Centre Democrat. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1848-1989, May 15, 1884, Image 2

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    They Reciprocated-
They stood at the front door.
It was about 10:30. The stars glim
mered faintly in the cloudless heaven,
and the moonlight was sifted lightly
through the viuea and lay on the pi
azza at their feet like nil opal dream,
or something of that kind. No bird
sang in the pulseless tree because
birds don't sing at night, as a |genernl
thing, and besides, if they did, they
would not do any singing to speak of
a*, that time of the year. The brook
that 'babbled through the meadow
hard by could be heard getting off its
so-called interlude between banks that
according to poets, must have been
sighing for the flowers to hurry up and
fringe it like a lot of real lace.
"It will soon be golden summer
won't it, George ?''
"Yes, I suppose it will,*' replied
George : "I suppose it will. Accord
ing to the almanacs, I think it sets in
about June the first. Very shortly
we shall see the orchards one grand
sea of snowy blossoms, and the robin
will sing his little song ou the bough
of the apple-tree, and dart through
the opening flowers and get himselfall
soaked with dew."
' Aud we shall often linger at the
gate, eh ?" suggested the fair creature.
"Oh, yes, we shall lihger at the gate
aud hang across it, ahd swing idly to
and fro on it to the measure of a
dreamy waltz, aud we shall be so hap
py that uot even the mosquito will
make himself felt-'*
"Aud shall we go sailing much?"
"Of course we shall. I have got a
flat-bottomed boat which I have just
had painted green and named after
you. I shall take you sailiug every
day, and row you round among the
sleeping lilies until there isn't skin
enough left on the palms of my hands
to make a blister of."
"Do you like to go out with me ?''
"Very much indeed, became I am
so proudjof you. I should be far hap
pier with you at a circus or a third
rate traveling minstrel show than with
andy one else at the graud opera. I
should be happier drinking lemonade
with you than champagne with any
other girl on the face of the tarlh.
Peanuts and water with you would be
better than filberts and Tokay with the
wealthiest princess in the world."
"Do you really mean it, George ?"
As she asked this question there was
a slight tremor in her voice, ami her
word./wen-fa.* hot as fried oysters when
'you have but two miuutes to eat them,
"Of course I mean every word I say."
•'And do you really think more of
me than any other girl ?"
"I swear it."
At this moment she ctutched ner
vously at the two-cent jackrose at her
breast, and it fell on the stoop at her
feet. In an instant he made a grab at
it, and the long unearthly rip that fol
lowed showed that his enthusiasm had
caused him to sacrifice n couple of (
suspender buttons. Nothing daunted,
he handed hack the rose, nnd -lie said
"I also think more of you than any
other being on earth."
"You do ?"
"Most emphatically I do," she re
plied, in words that came from the in
ner recesses of her pure, immaculate
soul. "No one shall ever come be
tween us to blast this deathless blos
som of love. I should he happy and
contented with you in East Newark."
"What?" he gasped.
"I could be happy and contented
with you in East Newark," she re
"Then I know you must love me!"
And reaching down he drew a soli
taire diamond ring out of his boot,
and placed it on her tajwr snowy fin
ger, kissed her seventeen good-nights,
and fled down the garden path with
alacrity of the antelope.—/W.
-m♦ m • ■
For twenty-eight years John Is Jo
has been the sawdust comedian of
the Robinson show, nnd without
him in the ring even a preliminary re
hearsal must seem n failure. John
was just awakening from his long win
ter's sleep, nnd had hurried dowafrotn
his Cleveland home with his pockets
full of "chestnuts," ready for the sum
mer campaign. Loio always ap|>car*
sorrowful in pants, and a wet chicken
uuder the dripping eaves of a mule
barn never looked more doleful than
he last night.
"New jokes plenty for this SCMOO,
John," begnn the news man. "Been
studying up on flood* and riots, I sup
pose, during the winter, and are now
ready to knock the spots out of Joe
Miller and those other phunny phel
lows, b y ?"
"No," replied I>olo, "no;" aud his
eyes rolled slowly, like those of a dy
ing calf. "No, I never told but one
new joke In my life. That was in '4B
ami some of the listeners are not done
weeping yet. No, I determined then
that if I could escape from that town
with my life I would never repeat the
, experiment again, and I have kept my
word. New jokes arc a failure."
"How have you spent the tedious
[ hours of the winter, then," asked the
( scribe.
"Speculating in wheat," replied this
■ mournful merry man.
f "Speculating."
"Yes. I bought at 97 cents and
> closed out at 79 cents."
i "Indeed. How much of a load did
, you have ?"
i "Only one bushel," replied John,
Hnd he shrank within the creases <J
his ulster, leaving the scribe on the
outside, wondering whether John had
1 really forgotten his vow, and been
guilty of an attempt at wit.
