending to hi* duties aa uual on la*t
, Monday week. <>n the Wednoaday
'following he did not makehia appear
mce at lheofhee. nor oti the nt xt day,
jor the rte*. Hi* son, who i* employed
I iu ; i lerk in th*'ami offlc.% crtied the
news home to the family, and when
■ piestionc I by lh* officer* of the hoard,
j dei If red sorrowfully that he had no
; knowlerge of where hi'fatborhad gone.
I When the book* were gone oer it waa
1 found that the fund* taken lis longed to
| th* ••nard of trustee*, and consisted of
money paid into Mr. Woodward'* h*nd.
• \day after day progressed the amount
gt (dually imrenaed. until it approii
mated $10,(100. The fun<l* of the Imard
|of education, of which Mr. Woodward
' sit lis) custodian were found to he
Mr. Wrvxlw ird v ■ •*ilmkrr ori
pmailj, *nl alter* r>t leaned lb* iriidc
f roach building. After Mlowinjf that
for omc > wr ho gn\ * it up ' accept
tho position under Mr. Kox. The in
vestigation of the hooks is still in pro
gress, and, until i is fii islied, the exact
amount of the defalcation cannot be
useertaine I.
I'll 11. A IJK 1.1-II Is, May 11. —Kug'ui" G.
Wo xlward, the tui-s ng Tn-asur- r of tho
Hoard of Trustees of the 'iunc-ral
As-embly of the I'resbyterian Church,
whose account- -bow a di li it of i.but
flO.tkM), was found by his 'r en Is in New
York and returned to his home ut
Itidley Park, where b" is confined to
lied with a rerioua uttn- k of brain fever
When fiund lie was under the care oi'a
member of a secret society to which
Woodwur I belonged. Hi- mind seemed
shattered and he wis unable to givi tin
intelligi'-h- account -if his actions, lie
could not rxplu'n his pr--eric-in New
York, ami talked vaguely of his flight
an-I of his transactions with the Tru - t-'-s
of the I'liuri■ 11. liesuhs---|ueiitly admitt
ed, during a lu-id ititervnl, that he
lrcw $I V) Ir uu hir priva'o funis two
w• ks ago, give (■'><> to his wife and
l> irde I a train for N--w Yo-k. Heafter
w.ii-l returned to this city and then went
Sou h. return rig to New Y rk laat week,
lie has not r-veiled wlist ||" did with
the (1*1.00(1 ol the t 'hurcli funds, l-uat.
ness M inag- r I'-lai k,of tl - J'resbyter an
Hoard of Pul I cttion, sai l yesterilay :
"We do not look upi'i his deficiency as
i fraud or a defalcation, ami is yet no
b dy knows exa- tly the amount of the
dt !i Mency, lut as far a- is known. funds
have!M en j rovid- I l-y Mr. Wootlarard's
friend* and fr endsofthe Hoard tocoter
all ho tng--s."
Tariff Bill Dead
Till. a> ATI NO '.Lit s I SIKVIX OtT 'H *
V.ITF i I I V, TO I'd.
Wxsiitxi.Tox, May l'pon the con
du-hn of the debate on the taritf bill
in the house to day, the audience which
throughout the day hsd crowded the
galleries almost to suffocation, hushed
its hum of conversation and watched
with intense int' rest the further pro
feed rigs on the tloor. As the clerk be.
gan to read, Mr- ('.inverse, ol Ohio, left
his sea' and walking down to the bar
of the house stood nervously fingering
a piece of paper which he hi Id in his
hand. When the reading of thc.pxra
graph had lon completed there was an
euit-urra-aing pause. Mr. f'otivcsrc was
engaged in earnet conversation wi'.b
Mr. Hunt, of Louisiana, ami did nrt
appear to know that all eye* were fined
upon hire.
Mr. Pa*OD, of lowa, wa* fearful that
the time efien th- m-ilton to strike out
th<-enaci mg clau-e wou Id be in order
betore ('-inverse's attention could he at
tracted to the fact, r-'-e and inquired of
the chair whether the proj-er time had
come to tnske a motion. Before the
rhsir could respond Mr. I'onrerss push
ed to tho fiont an-l moved to strike out
the enacting clau-e. This WAS the
-ignal for a v lley of hii-e ati-1 groan*
from the democratic side, and this
d.-m--nlration l-ing met by roun'ls ->f
applau-e from the republican *idr, the
-cene in the chamlier wn one of intense
excitem-'Dt ati'l confuion, to which ths
gallerie- rendered no little aid by loud
tokens of approval and disapproval.