"There," she said, as she raised a
window in a lVman car the other
day; "now I can breathe. The nir in
this car is stifling. Why don't they
have better ventilation ? If 1 could
n't sit next to an open window, I be
lieve I should die."
Presently a slender female, sitting 1
directly hack, leaned over and asked |
her if she would not just as lieve close |
that window now, a the draft was
more than she could stand.
"No, madam, 1 shall not close this
window. I could not live with it
(1 >wn. I was just thinking how de
lightful is was with it open; now you
' want it shut, hut I shall not shut it; so 1
"Then you are a selfish thing, nnd
I slmll have to change my seat."
Just then a gentleman, sitting close
by, reached over and said, "Indies,
that window being raised ninki s no
difference, as this car has double win
dows, and not a breath of air can JH>-
sihly'get through the one that is -till
J down."
The one that hnd raised the window
turned to the other, nnd with a crush
ed look on her face, said, "Madam, 1
beg your pardon, but I think two fools
have met at last."
General Forrest was once approach
ed by an Arkansaw man, who a.-ked :
"General, when do you reckin we're
goin' to git something to eat?"
"Eat," exclaimed the general; did
1 • • . I
; you join the army merely to get some
thing to eat ?"
"Wall, that's about the size of it."
"lit re,' calling nil officer,"give this
man something to •at and then have
' him shot."
The officer understood the joke ami
' replied :
"All right, general."
The Arkansaw man, exhibiting no
alarm, said
"Bile me a ham, cap'n, st< w up a
, couple o' chickens, bake two or three ,
j hoe-cukes, fetch a gallon o' -> o' but
termilk, and load ycr gun'. With
such inducements the man what would 1
n't Ih- willin' to die is a blame fool."
A hearty meal was prepared for the i
soldier but he will liv>.
. # __
Tut; other morning a .-ad looking
1 citizen walked into the office of Wells
A Fargo - express and began solemnly
j doing np in a package a battered look
ing silver dollar. Having accomplish- '
ed this, he pa--e,i the inclosure over
to the clerk and said :
"I found this dollar on Market
street lsst night and I wish you'd ad
dress it to A del ina I'ntti, N w York."
"Think she lo*t it, eh ?"
"Think ?" said the man in a surpris
ed voice, "why, of course. So fur
ias I can learn it is the only dollar
left in Sati Francisco, and, of course
iit must have he, n dropped by her.
Send it along, please, and you'll have
to collect the charges at the other end.
I havn't got a cent."
And there wasn't a man in the
I house but was drv as the citizen who
walked off to keep an engagement
with the Bankruptcy Commissioner.
| —.Son I'rnnriuro Pn*i.
TIIK man who wanted to rent a
house in the Bowery, New Yotk, went
all over the building and examined it
carefully. He did not like it, so he
•aid to the landlord
"The house is out of repair, and 1
don't like it at all. It is infested with
rat* and oockroacfiM."
"I know all that; hut it has advan
tages that outweigh all the cock
"What are they T
The landlord took Ibe prospective
tenant aside and whispered :
"You ctn niako any quaotity of
money by keeping a gambling shop
up flair*. You will never he pulled,
for my brother-in-law in a police cap
The tenant shook hU head and re
plied :
"It'n the Roosevelt Committee and
Anthony Coraatock you need for a
brother-in-law just at thin crasia. If it
were not for them you would he run.
nitjg a policy shop in there yourself. 1 '
RKMKMHAH that thin in the only
show having on exhibition jthe ntuteH
man who has gone out of politics, the
Ohio man without an office and the
origiual Garfield man; that we have
here in a glawse case the reformer who
is working the reform act without u
salary and the private watchman
standing wide awake on duty;
wo have here a church choir singing
and living in perfect harmony, not
having quarreled during the past fii"
teen minutes ; here we have an actress
wi• i'i but one husband, her own and i
only ; also will arrive per next steam
j er, consigned to this show, an English
: nobleman who has not proposed to
Mary Anderson, the only living s|>cci
men on the face of the globe, ami ail
; spread out before your wondering eyes ■
l for the small sum of 11 qnatovdollar.—
I ui.N'r think a septuagenarian i*
the projwr man to elect president,''
' -.aid a republican. "Who are you
talking nbout-?'' a-k.-d a democrat,
"Why, Tilden of courser." "Now
look a-here," said the democrat, "you
republican* arc alway- getting up
stories about Tilden. Of course, every
man has bis faults and ha- committed
some slips in life, but I'll be doggoned
if you can cram it down mc that Til
den was ever a neptu —what do you
call it?" "A septuagenarian." cs
a septuagenarian. No, sir : you can t
stuff that down mc. Mr. Tilden,* sir,
is not that kind of a man."—.Son
Franri.<o P"-t.
j Irat.it my duty to inform you,"
he begnn as he met a bank president
! on the street, "that your rahi<T is—
ab—that is, he gambles. Yes, sir, be
1 frequents faro rooms, sir."
"Just hrard al! about it half an
hour ago."
"You did ?"
i "Yes, dir. Cashier came in and in.
formed me that be won $1 '2,000 ami
broke a faro bank last night. He buys
SIO,OOO of our stock at par, gets a va
cation f"r f-ur weeks, ami will hereaf
ter confine hi* attention# to draw pok
er. Come in ami sec us when you
want a shave'"—Ha// Strrrt .Vnrc
I'ii.-t wo.'ern desperado —"Well,
di I you kill old ('ol. Rich
S.-r.iiid drs|K>rndo —"Y, 1 filched
I low dt>l •"U do it
"I i tiilit riding on his horse
1 •vr ad and bad plenty of
time to aim."
"But where i hi horse?"
"I did nt t"iich that."
' Hid not take tin hr 4"
"( -rtn; 11Iy not. In this -• < tion they
will bang a man lor stealing ah .rsc.
Philndtlj'hii OCI,
Tilt: car was crowded, but it "to|>-
|wd to take on a lady. She bad cnrt •-
!y - pin r d her way in when a msn
"'jilt* zed bis way out, and when he
reached the platform lie growled
' Here's n fair snmpb of the b g
' gishne** of the men in iMroit."
"How no? '
' Why the selfish wrctche- -at IhtT
and tnade me give up my seat to my
own wife.'*
"JoilM," said the better dealer, "al
ways put in a couple of sheets of pa"
pr when you weigh ( owtomern will
think you neat and cleanly in your
business. They don't like *0 have
their butter ilopped into a scale that,
for all the- know, ha never Seen
washed. And besides, there'# a g ml
profit in buying at a half a cent a
pound and selling it for thirty-five or
I forty."— Er.
"I ikin't *ev Why you are *0 particu
lar about your hair," 'aid a churlish
husband. "I don't uppo.- Kve ever
wore bang*."
"I don't suppose she did, replird the
wife, with a quiet entile, "hf then
there wan nobody in the World but her
husband la admire her."
The husband became eery thought
C. U. II OF FIT It * CO.
Mil'. IAI I.Y AltltlVlVi Al THE
Purchased at un
usually low pric
es and will be
sold correspond
ingly low.
A I-S< 1—
o♦ t 0
Country Froduce
Constantly on hand and Solicited.'
c . v.
& CO.
Vllt'gliaiiy StroH
lU'llrfonttN I'h-
To the Constantly increasing *
demand por ° \y
Green's Condition Powder
Wo are now putting it out in full weight pound p< kngot at 25 cU., in mid'
lion to our regular size at 15 ctn. And remember vo publish Formula and di
rections on ovary package, and (Juarunlf it* Runty. If you have not uw-d it, we
solicit a trial order, feeling confident you will afterward* uae no otln-r
Bush House Block,
Bellefonte, Pa.
' We have Telephone Connection.
SECIILi:It ,| (JO., firurern, Jtiinh Hnutt 111,,, A , lt,HrJ,„,tr, /*.
We have end. avorcd to get the very lx-t of every thing in our line, and now
have Home really CHOICE GOODS.
USE CREAM on ruse. Extra lutruo FKKNUI I'IUNHS,
Prince** Paper-Shell Almonds, E\aporatcd IUMEII PEACHES
GOODIES of all Sorts and Kinds
uzrW e invite the pe pie of Centre county to caii and inrjwet our NICE
ftfM)l).*\ which cannot fail to pb-aje.
-* f S MCI I El 4 ' I { CO.
Ve pir'.r is p:'.!t;:j.sr 1:7 it:: is :e'.i;'.:s
tii*'ißr iTr.T * mirii* nnr.
Till' l-A II .* IMI 111.l * ri'Rl v
Etabllh*<l 1823.
;*t " 1 - ln Uni m r* irrn-ri i? rr
tin •*/ r 11-11 m lr Irir.Ru* I'nu,* ub 1* it
tl." h##l • f O ' m|i! •! ti *r, 1 h • ;
;,! • ! l* r • tl. th*r n. I.g ti
*-tt f !i%4 tl> <rl • <jtt*rt*r > f m i#rrirr
f r if.fir wot k
tin ( # 0f OjrTr r!r M U
*1 !• ®i*l th* t>* <®rrfe!,i j• ff m |rf r
* 1 f #•*•* •e % iki flf t.