Teller* h- ing ordered, Me**r*. Con
verse ami Morrison were appointed by
the chair. Before taking hi* place,
Morrison Clle<l to the clerk of the
house, who wan -landing l-v the s| - ak.-r'*
d--k, and exclaim- d, "t'lark, see that
no neroundrei who i paired go b- tw- n
the tellei*." Clark prouiing to -i-e
that fair play -houltl l-e ha-i, Morr -oo
took hi* atation, giving r'onverse a very
cool linn d shake, a* he SIOIKI opposite
thai gentleman. The voting began and
the tellers ann< unc -d the affirmative
vote to he l Y'i. The first man to pun
through in the negative wo Kagan, of
I'exa*, who ha I been brought on an inva
lid ebalr In order to ra*t his vote. He
I wan h--irtilr applaude-i by his frien-l
and received many congratulations up
on In* ap]>arent nenr-r- from hi* late
• severe illness.
The nega'ive vote n.aa announced as
151, and then George I>eWio, of Vir
ginia, voted in the nlfirmative, making
the vote itnnd I.Vi to 151. Then cheer*
followed rh*era from the republican
an d the chir* were taken up by
the galleries nn I reverl-ersted from
every nook .an-l corner of the hall.
I.idles aloud Up an-l waved their hand
kerchief an-l in"n thnr hat*. Morrison
y-ilding gracefully lo the inevitable,
wilkrd • milingly to hi* -eat anil the
tariff hill wi* dead, tn Mr. Converse's
motion tin- committee arnc and the
chftirm.m rejH.rted its action to the
h-u*e. Tlie speaker stated the question
to he on strikingout the enacting clause,
and Messrs. Morrison and Turner, of
Kentucky, calling for yew and nays i*
was agreed to —yet* ISU nay* 155. Mr.
C,mverse moved to reoonaider the vote
hy which the house decided to strike
nt the enact ing cUu*e, and then moved
t<> lay that motion on the table. The
motion* were carried by x viva voce
vote, xad th- anouueenwnt of thia re
sult was received with cheer* and ep
plaits*, though eot with so much en
tliiiMA'tn a the prcvioi - at n' liuoe-ii r.t.
Mr. Willis suggested that Converse, i
whose seat i* on the democratic aide,
t ike a-oat hereafl'r with the republi
cans. When the last vole was unnounc
ed the im-uil crs began leaving the ball.
I lie crowd in the galleries lessened, nrcl
within ten minutes scarcelv one bun
dred pei sons remained. At 5 ()'([>. in.
the house adjourned until to-morrow
\ the meint-cra were leaving, many of
tln-m expressed the opinion that the
final adjournment would be taken in
hire, s ime thought in tho latter part
and others during the first lew daya of
'be in nth. An > -■! i!,- roll call
j-liov. that only thrie republicans, Ne!
' oil, -trait and Wakefield, all of Mimic
■oia, voted agairi-t striking out the en'
lacing (lau-e. forty one democrat*
iv i --d ii, aflirrrittiv ifiey hailed from
I t fie fo 1 iwing slats-s: N-w York, Carnot,
Hut liiiisr.n, Mailer, Hpriggr, Vaiml
tin, W-mpli. I'eiiinv Ivan a, liiyh.
' -r-iie lv, C'urtin, Duncan, Kllio'.t.
I'.riin iitiou', II ipkil>-, Mut-hler. Pat
i HI, l'<st, Randall, storm; Ohio, ''in
verse, Koran, Oedde , Jordan, Lefever ■*,
Murray, Page, Seng .Warn r, Wilkins,
N -w .Jersey, Kerrill, Kie||cr, MrAdoo.
California, liudd, Ghivok, Summer,
! Tulleysj Maryland, Kindley; Illinois
Finer!) t Connect - ut, Katon I. uiaiana.
Hunt; Virginia, 0, !>. Wise; W- st Vir
gini*, Snyijer.
| —W< -1 ling card* and all kinds of prir, -
ing at the CBHTKC DXM-I- KAI --(lice.