■I 1 •. ? t'i. u*k >* h • #•#.
T * I":**'•. 1 • \ IT' r.: 1. mn
l *>• ' •*! M *" III' t*** Th* <►
Hltll '!* ttb I :-if *,•!
ft •
Th* !•♦"* . * • " > ' "** nw Ht'irt
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iorVi • l.t" 1 ' * . • i
; <%?"*. ' * t' k MRJ I iftMM f !
i4 f tt>* • 1 #*?• i< 'Mill 1 *ri * . Ir#*<M fr •
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N„av Vorli Otworvar.
.71 .( I'm I. /•''# .V. I .
IT'lßKkl \ Villi 1 TU' MRfT ,
run • Til* l/)> *>t
| U .AII'TM." mil I'lftPkT II
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HIGH 8t I ft Bpnn A Watfr, B#Hff ct<-
W. Uk* till. mMi. •! • la#f.* imifc -If
Ul Tt.l h • •ftk'l. •■! *••
, . , I ... n I *lll'ft|-> l>"l'l' I Ptl'U I'll! 1*
s. a k> 'k, 'if A.IM II iW. I'** l •*•*■! Ar-n.*ft
M Hft't *ftllt Rlft'kft I Hi ••
ll > 1... in lllftftl I M...
M |1.l . Ul* IM*I|I f' m N. Vt|
11 —1 *•> kftN.ftHa k"I 'l! |w(i.f W. I
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1.11.A.1 •• t. plil ■•>• t,f
-I Tkl •• IB*lt* • ■*•• ll'l r***' l ** I" r "
| w .| !!■• 1.1 r<"4* k* '• *—*><"•
111. B • ktr l '•'lf Mfl- r *|M '!••• || IW#
I ..• li'iltlm. ul "• ftfn-t it Ik' ).4 1.1 ,
P* IN TIRO. ORklMU'l H'l* * RITIR'I,
Ml f*r*R lUß||l*|,
I lf> •■*•11 ft'.4 I.W pi>l Im "'k wiik •!•••
I M'l Wl<i __ .
ft . 1 (I.* ■
t i,M W 11,1 I AH* 4 RRIITIUR
*i t • AHmM *1 114k! Ml ki-kfft ft# | ■ ftftl
!•••*> *'•*
!( ImU 1 II •. If' ' ftl UOI• ft* I (•< • Mllf •"
Mftft •ic*R iMftaiftft •► 'NtftftP"*
fftMClßft IM 'ftlftf tft IftlftlfftlftWft |l ft ill
r.u; r.; •" •
■ . h £vj;.
i ••••—ffCy ***! **
.®mm4 WW. ">• ****** y *■*•* ;
ft# ft* "tot. • • ft tVT
• Mil* *"
Coburn, < Vntr* Co., I'll.
in i St-ihlf A wl
1 xrellent Hunt nirun < robing ground*
juit<- n<!r ifn Hotel.
QAT PQMrv wnnth i ♦
O*" i.JI J*J II ILJ Y 1 ' • • I I ll> ' *MN ' *TK)
* k A•, i < ' ti - 1 i ■ nit*<* * >*' v *£'-•,
*?! a!"'*!* i | ' yrur 1 t r*T f Mllt'l*
w• t. f.? tf •i • v p 111 4'■
t i l.ui Nuhhi. hkio n f]
0 O IR, IT
Will \T. <;i:as.-\ OATS, RVK.
r i /'t. /v f *tw;
to' I ni. i- a real animoniated bout
-up r fih<<"|'liate which *v alone pro*
dure by mean* of pccial ft Ivantajre,. fl
ill manufai
Price s'S> jcr 2,000 Iks.
It. Bfi . • r i*4a It*' >
In* .>* I- *f i ur iw*i In f*fcd)*<}*if>Hii
I'.Ulill 4 SuN. 1'1111.A.. PA.
fcMa MWUAN im
2nd floor Bush Arcade
' ft', I* R lliPn.lt I IHM lS
I am notr ready fo do all kind* of
.M M I I v .S HIS and OR.VA UKX
ru t'AXi'Y MC'XHtA
riXti and VMA/SISO
Sat. faction guaranteed in all ram.
1 uld be pj< #-.-! 1.. bate y.>u rail, *
and r ram in.' |mnni<u* of work. In-
I *iru. lioua giuu <u I'aiutiug
Vanv HaarMTri'LLf,
C. T. MHthr. <
Ltwtwtpticta Etar) thing naw aail a
bath, al Unman * 1