At'mioXßtK —Tbe undersigned, the
fastest arid best salesman in Central Pen i s
isylvania, having more than twenty vie,
experience in selling Karrns, Farm .NuxX,
Men handise, et- , offers his services to the
' citir."n* of Centre and adjoining crunli- i
% a Kirrt-'lass Sal-snian. Charges reason
-1 able Addnal JostfU L.
I lb-'and,
4 -dm Centre county, Pa
Allry Amy Strerl, fielUfontr. Pa.
Are prepared to do all kinds of Fancy
and Heavy Harnes* Making at
Reasonable Prices and
Most Skillful Manner.
Septir'.z; irts with tit'.nttt and dlrptUh.
We challenge competition in prices
and workmanship.
Give us A trial and he convinced.
All work guaranteed l-efore leaving
lbs shop. ]-3tn.
Ie.aler in
Kcllefonte, l'a.
la selling ALL KINIIS of Crockery
and Table Glaroware at LIIWKK price
than ever kr-iwn in Hellefonto, a* the
following lot will show ;
Rest quality, Iron Stone China warrant-
I ed not to craxe
' Tea Set* I f>t* pieces l • AO
; Dinner plates —largi-st sir-- ja-r d--r ILb
; Diuner plates—medium - do 110
Tea Plates do 00
! Tureen*—round or oval each 00
Sauce dishes—round or oval—each 20
Sauce Tureens—4 pieces 90
1 Sauce baals 25
Cups and aurers—handled —l2 pieces GO
do do unhandled do 50
Fruit saucers —per do* 50
Chamber sets—lo pieces 300
Pitcher and Basin 1 00
Covered chamber T5
-1 Tumblert, each, . (>lc
I Goblet", " . . HGc
Fruit Howls . 25c
I Cake stand* . . 35c
I Glasa Seta. 4 piece* , ,35c
Full Stock of Decorated Tea. Dinner
and Chamber Seta.
! Heat Kngliah ware. Tea Set*. Iecorate<l
j in Blue, Black, Brown or Claret, sfi
pi<ce. $5.00- -regular pirice $7.00.
' t Full aaortntent in Majolica and Fancy
Goods, Ac.
Majolica Pitcher-, 20r; Bohemian Vaaea
height 10 inches. SI.OO, and every
thing else ju*t a* cheap in proportion.
InT I doaire to say to erery re-ader of
thia advertiement : I vantyovr evstesa,
and in reaching out for it I ant fully pre
pared to gixe you tbeGreateat. ralue for
your money once yet obtained. Call
and examine the good* and the price.
If I do not fulfill atrirtly all 1 claim as
to prices being LOWKK than ever be
fore heard. I do not ask your patronage
The greater amount of rood* I can aell
the lower prices aan and WILL at naox.
firitrerl ■*, l'rovi*ion*, Ac,
t. brown; JR.;
it CO., '
No. 3 and 8 '
Bishop St.,
To buy (Jrocries in this Mo
tion of th* fitntfi.
♦ .
At a few of
Lake JLrriug. 1 4 bbl. S 2.00
1 Sack Hot Roller Flour . 145
3 Can* Striug B<-an 2-5
3 " Lima " . 25
3 " Corn , . 25
3 " lomalr>e* . , 25
Granulated Sugar . 9
1 Can Fincit California Peat bee 35
1 " ApricoU 30
1 " " Pear* 30
■ • |iouuu Sultana Prunes - 25
1 u.i 1. I '.-ft 1 able St iupi II migwr) 70
Sugar Syrup . . 40
Choice Rice , . Ox
3 " Pea* . . 25
1 " Good Table Pcache* 20
3 Bottles Cat/up , . 2*"
3 " Pickle* . . 25
1 lb. Baking Powder . . 30
1 lb. Pure Pepper 25
1 " Glucose Syrup - 45
Lump Starch " . 06
Corn Starch, jer pound . . 00
1 pound licet CoPee . . ]p
Sardines, 3 boxes for • . 25
Scaled Herring, per box • 35
Kxtra honed Codfbh, per box 45
lx>ose Valentia Raisins - 09
French Prunes . 15
Olieui Soap . . 08
Bloater Herring, per dox . 20
2 lbs Canned Corned Beef , 27
I Tapioca Flake or Pearl , 07
Sold as Cheap in Pro
Wc also have in connection
\ with our stort a first-class
Meal Market,
And sell CUE AVER than
any other Meat Market in
E. BROWN, JR., 4 CO.